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File 169757551263.png - (204.94KB , 600x600 , Rococoa title.png )
1074913 No. 1074913 ID: 3ea497

An Asteroid Quest-inspired story, written by someone who never got around to reading the damn thing.

Content warning: contains crude language, crude drawings, off-color humor, inaccurate lore galore and is hosted on Questden, which is even worse.
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No. 1074914 ID: 3ea497
File 169757555504.png - (138.92KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 1.png )

It is the year 2535 or something after the birth of Jesús.

All of the galaxy is under the yoke of Rokoa and her clone army.

All of it? No.
No. 1074915 ID: 3ea497
File 169757557945.png - (154.94KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 2.png )

Because Asteroid Quest only takes place in this part of it, lol.
No. 1074920 ID: 3ea497
File 169757577181.png - (91.00KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 3.png )

You are a newly-made Rokoa clone, freshly assimilated on the fringes of Rokoa’s dark and spunky empire.

The cloning was not perfect, however. Through an error in the imprinting process, you were able to retain some of your mind, quirks, and autonomy. As such, you secretly or not so secretly took on a new name to distinguish you from your fellow clones. It may be something as simple as a placeholding moniker, or it may be something more complex and intimate.

Your name is:



>Fire Eyes



>John Rokonnor


>Other (Let’s see YOU come up with something, genius)

The frontier star system you find yourself stranded in is a hotly contested area, full of armed conflict, sleazy corporate contracts, intriguing factions, mysterious flora and fauna, requests for aid, and opportunity.

Currently, the Shield Alliance private military company has brokered a deal with the local government and pushed the latest Rokoa Tyrannical Army assault back, but not before you and a couple other neumonos got turned into Rokoa clones, most of which retreated with the rest of the Tyrannical Army, leaving you as a cast away in the half destroyed city you once called home.

Things are quiet for now, as the soldiers of the Rokoan Tyranny retreat to lick their wounds (and possibly bite each other’s), but it is only a matter of time before they return in strength.

With this in mind, along with what measure of your original personality still remains, you have set for a new course of action. One that might chance the face of (this shitty ass part of) the galaxy forever!

Your personal mission is:

>To rejoin the clone army and help Rokoa in her quest for conquest.

>To kill the Original Rokoa and thus become the Original Rokoa.

>To liberate your fellow clones from Rokoa’s influence and help them find a new place in this universe.

> To rediscover your identity and ensure your home system is safe.

>To eat one of every type of alien/neumono there is.

>To visit the gender issues psychologist because you retained most of your physique and you were born male.
No. 1074922 ID: 0b594e

Rococo, because we will be the fanciest Rokoa

Lets take a stand for individuality, and if we can eat some tasty folks along the way, so much the better then. Maybe we can even take down the big girl herself one day, but lets not bite off more than we can chew.
No. 1074925 ID: 8f9bc4

No. 1074926 ID: a7a180

>Roko Rockatansky

>To eat one of every type of alien/neumono there is.
No. 1074927 ID: 8f9bc4

Rokoa Balboa
No. 1074928 ID: db20a2

No. 1074935 ID: e5709d

Fire Eyes
Like all other indoctrinated clones, you are consumed by the desire to ensure the glory of Rokoa. Unlike the other clones, you caught a glimpse of Rokoa's flaws and imperfections, marring your prime directive. You will integrate within the Rokoan army as an operative, secretly teaching the other clones the folly of their current path in your quest to redefine the ultimate Rokoan!
No. 1074952 ID: 9723b1

Warrokoa Buffet goal is get fat loot and mad dosh (or vice-versa) because... uh... figure that part out once you're loaded like a pair of dice that always roll 7.
No. 1074958 ID: 66101b

>Roko Rockatansky

And you want to become tyrant instead of the tyrant.
(I.e. kill the master Rokoa and take her place)
No. 1074961 ID: f7f1b0

Killing and replacing the Head Rokoa sounds pretty in-line with what Rokoa would do; and let's face it, you are mostly Rokoa now. What potential additional resources, skills or tactics or such, do you bring to the table?
No. 1074976 ID: 0fbdcd

Our name? John RoKonnor.

Our mission? Eat every alien.
No. 1074977 ID: 4d1a4d

Name is Ricotta.

Endeavor to kill the original Rokoa- but recognize that this involves finding Polo.
Side quest: Find and seduce Polo.
No. 1074996 ID: 3ea497
File 169767247269.png - (114.67KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 4.png )

>Roko Rockatansky

Yes, that’s the name you gave yourself. And what a kickass name it is!

The meaning of which is for you to know and for the doorknob that writes this quest to figure out.

>Defeat the Main Rokoa

>Eat one of every alien/neumono

Hell yeah! You are not just a Rokoa. You are THE Rokoa, new and improved, and you are going to prove it both to the old news You by kicking her ass and to the entire galaxy as well by eating one of every alien and neumono there is!

You immediately rip-out your Rokoan emblem and rank insignia out of your uniform to highlight your desertion, and proceed to look around the war-torn street until you find a bag that contains what you were looking for: pen and paper!

You write your list of future yum-yums on the back of some unimportant documents and quickly secure them back in the carrying bag.
It actually takes a couple pages to fill the whole list. What a vast and wonderful buffet we live in.

>Find and seduce Polo.

The sport or the fashion brand?
Sure you can have plenty of athlete and model boytoys once you conquer the galaxy.
No. 1074997 ID: 3ea497
File 169767272992.png - (135.88KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 5.png )

>What skills from your previous life do you bring to the table?

You don’t remember much about yourself before you were turned into a Rokoa. You suspect your previous self would be very distraught at this if you weren’t so Rokoa.

Still, you do have vague memories of having worked in mechanography, so that’ll be useful if you need to type very fast.

You also somewhat remember doing lots of experimental and fusion cooking as a hobby, which is probably why you are so eager to go Hannibal Rokoannibal on everyone.

You can type at [+2 SPEED]

Eating something you cook increases your [HEALTH] and [HAPPINESS] by +2[b]

[b]This stats do fuck all mechanically but they sounded cool for flavor.

Anyway, currently, you are in a bit of a pickle.

You are standing in the middle a street in your old home city, with a symbol-stripped Rokoan uniform and looking like a spitting image of Rokoa.

Right next to you is the dead yich-eater you stole the bag from, as well as a wounded human loudly groaning over his bleeding chest. On the sidewalk there is also a pomi child crying over the body of his dead mother. Some blocks away, down the street, there is a roadblock right next to a Shield Alliance PMC base. You don’t really remember your home address and the Rokoas stole your house keys when they gave you your uniform.

Your current inventory is:

-Two pens.
-List of creatures to eat.
-Sheaf of boring documents.
-Pack of ciggies (10 left)
-Bag of Yich (1 left)

Should you…?
>Ransack a house for supplies.

>Interact with the people around.

>Approach the roadblock (CAUTION: they are enemies of Rokoa)

>Look for a transport out of the city.

No. 1074999 ID: 0fbdcd

As tempting as it is to eat the wounded or a child, we should get transport elsewhere first so we can set up a base of operations for our anti-rokocockcooa activity.
No. 1075000 ID: 0b594e

We need supplies. Root around in people's abandoned dwellings like a Rokoacoon.
No. 1075016 ID: 3ea497
File 169770817819.png - (115.30KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 6.png )

>Loot the abandoned houses


The puny window is no match for you as you smash it to pieces and enter the first floor apartment closest to you, your shameless pilfering largely ignored by the other survivors, who have bigger problems to worry about.
No. 1075017 ID: 3ea497
File 169770825086.png - (126.81KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 7.png )

Zwounds, egads and all of that! There is a phone!

It’s wireless, too! The space-future is amazing!

You also find a working fridge. Score!

After casing the joint, you find:

-A bagpack (can carry more stuff)
-Bunch of fruit, meat and condiments
- 4 sets of cutlery, including a silverware one!
- 5000 zeny
-Bunch of clothes (they don’t fit you)
-Spare human shoes
-Small TV and washing machine (hard to carry)

What do you take? And do you call someone?

You know a few emergency numbers, such as the local medical, fire-fighting, law enforcement, and Shield Alliance contact numbers, as well as a number you clearly recall from your old life, but can’t remember who it belonged to.

What do you do?
No. 1075019 ID: b3eab7

Take the bagpack, food, money, and one set of cutlery. Now you have a weapon!
No. 1075077 ID: 0b594e

Load up the pack with money and food. Also take the silverware to help with our culinary quest.
No. 1075257 ID: 3ea497
File 169794545075.png - (157.94KB , 500x500 , Rococoa 8.png )

You avidly pack the money, food (sans most condiments), and the silverware set on your newly procured bagpack.

The fridge's selection is a bit paltry, but you are sure it will give keep you well fed for at least a day or two. You grin with signature Rokoan glee at having so easily given yourself a headstart on yur new loose cannon life.
No. 1075258 ID: 3ea497
File 169794549117.png - (106.08KB , 500x500 , Rococoa 9.png )

"Hey, you! What are you doing in my apartment?"
No. 1075259 ID: 3ea497
File 169794589936.png - (142.11KB , 500x500 , Rococoa 10.png )

"Ah, damn, it's of those Rokoas!"

"Nuh-uh! Name's Roko, punk."

"Whoever you are, get the hell out of my apartment!"

Uh oh, looks like this wierdo decided to try coming back home right as you were taking his valuables. He must be either really desperate or dumb to be willing to stand up to someone your size skulking around in his joint.

What do you do?

-Leave without the valuables.

-Cheese it with the valuables.

-Beat this guy up.

-Interrogate him.

No. 1075260 ID: 53b46b

Tick human off your list
No. 1075268 ID: b38a27

Conscript him into your adventuring party.
No. 1075276 ID: 0b594e

Think you could fit his head in your mouth?
No. 1075309 ID: 3ea497
File 169802102498.png - (176.74KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 11.png )

>Tick human off your list

What? Why would you do that? You still haven’t-

>See if you can fit his head in your mouth

Ooooh, gotcha!

You quickly grab ahold of the anti-home intruder wonder with both hands and pin him against the wall.

“What are you, crazy?! Wha-?!”
No. 1075310 ID: 3ea497
File 169802108977.png - (186.74KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 12.png )

You have gained Dark CAI Points

Every time you do something good or bad you gain Light or Dark CAI Points, respectively.

Different degrees of Light or Dark CAI Points allow you to interact with more benign or malicious CAI.

CAI stands for Crazy Artificial Intelligence. They are to supercomputers what supercomputers are to people. They are just that crazy powerful!

Well, that was easy.

Now let’s see what else is on the menu/itinerary.
No. 1075311 ID: 3ea497
File 169802127644.png - (313.22KB , 900x900 , Rococoa 13.png )

You notice movement through a window, but instead of just looking out like a common dullard, you climb up to the second floor and open the window for a better and more discreet vantage point, and not because I drew the picture first then remembered that this was a ground floor apartment at the last minute, ba-baka.

Anyway, it seems an emergency medical team has arrived to pick up the dead and injured around the place. Next to the building you see one of those bird weirdo aliens, a Hiff, talking through a phone of some kind while looking after the wounded Breadcrumb Human from before, who is on stretcher.

Right next to them is a Burnt Toast Human medic with a hairnet and scrub, standing between the stretcher and the ambulance these guys came with.

Further away, you notice another ambulance with a couple figures getting a stretcher with a body on top inside. There is also another Breadcrumb Human and an adult Pomi trying to consoling the little Pomi boy from earlier.

Your culinary escapade left you covered in blood, which, as far as deserters go, doesn’t give a very convincing argument of wanting to turn a new leaf.

What now, genius?

-Wash blood (takes time, some will remain in your clothes)

-Keep looting (takes time AND makes some noise)

-Find a place to hide (sneaking out might be easier OR harder after hiding a while)

-Come out with your hands up (how do you explain the blood?)

-Go guns blazing (the guns being those tree trunk arms of yours, rawr!)

-Something else?
No. 1075314 ID: 0b594e

This war-torn city is bouncing back way too fast. better skedaddle before someone else finds you. Is there a window on the back of the building?
No. 1075315 ID: 273c18

Wash off the blood so you can go outside without immediate suspicion.
No. 1075397 ID: 407ea6

Question: do light and dark points cancel out, or do they count separately?
No. 1075637 ID: 3ea497
File 169829738435.png - (148.39KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 14.png )

>Do dark and light points cancel each other out or do they count separately?
To the first thing.

>Wash off blood

>Look for a back window.

You spend a good fifteen minutes washing the blood off your fur and clothes. Luckily, it seems the water distribution in this part of the city wasn’t affected by the bombardment nor the ground invasion. You wonder if Rokoa Prime wanted this planet over how well they manage their taxpayers’ money.

Unluckily, however, not all of the stains come off, as some have already soaked into your uniform. It is still way less than it would have been otherwise, so you are not too worried about it. You can probably just punch anyone rude enough to point it out anyway.

Once all that’s done, you look for a back exit from which you can leave inconspicuously. You walk down the main hallway and, sure enough, you find a door and a window leading to the inner space between buildings. The door is locked, but the window is not. You slide it open and deftly jump out of it.
No. 1075638 ID: 3ea497
File 169829744244.png - (165.40KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 15.png )

You suddenly remember you are pretty big and are carrying two bags.
No. 1075639 ID: 3ea497
File 169829748627.png - (179.21KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 16.png )

After some pushing and climbing down, you get out into the little alleyway and you notice a couple things.

The first is of course the freaking salikai parsing through a trashcan, apparently oblivious to both you and the large pile of other trash and random debris accumulated in the opposite wall.

Beside the trash pile there is what appears to be a pomni hobo, who seems pretty startled upon seeing a Rokoa clone climbing out the window.

Finally, you also notice two exits, one on each side of the alleyway, probably leading to opposite sides of the block.

Seems there is plenty fun to be had around this little part of town.

What do you wanna do?
No. 1075641 ID: fa6745

Your hands are clean but your clothes are still bloody and tattered
Switch them with the pomni, who doesn't want evidence-covered clothes?
also the freaking salikai must be hungry, offer food in exchange for goods and services
No. 1075642 ID: 273c18

There's no way that pomni has clothes big enough for you.
Prank the Salikai by yanking on its tail then run off through an alley.
No. 1075643 ID: 8f9bc4

this...isn't a war-torn city at all, is it.

it's just a city.
No. 1075662 ID: 3ad018

Drape an arm over the saikai companionably. "Hey there new friend, you look like someone who needs to get out of the city. Lucky you that I came by."
No. 1075767 ID: 3ea497
File 169850846315.png - (359.36KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 17.png )

>This….isn’t a war-torn city at all…. It’s just a city.

Not every part of a city gets hit the same way.

We haven’t even left this building block yet. You should see the outskirts.

Still, the fact that at least some of the plumbing systems are still working and the response teams came back after an hour or so of the Rokoas leaving means Shield Alliance did its money’s worth defending this place. Seems you and the other few neumonos that got caught and turned to clones were just unlucky.

Or pretty lucky, because now you get to do this.

>Switch clothes with the Pomni.

Your clothes or your spleen, clownface.
No. 1075768 ID: 3ea497
File 169850854329.png - (119.04KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 18.png )

The pomi quickly takes off his garb, tosses it at you and runs past the salikai guy and towards the streets before you get a change to hand him your bloodstained shirt.

The garb is pretty small for you, but you put it over your head anyway, wearing it around your upper torso the galaxy’s tiniest poncho.

>Prank the salikai by yanking his tail

You do exactly this, making the serpentine weirdo turn around to look at you.
No. 1075769 ID: 3ea497
File 169850870349.png - (128.31KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 19.png )

>Drape an arm over the saikai companionably and say:

"Hey there new friend, you look like someone who needs to get out of the city. Lucky you that I came by."
No. 1075770 ID: 3ea497
File 169850871599.png - (127.92KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 20.png )

No. 1075771 ID: 3ea497
File 169850872621.png - (128.31KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 19.png )

No. 1075772 ID: 3ea497
File 169850875307.png - (134.41KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 21.png )

“Hi, hi! So great to see someone so eager to lend their services! Especially in these troubled times!”

“I’m actually sifting through the trash for parts in my newest project. You interested in taking part on creating a new lifeform?”
No. 1075773 ID: 8f9bc4

Oh no it's talking to you.
No. 1075774 ID: 19ea25

So long as it isn't another Rokoa. It'd be great. Talk shop and see what this one can offer.
No. 1075775 ID: d7dae2

A new lifeform? oh no is he going to create competition for you?
But i say hear him out first atleast, you wouldnt punch a guy with glasses right?
No. 1075777 ID: 3ea497
File 169852399804.png - (147.69KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 22.png )

“It’s not a Rokoa clone, is it?”, you ask.

“Oh, goodness, no!” the jolly green serpentine exclaims, “Nothing so dangerous, and especially not so unoriginal. Uh, no offense.”

“Whatever,” you shrug.

“Anyway, what I’m looking to create is, as you can probably guess, the ultimate trash mammal. A creature that is made of selected trash elements that can subsist and thrive in among trash matter.”

“If I can create such a creature, I will be able to use it as a basis for a self-sufficient ecosystem that only requires trash as its base food source. I could even go further and apply it as means of safe natural recycling system-wide!”

“I had already being collecting prime matter when you guys began attackin, I know it’s a bit soon for most to return to their lives, but that gives me a great opportunity to search for more materials unmolested, and there is so much more of it now! I’m mostly looking for organic and mineral items that are both large and distinctive enough to trash. A bodyguard like you would be excellent for the job, and there is a nice amount of Zeny in it, too, what do you say?”

Oh, good. He stopped talking.

“How much Zeny?” you ask.

“Oh, silly me. I forgot to give the price!" he rubs the back of his head with one of his pincers, "2,000 per day of work, plus 2,000 more per decent material found. Might even give you a bonus if you help find something extraordinary. You in?”

You in?

>Refuse (look through trash heap/leave alley/ climb different window instead)


>Accept (suggest iconic trash item/common city district to go searching in)

No. 1075788 ID: 19ea25

Accept: Given the types of trash and given how things are broken down.. All these broken down buildings are considered trash, mineral waste, piping, all such things are worthwhile! Not to mention the stuff within like wood and all that construction material. Lets find the most bombed out area and scavenge.
No. 1075789 ID: 0b594e

accept, at least until he leads you back to his hideout.
No. 1075819 ID: 6e8599

He wants trash? Repeat that idea of his back to him.
No. 1088878 ID: a8545d
File 171323131715.png - (199.68KB , 888x681 , Rococoa 23.png )

>Repeat that back to him.

“Let me get this straight, you want trash?”

“Yes.” He says all cheery-like.



“….To create mammals.”

“I know! I know! It’s far-fetched, but that’s the point! We salikai dedicate ourselves to new avenues of research and the research of new avenues. What kind of scientist would I be if I didn’t thread uncharted territory?”

“And you’ll pay 2,000 zeny a day for an assistant?”

“And 2,000 more for each scavenged material that stands out, let’s not forget that additional deal-sweetener!”

“Damn, you must have deep pockets! Alright, I’m in!”

“Great! We can get started right away! The city outskirts are not far and would make an idyllic place to begin our search!”

“Sure, if you say so, but uhh, I just broke off from the Rokoa army and the folk outside the alley may not like me much.”

“A small setback, I’ll admit, but no worries! I’ve got a means to deal with such an issue!”
No. 1088879 ID: a8545d
File 171323137777.png - (591.87KB , 1982x956 , Rococoa 24.png )

“-I threw my coat at her and ran off. There was also another guy in there, one of those long green aliens with lots of pincers, but he was rummaging through to trash, so he didn’t see her. That was like five minutes ago. Please go there, I don’t know if the poor fella’s still alive!”
No. 1088880 ID: a8545d
File 171323145273.png - (231.41KB , 788x600 , Rococoa 25.png )

“WHAM! Eat knuckle-sandwich, knuckle-brain!”
No. 1088881 ID: a8545d
File 171323161785.png - (108.49KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 26.png )

You swoop past the flabbergasted PMCs on Suss Suss the ssalikai sscientisst’ss ssuper duper sssssCAI rocket and make for the city outskirts like comet that’s having the runs. In a few minutes, you reach your destination.

And here we are: the outskirts, the outer layer of buildings and neighborhoods that divide the city from the greater countryside!

Or what’s left of it anyway. Man, what a mess.

The small apartment block you were before looked largely fine, but that’s because you broke free from the Rokoa hivemind like an hour prior and wandered as far away from the retreating army as you could, right into the limit of where the Rokoa army got before they were pushed back. This is where the real action happened.

The clone army bombarded the city prior to the ground assault and the missile interceptors prioritized protecting the bulk of the infrastructure downtown, leaving the edge of town to be thoroughly totaled. In other words:

“A treasure trove of trash, if there ever was one! Come assistant, let us pick a pile and start digging.”

“Name’s Roko, buddy. If you keep calling me assistant, it’s gonna get old pretty fast!”

“My apologies, Miss Roko. I’m just giddy looking all this huge mounds of debris for us to lay our hands on.”

“Rrright… Hey, shouldn’t you turn that rocket back into a tiny orb or whatever?”

“It’s quite fine. If someone gets the password wrong three times in the control panel, it blows up.”

No. 1088882 ID: a8545d
File 171323171515.png - (237.54KB , 889x600 , Rococoa 27.png )

“Ah, the fresh smell of carbonized concrete! I think this only-half-leveled block is a good place to start. Hmm, though the one in front of it has more smoldering corpses. We could on one block of buildings at a time, and hopefully dig something up faster, or try to cover more ground by working separately. The virtues of cooperation! What say you, Miss Roko?”

What say you, Miss Roko?

>Search through the half-leveled buildings.

>Search the block with extra smoldering corpses.

And should you…?

>Search with Ssus Ssus.

>Search on your own.

Current inventory: (1) List of aliens for you to eat; (2) pens; (1) sheaf of boring documents; a pack with (10) remaining cigarettes; a snack bag with (1) remaining yich; (2) kilos of meat and fruit; (1) set of silverware cutlery.
No. 1088894 ID: 8f9bc4

Can you tell what any of the corpses are? Might tick a few items off your list.
No. 1088895 ID: 5ebd37

Do corpses count as trash? Check the no corpse building.
How is a rocket going to help you rummage through trash? Does it have fancy scanners or something? I guess carry it around and see what it can do.
No. 1088907 ID: 80c73b

Is "half burnt" and/or "owners are dead" sufficient to count as trash? Otherwise we're probably still going to need to look for dumpsters and trashcans - though at least we'll have easier access to inside trashcans here.

I think they just rode the rocket here, and they've "parked" it.
No. 1089088 ID: b2fb15
File 171341819156.png - (174.58KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 28.png )

>Check the no corpses building.

Eh, it was a big building. It’s likely got bodies buried underneath.

Speaking of which, you tell Suss Suss you’ll be checking out that block and start digging through the rubble. You don’t tell him whether you want to do it alone so he quickly joins you, tossing up chunks of debris in a nearby corner.

Your powerful Rokoa physique helps you dig quite fast, but it is quite a large set of structures you are rummaging through, so you dig and dig until nightfall, stopping only for a short snack, and to occasionally ask Ssus Ssus to asses one of your finds, most of which turn out, says him, unremarkable.
No. 1089089 ID: b2fb15
File 171341824729.png - (183.70KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 29.png )

At the end of the day, you gather up the few items that seem to be of any real worth, at least by deranged green noodle scientist standards: a largely intact chuck of kitchen piping; an undetonated Rokoa Conversion Payload, A.K.A. a bomb meant to release a swarm of nanites to turn nearby neumonos into Rokoa clones; and lastly, a dead patatoos, a small alien mammal largely seen as pests, yet occasionally bred and raised as pets (accent on the “oos”).
No. 1089090 ID: b2fb15
File 171341829544.png - (198.86KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 30.png )

Holy Neumolly! The little critter wasn’t dead!

You remember now that patatooses have the capacity to enter a death-like state as a defense mechanism when facing highly stressing life-threatening situations. The miraculously intact house pet opens its mouth contentedly and waves at you with its tail-hand, which is perfect for climbing, hanging, and friendly waving.

-“I think I’ve got all I could from this patch of junk,” you say, admiring your finds for a moment, “What about you, science-boy?”
No. 1089091 ID: b2fb15
File 171341844996.png - (127.60KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 31.png )

-“I found the basis for the reproductory system!”

-“Man, that shit’s nasty!

-“Quite. Just the kind of find of I was looking for!”

-“Just… If you want me to carry in my bag, put it there yourself. I’m not touching it.”

-“Fair enough. I also found some scotch tape. Lots and lots of scotch tape. Like, a whole crate. It should do in a pinch once the duct tape runs out.”

-“Sure. Say, is your lab/base/mom’s basement far from here? I don’t think this bomb’s gonna fit on your rocket.”

-“Certainly not. Which leaves us we a bit of a conundrum. A crossroads, if you will.”

-“What kinda crossroads?”

-“Well, we can either return to my laboratory now and gather our strength for tomorrow, which would be ideal if it weren’t for the fact this place will likely be swarming with rescue services and volunteers, not to mention Shield Alliance security patrols, or we could drag the confounded thing all the way to my base right now, which presents its own kind of problem.”

-“I’m a bit tired, but I can still haul this thing outta here right now if I have to. No biggie.”

-“It’s not just tiredness I’m talking about. This city was dangerous, even before the clone army was put into the equation. If we spend the night moving this piece of ordinance, we may run into some nasty customers. Bands of robbers, looters and the like. And who knows whether the Rokoa army isn’t planning a renewed surprise assault at this very moment?”

After unclenching your teeth from having to listen to Suss Suss’ annoying nerdy voice so long, you ponder the situation and the options presented. A moment later, you make your choice.

You decide to:

>Go back to Suss Suss’ lab right away and brave the city outskirts again in the morning.

>Drag all the junk back to the lab during nighttime, to whatever consequence that might bring.
No. 1089095 ID: 5ebd37

Why not leave the bomb, do you even want it? It won't work on Ssus Ssus to make him less nerdy so toss it and take the small stuff back.
No. 1089096 ID: 80c73b

Assuming you do care about the bomb, then yeah, drag it back. I don't feel like we're the kind of person to go home because it might get dangerous.
No. 1090116 ID: b2fb15
File 171461593959.png - (447.93KB , 1000x651 , Rococoa 32.png )

>Quitting or gritting
You momentarily consider ditching the bomb and just making your way back to your pointdexter pal’s place without it, but then remember that A) you get 2 extra grand for every cool piece of loot you bring back, and B) you are fricking Roko Rockatansky; you pull jobs like this for breakfast, you can damn well pull one for dinner.

-“Yeah, let’s go now. Dealing with the morning crowd’s a hassle.”

-“Too right!” Suss Suss laughs, “Let’s go then, I’ll carry some of the smaller items.”

A bunch of scotch tape and half an hour later, you walk the long way back to Suss Suss’ hideout, your arm joints and shoulder blades aching from the strain.

Your nerdy employer scuttles in front of you, carrying some of the burden on his back, his now miniaturized rocket ship hovering over one of his foreclaws.

-“Hey, how far away was this lab of yours anyway?”

-“Oh, not too far! It should be about, say, five hours from here at a brisk pace.”

-“Oomph! Did you have to set shop that frickin far?”

-“Well, there was a reason why I was offering 2,000 zeny a day, in spite of this being a purely scientific undertaking.”

-“How do you even afford stunts like this?”

-“Oh, I generally resort to the crude method of selling practical gizmos and various drugs that I know how to make.”

-“Illegal drugs?

-“Only in some star systems.”

-“In this star system?

-“….Yeah……..Anyway, if we continue walking at this pace, we should be arriving before sunrise. We can then have nice meal and a shower, my treat of course, before hitting the sack for a few hours, and then the true work will-“
No. 1090117 ID: b2fb15
File 171461598344.png - (464.39KB , 1000x651 , Rococoa 33.png )

You hear two shots ring out as Suss Suss’ right side erupts with dual pinpricks of blood.
His scream is a mix of wounded beast and shocked scientist. It is annoying yet cathartic all at once.
No. 1090118 ID: b2fb15
File 171461604543.png - (306.36KB , 728x600 , Rococoa 34.png )

You swiftly lay down the bomb and turn towards the direction of the shots, and see quartet of strolling forward and posing dramatically. You shake your fist at them so angrily you can almost see the onomatopoeia hovering over it.

Aside from the cowgirl with the gun, the others seem to be barely armed and wearing ramshackle armor. Makes sense a bunch of looters wouldn’t have much money to buy proper… wait, is that-?

Shit! That little Pomi guy’s got an energy rifle! He’s probably the damn leader of these chucklefucks. You can’t be sure if it’s the kind of weapon that burns your flesh or disintegrates you altogether, but judging by the way it crackles with energy, it’s bad news either way.

The smug-faced bozo takes a few steps forward as he takes a better look at you.

-“Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

-“Why are there three wells here, boss?” the belenosian with the pipe asks.

-“Eh, this was probably the shanty town. Corpo never invested enough to add indoor plumbing around, the cheapskates.”

-“Hey, you shmucks owe me a new client!” you say.

-“And you owe us a city, you giant clone bitch!”

-“Compared to you, everything is giant!” you smirk. You are almost disappointed when no one reacts to that sick burn.

-“Do I kill her now, boss?” Said the belenosian with the still-smoking gun.

-“Naw, save the bullets. Let’s let a pro deal with this copypaste fatass. Get her, Skitters!”
No. 1090119 ID: b2fb15
File 171461632604.png - (312.35KB , 728x600 , Rococoa 35.png )


Okay, some ground rules about the combat in Red-Eyed Blues:

Each combat encounter is divided by turns.

Each turn, the suggestors write things that Roko should do in order to gain an edge/defeat an enemy/win the fight.

And then I write her doing it.

Got that? Good.


No. 1090121 ID: 19ea25

Given his momentum it means that he needs to ensure a proper hit to do damage. The best way to deal with that is to grab him by one of his limbs and fling him like a toy.
No. 1090122 ID: 8f9bc4

Nerd is down. He better not keep his brain meats in his head.


Tell Skitters that his snout is too short. The sense of crippling inadequacy should take him out of the fight.
No. 1090130 ID: 5ebd37

yeah, grab him, swing him around you and launch him at the pomi
No. 1090132 ID: fc100b

No. 1090282 ID: 47c854

One fork three knives? He must like eating species too! Offer an ear and half the aliens you plan to eat to get him to swap sides.
No. 1090733 ID: b2fb15
File 171545600904.png - (247.26KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 36.png )

>One fork three knives? He must like eating species too! Offer an ear and half the aliens you plan to eat to get him to swap sides.

You consider doing this but then realize he can just have [i]both[/s] your ears and the rest of you too, if he stays fighting 5 against 1.
Well, it might be 5 against 2, but that pet you picked earlier is likely playing dead again.

You put your arm in front of you defensively and the little gremlin land squarely on it as he begins to slice and stab madly at you with all four arms. In just two seconds flat, the damn bug guy has sunk his blades and cutlery around 12 times into your body.

Your uniform and the coat you politely borrowed earlier absorb some of the damage, but most of them stabs draw at least some blood. The kicker being when the guy’s cleaver pierces deep into the top of your head, sending crimson flying forwards and running down your brow. Fortunately, he doesn’t manage to pull it back out instantly, giving precious moments to retaliate before he screws your skull any worse.

>Nerd is down. He better not keep his brain meats in his head.

He very well better do! You did not spend the better part a day rummaging rubble and carrying live ordinance for no pay!

Also, crossing aliens off the list isn’t as fun if you didn’t croak them yourself.

>Grab him, swing him around you and launch him at the pomi.


Done and Done.
No. 1090734 ID: b2fb15
File 171545607178.png - (217.46KB , 600x600 , Rococoa 37.png )

You lift your free hand and full grab him by his lower half, after which you spin full circle and fling right back at his lizardly boss.

“Your nose is shooort!” you yell as you let him fly.

As he soars through the air, you see him using his upper arms to covering his snout self-consciously. Guess it really was that important to him.
No. 1090735 ID: b2fb15
File 171545610404.png - (317.73KB , 744x786 , Rococoa 38.png )


Well, not quite. But the little pomi guy gets hit square in the chest by your impromptu projectile, sending them both falling backwards onto ground, to the shock of his two belenosian gorillas. Cutlery flies everywhere. Hopefully one of them left a nasty mark on the bandit boss before he gets back up and decides you are literally worth a shot of his energy gun.
No. 1090737 ID: b2fb15
File 171545629150.png - (682.19KB , 1200x1200 , Rococoa 39.png )

“Right, my turn,” The belenosian with the pipe says.

“Let me just shoot her already!” says the one with the gun.

“Naw, I can do better than just put a hole in her skull. ‘sides, I wanna test this baby out.”

Man, these guys are really cocky. They actually keep sending one guy at a time. And with a fricking lead pipe, of all things. Hurt and losing eyesight as you are, you still can believe they are that dumb.
No. 1090738 ID: b2fb15
File 171545633862.png - (751.84KB , 1200x1200 , Rococoa 40.png )


Curse this dastardly space future we live in.

I mean present.

What now?
No. 1090739 ID: 5ebd37

Being a neumono, this weapon is less of a threat to you than he might think. Just punt it right out of his hands. A little pain will be worth seeing the look on his face.
No. 1090745 ID: 80c73b

"Curse this dastardly space future we live in." Heheueuhehoohoo

Got anything that could tangle up the blades? Anything especially fibrous; any e.g. dead bodies with long hair around, or cables (structural or data) lying discarded? If not, I guess the main goal is to get control of the weapon, ideally without getting the cutty bits applied to us.
No. 1090822 ID: dd3fe0

Wow. This moron has forgotten several important facts. Namely:

-Circular saws are horrible melee weapons. They are made for cutting *wood*. They jam easily, they get dislodged easily, they require a slow press motion to saw things, most motors people use for making them run have inherent safety features that are designed to minimize injury, especially if cloth gets tangled in them, or something jams the belt, or etc. etc. Now, there ARE designs for robust circular saw weapons useful in melee fights (mostly in rules heavy robot vs robot sports which ban cloth armor), but this design, blatantly, is NOT one of those!

-You don't bring overly complex, gimmicky weapons to a real fight. They don't work well, they break easily, they're unwieldy as fuck.

-You ESPECIALLY don't bring poorly designed motorized fake melee 'weapons' to a fight with a NEUMONO! The correct way to fight a Neumono in melee if one MUST do so, is to bring a BUNCH of people with some sort of traditional, robust, HEFTY POLEARMS, and to attack the Neumono all at once!

Show them the error of their ways!

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