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File 156599670276.png - (184.95KB , 1176x723 , progenitor.png )
942780 No. 942780 ID: 9ed620

warning for gore, violence, and likely nsfw
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No. 942783 ID: 9ed620
File 156599683026.png - (104.59KB , 1051x555 , 1.png )

though you have senses, they are unfamiliar to you. sensations wash over you as you attempt to make sense of what you are experiencing.

the flickering of flames. a smell of blood is almost enough to smother the smoke. heavy breathing, from the figure you see in the midst of all this, and then a voice to join it.

"are you there? can you hear me?" the voice cracks slightly. "please. please, this has to have worked."
No. 942786 ID: 094652

"That had better not be my spleen and lower intestine, or your spine is my new phone rack."
No. 942788 ID: b1b4f3

What did you do?
No. 942790 ID: 3d1dd5

Try to say. "I'm here."
No. 942792 ID: 0fae41

The demon you are trying to summon is not available. Please hang up your victim and try again later.
No. 942794 ID: acfea1

"I hear. I am here. Here I hear, innately. There you hope, incompletely."
No. 942800 ID: f2320a

No. 942807 ID: b5bc34

Also support
No. 942815 ID: 765049

No. 942837 ID: 2df440

Are you sure you summoned the right spirits? We’re probably not the best choice unless you like hugs, sex, and romance.
No. 942838 ID: 0efe8e

The ancestor you have attempted to dial is out of reach. Instead have a multitude of random people that give advice with varying degrees of success.
No. 942842 ID: bf2179

>gore, violence, and likely nsfw
not at the same time, i hope

No. 942913 ID: 9ed620
File 156610801157.png - (129.03KB , 1057x678 , 2.png )

> I'm here
>I hear. I am here. here I hear, innately. there you hope, incompletely.
> hello

a look of relief courses across her face before she closes her eyes, rubs her temples and takes a deep, steadying breath before opening her eyes, looking far more composed than she did a moment ago.

"well met. I am sigrid, from house albelon. I am...glad, to finally reach you."

>are you sure you summoned the right spirits we’re probably not the best choice unless you like hugs, sex, and romance
> the ancestor you have attempted to dial is out of reach. instead have a multitude of random people that give advice with varying degrees of success.

she laughs slightly, but still looks weary.

"I'm glad you all are catching on to this so quickly. from what I understand the process can be...disorienting. I'm sure you have many questions."

she turns, leaves the macabre display as if she never noticed it.

as you hear her footsteps you can imagine the blood she's trailing across the stone floor.

"I know you are unrelated to me, and seek your assistance. and as long as you are able to help me, I'm content to follow along with any maudlin diversions that won't set me back."
No. 942914 ID: 9ed620
File 156610801802.png - (118.89KB , 1200x800 , 3.png )

the room she finally reaches is also largely empty, but contains a scene far less unsettling: a bath, large enough to serve as a modest public bath, but alone and empty.

she shrugs off her bloodied cloak and leaves it on the ground as she steps into the tub. instead of candles, there are lamps, barely enough to illuminate the viscera washing away.

"from all that I have heard, the integration period can vary wildly. I don't know how much of this plane you are familiar with, but given your reactions, I assume at least the basic structure is recognizable. still: my evening is free; ask me what you would like to know so I can explain my aim."

she lets her head sink down, eyes closed, partially submerged. though her ears are under water, you assume she will be able to hear you regardless.
No. 942917 ID: 3d1dd5

Where are we, who are you and what are you hoping to achieve?
No. 942918 ID: b1b4f3

What level of technology do you have?
Looks like you have at least iron or bronze tools judging by your outfit. What about electricity? Steam power? Any computers? Internet?

It looks like you just performed a bloody ritual to summon us. What other forms of magic are there?

Tell us about house albelon, and what your ambitions are.
No. 942922 ID: b5bc34

Why are we here? What do you want us to do? What can we do to bring you what you want? You seemed worried. Is there an immediate issue or was the ritual likely to fail?
No. 942923 ID: 094652

A list of basics, then:
1) Physical Sciences. As far as we know, the most common laws that all matter obeys are gravity (the larger and closer something is to you, the more it's gonna pull you in), magnetism (lightning's a product of this), and the strong/weak radioactive forces (strong radiation keeps matter from disintegrating, weak radiation makes it disintegrate). Now, does your world work or appear to work under those four fundamental forces (everything on your world has a downward force, electricity is a thing, matter does not disintegrate into nothing unless it is the glowy, poisonous kind, and nobody can cast magic without lots and lots of inward meditation)?
2) Your world's history will probably vary greatly from our own. Give us anything relevant to your province.
3) Why were you covered in gore?
No. 942926 ID: 0efe8e

Alongside what the others have requested, what races inhabit this world and what sort of relations do they have; also the best map of the immediate and surrounding regions would be lovely....

Oh yeah and obligatory "wHy HaVe YoU sUmMoNeD uS mOrTaL"
No. 942939 ID: acfea1

"Walls and water and uncertain rituals. Your willing cooperation is welcome but indicative of desperation to retain and gain. Who troubles you Esperanza?"

Join her in the bath.
No. 942940 ID: bb78f2

>suggester suggests we're best at hugs, sex, and romance
>protaginist chuckles and says we're catching on

Oh, ok, you DID summon us to find love. You don't need to explain your aims at all. Though you probably also want a dose of power along with it, perhaps some revenge. I mean, those organs and the smell of blood means our summoning is pretty ominous.

Take a relaxing position, try and float on your back and breathe, think calmly. Give us your goals in a nice check list, and we'll go to town on those goals.

Oh and be careful acknowledging our voices directly. Some of us live for that shit and can get carried away just trying to get noticed. If our collective ego gets out of hand, chaos will more likely ensue and you'll lose peace of mind. If you have any in the first place to lose. Organ's on the floor already pointing us towards not having it.

Sorry you had to like, be the ONE world we have to go to that requires that much sacrifice to contact us. Must be a really bad connection. You should try and find a way to open one of your world's ports, maybe take down it's spiritual firewall. Don't forget to occasionally reset your spirit modem. You must be using satellite, rural connection. Service is hard to get out in the boonies.
No. 942947 ID: 0efe8e

Well as a benefit of her having to forge a direct connection with us, rather than one happening of it's own accord, is that she is

1:Aware of us, our influence and limited capabilities
2:She unlike some of the others we "assist" is aware that we are not just her subconscious.
No. 942955 ID: 0efe8e

Also how much do you know about us?
No. 943029 ID: f57349

How much of this plane (or for that matter, any others) are YOU familiar with? Who or what are your/House Albelon's allies and enemies? Known neutrals? What alternative remedies were exhausted before resorting to summoning/contacting us?
No. 947563 ID: 9ed620
File 157170479615.png - (146.67KB , 1200x800 , 4.png )

you are unable to join her in the bath due to your general lack of any kind of tangible form.

> level of technology

you see her smile, slightly, at some of the suggestions for societal milestones listed.

"we've developed widespread space travel, and enough planetary engineering to develop artifical populated planets. though some nations allow some level of civilian-owned ships, their flight plans are extremely restricted. our largest setbacks in the tech field tend to involve the social, ethical, and political."

> science & magic

"i admit i'm not an expert in the field of physics, so i'm unable to get into too much technical detail, but from what you're saying it seems fair to assume that the basic building blocks are the same. as for what you call magic..." she makes a vague gesture, making the water ripple. "i'm not sure i'd call it that. so much of it has been tied to religion it's uncertain where folklore ends and reality begins, and it has been a long time since it was considered socially acceptable."

for a moment she pauses, considering.

"the general idea is that of communication. with a god, a ghost, or, in our case, another plane. considering the cost most decline to research it."

> world history

"with there being those who dedicate lifetimes to the study of the history of just one planet, any explanation i could try to give seems insufficient, but i hope i will be able to give some general idea."

she gestures, and you see three shimmering symbols in the air above the water.

"very early history is a muddle of wars and political machinations. we're generally assumed to have come from one planet, originally, though of course there are those who would dispute that. of all the many factions, there have been, for the past few centuries, three major powers. within each are their own nations, which in turn have their own provinces. though the powers are technically at peace with each other for now, there is still plenty of internal strife."

> where are we/house albelon/goals

"house albelon is a former planetside house from the nation of othary, within the power of tyche. though formerly a powerful house with several planets and a space station. many years of mismanagement and poor decisions have whittled albelon to almost nothing: one living member, a small private ship, and a skeleton crew. this, as you might have guessed, it where we are currently located. with nothing to offer, we may not have strong enemies, but we lack allies. i am not satisfied to let my name die, and so i decided on a final plan - you.

i know little about you, but i know enough about your kind to know you can be valuable allies despite your lack of direct interference here. we are idling within a few hours' distance of a small pirate's ship stopped for repairs, and i have acquired a device which i know will be sufficient to disable their engines and weaponry. this is where you come in: i know enough to realize how unprepared i am for dealing with the tenuousness of a situation, of when to ply and when to threaten, but this is my foothold to resources that will allow me to rebuild my house."

she is calm now, but not relaxed. her gaze is steady, as if there is some way she could be seeing you.

"what i need is to recover what is mine. my house has to grow in strength that will last beyond me. cunning, flattery, cruelty, diplmonacy...if you can help me achieve results, i will follow whatever means you suggest."
No. 947591 ID: 7ebbf9

What of these pirates? From what circumstances do they spring? Do you hope to recruit them or simply take their ship?
No. 947657 ID: 6c9030

What advice we can give depends on what you intend to take from this encounter. The ship? The crew? Cargo? Information?
Any are achievable, all may be achievable, but what you want is going to determine how the problem is approached.

As for the pirates, they fall into one of a few different types.

The first, and the worst sort to run into, are privateers. They're less pure pirates and more mercenaries or employees. The crew may or may not have been pressed into service, but the officers will be extremely loyal to their masters - if for no other reason than because disloyalty would mean blackmail at the least and assassination most of the time.

The next are the outlaws. They're on the run from the authorities, and have turned to piracy because they're already running from death and aren't going to be any more dead if they do what is necessary to survive.
They're going to be more paranoid, but also more open to negotiation. If you can offer them protection, and they'll believe the offer, they're extremely likely to take it. A fresh start with a clean slate could be something cheap for you and incalculably valuable to them.

Third are the desperate. They don't fear the authorities so much as the utter destitution they face. They're generally engaging in piracy because it's the only way they can keep their families alive. Depending on what you want that could make negotiations trivial or extremely difficult.

The fourth is the fleet of an unrecognized nation. They don't consider themselves pirates, and that makes dealing with them both tricky and straightforward.

The fifth is the rich fuckwit. Ships are expensive, so if the original owner is tooling around causing grief it's either out of greed or a desire to live a fantasy. These are annoying, but fortunately rare.

Now, what did you do, exactly, to call us here? We can't exactly see ourselves, so it would be nice to know what sort of mess you made while calling us here.
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