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File 172061205628.png - (133.43KB , 800x800 , quest quest 1.png )
1094063 No. 1094063 ID: 26801d

Update 1

Today, I told myself I was finally gonna stop lazing around, be productive, get my homework done on time, and finally make a Quest. It was gonna be beautiful, insightful, thought-provoking, simple in its complexity yet grandiose in its humility. It was gonna put the masters of old to shame.

Then I got distracted playing video games for two hours, jerked off, took a shower, and watched Youtube shorts for two more hours, couldn’t think of anything to actually draw when I finally sat down, and now it’s 5 in the morning and I have work tomorrow and can’t do any art or writing because I have to go to bed!

But maybe… just maybe, while I’m sleeping… inspiration will strike, and I’ll make that masterpiece after work tomorrow.

Perhaps the Muses will be of some assistance?
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No. 1094067 ID: 497913

Well first you need a protagonist and their troubled relationship with the readers.
No. 1094068 ID: 3f89df

Jimmy, go Find Female Jimmy from the female parallel dimension; you can access that by going to your local magical figure and striking a deal.

Whatever you want to do with your female stuff is up to you, man.
No. 1094069 ID: a0c88b

Quick, become embroiled in the fate of an escaped lab creation
No. 1094070 ID: c540e0

Write what you know sir.
No. 1094085 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1094089 ID: 4b82e6

Becoming embroiled in the escape of a lab creation is a common and successful plot on questden! This will also let you unexpectedly pivot the quest into a romance if you get bored writing action stuff.
No. 1094108 ID: 26801d
File 172067504549.png - (181.01KB , 800x800 , quest quest 2 1.png )

Woof, another hot day at work done and dusted, just about ready to play some video games and…

… aaaaaaand I did plan on working on that quest. I did get some interesting ideas while trying not to nod off in the checkout stand. I’m not too sure about a female Jimmy or ponies (surprising how popular they got), but a lot of great quests do involve escaped lab specimens.

Alright, it’s time… to create!!

… I have no idea what to create.
No. 1094109 ID: 26801d
File 172067506414.png - (90.59KB , 800x800 , quest quest 2 2.png )

Well, more specifically, “quest with escaped lab specimen” is kinda broad. I’ve got a million ideas of things to create running through my head now, half-formed and misshapen in the aether, mixing and melding together, so now they’re hard to actually visualize. What kind of lab specimen do I want in the quest? What can it do? Why did it escape? What does it want to accomplish once it’s free? This is the quest site, so I assume romance of some kind is a given, but is there anything it wants? Freedom? Safety? Friendship?

… maybe it just wants to make a quest like me, heh heh. I’m probably just overthinking this, and really, while I’m an ambitious man, the main goal is just to [i]create[/i/] something every day so I don’t wallow in laziness.
No. 1094112 ID: 462d8c

It features a really cute creature that's secretly an eldritch monster. It escped when an even more monsterous monster started wreaking havoc on the lab
No. 1094117 ID: eb0a9c

You are making a quest about gods going insane
The Goddess of Peace is waging war, and the protagonist is an advisor to the God of Explosions protecting Explosionland
No. 1094120 ID: 5ebd37

People like rats. And kobolds. Maybe a combination, has that been done before?

What if they were in love with one of the scientists and so volunteered for experiments that turned out to be far darker then they could have known. But someone has let them out of their cage, could it be their love?
No. 1094121 ID: 01c8e7

There could be a twist; maybe the lab creation has its own science it wants to do, maybe wants to gain power. Though sympathetic characters tend to be easier to run, I think.
No. 1094122 ID: 3f89df

Remember to include the best boi Ppodae, from lobotomy cooperation in there; everything isn't complete without him.
No. 1094127 ID: 8f9bc4


lab specimen is a rabbit, can interface mysteriously with electronics, escaped because lab abandoned for years, wants to find out what happened, then maybe be all cyberpunk. Romance with the electronic lab asst program it wakes up during the escape.
No. 1094151 ID: 273c18

How about the lab has time anomalies where the protagonist is able to travel through them into various different versions of the lab? A past version where they haven't captured the specimen yet, a future version where it's all ruined and decayed, maybe parallel timelines where different specimens escaped?
No. 1094157 ID: 7c1f1c

The quest starts out as a horror scenario, where researchers in an isolated submarine facility discover that an experimental octopus has escaped confinement. The escaped octopus, which evades detection by slinking through the facility's pipes and emerges from odd places with no warning, is slowly relevealed to be extremely intelligent, and its actions terrify the crew.

The romance develops once the contact is established between the researchers and the octopus, and they determine that the octopus is not malicious, just socially clueless. Once they figure out how to communicate, the octopus gets a crush on one of the researchers; which researcher and why can be the product of player choice before that point. The players can be involved in deciding whether the octopus is cute enough for the crimes it committed during the horror phase should be forgiven.
No. 1094165 ID: 26801d
File 172077605899.png - (121.96KB , 800x800 , quest quest 3 1.png )

Oooooooh, I can feel things beginning to coalesce into something great. Yesssss this is excellent. Some kind of eldritch being is escaping from a lab, because it suffered terrible experiments. One of the scientists who was working on the experiments let them escape and they have a romance! There, lots of opportunities for horror, romance, choices, it’ll be amazing! It’ll also force me to draw lots of unique and novel stuff, which should be good for practice as well. Thanks Muses, much appreciated.

Alright, I think for the main leads… a girl and a boy. Hmmm, what species should they be, something cute but not too complicated to draw… maybe a rat? Rats are cute. Kobolds are also cute but I don’t feel confident enough to draw them yet, but maybe one will enter the story later on? And I gotta throw a bunny in there too, I wanna learn to draw my species too!

Alright, I’ve got some basic plotting stuff down, character ideas, nothing too complicated and nice and open. I hope this is good enough… I wonder how other quest authors organize their stuff. Some quests get pretty insane in terms of length and complexity, maybe I’ll make an epic someday too.

Alright then, time to start! Let’s do it-
No. 1094166 ID: 26801d
File 172077609519.png - (7.88KB , 800x800 , quest quest 3 2.png )

No. 1094167 ID: 26801d
File 172077612192.png - (8.01KB , 800x800 , quest quest 3 3.png )

GodsDAMMIT, not again! The power went out; that’s the fourth time this week! Ugggggggh right when I was about to start drawing. Last time it took an entire day before the landlord actually came out and fixed it.

… well, uh, now what should I do? I’m brimming with creative energy and it’s still daylight. I could, uhhhh, fold laundry? Do the dishes? Or I could go see if there’s anything going on outside. Who knows, maybe I’ll just so happen to meet a girl or something.
No. 1094168 ID: 2f41db

Dont despair.
Could just be a broken fuse, gofind your circuit breaker, see if a switch has flipped.

Worst comes to the worst you can go sit outside with a old school paper notepad and write out some preliminary choice trees and character layouts.
No. 1094173 ID: fd3ba8

You could also grab paper and pencil and just get sketching. Try to come up with some character designs that are simple (and therefore quick to draw) yet distinct and perhaps even memorable. No way to do this without actually drawing stuff. Get the bad ideas out now so you don't get stuck with overcomplicated designs that are a pain in the ass to draw consistently.

Also consider making daring characterization choices, like giving characters pronouns that clash with their gender presentation. Your Suggesters getting super confused is gonna be worth it in the end when they crown King genius of Questden.

I guess if it's actually too dark to draw, maybe take a walk? Fresh air is important. Good for daydreaming. You can jot down notes on your phone.
No. 1094174 ID: d58817

If you're drawing on a tablet, and don't need a whole PC setup, then you can take your tablet to the library, and keep drawing there. Sometimes, there are even girls at the library.
No. 1094179 ID: 63709c

Get out of the house. See of the power out is just you or the whole neighborhood.
Visit your favorite restaurant and bring along a sketch pad. By the time you finish the meal the power should be back.

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