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File 169077010730.png - (12.23KB , 500x500 , Dream quest title.png )
1069408 No. 1069408 ID: 770f88

Dream Quest.
NSFW Dependent on the dream.

An Short Multi Story Quest based off actual dreams I've had.
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No. 1081931 ID: dd3fe0

I guess that's also C7 maybe?
No. 1081946 ID: 5ebd37

Trigger that C4 and blow a hole in her logic.
No. 1081948 ID: b3eab7

Tell Ruby off for kinkshaming.
No. 1082449 ID: 3f89df
File 170706892660.png - (27.49KB , 500x500 , stop talking to me wierd naked lady.png )

Path Chosen: Way of The Chain/Way of the Demon

I look up towards the sky from where I once came. As much as I call Ruby a demon and a wrench for the torment Ruby's afflicted towards me, I know that she, in fact, is me, even if she's a warped, twisted perception of me. However, if she's still me, then her needs, her wants, and her fun so I can understand her better, I need to be honest with her.

I look deep within myself as a way to communicate. Focusing, willing, and Alert, I focus, and as I do, I hear the ounce of static filling my brain return with such clarity, and then Ruby's voice. Her tone is much heavier, with her mask of slyness clearly slipping at my innocence. Yet, still, with the hostility on her end, I approach her with sympathy and kindness.

"Ruby, I know you're upset, but I can't help you if you don't-"
She immediately cuts me off, dismissing me as if I were just a simple thrall. "Ah, yes, I guess I didn't explain what I wished of you. Go up to the shores, without covering yourself, and follow my rules from there-"
I cut her off, and As I do, I feel a needle piercing through my skull, yet still, I shout. "Ruby! Please, I care for you; how could I not? You are me, but I can't help you if I don't know what you want; why are you punishing me? You know that my pre-frontal cortex makes it so I'm much more gullible in my dreams; you made it this way."
I feel the searing pain wane a little
"Sapphire, This is for your own good; now do you want me to activate your phantom sense, paired with your nervous system so that you feel every crushing ounce of the barracuda's chewing, them piercing your arteries, over and over again? If not GET ON THE SHORE "
I can't take it anymore; amongst the pain inside my mind and her indecent trailing away, I finally snap.
"Ruby! You know what? I don't care! Kill me! Kill me an thousand time's over, make it as gruesome as possible for me, but I know that deep down I will have won, you want to know why? Because I won't ever give you what you want, yeah I know, you just want to control me, for some stupid reasons no one cares about, but you know what ruby? Your trash! And I will kill you, erase you and replace you with someone else."
No. 1082450 ID: 3f89df
File 170706893227.png - (21.47KB , 500x500 , hehehehe trouser snake but near your tits.png )

I feel the needle get deeper and deeper until my skull, its tip engulfed in a crimson blade. It spreads throughout me. It's unbearable. I can't help but scream against Ruby's goals, and as I do, I feel her mask hit the ground.
"You would throw me out? After all I've done for you? I made you who you are! Oh, and why do you want to do that? Because it's the "easy" path, is it because you want to have "fun"? You ignore me, throw away my teachings as I watch you degrade around me, and I'm the villain? Please, Sapphire, We both remember what those years were like. If it wasn't for me, You'd be a degenerate, living off of the government's generous donations, when we both know you'd be better off in the streets!"
I wasn't expecting this amount of apparent hostility towards them, and part of me feels she is really bottling feelings; I need to calm her down, nurture her, and care for her. "Sapphire I-"
"And here I am watching your entire day, a useless husk except for here, where I can teach you, Sapphire, to be a normal person; that's all you ever wanted, Right? Despite all the labels that fill your name. But oh, what do you do with my teachings? You try to "WIN" them and change them to fit your own flights of fantasy, Where I'm the villain who must be outwitted, and you the hero; your Memories and my lessons are all relegated to a game for you?"
I hear Ruby tearing up: "Sapphire, We both know that this will be the last time you'll ever see me in your dreams. I know that you do hold true power over me like you've had and that I will be delegated as the simple puppeteer, reaching to however you wish to approach them in the future."
I feel Ruby collapse to the ground in complete anguish. "I want to punish you Sapphire, punish you for how little you care for me, how little you care for my stories, how little you care for my advice, while I still have the chance, to make you be the fool you are, the fool who is walking into her own demise."
I can almost feel her as a snake, slithering against my thighs and laying against my breast, her fangs engulfed towards my neck, the delicate, practically erotic touch being replaced with shere hopleness against my body.
" For as little power I truly have, I still have the opportunity to show you suffering that both of us know you deserve. Now, I will ask one last time before your life becomes a living hell, Sapphire, get onto the shore, Sapphire, and let the audience decide your righteous torture.
My mind rushes with confusion. "Who is the audience? You just told me that nothing matters, that this is all an illusion, but if the audience doesn't exist, then why do you preach their name like some kind of religion? Also, how dare you kink? Shame to me; people have kinks! And mine are entirely ordinary.
No. 1082451 ID: 3f89df
File 170706893860.png - (10.81KB , 500x500 , gasp creative censorship that the audience will wr.png )

Ruby chuckles. "You don't know? The audience you've invited to your dreams silly! Those other voices in your head, convincing you to act, speak, or whatever, but you've made an bad first impression. To the audience you seem much more hornier then who you actually are. Still, they chose this dream for one reason: to see you embarssed and every last inch of you so they can feel something. With your insecent padding and your ahem *bare* chest, they are getting needy for something more."
My face flushes red, and I initially cover myself fully. "So they-"
Ruby chuckles. "Yes, Sapphire, they have seen it all, well, except for your Fanny and your bottom, and if you want anyone to care about this "Dream Expedition, Then you better give them their payment for wasting their time, both their and my goals align, so I can't wait to see what kind of sick and twisted things that they'll do to you, tata! If you refuse, you'll quickly forget about your insolence ounce. You feel the teeth bare into you for the fiftieth time."
No. 1082452 ID: 3f89df
File 170706894391.png - (18.57KB , 500x500 , brooding thinking information so many things to co.png )

And with static filling my mind, my concentration breaks. As I look out against the barracuda, I've noticed that it's become much closer and that if I fail to destroy it, it most certainly will kill me. With what Ruby said earlier, I don't want to know what it has in store for me. But at the same time, I won't listen to Ruby; my dreams have been going off the rails lately, but I don't think I need to expose my shame to everyone! And let them be in control of me until Ruby feels satisfied enough to go; there has to be another way. I look back, and the laptop has turned off; a black screen awaits.

Eventually, I decided to:
[1] Do as Ruby says and go onto the shore. I want to leave this prison as quickly as possible, and if I have to be a laughingstock to do so, then I will.
[2] Do nothing
[3] Other: Chain related
[4] Attempt to wake up [50% Immersion chance]
[1] [Additional Clothes Suggestion:] If Ruby wants to embarrass me, then it'll be impossible ounce I'm clothed (Immersion 35%)
[2] Attempt to Destroy the Barucda from existence (Immersion: 65%
[3] Attempt to break this illusion and its barriers to talking to Ruby herself. (Immersion 10%
[4] Attempt to speak with Ruby again.
[5] Other: Demon related.
No. 1082457 ID: e51896

demon 3, immersion will probably be destroyed, but if it's to try to calm Ruby down so she doesn't do anything crazy to us again for the next dream, it's a sacrifice im willing to take.
No. 1082483 ID: 5ebd37

D2, fashion that fish into a stylish swimsuit.
Torment is boring if it isn't eventually overcome, deep down Ruby must know that she can't win here. Make it flashy, have some fun with fighting for your life/sanity.
No. 1082865 ID: b3eab7

Wrestle the barracuda on-camera, let your audience assume it ate your swimsuit (or, worst-case scenario, you, in which case the stream will see you go down like a champ)
No. 1083083 ID: 3f89df
File 170761204938.png - (11.81KB , 500x500 , The universe is your oyster.png )

I close my eyes and imagine all my senses and thoughts are void, and as I do, they disappear. There's no stress, worries, water, or audience. Upon opening my eyes, I'm brought to the dark void, its length and appearance stretching infinitely. I breathe slowly and calmly, "Lets do this."

I imagine Ruby standing here before me without changing her personality, ideals, or goals. On cue, she appeared before me; her jaw dropped in stunned amazement at how I managed to land there.

She looked down at the ground and then sat on the floor, staring back at me, defeated. "Well, if you wish to kill me, metaphorically anyway, then do so already, slay the demon. Dream another day."

Without her power and her mask, she resembles more of a broken soul, one that's had shards ripped out of her as she struggled to survive, a scared child lost in self-reflection. Even if I were to kill her, would I be changing anything? I'd be just as Ruby said, someone who kills her problems and doesn't listen to lessons told—a true idiot.

"Well? What are you waiting for? I can feel your hatred, your anger in not being able to live out your dreams inside here, interrupted by a sarcastic messenger who does not care for you or your safety. Kill me; I'll get your message, and I'll never interrupt your dreams ever again."

Ruby materializes an icy sword in my hand; Its handle shows a picture of a broken heart, surrounded by kobolds eating the corpse of some windigo-like creature, its head having a ruby marking.
The symbolism and her message are evident, but I know Ruby; I can feel and see her; she's not the demon she says she is.
No. 1083084 ID: 3f89df
File 170761205243.png - (16.70KB , 500x500 , shes no demon but an child.png )

She's my inner child, the one I have abused, contorted, and ignored for so long, The one who lost her innocence at a young age because of my curiosity, the one who had to live through depressive episodes while still trying to find something hopeful to latch onto a survivor of herself. The one who helped dig us out of our worst years and construct stability to pursue our dreams, she's no demon.
No. 1083085 ID: 3f89df
File 170761205503.png - (31.54KB , 500x500 , love your inner child for she is you.png )

She's Just a lost kid, I outstretch my hand toward the defeated Ruby, whose form now resembles a younger me. She shrinks away from me, scared and alone. I look back at the blade in my hands, throw it far, far away into the void, and get down onto her level, looking at her with no fear and malice in my eyes. Ruby looks at me questionably and then toward my hand; she inches closer and, with some initial hesitation, takes my hand with hers and looks at me.
color=#E02312] "Why? Why do you want to embrace me for all I've done to you and us?" [/color] She looks at me, her expression twisting between concern and hope.
"Well, because you're more an adult than you give yourself credit for, and you hunger for love."
I take my hand from hers and stretch myself out to invite her for an embrace and thank you for all that she's done for me and what she will do for me for the years to come.
No. 1083086 ID: 3f89df
File 170761205895.png - (30.33KB , 500x500 , nuuture her and you can reach your full pottential.png )

She looks at me. Joyfully, she runs up to me and embraces me. A warm feeling pours throughout me: love, warmth, forgiveness. We embrace each other and merge into one, a complete side to two halves who separated long ago.
No. 1083087 ID: 3f89df
File 170761206231.png - (9.31KB , 500x500 , yand all of your troubles will fade away.png )

Finally, she disappears, and as she does, I can feel a bit of her inside me as my councilness starts to fade.
No. 1083088 ID: 3f89df
File 170761206738.png - (14.05KB , 500x500 , leaving only peace in your wake.png )

I awake in my bed, and a sense of tranquility washes over me as I feel the cold air of the outdoors tickling my nose. I feel nothing but pure relaxation, a sensation of tension relieved after a decade of stress.
No. 1083089 ID: 3f89df
File 170761206959.png - (13.50KB , 500x500 , oh shoot everyone just saw your female pp didnt th.png )

But then it immediately fades as I remember something; I was so focused on confronting Ruby that I forgot about my nudeness!
No. 1083090 ID: 3f89df
File 170761207396.png - (16.22KB , 500x500 , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you chould have wo.png )

> D2, fashion that fish into a stylish swimsuit.
Ack, If only I was smart and did that first!
The audience saw every part of me back there. Shit.

It takes a while and a short book reading, but eventually, all of the anxiety and insecurity fade from my system, and I find myself drifting back into the world of dreams.

I decide to visit:

A: 8-Bit and in 500x200 Resolution, a monster is chasing you down a hallway and eating you.
(4 Years Old.)
In that one Dream where everyone turned into Pokemon near the end, you were trapped in a place that looked like Target. A guy was about to kill you with a giant cheesegrater, and you were also going to fall into a boiling fryer.
(9) Years old.
C: The Dream that inspired Magical School of Treachery Includes murder! (One Decision and Magical School Creation backstory!
D: (Nsfw if you mess up?) The Dream inspired that one space-faring card game comic idea. This includes Villian transforming into a robot, epic creature battles, and censoring the main character, PP, with an egg. I told you my dreams get insane.
E: The Dream includes cute widdle sproutlings! A cartoony style and the older man….
F: Cosmic Horror 1: Getting trapped in a perpetual cycle of agony, where creatures are chasing you, and there's only one way to exit: nostalgic house snow edition!
G: Cosmic Horror 2: Boat/Shark edition!
H: Cosmic Horror 3: Jumpscare edition!
I: Cosmic Horror 4: Personal Hellscape Edition!
I2: Cosmic Horror 5: Walking down a Trail Edition.
I: That one fantasy dream with that cool conveyor and big tablet of lore and like archers. (You die in this one.)
P: That one Dream with kungfu fighting, pirates, and tremendous lore that looked like the start of some 2010 game in terms of its vibe.
J: You, the Sexuality Employees, and you're here to teach an anthro dragon what her sexuality is.
K: Sexuality Dragon goes to visit her family.
M: The three-part pirate saga you had because you heard someone gush about one piece while doing the dishes. The first includes sacrificing an elemental child to save the world; the second contains a YouTube essay Format. And pig Racism? The third one consists of some goons trying to reach home and a how-to-draw amiel (From Tenazaki quest.) piece of paper.
N: It's trick-or-treaters, but the monsters are real! Don't die! And get some fat cash.
O: A dream about losing everything, the apocalypse, and why capitalism is terrible, Mario edition.
Q: A dream where you go crazy because you don't want to spend money in a store, but the ammibo is so cheap!
K: That one Dream where you explore someone's prosperous house that makes no sense, and then you leave and get gunned down.
P: (NSFW) You're an editor, recorder, and general stream manager for a group of Pokemon Lets players. It's multiplayer. The main gimmick is that everyone is in a Bath, but you're the only one naked for some reason, and you must do your job outside. Everything is streamed live, including you, and the current is fast.
R: The Dream that happened right after first Dream has a little goo creature with an enigma, and villains, and archers and threads, and it was so cool that you woke up in your Dream to tell everyone why it was cool
S: (Nsfw) The Dream with a Mountian, Henry Stickman Mechanics Horny Fnaf 1 Animatronics, and the lets the player get a blowjob (Not the animatronics).
T: An zombie apocolypse! Had the same Dream three times! Different endings!
U: The Dream where you had a cool jetpack and went to see cool places!
W: A dream where you visit a twisted wonderland.
X: The Dream where you work in this junkyard town that's really high in the sky, you work in a game store, you play hide and go seek with transforming kids, and you play awful music. because your boss wants to. And has a video attached where Yoshi fucking dies, and you laugh inside the Dream.
Y: A relaxing dream where you just explore a 19's punk-inspired town where the geometry makes no sense.
1: The one cute, wholesome Fan-Pokemon dream that started as FNAF and ends in war crimes?
2: A completely normal and definitely not symbolic dream of waiting at a hospital, being denied, wandering around an unknown town, realizing you are a dream, and then tearing the top of someone's skull to wake up.
3: (New:) Essentially, you're in Mario Party 8's Goomba's Booty Board-Walk, but there's a bunch of new gimmicks, things, equipment and equipment statistics, and your anthropomorphic Pokemon? More specifically, an Espeon is wearing some Pokeball-styled ears, and you're an Umbreon wearing Pikachu ears. This Derklord fellow must have a mental illness for her brain to come up with this sort of stuff.
4: (New:) You are a Guy Exploring a dilapidated house with lots of spirits of children who have violent tendencies and usually have one fatal flaw; they can be recruited, however, and in doing so, have Pokemon-like designs, an Ice-looking girl has the most power than most of them, and she represents Isolation. Also it takes place half in your nana's house, half at your mom's house.
5: (New:) (Nsfw?) There are a couple of characters. All characters are based on small woodland creatures or Rodents (Including Ferrets). The one chosen inside the Dream was a girl (Deer or ferret). She wore a hoodie and clearly had star/limited future-seeing abilities. She was invited to a family gathering at a very tight-nit conservative and protective family of Deer/Elk/Moose/Bear Tree-Druids/ Plant/Limited element-based magic.
The other was a guinea pig that could turn into a snow golem or bear and had snow powers; he was neutral towards the family.
The last one was a mouse who had tattered clothing. He hated this place and wanted to explode everything about it.
6: (New:)
The dream has me driving, hallucinating, dreaming inside a dream, and passing out! This is definitely not symbolic at all, and it is definitely not Ruby yelling at me for being a dumbass!
7: (New:) Your that slime guy with the gross teeth from digimon and you have to protect your castle, from invaders however you actually suck, and you have to find an way for them to not kill you.
No. 1083095 ID: e51896

as much as I wanna do more lewds, I think nows a time to takes a break off of it.

I ALWAYS get dreams about driving. sometimes I dream about getting lost while driving, sometimes i dream about driving in a bad neighborhood, sometimes I dream about driving in a highway, but the worst ones are where I'm trying to drive from the back seat. I hate those. And there was one instance where I was a kid where my dad was driving, and he turned into a freakin' skeleton!

I think what I'm trying to say is, I vote 6, the one in which you're driving a car and hallucinating
No. 1083097 ID: 5ebd37

first choice: I2 seems like a nice vibe
second choice: Q, I'm a sucker for mundane shopping dreams
No. 1083102 ID: 199162

Derklord Ammibo Derklord Ammibo
No. 1083138 ID: b3eab7

First choice: I3
Second choice: Y
No. 1083337 ID: 3f89df
File 170788365939.png - (22.10KB , 500x500 , woah my booobies are actually clothed.png )

Why did I give the audience a chance to take me to another dream? There's going to be irony x3, and I'm just going to be naked again, going on wacky misadventures.

Oh, I wasn't expecting this. I pat myself up and down. Yep, I'm still clothed.

Oddly, there is no third-person speech, and my memory doesn't feel wiped or drowsy like it usually does. I don't know if it's because of Ruby, but I'm only 15% immersed. I check my pockets. I have a single fifty-dollar bill. I look around to take in my surroundings.

I seem to be in some underground store of kinds; it's a store that young me would squeal in excitement about going to. I see video games, Figures, memorabilia, books, toys, and stickers, all of which come from game franchises and video games, all of which are from series I used to love as a kid, mostly Nintendo and Pokemon. Still, I can see tiny hints and pieces of third-party companies and games such as Wargroove, Starbound, Terria, Minecraft, and many others.

I look at the crumbled fifty dollars in my pocket. So Ruby wants me to use this to buy something, huh? Well, there are only a few things I could do here: look around or leave. But I'm not going to spend the money.
No. 1083338 ID: 3f89df
File 170788366497.png - (51.19KB , 500x500 , woahhhh your so creepppppyyyyyyyyy.png )

Hey you, yes you, the audience. I think that because of what's happening, I can quickly tell that you're an outside force of sorts, And because it's pretty dull to shop by yourself, you can ask me questions, look around with me, and point out things that intrest you, give me orders, it can be anything. I feel like this place is a way to rest before we go to whatever crazy place we go to next, and probably by then, you'll be my voice in my head rather than an entity entirely separate.


Looking at your hands, cool, huh? that's the power of dreams. You're up here in my noggin, but you appear like you're here.
No. 1083339 ID: 3f89df
File 170788366913.png - (49.12KB , 500x500 , woah derklord shopping mall derklord date dream aw.png )

Oh, and the questions you ask me can be as personable as you want. Please don't ask for any identifying information; I won't respond to those. Oh yeah, and for the orders? You're not telling me to strip naked for you. I'm not one of those girls, and we just had an NSFW dream about a minute ago.

Let's get started, shall we? From where I stand, I can see three diffrent categories:
[a] Video Games and Media
[b] Books and Comics
[c] Amibbo's, Toys, and Figurines.
[d] Other?
No. 1083340 ID: e51896

C, cause Amibbo is what the dream is about!
No. 1083343 ID: e51896

and for my question, how did you discover questden? What inspired you to make quests?
No. 1083344 ID: 7497d2

A, and what kind of ttrpg systems do you enjoy playing the most?
No. 1083346 ID: 5ebd37

[b] book covers in dreams always seems so enticing.

What amibo are you looking for? What are your favorite games?
No. 1083348 ID: e51896

ssshhhhhhh, it's called "amibbo". you don't want the popular game company to send a cease and desist on this quest, do you?

No. 1083354 ID: 199162

DVDs and physical games sales? What year is this set in!?

B, head straight for the BOOK isle like the nerd you are!! Let's see what your dream store has in stock!
also, have you got anything interesting lined up for dinner? totallynotadate
No. 1083421 ID: dd3fe0

Books, I wanna know about what crazy expansion to what crazy ttrpg that is going to be absolutely AMAZING and you just know it, or what the most perfect ttrpg book would be, I *know* it's here and it's epic and amazing and wonderful. But sooo expensive!
No. 1084199 ID: 3f89df
File 170864493194.png - (38.68KB , 500x500 , derklord likes books cringe I thought shes an game.png )

K! So we're going to the books section, then! Just umm...
Don't judge my tastes.

Here we are! Honestly, it's what I expected; the child's area has many of my old favorites, mainly comic books and some chapter books. Meanwhile, modern books are just programming, art/writing, design, and game development books for various skill levels.

But it's not all doom and gloom! Look, there are some graphic novels and some TTRPG Books, quests turned books, and-
No. 1084200 ID: 3f89df
File 170864493507.png - (91.91KB , 500x500 , oh no derklord is an homestuck girl oh my god shes.png )

Oh my god please stop following me into my dreams
Ignore that.

Uh, Anyway, Questions! Questions! I know you all must have some real questions or not because I understand how much I actually matter in the grand scheme of things, and my ego is low to compensate
so ask away!
No. 1084201 ID: 3f89df
File 170864493709.png - (30.38KB , 500x500 , oh my gooodneess derklord quest den lore kinda cri.png )

> For my question, how did you discover Questden? What inspired you to make quests?

Ooh! This is a perfect question! But the explanation may be a bit long-winded, but I think giving a complete background is best.

I've always been a storyteller at heart; when I was younger, I foolishly wanted to be an artist/storyteller, more specifically, a graphic novel writer/artist.

Eventually, around three years ago, I had an idea, and BAM. Fantastical Journey was born, but the initial draft of Fantastical Journey isn't good. But I still wanted players; I had just recently joined DeviantArt, and my then digital copy of Fantastical Journey got no players, so I put it on the back burner.

Skip to 2022, and I decided to redo the art and the systems. Again, I got no attention (Mainly because Deviant Art was not a good place for Fantastical Journey). Later that year, by sheer coincidence, I joined Furafinity and began to look at some artists. I started to follow Sofia (Also known as Chiggidey Chiggidey Choo) because her art was cute! And by sheer coincidence, she posted an update to Slime Quest. However, the layout was confusing and didn't make sense to me.

So I left, and then around a year or so later, I went back and saw Slime Quest had an update. The same repeated itself; instead of quitting, I decided to look around, and there I found the rules and other documentation.
But by sheer coincidence, I found an update to Tippler's Kobold Quest. I read all of it since it was a much simpler and digestible quest; that, alongside understanding the docs, helps brighten my understanding. I looked to Fantastical and hoped that this time it would work. I then spent some time over the summer working and refining the system until June 30th, 2023, when I released a fantastical journey. And the rest was history.

Also, before you ask, the fantastic Journey is not dead (Even though it's in the Ghost House). I just can't manage three quests all at once. I definitely can not manage a quest and its corresponding TTRPG systems with college and personal responsibilities.

But yeah, that's a very long-winded explanation of how I discovered Questden and started making quests! You can credit Sofia's Slime quest for showing me this wonderful site and community and Fantastical Journey for inspiring me to write quests in the first place.

While I'm here, I'll give some background on why Magical and Dream Quest are also here. Magical is a rewrite of my physical original graphic novel of the same name; that's what the original did, but much better.
And Dream's here because of me realizing I had crazy nut-job dreams, and as a way to have a low effort/ shit post quest, even though I overdid it like most things I do. (Unless it's using MIT app inventor.) Visual based coding languages suck

Hey! *snap* No sleepy! *snap* *snap* I was telling you my dramatic Questden backstory; now's not the time to be sleepy! *Cough* Any other questions?
No. 1084202 ID: 3f89df
File 170864494215.png - (126.72KB , 500x500 , hehehehehehe blushu derklord kobold she blushu mor.png )

> What kind of RPG systems do you enjoy playing the most?
Oh! I love TTRPG's! I'm running a session and finished a One Shot of my D&D campaign! We usually run Fifth Edition with a bit of homebrew put in there. However, I also used to host Root RPG Campaign with a bi-weekly gaming group a while back. The college has made it so I usually spend gaming groups in the back studying.
What else?

> What amibbo are you looking for? What are your favorite games?
Oh, if I remember correctly, the ammibo I found in this Dream was something really obscure, like an Goomba Amibbo or some sort of Enenmy Amibbo that only worked for one game, but I thought it was so cool; that and some sort of gambling system for some figurine or toy that I don't remember, I just remember that there was some sort of interactive toy or thing of the super mario world map.

I don't play video games that much anymore, especially since I don't buy any. But I'd say BG3, Divinity 2, Rimworld, Binding of Isac (All expansions), Dicey Dungeons, Death Road to Canada, Spore, and many of the old classics such as Mario Kart 64, Fortune Street, and Mario Party 2.

> DVDs and physical games sales? What year is this set in!?
Hey! Just because I grew up with a mixture of old and new stuff doesn't mean you can judge me for this store's early 2000s material.

> Let's see what your dream store has in stock! Also, have you got > anything interesting lined up for dinner? totallynotadate

Yeah! We should totally look at this in more detail! And I'm most likely going to be boring and have vegetables and sand-
Wait... Are you hitting on me?

Audience + DerkLord Romance? (Optional Path?)
[a] We are hitting on you; let this be a shopping date! And maybe dinner afterward?
[b] No, I'm not hitting on you; it's just a joke; let's return to shopping, shall we?

Areas of Focus:

[1] Graphic Novels and Kids Books
[2] The forbidden book
[3] QuestDen Books
[4] Textbooks, Programming/Design Books, Video Game books.
[5] Others?!?!
No. 1084212 ID: 2f41db

What was your proudest creation in spore?
Also, most treasured childrens book, what isnit?

Oh, you know its gonna be A)
My vote is null.
Happy to hang out, buuut if i was a betting man...
No. 1084231 ID: 88a673

3 for all the refrences
No. 1084245 ID: 5ebd37

a) If you'll have us
5) why, is that the D&D v3.5 monster manual I spy? What sorts of races and monsters do you enjoy in roleplaying, or just in general?
No. 1084380 ID: 01d6f2

[5] may we PLEASE get a short unhinged rant (that gets cut off a sentence or two in) about the physical Homestuck books!??
No. 1084981 ID: 3f89df
File 170931811497.png - (24.40KB , 500x500 , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png )


*Derklord Blushu Activate* I-kind of wasn't really expecting that, um shoot, I'm so bad at romance; uh, hey! Audience, How- No, that wouldn't work, Okay. So Audience, we can pick up and go on an actual date later, if once was one shopping. It'll give me time to remember how you do romance For now, let's just make it a casual shopping date.

Derklord Shopping Romance Options Unlocked.

OHNO! You made me blush so much that the art style and quality has degraded! NOOOOOOO!

How about we choose an category to look into instead-
> 5)
> 5)
> 3)
Huh, you seem a tad indecisive, no matter! I can look into the specific books that you wish to go to and then look at the quest-den category of books to begin with.
No. 1084982 ID: 3f89df
File 170931811907.png - (29.72KB , 500x500 , dnd characters.png )

> why, is that the D&D v3.5 monster manual I spy? What sorts of races > and monsters do you enjoy in roleplaying or just in general?

I go over to the D&D monster manual book and pull it out, making sure it's clear in your view, but not because the budget is 1 cent.

Oh This? This is 5e- Oh wait, no- this is 1st edition advanced Monster-Manual; it must be that one-ounce-in-a-lifetime opportunity coming back to bite me in the ass.

Oh, and to answer your question! I've never played any other D&D Rules other than 5e and some homebrew rules; in terms of roleplay, I love all the dragonoids, obviously. Kobolds are an absolute favorite, and my PCs keep ending up being my Fursona, with Vi (Me!) and Koli Top Right. I love roleplaying as kobolds, I recently got to play in one of my cousin's one-shots, and I ended up playing as a Paladin Oath of the Ancients named Sigatch. She was an absolute blast to play; besides that, I'm mainly the DM, but I love most fey creatures and, again, the dragonlords. I rarely use humans, using elves or dwarfs instead. Unless they are the bad guys or someone in a position of power, then they are human.
Also, pack tactics and fury of the small my beloved smoochy smoochy smooch.

Oh! Sorry, I got a little side track here; let me just put away the book, and there we go, Is anything else you want to look at before we go to the Questden section?
No. 1084983 ID: 3f89df
File 170931812228.png - (24.07KB , 500x500 , h-homestuck oc____________.png )

> may we PLEASE get a short unhinged rant (that gets cut off a sentence or two in) about the physical Homestuck books!??

Ugh, not that book again. Do I have to? Isn't it better to ignore it- I see that look on your face fine; you'll get your rant.

I've never read Homestuck, Honestly! This isn't me trying to burn up the past, I've tried reading it, but I was really confused by everything, even more so than Questden. (Although it is strange how much early Homestuck and early Questden have in common.)
My only perception has been listening to some fat person talk about Homestuck lore for a couple of hours while I did the dishes.
Yet this STUPID series keeps following me into my dreams, not any Homestuck book in particular! A new "Ultimate edition with gold lacing" and has the entire- I don't even know if the physical homestuck books are good! Just- Go- Away you stupid- And I begin to tear this book to shreds; I don't know anything about home- "Hi." I turned around to see a voice with a familiar face. I cast a thunder spell, and she immediately dies disappears.
No. 1084984 ID: 3f89df
File 170931812752.png - (18.33KB , 500x500 , angy.png )

Don't ask, Or else I'll kill your firstborn.
No. 1084985 ID: 3f89df
File 170931813238.png - (23.15KB , 500x500 , childhood book lore.png )

Gods, this stupid migraine- I only have time for questions- please just ask away; it'll make me forget about that silly series.

>What was your proudest creation in spore?

Ooh nice question, although I didn't know how the online system worked, So I never got to participate in the community, maybe in a far-off universe I didn't go onto Questden and just made high-quality spore maps instead, now I would show my favorite creation but my computer is having a problem with its lan adapter, So I can't redownload my files. (I most likely deleted it anyway.)

> Also, most treasured children's books, what is it?
Bone, I liked Bone even as a kid, even though I didn't understand 40% of everything; it's probably for the better; that book is NOT a kid's book. It's got blood with some gore, very intense themes, and cat balls; no, don't ask why I remember that in particular.
I think Bone and, by extension, the next manga really got me into comic making, although Geronimo stiltion Kingdom of Fantasy probably inspired me greatly as a writer.
Boils was my childhood crush.
I also like Happy Happy Clover! Hey! Stop laughing! I know it looks like a girly girl book for little girls, and by extension, it kind of is! But stop laughing! There, got it out of your system?
Happy Happy Clover is a book series I used to read a ton, and I got the series at some thrift shop; I used to read a ton. It has a lot of heart, and the characters are just extremely fun. Especially Clover, she definitely was an inspiration for many of my characters personality-wise for years to come. Also, looking back, it affected my humor growing up.
Also, look at Mallow; just look at her; her floppy ears are legendary; I hate how they nerfered her top-tier ears in the anime (That I didn't watch.)
Floppy ears are better than pointy ears, and if you disagree, fight me 1v1, I dare you. [small] but please don't. I'm kind of frail [/small.]
No. 1084986 ID: 3f89df
File 170931813699.png - (23.84KB , 500x500 , uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh where did the ref come from.png )

Now let's move onto-
> Happy to hang out, buuut if i was a betting man...
Derklord Blushu * 500% percent is now activated.
What's that supposed to mean?! No, really- I don't know what that would mean- Sure, I may have posted umm something really NSFW prior to making this update, but It's not going to get to that!......... will it?
No. 1084987 ID: 3f89df
File 170931814002.png - (21.30KB , 500x500 , blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png )

Uh, anyway, Questden section!
There's a wide variety of quests here, well if I could show it, but I can see through this red curtain, so let me explain it in more detail! some quests that are important to me from this site, some that I've read to completion, some that I think about often, and some that have interested me.

So, you may have noticed that there are a lot of Tippler's Quest books, and that may, or may not be because I was burnt out after my first semester and binge-read the entire Tippler catalog in two days, but I can see why Tippler is such an important figure in this community, his stories and art is outstanding,
I have no clue why, but I think Nostalgia Quest, and You Died are some of my favorite quests ever.
Obviously, I love Slime Quest! It's just a very cute series with absolutely gorgeous art at times, paired with lovable characters.
Dive quest gains points for the longest-running quest, and the one that has kept my attention, even when going through multiple threads; it also has cool world-building, and the Tisolomer/charm is so lovable I want to squeeze and hug her.
Dragon romance is probably the first-ever quest I read to (almost) competition, despite me not being a horny person (despite what this quest and magical may provide) and staying away from most horny quests. Dragon romance has a lot of heart and is funny. At least to me, anyway. although I do wonder what the big project is about... and It affected me personally in a large way, but I won't disclose why, since it's not really important.
Honestly, almost every quest out there is fun and good, like Buckweat, Panda, GiantHat, Edmango, Donut, and so many others! Your quests are amazing!
But the question on my mind is, do I buy any of them in this dreamscape? Hmm.... maybe not; I should check out the value that my brain has put on them... I do have 50$, even though I'm most likely just going to do window shopping instead.
Ugh, I'm still deciding! Audience, what do you think?

[1] Dragon Romance!/Slinko Section
[2] Tippler/Nostalgia Quest/You died
[3] Slime Quest/Sofia's work
[4] Dive Quest/Weaver's work
[7] Specific Quest Book: i.e Tension, Girl Talk, Rotten Apple, I hate my job, Moot Point, House Cadvere, Lazy Fairy, Hu, Rot, Etc.
[8] Specific Author Section: I.e: Edmango, Tippler, Absurd De Void, Donut, Thicc Ice, Weaver, Kaltus, Donut, Giant hat, Hitmisu, AplhaLurker, Cirr etc.
[9] Other
[10] My work? Derklord blushu???
[11] This is stupid. Go back to the actual interesting dreams instead of talking about yourself, you narcissistic piece of poo poo
[12] Like 11, But maybe let's focus on an different aspect instead.
No. 1084988 ID: 7c55ad

[7] I recommend Lucha quest, the comic series! (no way, im not being biased)
No. 1085028 ID: 2f41db


Oh, now bone is a good one.
The kind that grows with the reader as you return to it.
Good taste.
Cant say im familiar with the cutsey book, but hey, cute stuff can be a delight of its own and they sound like more than just floppy ears and adorability by the way you talk about it.
Humour and heart too.

Dont be so down on pointy ears though.
theyre cute in their own, different way.
Same said of horns.

Oh, you cant leave us hanging now you said that about dragon romance.
What was your favorite scene or moment?

As to the shelves...
Im torn.
7) looks good.
Lucha quest sounds pure fun.
See if they have a copy of chee quest.
Its a classic.

I AM greatly tempted to ask about shelf 10, if only to see you be adorable again.
No. 1085042 ID: 5ebd37

eeee, you mentioned my quest!
Dammit, stop being so adorable

[9] Anything good in the classics section? i.e. quests from a decade ago. Have you ever done any digging in the wiki?

[10] See if they have a copy of Dream Quest and see whats going to happen next.
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