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File 157593140301.png - (284.57KB , 800x600 , Skyrealmtitleterrible.png )
951312 No. 951312 ID: e7c7d3

Alright, starting a new quest and going to figure out how to draw them funny animal people that are popular with the kids.

Today's the day! The day you'll finally get your own ship! Oh how long you've been saving up. All those late nights studying for your pilot's licence. Having to take the test TWICE because reverse parking is all sorts of bullshit. Working those extra shifts at the QuikSip, even volunteering to work on Double-Dip Day. (Oh gods, why do people feel more entitled the longer the wait line?) Can't forget the fact that you've been living off of government meal packs for the longest time. You're pretty sure you've forgotten what flavour is. You've been living as frugal and as sparse of a life as one possibly can for this moment.

This moment... The day you get your ship.

You can put all those troubles behind yourself and shoot off towards something awesome!
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No. 951313 ID: e7c7d3
File 157593142618.png - (216.81KB , 800x600 , Skyrealm1boredrat.png )

You're practically buzzing with excitement while waiting at the shipyard kiosk. The mechanic at the service window sluggishly punches in various info into the system, seemingly and painfully unaware of your enthusiasm. Muted sounds of heavy metal play on some device somewhere, often getting drowned out by the mechanical work going on deeper in the building. A tangy smell of oil covers everything, mingled with metallic and burnt scents.

Still, while this place is not the most comfy or welcoming, your spirit is too high to be brought down by decor. Although, the apathy of this rat in front of you is certainly starting to get to you. Each motion he makes is accompanied by an agonizing few second of blank staring. Quite frankly, if something doesn't happen soon, you might just burst.

Thankfully, before you can explode, the rat addressing you.
"Alright, everything should be set up." He drawls. "Just need you to enter some security stuff before the bank will release the money for a ship." He then flips his PoS to face you. "You've pretty much got to fill out everything here. Sign at the bottom and hit 'Confirm.' Lemme know when you're done and we'll get you set up with a tincan."

You approach the screen awaiting your personal information.

Last Name:
First Name:
Name of first pet:
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: (Max 12 characters)

No. 951315 ID: 0fae41

Last Name: Kar
First Name: Phoebe
Species: Rachnid
Sex: F
Name of first pet: Chiktikka
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: (Max 12 characters)
No. 951316 ID: e2f5cc

Last Name: Forrester
First Name: Zetha
Species: Shark
Sex: F
Name of first pet: Arty
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: SP33D-W33D
No. 951317 ID: 0efe8e

Last Name: Dewitz
First Name: Efran
Species: Lizard
Sex: Female
Name of first pet: Kiwi
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: (Max 12 characters) (I don't know)
No. 951318 ID: ca9093

Last Name: T'chen
First Name: Halloway
Species: Penguin
Sex: You're not sure
Name of first pet: Loops
Preferred License: PNGU-PR0TG
No. 951326 ID: 34cb4e

Last Name:Schmall
First Name:Siminetto (shortened to all sorts of things)
Sex: Male, but honestly this is TG so its going to be a chick 100% for sure.
Name of first pet: Pip
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: NOTACRIMINAL
No. 951329 ID: 2202fb

I like this, but lets use Kiwi as the pet name.

Also lets be a herm.
No. 951330 ID: 977456

>>951315 +1 As the M.C. is a pilot, and I want to see spider-pedals. It is also a chance for the caffeine gag, although realistically she would know about it, so it would be more of a tea-totaller or druggy gag...
No. 951331 ID: b1b4f3

Last Name: Kasethi
First Name: Jeanne
Species: Gecko lizardfolk
Sex: F
Name of first pet: Hopper
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: THICCTAILOVE
No. 951333 ID: 2202fb

I dont think we should actually go with this, but it is clever and i luled and for that you get props.
No. 951335 ID: 11f77a

Last Name: Schuylkill
First Name: Erin
Species: Flatwoods Monster
Sex: F
Name of first pet: Cheeks
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: KRYPTO-ZU
No. 951337 ID: 5fdd2e

Last Name: Dele
First Name: Mandingo
Species: Human
Sex: M
Name of first pet: Dolemite
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: BIGGUSDICKUS
No. 951339 ID: 8d4593

Last Name: Puff
First Name: Piff
Species: Fluffy Wambler
Sex: Male
Name of first pet: Geordi The Dragonfly
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: 2TUFF2FLUFF
No. 951344 ID: 470289

Last Name: Droog
First Name: Uri
Species: turtle
Sex: M
Name of first pet: Yellin' Bob
No. 951364 ID: 4f51b2

Last Name: Tahr
First Name: Malo
Species: Lizard
Sex: Male
Name of first pet: Tony
No. 951365 ID: 91ee5f

No. 951367 ID: 094652

Just write scribbles in the pad.
No. 951370 ID: 1620b1

This, or at least Fem Shark if possible.
No. 951383 ID: 2202fb

I love you for being you.
No. 951388 ID: 3ce8ff

Last Name:names not my style
First Name:names not my style
Name of first pet:names not my style
Preferred licence: 3FAST5YOU
No. 951393 ID: a9af05

No. 951399 ID: 9aaeef

I like this two, maybe, Droog a little more.
No. 951409 ID: 9aa12d

+1 this
No. 951412 ID: 12ef8b

This one.
No. 951449 ID: 4fc5ff


These get my vote for species and name
No. 951471 ID: c3c153

I'm biased when we talk about reptile protagonist so I'd like to see one of this, I prefer a male character though.
No. 951477 ID: 094652

+Herm, why not
No. 951483 ID: e2f5cc

If the people demand a hermaphrodite who am I to say no? +Herm
No. 951487 ID: 28c1e4

Last Name:Von Treme
First Name: Colette
Species: Vixen
Sex: H??
Name of first pet: Vice
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: (Max 12 characters) N0F4TCHX
No. 951569 ID: 54e2a2

Last Name: Quag
First Name: Vern
Species: Chinchilla
Sex: M
Name of first pet: Rolla
Preferred licence alpha-numeric: h4lfp1ntp1mp
No. 953234 ID: e7c7d3
File 157880198667.png - (166.24KB , 800x600 , skyrealm2entername.png )

You begin entering out the form on the screen. Clearly showing it's age, the thing sometimes doesn't register your presses or places three letters in a row for some reason. The auto-correct certainly doesn't help when filling out your name. Still, you're be willing to fight with the thing all day to get your ship.
>Last Name: Schuylkill
>First Name: Colette

Simple enough. Now for species. Are they wanting something specific? It might be kind of racist to ask for exact species, but perhaps this thing is so old that it hadn't been changed for political correctness yet? Then again, it's only the console that seems old, the form itself could be up to date. Eh, you'll just put down a general answer. It'd be technically correct, even if it wouldn't be helpful for identification.
Pfft! Could you imagine? The Ascensionists would lose their minds. Hey everyone, humanity has returned! And they're working night-shifts at your local convenience store! Anyways...
>Species: Shark
>This, or at least Fem Shark if possible.

Seriously though. Were they wanting genus? Family? The actual specific species? 'Cause most people just assume the general answer, the class or something. (You think it's class. Maybe order? Feels like ages since you had to study any biology.) Anyways, sex is next! Teehee. Again though, there are some different ways to interpret this. Are they asking for your physical, downstairs plumbing? Or are we talking gender here? There's not any pronoun options, so it might not be gender. Let's just go with physical sex then. Teehee again.
>Herm: IIII

You're a female, even if you're not always a lady. Although, things did seem like it'd would swing in the other direction later on. (Wait, what does that mean?) Anyways, onto the name of your first pet! You're going to have to presume that this is for a security question. But... is it all that secure if everyone has the same question? Oh wait, you're being dumb. This is the security question you have with the bank. It probably is different depending on what people have chosen when they signed up with the bank. Is that actually any more secure? Whatever.
Name of first pet:
>I like this, but lets use Kiwi as the pet name.

Good ol' Kiwi. She wasn't all that unique of a beetle. Just a classic, brown shell, but she was yours. Plus, she was able to withstand all of your adolescent energy. For the most part.

Alright, what's next?
No. 953235 ID: e7c7d3
File 157880203105.png - (152.54KB , 800x600 , skyrealm3whosjim.png )

>Preferred licence alpha-numeric

Oh dang, you can put down anything here? Like, the only limit is the amount of characters? Oh man oh man oh man! You could put down something like J1ZZD0NG and it'd be legit! Unless obscenity laws apply? Probably shouldn't put down anything rude, at least, not overtly so. Still, there's so many things you could put down.

Yup... anything at all...


Hmm, you know, it's oddly hard to come up with something when there's nothing limiting you. Weird how that is.
>(I don't know)
Wait a second. ...10,11,12... That fits as long as they accept spaces...

Error: Licence code already in use.

"Oh man..." You groan out loud.
"Eh, what's up?" The rat mechanic responds.
"Just the licence number I put in is already taken."
"Ya, you're gonna have to get clever or silly to get one you want. What did you try?"
"I don't know."
"Hmm? Oh, third base!" He laughs to himself, before noticing your blank stare. "Well, try starting with some interests of yours. Really replace letters with numbers, but not always, if that makes sense."

Some interests of yours. Let's see here...
Heh, your interests don't necessarily mean your hobbies. Now what can you actually put do-

Licence code available...
Wait, that worked?!
Form completed. Registering...
Please return PoS to employee.

At a beep from the screen, the rat swivels it towards himself.
"That was fast. Alright, let's see what we're working with here." He mumbles, more to himself than to you. He then starts listing options without waiting for any responses. "Out of price range. This one just came in, but no estimate price yet. So that's a no. This one seems like a good deal. Ah, engine's borked, that's why. That one would just be an insurance nightmare. Out of price range. Out of price range. Good god, that'd only be good for being my granddad's coffin! Maybe this one? No, it's reserved. Out of price range..."

He goes silent for a bit. His eyes and finger move up and down the screen, scanning over various ships. Suddenly, he stops and stares blankly at nothing. Just as suddenly, he turns around and shouts at someone in the back.
"Hey Jim! Whatta we got in the gut bucket!?"
A raspy, rough voice yells back. "We've got a 07-Tasker, Deterrent-T, and Mola-C3!"
The mechanic contemplates the ceiling for a second. "The Deterrent is a class-U, ain't it?!"
[small]"Yah, and the Tasker and the Mola are class-C's!"
"Thanks Jim!" He concludes, and some sort of sound that could be considered as acknowledgement is heard back.
No. 953236 ID: e7c7d3
File 157880208129.png - (67.11KB , 800x600 , skyrealmmola.png )

The mechanic start punching in some stuff on the terminal while addressing you.
"Alright, so apparently our bays are full of trash. So let's go at this from a different angle." He flips the screen back at you to show some sort of blueprint of a ship. "Modular ships. They're cost-effective and about as customizable as you can get. The only thing is that they're... not the sexiest ships. You're going to encounter snobs who look down on them and you for having one. But they can go swallow a cactus with their ass! These things are sturdy and will be uniquely yours. Worse case, it'll be a great stepping stone until you can upgrade. Especially since modules can be transferred fairly easily. I mean, that's kind of the whole point.

"First off, we've got the Mola-C3, sometimes called a starhopper. Pretty basic and solid, people tend to build these things to be pretty zippy. Is often seen as escorts and is pretty common among those who don't care about warranties.

"Has twelve squares for modules.
No. 953237 ID: e7c7d3
File 157880211064.png - (55.52KB , 800x600 , skyrealm5tasker.png )

"next, we've got the 07-Tasker-"

"Oh, I recognize this one. It's a traincar!" You interject.

"Yeah, it's a favourite among start-up traders and merchants. The freighter that's not in the freighter class. Save up money and by another one. Get a convoy of these things going until you can afford an actual freighter.

"Has fifteen squares for modules.
"Now onto the modules themselves. We've got a good selection, and there's a ton more out there. I've taken the liberty of filtering out the modules that are out of your price range."

"Speaking of price," You ponder. "Exactly how much did the bank release? How much is a ship and these modules going to going to cost me?"

"Ah, well, the bank released 100,000C for the purposes of buying a ship." He says the last bit of that sentence in a tired, rote of a tone. "I'm going to be fidgeting the number about quite a bit to make things work for your budget. The ship frame itself will take up about half of your money, more or less. As for the modules, at this size most of the cost comes from labour and installation, so ti's fairly easy to shift the prices to balance them out. After the frame, I'd say you you'd have enough cash to get about 9 modules. Eh, you know what, good customer service, I'll guarantee you can get up to 10 modules. You don't have to get the full 9, but keep in mind that the bank really doesn't like it if you keep too much to yourself for other purposes.
No. 953238 ID: e7c7d3
File 157880214407.png - (125.75KB , 800x600 , skyrealm6modprints.png )

"You're going to need to outfit your ship with the essentials, and then customize it to how you want to use it. Keep in mind for some of the wording that there's a difference between a module and a square. Modules take up squares, and squares are not a module. The -S(x)- beside a modules name shows how many squares a module takes up. Some of the size 2 modules have a specific orientation that must be placed in that exact way. Most do not and their orientation doesn't matter. Also, there is enough space in between squares to act as corridors or as space for utilities, so don't worry about modules keeping you from getting around. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

"Remember, you've a got a pick of 10 of these things:

Essential Modules:
The ship must include at least one module from each of the following categories:

Engines: The heart of the ship. All squares of a module must be powered in order to function. Power can be transferred around as needed.
-Tiny engine -S1-
Converts fuel into power. Can power 10 squares simultaneously.

-Small engine -S2-
Converts fuel into power a bit more efficiently. Can power 25 squares simultaneously.

Thrusters: The things that make the ship go zoom! Must be placed on a square facing the rear of the ship.
-Small thruster -S1-
Just enough of a thruster to get you out of the hangar and across space. Fairly efficient for it's size though.

-Medium thruster ( -- orientation) -S2-
A long thruster that allows for quicker take-off and forward velocity. Makes for wide turns, and doesn't allow for fine-tuned mobility without the assistance of other thrusters.

-Medium thruster( | orientation) -S2-
Two small thrusters linked together, allowing for greater efficiency and coordination than separate thrusters. Still not quite as much forward thrust as the -- orientation, but has superior mobility and movement. Each linked thruster can move separately from each-other, meaning a person can do some pretty neat maneuvers.

-Attitude control matrix -S1-
A centralized station that assists with the use of standard precision boosters. Consists of a complex of a dedicated engine, fuel tanks, and a basic AI, allowing for amazing mobility and delicate movements. Due to the size of the connected boosters, this system is not ideal for true launches or extended travel. Can be used as such in emergencies though. (Note, this module does not meet the requirement of of an essential module.)

Control and communications:
-Small cockpit -S1-
A basic cockpit. Contains all the controls and monitors that one requires to smoothly run a ship. Plus, it has a really comfy chair!

-Standard cockpit ( -- orientation) -S2-
A cockpit with an attached living space, allowing for some comfort on long trips without being too far from the ship's controls. Come's with a toilet closet, a hot plate, cupboards,a small table and bench seating.

-Standard cockpit ( | orientation) -S2-
A cockpit with a personal station for a co-pilot. That's two comfy chairs!

Fuel: Nothing fancy, just the go-juice for the ship.
-Fuel tank -S1-
The standard tank for holding fuel. Is sufficient enough for most trips, though you'd have to refuel on long hauls and on a regular basis.

-Large fuel tank -S2-
Can hold a lot of fuel. Allows for long trips with fewer stops. Just be prepared for the large bills when you top off the tank.

-Emulsion fuel unit -S2-
Two separate tanks of different fuel that are mixed together when needed. The mixture is much more efficient than standard fuel, and the separate components are easier to compress. This means that full tanks of fuel will last you a very long time. However, the two propellants have hefty price-tags.

Life-support: All the stuff you need to survive in the vacuum of space.
-Standard life-support closet -S1-
A basic, central system for breathable air and potable water. Recycles and filters air, as well as bio-waste. These things are very efficient, and can handle up to five people living on a ship. Has a back up generator that lasts up to 12 hours in emergency situations.
No. 953239 ID: e7c7d3
File 157880221236.png - (117.30KB , 800x600 , skyrealm7printmods.png )

Non-essential Modules:

Living: Where on the ship you want to be. There are a lot more modules in this category out there, but this is what we can provide.
-Bunk room -S1-
A simple room with four beds with a foot-locker each. Each bunk also has a small personal screen and lights.

-Stateroom -S1-
A basic room with two beds, personal closets, and a writing desk. Each bed comes with a personal screen, lights, and under-bed storage.

-Cabin -S1-
A small room for one. Contains a lot of standard bedroom comforts, just somewhat squished together. A bed, closet, dresser, writing desk, and large screen. Also has a tiny restroom.

-Galley -S1-
A small kitchen and dining area. Has a mini-fridge, hotplate, toaster oven, and sink. Very limited counter space but plenty of cupboards. With two barstools and small counter for eating.

-Kitchen -S1-
A standard kitchen. Has a fridge and freezer, stove and range, microwave, double sink and a dishwasher. Plenty of countertop space and cupboards.

-Mess room -S1-
A room with a table, comfy seating, and a small wet bar. Extra room is provided for comfort, along with a large screen and the table can be converted into a gaming board.

-Lounge -S1-
A room with soft couches and reclining chairs. Comes with a large screen and entertainment devices, plenty of shelves, a coffee table, and a small hydroponic garden.

-Washroom -S1-
A tiled room with two toilet stalls, two sinks, a separate shower, a separate bath, and a small washer/dryer combo.

Storage: Useful empty space. Technically, unused squares can also be used as storage. Just be sure to have everything netted down since it won't have powered dampeners.
-Basic storage -S4-
Large, empty space with plenty of hooks and clips to tie things down. Has customizable shelving. If placed with outside spaces, will also have a lockable shutter to the outside.

-Secure storage -S1-
A vault for your ship, basically. Has further dampening to handle more delicate goods. Has both a digital and biometric locks.

-Cold storage -S1-
A freezer for more perishable goods.

Weaponry: Self-defence in various forms of violence.
I'm sure I don't need to tell you all the legalities involving these things. You got your licence after all. I will mention that most of these modules are equipped with a governor that temporarily locks the system when in or pointed at platform space. Anything else will be noted in their entry.

-DUM Plugs -S1- (Or dump lugs, depending on your accent.)
As mentioned, weapon systems are installed with a governor by law. Of course, some people don't like to follow the law and will either disable or out-right remove the governor. DUM plugs reinstate these systems in the opposing ship. Won't have an affect on law-abiding vessels. Law-abiding for this particular law, anyways. Can be used in platform space.

-Paint gun (Alternator) -S1-
A means to shoot paint balls at other people. Pretty simple. What's important is the ammunition: radio-reactive paint. Mark the target to make it easier for law-enforcement to respond and locate ne'er-do-wells. You can get non-reactive paint and a multitude of paint gun types among hobbyists, if that's your sort of thing. Can be used in platform space.

-Bluff rockets -S1-
A small rocket that packs an equally small and condense punch. However, the real use is when they explode they create a blinding light and a large opaque cloud. Essentially a flash bang and smoke grenade in one.

-EMP lancer -S2-
Shoots a harpoon that pierces the other ships hull and fries the electronics inside. Of course, most electronics are protected in many ways from various pulses, so don't expect it to work on the first hit or to last for very long.

-Round turret -S2-
The most basic of ballistic firearms. Considered an "actual" weapon by civilian standards, but that is over-stating it a bit. Then again, some delinquents only respond to actual violence. Operates in burst fire with some auto target-prediction. Fairly weak and will primarily only damage the outer-hull unless the target is just sitting there.

Which ship should you get and which modules?
No. 953243 ID: 91ee5f

Wait, that’s only 2 ships. What happened to the 3rd one? Is there a reason he didn’t tell us about the Deterrent-T?
No. 953244 ID: 7ebbf9

I think maybe the Mola, make a little fast/long range courier for special cargo or a single passenger.

For the essentials:
Tiny Engine (S1)
Medium Long Thruster (S2)
Attitude Control Matrix (S1)
Small cockpit (S1)
Emulsion fuel unit (S2)
Standard life-support closet (S1)

Non-essential Modules:
Cabin (S1)
Cabin (S1)
Secure storage (S1)
Cold storage (S1)

Will have to redirect power a bit based on need since the engine can only power 10 squares at once but should work pretty well I think.
No. 953249 ID: b1b4f3
File 157882006151.png - (64.14KB , 451x277 , FastTransport.png )

Get the not-freighter. This being your first ship, it's not a good idea to hunt pirates or whatever, which means you want extra space for transport missions. Ferrying passengers and small cargo is safer overall I think. Also we're required to buy 9-10 modules so being limited to twelve squares means we can't use very many two-tile modules, which are generally better. If you want to take on combat missions you can do that with your next upgrade.

Small Engine: because we kindof have to use two tiles on the engines, may as well do it in one module.
Medium Long Thruster: SPEED
Medium Long Thruster: MORE SPEED (also better maneuverability!) Time is money, so the quicker we do missions the better.
Standard cockpit -- orientation: multipurpose, unfortunately the only food prep area in this layout but that should be fine
Large fuel tank: fuel for SPEED. We don't need the fancy tank I think; the description implies the fuel for that one is more expensive per unit of distance as the drawback for higher max distance.
Standard life-support closet

Bunk room: so we have a bed, and extras for ferrying passengers. Also, some storage space for travel items. Directly adjacent to the cockpit for convenience.
Secure storage: for valuable belongings and cargo.
Cold storage: for perishable cargo, and also food!
Washroom: because if we're taking multiple passengers we're gonna need more than one toilet.

There's no weapon, but the weapons available are kindof shit anyway and any serious threats will have scanners to pick out valuable targets, which we are not(if we took the big storage area then we might get hassled). We have the fastest possible thruster setup so we should be able to just outrun any small time criminals. Plus this is 10 modules already and the ship's full.
No. 953268 ID: feecd8

So are we the person with the thicc tail that needs love or do we love other people with thicc tails?

I vote for this!
No. 953306 ID: 3ce8ff
File 157888259206.png - (78.40KB , 800x600 , Modular ship layout.png )

seems rough to put modules in, in addition to having fewer slots
seems like the better choice, more slots easier spacing.

i'm thinking:
2 -Tiny engine -S1- so one shot cant take out all our power to easily. also could have one normally just off to save fuel.
1 -Medium thruster( | orientation) -S2- to make go with fair maneuverability
-Large fuel tank -S2- OR -Emulsion fuel unit -S2- whichever provides more go per money in fuel cost
-Standard cockpit ( -- orientation) -S2- gets living space, control, and basic cooking for the price of one module
-Standard life-support closet -S1- breathing is good I hear

-Paint gun (Alternator) -S1- it seems none of the other weapons will really do much damage anyway, feel like this will provide the biggest threat potential for against those who intend ill. the law presumably has bigger guns than most want to deal with. (placed there to avoid incoming damage can be moved to next to cockpit if the ship is currently obstructing firing angle)
-Mess room -S1- for basic recreation
-Kitchen -S1- includes a freezer for basic low volume frozen and refrigerated storage needs probably food but could be other things
-Stateroom -S1- for either companions or passengers (or ourselves if our cockpit bed is not as good)

leaving two squares for basic storage (sadly secure and cold storage are specializations we can not afford right now)
No. 953313 ID: 2202fb

This sounds dangerous.

I like it.
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