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File 155272171750.png - (206.30KB , 800x525 , title3.png )
925961 No. 925961 ID: 270774


This quest is R18.
chapter one: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/897413.html
chapter two: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/910050.html
disthread: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/124805.html
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/iraprince
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No. 945551 ID: 094652

Patrol the town and look for a fight. Failing that, go out for fancy smoothies and wait for the fights to come to you.
No. 945552 ID: ae76e8

that's fair, definitely get on the bike and hold on to her because of both not falling off and gay reasons.
maybe we can ask more about ex's later. for now we should ask more about background. growing up maybe? is it taboo to ask how/why someone got turned?
No. 945556 ID: e7dcb0

Maybe on the second then. And then off you go.
No. 945558 ID: 0cfbab

I know we can't die from, like, falling off a bike but we should hold on to Strip's toned waist while she takes us out on this ride.
Y'know, for safety :>
No. 945559 ID: 0338c7

I know she said we’re unlikely to see werewolves but given Pascal’s kind of hmmmm take on them it’s be really cool to see some while we are out there.
No. 945560 ID: 69c061

I heartily add my support to the suggestion of holding on very tightly for safety. It's just good sense. Also be sure to appreciate how firm and muscular her back and waist are while you're there.

Going out into the desert sounds like fun (I mean, not for me, because I'm not an undead creature who presumably isn't bothered by heat, but for them.) Find out about Rian and Belle some other time; don't push it for now, just enjoy some desert scenery.
No. 945561 ID: 421241

honestly yeah do this exact thing
No. 946075 ID: f46390

ira you're so great
No. 946240 ID: 49863e

yes, I'm all for climbing on that bike behind Strip, wrapping arms around her, and appreciating the feel of her skin and muscles beneath....
No. 947356 ID: 75cf31
File 157143449154.png - (227.06KB , 800x525 , 539.png )

“That’s good advice,” Lamb murmurs. “Thanks.”

She knows not to poke at it. She knows what it’s like to not want to talk about something, to bristle when it gets brought up, to feel trapped — she wouldn’t do it to another person. Instead she just approaches and gets onto the back of the bike, a little uncertainly at first.

Strip twists in her seat to face her. There was a helmet hanging off the other side of the bike, and she’s unhooked it and picked it up. She plonks it on top of Lamb’s head, and Lamb wrinkles her nose as it’s pressed down over her face.

“We’re vampires,” she points out. “Even if there’s a bike accident, I won’t die.”

“I guess not. But what if your brain gets splattered everywhere, and then it takes a couple days to regen? That’ll put a damper on the date, huh?” Strip raps the outside of the helmet lightly with her fingers, and then her tone is less joking. “Besides, this cuts down on wind noise. You won’t like how loud it is without it.”

“Hm.” Lamb reaches up to adjust the helmet, making sure it’s snug, and slides the visor down. She doesn’t love how it feels around her face, but… she likes that Strip is thinking of her. It doesn’t really feel patronizing. “Okay.”
No. 947357 ID: 75cf31
File 157143450713.png - (165.62KB , 800x525 , 540.png )

Then comes the part she’s been equally excited and apprehensive about. Strip turns back around and grips the handles and it takes Lamb a second to decide to lean forward. When she does, she reaches around Strip’s torso, seeking around her oversized jacket, and eventually her hands find each other again over Strip’s firm, muscled stomach. She feels a little warm to the touch, under Lamb’s palms — probably because of the blood loss from the duel earlier. She worries, for a second, about her cold fingers being unpleasant, but if they are Strip isn’t saying anything about it.

“Tighter,” Strip says.

Lamb jolts a little, startled out of her train of thought. “What?”

“You’re gonna wanna hold on tighter than that,” Strip repeats. “Or I’m gonna lose you on the turns.”

“Oh. Okay…” Lamb shifts her weight and leans forward a little more, tightening her arms, just a little bit at a time — a pause after each adjustment, waiting for feedback, because she doesn’t know how much tighter it’s supposed to be — she’s overthinking it, she knows that, but—

“There you go,” Strip says, when Lamb is holding her far more tightly than she thought she’d have to. There’s a relief in it, in that confirmation. Her cheek is pressed against Strip’s shoulder (which isn’t as romantic as it sounds when there’s a thick layer of fiberglass and foam between them, courtesy of the helmet).

“Ready?” Strip asks, and when Lamb nods, she revs the motor and peels away from the curb.
No. 947358 ID: 75cf31
File 157143452181.png - (182.36KB , 800x525 , 541.png )

Vegas is brighter in motion. A hundred different neon signs and flashing lights melt into harmonious streaks when they’re speeding past, in a way that Lamb thinks is much nicer to look at. Strip’s right about the helmet quieting things down, though she doesn’t mind the engine noise that still makes its way through, steady and low.

Here and there, especially when they slow down at lights or in traffic, Strip points things out. “I used to live down there,” she says once, when they stop at a wide intersection. “There’s an offshoot of the Vegas den there, in the building right next to my old one, that’s how I found out about vampires.”

Past the flashy Flamingo hotel: “There’s a wildlife sanctuary there, with actual flamingoes and fish and stuff. I thought about breaking in there with you, but they’d all be asleep, so it would be kind of boring.”

As a bar whips by, one Lamb doesn’t catch the name of: “I got stabbed there. While I was alive. Like, not severely, but y’know.”

Eventually the traffic thins out, the buildings grow smaller and dimmer, and Strip takes an exit onto a broad, yawning highway, flowing out into the dark desert.

They can hear each other perfectly well, despite the helmet and the wind and the engine; Strip’s gone quiet, but if Lamb wanted to fill the silence while they finish the drive out to Red Rock, she could now.
No. 947359 ID: 69c061

Does she miss living in Vegas? It sounds like an exciting place.
No. 947380 ID: 55f56a

Share some bittersweet memories from when you were growing up as a vampire hunter?
No. 947394 ID: 49863e

maybe spend some time pondering how nice and good it feels to be so thoroughly in contact with Strip.... maybe say it out loud to her.......
No. 947434 ID: df5939

racks body must be strong, right? how does it feel holding her? think about this.
ask about her motorcycle. how long has she been driving? does she have her licence, or is this a fun illegal activity?
No. 947459 ID: c9c450

Talk about how pretty it is in motion. About how the little details of her snippets of life and unlife create a warmer picture than you expected. Maybe she's exactly what you needed to appreciate it all.
No. 947460 ID: 91a76a

possessed by gay instinct to second this
No. 947601 ID: be8768

love all of these
No. 947637 ID: 19bc84

can we ask about the sanctuary? maybe we can go there next time (wink wink. don't wink though lamb that would be strange) and ask what her favourite place in vegas is. we liked the drive
No. 947638 ID: 70df1e

this! tell her that you didn't like vegas so much when you all first came over (the lights and the noise and the heat and the constant /bustle/) but that it seems nicer with strip. friendlier. you like her stories.
No. 947792 ID: 262f3a

"You spent most of your time here in Vegas, right? It seems like a nice life... Why did you seek out Kel?"
No. 947805 ID: a0f20c

And how old you were when you were turned vs now. Unless that's like talking about exes? Shit, is there vampire-turning etiquette we don't know about?

Also aww. I'd love to see the animals (the nocturnal ones at least) but I'd be worried about making them uncomfortable.
No. 949580 ID: 75cf31
File 157386195604.png - (133.62KB , 800x525 , 542.png )

Lamb is distracted, for a few minutes, by the changing scenery, and the scents on the night air, and by Strip’s very very hard abs. Eventually her mind wanders back, retracing the little breadcrumb path of Strip’s commentary on the things they passed.

“Did you like living here?” she asks. She keeps her head inclined against Strip’s back; there’s less to look at out here, and more to talk about. “I didn’t like it much, when we got here. It’s too loud. And busy. But… this is nicer. With you.”

“Yeah? Good to hear.” Strip’s body moves in her arms in a little jolt, like she’s laughing. “I mean, I don’t know. Sure. I don’t like the Strip much either —” She actually laughs out loud, then, breaking off. “You like that? The General’s little joke, Strip from the Strip. God, what was I saying. Yeah, I don’t like it much either, the casinos and stuff, but — I don’t know, other people from here sometimes like to say stuff like, ‘Oh, that’s not really Las Vegas, I’ll show you real Las Vegas,’ while they take you to like, their favorite dumb sandwich restaurant or whatever. But I dunno. It is real Las Vegas, all that shit is, even if I don’t like it, right? You can’t deny that it’s a huge part of it.” A pause. They take another sweeping turn, around a wide mesa that stretches up into the night sky. “I liked it fine. It did okay for me, growing up here.”

“Hm.” Lamb’s having a hard time relating to any of this. “If you liked it… why did you decide to join?” She thinks about it for a second, then quickly follows it up before Strip can answer. “If that’s… okay to ask.”

“You’re fine,” Strip says. She goes quiet again for a minute, musing. “So I met the vampires who lived in the den outpost by where I lived, right. I got friendly with one of them — Rian, that’s the one I’m borrowing the bike from, the one we met out there. And eventually they tell me about vampires, right, because we got to be good friends, and I meet more of them, and I was like… I want that. You know?”
No. 949581 ID: 75cf31
File 157386198372.png - (91.65KB , 800x525 , 543.png )

Lamb doesn’t know. “Want” is not a word she’d choose for what she’s done — even though she did choose it, even though she looked Kel in the eye and demanded it. She could still never say she wanted this. She listens anyway.

“Vampires don’t worry about taking care of themselves,” Strip says. “Vampires don’t worry about — god, so much shit that you worry about when you’re alive. So much shit that like, fucking, consumes your every waking moment when you’re alive, it’s just straight up not a problem anymore. And like — I mean, you’ve heard Rack talk about why she did it. All these limitations you have when you’re human, this one stupid fragile short little life seeming like the most important thing in the world, and like making a mistake can fuck absolutely everything, forever — all of that gets blown wide open. Rian said kind of the same thing. That shit gets so small, when you live forever.”

The last few clouds that were hanging in hazy wisps have been blown away now by a stiff, hot wind, and the moon shines down on them brighter than Lamb would have thought possible.

“Rian offered to turn me. And this girl I was with wanted to do the whole fucking — the Twilight thing, or whatever, one of us gets turned first, then turns the other. But I wanted to be, like, careful about it, y’know. Big decision. Fucking eternal decision. You don’t just go with whatever your buddy offers first, and you don’t fold to whatever your girlfriend is getting all worked up about for Valentine’s day. And I looked into it, and I heard about the Gallowglass thing and — it was just like, ‘Yeah, man. That’s for me.’” The motorcycle slows, and Strip pulls off the road onto a dirt trail, and then she cuts the engine and leans back. “And everybody got mad at me about it. And that was that.”

She glances over her shoulder, reaching back to flip the visor on Lamb’s helmet up. “What, you writing a biography?”
No. 949587 ID: 094652

> All that human stuff seems so small now
"People with small dreams can be great legends if the climb is filled with boulders and deathtraps, and they still keep going."
Take a few breaths.
"We all have things to do, and some of us have more things to do than others. But we shouldn't judge other people on the size of their dreams; what's important is how far they are willing to go to get there."
"I think you should let Rian and the others know you didn't just join because 'it-was-fun'. If you know the stakes, treat them like you once treated your human ^&*(."
No. 949595 ID: 3e7944

Smart of her to not just give into what her friends/girlfriend wanted. Tell her it was smart of her to do her research and have some kind of a plan yknow?

Also, tell her it's really interesting to hear someone else's motives behind wanted to be turned, since our reason wasn't really want.

Reciprocate with the sharing, and also I really want us to ask what her non gallowglass name is (if that's appropriate)
No. 949608 ID: 3ed3c3

Getting a different perspective. Lamb is a world-and-a-half away from what Strip's lived. Lamb spent her entire life despising vampires and training to destroy them, and now here she is: a vampire hunter turned vampire being trained by other vampires to hunt vampires.
Seeing things from another person's point of view may help her with her situation in some way.
No. 949609 ID: bb78f2

I spent my life being raised as a hunter, I can't help but be curious how and why people become vampires compared to why I became one. We all had to choose to become one if we were to be Gallowglass. You grow up like I did, some of the first questions you ask are why are vampires here, why are they real, how did they come to be? Why do I have this job by birthright?
No. 949610 ID: 2ba9d1

Well, I didn't know, about the thing you asked. I don't know what it's like to want this. It's... good, to learn why you did. To see why a good person would want this existence.

And this is a date. You're supposed to ask personal questions and hope you don't say anything too upsetting.
No. 949611 ID: 14e641

Honest curiosity,
No. 949825 ID: 262f3a

Tell her you didn't really have a choice when you were turned. You could either die for nothing or live to avenge your order. as a hypocrite. You were just curious about why other people would chose this life.
No. 949980 ID: 153cc0

...but why did you ghost everyone just cause they got mad at you?
No. 949981 ID: 2ba9d1

I wouldn't use words like "just". Too judgmental, possibly really insensitive. Otherwise, asking the question is alright.
No. 952525 ID: deddc1

Happy New Year
No. 952622 ID: 75cf31

please don't post unrelated stuff in the quest thread. thanks!
No. 952623 ID: 75cf31
File 157807764731.png - (157.17KB , 800x525 , 544.png )

“Just curious. About why someone would want this life.” Strip extends her hand to help Lamb off the bike, and she accepts it. “I mean… I chose it, but I didn’t want it… if that makes sense…”

“Yeah, it does,” Strip says. She keeps Lamb’s hand in hers as she walks over to the nearby chainlink fence, giving it a brief once-over. “We all do that, I think — choose stuff we don’t actually want. Sometimes you just have to.” She gives Lamb another smile over her shoulder. “I’m trying to do as little of that as I can, though, from here on out.”

They get over the fence with ease, and to Lamb’s eyes the cliffs and outcroppings that rise red-striped into the starry sky appear in perfect, crisp detail, even in the darkness. It’s tranquil and chaotic all at once, the night lush with soothing sounds: night insects, the rustling of small nocturnal creatures, and the dull rush of cars from the highway they left, which after years of travel is a noise Lamb has come to find comforting. Strip is silent for a while as they walk, giving Lamb room to take it in, and when she speaks again it’s low, like she doesn’t want to drown out all the things Lamb is listening to.

“Squad’s probably graduating this year, have you been thinking about that?” They come to a stop in a broad, open space, ringed with the hardy, gnarled vegetation of the area, and Strip sits in the reddish dirt without hesitation. “You know what you’re gonna do after?”
No. 952624 ID: 75cf31
File 157807766878.png - (110.57KB , 800x525 , 545'.png )

Lamb knows immediately what she’s talking about. They’d all been informed, before being turned, that once it happened there were only three options after the training period of their wardship was over.

The most obvious is the one most wards take: to join the Gallowglass horde. The most promising ward in each graduating squadron is given a witch-blade and a higher rank, and they join the body of the growing army, to be stationed together wherever they’re needed — usually in Kel’s stronghold on the Antrim coast.

The second is to leave. Doing so forfeits everything. The place in the army, Kel’s protection and the invocation of her name, and any relationships forged with the covenmates of the squadron; all have to be given up, and a vampire who leaves is considered sireless, with all the baggage that holds in vampiric society. Kel didn’t talk much about this option; there was no anger in her tone, when she offhandedly mentioned the existence of a handful who had chosen this, but no respect, either.

The final is only for those who have, after five years, decided they can’t continue on as undead. Those who can’t bear the burden of vampirism are given the option of a single bout of combat with Kel herself; it’s nothing but an opportunity to die with dignity in battle.

Lamb has been thinking about the squadron’s graduation more than she thinks of anything else. “Of course I’m joining,” she says, immediately. “That’s the entire point of me being here.”

“Mmm.” Strip leans back, supporting her weight on her arms. “Kinda thought you’d say that, yeah. Sirloin obviously is, too. She thinks she’s got the witch-blade locked in.” There’s a pause. Lamb wants to go sit by her, but she doesn’t know if she can. Maybe she’s waited too long, and it would be weird now. Or maybe it’s weird that she’s waiting any longer, and every moment she keeps standing awkwardly a foot behind Strip is making it worse. Or maybe—

“Rack told me she’s gonna leave,” Strip says, quietly.
No. 952626 ID: 8a0dd9

Oh well, shit. An emotional conversation is happening, it seems. Stay calm, Lamb, you can do this.
Just let Strip talk. It is almost certain this is weighing on her for a while and she wants to talk it out.

I would say to just ask one question. Like: does Strip know why Rack wants to leave? How does she feel about that?

Good luck Lamb, you wanted sexy times, but it seems it is feelings times first.
No. 952627 ID: e7139f

Go sit by Strip and put your hand on her hand or arm or shoulder or knee or something. Ask her how she feels about Rack leaving. Does Strip want to leave?
No. 952634 ID: 7735f5

Wow! that’s quite the piece of info to drop. i’m wondering about the why too- and i’m also thinking she wouldn’t be bringing it up if it wasn’t influencing her own decision too. If there’s an opportunity, maybe ask if Strip is also thinking about leaving...
No. 952643 ID: 49863e

please sit next to that woman.... maybe put an arm around her waist.... if you're feeling particularly bold, leaning your head on her shoulder.....

and yeah, is... is she thinking about leaving? that sounds like it could be important to ask....
No. 952645 ID: 3e7944

Sit next to her!! ask her what she plans to do. is rack's choice going to effect her decision? did rack say why she wants to leave? (if that's something that is for Strip to share)
No. 952661 ID: 1ad423

Definitely sit next to her. Take a moment to admire how beautifully the starlight brings out her features. Maybe go for the gentle arm touch if you feel comfortable.

It makes sense, if you think about what Rack was saying earlier about all the stuff she wants to do with her eternal life; hard to get that all done if you have to serve in the army. Makes you wonder why she sought Kel out instead of just finding some rando who would turn her without putting her under that many obligations, though. But the real question is how does Strip feel about that? Is she especially close with Rack?
No. 952662 ID: 3ed3c3

Well, that sucks.
Strip is upset, so offer her some comfort. Sit next to her and listen to her.
Has Rack stated a reason why?
No. 952664 ID: f8ba45

"What? Why??" thats
oh no D:
No. 952758 ID: 32ef34

Sit next to her. It's not too late. It's a sad moment, you both could use it. Ask if Rack talked about it, but remember that a military isn't for everyone. And that what matters most is what she wants, even though she definitely cares about you all. "Making the choices you want" and all.

Still sucks, though.
No. 952835 ID: f46390

what about leaving too and staying with Rack
No. 952840 ID: 094652

"Well, it makes sense. Rack made it clear she chose to turn so she could be the everywoman; every profession, high and low. She can't be any of those if she swears to an eternal oath of Gallowglass. You don't put 'do no harm' and 'tenderize it' in the same sentence.

I just hope she didn't add 'serial killer' to her list. I don't want us to be the ones to hunt her down, but we're likely the most effective candidates for the job."
No. 952856 ID: 3d09b5

seconding this sounding like a pretty natural choice for rack. she seems very buoyant and self-sufficient when it comes to her future plans and disposition. maybe it's hard to tell, but has she ever shown introspective moments to the contrary?

might be a nice time to think on those Behavioral Issues that got strip held back. i guess we don't know too much about the other squadrons, so we'd have to ask directly about the others in the 65th and whether strip's decision (if she had one) has changed since? has she ever seemed antsy about getting on with things, or has graduation not really been a topic of regular conversation for the 70th?

and yes, it's not too late to sit! we should do that.
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