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File 171372679211.png - (111.34KB , 700x550 , 1.png )
1089327 No. 1089327 ID: 681cb5


These are the voyages of the starship The Shed Scale. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly come where no one has come before!

It’s a small thrust for you… but a huge plunge for Sakkilian kind!

Wiki and previous threads: https://questden.org/wiki/Starlight_Afterglow
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No. 1089328 ID: 681cb5
File 171372680861.png - (90.71KB , 700x550 , 2.png )

You are Captain Zento of the Sakkilian inter-galactic colony fleet. Your duty was to escort and ensure the safety of said fleet as it made the first ever inter-galactic hyperjump to the nearest galaxy before colonizing it. But something went wrong… in the middle of the jump all hell broke loose and you were forced to make an emergency launch out from hyperspace with just a handful of other Sakkilian. So now you find yourself with only a half-finished flagship in completely alien territory, far away from any possible rescue or reinforcements.

But the last weeks has been favorable to you, as you not only managed to rescue a pair of aliens, Tozlan and Tizli of the Raolme species, as well as capture and convert a Kelshin pirate called Ikekeki, but you also managed to find a friendly mining colony run by a third new alien species called Wroknir. Their High Magistrate, a lovely woman called Vul Wrok, has promised to help you if you help her with her needs ensuring that you have at least one port to land on that’s friendly. Of course, there have been some problems, as you’ve heard a lot of murmuring about a species called the IOD, who is currently the de-facto ruler of this sector of the galaxy, and they don’t seem to be pleased about any newcomers that might change that fact.

In fact, you have found remnants of a great war that was waged in this sector about 40 years ago, when the IOD first appeared. Nearly all species of these stars united under one banner, but even with all their might they didn’t stand a chance. In the end, those that submitted was enslaved while those that resisted was brought to the edge of extinction. Thus, the IOD rules all with an iron fist, ensuring that no one can properly put up a resistance against them.

So, to iterate… your primary goal is to find and assist the 3 colony ships that were in the fleet, or at least find out what happened to them.
Your secondary goal is to ensure this sector of space is safe for them to colonize, which might mean that you’ll need to deal with the IOD’s in some way…
And your current goal is to ensure that you’re on Vul and her mining colony good side, so you’ll have at least one ally in this harsh galaxy. Currently you’ve successfully scanned the nearby system of Tarkus Gamma for minerals, as she wished, and are returning to her colony. Oh, and you’ve caught a bunch of pirates, have harvested a bunch of material Vul will want to buy and rescued more than a dozen Sakkilian in cryosleep, which were being stored in an old lab from the war.

Hmm… is there something else you’re forgetting about?
No. 1089329 ID: 681cb5
File 171372681972.png - (108.41KB , 700x550 , 3.png )

Tizli: “Hey, why did you stop rubbing?” the voice of the heavily pregnant alien in your embrace drags you out from your thoughts, “My belly demands more rubs!”
Zento: “Oh, my apologies.” you tell her, “I was just lost in thought.”
Tizli: “Then think and rub, silly.” with a smile, she continues, “It’s your fault I’m like this, you know~”

Currently in your arms you have the Raolme Tizli, who just happen to be pregnant with your child. Your fourth child in total actually, as you’ve already have Vex the doctor as well as Dante the security officer, with a third egg on the way with the lovely Shara. After all, you need to increase your numbers somehow…

Now, we should arrive back at Vul’s colony in a few days, so you should take the time to get ready for that…

…you know, for some reason it feels like this trip has taken years, even if it was just a few weeks now since you woke up in this galaxy.
No. 1089332 ID: eb0a9c

Work on the child's backstory. You should make them a specialist type that you don't have.
No. 1089352 ID: 124485

You should talk with Tizli about what kind of childhood your child will have in the pod that speeds up their growth and implants memories into their head.

Currently the pod is programed to only instill a Sakkilian style upbringing and culture, but I'm sure Tizli would also want the child to have some of the Raolme's culture instilled into the child as well. It would certainly help so that the child doesn't feel alienated (heh) from their own mother.
No. 1089359 ID: 5ebd37

Yes, can't hog all the parenting to yourself
No. 1089417 ID: 681cb5
File 171382495229.png - (56.44KB , 700x550 , 4.png )

>You should talk with Tizli about what kind of childhood your child will have in the pod that speeds up their growth and implants memories into their head.
Tizli: “Oh, I was actually going to suggest we skip that part.” with a toothy grin, she whispers, “You know, and raise it normally instead?”
Zento: “Normally?” raising an eyebrow, you give her a small smile, “On the ship?”
Tizli: “For now, yes.” She squirms in your embrace for a moment before continuing, “They are our child, and I want to raise it as a child.” as if on command, you can feel the little scoundrel kick against your hand through her swollen belly, “So we need to make a daycare, so someone can take care of them while we work.”
Zento: “A daycare?” thoughts rushes through your head, everything from who would man it to where you would construct it, or if you even can in the first place, “Here?”
Doxy: “Tara, the union leader has requested something similar, sir.” a very high-pitched voice suddenly says, “As well as possibly open up one of the bio hubs for recreational purposes. You know, as a park?”

Somehow, your second in command and mother of your first child, CDR. Doxy ShortSprocket, has snuck into the bridge without either of you noticing. The rather short but rotund Sakkilian gives you her usual earnest smile as she salutes you.

Doxy: “Captain.” her voice is soft, yet professional, “There are several tasks that might require your attention.”
Zento: “Very well…” you give Tizli another rub on her belly, “You may proceed, Commander.”
Doxy: “Let’s see…” Doxy pokes the data slate in front of her a few times, “Ah, here we go…”

“First of, while we have successfully completed two of Vul Wrok requests, there is still third one we haven’t even started considering. While I’m certain she’ll be content with what we already have, doing a bit extra work will never hurt. As for the request… well, she wanted a few Wroknir miners to employ. Of course, the only Wroknir we have on the ship is Car Zuk the gardener and Shal the pilot, neither which are miners. But I’m sure you can find a way to solve this if you wish, sir.”

“The new recruits, the ones we saved from cryo sleep on that cracked planet, are being thawed out as we speak. While Tara is currently handling the introductions by herself, your presence would not be amiss.”

“Engineering also wanted your attention, as they’ve found something among the cryo pods that is, as they put is, concerning but interesting.”

“Our son Dr. Vex said he wanted to talk to you. Said he found something that might be important with those two old bodies we retrieved form the ship graveyard.”

“Your other son, security chief Dante, wanted a word as well concerning… well, security… and something about stone men?”

“Speaking of security, the Kelshin pirates we captured and are holding are demanding parley. They apparently want to negotiate for their release… and they seem rather desperate about it.”

“On the subject of pirates, Ikekeki the Kelshin wishes to talk to you in private. She said something about having a lead on more of us lizards?”

“Oh, and speaking off… Tozlan wanted to speak with you concerning something similar.”

“Finally, Shara will be laying your egg soon. Though she said you don’t have to be there, she didn’t forbid you from coming either.”

Zento: “…I do hope you aren’t expecting me to do all that before we arrive at the colony?”
Doxy: “Of course not, sir. You’ll just have to choose what you deem most important.”
Tizli: “Or you can just spend the day with little old me, handsome. I require more cuddles!”
No. 1089423 ID: 5ebd37

Well "concerning" trumps everything else. Meet with them first.

>new recruits
Take a minute to pop in and greet them between other meetings, but you can't spare much time.

>Dr. Vex, Chief Dante, Kelshin pirates
They'll have to write a memo and you'll get back to them when you can.

Unless these leads are time sensitive it will just have to wait. We would need to finish with Vul's colony before we could use the info anyway.

>Cuddles, egg
Try to find the time, but duty comes first.
No. 1089428 ID: 273c18

>Vex found something important
Well considering his missteps before, this should be done first. If you don't take him seriously he could relapse.
>Engineering found something concerning
Try that one next
>pirates are desperate to parley
Then them. If it's something time sensitive from their perspective we'd certainly want to know about it.
No. 1089436 ID: 75a5a0

Let’s go with the engineers first, then go to the pirates and see if you can talk with Dex and Dante.
No. 1089466 ID: 5648a5

>pirates desperate for parlay
They just don't want to be arrested or spend time in a space prison belonging to whatever authority we're supposed to deliver them to.

If I remember correctly, we don't exactly have the necessary resources to keep them and our crew fed, so we should just ignore them and drop them off with someone that'll keep them locked up. Then they won't be our problem and won't be draining our resources anymore.
No. 1089485 ID: 26801d

i mostly agree with this but speaking to the pirates should be important
No. 1089493 ID: 8aebb0

I know it’s a turn for the cruel and brutish but maybe we can kill two birds with one stone, and do it multiple times.

The kelshin captive are no mighty Wroknirs but maybe 6 heads of free crab labour can be a decent substitute for whatever it was Vul is wanting the miners for. The crabbies yearn for the mines. Giving their former slaves the jobs of being their drivers would be ironic justice. Dante & vex should be present there as well so we can hear what’s troubling our sons about the stone men as we do that.

The pirate’s desperation is probably just from a dire need for water, if so just have their keepers jail them in the hot tub room we fucked tizli in once they’re done being worked to the bone-erm, exoskeleton on Vul’s work…or whatever use we find for them.

…it’s also for the best to our personal mission to not completely ruin our rapport with the female pirates any more then it already was from capturing them in the first place. if they find out this order to slave them came from the top. Dante can take credit for all of their newfound woes as the bad cop, we can take credit for their watery salvation and work from there to get ourselves into their crabussies.

A lot of these requests could probably get folded into each other if we just meet and greet the different parties in groups. I’m not lazy I swear but it also seems a lot of this could have been done over intercoms as we just tell people to shuffle about. Tell doxy to request Shara film her big laying for posterity.

Cryo thawed pick-ups are in need of meeting and greeting and isn’t that really the whole spirit of our expedition? To seek out new life. We meet them in engineering and hear out the ‘concerning’ thing about the pods.

Give Tizli a good swat on the rump. Maybe suggest she goes nude for the sake of the baby. All those constrictive clothes can’t be doing her anything good atm at this critical time.

((Oh and welcome back, my favourite quest)j
No. 1089554 ID: 2a82d3

Sweet Lizard God, it's back!

>“Oh, I was actually going to suggest we skip that part.” with a toothy grin, she whispers, “You know, and raise it normally instead?”
Note to self: other species will need time to acclimate to vat technology, among your other technologies.

>she wanted a few Wroknir miners to employ
The most straightforward solution for us would have her solve it. Her getting acquainted with one, or both, Wroks would make for an interesting report. With the vats and our mining specialist on staff, raising more miners seems doable.

We would risk exposing our tech to the Vul, though. It's possible we could stall by hiding they've been vat grown, but it's still a risk. Putting aside the societal issues new tech raises, keeping under the radar has been our only safety net from any bigger powers away.

Sleep on it, for now. If First Mate Doxy want to get acquainted with the outside crew on her own time, permission granted.

>new recruits
Good idea to check on that first. There was a going concern about Tara gunning for your seat. Since you don't really know if she's working to benefit the crew or herself, inform her suggestion's on the docket in front of them will be an interesting test. Be a responsible and respectful leader and see how she reacts.

Visiting might ease the sinking feeling your ship might have been the lucky one of your fleet, but curiosity is not priority unless it's at risk to the crew.

>Dr. Vex
They were from the alliance that rebeled against the IOD, right? Any information regarding how they lost would be pertinent, given the rest of the sector backed them up.

Arrange a meeting with Ikekeki and Tozlan, as they both probably have a lot to say. A favor within the pirate fleet wouldn't be bad to have in your pocket, if it's true the IOD are as bad everyone says they. Regardless, it is a fact that they will be threatened by any growing independent power, legit or not. Don't let Tozlan trade your independence so easily. It is your advantage to play, or balance, both sides.

The crab pirates being pirates is still an issue, though. Getting them to quit the evil stuff would be a nice bonus objective, but it's nice to have on the level of "achieving galactic peace between all races" or "forming a harem". Or "achieving a harem between all races". How doable is any of that, really?

It's hard to picture her being a mother. It's much easier to imagine her as polar opposite of Tizli. Just dropping egg, then not thinking much of it, if not immediately (try) going back to work. If your species evolved from matriarchy, she might be the most unapologetically traditional of your crew, even if your society has moved on from rigid gender roles.

Let's visit her and blame the breeding and pregnancy fetish nesting instinct. She either respect you less as a captain, or find comfort in a man who takes care of the egg.
No. 1089583 ID: eb0a9c

>Raise it normally
If it's seriously important to some of the crew to raise children normally, then you can't take that right away. But can we at least take a policy to flash-grow all the fetuses and eggs until they get laid? It'll make things safer and more efficient in the long run, and the 'right to carry a giant weight and risk getting the babies killed' isn't exactly a preferable idea.
This way, we get more breeding done but the parents can decide how they want to indoctrinate their kids.

Okay, start out with the pirates. You can set unfavorable terms early, and then leave them to stew and really get desperate. Just don't ask for the impossible or they might suicide bomb themselves out of mania.
No. 1089600 ID: 94f973

>raise child normally
>a few other crew members also want to do that
I suppose we can do that. We should make sure we build that nursery in the middle of the ship, so that it's protected from any potential attacks around the the sides of the ship.

But seriously, >>1089352 brings up a good point. We should definitely adjust the accelerated growth pods so that the implanted memories given to anyone in there is appropriate for the parents.

Just imagine how alienated the child will feel if they end up having memories of a Sakkilian upbringing and culture, but the child's parents are two Raolme or two Kelshin or two Wroknir. Not being able to connect with their parents might have a negative impact on the child's mind and may hinder their abilities to do certain things.
No. 1089631 ID: 681cb5
File 171400528684.png - (81.52KB , 700x550 , 5.png )

>Sweet Lizard God, it's back!
Wjares had nothing to do with this, mortal.

>The Kelshin captive are no mighty Wroknirs but maybe 6 heads of free crab labor can be a decent substitute for whatever it was Vul is wanting the miners for. The crabbies yearn for the mines.
You’re not going to sell them into slavery, even if it would be an ironic punishment. Slavery is abhorrent, and hopefully Vul thinks the same.

Zento: “I do believe ‘concerning’ trumps everything else” rubbing your chin, you try and figure out what they might be referring too, “I’ll meet with the engineers first. And maybe pop by the new recruits when I’m already there.”
Doxy: “They are waiting for you in the hanger, sir.”
Zento: “As for my sons, have them write me a memo for now and I’ll get back to them.”
Doxy: “Of course, Captain.”
Zento: “Meanwhile, Tozlan and Keki can wait until after we’ve reached the Colony.” you take a deep breath before adding, “Unless it’s time sensitive information, of course.”
Doxy: “Very well, sir.”
Zento: “Do add ‘parleying’ with the pirates to my schedule, though, as it might be important.”
Doxy: “Adding it now, Captain.”

Zento: “Now, for our miner problem…” you look over at her with a wry smile, “The most straightforward solution would for you, Commander, to solve it.” you wiggle your eyebrows, “I am certain our resident Wrok wouldn’t complain, yes?”
Doxy: “Oh… I…err…” she blushes slightly, “I might need some more help with that… I’ll…” averting her gaze, she says, “I’ll need some more volunteers for that.”
Zento: “As for Shara… ask her if she want to film the egg laying.” you rub Tizli’s belly one last time, “For posterity. And for my sake.”
Doxy: “I’ll ask her, sir.”
Tizli: “Really?” the alien in your lap smirks, “Aren’t you just a bit naughty, Capt?”
Zento: “Oh, and I should advice you to walk around naked from now on, Tizli.” lifting her up, you place her down on the floor so that you may get out from your chair, “Those constrictive clothes doesn’t do you justice.”
Tizli: “In your dreams, scumsucker.”
Zento: “Please, we both know we didn’t dream it.”
Tizli: “Ha!” the Raolme starts to slither away, her body contorted so that her belly is where her back should be, giving her the illusion of having a large hump, “You know where to find me, handsome.”

And with that you make your way down to engineering, where you find your daughter Iris as well as her mother Regina working hard on something.

Zento: “Ladies. I believe you wanted to show me something?”
Iris: “Dad!” with a small wave and a big smile, your daughter greets you happily, “It’s over here!”
Regina: “Oh, good thing you could come, dear.” the older lizard tells you, “We are unsure how to proceed.”
Zento: “Oh?” looking up, you see what they’ve found, “…please tell me that’s not an active robot?”
No. 1089632 ID: 681cb5
File 171400529681.png - (100.07KB , 700x550 , 6.png )

>It's hard to picture Shara being a mother. It's much easier to imagine her as polar opposite of Tizli. Just dropping egg, then not thinking much of it, if not immediately (try) going back to work.
Well, she already got two kids, remember? Tescia and Dante. Both of which she has a… let just say, distant relationship with.
>The bodies were from the alliance that rebelled against the IOD, right?
It was the combined armies of all the species in the sector trying to stop the IOD from invading and conquering them. That’s not a rebellion, that an outright galactic war.

Regina: “It’s an cyborg actually.” the engineer walks over to the machine body being displayed in front of you, her average stature barely reaching the metal body’s waist, “We found it in cryo with the others.”
Zento: “Cyborg? There’s someone in there?”
Regina: “Why yes, love. Though, we have no idea who. Or how much of them.” the older lady rubs her head fins, “I didn’t even know we had this kind of heavy weaponry with us.”
Zento: “Clearly over your clearance level, Ensign.” you sigh, “As well as mine it seems. I did not know it either.”
Regina: “Going by the interface, we need a clearance level of at least Admiral to access it.”
Iris: “Or be part of some special clearance group, which we aren’t.”
Zento: “Hmm… and the weaponry? What are we dealing with here?”
Iris: “It’s main canon can easily rip this whole ship in half at full power.” Iris scowls a bit, “So any armor we may have would be like tissue to it.”
Regina: “And it’s armor is heavy enough that none of our weapons would be able to penetrate it.”
Iris: “Unless you manage to get it to stand in front of one of the ships cannons, that is.”
Zento: “So… let me get this straight.” you rub your eyes, “We have a cyborg which we can’t control, let alone disable, which has enough firepower to terminate us all in a blink of an eye.” With a loud sigh, you continue, “Anything else you two want to add?”
Regina: “…we don’t know if it will activate by itself or not.”
Zento: “Great…”
Regina: “So what’s is your orders, Captain?”

The large cyborg looms over you, it’s cold eyes seemingly staring into your soul, as if it can see you even as it’s inactive.
No. 1089643 ID: 19ea25

Certainly a cruel fate. It's still someone inside there that's not just trapped by cryo originally, but now requires a proper pass to live again?

Even if it is a deadly weapon it does deserve respect.
No. 1089644 ID: eb0a9c

The cyborg has some obvious signs of gender, form-shaped in ways that provide maluses in combat, so we can expect (A) whoever they were to have a personality or (B) whoever designed them to be extra-lewd. Anything important behind those breastplates?

For now, keep them in the hangar, but work on a specialized program. IF they go crazy, eject with tethers and use them as a gun until they calm down.
No. 1089645 ID: 2a3927

I think I see what could faintly be considered boobs on the chest. This could possibly be a female cyborg Sakkilian.

The systems may not be active, but whoever is in there might be able to hear you. You could ask the engineers if it's possible to have a conversation with the cyborg? The least you can do is try and explain the situation to the cyborg. The flagship was torn apart in an accident during travel to this galaxy.

Who knows? Perhaps they'll understand that these are unusual circumstances and, if they activate themself, they might obey a few orders from you until you find an admiral or become an admiral.
No. 1089654 ID: 2a82d3

>“Oh… I…err…” she blushes slightly, “I might need some more help with that… I’ll…” averting her gaze, she says, “I’ll need some more volunteers for that.”
Add "Assist Doxy with the Wroknir Integration project" to the list. (It's cute when she's needs encouragement.)

>we need a clearance level of at least Admiral to access it.
I know you've been ambitious about career prospects, but it's pretty early for you to promote yourself. Jokes aside, it's not a bad idea to spoof credentials for access. She'd make a good addition to the crew, if you can get her to cooperate. It'd be a shame not to get to know her better you don't even know her name.

Maybe she'd activate with the right keywords. Openly discuss the ship's your mission and status in front of the cyborg. If that doesn't catch her interest, maybe the ship's development and potential as a colony ship would.

Failing that, you'll have to put her back in storage. Ideally, you have someone to keep an eye on her, or try to reverse engineer what she's got.
No. 1089655 ID: 273c18

Try your credentials. If they don't work, put the cyborg back in cryo. Though I am sure whoever's in there has been fully vetted and is not going to go crazy killer on us, she might not obey commands when there's no Admiral on board which would mean... eh... well okay maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Maybe leaving her out of cryo is fine in case there's an automatic boot sequence. Later when we have more than one ship, you can be officially promoted to Admiral and your credentials should work then, right? Sigh, if only we had this lady with us during the Tuul mission, it would've been much easier. They'd make a fine security officer otherwise, though we might want to double check the safeties on that cannon... is there some kind of hard-wired shutoff that prevents it being used during space travel?

Oh, one thing we can try before the cryo solution... can they interface somehow with it to communicate to whoever's inside? Like, is she conscious right now or do the implants keep her in a coma until fully activated? In the latter case, even then we could see if there's some sort of maintenance program we can use to check for problems before anything is fully activated. Safety first.
No. 1089662 ID: 5ebd37

What's the status on the cyborg's life support, will it's organic parts die outside of cryo if it isn't activated? If yes then ice it for now, otherwise keep analyzing and hopefully find a way to communicate without fully waking it up.
No. 1089673 ID: dd3fe0

So if you want boob armor, you're supposed to do something like the peascod breastplate, except the bulge is at the top not the bottom. Uniboob style. Or maks it not boob armor, like flak armor or most sorts of biped armor, just press the breasts down. Why channel shots into the middle of the chest? Who would design that for something this obviously expensive?
No. 1089687 ID: ca9c55

There is a person under that armor, and their quality of life remains your responsibility (both engineers and captain), within reason. Stop with the 'it' nonsense. Establishing communication is top priority, assuming life support is stable. Are there any signals coming or going? Someone should be talking with her regularly, keeping her up to date on things, making her feel as part of the crew, building a rapport, just in case she's half conscious.
And check for a physical on switch: redundancy is important, and that 'breast' plate suggests someone either had enough empathy to include a workaround, or would be horny enough to joke about 'turning on' a cyborg.

Those thighs could absolutely crush someone's head though.
No. 1090356 ID: 681cb5
File 171490100486.png - (56.93KB , 700x550 , 7.png )

>Try your credentials.
[ACCESS DENIED!]… it was worth a try.

Zento: “Would it be possible to converse with the cyborg?” taking a few steps towards it, you continue, “Even if it’s in standby mode, that is.”
Regina: “I cannot say, dear.” the engineer scratch the back of her head, “This model is… ah… not in any of the databases we have access too.”
Zento: “…but is it conscious right now? Or will it sleep until activated?”
Iris: “No idea.” your daughter shrugs, “We don’t know the specs, and there are other cyborg models that do either way.”
Zento: “Do you have any way to check it’s programming and maintenance?” you slowly trace your hand over her stomach, feeling the rubbery texture under your fingers, “And life-support?”
Iris: “They are in perfect working order, dad.” she gives you a quick salute, “As long as they have energy and some organic substance, they’ll be fine.”
Regina: “We should put it back into cold storage, love.” the older lady shakes her head solemnly, “It’s too dangerous to wake up.”
Zento: “No. There is a person under that armor, somewhere. I will not allow anyone of my crew to be imprisoned without consent or justified cause.” standing in front of it, you can’t help but feel small compared to it, as your head barely reaches its chest, “Even if it is a deadly weapon, it deserves respect.”
Regina: “…you’re the captain, little one.” Regina looks over at the cyborg, “Just remember, those hands can easily crush your head like an egg, sir.”
Zento: “Those thighs could absolutely crush my head like a melon.”
Regina: “What was that?”
Zento: “I said, then we need to be sure it doesn’t come to that.” turning your head, you look over at your daughter, “Iris, can you shut down their weaponry? So that they can’t rearm themselves without my authority?”
Iris: “Um… I think so…”
Zento: “Regina. I want a kill switch. Not a fatal one, but one that will freeze her body.”
Regina: “Something to lock them up? I can do that, dear.”
Zento: “Anything important behind those breastplates?”
Iris: “I don’t think so? They are really odd design, though…”
Regina: “That chest is clearly designed for ascetics, not practically.”
Zento: “Indeed? Then whoever is in there see themselves as lady then?” you give her metal chest a quick rap with your hand, “Or whoever built this had an interesting taste in women.”
Regina: “It’s possible?”
Zento: “Then make sure this lady of war we have here is properly taken care off.” you turn around to leave, “Both for our safety, but also for hers. Carry on, ladies.”
Iris: “You got it, dad!”
No. 1090357 ID: 681cb5
File 171490101385.png - (64.17KB , 700x550 , 8.png )

>Add "Assist Doxy with the Wroknir Integration project" to the list.
While it would be interesting to join her endeavors, sadly we do not have a female Wroknir on board.

Leaving the engineers to their tasks, you make your way across the hangar towards where those cryopod inhabitants you rescued are being are being thawed. There you find your clone Tara (long story) working hard at introducing the new recruits to both your current situation, as well to her Union she’s running.

Tara: “Captain.” the green Sakkilian salutes you, a gesture that’s copied by less than half of the people behind her, even less doing it properly, “The new recruits are all been introduced and accounted for, sir.”
Zento: “Good work, Ensign Tara.” you salute her back, “Anything I need to know?”
Tara: “Only about a third of the people we rescued are military personnel, sir, and all Ensign rank at that.” gesturing behind her, she continues, “The rest are civilians, meant to stay in cold storage until the colonies were functional.” She then takes a moment to point at the small insignia on her neck, “Oh, and its Union Representative Tara now, sir.”
Zento: “Of course, Rep. Tara.” you look away in an attempt to hide your eye roll, “As for the civilians?”
Tara: “A very diverse bunch sir.” picking up her data slate, she starts to flip through it, “Some of them wish to join the crew, while others want to return to cold storage until the colony is properly constructed, and some simply want to hitch a ride for the time being. There’s also several that wish to be left on whatever planetary colony we visit next… oh, and one of them requested to be given a ship so they can fly away on their own.”
Zento: “I see…”
Tara: “So what are you orders, sir?”
No. 1090358 ID: 273c18

Anyone who stays on board has to work. I'm sure there are some tasks which we can give them? Cooking duty perhaps? Oh maybe some of the civs have mundane skills like that?
The ones who want to go back to sleep can do so, though they should be informed that we have no current plans on starting a colony; this is effectively hostile territory. We can't even drop them off on alien planets because our presence here has to remain a secret for as long as possible.
The one who wants a ship can be told fuck no, no freebies. If they want a ship they have to work hard enough to earn one.
No. 1090381 ID: 2a82d3

>“Those thighs could absolutely crush my head like a melon.”
Silly captain, you can't make more cyborgs that way. Not that it wouldn't be fun to try.

One last note: Keep in mind the possibility the main fleet might have awakened before you. Maybe the brass was less hush-hush and more "did what they had to do to survive". What that would imply is only speculation at this point.

Considering how limited we are in trained officers at the moment, our next best option is to find the skilled among the civilians. That means building incentives for them to stay "awake" to work here, even if at the risk of becoming more pleasure cruiser than science vessel.

Ideally, we'd build out our ship to be a proper self-sufficient colony. Have the colony come to the civilians, instead. Ikekeki should have experience with living like that. Ask about it when you see her.

There is always sending them to work in the Vul colony, but you don't know how well they can handle or will treat colonists of different species. You can only inspect that for yourself when you'll get there.

On a related matter, she formally has the go ahead to build out a day care, should we have the resources for it. Having a place for children on board is like something you may have read about Spartans once. Parents working harder and defending their home to the death are what come to mind. Doubt that's exactly what she meant by she suggested it, though.
No. 1090399 ID: dd3fe0


Ehhhh, hypothetically, 'seeds' for cybernetics could go 'along with' the egg, and replicate as the fetus grows, and build and mature as the baby and then child grow up, with their augmentations growing in throughout puberty, as it were. That said, the tech base that favored THAT paradigm for reproduction wouldn't tend to make cyborgs that look like this, things would be much more integrated, all the 'mechanical' and 'organic' parts having all grown together according to some plan.
No. 1090410 ID: 5ebd37

We can give a free ride to the next colony, but after that they'll need to pull their weight. As for getting a ship, yes but not for free. They'll have to work for it, but they also get to have it made to their specifications (within reason)
No. 1090489 ID: 681cb5
File 171510983750.png - (93.07KB , 700x550 , 9.png )

>Keep in mind the possibility the main fleet might have awakened before you. Maybe the brass was less hush-hush and more "did what they had to do to survive".
If the rest of the fleet has already awaken, there should be more evidence of them around... it is possible the news simply haven’t spread here yet, but surely we’d heard about them soon if that was the case.
>Silly captain, you can't make more cyborgs that way. Not that it wouldn't be fun to try.
While you have no idea of her specs, it isn’t uncommon for cyborgs to still have functional sexual organs. Of course, they’ll not make cyborgs but normal Sakkilians.

Zento: “First and foremost, you have the go ahead to build a daycare, Tara.” she smiles as she listens to you, “If we have the resources, of course. I put the responsibility in your shoulders to make sure it is done properly.”
Tara: “Yes, sir.”
Zento: “As for these new faces.” taking a few steps forward, you stop right next to Tara looking over the newly thawed lizards, “Ensigns. You are to report to Commander Doxy as soon as possible. She will give you additional orders. Move out.”
Tara: “You heard the man.” Tara gestures towards the main entrance to the hangar, “Move it!”
Zento: “As for the rest of you…” taking a moment to let the soldiers to leave, you continue, “If you wish to return to the Cryo pods, you may do so. But know this, we are currently in unknown, hostile territory without the resources or infrastructure necessary to build a colony, nor do we know if any of the colony ships are still intact, let alone their locations. This means that it’s possible, if you go back to those pods, you will never wake up again.”

There’s a murmur among the civilians, as they discuss this information between themselves. After giving them a minute, you interrupt them.

Zento: “While we won’t force you, we do ask for your aid. Anyone that is willing to work here will be compensated fairly. I am certain Rep. Tara here will make sure of that.” you give her a quick nod, which she quickly returns, “We will allow free passage to the next colony we’re moving towards, but we cannot say for certain what the living standard is there… or if you’re even welcome. If you want to continue travel with us, you’ll have to pull your weight.” Turning a bit, you look over at the Sakkilian next to you, “Tara, can you make sure these civilians are taking care off? As well as those with expertise are put too good use?” you kick a piece of junk next to your feet, “Even a proper janitor would be a positive right now.”
Tara: “Of course sir.” she gives you a salute, “I’ll make sure they’ll get a warm welcome!”
Zento: “Oh, and the one who wanted a ship… No.” scanning the crowd, you try to find whoever made the request, “We will not sacrifice one of our few lines of defense for someone taking a joyride.”

Suddenly, you feel someone grab your arm from behind and try to pull you back towards them, though as soon as they notice you won’t budge an inch, they settle for pulling themselves close to you instead.

Punk: “Hey, cog, no need to grizz about it, git?” a bright pink man suddenly appears at your side, his face full of piercings and his breath contaminated by booze… is he drunk? Has he been drunk since before he got frozen? Is that even possible? “Ah nob a cruise with kick back to mah den, na grizz about it, press it?”
Zento: “Tara?” you raise an eyebrow, but she just shrugs.

It is understandable the people that volunteered for this endeavor isn’t the best and brightest, as who would want to take a one way trip away from everything you know and love? Only those that seek new opportunities, new experiences or a new life would sign up. Or possibly even those trying to escape their old life as well.

Punk: “This trip was a few cycles, yah? So those grizzlers back in the nest surely forgotten about the screws Ah nobbed by now.” he claps your arm, “So a rizzed sprocket like yah wouldn’t break if Ah nobbed a cruise to get back home, eh? Ah’ll return it after Ah get to mah den, yah can press on that.”

…Or they are just dumb.

Punk: “Ah grease yah sprocket for it, cog. Ah’m sure yah boss wouldn’t mind.”

Really, really dumb.
No. 1090490 ID: 365de0

Translation: He thinks he's been frozen long enough for any memory of issues he's caused back home to have been forgotten, and he'll send the ship back after he gets there. Also he's offering to bribe Zento personally, unaware that he's the captain.

I think he'll be way more trouble than he's worth. Try to find him cheap passage at the earliest opportunity. Do not give him his own ship.

I bet our pirate could keep him occupied in the meantime.
No. 1090491 ID: 5ebd37

Ah, he's an idiot then. Tempting to just let him try to warp back to the home galaxy, a journey which the entire colony fleet couldn't manage unscathed, and thus never be your problem again. But we can't just give him a ship. He'll have to earn enough to pay for us making him one or to buy one from a colony.
No. 1090501 ID: 273c18

Throw him in the brig until he sobers up and realizes his situation.
No. 1090508 ID: 2a82d3

Since he's quick to jump on the track for custodian duty, be patient enough to explain to him your mission, what we're all doing here, and what has happened so far. Being descriptive of the hazards will sober him up real quick. You'd think the recruiter would've informed him of the basics.

Is he even on the manifest? Ask him his name. If it doesn't match the one on the capsule, it all but confirms he isn't supposed to be here, yet he still managed to get on board somehow. Even if it's only shear luck, that implies getting rid of him will take a lot from you or cause you even more problems outside the ship. Either way, ejecting him might be a bigger pain in the rear.

It is tempting to outright grant him his request to send him out the airlock, ship depending on good behavior. The pirates would definitely like the cut of his jib. Whether that means as a buddy or a meal, who can say?

Make sure Security has a picture of his face, to keep them on their toes. He's good for readiness, if nothing else.
No. 1090516 ID: 3ac9ce

>Pink Punk Sakkilian
……is it possible that he bribed his way onto this trip? Or was he dukb enough to think this was a smuggler ship, instead of an official military vessel?

You should at least remind him that this was a one way trip. Make sure you emphasize the fact that there's no way to go back to our home galaxy.
No. 1090518 ID: eb0a9c

"Do stuff or go to cryo. That's the offer everyone gets, that's all you're getting."
No. 1090780 ID: 681cb5
File 171553366835.png - (65.51KB , 700x550 , 10.png )

>You'd think the recruiter would've informed him of the basics.
Considering Tara just told everyone a minute ago about the current situation and he still doesn’t get it, it’s rather obvious that whatever the person recruited him said went into one ear and out the other.

>Is he even on the manifest? Ask him his name.
Zento: “Your name and occupation.” You state clearly while staring him down, “Now.”
Silky: “Oh? Yah want mah little reg number, eh?” the pink reptile winks at you, “Maybe if yah grease me some rizzed fuel Ah’ll tell, lovely little cog?” Meeting your gaze, he instantly jumps back a step, “Err… Ah’m SilkPalm. Kin SilkPalm, professional masseur. Other cogs call me Silky, git?”
Tara: “Kin SilkPalm is the ID on the cryo pod he was in, Captain.” Tara informs you, “And he fit the physical description as well.”
Silky: “Eh? Why would Ah fake mah reg number?” there is a slight confusion in his eyes, “Ah joined this machine just like anyone else, you can press that!”
Zento: “Of course you did.”

>Throw him in the brig until he sobers up and realizes his situation.
Silky: “OW OW! HEY! Take a sec to cool down, cog!” Silky complains as you pull his arm behind his back and start forcing him towards the exit, “No need to be in such a high gear, git?”
Zento: “As the Captain of this ship, I’m throwing you in the brig until you’ve sober up, SilkPalm.” you tell him while shoving him further, “Now stop resisting and move!”
Silky: “W-wait, yah’re the lever of this machine!?” after giving you one last try to squirm free, he finally allows you to walk away with him, “Ah’m sorry Ah tried to suck ye sprocket earlier, big cog! Can’t we talk about it?”
Zento: “We will. After you’re in the brig.”
Silky: “Oh come on! Ah’ll behave, yah can press me with that!”
Zento: “Of course you’ll behave.” you smirk, “In the brig.”
Silky: “Darn malfunction…”
No. 1090781 ID: 681cb5
File 171553367870.png - (67.17KB , 700x550 , 11.png )

You make your way to the security office, where you find your son Dante the security chief writing something a data pad. After a quick nod from you he quickly opens one of the cells and let you throw the pink twink into it.

>You should at least remind him that this was a one way trip. Make sure you emphasize the fact that there's no way to go back to our home galaxy.
Zento: “Now that we can talk a bit more calmly…” standing tall with your hands behind your back, you look down at the rather frighten looking Sakkilian, “Do you understand that this operation was a one way trip, SilkPalm?”
Silky: “Oh, sure, sure.” he wave his hand in the air, dismissing what you just said, “But yah cogs can stay here and Ah can just go back, right?” After looking around his cell for a bit, he says, “Just pull me out at the next colony and Ah’ll nob a ship from there, git? Ah’ll be out of your machine, yah can press me on that!”
Zento: “…even if you took our fastest ship, it would take several hundred of thousands of years before you got back to our galaxy.” you sigh, “Not counting on the ship falling apart before you even reaches the edge of this galaxy.”
Silky: “But… err…” he turns around to look at you, hope draining from his emerald eyes, “Can’t Ah just use the same function that got this machine here in the first place, big cog?”
Zento: “Even if we somehow find one of the large colony ships...” leaning in a bit closer, you continue, “Even if it’s Hyper Jump Drive still functions…” Before you continue, you shake your head, “We still lack the infrastructure the make the jump possible. This fleet was launched from a space station the size of a small moon. Do you really think we will find one of those just lying around here!?”
Silky: “But... but… how do Ah get back?”
Zento: “You don’t.” returning to your original stance, you can’t help but to look away, “You can’t. This was a one way trip.”
Silky: “But… mom…?”
Zento: “The jump between galaxies would have taken at least 100 years outside the fleets hyper space.” once again, you sigh, “Even if you somehow got back, your mother would probably be long dead by then.”
Silky: “But…” he grabs the bars of the cell, “Ah don’t… want to be here?”
Zento: “Then read the contract next time before signing.”
Silky: “Oh…”
Zento: “…will you be alright?”
Silky: “Ah… Ah just need some time to… think…”
No. 1090782 ID: 681cb5
File 171553369079.png - (68.63KB , 700x550 , 12.png )

Gold Mandible: “Ah, I see you like filling your brig, planetlubber.” you hear the voice of a Kelshin behind you, “Locking up even your own mates, eh?”
Silky: “What the-” Silkpalm exclaims “Is that a talking crab!?”
Zento: “Indeed I do.” you say, ignoring Silky’s interruption, “I am certain you would do the same, if one of your crew was drunk and disorderly.”
Gold Mandible: “Drunk! Ha! Catch one of us without a bottle of rum if you can! KEKEKEKE!” the pirate captain laughs merrily for a second before getting serious again, “But if they were causing trouble… oh, staying in the brig would be for the lucky ones, mate.”

Turning around and walking up the cell opposite, you find the pirate captain that you captured recently. Even without his regal garb, he’s easy to spot thanks to his cybernetic eye and massive golden claw.

Zento: “Captain Gold Mandible, was it?” you ask, “You requested to parlay?”
Gold Mandible: “Indeed I did, Captain Zento.”
Zento: “Then keep it brief. I have other matters to attend too.”
Gold Mandible: “Then let us sail to the booty immediately, Captain.” he leans his massive golden claw on the bars, “If we arrive at this Wroknir outpost you’re traveling too, they’ll simply boil us alive and drop our carcasses into an old mine without a trail.” his eyes narrow, “I rather not get boiled, especially consider you captured us without cause!”
Zento: “Without cause?” you snap, “You had slaves. That is enough cause.”
Gold Mandible: “Hey! That’s our cultural heritage! Are you trying to destroy our culture!?“
Zento: “And it is our cultural heritage to painfully crucify slavers in the deep desert and let the climate slowly turn them to dust.” your voice is filled with poison and hate, but you can’t help it, “So should we both continue our cultural ways, hmm?”
Gold Mandible: “Alright, we got your point, captain.” the shrimp looks away for a second, “And we’re off course in this parlay.” Putting his other claw up to the bars, he lean in as close as he can, “Let’s get down to the barnacles. I know where there is more of your kind.”
Zento: “I’m listening.”
Gold Mandible: “While I haven’t seen one of you before, I have heard of slaves with your appearance being sold on the Free Ports black market.”
Zento: “And this has what, exactly, to do with you not getting boiled alive?”
Gold Mandible: “If you release me and my crew, I’ll not only tell you where to find the black market, but the password to get inside.” the captain clicks his mandibles, watching you closely for a reaction, “Oh, and I’ll make sure the rest of my pirate friends back home leave you alone. All you have to do is look the other way as we fly off on our ship, captain.”
Zento: “And I should believe you, why?”
Gold Mandible: “A Flashy Freebooter never break their word!” putting his golden claw over his chest while lifting his other one up into the air, he states, “I swear on the pirate code and on pirate lord Gold Claw, that we will honor our agreement!”
Zento: “Hmm…”
Gold Mandible: “So what say you, Captain Zento, do we have a deal to wheel?”

…you can never trust a pirate or a slaver… yet… hmm…

Silky: “Boiled crab does sound rather tasty, though…”
No. 1090784 ID: eb0a9c

"Gold Claw is dead, and thus, so is your word."
No. 1090788 ID: 19ea25

You can never trust a pilot.. Even if you've already trusted Eki... and gave her a suit of power armor... And basically want to give her the good old xenos go.

Anyways. This might be a good lead, and if not we can always deal with more potential issues down the line. I'd say see where this might go.
No. 1090790 ID: 273c18

Aren't these guys con artists? You can potentially come to an arrangement but they're not all getting let go BEFORE you confirm the intel is correct.
No. 1090815 ID: 2a82d3

Trust your instincts on this one. Think about what he gets out of this, as this is prime blackmail material. Even if the rest of the deal is on the up and up, they can still either leverage it against you to do what they want or make harder for you to cozy up to more legitimate authorities.

Deal's not even that great. The location, you can get by interrogating the crew. The password would be a nice bonus, but you're not above mounting rescue operations without it. He's going to have to try harder than that to save his shell.

For one, swearing an oath to, for all you know, an infamously greedy arsehole doesn't mean much. If that oath to Keki's old Lord, a "loser" to many but respectable to a known few, that could be interesting to watch. His reaction could tell you all you need to know.

Here's a counter-offer: Provide leniency to his crew, presumably merely following orders, but be effectively disbanded. The captain is the one you can't afford to spare. You don't get promoted to running a group of greedy arseholes without being really into the greedy part. (Hence sideeye into what he gets out of it.) His (being made) example should be enough to spare the rest. I'm sure any of his crew within earshot would appreciate the gesture. The rest can find either honest work, or maybe find a new banner to rally behind.
No. 1090830 ID: 5ebd37

We already got a pirate on crew, who gave us the location and codes to the black market. And he might tell his friends not to attack us, but that doesn't mean they'll listen. He's got nothing, and we can't reform all the pirates we meet.
No. 1090861 ID: 47ab62

It would make more sense to let him leave after going to the market and confirming his info is good. Wouldn't do to get a false password on false lead and let him laugh about conning you as he flies far far away.

That said, I get the feeling that letting them go would just see them go back to taking slaves and living in a way that hurts everyone. There needs to be a better solution.

Hmm. This might have promise.

How about this: If that captain's info is good, his crewmates will be permitted to either join your ship's crew, or be let off at the next planetary colony you stop at. The captain will remain in the brig until such a time that you determine what would be best to do with him, be it to treat him the same as his crewmates or to turn him over to those that would execute him for his crimes.
No. 1091834 ID: 681cb5
File 171675139617.png - (62.12KB , 700x550 , 13.png )

>You can never trust a pirate… Even if you've already trusted Eki... and gave her a suit of power armor... And basically want to give her the good old xenos go.
So far Eki have behaved herself… and she’s clearly just a young lass who got lost on the way. She just needed somewhere to fit in, a place for her cog to spin in the machine.
>We already got a pirate on crew, who gave us the location and codes to the black market.
Indeed, Eki told us both about the location and the code, though you’ve started to suspect that the code at least might be faulty. This black market is supposed to be secure, so why would a green pilot who’s barely seen any action know how to access it? But back to the matter at hand, Captain Mandible here doesn’t need to know that you already know the location. He’s more useful being ignorant of that fact.
>Think about what he gets out of this, as this is prime blackmail material.
…blackmail? To who? For what? They are pirates, no one is going to believe their word… not to mention, you’re not doing anything illegal.

>"Gold Claw is dead, and thus, so is your word."
Gold Mandible: “What?” the way he looks at you make it clear that he believes you’re extremely dumb, “Pirate Lord Gold Claw is fine. What are you going on about?”
Zento: “I’ve heard the Pirate Lord was lost to the IOD, Captain.”
Gold Mandible: “…you’re talking about Krem, barnacle brain.” he roll his good eye as he goes on, “Besides, the IOD are cunning enough to not make an asset like a Pirate Lord walk the airlock. They will either use him in parlay or…” the Kelshin visible shudders, “Give him a fate far worse than death.”
Zento: “Krem isn’t Gold Claw?” you raise an eyebrow, “There is more than one lord?”
Gold Mandible: “Of course, you stupid land-”stopping himself before further insults leaves his mouth, he sighs and activates something on his cybernetic eye, “Just, watch this.”

The cybernetic eye lights up and starts projecting an image of the stars up in the air above the two of you. If you’re not mistaken, it’s the star cluster that was marked as the Kelshin Free Ports on the galactic map you have. But before you can confirm it, five symbols appear. A golden claw, a red drop of liquid, a purple shield, two blue bubbles and finally some green kelp.

Gold Mandible: “Behold, the five lords of the Kelshin Free Ports!” there is a glee in his voice as he continues to bellow, “Each in control of their own pirate fleet, ready to sail the seven star clusters!” Pointing towards the Golden Clawed symbol, it lights up as he explains, “We have the Flashy Freebooters, the golden fleet of traders and merchants!” followed by the red symbol, “Bloody Buccaneers, who are known to raid far away from the Free port shores!” and the purple one, “The Proud Privateers, who keep order and law in the ports.” Gold Mandible then points towards the blue one, with the bubbles and says, “The Mad Marauders, whose are experts at quickly collecting slaves on the space routes.” and then the last symbol lights up, the one with the green kelp, “And finally, the Cunning Corsairs, who are adapt at finding and collecting anything illegal or exotic. They are the one that runs the black market, by the way.”
Zento: “I see… five lords you say?” not surprising that their way of government would be splintered, “Then, what if I ask you to swear on the name of Pirate Lord Krem? The one that’s been captured?”
Gold Mandible: “I… would rather not…” he sighs loudly, “But fine, if that is what it takes. I swear on the pirate code and on Pirate Lord G- …Pirate Lord Krem, that we will honor our agreement.”
Zento: “…still, wouldn’t it be easier to just get the location and code by interrogating your crew?”
Gold Mandible: “Oh please. Do you think my crew actually knows the real code? They probably think the whole Huffi-Muffi-Guffi is the true code.” he waves his golden claw in front of you, “Not to mention, Captain, you’re clearly too honorable for something as disgusting as torture, no?”
Zento: “Perhaps… but my security officer isn’t.” you look over towards Dante, making sure that the Captain follows your gaze, just as your son make an arc of lighting shoot out from a clearly overcharged stun rod, “So…?”
Gold Mandible: “…I do not buy your bluff, Captain.” his eyes pierces your soul… and he’s right, you will not torture anyone, even a slaver pirate, “Not one bit.”
Zento: “Then how about this. A counter offer.” taking a step back, you make sure to talk loud enough for the whole brig to hear, “I provide lenience to your crew. Any one of your gang will either be allowed to become part of my workforce, or they will be let off at the earliest planetary colony we find.” before turning your attention back towards the pirate captain, “Meanwhile, you will stay here until we can confirm that the code you give us is the correct one.”
Gold Mandible: “KEKEKE!” with the exact same laugh as Eki, Gold Mandible smirks at you, “Do you honestly believe my crew would just abandon me like-”
No. 1091835 ID: 681cb5
File 171675140542.png - (103.94KB , 700x550 , 14.png )

Pink Kelshin: “I wouldn’t mind changing ships.” a pink Kelshin pipes up, “I’m a mechanic, if you need one.”
Brown Kelshin: “And there is none who can face me when it comes to the sabre and boiler!” the brown, clearly battle hardened prisoner behind the captain adds, “I am the warrior you need, Cap’n,”
Silky: “Oh, are sharing our cog functions?” Silkpalm joins the conversation all the sudden, “I’m a masseur, and a well-greased one at that.”
Purple Kelshin: “Wait, we’re like… getting paid?” a very indifferent voice is heard, coming from a purple Kelshin, “Like, I’m a communication tech or whatever…”
Gold Mandible: “Hey, stop it! You’re not selling yourself into slavery for a few creds like some cheap prostitute!”
Zento: “We do not use slaves, Pirate.”

Pink Kelshin: “Well, if you want a prostitute…” the pink one winks at you, “I can suck your dick, big lizard man.”
Brown Kelshin: “…I can plow your bum?”
Silky: “Feel free to plow my bum if that’s what you want, Big Cog~”
Purple Kelshin: “…like… I wouldn’t mind getting double penetrated by you and that other big, black lizard guy or whatever.” the purple crab looks at you with an bored expression, “It’s not like I have anything better to do…”

Giving them all a glare that would kill lesser Sakkilians, Captain Gold Mandibles is clearly furious at his crew.

Gold Mandible: “You’re part of my pirate crew, and that’s final!” he spits out, “Or you won’t get a share of the booty!”
Pink Kelshin: “Our pay sucks! I rather work for the big lizard man. They at least have a nice, big ship.”
Brown Kelshin: “Hey, the code to the black market is Huffi-Muffi-Guffi! Now hire me, you scallywag!”
Purple Kelshin: “You guys are like… I don’t know… kind of hot or whatever?”

Zento: “I see that your crew is very… ah… loyal, Captain.”
Gold Mandible: “Oh shut your mandibles.” after muttering a few curses under his breath, he continues, “My offer still stands. It’s the only thing I can really give you.” The captain sighs, “Let me go and you’ll have both the location and the code for the black market. The real code.” before giving and angry glare at the other Kelshin around, “As for my crew… I don’t care what happens to these backstabbing, scurvy crabs!”
No. 1091837 ID: 273c18

We'll have to give Eki first refusal on the question of any of these shitheads joining the crew. She knows them best, so she'll know how trustworthy any of them are, and we don't want to make her miserable by hiring pirates that she hates.

We should also generally discuss the deal with her. Would she want us to take the pirate captain's deal?
No. 1091840 ID: 19ea25

That was quite fast.. I guess sometimes a legal life is just all one needs, given that their race just got screwed in general going by what Eki has said.

Though get Eki in here. She'll prolly be the best at gauging them.
No. 1091850 ID: 2a82d3

>…blackmail? To who? For what? They are pirates, no one is going to believe their word… not to mention, you’re not doing anything illegal.
"Blackmail" may be too strong a word for it, but folks are not going to trust you with bounty jobs if you get a reputation for being "soft on crime". Then again, failing to deliver on the mission is probably why Gold Mandible's crew (whose mission was "get rich") turned on him.

Speaking of, it sure looks, to everybody, like he's changing allegiances. Why else would he directly swear an oath to another Lord? Especially one who can't enforce it. (Indirect means would refer to the Pirate Lords as a whole, the alliance between the two, or a shared event between the two.) The IOD are probably are the lookout for any remaining loyalists looking to spring their boss out, and they don't seem like the kind to take chances. It sure would be bad they hear about him, but rumors do like to spread. Taking that kind of risk is worth a compliment.

Let's make his release contingent on making that official. You don't want to let a slaver go free, and now you're not going to either way.
No. 1091862 ID: 5ebd37

More and more diverse crew members is good, but its contingent on two factors. Firstly, do we have the manpower to keep them under surveillance until we can trust them? Secondly, will having more Kelshin cause conflict with our current or possible future Raolme crew?
At this point it's probably worth it, but we should decide now if this will be our practice with prisoners going forward.

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