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File 158754213344.gif - (116.20KB , 933x800 , KillerQuestTitleCard.gif )
962973 No. 962973 ID: 470289

Hey it's Killer Quest
It's a quest about Killer
Who is bad at writing songs

She likes to fight and brawl
And has a degree in history (with a forestry minor)
And a gal pal named Jenny

This quest is about her
Doing stuff, probably
Anyway lets start

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No. 962975 ID: 470289
File 158754236684.png - (494.61KB , 800x800 , NoEffort_a.png )

:geddon: “Ty! Where the hell are you? Godammit.”
No. 962977 ID: 470289
File 158754245263.png - (367.93KB , 800x800 , NoEffort_b.png )

No. 962978 ID: 470289
File 158754252271.png - (381.76KB , 800x800 , NoEffort_c.png )

:Killer1: “Heh heh.”
No. 962979 ID: 470289
File 158754256223.png - (535.56KB , 800x800 , NoEffort_d.png )

I knew running into a jammer area was the right call. Only took me two days to come up with the plan, too.

Alright! Time to get back to work. Gotta check in on Boss Risk and I should probably drop in on the coppers and see if they got any jobs lined up that need the Killer touch. Or I could fuck around and see if any new gyms opened that haven’t preemptively banned me.
No. 962980 ID: 470289
File 158754262424.png - (443.95KB , 800x800 , NoEffort_e.png )

:limaraunimpressed: “Are you a crazy person? Cause if you are you have to leave. I’m not supposed to be around crazy people.”
No. 962981 ID: 0fae41

Insolence! Challenge the brat to a fight.
No. 962982 ID: 124fab

Hit the gym. See if there's anyone crazy enough to take you.
No. 962998 ID: 9c48ac

"Of course I am! You shouldn't listen to people who tell you that. Crazy people are the most fun! Wanna go blow something up?"
No. 963010 ID: 094652

"Gimme your ice cream and I'll show you my hasslehoffs."
>What's a hasslehoff?
"When I kick my foot up someone's ass sometimes a hasslehoff comes out the mouth."
No. 963025 ID: 465a14

Challenge her to ARM WRESTLING. The loser is confirmed crazy.
No. 963027 ID: ce39da

"Even if I was, what's stopping you from leaving?"

Overall plan; go check on Boss (whoever that be).
No. 963039 ID: 322af8

Challenge the child for their backpack. It might have fun things in there.
No. 963142 ID: 695467

Don't bully the child, that wouldn't be very challenging anyway.

So who are these coppers you're working for anyway? I'd say check in with them or Risk.
No. 963143 ID: b1b4f3

Shouldn't you head to friendly territory first to get those cuffs off?
No. 963366 ID: 470289
File 158771460381.jpg - (146.55KB , 750x750 , KillerQuest Placeholder.jpg )

Yeah, I’ll go to the Boss’ shelter. After I deal with this kid, though.

>Insolence! Challenge the brat to a fight.
I’m not gonna fight a kid. That’s not even close to fair. Unless she’s like… a cyborg kid, I guess. But I’m probably a better cyborg than her, so… yeah. No fighting kids.

>Challenge the child for their backpack. It might have fun things in there.
What like a knife? I doubt it, my Queen wouldn’t let me have a good knife until I was thirteen or something, and this kid looks younger than that.

>Who are these coppers you're working for anyway?
They work in the roguetown solving… rogue crimes, I guess? I don’t pay much attention. I just fight who they tell me, and they give me money and stuff.

> Shouldn't you head to friendly territory first to get those cuffs off?
I’ve been stuck at home for like… weeks. No way am I going back now. Besides, I already broke ‘em.

:killer1: “What if I am? What's stopping you from leaving?"
:limaraunimpressed: “I was here first, so this is my spot, and I don’t want to share it with a crazy lady.”
Dammit, that makes sense. I’ll try another tack.
:killer1: “Well crazy people are pretty fun. Maybe if I stayed we’d blow some stuff up all cool-like. What, do you not wanna blow stuff up?”
:limaraunimpressed: “Kinda. But Ms. Quanno said I should try not to blow stuff up anymore.”
:killer1: “Sounds like someone you shouldn’t listen too. Anyway, if we arm wrestled, I’d win, so you’d be the crazy one and would have to leave. So there.”
:limaraunimpressed: “…”
:killer1: “…”
:limaraunimpressed: “…”
:killer1: “Can I have some of your ice cream?”
:limaraunimpressed: “I guess so. It’s green flavor though.”
:killer1: “Ugh. Nevermind. Where’d you get it from, I’ll go get my own.”
:limaraunimpressed: “There’s a weird guy down the road who’s giving out free ice cream. He only has green flavor, though.”
:killer1: “But I hate green flavor.”
:limaraunimpressed: “Everyone hates green flavor. But it’s’ what he’s got.”
No. 963367 ID: b1b4f3

I dunno why you're even talking to this kid.
No. 963368 ID: 0fae41

That depends on the flavor of green. Investigate this ice cream vendor and, depending on whether it is mint or pistachio, in that order, pay him to dispense product or beat him up to dispense justice.
No. 963403 ID: ce39da

"Well, I guess we don't want to see each other around, but you weren't the most annoying kid I've ever met, so whatever!"
No. 968582 ID: 470289
File 159090007309.png - (557.81KB , 800x800 , 6.png )

>I dunno why you're even talking to this kid.
Feel like it.

:killer1: “Point me to the cream.”
:limaraunimpressed: “I will if you never say that again.”

We walk a block over and she points out the bird. He? says something about giving away free ice cream but I don’t pay attention since he definitely has red cream, the best cream, in that cone. I gotta get that.

:killer1: “"Well, I guess we don't want to see each other around, but you weren't the most annoying kid I've ever met, so whatever!"
:limaraunimpressed: “…”
No. 968583 ID: 465a14

You have to win it from him in the arena of honorable combat. Scream this fact at him as you pounce.
No. 968584 ID: b1b4f3

Alright see what flavor they got.
No. 968585 ID: 0fae41

Interrogate this heef. Who sent him? Where does he get the goods? Why is the cream red?
No. 968593 ID: e4e6e7

a) aquire icecream
b) consume
No. 968611 ID: 322af8

Get some of that cream. Ask whats the catch.
No. 970257 ID: e5e15e
File 159280075662.png - (460.26KB , 800x800 , 7.png )

I jump in his face and kinda roar for a minute. Roaring’s always fun.

:killer1: “Where’s the red creams, bro. I can see you got ‘em. Give ‘em over.”

He might say something back but I don’t hear ‘em over my yelling and the thwapping sound that drone’s making.

Oh wait. That’s one of Scythe’s, ain’t it. I’ve never seen one all the way out here. There’s a crackle as the speakers come on.
No. 970258 ID: e5e15e
File 159280076938.png - (429.93KB , 800x800 , 8.png )

:scythe: “You’re needed. Get to the shelter now.”

:killer1: “Hey bro. I was just about to head over there. Just lemme get some-“

:scythe: “Go now.”

Ugh. I really want to get some ice cream first though. It’s not like he’s my boss, he’s just worked for the boss longer.
No. 970259 ID: 0fae41

Take the ice cream he's holding and go.
...That's a camera drone, right?
No. 970267 ID: a47064

Just carry the icecream man and their magical icecream box with you. You're not some weakling that can't lift up a bird or some icecream.
No. 970483 ID: ce39da

"Yoink." Even if you drop a scoop, you still get some of the good stuff while hardly wasting a literal second. Be on your way, then.
No. 971163 ID: 470289
File 159358070547.png - (908.33KB , 800x800 , 9.png )

I could carry the entire ice cream box, but I don’t think the cooler is free, just the ice-cream inside. So that might be stealing. I’ll just take his cone. He probably says something but me and Scythe are already gone.

Once we’re out of sight Scythe’s drone spits out a clean commlink from somewhere in its body so he doesn’t need to blare his speakers. As soon as I put it in my ear Scythe’s cloaking himself like usual. Dude’s super paranoid. His fake ass robot voice crackles directly into my ear when he tells me to hurry up.

Bluh. Every time I walk through District R it seems like it’s getting shittier. More boarded up places, worse empathy from the neumono around. I don’t get how rogues live like this. Which is why I guess Boss Risk had to set up her rogue shelter.

:killer1: “What’s with all the sadness and shit. I know you can’t feel it, but everyone here is a major fuckin’ bummer right now. Like, more than usual.”

:scythe: “The CRA Building Assault and the concurrent flattening of one of the biggest infrastructure projects in this district’s recent history has put a dampener on the populace’s mood.”

:killer1: “CRA building assault?”

:scythe: “The battle between the rogue supremacists led by the AI copy of Riskanna’s former friend and your police colleagues from moonlighting. The battle that you missed due to being kidnapped by the aforementioned rogue supremacists.”

:killer1: “Oh. That.”

:killer1: “…”

:scythe: “I will turn on this unit’s jammer. Two-meter radius.”

:killer1: “Thanks.”
No. 971164 ID: 470289
File 159358073235.png - (795.73KB , 800x800 , 10.png )

Oh, hey it’s the big alien cop. Trayzeri uh… I don’t think she has a last name. I think she’s standing over Boss Risk’s shelter? That’s… weird.

:scythe: “Stay on task, Killer.”

:killer1: “I am. Why’re the cops over by the shelter?”

:scythe: “I will explain once we are secure.”

Super paranoid.
No. 971165 ID: 470289
File 159358079542.png - (884.75KB , 800x800 , 11.png )

Scythe starts floating to some hole-in-the-walls.

:killer1: “Dude, where are you going? The shelter is like, three blocks away.”

:scythe: “There is a passage to the shelter through this building. We will enter through here and avoid unnecessary contact with law enforcement.” I can tell he’s being sarcastic at the ‘law enforcement’ bit even through the dumb robot voice he uses.

:killer1: “Whaaa-. Dude, that’s gonna be hella dusty. Let’s just walk over, the cops are cool. I mean, for cops, ya know.”

:scythe: “I refuse to reveal myself to them. If you insist on engaging them, then I will reestablish communications with you once you are inside the shelter.”
No. 971166 ID: ce3a9e

Go say hi to the cops, they're cool with you, so it'll be fiiiiiine. When was the last time you spoke to them anyhow?
No. 971167 ID: b1b4f3

>rogue supremacists

Also go say hi to the cops since you're so buddy buddy with them.
No. 971169 ID: 0fae41

Go say hi to the cops. If you're a freelance cop, maybe you'll get paid for helping them out?
No. 971979 ID: 15a025

What's this about getting kidnapped? You were kidnapped before?
No. 971982 ID: 470289
File 159451965222.gif - (220.53KB , 600x600 , AFp5Qfg.gif )

>What's this about getting kidnapped? You were kidnapped before?

I don't want to talk about it.
No. 972015 ID: 0fae41

And you were about to follow a drone into a dilapidated building? ...Please go say hello to the nice police godzilla, she will keep you safe (from yourself).
No. 1014560 ID: 8fae7e
File 163643429944.png - (801.21KB , 800x800 , 12.png )

>rogue supremacists
Ugh. It’s all complicated and shit tho.

Basically, this one rogue chick who was a cop cloned herself and started like… selling drugs, I think. Then she took the drug money and made an AI to sell more drugs and make more clones and then she kidnapped me. I guess it’s actually not that complicated. It is kinda boring tho.
No. 1014562 ID: 8fae7e
File 163643442489.png - (942.89KB , 800x800 , 13.png )

Go say hi to the cops.
Sounds cool. The big one is named Tracy, the small arkot looking arkot is Skrat. I think they probably count as my supervisors, but they’ve never ordered me around before so they’re cool. Well, Skrat is cool.
>When was the last time you spoke to them anyhow?
Uh, I dunno it’s been a while. I haven’t actually checked what today’s date is, but it was before I got ganked by the clones.

:Killer1: “Hey, what are ya’ll doing?”

:skrat: "Oh hey Killer! Skrat has not seen you in forever!"

:tracy: “Deputy Breakback. Have you returned to active duty?”

:Killer1: “Not yet. I gotta check in on my boss first. My first boss, not my cop boss, in the shelter.”

:skrat: "The big red boss lady right? That's bad news!"

:killer1: “Bad? What are you talking about?”

:skrat: “Skrat saw-“

:tracy: “We are not at liberty to discuss ongoing investigations. If you are not on active duty, I will request you leave the premises. Entry into the District R Rogue Shelter is prohibited by unauthorized personnel.”

Should I just say I’m back on duty? If I do, they’ll probably drag me into some more bullshit like robbing a casino or something, and I don’t know if I’m in the mood for wacky adventures this week. I could just dash in I guess before they could catch me, but then Tracy would be mad and-

Well, actually, I don’t know if Tracy would care about it either way, but she might sit on me or something if she catches me later. And that would break every bone in my body.
No. 1014565 ID: c92a02

Ah, you're a neumono, breaking every bone in your body would only knock you out for a night. That said, say you're back on duty and ask Skrat where he saw her.
No. 1018587 ID: 6c9da0
File 164071885490.png - (742.41KB , 800x800 , 14.png )

>Ah, you're a neumono, breaking every bone in your body would only knock you out for a night. That said, say you're back on duty and ask Skrat where he saw her.
Nah, pretty sure I’d just fucking die.

:killer1: “Yeah, I’m back on duty. Totally depped up. What’s the haps little man?
:skrat: “Blood and bits all over! Very messy! Wanna see?”
:tracy: “There is-“ I don’t hear the rest of what Tracy says because I’ve already dashed inside.
No. 1018588 ID: 6c9da0
File 164071888607.png - (0.99MB , 800x800 , 15.png )


Oh no oh no ohno no no nonononono…
No. 1018589 ID: d9495a

Don't get blood all over yourself by wandering into that mess.

Ask Skrat what he thinks went down.
No. 1018590 ID: 3c3660

What do they think the murder weapon was? A lawnmower full of frag grenades?
No. 1018600 ID: 96a9a8

Alright who's in there? Anyone you recognize?
No. 1018626 ID: 9a2966

Uncool, looks like someone killed a bunch of people here. Isn't that your job?

Enter and check on the bodies, for CSI reasons and whatnot. And then wander on to meet Scythe.
No. 1018666 ID: c92a02

ID the bodies. Mainly the ones that Trayzeri can't see from the doorway.
No. 1019129 ID: 8fae7e
File 164108725283.png - (934.75KB , 800x800 , 16.png )

There’s just… what the hell is this?

I’ve never seen anything like this. I don’t recognize anybody but… they’re all over the place. Neumono and some aliens, I think. I can’t think straight.

:killer1: “Wh-what happened?”

:kitol: “We’re not sure, Killer. We just got here, and we think-”

I can barely hear him with all the blood rushing through my head. Where’s the Boss? Where where where-
No. 1019130 ID: 8fae7e
File 164108728914.png - (974.30KB , 800x800 , 17.png )

The bug out room! I move before Kitol can get his hand on my shoulder and rush to the corner. There’s this dumb code Boss made me memorize. Its… it’s… I got it. I press the last button and hear a light motor start. Come on, come on, open up. She’s gotta be behind there She’s gotta be safe. She’s gotta-
No. 1019131 ID: 8fae7e
File 164108731082.png - (0.99MB , 800x800 , 18.png )

No. 1019135 ID: c92a02

Are they the perpetrators, or the survivors?
Doesn't matter. Just shout "Where's the boss!?"
No. 1019144 ID: 96c896

Yeah I have no idea how to react to this.
No. 1019161 ID: 7217df

Confiscate sandwich.
No. 1019397 ID: 9a2966

They must realize this is contraband that belongs in your tummy.
No. 1020171 ID: d467f5

Apprehend bad people. No need for making to of your name yet. That comes later.
No. 1025750 ID: 0eb2e9
File 164684588924.png - (1.10MB , 800x800 , 19.png )

>Yeah, I have no idea how to react to this.
I do.
The neumono tries to shove the gun in my face but I push it up before I lose my head. Loud as hell though, leaves my ears ringing. The second he passed the doorway I can feel Mr. Shotgun, surprised but more than happy to kill me. The jammer inside is real short range. It was a pain to tune it so exact, but Boss insisted.

The pomi moves to the side of Mr. Shotgun, probably so he can stab me, so I just twist the gun towards the wall so Mr. Shotgun blocks him. Good news is he seems real attached to it, so he’s not letting go and works as a shield. Bad news is they’re both in my way now.

:killer1: “Where. Is. She.”

The neumono with the pistol presses the button to close the door. Fuck.
No. 1025751 ID: 0eb2e9
File 164684594389.png - (1.05MB , 800x800 , 20.png )

I’m getting inside that fucking room. They’re distracted for a second by the door closing, so now’s my chance.

>Confiscate sandwich.
After I get ‘em to talk, which I won’t be able to do if that door gets locked.
No. 1025754 ID: d9495a

Well after that shotgun went off you probably only have a few seconds before Kitol and Skrat bust in here and starts shooting everyone. Kitol tends to favor stun rounds and Skrat tends to DMSO paintball everyone with Narcojet. Just hope he does not fire off that awful AR blaster indoors.

So get your backup in here. You are on active duty for sure now so yell at your team for help.

Oh and Skrat has some built in monofilament whips if you need that door open fast.
No. 1025761 ID: d30890

Kick the neumono’s leg out so it jams the door. Then shove the pomi out of the way to get in there.
You should probably yell at your cop buddies for backup!
No. 1025764 ID: 9ab9f7

You'll be outnumbered if you go in there, hold the door open and yell for your cop friends.
No. 1025767 ID: 8a51ec

Kick gun guy in the groin so he'll let go and push him into the door's way, then sandwich knife guy's face between your gun butt and the wall. DO NOT enter the room until Kitol and Skrat arrive.
No. 1025770 ID: 96c896

Can you shove one of them into the door frame so they're wedging it open?
No. 1028253 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910728972.png - (1.00MB , 800x800 , 21.png )

Kitol and Trainspotter are heading towards me, don’t need to call for help. I also don’t need to call for help because there’s no way these nerds can beat me. These guys are full of openings.
>Kick gun guy in the groin.
Neumono balls are inside so that’s more an alien thing. I mean it won’t not work, but I have a better target. His face.
No. 1028255 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910752286.png - (0.95MB , 800x800 , 22.png )

The pomi tries to squeeze through the closing door, but he ain’t quick enough. I knock the knife away first.

>You'll be outnumbered if you go in there, hold the door open and yell for your cop friends.
Hmm. I don’t think I should do that, but I can’t remember why. Maybe Boss yelled at me for fucking around with the door before or…
>push him into the door's way
>Can you shove one of them into the door frame so they're wedging it open?
That still doesn’t sound right. There was something about the door. Something I was supposed to install…
No. 1028256 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910764018.png - (882.84KB , 800x800 , 23.png )

Oh right. The safety thingy. Forgot to put that in.

:pomig: “Yeeeeeeeech!!!”
No. 1028257 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910768621.png - (956.60KB , 800x800 , 24.png )

Welp. That door ain’t gonna open from the outside anymore. That’s a problem. It’s pretty heavy duty so I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna open without bombs or something, and I don’t got any on me. I hear shotgun guy grunt behind me. Pretty sure Kitol tackled him but I wasn’t really paying attention.

Shit. I’m out of people to beat up. Now what.

:kitol: “What the hell is that room? Do you know who these people are?”
No. 1028258 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910779069.png - (929.85KB , 800x800 , 25.png )

:killer1: “It’s-“

:riskanna: “Killer. Pay attention, this is important. You can moonlight with the District R police all you want, but I’m forbidding you from mentioning anything about my other operations. If they ever show up around here do not, under any circumstances, tip them off to the hidden rooms. They’re already suspicious enough. Don’t absentmindedly talk about them. Don’t remember that ‘cool thing’ you want to show them. Don’t even think about any of it, got it? Zilch. Nada. Nothing. No matter what. They cannot see inside.
No. 1028259 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910785936.png - (774.26KB , 800x800 , 26.png )

No. 1028260 ID: 8fae7e
File 164910787573.png - (890.51KB , 800x800 , 27.png )

No. 1028263 ID: c92a02

Look, this one's already compromised, no harm telling them what they already know. Give a noncommittal 'iunno' and get Trayzeri to demolish a path into there. Maybe her structural engineering degree will finally pay off...
No. 1028264 ID: 96c896

Claim ignorance. Once they see in there, tell them that stuff isn't yours, it must be these guys'.
No. 1028267 ID: 9ab9f7

You know how Kitol is, he's too serious for his own good, if he thinks someone is odd he'll keep digging even when he should just chill. You gotta give him some answer. Besides, if you don't recognise them, and they were in the secret room, then they're probably not friendly to the boss, right? I think the boss' safety takes priority over secrecy.

What that room is? It looked like a panic room, there was panic going on inside of it, that's a type of panic room, so go with that.

As for who those people were, you got no clue.
No. 1028296 ID: b5c538

Perhaps under chill circumstances that was a really important thing to keep in mind. But right now? Boss might not even be alive. Pretend you don't know regardless.
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