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File 171829129675.jpg - (377.53KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8683.jpg )
1092905 No. 1092905 ID: c540e0

NSFW (obviously)
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No. 1093168 ID: c5529d

ah, nevermind then
No. 1093203 ID: c540e0
File 171893068166.jpg - (732.29KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8737.jpg )


Grim- ‘So Raquelle… my place or yours?’

Raquelle- ‘Wow, you are bold sir. But I’m warning you, if you turn out to be just like the other guys who say anything to get in my pants and then disappear I’m probably going to kill myself’

Grim- ‘Woah, that’s quite extreme. I promise I’m not like the other guys. I like you. I’ve had fun tonight, a lot more than I was expecting to. And like I said if you want to call it a night now and meet up again another time that’s fine with me too, I’ll happily pay for your Uber home.

Raquelle- ‘It’s just I am so tired of being used by guys who just chase after me because they like my stupid, fucking ass but they don’t care about me. I didn’t choose to look this way, it’s just how I was born. Sometimes I think it’s a curse not a blessing. Maybe… maybe I think you should pay for my Uber home’

Grim - ‘I understand. It would be my pleasure.’

Raquelle- ‘But I also think you should join me in it’

Grim- ‘Well that…would be even more of a pleasure.’

For the first time, Grim leaned over and kissed Raquelle on the lips. The chemistry he felt was electrifying. Her soft mouth cushioning his, the sweet and salty taste of her, he wondered how we had got so lucky.

Grim ordered an Uber to Raquelle’s address in the heights. It was quite far from his office, he realised he would have to get up early tomorrow…granted if she allowed him to stay the night.

The Uber arrived quickly and they dashed through the downpour to get in and sped away to Raquelle’s apartment complex.
No. 1093206 ID: c540e0
File 171893180717.jpg - (563.43KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8738.jpg )

Grim and Raquelle had to dash once again through the rain to her apartment block. They got soaked as Raquelle fiddled with the combination to get in. Maybe she was nervous because she kept getting the password wrong before finally getting into the lobby. By the time they got in they looked like they had just come out of a swimming pool.

Raquelle called the elevator and they kissed again while they waited. It was as electrifying as the first one.

Raquelle traced a finger across the contour of Grim’s chest.

Raquelle- ‘I suppose we must get out of these wet clothes.’

Grim- ‘ I guess we don’t have a choice. Such a shame.’

Raquelle- ‘In french we say Quel dommage’.

Grim- ‘I like the sound of that word. I like learning french from you’.

Raquelle- ‘Then peut-être I should teach you what the French know best: how to love’.

Grim- ‘I like the sound of that too’.
No. 1093207 ID: 5ebd37

Given the weather, maybe you can get a nice hotel room nearby.
No. 1093211 ID: c540e0
File 171893259463.jpg - (775.11KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8739.jpg )

Raquelle’s apartment was a small studio with a bathroom and a kitchen. It was much smaller than Grim’s and was barely an upgrade over cheap student accommodation. Grim didn’t question it.
He was briefly introduced to Bizou her cat who was sleeping on a dresser and payed them no mind.

Raquelle wasted no time stripping off her waterlogged dress and revealing to Grim her undeniable body.
Grim could not hold back. He had to feel her and before she was even fully undressed he grabbed a hadful of her soft and doughy rear end.

Raquelle - ‘ oh mon diue , so rough!

Grim - ‘ I couldn’t resist any longer. Sorry. I can be gentler.’

Raquelle- ‘ No, don’t be… I like it’ .
No. 1093212 ID: c540e0

I think it’s clear where this is going.
What should Grim do next?
No. 1093214 ID: c540e0

[spoiler] fuck I realise I confused Suzy and Raquelle here. Grim and Raquelle were hitting it off and Petyr left with Suzy [spoiler/]
No. 1093224 ID: eb0a9c

It's a trap...
No. 1093225 ID: 273c18

She likes it rough huh? Ask what kinda shit she's into. Spanking?
No. 1093226 ID: 106d8c

Prone bone
No. 1093231 ID: 872553

This is the part where Grimm grabs her and makes his dreams come true

No, prone bone means you cant feel the other side. Her tits and lips are thicc too. You gotta enjoy that.
No. 1093262 ID: c5529d

Agreed. Gotta love all of her and not just her thicc ass
No. 1093285 ID: 92fc95

Gat DAMN! Bite it, you nasty little freak! And then pull her panties off with your teeth.
No. 1093315 ID: c540e0
File 171919428258.jpg - (370.50KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8747.jpg )


Grim- ‘we can play rough if you like that’

Raquelle- ‘mmm, yes daddy’

Grim - ‘maybe I should spank you then’

Raquelle- ‘there’s no maybe about it’

Grim grabbed Raquelle by the hips and pulled her close to him. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing and groping her body all over. Her hips her, beautiful breasts, all of it was his to take.


He crouched low and squeezed and sucked on her breasts.
He wanted to prove that it wasn’t just her ass he cared about. But it didn’t matter, she was all gorgeous. Sexy all over. All woman for him to appreciate.
Raquelle moaned in delight and Grim felt his blood rush between his legs springing his shaft up to a 45 degree angle.
No. 1093316 ID: c540e0
File 171919532617.jpg - (448.69KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8750.jpg )

The two kissed and clumsily stumbled backward towards the bed. Grim roughly turned Raquelle around and pushed her down onto the bed and she landed on all fours in front of him. She was like a beast in heat as she presented her ass up to him.
In a fashion he has only dreamed about he dived face first into her.
He roughly grabbed the full circumference of her colossal read and lapped at her like dog.
She moaned again

Raquelle - ‘Ahhh just like that Daddy’.

Grim was frenzied and relentless. He could taste her and every lick made her wetter and wetter until she was gushing. He didn’t stop to breathe, he only wanted to taste her and make her feel his pleasure as hers.

Her moans became louder, her body started to rock, occasionally she would twitch. Grim knew she was building up to something and pressed on as seconds dragged into minutes.

Raquelle screamed out incoherent while her body and her pussy twitched and bucked against him. She locked her legs around his back and Grim found his mouth and his chin covered in her ambrosia as she climaxed for the first time.

She collapsed a sweaty, panting mess and Grim took this as the point to finally mount her.
No. 1093318 ID: c540e0
File 171919720640.jpg - (447.19KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8748.jpg )

They were in the throes of passion there was no thought to protection. Grim quickly pushed himself inside of her and felt her pull him in.
Instinctively they rocked against one another, finding a natural rhythm and building momentum.
The bed creaked and Grim remembered not to be gentle. He squeezed her cheeks hard, and then rubbed them gently. Suddenly without warning he lifted his hand and brought it down with a loud smack.
Raquelle gasped and Grim worried he’d hit too hard. Instantly his fears were dismissed.

Raquelle- ‘Ahh yes Daddddyyy…more!’

Grim obeyed and spanked her again and again and again. Each time as his hand collided with her soft, ginormous, ass he felt her tighten around his throbbing cock.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled it back. She let out a an overextended moan. There were no words coming from her by this point, only vowels.

He spanked her again and she reached a falsetto tone.

As the pleasure built, Grim realised he was getting close. He was determined not to finish before her. Her moans got longer and higher and Grim couldn’t hold out for much longer.

Grim- ‘I think I’m gonna come’

Raquelle- ‘ahh, do it daddy, come inside me! Make me yours give it to me. Cum inside your slutty cunt’

Grim was taken aback by the words coming out of her and the dirty talk sent him over the edge.

He erupted inside of her. Waves of hedonic warmth emanated from him into her and then pushed back onto him as she began to quake and vibrate with him. They were climaxing together and their joint moans harmonised.

They held their position for as long as they could before finally collapsing, exhausted onto the soft mattress below.

Before either could utter a word, they were both sound asleep.
No. 1093322 ID: c540e0
File 171919766290.jpg - (438.13KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8749.jpg )

Grim awoke with a start as the morning light illuminated the quiet bedroom. Raquelle was nestled against him and he suddenly felt calm and at peace.

What a night it had been.

Grim looked at the clock. It was early but Grim also had to get to work. He’d also have to get home first to change his clothes.
He looked at his phone, if he didn’t leave now he was probably gonna be late.

He looked over at Raquelle. She was every bit as beautiful in the morning light as she was the night before.

He thought about waking her, but she looked so peaceful. He could always text her so she knew he didn’t just fuck her and run like she was afraid of.

What should Grim do?
No. 1093330 ID: c5529d

Why not just wear the clothes you wore yesterday to work? That way you won't have to waste time going home to change, and have more time to wait for Raquelle to wake up. it's a sacrifice in the name of love!

For now, shower, iron your old clothes to get rid of the wrinkles so that you don't show up unprofessional to work since you're wearing the same clothes (unless she doesn't have a clothing iron) and hey, prepare her breakfast so it's ready for her when she wakes up. Be a handy boifren.
No. 1093332 ID: 5ebd37

Not a text, leave a short hand written letter assuring her that you had an amazing night, and want to see more of her. But you can't miss work so you left her to her rest. Use a bit of flowery language but not too much more than your regular speech.
No. 1093338 ID: 986a04

I support this, but i'm hoping we still know her number, right? At the very least we need to be able to message her later.
No. 1093342 ID: 080f8c

Wake her up gently, preferably by embracing her from behind. Leaving a message might accidentally make her freak out when she awakes alone
No. 1093593 ID: 92fc95


Yeah, wake her up sensually, let her know you need more of that ASAP, but you gotta go handle business for a while. MAYBE have a morning quickly. Then walk off whistling, with a jaunt in your step.
No. 1093675 ID: c540e0
File 171988349228.jpg - (358.00KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8787.jpg )

After much deliberation, Grim decided it’s best to gently wake Raquelle to let her know he has to go.

Carefully he put his hand on her shoulder and politely jostled her awake.

Grim - ‘Hey Good morning’

Raquelle - ‘Gmmshmmph’

Grim - ‘sorry to wake you up, I gotta run or I’ll be late for work, you go back to sleep,

Raquelle - ‘What time is it?’

Grim - ‘It’s 5:15, you should go back to sleep…I had a great time last night’

Raquelle - ‘Me too… kiss me before you go’

Grim bent over and kissed her on the lips one last time. He reassured her that he had her number and she told him she would text him when she got up.
Grim wondered whether this would be the start of something or whether it was just a passing moment.

He ordered an Uber, dressed and in just over an hour he was already home.
No. 1093676 ID: c540e0
File 171988502389.jpg - (561.36KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8788.jpg )

Grim made it in to work and looked for Petyr to discuss the night before.
Petyr was conspicuously absent however.
Gerald wasn’t of course and he pressed Grim for the salacious details about the night before. Grim resisted as best he could and messaged Petyr but received no reply.

The morning was spent working with his colleague Mandy and being micro managed by their line manager Steven. Grim didn’t mind Steven except when he got too hands on with his work.

All the morning Grim waited for a text from Raquelle or Petyr. Raquelle had said she would message him but then again she had just woken up. Maybe she forgot she had said it. Maybe she was still asleep.

Grim started to feel a little anxious.

What should Grim do next?
No. 1093687 ID: 0efa55

Message Raquelle. I dont know about Petyr though.
No. 1093688 ID: 8f9bc4

It was just your first date, so don't be too clingy.
No. 1093707 ID: c5529d

You got reception on your phone right now?

anyways, give her some time. Probably asleep, or doing her morning routine. Worst case scenerio, she probably forgot since you did talk to her pretty early while she was still sleepy. If she doesn't text you by lunch time, then you could try texting her, say something like "Had a really good time last night, lemme know when you wanna meet up again" or something like that.

Can probably ask Gerald if he heard from your friend Petytr lately since last night
No. 1093727 ID: 92fc95

Give it a minute. Focus more on work, enjoy your lunch. Check back in around 2 or so, text her then.
No. 1093867 ID: c540e0
File 172026541960.jpg - (345.63KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8802.jpg )

Grim worked through the morning and resisted the urge to text Raquelle. Suddenly his phone pinged and he saw she had texted him.
She had sent him a sexy picture from her bathroom and a message. Her ass was still sore. Grim could see the red marks he had left on her from the night before. He quickly scanned around to check nobody had seen.

Grim started to reply when Steven walked over with a phone in hand and passed it to Grim.

Steven - ‘you’d better take this’

Grim - ‘hello, this is Grim’

Voice- ‘Mr Mountbatten, this is Officer Smith, we need you to come to the police station immediately in relation to an incident that took place last night’

Grim- ‘Oh woah, ok. Can I ask what happened?’

Smith - ‘We are still confirming the details but there has been a murder and you were one of the last people to see the victim. We need you to come in for questioning straight away.’

Grim- ‘Is it Petyr? Is he ok?’

Smith- ‘I’m not going to go into details over the phone, you just need to come to the station’

Grim- ‘Am I a suspect?’

He hung up before Grim could say anything further. What was happening? Grim packed up his things.

What should he say to Raquelle? What should Grim do?
No. 1093868 ID: c540e0

Grim asked Gerald if he had heard from Petyr, Gerald said not since they separated last night.

Gerald- ‘Where are you off to in such a hurry?’

What should Grim tell Gerald?
No. 1093869 ID: aec603

Tell him we're being called by the police to the station, but we don't know why.
No. 1093870 ID: eb0a9c

You fool
Raquelle has been serial killing so she can anal-vore her targets and grow her thiccness!

Or you're insane
No. 1093873 ID: c5529d

Well, do not worry. You have an alibi, and a witness to your alibi (your new girlfriend). You also have proof. You and/or her probably have a receipt to the place you visited, and what time you paid it, and some kind of record on either of your phones about taking an Uber of where you went to and from and what time.

Other than that, always remember you have the right to remain silent until you get a lawyer appointed to you to do the talking for you if they start accusing you and things get dicey. Don't let them scare you into lying or telling you that silence is an admittance of guilt. Let the lawyer handle it

Speaking of which, best not to tell Gerald and Raquelle about a murder happening, feels confidential right now and will probably worry them.

Tell Gerald there has been an emergency, and you have to leave work.

text a sunglasses emoji to Raquelle, and then text her you had a wonderful night and would love to see her again (don't schedule a time just yet, not until we get this police business straightened up)
No. 1093879 ID: f2320a

also dont drink any offered cups of water as due to a legal loophole discarded cups and shit/piss can be used to sample DNA and those incidents of that DNA being used to plant "evidence"
No. 1093901 ID: 92fc95

"And I bet you want it sorer too, you little minx. ;)" Keep flirting with her if you've got the stomach for it, in light of what's going on with the cops. Make your excuses at work and head to the police station.
No. 1093902 ID: 273c18

Tell Gerald it's an emergency, don't give any details yet. Police don't like it when information spreads. Tell Raquelle that's fucking sexy.
No. 1093954 ID: c540e0
File 172044922983.jpg - (422.08KB , 2048x2048 , Police station.jpg )

Grim realised that he had an alabi with Raquelle and proof in the form of the Uber receipts, witnesses at Thai Foot, Suzy had seen him and Gerald too. He relaxed a little.

Grim considered telling Gerald about the murder but decided against it. Better not to get in the way of the police, he'd find out soon enough anyway.

Grim- 'Gotta head off Ger, there's been an emergency. Will chat about it with you later'


Grim thought of what to say to Raquelle. In the end he wrote:

'You're so sexy'
'I bet you want it sorer too, I can help you there'
'Sunglasses Emoji'

Grim hit send and got a taxi to the police station.

When he arrived he was greeted by two Police officers: Officer Smith a Large, mid-forities, no nonsense type African American man who Grim had spoken to on the phone and Officer Black who was an older, balding man who really looked like he had seen some shit over the years.
No. 1093955 ID: 58dd24

Thicc alert, 8 o'clock
No. 1093957 ID: c540e0
File 172045028558.jpg - (147.53KB , 1600x1600 , crime scene.jpg )

Officer Black: 'I want you to take a look at this Mr Mountbatten'

Black handed him a photograph of a crime scene. It was Suzy from last night.
She was lying in a pool of her own blood, covered in bruses and slashes. There was a gaping wound in her abdomen and blood spattered all over the floor.

Grim: 'Jesus fuck'

Black: 'Yeah that's about right. Can you identify this woman?'

Grim: 'Yeah, that's Suzy...I don't know her last name. We just met last night'

Smith: Suzanne McTavish. She was found dead this morning. We'll need to ask you some questions about what happened last night.
Now you're not under arrest but it's really important that you tell us as much as you can.


Grim: 'I think I should probably get my Lawyer'

Smith: 'Oh we can play it that way. But In these early hours It's important we find out as much as we can as soon as possible.'

Grim: 'Yeah I understand...Was Petyr killed too?'

Black: 'Petyr Sarasanovich is currently missing, and we have issued a warrent for his immediate arrest. If he's a friend of yours, we need to find him as quickly as possible. Now if you'll come with us to the interview room we need to record your testimony.'

Smith: 'We also need you to contact two other people you were with last night and tell them to come to the station immediately. That's this man and a man and this blonde woman you were identified with on CCTV.'

Black pointed at his computer screen at blurry camera footage from O'Malleys. He pointed to Gerald and Raquelle. How they had found Grim in the first place was a mystery to him.

What should Grim do next? Get a Lawyer? What should he tell Raquelle and Gerald?
Wtf happened last night
No. 1093959 ID: b3eab7

Lawyer up first and foremost, as recommended by every lawyer on Youtube.

Check with the lawyer what you should do; if the lawyer agrees, call Raquelle and Gerald, tell them there's been a crime at O'Malley's and they should come to the police station. If they ask for details, tell them the cops don't like this stuff being discussed over the phone.
No. 1093999 ID: 273c18

Wait why are the police telling you to contact the other people? Shouldn't they be doing the contacting? How about you can give them the phone numbers of whoever they need to contact.
No. 1094042 ID: 92fc95

Holy shit man. Lawyer up for sure. Give them the others' contact info.

... Can you spare a glance at that thiccness?
No. 1094062 ID: c540e0
File 172061188831.jpg - (189.54KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8844.jpg )

Grim gives them Raquelle and Gerald’s contact details.
At that moment another text from Raquelle comes in. Grim doesn’t dare open it in front of the officers.


Grim decided it’s best to get a lawyer before he says anything further and risks incriminating himself.

Grim has 3 choices of lawyer he could call.

1 - Josh Krypkey.

Josh is Grim’s family lawyer. He has represented the Mountbatten family in several legal matters although never a criminal case so far as he is aware.
Involving Krypkey inevitably means involving Grim’s family which means complications. But this is a serious matter, maybe that’s the best course of action for the circumstance.

His fee is pretty high but he’s a reliable guy.
No. 1094064 ID: c540e0
File 172061292726.jpg - (307.83KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8843.jpg )

2 -Allison Jaffe

Allison is lawyer that Grim became friends with at university. They were not great friends but they ran in similar circles. Honestly Grim always thought she was a bit of a bitch but he remembered that she would get good grades and she was a criminal lawyer.
Grim hoped she would remember him positively, the last time they had met he had drunkenly made a reference to her weight that didn’t go down so well. But that was a long time ago.

Money wise he didn’t know what to expect.
No. 1094065 ID: eb0a9c

Recommend you take (1). You're dealing with an adversary who is willing to murder people to get what they want, so you need to ensure you have the full strength of the law guarding your ass in the aftermath.
If your family is still talking about your ass-fetish instead of murder drama for the next few months, hire a psychologist and your family lawyer again.
No. 1094066 ID: c540e0
File 172061371273.jpg - (219.29KB , 2048x2048 , IMG_8842.jpg )

3 -Sam Rugg

Sam represented a rogue choice. He was an attorney that Grim had met when he was dealing with a fender bender issue a couple of years ago. Grim had lost the case but Sam was actually the one representing the other guy. Grim was totally innocent but Sam was able to twist the whole thing against him. He was an asshole but it was pretty impressive.
Grim remembered that Sam was pretty cheap for a lawyer.
On the other hand, that was a car incident this was murder.

Who should Grim choose?
No. 1094111 ID: 7de2b4

Josh, no question. This is pretty important. If he's not the right kind of attorney, he can point you in the direction of one.

What's the deal with your family?
No. 1094113 ID: b3eab7

Go for the family attorney, yes.
Even if it means involving family... better the devil you know.
And as >>1094111 said, if he's not the right kind of attorney, referring you to one is also his job.
No. 1094124 ID: 2f41db

Youre not arrested, but let them know the details.
With luck he wont be necessary, but better to have him ready incase the coos decide to be assholes
No. 1094245 ID: c5529d

Joshy Woshy is the way to go (don't call him that)
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