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File 157534412372.jpg - (90.64KB , 1080x2340 , sketch-1575342368830.jpg )
950753 No. 950753 ID: c540e0

Potentially NSFW, we'll see.
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No. 950754 ID: c540e0
File 157534418962.jpg - (126.94KB , 1080x2340 , sketch-1575342375729.jpg )

You reinstall the app and open it for the first time in a long time.
What do?
No. 950756 ID: 3ce8ff

swipe down
No. 950776 ID: 094652

Swipe left until furry
No. 950779 ID: 9876c4

Do it anyway.
No. 950780 ID: b1b4f3

...look for hot chicks in your area?
No. 950794 ID: c540e0
File 157537281381.jpg - (216.64KB , 1080x2340 , sketch-1575366385363.jpg )

You try it, nothing happens
You literally swipe left once, close enough to a furry as you'll ever see.
No. 950795 ID: 094652

Swipe left until furry level is in the range [20-30%]V[60-70%] (100% would be an actual non-sapient)
No. 950796 ID: 42f89a

If it's as close as we can then right all the way baby
No. 950818 ID: 9876c4

Find a GOTH, like god intended
No. 950835 ID: cbeaea

You have total control of what to do with the app but you cannot control which profiles come up.
A goth or a furry may come up at some point but you cannot guarantee or anticipate the swipe outcome
No. 950836 ID: cbeaea
File 157541078681.jpg - (175.36KB , 1080x2340 , sketch-1575345565890.jpg )

You swipe right multiple times, no goths and no furries.
No. 950839 ID: ba3f1d

Pass on this one, swipe left
No. 950840 ID: bb78f2

I can guarantee you that woman there is a catfish or a bot
Swipe left
No. 950842 ID: 9876c4

I like this one. Match.
No. 950915 ID: 867391

swipe left until you find someone whose photo is so egregious that your sanity forces you to stop. you're looking for a person, not a bot.
No. 950962 ID: cbeaea
File 157558078582.jpg - (124.50KB , 1080x2340 , sketch-1575580557238.jpg )

You swipe left on Ella and continue to swipe left.
No. 950963 ID: dd0c06

Swipe up
No. 950964 ID: c37d5e

Swipe up for that bad boi
No. 950972 ID: 9876c4

Ugh, starfuckers.


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