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File 171192896992.png - (1.82MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_1.png )
1087551 No. 1087551 ID: d256d1

Catch, breed, and battle turtles to become a true TURT MASTER! Set up your own turtle shop to become a world class TURTLE MONGER! Uncover the mysteries of this world to figure out why your society has built their entire economy around such SLOW, USELESS creatures!

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No. 1087552 ID: d256d1
File 171192901770.png - (1.28MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_2.png )

Select a character to begin your adventure!
No. 1087555 ID: d0dbee

No. 1087556 ID: 2b4c5e

Seconding Rudy
No. 1087573 ID: 2eb1da

No. 1087576 ID: 056492

I'll put in a vote for Alia.
No. 1087579 ID: ab46e9

Alia seems fun.
No. 1087580 ID: 7c55ad

No. 1087584 ID: 6afa9e

Rudy, I feel he has TURT CHAMP potential.
No. 1087585 ID: 1effd3

No. 1087587 ID: d256d1
File 171194226946.png - (1.08MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Inv.png )

You have chosen Rudy! Rudy begins his quest with 1 MAGIC CONCH SHELL, 300 SAND DOLLARS, and 1 MAP OF TOWN in his inventory.
No. 1087588 ID: d256d1
File 171194230735.png - (1.13MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_3.png )

With his MAGIC CONCH SHELL strapped on, Rudy is eager to begin making his name as a TURT CHAMP! Are you ready to take a look at your map and head out? Or is there more you’d like to do before you leave home?
No. 1087589 ID: 7c55ad

Say your goodbyes to your mother.

Other than that, check the map and find out where the professor's lab is located at so we can own our very first turt
No. 1087590 ID: 5ebd37

You can't leave home without snacks.
No. 1087591 ID: 8f9bc4

Check underneath the moving truck.
No. 1087593 ID: 7c1f1c

Gotta check the PC before heading out on an adventure. Could be something there that helps us.
No. 1087598 ID: 2f41db

Bid farewell to your mother and check the map.should help with inspiring a destination.
No. 1087605 ID: d256d1
File 171200239316.png - (856.21KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_4.png )

You head back inside to say goodbye to your mom and find her giving her pet turtle a bath at the kitchen sink.

“Good luck on your adventure, honey! I was around your age when I caught ol’ Bartholemew here down by the beach in my hometown!” She gives the turtle in the sink a pat on the head. “Of course we don’t have any beaches here in TURTBURGH, but I’m sure you’ll still be able to find a turtle of your own around here somewhere."
No. 1087606 ID: d256d1
File 171200243630.png - (0.98MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Bananas_.png )

“Oh Rudy, before you go, take these, will you? They may help you on your quest!” She takes 3 VERY MUSHY BANANAS from the kitchen counter and hands them to you. “Also, they’re starting to stink up the pantry.”
No. 1087607 ID: d256d1
File 171200247691.png - (0.99MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Map.png )

Armed with 3 decomposing fruits and a heaping helping of motherly love, you take out your map and consider your next steps. Are you ready to head into town? Or is there more you’d like to do before leaving home?
No. 1087610 ID: 2927d1

To the store! We need to buy something to catch turtles with
No. 1087612 ID: 184595

The graphics show three bananas, but the menu says four. We might be able to find and exploit some glitches in this one—I've heard rumors that if you find TurtUnknown, you can duplicate any item, even when you're supposed to have only one.

But now's the time to strike out from home! The store is as good a place to start as any, before we dive into the forest.
No. 1087654 ID: 8f9bc4

Yes, divide the 4 bananas in half, get 8 bananas. Infinite rotting bananas!
No. 1087676 ID: 5ebd37

Our goal is clear: to get a fire turt and cook up some banana bread.

To the store!
No. 1087781 ID: 2f41db

Have you packed your knapsack?
Fresh underwear.
Turt handling gloves.
Shell polishing kit
Turtle spotters guide.
Grab all that and a spare pair of pants 'cause this turtventure is gonna be so thrilling you may just soil yourself through sheer excitement.

Then to the ,medical center!
Look for freshly injured turtles or owners
See if theres any rumours about a particularly strong or vicious turtle nearby
You gotta start with something STRONG
No. 1087845 ID: d256d1
File 171209979513.png - (873.11KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Loading.png )

With your MAGIC CONCH SHELL equipped, you already have the most essential tool for turtle catching, but you know the local general store has a few other things that might be helpful. You decide to head to the store to stock up for your adventure.
No. 1087847 ID: d256d1
File 171209984659.png - (1.17MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_5.png )

After a short walk you arrive at CHEAP CHARLIE'S, the local general store. Charlie smirks at you from behind the counter. "Hey there, kid. What can I getcha?"

Charlie has all manner of doodads, whatzits, and knickknacks for sale. After a brief glance at the shelves, you take mental stock of a few products that may come in handy on your adventure, along with their prices:

KNIFE - $50
APPLE - $5

Charlie says he has many more wares in the back room. If there's something else you'd like to buy that you don't see here, just let him know and he'll check if they've got it in stock. And if you have any questions about the items on display, he'd be happy to answer them.

As a reminder, you currently have 300 SAND DOLLARS in your inventory. What do you do next?
No. 1087850 ID: a7a180

Buy six knives.
No. 1087857 ID: e49a2c

Knife and first aid kit is important. Buy those first.

Before we consider buying anything else. What is that for?
No. 1087858 ID: eb0a9c

Leave. Now.
This is clearly a scam operation that is secretly sponsored by the big corps to ensure they have a 'competitor' so they can pretend they're not a monopoly or the worst.
No. 1087865 ID: 5ebd37

Get the sunscreen if you're going to be hunting turtles outside. Your mother will be proud of you for being so responsible.
No. 1087868 ID: 2f41db

You see a cooking pan, I see Turtle armour!
Your turt will be steel clad, shiney and chrome.
No. 1087875 ID: 184595

Cooking pan is a steep investment—I'd hold off until later, when we have more to cook and more SAND DOLLARS to burn. We're preparing for a grand quest; sunscreen and a first-aid kit will be good to have in case of any danger from the elements or rowdy turts. One each.

And you know what, we can afford a knife, while we're at it. Gotta have something to slice those bananas with.
No. 1087876 ID: 273c18

What does turtle powder do?
No. 1087896 ID: d256d1
File 171216444359.png - (1.00MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Knife,_First_Aid_Kit_.png )

You decide to purchase a KNIFE and FIRST AID KIT first. You pay Charlie 75 SAND DOLLARS and add the items to your inventory.
No. 1087897 ID: d256d1
File 171216448048.png - (672.95KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Turtle_Powder.png )

You ask Charlie about the PATTY'S PATENTED TURTLE POWDER. He tells you it's a very popular product with many of the turtle breeders and sellers in town.
You ask him what the POWDER is for. He squirms for a bit, avoiding the question. When you press him further, he finally admits he has no idea what the POWDER actually does, having never owned a TURT himself. Regardless of its actual function, the product is very well reviewed with the TURT MASTERS---or at least, that's what Charlie tells you.
If you want more information on PATTY'S PATENTED TURTLE POWDER, you may have to ask someone a bit more experienced with TURTS. Charlie says you're welcome to come back and make the purchase later, but says he "can't make any promises" that the price tag will be the same the next time you visit.
You have 225 SAND DOLLARS left in your inventory. What do you do next?
No. 1087899 ID: 8f9bc4

Wow, it'll be even cheaper later? Better wait on buying it then!
No. 1087901 ID: 795471

No. 1087902 ID: 7c55ad

buy cooking pan, apple and sunscreen, and we're good
No. 1087906 ID: 273c18

Buy one apple. Then let's go.
No. 1087908 ID: 184595

We have everything we need to start walking the path to mastery. Let's get going to the forest to find our first turts!
No. 1087913 ID: 5ebd37

Into the woods!
No. 1087948 ID: d256d1
File 171226539176.png - (1.04MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_Apple,_Sunscreen.png )

You spend another 10 SAND DOLLARS on 1 APPLE and 1 bottle of SUNSCREEN. You decide to save your remaining 215 SAND DOLLARS for a rainy day.
No. 1087949 ID: d256d1
File 171226543321.png - (1.07MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_6.png )

With your shopping done, you head into the forest in search of your first TURT.
No. 1087951 ID: d256d1
File 171226547013.png - (1.09MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_7.png )

You walk down the path for a few minutes, then pause to examine your surroundings. Do you see anything you'd like to investigate further? Or will you continue down the path a little longer?
No. 1087953 ID: 7c55ad

I see two turts. one in the tree, and one camouflaging by the rock to your right.

lets try to catch the rock one, if it's smart enough to know to camouflage, it must be pretty smart to help us become champion
No. 1087969 ID: 273c18

Rock turtle!
No. 1087973 ID: d256d1
File 171226977953.png - (930.21KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_8.png )

You spot a TURT camouflaged in the of rocks to your right. You take a step closer and, crouching down to its level, realize the little reptile is sleeping.

The TURT has picked a good spot for its nap—it’s completely boxed in by the rocks. Until it decides to move, you won’t be able to catch it.

You could always battle it to try and draw it out of its hiding spot. If you weaken it a bit, you may be able to capture it using your MAGIC CONCH SHELL.

On the other hand, this turtle doesn’t seem particularly AGGRESSIVE—if you can gain its respect in some other way, it may join you of its own accord.

Either way, you’ll have to wake it up first.

What do you do?
No. 1087977 ID: b61c50

Put apple in front of it. Itll wake it up from sniffing it, have a good meal, and be happy with us feeding it, enough to have it trust us.
No. 1087991 ID: 5ebd37

also it will be super cute
No. 1087992 ID: 2f41db

Slice the apple though.
A nice turt sized treat.
Get the most out of it.

Rock turt is cunning, hes a good pick.
No. 1088012 ID: 184595

I think the conclusion that the TURT that looks like rocks is smart for falling asleep next to rocks might be a bit far-fetched. Solid common sense can go a long way towards avoiding danger, even in the absence of brains.

I think we should go for the TURT in the tree. It exhibits more of the same spirit of adventure and discovery that animates us. If we can coax the rock TURT along with us later, once it's awake, then I think that would be better than bothering it now.
No. 1088036 ID: 8f9bc4


Thank goodness you bought the knife!
No. 1088326 ID: d256d1
File 171262814493.png - (604.05KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_9.png )

You slice up the APPLE with your trusty KNIFE, gaining 5 APPLE SLICES.
No. 1088327 ID: d256d1
File 171262818805.png - (884.66KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_10.png )

You place an APPLE SLICE in front of the sleeping turtle.
No. 1088328 ID: d256d1
File 171262822136.png - (885.60KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_11.png )

He wakes up and takes a bite, blinking happily.
No. 1088329 ID: d256d1
File 171262826766.png - (895.93KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_12.png )

The TURT takes the APPLE SLICE in his mouth and walks away from the rocks.
No. 1088330 ID: d256d1
File 171262832442.png - (0.96MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_13.png )

He comes to sit down at your feet, staring up at you silently as he munches on the snack you've provided for him. He seems to be waiting for something.
What will you do?
No. 1088333 ID: 2f41db

Kneel down.
Stare into deeply into his eyes.
Forge that primal connection of spirit that omly a turt master can muster.
Resist the urge to whisper "soulmate...".
You dont want him to think youre weird.

Oh, and offer him another apple slice.
No. 1088338 ID: 8f9bc4

Hide under your hat to let him know he is the dominant turtle in this relationship.
No. 1088344 ID: 273c18

Use the conch shell!
No. 1088348 ID: eb0a9c

Use knife on turtle
Command -> Butcher
Go through default game over screen
Repeat until swimming in turtle shells and turtle stew
No. 1088353 ID: 5ebd37

Turtle communion
stare into its very soul
No. 1088378 ID: 0dbdff


Noooooo!! Not the turt!!
No. 1088394 ID: d256d1
File 171269569726.png - (808.84KB , 1572x1572 , TQ_14.png )

You kneel down beside the TURT. You stare directly into its little reptilian eyes. It stares back.

You try to put all your hopes of becoming a TURT MASTER, your dreams of doing great things with this TURT, and your love for TURTS the world over into a single look.
No. 1088395 ID: d256d1
File 171269572940.png - (860.33KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_14 1.png )

After you’re sure you’ve shown the TURT you mean it no harm, you gingerly offer your new friend another APPLE SLICE.

He accepts it, munching happily once again.
No. 1088396 ID: d256d1
File 171269582454.png - (1.94MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_15.png )

With bated breath, you take off your MAGIC CONCH SHELL and cup it in your hands while still kneeling in front of the turtle.

The TURT, noticing your hesitance, pauses in its munching once again.

It tips its head down toward the grass calmly as if to say, "I am ready."
No. 1088397 ID: d256d1
File 171269586928.png - (241.18KB , 826x825 , TQ_16.png )

The MAGIC CONCH SHELL glows softly. Then, in a flash of light, the TURT (and the APPLE SLICE he was snacking on) have vanished. Your MAGIC CONCH SHELL feels just a bit heavier with your new friend stored safely inside.
No. 1088398 ID: d256d1
File 171269590319.png - (797.96KB , 1669x1669 , ROCK_TURT_OBTAINED.png )

Congratulations! You have captured your first TURT!

What will you name your new friend?
No. 1088400 ID: f14228

Li'l Balboa!
No. 1088401 ID: c47133

I see what you did there. Support.
No. 1088417 ID: 2f41db

Oh, thats perfect.

No. 1088419 ID: 5ebd37

agreed, best choice
No. 1088451 ID: d256d1
File 171277739535.png - (747.87KB , 1669x1669 , Rock_Turt_Named.png )

After some deliberation, you decide to dub your new companion Li’l Balboa.
No. 1088452 ID: d256d1
File 171277744076.png - (1.02MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_17.png )

You stand up, filled with determination to find more TURTS to help you on your adventure. When you look around, however, you realize the forest light has begun to dim.

You could’ve sworn you’d only been in the woods for a few minutes. Apparently your staring contest/trust building session/attempted mind meld with Li’l Balboa was longer than you thought. Hours have passed, and now the sun has begun to set.

Few locals dare to wander into the forest at night, especially without a TURT to protect them. You’re not sure what will happen once it gets dark.

You could head back into town, maybe go home and get to know your new TURT. On the other hand you do have some food, medical supplies, and your trusty KNIFE. If you’re feeling brave, you and Li’l Balboa could adventure a little longer. If you find some shelter, you may even be able to stay the night. Your mom knows you’re out on an adventure, so she won’t be worried if you don’t come home for a while.

What do you do?
No. 1088461 ID: 7c55ad

how many could we fit in one conch shell?

well anyways, we caught our first shell friend. Might as well head home and show mother, and ask her questions before bed.
No. 1088465 ID: 184595

No guts, no glory. If we want to be a TURT MASTER, then I think we should go straight for trying to bag some SUNDOWN TURTS. If it turns into a trial by fire, then our bond with Li'l Balboa will be tempered that much stronger.
No. 1088492 ID: 5ebd37

You just set out, you can't go home yet. Look for a cave or hollow log to spend the night in.
No. 1088500 ID: 2f41db

A true turt master can emulate his companions and find a suitible place for the night and withdraw into into it like the wise turt.
It will be your shell-ter
No. 1088611 ID: d256d1
File 171296641932.png - (376.58KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_18.png )

You just met Li’l Balboa, but you already know you make the perfect team. You decide to stay in the forest past sunset, and maybe even find some shelter to hole up in for the rest of the night.
For now, you observe the woods around you to determine your next steps. The path looks different in the dark.
Do you see anything you’d like to investigate closer? Or will you continue further down the path?
No. 1088612 ID: 2f41db

Thres a weird looking turt in the tree.
Not in the hollow, but up in the branches.
Theres smoke coming from log.
It would make a great shellter, but that might mean its already taken.

I say the log!
Poke your head in and see whats happening!
No. 1088614 ID: 80c73b

Why is there smoke coming from the log? I'm inclined to look a little further down the path, see if there are any better options.
No. 1088623 ID: 184595

I think the SHROOM TURTS are a more interesting pick to investigate than the smoke.
No. 1088630 ID: 5ebd37

Why is the turt in the tree hollow shaking? Are they cold or scared? See if they need help.
No. 1088644 ID: 273c18

Check the smoky log.
No. 1088655 ID: 2f41db

Good eye.

Soft of shell but potentially toxic.
Or psychadelic.
No. 1088683 ID: d256d1
File 171303248052.png - (851.48KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_19.png )

You move closer to the fallen log beside the path, aiming to find the source of the smoke. As you approach, you begin to notice a foul, rotten stench emanating from within the wood. The smell grows stronger with each step. All the while, the smoke continues to rise.
No. 1088684 ID: d256d1
File 171303251002.png - (0.97MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_20.png )

You’re close enough to lean your head over the hole and peek inside now, if you’d like. What do you do?
No. 1088690 ID: 2f41db

What if itbisnt smoke but some kind of spore cloud?
If you cant smell burning yet, but can smell rot...
Youve come too far not to look now.
No. 1088693 ID: 184595

I think the most prudent course of action here is to look in the log from the side. That way, we can see what's causing the plume without sticking our face directly in it.
No. 1088702 ID: 5ebd37

Don't risk your face. Find a stick to poke in first.
No. 1088706 ID: 273c18

Don't breathe that! You could try to look while holding your breath though.
No. 1088708 ID: 7c55ad

looking in the log from the side is the most logical choice. we don't want to breathe that in
No. 1088935 ID: d256d1
File 171330169064.png - (819.83KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_21.png )

You decide to look in the log through the side instead. You hold your breath as you crouch down, just in case the fumes start to come through this way as well.
No. 1088936 ID: d256d1
File 171330173497.png - (1.01MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_22.png )

The inside the log is a turtle. It’s big—definitely bigger than Li’l Balboa—and has what look to be rough, white scales covering patches of its dark grey skin. The putrid smoke is pouring endlessly out of its nostrils and rising up through the hole in the top of the log. The TURT turns its head slightly, spotting you over its shoulder. It looks… angry. Angrier than you thought a turtle could look. The smoke swivels with its head, and a cloud of fumes blows into your face. You’re still holding your breath. You have only seconds before you run out of air and you’ll have to breathe in the smoke. What will you do?
No. 1088938 ID: 80c73b

Uh - depending on how this is culturally expected to go, either book it, or deploy Lil Balboa to defend you.
No. 1088949 ID: 5ebd37

This turt looks too high level for a beginner, action roll away!
No. 1088982 ID: 2f41db

This! And if you cant roll away, roll the log away from you!
Kicking it downhill will buy you time to move.
No. 1089007 ID: 273c18

Huh, poison element turtle? Very dangerous, get away from it. I don't see how you could use such a thing in your party anyway without getting sick.

If it chases you then you deploy your turtle to fight!
No. 1089018 ID: 184595

It must be very hungry for it to feel this upset. Deploy any apple slices you have left after catching Li'l Balboa.
No. 1089135 ID: d256d1
File 171347698854.png - (0.97MB , 1669x1669 , TQ_23.png )

You turn and run away from the angry TURT, taking a deep breath as you leave the cloud of smoke behind. You hear an angry screech behind you and run faster, and faster, until—
No. 1089136 ID: d256d1
File 171347701456.png - (802.92KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_24.png )

You run directly into a girl picking something off the bark of a nearby tree, sending both of you toppling backward.
No. 1089138 ID: d256d1
File 171347705742.png - (810.64KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_25.png )

“Watch where you’re going, would you?!” She whispers angrily.
No. 1089141 ID: b2fb15

Watch out, this might be a Thespian Tortoise. A tortoise that can act the part of anything or anyone it encounters!

Offer her a piece of lettuce to make sure she's a person.
No. 1089152 ID: 2f41db

Oh my.

She's... perfect.
Every turt master needs that special someone, that private, emotional connection you can share only with one other person.

Proposition her!
Hold her hand, stare into her eyes and ask.
"Will you... be my rival?"
No. 1089161 ID: 5ebd37

Apologize and offer an apple
No. 1089163 ID: c56a8d

No time to explain! You gotta get away from the turtle before it slowly catches up to you! Run run run!
No. 1089165 ID: 7c1f1c

Oh, it's Alia! You know her, don't you? If you don't, then a hasty apology is in order, followed by an explanation. Maybe she can help you catch the angry TURT.
No. 1089529 ID: d256d1
File 171391889527.png - (381.05KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_26.png )

You’re torn between apologizing, introducing yourself, and running away as fast as you can. You start speaking faster than you can think, launching into a panicked explanation about the turtle in the log, and the odd smelling smoke, and how you’re so scared, and—
No. 1089530 ID: d256d1
File 171391891401.png - (811.75KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_27.png )

“Dude, calm down,” she interrupts. “Sounds like you ran into a NIGHT TURTLE—they’re freaky, but they’re not exactly persistent. It’ll give up chasing you pretty soon, just keep your voice down and it won’t come looking for us. Alright?”
No. 1089558 ID: 5ebd37

Take a break then. What was she doing with the bark?
No. 1089567 ID: 45d119

Break time.
No. 1089568 ID: 273c18

So, what's the deal with NIGHT TURTLES? Are they safe to fight, in order to train up your team?
No. 1089586 ID: 184595

She's not angry; that's good, you can relax. Maybe the NIGHT TURT is a bit above our level, but we're dreaming big. Alia seems to know about these TURTS, so ask her how to get one in your shell.
No. 1089592 ID: 2f41db

She's not a jerk.
That's a shame.
She looked like prime rivalfu material too.

Do you think she'll let us pick her name?
Probably not.

Better listen carefuly and quieten down.
She might have info to share.
No. 1089606 ID: 7c55ad

Yeah, kinda miss the Turtle quest red/blue/yellow and Turtle quest Gold/Silver/Crystal version days when the rival was a jerk. But her being a friendo is nice. Might could even be a travel companion!

Plus, who's to say we might actually meet a jerk rival later down the road?
No. 1089863 ID: d256d1
File 171425447137.png - (165.05KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_28.png )

You take a deep breath. While you try to calm down, the girl introduces herself as Alia.

You ask Alia about NIGHT TURTLES.
No. 1089864 ID: d256d1
File 171425448956.png - (589.38KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_29.png )

“I’d stay away from NIGHT TURTLES if I were you,” she says. “That smoke they give off can knock you out cold if you breathe too much of it in. If you’re determined to fight one, some shopkeepers sell masks that can help you filter out the fumes, but I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t think they’re even trainable—they’re just too NASTY. What were you doing messing with one in the first place?”
No. 1089866 ID: c5529d

you saw smoke coming out from the top of the log, and decided to investigate the side of the log to see what was inside.

Now that I think about it, it seemed to be giving off smoke before you looked in and disturbed it. I wonder if it was agitated by something else that caused it to emit smoke before you looked in
No. 1089867 ID: 273c18

You saw the smoke and thought it was some kind of fire turtle or something.
No. 1089875 ID: 2f41db

We can tell her a convincing lie about our burning curiosity about turts that momentarily overwhelmed our sense of self preservation, so burning is the passion to be a turt master within us.
Tell the truth that were hoping whatever was in there would let us share its lair, for the night is cold and scary. also we secretly hoped it would let us cuddle it.
No. 1089888 ID: 5ebd37

you were looking for a place to spend the night and wondered what was making the smoke.
No. 1089976 ID: 184595

The truth is that we thought it might be a strong TURT that we were hoping to add to our team. She can see how that turned out. Thank her for the advice, and ask her what she's doing in the forest at night.
No. 1090093 ID: d256d1
File 171459801273.png - (385.28KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_30.png )

You tell Alia that you’re looking to catch a powerful TURT for your team, and that you thought the smoke may lead you to one. She rolls her eyes, but says nothing.
You also confide in her that you were considering using the log as shelter for the night.
No. 1090094 ID: d256d1
File 171459802775.png - (300.07KB , 1669x1669 , TQ_31.png )

Alia frowns. “You were going to sleep in a log? Don’t you have, like… a tent, or something? Maybe a sleeping bag?”
You shake your head. She sighs, then falls silent for a moment, seeming deep in thought.
No. 1090095 ID: d256d1
File 171459804622.png - (110.31KB , 1669x1207 , Quest!HelpAliaForage.png )

“Well you really shouldn’t be out here in the first place,” she says, “but if you’re determined to stay the night… I’ll be here all weekend doing some foraging, and I’ve got a tent set up about a half a mile away. Help me gather some of the stuff on my list, and you can stay with me for the night—but ONLY if you pull your weight. Deal?”
No. 1090097 ID: d183a7

Ugh... chores??? We became an adventurer to avoid chores at home


Ok, fiiiiiine, we'll help. Free place to sleep, and maybe smores?
No. 1090101 ID: 2f41db

Maybe we'll stumble on some turts while we're at it!
Yes, with great enthusiasm.
No. 1090124 ID: 8f9bc4


Not chores. A quest! A real TURTLE QUEST!
No. 1090125 ID: 5ebd37

Well its not like you're doing anything else, so that would be great.
Try to learn what's good to forage for yourself.
No. 1090139 ID: 184595

Yes, accept!

A TURT MASTER doesn't do it alone, and you need the help. keep your eyes open while you forage; especially with the help of a knowledgeable friend, you could stand to learn much more about the TURTS that dwell here.
No. 1090294 ID: d256d1
File 171484673075.png - (531.27KB , 1669x1669 , Forest_Map.png )

Once you accept Alia’s terms, she hands you a MAP OF THE FOREST and a LIST OF INGREDIENTS.
No. 1090295 ID: d256d1
File 171484678836.png - (239.28KB , 1669x1669 , Ingredients_List.png )

“The BARK FUNGUS is the main thing I need. It’s also the hardest to find, since it doesn’t grow in large chunks. You can leave that stuff to me, though. You just focus on the rest of the stuff on the list.
You can find BLOOMS just about everywhere.
I marked a good spot to find MUSHROOMS on your MAP—but there are a few poison TURTS that live in that area too, so be careful.
BERRIES grow near the river bed."

Alia stresses that she needs to finish the recipe she’s working on tomorrow morning, so she’d like to have all the ingredients ready tonight. She’s marked her CAMP on the MAP she gave you. You can go there whenever you want to rest for the night, even if you don’t have everything on the list—but the more you do have, the happier she’ll be.
Are you ready to begin foraging? Or do you have questions for Alia before you leave?
No. 1090298 ID: 361537

Besides night and poison turts, any other turtle threats we should be aware of?


Wanna see our Rock Turt? Any tips on how our rock turt can help out on the scavenger hunt?
No. 1090299 ID: 5ebd37

Heading to the mushroom patch, then going north along the river should let you get all the ingredients and end on the campsite.

Is rock strong against poison?
No. 1090313 ID: 2f41db


What shes making?
Will she make sure lil balboa gets a good loving home if i die out there?
Does she have a cool turt of her own?

Then boldly head out into the dark.
Dont let anyone see your fear.
Except lil balboa.
He knows your heart anyway.

Head for the river.
Maybe the poison turts will be asleep the later you leave it.
No. 1090418 ID: 7cbed7

I think ROCK doesn't resits poison outright, but some ROCK TURTS with the TIGHT SHELL are immune to getting poisoned. That's what my friend told me, anyway, and I have no clue if that applies to Li'l Balboa.

We've seen some of the mushrooms before, I think, so we know those, and don't have to be afraid. But as a first step towards TURT MASTERY, it's probably a good idea to ask how you can work with Li'l Balboa, and make sure that you know how to train our new TURT without courting undue danger.
No. 1091165 ID: d256d1
File 171599625251.png - (301.57KB , 1669x1669 , AliaNo.png )

You ask Alia what she’s making and if she has any TURTS of her own, but she dodges the question—it seems she doesn’t trust you enough to share that information yet.
No. 1091166 ID: d256d1
File 171599628354.png - (304.24KB , 1669x1669 , AliaBalboa.png )

You tell her about Li’l Balboa and ask if she’d like to meet him. She pauses for a second, as if considering your offer, but then shakes her head. She doesn’t have time for a TURT cuddle sesh right now; maybe later, when she’s finished with her recipe, she’ll be up to it. She promises she’ll take good care of Li’l Balboa in case anything happens to you, though.
No. 1091167 ID: d256d1
File 171599636293.png - (312.38KB , 1669x1669 , AliaMush.png )

You ask Alia if there are any threats you should be aware of other than the NIGHT TURT and the poison TURTS near the MUSHROOMS.

“NIGHT TURTS and those POISON TURTS are nocturnal, so they’re the main ones you have to worry about right now," Alia says. "There are other dangerous TURTS in the forest, but most of them should be asleep by now. Just try your best not to wake up anything tougher than that ROCK TURT you’ve got, and you should be fine.”
No. 1091168 ID: d256d1
File 171599640805.png - (531.27KB , 1669x1669 , Forest_Map.png )

Now that Alia’s answered all your questions, she heads East to collect some more BARK FUNGUS.
Are you ready to begin foraging? Where will you head first?
No. 1091170 ID: 273c18

Let's go shroomward.
No. 1091178 ID: 5ebd37

Shroom time
No. 1091197 ID: 184595

All in on shrooms, tackle the hardest problem while we're still fresh.
No. 1091207 ID: 2f41db

Now we know lil balboa will be cared for its time for bravery.
Shroom with a view.

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