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File 169497759602.png - (622.98KB , 800x800 , teamlive01.png )
1072508 No. 1072508 ID: ba9ee0

- This Quest will be NSFW for sexual content. -

Corpo media just doesn’t have enough spark. No authenticity.

There’s risk, going off the hollow polish of the matrix main streets, but you know what you’re at. Coupla particular programs, a few proxies, some plug-ins - then you can dip your digits into shadier sites. Like this one. A board buddy sent you a link, something on one of the streaming hosts with servers buried off where it doesn’t have to worry about content legality. Looks like a posse of shadowrunners calling themselves Team Live thought it’d be chill to start a channel showing themselves off, couple of months ago - doesn’t seem the smartest business plan to you, but it’s real, and that gives you that taste of voyeurism that more than makes up for the low production values.

That, and that they’re pretty horny about it. Seem to like showing themselves off. Creative camera angles on snug outfits during urban explorations, showing off more than necessary while they chat about shadowrunning skills… The last video had the little blue neumono shaman or whatever showing how to harvest reagents from sort of magical crab, and she had her top off, but with the blood going everywhere maybe that wasn’t meant to be sexy. Poking around, there’s a hint of more explicit content past some pay walls. Well, you’re not too proud to admit you want to see some cute criminals putting themselves out there (at least the more feel-good, stick-it-to-the-man type crime) and you might be in luck. There’s a stream about to start, and it’s not charging any admission, despite the promising content warnings.

It’s better than watching whatever the latest sanded-down, re-regurgited remnant of creativity the investors have been sold as fashionable, so let’s log in.

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No. 1072509 ID: ba9ee0
File 169497764943.png - (622.75KB , 800x800 , teamlive02.png )


> - Well hey there, chummer! This quest is based off a Shadowrun campaign set in a modified version of the Asteroid Quest setting. If you don’t know what either of those are, you might not get some of the context for what’s going on or understand some of the terms used. Shadowrun is a famously fantasy-cyberpunk TRPG that should be easy to look up, and Asteroid Quest and its extensive offshoot quests are all available on this very site! Reading it is highly recommended! -

> - As for this quest, there are some special considerations to make clear. You, the suggesters, will be playing the part of the audience in a livestream. When you first post, please select a chat name for yourself to be recognised by, and use the dice function to roll a 1d20 by putting “dice 1d20” in your email field.-
> - - If you roll a 10, you have no money to spare for streamers. Sympathies on your poverty, whether it’s wallet or just generosity.
> - - If you roll a 1-9, you have, or are willing to spend, that much money in tens of zeny (the in-setting currency).
> - - If you roll a 11-19, you have the second digit in hundreds of zeny available to spend. Nice!
> - - If you roll a 20, you’re a whale with two thousand zeny to spend! Good for you and/or the loved one whose credstick you’re using, moneybags!

> - The main purpose of money is to donate it towards achieving the incentive markers, which will generally progress the quest towards being outright pornographic. However, sizeable donations are likely to attract more attention - perhaps you want to save your money for when more appealing options have been unlocked? Or will that reduce the chances of those options ever becoming available? That’s up to you! Make sure to remember this money is NOT REAL and to not attach too much importance to it, in case of feeling like you’ve ‘wasted’ it, that you’ve lost out due to your ID changing, or any similar issues. Just pretend it’s in-universe hackers, or the unreliability of the shady payment methods, screwing you over in some accepted-risk way. -

> - THIS QUEST IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT FOR ACTUALLY PLAYING IN THE SHADOWRUN TRPG SYSTEM. If you are interested in the great setting and tone, maybe play the crpgs, or use a different system. Shadowrun by its own mechanics is a game where people have to download a fanmade program just to reasonably keep track of their character sheets, and that’s the least of its problems. If you must try it, join a game with experienced players and follow their guidance on what characters are viable. That, or homerule it to hell. Shadowrun’s all about what you’re willing to pay - don’t waste your money. -
No. 1072510 ID: ba9ee0
File 169497770992.png - (413.18KB , 800x800 , teamlive03.png )

Welcome to Team Live - Rat Race Review CHAT GUIDELINES: - Don’t be assholes - If you like licking boot you can eat a ban - Other people can have different kinks than you, don’t act surprised - We don’t have time to respond to everyone, don’t act surprised about that either - Questions about anyone’s hive or hive status will be ignored Enjoy!

… The stream isn’t off to a great start. You’re looking at a still shot of a dusty hallway with a large, dark covered space beyond. Whatever you’re watching through can see a slice through a window and door. But you can hear: a clang, then a wet whack. Metal striking concrete, then flesh. There’s a horrible screeching, and a voice.

”-ur to go here, but - yeah I’m fine, Ninja, got half of them in a dome. The - timer? What- the stream, fuck!! Right - whatever, last gas going out! No, I got it, it’s fine!”

There’s a clink of something, then a sharp, explosive pop and hiss.
No. 1072511 ID: ba9ee0
File 169497773592.png - (457.66KB , 800x800 , teamlive04.png )

No. 1072512 ID: ba9ee0
File 169497776142.png - (454.22KB , 800x800 , teamlive05.png )

“Heey, chat! Sorry about that! Just gotta get the door so I don’t have to keep the wall up, with you in a second! Or - you with me, here-”

There’s an audible thunk as the face of a huge, mutated rodent-thing collides with the barrier the red-furred neumono conjured behind her. The camera feed switches status and begins to lift off wherever it was perched.

“We were trying to get done with the devil rats before the stream started, but you know, never work with animals, right?”
No. 1072513 ID: ba9ee0
File 169497779764.png - (450.56KB , 800x800 , teamlive06.png )

The big woman gets the door closed and locked, and the barrier behind it vanishes, leaving the devil rats to scurry and scrape in the cloud overtaking the space beyond. The camera drone floats forward and circles in toward the neumono’s open hand.

“Alright, not the perfect beginning, but I don’t get paid to deal with things going off without a hitch. So, if you haven’t been watching our other stuff, then hey, welcome! Call me Crush! I do magic, fighting and face work, plus other fun flavors of whoring myself. Usually I’m a girl but I change it up sometimes. I’ll explain what me and my team are doing here in a minute, and what you can look forward to, but first things first! How are you feeling tonight, chat?”
No. 1072514 ID: 99f29a

rolled 5 = 5

here we goooooooooooo
No. 1072515 ID: 99f29a

Alright, OOC stuff handled, let's see.

Retrieve arms from chest!!
No. 1072518 ID: 462d8c

rolled 11 = 11

>Chat name: BigTailN3v3rFail

Yoooo Crush! Feeling fine, feeling sublime! What kind of hardware you strappin' this time girl?
No. 1072519 ID: 87e33c

rolled 10 = 10

Hungry!!!! Also are devil rats edible, asking for a friend
No. 1072521 ID: fb8a42

rolled 13 = 13

Hello yes this is dog
No. 1072523 ID: 38464c

rolled 8 = 8

Those are some big rats!
No. 1072524 ID: d52a9f

rolled 7 = 7

ALright, stream time! This will probably even top the crab episode! How you doing Crush? You are safe there yeah? At least as safe as you can be with that many devilrats on the other side of the door?
No. 1072526 ID: a7a180

rolled 10 = 10

Acceptable. Where is your respirator if you are working with gas grenades?
No. 1072527 ID: e51896

rolled 5 = 5

oh! what kind of camera do you have? is it a drone of some sort? we moved and in the air? Got a mirror to hold the camera against that we can see the camera with?
No. 1072531 ID: b4cdf8

rolled 7 = 7

No. 1072532 ID: 96dcd0

rolled 19 = 19

I feel with my hands, that's how! Badum tsss
No. 1072534 ID: a8f755

rolled 20 = 20

I hope you're being careful about opsec, streaming your jobs like this is risky.
No. 1072537 ID: b99c43

rolled 3 = 3

nice entrance!! I am so hyped!!
No. 1072541 ID: ab4dfd

rolled 19 = 19

Feeling a little chilly after watching the frost magic.
No. 1072544 ID: f14228

rolled 14 = 14

Nah, that's a bangin' start there. Very in media res.
No. 1072548 ID: ba9ee0

Author Note: There was a miscommunication in the intro OOC text about how much money you get if you roll 11-19, now fixed. You get the second digit of the number in hundreds, not the whole number in hundreds. Sorry!
No. 1072549 ID: a71d69

rolled 5 = 5

you a wizard?
No. 1072550 ID: d662d9

Let's gooo
No. 1072551 ID: dd3fe0

rolled 2 = 2

Hey hey! Let's put it to the man! Woo! Looks like the camera zoomed in and changed orientation there, you got a camera drone or is it on an arm or something?
No. 1072559 ID: e5709d

rolled 16 = 16

Open the door and tame that monster by nuzzling it with all your padding!
JK Nice to meet you and yes you are very sexy

Important question: You did get a bunch of corpos to sponsor you in piecemeal and then nudge them all to infight over who controls what so they technically own you but realistically can't lift a finger without arguing pointlessly over their rivals like a bunch of animals... right?
I'm just asking because I'd rather we all stay not-arrested for being fans. Paying fans.
No. 1072564 ID: 3aed26

rolled 18 = 18

Crush, huh? I'd let you crush me anytime~
No. 1072567 ID: d662d9

rolled 11 = 11

No. 1072593 ID: 918cdb

rolled 16 = 16

Username: CyberSlamDunk

I have robbed an undisclosed amount of money from Burgers-Gone-Rogue (humane raising and free-range procurement of their rogues be damned), and I am willing to spend it all to see a Yich and a Yich-eater reconcile within this stream even if it KILLS US ALL!!
No. 1072594 ID: 0d00ee

rolled 13 = 13

chat is this real
No. 1072598 ID: 97fc28

rolled 4 = 4

I'm sure corpsecs will never figure out this stream exists ever
No. 1072605 ID: 2ea518

rolled 20 = 20

Show us your Ninja already!
No. 1072633 ID: f8083d

rolled 14 = 14

It's live!
(and case-sensitive!)
No. 1072675 ID: 6fec12

rolled 19 = 19

im doing fine. whats the funny thing in that scabbard?
No. 1072681 ID: f59d42

rolled 9 = 9

What did you do to piss of a colony of giant rats?
Nice necklace.
No. 1072685 ID: f40c5b

rolled 17 = 17

Livestreaming your runs, now that's some reckless chutzpah.

Been feeling pretty bored tonight so happy to have found something interesting
No. 1072690 ID: df45e0

rolled 13 = 13

Nice barrier. You gonna fight those rats properly or just tease em?
No. 1072725 ID: 9e0893

rolled 10 = 10

Good evening. Morning? Whatever time it is, I can't be bothered to check.
No. 1073989 ID: eb207d

rolled 8 = 8

Pretty keen. Got a stashed cred-stick from a scrap-deck that came in, not sure what's in it though.

Nice plex, how's the pest control run goin'?
No. 1074392 ID: 58dd24

rolled 19 = 19

Lets goooo how's my favorite adept doing?
No. 1076827 ID: ae064f
File 169949823740.png - (467.62KB , 800x800 , teamlive08.png )

“Woah-ho, that’s way more viewers than I was expecting we’d get right away! Slow down a bit, guys - ok, I saw a question about the camera drone for like two seconds. Hold on, I’ll give you my point of view for a bit so you can see. I think that waaaass… under this window, if I just -”

As the camera was hovering towards Crush’s upstretched hand, the viewpoint suddenly flips. Behind the AR elements thrown across her opts, a tiny drone in the shape of a winged insect descends onto her palm, and she brings it closer to her face.

“- ok, there it goes, and here you are! Your eyes, anyway. Won’t give you the specs, but we have a couple of these we use. It’s not the most amazing super-HD quality viewing on the market, and it’ll get caught by wind or birds outside, but it’s flexible and, you know. Unobtrusive.”
No. 1076828 ID: ae064f
File 169949826688.png - (310.88KB , 800x800 , teamlive09.png )

Crush switches the feed back. For a moment the stream’s view is a giant’s arm and a titan’s chest before the red neumono tilts her hand away, facing the drone’s lenses toward her face.

“Good for a moment? Let me catch up with the chat, just a sec…”

The position she’s holding her arm in must be awkward, at best, but there’s an appeal to the shot that’s no bet intentional. It takes a moment for Crush to get her bearings on the stream of messages, which allows you to notice the devil-rats’ scratching at the door behind her going quiet. She smiles, and begins to move away.

“Nice enthusiasm. Ok. Quickfire - I’m doing good and the pest control’s still on the tracks, I’ll explain more in a minute. CyberSlamDunk, happy you’re in money, don’t think I’ve ever seen a live Yich anywhere on Chacht. I’m sure there’s farms but not anywhere near here, sorry. Kome, the stream’s safe for you, that’s what this site’s for, but hide behind some more proxies if you’re nervous… Ha, yeah, fishtank, I’m a wizard! Street wiz, anyway, more technically I’m a shaman, mystic adept. You can probably eat devil-rats if you can find some that haven’t been eating trash and poison, but if you’ve hiked out into the wilds to do that, take those pristine rats to the talismonger for cash instead. Yeah I have a respirator, it’s in the bag, I wasn’t planning to use the gas. I’m fast and tough, it wasn’t going to be a problem. BigTail, you know I’m not much of a hardware girl! Sword, pistol for backup and special ammo, little protection, and the rest’s my fists and claws and good ol’ MysAd magic. Unless you meant something else? I’ve got a few tricks in my bag, but you’ll have to wait for those. And… You’ll see what I can retrieve from my chest later, too, Expres. Ok, both those last c- first couple, I said wait, so let me tell you what waiting means! Even if you might not be waiting much at all, this many people. Actually, let me give you the background, first. It’ll take me a little while, but we gotta get it out of the way for you anyway, so…”

Crush picks up a bag, but keeps talking.

“Here’s the run - we set it for ourselves, but we’re shadowrunners, we’re working, it’s a run. Right now I’m on the first basement under an office building. Thanks to a scandal and some corpo legal dick measuring bullshit or other, no-one’s worked here for months now. They still have it lit up to like, save face against being just a big black box on the street every night. Can’t look like we’re poor, right? Waste to start with, but then the devil-rats moved in. These aren’t just big. They’re tough, they’re magic, they’re usually at least half-crazy from eating out of the most polluted garbage holes the city provides, and when they’re not doing that they’ll eat your legs, so that when you fall down they can eat your face. They chew on wires and pipes and foundations, but only as practice for chewing on stray pets, stray children, homeless folks and anyone else in the wrong place at the wrong time. They’re a menace. And since whatever corporate assholes are supposed to be in charge of this place either don’t want to admit that it’s their job to hire the expensive pest control, or else want the place to be ruined for some rivalry or tax writeoff insurance crap, there’s tons of them here. Not a lot of regular rats, though, so that’s good - normally when you fight devil-rats they’ll call up the little ones to help them. Hasn’t happened, doesn’t look like it will, which makes me a lot happier! Still. Way more of the big squeaks than we expected, even. We were actually aiming to get them done with before the stream started! So, think of it as a bonus. You get some extra action to watch! Maybe. If we’re really lucky, these were the only ones left, and I just dealt with them, but… I’m not gonna bet on it.”
No. 1076829 ID: ae064f
File 169949831344.png - (477.43KB , 800x800 , teamlive10.png )

As Crush moves past the windows, the underground parking space beyond allows a dimly lit, gas-misted view of dead devil-rats. Some are cut into pieces, one of the larger ones is unnaturally stiff and smoking, others have collapsed. One more falls as the camera pans over.

“See, to make sure none escaped, we started at the bottom. Went down the second basement, sealing the building’s exits on the way, and found the nest - and that was a fucking shock! It was crawling! Could have been tight for a second, had to move fast to keep any running out into the sewers, but we used the first couple of gas grenades we brought to take most of them out. Some slipped away up, and… well, I chased ‘em, and I was just making sure there were clear parking spots when the stream started. The original plan for the stream was to just pay the place’s owners back for their negligence by trashing it on camera, pay ourselves for our civic-mindedness by grabbing whatever’s valuable, and do a little urban exploration show while we’re here. Until the personal exploration show gets funded, anyway! So, on that topic… juuust a second… here’s how you can show your support!”

An electronic chime announces the appearance of a text box on the camera.

“Pretty straightforward, right? Take donations to reach the milestones. We’ll try spend a bit of time on each one, even if you race past them, and previous tiers stay open once they’re passed, so don’t worry about missing out. I’d better explain a bit about each of them, still. So…”
Vandalism includes just wrecking things, but we’ve got a bunch of spray paint and stuff in our bags too. Give us requests! Just… you know, we’re not going to spend ages making a huge mural or anything. Get in touch with a fixer and put the word toward us for a graffiti commission if you want to go that far.”
Horny Q&A doesn’t need much explanation. Once you’ve reached it, you can feel free to get personal and talk dirty to me as much as you like. I mean, you can now, but I’ll acknowledge it more, and I’ll answer back. Give some details.”
Chat drone control, now! You won’t have direct control, but we picked up a cheap VI program that’ll take directions like ‘circle down to the left and look up’ and translate them into action. If we’re not using it for anything, we’ll even open up our second drone for you and you can switch between them. We might have to take control back, and since I’m the stream host you’ll need to keep at least one of them near me, but it’ll let you play director and check detail on stuff without needing me to do it for you.”
Outfit requests includes cosmetics. I have spells that let me change my clothes and basically anything a salon could, so if you want to put me in a particular costume or change my makeup, I can do that for you. I can even adjust my measurements a little. Remember how I said I usually go with being a girl but I’m flexible? I have a few adept benefits, heheh. And a couple of my teammates can use shapeshifting spells further past that - changing into different aliens is a fun trick. If you want the most extreme spellwork, though, I’ll need you to comp us for the reagents. Mana drain sucks.”
“With the softcore unlock, I’ll open up the outfit changes to obvious kink stuff, or just start stripping down completely, if you like. I can make a show out of it for you, and I can take requests for particular poses and things. Suggestive stuff, implications, you know the sort of thing. No really explicit material, untilll…”
“The hardcore tier! Then I’ll show off whatever you like, and I’ll bust out some toys I’ve got in my bag - and a little more magic. I’ll let your imaginations sit on the potentials. Now I won’t do just anything for you, got to be a fun show for everyone including me, but I’ve got flexible tastes, and… well, I’ll talk about that when we get there. We might add a couple more milestones.”

> - OOC INFO: When you wish to make a donation, please remember to use your originally chosen username, and write: Give donation: XX on a separate line of your post, with XX standing in for the amount. -
No. 1076830 ID: ae064f
File 169949836193.png - (356.71KB , 800x800 , teamlive11.png )

“All that said - you’re probably wondering about how my team plays into this, yeah?”

The perspective shifts as Crush goes on ahead of the drone and slips through the inactive security scanner.

“Most of them are willing to participate, and the last one is, uh, hard to figure what she’s fine with sometimes so maybe, but none of them are the same level of, like… actual fully professional sex worker that I am. I’m not going to guarantee they’ll go along so much with your suggestions, or that their performances will be as polished, but… well, we’ll see! They’re watching the chat, too, so they can see what you’re saying. Just to keep things easy, though, try save talking to them for when we actually meet up, ok?”

The big neumono girl and her camera drone both pause at the hallway just past the guard desk.

“We’ve split up to check the rest of the place for rats and valuables and fun stuff to wreck. I can feel that Shell’s still just downstairs in the second basement level - cleaning up the gas and the bodies, I hope. Not really great stream material, unless you really want to see me splash around in poison rat water, but maybe you want to see her now rather than later? She’s the one who’s hard to figure out. You might have seen her crab dissection dissertation. As for this floor, apart from the car park it seems like it’s mostly mail and physical filing stuff. Everyone else did a sweep around here while I was fighting, so there shouldn’t be any more rats, and next up is the ground floor. Little risky to hang around there, it’s got a few big glass window walls onto the street, but it’s a beautiful, horrible smoggy night outside tonight in the city - that’ll help us out. After that it’s offices and offices, a network room and a Spider nest, somewhere for the building’s wage mage to work, and it tops out at the ninth floor. Executive level. Probably has the nicest stuff, and that means it could have some extra security stuff, too… so we want to leave it for last, then we can get out right away if we trip something. For the sake of safety, we’re not staying much more than a couple hours at most.”

“So! If you leave it to me I’m just gonna head up to the next floor, but let me know if you have any ideas. Or tell me anything else on your mind! Donations are open, now, if you want to try unlock more options right away.”
No. 1076831 ID: 99f29a

See if you can reach the next floor without the elevators or stairs.
No. 1076832 ID: eb0a9c

Okay, so... yeah I can't afford any of this.
I guess I'll... try this out?
1z: "Be sure to have a nice creamy orgasm after you're done streaming."

So, I guess you should use the drone to scout first. Streaming's important but your survival takes priority.
No. 1076833 ID: dd3fe0

I don't have a lot of money saved up, but thank you for answering my question first! I just hope I can give interesting questions that people like!

Uhh... Does your actual shadowrunning involve much sex? I thought it was more sneaking and fighting and sometimes talking past things, with seductions more being about signalling intent socially, maybe sometimes a quick handie to distract a guard at most, than action that takes time on a run.

I've lots of other questions too, but imma hold back for now.
No. 1076836 ID: dd3fe0

Oh ya I just read up, I'm bad at tactical shit, do what the other people say at tactical stuff if it's a good idea, I'm more the philosophical guy.
No. 1076837 ID: a7a180

Are all remote interface drones built so proportionally to their owners? I did not know this.
Please make sure your partner in the basement is alive, and find respirators for both of you. Avoid disturbing dirty water as I noticed some holes torn in your pant legs.
No. 1076838 ID: 35968d

How big is the team, anyway?
No. 1076839 ID: 35968d

rolled 7 = 7

No. 1076846 ID: 82842b

rolled 6 = 6

>You might have seen her crab dissection dissertation.
Ah, studying the Superior Lifeform... sick.

>a Spider nest
Like, normal spiders? Particularly freaky monster spiders? Or something less crawly? :V
No. 1076857 ID: b3eab7

(so I have 400z left for now)

So, nothing useful here? Time to do a quick sweep of the ground floor than. I figure the offices above will be more promising, with GPUs to steal and monitors to smash.

Oh, and let's get this rolling.
Give donation: 10
(390z left)
No. 1076859 ID: f14228

A guiltless smash and grab? Looting the exec suite? Live the dream, guys. Good day for it too when smoggo's this soupbad. Must be excellent for cover and getaways.

Thanks, climate crisis!
Also seems you've thought this stream thing through. Love that basic bit of prep in my illegal streemz.

Give donation: 10z

Can you give us more deetz on Team Live while you clear the next floor, Crash? Announcer voice intro folks like y'all are about to wrassle.

No. 1076861 ID: c75e0b

Ooh, Shell's the one that's got that cosmic squid symbiont that covers her whole body in wacky markings, isn't it?

10 zenys to read the necronomicon with her!
No. 1076864 ID: ab4dfd

Can't wait to see what these dipsticks have left laying around. Who knows what files may be left largely unattended, guarded by nothing but a password left on a sticky note on the back of a monitor. Lets hope they left some easy to pocket stuff laying around too.
No. 1078223 ID: d5370d

Skrat hates magic rats! Always fighting for the best nest spots! Kill em all!
No. 1083675 ID: bfabaf
File 170837422401.png - (324.11KB , 800x800 , teamlive12.png )

“There we go, first donation already! That’s...”

“… I’m going to say thanks for the soyburger, but you should probably skip back a few minutes in the stream and listen to some things I said again. Now... next floor without elevators or stairs, Expreschen? I could go down and out through the sewers, and up in the front door again, but we don’t want to go outside again until we’re leaving. Maybe there’s a maintenance ladder in the elevator shaft...? I should have a look in there, anyway.”

> - OOC INFO: For future convenience, the chat names claimed so far and their associated IDs and funds can be seen through this link: - - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bLW6ITnlyk77tcvh17PxVozn_swAjiibnJTTi_QRMC8 -
No. 1083676 ID: bfabaf
File 170837427778.png - (350.32KB , 800x800 , teamlive13.png )

“I don’t think I want to bet on the lift mechanisms working, even if power’s going to them… I’m not a mechanic, but the wheels’ve been down there in rat central this whole time and might be flooded now, I’m gonna bet that’s bad for them. So!”

Crush drops her bag, gets her sword out again and starts levering it into the elevator door.

“This is probably gonna take a hot second, so while I’m doing this… not using the drone to scout, kome, I’m way better at that by myself. Devil-rats actually have a sorta semimagical capacity to hide themselves, but I have a few powers of my own to counter that. Gavin, sex… for now I’m just going to say ‘more than you’d expect, less than I’d like’, fill up that meter for more. Jolly Green, Shell’s a neumono too, her empathy’s, uhh, tricky, but I can tell she’s fine. She should have a mask on, and I can clean myself whenever I like. S, team’s five people. Higuera, ‘spider’ is what we call a matrix security admin, basically the person you try avoid fighting as a decker. Hacker. You know. Hey, thanks Javelin, Wagon, that’s the idea… CyberSlam, yeah that’s her, don’t think she has it on her though. I’ll tell you guys a bit more about my team in a second, ok? Just…”
No. 1083677 ID: bfabaf
File 170837432215.png - (303.16KB , 800x800 , teamlive14.png )

Crush finds an angle to get her sword in that she’s happy won’t damage it. She pushes open enough room for her fingers, then presses the door open for herself with a heave and a shove.

“Mmfh!… there. Huh, I thought I’d be facing the bottom of the cars already. Leaving should’ve been the last time anyone used them.”

She starts leaning in to look upward.

“Well, let’s see where they are, and where the ladder-“
No. 1083678 ID: bfabaf
File 170837435114.png - (358.30KB , 800x800 , teamlive15.png )

No. 1083679 ID: bfabaf
File 170837436698.png - (326.98KB , 800x800 , teamlive16.png )

No. 1083681 ID: a7a180

Eyes on the shaft, not on chat.
Was that a lag spike, or wired reflexes?
Either way, good catch. Cyberware is worth the investment even for neumono.
No. 1083688 ID: 58dd24

nah fam, no cyberware here, our girl's all natural. She can just do that on account of her sweet magic powers
No. 1083689 ID: f7d131

Wo-how! What was that? The camera got hyperdetailed all of a sudden!

I'll give 10 zeny for being caring with our questions and 10 more for good-swordsmanship.

...Man, who made those rats? No way they grew that spiky just from swimming in radioactive poop.
No. 1083691 ID: a7a180

All natural? That is arguable. Bioware may seem magical to the layman, but it is simply sufficiently advanced technology.
No. 1083731 ID: dd3fe0


Doesn't organic bioware have to be part of the fetus super early on, like before the soul is a big thing in the fetus, in order to not mess up the resulting person's magical capacity? Like, if someone is the exact right kind of designer baby and also super lucky and turns out to have a magical knack of some kind, they can have crazy bioware AND useful magical powers both? But that's the only real way to do it?
No. 1083750 ID: c6f2e3

Donate 60z.

Damn, you look real fi-i-ine with those moves, Crush. Nice to see you don't get slowed down a bit by all those curves~
No. 1083796 ID: 9898f4

My understanding is that bioware still reduces magic capacity, just less so than chrome does. Though I think gene-mods don't reduce mojo if you you got them at conception.

Now I'm wondering if IVF has any effect on magical ability.
No. 1083804 ID: dd3fe0


Yea, I mean bioware that is done to a VERY EARLY fertilized embryo. Stuff that's designed to fit alternative --as in some of the original-- ideas of Transhumanism, where it wasn't supposed to have drawbacks, you know? Where rather than organs (or 'seeds' of organs) being implanted and sprayed with stem cells and nanotech, the genetic code is modified before it grows any relevant organ in the first place and the growth of the fetus grows the bioware instead of more typical organs. Or something, I'm no doctor!
No. 1083820 ID: 184595

rolled 11 = 11

i just got here what i miss
No. 1083834 ID: 2f41db


<user "LastDance" has logged on.>
-cking cheap ass uplink.
Drekked outta the box.
Ok lemme see n- Holy crap!
That was a biggun.

Good arm kiddo.
Fragged that ratbastich coolstyle.
No. 1083839 ID: 2f41db

rolled 17 = 17


What kinda scratch have i got?
No. 1083979 ID: f14228

Woof, blinked and almost missed it. Wiz moves, numo.

Li'l fucks can get some sicknazty bites in. Least it wasn't the full swarm chum experience - that ain't ever a nice sight.

Have some pest severance pay. Give Donation: 20z

No. 1084007 ID: 2f41db

Wagon man is right.
Nasty critters, nastier swarm.
There wuz this thing i read bout as a lillun.
Pie ranna or summat.
Strip a cow to the bone that said in minutes.
I dunno what a cow is, but its gotta be nasty if it took a swarm to frag one.

Dont lettem get on ya lady!
Yer doin keen.
No. 1084025 ID: dd3fe0


We live in an information based reality. Just because YOU can't find out what a cow was and where the genes are still being used and in what sorts of things and what things that aren't called 'cows' any more are still basically 'cows', sorta, but just marketed to suits and rollers, that's on you, chummer. Look. It. Up. Just because a lot of the info is SOMEWHAT WRONG doesn't mean it isn't USEFUL. Hint: There's a reason lots of places call police by terms associated with cattle.
No. 1084071 ID: 2f41db


Chummer, i can barely work this drekking busted uplink.
My meat has only ever been real estate fer chrome but when i usedta run, i wuz just the panzer.
Deckers mighta s'well be wizzies t'me.
First one i saw used a clacky lil thing with his hands. Now they just think it.
Yeah, yeah.
Im a 'tique.
Least i got in here though.
Now i get'ta watch primo razergirl run hard.
...the front its gotta take t'stream yer runs...
Cool as. Ice cool. Arctic.
Stay frosty lady!
<donation failed>
Oh fer fracks sake... howd i...
No. 1084225 ID: dd3fe0


So, here's the thing. Swarms of Piranha *couldn't* tear the flesh off the bone of large mammals like Cows or Humans in minutes. That was a myth. They were just pretty colorful tropical river fish that eat meat and travel in schools. Nothing special.

But here's the thing. We live in a post-multi-apocalypse world where, all of a sudden, there's a ton of types of reality manipulation out there, yea?

And some of those types follow collective beliefs and mythology. So as the normal Piranha are going extinct due to pollution and all these disasters, WEIRD Piranha of various sorts and types are spawning due to all the things that spawn or mutate or create weird animals, spirits, spirit beasts, spiritual animals, mutant animals, and this that and the other. And a ton of THOSE swarms of Piranha *do* strip flesh off of bones in seconds or minutes.

But, here's the thing. Piranha are still pretty colorful tropical river fish. So corporate types have cloned de-extincted normal versions -- the old, went extinct type -- in their office aquariums. While out in the wild, someone may or may not have reintroduced the original strain (dunno), but there's for SURE a mess of weird magical or other variants.
No. 1084241 ID: 2f41db


Spellslinger said sumthin like that t'me once, then started on bout a collective unconscious or summat and i zoned on him.
By time drekker was done, i was too gonked t'get.
But yknow, think i grok it now.
Cheers chummer.

<donation sent: 50z> "Yer crushin this run chica! Wheredja getcha killware?"
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