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File 156538652314.jpg - (1.87MB , 4563x1496 , Utopia 0.jpg )
941963 No. 941963 ID: 07c9c1

8 people being forced to live in an underground facility, completely cut off from any outside communication. As the days keep going stranger things start appearing in the facility.
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No. 941965 ID: 07c9c1
File 156538658444.jpg - (1.05MB , 1476x2332 , Utopia 1.jpg )

No. 941974 ID: 13222c

Yes, just trap the spirit in a human body.
No. 942026 ID: 21f3c9

I suppose we must run some tests in order to find out.
No. 942031 ID: 58c631
File 156542294907.jpg - (779.04KB , 1126x2005 , Utopia 2.jpg )

No. 942033 ID: 21f3c9

I can understand the first statement. The second one I’m not so sure. I think if you want to trap a spirit, the first step to their “conditioning” is to break their spirit.
No. 942194 ID: e51896

Perhaps, but if we don't want to break a spirit while trapping it, you'll have to make someone who already is happy in freedom believe they'll be even happier trapped. Perhaps it's possible by getting them trapped into a recreational addiction to something for example. the addicting activity could makes them happy, but it traps their soul into the activity, not wanting to escape into freedom.
No. 942207 ID: 136506

So, why would we want to trap a soul in the first place? What benefits does that accomplish?
No. 942224 ID: 58c631
File 156551666735.jpg - (1.49MB , 2310x2788 , Utopia 3.jpg )

No. 942242 ID: 870d01

Red plz
No. 942258 ID: 21f3c9

Either work for me, but I guess I’m partial to white.
No. 942296 ID: e51896

I dunno, I suppose I'll choose red. White looks calm and relaxed. Red looks kind of depressed, so she might need our help more.

Before the story starts, may I ask who you are, what purpose you serve, and perhaps some advice that we should know before we delve in?
No. 942300 ID: 58c631
File 156559234210.jpg - (310.85KB , 1474x1732 , Utopia 4.jpg )

No. 942302 ID: e51896

Scarlett, age 26

Maybe Scarlett is too obvious given the jumpsuit's color, but who cares? Still a cool name.
No. 942340 ID: 70bdf6

Name: Millie
Age: 21
No. 942346 ID: 58c631
File 156563576445.jpg - (257.05KB , 802x1225 , Utopia 5.jpg )

No. 942347 ID: 58c631
File 156563579780.jpg - (925.82KB , 4443x1995 , Utopia 6.jpg )

No. 942352 ID: 58c631
File 156563784830.jpg - (662.04KB , 2480x3044 , Utopia 7.jpg )

No. 942359 ID: 8b660e

Unsure at the moment. In fact if my guess about what’s happening in the outside world is correct you were saved. Anyway let’s worn your muscles a bit, if your arm is feeling funny let’s start with that.
No. 942367 ID: 8af267

Try to think of the last thing that can be renembered before waking up in here.
No. 942412 ID: e51896

(Millie is a cute name)

Look around at surroundings and assess the situation.

things to consider: the injured arm could of been from a struggle that was forgotten about after getting knock out cold and kidnapped, if that jogs any memories

Also, if there is no memory of wearing a red jumpsuit before, then some sicko just changed the previous clothing that were worn while sleeping.
No. 942435 ID: 58c631
File 156569159913.jpg - (1.72MB , 3508x4569 , Utopia 8.jpg )

No. 942446 ID: e51896

Check out the wardrobe
No. 942448 ID: ff14e6

Does your jumpsuit have pockets? If so, check your pockets and see if there's anything inside besides pocket-lint
No. 942481 ID: 58c631
File 156574363413.jpg - (1.74MB , 3508x4338 , Utopia 9.jpg )

No. 942516 ID: e51896

an explanation of "some things" is an understatement.

The assumption is that whoever is talking right now is speaking to through the large monitor, Go check the monitor, and whether or not the person is there, try to get an explanation of the meaning of all this from whoever is speaking right now.
No. 942532 ID: 8b660e

No. 942770 ID: 58c631
File 156598726527.jpg - (2.34MB , 3508x4833 , Utopia 10.jpg )

No. 942826 ID: e51896

might of been a rookie mistake for Scarlett to announce her profession of detective to Pink. It loses the chance to play dumb acting as a regular citizen turned prisoner, and do some undercover work keeping Pink's defenses lowered as Scarlett investigate. Now that Pink knows Scarlett's profession, Pink will probably be onto any kind of investigative tricks and act accordingly.

Though it's probably understandable, being a detective at a young age of 24, perhaps Scarlett is indeed a rookie?

Something to consider and keep only in mind: Pink doesn't know Scarlett's name, yet Scarlett's wallet is missing which would probably have Scarlett's identity in some way as most wallets have identification. If Scarlett's wallet has some form of identification, perhaps either Scarlett lost her wallet before getting captured, Pink has Scarlett's wallet and is pretending to not know Scarlett's real name or someone else who is working behind the scenes has the wallet instead of Pink, but for some reason hasn't told Pink Scarlett's real name which would be odd if Pink is leading this place... unless Pink isn't the leader? Again, only assumption, so just keep this in mind.

Anyway, pink male or female? I suppose it depends, is it a question of Pink's sex, or Pink's gender? there is a difference between the two (Sex being biological, while gender being how a person, or society identifies one as male or female). I get the vibe that Pink's biological sexual orientation is male (deduction due to Pink not having breasts, don't tell him that though in case he is indeed female), but Pink identifies as female gender, (mainly a transgender, a educated guess thinking this due to wearing pink and purple, not normal for males to wear by choice for the most part)
No. 942898 ID: aa0488

I know how we can at least get an idea. Ask him Pink to
Told hold their hand if their index finger is shorter than their ring finger they are either a more effeminate man or a woman.
No. 942941 ID: 58c631
File 156614282810.jpg - (6.41MB , 3508x4740 , Utopia 11.jpg )

No. 942966 ID: 58c631
File 156616135265.jpg - (5.69MB , 3508x4961 , Utopia 12.jpg )

No. 943013 ID: e51896
File 156619953695.png - (264.26KB , 619x838 , Possiblesecretroom.png )

First, It might be wise to use the second marker to draw a small point on the map indicating where the security camera in this room is, and in the future make more points on the map where other security cameras in other rooms and halls will appear to gain a decent idea of where the cameras are monitoring and deduce some possible blind spots might be if needed. There is a feeling that this camera in this room won't be the only camera.

Also, notice on the map that there seems to be a large area without any doors to the right of the gift room, the right and bottom of the elevator room, below the scale room, above the barred window room, and the left of the hall between the scale and barred window room. It is most likely a giant mass of bricks, dirt or concrete... but who knows, it could also be a secret room. Something to consider the possibility of.

Once the security camera in this room is marked on the map, it is time to explore. Talking to the others is a great idea, though Pink said they are just waking up, and (s)he will be talking to them one by one, so it'll take a little while to actually speak to them. Best to just talk to them once you come across them when exploring. For now, enter the hall, and investigate for other security cameras, or other people in the vicinity.
No. 943095 ID: 8b660e

Sounds like a plan
No. 943149 ID: 58c631
File 156633112726.jpg - (5.76MB , 3508x4877 , Utopia 13.jpg )

No. 943295 ID: e51896

Well, if he is panicking, it is important to stay with him so he doesn't suffer alone with his own thoughts, tell him to take deep slow breaths, and attempt to make simple small talk and short sentences to find interests he might have to ease his mind, and ask if the person needs anything from you. but avoid keeping the conversation lengthy as it could be a bit too overwhelming for him.

Do not tell him to calm down or relax, it sounds too demanding and it actually makes the anxiety worse. Also avoid telling him there is nothing to worry about and don't tell him he is acting like a fool overeating.
No. 943317 ID: 8b660e

Take deep breaths big guy, panicking isn’t gonna move things along. Right okay get this name and try to establish a connection with him, who he his, what he does, etc.
No. 943320 ID: 58c631
File 156649286047.jpg - (2.22MB , 3508x4961 , Utopia 14.jpg )

No. 943497 ID: e51896

Well, as much as there is great interests in seeing if there is a hidden room or not, Mr. Blue said he was the third person awake, and if the second person who awoke didn't come out of any of the rooms in this hall, the second person could of come out of one of the rooms around the corner where Mr Blue is heading.

And seeing as Mr. Blue is very emotional and unpredictable right now, he might cause some trouble to the second person if the second person is there, and might hurt himself or the other person.

It might be best to quietly peek around the corner so Mr. Blue doesn't see Millie, and make sure Mister Blue doesn't cause any damage to himself or the other prisoner(s) or cause a mass hysteria among the group, which will possibly be very counter productive if happens.
No. 943540 ID: 0ec903

Inspect around the corner to see if someone else is awake.
No. 943542 ID: ced8ae

Best to give blue man some space, he should calm down eventually. Let’s look for more people.
No. 943563 ID: 58c631
File 156671582438.jpg - (2.13MB , 3186x2227 , Utopia 15.jpg )

No. 943569 ID: 8b660e

How hungry are you? Maybe see if we can find a kitchen or something?
No. 943611 ID: 58c631
File 156678116927.jpg - (3.14MB , 3295x3401 , Utopia 16.jpg )

No. 943620 ID: e51896

Oh, seems that inspecting to see if there is a secret room is off limits at the moment, unless the elevator doors has something. Disappointing but expected.

So it seems the only rooms open is the room the the trees(?) and the fish(?) room. Guess heading towards the general direction of the fish room is recommended while continuing to mark cameras. (This whole operation must have cost a lot of money. Perhaps some very powerful people might be in charge of whatever this kidnapping is)

time to head into the hall then.
No. 943667 ID: 58c631
File 156687169063.jpg - (4.95MB , 3508x4961 , Utopia 17.jpg )

No. 943670 ID: ced8ae

Well you could start with “Hello? Are you alright?”
No. 943673 ID: e51896

Support. Keep it short and sweet. You only just met, so bombarding white with a lot of questions would be strange. Besides, there is still some scouting to do.

keep this in mind: perhaps this person was seen on the cruise ship, so that is where that feeling of deja vu is coming from? Logically speaking, magic isn't real, right? so seeing or glancing at him on the ship could have caused dreaming of him. Also, I suppose he decided to just wait by the assembly door for the meeting to start instead of looking around the facility. Lastly, is there no camera in this part of the hall? maybe a blind spot was found?
No. 943722 ID: 58c631
File 156697473036.jpg - (4.75MB , 3508x4508 , Utopia 18.jpg )

No. 943773 ID: e51896

tell him your name is Millie, but also tell him to just call you Scarlet. shake his hand, let him know that you came across a man in a blue suit in a panic and it might be best to steer clear of him to give him space until he calms down.

After talking to Garvin, lets get to marking the next hall.
No. 943832 ID: 0f0865

Peek in the next hall before entering in case blue dude is there.
No. 943853 ID: 58c631
File 156716863337.jpg - (5.07MB , 3508x3835 , Utopia 19.jpg )

No. 944036 ID: e51896

No. 944053 ID: f1cf1b

I assume the tree is a greenhouse, let’s go take a look.
No. 944079 ID: b151ba
File 156734351659.jpg - (3.12MB , 3444x2435 , Utopia 20.jpg )

No. 944099 ID: e51896

Cameras are probably in the bushes or trees. see if one can be found in a bush or a tree

Speaking of trees, are there any decently sized sticks somewhere that can be taken and put into the inventory?

as far as talking to yellow goes, probably the best way to approach him is to sit somewhat relaxed on the bench that is next to him. Assuming he was on the cruise ship too, perhaps make a joking remark like saying 'some vacation, right?' to get a conversation started.
No. 944221 ID: b151ba
File 156750061930.jpg - (6.16MB , 3508x4247 , Utopia 21.jpg )

No. 944380 ID: e51896

I think it is about time to get up off the bench and start heading towards Pink's assembly. We are not going with Rivrik

I think to conclude, we should let Rivrik know his plan is a good idea, but warn that according to one of the other prisoners, they used the elevator to try to escape, but found we are stuck in more ways than one, and there's some thoughts that with a situation this complex, this isn't just a one person operation and Pink probably isn't the only one running this show.
No. 944511 ID: b151ba
File 156784625465.jpg - (5.14MB , 3508x4040 , Utopia 22.jpg )

No. 944724 ID: e51896

Whisper to Garvin and ask if he wants to talk. if he agrees, whisper to him about the park how initial investigation first time around no cameras were spotted, and a prisoner in yellow was spotted and might be a friend.

Show him your map if you want to show him the layout of the park, but make sure the map isn't facing the camera in this hall.
No. 944919 ID: ead869

Agreed, talk to Garvin.
Also, give a wave to green to see how she responds.
No. 945221 ID: f7ff14
File 156871462312.jpg - (5.10MB , 3508x3629 , Utopia 23.jpg )

No. 945573 ID: e51896

so there are half of the prisoners here. That means there are 8 prisoners, not 12 like the map made it out to be. So that means there are either 4 vacant rooms for possible future prisoners, or the 4 extra rooms are occupied by people who are not prisoners and working with Pink. Since one of those mysterious rooms is next to your red room, it might be best not to say anything suspicious in your room in case someone who might be working for Pink might hear in the cyan room

hmm, don't say anything. it might be good to keep silent as much as possible to see if someone else in the audience says anything. That way, if we plan on escaping in the future, we will know who might try to snitch on us to Pink. If Pink urges you for answers, suggest to Pink to check the surveillance footage. If Pink presses for more answers after, say that you last saw yellow in the park, but you're not sure where he is now, he could be anywhere. This statement is technically true. we don't need to tell Pink Yellow is trying to find a way to escape.
No. 945617 ID: f7ff14
File 156919955317.jpg - (1.71MB , 2228x1802 , Utopia 24.jpg )

No. 945753 ID: e51896

Consider that the cameras all over the place will make it difficult to lie to Pink.

With that in mind, mention that yellow was last seen chilling at the park area. Trying to convince him to come to the meeting without souring your first impressions with him had proved unsuccessful, so in the end you had to head to the assembly stage without him as time was running out. Other than that, nobody else was found.
No. 945857 ID: f7ff14
File 156951348717.jpg - (2.34MB , 2336x2430 , Utopia 25.jpg )

No. 946078 ID: e51896

hmm, lets be the second or third person to ask a question. Being the first to ask a question might make Pink think we are someone who takes initiative and leadership, which could be troublesome if we want to be discreet in any plans on escaping in the future. Asking first and showing initiative early on might make us someone Pink would keep a close eye on because of that.

I'm interested in knowing how Pink invaded the cruise ship and got everyone here, but like Pink said, you can learn a lot about a person by the questions and answers they give. Might be best to not ask direct questions like those as to not have Pink know too much about ourself. best to keep our cards hidden early on. It is most likely a question I feel that someone else in this assembly might bring up anyway.

Instead, With all the high-tech robots, knockout gas, weird rooms and cameras, perhaps ask how much money Pink put into this whole project.
No. 946129 ID: f7ff14
File 156986796969.jpg - (3.95MB , 3428x3264 , Utopia 26.jpg )

No. 946524 ID: c58093

Keep this only in mind, When pink talked about being a nobody but also being part of the elite rich and powerful, yet being dissapointed with the system, did Pink's facial expression seemed to break from that cheerful poker face Pink was giving just a little? Something in Pink's past must be effecting him/her in some way when Pink was talking about it. Maybe Pink used to be a servant, fighter, and/or slave to the rich and powerful if he/she said they were a nobody despite being in that group? Whatever it may be, perhaps Pink's past being part of that elite rich and powerful is something worth investigating if it is effecting Pink in some way. That knowledge may help us through what Pink's facility may throw at us or if we plan on escaping in the future.  

Well, well. A morale choice, guess being neutral is out of the question if Pink only accepts yes or no. But nothing a detective cant handle, undercover officers sometimes need to make difficult morale choices from time to time  

say "no" to getting an advantage and let the late people off with a warning, if only to help yellow out of trouble and maintain some trust with him.  
This time, do not be the last person to give an answer, as being last might not give us the chance to inspire others to take your choice.  
Also try not to be first. Answering "no" immediately might raise any suspicion Pink may have on us planning an escape with yellow, especially after Pink knows we met up with Yellow in the park.  

That said, try aiming to be the second person to answer "no" and let them off with a warning, since it is only the first day here.
No. 946605 ID: f7ff14
File 157037574551.jpg - (3.93MB , 3508x3116 , Utopia 27.jpg )

No. 946811 ID: e51896

Wake a sleepyhead up, and get to learn about someone.

so as far as I can tell, the prisoners who are asleep is orange, brown, yellow (Rivrik) and whatever color the 4th one is(either black, cyan, purple, dark green, or tan, most likely black based off of how the occupied rooms are arranged on the map is)

we got a basic to tiny idea of who the late prisoners are except for that 8th prisoner, orange is the scared one who didn't leave her room, Brown was the sleepy one, Rivrik is the one looking for an escape, and Black(?) is unkown

If it was our choice, we'd probably have the prisoners who are awake try to awaken the sleeping prisoners based off of personality or feelings. Like having Green wake up Orange (since Green said she was worried of Orange's well-being so maybe she can calm her) Blue wake up Brown (Brown's laziness seems to be an opposite to Blue's anxiety, so perhaps they can fix each other's faults if they get to know each other), White (Garvin) can wake up Yellow (Rivrik) (Both seem to be not interested in playing this game so it might be best for those two to get to know each other) leaving us we Black (so we can learn more about them).

We can try suggesting who to wake up who to the other inmates (don't say why though), but lets not get our hopes up if it doesn't work out that way. We're all strangers after all.

Whatever the case, whether we suggest the idea or not, lets call dibs on waking up Black(?) (so we can see what kind of person they are)
No. 947430 ID: f7ff14
File 157152384480.jpg - (6.58MB , 3508x4370 , Utopia 28.jpg )

No. 947581 ID: e51896

It feels somewhat like some kind of strange social science experiment studying a person's behavior when they are imprisoned in an unspecified location cut out from the outside world with complete strangers, but given the necessities and entertainment in attempt to make people feel they're living a normal life despite being trapped, maybe to see whether a person would desire to be free or desire to stay, with a point system to keep us motivated to participate or something.

either that, or some kind of apocalypse happened and we ended up in a strange fallout shelter.
No. 947613 ID: f7ff14
File 157177650001.jpg - (5.65MB , 3508x3251 , Utopia 29.jpg )

No. 947862 ID: e51896

We'll have to accept the truth. believing this is a lie is only going to cause problems down the road. left hand.
No. 947943 ID: f7ff14
File 157220764751.jpg - (5.50MB , 3508x3560 , Utopia 30.jpg )

No. 948209 ID: e51896

Government, and/or jobs.
No. 948313 ID: f7ff14
File 157239309526.jpg - (5.97MB , 3508x4052 , Utopia 31.jpg )

No. 948404 ID: e51896

So this will probably be a challenge to get through 60 days without gaining Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love with the place enough to not want to leave afterwards. What will also be a challenge is how the strangers will act in this facility over the course of the time here. This was a failed experiment previously after all according to Pink.

Wonder if at some point it is possible to go out and inspect that old burned out house, and then come back to the facility without getting too cold in the future.

I think to break the silence, it might be best to change the subject. Ask about how with the amount of rooms for the people here on the map, it was expected that there would be 12 people here (13 counting Pink) not 8 (9) as seen in this assembly. What is up with that? Will more people arrive?
No. 948533 ID: f7ff14
File 157263414117.jpg - (4.74MB , 3448x3637 , Utopia 32.jpg )

No. 948719 ID: e51896

The place where Scarlett suspects a secret room might be at, is around the area with the elevator, gift shop, law scale and barred windows icons is at, which is suspected to be a law or court room and a prison for misbehaved prisoners... (who are already prisoners in this weird experiment?) >>943149

If people's jobs are related to the places on the map such as someone good at cooking being assigned to the kitchen or someone skilled at health being sent to the first aid room, and if Scarlett wants to inspect for a secret room near the law and prison rooms, then the answer in some way should reflect that Scarlett's occupation is related to law, which is technically true given the occupation of detective before getting stuck here. Besides, Scarlett already told Pink that she was a detective when they first met.

Scarlett's answer should be that before being caught and sent here to this facility, she worked to help enforce the law as an officer, and as such, she has extensive knowledge of the laws that governs civilization, due process, and the judicial system.

don't get hopes up though. the jobs that are assigned might not even be any of the jobs on the map, but could be assigned to somewhere where those doors that seemingly lead to nowhere is at (the door leading north of the bedrooms, and the door across the gift shop)
No. 948747 ID: f7ff14
File 157296720332.jpg - (6.42MB , 3508x4721 , Utopia 33.jpg )

No. 948834 ID: e51896

(>>948533 note to self: try not to use your points at the rewards corner. The rewards corner could be a system in place to condition people to want to stay here after the two months have passed. Sure they might have things that seem fun, or helpful, but lets try to stay above that, and focus on trying to get back to the outside world)


what about the white marked location, more specifically, the room with what looks like a microphone south of the map?

and what about the two doors that doesn't seem to lead to any rooms on the map across the gift location and in the hall north of where our rooms are at?

(I'm also wondering if we should ask Garvin if he had hobbies, or attended any sort of clubs or activities when he was in school to help him get a job and not get stuck with something terrible, but it would be weird to just bring that up in the middle of the robots' presentation. Maybe later?)
No. 948889 ID: f7ff14
File 157307874549.jpg - (6.49MB , 3508x4142 , Utopia 34.jpg )

No. 952049 ID: e51896

the enforcer job is what is ideal to get, not because it relates to our job as a detective, but if we are investigating this facility, we'll need that room open, especially if it is assumed there may be a secret room there also considering if the jobs not taken won't open more rooms. But to get the enforcer job, one person will need to be a lawmaker, which Green is trying not to encourage, ironic since she seems the most capable of being a leader here out of everyone in the room. Though with only 9 jobs and 8 people here, doing the math, the job of lawmaker will get filled whether we want it or not. We might have to convince green otherwise.

Mention that: considering that there are eight of us here, and nine jobs listed, it is guaranteed that at one of us will have to be a lawmaker like it or not, and if that is the case, we'll want someone with a good head on their shoulder. And considering she cared about our well-beings, and has the most points here, and is a go-getter taking points from Pink when they offered some, you nominate Izzy (green) as lawmaker, that is, if she considers taking up on that offer.

If she refuses, apologize for putting her on the spot, but tell her that the best kind of leaders or lawmakers are the ones that don't ask for the jobs as they are the least corruptible and don't overestimate themselves as much.

whatever the case, whoever chooses lawmaker, let's also call dibs on being law enforcer once a lawmaker have been chosen.
No. 952085 ID: f7ff14
File 157711705315.jpg - (6.90MB , 3532x4355 , Utopia 35.jpg )

No. 954071 ID: 978ff6

Good lord, the psychology of this situation is a mess. All of this feels like busywork to distract you from the real purpose of this social experiment, but it's probably still totally important.

Question: is it possible for one person to have two roles? Maybe we should volunteer for the lawmaker role, if so.

Also, since Pink at least seems to want to pretend to be reasonable, you should ask if we'll be compensated for our time, should we choose to leave at the end of this 60-day stint. Will we be transported back to a more hospitable climate? Also, Pink mentioned a coma earlier--have we been unconscious for a year? How does Pink intend to build a functioning society without first securing our consent to live in it? How does Pink expect us to leave behind our outrage and homesickness?
No. 954082 ID: f7ff14
File 157970696540.jpg - (7.03MB , 3508x4105 , Utopia 36.jpg )

No. 954361 ID: 978ff6

Well, I mean, if someone else is enforcing the laws, then that does room to push back if there's unfairness. Besides, there are too few of us here for us to make it without trusting each other. I'd say that in the next couple seconds, then raise your hand and vote for him.
No. 954395 ID: e51896

Just vote him in. If we want others to leave after the 60 days and not get used to this place, it'll probably be best to vote an asshole into position to make people not want to stay here after the 60s days here are up.

but maybe quickly suggest to the others before time runs out to shut their eyes while voting people into different jobs. It seems to be the polite thing to do to not see who other people are voting for.
No. 954404 ID: ddc962

Fuck it, vote for him.
No. 954410 ID: f7ff14
File 157996814754.jpg - (3.50MB , 3508x2217 , Utopia 37.jpg )

No. 954884 ID: 978ff6

We really have no information to work with here. We could play it safe and delay, but that runs the risk of us being locked out from ever getting the library, and I honestly can't think of any way of gathering the information I'd want from Green to know whether or not she's a good choice.

This whole exercise is a shitshow.

Vote yes.
No. 954916 ID: e51896

vote her in. Maybe also quickly apologize for putting her on the spot and trying to convince her to be in a job position of Lawmaker that she didn't want.
No. 954964 ID: f7ff14
File 158040103929.jpg - (4.49MB , 3508x2605 , Utopia 38.jpg )

No. 955057 ID: 978ff6

Definite yes on blue as doctor. If he has the skills, he has the skills. I don't think anyone else does.
No. 955069 ID: d63ea8

I agree, he is the most qualified of everyone who is here.

There a couple questions we can ask:
First, does everyone need to select a job right now, or can they be nominated for a position at a later point.
(This means that Rivrik, and possibly Garvin could hold off for now until we have a better idea of what situation we are in, and which rooms we might need opened.)

Second, what happens when a Lawmaker is appointed but not a Law Enforcer?
(Depending on the answer it might be advantageous for us to not nominate ourselves for Law Enforcer. If Vivlly cooks up a couple of corrupt laws but can do anything more than give a slap on the wrist then it might act as a way to limit his power. If we become the Law Enforcer, then we will likely have to answer to him, irregardless of whether or not we agree with his new rules. It might be better to stay as a free agent.)

I would say that we can probably wait for some other people to select there roles first. Eidenly will most likely go for the Artist job, Rivrik wouldn't want to be under anyone's thumb so he won't go for the Law Enforcer.

That only leaves Garvin and Sioko as wild-cards.

Sioko is rather distraught right now and might be pushed into the role of Law Enforcer as a puppet, so we would have to convince her that the job wouldn't be in her best interest.

As for Garvin... We don't know him very well, so there's not much we can try to anticipate.

That stun glove would be useful, but there may be more value in weighing our options for now.
No. 955070 ID: e51896

Lets see, if we want the law enforcement job, we'll need to win some people over. That said, voting blue in as doctor thus would be recommended to get his vote, but I want to hear what other people think by asking blue some questions to spark a conversation with the others and get their thoughts

that said, lets say and ask to blue: "wow, you were a doctor, and then a chef? both jobs take many years of training. I admire your hard work.
Can you tell us a little about that unfortunate incident as to how you got robbed of your doctor's degree?"

Something like that. A little bit of flattery before asking a question, plus it does not sound like we are accusing him of anything, just showing sympathy for losing his license. This should also get other people talking or asking questions.
No. 955093 ID: f7ff14
File 158048909659.jpg - (5.41MB , 3508x3010 , Utopia 39.jpg )

No. 955114 ID: d63ea8

I imagine that you can relate to having a client who demanded the impossible in your line of work. Boliston seems sincere (enough), I'd vote yes.

But the new information that we have, namely that we can later change jobs, is quite substantive. Nominating ourselves as the Law Enforcer might be the safest option at this point. We'll be able to check the room for any hidden switches/doors and have to ability to minimize Vivlly's power if he decides to go full tyrant.

We should try to secure the Law Enforcer position after this vote.
No. 955126 ID: fe950b

You know what? I change my vote to No. let's vote no to letting him be a doctor. As an investigator of the law back home, even with his sad story, we cant let him be a doctor as that is illegal. Letting him become a doctor here would just mean we are allowing this place to let go of our original home's ideals and make everyone want to stay here. 

Plus it isnt enough to just vote people in to the jobs they want in order to get their approval, we need to show you are a competent law enforcer by following the law back home and not let him practice medicine without his license here either, even in this prison. 

Yes it is harsh, but under the law back home, it is fair.
No. 955139 ID: d63ea8

That's true, we don't want to adapt too quickly to this new system since Pink might have something up their sleeve.

But there is a fair amount of social risk to voting against Boliston; and if we are going to focus on upholding the laws of our original home in this situation then we can't make any exceptions on any future ones.

Unfortunately, Boliston strikes me as the kind of person who would hold this as a grudge against us, and would probably be uncooperative in any future ideas we have.

Right now we need to avoid making any enemies. My vote is still yes, but I would also recommend the option of 'not voting' as well. Vivlly is probably going to vote no on his own, so this problem might solve itself without our involvement.
No. 955387 ID: e51896

If it is alright, want to add a couple more arguments as to why I voted no

I remember when we first met Boliston (blue), he was running around the halls in a fit of panic and wouldn't listen to Scarlet >>943149 >>943320, and he even admitted that he was acting hostile towards others that he came across >>946605 . Usually, I would think that doctors would keep a calm demeanor in very stressful situations, especially when dealing with life or death. It is making me wonder if he is telling the full story and maybe left out some important parts of it like maybe he went into a panic attack after the patient's father was yelling at him to fix his son and it made him unable concentrate properly during the surgery instead of staying focused like a doctor should. I believe his story, but I don't think he is telling us everything that really happened that played a part in getting his license taken. I'm wondering maybe it isn't wise having him treat our wounds if he will go in a panic and make things worse for his patients especially with how unpredictable this place is that could set him off. Perhaps maybe having the robots treat our wounds would be a safer option, or maybe just try not to hurt ourselves in during our stay in the first place.

Also, he seems a bit selfish for a doctor. I would think they would need to show a bit more compassion towards others, not show hostility. He was even asking to get an advantage over other people when Pink offered it, and he complained when he had less points than Zizzy (green) >>946605 . I would think a doctor should be a selfless person who puts his patients first and not take advantage of them, not put himself first.

Also, I know he will hate us for voting no, but I have a feeling that some of the other prisoners may vote no on him for those reasons, and if we vote yes on him, and then try to get the position of Law Enforcer after, the others will take notice that we voted in a doctor who had his license taken thus showing we were not enforcing the law. We need to show that we are not corrupt.
No. 955391 ID: d63ea8

Alright, that's some really sound insight. I will change my vote to 'no' then.
No. 955529 ID: f7ff14
File 158092720454.jpg - (3.94MB , 3508x2553 , Utopia 40.jpg )

No. 955558 ID: cf7fff

Be brave and Try getting the law enforcer position dauntlessly. It'll be difficult at this point considering we voted in the asshole brown as lawmaker and not voting in blue as doctor, but we will have the chance to explain ourselves when people ask questions like why we voted the way we did.

Dont ever give up.
No. 955595 ID: d63ea8

It was a risk we took and it didn't pay out.
Regardless, this situation proves that the group needs someone who reads between the lines. With any luck we can convince a few people to vote on our side if we explain our reasoning.
No. 955692 ID: f7ff14
File 158108727161.jpg - (3.09MB , 3428x2352 , Utopia 41.jpg )

No. 955716 ID: d63ea8

Rivrik is correct, and we aren't really being clear with our motives. The main reason why we want that position is primarily to check around for that possible secret room. Revealing that of course would show our hand to Pink. We aren't in the best position right now to secure the votes for Law Enforcer, and so long as we aren't too suspicious, that secret room shouldn't be going anywhere.

I'd say that we drop the issue for now and work on gaining the trust of enough people here to secure the vote. Seeing as we'll have a chance every morning to get the position, the only complications would be ones that Pink might introduce.
No. 955983 ID: e51896

To start our arguments to be a law enforcer, we're going to first need to establish a foothold. That said, let's not play all our cards just yet. For example We do not need to talk about why we voted no on Boliston being a doctor until someone brings it up. That will be possible ammunition for later. For now, we'll just focus on starting with our reasoning as to why we need a law enforcer in the first place, and just a couple of small points for now as to why we qualify. Then, we will ask if anyone has any further questions or concerns that we can address and try to add in more points as to why we qualify as law enforcer in our answers.

so, lets say something like this:

"Being a law enforcer isn't just about being a jailer, it is about keeping the peace within a community. We are all strangers secluded in an unknown scary place of uncertainty far from home, which may cause anxiety and unrest within us and could lead to oneself to lose our morals and act in fear or panic causing pain to others and even self-harm. a law enforcer is what we need to keep order, motivate others, keep our good morality within us, and negate the chaos."

"And if someone is to be a law enforcer, it needs to be someone who will not take advantage of others and can motivate people to be their best selves in uncertain times and terrifying situations."

"For example, when Garvin Boliston, Zizzy, and I arrived on time while the other members were late, Pink asked if we wanted an advantage over Eidenly, Rivrik, Sioko, and Vivlly. I felt it really wrong to take advantage of others, so I refused the points that Pink was offering me as I do not feel comfortable in being a person who takes advantage of others who are in a moment of weakness, no matter how tempting it could have been."

"And also, when the late participants arrived here unconscious, I was the one who stepped up to motivate Garvin, Boliston, and Zizzy to help me wake Eidenly, Rivrik, Sioko, and Vivlly up to make sure they are safe and healthy."

"If you need proof of my actions, Garvin, Boliston, and Zizzy are witnesses that can attest to my statements."

"If there are any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to ask and I will answer them before the voting begins"
No. 955991 ID: f7ff14
File 158144792597.jpg - (5.61MB , 3508x3666 , Utopia 42.jpg )

No. 956254 ID: e51896

While it is a distraction, We did form a friendly connection with Garvin earlier, so we might as well help him out with this. Plus, it'll open more rooms to investigate for clues on this place if anything since this facility was used once before.

vote him in.
No. 956286 ID: d63ea8

Again, well said.
Agreed. There isn't really a reason to keep him away from the position and some of the others (Sioko) could do with some cheering up.
No. 956310 ID: acea35

Im game for some games

Vote yes
No. 956349 ID: 2bd15b
File 158177882071.jpg - (3.33MB , 3508x2229 , Utopia 43.jpg )

No. 956354 ID: d63ea8

Vote yes. If Eidenly receives the position that means we can monitor her on a regular basis and have a general idea of where she would be most of the day. Denying her this position would only have her practice in secret and alienate her from the rest of the group.

We have a number of skeptics in this group (ourselves probably included), so I don't believe there is much of a chance that a "cult" forms.

Seeing as the countdown is already starting there is not much we can say on the matter.
No. 956420 ID: e51896

I'm thinking about either just not participating in voting in this and let this sort itself out, or just vote yes. I'm leaning towards not getting involved, although >>956354 makes some good points as to the yes vote.
Technically, I guess cults are not illegal, just depends on what actions they perform. But still, having her and her beliefs be part of some dangerous incidents might have problems and risks. I guess if Eidenly does cause problems, Millie will be responsible to prevent her from doing any illegal actions as a law enforcer.
What does Millie know about this Grandle and Maria religion and the incidents that the religion were involved in?
No. 956435 ID: 2bd15b
File 158186527223.jpg - (1.24MB , 2535x881 , Utopia 44.jpg )

No. 956444 ID: d63ea8

Yikes, that's a bit of a shocker.
But as you just said that was the actions of an extremist. As it stands, Eidenly hasn't shown such tendencies and any actions taken against her at his point would just be discrimination.

Seeing as we've made a commitment to uphold the laws of the old world, we can't in good conscience bar her from this position.

What worries me is that Pink might try to either force a discussion on this issue or create a problem centered around it, and could lead to some degree of factionalism within the group.

I'd say that if we are to make an argument, it would have to be along the lines of:

"We're all in the same situation here. We've been taken from the lives we knew and thrust into this alien environment with hardly any explanation. Right now we need grab onto what's familiar, and navigate this place together, as a team. Eidenly should be allowed to express herself in a way that make her comfortable, similar to how Zizzy and Garvin were."

The exact wording could do with some ironing out, but I think the argument is sound.
No. 956618 ID: 48ab9c

Yeesh, I can't help but get a mental image of her using her own blood as paint to make to make her artwork. But at least she is requesting to be an artist instead of a psychologist. I cant imagine what she'd put in people's heads if she became a psychologist. Maybe we should vote her as an artist so that she doesnt get automatically assigned as psychologist later just on case...
No. 956628 ID: e51896

I'm still leaning towards not voting at all and let this sort itself out, but if we are voting yes, I wouldn't argue as to why we are voting yes unless we were asked as to why we voted yes.
No. 956642 ID: d63ea8

That's a fair point too. We can hold off on the argument then.
No. 956644 ID: 2bd15b
File 158204075411.jpg - (3.98MB , 3428x2603 , Utopia 45.jpg )

No. 956646 ID: 2bd15b

Sorry I already posted before I saw your reply
No. 956648 ID: d63ea8

No problem.

But as for this, I'm at a bit of a loss. Psychologist could end up being a very taxing position, and I'm unsure if Sioko would be able to maintain that role.

Admittedly, freaking out and having a bit of a breakdown after learning that your family might be dead seems like it would not only be a reasonable response, but the correct one. If she had not emoted at all I would be worried, but that isn't the case here.

On the other hand I am worried about what might happen to Sioko if she was denied this position. Since she would be the only person to be rejected from a position, it might take a toll on her.

But in terms of qualifications, she would be the best candidate here. Namely that she is from a profession that emphasizes communication and interpersonal skills.

More importantly, see seems like the kind of person who wants to care for others, and that can be very valuable in a group like this.

My initial decision would be to abstain from this vote. But I want to hear what the others might think before committing to that decision.
No. 956676 ID: 2bd15b

Also if you are interested there is a discussion thread that I created about this thread. So if you have some questions you can talk there with me.

No. 956714 ID: e51896

Well, I have two different ideas we could approach that came to mind

The first idea is to help Sioko convince others to let her become a psychiatrist by asking a question which relates her job as a school teacher to a psychiatrist. She mentioned that as a kindergarten teacher, she gave her students attention even when their own family didn’t, and that others described her as caring motherly figure, which means she at least has ideas about how to deal with students who've been a little mentally traumatized by their parents.
If we go the route of getting Sioko as a psychiatrist, we should ask her something like: "you mention earlier you're a kindergarten teacher which others described as a caring motherly figure for her students, and mentioned that you gave your students attention when their own families wouldn't. That must imply they must have dealt with some mental trauma from not receiving their parents' attention at such a young age. May I ask how do you go about helping your students overcome their mental trauma from not receiving the attention they needed from their parents? Can you name an example of how you helped a student heal through their mental issues from not recieving their parents' love?

The second idea I have might be a long shot, but maybe we could try to convince Rivrik to throw his hat into the ring and campaign against Sioko for the title of psychiatrist. I say long shot because he has shown no interest in being a part of Pink's mental conditioning and see's all the tricks Pink is pulling and is showing the least amount of participation, but I feel that because he is trying not to fall for Pink's mental traps is exactly why he needs to be a psychiatrist. We might need him to become a psychiatrist so that he can make sure people do not fall totally into Pink's conditioning, and keep everyone's mind straight so that everyone doesn't go full Stockholm syndrome up in this. But it is also a long shot because I'm not sure if he would even listen to us after we became a law enforcer against his wishes (he voted no against us)
If we go this route, I would whisper to Rivrik "I know you might not want to hear this, but what do you think about campaigning against Sioko and become a psychiatrist yourself? I only ask because out of everyone here, you are the most strong willed person among us not falling into Pink's mental conditioning, and I feel that we'll all need your strong willed mind to keep us from falling into Pink's conditioning, and the best way to do so might be to act as a psychiatrist in order to keep us from getting too used to being here and get Stockholm syndrome or something."

Those are my two ideas. While trying to convince Rivrik to campaign for psychiatrist might be good for the long run, I admittedly am not too confident on the second idea working due factors working against that idea. The first idea I think is a safer option, unless someone has another idea of what we can do or say before the voting.
No. 956753 ID: d63ea8

There is a lot merit to idea #2, Rivrik would have a vested interest in making sure that he and (possibly) the others aren't brainwashed. But I'm worried that he will think that us suggesting it might be a tactic to condition him anyways.

Maybe we can try both of these ideas. Let's question Sioko about any past examples and (quietly) pose the idea to Rivrik. If he agrees I imagine we can then convince Sioko that she can look out for for the other on a day to day basis (perhaps in a informal role the we design ourselves as a group) while Rivrik can ensure we're all one step ahead of Pink.
No. 956762 ID: f4f475

I think i like the first idea personally
No. 956769 ID: 47d74b

Well actually if she was a teacher that might actually be a really good position for her.

Speaking from experience teaching actually requires you to know your student well enough and understand their home life well enough to do what we ask of them. Classroom management plays a huge part of it, and if she worked at all with the school counselors, which teachers often do, that would only give her more insight in the position. My understanding is also many people become teachers and psychiatrists out of a desire to help others specifically because they might have trouble understanding themselves, and by helping others it helps them out by proxy.

As for Rivrik taking up the position of psychiatrist, I'm not so sure. I guess it would depend what kind of burglar he was. Would he try to charm the people to get into their homes would it be the classic breaking and entering. We can at least ask him if that's a position he would want.
No. 956840 ID: 2bd15b
File 158221291609.jpg - (2.74MB , 3256x1684 , Utopia 46.jpg )

No. 956842 ID: d63ea8

She seems genuine, I'd vote yes.
No. 956849 ID: 8b660e

Same, a psychiatrist and therapist needs to be a humanist first
No. 956905 ID: e51896

ehh, I don't think Rivrik would bother to vote at all, he only voted twice for personal reasons (respects doctors, and doesn't want enforcers policing the area), but other than that, has shown he'd rather not participate.

But anyway, she is indeed genuine, and does care about her students, and I really want to help her get her position considering her eagerness to help, but from what she said, I'm not sure if I could in good faith trust her with the job as much. It felt like she was sidestepping the questions again.
Millie asked Sioko how she helps her students overcome their mental trauma from their neglectful parents, but instead of explaining how she helps her students, she avoided the question by only explaining why her students suffer from their mental trauma. She only explained that she calls their parents and then blame them for the students' suffering, but she didn't exactly explain how she herself helps the students when their parents wouldn't afterwards. It is making me wonder if she is hiding something with sidestepping Millie's, and Garvin's questions.

that said, Just my personal opinion, I'm probably going for not even participating in this vote in particular. or maybe vote no if Garvin decides to vote no to give him some friendly support or something.
No. 956922 ID: 2bd15b
File 158230809792.jpg - (4.27MB , 3508x2661 , Utopia 47.jpg )

No. 956968 ID: d63ea8

Yeesh, now THAT was abrasive. I think it goes without saying that we (collectively) want to avoid violence at any point.

We can probably ask something along the lines of:
"In all seriousness Rivrik, you shouldn't feel the need to nominate yourself for a position if you don't with Pink's experiment. You should be entitled to do what you want, so longs as it doesn't endanger anyone else who is here. Joking aside, why do you want the position of Chef?"

Ideally Rivrik was joking and we can play it off as such.

I suppose as a question to Millie:
How serious did Rivrik seem with the whole 'neck-stabbing' business?
No. 956977 ID: 091078


"Have you ever worked in a chef position before?"
No. 957018 ID: e51896

I'm optimistic about this: Rivrik before ending up here said he was looking for a way to escape this place and learn about the area while Pink was distracted with us, and him wanting a position as a chef might mean that he might have somehow learned something that could help us in that short amount of time, but requires him to use the kitchen in some way...

...that or he just wants to use the cooking tools as thief tools ¬_¬

What cuisine do you enjoy most? How many different kinds of cuisine can you produce? what do you do to work under a lot of pressure and under strict deadlines since working as a chef takes place in a fast paced environment?
No. 957023 ID: 128909

Lets say you have a very tight scheduled deadline to cook and prepare a meal at a certain time, what do you do to get it done by that time?
No. 957057 ID: 2bd15b
File 158241360122.jpg - (4.70MB , 3508x2809 , Utopia 48.jpg )

No. 957082 ID: e4bf7c

With his attitude, i worry what might happen if he doesnt get the chef position. Not to mention the only other position is thief. Having a bad chef is better than having a professional thief.

Also, he does make good points, we cant get too comfortable here or it may brainwash us into staying.

Vote yeah
No. 957087 ID: d63ea8

I have a feeling that Rivrik has tanked the voting odds, but I feel that we should vote yes.

Again Rivrik is right, this is a prison, not a magical getaway. As it stands, we are playing along with Pink's game (albeit we might have ulterior motives) and I can get why Rivrik would see that as utter lunacy. Rivrik has been upfront and honest about everything he has done and what he stands for. Heck, he even openly admitted to poisoning someone in past and is still asking for the position. He has no reason to screw with any of us, and by at least showing support for him we might be able to earn his trust.

We should show that we are voting yes before the countdown fully runs out. This might be able to bring Garvin and Sioko on board and the Boliston seems to go with whoever displays some degree of authority.
No. 957100 ID: 12a79b

Vote yes because he is right about this being more like a prison. But honestly, we can't have him acting out this way if we are to cooperate. Here's what we should say.

"Alright Rivrik, i'm going to vote yes for you, but before I do we need to set some ground rules. As the chef you will allow free access to the kitchen for all who need food. Your job is to be the keeper of the kitchen knives. No one is allowed in the kitchen without you present to make their own meals. If they need one of the knives you give them one at a time, and never for longer than needed. Also, part of your job will be to safeguard the knives. They don't leave the kitchen as long as you are there and they stay there. The reason I want rules like this in place is because you're right that we shouldn't trust Pink and this is more like a prison. However, we can't have it be survival of the fittest, we need to have bonds and trust if we're to work this out."
No. 957115 ID: e51896

I do not think we will have enough time to say all that in the 10 second countdown, lol
It is probably best to just silently approve him, and not say anything as he might not be too happy with us telling him what to do, since he is already not happy with us being law enforcers. Just approving him and nothing else can keep that trust with him if we ever need his help with escaping, even if nobody else votes to approve him as chef.
No. 957152 ID: d63ea8

I agree that we should probably have a chat with Rivrik, but this is neither the time nor the place. If we confront him right now he is more likely to lash out at us like he did with Vivlly.

And as a way to rephrase perhaps:
"I hope you have a plan to keep people from sneaking into the kitchen and stealing your stuff. I'm not sure if I'll be much of a help if I'm having to chase down stray knives rather than looking for things that might be able to protect us."

This way, we can bring up the problem without directly ordering Rivrik about, and (hopefully) he understands that our objective is to find a better way out of this place.
No. 957214 ID: 2bd15b
File 158251033366.jpg - (7.16MB , 3508x3899 , Utopia 49.jpg )

No. 957220 ID: d63ea8

Ah, so these are the incentives that we are going to be working with.

Of the items here, I would say that there are to presiding themes, combat and survival gear. If someone were to get the winter coat, some of the snacks, and the flare gun, they might have a reasonable chance of surviving on the surface and maybe finding help. But if someone were to grab the other items like the pistol, gas grenade, and gas mask, they would be able to try and seize control of the group. It looks like Pink wants to test us in a prisoner's dilemma sort of situation. Everyone is going to rush to get items that could either harm others or ensure their own safety, and entirely miss out on the proper survival gear we're going to need when we leave this place. The group is already paranoid of one another and starting to fragment, we need to be able to counteract that.

Maybe try:
"Pink's trying to test us. He's putting in the weapons and protective gear as decoys so that we will all turn on each other. If we focus on each getting a winter coat and some of the other wilderness supplies we all could get out of here and look for help before the thirty days have passed. But if we get paranoid and start grabbing vests, guns and grenades we'll only be trapping ourselves in this place to continue Pink's experiment. We can beat Pink, all we need to do is stay focused on what we need to escape."
No. 957289 ID: e51896

I want to ask Glad and To Help these two questions: will new different prizes be revealed and available later as we continue to stay here for the two months, or are these the only prizes available during our two month stay? Also, if any of us wanted to, is it possible for one prisoner to give some of their points to another prisoner? it might be best to ask them these before we consider purchasing things left and right

Okay, we're not sure what Millie will be dealing with in this deranged prison, so it is hard to gauge which items are a must have down the line, but initial thoughts, there are some things I can think about regarding some of the items that caught my interest

The winter coat: When Garvin used the elevator and inspected outside, he saw an old house that was burned to the ground. If we want to investigate that burnt house for clues, it might be useful to get that coat. The only concern is that it is the second most expensive item here, but since the robots said that they come in the colors of our assigned uniforms, we can most likely hold off on getting that without worrying about it going out of stock.

The Key: I am assuming there is only one key at the prize center, and I'm not exactly sure where it fits in. It could be a key to a vehicle, or perhaps one of the doors on the map that leads nowhere. If there is only one key, we might need to consider it being one of the first things we get.

Gas Mask: another expensive item, and I'm not sure what the quantity of gas masks there are is. It might be one of the items we'll have to get sooner rather than later. But I think the gas mask might be useful if Pink wants to use that knockoutgas in the entire facility again like just like when Pink used it to knock out the other prisoners to bring to the assembly room.

Secret Prize Box: if there is one thing that video games have taught me, is that loot boxes are a scam. Probably not best to bother with it unless we have points to spare after the other

Detector: I'm not sure what exactly it detects, I feel this is one of those find out after you buy it kind of items.

Bullet Proof Vest: This is worrying, are we going to be in an environment where we need to protect ourselves from oncoming danger, or is it used for in case somebody buys a gun and we need it to protect ourselves from the gun owner? Depending on the situation, this might be either something to get either sooner, or later

the only other things of note is that there are items specifically used to help keep people awake (the coffee powder and energy drink). I'm wondering if there is going to be a moment that will require us to stay up late all night or something...
No. 957332 ID: d63ea8

Oh! Yes. Sorry, I meant "sixty" days not "thirty."
No. 957348 ID: 2bd15b
File 158268663187.jpg - (7.24MB , 3508x3975 , Utopia 50.jpg )

No. 957351 ID: d63ea8

((Sorry Millie, I'll try to have my facts in order next time))
The only question I can think of is one that could prevent this calamity.
"Would it be possible for the Lawmaker to make purchasing the Jericho 941 illegal, and therefore remove it from the prize corner?"
No. 957355 ID: e51896

yeah, best to behave ourself with the other prisoners so things don't go that route.

I would assume even if it was made illegal, the gun would still be up for sale, just illegal to use, which will mean it will make our job harder as Law enforcer if we had to arrest the person carrying the illegal firearm.

Luckily, the bullet proof vest is decently priced should it come to it.

What worries me is that it could be possible that these items could potentially get stolen, especially since one of the jobs was "thief". Perhaps one of those cat robots will prevent that?

I guess we should ask before we move on, how does exchanging points work in the prize room, who or what will be running the prize room? will it be Glad and/or To help at the concession, or will it be another robot, or does this act as a vending machine kind of deal?
No. 957419 ID: 6b7e4d

Ooooh, creeeeepy

I dont really have much to add, this situation is fucked up.
No. 957475 ID: 2bd15b
File 158284395388.jpg - (5.99MB , 3604x3473 , Utopia 51.jpg )

No. 957477 ID: d63ea8

((Morale could be better))
Let's stay silent for now. I have a feeling that Rivrik, Vivlly and/or Sioko are going to freak out and likely dominate the conversation.

Check the cans for labels, even in this wasteland we might be able to find something to get our bearings. Hopefully we can learn this information subtly while Pink is dealing with fallout of his question.
No. 957509 ID: 0b0cf9

Ask pink sarcastically if he/she got any sunblock lotion you all could borrow here outside
No. 957517 ID: e51896

Agreed, lets do some good ol' detective work, even the smallest clues like labels or crumbs inside a can could be big in the long run. Check inside the can too, and check the broken bottle

Also, from the remains of the bed, see if you can find a pillow and blanket to take and use as an extra pillow and blanket for your own bed back downstairs. Finders keeper, you saw it first. Maybe use the pillow case as a carrying case for the cans and bottle and other future items?
No. 957540 ID: 2bd15b
File 158293137368.jpg - (5.08MB , 3508x2697 , Utopia 52.jpg )

No. 957657 ID: e51896

Yeah, lets take em and put em in the pillow sheet. And take the shard too, because I want to know if it belongs to the bottle or not when we get a closer look later. Right now, It is too cold to investigate these items closer here. It is better for Millie to inspect these items once she isn't distracted from the cold and has time to herself. Once she puts the items in the pillow case, she should try to fit the pillow in the pillow sheet in as well... and grab the blanket maybe

If we had a coat, we would of been able to step out a bit farther and get a better visual of where this cabin is, and see what lies behind the walls of this building. Perhaps we might find a mode of transportation behind the walls of this building since I don't see anything from our vantage point. I'm assuming there is since I don't know how else Pink got everyone here.

thoughts about the items:

the cans: We should probably check when we get time to ourself to see what kind of food could have been in these cans, anything like crumbs or liquid. But what I want to know is whether these cans came from the kitchen down in the facility, or somewhere else. If they came from here, then perhaps one of the previous people who lived here or were trapped here came up here to escape from something going on in the facility. If they're from somewhere else, then there might be or used to have been civilization somewhere and somebody was traveling and resting here.
We might have to ask Rivrik at some point if we can see if there are cans inside of the kitchen to confirm if the cans here could be identical to any cans in the kitchen if there are any.

the broken bottle: I do not see any broken shards from the bottle around the vicinity except for maybe one shard I think. Maybe the bottle was broken somewhere else? in that case, whoever owned this must have taken it with them from somewhere else, which also means the only reason why someone would carry a broken bottle around was to use it as a weapon for protection of sorts since it is near the bed. But if someone was hiking here, why a bottle and not prepare something like a knife or gun for protection? unless they had no choice and could only access the bottle, which could be from the underground prison? Maybe whomever slept here was a previous prisoner of this facility, and had to escape the facility and decided to sleep here after bringing their pillow and blanked from their room.
Though it is strange there is one shard. Maybe the wind blew the rest of the shards away? or maybe that shard wasn't from the bottle we got? It would be kind of weird if there are shards here in the first place near a bed as it would be difficult to sleep here with shards around the area you would sleep in... maybe perhaps the person who was sleeping here did not own this bottle and was struck by the bottle instead? but then where is the blood stain on the floor? there does not seem to be any blood on the bottle either, so it does not look like it was used as a weapon as intended.
If it is possible, maybe the law enforcer office has something to analyze fingerprints or traces of blood that was cleaned off, who knows, the fingerprints might be Pink's?

My question the the author: what is that bone shaped looking thing on the blanket >>957475? is it another shard? if so, then we can probably mostly confirm that somebody who was sleeping here was hit by that bottle by somebody else. But right now, I am going to assume that is a bone from a food from one of the cans.
No. 957674 ID: 54e51c

Whoa, slow down buddy, i think that was a lot to unload and process, maybe a lot od that could have been said in the disthread
But you make a lot of good points with what is given to us, but i think we may need to investigate a lil more later to get a definite answer with this place's past.

But i agree, take the stuff including the pillow and blankie.

Afterwards, i suppose just wait until they drag us all back inside.
No. 957752 ID: d63ea8

Agreed. Millie is a detective and we should gather as much evidence to our whereabouts and situation as we can find.

I'd also say that we keep quiet for now. While the group might be freaking out, we could do with Pink's focus being elsewhere. Hopefully he continues to think that we're collecting trash.

If people start getting violent (to either Pink or each other) we should step in to deescalate the situation.
No. 957783 ID: 2bd15b
File 158316826923.jpg - (3.82MB , 3508x2187 , Utopia 53.jpg )

No. 957785 ID: 4a0ed3

Agreed, it is the law after all. Besides, We already have plenty of evidence to inspect later anyway like the cans, pillow, and blanket. We probably dont need the bottle to search for traces of blood, we can see if there are traces of blood on the pillow and blanket later assuming the office has tools for that.
No. 957788 ID: e51896

yeah, not much we can do except comply.

"technically, the law wasn't broken yet because we're outside of the prison where these laws take place in, but yes, I agree, I'll drop the bottle."
No. 957790 ID: 717449

I'm sure the question will arise, so If anyone asks why you had the bottle in the first place, just say "it is just like what Pink stated: I was picking up random trash out of nervous habit that I wasn't thinking about what I was picking up. not to mention it is too cold out here for me think straight"
No. 957792 ID: d63ea8

((Wow, Zizzy really has it out for us.))
We'll have to make do with what evidence we have collected thus far.
Vivlly didn't state that the only law only applies while in the prison. Maybe we should keep quiet and comply. I worry that we might start an argument that won't be able to win, and with tensions running high someone might say/do something stupid.

If it seems like Zizzy is trying to pick a fight we can probably respond with:
"We're all freezing. If you want to argue can we at least do it inside?"

Right now it seems like Zizzy is trying to discredit us in front of the group. While we might not know her motives, we have seen that her main tactic is to undercut our statements and twist it so that we sound either controlling or stupid. The less ammunition we give her the better.
No. 957800 ID: a21cb7

No. 957806 ID: 2bd15b
File 158319945184.jpg - (4.07MB , 3508x2224 , Utopia 54.jpg )

No. 957814 ID: d63ea8

As tempting as it might be to be flippant about this, I have a feeling bad things might happen to the group if we choose a name like "Hell-Hole" or "Not-Freezing-to-Death".

My first thought would be a thematic name like Ogygia. The paradise island Odysseus was stranded on for seven years in the Odyssey. The island was wonderful and beautiful, and could offer a good life to Odysseus, but it was a prison all the same.

Of course, if this doesn't fit the world we could perhaps try:
"Haven. Now can we get inside? I'm freezing.
No. 957838 ID: e51896

I'm assuming Pink is going to reward points to the person who's name they came up with got selected. But whatever. I think we need a name that does not lend itself to sound too comforting or utopia sounding as we don't want people to think this is some kind of paradise to stay in. Conversely, we also don't want a depressing name that would lower morale. I think we need a name that is somewhere in between, something neutral.

That said, lets call this place "The Bricks of Utopia"

No wait, that's bad. lets call it "The Grey Below"
because the majority of the area is grey, and fits with the color scheme with everyone wearing different colors, and we're below the ground. Plus, not too depressing sounding of a name since it sounds kinda cool, but also not too blissful of a name for a place to stay in.
No. 957977 ID: 9e88bd

Elysium Fields? That would have a note of irony to it. Elysium was the Roman heaven/afterlife, and "fields" would also be ironic.
No. 957986 ID: ae74ff

Concrete Grove.

Whatever, it sounds bad, but I Dont really care about names, it is too cold to be standing around thinking up names, and Pink knows this.
No. 958022 ID: 2bd15b
File 158342939304.jpg - (4.07MB , 3508x2654 , Utopia 55.jpg )

No. 958026 ID: ae74ff


Right now Zizzy has the most points, and I dont want to make her feel nervous by making her think we are starting a rivalry or competetion or something for most points with her by asking for more points. She is already nervouse as it stands. Let her have the comfort of top spot.

Also dont get our hopes up for whatever the prize is.
No. 958027 ID: d63ea8

Right now I see two options:
1. We refuse a prize. This would make us look strong in front of the others and endear ourselves Rivrik, but it might make others (I think Zizzy, Vivlly or Boliston) squabble over getting the prize since 'Millie didn't want it.'
2. We ask that the prize or points be split equally among the group. This would hopefully foster some sense of solidarity amidst the group and perhaps set us on the path mending whatever issue we have with Zizzy. But if we do split the prize it has to be done equally, otherwise it will look like we are playing favorites and will only more deeply divide the group.

I think that our first major goal (beyond possibly escaping) should be to establish a reasonable rapport with everyone here. The sooner we start working as a team the sooner we can try to get ourselves out of here.

I fully admit that either of these options could back-fire, but I also think that these choices will grant us the greatest social benefit.
No. 958038 ID: 8b660e

What about a prize that benefits the whole group? Like a good dinner or something like that?
No. 958052 ID: d63ea8

Yes. This is a good harmony of all our choices.
It will ensure that whatever rivalry/enmity we have with Zizzy will not worsen.
And it will grant us social capital with the majority of the group.

Well done.
No. 958061 ID: 2bd15b
File 158345858197.jpg - (1.21MB , 2674x1087 , Utopia 56.jpg )

No. 958065 ID: d63ea8

This is something we'll have to face if we want to get out of here. The risk might be severe, but we can endure for one night.

Refusing now would only be cosigning ourselves to the life of a prisoner.

We have wits and the will for it. Let's prove Pink wrong.
No. 958154 ID: e51896

Fine then, shit, I don't know if we are being brave, or stupid, but lets get this over with.

This isn't just about the reward. This is to inspire the other prisoners to have a strong will when the odds are stacked against us, to show that despite trapping us in the middle of nowhere, Pink can not break our resolve and our spirits.

I wonder if this is why there was a blanket and pillow here in the first place, because the previous person accomplished something similar before, well if they can do it, so can us, but even better.

The first thing we'll need to do is wrap Millie up with the blanket she found. And then, take all the curtains off all the windows and wrap Millie around in those too for extra layers of warmth.

Later, we'll need to collect firewood and save them for when night approaches. the broken table and chairs will do fine.
No. 958213 ID: d63ea8

I will probably get more technical once the decision to be outside has gone through, but I believe that our first action should be to assess the surroundings, the weather, and what resources we have at our disposal. From there we can weight the risks and devise how we will ration our time and energy while minimizing our exposure to the elements.
No. 958295 ID: 18411d

For motivation, try to imagine what your family member(s) would say or do in this situation
No. 958332 ID: 2bd15b
File 158357836523.jpg - (1.88MB , 1525x2300 , Utopia 57.jpg )

No. 958343 ID: d63ea8

If this was trying to survive for an entire day, or out in the open, I would agree with the others that this is a bad idea. But in this case we have access to a shelter that offers a fair amount of wind resistance and materials for both insulation and firewood. The main threat will be rationing our supplies for the rest of the day and the night. While hypothermia and frostbite could become a serious risk we can mitigate those factors through careful planning and safe procedures. I believe that we can endure this and the reward could go a long way towards helping ourselves and the others.

I would respond to the others with;
"I'm doing this so that we might have a chance of getting out of here. We don't know what will happen when the sixty days have passed, but I want us all to have the option to leave before we have to face that deadline. I've looked at the risks and I have a plan. That being said, if you think that you have anything that might help, I would certainly appreciate it."

Another thing that might be important is that we have 10 points, which is enough to afford the 10 point prize (the cigarettes I think?). It would be great if they came with a lighter or matches, but they should serve as good kindling otherwise.
"Pink, I would like to use my 10 points to purchase the cigarettes."

Finally I think that we should pass our annotated map over to Garvin. He could look for the secret room while we are out here (or be able to continue where we left of if the worst were to happen.
"Garvin, can I trade my map for yours? I'll need whatever I can spare to burn, and that map has a few of my notes on it."

((Sorry for the long post, there's just a lot of important stuff to look at))
No. 958534 ID: c58093


Though i think Garvin said he left his map in his room
No. 958559 ID: d63ea8

Oh, yeah. You're right. I still think that Garvin should have it, but hopefully some of the others are willing to volunteer stuff.
No. 958565 ID: 8b660e

I definitely like the idea of looking out resources to help get through this. If we intend to do this we should get at least:

1 coat
1 pair of gloves
1 blanket
Some food that can be easily heated up
Wood and either matches or a lighter

If you pile up snow outside the cave door it will insulate it better and keep the heat in. With wood and a lighter we can start a fire and the coat and blanket are self explanatory

Don’t ask for the map to burn. It’s paper it will burn hot but also burn fast. Only like 3 seconds of fire.
No. 958572 ID: d63ea8

Yeah, paper is only half decent for tinder. If we could get some birch bark or resin-soaked bark that would be ideal. My position is 'better to have it and not need it,' but it would be destroying a long term resource for short term gain.
No. 958626 ID: e51896

it was mentioned that the maps are an erasable white board material, not paper. That said, Whiteboards are indeed flammable, perhaps more durable than paper well.

>>958343 As for asking for cigarettes, I might be wrong, but I believe we only have 5 points, not 10 >>947430, unless I missed and forgot a page where we gained more. We do not have enough points. Best not to ask to exchange points we don't have

Sadly we didn't see a coat or gloves or food in the area outside,
but there is a blanket (more than one if we count the curtains on the windows, Millie can wrap herself up in layers), and some wood from the broken table and chairs.

Since we don't have a lighter, we can use the glass bottle to aim the beams of the sun on the firewood (we'd have to do it while the sun is still out, maybe closer to sunset so we have fire for the night). or using friction by rubbing the woods together like they did in the old days to start a fire, maybe even using the broken bottle, or shards of glass from the windows to cut wood if we need to make it easier to start a fire.

But one other idea I have to start a fire is perhaps we can take apart that computer that displays points on our wrist and use anything from that to cause a fire, like a battery, wires, or any kind of circuitry inside or something. Granted we will not be able to see how many points we have, but screw it, we have other jump suits that displays points.
No. 958638 ID: d63ea8

We reached 10 points after participating in the vote about whether or not the newspaper article about the "Wailing Lion" was real or not.
No. 958670 ID: e51896


Ah, thats right. thanks.
No. 958725 ID: 2bd15b
File 158379955360.jpg - (2.90MB , 2480x2393 , Utopia 58.jpg )

No. 958765 ID: 978ff6

Jeez Louise! That's mad. What's up here? Does the bed have a blanket?
No. 958792 ID: 8b660e

Speaking from experience, no it’s not worth it. I was under the assumption we would have at least some prep time and could pool resources. But we go in this half cocked there’s a good chance we can freeze.
No. 958796 ID: d63ea8

Alright, I taken note of what materials we have access to and what direct problems we have to overcome and I'm finding myself in agreement with Harbard Grim. We would have a very good chance of freezing to death in this scenario.

As it stands we have these resources accessible to us:
- A bendable whiteboard that we could possibly burn (and markers and eraser), but it wouldn't last for too long and would be destroying a long term resource, assuming that we cant replace it.
- An assortment of broken wooden tables and chairs, good for fuel, but not tinder. I would like to get a rough idea of how many of them there are since it would let us gauge how many hours we would be able to maintain the campfire.
- Some really tattered looking curtains that we could use for insulation or fuel. Again a rough estimate of the amount of material would be good.
- A 'bed' that at least has a few blankets and maybe a pillow. If we're luck their would be a mattress too, but again we need to take stock of what exactly there is.
- Half of a glass bottle and 3 (aluminium?) cans.

For major problems we have to overcome:
- We have no sure-fire ignition method. We could use friction to start a fire, but that is hard to pull off without practice even under ideal circumstances. Or we could use electrical ignition from either the suit's shock collar or point counter, but that would only work if Pink allowed us to damage the suit and even then it would be a gamble because the battery might not have high enough voltage or accessible wiring that we could fray for the ignition process.
- We don't have any good tinder either. The curtains and blanket are too useful for insulation to burn so we'd have to spend time whittling some of the chair/table legs (probably with the have a glass bottle) so that we have some smaller sections of wood to help get the initial fire going.
- We need to find a way to cut down on the crosswind through this building or else most of the heat from the fire will be lost. Meaning we'll either have to find a way to cover most of the windows, or build a smaller structure (like a lean-to) that we can sit inside with a fire.
- Finally, while this building is wooden and would offer decent insulation even with the missing wall (but we'd have to deal with the crosswind issue first), lighting a fire inside would be dangerous. In addition to trying to get the fire lit we would also have to make sure that the fire doesn't spread along the floorboards and causes the whole room to go up. We could resolve this by filling the cans with snow and have them in arms's reach in case we need to douse sections of the floor.

So with that all being said, there are still two unknown factors that I want to ask about before committing fully to a decision:
First >>948313
"Garvin, you mentioned seeing and old burnt down house. Can you point it out?"
In the case that Garvin wasn't talking about the room we are currently standing in, that other house could certainly be used for either fuel or structural materials.
"Pink would I be allowed to take apart my point-counter or shock collar for the duration of this endurance run? You said that I could only use anything available here right now."
Pink seems like the kind of person who would wants to show to the group that he can keep his word. If we can get him on that technicality we would have a possible ignition method. If he gives us a flat 'no' then I would agree that we won't have enough supplies to survive the endurance run.

Currently I am a soft 'yes' on the endurance run, but I am willing to be talked out of it if the rest of you (the suggesters) think that it is a bad call.
I'll be honest, even if we could solve some of the issues above I don't think that we will get out of this scot-free. Best case scenario we get a mild case of hypothermia, but we also could get severe frostbite too.
The losing fingers and toes kind of frostbite.
No. 958985 ID: e51896

It was a very hard decision for me to make, but you know what? where there is a will, there is a way. This isn't about the reward, but to show others not to let Pink break our spirits, even if they are heavily against Millie doing it. We might not make it out alive, or in one piece, but it is a sacrifice to make to help others harden their spirits against Pink or else down the line, they could lose hope and cause hatred for one another from low morality, causing in a worst case scenario: death among us from murder or suicide.
No. 958992 ID: d63ea8

Well said.

Hopefully we can get a few questions in before the endurance run starts, but if Pink decides to not answer them then I'd say we risk breaking the point counter regardless. Fire by friction would take a lot of time we can't afford to waste.
No. 959010 ID: 2bd15b
File 158424136478.jpg - (5.12MB , 3508x2774 , Utopia 59.jpg )

No. 959017 ID: d63ea8

((Yay! (Almost) everyone is being supportive. Those extra sets of clothes will do more than you would imagine!))

Alright. First task in any survival situation is to assess the surroundings. Right now the snowstorm outside is too perilous to navigate, so we'll have to forget about the burned out building for now.

What supplies do we have at our disposal?

Can we get a layout of the room? We'll have to pick a spot to start setting up and deal with those windows ASAP.

I'd say that we should also try to slip on another jumpsuit if we can. Maximize whatever insulation we can get.

If there is any point where you are not using your hands, be sure to tuck them underneath your armpits to help warm them up and prevent frostbite.
No. 959207 ID: e51896

So 5 extra layers of clothing, 6 if we count ours. Maybe when the weather gets better we can determine the location of the building Garvin was talking about and travel over there to see if there are more supplies

From what we determined, there are broken windows (we can probably pick up some broken glass from those)
Curtains on the window (can help as extra fabric or blanket to stay warm
a bedding on the floor (pillow, what looks like a blanket or bed sheet I believe)
a pillow sheet
3 tin cans (which are inside the pillow sheet
a broken glass bottle Millie dropped somewhere in the house
broken wooden table and chairs

There might be more stuff around the area hidden, like maybe under the blanket(?) where the bedding is, or under the pile of broken wood which used to be a table

but yeah, I too would like to see a layout of the room since that would be ideal. It would be good to see where we need to shield ourselves from the wind coming inside, like from the windows and especially coming in from the broken wall since that is where most of it is coming from.
That said here is an idea for a shield against the cold wind: Perhaps later we can move that table to act as a shield against most of the wind against us, especially when it gets dark. that table is most likely big enough to hide behind from the wind and may help a great deal. We just need to determine the best place to put it and hide behind.

To start I agree, it sounds reasonable to get dressed in an extra layer of clothing ASAP, maybe even two to start out with until night approaches. We will start with wearing one extra and see how Millie feels before we determine if she should put on a second one.

Also, lets take one of the curtains off the window, and cut it up to make Millie some makeshift gloves (or at least something to wrap her hands around with), and a face cover.
No. 959209 ID: e51896

Also, I want to see if Glad is responsive. Try asking Glad if he is still observing us and responsive while Pink is gone to start out with and if we can ask it questions during this trial.
No. 959211 ID: 45fe54

Lastly, be sure to take out the Whiteboard map and markers out of your suit before putting on extra clothes. See if the other clothes has items inside as well
No. 959223 ID: d63ea8

Support to all of this, especially the ideas of using the broken table as a wind screen, and possibly donning a total of two additional layers.

Ideally we try'll to find the balance between mobility and insulation. Put on too many layers and we run the risk of selectively overheating parts of ourselves. The resulting sweat would doom us in the long run, but I think that once were are done with whatever tasks we can achieve before nightfall we can revisit the idea of fully layering up with all of the suits.
No. 959419 ID: 2bd15b
File 158482400348.jpg - (2.77MB , 3508x1613 , Utopia 60.jpg )

No. 959423 ID: d63ea8

Okay, okay. We'll figure a way out of this...

Even if you can't wear any of the suits over your own doesn't mean you can't use them for slight insulation. Tie one in a sort of loose sling/turban over your head since you'll lose the most core body temperature from there. Tie another around your shoulders, knotting the arm sleeves, and tie the legs of the suit waist level so that the bulk of the suit is covering your back. Do this again but this time have the next suit cover the front of your body. It'll buy time and we afford the minor loss in mobility.

Luckily we can use the suit's toughness to our advantage. Wrap a sleeve around one of better glass shards to make a shiv and use it to cut into the back of the whiteboard map. (Preferable using maps provided by the others rather than our own, but judging from the current assessment, we can't be picky). Most whiteboards are are set onto a cork-board backing and that should be both dry and flammable.

Finally use the shiv to strip off wooden chunks from the wall (preferably as high as you can comfortably reach) most of that should be dryer since it has been kept off of the ground.

((Failing that we can use a table/chair leg to wedge into and pry off some parts of the interior wall. Judging from the damage we can see in image 6 (counting images left to right) there seems to be parts of the wall that we can put our wedge into.))

((I'd post more, but I need to see how the previous tasks progress, as they would modify various priorities I have. I'm sorry Millie that I didn't check if the wood was damp or not, it would've modified my decision, but right now we'll focus on seeing you through this.))
No. 962362 ID: e51896

sounds like it is worth a try. I support it

Here is another idea:

Let us think for a moment what little history we know about Pink thus far.

this person is obviously somebody who makes people suffer throughout their life, living a life of danger.

But looking at Pink's face under the mask, we can see that it was disfigured with scars and burns, showing signs that this person has had their fair share of suffering as well.

I am wondering if Pink was somebody who started out suffering, and then gradually decided to fight back and make others suffer in return, perhaps gaining a mindset to make others suffer in order to stop their own suffering.

with that possibility in mind, lets think what Pink themself would do in this situation: it is kind of odd that Pink just left Glad deactivated here and didn't just bring it back in the elevator. It is almost as if we are supposed to destroy it in hopes to start a fire in order to survive. Make Glad suffer to stop our own suffering like Pink might have done in their life. That is probably what Pink wants us to do with this puzzle. The more I think about, it feels like a sick test of some sort to try to condition us to be like Pink, like some sort of successor...

What I am thinking is first, pick one of the jumpsuits the other prisoners had given us and remove whatever is in it (like a whiteboard or whatever other items that could be found).

once you have emptied it out, place the jumpsuit over Glad the robot's head so that we can blind it. We need to keep in mind that these robots are programed for self defense if it is attacked, so we might need to blind it with the jump suit while it is deactivated so Glad doesn't attack us.

Next, we should move Glad somewhere that won't cause the whole cabin to go up in flames. Fire is good, but we don't want to burn to death. Maybe somewhere with less wind blowing as to not get fire on the wodden walls. We should probably consider using the round table as a shield against the wind

After Glad is in place, grab some wood from the pile and place them around Glad (not all the wood though, we'll need to save some)

lastly, grab a blunt object (maybe a long piece of wood from the pile) and use that to attack and KILL destroy Glad the robot from behind with your weapon. Hopefully, it won't see you if it activates from being attacked because of the jump suit blinding it, and maybe with the weird things on the jumpsuit like the shock mechanic and point system and the electricity from Glad the robot getting destroyed, we might be able to get a fire going for warmth.


lets just keep in mind that Glad is just a robot and not a living thing when we do this. Robots don't have feelings.
No. 962411 ID: d63ea8

I agree the direction that you are going with the analysis of Pink. Something to keep in mind, Garvin said that he saw another burnt-out building outside, and that might have a more direct connection with Pink.

I support the idea of emptying out the pockets of the other jumpsuits, we need to have a full picture of what materials we have to work with.

And I support covering Glad's head as a precaution, but seeing as it is a robot, its cameras might not be situated in its head.

I don't think that we will be able to destroy glad with pieces of scrap wood. It might be a lot more fragile than those security bots, but Glad is still made from metal.

Ideally we could use Glad's claws and shoulder spikes as proper cutting tools to both tear up the jumpsuits into more manageable strips and possibly expose the wiring of the point counter.

I'd like to hold off on destroying resources until other viable options are exhausted, but I would say that we could keep the plan of destroying Glad as a solid Plan B.
No. 963095 ID: 2bd15b
File 158759616473.jpg - (1.94MB , 3195x1380 , Flesh offerings 15.jpg )

No. 963132 ID: d63ea8

Alright, lets start by trying to pry off a single panel from the interior wall. Make sure to keep the section in as much of one piece as possible, like peeling bark off of a tree.

If we're able to do this and keep the external section of the wall intact then we might be able to make a fire and possibly a secondary shelter using the scrap wood.

If our attempt causes significant structural damage to the exterior wall, or if we aren't able to pull off pieces in sizable chunks then I would recommend that we smash Glad and see what components we can salvage.
No. 965145 ID: e51896


though I still think destroying Glad may be the best option in this scenario to salvage circuitry or cause a fire. If we go that route, don't forget to cover Glad with one of the suits to cover its vision and higher the chance of causing a fire with both the circuits of the suit and the circuits of glad. Who knows, maybe glad might activate the shock of the suit closest to him causing more of a chance of a fire.

But also remember we have drapes on the windows that we can also use, they are probably wet though. If we can at least start a small fire, we can dry them up and cover ourself with them along, along with drying the wet blankets
No. 965209 ID: 2bd15b
File 158872183104.jpg - (7.10MB , 3508x3810 , Utopia 61.jpg )

No. 965382 ID: e51896

In hindsight we probably should have stripped our jumpsuit off first and maybe dressed Glad in it so that he would have shocked himself, but that probably would have been asking too much considering the bitter cold, and Glad probably had another defense mechanism in store in case someone actually did strip off their jumpsuit before attacking... Ah well, at least we're somewhere warmer, but hopefully not a out of the frying pan and into the fire kind of warmer.
Considering we are now in a straight jacket, I do not think we are in any position to be arguing with Pink and should just listen to where they are going with all this.

hm, considering the green liquid Pink is drinking, I wonder if Pink is drinking Absinthe, that is our brother's favorite alcoholic beverage wasn't it? We should probably stop thinking about our family and focus on what is going on right now.

That said, did Pink just say Glasshrauder, as in the same last name as Dervan Glasshrauder, the same lawyer with the devil horns who gave you that cake in the bar?
We might need to keep our meeting with Dervan a secret from Pink if that is true, not show our cards this early on. But instead for small talk to get the conversation going, maybe at least ask if Pink personally knows those people they mentioned and if one of them was the friend who provided Pink with the robots around the facility.
No. 965391 ID: d63ea8

Arguably this isn't the worst outcome we could've gotten.

This is a good line of questioning, as the question 'What now?' might have unfortunate consequences for us.
No. 965422 ID: 2bd15b
File 158879931902.jpg - (4.56MB , 3508x2567 , Utopia 62.jpg )

No. 965465 ID: 31a5d6

Ridiculous. You're offering me a chance to hang out with you? How is that any kind of a prize? You've kidnapped me and thwarted my free will. I'm not interested.
No. 965471 ID: d63ea8

This is another test. Pink wants to see if you are willing to abandon the other prisoners in order to save your own hide.

((I would guess that the cynical part of his brain is guessing that we'll be selfish.))

We should return to the others, show that we didn't die in a blizzard.
No. 965550 ID: 796990

Wait, so when you say those peopld pink mentioned were the closest thing to heroes your world has, does that imply your world is a cruel place full of terrible people? Or is that just an over exaggerating way of thinking?
No. 965623 ID: e51896

Hmm, as an officer of the law, has Millie ever done undercover work? probably not since she is new to the police force, but one idea I had was accepting the proposal Pink offered to stay with them and work undercover if only to try to get a better understanding of who Pink is, their motive, and where this location is. That way when the opportunity arrives to escape and get back to civilization, we will have all the information needed for their arrest.

but if we are going back to the facility with the others, we should be more careful with how we do things because since Pink now identifies us as a so-called "hero", they will be keeping a closer eye on us in the security cameras. We will have to be smarter about how we operate, especially if we want to find hidden rooms Pink doesn't want us entering.

Also, I wouldn't yell or criticize or argue or get angry at pink considering we are in a straight jacket. Pink will only view it as us challenging their authority and make our stay here more difficult than it needs to be. lets keep our opinions to ourselves for now and lay low.

I am still interested in who Pink got the robots from though. Maybe tell Pink that since their identity doesn't matter in this facility as they already showed us their face, there should be no qualms in telling us the identity of the friend they got the robots from.
No. 965682 ID: 2bd15b
File 158889647373.jpg - (5.43MB , 3508x2741 , Utopia 63.jpg )

No. 965942 ID: d63ea8

There is a lot of subtext behind those worlds. If Pink really sees us as 'uninitiated' then I shudder to think what these 'lessons' would be.

But we chose to stay out of that bunker for a reason. Namely to get something to benefit the group, if we abandoned the other residents for this private tutoring then we would be going back on all we've been trying to stand for.

Again, we should go back to the rest of the group.
No. 968785 ID: 2bd15b
File 159112030757.jpg - (5.36MB , 3508x3043 , Utopia 64.jpg )

No. 968796 ID: d63ea8

It would be dangerous to engage with Pink's fantasies, we need to shut this down, firmly.

"Back. Off."
No. 968806 ID: 7f2784

I would say Just let pink get it out of their system...

But i think it will be funnier if we leaned back on the chair and have both of you tumble downwards since he has his weight against the chair. Might even hurt pink
No. 968832 ID: e51896

not sure if leaning back to make Millie and Pink fall is a good idea, but if we go that route, Millie will need to make it look like an accident to not make Pink think it was on purpose, and make it very sudden and quick to catch Pink off gaurd and to not have Pink fall right on top of her but instead past her.
like, as Millie pushes her feet against the floor to lean back towards the floor, she should yell "AH SHIT!" as she and Pink falls backwards. Also, brace for impact on the floor, (or the wall, there might be a wall)
No. 968856 ID: 2bd15b
File 159119636762.jpg - (2.51MB , 3508x1734 , Utopia 65.jpg )

No. 968857 ID: 6b8bc1

"I asked a stupid question because i got freakin' startled after that fall right now, and i am trying to calm my nerves by keeping this casual with my question."

I wonder if this Pink and the Pink we saw take their mask off when they first met is two different people
No. 968888 ID: d63ea8

((Good thought! We'll have to keep that in mind!))

We should express concern, help calm the situation.

"I was just surprised is all. Are you okay?"
No. 968898 ID: e51896

These are safe choices. I Support.

Alternatively, I'd say if Pink pushes for a better answer if they dont like the ones we give, say something like "well Pink, as our host, since you took priority in checking to see if your mask is alright instead of asking your guest she was alright, yeah, I think I might be a little bit obligated to ask that dumb question... oh yeah, Im fine by the way... despite the headache, thanks for asking!"

The idea that this pink and the pink we saw at the start of the quest seems plausable, but one theory I have is that while it was safe for Pink to show Millie without their mask, maybe when they said they couldnt afford to be seen without their mask, and that proximity was an issue, maybe it means that Pink cant be seen without their helmet around the robots Glad and To Help. They are in the area, and if he was alright with showing Millie their face, maybe he cant show the robots his face or they may try to kill Pink for some reason.

That said, i am starting to not trust those robots more than i dont trust Pink. If the robot for example was indeed activated AND If Pink didnt activate Glad to knock out Millie in the snow and truly thinks it was a malfunction, then either the robots have a mind of their own... or somebody from the outside may have activated Glad to shock Millie, like maybe the original creator of the robots.

Im really tempted to ask Glad and To Help if they ever seen Pink without their mask, but I also worry what Pink might do if we ask the robots that question. Thoughts?

No. 968958 ID: 2bd15b
File 159131314522.jpg - (5.06MB , 3508x3388 , Utopia 66.jpg )

No. 968970 ID: d63ea8

I think the main one to change would be 'not getting onto the Wailing Lion.'
No. 968973 ID: 273aee

Let me answer that question with a question, ever heard of the butterfly effect? Scary shit there man.
No. 968985 ID: 24d342

(Ooh, did Millie die? I dont know how we could of avoided that outcome if she did)
No. 968990 ID: 2bd15b
File 159137603266.jpg - (3.52MB , 3508x2392 , Utopia 67.jpg )

No. 968991 ID: 632c73

(I Dont trust this person, this fake Millie and this dream could be a construct created from Pink's drug trying to condition Millie into thinking what Pink wants her to think. Pink said that drug was made to "cure" her symptoms, so this could be a way to brainwash her.)
No. 969001 ID: 31a5d6

"Of course. I'm tough, talented, and intelligent. All that'll stop me is if circumstances really screw me or if I just stop caring."
No. 969043 ID: e51896

Good point, will keep that in mind. It feels like one of those scenarios where tribes or cults take hallucinogens or drugs to have "spiritual journeys" to find themselves when really they are just destroying their brain.
that said, this looks like this may be an attempt to try to take advantage of Millie's past misery to condition her into thinking that the only way to escape from her low points in life is to submit and join Pink and their "utopia" or something. Also, this doesn't really seem like a good time to be asking existential crisis questions when Pink is probably physically abusing and/or raping Millie's sleeping body in the waking world as we speak.

support. I'm sure everyone at one point in their life asked that question if they'd amount to anything, but in the grand scheme of things and how big the universe is, why worry about that? Nobody's perfect, life is too short to be too worried about such things because then, you'd be ignoring the precious things in life to appreciate, and you'd also forget to appreciate what you already have. Just set goals for yourself, even if they are small, if you want to amount to things. Plus, didn't Millie just become a detective before going on this cruise? I'd say she already started to amount to things, especially at the age of 24 when she became a detective

My action: Check the inside of the trash. One person's trash is another person's treasure.
No. 969075 ID: d63ea8

No. 969102 ID: 2bd15b
File 159149767835.jpg - (4.47MB , 3508x2839 , Utopia 68.jpg )

No. 969115 ID: 24bf2b

I'd rather live in the present than dwell on the past, dwelling on the past for too long is unhealthy and you cant change what has happened. 

If we are absolutely forced to choose, let make it the recent past since it is closer to the present, though this still feels like a trap to me
No. 969206 ID: e51896

Millie 2 doesn't seem too happy to be here.

Is it possible to not make a choice so we don't fall deeper into this drug trip Pink forced us into? if not, I guess recent past is what I would choose.
No. 969208 ID: e51896

But yeah, priority will have to be to try to get a grip back on reality
No. 969250 ID: de31ee

Far past. We might get to learn about her family and her life as a detective leading up to here.
No. 969253 ID: d63ea8

No. 969288 ID: 2bd15b
File 159171312560.jpg - (4.88MB , 3508x3345 , Utopia 69.jpg )

No. 969290 ID: d0ee7a

Something i realize, It could be possible that we never woke from that freezing test of endurance after glad shocked us and Pink never took us into that dining room and drugged us. Just a possibility but i dont think it is likely

If Pink did indeed wake us up in the dining room, I'd say less than a day passed (i cant imagine pink waiting days just sitting at the table just for Millie to wake up.) And after Pink drugged us, I'd say 2 days passed (because imaginary Millie is holding up two fingers)

The distrust for imaginary Millie comes from how Pink said before drugging us that the drug was used to cure us from our symptoms we're suffering from.
No. 969349 ID: d63ea8

Agreed. Recovering from hypothermia takes time, even with the wonders of technology.
No. 969366 ID: e51896

We'll play along and take what happens here with a grain of salt, just to keep things going. 

As of now It has been 5 days since Pink drugged and stomped possibly now broken face: >>968958 
june 4th since face got stomped by pink, june 9th as of now, going on day 6 soon, june 10th 

So yeah, less than a day since passing out in the snow and waking in front of Pink, and 5 days passed out after being drugged. 

(Im wondering, it might be true that Millie needs help, but she didnt seem depressed and seemed to try to be productive with the cards handed to her so far, but I am wondering if the Millie wearing blue needs more help than Millie does and is the one that is lost? She doesnt seem all that enthusiastic compared to how Millie is taking things. Maybe we should ask if there is anything she needs help with? Only asking because this Millie in blue is in some way may be a part of Millie.)
No. 969382 ID: e51896

>>969366 6 days now
No. 969384 ID: 2bd15b
File 159180029642.jpg - (5.01MB , 3508x2889 , Utopia 70.jpg )

No. 969386 ID: e51896

wasn't 60 days the amount of time needed to pass in order to be able to leave? Well at least after we wake, we can just go back home (that is, if we ever do wake up) But that was a dick move of Pink to just take our free will away for something as simple as asking Pink if they were certain they had control over the robots.

Who is Ethan, and why is he writing about us? Is he another imaginary person like the Millie in the blue suit and this imaginary place? And if he is real, how did his diary end up in our dream?

and can we kick that trash can over to calm our nerves?
No. 969429 ID: 01af26

I dont even want to know how much pink ruined Millie's life during that long period after the drug incident. How could we have prevented that in the first place i wonder? Feels kind of unfair that we didnt get much of a chance to defend ourself before we even got started.

I guess maybe we should ask that before first waking up in the prison, we had a weird dream about a strange figure with different colored feathers or leaves on their head and a brown mask of some sort with a wine glass, and a triangle instrument and talked about conditioning. During that dream, we also had a vision of Garvin in his white jumpsuit, before we even met him. What was all that about?
No. 969928 ID: 7d0178

So what are the flaws Millie has that this apparition says Millie needs to iron out? Granted everyone has flaws, but Millie's cant be too large of a flaw, right?
No. 970997 ID: d63ea8

The truth is irrelevant at this point, with no way to corroborate what is being said anything could be anything.

Just take it as possible information to be inspected later. Panicking over what might or might not be real doesn't serve a purpose here.
No. 971108 ID: 2bd15b
File 159355856160.jpg - (4.34MB , 3508x2272 , Utopia 71.jpg )

No. 971135 ID: e51896

Blue teddies in the trash kind of makes me think that Millie had to discard her childhood early in life, so maybe she never had a childhood in some way to begin with.

Well, If Red Millie wants to fill in the missing pieces of her memories, I suggest that Blue Millie hand over Ethan's book to Red Millie and let her write what she thinks happened. Got a pencil?

I imagine the worst possible thing happened to Millie. I think after Millie was drugged and woke up again, Millie was like a brain-dead zombie, the perfect condition Pink wanted her to be in so that Pink can brainwash Millie into becoming Pink's successor despite Millie rejecting Pink's offer to follow Pink in their shadow.

While Millie was in a zombified state, Pink probably filled Millie's head with their sick and twisted ideologies and even trained her to become stronger like Pink is. Also, Millie was probably raped by Pink most likely.

I imagine that Millie in her zombified state unfortunately may have hurt or even killed the other prisoners along the line but with Pink's favoritism over Millie, gave her all sorts of advantages to protect her from the prisoners in case they revolted.

I wonder if Pink also had control over those robots like they thought they did. What if the robots killed Pink?

Jeez, I hope Millie wakes up from this, but if not, well, at least she can enjoy this eternal vacation in her mind. Where's the beach?

But hey, here's an important question: how is blue Millie so sure Pink is a woman or not?
No. 971246 ID: 436128

I think after pink stomped on millie's face, it broke her face and pink had to have their robots give her a facial reconstructive surgery. Except now Millie doesnt have the same face she had before.
No. 972571 ID: 2bd15b
File 159501968354.jpg - (4.70MB , 3460x2785 , Flesh offerings 30.jpg )

No. 972934 ID: e51896

I do not think Pink let us return with the others
No. 974855 ID: 2bd15b
File 159804363174.jpg - (2.60MB , 3508x3710 , Utopia 72.jpg )

No. 976331 ID: e7debe

Hey, What if red Millie just remembers things by herself and not tell Blue Millie what she remembers?

Hey, do you remember if there were bandages of some sort on parts of our face from when Pink stomped on us?

Anyway, i think we searched the room to see if we had our whiteboard and markers with us somewhere in the room, and if the garbage we collected from outside was in our room as well. Also, took a peek inside the present.
No. 976393 ID: 2bd15b
File 160012713054.jpg - (4.16MB , 3151x3091 , Utopia 73.jpg )

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