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File 158495342555.png - (174.78KB , 1200x1200 , Icon.png )
959512 No. 959512 ID: 5245b2

((A slice of life quest | Will be VERY NSFW | Help and Feedback would be appreciated in the Discussion thread))
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No. 959515 ID: 5245b2
File 158495697510.png - (809.38KB , 3024x4032 , 1 (Anthro Horse).png )

Voiceover: So yeah, that's me. Measuring up the business end of Wrecker. I've got a bit of a story to tell first, but I'll make it quick, Don't wanna blueball yo right off the bat.

Woman: "Oh my god, the smell is intoxicating..."
Wrecker: "Biggest in the province, baby. I'll let you get to work."
Woman: "MMMMmmmmmmmmhmhmmmmmm, I want you so bad..."

No. 959528 ID: 8b660e


Well I guess that’s one way to introduce yourself. Hope you were both flexible/expandable enough for that.

What’s your name?
No. 959574 ID: 5245b2
File 158502188638.png - (301.09KB , 1600x1600 , 2 (A Devilish Deal).png )

Voiceover: Oh, don't you worry about that!
My name is Li, just Li, nothing else. I made a deal with a Demon God and was granted a couple things, so lemme run you down the list:
I can shapeshift,
I can squash and stretch like a cartoon,
I'm immortal,
AND I don't have to worry about periods or pregnancy! (That's my favorite part btw)

I sold my soul and most of my autonomy because I was... not in a good place. I was hungry, on the streets, and worst of all, had no way to change anything. No way out!

Well, aside from a deal with the devil, but it's not so bad! I've got a steady income, a nice place, and best of all: A FUCKIN' SCHEDULE! You never know how much you need 'em until you're without 'em for a long time.
No. 959575 ID: 0ee3be

A schedule for whose dick your taking next? So you’re own pimp then I assume too
No. 959598 ID: 5245b2
File 158504040936.png - (281.98KB , 1600x1600 , 3 (licking Wrecker).png )

Li: I WISH! My boss gives me free reign on most things, but sometimes it’s “go there, grab this artifact” or “kill this rival deity’s warlock” or “go here, wreck shop”.
I want to just solve all my problems by getting laid, but noooooooooo! Sometimes I have to kill people and steal shit! I do get breaks, so it’s not all bad. I just wish I could get fucked more often, y’know?
Li: Ahn~ Won't need lube where we're goin', I am SOAKED.
Wrecker: You sure it's gonna fit?
Li: Honey, I can fit ANYTHING, so just sit back, relax and pump me full of your hot, thick jizz~

No. 959599 ID: 8b660e

Don't dislocate your jaw
No. 959608 ID: f505e7

so you're basically a succubus
No. 959610 ID: 2bd15b

I have a couple of choking concerns about this whole thing.

No. 959627 ID: 6e9fb2

well those stretchy powers seem handy for stuff like this. Show wrecker there a nice time, probably hasn't had anyone that can comfortably take him in... ever
No. 959641 ID: 5245b2

I won't! This isn't going down my throat~
I guess, yeah?
Oh man, the Boss loves puns.
No. 959644 ID: 8a8fef

Very well, proceed with the stuffing and the expansion of the pelvis
No. 960026 ID: f2320a

You could perhaps change your mass wideness and size of your body so you can take him like probably no one can
No. 960935 ID: 5245b2

You know? I was going to do that, but then I saw >>960026
Looks like a better plan to me!
No. 961102 ID: 5245b2
File 158631155979.jpg - (1.08MB , 4032x3024 , IMG_2679.jpg )

>>Engaging PILLAR MODE

>>Pillar Mode:
>Height: 8'3
>Weight: 385lbs
>Cup Size: E
>Maximum Weight Capacity: 1108 lbs
>Notes: "Mezametamae waga arujitachi yo!"
No. 961105 ID: bd38c9


No. 961245 ID: 7caf88

oh, sweet form
rock his world
No. 964533 ID: 5245b2
File 158833937602.jpg - (566.96KB , 3024x3024 , IMG_2824.jpg )

"And then we DIDN'T have to stop because my boss had a job that coULDN'T WAIT 'TIL THE NEXT DAY!!"
>Except that's exactly what happened. Li's phone buzzed not five minutes in, and both
the participants and the whole audience were horrendously blueballed.
No. 969275 ID: 5245b2
File 159168105125.jpg - (482.98KB , 3024x3024 , IMG_2897.jpg )

"sigh ...I really wish I could have had more fun, but what the boss says goes. I'm in a carriage moving towards a major city, something about a stolen scepter, and I'm going to be working with another warlock on this. Hope they're chill... and that they are NOT Porter."
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