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File 157314835015.png - (76.07KB , 2048x1341 , You-brand-new.png )
948963 No. 948963 ID: dd0c06

(Shitty Improv Quest/Test)
You are in an endless white void surrounded by inky black stars that move. Something tells you that you have options. What are they? Options for a new life.

Please pick a Race and Class for you and you only.
--Humans-Feli (Felines)-Canids (Canines)-Dryads-Elves-Lagas (Lizards)-Demis-Slimes-Harpies-Dwarves-Gnomes-Goblins-Kobolds-Orcs-Tortles--
No. 948965 ID: e51896

No. 948966 ID: af5b55

Lagas rogue.
No. 948967 ID: 2202fb

Teenage Mutant Fighter Tortle
No. 948968 ID: d3a7f5


This quest may not be, but your lineage is pretty NSFW. Fortunately, it kind of evened out so you just look like a regular old Human.

Rogue, why not.
No. 948969 ID: dd0c06

2202fb- Tortle Fighter
af5b55- Laga Rogue
d3a7f5- Human Rogue
All formed individuals must choose two godly domains. Anywhere from Life to Time to Death to Space or possibly more specific domains.
Please choose a name to replace your ID.
No. 948971 ID: d3a7f5

Swagbucket McKnotreedy. Yes. Really.

Trade & Thievery.

>My ID is not constant and I can't be arsed with an ident. Nix this application if that's not doable. If someone cares enough to puppet Swag I am also a-ok with that.
No. 948972 ID: dd0c06

If you wish I can make your character a public puppet for those who enter late and for you for whenever you wish to use it.
No. 948973 ID: d3a7f5

Done. Swag's public domain now, baybey.
No. 949005 ID: 8d4593

Harpy Artificer
Travel, Arcana

Bris, Lady of the Whispering Wind
No. 949011 ID: af5b55

Grak Sharptooth

Domains: The Hunt, Trickery

My idea will change a bit too, as I'm currently on vacation. Are you wanting the character in the name field or keep that for the player name?
No. 949019 ID: 0fae41

Still taking?
Slime druid!
Nature and Growth.
No. 949033 ID: 2202fb

Machiavelli, domains are stealth and cultural references.

Also make them public cuz idk if i will be able to keep up with the quest.
No. 949041 ID: 719d94

Gurra, orc warlock.
Domains: Pain, Insight.
No. 949048 ID: dd0c06

Name field was what I was thinking.
Yes, still taking

Sorry about the delay, won't be available on the weekend sadly and I spilled water on my laptop yesterday.

The hunt and trickery.

Harpy Artificer
Travel and Arcana

Slime Druid
Nature and Growth

Tortle Fighter
Stealth and Cultural References

Orc Warlock
Pain and Insight
No. 949049 ID: dd0c06

Character in the name field I meant.
No. 949053 ID: 11f77a

Klaxon the Kobold Bard!

Loud and Tar Domains!
No. 949064 ID: ce39da

Feli Warlock (Fey Pact)
Toys and Friendship
No. 949112 ID: 0efe8e

Name - Emuze
Species - Lagas
Class - Wizard
Domains - Power and Void
No. 949505 ID: dd0c06

All individuals must go by the name of the character they control or mention it. Please do not control characters that are not free to the public.

Swagbucket McKnotreedy
God of Trade & Thievery
Human Rogue

God of The Hunt & Trickery

God of Travel & Arcana
Harpy Artificer

God of Nature & Growth
Slime Druid

God of Stealth and Cultural References
Tortle Fighter

God of Pain and Insight
Orc Warlock

God of Loud and Tar
Kobold Bard

God of Toys and Friendship
Feli Warlock

God of Power and Void
Lagas Wizard

Do you wish to begin?
No. 949507 ID: dd0c06

Machiavelli is actually free domain as well, control them as you wish.
No. 949508 ID: 7e1c22

None are as ready as a McKnotreedy.

Look at this classess rube setting off to adventure. Look, point and laugh.
No. 949509 ID: e7c7d3

Look at this conformist rube setting of to do what he is told.

Sharptooth is a proud Lagas tradition. A hunter but so much more. A shadow that stalks prey in the swamps. A death realized too late.
No. 949510 ID: 11f77a

Nobody is ready for I, Klaxon! Howling King of the Tarblood Snarl! Wielder of the Terrible Bugle! Blower of the Dark Instrument.

All of you shall fight for me to the resonance of my ibex foghorn!
No. 949511 ID: e7c7d3

I should mention that this is me, Doomsby. At my home computer with my home ID.
No. 949514 ID: dd0c06

We shall begin…
You appear and it feels like you’ve been alive for a while but this varies from person to person, you are all encased in thick white wrappings and seem to be stuck to said wrappings, at the very least your heads are poking out and you can breathe. You have been caught in a giant spider’s trap and added to it’s collection of unfamiliar faces presumably to be fed upon when the time comes.
This is your choice adventurers, your Domains are charged for the day which allows you to use them for a related effect. Some casters (especially bards) can cast magic by speaking or singing.
No. 949519 ID: 7e1c22

Not the first time trussed up like a hog for the slaughter - Swagbucket attempts to perform the noble Art of Escape.
No. 949520 ID: e7c7d3

Hmm, perhaps I can use some roguish abilities to escape out. A hidden razor held in the back of my belt. If my hands are near there, then I may be able to cut myself out little by little.

If not, I can use my domain power of Trickery to Houdini out of my wrappings.
No. 949521 ID: 11f77a

Tch, typical weekend night! Hopefully the spider will suck out the innards of one of the larger dupes before Klax.

Klax gnaws on his stringy cocoon, specifically to set one arm free to hold his dagger and slice the rest of his way out.
No. 949522 ID: dd0c06

Most others are asleep or dead within their web cocoons, you all start to go about your plans.
Swag begins to look for a way out and finds a weak spot, they try to break through it and fall to the ground with a thud, they are dazed but unharmed.
Grak can easily move in the web and is able to cut their way out with a hidden razor blade and lands gracefully.
Klax successfully gnaws his arm out and then proceeds to fall out of the cocoon and executes a perfect roll, sadly, he has web-mouth and cannot speak for a while.
You are all free, you can escape the cavern now or risk death by spider.
(I forgot to mention it was a cavern)
No. 949523 ID: 11f77a

Should there be more time in the day for everyone to have a chance to play their characters before the next update? Or do you prefer for things to move right along that quickly?
No. 949524 ID: dd0c06

I was going to wait longer but I am going to go soon and more people can join in on other scenes slowly but surely.
No. 949525 ID: e7c7d3

Grak was successfully hunted. This is a mark of shame that must be rectified. It is time to become a hunter once again, to go from prey to predator.

Are the party members with equipment or are they starting with nothing?
No. 949528 ID: 11f77a

How easy it was for Klax to get down from the silky prison, as nothing can contain this musically-inclined skald! But how could I play my foghorn when my yaps are bound shut in the process?

Klax will attempt to keep cutting the webbing around his maw as he glares at the current survivors: the lumberfoot and the alligator purse.
No. 949530 ID: 0fae41

Applesauce wakes up late, as she often does, and oozes out of her cocooon with ease, dripping onto the floor in a pile.
"Hello solids! What brings you out here? Was it a giant spider?"
She looks around for her favorite stick.
No. 949538 ID: 015bf2

>"Hello solids! What brings you out here? Was it a giant spider?"
Swag groaned for a while on the floor, rubbing his sore head, but clambered unsteadily to his feet as the question was asked.

"Oy, I'll have you know I'm at least 1/512th non-solid on my mother's side! But the bringin'... I don't know! Must've hit my head real hard! What's the tale worth to ya, dollop? If I get a li'l sumthin' sumthin' my memory might be jogged, ya know?" implied Swagbucket suavely, his fingers rubbing together two invisible coins.

Seeing the tortle head towards the spider with a determined look, the not-quite-human decided to begin to free an unspecified slew of others from their webby binds, just to speed up the process of awakening.

That or he could loot the ones that proved dead.
No. 949542 ID: 8d4593

Ugh... Where- Cave. Webs.
Maybe I should have tested that teleportation wand first. Well at least I can always use spider silk.

Bris looks at the other people around her as she begins working at the silk with her taloned feet.

"I don't think I teleported any of you here with me." Bris wonders aloud.
No. 949544 ID: 0efe8e

"Odd, I don't seem to remember going to sleep in webs, how inconvenient"
Emuze will begin attempting to pull himself free, whilst saving swaths of silk for later use.
No. 949550 ID: 0fae41

>If I get a li'l sumthin' sumthin' my memory might be jogged, ya know?
"Oh, of course!"
Applesauce assumes a more humanoid form and drips a dollop of slime loose in his hand! Guaranteed delicious and nutritious.
"Free of charge."
No. 949566 ID: 719d94

Hearing an escape underway, Gurra dislocates a few of her joints to writhe out of the webbing. Once free, she looks around for possible exits. "With so many of us still breathing, hopefully at least one knows the way out of here, yes? Though..." She winces as her shoulder audibly pops back into place. "We should probably get moving either way, who knows when that spider will get back."
No. 949568 ID: dd0c06

Grak enters further in, and finds a sleeping spider lying upon a web. Grak notices hundreds of weapons dangling underneath the webbing bed, ready to clang against each other at any movement of the spider. They cannot figure the distance they would need to travel underneath to stab it from under the thick layer of webs but guesses can be made and domains may be called upon.
No. 949573 ID: 0efe8e

Once free from his bonds, Emuze will begin to head deeper into the nest.
"A beast large enough to feast on people is a threat if left unattended. Also, I don't like the idea of it hunting down escaped meals"
No. 949577 ID: 11f77a

After enough struggling, tearing, and cutting the webbed mouthguard--the kobold spats any thin hairs of silk from his tongue as the rest of the party joins the ground.

Hearing everyone's anticipation of a beast that lies close--he shakes his hands to dust himself off. Well that's just nifty, he ponders in his head, Looks like Klax has got another scalie, a tusker, some vulture, and a gelatin mold.

"Who says it's only one spider?" he hisses, chiming in his say on the matter.
No. 949590 ID: 8d4593

After working herself free, Bris follows the others going deeper into the nest. Upon seeing the spider and the web nest...

"Oh neat look at that! It's kinda cute when it's sleeping dont'cha think? Kinda hard to figure out how far in it is without knowing exactly how big it is though. Lemme try Something..."

Bris Invokes her Travel domain in an attempt to gauge the distance between here and the spider.
No. 949597 ID: e7c7d3

Grak will notice the others escaping the webbing, and that some of them are planning to join in to take down this prey.

Grak will try to do his best to sneak underneath the spider to strike. He will also invoke the Hunting domain to instill a sense of pack tactics in the others. To give them natural coordination between each other in their movements and their strikes.
No. 949624 ID: ce39da

The little kitten is one of the last to wake up and isn't amused.
"Nrff... What? Ah?! W-where am I?! Somebody help! SEBASTIAN!!!"
"I am here, princess!" Out of a cute pop of smoke, her loyal fey familiar Sebastian appears in the form of a toy soldier dressed as a general. "What seems to be the- PRINCEEEEEEESS! YOU'RE TRAPPED IN A SPIDER'S WEEEEEEEB!" Its eyes nearly pop out of its head.
"Don't worry, I'll cut you out of there!" And it produces a pair of safety scissors to do just that.

I was hoping I could pull off a minion master build with this class and these domains. Is this allowed?
No. 949628 ID: 0fae41

"Well, most spiders are solitary creatures... but it could always have babies. Hungry, hungry babies. Oh, maybe that's why it prepared such a big stockpile."
No. 949639 ID: 2202fb

Machiavelli, being a being of stealth, can also aid in this effort.

Tell me if i fucked this up somewhere. I dont want to derail things or make an illegal move
No. 949781 ID: dd0c06

Multiple people wish to use their domains, would you like to combine for INSTANT SILENT ORGANIZED DEATH?
No. 949785 ID: e7c7d3

Instant Silent Organized Death is what Grak lives for.

No. 949786 ID: 8d4593

No. 949790 ID: 2202fb

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