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File 156538652314.jpg - (1.87MB , 4563x1496 , Utopia 0.jpg )
941963 No. 941963 ID: 07c9c1

8 people being forced to live in an underground facility, completely cut off from any outside communication. As the days keep going stranger things start appearing in the facility.
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No. 955716 ID: d63ea8

Rivrik is correct, and we aren't really being clear with our motives. The main reason why we want that position is primarily to check around for that possible secret room. Revealing that of course would show our hand to Pink. We aren't in the best position right now to secure the votes for Law Enforcer, and so long as we aren't too suspicious, that secret room shouldn't be going anywhere.

I'd say that we drop the issue for now and work on gaining the trust of enough people here to secure the vote. Seeing as we'll have a chance every morning to get the position, the only complications would be ones that Pink might introduce.
No. 955983 ID: e51896

To start our arguments to be a law enforcer, we're going to first need to establish a foothold. That said, let's not play all our cards just yet. For example We do not need to talk about why we voted no on Boliston being a doctor until someone brings it up. That will be possible ammunition for later. For now, we'll just focus on starting with our reasoning as to why we need a law enforcer in the first place, and just a couple of small points for now as to why we qualify. Then, we will ask if anyone has any further questions or concerns that we can address and try to add in more points as to why we qualify as law enforcer in our answers.

so, lets say something like this:

"Being a law enforcer isn't just about being a jailer, it is about keeping the peace within a community. We are all strangers secluded in an unknown scary place of uncertainty far from home, which may cause anxiety and unrest within us and could lead to oneself to lose our morals and act in fear or panic causing pain to others and even self-harm. a law enforcer is what we need to keep order, motivate others, keep our good morality within us, and negate the chaos."

"And if someone is to be a law enforcer, it needs to be someone who will not take advantage of others and can motivate people to be their best selves in uncertain times and terrifying situations."

"For example, when Garvin Boliston, Zizzy, and I arrived on time while the other members were late, Pink asked if we wanted an advantage over Eidenly, Rivrik, Sioko, and Vivlly. I felt it really wrong to take advantage of others, so I refused the points that Pink was offering me as I do not feel comfortable in being a person who takes advantage of others who are in a moment of weakness, no matter how tempting it could have been."

"And also, when the late participants arrived here unconscious, I was the one who stepped up to motivate Garvin, Boliston, and Zizzy to help me wake Eidenly, Rivrik, Sioko, and Vivlly up to make sure they are safe and healthy."

"If you need proof of my actions, Garvin, Boliston, and Zizzy are witnesses that can attest to my statements."

"If there are any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to ask and I will answer them before the voting begins"
No. 955991 ID: f7ff14
File 158144792597.jpg - (5.61MB , 3508x3666 , Utopia 42.jpg )

No. 956254 ID: e51896

While it is a distraction, We did form a friendly connection with Garvin earlier, so we might as well help him out with this. Plus, it'll open more rooms to investigate for clues on this place if anything since this facility was used once before.

vote him in.
No. 956286 ID: d63ea8

Again, well said.
Agreed. There isn't really a reason to keep him away from the position and some of the others (Sioko) could do with some cheering up.
No. 956310 ID: acea35

Im game for some games

Vote yes
No. 956349 ID: 2bd15b
File 158177882071.jpg - (3.33MB , 3508x2229 , Utopia 43.jpg )

No. 956354 ID: d63ea8

Vote yes. If Eidenly receives the position that means we can monitor her on a regular basis and have a general idea of where she would be most of the day. Denying her this position would only have her practice in secret and alienate her from the rest of the group.

We have a number of skeptics in this group (ourselves probably included), so I don't believe there is much of a chance that a "cult" forms.

Seeing as the countdown is already starting there is not much we can say on the matter.
No. 956420 ID: e51896

I'm thinking about either just not participating in voting in this and let this sort itself out, or just vote yes. I'm leaning towards not getting involved, although >>956354 makes some good points as to the yes vote.
Technically, I guess cults are not illegal, just depends on what actions they perform. But still, having her and her beliefs be part of some dangerous incidents might have problems and risks. I guess if Eidenly does cause problems, Millie will be responsible to prevent her from doing any illegal actions as a law enforcer.
What does Millie know about this Grandle and Maria religion and the incidents that the religion were involved in?
No. 956435 ID: 2bd15b
File 158186527223.jpg - (1.24MB , 2535x881 , Utopia 44.jpg )

No. 956444 ID: d63ea8

Yikes, that's a bit of a shocker.
But as you just said that was the actions of an extremist. As it stands, Eidenly hasn't shown such tendencies and any actions taken against her at his point would just be discrimination.

Seeing as we've made a commitment to uphold the laws of the old world, we can't in good conscience bar her from this position.

What worries me is that Pink might try to either force a discussion on this issue or create a problem centered around it, and could lead to some degree of factionalism within the group.

I'd say that if we are to make an argument, it would have to be along the lines of:

"We're all in the same situation here. We've been taken from the lives we knew and thrust into this alien environment with hardly any explanation. Right now we need grab onto what's familiar, and navigate this place together, as a team. Eidenly should be allowed to express herself in a way that make her comfortable, similar to how Zizzy and Garvin were."

The exact wording could do with some ironing out, but I think the argument is sound.
No. 956618 ID: 48ab9c

Yeesh, I can't help but get a mental image of her using her own blood as paint to make to make her artwork. But at least she is requesting to be an artist instead of a psychologist. I cant imagine what she'd put in people's heads if she became a psychologist. Maybe we should vote her as an artist so that she doesnt get automatically assigned as psychologist later just on case...
No. 956628 ID: e51896

I'm still leaning towards not voting at all and let this sort itself out, but if we are voting yes, I wouldn't argue as to why we are voting yes unless we were asked as to why we voted yes.
No. 956642 ID: d63ea8

That's a fair point too. We can hold off on the argument then.
No. 956644 ID: 2bd15b
File 158204075411.jpg - (3.98MB , 3428x2603 , Utopia 45.jpg )

No. 956646 ID: 2bd15b

Sorry I already posted before I saw your reply
No. 956648 ID: d63ea8

No problem.

But as for this, I'm at a bit of a loss. Psychologist could end up being a very taxing position, and I'm unsure if Sioko would be able to maintain that role.

Admittedly, freaking out and having a bit of a breakdown after learning that your family might be dead seems like it would not only be a reasonable response, but the correct one. If she had not emoted at all I would be worried, but that isn't the case here.

On the other hand I am worried about what might happen to Sioko if she was denied this position. Since she would be the only person to be rejected from a position, it might take a toll on her.

But in terms of qualifications, she would be the best candidate here. Namely that she is from a profession that emphasizes communication and interpersonal skills.

More importantly, see seems like the kind of person who wants to care for others, and that can be very valuable in a group like this.

My initial decision would be to abstain from this vote. But I want to hear what the others might think before committing to that decision.
No. 956676 ID: 2bd15b

Also if you are interested there is a discussion thread that I created about this thread. So if you have some questions you can talk there with me.

No. 956714 ID: e51896

Well, I have two different ideas we could approach that came to mind

The first idea is to help Sioko convince others to let her become a psychiatrist by asking a question which relates her job as a school teacher to a psychiatrist. She mentioned that as a kindergarten teacher, she gave her students attention even when their own family didn’t, and that others described her as caring motherly figure, which means she at least has ideas about how to deal with students who've been a little mentally traumatized by their parents.
If we go the route of getting Sioko as a psychiatrist, we should ask her something like: "you mention earlier you're a kindergarten teacher which others described as a caring motherly figure for her students, and mentioned that you gave your students attention when their own families wouldn't. That must imply they must have dealt with some mental trauma from not receiving their parents' attention at such a young age. May I ask how do you go about helping your students overcome their mental trauma from not receiving the attention they needed from their parents? Can you name an example of how you helped a student heal through their mental issues from not recieving their parents' love?

The second idea I have might be a long shot, but maybe we could try to convince Rivrik to throw his hat into the ring and campaign against Sioko for the title of psychiatrist. I say long shot because he has shown no interest in being a part of Pink's mental conditioning and see's all the tricks Pink is pulling and is showing the least amount of participation, but I feel that because he is trying not to fall for Pink's mental traps is exactly why he needs to be a psychiatrist. We might need him to become a psychiatrist so that he can make sure people do not fall totally into Pink's conditioning, and keep everyone's mind straight so that everyone doesn't go full Stockholm syndrome up in this. But it is also a long shot because I'm not sure if he would even listen to us after we became a law enforcer against his wishes (he voted no against us)
If we go this route, I would whisper to Rivrik "I know you might not want to hear this, but what do you think about campaigning against Sioko and become a psychiatrist yourself? I only ask because out of everyone here, you are the most strong willed person among us not falling into Pink's mental conditioning, and I feel that we'll all need your strong willed mind to keep us from falling into Pink's conditioning, and the best way to do so might be to act as a psychiatrist in order to keep us from getting too used to being here and get Stockholm syndrome or something."

Those are my two ideas. While trying to convince Rivrik to campaign for psychiatrist might be good for the long run, I admittedly am not too confident on the second idea working due factors working against that idea. The first idea I think is a safer option, unless someone has another idea of what we can do or say before the voting.
No. 956753 ID: d63ea8

There is a lot merit to idea #2, Rivrik would have a vested interest in making sure that he and (possibly) the others aren't brainwashed. But I'm worried that he will think that us suggesting it might be a tactic to condition him anyways.

Maybe we can try both of these ideas. Let's question Sioko about any past examples and (quietly) pose the idea to Rivrik. If he agrees I imagine we can then convince Sioko that she can look out for for the other on a day to day basis (perhaps in a informal role the we design ourselves as a group) while Rivrik can ensure we're all one step ahead of Pink.
No. 956762 ID: f4f475

I think i like the first idea personally
No. 956769 ID: 47d74b

Well actually if she was a teacher that might actually be a really good position for her.

Speaking from experience teaching actually requires you to know your student well enough and understand their home life well enough to do what we ask of them. Classroom management plays a huge part of it, and if she worked at all with the school counselors, which teachers often do, that would only give her more insight in the position. My understanding is also many people become teachers and psychiatrists out of a desire to help others specifically because they might have trouble understanding themselves, and by helping others it helps them out by proxy.

As for Rivrik taking up the position of psychiatrist, I'm not so sure. I guess it would depend what kind of burglar he was. Would he try to charm the people to get into their homes would it be the classic breaking and entering. We can at least ask him if that's a position he would want.
No. 956840 ID: 2bd15b
File 158221291609.jpg - (2.74MB , 3256x1684 , Utopia 46.jpg )

No. 956842 ID: d63ea8

She seems genuine, I'd vote yes.
No. 956849 ID: 8b660e

Same, a psychiatrist and therapist needs to be a humanist first
No. 956905 ID: e51896

ehh, I don't think Rivrik would bother to vote at all, he only voted twice for personal reasons (respects doctors, and doesn't want enforcers policing the area), but other than that, has shown he'd rather not participate.

But anyway, she is indeed genuine, and does care about her students, and I really want to help her get her position considering her eagerness to help, but from what she said, I'm not sure if I could in good faith trust her with the job as much. It felt like she was sidestepping the questions again.
Millie asked Sioko how she helps her students overcome their mental trauma from their neglectful parents, but instead of explaining how she helps her students, she avoided the question by only explaining why her students suffer from their mental trauma. She only explained that she calls their parents and then blame them for the students' suffering, but she didn't exactly explain how she herself helps the students when their parents wouldn't afterwards. It is making me wonder if she is hiding something with sidestepping Millie's, and Garvin's questions.

that said, Just my personal opinion, I'm probably going for not even participating in this vote in particular. or maybe vote no if Garvin decides to vote no to give him some friendly support or something.
No. 956922 ID: 2bd15b
File 158230809792.jpg - (4.27MB , 3508x2661 , Utopia 47.jpg )

No. 956968 ID: d63ea8

Yeesh, now THAT was abrasive. I think it goes without saying that we (collectively) want to avoid violence at any point.

We can probably ask something along the lines of:
"In all seriousness Rivrik, you shouldn't feel the need to nominate yourself for a position if you don't with Pink's experiment. You should be entitled to do what you want, so longs as it doesn't endanger anyone else who is here. Joking aside, why do you want the position of Chef?"

Ideally Rivrik was joking and we can play it off as such.

I suppose as a question to Millie:
How serious did Rivrik seem with the whole 'neck-stabbing' business?
No. 956977 ID: 091078


"Have you ever worked in a chef position before?"
No. 957018 ID: e51896

I'm optimistic about this: Rivrik before ending up here said he was looking for a way to escape this place and learn about the area while Pink was distracted with us, and him wanting a position as a chef might mean that he might have somehow learned something that could help us in that short amount of time, but requires him to use the kitchen in some way...

...that or he just wants to use the cooking tools as thief tools ¬_¬

What cuisine do you enjoy most? How many different kinds of cuisine can you produce? what do you do to work under a lot of pressure and under strict deadlines since working as a chef takes place in a fast paced environment?
No. 957023 ID: 128909

Lets say you have a very tight scheduled deadline to cook and prepare a meal at a certain time, what do you do to get it done by that time?
No. 957057 ID: 2bd15b
File 158241360122.jpg - (4.70MB , 3508x2809 , Utopia 48.jpg )

No. 957082 ID: e4bf7c

With his attitude, i worry what might happen if he doesnt get the chef position. Not to mention the only other position is thief. Having a bad chef is better than having a professional thief.

Also, he does make good points, we cant get too comfortable here or it may brainwash us into staying.

Vote yeah
No. 957087 ID: d63ea8

I have a feeling that Rivrik has tanked the voting odds, but I feel that we should vote yes.

Again Rivrik is right, this is a prison, not a magical getaway. As it stands, we are playing along with Pink's game (albeit we might have ulterior motives) and I can get why Rivrik would see that as utter lunacy. Rivrik has been upfront and honest about everything he has done and what he stands for. Heck, he even openly admitted to poisoning someone in past and is still asking for the position. He has no reason to screw with any of us, and by at least showing support for him we might be able to earn his trust.

We should show that we are voting yes before the countdown fully runs out. This might be able to bring Garvin and Sioko on board and the Boliston seems to go with whoever displays some degree of authority.
No. 957100 ID: 12a79b

Vote yes because he is right about this being more like a prison. But honestly, we can't have him acting out this way if we are to cooperate. Here's what we should say.

"Alright Rivrik, i'm going to vote yes for you, but before I do we need to set some ground rules. As the chef you will allow free access to the kitchen for all who need food. Your job is to be the keeper of the kitchen knives. No one is allowed in the kitchen without you present to make their own meals. If they need one of the knives you give them one at a time, and never for longer than needed. Also, part of your job will be to safeguard the knives. They don't leave the kitchen as long as you are there and they stay there. The reason I want rules like this in place is because you're right that we shouldn't trust Pink and this is more like a prison. However, we can't have it be survival of the fittest, we need to have bonds and trust if we're to work this out."
No. 957115 ID: e51896

I do not think we will have enough time to say all that in the 10 second countdown, lol
It is probably best to just silently approve him, and not say anything as he might not be too happy with us telling him what to do, since he is already not happy with us being law enforcers. Just approving him and nothing else can keep that trust with him if we ever need his help with escaping, even if nobody else votes to approve him as chef.
No. 957152 ID: d63ea8

I agree that we should probably have a chat with Rivrik, but this is neither the time nor the place. If we confront him right now he is more likely to lash out at us like he did with Vivlly.

And as a way to rephrase perhaps:
"I hope you have a plan to keep people from sneaking into the kitchen and stealing your stuff. I'm not sure if I'll be much of a help if I'm having to chase down stray knives rather than looking for things that might be able to protect us."

This way, we can bring up the problem without directly ordering Rivrik about, and (hopefully) he understands that our objective is to find a better way out of this place.
No. 957214 ID: 2bd15b
File 158251033366.jpg - (7.16MB , 3508x3899 , Utopia 49.jpg )

No. 957220 ID: d63ea8

Ah, so these are the incentives that we are going to be working with.

Of the items here, I would say that there are to presiding themes, combat and survival gear. If someone were to get the winter coat, some of the snacks, and the flare gun, they might have a reasonable chance of surviving on the surface and maybe finding help. But if someone were to grab the other items like the pistol, gas grenade, and gas mask, they would be able to try and seize control of the group. It looks like Pink wants to test us in a prisoner's dilemma sort of situation. Everyone is going to rush to get items that could either harm others or ensure their own safety, and entirely miss out on the proper survival gear we're going to need when we leave this place. The group is already paranoid of one another and starting to fragment, we need to be able to counteract that.

Maybe try:
"Pink's trying to test us. He's putting in the weapons and protective gear as decoys so that we will all turn on each other. If we focus on each getting a winter coat and some of the other wilderness supplies we all could get out of here and look for help before the thirty days have passed. But if we get paranoid and start grabbing vests, guns and grenades we'll only be trapping ourselves in this place to continue Pink's experiment. We can beat Pink, all we need to do is stay focused on what we need to escape."
No. 957289 ID: e51896

I want to ask Glad and To Help these two questions: will new different prizes be revealed and available later as we continue to stay here for the two months, or are these the only prizes available during our two month stay? Also, if any of us wanted to, is it possible for one prisoner to give some of their points to another prisoner? it might be best to ask them these before we consider purchasing things left and right

Okay, we're not sure what Millie will be dealing with in this deranged prison, so it is hard to gauge which items are a must have down the line, but initial thoughts, there are some things I can think about regarding some of the items that caught my interest

The winter coat: When Garvin used the elevator and inspected outside, he saw an old house that was burned to the ground. If we want to investigate that burnt house for clues, it might be useful to get that coat. The only concern is that it is the second most expensive item here, but since the robots said that they come in the colors of our assigned uniforms, we can most likely hold off on getting that without worrying about it going out of stock.

The Key: I am assuming there is only one key at the prize center, and I'm not exactly sure where it fits in. It could be a key to a vehicle, or perhaps one of the doors on the map that leads nowhere. If there is only one key, we might need to consider it being one of the first things we get.

Gas Mask: another expensive item, and I'm not sure what the quantity of gas masks there are is. It might be one of the items we'll have to get sooner rather than later. But I think the gas mask might be useful if Pink wants to use that knockoutgas in the entire facility again like just like when Pink used it to knock out the other prisoners to bring to the assembly room.

Secret Prize Box: if there is one thing that video games have taught me, is that loot boxes are a scam. Probably not best to bother with it unless we have points to spare after the other

Detector: I'm not sure what exactly it detects, I feel this is one of those find out after you buy it kind of items.

Bullet Proof Vest: This is worrying, are we going to be in an environment where we need to protect ourselves from oncoming danger, or is it used for in case somebody buys a gun and we need it to protect ourselves from the gun owner? Depending on the situation, this might be either something to get either sooner, or later

the only other things of note is that there are items specifically used to help keep people awake (the coffee powder and energy drink). I'm wondering if there is going to be a moment that will require us to stay up late all night or something...
No. 957332 ID: d63ea8

Oh! Yes. Sorry, I meant "sixty" days not "thirty."
No. 957348 ID: 2bd15b
File 158268663187.jpg - (7.24MB , 3508x3975 , Utopia 50.jpg )

No. 957351 ID: d63ea8

((Sorry Millie, I'll try to have my facts in order next time))
The only question I can think of is one that could prevent this calamity.
"Would it be possible for the Lawmaker to make purchasing the Jericho 941 illegal, and therefore remove it from the prize corner?"
No. 957355 ID: e51896

yeah, best to behave ourself with the other prisoners so things don't go that route.

I would assume even if it was made illegal, the gun would still be up for sale, just illegal to use, which will mean it will make our job harder as Law enforcer if we had to arrest the person carrying the illegal firearm.

Luckily, the bullet proof vest is decently priced should it come to it.

What worries me is that it could be possible that these items could potentially get stolen, especially since one of the jobs was "thief". Perhaps one of those cat robots will prevent that?

I guess we should ask before we move on, how does exchanging points work in the prize room, who or what will be running the prize room? will it be Glad and/or To help at the concession, or will it be another robot, or does this act as a vending machine kind of deal?
No. 957419 ID: 6b7e4d

Ooooh, creeeeepy

I dont really have much to add, this situation is fucked up.
No. 957475 ID: 2bd15b
File 158284395388.jpg - (5.99MB , 3604x3473 , Utopia 51.jpg )

No. 957477 ID: d63ea8

((Morale could be better))
Let's stay silent for now. I have a feeling that Rivrik, Vivlly and/or Sioko are going to freak out and likely dominate the conversation.

Check the cans for labels, even in this wasteland we might be able to find something to get our bearings. Hopefully we can learn this information subtly while Pink is dealing with fallout of his question.
No. 957509 ID: 0b0cf9

Ask pink sarcastically if he/she got any sunblock lotion you all could borrow here outside
No. 957517 ID: e51896

Agreed, lets do some good ol' detective work, even the smallest clues like labels or crumbs inside a can could be big in the long run. Check inside the can too, and check the broken bottle

Also, from the remains of the bed, see if you can find a pillow and blanket to take and use as an extra pillow and blanket for your own bed back downstairs. Finders keeper, you saw it first. Maybe use the pillow case as a carrying case for the cans and bottle and other future items?
No. 957540 ID: 2bd15b
File 158293137368.jpg - (5.08MB , 3508x2697 , Utopia 52.jpg )

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