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File 157804231605.png - (58.21KB , 754x754 , title1.png )
952600 No. 952600 ID: 3d763b

A lost soul searches for answers, with a high chance of getting frisky in the process.

NSFW lighthearted and sexy journey.
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No. 952601 ID: 3d763b
File 157804273625.png - (22.40KB , 800x800 , pg1.png )

Your mind is adrift in slumber, fleeting colors and images form in your dreams ever changing, except for one constant noise. The unmistakable *drip* of water sounds like clockwork as it ingrains itself into your mind, ever so slowly pushing you back into the conscious world.
You awaken.
Your mind and body are heavy as you sit up and rub your eyes, but the darkness does not fade away. It takes a few second to register but you realize the place is completely dark, leaving you blind in an unfamiliar place.
But what are you doing here anyway? You can’t recall what events might have brought you here; in fact you can’t remember anything about yourself!
Who am I? What am I!?
No. 952602 ID: 3d763b

Thanks for coming to this thread, as we begin our journey we must choose, what gender and species are we? This world is one of anthropomorphic animals, so keep that in mind.
No. 952606 ID: 10c07d

Male, Bluejay
No. 952607 ID: 9e04c9

Human male. If there's no humans in this world then, well, you're the only human there.
No. 952608 ID: a51878

Seconding male bluejay
No. 952609 ID: fba35d

Human Male if only human. Otherwise, male turtle.
No. 952610 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 952611 ID: 864e49

Male turtle or female tanuki.

With a male racoon friend.
No. 952612 ID: e51896

male human in a world of anthros
No. 952613 ID: 91ee5f

Male, Bluejay
No. 952617 ID: a9af05

Male bluejay
No. 952618 ID: 2b3343

Male otter
No. 952619 ID: 2b3e28

A male bluejay with the most exquisite plumage! It's to make up for the short tail-feathers
No. 952620 ID: 9876c4

Male ogre
No. 952625 ID: 10c07d

Yes this
No. 952639 ID: 6e6f32

Male Blue-Jay sounds amazing.
No. 952642 ID: cdabe3

all aboard the male blue jay train!
No. 952660 ID: 0fae41

Male snek.
No. 952663 ID: 977456

Not likely to participate, but I just gotta suggest sea anemone. For the tentacles you understand.
No. 952690 ID: 4f51b2

Male turtle or a salamander.
No. 952703 ID: d5a6bc

Female snake
No. 952765 ID: 2e7792

Female Bluejay, cause I'm feeling slightly contrarian, but still want feathers and jokes about BJs, giving or receiving.
No. 952768 ID: 2249da

A male reptile, it could be a lizard.
No. 952788 ID: 0efe8e

A Salamander sounds fun.
No. 952809 ID: 422cea

A slippery salamander man.
No. 952816 ID: 8163dc


...because why the fuck not.
No. 952819 ID: 1a6f80

male Komodo Dragon
No. 952832 ID: dbf437

A salaMANder sounds very interesting
No. 952836 ID: 52ede4
File 157830146278.png - (87.08KB , 1518x1518 , pg2.png )

You begin to panic, curling up with your knees to your chest, as you huddle in the darkness a chill runs down your spine making you aware of how damp it is; a layer of moisture sticking to your feathers.
Feathers? Yes, that’s what you feel. Their softness helping calm you down as your hands begin to wander further, hoping to regain a sense of self.
You feel around your body, a thin toned frame covered in plumage from head to knees, with bare calves and feet that end in dull talons. A fan of feathers forms your tail and a tall crest crowns your head, with a medium length beak complimenting your features.
All these sensations coalesce into a mental image, a memory brought back from the void. You’re a Blue Jay, and a very naked one at that.
No. 952838 ID: 52ede4
File 157830166673.png - (116.72KB , 1518x1518 , pg3.png )

A bit more intimate of an exploration finds a slit on your groin; your touch lighting a spark that entices a fleshy tip to poke back from within and quickly rise to full size. Now you know why the cold didn’t affect you immediately, your body is flush with arousal that’s keeping you warm.

With the existential crisis averted for now you find yourself with one new predicament, shall you deal with this arousal or ignore it and focus on looking for a way out of the darkness?

No. 952839 ID: 52ede4

I should say this now, with my schedule and skill level I expect updates to come once or twice a week.
No. 952841 ID: 15088f

Since your arousal is what is keeping you warm, then wanking would remove that arousal, right? Better not until you're somewhere it's warm.

Search the darkness for a way out. Look, feel, listen and even smell for any signs of difference you can follow. If you find none in this spot, then stand up and just walk until you find something.
No. 952844 ID: 10c07d

Agree with this
No. 952845 ID: 10c07d

But just to make sure it doesn’t go down give it a few strikes every so often
No. 952846 ID: 10c07d

No. 952852 ID: 526335

Stay erect for warmth. If you come across anyone, let them look and act casual about it. You're a little bit of an exhibitionist.
No. 952858 ID: 2e7792

It's okay to be worried, but remain calm. Search the darkness with an erection, and try following your nose. You may not be a toucan, but in the dark, sight won't be helpful, where as touch, sound, and smell will. Maybe call out and listen for an echo.
Also, keep an eye out for clothes, or at least a shirt, assuming you don't find someone first. Even as a minor exhibitionist lost in the dark, it would be impolite to greet someone like this.
No. 953401 ID: 3c895f

You should probably focus on figuring out where you are right now.
No. 953413 ID: 617448

Focus on where you are instead of your erection
No. 953557 ID: 52ede4
File 157916244881.png - (51.19KB , 800x800 , pg4.png )

You decide there are more pressing matters that rubbing one out right now, so you begin to explore the room on your hands and knees while your erection refuses to calm down.
The floor is covered in an inch or two of water and littered with debris, mostly pebbles and larger rocks but you can feel several items of various shapes and sizes scattered around; and by the noise they make against the stone floor as you disturb them you deduce they are mostly metal. If only you could bring in a light source you might be able to pick out something useful among the junk.
Finally reaching a wall you get on your feet, the tip of your member brushing against the slick surface enticing a moan that echoes in the room. Standing still you focus your senses: the feeling of the worn stone bricks grazing your fingertips telling you this is not a cave, a faint sweet scent filling your body with warmth on each breath, and the not too distant noise of running water.
Hugging the wall you move towards the noise until you stumble upon a large gap in it, the edges lined by broken stonework and a pile of rubble directly beneath it. You stop to ponder about going through the hole in the wall, the momentary respite making you realize you’ve been idly stroking your cock since you got up, just enough to keep it throbbing and hard.
Once you step out there is a chance you might be found by someone in this rather compromising position, however instead of being discouraged the idea of being seen makes your member throb harder, a bead of precum escaping it’s tip. There’s no time to wonder if that makes you some kind of exhibitionist as you step onto the edge and towards the outside.
No. 953558 ID: 52ede4
File 157916245958.png - (57.52KB , 800x800 , pg5.png )

Your feet land with a splash, finding yourself in ankle deep waters, and the anticlimactic reveal that this place is just as dark as the room you were just it. Once again forced to feel your way around you come to the conclusion that you’re inside some circular tunnel, with the water running down an almost imperceptible slope, the scent and sounds are not much different from before, only stronger as you stand at their source. All together you’re pretty certain this is some kind of sewer or storm drain.
You feel pretty discouraged until you notice something, a very faint glow coming from the downstream end of the tunnel, light!
It feels so long since you’ve seen any light that you whip your gaze back and forth between both ends of the tunnel to make sure it’s not your mind playing tricks. There is for certain light pouring in from downstream while the upstream path remains pitch black.
No. 953559 ID: 9aa12d

Head on downstream, it’s something to look forward to.
No. 953563 ID: 1d5d65

Can we fly because we are a birb? Or are we birb in appearance only?

Continue downstream, but not too quickly in case there is a heavy current leading to a waterfall downstream
No. 953581 ID: 2be85e

Realise nudity is super comfortable and swear against wearing clothes.
No. 953607 ID: 10c07d

I’d head upstream, heading downstream when you can’t even see where your going is a recipe for disaster
No. 953608 ID: 10c07d

Nevermind we can see light downstream go downstream lol
No. 953631 ID: f7e1aa

Considering the smell, if it's a sewer, it's probably a storm sewer, though it's pretty big. Should be a man hole or a way out either way we go, just mind your step, it's dark and there might be a small drop off at some point. Head a little upstream to quickly check around. We can't exactly lose the light, but it will be easier to fight the flow now than to come all the way back later, and we at least know there are no steep changes in slope for us to fall down where the water is coming in from. Curious to see what would happen if we were to go 'left' instead of 'right'.

Also, don't swear off all clothes, just anything too restricting, like pants. You can feel free and still look great while doing so. Au Natural is a good look, but with a little effort, we could feel just as free and draw more attention, it's just in how you present yourself.

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