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File 155103720107.png - (301.29KB , 1600x1600 , 00.png )
923036 No. 923036 ID: d43602

Your time has come.
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No. 923038 ID: bfa316

Well, better get going then.
No. 923040 ID: d43602
File 155103759085.png - (379.16KB , 1600x1600 , 01.png )

You're being sent to the Holy Land at the center of the Three Kingdoms, to meet with the other representatives and fulfill Your Duty.

Please pick a race.

Left: Azadri. Large creatures made from clay, animated by wind or vegetation. Slow but intelligent and enormously powerful. Protectors of the forests and swamps to the west.

Center: Humans. Medium-sized creatures, very adaptable. Strength in numbers and organization. Creative and mechanical thinkers by nature. Inhabit the lands across the ocean to the south.

Right: Ikarians. Small to medium pseudo-reptilian creatures. Inhabit the Mountains of the Sun to the north. Dignified and swift, the children of the Sun herself. Very diverse range of subspecies, each with different talents.
No. 923041 ID: bfa316

Human. Adaptability is best.
No. 923042 ID: 05ebc7

Ikarian, please.
No. 923043 ID: e9d41b

No. 923044 ID: c4c64c

Azardi, please.
No. 923051 ID: 2202fb

Are elves and dwarves subspecies of human? If so, lets be an elf. If not, lets be an azadri, specifically, one of the lighter, more nimble ones, assuming there is some variation among them.
No. 923052 ID: 51b8ec

No. 923053 ID: b138f1

Is this even a question? we can be a cute lizard girl!

No. 923054 ID: 0847ff

No. 923055 ID: d43602
File 155103895773.png - (537.84KB , 1600x1600 , 02.png )

What subspecies are you?

Left: Ikara-Si, the Sea Dragons. Taller and more lithe, incapable of incredibly fast movement. Must be fully submerged in water once every three days to avoid serious scale damage. Carnivorous. Powerful tail. Long, thin jaw, with sharp teeth, evolved to snatch up fish. Able to move through water practically unseen and completely silently. Lay eggs.

Center: Ikarin-Su. The Feathered Dragons. Capable of gliding a short distance. Extremely powerful eyesight; ability to see infrared. Good olfactory senses. Covered in thick, multicolored feathers; may change their hue and brightness depending on weather or mood. Smallest of the three, and very light. Good with bows and spears. High charisma. Lay eggs, and have mammary glands.

Right: Ikara-Ra. The Mountain Dragons. Medium size, medium weight, high strength. Regular scales. Good with magic and technology. Regarded as holy, the first children of the Sun in this world. Give live birth, and have mammary glands.
No. 923056 ID: e9d41b

Ikara-Ra! titty lizards go!
No. 923058 ID: 11f4b9

Ikara-Si, fish are tasty so they're of course, the best dragon.
No. 923059 ID: c4c64c


Our colors will never stop shifting.
No. 923060 ID: 4854ef

No. 923061 ID: 0847ff

Fish dragon ftw
No. 923062 ID: 06fdc0

No. 923065 ID: 2202fb

Can we be a hybrid?


Ikarin-Su but lets use a crossbow. (also wear a bandana and an eyepatch)
No. 923070 ID: d43602
File 155104070610.png - (442.25KB , 1600x1600 , 03.png )

You are Ikarin-Su, a proud and agile warrior of the Winds.

What is your sex?
(Note: Ikarians can shift this at will, and will always have a cloaca, regardless. However, it takes a few days and is painful, so your choice here will impact what your character prefers and wants to be referred to as.)

Left: Female/Yka. Slightly less colourful plumage, but higher strength and dexterity. Higher sexual drive. More aggressive.

Right: Male/Yka-Ne. Brighter and more varied plumage. Slower to tire. Lower sex drive, and generally shyer.

Center: Intersex/Ika-Dra. In a state between the two, displaying whatever characteristics the individual wishes. Considered a sacred, meditative state of being. Reaching and maintaining it is difficult but grounds for celebration. Will use neutral pronouns by default.
No. 923072 ID: e9d41b

No. 923075 ID: 556568

No. 923076 ID: bfa316

No. 923077 ID: c4c64c

No. 923078 ID: 1fb2e2

No. 923081 ID: d43602
File 155104248664.png - (452.73KB , 1600x1600 , 04.png )

You are female.

Before you were chosen for The Duty, were you:

1) A Redheart, or priestess of the Sun, tending to the sick and wounded and young and lonely.
You receive a boost to charisma and the ability to flash your feather colours to go with the dances you know. You have an extremely deep and varied knowledge of tending to wounds, soothing, convincing, and lovemaking. You can win over anyone interested in others.

2) A Noble. You grew up in a richer tribe, and never had to work much; All you did was brood the hunters' and workers' eggs while they were gone, and sometimes help the Redhearts see to the young. You are very well-read and intelligent. You gain a boost to wisdom, and an intricate knowledge on lore and world matters. You gain +3 CHUB. You may give off an air of superiority if you're not careful. You have a disadvantage in survival situations.

3) A Hunter. You were sent out to catch food and materials for your tribe, and were very good at it. You start out with a crossbow instead of a bow. You gain STRENGTH, and can use your feathers for camouflage in certain conditions. You can take off from the ground, and glide longer distances. Your claws are extremely well-honed. You have a disadvantage in social situations, and may come across as patronizing.
No. 923085 ID: c4c64c


We are one with the land.
No. 923090 ID: 0847ff

Sexy dancer redheart
No. 923092 ID: 10c408

No. 923094 ID: 158da5

No. 923095 ID: b5fb67



A hunter must hunt!
No. 923096 ID: 8d26c4

No. 923097 ID: 417401

Redheart, praise the sun!
No. 923100 ID: 06fdc0

No. 923103 ID: d43602
File 155104557384.png - (605.61KB , 1600x1600 , 05.png )

You are a Redheart.

Finally. What is your name?
And what is your biggest dream?
No. 923104 ID: 094652

Your name is Ila'Sarissa'Nok'Va (your ID just says Sarissa) and you want to build the ultimate tribute - a living monastery, one that is sentient and evolves with its people!
No. 923105 ID: 2202fb

Dream: Enhance Knockers.

but srsly, idk if we can really decide on a dream if we dont know the current societal climate. Also, are there any naming conventions in this culture?

Anyway, i suppose we could strive to learn more martial skills since manipulation and such have already been learned.
No. 923106 ID: c4c64c

I am Ania.

I dream that my voice will be heard as a symbol of hope and love.
No. 923110 ID: d43602
File 155104676810.png - (327.77KB , 1600x1600 , 06.png )

Rude. They get bigger in mating season. Or when you want them to.

Your name is Ila'Sarissa'Nok'Va, which translates roughly to She Who Dreams Of Erecting A Monastery With Organs... Your naming day went weird. You usually go by Sarissa, Or just Rissa.

Your goal is to have your (lovely) voice be heard across the land, and to have it give strength and hope and love to all who hear it.

Anything you wish to add?
No. 923122 ID: 46d45e

You also want to fulfill your secret xenophilic fantasies.
No. 923123 ID: d43602
File 155104791869.png - (23.34KB , 539x358 , ITQ4.png )

No. 923131 ID: 50c155
File 155105039889.png - (252.86KB , 1600x1600 , ok.png )

No. 923135 ID: 094652

And so, our journey has been christened with the traditional shirt of Anon! Plot Thursters, LAUNCH!
No. 923139 ID: 06fdc0

holy shit you're pretty
No. 923147 ID: bcc41d

It is a mere fancy of the heart, but you harbor a secret wish to some day have seen all the lands stretch out below your wings - to have seen the world like the sun sees it all, every day.

You are adventurous.
No. 923190 ID: 2202fb

You sound like you are extremely egotistical or fairly naive. I mean realistically, how many outside your subspecies would actually want to hear you in the first place?

I think we should be an assassin; the charismatic roguish type.
No. 923200 ID: 7dc36a

Let's go for simple: you want to help the most people you can, in any way you can. A cleric by day, a "healer" by night.

Little too late there, should have joined with the Hunters for that. Hidden regrets, maybe?
No. 923206 ID: d43602

Time to start bird
No. 923207 ID: 158da5

I like that.
No. 923211 ID: bb78f2

You fucking LOVE human food, and adventure to taste all kinds of their food

Like goddamn do humans make exquisite food, holy shit
MOTHERFUCKER have you EVER had a Cheesesteak, you say to people of your land? FUCKing GOURMET. OR Chili Cheese Dogs? OH MY GOD, Bird Brothers, you haven't LIVED until you had a Chili Cheese Dog. The breakfast wrap is GENIOUS.
No. 923216 ID: 456b73

You hope to one day escape the demons of your past.

They haunt you still, horrific memories that you buried deep, and tried to forget.

That's why you become a Redheart, so that you might atone for your past.
No. 923226 ID: 91ee5f

I think a combination of these things could work.

A cleric by day and a “healer” by night. And since she travels a lot, that gives her plenty of opportunities to try new types of foods from different cultures, making her a connoisseur of food.
No. 923241 ID: 834378

> >>923110 >They get bigger in mating season. Or when you want them to.
So you're saying mating season is when you want it to be.

That's hot.
No. 923248 ID: 6fb3de
File 155109484527.png - (475.89KB , 1600x1600 , 07.png )

Aside from wanting to make everyone you meet happier, you have more selfish goals. You particularly like the sound of human food. Ikarans tend to eat whatever they catch raw, sometimes alive; the only prepared food is what's meant to last long distances or through the rare winters, and that's never more than smoked, salted or pickled. Humans LOVE food, though. For a species that lives such a short time, they spend a hell of a lot of it making meals. You've never gotten a chance to try any, but now you'll be meeting with actual, real life humans! Maybe they can share some with you. You have pickled goat intestines in case they're also curious.

You're fairly talented in the arts of healing- herbal as well as magical- and you consider yourself a master at soothing, and the dances that go with it. You know some humans condemn this, but most are into it.

Set out on your journey?
No. 923249 ID: 080aaf

Say goodbye to your folks and yeah!
No. 923250 ID: ad51b8

that sounds good.
No. 923251 ID: 6fb3de
File 155109693569.png - (252.08KB , 1600x1600 , 08.png )

After a long, hard journey, you finally arrive at your destination. The sun is sweltering; the Mountains of the Sun glow around you. Your feathers shine bright red. A gentle breeze tugs at your poncho.

You are carrying three sets of clothing, a set of dancing clothes, enough food to last you a month, enough water to last a day, maps of the Ikaran territory, a map of the Holy Land, simple survival gear, a set of healing herbs, and a bow with 20 arrows.

You are in perfect health.
No. 923252 ID: 6fb3de
File 155109695960.png - (306.36KB , 1600x1600 , 09.png )

The Gate of the Sun lies before you, massive and intimidating.
No. 923253 ID: 834378

Kick it open.
No. 923254 ID: ad51b8

so how do you get past it? their a guard that let's you through, do you just open, fly over it?
No. 923255 ID: 080aaf

Ajar the door.
No. 923256 ID: 10c408

If it starts rolling towards you, fucking veer away instead of fleeing in a straight line.
No. 923257 ID: 6fb3de
File 155109936836.png - (257.02KB , 1600x1600 , 10.png )

You inspect the door. It's warm sandstone. It won't budge.
No. 923258 ID: 834378

Sing the Hymn of the Sun. Then kick it open.
No. 923259 ID: 080aaf

No. 923261 ID: 6fb3de
File 155110015271.png - (271.93KB , 1600x1600 , 11.png )

You try knocking. Nothing happens.

?: "S'vuz. Need any help?"
No. 923262 ID: 834378

A priestess of the sun who doesn't know how to open the Gate of the Sun. Laughable.

Ask him if he's offering help for free.
No. 923263 ID: 080aaf

Asking about a price is rude.
Just tell them you got this.
No. 923264 ID: 91ee5f

>A priestess of the sun who doesn't know how to open the Gate of the Sun. Laughable.
That’s probably on purpose as a test of some kind.

If you can’t open the door, then you’re not worthy enough to travel through it.
No. 923266 ID: ad51b8

tell him you've been given a task and are looking to pass through the gate. Ask if he wouldn't mind letting you through. Offer him a song and a dance as a reward because hey, since when do you pass up an opportunity to sing?
No. 923270 ID: 834378

Well, I would accept their help either way. As a priestess, you've been helping people all the time, so perhaps this is a test to see if you're capable of accepting help and not just giving it.
No. 923335 ID: 2202fb

Now hang on, prostitutes and courtesians make great assassins (the poisoning kind, not the climbing buildings and wielding daggers kind). There are no regrets. We already are presumably a master of our current skills but everyone specializes.

Even if we dont go that route (which i kinda feel like nobody but me wants to go down), we should at least know how to fight somewhat. We can't fuck bandits into submission.
No. 923336 ID: 2202fb

Try shifting to white, it will deflect some of the heat.
No. 923361 ID: a9af05

>We can't fuck bandits into submission.
Not with that attitude!

But yeah self-defense is an important skill that we should learn if we don't already have it.
No. 923364 ID: 7dc36a

If she were just a courtesan, I'd actually agree with your direction. But she also has a religious/healing aspect to her that is useful and interesting in itself, that you wouldn't get if she were a hunter or, even better for your idea, a noble. I know not getting what you want in a vote can be a disappointment, I was just trying to soften it a little.
It sounds like we're better off fighting at ranged anyway if it comes down to it, and we don't need to fight ourselves if we can motivate other people to fight for us. Like that sea dragon behind us.

It's time to make a friend/meatshield) introduce ourselves as a Ikarin-Su Yka Redheart. Admit that this is pretty awkward for you and yes, you do need help for that door. Ask him who he/she is, what would they be doing out on a hot day, and if they need to be watered and oiled.
No. 923879 ID: c7e694
File 155148051024.gif - (791.25KB , 1000x1000 , 12.gif )

You're a redheart. Fighting is like... Not really your thing. At all. It's actually mildly insulting towards your philosophy, even if it isn't outright forbidden by it.

You turn your feathers white! They gleam spectacularly, and you feel yourself cool down.

>>923266 >>923364
You introduce yourself to the stranger, and tell him you've come to pass into the holy land for the ritual. You also ask them who they are, noting that they look lusciously oiled already.
No. 923880 ID: c7e694
File 155148105941.png - (216.30KB , 1600x1600 , 13.png )

?: "Oh! Perfect! I have been waiting for you, then, yes. I am Eztli. I live by the village in the valley, and I know to operate the gate."

He seems excited. His scales shimmer and shine in the glaring sun, and his tall, lithe body seems to glitter. You've never really met many Ikara-Si; they tend not to venture high into the mountains, just as your own kind tend not to live by the ocean.

E: "Where are my manners!"

He bows, gracefully.

E: "Your plumage is stunning, friend. You can change it at will? I've met Ikarin, but have never seen that before, Anhátl's honour."
No. 923884 ID: 834378

Thank him for the kind words and run your hand over his tail, complimenting how slick and powerful it is.

I'm not sure what else to talk about with him, other than the obstacle before us.
No. 923887 ID: bcc41d

If the mood strikes you, yes.

Compliment him back, his scales are quite fetching.
No. 923888 ID: 094652

Boop him, then stare at the door. See if you can reflect some sunlight somehow.
No. 923894 ID: ad51b8

well I hope you haven't been keeping him waiting long. Also yes you can change their color if you feel it appropriate and you should also return the favor and complement him on his scales
No. 923897 ID: fc5514

It is a redheart technique, and we're very proud of it! It goes best with dance. And his scales are beautiful as well.

Introduce yourself then, and thank him in advance for his help.
No. 923905 ID: 7dc36a

"Anhátl's honour indeed, come by here often?"

Accept his compliment and, while not boasting too much, politely answer any questions he has about your divine practices. You can return compliments by asking about him and his village.

After he helps you to open the Gate, you can ask what his role here entails and what he knows of beyond the Gate. See of you can get him to guide you to town, if he won't be missed. Promise him that you will enjoy the company and that, when outside of your Duty, you will be free to care for his skin, among other needs.
No. 923909 ID: 080aaf

I guess that makes him a godsend, literally. So, how do you operate the gate?
No. 924098 ID: 2202fb

>Fighting is like... Not really your thing. At all. It's actually mildly insulting towards your philosophy, even if it isn't outright forbidden by it.

Guess we will see if this changes in the future. Maybe it is our destiny to create a new philosophy, like Buddha
No. 924120 ID: 3e8537
File 155164047307.gif - (120.79KB , 1600x1600 , 14.gif )

You put your talents to use, and flirt a little, complimenting him on his scales. He blushes!

You ask how to open the gate. He says there's a mechanism in a nearby cave. You can wait here or follow him.
No. 924121 ID: 080aaf

Follow him into the ambush!
No. 924136 ID: 57f319

You'd love to follow him!
No. 924143 ID: bcc41d

Yes, you'll follow him. Chit-chat on the way, ask about his life and livelihood, when he isn't performing his duties as a Gatekeeper.

Oh, and is his village nearby? If it is, perhaps you could drop by to offer Sun's blessings to any wounded or sick. Perhaps even a song and a dance, for the lonely of heart...
No. 924147 ID: 834378

Follow him just to find out that the cave is protected by another gate as well.
No. 924152 ID: 91ee5f

Follow him.
No. 924160 ID: 094652

Wait here and recruit any other travelling representatives.
No. 924164 ID: bcc41d

There may not be any. The Holy Land is at the center of the Three Kingdoms. The two other (I presume) race representatives are probably coming from other directions, through their own races' respective gates.
No. 924187 ID: ad51b8

might as well follow him. Ask why the mechanism is so far away.
No. 924277 ID: 7dc36a

Follow him. And practice your song on the way.

And this, of course.
No. 929621 ID: c2daab

i know i'm super late to this but as a new(er) member this "meme" confuses me. What does it mean?
No. 929636 ID: f2320a

Follow him. And practice your song on the way.
No. 930410 ID: 975dce
File 155571158286.png - (405.43KB , 1600x1600 , 15.png )

You decide to follow Eztli!

E: "It's just over here! You came earlier than expected. Last time, I waited almost three days! So you are in no hurry, I hope?"

He leads you to a simple wooden shack built up against the bare red rock (presumably it shields the cave?) and heads inside, through a colourful lacquer bead curtain. It looks cool and dark within.

What do you do?
No. 930411 ID: ad51b8

huh, hope he has a light in there. Well I guess we could ask about this last time he just told you about. Ask who he had to wait for last time.
No. 930419 ID: b1b4f3

Take a look inside.
No. 930431 ID: bcc41d

Praise the sun, then head inside with Eztli.

>No hurry, I hope?
Sounds like he's interested in you. Tell him you are in no particular rush - does he have something in mind that will pass the time?
No. 930501 ID: ea5947

Follow inside and ask if he has done this many times before.
No. 930511 ID: 527023

"cool" is not a word I'd use to describe a possibly dangerous cave that may or may not be a nasty trap. Ask if you can follow, and if you can do so, because we can't tolerate sensible decisions that lead to a boring story.
No. 930548 ID: 688dd6

"Cool" as in temperature, you dork.
No. 930615 ID: 7dc36a

Do your normal rites for leaving the Sun's light, and reply that you were just going to ask the same.
Does he have ...friends... at home, you mean?
Do suggest that you could invite him to your flock if he's free and willing. But insist on him going in first, being delicate and all. You will follow him after.
No. 930668 ID: 22acff

She says "It looks cool" but i can see what you mean
No. 931579 ID: ced17a
File 155666970889.png - (193.83KB , 1000x1000 , 16.png )

You decide to follow the stranger inside, taking care to avoid any potential ambushes. Before you leave the sun's light, you recite a little prayer in your mind.

The room is half wooden structure and half rocky cave walls. The wood lets light through little slits, and the pool of water (presumably Eztli's bed) casts pretty paterns up against the shadowy rock. A shield hangs on the wall, and there's a feathered spear by the door. You ask him if what the last ceremony was like.

E: "Oh, I didn't see any of it. I'm only the gatekeeper. What goes on inside the Holy Land is for the eyes of the champions and their flock only. They came, shared tamale with me and spoke a little, and went to do their duty."
He crouches down, and begins rummaging through a bag.

You tell him you aren't in any rush at all, and ask if there's anything he'd like to do to pass the time. The great, shimmering fins of his tail perk up a little.
No. 931580 ID: ced17a
File 155666977236.png - (217.47KB , 1000x1000 , 17.png )

He slips his ochre top off, and stands to face you.

E: "That depends. What do you have in mind, Ikarin-Su-Yka?"
No. 931587 ID: bcc41d

Boy's built!

Reiterate, bemusedly, that he is handsome. And lucky. Tell him you in mind... a dance. A song. A warm, accepting embrace.

Start strip-dancing your clothes off, and softly sing a well-known love song. Sinously brush up against his features and nobler parts. Tease him, for a while, until it's clear that he's ready.
No. 931620 ID: 7dc36a

Then inquire about how he came to be the Gatekeeper for so long. Honor? Atonement? Curiosity?
Tell him if he was curious of what's inside that he'd be welcome to join you, all he needs to do is ask.

Of course, you should take your healing practices seriously and not to come off like you trade favours for "tribute" often. If it's clear he's making a move, you can admonish him for that.
Not that that's necessarily going to stop you from providing your "aid", but you do ask for honesty among your flock.
No. 931628 ID: d2d75f

Oh no he's hot
No. 931634 ID: ea5947

Some tea would be nice.
No. 931643 ID: 864e49

Ah yeah he's hot
No. 931644 ID: 161d67

I was going to say "commence sexual intercourse", but that works too
No. 940638 ID: 36f52b
File 156427231556.png - (293.37KB , 1000x1000 , 18.png )

You tell him you'd just like to ask him some questions. He seems a little disappointed, but still eager to chat!

You ask why he's the gatekeeper.
E: "For the pretty birds."
He giggles.
E: "A joke. Ones as pretty as you are rare. Someone needs to keep the gate, it might as well be me, yes? I'm far from home, but I enjoy the work. It's peaceful up here, and down in the village there is a wonderful river. Rainbow-fish from the Holy Land swim upstream and bathe there. It is a spectacle, to watch them pass."

You ask him to join you, and he seems taken aback.
E: "Well... It is not *forbidden*, no, but it is... unorthodox. I'm not sure I could accept, by Anhátl."

*He's still holding his top. It's come unfurled, now, no more than an ochre strip of cloth.*

E: "Say, you do know the rules, yes? Do not take offense, but you strike me a tad... green."
No. 940644 ID: b1b4f3

Admit that this is your first time... fulfilling your duty.
No. 940677 ID: 7dc36a

No offense should be taken, but surely you remember what your elders told you about your Duty before you left. Try to recall that while you patiently listen to his rules in more detail.

If you are green, you can confess that it was because you were a little too cozy in your village before now. You were chosen to be capable of handling any great task before you, but being here now must be making you feel... impotent, in a few ways. It would be a shame to experience this divine experience by yourself.
At least, you must be pretty excited to be chosen. It is to the Sun's honor and your pleasure to witness the three races coming together in harmony.
Great to see the quest back. Let's make more Divine double entendres.
No. 940686 ID: bddb0f

You're young, but very willing, hence how you got chosen. That said, it would probably not hurt to go over the rules once more. Particularly not in such pleasant company. (ogle him some more)
No. 940715 ID: d49918

Oh noes, the rules! Tell him that you've forgotten them all. Admit that you've been a bad girl and that you need spanking.
No. 940716 ID: 36f52b
File 156432489826.png - (199.44KB , 1000x1000 , 19.png )

He offers you an adobe cup of fresh flower tea, and you accept, gladly. Might as well stay a while and enjoy the view.

You take a moment to recall what the Kindling is. You never payed much attention to your teachers, but this is what you recall:
No. 940717 ID: 36f52b
File 156432544122.png - (230.37KB , 1000x1000 , 20.png )

At the center of the world, where the three great lands meet, is the HOLY LAND, a vast, lush valley, where only animals live. To the north lie the Mountains of the Sun, where your people dwell; to the west lie the swamps of the Azadri. To the south is the ocean, on the isles of which the Humani have always made their homes.

Every 3 years- every 780 days- the gates to the valley are opened, and the representatives are sent in to meet and... do their duty, whatever that entails. As the proud representative of the Ikari, your job is to appease Anhátl, the Divine Serpent and progenitor of your people, so it might rekindle the Sun and let her burn on three more years- when another will be sent to rekindle it, and so on. That is where the ceremony gets its name in your tongue.

What the other two are there for, you aren't sure. You can't imagine anything more important than the Sun. Perhaps they give life to plants or keep the rivers flowing? You trust they'll do their part, whatever it is.

What do you want to ask Eztli?
No. 940719 ID: 864e49

>do their duty, whatever that entails.
>your job is to appease Anhátl, the Divine Serpent
Your job is to get boned by your snake god.
No. 940720 ID: bddb0f

Let's review these rules, then. You know your primary task is the appeasement of Anhátl, but what is it that he knows?
No. 940743 ID: b1b4f3

Okay, so, what are the rules?
No. 940796 ID: 7dc36a

-So the sacred ritual with the Divine Serpent usually done between two? If so, you must indeed apologize for sharing the burden of fulfilling your Duty with your host.*

-What signs should you expect to get from your god Anhátl, should he communicate less directly?

-What has he heard of past Chosen? Even after they fulfill their Duty? Or are they not known to leave?

*Do complement him on being worthy, of Anhátl, if also humble. If you have no more questions, you should enjoy the tea and his company while it lasts, and be sure to give him a traditional Redheart farewell hug before you leave.
No. 942323 ID: 3e9573

Why's he the one to manage the gate here, instead of one of your own?
No. 943249 ID: 38a50c
File 156643676814.png - (236.77KB , 1000x1000 , 21.png )

N-no!! Your god would never! You should stop thinking about this before you start blushing.

He is one of your own! Same species, different subspecies. You're Ikarin-Su, and have feathers; he's Ikara-Si, and has scales and fins. You're both of the same family, though. You could technically mate. If, you know, you wanted to.
No. 943255 ID: 38a50c
File 156643925390.png - (259.30KB , 1000x1000 , 22.png )

You ask your new friend to explain the exact rules of the ritual to you.

E: "Well, it is not so complex, but you understand that even I do not know exactly what happens. You are entering a sealed land, which is never opened except for this ceremony: None enter, none leave. You will enter, and follow your map to the marked place; there, you will receive instruction, from Anhátl itself or a messenger, I do not know. What comes next? Who can say. Whatever it is, you have been chosen, and are the most suited to your task in the entire northern land. You traveled a fair way to get here, yes? that is proof of The Serpent's wisdom. Listen to the Sun, and become a vessel for it, and you will do well. Trust only our kin."

You ask Eztli what signs your God might send.

E: "The creatures of Anhátl are bird and lizard and fish which fly. Its colours are Red and Ochre. If a bird comes to you, or you see many flashes of crimson in the grass, know it could be Anhátl. Its domain is the sky and the sun, so look there if all else fails."

You ask what happens to chosen Ikarians after the Kindling.

E: "I do not know this. For your service, you will no doubt be rewarded. A life in the holy land, in peace and luxury with other champions of years past, would surely be well-suited. Perhaps you will grow and become as Anhátl yourself, a feathered dragon of the sky. Perhaps the Serpent will grant you whatever you wish. I do not know."

You ask again if he wants to join you.

E: "Well, if you wish for me to accompany you, I do not think I can decline. But only if you are sure. I could be more of a burden than a blessing. Besides... It will be dusk in only a few hours. You should go now, or go a day from now, for the Gate will only open while the Serpent watches it from its perch on the Sun. What do you wish to do, Sarissa?"
No. 943261 ID: 1dbaf7

do you want to?
No. 943266 ID: b1b4f3

Perhaps it would be better to spend some private time with him then say a fond farewell while it's still daylight out.
No. 943270 ID: a9af05

Don't bring him with you. You weren't sent out to drag everyone you meet to come with you.

I agree.
No. 943373 ID: 4f51b2

Aks him if he wants to.
No. 943449 ID: 3e9573

Tell him that he may be the last friend you meet, so ask him if he would kindly... blow his load then hit the road.
No. 943456 ID: 3a3c64

We shouldn't being him along for this; it is our task to fulfill, and someone has to open the gate and spout exposition for whoever is next.

Do we like him well enough for this? We got him blushing at us, but is the feeling mutual?
No. 944088 ID: e5e15e

Bone him and leave him.
No. 944269 ID: 7dc36a

I would think it's natural for a Redheart to be attracted to people who excel at their duties, even humble ones. In other circumstances, he'd be date material. But it would be wrong to take advantage of his innocence. But we do have time to take an innocent fling, before we have to deal with whatever social intrigue past the Gate.

Do spend some personal time with him, though. Take something to remember him by.

Then again, if a bird were to perch on a windowsill during your alone time, that could be a sign.
No. 946121 ID: 6fb3de
File 156985205423.png - (175.26KB , 1024x1024 , 23.png )

While you ponder your options, the Ikari-Sa slips into his low pool, sitting down on the rocks lining it. His kilt looks rather loose. You think you feel your feathers turning pinkish.

A] Do the sex
B] Recruit
C] Leave
No. 946123 ID: 302f15

I have to go with the quintessential tgchan answer
No. 946124 ID: 42f591

Why not all of the above, in that order?
No. 946125 ID: ce39da

I think there was some consensus that we shouldn't make him come along unless that is truly what he wants. By that same reasoning, let's go with A), but be gentle in asking for consent, and don't be torn up inside if he says no.
No. 946128 ID: 719c76

A) he'll be a lot more inclined to come along after some lovin
No. 946130 ID: b1b4f3

No. 946131 ID: c15cc3

This. Gently suggest it to him, make it clear it wouldn't be anything permanent, and leave him be if he isn't into it.
No. 946134 ID: 745eba

Maybe make the offer for him to come if he wants to. But I wouldn't press the issue too hard as, honestly, he hasn't really seemed that interested in coming with us
No. 946139 ID: 2df440

A and then B
No. 946141 ID: eeb7d9

This sounds nice, and fun!
No. 946144 ID: 11f77a

I say do the sex. (A) You're a healer and you may bless this man with your good graces (as a Redheart no less) before moving on to a new life of luxury and peace. Perhaps never to see your family and friends again.

Maybe he'll reconsider joining you by tomorrow morning if he's still bashful to come along.
No. 946181 ID: 7dc36a


Pretty much this.
And this. Have him praise the Sun when you're done with him, and maybe it would aid you in return.
No. 946186 ID: 08a7bd

No. 946195 ID: 9aaeef

A and B
No. 946212 ID: 81cd19

Make love in the most abstract way possible. But first, do the striptease.
No. 948263 ID: 080b2a
File 157237704873.png - (132.76KB , 1024x1024 , 24.png )

You're about to start coming on to him, when he suddenly interrupts you. He seems to be panicking.

E: "Oh! Oh my, no, no no! Please, that is NOT what I was suggesting!"

He recoils a little. You actually feel bad.

E: "To share in the body of one as holy as you while not even accompanying you on your journey, and not even in view of the Sun would be... [i]goodness.[i] Let me open the gate, you should be on your way."

Your desires go unsated tonight, it seems.
No. 948276 ID: 3eff9c

No. 948304 ID: c1fd00

Wow.... Then what was all that showing off for?!
No. 948310 ID: e7c7d3

What a tease! Continue through the gate.
No. 948333 ID: 7dc36a

Technically, we were ogling him. He was just being casual and didn't catch on to our plans until now. Still, I know how to save face and recover from this, if we think the catch is worth it.

First, apologize for being too coy.
Then, assure him that he would have been helpful in your journey. A companion you can trust unconditionally is worth whatever burdens he may bring.
Third, let him know that there will be a place for him by your side if he ever changes his mind.
And give him a small blessing on the cheek before you leave.
No. 948337 ID: bb78f2

I'm sorry I'm a legs kinda gal
And them legs
I mean chirp!
No. 948342 ID: b1b4f3

Why was he taking his shirt off though?
No. 948345 ID: 11f77a

Ah well. I like the kiss on the cheek idea (and the rest). But maaaybe just as you continue through the gate give him a flash.
No. 948351 ID: 4f51b2

No. 948359 ID: 500e12

No. 949526 ID: 9e04c9

Not even in the view of the sun...
Do we also have to be facing a certain direction and be in a certain pose?

Give him your panties as a goodbye gift. Then let's go.
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