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File 151072558105.png - (417.60KB , 940x1327 , 1t9o46gdi9WXsk.png )
845168 No. 845168 ID: 481e9a

A grand-ish adventure driven by reader suggestions. Updates on Mondays.

Important Information
This is an interactive comic that is being hosted on multiple websites. As such, suggestions from multiple sources will be considered. I (Weblure) will be handling the TGchan side. This means that I will be relaying suggestions to and posting updates for the author (Carpetwurm). As an interactive comic, all dialogue will occur within the images. Message text will be used only for informational purposes. Switch Act is also currently being hosted on these other websites: https://tapas.io/series/Switch-Act https://switch-act.tumblr.com/ http://switch-act.smackjeeves.com/comics/2528471

Please withhold suggestions until it's been stated that all current pages have been posted.
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No. 845170 ID: 481e9a
File 151072592836.png - (378.33KB , 940x1332 , n3j24o3a4VJIS.png )

No. 845171 ID: 481e9a
File 151072597628.png - (363.83KB , 940x1332 , 2qv7wvsiiszLjU.png )

No. 845172 ID: 481e9a
File 151072601865.jpg - (530.92KB , 940x1332 , 1tiozveu0yHFp0.jpg )

No. 845173 ID: 481e9a
File 151072608998.png - (346.08KB , 940x1332 , 2laq4irrksrgjI.png )

No. 845174 ID: 481e9a
File 151072611324.png - (452.73KB , 940x1332 , 24qemjyunpXchz.png )

No. 845175 ID: 481e9a
File 151072613843.png - (475.73KB , 940x1332 , 27fap27nqriJvh.png )

No. 845176 ID: 481e9a
File 151072616156.jpg - (442.72KB , 940x1332 , 6sb20afs0F2Dl.jpg )

No. 845177 ID: 481e9a
File 151072623004.png - (463.89KB , 940x1332 , 16g35ef55vItAZ.png )

No. 845178 ID: 481e9a
File 151072624298.jpg - (485.76KB , 940x1332 , 2qen92fam72Dpk.jpg )

No. 845179 ID: 481e9a
File 151072625424.png - (354.63KB , 940x1332 , 16pyqp5kgkpEne.png )

No. 845180 ID: 481e9a
File 151072627290.png - (242.60KB , 940x1332 , 11z5vkloe6rCMk.png )

No. 845181 ID: 481e9a
File 151072628764.png - (460.15KB , 940x1332 , 26q9dp3sv3wpkl.png )

No. 845182 ID: 481e9a
File 151072630139.png - (61.17KB , 940x1332 , gedbxlnw0PWNH.png )

No. 845183 ID: 481e9a
File 151072634605.png - (262.53KB , 940x1332 , iv8gkg23tiCq1.png )

No. 845184 ID: 481e9a
File 151072635823.png - (329.62KB , 940x1332 , 1rgqvqydrwHvQj.png )

No. 845185 ID: 481e9a
File 151072637358.png - (319.34KB , 940x1331 , 2lxqamfvcfWdYf.png )

No. 845186 ID: 481e9a
File 151072640929.png - (270.47KB , 940x1332 , gnjd9ykw7210U.png )

No. 845187 ID: 481e9a
File 151072645895.png - (457.74KB , 940x1331 , 1d8uehkzmaaXAS.png )

No. 845188 ID: 481e9a
File 151072651104.png - (479.50KB , 940x1331 , 2e86jsjetkeYm0.png )

No. 845189 ID: 481e9a
File 151072657740.png - (344.03KB , 940x1331 , 2ecpnuwlc7OeQ4.png )

No. 845190 ID: 481e9a
File 151072661250.png - (299.79KB , 940x1331 , 1pphn8s15bmFEA.png )

No. 845191 ID: 481e9a

All current pages have been uploaded. You may now post suggestions!
No. 845195 ID: 33cbe7

Show him the pendant, keep the map to yourself. Are you planning to ransom the kid or can you just not stomach killing the kid? (or cannibalism?)
No. 845196 ID: 35089a

holy shit this art
No. 845235 ID: b9b4da

Hey boss, check out this cool knife I found!
No. 845280 ID: 91ee5f

Do you have any idea what the kid was looking for?
No. 845341 ID: c88e6d

Feel somewhat bad for clubbing a twelve-year-old on the head and leaving him to die, cold and alone, from head trauma in a dank cell far away from home.

All because you couldn't be buggered to set the gunturrets not to shoot everything that moves.
No. 845347 ID: 3208bc

Wonder why the hell you decided to not just like leave the kid outside where he can leave after you robbed him
No. 845447 ID: 35089a

hoe much you think the kid will go for as a slave
No. 845451 ID: 91ee5f

And/or sex slave?
No. 845551 ID: 3abd97

I mean, is any of that stolen? Carth was an intruder, here to steal from you, and vandalized property. Those are confiscated goods taken from the intruder you subdued. You're not the bandit here, he is!

Does the pendant open? Maybe there's something cool inside.
No. 846316 ID: 481e9a
File 151116705828.png - (389.67KB , 940x1331 , 22.png )

No. 846317 ID: 481e9a
File 151116708424.png - (392.73KB , 940x1331 , 23.png )

No. 846318 ID: 96d291

rolled 16 = 16

Show her the REAL loot before she fires you.
No. 846319 ID: c88e6d

Cry and run away. Switch POV to boss. Wonder if maybe we should go check and see if everything is alright.
No. 846320 ID: 481e9a

Lie down
Try not to cry
Cry a lot
No. 846329 ID: 94bef7

Whyyyy?!!! I thought you loved me!
No. 846331 ID: 3abd97

>try not to cry
Automatic failure. Cry.
No. 846333 ID: 33cbe7

Leave in tears before you can explain you have a live prisoner. And a gold pendant. Hey, you can sell that! I think.
No. 846345 ID: 9fab11

Focus your mind, close your nasal passages, suck that tear back in through your eye. It's time to make it on your own my man.
Screw these dorks, you've got a new partner. The chained up kind of partner, and that's kind of hot.
No. 850955 ID: 481e9a

[Unfortunately, Switch Act has been canceled by Carpetwurm. I apologize for not informing you all sooner. The following is Carpetwurm's statement and reasoning.]

So yeah, I know that this comic didn't run for incredibly long but I felt that it'd be best to cut it off now. (And I have a few different reasons for doing so.)

1. Character Design/Setting
While the character designs aren't bad persay, I don't think they work well for this sort of webcomic. (At least, not for me personally.) They're very anatomically correct (most of the time, at least lol) and take forever to draw. The settings on the other hand, are way too simple and boring to look at. While I was planning on opening it up more after the warehouse, I don't think it would've gotten all that much better.

2. The use of reader-suggestions
A big point of Switch Act was to try taking Homestuck's reader suggestion system, and making it work in proper comic form. What I didn't account for though, is the fact that Homestuck (and similar comics) take full advantage of the fact that they're basically picture books and can describe/do a lot more in one update. Technically, yes, it is possible to do the same in comic form, but for me personally I have too much else to do and too little time.

3. Bad shot composition
This is a much smaller point, that could've probably been fixed in future updates, but I placed it here so you could have a better understanding of why the shot composition is so bad. With characters that take a while to draw, and the pressure of doing multiple pages in one week (along with commission work and my normal art) I just couldn't handle doing super complex or good looking pages.

I'm sorry if this post lets anyone down, but I want to make it clear that I am not quitting comics. (At least, not right now as I write this) I want to take another shot at it some time, and Switch Act was a good learning experience. If I do another comic, I don't plan on using user suggestions again. (Or maybe I could, in very specific scenarios, but that's neither here nor there.) If you want to continue following my work until then, you can always follow me on Twitter. Alternatively, I'll probably write another news post when/if a new comic goes live.

I want to thank everyone for reading the comic, I know it was a short run but I hope to do something far better next time!
No. 851078 ID: c88e6d

Heh, no worries mate. Tell em good luck in future.
No. 851079 ID: 3ce125

Thanks for telling us!
No. 854340 ID: 52ef26

cry alot
No. 854341 ID: 52ef26
File 151450542849.jpg - (65.52KB , 800x450 , 7686178464_fdc8ea66c7.jpg )

No. 974448 ID: a48264

It's back! Here's a quick note from the author/artist before we continue:

I wanted to post this new page myself, but IDK how to use imageboards so Weblure gets to continue posting for me. It's been a hot minute since I've worked on Switch Act, but it's kind of been in the back of my mind since cancellation. As of now, I'm currently working on a video game, but I'd like to start updating Switch Act again to exercise my art and writing muscles. I won't be taking it too seriously, I just hope to have fun with it and hope you guys have fun reading and interacting with it! (Also I'm not planning to host the comic on SmackJeeves or Tumblr anymore. I'll probably just keep it on here, Tapas, and maybe Twitter.)

Tapas: https://tapas.io/series/Switch-Act
Twitter: https://twitter.com/carpetwurm

No. 974449 ID: a48264
File 159735790559.png - (1.17MB , 940x1332 , 24.png )

No. 974459 ID: e7c7d3

The kind you plant into the ground? The only other kind of seed you can think of is... well....
No. 974462 ID: 8e5a8a

So you're keeping the pendant under wraps, uh? If anything, you may sell it for some coin after you're out.
No. 974474 ID: 12b116

He seemed to think y'all had the seeds too, in that room the seeds were in.
No. 974480 ID: ce39da

Dude, pendants are nice, but they aren't worth getting kicked out of the gang over it. Explain that you saw how the kid had this pendant on him, and that's when you decided to enact your plan.

> What kind of seeds.
"Dunno, but a crate in the room I guided him to seemed to have 'em. I can show you to the crate he opened."
No. 974493 ID: f41fd4

(To quickly clear something up) The crate Carth opens is actually empty, I think by the "Oh, you're right" I was referencing Ashe saying that there's "nothing here" on page 9
No. 974499 ID: ce39da

Maybe boss-lady knows what was there before, though?
No. 974632 ID: f41fd4
File 159768139303.png - (1.35MB , 940x1332 , 25.png )

Updates will probably be a little slow, about a week between each page. (Sorry about that!)

Also wanted to mention that I'm not going to be doing the "you only control ONE character at a time" from here on out. Any PC that's currently in the scene (and "active", so not unconscious or smth) can be controlled. (PCs have blue text bubbles, NPCs have pink ones.) At this point, Carth and Ashe are both PCs.
No. 974633 ID: 9c7608

Aha! Leverage to stay!
"Well, I would but I just got kicked out..."

Maybe ask what the symbol is, too, should you have little idea what it is yourself.
No. 974634 ID: 9c7608

Oh wait, her shoulder has that symbol. Derp.
No. 974650 ID: e7c7d3

Check out those numbers scratched onto the pendant. They mean anything to you?

Carth, time for a jail break. Anything useful in your cell?
No. 974791 ID: be0eef

Have an awkward conversation with this 'boss' lady by yelling through the vents.
Do you have any noteworthy skills that might come in handy, or are you completely screwed without your items and weapons? Maybe humor this boss lady for now and try to sweet-talk your way to freedom. What's the deal with these 'seeds', anyway?

What kind of group are you in, and just how many of you people are there? Also, besides your dimwittedness, why does your boss think so lowly of you? It sounds like you're on your last straw, so you might want to get your act together.
No. 974925 ID: f41fd4
File 159820960898.png - (1.53MB , 940x1332 , 26.png )

please don't make fun of how inconsistent ashe's design has been for the past 3 pages :^)
No. 974926 ID: e7c7d3

Carth, ask if she knows who might've sent the letter
No. 974928 ID: 863847

Okay, I'll mock the rest of the art. :^)

That desperate for food? Sheesh, maybe you'd be better off with these guys.
No. 974989 ID: a48264

Carth: See if you can get her to tell you more about this warehouse and what they're doing here.
No. 975451 ID: f41fd4
File 159899940014.png - (1.38MB , 940x1332 , 27.png )

updates might get a bit more sparse/shorter for a while since i need to focus on my income rn
No. 975455 ID: 094652

"Um. Why are you using both hands to lift your shirt and not cover your boob."
No. 975467 ID: e85a08

Carth: Smugly bask in your trendsetting of topless fashion.
No. 975470 ID: 933c00

Ashe: Everybody else seems to be going shirtless today, so you might as well follow suit.
No. 975478 ID: e7c7d3

Clearly, Carth needs to pay close attention to what she is about to reveal.
Oh and what ever plot thing she shows too
No. 975479 ID: 864e49

Carth throw your hands up and yell "Boobies!"
No. 975968 ID: f41fd4
File 159969787996.png - (1.16MB , 940x1332 , 28.png )

funny grayscale page
No. 975971 ID: e7c7d3

Well that's creepy. Ask the lady why she decided to eat some of these seeds.
No. 976031 ID: 651ae0

What happens if you eat more than one?
No. 976033 ID: f41fd4


Nothing happens since it'd just try to produce the same ability. Maybe it'd make the existing vine larger? (Planning to explain this at some point but can't see it coming up naturally anytime soon)
No. 976043 ID: da3a42

Whomever sent you that letter must have known about Mykel's ability, or at least knew about the seeds and their powers. Judging by Ashe's reaction, this information isn't common knowledge, even amongst her own people. Ask her talking boob if anyone else might know about the seeds or her ability.
No. 976518 ID: f41fd4
File 160030015568.png - (1.15MB , 940x1332 , 29.png )

are the screentones used annoying to anyone? i'm thinking about just doing solid greys instead but idk
No. 976519 ID: e7c7d3

Seems like a good deal for Ashe.

Carth, complete quest to consume seed

The halftones are fine with me. Whatever works though.
No. 976524 ID: b1b4f3

Eat that plant embryo.
No. 976537 ID: 1b5634

Hm. Her offer is to give a trespasser as well as a dumbass (both of which are zero real loss to her) some freaky bio items that do weird stuff to the body, without some idea of the side effects. Stuff that gives you powers that would be best saved for her loyal elites.
Seems suspicious legit.

No. 977033 ID: f41fd4
File 160090726266.png - (1.06MB , 940x1332 , 30.png )

I think I'll focus on rounding out this chapter in the next ~2 or so pages, since this has kind of been a bit of a trainwreck imho. I want the next chapter to be a better starting point for new readers, and I want it to have more available interactions off the bat. (Dunno what I was thinking by starting this thing off in a dumpy warehouse with nothing to do lmao)
No. 977070 ID: e85a08

Both of you should start thinking of names for your stando
No. 977076 ID: 094652

Carth: Make sure you steal an extra seed.
Ashe: Bask gloriously
No. 977226 ID: f41fd4
File 160108151511.png - (1.03MB , 940x1332 , 31.png )

unironically kinda proud of the establishing shot here ngl
No. 977267 ID: a48264


Ashe volunteered himself to be the guinea pig, so you may as well wait and see what happens to him. Take a spiky nut and store it somewhere safe for now.

Speaking of storage... Ask if you can get your stuff back, and maybe an inventory system of your own if that's still a thing. There might also be some other useful things in this room; maybe Mykel will lend you some gear for the adventure she's about to send you on.
No. 977487 ID: f41fd4
File 160133461873.png - (703.40KB , 940x1332 , 32.png )

This marks the end of the 'tutorial chapter', I'll start up the first "real" chapter soon hopefully. I'll probably start it in a new thread since this thread's getting kinda long
No. 979455 ID: a48264

Continue the adventure here! >>>978696

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