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File 159097199560.jpg - (73.90KB , 1066x800 , pennumbra.jpg )
968619 No. 968619 ID: 49c9bd

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No. 968620 ID: 49c9bd
File 159097237386.jpg - (46.83KB , 800x600 , page 1.jpg )

there she is again... that woman, the woman of my dreams, so beautiful, so elegant... shes always here... and I'm always watching~
No. 968621 ID: 49c9bd
File 159097237750.jpg - (71.49KB , 800x600 , cookinmg and eating.jpg )

she's so perfect... Gwen, my sweet Gwen... every morning she wakes up early and eats... shes so healthy~ I love to watch her eat...
No. 968622 ID: 4f51b2

Do you watch her shower too?
No. 968623 ID: e51896

Go and set the table for her without her knowing. She may appreciate the gesture.
No. 968625 ID: 6e6f32

Boop the Trix she's holding.
Nothin' goes better with bacon than some Trix on top.
She'll love it!
No. 968626 ID: e0acaa

are you hiding because she could see you or because you're shy?
No. 968629 ID: e51896

>She's so healthy
*is shown eating sugary ceareal, and makin' bacon*
No. 968630 ID: b1b4f3

So what kind of creature are you?
No. 968632 ID: 80dac6

You have good taste. Not sure about "healthy" breakfast, kinda has lots of fat and carbohydrates. Goes right to that thicc ass tho.
No. 968645 ID: 094652

Whoat isare yeooo?
No. 968648 ID: 49c9bd
File 159097938026.jpg - (40.23KB , 800x600 , page 2.jpg )

I do sometimes... I hide under the sink or behind the toilet... there's no where to hide in the shower though, too much light, to private... but when shes in, I can spread as wide as I want behind the curtains... and I listen to her sing~

I wish I could, but I'm too pale to move anything, its much to lit in this room... besides it would probably scare her... I would probably scare her...

I couldn't possibly get that close and... touch... no no no... I'm not brave enough... besides I'm too pale... but... maybe... I'll try... but I cant been seen... I'm too shy

I'm much, much to shy... when ever she looks towards me I hide. I hide so fast, it's as if I'm not even there... besides, she would probably be afraid of me if ever she did see me...

oh she's very healthy, a full body is a sign of good health~ unlike that Jane... Geh... Jane... she never eats... and she regurgitates all the time... she is most unhealthy... not full bodied at all... unlike Gwen~

creature? you are a creature, I am a person... a shadow, but a person... what kind of creature are you? you seem soft and friendly... Gwen brought you in so you must be good~
No. 968650 ID: b1b4f3

A cat. Apex predator, high places are my domain. All inanimate objects that dare to intrude upon my territory shall be knocked off without mercy.
No. 968653 ID: 094652

Are we a squirrel? A cat? A squirrel-cat splice? or just something possessing the whatever-this-is?

Hey, have you tried possessing Jane?
No. 968654 ID: d186fc


Our race also has distant ties with an elder god (They truly are sorry Jon...), and have subjugated humanity through their Inter-Webbing.

We watch from on high, and if you, or anyone else bodes ill will towards our charge, we will destroy you. That being said, if your intentions are just, we will help you in your quest and keep you from falling into damnation.
No. 968655 ID: e76d5c

We've been around since before men knew the sun was a ball of yarn, and the gods of old have been modeled after our divine image. Every advancement of the primate has been done to serve and marvel at our glory.

So yeah we're pretty swood.
No. 968659 ID: e51896

For some reasons, my pet human calls me "Misty"
No. 968669 ID: 80dac6

Make friends with cat, plot together so you can befriend Gwen, ????, profit!
No. 968703 ID: 6e6f32

We are a bold creature. Here for food, chin rubs, and back scratches. We too like to watch.
Though not like you. You seem to get something... different, out of it then we do.
This is fine. We do not judge.
So you wish to get closer, but you are much to shy and pale.
We will help you in this endeavor.

Though, how would you normally go about getting less pale?
Also, can you hide in the dark nooks of or luxurious fur? Would be a useful trick.
No. 968705 ID: 49c9bd
File 159103317879.jpg - (55.15KB , 800x600 , opportunity.jpg )

you are a great and swood creature indeed, misty. I bear no ill will towards humans, least of all Gwen. I wish only to see her happy and healthy~

possession? I'm not sure I can do that, I've never tried before... though I'd hate to posses a body so unhealthy and vile as Jane's... I fear I may die of weakness... Assuming I could, to begin with...

I prefer to hide behind inanimate objects, it makes squeezing easier. but thank you'll, I'll keep it in mind...

I am pale because this room is too bright, light bounces from all sides and fills even the darkest of corners with some lumen.

I shall gladly accept your aid creature, and if you say that pushing the Trix box into her bacon will make her happy then I shall do it~ but I would need your aid... if you can both distract Gwen and plunge the room into darkness then I shall mix for her the Trixy bacon~
No. 968713 ID: a9af05

Let's go rub up against Gwen's legs and meow at her. Let her know that we're also hungry!

Then we make sure the fridge is closed and when Gwen opens up a cabinet to get our food, we jump up on the counter and flip the switch to turn off the lights!
No. 968716 ID: b1b4f3

Seems like a good enough plan.
No. 968718 ID: 80dac6

Wait, we are a cat?
No. 968726 ID: 015bf2

Not only can you make Trixy bacon, you could help get the rest of her breakfast ready since you know her routine. Get the plates 'n stuff out, so she can get to her eatin' faster!

We should make sure not to flip the wrong switch, though! We don't want to dazzle our new friend, right? Uh... the wrong one is... uh. Hm. Maybe just flick 'em both fast?

Also, watch the tail! That cup o' Joe's in a precarious position!
No. 968729 ID: 094652

Play with the cereal box
No. 968737 ID: 36784c

I think the switch on the right is the one we need to flip, since it’s in the “on” position.
No. 968786 ID: 49c9bd
File 159112157499.jpg - (39.48KB , 800x600 , into darkness.jpg )

>You rush over to Gwen and rub against her bare legs, telling her all about how hungry you are.

Gwen - Hi misty~ are you hungy?

>She opens the pantry where your dry food is kept and ducks in to get the heavy bag. You take the opportunity to jump onto the counter, avoiding the coffee mug and hit the lights, the kitchen is plunged into darkness giving the shadow, the opportunity to mix breakfast cereal and bacon!

>Startled by the darkness, Gwen hits her head on the roof of the pantry with a loud THUD!!
No. 968787 ID: 49c9bd
File 159112157751.jpg - (41.56KB , 800x600 , oh no!!.jpg )

>the Shadow, panicked by his beloved Gwen hurting herself, fumbles with the box and accidentally drops the whole affair into the pan, which topples over onto the hot element!! The Fire Alarm Goes Off Within seconds!!
No. 968788 ID: 7c52a2

Shut down stove immediately.
No. 968789 ID: d88d26

I don't know what was accomplished here but that was fun.
No. 968790 ID: 49c9bd
File 159112533460.jpg - (43.06KB , 800x600 , you're a liar.jpg )

>you blink and the shadow is gone. Gwen get up startled and turns off the stove smothering the flames with a hand towel. seeing that things are under control, if loud and smokey, you find the shadow under Gwens bed...|

That didn't have the effect you said it would at all... I think you might be a trickster spirit of some sort and not the guardian you claimed to be, creature. why did you make me hurt my precious Gwen? why did you make me start a fire?
No. 968791 ID: d88d26

Don't put all the blame on me, you were the one who started the fire. What prof do you have my plan wouldn't work if you were less clumsy?
No. 968792 ID: 5877dc

It's all according to plan. You'll see. Anyway, what is Gwen doing now, and what's she going to do next?
No. 968794 ID: e957c9

Mistakes were made, both mine AND yours. Don't worry, we still have time to win her over. For you i mean. She is already all over me, i am a cat, after all. Plus i am her pet.

Come on, let's see what she does now so we can plan our next move!
No. 968800 ID: e76d5c

Hey, YOU were the one that started the fire. Blaming us for that is like blaming Garfield for ripping Jon's soul out for burning his lasagna, we all know Jon was the one that messed up.

But there's no use in playing the blame game, now we can probably still use this. What is the slave-I mean the Gwen doing anyway?
No. 968805 ID: 36784c

What? You think we wanted to start that fire?!

Let’s just go see what she’s doing now, so that we can plan something else.
No. 968807 ID: e0acaa

Sorry, things went awry. The plan was solid, trixy bacon doesn't start a fire, but the execution ended up with the box touching the hot bit.
No. 968808 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah that didn't work the way we thought. Let's try something a bit easier next time.
No. 968810 ID: d186fc

Turn all the knobs on the stove to the left as fast as you can.

No. 968821 ID: 36784c

We’re not in the kitchen anymore.
No. 968824 ID: 6e6f32

>why did you make me hurt my precious Gwen? why did you make me start a fire?

Oh hell no. You aren't blaming this on me. Your dumb ass fumbled the box and nearly burn't this place down. I coulda died, bro!

Also, Jane never feeds me. If something were to happen to Gwen I'd starve to death. I don't wanna hurt her...
No. 968831 ID: e51896

Look, sorry I snapped, im just as upset as you are, but please give me the benefit of the doubt and try again. I really wanna help you as I cant have kittens myself ever since I went to that terrible place Gwen called the "vet" so she is now the only family member with me that can have offsprings and continue the family legacy, and you are the only person to help her with that.
No. 968993 ID: 49c9bd
File 159138570853.jpg - (69.11KB , 800x600 , ready to stream.jpg )

okay I will give you the benefit of the doubt creature, it was my fault after all, my hands slipped and I dropped the box...

wha-wha-what I we I'm not I with Ahem... eum...

Currently, my precious Gwen has just finished cleaning our mess and took a shower. And as we speak she is admiring her flawless, healthy body in the looking glass to prepare for her religious duty. She is of course a priestess, did you know? all humans worship the rectangle which is their god.

Humans spend most of their day in admiration of the large rectangle and all carry with them, at all times, the small rectangle. Humans love their god so much, that if they don't know the where abouts of the small rectangle, for even a second, they spiral into a blind panic...

Gwen, my precious perfect Gwen, is a cut above of course, she is a priestess and for many hours every day she will commune with the medium sized rectangle and speak to it, she praises it and thanks it constantly. I cannot see into the rectangle's light but it must be glorious. From what I gather, my marvelous Gwen is a war priestess. She is always talking to the rectangle about strategy and conflict. I believe that she is single handedly safe guarding humanity from its enemies~
No. 968995 ID: e957c9

Nah man, i'm pretty sure she is just playing Wow or something. She must be a palading, or a cleric. She stays hours playig that stupid game. Never pays atention to me when she is on that machine!

The only thing the humans need to pray to is us cats, because we are the shit. We are at the top of the food chain after all~
No. 968996 ID: e76d5c

Oh, you poor summer shadow child, that's not a god, we all know there is only one god and he's orange, loves lasagna and lives in the void between universes.

Also, you should try to be assertive and grab a small handful. A SMALL handful, be subtle.
No. 968998 ID: 6e6f32

>praises it and thanks it constantly
>talking to the rectangle about strategy and conflict

Ah. I know of this practice.
She is a type of priestess known as a Streamer.
You can tell by the strange ovoid she speaks into. Powerful human magicians from the far east entrap the spirits of snow demons called "Yeti" into them, so they might broadcast the Streamers voice to hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of other humans at once. 'Tis why they refer to the ovoid as simply a "Yeti".

The small box a top the glowing rectangle traps a tiny piece of the soul of those who it beholds, and "Streams" it to where it is most needed. It facilitates the ritual. To be under it's effects for hours at a time must be exhausting. Gwen works so hard.

Also, you are right about the war priestess part. I can tell right away, she belongs to the "Hammer of War", though I would not be surprised if she gave her aid elsewhere on a whim. Streamers are very powerful.

Hmm. Gwen does not seem to be enjoying her own visage.
Could it be that she does not feel the same way about herself as you do?

Perhaps you could reassure her of her perfection?
Perhaps indirectly...
No. 969000 ID: 5877dc

Does she wear any clothes when she... admires the medium rectangle?

We should take a closer look at this rectangle, to see what's on it. It's likely that the shadow can't see into it due to the light it emits. It would be like looking at the sun for them.
No. 969004 ID: 9876c4

...what's the view like from the underside?
No. 969005 ID: b1b4f3

I can see what's on the rectangle! It's some tiny figures moving around.
No. 969011 ID: ff6df5

...Um. My shadowy friend... Wait, we forgot to ask your name! That was rude of us, not exchanging introductions. What's your name, if you don't mind sharing?

Okay, that sorted... Sorry to burst your bubble, my shadowy friend, but those rectangles ain't mediums for humanity's god. They're, among other things, devices humans use to communicate with each other, share and retrieve information and knowledge, and entertain themselves and each other over distances large and small. The glowing rectangles just display visual information and are called screens. The device on top of the middle screen, that's a camera to record visual information. The device in front of the left screen is a microphone, which detects audio information. The headband thing on the hook are headphones and emit audio information. And the thingie with all the buttons with characters painted on 'em in the middle of the table is a keyboard, used to input text. There's a whole lot more about these devices, but I can solidly say they aren't divine and are the works of humanity.

In fact, I think we may be able to show you what these two medium screens display, once Gwen isn't about. We can jump up there and paw the screen's controls to turn their brightness setting all the way down. Then maybe you'd be able to see what is on them, especially if it's dark out and the lights are off.

Another way that you might be able to see what is on the screens is if you swipe and wear a pair of sun glasses. They're glasses with tinted lenses, meant to protect human's eyes from bright sunlight. They may be able to block enough of the screen's light without blocking what they're displaying for you to see what they show. Might need to combine them with turning the screen brightness down too.

If we could get a device with a screen with a busted backlight, that'd be perfect for our shadowy friend. Maybe Gwen or Jane have a phone or laptop that'd broken in only that way stashed in the apartment somewhere.

And I gotta say, my shadowy friend, you seem to be... well... quite ignorant of the world. Like, how old are you? How far back do your memories go? Where have you been? Have you been stuck in this apartment your whole life? How'd you learn to understand English, the language what Gwen and Jane speak? (I assume.)

Hey, don't you lay out a line of bullshit that plays to this shadow spirit's ignorance! It'll just make things harder for them later, thinkin' things are what they aren't.
No. 969080 ID: 49c9bd
File 159148178874.jpg - (36.46KB , 800x600 , flash back.jpg )

grab a handful? **wiggle wiggle** oh I would love to but... I cant... I cant... its just too much for me...

oh is that your god? it sounds frighting.

oh yes she does fine warm garments, hooded robes and glowing ornaments of every color~

my name? my name is penumbra, I think... I haven't spoken to people in a long time...

>the shadow seems irresponsible to your presentation of logic and truth. as you explain what a screen is and how it operates he gets quickly distracted and doesn't retain much information... How ever the fantastical version of the facts, involving yeti and spirits and glowing rectangles captures its attention immediately...

Penumbra - oh you are so wise creature, you know so much about the world~ and you... you are right I am a tad ignorant... I think I always was... I cant say how old I am... I don't feel old... but things weren't the same back when I first... started thinking?

As far back as I can recall, I simply was. along with my two friends, Silhouette and gloom. we lived in this house, though it didn't look like this... there were trees all around and the house was not as clean... and there was so much darkness back then...
No. 969081 ID: 49c9bd
File 159148179855.jpg - (43.44KB , 800x600 , men arrived.jpg )

back then it was my job to entertain my friends, i kept them happy did as they wished and made them smile. I did so love entertaining my friends.

but then the men came, they came in numbers with hammers and wood and great machines that roared with bleeps and bloops...

Gloom and silhouette were very much afraid of the men and the machines... the machines most of all...

my friends didn't like the men and their works. but none of us were brave enough to stop them.
No. 969082 ID: 49c9bd
File 159148180002.jpg - (49.02KB , 800x600 , and here we are.jpg )

eventually Silhouette and Gloom decided to leave into the light, but I stayed behind... I was... still am too shy and afraid of the world outside to venture past the walls... I prefer it in the dark where its safe... and in the end I met Gwen. My sweet sweet Gwen~

it's just me and Gwen... and also Jane... and the humans that live in the ceiling... they make noise at night and often wake up my perfect Gwen... I hate them so... and also you! we all live in the house together now~

but... you say my Gwen is not made confident by her perfect healthy body?

how could I possibly help her feel better about herself?
No. 969090 ID: b1b4f3

Can you write? Maybe you can write a letter full of kind words, and leave it at her door as if someone pushed it under.
No. 969091 ID: 77e804

>how could I possibly help her feel better about herself?

Well, first you need to overcome your shyness, or you will never be able to help her. She is very much like you; a very shy girl. The only friends she has are probably the ones she plays with on her pc. I mean, she never has people come here, so yeah.

That must have to do with how she perceives her body. She is on the overweight sight of the spectrum, but no badly so. Times have changed and the humans no longer see fat tummies as healthy, on the contrary. It is considered too much. You need to be in the middle. The same would happen with Jane. You say she is too slim. She probably is TOO slim, and that is not good either.

So, you need to make her feel good about herself. She knows she is too fat, but doesn't do anything about it, because she lacks selfestim. If she gains a friend, she will be happy and feel better about herself, and so she will gain confidence to do something about her self image.

Maybe? I don't really know how that works, but I would really like her to take better care of herself. Go out some more, have more friends, be more happy.

But first things first. You need to work on YOU. Maybe you could talk to her when she is sleeping, make it look like a lucid dream?
No. 969092 ID: 5877dc

To do that, she would need some sort of external validation. Something tells me that sending her a letter telling her she's beautiful wouldn't work tho.

Would it be possible for you to enter one of her mirrors and change the reflection she sees of herself? Like make the reflection look slimmer? Or maybe make the reflection do things, like tell her that she's sexy?
No. 969093 ID: d186fc

Your view of beauty is a tad outdated. As humans began communicating with each other much more rapidly, their culture changed at a dizzying pace, and with it, what they view as attractive. This is especially true when the rectangles came to be (it is NOT a good idea to tamper with the rectangles, they are also one of our conduits. Do not touch). While there is nothing wrong with either view (not that we really view humans in terms of attractiveness, what with our not being human), many humans strive to achieve the current ideal (sometimes going to great, and potentially dangerous lengths, like it sounds Jane may have done), or at the very least, view themselves negatively if they do not match it. In other words, Gwen thinks she is not attractive, at least to some degree.
No. 969094 ID: d186fc

I would agree that you need to work on you. Specifically your capabilities and your discipline. Leave Gwen be for now. It would be better to do nothing at all than to inadvertently do harm.
No. 969100 ID: 6e6f32

>how could I possibly help her feel better about herself?

I can think of two ways..
We could Torment Jane until she leaves, and then when Gwen moves to replace her, we can sabotage the candidates until another human like Gwen appears.
Cohabitation with another similarly healthy human will make Gwen less critical of herself, thus improving her happiness.

Alternatively we could Balance Gwen, and make her Even More Perfect. Humans are all about "good" shape, but good shape only comes with balance.
Healthy though Gwen may be, she has far too much fortitude and not enough strength. We would need to coax Gwen into performing more Physical Activity when she is not streaming. Jane would be useful for this.
As such we could not do both.

Both have their risks though.
Tormenting Jane could lead to Gwen not having a cohabitant for a long time. This might force Gwen to leave the house if we are not careful.

Balancing Gwen however will be hard for everyone involved, especially Gwen. Our actions will appear cruel and it will take A long time. It will hurt.

We must do something though. If this keeps up I fear Gwen might attempt to starve herself.
No. 969150 ID: d186fc

So do you mean like strength training to gain muscle? I can get behind that. If you mean lose weight, then our friend is definitely not going to get on board with that.
No. 969205 ID: cc85a3

The intention was gain muscle, yes. Even if it ends up being undefined, non specific gains. If Gwen doesn't change her eating habits I doubt she'll gain or lose much weight, but we could redistribute some of that PAUNCH weight as muscle.

Of course it could backfire and cause Gwen to snack harder to compensate, resulting in net gain and no fat loss, but then at least we will have a platform to argue diet for with pnumbra.
No. 969229 ID: 49c9bd
File 159164135521.jpg - (32.28KB , 642x482 , the note.jpg )

I don't like Jane, but I'm not going to go as far as to torment her, just so I can have Gwen all to myself... besides, she's Gwens friend. they play the dice adventure game sometimes.

I don't understand how I could help Gwen be healthier... and I absolutely do not want to hurt her. but if she is not happy with herself, then I have to help her be happier...

>Gwen gets dressed and sits down at her computer, penumbra timidly leaves the room.

I shouldn't be there during the ritual, once the rectangle alerted Gwen to my presence and she nearly saw me...

I do not think that I am able to enter mirrors, though I am visible in them. and I don't think I'm able to create illusions like that. though I wish I could, it would be amusing I think~

you are right, creature. I need to become more confident if I ever want Gwen to see me. I need to bolster myself... but I don't know how... just thinking about it makes me tremble...

I do whisper to her in her sleep already, I like to see how close I can get and sometimes smell her hair... she is so fragrant~

hmmnnn... maybe writing a letter to her will help me grow confident, by contacting her indirectly?

>He pulls out a sheet of paper from the living room printer and set to work on the hallway floor.

but what to write? I haven't spoken to a human in ever... I don't know how to put my hearts emotions to paper... what should I write? what will she understand as genuine?
No. 969235 ID: 5877dc

This is a tough choice lol

If you told her that she looks healthy out of nowhere, then she would think that you're a stalker, unless you'd be able to give a really good explanation for how you know what she looks like.
Is she into paranormal stuff? If she is, then none of this would be a problem at all. If she's not, then maybe you could get her interested in it first, if you somehow got her books or movies on the subject matter.
But if you just write her a letter, then the safest option would be to pretend you're a human. You would have to pretend to be someone that's seen her before, so the question is, where have you seen her, and how did you obtain her address to be able to send her a letter.
For instance, you could say that you saw her in a restaurant, or a train station, or some other outside place that she visited recently. Assuming you know of such places. And you could tell her that you got her address from... her wallet? Or her ID card? You could take one of her belongings to make it seem like she lost it, and deliver this item together with this letter. I think that would be a good way to make it look genuine. And you could write that you saw her but that you were unable to return the item in person because she was in a hurry, and that you were also busy, so you decided to pick up the item and mail it to her when you had a chance.
And then you can write what you thought about her based on your first impressions, that she looked adorable and healthy etc.
No. 969249 ID: de31ee

Maybe you should write in the letter that you heard about her from Jane and she said you and her might make good friends and recommended that you write to her, that way, Gwen wont think some random stranger is writing to her and that it is someone who knows her friend Jane.
No. 969272 ID: 094652

Just say Hello.

(conveniently run out of ink while drawing the circle)
No. 969279 ID: e51896

Nervous? Lemme try something to calm you and help you think of what to write.
*rubs against Penumbra*
No. 969308 ID: 49c9bd
File 159173691858.jpg - (35.21KB , 800x600 , touching cat.jpg )

you're right I don't want to seem like a stranger or a stalker, if I'm too knowledgeable of her, it might seem like I'm spying on her... I suppose the truth is the best recourse, but I also don't want to scare her away... I dont even know how to start...

yes I suppose I am nervous... I've never done this kind of thing before... I've never made a move towards revealing myself...

>you rub against Penumbra, curiously the parts of it that are attached to the wall and floor are flat like a shadow, but the parts detached are solid... sort of, its like a fog with the thickness of molasses... not entirely solid but clearly there...

thank you Misty, you are a good creature~
No. 969309 ID: 49c9bd
File 159173692159.jpg - (46.91KB , 800x600 , jane appears.jpg )

>the door at the end of the hall cracks open and a lanky human shape clicks the hall light on. at the speed of light Penumbra vanishes leaving the paper to float to the ground where it stood.

Jane - **Yawn** hmmnn was'at?
No. 969310 ID: 5877dc

Better drop that paper if you don't want Jane to see it floating in mid-air.
No. 969318 ID: 77e804

Ah shit, ehhh let me play with it, so it doesn't look like is flying in mid air. I'll give it to her somehow.
No. 969322 ID: d88d26

We shouldn't adopt our new friend attitude toward Jane as our own.
Let's mitigate the association between ourself and the creepy paper by showing affection toward Jane. If we are lucky she will be too distracted to read the four letters.
No. 969327 ID: 6e6f32

Sit perfectly upon paper so as not a single fur touches floor. Let out a single meow to acknowledge Jane's presence.

If Jane approaches flip onto back and reveal belly whilst emitting a playful purred chirp. Remaining on the paper the entire time, of course.

If Jane gestures a limb toward us. ATTACK! We will be careful as to not draw blood.
No. 969328 ID: 49c9bd
File 159174447693.jpg - (35.36KB , 800x600 , not floating.jpg )

>Just to clarify, it is not magically floating and falls to the floor, but in a swooping way that paper does when dropped suddenly, as Penumbra is fully vanished. Jane curiously, approaches the paper which lies on the floor next to you.
No. 969330 ID: cdabe3

wait shit, grab the paper!

it still only says "hell", not "hello"!
No. 969332 ID: a9af05

Quick, hide the evidence! Start ripping up the paper!
No. 969334 ID: 77e804

Ah shit, that is not good! Why did we started doing this in a CORREDOR!?
No. 969335 ID: 77e804

Hall* sorry
No. 969337 ID: 5877dc

Guess we're grabbing this paper and running off with it to a place where we won't get followed.
No. 969347 ID: c05e97

Grab paper with mouth and scurry under something narrow like a sofa
No. 969348 ID: 6c227a

sit on paper. refuse to move. defend paper with hisses and claws.

you know. be a cat.
No. 969383 ID: 0f9b79

Look up at her with dinnerplate eyes and leap upon her shoulders.
If we succesfully make it up there without stumbling and claws, grab her face with our tail accross the eyes.
If we fail and are all claws that works too.

Tis what my cat does to distract me. Can attest that its very effective.
No. 969675 ID: 49c9bd
File 159208587707.jpg - (41.15KB , 800x600 , into the cubbard.jpg )

>You snatch up the paper and run away with it, this prompts Jane to give chase.

hey! what do you got there?!

>You manage to outpace her and leap powerfully and elegantly onto the fridge and into the upper shelves where the dishes, dry food and cans are kept, all the compartments are connected and you could just as easily move to the far end as stay near the fridge.

misty pst pst pst misty~? where'd you go? gosh I hope that wasn't an important paper... Misty where are you?
No. 969677 ID: 5877dc

Let's hide the paper and then come out.
No. 969678 ID: e51896

Penumbra, where are you?

We're not out of the woods yet. She can still find us. We're going to need a decoy of some sort to lower her curiosity, something that looks like the paper we had so she thinks that is what we ran away with and she can stop looking for the paper. lets hide the paper far back in inside the compartment that is hard for the humans to reach, and tear off a label of one of the cans or bags with our claws and trick her into thinking the label is the paper we ran with once we exit the compartment. Head towards the lightswitch with the label afterwards so we can be prepared to turn off the lights if she isn't fooled and decides to look through the shelves afterwards. Maybe that way Penumbra can retrieve the paper while she is distracted, (we'll need to alert him where if we need to)
No. 969679 ID: 72056d

Penumbra, we are kinda stuck, we need a diversion!
No. 969684 ID: b1b4f3

Go to the far end of the cabinets where it's dark, so that Penumbra can finish writing.
Then come out of the cabinets and distract Jane until the letter's written.
No. 969735 ID: 9876c4

No. 969740 ID: f2320a

We must finish the paper also would gwen be happy if jane was healthy like her.
Hmmm. How much can we change our shape? I have the idea of making a cloth suit so we can be in the light with gwen
No. 969741 ID: f2320a

And our shape i mean our friends shape if he can wear something that blocks light enough he would become pale except possibly his heaf
No. 970145 ID: 49c9bd
File 159268711996.jpg - (32.66KB , 800x600 , finishing the letter.jpg )

sorry for the random week long break, had some technical difficulties. probably going to try to stream on twitch full time, or at least 30 hours a week or so... maybe use my vr headset for streams, maybe draw a bunch, what kind of content would you all like to see me do on twitch?

>you run to the back of the cabinets and find Penumbra in the darkness. you give it the unfinished note and inform it of your plan to distract Jane.

thank you creature. I will try to put my heart to paper as fast as I can, I wont think I'll just speak the truth.
No. 970146 ID: 49c9bd
File 159268714885.jpg - (48.25KB , 800x600 , petting the cat.jpg )

>you hop down to the counter and make greeting thrills at Jane.

oh there you are misty. What a rambunctious kitty you are, yes you are~ oh what a big boy you are... what do you want hhmmnn? Oh you big floofy chonker, what does my Misty want~?
No. 970174 ID: 517b6c

Jaaane, listen to meeee, i want you to put me between your boobieeees~~
No. 970180 ID: b1b4f3

Let's play the belly game. Roll over and expose belly but grab her with claws if she tries to rub it.
No. 970188 ID: d186fc

Well, they don't seem anorexic.
Also, is she an elf? Are elves a thing? If not, that is a very long ear.

...and fangs?

Am I the only one seeing this?
No. 970214 ID: 770781

alas, we have been questioned, and as such by the Law Feline we must always answer by indicating that we want food
No. 970219 ID: e51896

We cant ask for food, our food might be where Penumbra is at

Give licks to Jane with our sandpaper tongue
No. 970226 ID: a9af05

No, our food is in one of the lower cabinets. Penumbra is up in one of the higher cabinets away from where out food is located.
No. 970233 ID: 5877dc

"I wish to travel to Hawaii to be surrounded by a bunch of beautiful naked girls while relaxing on a lounger and sipping coconut juice."
No. 970251 ID: 9876c4

If we act cute, this creature might pick us up and cuddle us.
No. 970733 ID: 49c9bd
File 159320778204.jpg - (61.51KB , 800x600 , hunting elf.jpg )

indeed elves do exist, if a talking shadow can exist, surely so do elves... you get a closer look at Jane, this proves difficult as you're much better at seeing movement and distant things. How ever you affirm that Jane is not an elf. You are in fact quite familiar with the elven kind... You recall in your past life, when you were an athletic grey, you would hunt the elves for sport! oh hey they ran and ran, but never could escape... what fun~
No. 970734 ID: 49c9bd
File 159320778761.jpg - (43.29KB , 800x600 , vampire.jpg )

You also consider her sharper than average teeth... though hers are far from the pointiest you've come in contact with... two lives ago you recall having adopted a servant with much, much sharper and longer fangs. he was very nice to you if memory serves... and there was... always so much fresh meat in the house for you... And... before that...
No. 970737 ID: 49c9bd
File 159320787614.png - (454.49KB , 800x600 , before that.png )

...before...-...in the life...-...before...-...you recall...-...there was...-...he...
No. 970738 ID: 49c9bd
File 159320790548.jpg - (63.80KB , 800x600 , it awakens.jpg )

No. 970739 ID: 49c9bd
File 159320791449.jpg - (49.79KB , 800x600 , big hug time.jpg )

ah yes in that life you met a friend, a very hungry friend, he taught you the secret to talking to humans. always demand food, it is the only way~

>You demand food oh the human woman despite being just recently fed. surely the food bowl could be more full!

Jane - Aaww you floofmeister.

you wiggle at her and rub your soft fur to her pale skin, the human is quick to pick you up and hold you against her chest. Purring loudly the human is completely absorbed with you and doesn't notice Penumbra slip past her and into the main hall, letter in hand.
No. 970740 ID: 7d9195

Mission accomplished. What now?

I suppose we stay like this for a while and then go check up on the ghost.
No. 970744 ID: e19a40

Once you receive your food give it one bite than demand a closed door to be opened and refuse to move after she comply.

Are you able to contact your ex servant with sharp teeth? Would be nice to visit him sometime.
No. 970757 ID: b1b4f3

It is time to knead.
No. 970758 ID: 6e6f32

Of course he was hungry.
That is an endless hunger that can only momentarily be sated by the Consumption of Souls.
Tis the roll of cats in the world, Yes? To absorb the love and affection of those around them so that they may return that energy to The Devourer upon completion of the cycle.

Oh but how much easier it would be to be able to simply open their veins and claim their soul wholesale!
Alas, perhaps we'll be a saber-tooth next life.

Though perhaps the resident aethereal being could... contribute.
When he stops being amusing, of course.
No. 970759 ID: b1b4f3

Bro, no, cats don't kill their owners.
No. 970762 ID: 6e6f32

No. 970763 ID: 36784c

Don’t kill our owners! Then we wouldn’t have anyone left to give us food!
No. 970879 ID: 9876c4

I feel the knead
No. 971397 ID: 49c9bd
File 159381809515.jpg - (79.59KB , 800x600 , reading the note.jpg )

>You kneed and nuzzle Jane insisting on being fed, though she seems deaf to your desperate pleas. With your keen hearing you notice Gwen has found the note you helped Penumbra write.

Gwen - heh? whats this... hey chat a letter just slid under my door... odd, usually my room mate just barges in or shouts...

Gwen - let's see what's all this about... Ehem... hello, it is a pleasure to finally write to you, though I must confess, that I'm not sure how to approach this... what is Jane up to? ... it has always been my pleasure to co exist with you, and if truth be told I wish we continue for eons untold... eum? ... I have always watched over you and adored you, from afar, for as long as you've lived in my domain... What the hell?! ... I love you, there I've said it, I love your every fiber, I love your healthy body and beautiful charm. I will always be here with you and will always watch over you... I love you I love you I love you I love... it just goes on... Guys?! guys this is really creepy!! this is supper creepy!!

>AS you nuzzle Jane, you see Gwen panicked, stumble out of her room and into the kitchen

Gwen - is this a joke?!

Jane - eh?

Gwen - what's this!

Jane - I don't know?

Gwen - what do you mean you don't know!!

>They continue to argue for a bit... then both panic... They become, very panicked...
No. 971406 ID: 406574

Damn it Penumbra, you made it too creepy! I knew that a letter was a bad idea...
No. 971409 ID: 094652

No. 971410 ID: e19a40

To be fair there was no way this wouldn't sound creepy. It was always creepy after all.

You know what Penumbra, I think this work out as well as we could have hoped we would. We can pretty much let them rationalize this for a while.

How about you help me now? Put a some cat food in my plate so I can ignore it and open a few door so I don't have to go through them.
No. 971411 ID: 2b4ae2

Walk in with a writing tool in your mouth
No. 971412 ID: b1b4f3

That could work... the letter would certainly be less worrisome if an unusually intelligent cat wrote it out of love for its owner. We should ask Penumbra if that's what he wants though.
No. 971416 ID: 6e6f32

This will work if we also walk into the room whilst standing on hind legs...
No. 971418 ID: f2320a

Ah the classic goblin stance cats can do where they walk on hindlegs and streech out there long bodies and dangle there front limbs infront of them
No. 971471 ID: 7d9195

Well, that's exactly what I warned about.

Bringing the pen to the girls... I don't think that's a good idea. They might kill us for being a creep, and also it would work against Penumbra's efforts.

Go listen in on the girls to see what conclusions they come up with.
No. 971481 ID: 9876c4

If we're afraid of causing a little chaos, we might as well turn in our cat card now.
No. 971497 ID: 17bcce

Meow into the microphone, Our bewitching voice must be heard by the world.
No. 971622 ID: 49c9bd
File 159408927866.jpg - (76.00KB , 800x600 , cat with pen.jpg )

>You trot over to the frightened girls with a pen in your mouth, but they don't seem to take notice of you, least of all assume that you wrote the eerie note... how ever when you hop onto Gwens desk, and show the stream that you have the Pen, they are quick to conclude that you wrote the note and immediately fall in love with you!!
No. 971623 ID: 49c9bd
File 159408928127.jpg - (79.28KB , 800x600 , song of your people.jpg )

You decide to repay their admiration with the song of your people, how ever since they are so far away, you need to sing extra loud to make sure they hear you... and for what its worth, the chat loves every second~
No. 971624 ID: e51896


Oh wait, we're not chat. We're cat.
Ah well, im sure chat will clip it, and then it will go viral im sure, then Gwen will get more viewers. Yay.
Hopefully when Gwen come back, chat will show a replay of our silly shenanigans and calm her down

Oh, i think we should find Penumbra. He probably isnt too happy the letter didnt work and needs our moral support
No. 971632 ID: b1b4f3

Push buttons on the keyboard.
No. 971634 ID: dce46f

Paw at the microphone so it spins on its swivel! What fun!
No. 971636 ID: 6e6f32

Curl around microphone. Purr loudly.
No. 971645 ID: 9aa12d

Be cute, be adorable, and most of all, be so irresistible that they forfeit all mortal possessions to you
No. 971646 ID: 4286b4

We should show our butt on the stream.
No. 971660 ID: f7cdf8

not unless they donate bits, LOTS OF BITS, MONEY FOR CATNIP
No. 971666 ID: 9ea12c

Type like that one cat that plays the electric piano.
No. 971684 ID: f2320a

Yes but what should we type?
No. 971777 ID: 9ea12c

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh something about Penumbra? Foreshadowing?
No. 971782 ID: 278f7f

we know ultimately we have to walk over that glowing pad then perch there until removed
No. 971785 ID: 6e6f32

Type "Ghost Friend"
Anything more complex will surely end in failure.
No. 971789 ID: 9876c4

Clearly, communicating with humans is a lost cause, and we should type something to amuse other felines.
No. 972393 ID: 49c9bd
File 159484155441.jpg - (69.41KB , 800x600 , piano cat.jpg )

>you decide to start typing on the glowing red keyboard, making sure to pay homage to the famed piano cat, and looking up into the glinting camera.

"gfghbikloastrfg vcfcdkienm dfc"

Some how chat deciphered your message and is now on a wild ghost hunt through all of Gwen's clipped footage and saved streams on Youtube. Some claiming to have already seen the "ghost friend" before, while others argue that it's all a hoax, and that the cat typing the same way as piano cat is the smoking gun. interesting still, some people in chat mention that their own feline companions were drawn to your singing and have become very vocal, there is also a number of the viewers who are just typing cute things at you, telling you how handsome and smart you are.
No. 972395 ID: 9876c4

Confirm that you are indeed handsome and smart. With song!
No. 972398 ID: 835f18

Careful, no more trying to spill the beans. Even this extent of chat going through clues and stuff is likely to attract unwanted attention or consequences.
Don't want gwen hiring an exorcist or something.

Regardless, gotta lie down on the keyboard now. Activate Loaf form,and prepare to feign grumpiness when moved.
No. 972400 ID: 1c1d17

Damn we are really not help Penumbra's case here. But what can you expect of a cat?
Let's just keep being adorable.
No. 972419 ID: e78a3b

We should do a sexy pose, you know, on our back, with tail between our legs...
gotta get them simp dollars rolling in
No. 972429 ID: 6e6f32

Calm chat with purr based asmr
No. 972854 ID: 49c9bd
File 159528529971.jpg - (74.11KB , 800x600 , on her belly.jpg )

>you lay down on the glowing warm board, after purring and snuffing into the microphone... rolling around, you enjoy the click clack of the little keys on your back, like a pleasant massage~

those of the chat who aren't actively hunting ghosts are enjoying your lovely dance and as they should, have committed to donating a few bits to you~

>Gwen stumbles into the room looking for a flash light, with which to scour the crawl space for homeless people who may of written the note, in a blind panic... she notices you on the keyboard and moves closer to remove you!!
No. 972855 ID: 49c9bd
File 159528530270.jpg - (74.08KB , 800x600 , puff up.jpg )

>As she comes closer to extract you from the warming pad, you puff up and dig your claws into it for dear life, as is tradition~

Gwen - come on Misty, get off the keyboard... ehh... whats going on in stream?

>She stops focusing on you and instead on the numerous photo's you've accidentally opened by rolling on the keyboard.
No. 972857 ID: 6e6f32

Self Removal and engagement of head nuzzles and purrs is required, freakout 2.0 is coming. We must slow it down.
No. 972873 ID: b1b4f3

Huh? Wait, she took photos of the ghost already?
Maybe that means Penumbra doesn't need to hide from her.

Let's see what her reaction is. If she tries to push you off the keyboard go limp and nuzzle her hand. Maybe she will give you lap.
No. 972878 ID: a89ec5

Say whaaat, Penumbra? In photos? I never heard of this. What is this all about?
No. 972883 ID: e19a40

Refuse to leave unless appropriately bribed with headpats.


>... chat... is now on a wild ghost hunt through all of Gwen's clipped footage and saved streams on Youtube.
No. 972916 ID: e51896

ummm... pull the plug before she focuses on the pics
No. 972923 ID: 278f7f

Hoo boy, Gwen's stream's popularity is probably about to jump up a bit.
Chat will no doubt have a couple of actual believers, the rest thinking it's fake/some kinda ARG and enjoying it regardless.

As such, this is probably not going away anytime soon...
No. 972930 ID: 4286b4

Whoa, check out the pics of the sexy kobolds.
No. 973861 ID: 49c9bd
File 159661868357.jpg - (62.92KB , 800x600 , she found out.jpg )

>You try to draw her attention away from the screen and towards yourself with nuzzles and loud purring, Gwen promptly picks you up and holds you tightly, before continuing her inspection of the screen. you try to stop her from looking by wiggling and pushing at her face but its no use, she's laser focused!

>you try to escape and destroy the offending images, but she is now holding you tightly for comfort as her heart rate grows rapidly!!
No. 973862 ID: 49c9bd
File 159661868605.jpg - (70.59KB , 800x600 , this place is haunted.jpg )

Gwen - J-Jane!! T-t-the house is very... Extreamly H-H-h-haunted!!
No. 973865 ID: df76b1

Yes, this is accurate.
No. 973867 ID: 4286b4

Let's turn off the lights :o
No. 973868 ID: e19a40

Penumbra, the internet just told Gwen about you. If you don't do something she will leave and may never return.
To buy time, make sure the front and back doors are locked and hide the keys. After that you better prepare yourself to communicate with her somehow.
No. 973869 ID: 6c9030

Lick her nose.
Everyone knows animals panic when malicious spirits are around, so that'll help.
No. 973874 ID: 094652

It's bunting time!
No. 973875 ID: e51896

purring can send calming waves to others. Start purring to calm her down.
No. 973889 ID: 736c28

Critical failure!
No. 973937 ID: 56907e

If you can release youself from Gwen's clutches, go over to the computer screen and give one of the pictures of Penumbra cat kisses (lick penumbra on the computer). It will be our last ditch effort to show her he is a friend.
No. 973939 ID: d186fc

Just in case we really do have to intervene here, reach unto the void and test our connections with the ancient one as we did three lives ago. Ofc we don't want things to come to that, but you never know. Desperate times call for desperate measures and there are times where taboos must be broken.

Mutating our form to be capable of speech could help us be a mediator once we are past the initial shock. Of course, we would only talk to penumbra and Gwen (and maybe Jane) when they are alone so we do not attract unwanted attention. Anyone would think they were mad if they tried to prove we talked. Much like Michigan in One Froggy Evening (Looney Tunes)
No. 973981 ID: 014f5b

No. 976812 ID: f2320a

Ah like the ancient ones before the dream land
No. 976815 ID: d909cb

The chances of us being able to change our form seems low, but perhaps Penumbra could change their own form to look less scary? Seems like something we should ask him later.
No. 976881 ID: e77337

You dare doubt our power? but seriously though, we already established some sort of connection to some kind of elder god, so it could happen. In fact, I could totally see this quest still being perfectly viable if we ended up going that route. Or we could just be a cat. Ultimately it is up to the author. I for one hope we can go all eldritch being.
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