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File 156442566798.png - (329.08KB , 1558x1256 , ChunkQuest.png )
940811 No. 940811 ID: a451fc

WIKI: https://tgchan.org/wiki/ChunkQuest
DISCUSSION: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/130468.html
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No. 940813 ID: a451fc
File 156442579748.gif - (1.40MB , 738x672 , LoadGIf2.gif )

>Bug Fixes.
-Fixed an issue where MEDIUMS don’t drop after defeating enemies.
-Fixed bug where Greentext is not properly highlighted.
-Fixed a bug where dialogue stops after 200 Lines are spoken by different player.entities.
-Fixed an issue where MEDIUMS and INVENTORY are not properly tracked.
-Fixed a bug that allowed Yaldaboth to spawn on the Eclipse if a player.entity has crafted anything using Shelluk ingridients.
-Fixed a bug where the “Invalid Location” error message is shown when a player.entity attempts to enter the Red Glacier.

>Combat Updates
-Some polearm_weapon.entities now possess the [PUNCTURE] Weapon Trait.
-Some polearm_weapon.entities now possess the [WIDE SWEEP] Weapon Trait.
-[PINPOINT] only functions if a weapon that deals Piercing damage is equipped

>General Updates
-Removed heavenly_machina.entity
-Added etchanter.entity. See sprite_guide.entity for more details.
-Adjusted MEDIUM requirements for building structures and creating tools.
-Adjusted amount of MEDIUMS gained from harvesting resources.
-Improved Day/Night cycles
-Added weather conditions
No. 940815 ID: a451fc
File 156442633474.png - (230.69KB , 1558x1064 , Mountain Cabin Night.png )


Night falls. Everybody makes last preparations for the eclipse.

SPRITE: Alright boys, the eclipse will be upon us in the morning! It'd be best if you all rested until morning so you have enough energy to face the horrors of the black sun! 'Course if there's more you want to do at night by all means go ahead.
JORDY: I can work through the night if I need ta. Jus' say the word.
No. 940817 ID: eeb7d9

Ooookay, since there has been changes in our stars, i would like to see how they are now, and our equipment too
No. 940818 ID: 8d4593

Huh. Suddenly I feel Like we can use these ONYXs we've been holding onto.

Jordy... If you could sharpen the Mattock, the glaive, and the spear on the whetstone before you go to bed, that would be lovely.
No. 940821 ID: 91ee5f

>-Removed heavenly_machina.entity
Looks like we lost our opportunity to build that. I guess this means that we can’t see what it does anymore.

>-Added etchanter.entity. See sprite_guide.entity for more details.
Let’s look in Sprite’s book to see what that is.

I’ve been thinking. Just because the eclipse is tomorrow, that doesn’t mean that we have to stay inside all day. We can still go outside and do things. We just have to make sure we’re careful and we don’t split up.
No. 940822 ID: 977456

Just gaze into Jordy's face. It should put you to sleep in no time!
No. 940825 ID: 094652

Carve out a sniping perch in the cliff, and craft a bow.
No. 940827 ID: 44b1b5

Sleep tight guys. Think of what you want to talk about tomorrow. You're going to have plenty of time to discuss plans and maybe get to know each other better.

Jordy, keep watch and sleep in the morning so's Arrayan and Vermillion can take over the watch, then keep watch the following night. If someone needs our help, we don't want to miss it.

(Sounds like the wondrous machine got replaced with something likely similar. Sprite, you know anything about this?)
No. 940828 ID: ad51b8

only thing I can think of is making a reinforced door for the cave behind our base as a fallback point incase things really go to hell.
No. 940919 ID: a451fc
File 156449771727.png - (408.00KB , 1558x1064 , Arrayaninhammockwsprite.png )

>Jordy: Sharpen tools and weaponry
Jordy gets to work sharpening the Mattock, Iron Spear, and Mantis Glaive. All three tools regain some sharpness and durability.

ARRAYAN: Hey Sprite? What kind of stuff will we be able to make with the HEAVENLY MACHINA?
SPRITE: ...The what?
ARRAYAN: The thing you said we needed gold for? You said I could make stuff using it?
SPRITE: You mean the Etchanter?
ARRAYAN: No! You talked to me about some weird machine you called the Heavenly Machina! You said I need onyx and gold and junk to make it?
SPRITE: No you need that stuff for The Etchanter! I've explained that to you before. The Etchanter is supposed to be able to etch runes into objects to enchant them with magical properties!
ARRAYAN: No no that's not what you said once! I mean that's really cool and I look forward to doing it but you seriously told me a bunch of different stuff.
SPRITE: Arrayan that's exactly what I said word for word. I don't understand where you're getting this Heavenly whats-it junk from.
ARRAYAN: Whatever...Hey remind me, what do I need for the Heaven- I mean Etch-enchanter?
SPRITE: The important components that the Etchanter requires are [x10] ONYX, [x5] GOLD, [x1] MOONSTONE [x15] IRON, [x200] STONE, and [x150] WOOD.
ARRAYAN: So now I need Iron and a moonstone?
SPRITE: You always needed those Ar.
No. 940920 ID: a451fc
File 156449775004.png - (74.86KB , 836x554 , inventorybox.png )

>Check Equipment changes
Mantis Glaive: A glaive made from the claw of a Godless Mantis. [FG + 3] [DMG = 2 Piercing/Slashing] [DUR = MED] [WGT = 2]
Wide Sweeps: Attacks from this weapon can hit one other target next to it's main target.

Iron Spear: A well made Iron spear. [FG + 3] [DMG = 3 Piercing/Slashing] [DUR = FULL] [WGT = 2]
Puncture: Attacks from this weapon can hit one other target behind it's main target.
No. 940921 ID: a451fc
File 156449817439.png - (450.77KB , 1407x1064 , BlackSunRising.png )


In the morning a change can be felt in the air, almost like a presence is looming over the fields and mountains. A dark eye peers down over the chunk of land as if a titanic being is peeking into our realm of existence and it's hateful gaze sours all that it surveys.

The eclipse has begun.

SPRITE: Whelp...There it is.
VERMILION: What? The eclipse begins right away? That is not how an eclipse works! I was under the assumption that it would be a brief period of time where we would be in danger. Not to mention, this just feels too intense to be a normal eclipse. Almost malicious.
SPRITE: Of course it's not normal, that's why I wanted to make sure we were ready. Anyway, now that we have the black sun beating down on our heads do we want to attempt to fight some of the baddies roaming? Or stay put until we feel ready?
No. 940922 ID: ad51b8

so does this thing last all day or multiple days?

I figure we should probably take a quick trip outside to get a good idea on the things we'll be facing then decide after if we want to press on our go back inside to hide and lick our wounds.
No. 940924 ID: eeb7d9

Let's not expose ourselves to unnecessary danger.
No. 940925 ID: 8d4593

I think we should be Proactive. Gear up, go outside, check our traps, and then survey the immediate area. Move as a unit and don't split up.
No. 940949 ID: b1b4f3

Yeah we just got a whole bunch of equipment upgrades, let's try taking one down. See what it drops.
No. 940977 ID: b99069

Go outside and check the bear trap. If you caught one of the night monsters in it and it's still alive, kill it. It should be weakened and easier to kill.

If you guys can't kill one that's stuck in a bear trap, that'll tell you how dangerous they are and everyone should run back to base.
No. 940988 ID: 977456

Have some brekky, do some stretches, check if your impending ominous doom sense is tingling... then head out.
No. 940993 ID: 91ee5f

Might as well go out and look for a fight.

If any of them chase you back to base, hopefully they’ll fall in the pitfall traps and die on the spikes.
No. 941062 ID: 44b1b5

Let's not test it. There will be future Eclipses where we'll be more badass. We can push our luck then. We have the supplies necessary to hunker down, let's hunker down. This could be an excellent opportunity to break the ice and get to know each other better.
No. 941170 ID: a451fc
File 156469983050.png - (331.25KB , 1039x788 , CorpseBagStuck.png )

>Everyone: Prepare and look for trouble
Everybody eats a batch of fruit and disembarks from the safety of the Grotto to find trouble. They don't have to travel far however, as immediately outside in one of the trap pits one of the night creatures has been caught. The creature hasn't died from the trap but it has been injured and it is stuck in a disadvantageous position as it scrambles to attempt to escape the spike pit. It's bloody sinew legs barely keep it from being completely skewered. One might feel bad for the creature if not for the awful ungodly noises the beast makes, gurgling and squelching noises fill the air with each move it makes.

SPRITE: That's a Nargandr! They're what you get when you bury a corpse the wrong way round.
VERMILION: Yes, it was believed that burying a corpse vertically with the head pointed skyward opened to being possessed by malicious spirits.
ARRAYAN: Why go through the extra work of burying them the wrong way? Who'd do that?
VERMILION: It was meant to delay the corpses entrance into their version of the after-life until it was buried properly. I'd suspect one would do it to ensure a particularly hated foe had a bad time even after death, a bit petty if you ask me.
ARRAYAN: Yeah only a bit.

It looks like the Nargandr's been in the pit for at least half of the night before. It doesn't look like there's any real risk of it getting out, but if anyone gets too close they'll definitely be under threat of attack.
No. 941172 ID: b1b4f3

Alright Arrayan, go poke it with a stick.
No. 941174 ID: a9af05

Go knock its legs out from under it so it falls all the way into the spike pit.
No. 941182 ID: 8d4593

Arrayan, Switch out the Spear for the Glaive and use [Pinpoint] with [Wide Sweep] on the three legs holding one side of the pit.

Gravity will do the rest.
No. 941185 ID: 977456

Noise marines: Fasten amore! Deploy the sonnet blasters! Woo unto those who oppose us! try talking to it
No. 941188 ID: a451fc
File 156470773142.png - (336.26KB , 1558x1064 , getinthehole.png )

>Arrayan: Try talking to it
Arrayan strikes up friendly conversation with the monster. They chat about the weather, state of the world, and general on-goings in one another's life. Oh wait no they didn't, because it's an awful corpse spider that needs to die.

>Arrayan: Knock it down
Arrayan carefully approaches the trapped Nargandr, spear in tow and hits the legs away from the sides of the hole. The sounds the bagged creature makes when being attacked is awful, like the loud grinding of teeth over the top of gas hissing. It's not easy to do either, despite being trapped the Nargandr still puts up a fight. It manages to scratch Arrayan and take off 1 [PB] from him. Still with gravity working against it the monster falls and is impaled by the wooden spikes at the bottom of the pit. It writhes and thrashes for a bit before finally dying, all of it's struggling breaks the spikes.
No. 941189 ID: a451fc
File 156470777487.png - (271.73KB , 1330x1010 , corpseloot.png )

Sprite hovers to the bottom to collect what she can. The body of the Nargandr has melted into a bloody slurry leaving only a couple of things behind. It seems the corpse of the Nargandr had some jewelry on it that got left behind. Golden teeth, bracelets, and rings are all floating in the pool of blood. Sprite picks up the gold baubles, but they're so small that it all barely adds up to [x1] Unit of gold. Aside from the gold there are also some odd crystals made out of the coagulated blood. Sprite picks up all [x8] of the Bloodrock.

SPRITE: Well not a bad start to a day! Got a gross bloody taste in my mouth so that sucks but small sacrifices. We still got a lot of eclipse ahead of us though.
No. 941190 ID: eeb7d9

Take a look at the other traps, if you find nothing, keep exploring the surroundings of the base.
No. 941191 ID: 8d4593

We Still got some cloth from those hanging tapestries?
Clean that wound with some fresh water and bandage it.
No. 941192 ID: a9af05

Hey, Ar, you want to try wearing those rings or bracelets?

>What do?
Let's go check the bear trap and see if we caught anything there.
No. 941193 ID: 977456

Try smelting some gold and iron with the blood of a virgin(Arrayan's will do) under an eclipse to make girdiron!
No. 941196 ID: 8d4593

A dunno. Even if he doesn't remember it, I'd be willing to bet Arrayan was a pussy magnet is his previous life.

Take Jordy's blood, he's the definite virgin.
No. 941198 ID: b1b4f3

Check the other spike traps, then I think we should just start wandering around in previously safe areas like the lake (we could even see what's beyond the lake). Do not approach the forest.
No. 941208 ID: 58b4f3

You need to practice being a dragon to prepare you for when you turn into a dragon. Wear all the gold! Except for the teeth.
No. 941214 ID: 91ee5f

>Let's go check the bear trap and see if we caught anything there.
Do this.
No. 941217 ID: 864e49

Arrayan help Sprite get a different taste in her mouth.
No. 941234 ID: 44b1b5

Needless to say that the moment you see any nasties that aren't trapped, you high-tail it out of there. You can check the other traps, maybe give the poor thing you re-killed a proper burial if you think you can afford to spend the added time out there, but then you should go immediately back inside. Leaving the current subzone is a definite no.
No. 941254 ID: a451fc
File 156479949588.png - (222.98KB , 1516x900 , Ohhhh~GLITTERINGPRIZES!!!.png )

>Smelt gold, iron, and virgin's blood under an eclipse to make girdiron.
How would any of that make "gird iron"? Nobody really wants to risk ruining the gold to maybe get a small amount of a hypothetical alloy.

>Hey, Ar, you want to try wearing those rings or bracelets?
He certainly does. Having gold, no matter how small the amount feels nice! Certainly makes him crave getting more loot in the future.

>Check forest bear trap
The bear trap is open, but traces of blood line it's teeth and a sanguine pool lies beneath it.A couple of bloodrocks float around in the red puddles. Sprite collects the [x2] Bloodrocks

>Arrayan help Sprite get a different taste in her mouth.
Arrayan shoves a clump of dirt in Sprites mouth. It doesn't help.
No. 941255 ID: a451fc
File 156479950424.png - (229.11KB , 1171x970 , Undine.png )

>Explore the lake
The group moves carefully towards the pond. At first everything seems pretty normal around the small watering hole, but pretty soon that changes. The water springs up from the pond and floats in the air, the shape wavers back and forward in front of the group almost staring at them. Although it seems wary of the troupe, it isn't immediately hostile.

SPRITE: I...didn't know the eclipse did this...but I also didn't now the eclipse was a thing until three days ago.
JORDY: Undine.
JORDY: 's what that thing is. An Undine.
ARRAYAN: You know anything else about it?
JORDY: ...'s made of water?
No. 941256 ID: b1b4f3

Say hello?
No. 941257 ID: a9af05

I guess the bear trap killed something and the body just melted, like the last monster.

>Although it seems wary of the troupe, it isn't immediately hostile.
Anything that isn't immediately hostile can potentially be helpful.

Try talking to it.
No. 941258 ID: 977456

No. 941259 ID: 8d4593

Hello Watery one!
Do you recognize Verm here? He's been hanging out around here the past few days.
No. 941262 ID: 58b4f3

How do you feel? Do you feel a little like a dragon, now that you're wearing gold?

Attempt communication.
No. 941271 ID: 91ee5f

Looking cool, Joker Arrayan!

If it’s not going to attack, then maybe it’ll be willing to talk?
No. 941273 ID: 7fb87a

So.. something got caught in the trap, but then got free. why leave it reset though?
No. 941275 ID: 864e49

>Certainly makes him crave getting more loot in the future.

>Arrayan shoves a clump of dirt in Sprites mouth. It doesn't help.
I was thinking more like a piece of fruit but I guess she can't say we didn't try.

>bear trap killed something
But then it wouldn't be open.

Ask if it knows of the magical fish. Also ask if it wants to bone Vermilion.
No. 941278 ID: eeb7d9

Ar, you look beautiful, it matches your eyes.

Well, might as well try to communicate with it. But be on guard.
No. 941284 ID: 864e49

Hey Ar what if one ring on each middle finger and bracelet on tail?
No. 941290 ID: a451fc
File 156487488026.png - (164.53KB , 1257x1064 , Undine2.png )

>Attempt communication
Vermilion hesitantly tries to converse with the undine

VERMILION: Umm...Greetings? Me and my comrades mean no harm to you.

>Does the undine recognize Vermilion?
It might, it seems to be the most focused on him. The waters from the pond rise and envelop Vermilion in a bubble, before dragging him down into the waters and out of the groups sight. Afterwards the undine retreats into the water.


Arrayan dives into the pond to find nothing, no Vermilion.
No. 941291 ID: a451fc
File 156487489119.png - (303.70KB , 1833x1289 , Crashedship.png )

Despite being pulled into the small body of water Vermilion is ,for the most part, fine. A little water may have gotten in his nose but that's the most for his injuries. After getting his bearings Vermilion surveys his new surroundings, from the look of it he's somehow landed in a cavern. There's no obvious entrance that he fell through.

VERMILION: What in the world? Comrade Arrayan? Jordy? Sprite!?

Vermilion looks around more, immediately behind him there's the wreck of what looks like a large sea vessel.
No. 941292 ID: 8d4593

Oh... Kay...
You probably didn't fall into the cavern, more likely you were brought down and then Up Into it.

The entrance is likely deep, and hidden in the dark. I don't doubt that Arrayan will eventually find this place with his skills, but it could take a considerable amount of time.

You need to find a pool of water, that'll probably be your way out. That wreck looks pretty tall, climb up on it and take a look around.
No. 941293 ID: 91ee5f

Quick, check your inventory! Do you still have everything you were carrying?

You should probably go check out that ship to see what’s over there.
No. 941295 ID: 977456

You may as well explore while you are here, but don't set off without proper preparation! Check that you are uninjured and that your equipment is in order. Optimise your physicality: ensure that you are not hungry or experiencing digestive distress that could be distracting. Hydration! Fill your waterskins and... lap a drink out of the nearest pool... . Review the local landscape for stability and hazardous surfaces, then onwards! To the ship!
No. 941296 ID: b1b4f3

Welp, time to explore. Just keep an eye out, there might be something else down here.
No. 941316 ID: 864e49

Oh No the undine has brought you to her fuck lair!

New Base?

Also Verm equipment? How fucked are you? Will you be able to fight against the kind of eclipse monsters that could be down here or would it be better to run and hide?
And I'm not gonna forget >>941284
No. 941318 ID: a9af05

Make sure you still have all of your things, then go check out that ship.
No. 941328 ID: eeb7d9

Exploration time! Let's see if we find something useful in this place, or a way out, preferably.

Say Ver, what do you think about your companions? What are your thoughts on them?
Do you think that jewelry looks good on Arrayan?
No. 941332 ID: 91ee5f

Vermilion, ask yourself why only you were taken. Then think back to when Sprite said both you and Arrayan are cute. Suddenly realize that you were taken because you were the cutest out of your group. Who knew your good looks would get you into so much trouble?

Or maybe the Undine just really liked the color of your scales?
No. 941363 ID: a451fc
File 156496442518.png - (299.18KB , 1442x1064 , CrashedShip2.png )

>Vermilion: Check inventory
Throwing Knives [x7]
Shelluk Buckler
Mantis Knife
Potions Pouch (Frailty Draft, Blaze Decoction, Purple Moss Poultice)

Everything's in order.

>Oh No the undine has brought you to her fuck lair!
Vermilion sure fucking hopes that's not what this place is.

>Check out ship
Vermilion slithers towards the ship, it's been torn into bits. one part is completely flipped onto it's side and the other is still right side up. Vermilion examines the standing half first. Inside everything is a complete mess, holes open up in the side of the hull and debris is strewn across the floor. Near the back of the ships interior there's a desk with some notes and a bag full of glass vials and bottles, most are shattered, but two are still usable. As for the notes and papers, most of them are illegible, but one can be made out...

The odds of us finding this so called "giga chunk" is already so monumentally low, but the fact that we also need to find an even rarer substance on one of the many parts of it is even worse. The crews beginning to lose moral and I'm worried the captain will be in trouble if there's a mutiny, even worse if these idiots some how become in charge of this boat. I still can't shake the feeling we're heading for our doom, Honestly even if we do make it, how are we supposed to find dragons's blood anywhere? Even if Captain says he has a map to where we need to go in his quarters, I still feel like we're lost. I guess a mutiny doesn't matter one way or another. Hopefully they get rid of these terrible paintings if they do tear this boat apart, captains obsessed with these dumb things
No. 941391 ID: 91ee5f

>dragons's blood
That sounds like one of the ingredients Arrayan needs so that he can become a dragon!

>map to dragon’s blood in Captain’s quarters
Let’s go look for that map.

I wonder what the big deal is about those paintings?
No. 941392 ID: 8d4593

Take all. Even the illegible notes. You may be able to chemically restore them if you get your hands on some citrus.

Hunt for the Captain's quarters, and keep your eyes peeled for paintings and rusted objects, as they could potentially be smelted or restored.
No. 941393 ID: b1b4f3

Aw shit son it's time to find the captain's quarters!
Also yeah take everything but the shattered vials. Broken glass is about as useful as sand, and we have enough of that. Also glass shards are hard to carry.
No. 941437 ID: eeb7d9

A fucking map? Hell yeah, lets go look for that! What are the odds of that? It would seem that the dragon blood and the Chunk are more common knowledge than i thought.
No. 941442 ID: ad51b8

I guess keep your eye out for paintings though I do have to wonder why you were taken here?
No. 941485 ID: a451fc
File 156504922827.png - (400.76KB , 1558x1064 , Boatmap.png )

>Take all. Even the illegible notes
All is taken

>Look for captains quarters
Vermilion looks around the debris of the ship wreck. There are three pieces of the wreckage he can search.

Vermilion is currently located in the Right-side Up portion of the wreck. Inside there's two doors, both of which lead to the next room over.

Next to the Right-side Up portion is the Tipped Over portion of the wreck. He avoided that one at first because of how unstable it seemed.

Behind both is the Back End portion of the wreck. It's smaller, but there's still probably something in there.

The bits of the ship don't seem to be the entire thing. The Right-side Up and Tipped Over portions seem to stack on top of each other. There might be more bits of the ship around the cavern but for now Vermilion should focus on what's immediately around him.
No. 941488 ID: b1b4f3

Captain's quarters are generally on the top floor of the ship, at the front. I'm not sure what the front is here...
Let's just check what's immediately nearby and open one of those two doors (the left one)
No. 941491 ID: ad51b8

might as well start with the two doors closest to you then head to the back end part next as those will probably the most likely spot to find the captain's room.
No. 941495 ID: 8d4593

This kinda looks like two different ships...
There should be at least one more section... somewhere...

Into the doors nearby!
Do the small section after that.
The large tipped section is going to be an annoying mess to navigate. Save it for last.
No. 941496 ID: 91ee5f

Check the doors closest to you.
No. 941584 ID: a451fc
File 156511074452.png - (346.90KB , 1558x1064 , AlchemistsStation.png )

>Explore the next room
Vermilion enters the next room over. Inside there are knocked over shelves and destroyed tables. Pots and Barrels are broken on the floor spilling what look like herbs and plants onto the floor, all of which are rotten and useless. Only a few pieces of decor are still somewhat intact at the side of the room.

There's a table with three drawers and two shelves, one looks like it held books and the other bottles and vessels. The shelves seem to have metal grates on the that can be open and closed so the contents of them don't spill out while the ship's rocking. Unfortunately they all seem to have been opened when the crash happened. Only one is still shut, but it's been locked with a small copper lock. There's a pinkish book behind it.

On the table there are a few glass vessels, a little dusty but still intact, and an odd contraption. It's too heavy to pick up, turning it on causes the mechanisms inside to turn and move with great force, it looks like it's used to crush things down. Vermilion can tell that this room was once used by an alchemist.

VERMILION: It's sad to see a lab so brutalized by time.

There's a painting above the table
No. 941587 ID: 4294c6

Check the drawers in the table.
No. 941588 ID: 91ee5f

Check those drawers.

>Only one is still shut, but it's been locked with a small copper lock. There's a pinkish book behind it.
That seems important. Hopefully we can find the key somewhere. Or, if we need to, we can use this station to make an acid to melt the lock off.

Oh wait, we don’t have any ingredients. Maybe we’ll be able to find some around here?

Could this be one of the paintings the captain was obsessed with? Let’s look at it to see what all the fuss was about.
No. 941589 ID: b1b4f3

Are any of those other books any good?
No. 941596 ID: e9b815

The grating might be metal, but it’s still set in a wooden shelf. Carve out the hinges or the lock to get it open.
Although actually, how does that lock even keep it closed? The grates swing downward and the lock is on the bottom right corner so it should still open fine. It looks more like the lock was meant for the one second highest grate and it was unlocked during the crash.
And check the other brown books.
No. 941611 ID: a9af05

Good point. We might be able to open the cage and get that pink book without needing to look for a key!
No. 941614 ID: eeb7d9

All right, this sounds good. If you can't, take a look w¡on what is on the table.
No. 941631 ID: 8d4593

Books and papers. Take anything that looks interesting.
Break down the broken glass in the machine. Store in a pouch or a vial.
Can you take the flasks?
Maybe hang them from yourself with something?
No. 941635 ID: a451fc
File 156513478948.png - (158.83KB , 992x1064 , book.png )

>Carve out the hinges or the lock to get it open.
Snakes don't play by the rules. Vermilion takes a throwing knife and begins to cut out the wood holding the hinge in. Despite being old it still isn't easy, cutting through the shelf breaks [x2] throwing knives but get's it open.

The pink book is mostly illegible, few parts however can be read.

Vermilion learned the recipe for Caustic Mix!
-Ingredients: [x50] Slime, [x50] Water, [x25] Sulfur
1.) Create filter with a layer of [x50] Gravel and a layer of [x100] Wood Ash
2.) Mix Slime and Water.
3.) Pour Slime/Water mixture into wood ash/ gravel filter and collect the result
4.) Mix in crushed sulfur and let sit

Caustic Mix - When thrown deals 3 damage and creates a Weak Spot, only works on living tissue

There's a second recipe that's still legible but the name isn't, it calls for iron oxide, aluminum powder, and requires a strip of magnesium to work. Vermilion's never seen a recipe like this one before

>Other books
One book is a hand written journal titled Taming a Water Spirit that's got torn out pages, runny ink, and water damage. It's unreadable. The second one is a journal with a few entries still legible.

Draco Sanguis, AKA Dragons Blood. A fairy tale to most, but soon I'll prove it to be a reality, along with other possible discoveries if this goes how plan it. The captain of this ship is insane, the only one willing to go through with this voyage, I had to spin him some tall tale about how he'd grow dragons wings if he drank dragon's blood. ON it's own it wouldn't work but he doesn't need to know that. I only hope it'll be a sufficient ingredient to cure-

It ends there.
No. 941636 ID: a451fc
File 156513479623.png - (880.20KB , 1212x826 , Fishing Town Painting.png )

>Check painting
It seems like nothing special.

>Break down the broken glass in the machine. Store in a pouch or a vial.
Vermilion does this, he now has a vial full of crushed glass and proof the machine still works.
No. 941638 ID: b1b4f3


>iron oxide, aluminum powder
Sounds like thermite. We'll have to make Vermillion test it away from the base so we don't burn anything important.
Also it seems the dragons blood has another use, interesting... and the undine is tame. If only that journal were intact, we could recruit it. Or maybe it has some way of communicating already?

Let's head towards the small section next. How finely did the glass get crushed? Is it basically sand now?
No. 941641 ID: eeb7d9

What a nice place that was. What ever that place was.
No. 941646 ID: a9af05

Might as well keep all these notes.

That's interesting. The painting had the numbers "001" on it. That might be important.
No. 941647 ID: 8d4593

Make a note.
Fishing Village - 776 314 001

That feel when you have an extremely similar painting hanging on the wall behind you in real life.

> iron oxide, aluminum powder, and requires a strip of magnesium
That sounds like an explosive.

Take all the written stuff. You might be able to Restore the pink book and the relevant dragon blood journal a later time. At the very least it's paper. The Water Spirit Journal might hold Value to the creature that brought you here.
No. 941648 ID: 8d4593

Fishing Village - 776 314 141 001
No. 941650 ID: a9af05

I didn't see those other numbers! Good eye!
No. 941653 ID: 977456

Second red roof from the left, just next to 776. Right at the bottom of that house's middle edge, is that 411?

But grab those books definitely. Ar will want the dragon book and that "taming" book might be familiar to the water spirit that took you here.
No. 941656 ID: 8d4593

Nah, The Red Roof, The Ledge behind the bridge, The lighthouse, and the yellow wall are all very deliberate.
The supposed 411 looks more like just another detail.
No. 941659 ID: 91ee5f

Take all the books with you.

>Vermilion does this, he now has a vial full of crushed glass and proof the machine still works.
Wow, this machine would help you do alchemy with much more efficiency than just crushing things by hand! Too bad it’s too big for you to bring with you. Maybe if you can find an instruction manual on how to build one, you can make your own when you get back to the base?

Let’s head to the Back End section of the ship.

>Is it basically sand now?
Even better! Now it’s Pocket Sand! We can throw it into an enemy’s eyes for temporary blindness!

Why do you have a painting with numbers hidden in it behind you in real life?
No. 941668 ID: a451fc
File 156515096850.png - (429.56KB , 1558x1406 , Locked Door.png )

>Head to Back End portion of the wreckage
Vermilion crawls out of the boats upright portion and heads for the back end segment. The back end is surprisingly intact, no holes in the sides and no weak bits to break through. It was designed to be sturdy. The only way in is a reinforced door secured by a giant padlock, Vermilion looks for a key hole, but realizes that the locks' been dented and warped around the key opening, there's no way a key could fit in anymore.
No. 941670 ID: 91ee5f

Can the sides be twisted?

Otherwise, we’d have no choice but to head to the unstable Tipped Over section and hope we find something there.
No. 941672 ID: b1b4f3

Thermite would take that sucker off, that's for sure. I wonder if we're going to have to come back here again later?

Unless there's something else we can mess with on this lock we're off to the tipped over section. ...I suppose there are screws on it, and on the door, but I don't think we have anything sturdy enough to handle them.
No. 941676 ID: 91ee5f

>Thermite would take that sucker off, that's for sure. I wonder if we're going to have to come back here again later?
You think maybe we’ll find the ingredients for it in the tipped over section? The only reason I can think of the instructions to make it being on the ship is because the ingredients to make it are also on the ship.

>screws ain’t coming off
Not unless we’re willing to sacrifice more throwing knives. Which, I don’t think we should do.
No. 941687 ID: 8d4593

Check the other side of the pad lock.
No. 941712 ID: a451fc
File 156520854029.png - (453.81KB , 2140x1341 , cupboards.png )

>Can the sides be twisted?
No, this lock's stood the test of time.

>Check the other side of the pad lock.
It's as flat as the front side...no wait somethings carved into that side. The numbers (7-9-1) are etched into the back of the lock.

>Head to the tipped over section
Vermilion heads over to the final section of the wreckage. The first bit of the tipped over portion is in complete disarray, almost nothing's intact. Cracked open barrels of spoiled food spread a putrid stink over the wooden husk of a ship and flatware forks, trays, and bean cans are strewn out over the floor from a fallen cupboard. From the looks of the ruin it seems like this section of the ship used to be part of a kitchen.

Two doors lead into the room over, Vermilion listens closely and he's sure he can hear something that sounds like slow, ragged breathing.
No. 941713 ID: 8d4593

>putrid stink
Someone had to open those relatively recently for them to be in such early stages of decomposition!

That breathing... could be a survivor!
No. 941714 ID: b1b4f3

Sneak up and see if you can find what's making that noise, without alerting it first. If it's a survivor then I suppose we'll be rescuing them.
No. 941725 ID: a9af05

Quietly sneak over and try to peek through the door to see what's on the other side.
No. 941728 ID: a451fc
File 156521784885.png - (353.51KB , 1558x1064 , creature.png )

>Vermilion: Investigate
Vermilion quietly slithers towards the doors and does his best to open them quietly. He peeks through the crack into the next room. Much like the kitchen portion a lot of it is in ruin, with debris and shards of wood everywhere. Immediately in front of the door is what looks like a rusted cage holding a hunched over figure, the source of the breathing sound. The top of the cage, what used to be it's side, is wide open. There's a giant hole directly above the cage, water drips in occasionally.

In front of the cage, slightly off to the side is another book.

The creature seems oblivious to Vermilion's presence...
No. 941741 ID: a9af05

This thing is clearly capable of leaving whenever it wants and doesn't need our help. In fact, the bars are bent outwards, meaning this creature was the one that made the hole in the cage. And if it was put in the cage, then there's a very good chance that it's not friendly.

Verm, quietly slither in there to grab that book, it might be important!

Luckily, Verm doesn't have any feet, so he doesn't have to worry about making loud footsteps.
No. 941744 ID: b1b4f3

That... looks like it might be some kind of blood elemental. Also looks draconic. Is this the dragon's blood?
Get your Frailty potion ready then say hello. If it's hostile you can debuff it as your opening attack.
No. 941764 ID: a451fc
File 156522889701.png - (129.25KB , 958x884 , Journal.png )

>Vermilion: Quietly slither in and grab that book.
Vermilion slinks through the door as quietly as he can and grabs the book, a lot more of it's legible than most of the other books he's found so far. Apparently, it belonged to the same person who wrote the Taming a Water Spirit book and who used the disheveled lab. As Vermilion flips through the pages the creature in the bars takes notice of his presence, it's low breaths turning to deep growls...
No. 941766 ID: a451fc
File 156522893444.png - (388.30KB , 1283x986 , creature2.png )

The thing attempts to move from it's prison, but can't. It's legs seemed to dissolved into the bars of it's cage? Vermilion can see from a safe distance that the monster's body ends in a patch of rust where it's legs should be. The whole creature is what looks to be living rust. It continues to reach out and try to attack Vermilion. Vermilion takes the time to look for an entry in the journal to explain what the thing is.

Vitae Rubigo AKA Living Rust. A blight that's plagued (Illegible) for only a few years now, but has spread quickly. Whatever germ causes this sickness latches onto the iron in the body and somehow causes large deposits of a rust like substance to grow in the blood stream. Once it spreads to the brain all sense is absorbed and the victim is left a mindless husk of their former self. So far nothing seems to be able to halt or slow this diseases spread, It doesn't seem to spread via the rust itself, nor can any vaccine be created from an infected individuals blood or from the rust. My only hope is this mythical dragon's blood can be of use, to make it to the legendary chunk, find the blood, and make it home safe will prove to be quite the challenge, but I must see it through...
No. 941767 ID: b1b4f3

Oh god get away from that thing, it's diseased and you really do not want to catch the same disease.

Time to search the previous room a bit more I suppose. After that... have we covered the immediate area? Maybe check around the sides of the locked part of the ship, there could be a hole to bypass the door.
No. 941768 ID: 8d4593

Poor thing. We should make a note of this thing.
Perhaps if we come across a blue blooded compatriot in our travels, we can end it's suffering properly.

If there is nothing else here, leave and collect what metal cooking and eating utensils you can from the other room.

Time to search for the missing section, and perhaps a way out.
No. 941774 ID: 1c55a8

Ok time to leave this room and lock the door behind you.
No. 941776 ID: 977456

So they were looking for a miracle-cure because medicinal cures failed. I wonder if they ever tried a chemical cure? What could counter-act rust?
No. 941777 ID: a451fc
File 156523266924.png - (196.16KB , 958x884 , Journalwmetalstrip.png )

>Get away from that thing, it's diseased
The journal did say the rust wasn't contagious, but it's still best Vermilion keeps his distance. He makes sure to take the journal with him and turns through a few more of the pages, as he does something falls out of it. It's a ribbon of metal? Vermilion keeps it stored in the book for safe keeping.
No. 941778 ID: a451fc
File 156523267452.png - (209.52KB , 1033x674 , Aluminumware.png )

>Leave and collect what metal cooking and eating utensils you can from the other room.
Vermilion goes back to the kitchen and collects the cooking utensils. The trays, the mugs, the forks are all taken. Upon closer inspection they look like they're made of a thin metal. All of the utensils are Aluminum, a little corroded but no rust.
No. 941779 ID: a451fc
File 156523267983.png - (401.81KB , 1558x1064 , Boatmap2.png )

>Maybe check around the sides of the locked part of the ship
After slithering around the back end, Vermilion finds absolutely no opening. It's shut off completely aside from the locked front door.

>Time to search for the missing section
Vermilion ventures from the wreckage, but finds not much else but chunks of useless wood and scattered pointless knick-knacks. More importantly there's no obvious exit.
No. 941782 ID: b1b4f3

Ah, then we have aluminum, what looks like a magnesium strip... and a monster made out of rust. I guess we gotta either kill the monster outright, or take a sample.
No. 941787 ID: a9af05

Looks like we need to grab some rust and put it in a glass vial.

Then we combine it with the aluminum and magnesium strip to create the Thermite. Then we apply that to the lock and we'll be able to open the door.
No. 941795 ID: 91ee5f

>The journal did say the rust wasn't contagious
True, but just in case, don’t let yourself get cut. If it’s some kind of germ that latches onto the iron in your blood, the best way to reduce the chances of catching this germ is to not let the rust enter your blood through a cut!
No. 941796 ID: 8d4593

Ah. I understand.
We have everything we need to get into that pad lock except hot fire.

Crush the aluminium in the machine and put it in a pouch.
While your there inspect the small pad lock on the side of the left book case that you overlooked last time.

If you are sure it isn't contagious, do you have any way of killing or subduing it?
See if you can sharpen a loose board or affix a knife or some shattered glass to one somehow.
Unless you think you can take down the creature just by throwing things at it.
No. 941822 ID: 864e49

Did you keep the two broken knives?

>Can the sides be twisted?
>No, this lock's stood the test of time.
I think he meant can the two dial looking things on the side be turned.

Looks a bit like Jordy except, you know, not at all.
This was probably the guy the captain was trying to save. Or this is the captain and whoever he was trying to save is what busted out of the cage.

Now how do we get enough rust safely from this thing? Short of tying a can to the end of a long sturdy plank and just scraping it against the thing I got nothing.
No. 941826 ID: 91ee5f

>I think he meant can the two dial looking things on the side be turned.
Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.
No. 941838 ID: a451fc
File 156528458945.png - (348.68KB , 1558x1064 , creature3.png )

>I think he meant can the two dial looking things on the side be turned.
Oh, no those are tightly wedged still.

>Did you keep the two broken knives?
Yes, Vermilion kept a hold on the broken knives.

>Do you have any way of killing or subduing it?
Vermilion is still in possession of his throwing knives and mantis knife, but he isn't sure if he's strong enough to kill the thing.

>Tying a can to the end of a long sturdy plank and just scraping it against the thing.
Vermilion takes the time to construct a long scooper thingy and tries to use it to collect rust from the monster. Unfortunately the creature despite being immobile is still very strong and aggressive. As soon as the tip of the scoop get's close enough to it he swats it away and breaks the plank the can was attached to. It doesn't look like Vermilion can get anything from the monster if it's still moving.

The ships wreckage is silent, the ragged breaths and half growls of the rust monster are punctuated by the dripping of water.
No. 941839 ID: 91ee5f

>despite being immobile is still very strong and aggressive.
Maybe you can get some rust off the cage instead of the monster? Wait, that might not be enough.

We’d better be careful on how much we agitate this thing. We’re in an unstable section of the ship and this thing might make it tip over!

>The ships wreckage is silent, the ragged breaths and half growls of the rust monster are punctuated by the dripping of water.
Dripping water? That wasn’t there before! Do you think maybe the undine has come back?

Too bad that Taming a Water Spirit book is unreadable. It would’ve been nice to be able to tame the undine and get it to take you back to Arrayan and Jordy.
No. 941841 ID: b1b4f3

Wait, maybe we can make the monster seize up by splashing water on it? Get a container, fill with water, dump on monster, etc.
No. 941842 ID: 8d4593

Wait... We still have the Shelluk Buckler!
And the Rust monster is wet!
Stun Him and take some rust while he's down.
No. 941850 ID: 977456

Try a lullaby.
No. 941851 ID: cf8e55

Did we ever check behind that painting?
No. 941879 ID: a451fc
File 156531406661.png - (503.24KB , 1558x1064 , ShellukBuckler.png )

>Dripping water? That wasn’t there before!
Yes it was
>>941728: There's a giant hole directly above the cage, water drips in occasionally.

>Use Shelluk Buckler and stun Rust Monster
Vermilion raises his buckler towards the rust monster. Whatever mechanism that Arrayan put in place to activate the buckler's effect is a mystery, but a bolt of energy shoots out from the small shield and hits the rust monster through the bars. The monster's body seizes up, just long enough for Vermilion to break off a chunk of rust from it's body. The monster remains alive.
No. 941880 ID: a451fc
File 156531407038.png - (565.02KB , 1967x1198 , sugarspiceandeverythingnice.png )

With all of the ingredients listed in the book gathered, all that's left to do is prepare them to be mixed and it'll be ready to use. After some reading, Vermilion learns that the mix will burst into extremely hot flames when lit. It sounds useful, but Vermilion's more interested in how the mixture works since he's never seen anything like it where he's from. He'll have to study it later if he can manage to get out of the cave.
No. 941881 ID: b1b4f3

Let's go grind up some aluminum.
No. 941882 ID: 8d4593

Grind and combine!
Do we have a source of fire?
No. 941891 ID: b1b4f3

Magnesium will ignite when wet, so long as it's not protected by patina. We don't have to worry too much about igniting it- just scratch it up a bit to get it going.
No. 941893 ID: 91ee5f

>Yes it was
Yes, you’re right. Ignore me, I’m a blind idiot that doesn’t know how to read.

>got the ingredients
Let’s go combine them!
No. 941984 ID: a451fc
File 156539625363.png - (161.98KB , 846x964 , crusher.png )

>Grind aluminum / mix ingredients
Vermilion returns to the grinder and crushes up the aluminum flatware into powder, afterwards he mixes the rust with the aluminum powder to make the Thermite. He gathers the powder in a bottle and heads for the back section lock...
No. 941986 ID: a451fc
File 156539628218.png - (1.46MB , 1459x1858 , Thermitelock.png )

Vermilion sets a piece of carved wood on top of the lock as sturdily as he possibly can to place the Thermite on, sets the magnesium strip into it and lights it. The resulting reaction was expected but still surprising.
No. 941987 ID: a451fc
File 156539629520.png - (282.11KB , 1328x920 , Lockboxes.png )

Inside the room isn't as badly torn apart, but the contents are still strewn about the place. There are worn maps and atlases that ,while legible, mean nothing on the Giga-Chunk. Vermilion scours the room for the dragon's blood map, but finds nothing that seems like it can be useful. After some scrounging around Vermilion finds two interesting things.

A lock box in the remains of a wrecked desk. And a combination safe underneath some fallen planks. The safe has something carved into the side...

The first part is as high as you can go, face the sea and plunge backward.
For the second part, turn and head to the bridge and look forward after.
To find the third, jump into the river and swim into the deep blue.
But never leave anything behind, take what's left with you.

No. 941990 ID: b1b4f3

Is the lockbox locked? I don't see a lock.

>combination refers to the painting
Alright, so...
001(near the bridge, but not across it, look "forward" which I think means to the right, so the blue roof)
314(in the river)
776(only thing that's left)
No. 941991 ID: b1b4f3

Alternatively, swap 001 and 776. It's not completely clear which side of the bridge the second verse is talking about.
No. 941993 ID: 8d4593

Take the whole lockbox if its locked. Open and inspect its contents if its not, and then take it.

Ruminate on the fact that there's still an big splotch in your vision where you beheld the thermite reaction despite several minutes having past.
No. 942009 ID: a451fc
File 156540648737.png - (189.58KB , 814x920 , Safe.png )

These can't work, The numbers on the safe don't go into the triple digits...

>Take the whole lockbox if its locked.
It's locked with a three number combination lock, Vermilion stows it for later
No. 942011 ID: b1b4f3

Oh interesting, so it's a three part riddle. How many digits does the dial have? One or two? What about the combination lock on the lockbox?
No. 942012 ID: a9af05

If they don't go into triple digits, then try combining numbers so that they'll at least be double digits.

So in this order:
1+4+1= 6 first number
0+0+1= 1 second number
3+1+4= 8 third number
7+7+6= 20 fourth number

Try the numbers that were on the back of the lock you used the Thermite on. 7-9-1.
No. 942016 ID: 864e49

6 Right
20 Left
8 Right
1 Left

And 7-9-1 should work on the lock box.
No. 942023 ID: a451fc
File 156541514788.png - (486.39KB , 1162x1008 , Ohhhh~GLITTERINGPRIZES!!!!!!.png )

>7-9-1 on Lockbox
The combination works, and the small box creaks open. Inside is a pendant with some sort of gemstone set in and another smaller metal box. Upon closer inspection, the small gem looks like a moonstone. Vermilion opens the small metal box to find it's full of golden baubles! Small gold marbles, coins and necklaces spill from the tiny container. All together it's [x2] GOLD.

>How many digits does the dial have?
The numbers go up to 13

Neither of these combinations can work.
No. 942028 ID: 977456

Keep the lockbox. Hopefully you can seal it against water and strap it to your body when you leave.

Take the painting.

Try 4-1-4-7
No. 942029 ID: b1b4f3

The first part is as high as you can go, face the sea and plunge backward.
141, "high as you can go" means 4.

For the second part, turn and head to the bridge and look forward after.
Either 001 or 776. "forward" could mean the last digit, either 1 or 6.

To find the third, jump into the river and swim into the deep blue.
314. Not sure what digit to use here, but there's only three choices so we could brute force it. "deep" might mean the middle one? So 1?

But never leave anything behind, take what's left with you.
Either 001 or 776. "left" is a key word here, so it's either 0 or 7. On the other hand, "never leave anything behind" could just mean 0.

All told that's 6 combinations to try. Should be quick enough.
I'm gonna guess 4-6-1-0 for the first try, 4-6-4-0 for the second try.
No. 942030 ID: c571e8

I think the bridge line is actually talking about 776, not 001. It says go to the bridge (from the tower) and look forward, so 776 is where you would be facing.

As for numbers you can enter in the combination, uuuuh..
>The first part is as high as you can go, face the sea and plunge backward.
Top of tower, digit furthest from the sea is 1.
>For the second part, turn and head to the bridge and look forward after.
cross bridge from the tower side, then look forward to first digit? 7
To find the third, jump into the river and swim into the deep blue.
I guess 4 is furthest downstream?
But never leave anything behind, take what's left with you.
I guess that's the 001
No. 942040 ID: 8d4593

Most combination locks I've seen are 3 number combinations not 4... it might dial differently as well.

I think the backward and forward in the first two hints might be dialing suggestions.
In which case this combo lock might dial backwards, resetting counter-clockwise instead of clockwise.

Any combinations we try, we should also try with the backwards dialing method.
No. 942215 ID: 58b4f3

Swallow the moonstone whole so that no one can take it from you! You can throw it up later, when you're somewhere safe.
No. 942220 ID: 91ee5f

Uh, no? Let’s not do that.
No. 942240 ID: 8d4593

I mean. He can just put it back in the lockbox. We know the code. Free lockbox!
No. 942357 ID: a451fc
File 156563868768.png - (283.45KB , 1278x1064 , This is Dumb!.png )

>Swallow the moonstone whole so that no one can take it from you!
What a stupid idea. but Vermilion does it anyway.
No. 942358 ID: a451fc
File 156563869785.png - (339.20KB , 1285x911 , Safeloot.png )

This combination unlocks the safe, and reveals the contents. Inside is a small barrel canteen of water, a journal, a sapphire, and a paper scroll. Vermilion opens the scroll and finds that's it's the dragon's blood map he's been looking for! He also opens the journal to a bookmarked page, it looks like it's torn out from another book.

...is able to recognize color very well. Using color is the best way to train an Undine, I for example have trained the undine I keep to respond to the color of our crews uniform. The deep blue of the outfit signifies that we're safe to transport, we normally use it to save crew who've gone over board and bring them back to the ship. Of course it can also be used to send sailors from the ship into the water, it's meant to help for diving runs but the crew have mostly been using it for pranks. Summoning the undine is as easy as placing a sapphire on a summoning page (see next page) and pouring water over it.

It looks like Vermilion has his way out, he flips to another page saved with a bookmark. The page immediately catches his eye, with the highlighted word "Philosopher's Stone" at the top of the page. Unfortunately, a lot of the parts are ripped or smudged. Though some words can still be made out.

Research...impossible. I may have a plan B...red desert...hope.
No. 942360 ID: a9af05

Oh boy. I certainly hope you can throw that up! Otherwise, it's going to hurt like hell when it comes out your other end!

The undine brought you here because of your scale color? I guess it worked out for you.

Let's get the undine to take you back to the others. Make sure you put all of this stuff in something water proof, so that none of it gets damaged!
No. 942362 ID: b1b4f3

So, we have a lead for the Philosopher's stone: the red desert.

Time to leave I suppose. We've searched everywhere, haven't we? I guess we could try climbing on top of the wrecked ship parts. Might have to move some rocks around.
No. 942370 ID: ce39da

Gonna stow any misgivings I have about him following a stupid suggestion despite the immediate consensus to disregard it. Not worth getting mad here beyond a "keep this in mind for later similar situations please, Heretic."

> Red Desert
New quest marker set.

> Helpful paper stuff.
Can you fit all the paper stuff in the lockbox? We need a waterproof container.

With the water-proof container in hand, it'll be time to do that. Find whatever pool you got spat out of and summon yourself a helpful undine.
No. 942374 ID: 977456

It should be possible to make the lockbox water-resistant. Ideally there would be some wax about, but some wet sawdust/woodpulp would probably work.

Remember to hug the undine on your way out.
No. 942376 ID: 8d4593

Put everything not waterproof or just small and fiddly in the lockbox.

Aluminium (In an easily extractable form) is typically really rare nature, though who knows on the giga chunk.
Either way, go grab and crush as much as you can carry before leaving. Thermite is useful.
No. 942410 ID: 58b4f3

Vermy, you only have one waterproof bag with you and that is your stomach! You need to swallow everything important in order to keep it all dry!
No. 942413 ID: 864e49

Before you leave take as much aluminum as you can, crush it down if you have to.

We need to find an easier way to get back here as a group, there's glass bottles, lots of metal, that crushing machine and plenty of already processed wood.
No. 942415 ID: 91ee5f

You’d better hope that’s not something that can magically explode! Because it would really suck if that suddenly exploded in your stomach!

Alright! Not only did you find the map to the Dragon’s Blood that Arrayan is looking for, you also found a clue to the Philosopher's Stone that you’re looking for!

>What do?
It’s time to head back to the others. They must be getting pretty worried by now!

Wait, what?! No! Don’t do that! Are you trying to make Vermilion’s stomach explode?! He can’t store all of this stuff in his stomach! Besides, he’s got a perfectly good lockbox and a bag to put stuff in. Stop trying to make him eat things!
No. 942422 ID: caf1de

No. 942487 ID: a451fc
File 156574445595.png - (225.70KB , 1558x1064 , whatisthislikeavorefetishorsomethingwhat'swro.png )

If you have a complaint you should talk about in discussion

>You need to swallow everything important in order to keep it all dry!
Vermilion is tempted for some reason, but ultimately decides against it. Honestly he still isn't sure what possessed him to swallow the moonstone. Also he can't swallow all of this stuff without getting sick, the moonstone's one thing but a box full of gold and a roll of paper seems like too much.

>Can you fit all the paper stuff in the lockbox? We need a waterproof container.
Does Vermilion really need one? None of his stuff was really wet when he got dragged here.
No. 942488 ID: a451fc
File 156574446783.png - (269.66KB , 1518x980 , Undine3.png )

>Summon yourself a helpful undine.
Vermilion gather's everything that isn't already in his inventory/stomach and summons the undine. The summoning page and sapphire both go up in smoke and melt into a pile of slag, from the pile of rock water pours out and forms into the familiar shape of the undine. The Undine look's Vermilion over and once again engulfs him before transporting him back to the lake.
No. 942489 ID: a451fc
File 156574447838.png - (369.35KB , 1558x1064 , Overrun.png )

Vermilion notices that none of his teammates are still around, he remembers the danger of the eclipse and immediately heads for the grotto. There he see's why his troupe didn't stay to await hiss return. They've been chased bag to shelter by more of those corpse bag monsters.
No. 942496 ID: ce39da

Steps to take!

1: If you still have an undine under your control, duck back under the lake and wait it out.
2: Failing that, if the outhouse has a door, try sneaking to there.
3: Failing that... I dunno, make some noise away from the camp and try to outmaneuver them when they investigate?
No. 942510 ID: b1b4f3

We can't go back under the lake, the sapphire and scroll are both gone. Maybe we should've stayed down there all day, but we didn't have any food...

This is a big problem... the ruins might be safe, maybe? Like, we could use the elevator and wait down there?
I can't tell how fast these things move. If we can outrun them then sure, luring them away would work fine.
No. 942511 ID: 91ee5f

Your Mantis Knife has the Backstab Weapon Trait, which let’s you ignore 3 FG when you attack an enemy from behind! Sneak over there and stab one of those things in the back!

Then yell as loud as you can to get your allies attention, so they know you’re out here!
No. 942536 ID: a451fc
File 156577180732.png - (142.28KB , 1117x1064 , Whatdo.png )

>If the outhouse has a door, try sneaking to there
The out-house has a small window, but that should be bared off...

>make some noise away from the camp and try to outmaneuver them when they investigate?
This may work, though it might be an issue if Vermilion attracts extra unwanted attention with the noise he'll make.

> Sneak over there and stab one of those things in the back!
The 3 FG ignored might not be enough to beat out the corpse bag's FG and even if it does the damage may be negligible.

>The ruins might be safe, maybe?
Encountering more on the way is a risk, but still a good option.
No. 942540 ID: 3d1dd5

Can you make a bomb with a long timed fuse to lure them to the noise and then approach the door from the opposite direction?
No. 942544 ID: ce39da

Sorry for being vague; I meant to say "I can't tell if the outhouse has a door on its hinges, so you tell me if it's viable to hide out in there."

I agree with the notion that simply fighting them isn't viable.

If you can't make a noise remotely somehow, then the ruins might be your best option.
No. 942556 ID: 8d4593

You could position yourself behind a side most trap, then attempt to runaround them to get to the cave.
Your circular path would be of greater circumference and therefore normally this wouldn't work, but you can do this to guide them into more traps. Be sure to yell out for Arrayan and Jordie to get the fuck out here though, because at least one, baybe two are gonna be on your ass.
No. 942564 ID: b1b4f3

Inventory check, do we have anything that can be used to make noise at a distance?
No. 942567 ID: 91ee5f

Getting into the cave with the others is the best thing to do, since it’s a safe area that we know doesn’t have enemies in it. Our only problem is getting in there.

>something to throw?
We could probably take everything out of the lockbox and put it into our bag. Then we can throw the empty lockbox off to the side so that these things will go look for whatever made that noise.
No. 942577 ID: a9af05

I thought there were at least 2 pitfall traps with spikes? I know one of them had already been used, but what about the other one? Did they just get lucky and not fall in it?

>What do?
Throw something to the side, so that the monsters leave to look for what made the noise. Then hope one of the others can hear you when you knock on the door and tell them to let you in.

The door to the outhouse is on the inside of the base.
No. 942578 ID: b1b4f3

...well, we have two pitfall traps and three monsters. Why not aggro the group by zapping one or throwing a dagger, then lead them into traps?
No. 942585 ID: 864e49

Could work and the commotion could alert our comrades.
No. 942592 ID: a9af05

One of the traps has already been used and the wooden spike were all destroyed. And we can't zap anyone with our shield because we already used it to zap the rust monster, so our shield needs to either recharge for a whole day or we need to block an energy based attack to instantly recharge the shield.

Unless you plan on getting all 3 of those things to fall into the same hole, this seems to be very risky.
No. 942595 ID: b1b4f3

Oh the spikes got destroyed? Nevermind then, we'd have to try using the beartrap instead to lower their numbers further and there are probably other monsters near that by now.
No. 942608 ID: a9af05

The spikes only got destroyed in the 1 pitfall trap >>941188 . We still have a second pitfall trap with spikes at the bottom.

Your plan can still work, I'm just saying that it's going to be risky to try and get all 3 of the monsters to fall into the 1 pitfall trap we still have.
No. 942619 ID: a451fc
File 156583445465.png - (160.08KB , 1117x1064 , Whatdo2.png )

>Can you make a bomb with a long timed fuse to lure them to the noise
Make a bomb out of what?

>Inventory check
Throwing Knives [x5] (x2 Broken)
Shelluk Buckler (Uncharged)
Mantis Knife
Potions Pouch (Frailty Draft, Blaze Decoction, Purple Moss Poultice)
Lock-box (Journals, Papers, Books)
Empty Bottle [x2]
Dragon's Blood Map

>Unless you plan on getting all 3 of those things to fall into the same hole, this seems to be very risky.
There are 4 Pitfall traps around the base, and only one's spikes are broken. As it stands, trying to leash the monsters into the pits is a decent course of action. If not a bit dangerous that is.
No. 942623 ID: 8d4593

They used Sapphires to tell the Water elemental what to do.
I wonder what it's reaction to moonstone would be. Maybe it would have been helpful.


Do the leash thing. Call for help as you do. Ready the Blaze Decoction. That way you can at least grind one down as it chases you.
No. 942630 ID: b1b4f3

Sure it's a bit dangerous but we have some consumable items, and can cry for help.
Let's try luring them into traps. Maybe if you hit one with a dagger, instead of letting them see you, only THAT one will chase you?
No. 942641 ID: 91ee5f

>There are 4 Pitfall traps around the base, and only one's spikes are broken.
Ok, so 3 pitfalls with spikes and 3 monsters. We’ve got enough for all of them! Let’s start trying to trick them into the pitfalls!

Yeah, let’s make sure we call for our buddies!
No. 942648 ID: b1b4f3

I don't actually want to call for help right away. If we can lure one away, it'll be much easier to lure it.
No. 942657 ID: a9af05

We had more than 2 pitfalls? Then I guess we'll try leading the monsters into the traps!

But we will call for help if all of the monsters chase us instead of just one, right?
No. 942664 ID: a451fc
File 156589699744.png - (313.19KB , 1103x876 , sticked.png )

>Maybe if you hit one with a dagger, instead of letting them see you, only THAT one will chase you?
Vermilion wings a dagger at one of the Nargandrs to try and lure only one. The instant it's hit it lets out a shrill shriek alerting the other nargandrs and pulling all of their attention towards Vermilion.
No. 942665 ID: a451fc
File 156589701402.png - (318.17KB , 1558x1064 , Leashingmobs.png )

> Let's try luring them into traps
Vermilion quickly slithers away from the and tries to lead them into traps, the Nargandrs are MUCH faster than he is. Luckily he manages to outmaneuver two of them and lead them into traps, one of them falls in completely while the other only half way falls in, not dead but still unable to get out. Vermilion looks around for the last one but can't see where it went...
No. 942666 ID: a451fc
File 156589704304.png - (389.24KB , 1558x1064 , Leashingmobs2.png )

...Until he runs into it. Looks like the thing got around him.
No. 942667 ID: a451fc
File 156589706706.png - (236.48KB , 1558x1064 , Leashingmobs3.png )

Arrayan, Jordy, and Sprite notice that the banging on the Grotto door has stopped, and that a whole bunch of other noise has replaced it. Arrayan and Sprite cautiously peak out of the front door to see Vermilion confronting a Nargandr.

ARRAYAN: Vermilion's alive!
SPRITE: Not for long if get's eaten by that thing!
No. 942668 ID: 58b4f3

>Vermilion is tempted for some reason, but ultimately decides against it. Honestly he still isn't sure what possessed him to swallow the moonstone.
Honestly, just blame the eclipse. It probably made you do that.

Well what the fuck are you waiting for, an invitation?! Get your asses over there and help him!
No. 942674 ID: b1b4f3

Vermillion use all your debuff items on it and defend until your allies catch up.
No. 942677 ID: 864e49


No. 942678 ID: 91ee5f

>Luckily he manages to outmaneuver two of them and lead them into traps, one of them falls in completely while the other only half way falls in, not dead but still unable to get out.
Alright! Killed one and got another one stuck! We can finish of the stuck one by pushing it into the hole, just like we did with that first one earlier in the day!

>Vermilion’s alive!
>Not for long!
Quick! Someone grab the Crossbow and shoot the Nargandr! With the Crossbow’s Long Shot Weapon Trait, it can ignore 2 FG if you shoot an enemy from a long range, which is where that Nargandr is right now!

Then rush in to help Vermilion! You can get an explanation on what happened and where he went later!

Hmm, it looks like once we take care of these things, we should have almost everything needed to build the Heavenly Machina Etchanter!
No. 942685 ID: ce39da

Ar: Crossbow that sucker to cancel it out of its attack animation! Now get over there!

Jordy: Go finish off the one half in the pit; that's not staying stuck for long!
No. 942691 ID: 977456

Vermillion, that is one kill and a defeat, solo. Quickly trade in your new experience points for gains!

>Honestly, just blame the eclipse. It probably made you do that
But the eclipse only affects monsters.

Sprite, dash over there and dump several tonnes of MEDIUMS on its head.
No. 942698 ID: 91ee5f

>But the eclipse only affects monsters.
We were never told that the eclipse only effects monsters. We were just told the eclipse effects monsters. There is a possibility that the eclipse effects other things, just not as much as it effects monsters.
No. 942708 ID: 8d4593

Jordie! Covering Fire with the crossbow! Arrayan, Grab Ye Iron Spear and Shield and Rush that thing!
No. 942747 ID: a9af05

Verm, pull out your shield and brace yourself for an incoming attack!

Ar, grab your gear and rush over there to help Verm!

Jordy, knock that stuck Nargandr into the hole and onto the spikes, then go join Ar and Verm to fight the last Nargandr!
No. 942785 ID: 3d1dd5

This is a good plan.
No. 942796 ID: a451fc
File 156600393777.png - (560.28KB , 1039x1417 , CorpseBagFight1.png )

>Sprite: Dash over there and dump several tonnes of MEDIUMS on its head.
Sprite's already said she can't use mediums offensively like that

>Ar: Crossbow that sucker to cancel it out of its attack animation!
Arrayan grabs the crossbow and shoots the Nargandr from range as he moves over. His leather armor doesn't help from a distance so it doesn't add to his FG, but the crossbow's still enough to beat out the Nargandr's FG especially since it ignores 2 FG at range. It hits but doesn't stop the Nargandr from attacking. Arrayan uses the rest of his GW to catch up to Vermilion.

>Jordy: Attack trapped Nargandr
Jordy rushes the trapped Nargandr and uses his boar club to attack it's legs. In the struggle he get's scratched, nothing serious but it's still damage. After he's done knocking it in he catches up with Vermilion.

>Vermilion: Use all your debuff items on it and defend
Vermilion tosses both his Frailty Draft and the Blaze Decoction. He braces for the Nargandr's attack The Nargandr's FG drops by 2 and it's BURNED

>Nargandr: Aggress
The Nargandr screeches and continues to attack it's primary target, Vermilion. It goes into a frenzy and attacks Vermilion three times. The damage for each attack is reduced due to Vermilion's Shelluk buckler, but it still hurts him. The Nargandr's burns hurt it as it moves.

The Nargandr shows no signs of slowing
No. 942799 ID: ce39da

Everyone that can pinpoint: attack the blaze decoction contact point with that skill.

Vermillion: Heal self, yell at it, and defend.

If commands remain: Just smack it until it's dead; it can't have that much PB left in it!
No. 942802 ID: b1b4f3

Arrayan: get between it and Vermillion, take its attacks while pinpointing at the... actually, I wonder...
Can anyone get on top of the thing and untie its bag? Or cut the rope? Or just pull the bag off? That might expose a weak point, weaken, or outright kill the thing.

Regardless, first priority is Arrayan protecting Verm.
...can Verm use Constrict on it? It hasn't used anything but physical moves, so that might completely disable the thing.
No. 942808 ID: 91ee5f

Arrayan, use Pinpoint on the weak point that Vermilion’s Blaze Decoction just made!

Vermilion, get behind Arrayan and Jordy and heal yourself!

Jordy, use your Boar Club’s Concussive Weapon Trait to lower the Nargandr‘s FG by 1 for the duration of combat!
No. 942814 ID: b1b4f3

>can't use mediums offensively
What about... defensively? Could she put down items during combat to create cover or deliver supplies?
No. 942825 ID: 977456

Sprite: Battle bard?
No. 942857 ID: a451fc
File 156608443988.png - (521.00KB , 1039x1417 , CorpseBagFight2.png )

>Could Sprite put down items during combat to create cover or deliver supplies?
The stone sprite stores still needs mortar to stay standing up, it'd take time that the team doesn't have to make cover. She can deliver supplies, as long as those supplies are MEDIUMS she can store.

>Sprite: Battle bard?
Sprite sings a little song, it helps no one but Sprite seems to enjoy it.

>Jordy: Use your Boar Club’s Concussive Weapon Trait to lower the Nargandr‘s FG by 1 for the duration of combat!
Though Jordy isn't really sure if the thing has a brain, he still knocks it in the "head" pretty hard. It's FG drops by 1 for the duration of the fight. Jordy uses the rest of his GW to attack.

>Vermilion: Get behind Arrayan and Jordy
Vermilion moves to the back-line and throws a couple of knives from his position, very few seem to do much to it and the few that do get a response only cause it to flinch. Jordy and Vermilion's efforts together still manage to hurt it

>Arrayan: use Pinpoint on the weak point that Vermilion’s Blaze Decoction just made!
The Blaze Decoction just applied burn, it didn't make a weak point. All pinpointing did was damage the Iron Spear... Arrayan uses his remaining GW to deal damage, but he can feel the spear's wood weaken with each hit.

>Nargandr: Assault
The Nargandr lurches over, instead of the usual loud screeches it's made, this time it lets out a low guttural growl. It's quiet, but anyone close enough can hear it. Arrayan and Jordy feel sick.

DESPAIRS WHISPER: Damages and FEARS anyone that can hear it. (FEAR: Attacks deal less damage)

The Nargandr then lunges forward and manages to cut Arrayan with one of it's legs. Arrayan's BLEEDING (BLEED: Lose 1 PB each turn)

All of the movement aggravates the Nargandr's burns. Vermilion's Battle Tendency POTENT BREW causes both the BURN and the FG penalty to last for another turn! The Nargandr's beginning to sway a bit. It's getting worn down.
No. 942859 ID: b1b4f3

Welp, Jordy isn't gonna be doing much damage now in close range, and another whisper would take him out. He should back off and try using the crossbow (can he just take it off of Arrayan's toolbelt? Not sure if it's worth it to spend one of Ar's GW to hand it over)-- he's fast enough to get into a position where it'll do damage.

Vermillion should try to get some backstabs in to finish it off.
Ar should keep attacking, maybe switch to the partisan and Sweep on its legs to disable it if possible?
No. 942862 ID: 91ee5f

Huh, I thought we told Vermilion to heal? I guess that means he didn’t use that Purple Moss Poultice. Which is good, since Jordy needs it now.

Vermilion, give Jordy the Purple Moss Poultice.

Jordy, heal yourself with the Purple Moss Poultice.

>All pinpointing did was damage the Iron Spear...
Shit. I guess we deserve that for not paying attention to what potions caused what effects.

>The Nargandr's beginning to sway a bit. It's getting worn down.
We’ve gotta take it down now before the negative potion effects wear off!
No. 942893 ID: 3d1dd5

Arrayan, stay up close and in its face to keep its attention on you, everyone else is pretty injured.

It's a corpse that was buried vertically to let malicious spirits in through its head, so use Pinpoint to stab it in the top of the shroud. That should be its head!
No. 942899 ID: 91ee5f

>use pinpoint
Let’s not risk breaking Arrayan’s only weapon! In order to replace it, we’d have to run back to the Grotto, which we can’t do with this thing attacking us!
No. 942911 ID: 977456

Sprite: teabag the Nargandr corpses within view.
Arrayan: dive underneath the Nargandr and stab up its skirt.
No. 942956 ID: 8d4593

Arrayan: PINPOINT strike the little bulb on top of the thing!

No. 942960 ID: 91ee5f

More commands:
Arrayan, keep attacking!

Vermilion, keep throwing your knives!

Jordy, after you heal yourself, get back on the front lines with Arrayan and attack!

And I know Vermilion doesn’t have it, but whoever is holding the Iron Horn Shield, make sure you block the next attack with it, so that it’s Sharp Horn Weapon Trait will damage the Nargandr, since it’s using unarmed attacks!

I think that’s just the knot where the bag is tied. I’m not sure if there’s anything there that’s worth the risk of destroying Arrayan’s weapon.
No. 943077 ID: a9af05

Ar, if you don't kill this thing, Verm is gonna die. Jordy is gonna die. Sprite is gonna die. But before all that, you're gonna die.

But you're better than that, you're better than this thing! You are so much stronger than you think you are!

So plant your feet, grit your teeth, and SHOW! NO! MERCY!

Maybe some encouragement will help Ar shake off the terror status?
No. 943152 ID: 864e49

Sprite can you try charging the Shell Shock Sheild?
Jordy either heal or back off. Maybe go get the crossbow?
No. 943225 ID: 977456

Such things are always so... temperamental. I prefer: "Activate the dummy system". So much more reliable at overcoming the effects of mental trauma.
No. 943286 ID: a451fc
File 156645092770.png - (437.40KB , 1558x1064 , Corpse Bag 4.png )

>Sprite: Teabag the Nargandr corpses within view.
Not only is that completely unhelpful, but both of the dead Nargandrs are deep in pits and out of sight.

>Jordy: Take Crossbow, head to back-line
Arrayan holds out the Crossbow and it's ammo for Jordy to grab as he rushes away from the Nargandr. With all of his GW he's able to run to a long enough distance, load the Crossbow, and fire it at the Nargandr. The arrow doesn't hit it center mass, but it still leaves a decent cut.

>Vermilion: Give Jordy the Purple Moss Poultice.
Vermilion uses the Moss Poultice on Jordy, healing him back to full [PB].

>Arrayan: PINPOINT strike the little bulb on top of the thing!
Arrayan strikes the knot holding the sheet off the top of the Nargandr's head. The sheet falls from the Narganr's body...
No. 943288 ID: a451fc
File 156645122514.png - (1.08MB , 1558x1064 , Horrific Visage 1.png )

The Nargandr's true visage is exposed. The sight of it's real form is too much to comprehend, time feels like it's slowing.
Vermilion FEARS the Nargandr

Though it's real visage is horrifying, the sheet was tough and absorbed a lot of damage. The Nargandr's [FG] is halved!

>Nargandr: Terrorize
The Nargandr rears back and screeches.
[TRUE FEAR]: All units with the FEARED Status take 2 damage

It then lunges forward and bites Arrayan. Though his shield manages to block some of the damage it still hurts, and so does the oozing wound Arrayan has. The Iron Horn Shield hurts the Nargandr as it tries to kill Arrayan.

Even with the haze of fear clouding their minds the party can still tell the burns are tormenting the Nargandr. Though it seems they're wearing off. Though intimidating, it's on it's last legs.
No. 943290 ID: b1b4f3

it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts
Jordy: keep shooting it with the crossbow.
Arrayan, Vermillion: stab that shit!
No. 943297 ID: 8d4593

Arrayan! Stab it through the eyes!
No. 943301 ID: 977456

Sprite: mock its nudity!
No. 943319 ID: 2ccbae

Remember, you must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer, Which is to say, There's no point to being afraid, fear merely clouds your mind, Focus on what's now and what you need to do. And what you need to do, is kill this thing before it's screaming attracts more of the damned things.
No. 943321 ID: 91ee5f

>Though it's real visage is horrifying, the sheet was tough and absorbed a lot of damage. The Nargandr's [FG] is halved!
If the sheet is that tough, then we could use it to make something for ourselves! After we wash all of the blood off of it.

>Though intimidating, it's on it's last legs.
Finish it off! Hit it with everything you’ve got!
No. 943339 ID: a451fc
File 156651805274.png - (300.74KB , 1558x1064 , slideandstab.png )

>Everyone: All out attack
The whole party descends on the Nargandr. Putting everything into their attacks despite their fear. Jordy fires two arrows from his position. Vermilion slashes away at the mass of flesh with his Mantis Knife, and Arrayan stabs the monster with his Iron Spear. The Nargandr lunges for Arrayan, who ducks beneath it and stabs the underside of the beasts with his spear (Which breaks in the action). The Nargandr writhes in pain before it's body explodes in a bloody mess.

After the monster is dead. Everybody takes a minute to breath.

No. 943340 ID: a451fc
File 156651806001.png - (60.70KB , 757x634 , ArrayanBeatup Icon.png )

>Arrayan: Level up
[FIGHTING GOLD] (3 ==> 4)
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (8 ==> 10) PB should've been 8 during the fight. Whoops
[GOLDEN WIND]: (4 == 4)

[SURVIVALIST]: Has extensive knowledge in surviving in the wilderness
[HUNTER]: +1 FIGHTING GOLD to Beast-Like and Insect-Like Creatures, gain more knowledge in crafting objects from Beast Materials.

[PINPOINT]{2 GW}: Cripples and deals extra damage to weak points, if not aimed at a weak point damages weapon used.
[TOREADOR]{1 GW}: End turn and go into a PARRY stance. All RUSHING attacks aimed at you will be PARRIED until your next turn.

[FRENZIED ATTACK]{1 GW}: If an enemy has had it's weak-point PINPOINTED. You may deal a small amount of damage to all enemies
[ADRENALINE RUSH]{3 GW}: Remove all negative status ailments, gain 1 Temporary FG on your next turn that wears off the turn after.
No. 943342 ID: a451fc
File 156651808264.png - (124.93KB , 1205x1005 , VermilionBeatupIcon.png )

>Vermilion: Level Up
[FIGHTING GOLD] (3 ==> 4) FG should've been 5 during the fight. Whoops
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (6 ==> 8)
[GOLDEN WIND]: (3 ==> 5)

[TOXICOLOGIST]: Gain further knowledge in toxicology and brewing poisons, also learn the BATTLE TENDENCY [NOXIOUS MIASMA]
[NOXIOUS MIASMA]: Using two potions in a row deals 1 damage to all enemies
[MEDICINE MAN]: Gain further knowledge in medicine and brewing medicinals, also learn the BATTLE TENDENCY [SWEET FUMES]
[SWEET FUMES]: Using two potions in a row heals 1 damage to all allies

[ALCHEMIST]: Has extensive knowledge in alchemical processes and brewing potions and concoctions

[POTENT-BREW]{Passive}: Status effects granted by consumable items last for 1 turn longer.
[CONSTRICT]{1}: End turn and BIND target enemy. If your [FG] is higher than the target's then deal 1 damage each turn.
No. 943343 ID: a451fc
File 156651813029.png - (155.41KB , 863x985 , JordybeatupIcon.png )

>Jordy: Level Up
[FIGHTING GOLD]: (0 ==> 1)
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (5 ==> 10)
[GOLDEN WIND]: (5 ==> 6)


[STRONG BACK]: Has twice the normal carry weight (8 instead of 4)
[TIRELESS]: Can go one night without sleeping
[IDIOT SAVANT]: Next time you preform any non-combat activity, you may choose to become a SAVANT at that activity and gain limited knowledge in it.

No. 943344 ID: 8d4593

Adrenaline Rush

I guess collect everything and then get inside and do some first aid.
After that, I guess we need to to extract the broken haft from the Iron Spear head, sharpen it, carve and fire a new haft, and then attach it to the head.

At least we have something to do for the next couple hours.
No. 943347 ID: b1b4f3

Adrenaline Rush.
I feel like we can make strong enough medicine already. Just gotta get more ingredients for it. Optimally we'd use the toxin specialty to coat all our weapons in deadly poison and heavily debuff everything we fight.

Loot the drops and get back inside immediately. The rest of the day should be spent recuperating. Verm should try to cook up some more healing items to help.

I'm thinking we should probably make Jordy a blacksmith. Unless we want to try to make our way to town and use theirs? I mean, I assume there's a town blacksmith.
No. 943352 ID: ce39da

Adrenaline rush and Toxicology seems like a safe bet. If we need more dedicated healing power, I'm sure we can find it later.

Also, wow, if that scales the way I think it does, then it looks like trolls make up for their piddly FG with metric f*ck-tons of PB. Primo tank role. Sprite, I take it [IDIOT SAVANT] gets replaced/locked in and can't be reassigned? If that's the case, we need to get Jordy on constructing stuff tomorrow; we'll need a dedicated builder if we're to advance any bases we make beyond the stone age any time soon.

But for now, get your asses back inside! That's enough excitement for one month. Then Vermillion can properly debrief. Speaking of (once we're inside and Vermillion's done talking); Sprite, is there a limit on how many dungeons there are? Like, is there exactly one dungeon in each area?
No. 943374 ID: 864e49

We need to fix that spear later but for now everyone inside so Verm can give the good news.
No. 943375 ID: 977456

Frenzied Attack: because I worry about being swarmed.
Medicine Man: Because Vermin is our only healer, and new healing/buffing recipes would be nice.
Posing Savant: Because a true hero is a master of grace and majesty!
No. 943385 ID: caf1de

adrenaline and medicine
don't forget to pick up everything
No. 943396 ID: 91ee5f

>Nargandr is dead
Alright! Make sure you guys pick up everything the Nargandr dropped, including the ones that fell into the pitfall traps! And don’t forget to pick up this Nargandr‘s sheet! You can probably make something from it.

Once you guys gather everything up, including any Throwing Knives and/or Crossbow Bolts that can be reused, get back in the Grotto and lock the door!

That’s when Vermilion can tell everyone about what happened after the undine dragged him under the lake.

Adrenaline Rush
Medicine Man

No. 943397 ID: a9af05

Gather up the loot and any throwing knives/crossbow arrows that can be reused.

>Spear broke
You might still be able to use the metal tip of the spear for something. Go ahead and bring it with you.

Adrenaline Rush

Medicine Man

>Nargandr‘s sheet
>You can probably make something from it.
Good idea. If losing it cut the Nargandr's FG in half, then it's gotta be pretty tough.

We're definitely going to have to wash it first, before we do anything with it.
No. 943433 ID: a451fc
File 156659847736.png - (742.03KB , 1475x1475 , Nargandr Drops 3.png )

Arrayan learned: Adrenaline Rush!
Vermilion learned: Medicine Man!
Vermilion learned: Sweet Fumes!

>Loot the battlefield
Sprite gets to work gathering what she can. All Nargandr's drop Bloodrock no matter what so the battlefield's lousy with the red stones. There's [x30] Bloodrock lying around and in the traps. The traps also have Emeralds [x9] lying in them and some weird bluish rocks that Vermilion quickly identifies as Lapis Lazuli [x4].

The main Nargandr everyone had fought dropped more golden trinkets. What looks like a holy symbol and more golden teeth, along with a golden locket that has a faded picture inside.

>Pick up Nargandr sheet
A few of the Nargandr's sheets had been reduced to tatters of cloth that can be taken, however they seem like regular pieces of cloth. No one's sure how it managed to defend the Nargandr's body so well. Regardless [x3] Scraps of Cloth are taken.

>Sprite, is there a limit on how many dungeons there are?
SPRITE: Dungeons? Not really, some Chunks might not even have dungeons to begin with, there aren't any real set numbers I know of.
No. 943434 ID: a451fc
File 156659848280.png - (245.96KB , 1757x1064 , regrouping.png )

>Everyone: Get inside
Everybody retreats into the grotto, inside after a few minutes of resting and eating (-[x3]Round Fruit) Vermilion talks about where he's been and what he's found handing the map to the dragons blood to Arrayan, whose eye's light up like a kid who's woken up on Christmas day or whatever equivalent lizard people have. Along with the map Vermilion also hands the box of gold to Arrayan who very much appreciated having more gold.

ARRAYAN: All of this is fucking AMAZING! Next time don't go dungeon diving without me huh? Is there anything else you found?
No. 943435 ID: a451fc
File 156659848818.png - (370.15KB , 1757x1064 , regrouping1.png )


Vermilion coughs up the moonstone.
No. 943436 ID: a451fc
File 156659849259.png - (249.05KB , 1757x1064 , regrouping2.png )

ARRAYAN: What the fuck is wrong with you?

The Black Suns starting to go down. But there's still more time in the eclipse day, though it seems like the group'd had enough excitement for today.
No. 943437 ID: b1b4f3

Okay Sprite, do we have enough gold for that etchanter?
No. 943438 ID: 977456

What happens if we use an etchanter to etch "Heavenly Machina" On the side of a former Etchanter?

I'd like at least a look at Blackest Night following an eclipse day but we ought to rest and recover for now. Except Vermilion, send the snake into the potion mines where it belongs.
No. 943439 ID: a9af05

So do we have enough stuff to build the Etchanter now? If so, how the hell do we build it?

>What the fuck is wrong with you?
Verm, explain that you don't know what possessed you to swallow that moonstone. Then just blame it on the eclipse. There's also a possibility that it was from the stress of being kidnapped and taken away to an unknown location and that made you do that.
No. 943440 ID: b1b4f3

Hey let's try making a bloodstone spear.
No. 943444 ID: 91ee5f

>Things gathered from wrecked ship Vermilion was in.
Did Sprite add all of those papers Vermilion collected to her Codex? Is she able to translate any of them?

Wait, how did Vermilion do that? If he ate a Round Fruit, then shouldn’t he have spat that out first before the Moonstone?

Also, now that the Moonstone isn’t taking up room in his stomach, he might still be a little hungry and need to eat some more.

>How the hell do we build the Etchanter?
I’d like to imagine that Arrayan will be wearing all of the gold before he lets it be used to make the Etchanter.

But the forge is outside when all the danger is. Can’t we wait until tomorrow to try and build that?
No. 943445 ID: ce39da

Let's just try to hunker down and get to know each other better for the rest of the day.
No. 943458 ID: 8d4593


He's a disgusting snake person, Arrayan.
They're just like that.
No. 943483 ID: 864e49

Ar: equip gold ring on each hand, equip gold bracelet on tail and equip necklaces to neck.

Thank you for this.

Did we get the broken spear head?
No. 943486 ID: 0efe8e

I love how verm just returns to a neutral expression, as if to say "this is normal, expect it"
No. 943516 ID: a9af05

Hey now. No being racist to teammates. Things like that is what makes them leave and not want to be on the team anymore. Which would be bad, since Verm is our only healer.
No. 943532 ID: 977456

And besides, this was helpful. Now we know that Arrayan can't evolve into Clefable.
No. 943543 ID: bbd5f5

Is... is this some sort of ophidian marriage proposal? Because, well, I'm flattered, but we've only known each other for a few days. Generally you wait a little longer than that, you know?
No. 943580 ID: 58b4f3

Arry, whatever you do, don't admit that you cried a little when you couldn't find Vermy after you dove into the water to save him.
No. 943583 ID: 422cea

Grab that smug tongue and have it retract like a window blind.
No. 943584 ID: 19fdd8

He just needs to evolve into a nidorino before he can become a nidoking.
No. 943908 ID: a451fc
File 156720572468.png - (253.73KB , 1018x879 , Sprite and Book.png )

>Can we make the Etchanter now?
SPRITE: We almost can! We've only got [x11] WOOD and [x40] STONE and we're out of Iron too!. We need [x150] WOOD, [x200] STONE first, and [x15] IRON to make it. Once we have the components I'll help with building it so don't worry too much about that part.

>Did Sprite add all of those papers Vermilion collected to her Codex? Is she able to translate any of them?
SPRITE: What isn't completely illegible is a bunch of chemistry mumbo jumbo. Vermilion you might want to study some of this later to learn more!

>Let's try making a bloodstone spear.
The bloodstone doesn't make a good material to make a spear out of. It can't be knapped well like stone can, and it's too brittle to make an effective weapon out of. It must have another use though, it'd be insult to injury if enemies as strong as the Nargandr dropped mostly trash materials.

>Did we get the broken spear head?
Arrayan picked it back up.

>Let's just try to hunker down and get to know each other better for the rest of the day.
SPRITE: Having some time to rest sounds good! And getting to know each other better is great for teamwork! Vermilion can experiment with his alchemy stuff too while we're at it! How should we get to know each other better?
No. 943910 ID: b1b4f3

>getting to know eachother
strip poker
Telling stories about life before the GigaChunk? Demonstrating talents or non-trade-related hobbies?
We could probably carve some wood into cards for card games (though anything that requires hiding cards would eventually be infeasible since the card backs won't be identical)

Does the bloodstone melt at all, for alloying? If not maybe we can crush it into powder for alchemy.
No. 943912 ID: 182fe0

Spin the bottle. A classic way to break the ice.
No. 943926 ID: 8d4593

JORDIE: Sing us the song of your people!
No. 943930 ID: a9af05

Talk about your lives before you came to the GigaChunk.
No. 943934 ID: 977456

Testing potions that have humorous side-effects.
No. 943940 ID: 0fae41

Works every time.
No. 943941 ID: ad51b8

everyone tell of their proudest moment they had before coming to the chunk and their most embarrassing moment to even each other out.
No. 943945 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think anyone is going to be willing to kiss people they’ve only known for a few days.

Sounds good, let’s do this.

As long as the effects aren’t permanent, like Vermilion’s scales, and we don’t use any resources we need to make healing potions, then I don’t see a problem with this.
No. 944018 ID: 91ee5f

Now that I think about it, what was everyone doing before they came to the Giga-Chunk?

Were they sleeping in their bed at home and then suddenly woke up here or did something else happen? I really want to know how people end up coming to the Giga-Chunk.
No. 944094 ID: ce39da

If we have anything to write on (like the pages in the blank section of a Codex) we could pass the time trying to put together a map of what areas we've explored so far, including the locations of points of interest we've investigated. (We'll want something to help us decide a direction when we're finally out of the "finding our footing" phase of this new life.) I'd like to eventually complete the map of this chunk before moving on to any others. Have Vermillion and Jordy contribute what they traversed before we found them. Sprite, how does one tell the difference between a chunk border and a regular old biome transition? (We should use a colored line to represent the former, for clarity.)
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