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File 156365630117.png - (2.22MB , 2095x3000 , A78FD127-69A6-492A-8078-0D5CC9B21535.png )
939765 No. 939765 ID: e7703b

Travels have been uneventful, with out food stocks sufficient that I don’t have to hunt much, besides for fresh meat.
The remoteness of the route means we have not seen any other travelers yet, letting us enjoy some time together while on the move.

“Huff... Kit, please. We can’t keep doing this all day.”
> Keep doing this all day
> Stop
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No. 939766 ID: 2df440

Keep going all day!

... or not. You have things to do anyway. How is the trip so far?
No. 939767 ID: 0fae41

Keep doing this all day. Kit's stamina is legendary.
No. 939768 ID: e3e99e

"I can. Give me one good reason you can't."
No. 939770 ID: b1b4f3

Why not?
No. 939771 ID: afdebc

Keep doing this all day. She isn't begging enough yet.
No. 939772 ID: e7c7d3

Stop and re-hydrate. Bullying the nerd is fun but we don't want her start resenting us teasing her.
No. 939773 ID: c49ece

Yes we can! In fact, try and name another time we could!
No. 939776 ID: 58ee15

Tell her that if she has something better for you to do, that she can always order you.
No. 939777 ID: 094652

All day every day
No. 939792 ID: e7848c

Stop only after she gets off one more time
No. 939806 ID: 331587

Stop, but not instantly: Lower your hands to her thighs as you slowly withdraw it.
No. 939893 ID: 8b270f

only stop before she gets off...
No. 940118 ID: d6afc2


"No, we can keep doing this all day. What you have to say is: I don't want us to keep doing this all day."

And if she does, stop.... after perkaps 10 or 20 seconds.
No. 940680 ID: fb2a85
File 156429041736.png - (2.60MB , 1668x2388 , 334E0D4C-81B1-492B-947B-0B78075DB0CA.png )

> Keep going
Warming my body against her has been a wonderful way to keep us warm in the morning. The trip so far has been uneventful, but we’re almost to a nearby river that runs trail.
It’s supposed to be safe enough to camp and resupply fresh water, and it would be a good place to take a well needed bath.
A few days of heavily sweating has not been good for how we smell.

Asera has been withering under my attention as her eyes start to unfocus, and her body tenses.
I lower my left hand, massaging her hip, to her belly, and lower, softly kneading her wet vulva while running my right hand over her breast, cupping it from below before sliding my hand under her breast, along the base of the mound to her neck, before flowing my palm over her breast again, warming her hard nipple under my palm.

Her breathing shudders each time I feel her nipple runs under my hand, her tail shivers against my groin, and her weight falls against me.
I wrap my hands above and below her breasts to hold her in place as she gasps out a moan in climax.

“P-please,” She breathes out, “I need, need to, pee.”

>Let go
>help her
No. 940683 ID: 0fae41

Let go, even if it is just an excuse.
No. 940687 ID: e7848c

Haha, let the need go
No. 940692 ID: b1b4f3

Aw okay, let her go do her business.
Make sure to stand guard. Like, don't watch her pee or anything but keep an eye out.
No. 940693 ID: 8eaf98

Alternatively we could go kinkyer and offer ourselves as a place to store that urine and open our mouth
No. 940694 ID: bddb0f

Made her climax just by rubbing her breasts? You are getting good at this - and it seems you're both advancing fine along on the exhibitionism track. It wouldn't surprise me if there's some skill or stat increase after this little sojourn.

How's your libido doing? Kept in check? Have you experimented any further with the, hem, flowery artifact plugs?

Oh dear. You'd best help her off the cart then, and keep close watch just in case there's aught nasty nearby. Be a good little bodyguard for now. You can always resume the fun during bathtime.
No. 940740 ID: 2df440

Oh my, this is getting kinky. Uh, keep going regardless.
No. 940752 ID: e3e99e

Help her.
No. 940797 ID: 094652

Hold her on the side of the cart.
No. 941289 ID: fb2a7b

Help her and tell her to go right ahead.
No. 942014 ID: e7703b
File 156541063836.png - (2.63MB , 1668x2388 , 68DB2A7F-4B45-4B5C-8B16-B2A9E984E2AB.png )

“Shhh,” I whisper into Asera’s ear, making her shudder, “just let go.”
“Kit, no, I really gotta go!” She squirms from me, gripping the bench, but I keep her on my lap, bringing my hands on her inner thighs and spreading them wider, until she flinches and tries to stand.

I instantly pull my hand around her waist, masking her squeak as I pull her back. She tries to grab my hand but I pull it away. With my free hand, I reach down and run my fingers into her cleft and spread her wide open.

She struggles and pants as I hold her against me, but she can’t overpower me while I begin rubbing her labia, my wet fingers and her wet lips providing too little traction to keep her spread without slipping my fingers in.
Asera tries to stand again, but she freezes and I can feel warmth flow between my fingers. She pants, wincing as she tries to stop, but the flow refuses to.

She stays still, carriage rattling along the road. A flowing pond nearby, softly masking the sound of fluid hitting wood and pooling at our feet before trailing down onto the dirt.


>Continue along path
>Head to pond
No. 942015 ID: 7e78d6


"Sorry, but you're kinda irresistible. And, frankly, I'll admit I've always wanted to try this out just to see how I'd like it. Too much?"

Calm kisses.
No. 942017 ID: 094652

"Wow, you made a pond! I wonder how much fluid I can get out of you if I REALLY purr you into submission."
No. 942020 ID: 83bf07

Calm. Head to a pond. You'll make it up to her later, promise.
No. 942036 ID: d4f99a

Calm and praise. She did good!
No. 942037 ID: 8eaf98

i like this one.
No. 942041 ID: f3c77f

Going with this
No. 942099 ID: 2df440

This is good
No. 942760 ID: 3e9573

Tell her how shameless she is for doing it in front of other people.

Head to pond.
No. 945086 ID: 32b5ec


Guddammit, I don't want piss in my quest!
No. 948131 ID: f5a3f7

I... I actually agree with kome's suggestion here.
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