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File 158124841892.gif - (4.35KB , 262x197 , hunger-1.gif )
955882 No. 955882 ID: c82427

you hunger

you have left the house

the sky is empty

where will you go

what is favored blunt object
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No. 955883 ID: 891b91

>where go
The planet core. Start digging!

>favored blunt object
bocce ball
No. 955884 ID: 9b97e0

You go north.

Your favored blunt object is a pipe wrench.
No. 955888 ID: 9876c4

Go to library with a sledgehammer.
No. 955889 ID: fd5772

A compact disc holding Smooth by Neil Cicierega
No. 955891 ID: 6e6f32

You go to where fate takes you.

Your favored blunt object is The Asclepius of the Pale Horseman.
No. 955894 ID: 0fae41

your destiny.
your meat.
No. 955899 ID: 094652

You go fishing

Your favorite blunt object is the toy bunny next to your foot
No. 955900 ID: b1b4f3

Frying pan.
No. 955911 ID: 864e49

Your favorite blunt object is your blunt but you smoked it already, your second favorite blunt object is you meat.
No. 955924 ID: 663cd9

Go to town.
Find something to eat there. Food, probably.

Your favorite blunt object is big butts.
No. 955927 ID: 156101

You will go to your grandma's house to ask for money to buy food.

All you have with you is your trusty frying pan
No. 955976 ID: a78536

No. 955980 ID: 01ad56

>you hunger
Go to McDonald's

>where will you go
Go to McDonald's
No. 955981 ID: 39b859

a baseball bat and to brown town
No. 955985 ID: de4006

Go to iHog, international house of gruel
No. 956055 ID: c82427
File 158150553686.gif - (21.67KB , 262x197 , gramgram.gif )

yes, gramgram may have food or coin to retrieve food

yes, the frying pan, you have had since you moved out on your own, a gift from an old friend, claimed to be stolen from a grave site

gramgram still hasn't taught how to make dumplings that she killed someone for, at least that what aunty may says
No. 956065 ID: e2f5cc

Then, as rite of succession, you must slay gramgram to gain her knowledge of dumplings

alternatively, find a headband and sneak into her house so you can observe how she makes the dumplings/steal the recipe from the safe she probably has it in
No. 956067 ID: 9b97e0

Screw gramgram, go visit your aunt May.
No. 956149 ID: 9876c4

Do you think we'll have enough time for all that?
No. 956551 ID: 95f286

Use Astral projection to enter Gramgram's internal thought dimension, and watch her life replay from birth through to the current moment to know all that which she know's and thennrerurn to your physical body before she has a brief mental break from the trauma and relieving all of her past trauma in a single instant.
No. 956557 ID: 7ebbf9

You need to continue the tradition to learn the recipe. Who does gramgram wish you to kill?
No. 956568 ID: f2f3e9

The secret ingredient is murder, thats why she killed someone. It had to be done
No. 958071 ID: f98c61

No. 958300 ID: e51896

Lets go over the river and through the woods to GramGram's house we go
No. 976802 ID: c82427
File 160058034607.gif - (81.23KB , 524x394 , msquestonegranbny.gif )

you can not imagine slaying gramgram, both in an emotional sense where harming her would be abhorrent and in the sense that you do not believe she could vanished by mortal means. And as for observing her in secrete, that would lead to your demise in some manner. And She does not have it written down and kept locked down, she believes that writing it down would ruin it, such beliefs she holds has labeled her an eccentric by locals and more conservative/newer county family members.
No. 976803 ID: c82427
File 160058068916.gif - (14.67KB , 524x394 , msquestone-NO-WAY.gif )


that would be incest, incest is bad, hmkay?


Can't make time for incest, again, since it bad hmkay?
No. 976805 ID: c82427
File 160058191012.gif - (96.60KB , 560x421 , msquestoneTHETRUEFAMFAM.gif )

But yes, aunt May, taught you how to clean ginger properly, to wash up before dinner and how to make wards from hair of you enemies hair, commune and summon spirits for fun and protection. and how to make broth, dont buy the boxed stuff at the store, watered down rip off right there.

and who lives with, but cousin Ash your coolest cousin, she turned you onto run the jewels, geto boyz, bauhaus, and burzum (the albums before Varg Vikernes went to jail, got out, and became a racist boomer vlogger, the lamest of fates-) how to skateboard and some cool knife tricks to impress the slack jawed losers in parking lots.

and gramgram, tiny, sweet, bakes and might have killed in the past, but it would be rude to ask at this point.

but yeah they both live close enough together for you to feasible visit both, and double your chances of sustenance and/or money. sweet.
No. 976806 ID: c82427
File 160058257106.png - (9.84KB , 524x394 , msquestone.png )


Astral Projection and brain diving is not art practiced among the more esoteric inclined family members, such acts are only to be performed by those long practiced in it, as in since birth, raised in it, from a linage of those that practice such acts. To do so as newbie will have you end up perishing in the act at best to going down some terrifying mental merging, ain't nobody wants that shit, ya feel me homes?

murder hard, messy, and not a hobby you participate in all that often, or ever really. "No one is worth that much ire, not yet."

that like, possible, but that would a lot of effort to make dumplings. "How is it ingredient? like blood? flesh? like, can you, condense a soul into a powder? shits wack, you're wack."

sure why not.

"oh boy, can't wait to not run into anyone i utter loath and hate on many level, that would suck!" here we go.
No. 976808 ID: b1b4f3

What people live nearby that you loathe?
No. 976809 ID: e7c7d3

Proactively come up with some sick burns if you do meet a rival on the road
No. 976814 ID: d909cb

Well, nothing to do but walk. Skipping walk, and giggling like a schoolgirl, is the most efficient way to travel.
No. 979387 ID: f2320a

Thats a good use of time
No. 979491 ID: 9f3edf

Begin meditation to start gathering and condensing your qi and tao energy so you can kill your rival with a spectral punch of pure energy, which is basically like a normal punch, but much less efficient. It is cooler tho.
No. 1001821 ID: c4c7c1
File 162206181233.gif - (2.49MB , 560x421 , frolicing.gif )


"Tra la la la, I am a frolicking maiden, waiting for a dapper man to take my virginity and knock me up with 50 lil snot nosed gremlins, he better be bringing fat stacks of cash for the trouble. tra la la la!" You are frolicking, not a full Frolic, a frighting and mystic act, done in a cosmic ally way, a No Place, where dizzy chaos is the norm, by bright eyed lazy demi-demons, strange and colorful bastard travelers, bringing with them equal amounts of wander and terror, a small glimpse of something greater, things hideous and beautiful, the lucky die in that grandeur. Maybe you’ll be so lucky, to experience that wondrous and heavenly encounter.


A lot, no here really jives with you vibes and all that shit, you dig?


You spend a lot of your time alone coming with ways to call people vulgar things, mostly out a sense to give them something interesting to talk about over dinner with there side hoes.


No. 1001822 ID: c4c7c1
File 162206198493.gif - (825.64KB , 560x315 , frolicingstops.gif )

“Tro lalala, oh boy, how fun, we are not gonna run into a good for nothing who I loath, a real Melvin, a loose eyed bastard, the dullest sort, that would be fuckin-” You spoke too soon, here they come, what’s their name, fuck, what was this useless shitting warts name again, can you refresh my memory? And your name is Pepper right? That’s a name, that’s what your going by, a horse gave your mother that name when you popped into this world from her inner warmth. But enough of that: What was that bastard’s name, who be that loser, if only a band of faceless commentators could name this fucking asshole we’re about to run into, maybe gib some funny quick description, hmmmmm?
No. 1001826 ID: d51063

Why its James Bendelson that zig-zag armed, buck-toothed, bent-backed, needled nosed, live-stock boinking jerk who you loathe. You should kick his ass.
No. 1001837 ID: d0ff6a

It's your arh-nemesis Max, the hyperkinetic rabitty thing with unaturally serrated teeth!
No. 1001842 ID: 708905

It's Steve the accountant. This oxygen thief dares to continue existing even after choosing to become the most boring being in existence
No. 1001888 ID: eb1fcc

Ah shit it's Jeremy, dude's so fuckin' normal it causes a physical miasma of complete disinterest and boredom anytime someone gets close.

Like, the dude stood next to a Ferrari too long once and it turned into a Honda Accord
No. 1001913 ID: 53560f

You sure you want to remember this dude?
Hell no! I’m not reminding you about anything related to this dude.
He might as well be an indescribable black void with how little you care to know about him. You’re just gonna have to get by with literally nothing! Nada! Zip!
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