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File 156131831510.png - (94.98KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 01 Title.png )
936969 No. 936969 ID: 4cfeaf

I’m an apprentice magician, I traveled to this land to learn from my master, a known to be very powerful wizard… I spent a lot of time here, and learned a lot… yet this morning... there was something different... yet I couldn’t quite tell what, and before I knew it, my master started pushing me...
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No. 936970 ID: 4cfeaf
File 156131836065.png - (124.41KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 02 moving out.png )

“…It’s time now, my apprentice… Today you shall venture into the world. “


“I have taught you everything I could, and prepared you for the outside world as best as I managed… Now it’s time for you to go out there and grow, get stronger and make a name for yourself… Your skills, your resourcefulness… your magic and your instincts shall guide you in this task.”

No. 936971 ID: 4cfeaf
File 156131840670.png - (105.35KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 03 outside.png )

“Oh, and take these, you will need them.”

“M-Master, I don’t think I’m ready for-!”

“No one ever is, my apprentice. Not even myself when I was at your age… But everyone has to. They say there is no better teacher than experience, it’s now time for you to found your own… The world shall be a strict master, and it will punish you severely if you don’t learn fast, but you will not find better master than it… Now go! I have shown you everything I can, now the rest is up to you. Have adventures, learn and become stronger!”

“Master, What’s going o-!?”
No. 936972 ID: 4cfeaf
File 156131844183.png - (86.47KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 04 Suggest away.png )

My master hastily shuts the door as soon as he finished talking…

I’m an apprentice magician… I traveled to this land to learn from my master, who is known to be a very powerful wizard… And now, quite suddenly, he has sent me off to travel the world… I’m still puzzled about what just happened…
No. 936978 ID: e7c7d3

What all did your master give you?
No. 936993 ID: 0d5cb3

What do you know? You can at least defend yourself? Also, do you have a map? If not, what are you aware of in the vicinity?
No. 937008 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, nothing for it. Take inventory of your possessions and skills. Bring up a mental map of the area and nearby locations.
No. 937009 ID: 094652

He might just be senile and think you're his former student who went on to graduate at the archmagistry. Come back later and ask him who you are.
No. 937115 ID: 422b1c
File 156142651283.png - (82.14KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 05 Inventory.png )

My master handed me a staff and a backpack.

All mages use a staff in order to cast spells, although they are not really a necessity. They help with accuracy at longer ranges as well as they help the user to focus. Personally, I always preferred to simply cast magic directly from my HANDS, even if it is at a loss of accuracy and range, it just feels more comfortable and direct… Staffs can also be enchanted, which is another reason to use one I guess.

This one isn’t. It’s a very simple staff. Sturdy, but it doesn’t seem like there is much else to it. If worse comes to worse, Staves can also be used as an improvised blunt weapon, although they aren’t really meant to be used that way.

Taking a look at the backpack, there is the second set of clothes that I used while helping my master, and that’s what makes most of the bulk in the backpack. There is also some preserved food for about 2 days, tops, no water though, a small bag of coins that should be enough to either buy some more food or get a warm bed for some 3 days… I think… I don’t know what else I would need the money for. What do travelers often need…?

There is also the copper ring, it’s special for me, but otherwise it isn’t really remarkable. And lastly, there is a small hollow cylinder made of leather, it would seem to contain scroll. Maybe it’s a map.

The backpack should be helpful for carrying other stuff too.
No. 937118 ID: 422b1c
File 156142671881.png - (45.58KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 06 Magic.png )

I do know some spells, and I believe I could defend myself with them, but I really lack of many powerful spells, as well as some variety:

-Fireball: Regular fireball, nothing special about it, cast and throw at an enemy. It explodes on contact, but the explosion of mines is quite negligible. Often ineffective when thrown at water, not recommended to cast underwater.

-Water ball: like a fireball but of water. Not as damaging as a fireball, but it has its uses. For a start, a mass of water traveling at that speed can give quite an impact. It will be quite dangerous against fire elementals too. It will explode on contact, potentially soaking everyone nearby. Useless underwater

-Water Whip: A Whip made of water useful for striking enemies that get at closer range without getting soaked oneself. It can also help for reaching certain objects, but the whip will not last too long after contact. Useless when underwater.

-Land strike: A small pillar of earth will rise striking the target within about 3 meters from me. It will definitely stop someone on their tracks, even if it doesn’t hit. Be wary when used underground or within buildings: It’s more effective, but potentially dangerous for everyone involved. Useless when not in the ground.

-Fire wisp: A sentient fireball that will follow me around for some time until it banishes, or until it charges into a hostile, exploding on contact. It’s smart enough to carry the orders of “attack”, “Follow me” or “go”, but it’s unlikely it will understand anything else. Besides the obvious combat uses, it can also be used to illuminate dark places without risking yourself going in. I can only keep one up at the same time.

-Minor magical barrier: Unmovable barrier that can block both magical and physical projectiles. It’s of small size, and can only protect one person. It doesn’t last long, and it will break overtime or by being damaged. It doesn’t stop melee attacks or any non-magical being from going through it.

-Light beam: A small beam of light that comes from the user’s hand. The first spell my master taught me, and it’s quite easy to use. It will help illuminate dark places. It will also blind enemies for some seconds if casted and aimed right. My master said that some beings not used to light might get hurt if I used it against them, as well as some beings of eldritch origin, but I never got the chance to test it… and on the later, you really hope I don’t get the chance to test it. (I don’t really know in which category of magic Light beam falls… It seems holy, but I’m not sure…)

-Wound care: A very weak healing spell from holy origins. It will stop bleedings, or at least reduce it, as well as help blood coagulation. It will have no effect on the undead. (Also, contrary to popular belief, holy healing spells do not hurt the undead. I learned this the hard way...)

-Minor telekinesis: Allows me to move some small, light weighted objects for a short period of time before needing rest. Useful for reaching far objects as well as sending them afar.

Those are the spells and effects I certainly know how to use. Master would always say that when in doubt, I could always try experimenting. Combining them or even making up new spells on the go.
No. 937119 ID: 422b1c
File 156142681218.png - (61.61KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 07 Blank.png )

I’m a quick learner, quite versed on a lot of stuff. I have a lot of knowledge from the books I read under my master’s teachings. I know a lot of the world, although I hardly experienced it myself.

I also have knowledge of some of the magic schools, although not every one of them. I know about wizards (based around elemental spells), Sorcerers (based around the arcane arts), Clerics (based around holy magic), eldritch (based around demonic powers) and necromancers (based around raising the dead).

I have never decided in what sort of school I would like to focus on… Except for the Eldritch… I don’t really feel comfortable with them at the moment…

Alright… Let’s see what this scroll has for us!

… It’s… Blank…?

Well… That’s underwhelming… But at least it’s a fine piece of parchment! And I guess It also means there is no bound on where or what to explore! … I’m still not sure if I’m sold on this whole adventuring thing…
No. 937124 ID: 422b1c
File 156142754775.png - (150.55KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 08 Mental Map.png )

Anyway, my master and I would stay around here most of the time, but sometimes we would venture around to gather some supplies. There is a small village around here where we would buy some food and other stuff, and the nearby forest and lake were often useful for finding ingredients and for practice. There was some trouble here and there, but my master would make short work of it. I would help… sometimes… There is also a River nearby, and what seemed to be another town on the other side.

(My mental map is potentially not very accurate...)

Well… As far as I’m aware of, he wasn’t senile when he accepted me as his apprentice about 1 and a half year ago. On the other hand, he began acting a bit weird these last days so it might be it… Yes, I probably should come back to talk with him later… But until then what should I do…?
No. 937125 ID: b1b4f3

Head to town and get some supplies. Traveling gear. A waterskin would be nice. Can you cast Water Ball to make your own drinkable water? Or does it vanish after a while?

You should also ask around about adventurer-suited requests or bounties.
No. 938565 ID: 3d07e2
File 156260351356.png - (206.53KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 09 Travel.png )

>Can you cast Water Ball to make your own drinkable water? Or does it vanish after a while?
It does vanish after a while. Magical water can help you feel less thirsty and even allow you to keep going for a little more, but it’s more of a placebo effect than a real solution, and in the end, even if you end up drinking real water, it can be very dangerous to one’s health.

Luckily, in this area water won’t be a problem. Since we are near a lake, and there are many rivers nearby, water is mostly given for free.

>Head to town
I begin walking. The nearest town is about 15 minutes of walking from here, so I have some time to think...

I came to learn magic in order to get stronger… I really didn’t have any ulterior motive. I found out I could wield magic, and I figure out I could improve upon it and then things would start falling in place… That doesn’t seem to be the case though… and only now I find out that I never really thought about what I wanted to do in the future.

I still think getting stronger is something I should be trying to do, but without a general idea or theme to follow, I think I’ll be walking blind… And I don’t really like how that sounds.
No. 938567 ID: 3d07e2
File 156260380425.png - (220.87KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 10 Into the town.png )

I arrive to the town. Everyone here at least knows my face and they don’t pay me much attention, other than a short greeting, and just sticks to what they were doing.

This is a small town, and like all towns around this area, it’s somewhat isolated. Most of their products is used for self-supply, mostly food and textile products, the rest is used for bartering with travelers and other towns.

There are some businesses open to attend travelers willing to pay, namely a general store, which accepts both coins as well as product exchange, a blacksmith, although most of his work goes to making and fixing farming tools, an oracle, every town around here has at least one, and they charge with either coin of “gifts” for their predictions, which often need to be interpreted.

There are no INNs, but it’s common that some peasants might have some spare rooms for travelers to stay. They might charge for using them some times, but if they are fond you, they might let you stay for free.

There is also a Village Elder, often the oldest member of the family who has the most riches around here. If there is something I need to know about this area, he would be the person to ask. He’s probably the first person I should ask for jobs, but other people around town might still have some jobs for me too.

Author: This is a short update. I hope to be working on the next update shortly, but new suggestions will still be taken into account.
No. 938578 ID: c914a9

Go talk to the village elder. It doesn't seem like it'd do any harm.
No. 938591 ID: b1b4f3

Alright ask the elder about jobs, then buy a prediction from the Oracle.
No. 940440 ID: 4fd362
File 156410132412.png - (133.67KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 11 The elder.png )

I go towards the village elder’s house. The House is the largest in the town, although not by much. The elder seems to be sitting right outside, along with someone else.

Apprentice: Hi.

Elder: YOU! You are one of them necromancers aren’t cha!? I’ll have ye know you are not taking me alive from here. And I’ll make sure you get some really, really bad headache befo-

Elder’s son: Father, I don’t think he’s a necromancer…

Elder: Huh… oh… Sorry… What can I help you with?

Apprentice: I’m… An adventurer. I was looking for work and wanted to see if… you… had any.

Elder: An adventurer…? Alright, let me… let me think… there was this one thing… what it was…?

Elder’s son: Maybe you want me to take care of this?

Elder: No, no it’s fine… I can do this… You just watch… Listen! We have had some troubles with some of the foulest and most disgusting beings that have ever walked these lands!

Apprentice: N- Necroma-?

Elder: Cattle killers! Some damned wolves have been sneaking into our fields and killing our sheep and cows! My son always manages to drive them off but they always come back. If I were younger, I would go out there and teach them a lesson, but I know those days are far behind me, and I can’t send my son to fight them, he still needs to take care of the farm…

Elder’s son: I managed to track the wolves’ hideout. You will need directions to get there. If you are interested in the job, find me west of town so that we… You can go and take care of them.

Elder: Yes. And you probably would want to check around for supplies, they say it never hurts to go over prepared… or something.
Apprentice: Right… I’ll think about it…

Well... That led to something I guess. I Think I can take on some wolves… although on the other hand, if they are on a forest… they aren’t easy targets, but I should be able to fight back... Although I should watch out for forest fires… I can also look for other jobs If needed.
No. 940442 ID: 4fd362
File 156410153558.png - (76.78KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 12 The store.png )

I make a small stop on the general store, mostly to check on the prices, and see if there are any supplies I should buy now.

There are many things being sold, between clothes, some tools and raw materials… And I just realize I have no idea what an adventurer would buy… So I make my best to make a list of things that could be useful.

Healing herbs(Costs: 8 coins)– Useful for taking care of wounds, and it can also be used for making an infusion with water helping both invigorate someone, as well as being somewhat helpful with diseases, but with a very bitter taste.

Food(6) – Enough food for a day. Not preserved: it will go bad overtime without proper care.

Anima leaves (8) – Leaves that when chewed start dripping a liquid that often energizes the user, allowing it to somewhat faster and better, even under pressure, although the user gets tired once it wears off. You can create an infusion with it, but it seems that it doesn’t change much of the effects, if anything, it weakens the effect… But it has a nice taste that way.

Pouch(20)– A small, leather pouch that can fit into my belt. It could be useful for carrying small items, like the herbs, without occupying space in my backpack.

Cloak(50)– A simple cloak made to protect the wearer from the weather. It’s very used by travelers I think… It also looks cool… I think? There are many different colors to choose from.

Water-skin(25)– There are some waterskins being sold. I don’t have much experience with them… It can hold two liters… I don’t really know how much that is, but should be useful, right?

Currently I have only 30 coins. I could actually buy some food. While I ate a bit before leaving my master’s home, it wasn’t enough for a day.

By organizing my backpack, I managed to make some space… I would say I can carry about two more items.
No. 940443 ID: 4fd362
File 156410190477.png - (157.04KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 13 oracle.png )

I head towards the Oracle’s hut… It’s somewhat larger than most other houses, but otherwise hardly different. Inside is the oracle. She a young woman sitting right in the middle of the dark room.

Oracle: If you seek my visions, you shall need to forfeit the tenth portion of the coins you are carrying... or otherwise give a suitable offering to the spirits.

And that would be exactly 3 coins… I don’t think she would like such a small offering, but she still wouldn’t be able to deny my request.
No. 940444 ID: 094652

Offer to give her ALL your coins and see how she reacts. If she doesn't show respect for your willingness to (temporarily) accept poverty, reject the offer entirely and come back when you're at a higher level.
No. 940445 ID: b1b4f3

Give 10 coins. That should be enough.

After this, spend 14 to get some food and healing herbs.
No. 941883 ID: 4fd362
File 156531603532.png - (82.92KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 14 Angry.png )

I offer her my entire bag of coins.

Oracle: … what are you doing…?

Apprentice: I’m offering you all the coins I have with me…

She seems… confused for a second.

Oracle: … What… what sort of FOOL are you?! Are you really that desperate? Do you really fear your future this much, that you are willing to give it all in order to change it?! And worse of all, do you think ME above fate?! That I can write it and rewrite it at my will and that the gods themselves bend to my whim?!


Oracle: Foolish, stupid, you that think that giving me more than what I ask will grant you a better fate! My predictions will be the same, regardless if you give me the payment of a king, or a mere mule!

She seems to have greatly misinterpreted my intentions…
No. 941884 ID: 4fd362
File 156531606954.png - (66.17KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 15 husband.png )

Man: I heard screaming, Is everything alright?!

Oracle: Yes, honey, thank you! Please go back inside.

Man: Uh… Yes, dear, sorry for bursting in.

The oracle seems calm herself and takes a deep breath before continuing…

Oracle: … So, do you want my vision or not?

Apprentice: Y-yes, please.

She counts the coins inside the bag, and takes exactly three, before handing it back to me.

Oracle: Alright, hold on…
No. 941885 ID: 4fd362
File 156531614982.png - (164.66KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 16 vision.png )

The oracle closes her eye, takes a deep breath and remains silent for some time… until she finally speaks.

“...I’m seeing you walking… I don’t know where… Suddenly, you encounter a being… a haunting, wild darkness… you can sense its mere presence all around you… you seem incapable of escaping but… it doesn’t seem to consider you a threat… nor it seems to care about you. It ignores you completely… focusing on something else…

Then… the being… it would seem that… you can turn it in your favor… make it an ally...? but to that… I’m seeing you dancing in the fine line between life and death…”

Oracle: … And… that was all I could see…

… Well…

…That was ominous…

I take mental note to buy those items as soon as I can move again…
No. 941929 ID: 4075a1

Ask her if she has any advice on where to head to next, or if there is work in town for you to do for a bit. Could earn some extra money before setting out.
No. 942018 ID: 094652

Buy some treats for the upcoming grue.
No. 943519 ID: 4fd362
File 156668804083.png - (147.44KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 17 Advice.png )

>Ask her if she has any advice on where to head to next
Oracle: I… I don’t have much advice for this… It’s rare to have a vision being so… direct… Your death isn’t foretold but still a possibility, all I can say is that you probably should be careful… I don’t want to sound rude but… You are not practicing the dark arts, are you?

Apprentice: No… why do you ask?

Oracle: … The idea of you… seemingly making a deal with… whatever that dark being Is, was worrisome… I won’t pry any further, but I would have been very concerned thinking that I aided someone who practices dark magic… Just… be careful what you agree to…

> if there is work in town for you to do for a bit. Could earn some extra money before setting out.
Oracle: I can’t think of much myself… My husband might have something but… I’m sorry but… I would prefer it that you leaved this town as soon as you could…

Apprentice: What? Why?

Oracle: Don’t take this the wrong way. You are bound to find this being. There is no other fate, and I’m afraid of what happens to those surrounding you when that happens… The vision said nothing of them… The vision said that you could tame it… but it was not a certainty...

Apprentice: You fear the town will be in danger?

Oracle: As long as you remain here… I’m afraid it will. I will not kick you out of here… but I would prefer it that you finish whichever business you have in here and left as soon as possible, I don’t think anyone here would be capable of helping you even if they wanted… Maybe you should seek out someone who is more powerful or more experienced? Other than that I can’t give you more advice…

Well... At least there is a chance I will not die, so… that’s a good thing I guess...

Apprentice: A-alright… I think I’ll leave now. Thanks for the assistance…

Oracle: Goodbye, and good luck.
No. 943520 ID: 4fd362
File 156668809553.png - (205.18KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 18 decisions.png )

I head to the general store to buy what I needed… Now I have a total of 13 coins left.

What treats could be used? I don’t even know what I’ll met… I guess buying some extra food could work? But how much would be enough? According to the prophesy, it was really big...

I eat some of the non-preserved food… Eating manages to calm me a little bit… But Now I need to think about what to do next... I could still do the job the elder gave me… I don’t know how much I money I’ll get from that yet, but I can always go and ask his son… It also shouldn’t take more than some hours, I’m guessing we only need to scare them off, right? It should be easy enough with even with my magic.

On the other hand, I could meet this... “Dark being” anytime from now on… There was no specific time, so there is no telling when it will happen, but anything I could do before it happens to prepare myself would be of help... But I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do on my own, and as the oracle said, I don’t think the villagers will be of much help in this.
No. 943531 ID: b1b4f3

Even a very large animal can be appeased somewhat by giving it a little food. Buy an extra helping.

You think you need more help, but the villagers can't give it to you... Where else can you get help from? Unless there's an adventurer in town I don't know what to tell you, aside from head to a larger town quickly?
Go do the cattle killing quest regardless.
No. 944965 ID: 4fd362
File 156839454541.png - (188.64KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 19 Cattle Killers Start.png )

I Drink some water and finish eating. I feel filled and ready.

>Even a very large animal can be appeased somewhat by giving it a little food. Buy an extra helping.
I guess I can do that… I buy some extra food, just in case. Now I have 7 coins left.

>You think you need more help, but the villagers can't give it to you... Where else can you get help from? Unless there's an adventurer in town I don't know what to tell you, aside from head to a larger town quickly?
Well… the closest person I know that MIGHT be able to help me is my master… Although I don’t know if coming back right now would be convenient since it has just been about 2 hours since he sent me away…

As for large cities, there aren’t any around these areas… the closest one Is still far away, and it could take weeks of walking, although there would be some towns and villages on the way.

While some adventurers might come to these areas, it doesn’t seem like there is any nearby. It might be because my master lives nearby and has dealt with pretty much anything that could be troublesome as soon as it appears, and it has been like that for some years, so adventurers in might have decided to leave this place in search for better rewards elsewhere…

>Go do the cattle killing quest regardless.
Yes, Let’s go do the quest, some experience and training should come in handy.

Elder’s son: There you are. Have you decided to help with the wolves?

Apprentice: Sure, I’ll do what I can.

Elder’s son: Good, I have a bag of 50 coins that I’ll hand you once the task is done. There is a total of 5 wolves, with one alpha, although, strangely, there were no females in sight… Be wary of the alpha though, it seems very strong, even for a wolf.
No. 944967 ID: 4fd362
File 156839466557.png - (122.12KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 20 Name.png )

Elder’s son: I can guide you towards their den, my father would prefer for me to come back as soon as possible, but, unless you prefer working alone, I wouldn’t mind helping you take care of those wolves… Now, if there isn’t anything else you need to do, let’s go… err… What is your name?

Apprentice: My name? It is…

Change name?
No. 944968 ID: 93a540

Edwin Redvane.
No. 945018 ID: b1b4f3

No. 945020 ID: afdebc

>Apprentice: My name? It is…
>Change name?
Yes, that's right, your name is "Change name?".
No. 950730 ID: 4fd362
File 157531060597.png - (216.05KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 21 through the forest.png )

Edwin: I’m Edwin, Edwin Redvane.

Elder’s son: Nice to meet you. Follow me, the wolves’ den is deep within the forest. They seem to only leave their lair at night, so we’ll most likely find them there.

He starts guiding me through the forest. There is no talk and it’s very uneventful. We follow a small path, barely noticeable until we reach a slope and we start climbing up. I have some problems trying to keep up with him, but he waits until I get to him.
No. 950731 ID: 4fd362
File 157531069028.png - (235.02KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 22 the wolves.png )

Eventually we reach a small clearing in the forest. There is what appears to be a small cave in the center, and I see four wolves around it.

Elder’s son: The alpha must be hiding inside, and it seems like they don’t know we are here yet. Alright, how do you want to do this?

A fireball should be enough to take out one of the wolves, but afterwards, the rest of them will find out where we are. It’s possible they will charge towards us. I will need to be prepared for when that happens.
No. 950733 ID: b1b4f3

Alright, fireball and an arrow will take out two. Then when the remaining two charge (if they don't run) you can slam one with land strike. Both if possible. The last one can be taken out by axe and possibly water whip.

Can you get a fire wisp out without alerting the wolves? It'd also help thin their numbers.
No. 951360 ID: e7c7d3

This seems like a good plan
No. 953110 ID: 4fd362
File 157860513962.png - (218.86KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 23 First strike.png )

Summoning the fire wisp would probably give away our location.

I discuss the plan with the Elder’s son and we prepare to do the first strike. The wolves aren’t moving too much, so they make easy targets. We attack almost simultaneously. My fireball takes out instantly one of the wolves, while the arrow hits the other one in the neck. It struggles for some time before falling.
No. 953111 ID: 4fd362
File 157860519088.png - (291.87KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 24 Land strike.png )

The Other two wolves start growling and charge towards us… They don’t seem to even consider retreating or anything else… The elder’s son seems confused for a moment but immediately gets his axe ready.

I Time the land strike so that it will hit the wolves as soon as they land with their front legs, hoping to hit both of them. One of them is sent flying backwards some meters. The shock alone of the land strike seems to have been enough to take it out. The other one however manages to dodge it and tries to attack me next but it’s stopped by the Elder’s son axe, killing it.

After all of this, all four wolves are down.
No. 953112 ID: 4fd362
File 157860529666.png - (90.23KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 25 The Alpha.png )

Suddenly we can hear some growls coming out from the small cave... Then a very large wolf comes out of it, and it’s looking even more aggressive than the previous ones… It’s bloodied, and it seems to be its own blood…

Edwin: Is that the Alpha?!

Elder’s son: Y-yes… It was dark back then but I don't remember it bleeding like that!

I don’t know much about the biology of wolves, it seems very weakened by… whatever it is that it has, but it’s still a very imposing figure: it’s very corpulent, almost man-sized… and it seems to be about to attack us at any moment.
No. 953114 ID: 094652

It seems blind. Use loud jarring noises to disorient it!
No. 953116 ID: b1b4f3

Summon a fire wisp before it charges. Then Land Strike to stun it at the same time the fire wisp strikes, and Light Beam it to blind it while it's stunned.
Then you just start whittling it down with ranged attacks.
No. 954569 ID: 4fd362
File 158013596535.png - (256.79KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 26 Fire Wisp.png )

I try summoning the fire wisp at a distance, as it appears, it makes a sound.

It continues growling, and suddenly it starts rushing towards us, with a surprising speed for its size, leaving the fire wisp behind before it could even react.
No. 954570 ID: 4fd362
File 158013600343.png - (193.28KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 27 Firepower.png )

As it gets closer, the elder’s son manages to hit it with an arrow, but it doesn’t seem to even notice it.

I also manage to hit it with the land strike once it got close enough, but despite the land strike’s force, it just manages to push the alpha away a little bit, and stun it for some time. A second arrow hits the alpha, and before it recovers, I use the light beam to try to blind it. It groans in pain as it tries to keep its eyes away from the light.

Meanwhile the Fire wisp manages to catch on and launches itself towards the alpha, exploding on contact and leaving a nasty burn.
No. 954571 ID: 4fd362
File 158013607836.png - (164.23KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 28 The alpha is dead.png )

Still, the alpha refuses to fall, and as it manages to escape the light beam, it prepares itself to attack me. A lucky shot from the Elder’s son gets it in the eye, and as it recoils in pain, I attack it with a fireball, more in desperation than anything else.

It finally falls, it struggles and has some spasms, before it finally stops moving…

Elder’s son: Is it… is it finally dead?

Edwin: I… Think so…

Elder’s son: I had never seen something take that much punishment… I think you earned your reward.

The elder son hands me a bag with 50 coins. Now I have 57 coins.

Elder’s son: Shall we head back to town? I would like to get away from this place as soon as possible…
No. 954582 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, it'd be best to head back. Let the scavengers clean up.
No. 954592 ID: b1b4f3

I kindof want to look in the cave to see if anything's in there.
No. 954607 ID: 015bf2

Seems like it might have been diseased or infested with something?

That's worrisome. If it's anything transmissible, the problem might not be past. You should investigate the cave to find out if there are more sources of disease. And do your best to burn the bodies already present, so scavengers don't get whatever it is and spread it.
No. 956856 ID: 4fd362
File 158222767735.png - (210.45KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 29 burn it.png )

Edwin: Wait, there is something I want to check first.

Elder’s son: If you say so…

I try to get close to the cave, but there is an unbearable stench coming from inside… It almost makes me puke. I use the light beam to see what what's inside from a safe distance, and I see many carcasses from what I assume are various animals, many of them seem to be decomposing…

I feel the urge of just leave but…

Edwin: I think we should burn the bodies… Whatever the alpha had, it might spread…

Elder’s son: Scavengers would normally take care of diseases and the such but in this case it would probably be for the best…

I make a fireball, and get it close to the body until it starts burning. The fire starts spreading slowly to the rest of the body… I presume that it will engulf the entirety of the alpha’s body eventually…
No. 956857 ID: 4fd362
File 158222772487.png - (138.59KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 30 Bad sound.png )

I start walking to the other wolves while the pillars product of my earth strikes crumble back to the earth.

I get close to one of the remains of the wolves, but before I can start burning it, I start hearing weird sounds coming from the alpha’s body…

Elder’s son: … Edwin…!
No. 956858 ID: 4fd362
File 158222779102.png - (162.37KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 31 Rip and Tear.png )

Elder’s son:… that thing is still moving!

The alpha’s body starts being ripped apart, while it continues to burn. Fur, organs and even entire limbs start fall to the ground…
No. 956860 ID: 4fd362
File 158222785620.png - (332.31KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 32 Eldritch parasite.png )


Elder’s son: WHAT IS THAT THING?!

Edwin: It’s… It’s a…

… It’s an E-Eldritch parasite …!
No. 956868 ID: 015bf2

Burning was SO the right call.

More bolts! More fireballs! Stay at range! Use Land Strike to keep it at bay or trip it in the eye!
No. 957137 ID: e7c7d3

Alright, what do you remember about what an eldritch parasite is? Any weaknesses or vital info?
No. 957170 ID: b1b4f3

It might be a good idea to run away. It's on fire, which means it will eventually burn to death right?
No. 959827 ID: 4fd362
File 158532618671.png - (320.13KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 33 Remember.png )

R-Right! I need to remember what I studied about them… let’s see…

The eldritch parasites are very rare to find, even among other eldritch beings, and they are often seen as little more than insects by them. Their origin is unknown, even after many centuries of research, and there is only speculation and theories.


Once they feed enough, the parasite will develop to a point when it no longer needs the host to survive (…) They are the most vulnerable at this stage, as they are still adapting themselves to live without the host. They are still very weak against pretty much anything, specially the elements, but they compensate with an unnatural speed and mobility, and a matching strength. Some have been found to be surprisingly intelligent. At this stage, the best place to attack is on its eye, or around it, but anywhere should also work.

(…) If they are allowed to thrive, they will continue to develop, becoming even stronger, smarter and resilient (…) It seems to be impossible to predict how it will evolve, but it seems they adapt to their surroundings (…)
No. 959830 ID: 4fd362
File 158532641747.png - (272.30KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 34 Defense.png )

Luckily… It seems that this one developed itself in a hurry to try to protect itself from the fire… one of its “arms” seems longer than the other one and it seems to be overall unbalanced.

I try to throw a fireball at it, while the elder’s son fired another arrow. The parasite quickly reacts to the attack, and blocks it with its arm… it would seem it’s using the wolf’s carcass as a… meat shield…

... It seems like the arrow actually managed to hurt it, although only slightly.
No. 959831 ID: 4fd362
File 158532651881.png - (237.82KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 35 prepare.png )

It suddenly starts rolling on the ground before stopping and facing us… I don’t think the alpha’s body is supposed to bend that way…

It’s not burning as bad as it was, but the fire is still there, and it might grow overtime… but it seems that is no longer one of its worries!

S-Should I? If I run away, I might escape but… who knows what this thing might do if I don’t stop it… And once it escapes, It probably won't be easy to find it again.
No. 959844 ID: b1b4f3

You want to hit the eye... but in the stance it's using the eye is on the underside. I think the best way to kill this thing, or to get a good opening to do so at least, is to cast Land Strike underneath it. Either to hit the eye or flip it over so you can fireball the weak point.
I feel like it's about to charge forwards, but the host body has no eyes left. It shouldn't be able to see where it's going, and is either hoping you don't move, or is using its ears to tell which direction you move. Maybe you can lure it into smacking into something, and using that opportunity to hit it with a well-aimed Land Strike?

OH. It's a magical being! That means you can use your barrier spell. It'll run into the barrier, then you can hit it with a Land Strike to stun it and flip it and maybe hit the eye, at which point you can follow up with a Light Beam, because this is a good time to find out if it damages eldritch beings. Plus it could blind its one remaining eye.
No. 965434 ID: 4fd362
File 158880918704.png - (235.37KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 36 barrier.png )

Yes! That seems like a solid plan.

It begins charging towards us, and the elder’s son hastily shots another arrow at it, but it misses.

Edwin: Get behind me!

I quickly summon the magic barrier to stop the parasite mid charge.

The head of the carcass managed to get through, startling me a bit. But it seems that the rest of the body just smashed into the barrier. Now it’s my chance!
No. 965435 ID: 4fd362
File 158880921118.png - (209.04KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 37 High jump.png )

No. 965436 ID: 4fd362
File 158880923830.png - (307.88KB , 1600x1200 , AQ 38 not in control.png )

The situation is no longer under control!
No. 965445 ID: d63ea8

This seems like a good time to cast Land Strike.
It'll give you and the elder's son the chance to back off.
No. 965454 ID: b1b4f3

Try light beam! It's looking right at you!
Actually that implies the raised arm is a feint and you should try to avoid being hit. Maybe even block with your staff?
No. 965583 ID: e7c7d3

Yeah, it could easily swipe with the other arm in your direction

The wolf head seems to be a red herring too. Aim for the gut
No. 965643 ID: 6f7a5a

I second blinding it with light beam
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