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File 171868154279.png - (14.17KB , 500x500 , p0.png )
1093054 No. 1093054 ID: 9ea24b

Anime is real.

Discussion: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/135483.html

Setting enforced SFW. Will update every other day with at least two pictures and vague colors based on the outcome of a unanimous patron poll.
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No. 1093757 ID: 3a5042

A, you fulfilled your promise by playing, and now you're done. This is a healthy stopping point, and Hatani has to respect it.
No. 1093780 ID: 7c0da2

A) You want to look around, but he can give you a tour if he wants to come with you.
No. 1093786 ID: 2f41db

Tell him you dont want to play so much that you get bored and never want to play again.
A break will give him time to think of new games and ways to play too.

Then the strap.
A cool one.
No. 1093793 ID: 9ea24b
File 172019050827.png - (13.74KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

You: There must be something in town that’s as fun as sports. What do they do at the other buildings? It’d be good to find Kage a sheath on a strap for her sword so she doesn’t have to do everything one-handed.

Hatani: I dunno, the Creator said the arena is for if we want to fight really intensely without damaging the other buildings. The dorms contain our rooms which we can decorate and lie on the beds to get dye refills. At the school they have these two weird fairies that can teach you stuff. Not sports stuff though so I don’t care.

You: That sounds fun! Maybe if you spent more time learning about other things you’d be able to invent an even cooler game.

Hatani: I’m not dumb, okay Kentaro? You don’t have to patronize me. I’m here because I want to be here and I’m not going to leave. Go away if you don’t want to play anymore.

He looks a bit guilty after saying that.

Hatani: I mean, you should come back if you want to play again, but I don’t want to force you to stay if you hate it and think it’s boring.

You: I don’t hate it or think it’s boring, I just want a break. We’ll see you soon.

Kage: See ya, nerd.
No. 1093794 ID: 9ea24b
File 172019051951.png - (14.11KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

You and Kage walk across the park back toward and then past the shop. The grass turns into neat paved paths that curve around hedges and fountains. You hear occasional shouts and thuds from the arena, but otherwise don’t see anyone outside. With your current knowledge and skill, you don’t think you could fashion a sheath and strap out of the clothes in the shop.

What do you want to do first? This will affect the order in which you meet the others and learn things, which may influence upcoming events.
A. The school (learning is cool)
B. The dorms (Raito should be there and you can investigate the beds)
C. The arena (there are at least two people who like fighting there)
No. 1093795 ID: da60aa

C, Let's check out that fight
No. 1093796 ID: 2f41db

C learning is cool, but kage likes excitement.
Lets go for her.
Arena time.
No. 1093797 ID: 3a5042

A, best to put a boring conversational task in-between cooler active stuff.
No. 1093799 ID: a7a180

A. Let's meet these fairies.
No. 1093800 ID: 174f48

C. Should inspire Kage and her mild bloodlust
No. 1093801 ID: 9bbb0e

C. Dye for the dye god
No. 1093802 ID: 63709c

C) sounds like it's close by
No. 1093866 ID: 7c0da2

A) Let's see how learning stuff works.
No. 1093874 ID: 0db8d3


Hear that? They got a place where we can go all out!
No. 1093908 ID: 9ea24b
File 172037956952.png - (16.45KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

You’re interested in the school and the fairies, but you can tell Kage is much more excited by the sounds of action and you’re curious as well. You point her toward the largest building, the source of the thuds, and the two of you hurry to find the entrance.

The arena is a stout cylinder, with holes all the way around the base that bypass the thick outer wall and split into a staircase and a tunnel to the inner field. You and Kage take the staircase and emerge at a single row of seats that wrap around the circumference of the building, about two thirds of the way up.

>Guaranteed encounters: Gun and Mushi
>Craw observer check: Failure
There’s no one sitting in the stands. You spot a spiky haired youth in a jacket and tall boots absolutely wailing on a kid in a blue sports uniform. There’s spilled dye and shattered obstacles made of the generic gray material everywhere. They must have been brawling for a while.

???: Timeout Gun, there’s someone here.

Gun, the guy with the boots, socks the speaker in the stomach so hard that dye splurts out of his eyes.

???: I said timeout!

Gun: Sorry! Let’s go see who it is.
No. 1093909 ID: 9ea24b
File 172037958649.png - (14.31KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

The two nimbly jump on the top of the rumble and then leap up to the level of the seats, a short distance away. You’re startled by their coordination and speed, and Kage hisses at them in warning. They stop a couple of seats away.

???: Hi I’m Mushi! Nice to meet you, we don’t know each other but Craw stopped by earlier and mentioned there were some new folks around.

He extends his hand, which is positively dripping with dye. You take it and briefly introduce yourself and Kage.

Kage: Is Craw still here?

Mushi: Oh no, not anymore, I think he said he was going to the school after visiting us. I’ll need to go to bed pretty soon, me and Gun have been trying to find the limit of how much dye we can lose before falling unconscious.

Gun: I’m Gun! I want to be the best and strongest fighter ever. What’s that you’re holding? Is that a sword? Where’d you get it?

Mushi: Huh? How would that even work? Are our bodies vulnerable to cutting damage? What happens if our dye sacks are pierced? Have you guys tested its properties?

Mushi scoots closer to Kage and she clutches her sword to her chest protectively.

Kage: Back off! It’s mine.

Mushi: I’m sorry, I’m not trying to take it, I’m just curious. Have you had a chance to use it?

Kage: Um, not really. I hit Raito with the flat of the blade when he was being annoying but that’s it.

Gun: Let’s fight and we can find out! You look like a tough opponent.

Mushi: Hold on, how about you test it on me first since I’m going to rest soon anyways. You can hit me in the shoulder, or slice the tip of my fingers, or stab me through the palm!

Kage seems uncomfortable with the situation and looks to you for guidance.
A. Advise her to test the sharp side of the sword on Mushi (learning is cool)
B. Encourage her to fight Gun (she’ll need the sword to win)
C. Tell Mushi and Gun to back off (you’ll have to fight Gun, which you’re not looking forward to)
No. 1093910 ID: c5529d

A. Mushi makes a more compelling argument
No. 1093912 ID: 0db8d3

And while she's doing that, we should fight Mushi!
No. 1093913 ID: 32c7ee

A. Let’s find out!
No. 1093914 ID: 3a5042

A, Only so we can get an answer way quicker. Plus, if it can kill peeps, and she kills Gun with it in a fight, then Gun won't be available to fight anymore.
No. 1093915 ID: fa3034

A, lets learn our limits!
No. 1093920 ID: 9bbb0e

Yes, it wouldn't be very CALCULATING of us to recommend such a reckless course of action.

No. 1093922 ID: 7c0da2

A) We're all dyeing to find out how effective it is.
No. 1093998 ID: 2f41db

A but lets not get stab happy.
Once we know how safe it is or not we'll be able to tell whether kage can use it if she wants to have a bout.
No. 1094007 ID: d76279

We’re not the ones holding the sword.
No. 1094015 ID: 9ea24b
File 172056891377.png - (15.62KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

Mushi makes an appealing argument for testing the sword. You like his intelligence, though he seems self-sacrificing to a fault. Well, better him than you or Kage, especially since he’ll be resting soon anyways.

You: Kage, you can try to cut Mushi’s hand. You have his permission and it’ll be good to find out if we can heal from wounds.

Kage: Okay, but he needs to stand back and hold out his arm, I don’t want dye getting on my nice robe.

Mushi complies while Gun perches on the seats to get a good view. Kage positions herself and lifts the blade overhead in her tested chopping technique.

You wince as she hits closer to the wrist than the base of the fingers. All the homunculi have such small extremities that you can’t really blame her, but it’s still gruesome when most of Mushi’s hand flops onto the ground, followed by a gush of dye.
No. 1094016 ID: 9ea24b
File 172056892879.png - (18.31KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Everyone stares at the wound until Mushi slowly kneels and then falls over into the rapidly forming puddle, splattering Kage before she can jump back. She swears.

To avoid further dye hazards, Kage doesn’t move to help the boy she maimed and Gun seems fairly unbothered by the situation, so you sigh and kneel in the dye to find the hand and try to press it to Mushi’s stump. After holding it on firmly for a few minutes, you don’t notice any automatic healing, though blocking the wound temporarily helps stem the flow of dye. You let the hand flop back onto the ground.

Kage: Is he dead?

You: I hope he’s just unconscious, like he said. I guess your sword is pretty serious after all.

Gun: Wow! If we fight you shouldn’t use it Kage, getting cut would make things too short and boring.

You: You still want to fight? Shouldn’t we, uh, help Mushi? I don’t think he can get up and go to bed by himself.

Kage: It’s my sword and I decide if I’ll use it or not. Also I want to go to the school to see Craw. Gun, you should help your friend, we barely even know him.

Gun: I mean, he’s my friend but he’s not my best friend. I can think of a few things I’d rather be doing. Like fighting you even if you use the sword.

You: Who’s your best friend then?

Gun: I’m still figuring that out, okay? It takes a real special someone!

You currently have dye stains on your hands and clothes.
A. Take Mushi to the dorms (Kage will ditch and Gun will come with you)
B. Go with Kage to the school (Gun will take Mushi to the dorms)
C. Other (suggest who, what, or where to visit)
No. 1094020 ID: a7a180

Find somewhere to wash off, first... like a locker room maybe.
B. Might be worth asking the fairies if there's a school nurse.
No. 1094024 ID: 9bbb0e

A. Mushi seems like someone who we can trust. We should make sure he's okay, and earn his.
No. 1094026 ID: b55e17

No. 1094027 ID: fa3034

B, but see if you can wash up along the way
No. 1094034 ID: 3a5042

A, let's make sure Mushi's okay.
No. 1094079 ID: 62350c

No. 1094125 ID: 2f41db

Has to be A.
Help the guy.

Hes a dumbass but a brave one.

Kage will probably end up hovering around crow so youll find her again.
No. 1094138 ID: 9ea24b
File 172074605962.png - (14.45KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

You want to make sure Mushi’s okay and you don’t entirely trust Gun to do a good job with the delivery. You easily scoop the boy up and arrange him over your shoulder, making a complete mess of your clothes. Hopefully there’s somewhere to wash off in the dorms or the school, but at worst you could use one of those fountains you passed on the way here. After a moment you pick up the loose hand as well.

You: Me and Gun will take care of Mushi. Kage, I’ll meet up with you and Craw later!

Kage: Okay, see ya.

She takes off with a blast of air and is soon out of sight. You notice Gun staring up in the sky to track her path, though he’s quick to follow you as you head for the stadium stairs.

Gun: I better start working on my battle strategy, Kage sure has a lot of tricks huh?

You: I don’t think she wants to fight you, dude.

Gun: You don’t think she sees me as a rival?

You: We’re not exactly competing for anything here, are we? Did the Creator mention anything like that?

Gun: No, but I told you I want to be the best! Even an opponent with a sharp sword is just another chance to get smarter and stronger.

You kind of get Gun’s obsession after experiencing Hatani’s sports mania firsthand. While you don’t personally have any goals besides integrating with the other homunculi to survive, it would be nice to have something more to strive for. Something less suicidal than Gun’s dream.

He’s a talkative guy, and he tells you about his fighting practice with Mushi on the short walk to the dorms. The kid you’re carrying is apparently about as strong as Gun, but more in his head and less willing to use maximum force. Mushi was already forming strategies about how to roll with hits to lessen dye leakage before he got the idea to test his loss limits. Sounds like a great guy to have as an ally!
No. 1094139 ID: 9ea24b
File 172074607662.png - (12.19KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

Gun takes the lead at the entrance to the dorm, a flat, one-story building with lots of big windows and a playset. Inside is a single hallway lined with labeled doors, seven total, and Gun’s loud voice is clearly audible to anyone who might be resting inside. Your ears twitch as you hear noise from Raito’s room.

Gun opens Mushi’s door, which is unlocked. Inside the walls are covered with posters of muscular men in bright, primary colors, proportioned like the Creator. There’s a blue and red comforter on a soft mattress that melts around Mushi’s body as you place him to rest. You put the hand against the stump and wait for the bed to work it’s magic

You: Where did all of these decorations come from?

Gun: Oh there’s a big closet in everyone’s room filled with things we like. I have a lot of stuffed animals if you wanna see ‘em.

You: Maybe later. Have you tried your bed before? How does it work?

Gun: It’s really comfy! A bunch of little needles come out and go through your skin and fill you with dye until you’re back to normal.

You: Huh???

You turn to look at Mushi, who’s sunk deep in the mattress. With your sharp eyes you can see microscopic needles poking through his clothes into his flesh from all possible angles. You’re not a fan of the visual.

You: Won’t this take a long time then, if they’re so small? He wasn’t even losing dye anymore while we were walking, the needles have to fill him all the way from empty to full.

Gun: Yeah probably. Wanna go say hi to Raito? I like him, he’s really funny.

You want to stay in the dorm until you’re sure Mushi’s okay.
A. Visit Raito (see what he’s scheming or apologize for earlier)
B. Remain by Mushi (think about your goals)
No. 1094140 ID: 2f41db

Remain by mushi.
You heed to know hes ok.
Let him know youre relieved when he does come around.

Also, learn how the bed works in detail.
You guys dont have obe.
If it only works for the owner theres no fix for you two.
No. 1094141 ID: a7a180

B. As good a time as any to self reflect. Are you really going to chase this goal, or is this just so you have an answer if asked, like Gun?
Are there spare rooms in the dorm? Where are you going to live?
No. 1094143 ID: b55e17

B, maybe idly try reattaching the hand while it's laying there. Maybe contemplate what a good goal could even be, it could be just going out and exploring and meeting new people, or finding out what the creator has in mind or something like that.
No. 1094148 ID: 5a30c8

A, Hanging around here won't change anything, so may as well check up on Raito.
No. 1094150 ID: 9bbb0e

Seeking TRUTH seems like a CALCULATING thing to do.

I agree, B.
No. 1094155 ID: fa3034

B, maybe it's not time to find an ultimate goal but you should start thinking about what direction you want to go. No matter what I think we want Kage on our side. That sword is not something we want turned against us. We should be an inspiration to others like us.
No. 1094216 ID: 9ea24b
File 172088346913.png - (15.41KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

You: Go ahead and hang out with Raito, I’ll wait with Mushi.

Gun: Cool!

You take vigil by Mushi’s bed, the occasional sounds of Gun’s voice carrying through the thin walls. Since the homunculi don’t need to sleep you guess there’s no harm in shoddy sound proofing.

After waiting perhaps the time of five games of ball, you flick your tail onto the bed to see if it’ll react to your foreign body. You see needles extend out of the mattress and through your fur, though they retract once realizing you’re full of dye already. That’s nice, you were worried the beds wouldn’t work for you, though Kage does have a different color dye so it might be different for her.

Plenty more time to ponder. There aren’t rooms in the dorms for you or Kage, which is understandable and a little sad. No closet full of custom gifts, no space to hang out, no benevolent god-like being looking out for you instead of being a constant existential threat. At least no one you’ve met besides Raito seems to care about snitching on you and Kage, Mushi could probably count above seven and notice the discrepancy but he seems too nice to report it and you doubt Gun cares at all.

If integration has been a success that means you need a new step on your path to survival. You want to learn as much as you can about why you’re all here and decode the Creator’s cryptic, anxious thoughts that only you and Kage are aware of as a consequence of being born late. To help with this you want to be friendly with everyone, especially Kage since she has the sword. So far you think your relationship with her has been pretty positive though you don’t seem to be her type.

You’d like to meet the last two boys and check out the school. You’re itching to seek the truth!
No. 1094217 ID: 9ea24b
File 172088348018.png - (13.89KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

It’s hard to keep track of time through imaginary ball games and you’ve lost count again when you notice there’s a puddle of red building in the groove made by Mushi’s right arm, the injured one. Oh no, there’s nothing to keep the dye inside him and it’s leaking out of his injury as fast as the needles are replacing it!

You desperately try to force the severed hand onto Mushi’s arm stump, snapping a few needles in the process. It doesn’t stick and a gush of red separates them as soon as you let go. The dye is starting to soak through the mattress. Will it become saturated? Will the whole dorm be flooded? Worst of all, Mushi won’t regain consciousness if he’s constantly losing dye. Who designed these beds to not have repair properties? Maybe the Creator never accounted for the scenario where an illegal weapon would be created.

What do you do to stop the leak?
A. Figure something out yourself (suggest method)
B. Raito’s smart, you bet he’d have an idea (and he knows more about the available resources than you do)
No. 1094218 ID: b55e17

Clothing being destroyed or damage through fighting seems kind of common here, maybe you can find a sewing kit and straight up sew his hand back on. And then duct tape it, and seal that duct tape with some sort of glue. Which probably means finding someone with supplies.

In the meantime, maybe get some rope or a belt or something and like tie the stump shut, just so it doesent oversaturate the bed or leak out. Better to have it sealed while you try to figure out a backup plan.
No. 1094219 ID: 5a30c8

A, maybe you can apply a tourniquet of some sort for now? Pinch the hole shut and tie it off until you can find some way to attach the hand back on.

If that works, maybe you should do the same for the severed hand to keep it fresh? Fill it with dye and tie it off.
No. 1094228 ID: a7a180

Look around for a string to tie off the wrist stump. It's a good thing you stayed here to check on him. Ah, but if only you'd worn the hoodie so there would be a string right there..!
Basically, B unless you can find a solution sitting right there in the room.
No. 1094229 ID: 9bbb0e

This seems like the best short term solution while we find a way to reattach the hand.
No. 1094238 ID: 5ebd37

A good tourniquet is needed before you do anything else.
No. 1094241 ID: 2f41db

Raito might use this against you if you bring him in but he might be the only one who can help.


Well, at least its a good thing you stayed otherwise they wouldnt have known till it was too late.

See if theres something you can clog it with or wedge in there before you ho to find help.
Even if you could sew it back on, it wouldnt be a sealed join.
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