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File 157160700705.png - (309.86KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
947489 No. 947489 ID: ca2950

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No. 947491 ID: ca2950
File 157160741627.gif - (400.59KB , 1024x768 , lab1.gif )

Knee bone is connected to... thigh bone. Femur bone's connected to the hip bone. Hip bone's connected to the spine bone, or someone else's hip bone if you're not a big nerd that sits around studying while everyone else goes home and stare at diagrams of bile ducts.

It's late and I'm burning out. Time to go home.
No. 947497 ID: f83c47

Any lock-ups or checks last person out needs to do?
No. 947498 ID: 5c0784

Yeah, you've been here for a while, clearly. Make sure you don't forget any of your stuff; this place would probably be a pain in the ass to turn around and come back to when you're halfway home.
No. 947501 ID: b1b4f3

What's that red light? Is it supposed to blink?
No. 947507 ID: e7c7d3

Don't forget to save and to log out on the computer. Don't want all your work to be lost.
No. 947508 ID: ca2950
File 157161408228.png - (180.69KB , 1024x768 , lab2.png )

Hm... Nothing is blinking out here. Looks like they're all burning solid.

Maybe somebody is running some weird late night experiment and causing a power drain or something?
No. 947511 ID: b1b4f3

Where are you, anyway? And who are you?
No. 947513 ID: ad51b8

what's up with the red mood lighting?
No. 947518 ID: ca2950
File 157162177956.png - (162.77KB , 777x637 , lab3.png )

>Where are you, anyway? And who are you?

I'm at the university campus at the Wosa research facility which is kind of haphazardly shoved into different lab complexes, because they didn't plan on needing any schools up here. But, you cram a bunch of scientists in a limited space with nothing to do but monitor experiments and "socialize", you end up with a population boom and your research base turns into a research small city after a few decades.

And I am Keimi Salo, medical student and super genius, so I'm eccentric instead of crazy for talking to myself in the dark and it's definitely not to distract myself because I'm creeped out.

>what's up with the red mood lighting?

Red has the shortest photonic wavelength and therefore requires the least energy to produce, so they have red lights for after hours to conserve power? Either that or it's just to make everything scarier. I don't know.
No. 947519 ID: ad51b8

>Red has the shortest photonic wavelength and therefore requires the least energy to produce, so they have red lights for after hours to conserve power?

Well it sounds like a better way to conserver power then having sensor based lights. So why you still here after hours then?
No. 947520 ID: cb6404


Cute shirt!

I'd vote high non-reactive visibility, without the same wash-out effect you get with sodium lighting (which itself is often more temperamental about thermal constraints), but that's just me.

But if it's normal, guess we're here TOO late.

Or shit just went real wrong and the rest of the complex just failed over to emergency power.
No. 947521 ID: a9af05

Isn't it time for you to head home right now? Aren't your parents worried about you being out of the house this late?
No. 947525 ID: eeb7d9

This isn't one of those places that locks you inside because you staid inside to late, rihgt?
I mean, you are not lockd in, right?
No. 947528 ID: e7c7d3

Any snacks you can pick up along the way? Gotta reward yourself for studying so hard, right?
No. 947529 ID: 094652


Alright, first thing you need to do is find supplies. Look for a map or writing utensils, this complex looks like it's going to get labyrinthian.
No. 947535 ID: 86794b

Red actually has a longer wavelength. However, the photons DO carry less energy. Dunno whether or not they're more energy efficient. I hear they use red lights for dark places because it disrupts your night vision less. Dunno if that's why they used it for the backup lighting or what.

Be on the lookout for monsters. Hope you're not locked in. Try to get out quick, for all the good it will do.
No. 947536 ID: c9c450

I'm not a light bulb scientist but I think it's less important knowing what the reason they're there is, when we should be wondering why they're on. So yeah, consider whatever mistake, power overuse, or disaster happened to cause the backup lights to come on while you hurry to leave. Not because you're scared, you're just eccentric and have better places to be.
No. 947543 ID: 7f1b59

Don’t know about them wavelengths, but red light has a strange ability to be very dim and yet produce high visibility.

But it’s not super important. It might seem creepy, the reality though is that they’re just the same halls you must’ve walked a thousand times. Just take your regular route out, and get some sleep for god sakes! Six hours minimum.
No. 947551 ID: ce39da

Well, if all's normal, then so's our course of action; which way to the exit that puts us closest to our dorm?
No. 947558 ID: abddbb

Oh boy it's a university in a science lab in a science city, yeah that late-hours experiment is sounding pretty plausible.

Be sure to pester someone from admin about not at least having a notice up about this I mean come on. Or if it's to test people in this kind of situation right now pester them for the results. Might as well seeing as you participated.
No. 947589 ID: ca2950
File 157174434012.png - (239.83KB , 884x832 , lab4.png )

[Fear: Resisted]

It's not scary. It's just kinda at the right level of eerie silence to get a really good tingle up my spine.
I thought I heard something for a moment there, but it's probably nothing.

>Red actually has a longer wavelength.
Okay, fine. I'm mixing it up because shorter usually means less of something, but all this physics is really helping me forget all the biology I was studying all night. My knowledge of lymphatic systems has been replaced with how light wiggles fast.

>find supplies. Look for a map or writing utensils, this complex looks like it's going to get labyrinthian.

I'm just going to get my coat and go home. I wouldn't need a map unless I ended up in some restricted area that I've never been to before, and what are the odds of that?
No. 947590 ID: ce39da

Who knows? Yeah, it seems unlikely, and if we do end up there due to plot contrivance, then it's inevitable; therefore, it either will or won't happen, so let's proceed with the comfort that what will happen was always going to happen. Hey, that determinism shpiel looks like a transition to philosophy on the mind. Have you always been this scatterbrained in spite of your high IQ?
No. 947595 ID: eeb7d9

> and what are the odds of that?
Never say never.
Alright, where is your stuff, let's go and get it.
No. 947600 ID: ad51b8

so how often do you stay late?
No. 947602 ID: 86794b

EEEEEE YOU'RE ADORABLE *cough**cough* Yeah, definitely nothing will happen. Carry on.
No. 947605 ID: e51896

Make sure you have your wallet. Maybe check and make sure if you have everything in it too, like your student id... (so we can see what your name is)
No. 947607 ID: cb6404


... aaaaaand you jinxed it. Hoo boy, let's get ourselves a map.
No. 947612 ID: 269450

She said her name was Keimi 2 updates ago and it's right there in the name field too
No. 947618 ID: a9af05

No! Don't say that! That's just inviting something bad to happen!

We already know her name.
No. 947629 ID: 26624b

Even more cuteness!

But yeah, take a peek. For science.
No. 947632 ID: 977456

That tingle up your spine is your spectral essence aligning. Science at it until you derive a unifying theorem of magic..
No. 947636 ID: eb1fcc

turning it back to the lymphatic system... how carcinogenic would you say the red light is?

and diverting even further, you think the red light district would be a good idea after we get out of here? gotta connect those hip bones, after all~!
No. 947643 ID: c9c450

Exponentially higher now, but 0² is still zero so you're good. Get your stuff and get home and get some sleep.
No. 947650 ID: 6c9030

They used red because they're cheap to produce. The marginal relative gain in efficiency is negligible compared to the low sensitivity eyes have to it. If they wanted to be extremely power efficient they would install green LEDs, although the efficiency loss from tricolor lighting that mostly simulates white light would be very low. Full spectrum LEDs would be a bit more of a hit, but would provide the most effective lighting overall.

Anyway, where exactly is your coat, relative to your current position?
No. 947873 ID: ca2950
File 157213287098.png - (182.19KB , 712x714 , lab5.png )

I know where my coat is and I'm just going to go get it, go home, go to bed and try to forget I just spent about six hours remembering things.


No. 947874 ID: e7c7d3

Probably just a janitor. But, ya know, you could run just in case it isn't.
No. 947875 ID: 0efe8e

Just relax, even if you were in a dangerous situation, which you likely aren't, the most important thing you can do is to remain calm, and think rationally.
No. 947876 ID: b1b4f3

Ask who it is.
No. 947877 ID: 977456

Stop. quietly move away and towards cover so you won't be visible from the corridor. It is, of course, just a night-shifter or someone else who stayed late, but violent robberies do happen, so caution isn't pointless. And now would be a terrible time to wonder if you would run faster on all-fours.
No. 947878 ID: ca2950
File 157213474898.gif - (320.27KB , 712x714 , Lab6.gif )

Nothing there. Good thing I held off on the running and crying thing until I was sure.

I am never staying after hours again. This is what I get for diligence in my scholastic pursuits. I guess I've learned my lesson.
No. 947879 ID: 0efe8e

Okay, remain calm, but get your coat and get out of here, this place is fucking creepy at night.
No. 947881 ID: ce39da

Something just scurried, but it looks like small vermin. Remember what building you’re in for when you contact faculty to get pest control in.
No. 947882 ID: b1b4f3

Giant spider.
You should hurry.
No. 947888 ID: a29e83

right, so, nothings wrong and you shouldn't panic but you should get the hell out of dodge quickly but Calmly. and forget the coat, you can get it in the morning.
No. 947889 ID: 9876c4

How do you feel about adopting a pet?
No. 947893 ID: a0dfd2


Smells like headcrabs.
No. 947907 ID: ad51b8

whelp nothing left to do then to grab your coat and scadatal
No. 947909 ID: 977456

If you encounter any jumpscares... try blowing on them. Also bugspray noises, but that might make them angry, it wouldn't be as conditioned. Maybe try being very still while throwing something hard at something that should have a nice vibrancy, like a radiator or window.
No. 947910 ID: c9c450

Hard to find anything that makes a klink that's actually threatening. A mop fell over, it's no big deal.
No. 947953 ID: eeb7d9

You REALLY should go. Like, right now. You are tired and seen things.
No. 947961 ID: ca2950
File 157222039584.png - (114.03KB , 810x657 , lab6.png )

Enough screwing around. I'm leaving now and not letting anything distract me again.

Hey, what's that?
No. 947967 ID: e7c7d3

You were the one studying bile ducts. You tell me.
No. 947968 ID: 0efe8e

I Don't know what it is nor do I care, you just said no distractions, *it's time to leave*
No. 947974 ID: b1b4f3

Touch the goo.
No. 947975 ID: 979c00

Poke it. Maybe with a pen.
No. 947976 ID: a9af05

It looks like something has crawled into the vents.
No. 947978 ID: ad51b8

put the grate back on and move on I say
No. 948017 ID: a0dfd2


The overfull space roomba barfed, obviously.
No. 948026 ID: e51896

Damn pranksters putting today's cafeteria mystery food in the vents again.

Ah well, not our problem. Time to leave. Not gonna even fix the grate.
No. 948100 ID: 5b93d3

That looks like THE MORNING SHIFT'S PROBLEM time to go home!
No. 948110 ID: ce39da

Maybe mention the goop to those people you were going to have call pest control.
No. 948118 ID: c9c450

Mucus? Without a light it's hard to look closely.
No. 948168 ID: b1e334

Hmm, not to lend credence to the spooky thoughts but that looks a lot like something came out of a vent... Or if we're being reasonable it's more likely someone shoved something messy into one.

Wait where does the trail lead/come from? This has got to be a breach in health and safety protocols, so you need to know roughly who to tell off.
No. 948175 ID: a29e83

its not our problem that's what
No. 948228 ID: ca2950
File 157234960217.png - (292.25KB , 917x742 , lab7.png )

I have no idea whether something came out of the vent or went in. More importantly, what would be climbing around in the vents?

Keimi notices something jump at her.

Aiiieee! What the frick is that!?
No. 948230 ID: 7ebbf9

It's kill or be killed!
No. 948231 ID: ad51b8

drop, roll, run!

it's like stop, drop, and roll like they till you to do while on fire but instead you drop to the ground to get jumped on by whatever the hell that is, roll away from it to get distance, then run like hell away from it.
No. 948234 ID: ce39da

Smack it out of the air and get to stomping before it recovers!
No. 948239 ID: 9255f7

You are already pretty much holding it's hand. Just grab and follow through with it's momentum slamming it into the ground.
No. 948244 ID: 1774cd

No. 948247 ID: 7fb87a

No. 948253 ID: 6f7a5a

dodge! don't get stabbed
No. 948254 ID: a16fb3

first off don't bother trying to run, it like almost every other vertebrate will be faster than a biped.

second you are unarmed so direct confrontation is ill advised. i would recommend disengaging asap, getting behind a door and finding a weapon preferably something with reach( broken chair leg, mop handle or similar).

if there is no such door or weapon in the vicinity run to the nearest corner and run in place so sounds like you are still moving and kick it as hard as you can when it turns the corner.
No. 948256 ID: 6c9030

Slap it and dodge!
You just need to redirect its path enough for it to not stab you.

You have the range advantage, and most predators will back off if their prey is too tough.
No. 948273 ID: d76301

it's smaller than you and in midair, smack it away!
No. 948274 ID: eeb7d9

No. 948278 ID: 0fae41

Rip its legs off with your WOMANLY PHYSIQUE!
No. 948284 ID: a0dfd2


Quickly! We must obtain crowbar!
No. 948299 ID: 2403f4
File 157238715268.jpg - (329.67KB , 1200x798 , sick_wrestle_move.jpg )

The creature seems to be going straight for your head so duck. When the creature is above your head and calling upon the gods wrestling, grab it and suplex it into the ground behind you. This will hopefully stun it and/or get it’s head spike stuck in the ground. (Sick wrestle move illustrated on left)
No. 948301 ID: 9876c4

No. 948302 ID: 094652

Critical hit.
No. 948312 ID: ad51b8

and her name was JOHN CENA!
[music starts playing]

but yeah probably a good idea to start running now
No. 948317 ID: eeb7d9

Does she even know how to do a suplex?
No. 948325 ID: 977456

That's Horatio!
No. 948336 ID: ca2950
File 157240941838.png - (205.16KB , 755x704 , lab8.png )

That's what I should do! Wreck it's face!

Eeee! I don't wanna touch it though! Nyaa!
No. 948338 ID: 0fae41

Give it a good double-footed stomp. Jump on it, kemosabe!
No. 948339 ID: 0efe8e

Formulate a map of your escape route in your head, speed walk towards the exit, do not run, running wastes a lot of energy and you don't want to be exhausted if you need to react to something
No. 948340 ID: b1b4f3

Kick it! Stomp it!
No. 948341 ID: 6f7a5a

Press the attack! stomp it flat!
No. 948346 ID: 1774cd

No. 948349 ID: 6c9030

Those boots look like they're fine for kicking!
Punt it!
No. 948380 ID: 977456

If it starts expanding, or makes burbling noises, or a hiss of fluid, run away from the self-destruct.
No. 948385 ID: 094652

Do a Dead Space Punt!
No. 948392 ID: ce39da

Yeah, you seem to be more built for "punt and go" tactics. Do that, and find an exit.
No. 948393 ID: eeb7d9

Well look at you! Although, that was dangerous, be careful with that thing. This is the perfect time to make your escape.
No. 948398 ID: c1fd00

Make sure you didn't get stabbed/grazed by that thing's needle, then stomp it to mush (while making sure you don't stomp into it's needle)
No. 948405 ID: e51896

Stomp it. Hopefully it isn't carrying babies that will crawl out of its body. Yeesh.
No. 948418 ID: c9c450

You're bigger than it, you've shown you can bat it around, it probably is a lot less eager to get you now. It's lost its surprise attack so just get real big and try scaring it away.

On the off chance it doesn't act like an animal and instead attacks you again anyway, it's time to RUN.
No. 948582 ID: ca2950
File 157269964186.png - (456.65KB , 1024x768 , lab9.png )

Keimi stands her ground against the creature and presses the attack and nearly gets skewered by a few leaping attacks until she gets a good stomp on its body, squishing it.

I did it. I'm the winner.

Hrrn... Floooor~

Keimi has fainted.
No. 948584 ID: ca2950
File 157270003746.png - (37.82KB , 695x640 , lab10.png )

Jus need to rest for a minute...
No. 948586 ID: ad51b8

really hoping the fainting spell is from stress and not blood loss.
No. 948593 ID: 9876c4

Probably venom.
No. 948594 ID: e7c7d3

Sweet dreams. Don't let the nightmares become reality now.
No. 948597 ID: 0efe8e

Before you even open your eyes, remember, no matter what is happening, you need to remain calm.
No. 948601 ID: 5d5f52

Don't be surprised when you wake up in a different place
No. 948604 ID: b1b4f3

Get up, there might be more of them!
No. 948606 ID: 6c9030

No. 948609 ID: eeb7d9

Not a good place to be napping, little girl!
No. 948610 ID: eeb7d9

Not a good place to be napping, little girl!
No. 948615 ID: 5325d7

Wake up Misssssssss Keimi... Wake up and... smell the ashessss
No. 948616 ID: 977456

It may not be the best idea to sleep next to that thing. I'm not saying that it looks like a headcrab. I'm not even saying it's a cranial crustacean. It honestly looks more like a footcrab, that mind-controls its host as a fuzzy slipper. It's just that you probably have things you would rather sleep with, like a bed, and loneliness.
No. 948645 ID: 2ba9d1

Try not dying from poison.
No. 948649 ID: e51896

Have a prophetic dream
No. 948690 ID: ca2950
File 157284063940.png - (30.56KB , 894x713 , lab11.png )

>"Not a good place to be napping, little girl!"

Nnngh... Don't call me little girl, you dingus.


Oh my God, shut up. I just want to sleep on the floor. Did I dream all that? And if so, why do I hurt all over?

Also, who is bugging at me when I'm trying to be unconscious?
No. 948692 ID: ca2950
File 157284355041.png - (242.81KB , 894x713 , lab12.png )

It's some military guy. I guess I'm saved

"Hey, little girl. Are you alright? Where are your parents?"

This guy is starting to cheese me off...

"I'm fine, I think. My parents might be at home or they might still be working. I don't know. Wait, what was that monster? Are there more of them?"

"I had something nail me in the leg that was similar to the thing on the floor where I found you. There might be more."

Ugh... Why couldn't it all be a dream or something? This is the worst.
No. 948693 ID: 13065c

Well that’s what you get for staying late and trying to be a productive member of society.

But yeah, ask who he is, what’s going up on, and why is their what looks like a military guy at your school anyways?
No. 948694 ID: 094652

Check your wound for biology stuff. Also, write a report on the monsters for extra... thesis.
No. 948695 ID: 9876c4

Do you know where they keep they shotguns and oatmeal cookies?
No. 948696 ID: b1b4f3

Well get up, tell him you're not a little girl you're just short, then ask for help getting to safety.
No. 948697 ID: e7c7d3

Time to get up. Feel free to punch this guy in the gut for calling you a little girl.
No. 948699 ID: 0fae41

And how is that leg doing now?
Did the campus science department set off a resonance cascade or something?
No. 948702 ID: 0efe8e

At least your new partner is hot, though he likely needs first aid, and a punch in the chest for calling you a little girl.
No. 948704 ID: 6c9030

"What's going on? Were the bio labs working on something stupid? Is this containment breach? Is this an XK scenario? Or a Code Green?
Or can I just go home?
Please say I can just go home."
No. 948711 ID: 977456

Grargh! He is dangerous! and mean! Bite his ankles!
No. 948712 ID: eeb7d9

Ok... At least you are not dead! Hooray!
Ok, let's get your stuff already. Ask this handsome man to accompany you.
No. 948714 ID: ce39da

Sit up, but don't stand until your head is cleared up. Try yawning to get more oxygen into your bloodstream faster.

"I guess it's too much to ask that you're part of an organized response team that has everything under control?"

If just 'going home' isn't an option: "Alright, the first step is to assess our priorities. Obviously, if we can't leave right away, then the top of the list will be to get a look at our wounds and treat them. Did you also feel drowsy after you got attacked, or was my unconscious spell all me?"
No. 948716 ID: 1774cd

Ask him if he wants to make out.
No. 948718 ID: e51896

I wouldn't harm him too much. He did save your life.
No. 948731 ID: 2ba9d1

Not necessarily. He is apparently just standing in front of her. Unless he patched her up.

Anyway, ask what's going on right now. Is it still happening or can you just leave? To a hospital?
No. 948735 ID: 977456

Oh, and you should probably patch up that giant gaping oozing puss-factory over your midriff.
No. 949151 ID: 15a025

Get up and ask for an introduction. What was that spider thing?
No. 959372 ID: ca2950
File 158475358090.png - (211.65KB , 881x727 , lab13.png )

As much as I would love to jump up and ineffectually assault him for the perceived insult of being referred to as a child due to my height, I feel kind of sick and tired. I'm thinking from fighting a weird meat spider that might be venomous in some way.

>why is there what looks like a military guy at your school anyways?

This place is a big government research facility, they have a bunch of military wandering around, looking at things, nodding at clipboards, guarding the place. It's not completely out of place for some random soldier guy to pop up.

I try to introduce myself and ask who he is, but it comes out pretty mushy. I bet if I had three times the body mass I do, I wouldn't feel so crappy, since this guy seems fine.

"Ah, your mother is Dr. Salo? That explains a lot. I'm Second Lieutenant Alvar Shaw. I think given the situation that you're going to have to remain in a secure area until we can discern what is happening."

"Can't I just go home and forget this happened?"

"That's going to be a negative. Let's get you somewhere safe until this is resolved."
No. 959373 ID: 0fae41

Remember to wash your hands after fighting failed science experiments!
No. 959374 ID: 6f7a5a

Ask for a health tonic/spray/herb
No. 959375 ID: b1b4f3

Ugh. Fine. Let's go.
No. 959376 ID: 015bf2

A) What happened to the bug monster corpse? May want to secure it.
B) Where is 'safe' from vent-crawling bug monsters?
C) I'm a med student, and I'm pretty sure I just got sedated by that thing's stingers - though thank god I stomped it to death before I fainted.
D) Are you sure YOU'RE alright? Lemme look at your wound - and treat my own. Where's the closest medkit?
No. 959377 ID: 2aa5f0

sooooo, what is happening?
No. 959397 ID: 977456

He just announced that our relocation is his responsibility, not ours. Curl up into a ball and sleep.
No. 959406 ID: 864e49

We never got bear tiddy:(

The problem is Red is normally used to convey "danger" or "emergency".

How old are you anyway cause
>Hip bone's connected to the spine bone, or someone else's hip bone
this sounds like a sex joke?

>Government owned and run science research facility full of soldiers.
Cool we're in a shooty survival horror. Guess that makes us this guys escort mission.

>Let's get you somewhere safe until this is resolved.
Hey looks like you may get some hip joining action after all!

cause you'll be joined at the hip

cause you'll be stuck together.
No. 959677 ID: ca2950
File 158515363098.png - (258.94KB , 863x768 , lab14.png )

I patch the lieutenant up and go back to the reference room.
"Stay here were it's safe until this can be resolved and the area is secure."

"Is it really 'safe' when the bug monsters are crawling through the vents?"

"Shore up any gratings that seem loose and you'll be fine," he says, leaving the room.
Lt. Shaw goes out into the hall and taps on the window as he passes.
"Don't make a lot of noise and stay put until someone comes to get you."

Ugh... I just want to go home. Now I'm stuck in this room even longer because of a sudden hopping scrotum outbreak. This is the worst.
No. 959678 ID: e51896

Ask what the person you are waiting for looks like or would be wearing so you don't mistake it for a malicious stranger.
No. 959680 ID: a0dfd2


Oh, hey, magic or something. Is that what you've been studying?
No. 959685 ID: b1b4f3

What other magic shit do you know how to do?
Also yeah you better seal up the vents.
No. 959699 ID: 432eee

so, mrs. medical student, have you or have you not been poisoned?
No. 959702 ID: 864e49

Seriously how old are you?
Flash him your tits regardless.
No. 959704 ID: 2aa5f0

well might as well see what's in this room... and maybe push things in front of any grates we see just to be safe.
No. 959705 ID: d187d8

very cool mister soldier dude, just leave us here all alone to be eaten by some evil bugmonsters whilst you go jerk off and do something irrelevant. I guess a proper lt. officer like him couldn't be bothered to protect an irrelevant "little girl"..
No. 959708 ID: 977456

This situation calls for vandalism! Work off the legs of that table and use them to shore up the grating, then prop the table against the door handle.
No. 959709 ID: 015bf2

Or just overturn the table and put it against any floor area grates. If there are grates higher up, use table to gain access to them, then secure with other material around the room.

Also, to alleviate boredom, loot room.
No. 959730 ID: 80517d

Hey, soldier boy. Pretty sure BOTH of you should be in quarantine until you can be cleared by someone. He admitted to getting nicked by the same type of thing you did, which was visibly meant to inject something, and this is hardly the time to be running around playing hero. Quite frankly, you're safer with him than any where else in this building.

If he still feels like running off, and you feel like being particularly rebellious, maybe go ahead and flash titties, if you're not chicken. If he's running off to his death, might as well give him something to remember, whose he gonna tell, or would believe him anyway?
No. 960096 ID: ca2950
File 158562721149.png - (166.49KB , 920x736 , lab15.png )

>magic or something
That's silly, magic doesn't exist. It's mental manipulation of physical energies in order to shift aspects of reality. It's a purely scientific technique and now I'm tired from sciencing so hard.

I'll shove some stuff in the way so I'm less likely to get eaten, now I can safely pass out in an uncomfortable position on a hard table.

>very cool mister soldier dude, just leave us here all alone

Better than dragging me into danger to get caught in the crossfire, but I guess it's not as fun for me.
If I was wandering around in danger, I might at least find out what's going on or maybe I could make a break for home so I could sleep in my bed.
Or I stay here and stay maybe relatively safe.

All my choices feel like they could end badly.
No. 960097 ID: 7d01bf

Pass out and hope everything has fixed itself by the time you wake up. No way this could ever end badly.
No. 960098 ID: 422cea

So it's applied psionics.
No. 960099 ID: b1b4f3

Was that red light there before?
No. 960100 ID: 91ee5f

No, it was not.
No. 960102 ID: e29e4e

>mental manipulation of physical energies in order to shift aspects of reality.
So you are a psychic? Or have telekinetic abilities? I know you are tired, but please, do explain what you just did. I am not familiar with that.
Also how old are you again?
Another interesting question, is this just you talking to yourself or what?
No. 960103 ID: e51896

If you're going to pass out on the table, at least move the table away from the window so no creatures break through the window and jump on you catching you by surprise while you're vulnerable. Going farther away from the window and passing out is a better idea, that way if any creatures jump through the window, you'll be farther away enough to react in time.
No. 960107 ID: 977456

While everyone else is flailing around for good ideas, I will actually help by beaming good vibes at you!
"It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion,it is by the beans of Java that thoughts acquire speed, the hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning; it is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion."
No. 960118 ID: cadb36

At least get a weapon
No. 960119 ID: 015bf2

No. 960120 ID: 015bf2


Actually, if you see here:

It kinda was?
No. 960128 ID: a0dfd2


Time to keep studying all that SCIENCE again to pass the time.

Or use the network connection to read interactive adventure [science-]fiction while waiting for military guy to do his job.
No. 960132 ID: 5b0071

There is no safety here. Just ignorance. While you recover, think about the route between you an the exit. or the nearest emergency exit, since this clearly counts as an emergency.
No. 960202 ID: 8bd73c

She probably has some sort of tech implanted in her head that allows for those sorts of manipulations. Like some sort of device that would manipulate and/or strengthen the effects of the quantum mind hypotheses (which one could assume have been proven to be true in this reality) to cause, in this case, the area that was injured to be replaced with an alternate version that never suffered said injury. Thus, she really isn't actually healing an injury, she is just making it so she never got hurt to begin with.
No. 960204 ID: f2320a

Dont this mean some random verson got the wound and that random wounds can happen at ay timr
No. 960216 ID: 8bd73c

Not necessarily. I mean, you would think so, but it is more like copying the atoms into the right position, as this works on an atomic level. The atoms are all entangled together with other possible versions (or just other possibilities since nobody really knows if there are alternate realities), so it just has each corresponding atom instantly move to the correct spot. There are no atoms truly missing because even if her arm was chopped off, the atoms would still exist.

Sidenote: If they have this sort of capability of controlling how the brain affects reality on a quantum level, it should be possible for someone to quantum tunnel themselves through impenetrable surfaces. While electrons quantum tunnel fairly frequently, it is incredibly rare for entire atoms to tunnel. Pair that with the number of atoms in the body and the odds of quantum tunneling one's entire being (or even a readily measurable portion of it) would be unfathomably small, but not zero. Given the tech is able to assist the brain in causing these sorts of quantum events in a controlled way, it should be able to exploit that non-zero chance and let someone go straight through solid objects. (ofc these technologies may also be heavily controlled so the version we potentially have may not have this kind of functionality).
No. 960229 ID: ce39da

Regardless of whether we plan to hunker down here or make a break for it, taking stock of what’s we’ve got in this room would be prudent.
No. 960775 ID: 15a025

See if there's anything useful in here in case of further spider thing outbreaks.

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