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File 157804231605.png - (58.21KB , 754x754 , title1.png )
952600 No. 952600 ID: 3d763b

A lost soul searches for answers, with a high chance of getting frisky in the process.

NSFW lighthearted and sexy journey.
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No. 952601 ID: 3d763b
File 157804273625.png - (22.40KB , 800x800 , pg1.png )

Your mind is adrift in slumber, fleeting colors and images form in your dreams ever changing, except for one constant noise. The unmistakable *drip* of water sounds like clockwork as it ingrains itself into your mind, ever so slowly pushing you back into the conscious world.
You awaken.
Your mind and body are heavy as you sit up and rub your eyes, but the darkness does not fade away. It takes a few second to register but you realize the place is completely dark, leaving you blind in an unfamiliar place.
But what are you doing here anyway? You can’t recall what events might have brought you here; in fact you can’t remember anything about yourself!
Who am I? What am I!?
No. 952602 ID: 3d763b

Thanks for coming to this thread, as we begin our journey we must choose, what gender and species are we? This world is one of anthropomorphic animals, so keep that in mind.
No. 952606 ID: 10c07d

Male, Bluejay
No. 952607 ID: 9e04c9

Human male. If there's no humans in this world then, well, you're the only human there.
No. 952608 ID: a51878

Seconding male bluejay
No. 952609 ID: fba35d

Human Male if only human. Otherwise, male turtle.
No. 952610 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 952611 ID: 864e49

Male turtle or female tanuki.

With a male racoon friend.
No. 952612 ID: e51896

male human in a world of anthros
No. 952613 ID: 91ee5f

Male, Bluejay
No. 952617 ID: a9af05

Male bluejay
No. 952618 ID: 2b3343

Male otter
No. 952619 ID: 2b3e28

A male bluejay with the most exquisite plumage! It's to make up for the short tail-feathers
No. 952620 ID: 9876c4

Male ogre
No. 952625 ID: 10c07d

Yes this
No. 952639 ID: 6e6f32

Male Blue-Jay sounds amazing.
No. 952642 ID: cdabe3

all aboard the male blue jay train!
No. 952660 ID: 0fae41

Male snek.
No. 952663 ID: 977456

Not likely to participate, but I just gotta suggest sea anemone. For the tentacles you understand.
No. 952690 ID: 4f51b2

Male turtle or a salamander.
No. 952703 ID: d5a6bc

Female snake
No. 952765 ID: 2e7792

Female Bluejay, cause I'm feeling slightly contrarian, but still want feathers and jokes about BJs, giving or receiving.
No. 952768 ID: 2249da

A male reptile, it could be a lizard.
No. 952788 ID: 0efe8e

A Salamander sounds fun.
No. 952809 ID: 422cea

A slippery salamander man.
No. 952816 ID: 8163dc


...because why the fuck not.
No. 952819 ID: 1a6f80

male Komodo Dragon
No. 952832 ID: dbf437

A salaMANder sounds very interesting
No. 952836 ID: 52ede4
File 157830146278.png - (87.08KB , 1518x1518 , pg2.png )

You begin to panic, curling up with your knees to your chest, as you huddle in the darkness a chill runs down your spine making you aware of how damp it is; a layer of moisture sticking to your feathers.
Feathers? Yes, that’s what you feel. Their softness helping calm you down as your hands begin to wander further, hoping to regain a sense of self.
You feel around your body, a thin toned frame covered in plumage from head to knees, with bare calves and feet that end in dull talons. A fan of feathers forms your tail and a tall crest crowns your head, with a medium length beak complimenting your features.
All these sensations coalesce into a mental image, a memory brought back from the void. You’re a Blue Jay, and a very naked one at that.
No. 952838 ID: 52ede4
File 157830166673.png - (116.72KB , 1518x1518 , pg3.png )

A bit more intimate of an exploration finds a slit on your groin; your touch lighting a spark that entices a fleshy tip to poke back from within and quickly rise to full size. Now you know why the cold didn’t affect you immediately, your body is flush with arousal that’s keeping you warm.

With the existential crisis averted for now you find yourself with one new predicament, shall you deal with this arousal or ignore it and focus on looking for a way out of the darkness?

No. 952839 ID: 52ede4

I should say this now, with my schedule and skill level I expect updates to come once or twice a week.
No. 952841 ID: 15088f

Since your arousal is what is keeping you warm, then wanking would remove that arousal, right? Better not until you're somewhere it's warm.

Search the darkness for a way out. Look, feel, listen and even smell for any signs of difference you can follow. If you find none in this spot, then stand up and just walk until you find something.
No. 952844 ID: 10c07d

Agree with this
No. 952845 ID: 10c07d

But just to make sure it doesn’t go down give it a few strikes every so often
No. 952846 ID: 10c07d

No. 952852 ID: 526335

Stay erect for warmth. If you come across anyone, let them look and act casual about it. You're a little bit of an exhibitionist.
No. 952858 ID: 2e7792

It's okay to be worried, but remain calm. Search the darkness with an erection, and try following your nose. You may not be a toucan, but in the dark, sight won't be helpful, where as touch, sound, and smell will. Maybe call out and listen for an echo.
Also, keep an eye out for clothes, or at least a shirt, assuming you don't find someone first. Even as a minor exhibitionist lost in the dark, it would be impolite to greet someone like this.
No. 953401 ID: 3c895f

You should probably focus on figuring out where you are right now.
No. 953413 ID: 617448

Focus on where you are instead of your erection
No. 953557 ID: 52ede4
File 157916244881.png - (51.19KB , 800x800 , pg4.png )

You decide there are more pressing matters that rubbing one out right now, so you begin to explore the room on your hands and knees while your erection refuses to calm down.
The floor is covered in an inch or two of water and littered with debris, mostly pebbles and larger rocks but you can feel several items of various shapes and sizes scattered around; and by the noise they make against the stone floor as you disturb them you deduce they are mostly metal. If only you could bring in a light source you might be able to pick out something useful among the junk.
Finally reaching a wall you get on your feet, the tip of your member brushing against the slick surface enticing a moan that echoes in the room. Standing still you focus your senses: the feeling of the worn stone bricks grazing your fingertips telling you this is not a cave, a faint sweet scent filling your body with warmth on each breath, and the not too distant noise of running water.
Hugging the wall you move towards the noise until you stumble upon a large gap in it, the edges lined by broken stonework and a pile of rubble directly beneath it. You stop to ponder about going through the hole in the wall, the momentary respite making you realize you’ve been idly stroking your cock since you got up, just enough to keep it throbbing and hard.
Once you step out there is a chance you might be found by someone in this rather compromising position, however instead of being discouraged the idea of being seen makes your member throb harder, a bead of precum escaping it’s tip. There’s no time to wonder if that makes you some kind of exhibitionist as you step onto the edge and towards the outside.
No. 953558 ID: 52ede4
File 157916245958.png - (57.52KB , 800x800 , pg5.png )

Your feet land with a splash, finding yourself in ankle deep waters, and the anticlimactic reveal that this place is just as dark as the room you were just it. Once again forced to feel your way around you come to the conclusion that you’re inside some circular tunnel, with the water running down an almost imperceptible slope, the scent and sounds are not much different from before, only stronger as you stand at their source. All together you’re pretty certain this is some kind of sewer or storm drain.
You feel pretty discouraged until you notice something, a very faint glow coming from the downstream end of the tunnel, light!
It feels so long since you’ve seen any light that you whip your gaze back and forth between both ends of the tunnel to make sure it’s not your mind playing tricks. There is for certain light pouring in from downstream while the upstream path remains pitch black.
No. 953559 ID: 9aa12d

Head on downstream, it’s something to look forward to.
No. 953563 ID: 1d5d65

Can we fly because we are a birb? Or are we birb in appearance only?

Continue downstream, but not too quickly in case there is a heavy current leading to a waterfall downstream
No. 953581 ID: 2be85e

Realise nudity is super comfortable and swear against wearing clothes.
No. 953607 ID: 10c07d

I’d head upstream, heading downstream when you can’t even see where your going is a recipe for disaster
No. 953608 ID: 10c07d

Nevermind we can see light downstream go downstream lol
No. 953631 ID: f7e1aa

Considering the smell, if it's a sewer, it's probably a storm sewer, though it's pretty big. Should be a man hole or a way out either way we go, just mind your step, it's dark and there might be a small drop off at some point. Head a little upstream to quickly check around. We can't exactly lose the light, but it will be easier to fight the flow now than to come all the way back later, and we at least know there are no steep changes in slope for us to fall down where the water is coming in from. Curious to see what would happen if we were to go 'left' instead of 'right'.

Also, don't swear off all clothes, just anything too restricting, like pants. You can feel free and still look great while doing so. Au Natural is a good look, but with a little effort, we could feel just as free and draw more attention, it's just in how you present yourself.
No. 954046 ID: 52ede4
File 157966043282.png - (129.58KB , 800x800 , pg6.png )

The light at the end of the tunnel seems like your best option, the double meaning of that statement dawning on you as you waddle through the water.

In the darkness your mind wanders to other questions like how you got down here, what is this place and why did you wake up naked. But in regards to that last one, besides your unattended erection you feel surprisingly good about your lack of clothing, looking for some cover might still be a good idea, but no pants. For some reason the idea of pants makes you reel in disgust.

As you get closer to the exit you can hear a stream alongside the chirps and buzzing of critters, quickening your pace you step into the blinding light, the fresh air filling your lungs and clearing your mind. Once your eyes adjust to the light you find yourself in a channel surrounded by life: glowing mushrooms growing out of the cracks in the stonework, crystal formations emerging from the ground, pastel flora swaying in the breeze and sprites dancing over the water’s surface.
No. 954047 ID: 52ede4
File 157966044897.png - (23.77KB , 800x800 , pg7.png )

This... is not what you expected; neither is that looking up gives you a view not of the sky but instead a domed wall of solid rock sprinkled by shining crystals. Turning around you find yourself facing an ancient stone wall, the rooftops of a city beyond it covered by mist with giant spires breaking through all the way up to the dome’s walls, its summit dominated by a titanic crystal shining down like an evening sun on this land.

The Undercroft ” the words scape your mouth before you can even register what you said.

Maybe dwelling some more into this revelation could jog your memory, while exploring the area could also be of use as you remain completely alone, no signs of any person nearby.
No. 954065 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's time to handle your boner. Sit next to the wall (maybe on that big mushroom if it's stable) and get to work. Do you recognize these mushrooms at all?
Is the Undercroft your city? Were you trying to escape it? Or maybe you're from somewhere else and are trying to infiltrate it?
No. 954075 ID: 3ef9fc

We dont have to handle it now, lets hold out a bit more.

In any case, lets explore as we think more on that word to try to remember something.
No. 954192 ID: 10c07d

I think it’s time to handle this too
No. 954225 ID: 2be85e

Head toward city, hold off on masturbation a bit longer. See if we can find a bit more info on current situation.
No. 954270 ID: 15088f

Explore the area. Try to find a spot you can climb up onto the walkway abutting the water. While walking idly place the tip of a finger to the tip of your penis and push the tip in circles.
No. 954660 ID: c66b88
File 158019384386.png - (54.10KB , 800x800 , pg8.png )

You take this moment of clarity and run with it, speaking out your thoughts in an attempt to recover some more info from your memory.

The Undercroft… the underground… system of caves and tunnels under Atheria’s surface, an isolated ecosystem enriched with mana; many cities flourished in it during the Age of Kingdoms… and all fell by the end of the Dark Ages…

The headache brought in by the effort makes you falter and your memory is overtaken by the fogs once again. But from what info you recovered it’d be safe to assume this silent city is abandoned, possibly has been for centuries. A disheartening thought which leaves you feeling even more alone and lost.

Despite all of this the one thing that has not faltered is your erection; placing your hand back on it you give it a stroke, just as pleasurable as it was in the sewer, maybe even more now that you can actually see how every twitch forces another bead of clear precum out. Somehow this little edging game you’ve been unconsciously playing has been the most comforting part of your situation. So you decide to keep it going for as long as you can, taking your hand off to tease just the tip by moving your finger in circles over it.
No. 954661 ID: c66b88
File 158019385717.png - (152.30KB , 800x800 , pg9.png )

Still, just standing around teasing yourself is not going to solve your predicament, so you look for a way out of the canal and into higher ground; the roots of a nearby tree seeming tempting enough for you to climb up. With a little effort you finally make it up to wall, placing your free hand on it you decide to follow it and see if you can find some kind of path leading out from the city or some other marker to help find your way.

As you walk while teasing yourself you start to feel a new need beyond your imminent orgasm, a pang of hunger growing deep within yourself, you really don’t know how long it’s been since your last meal but you feel famished; and to complicate matters more the sweet smell from the sewer returns, even stronger now, driving up both your lust and hunger.

Turns out you’re not too far from an opening in the wall, a tall archway giving you a glimpse into the ruined city. Even more curious is the scene in the clearing right outside said gateway, a small ring of stones filled with ashes, the remains of a campfire surrounded by debris of various kinds. The noise of disturbed vegetation brings your eyes further down towards the underbrush where you can see an odd creature stepping out of a bush and into view while vigorously shaking an object held in its maw.

It stops suddenly as it notices your presence; your eyes meet as the startled creature drops what it was holding, unsure of what to do. You don’t dare make any sudden moves as it sniffs the air, shifting in its posture into a more aggressive one; it growls at you… and then pounces!

You are attacked by an unknown creature!
No. 954662 ID: 9aa12d

Welp, time to fight back. You ain’t got no weapons so just ward it off until you pick up a rock or something to really beat it with.
No. 954663 ID: b1b4f3

Try to wrestle it off you and try to pick up something from that campfire to hit harder with.
If it's just generally weaker than you, you could try pinning it down until it gives up, then you can let it go so it runs off.
No. 954665 ID: 977456

Roll onto your back and stick your limbs into the air. If that doesn't work? Submit harder!
No. 954711 ID: 300ad9

Don't lose that pee pee of yours!
No. 954764 ID: 529620

Run up nearest tree!

Diggin the quest so far. Ty Vrap
No. 954790 ID: e51896

Use your birdy claw talons to kick the beast
No. 955135 ID: c66b88

Thanks! I'm glad people are enjoying this, especially since its my first.
No. 955137 ID: c66b88
File 158052146497.png - (57.50KB , 800x800 , pg10.png )

You’re quick enough to dodge the leaping creature by diving off to the side, landing face down onto the mossy ground, not very graceful but it works at least. However the large eared beast is not discouraged as you can hear it right behind you.

Grabbing onto the nearest object, a glass bottle, you pick yourself up and throw it in the direction of the sound. Turning your head right on time to see it shatter completely on impact with the creature’s armored hide, its topside covered in rocky scales and studded with crystals.

It seems to hardly notice your strike as it prepares its own, taking a leap the creature rolls its long tail over the underside of its body becoming an armored wheel, one aimed straight at you. Still on your knees you don’t even have time to brace yourself as the spinning creature slams into your chest leaving you winded.

This time you fall hard, the back of your head loudly impacting the ground. The rolly creature unwinding itself as it stands over your chest triumphant, while you groan in pain.
Everything hurts too much to fight back, surely you must have broken something in the scuffle, and now you’ll be this thing’s meal, leaving so many questions unanswered. Your adventure ending almost as soon as it began.
No. 955138 ID: c66b88
File 158052150776.png - (79.51KB , 800x800 , pg11.png )

You’re brought back from your daze with a loud yipe as the creature digs in.


This is not the flesh tearing bite you expected, but a cold nose digging into your crotch followed by a raspy tongue lapping up the fluids that have soaked into your feathers. The surprising weight of the beast keeping you pinned down as its tongue moves upwards towards the source, giving you an unintended sloppy blowjob.

Finally opening your eyes you are greeted by a closeup of the creature’s rear end, one thing is certain now, it is really horny.

Now that you have a good look at it, is this a male or female?
Will you indulge in this unexpected sexual display with the creature?
Or will you take the chance to strike at its vulnerable parts and be rid of it?

No. 955144 ID: 1d7c77

Get rid of it.
No. 955145 ID: 719c76

And yes we'll fuck it
No. 955146 ID: 529620

Female and indulgence
No. 955147 ID: b1b4f3

If this thing cannot communicate and shows no signs of sapience or mental and physical maturity then do not fuck it. Try to communicate, and if it does not respond in any meaningful way then you should not encourage this act one way or another. Optimally you would get it to stop, though I'm not sure it will leave you unharmed if you attack it again.
If it can talk or you can otherwise tell that it's effectively an animal-shaped person of legal age then sure, whatever.
(also I'm not sure about the site rules for outright bestiality)
No. 955159 ID: f7e1aa

It's a female... whatever it is.
With her mouth on your junk, you might want to be cautious about your next actions, in case she does feel like biting. She might not be one for affection, but try caressing her thigh and reciprocating a little, she might ease up enough that you can strike her with less risk.
Though, with how she dropped you in one hit, and can outrun you, how exactly do you plan to get away when she recovers? And it's not like this is as bad as what you thought she was going to do. Enjoy it for a bit, and try communicating with her when you get the chance.
Perhaps this is just a risk of being an Exhibitionist, though your earlier actions couldn't have helped the situation.
No. 955234 ID: 60a0f6

Try to communicate with her first before fucking.
No. 955636 ID: c66b88
File 158103839883.png - (61.39KB , 800x800 , pg12.png )

It was a female, no doubts about it, her raised tail showing off her engorged vulva soaked in fluids. It twitched with her heartbeat, looking like a beast in heat to you; although she seemed more interested in drinking you up than having any male mount her.

A groan took you out of that thought, the female had now taken your cock fully into her maw and began to suckle your fluids. The pleasure making your whole being shudder, you wanted to move but she was firmly planted on your chest and stomach with her four paws.

Her weight kept your torso pinned and while your hands were free you did not dare to grab her while your member was in such a delicate spot, there was also part of you that just wanted to ride that incoming orgasm.

And it was close, her actions gaining more focus every moment as she bobbed her head, almost as if she knew exactly what would make you squirm and relished on it. In the end there was no way you could resist, and with a loud cry of pleasure you came.

The pleasure crashing over you like a wave, it was as if you hadn’t gotten to cum in ages with how it just kept going; the armored fox greedily drinking up as much as she could. As the afterglow took over you began to feel tired, hunger and injuries sapping your remaining strength.

You felt her release your member, she was panting, moaning almost; and then it happened. With a yowl she cried out in pleasure, a splatter of fluids falling on your upper chest and face.

It was about then that darkness overtook you.

No. 955637 ID: c66b88
File 158103840633.png - (56.74KB , 800x800 , pg13.png )

This time your mind wasn’t fully shrouded in darkness, visions faded in and out of your dreams, visions of great cities, majestic beasts, and the unspeakable horrors lurking in the shadows of the past.

You finally opened your eyes groggily, the light coming from above having dimmed in the time you were unconscious, now simulating twilight. As your senses returned you noticed the weight on your chest was gone, that Rotam Vulpex… Wait, what?

You recognized what it was!

You sat up with a jolt, almost immediately regretting it as your body protested with pain. Clutching your chest you expected to find your ribs broken, but they were not, everything ached but seemed to only be bruises.

Another thing you felt was something rolling off your lap, looking down you found what you could only describe as faceted fruits, their shimmering colors and sweet aroma so very enticing. You were still famished so there was no hesitation as you bit into its crunchy exterior, thankful for the sweet juicy fruit filling your mouth.

The Vulpex didn’t return even after you finished the fruit, and now might be your last chance to explore the campsite before it grows darker.
No. 955666 ID: a42b51


Take the bottle, investigate that round thing by the mushroom and crystals, and that string.
No. 955690 ID: 9fad0d

Maybe when conditions are right you could go find some water to get cleaned up and rehydrated, or maybe look for any sort of signs of nearby civilization that might take you in.
No. 955771 ID: 529620

What's the weather like? Should you be thinking about a campfire?
No. 956319 ID: c66b88
File 158175011960.png - (44.12KB , 800x800 , pg14.png )

Once you were back on your feet you began scouring through the debris, they were mostly bits of cloth, paper and twine, torn and ragged. That combined with the burlap sack hanging from a tree branch makes you think it was the food of whoever had set camp here.

The campfire had been out for a while as the ashes were cold and damp; and while the light continued to grow dimmer the air wasn’t getting too cold, so it must have been more for light and to ward off creatures.

You were still able to find some items that were not completely destroyed such as an intact glass bottle and a canteen, the item the Vulpex was biting into; which despite a few dents it was still good and about half full of water.
The next item that caught your eye was a crystal; it was a different color than the ones growing around and it was also just lying on the ground. Upon closer inspection it looked to be intentionally cut into a prism, however as you stared into it you felt compelled to focus more and then a bright light blinded you!

You dropped the crystal, which stopped shining the moment you let go, and once you regained your eyesight a thought came. That was a ligthstone, a type of crystal that shone when infused with mana; this must be a small handheld light.

Picking it up again you focused on it, a bit less intense this time, and it began to glow. The stone feeling cool to the touch as it drained mana off your fingertips, now you at least had a light to traverse the night.

The last object of interest was a piece of parchment tucked among some crystal, unfolding it revealed a map! It was clearly hand drawn and somewhat crude, but it marked a river and a large walled off are, likely the section of the city you were standing next to.

The backside had a note on it:

“Arrive one hour before midnight on the last night of the blue moon season. DO NOT BE LATE!”

You weren’t gonna get any more answers from the campsite, so you had to decide on your next destination. With the light on hand you could go back and explore the sewer you awoke in, or just go and try to follow the map in hopes of finding someone at the meeting spot.

You currently don’t have anywhere to put all these items besides just holding them, so you have to come up with something or just leave some behind.

No. 956321 ID: b1b4f3

So do you remember anything about Vulpexes? Anything to explain its behavior?
Do you know if it's still the blue moon season?

I wonder if these are your belongings? You got chased out of camp by something and hid in the sewer?
Anyway you should follow the map and keep the canteen and light crystal, but... hmm.
Can you salvage the rope, tie it around your waist or chest, then tie the canteen to the rope with that piece of string? Then you can carry the crystal and map in your hands.
No. 956658 ID: 2be85e

Ok, let's see. We are defiantly going to the destination on the map. To help with our inventory problems, let's make a "bindle". See if you can use the torn burlap sack in combination with a nearby sturdy stick. If not try using a large leaf from the plant next to the tree. If all else fails take the canteen in one hand and hold the crystal and map in the other.
No. 957020 ID: e51896

we can probably put the crystal in the bottle.

yeah, lets got to the meetup spot.
No. 957083 ID: c66b88
File 158242152812.png - (152.12KB , 800x800 , pg15.png )

You take a moment to consider the map; the only thing about the note that is familiar is the mention of the blue moon, which as far as you can recall signifies the end of winter. Beyond that it’s clear the only hope you have of finding answers is to find the spot marked on it, but you’ll prepare first.

Trying to get the rope off that tree branch seems like a good start, so you get up to the torn sack and try pulling on it, but the rope refuses to budge. After a few failed attempts you lose your grip and fall into a fern, looking up from the plant you now notice the rope goes around the branch and then continues behind the tree’s trunk where a knot is tied around a mushroom.

Once you undo that knot the rope and torn burlap piece are easy to retrieve, you just have to come up with something using them. You tie the rope into a loop to hang over your shoulder and wrap the canteen in the cloth with a couple of knots; this way you can keep it while navigating the city.
No. 957084 ID: c66b88
File 158242153930.png - (34.08KB , 800x800 , pg16.png )

Using the light crystal to light your way and the map you slowly hike through the empty street of the old city. The whole place is in ruins, crumbling walls, faded paints, broken rooflines and rubble dominate the view wherever you look; but the most unnerving thing was the silence.

Outside its walls you could always hear critters chirping and scurrying around, but the inner city feels devoid of life, not even the flora has made much progress to retake it, almost as if they were avoiding something.

Your nerves are anything but soothed once you reach the location in the map; a massive stone structure adorned by what might have once been an impressive fountain, a bathhouse. One that stood out among the ruins, the walls were patched with scavenged materials and the front entrance was barricaded in a similar fashion. On closer inspection the only obvious way in was a single metal door.
No. 957085 ID: c66b88
File 158242154896.png - (6.37KB , 800x800 , pg17.png )

You stood frozen before that door, but you manage to find the courage to knock. The response is almost immediate, a slot opening up at eye level and a female voice booming from the other side.

“Who goes there?”

Part of you wasn’t actually expecting to find someone, so you’re at a loss for words, you don’t even have a name to give her.

What will you say now that you got the occupant’s attention?

Fort the next part of the story suggest up to 3 species to meet (regular, non-mythical). The top 3 suggestions will be chosen, and if there are no clear winners the 3 picks will be random.

No. 957086 ID: e4bf7c

Chinchilla female
Chameleon female
Human female
No. 957088 ID: 015bf2

A lady Bug (or ladybug, if you will)
A charming Snake
A sporting Dalmatian
No. 957089 ID: e51896

A moth
A poodle
A Venezuelan poodle moth

Straight up tell them you are lost, amnesiac, and the only lead you have is a note telling you to come here... help?
No. 957093 ID: 9fad0d

Female butterfly
Female robin
Female raccoon

Whoever it is, she's just as nakedy as you are
No. 957096 ID: b1b4f3

Tell her you found a wrecked camp with this map in it, and you're super lost so you wanted to find someone to talk to and get your bearings.

poodle moth
No. 957113 ID: 703665

I second this
No. 957162 ID: 9fad0d

Just acting on the assumption that clothes don't seem to exist in this world anymore, anyway.
No. 957175 ID: 4f51b2

A male snake
A Moth girl
A Crocodile
No. 957236 ID: e85a08

monitor lizard
No. 957362 ID: 2be85e

Monitor lizard

Respond with, "I think the person who needed to get here on the last night of the blue moon might be late... maybe I can help?"
No. 957365 ID: 0fd5f5

Thank you all for your suggestions.

The winners are: moth, snake and raccoon.

Look forward to meeting then soon.

No. 958890 ID: 1c7258
File 158398173863.png - (48.25KB , 800x800 , pg18.png )

I’m lost and need help. I-I don’t even remember how I got here, can’t even remember my name; and you’re the first person I’ve met in who knows how long…

She proceeded to interrupt, her tone more annoyed than anything else.

Stop, stop, stop, I don’t care about your life’s story, plus nobody enters without an invitation. I don’t even know how you found us, but I’m tired so if you leave right now and never come back I’ll let it slide and won’t have to break you, got it?

No! Please! I just followed the map

Map? What kind of map?

You brought up the piece of parchment for her to view, holding it to the door. Without any warning runes lit up on the door’s surface accompanied by the clicking sounds of the internal mechanism.

The door opened inward and before you could even look inside a hand reached and pulled you in by your chest, the surprise making you drop your light, leaving it outside.
No. 958891 ID: 1c7258
File 158398175822.png - (57.13KB , 800x800 , pg19.png )

The first thing you saw were a pair of large breasts dangling before your eyes, large enough to be dragged down by their very weight while still perfectly bouncy and plentiful, with large nipples adorned with silver rings and smooth yellow scales all over. Wait, scales? That didn’t sound right, and that’s when the woman cleared her throat to get your attention.

“Quit staring and get moving”

Looking up you saw the much less welcoming sight of the snake woman glaring down on you with those magenta eyes. She was tall and well built; her muscled body on display a you noted her only garment was a tiny red thong covering her privates.

She also had a sharp spear aimed squarely at your chest.

You quickly backed away from the sharp point, the woman using it to guide you down the corridor, which seemed fairly well lit with crystals lining the walls at regular intervals. The air was also very clean rather than being stuffy or musty, even having a sweet scent to it, one that seemed... Familiar?

No. 958892 ID: 1c7258
File 158398177132.png - (70.31KB , 800x800 , pg20.png )

Well mister “I can’t remember” I think you have some answers to give us, let’s see what Lola has to say about your map

The corridor lead to what must have been the reception at some point, still fairly well preserved and in active use as a moth girl wearing a purple coat was sitting behind the front desk, looking a bit distracted.

Ah! Trina! And a guest! Uh, I didn’t think we had anyone coming at this hour

I doubt it. He says he’s lost, but also has a map to the lab, I need you to check on it

You could swear you heard something bump the underside of the desk when the moth, Lola you guess, jumped. But you had not time to dwell on it as the spear poked your butt urging you to move.

Getting up to the desk you first noticed the floor around it was wet and sticky, the flustered looking moth reaching out to you.

Please sir, let me see that map you have and maybe we can get this all sorted out

You really had no choice but to comply and hand over the map, the girl’s eyes almost glowing when she saw it. Now that you had a closer look it turns out she had the exact same eye color as the snake, odd.

While now you’re inside rather than out on the ruins, the situation is still not ideal. You could try to engage either woman in further conversation, but what would be the right thing to say?
No. 958893 ID: 529620

Hand Lola the map, and tell her: "Maybe you can help me?" Then in a lower voice where Trina can't hear you: "Maybe the person under the desk can help?"

Hopefully we can get Lola to help get Trina's spear off our back.
No. 958896 ID: b1b4f3

Tell them you found it in a wrecked camp, but since you have amnesia it could've been your camp for all you know.
No. 958898 ID: 1c7258
File 158399924847.png - (64.05KB , 800x800 , pg19.png )

Augh,after spending so long making the new body assets for the art I ended up making a mistake on the final page. Here you get a bonus, the fixed page 19.
No. 958904 ID: e9f2a9

Feel proud about not getting an arousal from nakey snakey... (then fail)
No. 958920 ID: babf99

A proud, professional warrior woman, and a fellow exhibitionist at that. Our introduction to her has been rocky, but she did give us a hell of a greeting at the door, so let’s not burn bridges yet, tempting though it may be to joke about the lady with the large, ring pierced ‘knockers’ having to watch the door. Likely not one for small talk, but she can still be buttered up all the same. Above all though, be cooperative.

For the moment, let Lola work in peace, poor dear is probably distracted with whatever is going on under that table, and they appear to have been at it for a while, if the sticky floor is at all related to their current activities. Briefly mention the camp and the Rotam Vulpex, though not by name. And on that scent, try to identify it subtly. We’ve encountered similar scents before, perhaps this time it’s coming from Lola? No idea what’s up with her eyes, but unless we see someone else with a similar coloration, there’s no need to panic.

While we wait, keeping our hands in sight of her, ask Trina about her workout routine and diet, as she clearly takes good care of herself. Not that we should point it out to her, but her bust must give her some trouble, wobbling and bouncing as it seems so willful to do. Perhaps those rings serve a function, to be bound or weighted for her convenience for training, though there is a temptation tug on one of them.

If all else fails, passively sway our tailfeathers side to side and try to figure out the scent. Maybe passively wonder if Trina is checking us out while we have no way of knowing. If we do get excited, make a small attempt to hide it from Trina, and hope that we’re standing close enough for Lola not to notice.

Sorry for the wall of text. This quest is awesome, and I really suck at pruning words and ideas.
No. 958974 ID: 10c07d

I agree
Accidentally pop one to our new snake friend
No. 961120 ID: bca3f2

I am very thankful that people are enjoying my work. The current global situation and the changes I've had to make lately put a bit of a stop to my quest but I do plan to keep working on it.
No. 961121 ID: bca3f2
File 158633459357.png - (96.94KB , 800x800 , pg21.png )

Once she got her hands on it the moth changed gears completely, her full attention on the work as her eyes darted back and forth between the map and an old ledger that she pulled from a drawer, occasionally flipping through its pages. It didn’t make much sense to you as the map had little written on it and the book was full of unreadable symbols.

Your eyes darted from the working moth to the snake blocking the way out, she had not moved at all but her eyes were clearly following your every movement with a glare of disdain, just as focused on her duty as the moth was.

It was hard not to stare at her figure though, those breasts bounced to the rhythm of her breathing, the rings glimmering in the light. You could begin to feel the heath rushing up your cheeks and down to your groin, tip poking out of your plumage.

She didn’t seem to care about you getting hard right here in the open, but you couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something else going on. Your breathing felt heavier, and that smell, the flowery scent kept getting stronger as if it stuck to your insides with every breath. That same smell… somehow permeated the whole room… like in the sewer!

Ah ha!
No. 961122 ID: bca3f2
File 158633461331.png - (79.72KB , 800x800 , pg22.png )

Lola’s voice broke both the silence and your train of though.

You found something?

Yes, I’m sure … he’s gotta be it!” She said pointing at your person.

It? What it?

Yeah, what he said

Oh, you remember a few days ago when miss K had this big ceremony…

And they stood her up! Yeah, she was not happy that night

Wait, no! I’m just lost here, I don’t remember any meetings or… anything much, I’m not here to cause any trouble

This map was enchanted to work only for one person; it has to be you sir

Yeah, and you’re not going anywhere until miss K is here

But unfortunately she’s not to be disturbed during a meal; you’ll have to wait until she’s done” The moth added while checking the book.

Ah, right. Well maybe you can start apologizing for offending her by making our wait a bit more bearable” The snake said while approaching from behind, a heavy hand landing on your shoulder.
No. 961123 ID: bca3f2
File 158633462667.png - (93.20KB , 800x800 , pg23.png )

“A-are you sure Trina? You know we’re not allowed to play without her permission”

“Not with her property or guests, but I don’t think he counts as either” She answered with a wicked smirk on her lips, her forked tongue poking out for a second. “This could be our chance for some extra relief, especially for you girl”

“I… uh...” the moth’s cheeks were flush as she moaned juts by thinking about it, both hands reaching down as whatever was down there hit the desk again.

“Come on, just live a little and show him!” the snake using her size and strength to forcefully pull the smaller woman out of her seat, an action that involved a loud wet squelch and a pop.

Lola groaned loudly, not in discomfort but pleasure as the source of her odd behavior was revealed, jutting from her crotch was a heavy pair of balls and a cock that would have better been suited for a large stallion, not a petite moth. The flared head pulsed to her heartbeat leaking copious amounts of precum, continually adding to the puddle around the desk.

“So, see anything you like birdie?”

The snake’s proposal is a hard one to reject in your current state, this place may be where the answers you seek are and even if you tried to escape it may not be possible to do so with the front gate locked.

Will you accept this proposition? And if so how would you go down in this trio? Remember these two are not likely to give you any chance to be dominant.

No. 961124 ID: b1b4f3

Uh what exactly are you even supposed to do with that thing? It's not gonna fit inside anyone and you've got a beak. I guess you could still lick it and work it with your hands while the snake girl rides you.
No. 961142 ID: 10c07d

Agree with this
No. 961178 ID: 91ee5f

No. 961186 ID: cdabe3

let's do our best!
No. 961187 ID: 4c7fcd

"Yeah, I'm seeing a whole lot I like, both left and right."

Ordinarily you'd say no way to getting that huge shaft of Lola's up your rear, since it'd ordinarily never fit safely. But considering she even has it in the first place probably means there's magic shenanigans going on, so it might just work. You also don't know if your capabilities (and capacities) have been altered too. So, you're down to (gently) check if anal even is possible, if Lola is game to try. But the millisecond anything feels bad, you're stopping before things go really wrong.

Now, if anal is out, that limits things for Lola. You got a beak so fellatio is very limited; Just licking in conjunction with hand-y work at best. At least there'll be no shortage of lubrication in the form of Lola's precum.

In this latter situation, the best way to position y'all is you laying on your back, Trina riding you at spearpoint in the cowgirl position, with Lola kneeling to the side of your head so you can best reach with tongue and hands. ...Though, it may be too much for your concentration for you to handle both simultaneously. If you find that's the case then better to go in series than mess up in parallel.

>...forcefully pull the smaller woman out of her seat, an action that involved a loud wet squelch and a pop.
Would you be right in assuming that Lola has some kind of fleshlight mounted under her desk or to her chair? 'Cause that sounded rather like her dick getting pulled out of a tight and very well lubricated fleshlight. If that was it, then perhaps you could use that on her as well in your threesome. Though it's not gonna be so much different from if she used it on herself, and she ought to get something different here. It's up to her if she wants it or not.
No. 961616 ID: 0a0f20

Seems that they do things big around here. On one hand, there's a large busty amazonian snake, and on the other, a shy moth girl with a hole wrecker of a slong. Gotta agree that both Trina and Lola are scrumptious, but you might not be best equipped to help either of them. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Your beak seems good for talking, but can you safely fit a cock of that size in it? And while the status of your anal virginity is unknown, starting with something of that caliber seems like you’d be asking for trouble. Of course, with your downy feathers, your hands are probably quite soft, and Lola could safely hotdog your ass or be squeezed between your thighs quite nicely, but that may not be the proper penetration she’s after. And, on the subject of size, assuming Trina has taken Lola (not a guarantee, considering how pent up she is), you might be a bit inadequate by comparison, at least in sheer size. Though, your beak may be comparable, and it’s not like Trina sitting on your face would be a bad thing.

How much weight can that desk hold? Can’t say it’s ideal for Lola’s height, but it may be of some use, and is preferable to the floor.
No. 963055 ID: 410a9f
File 158758488968.png - (130.32KB , 800x800 , pg24.png )

You have little doubt that these two will not take “no” for an answer and honestly it is a very attractive proposition if your rock hard erection is anything to go by. However looking at that equine member makes you pause, you’ll have to do something about it for sure but even not knowing what kind of sexual experience you may have or not it still looks to be beyond your limits.

The snake’s foot tapping gets your attention as she glares towards you. Quickly you drop off your canteen and proceed to get onto your knees before the pair and decide to go for the moth first, hoping your hands and tongue will be enough to please her.

“See? Told you he was into it”

You weren’t in any position to argue that, especially with how easily you got right into worshiping that spire, the act bringing a certain sense of familiarity with it. Being this close also made the disparity between the member and its owner more apparent, the sack and sheath while covered in the same fuzz as her torso and thighs were also more elastic and leathery than the rest of her body, and that cock while matching in tone to the rest of her exposed skin still stood in contrast to the waxy sheen on her body.

The fluids dripping from that flared tip were also weird, you would have expected an overwhelming male scent but instead it was sweet in both smell and taste, better matched to her feminine frame. It covered her entire crotch and upper tights, now beginning to soak into your feathers; while feeling up those heavy orbs you confirmed she didn’t have any other sexual bits, just a smooth taint leading to her ass.

She seemed to be at a loss for words, just moaning and trembling in pleasure, every lick and stroke taking her breath away with how starved for touch she apparently was; the more impressive thing was that rather than blowing her load instantly she was instead still building towards an orgasm.

No. 963056 ID: 410a9f
File 158758491108.png - (126.36KB , 800x800 , pg25.png )

You had almost forgotten there was someone else in the room as the moth’s manhood filled your every sense, until a pair of fingers suddenly jammed into your backside. It was not painful in any way, but surprisingly pleasurable instead.
“Ha! I knew you were into with how quickly you went down on her, but this is more than I expected, did you happen to come here all lubed up?”

You really didn’t have an answer as the snake woman continued to stretch you out, the feeling of her pushing deeper and with more digits every time was incredible. Something at the back of your mind protested at the impossibility of it, but her full fist stretching you out quickly drowned out that thought.

“Not just any regular person can get a meeting with mistress, and you sure aren’t disappointing in that regard… “

Soon you were pulled away from the moth, who whimpered in protest as the pleasure stopped.

“Get back here Lola, I think we found a perfect fit for you”

No. 963057 ID: 410a9f
File 158758492022.png - (73.55KB , 800x800 , pg26.png )

The moth quickly took position behind you, the weight and heath of her cock pressing down between your cheeks. Meanwhile Trina went behind the desk; coming back with an odd stool that you were certain must have been where the moth sat a moment ago. From the seat protruded a sizable replica of a canine member with knot and all. Had the girl been sitting with that in her rear the whole time during your conversation?

“Ok birdie, time to put that beak of yours to work”

Trina spoke as she placed the stool right before you, the snake grinning as she made a show of undoing her thong, finally letting herself be fully revealed to your gaze, spreading her waiting slit for you before dropping down onto the seat, fully taking the knotted shaft into her rear with one swift motion.

Two hands grabbed the back on your head and forcefully shoved you right into that awaiting slit while another pair gripped your butt tightly, that heavy shaft dragged itself back until you felt the distinctive pressure of that flare grinding on your pucker.

You are in for a wild ride, that much is certain.

No. 963061 ID: b34040

So how does oral work with a beak anyway?
No. 963161 ID: b1b4f3

PREPARE YOUR ANUS- wait I guess it's already prepared.
Anyway, do the requested licking. Work with your fingers too if you're able without losing balance from the pounding you're likely to be receiving.

After this, you're gonna want to ask some questions- why are their eyes purple, and what smells like flowers? Is there an explanation for how you're able to take on the moth chick's dick, and why does it look like a horse's instead of a moth's?
No. 963322 ID: e6eb48

Grip the stool with at least one hand to keep yourself steady throughout the pounding you're gonna get. Use your other hand to work Trina's slit along with your tongue. Perhaps try pressing your beak in a bit to see how far into her depths with said tongue you can reach.

When Lola presses into you, check with one hand how much of a bulge your abdomen has before she pulls back. If there's a bulge or not will indicate whether you have a "Ass of Holding" or are just very stretchy. This'll be good to know if you need to hide or smuggle (a) item(s) later, since you don't want to have a obvious bulge in front (of this type.)
No. 963340 ID: b34040

>It was not painful in any way, but surprisingly pleasurable instead.
>"Did you happen to come here all lubed up?"
>Something at the back of your mind protested at the impossibility of it, but her full fist stretching you out quickly drowned out that thought.

When you can think clearly again, you should consider how this happened. Have you been modified in some way to make sex easier? Is everyone like this?
No. 965509 ID: 2a4226
File 158882114681.png - (110.11KB , 800x800 , pg27.png )

Any doubts you had about fitting that equine cock quickly vanished as the moth wasted no time once she was lined up, her hips pushing forward with unexpected force, bottoming out with a loud cry of pleasure.

You yourself tried to cry out too, her cock taking up so much space within your belly that your inner walls gripped her like a glove, allowing you to feel her very heartbeat. But of course you didn’t really have a way to speak out at the moment, your head was firmly in the grasp of the snake woman and your jaws were strained to clamp around her slit. Both seemed lost to their needs and lust, unable to form any words as they used you, but you yourself were not far behind.

Their lust was almost contagious in a way, urging you to give in, and in your position you did so eagerly. From just lapping at her folds you moved on pushing your tongue deeper through her entrance, her taste flooding your senses while her walls pulled you on as far deep as you could. Within her depths a vibration could be felt, stronger the further in your tongue pushed, seems the toy attached to her seat does more than just fill her.

While your left hand holds onto the stool for support you dare reach back with your free hand, the first thing you feel is that flesh rod traversing within your body, the moth’s cock taking a very clear path. Your skin stretches around the bulge, poking out of your belly every time she hilts, however you’re too lust addled to consider the havoc she could be making with your insides. Instead you reach further down, taking your cock and begging to stroke at a matching pace to the two women.

No. 965510 ID: 2a4226
File 158882115805.png - (93.92KB , 800x800 , pg28.png )

It’s impossible to tell how long it’s been as all you hear is the cacophony of sex while your sight is entirely dominated by the snake’s scaly tummy and underboobs. You can’t help but quickly burst into climax, the intoxicating taste of the snake’s slit on one side and the pounding of your inner walls and prostate on the other made that easy with neither one slowing down at all while you came.

Letting go of your cock you simply braced as your inner spasms seemed to just encourage both to be rougher, still in need for release. Your hands and legs were getting soaked, a mix of your own fluids and the ones coming from your ass, every thrust pushing out a gush of the moth’s overflowing pre, your gut heavy with the rest of it alongside the snake’s nectar.

Then you began to feel a change in both; they were tensing up, getting more agitated and frantic, they were getting close. At this point you just wanted to be free, so you put the last bit of strength you had into pushing them past the edge. Finally the two seized up, pulling and pushing on your form to get as deep as possible, their bodies trembled and their cries reached a peak.

But then nothing happened.

Their cries died out as they ran out of breath, their bodies clearly demanded a climax, but there was no release of tension, no flood filling you up. The strange situation taking you out of the haze of afterglow, something was wrong. Their grip weakened, Trina slumped on the stool as she let go off your head while Lola fell onto your back. You took the chance to take a deep breath; coughing and gasping you fell to the floor making a splash in the puddle of cum alongside the moth, her weight combined with that cock still lodged in your rear dragging you down.

Taking quick glance from one woman to the other they both seemed to have fallen unconscious, the questions piling up in your mind, what was going on!? A voice broke you out of that mindset; someone had walked in on your threesome.

“What exactly do you think you’re doing with my property?”

No. 965511 ID: 2a4226
File 158882116177.png - (58.02KB , 800x800 , pg29.png )

Her tone was more annoyed than angry, that at least was some relief, lifting your gaze you got your first look at the owner of the voice, a raccoon woman. Her eyes the same bright magenta, but glowing with a commanding glare from within the dark mask surrounding them, much unlike the duller sight of the other two women.

Her face and body and body you could only describe as beautiful, exuding an aura of allure and sex appeal, the messy patches cum stained fur only seemed to help that image. Her breasts were just the right size, perky and bouncy tipped with erect nipples. Further bellow her flat belly showed off the shiny black piercing at her bellybutton, the white fur dipping lower toward her perfectly framed pussy, dripping long strands of fluid between her soaked tights. Those perfect round tights the first taste of her shapely legs, ending in petite cloven hooves.

Hooves? That can’t be right.

Taking a second look you began to notice more things were off. Over her head two goat horns grew, tiny wings flapped behind her shoulders, and the expected striped tail was instead replaced by a thin wiry length topped off with a black spade.

That’s when it hit you, memories returning like a tidal wave. This was no ordinary woman; you were in the presence of a succubus, a demon.

And you were already falling for her charms.

No. 965529 ID: cdabe3

"Sorry, I was giving them some stress relief, I didn't realize it might be overstepping a boundary. Although, judging from the leakage, you don't seem too upset."
No. 965549 ID: 03513d

Oh no she's hot!
Quick, bow your head down in respect and close your eyes, that'll at least limit how fast you fall under her spell for now. You've clearly encountered succubi before, and know of their allure, surely there's an answer for your situation somewhere inside your head. You best be careful with your words.
"My humble apologies, they seemed stressed and were open to the possibility of some quick relief, but it seems I've overstepped my bounds. I should've sought out the mistress of this place first."
If you can avoid mentioning the map until necessary, it might buy you some time to think. The map was apparently yours, and she was waiting for you, so if she knows, it could spell trouble. Then again, escape from this place has been highly unlikely since you stepped in here and Trina locked it behind you, and this is where you will likely find some answers at least.

Beware the floral scent, it's been trouble since you've first encountered it, breathe through your mouth if it helps. It could be that the scent is associated with certain creatures, and that you could have encountered/been lured into a trap in the sewer, had you gone the other way.

Also, for some reason the cum stains on her breasts made me think she's lactating. And how natural to her appearance would those stains be? She might've just got done with feeding, or you may have interrupted it, which would be bad.
No. 965586 ID: b34040

Since you can remember something about them now, how bad is falling under their spell?
No. 965647 ID: b1b4f3

Any way to escape?
No. 967312 ID: b2f24c

Think about scat! that oughta turn off any sane person. You're not that weird... right?
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