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File 156442566798.png - (329.08KB , 1558x1256 , ChunkQuest.png )
940811 No. 940811 ID: a451fc

WIKI: https://tgchan.org/wiki/ChunkQuest
DISCUSSION: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/130468.html
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No. 943225 ID: 977456

Such things are always so... temperamental. I prefer: "Activate the dummy system". So much more reliable at overcoming the effects of mental trauma.
No. 943286 ID: a451fc
File 156645092770.png - (437.40KB , 1558x1064 , Corpse Bag 4.png )

>Sprite: Teabag the Nargandr corpses within view.
Not only is that completely unhelpful, but both of the dead Nargandrs are deep in pits and out of sight.

>Jordy: Take Crossbow, head to back-line
Arrayan holds out the Crossbow and it's ammo for Jordy to grab as he rushes away from the Nargandr. With all of his GW he's able to run to a long enough distance, load the Crossbow, and fire it at the Nargandr. The arrow doesn't hit it center mass, but it still leaves a decent cut.

>Vermilion: Give Jordy the Purple Moss Poultice.
Vermilion uses the Moss Poultice on Jordy, healing him back to full [PB].

>Arrayan: PINPOINT strike the little bulb on top of the thing!
Arrayan strikes the knot holding the sheet off the top of the Nargandr's head. The sheet falls from the Narganr's body...
No. 943288 ID: a451fc
File 156645122514.png - (1.08MB , 1558x1064 , Horrific Visage 1.png )

The Nargandr's true visage is exposed. The sight of it's real form is too much to comprehend, time feels like it's slowing.
Vermilion FEARS the Nargandr

Though it's real visage is horrifying, the sheet was tough and absorbed a lot of damage. The Nargandr's [FG] is halved!

>Nargandr: Terrorize
The Nargandr rears back and screeches.
[TRUE FEAR]: All units with the FEARED Status take 2 damage

It then lunges forward and bites Arrayan. Though his shield manages to block some of the damage it still hurts, and so does the oozing wound Arrayan has. The Iron Horn Shield hurts the Nargandr as it tries to kill Arrayan.

Even with the haze of fear clouding their minds the party can still tell the burns are tormenting the Nargandr. Though it seems they're wearing off. Though intimidating, it's on it's last legs.
No. 943290 ID: b1b4f3

it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts
Jordy: keep shooting it with the crossbow.
Arrayan, Vermillion: stab that shit!
No. 943297 ID: 8d4593

Arrayan! Stab it through the eyes!
No. 943301 ID: 977456

Sprite: mock its nudity!
No. 943319 ID: 2ccbae

Remember, you must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer, Which is to say, There's no point to being afraid, fear merely clouds your mind, Focus on what's now and what you need to do. And what you need to do, is kill this thing before it's screaming attracts more of the damned things.
No. 943321 ID: 91ee5f

>Though it's real visage is horrifying, the sheet was tough and absorbed a lot of damage. The Nargandr's [FG] is halved!
If the sheet is that tough, then we could use it to make something for ourselves! After we wash all of the blood off of it.

>Though intimidating, it's on it's last legs.
Finish it off! Hit it with everything you’ve got!
No. 943339 ID: a451fc
File 156651805274.png - (300.74KB , 1558x1064 , slideandstab.png )

>Everyone: All out attack
The whole party descends on the Nargandr. Putting everything into their attacks despite their fear. Jordy fires two arrows from his position. Vermilion slashes away at the mass of flesh with his Mantis Knife, and Arrayan stabs the monster with his Iron Spear. The Nargandr lunges for Arrayan, who ducks beneath it and stabs the underside of the beasts with his spear (Which breaks in the action). The Nargandr writhes in pain before it's body explodes in a bloody mess.

After the monster is dead. Everybody takes a minute to breath.

No. 943340 ID: a451fc
File 156651806001.png - (60.70KB , 757x634 , ArrayanBeatup Icon.png )

>Arrayan: Level up
[FIGHTING GOLD] (3 ==> 4)
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (8 ==> 10) PB should've been 8 during the fight. Whoops
[GOLDEN WIND]: (4 == 4)

[SURVIVALIST]: Has extensive knowledge in surviving in the wilderness
[HUNTER]: +1 FIGHTING GOLD to Beast-Like and Insect-Like Creatures, gain more knowledge in crafting objects from Beast Materials.

[PINPOINT]{2 GW}: Cripples and deals extra damage to weak points, if not aimed at a weak point damages weapon used.
[TOREADOR]{1 GW}: End turn and go into a PARRY stance. All RUSHING attacks aimed at you will be PARRIED until your next turn.

[FRENZIED ATTACK]{1 GW}: If an enemy has had it's weak-point PINPOINTED. You may deal a small amount of damage to all enemies
[ADRENALINE RUSH]{3 GW}: Remove all negative status ailments, gain 1 Temporary FG on your next turn that wears off the turn after.
No. 943342 ID: a451fc
File 156651808264.png - (124.93KB , 1205x1005 , VermilionBeatupIcon.png )

>Vermilion: Level Up
[FIGHTING GOLD] (3 ==> 4) FG should've been 5 during the fight. Whoops
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (6 ==> 8)
[GOLDEN WIND]: (3 ==> 5)

[TOXICOLOGIST]: Gain further knowledge in toxicology and brewing poisons, also learn the BATTLE TENDENCY [NOXIOUS MIASMA]
[NOXIOUS MIASMA]: Using two potions in a row deals 1 damage to all enemies
[MEDICINE MAN]: Gain further knowledge in medicine and brewing medicinals, also learn the BATTLE TENDENCY [SWEET FUMES]
[SWEET FUMES]: Using two potions in a row heals 1 damage to all allies

[ALCHEMIST]: Has extensive knowledge in alchemical processes and brewing potions and concoctions

[POTENT-BREW]{Passive}: Status effects granted by consumable items last for 1 turn longer.
[CONSTRICT]{1}: End turn and BIND target enemy. If your [FG] is higher than the target's then deal 1 damage each turn.
No. 943343 ID: a451fc
File 156651813029.png - (155.41KB , 863x985 , JordybeatupIcon.png )

>Jordy: Level Up
[FIGHTING GOLD]: (0 ==> 1)
[PHANTOM BLOOD]: (5 ==> 10)
[GOLDEN WIND]: (5 ==> 6)


[STRONG BACK]: Has twice the normal carry weight (8 instead of 4)
[TIRELESS]: Can go one night without sleeping
[IDIOT SAVANT]: Next time you preform any non-combat activity, you may choose to become a SAVANT at that activity and gain limited knowledge in it.

No. 943344 ID: 8d4593

Adrenaline Rush

I guess collect everything and then get inside and do some first aid.
After that, I guess we need to to extract the broken haft from the Iron Spear head, sharpen it, carve and fire a new haft, and then attach it to the head.

At least we have something to do for the next couple hours.
No. 943347 ID: b1b4f3

Adrenaline Rush.
I feel like we can make strong enough medicine already. Just gotta get more ingredients for it. Optimally we'd use the toxin specialty to coat all our weapons in deadly poison and heavily debuff everything we fight.

Loot the drops and get back inside immediately. The rest of the day should be spent recuperating. Verm should try to cook up some more healing items to help.

I'm thinking we should probably make Jordy a blacksmith. Unless we want to try to make our way to town and use theirs? I mean, I assume there's a town blacksmith.
No. 943352 ID: ce39da

Adrenaline rush and Toxicology seems like a safe bet. If we need more dedicated healing power, I'm sure we can find it later.

Also, wow, if that scales the way I think it does, then it looks like trolls make up for their piddly FG with metric f*ck-tons of PB. Primo tank role. Sprite, I take it [IDIOT SAVANT] gets replaced/locked in and can't be reassigned? If that's the case, we need to get Jordy on constructing stuff tomorrow; we'll need a dedicated builder if we're to advance any bases we make beyond the stone age any time soon.

But for now, get your asses back inside! That's enough excitement for one month. Then Vermillion can properly debrief. Speaking of (once we're inside and Vermillion's done talking); Sprite, is there a limit on how many dungeons there are? Like, is there exactly one dungeon in each area?
No. 943374 ID: 864e49

We need to fix that spear later but for now everyone inside so Verm can give the good news.
No. 943375 ID: 977456

Frenzied Attack: because I worry about being swarmed.
Medicine Man: Because Vermin is our only healer, and new healing/buffing recipes would be nice.
Posing Savant: Because a true hero is a master of grace and majesty!
No. 943385 ID: caf1de

adrenaline and medicine
don't forget to pick up everything
No. 943396 ID: 91ee5f

>Nargandr is dead
Alright! Make sure you guys pick up everything the Nargandr dropped, including the ones that fell into the pitfall traps! And don’t forget to pick up this Nargandr‘s sheet! You can probably make something from it.

Once you guys gather everything up, including any Throwing Knives and/or Crossbow Bolts that can be reused, get back in the Grotto and lock the door!

That’s when Vermilion can tell everyone about what happened after the undine dragged him under the lake.

Adrenaline Rush
Medicine Man

No. 943397 ID: a9af05

Gather up the loot and any throwing knives/crossbow arrows that can be reused.

>Spear broke
You might still be able to use the metal tip of the spear for something. Go ahead and bring it with you.

Adrenaline Rush

Medicine Man

>Nargandr‘s sheet
>You can probably make something from it.
Good idea. If losing it cut the Nargandr's FG in half, then it's gotta be pretty tough.

We're definitely going to have to wash it first, before we do anything with it.
No. 943433 ID: a451fc
File 156659847736.png - (742.03KB , 1475x1475 , Nargandr Drops 3.png )

Arrayan learned: Adrenaline Rush!
Vermilion learned: Medicine Man!
Vermilion learned: Sweet Fumes!

>Loot the battlefield
Sprite gets to work gathering what she can. All Nargandr's drop Bloodrock no matter what so the battlefield's lousy with the red stones. There's [x30] Bloodrock lying around and in the traps. The traps also have Emeralds [x9] lying in them and some weird bluish rocks that Vermilion quickly identifies as Lapis Lazuli [x4].

The main Nargandr everyone had fought dropped more golden trinkets. What looks like a holy symbol and more golden teeth, along with a golden locket that has a faded picture inside.

>Pick up Nargandr sheet
A few of the Nargandr's sheets had been reduced to tatters of cloth that can be taken, however they seem like regular pieces of cloth. No one's sure how it managed to defend the Nargandr's body so well. Regardless [x3] Scraps of Cloth are taken.

>Sprite, is there a limit on how many dungeons there are?
SPRITE: Dungeons? Not really, some Chunks might not even have dungeons to begin with, there aren't any real set numbers I know of.
No. 943434 ID: a451fc
File 156659848280.png - (245.96KB , 1757x1064 , regrouping.png )

>Everyone: Get inside
Everybody retreats into the grotto, inside after a few minutes of resting and eating (-[x3]Round Fruit) Vermilion talks about where he's been and what he's found handing the map to the dragons blood to Arrayan, whose eye's light up like a kid who's woken up on Christmas day or whatever equivalent lizard people have. Along with the map Vermilion also hands the box of gold to Arrayan who very much appreciated having more gold.

ARRAYAN: All of this is fucking AMAZING! Next time don't go dungeon diving without me huh? Is there anything else you found?
No. 943435 ID: a451fc
File 156659848818.png - (370.15KB , 1757x1064 , regrouping1.png )


Vermilion coughs up the moonstone.
No. 943436 ID: a451fc
File 156659849259.png - (249.05KB , 1757x1064 , regrouping2.png )

ARRAYAN: What the fuck is wrong with you?

The Black Suns starting to go down. But there's still more time in the eclipse day, though it seems like the group'd had enough excitement for today.
No. 943437 ID: b1b4f3

Okay Sprite, do we have enough gold for that etchanter?
No. 943438 ID: 977456

What happens if we use an etchanter to etch "Heavenly Machina" On the side of a former Etchanter?

I'd like at least a look at Blackest Night following an eclipse day but we ought to rest and recover for now. Except Vermilion, send the snake into the potion mines where it belongs.
No. 943439 ID: a9af05

So do we have enough stuff to build the Etchanter now? If so, how the hell do we build it?

>What the fuck is wrong with you?
Verm, explain that you don't know what possessed you to swallow that moonstone. Then just blame it on the eclipse. There's also a possibility that it was from the stress of being kidnapped and taken away to an unknown location and that made you do that.
No. 943440 ID: b1b4f3

Hey let's try making a bloodstone spear.
No. 943444 ID: 91ee5f

>Things gathered from wrecked ship Vermilion was in.
Did Sprite add all of those papers Vermilion collected to her Codex? Is she able to translate any of them?

Wait, how did Vermilion do that? If he ate a Round Fruit, then shouldn’t he have spat that out first before the Moonstone?

Also, now that the Moonstone isn’t taking up room in his stomach, he might still be a little hungry and need to eat some more.

>How the hell do we build the Etchanter?
I’d like to imagine that Arrayan will be wearing all of the gold before he lets it be used to make the Etchanter.

But the forge is outside when all the danger is. Can’t we wait until tomorrow to try and build that?
No. 943445 ID: ce39da

Let's just try to hunker down and get to know each other better for the rest of the day.
No. 943458 ID: 8d4593


He's a disgusting snake person, Arrayan.
They're just like that.
No. 943483 ID: 864e49

Ar: equip gold ring on each hand, equip gold bracelet on tail and equip necklaces to neck.

Thank you for this.

Did we get the broken spear head?
No. 943486 ID: 0efe8e

I love how verm just returns to a neutral expression, as if to say "this is normal, expect it"
No. 943516 ID: a9af05

Hey now. No being racist to teammates. Things like that is what makes them leave and not want to be on the team anymore. Which would be bad, since Verm is our only healer.
No. 943532 ID: 977456

And besides, this was helpful. Now we know that Arrayan can't evolve into Clefable.
No. 943543 ID: bbd5f5

Is... is this some sort of ophidian marriage proposal? Because, well, I'm flattered, but we've only known each other for a few days. Generally you wait a little longer than that, you know?
No. 943580 ID: 58b4f3

Arry, whatever you do, don't admit that you cried a little when you couldn't find Vermy after you dove into the water to save him.
No. 943583 ID: 422cea

Grab that smug tongue and have it retract like a window blind.
No. 943584 ID: 19fdd8

He just needs to evolve into a nidorino before he can become a nidoking.
No. 943908 ID: a451fc
File 156720572468.png - (253.73KB , 1018x879 , Sprite and Book.png )

>Can we make the Etchanter now?
SPRITE: We almost can! We've only got [x11] WOOD and [x40] STONE and we're out of Iron too!. We need [x150] WOOD, [x200] STONE first, and [x15] IRON to make it. Once we have the components I'll help with building it so don't worry too much about that part.

>Did Sprite add all of those papers Vermilion collected to her Codex? Is she able to translate any of them?
SPRITE: What isn't completely illegible is a bunch of chemistry mumbo jumbo. Vermilion you might want to study some of this later to learn more!

>Let's try making a bloodstone spear.
The bloodstone doesn't make a good material to make a spear out of. It can't be knapped well like stone can, and it's too brittle to make an effective weapon out of. It must have another use though, it'd be insult to injury if enemies as strong as the Nargandr dropped mostly trash materials.

>Did we get the broken spear head?
Arrayan picked it back up.

>Let's just try to hunker down and get to know each other better for the rest of the day.
SPRITE: Having some time to rest sounds good! And getting to know each other better is great for teamwork! Vermilion can experiment with his alchemy stuff too while we're at it! How should we get to know each other better?
No. 943910 ID: b1b4f3

>getting to know eachother
strip poker
Telling stories about life before the GigaChunk? Demonstrating talents or non-trade-related hobbies?
We could probably carve some wood into cards for card games (though anything that requires hiding cards would eventually be infeasible since the card backs won't be identical)

Does the bloodstone melt at all, for alloying? If not maybe we can crush it into powder for alchemy.
No. 943912 ID: 182fe0

Spin the bottle. A classic way to break the ice.
No. 943926 ID: 8d4593

JORDIE: Sing us the song of your people!
No. 943930 ID: a9af05

Talk about your lives before you came to the GigaChunk.
No. 943934 ID: 977456

Testing potions that have humorous side-effects.
No. 943940 ID: 0fae41

Works every time.
No. 943941 ID: ad51b8

everyone tell of their proudest moment they had before coming to the chunk and their most embarrassing moment to even each other out.
No. 943945 ID: 91ee5f

I don’t think anyone is going to be willing to kiss people they’ve only known for a few days.

Sounds good, let’s do this.

As long as the effects aren’t permanent, like Vermilion’s scales, and we don’t use any resources we need to make healing potions, then I don’t see a problem with this.
No. 944018 ID: 91ee5f

Now that I think about it, what was everyone doing before they came to the Giga-Chunk?

Were they sleeping in their bed at home and then suddenly woke up here or did something else happen? I really want to know how people end up coming to the Giga-Chunk.
No. 944094 ID: ce39da

If we have anything to write on (like the pages in the blank section of a Codex) we could pass the time trying to put together a map of what areas we've explored so far, including the locations of points of interest we've investigated. (We'll want something to help us decide a direction when we're finally out of the "finding our footing" phase of this new life.) I'd like to eventually complete the map of this chunk before moving on to any others. Have Vermillion and Jordy contribute what they traversed before we found them. Sprite, how does one tell the difference between a chunk border and a regular old biome transition? (We should use a colored line to represent the former, for clarity.)
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