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File 169004761385.png - (112.18KB , 800x800 , MSI 1.png )
1068625 No. 1068625 ID: 817509

Welcome to Magical Solutions INC.!

Magical solutions to every problem! Let our team of experts conjure up a cure for what ails you! Curse your enemies! Curse your friends! Uncurse yourself!

Do you need an enchanted hat? We've got you covered!

Do you need to be invisible? We'll see to it!

Magical Solutions INC.!!!
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No. 1069427 ID: 4a2452

To be entirely honest, Ramgar the Fiery is a very lovely lady and I don't see any reason for her to change her appearance because of others. But if that's what she wants then that's what she wants.
No. 1069429 ID: e5709d

Our best bet is to create a long-term growth plan. Have the implants act as symbiotes, and slowly grow within her body until they bloom.
We can get paid in installments for a decades-long job.
No. 1069433 ID: 273c18

If she just wants to look fashionable, what about an illusion? It won't have to affect her scales, so it'll be comparatively easy!
If she needs it to be physical, then... can we do a physical illusion?

Backup plan:
Let's go with a potion. Temporary duration at first, so if it doesn't work out how she wants it we can adjust the potion. Once we've fine-tuned the resulting boobs, we can make the equivalent permanent potion.
Potential pitfalls:
Appearance! Make sure they're humanlike boobs covered in scales. Find out if she wants nipples, and if they should lactate, and if so under what circumstances and how much. Make sure the color on the boobs matches her color. Verify that she wants TWO breasts.
Firmness! Make sure they are sufficiently squishy.
Size! Find out what she means by "medium".
Sensitivity! Does she want sensitive nipples? All the rest of the breast should feel like her normal body, I imagine.
Weight! They should have roughly the same density as her body fat.
Location! Make sure they wind up where she wants them!
and of course make sure her body doesn't reject the new organs.
No. 1069434 ID: 38349b

if dragons are resistant to magic why dont we make a semi-organic boob golem, or like a silicone slime with an illusion, or a mimic that specifically likes to become tits.

We're magical solutions, so we can use magical creatures too.

I'm pretty sure a silicon slime could just live off of the sweat of a dragon, and excess grime so it's low maintenence, but would be hard to control due to low sapiency.

A mimic would be smarter, but would probably need to get paid long term and would not really net us much profit

The golem would net us the most profit because we could have it adjust based off of parameters we set, but would *feel* stiff, even if they *look* good using illusions.

Personally I'm of the mind to mix the silicone slime and golem, the slime for the feel and weight of boobs, but the golem as the framework and core, would also let you syphon slime in or out to enhance or enlarge it.

No. 1069435 ID: e51896

whatever we do to give her breasts, we HAVE to store magic milk in there... for authenticity.

Actually wait, what stone is her Wish Gem? maybe if we can find out what powers up her wish gem, we can use magic to charge it up, and the excess magic will go into her magic reservoirs, expanding her breasts that way.

unless that only works for dragons in the RHBDS quest world.
No. 1069436 ID: 2a82d3

It sounds like any magic strong enough to change a dragon's shape could be strong enough to polymorph her into a different creature altogether. Great if it ends up as what she wants, but that seems unlikely.

Ugh, beauty magazines... They fake so much, you know. Do you know how they get their bodies to look like that?

Actually, that might be worth finding out. Have the kobolds look into their catalogue for research, before we do anything else. They might have actually decent advice, or warn us about what not to do. Visiting the studios or interviewing the models could be worth it too. Could be difficult to send kobolds in, one at most, as they're probably prepared for kobold raids. Do we have any aspiring succubi, junior vampires, or goblin journalists available?

Since the kobolds are very enthusiastic about this job, we could also distract them with an assignment to provide spa treatment to their temporary mistress. If we're lucky, it could be therapeutic enough to reveal deeper wants we could provide for less magic or even no magic at all. If nothing else, it's an anger buffer.
No. 1069441 ID: 53b46b

I'm thinking symbiotes: we surgically install a pair of stretchy spherical slime habitats on her chest (with small teleport runes for feeding and drainage). Then once in place the slimes can be fed or drained to control the size of the bust.

Best part is we can turn this into a steady income stream by selling her "special" slime feed.

Alternatively if she finds the slimes too icky we can do more or less the same thing but with inflatables controlled by dammed souls, I'm sure there are some dammed perverts who'd actually enjoy being part of a dragon's tits.
No. 1069456 ID: f2320a

Lets not do cosmetic surgeries first lets experiment with breastmilkers and hormones and feed
Well getting some udders to experiment would be good to figure out the whole tits thing and be cheap as its slaughter waste we could test the techniques on kobolds all the fattening all the enchanted cowbells we can stomach alot of cow souls to capture
No. 1069469 ID: edf097

The slime-symbiotes seem like a good idea but I think we want to make them low maintenance and convenient.

Get them firmly imprinted with ideal boob properties so they don't go wandering about Ramgar's body or feel wrong and such.

For upkeep, some of what Ramgar eats goes towards feeding them. To keep them the right size, enchant them to be paired up with one or more kobolds that'll be the recipients of any excess slime. It's enchanting the slime, not the dragon so hopefully should be cheaper. I'm sure the kobolds will be happy to help!
No. 1069626 ID: f2320a

Seems more parasitic if it feeds thing is you probably should not introduce seperate organisms under your skin that can eat your flesh
No. 1069653 ID: 708905

Which is why i like the idea of making them dependent on special feed we can also sell
No. 1069676 ID: ef4f9d

What is we use a temporary symbiote that grows her real boobs?
We can create two creatures that latch on to and suckle her chest. They survive by siphoning off some of her bodily fluids and natural draconic magic. They also slowly alter the area they're latched onto using some of the magic they've drawn, making the area easier to stay latched onto, produce more bodily fluids, And store more energy generally. So, *boobs*. They should also secrete a mundane chemical agent that relieves the pain this would cause.

The benefit here is that very little external magic has to be used on the dragon at all- the dragon's own magic will guarantee success- but the The symbiotes will be crazy dangerous .
Extreme fine tuning will be required.

Drawing fluid and magic from the dragon will make her unnaturally hungry. We need the symbiotes to work quickly enough that she is satisfied, but slowly enough that she Doesn't go on a hunger fueled rampage.

The drug they produce to prevent pain needs to be balanced so it isn't addictive. It could also cause other weird side effects.

The actual structures these things produce need to be tuned to be sufficiently boob-like. Not some Body horror stuff. Of course, there's always the possibility of weird permanent effects, both pleasant and unpleasant.

Finally, we need to formulate a spell to cause these things to safely release themselves- or just die and harmlessly fall off- when her boobs reach the desired size. It's important that No part of them remains inside her for obvious medical reasons.
No. 1069714 ID: 5a7a53

Clearly step one must be a thorough examination of our client's pectoral region, to map out the region we are about to alter.

Since the scales are durable and magic resistant the most reliable method would be visually, and manually. There must be some pliability if forming breasts is possible at all..

In conclusion, we should ask our client to consent to having our most professional and trustworthy kobolds to grope and squeeze and massage her chest in a professional capacity, while our most medically inclined henchfolks take notes on range of pliability and flexibility.

You could probably charge your own henchbolds for the privilege of helping!
No. 1069717 ID: f2320a

Do dragons even have nipples or is it a split it a banded underbelly segment filled with fat?
No. 1069719 ID: 48c015

What if we make a magical self-help book about confidence that gets results?

Let's make it so that it is narrated by our most silver tongued devil every time you read it, and that it has floating, hologram-esque picture illustrating the stories and examples for the stuff it's saying so that the reader actually pays attention.

By the end she will much much better and we won't even have to use super expensive spells to affect her directly, just the book!
No. 1070059 ID: 708905

But that's not what we're being hired to do
No. 1071083 ID: 435f13
File 169324708635.png - (108.55KB , 800x800 , MSI 41.png )

>what stone is her Wish Gem?

There are dragons on worlds all over the universe and the multiverse. They come in all shapes and sizes. On some worlds, dragons have a Wish Gem and/or boobs or perhaps some other strange features, but those traits usually come with more esoteric worldbuilding.

Ramgar the Fiery comes from a generic fairytale world and is a generic fairytale dragon, so she lacks both wish gem and boobs.

Onto your solution proposals!
No. 1071084 ID: 435f13
File 169324708935.png - (67.61KB , 800x800 , MSI 42.png )

Magic Potion of Boob Growth

Let's see, a magic potion of boob growth is normally a [Rare] potion, which means all the ingredients must be [Rare] or better.

Because this is a dragon we're dealing with, the potion must be [Epic] level. [Epic] ingredients typically cost around 10,000GP each. We can count on there being at least four components, so if we want to buy the components we can expect to spend at least 40,000GP.

We can save money on purchasing components by sending out expeditions to find them in the wild. A [common] expedition like the one we sent to find Zobar Hoblegoble typically costs 25gp to outfit and supply. An [Epic] expedition would require an initial outlay of 2,000gp.

Brewing the potion will also require a Grandmaster Brewer (10,000gp for one-time hire, 25,000gp to put on staff) and [Epic] Brewing Equipment (weights/measures, scales, cauldron, flasks) (40,000gp).

Total Estimated Budget:

52,000gp minimum

90,000gp max
No. 1071085 ID: 435f13
File 169324709374.png - (75.01KB , 800x800 , MSI 43.png )

Slime Symbiote

Slimes are not going to look and feel as natural as potion results, but they're a lot cheaper and if we do it right, no one will be able to tell the difference as long as Ramgar is only wearing them to social functions and doesn't intend people to look too closely at them.

According to our bestiary, there are no known naturally-occurring boob-slimes, so we'll have to breed our own. Slimes are a [Common] monster so a breeding stock of them will cost around 25gp each.

We'll need to build a Slime Enclosure capable of containing at least [Rare] slimes so that will cost around 2000gp.

We will also need to hire or train Slime Ranchers (25gp each) and Master Slime Breeders (2000gp each).

We will also need Slime Feed, Toys for the slimes, and Slime Medicine in case the slimes get sick. Probably around 300gp for all of that stuff.

Total Estimated Budget:

4,375gp minimum but results improve with larger numbers of slimes, ranchers, and breeders.
No. 1071086 ID: 435f13
File 169324709782.png - (54.39KB , 800x800 , MSI 44.png )

Boob Golem

A golem is more reliable than a slime and can be crafted to suit the client's precise specifications. They also take less time. The downside is they require more technical and magical skill and no small amount of divine intervention.

Golems require [Rare] Blessed Clay (2,500gp to buy, 200gp to outfit a [Rare] expedition to retrieve the clay and have it blessed.

The Blessed Clay must be baked in an [Epic] Consecrated Oven at a cost of 10,000gp to buy and 2000gp per use to rent (4000gp minimum IF we get both boobs right on the first try)

The Golem Shell requires a Shibboleth to become animated. A Shibboleth requires [Epic] Blessed Parchment (10,000gp) and must be precisely worded to keep the golem from running amok.

Finally, we'll need a Priest ordained in a faith with a strong tradition of golems and in good standing with his or her deity. Sometimes priests work for free but most likely they'll expect a "charitable donation" of at least 10,000gp.

Total Estimated Budget:

24,200gp minimum

32,500gp max
No. 1071087 ID: 435f13
File 169324710150.png - (69.05KB , 800x800 , MSI 45.png )

Mission Update:

Zelda and Mr. Legs have located an Ominous Mound surrounded by profane idols and wards.

They believe this is an entrance to the Underworld and are requesting 1000gp for components to perform the rituals necessary to open the gate and pass safely through.
No. 1071088 ID: 435f13
File 169324725755.png - (91.19KB , 800x800 , MSI 2.png )

Now that you have your Magical Solutions discuss amongst yourselves and vote for your preferred method! I trust you all to choose the most profitable—*ahem*—that is to say, I expect you all to make the choice that is best for our client!
No. 1071090 ID: 273c18

She wants cleavage, so it has to look good. That means slimes are out. Also the price and results of the boob slime venture are very unpredictable.

Boob golem seems good. Just gotta word the instructions correctly.
No. 1071108 ID: 273c18

Oh right sure just throw 1000g at our adventurers too. Ask them to try to recover some sort of rare ingredients from down there to offset the cost.
No. 1071109 ID: 53b46b

Golem seems like the middle ground best option, plus having a kiln capable of producing golems seems like it has the potential to be useful in the future
No. 1071116 ID: 918cdb

Oh, so it's profitable solutions you want, eh?

How about give her some therapy!

Not only is it a lot cheaper, but we can get any schmuck from our ranks to talk to her and make her feel fulfilled and validated.

It may not be as popular as implants, but remember: you can only sell a magic potion once, therapies are a weekly affair, and word of mouth that it works is going to make us rich!

And since we are going to the underworld, we should rescue Kumply as practice for next enterprise:

It's perfect! People die every day and the don't like it, so why don't we help come back to the world of the living for a price!
No. 1071185 ID: 708905

Idea for saving money on the golem: could we have one of our staff become a priest of a golem making religion and/or create our own religion?
No. 1071188 ID: 435f13
File 169330522222.png - (91.19KB , 800x800 , MSI 2.png )

>could we have one of our staff become a priest of a golem making religion and/or create our own religion?

I love saving money so, if the team thinks that would work, we could certainly try!
No. 1071355 ID: 5739b1

I say we go for the boob golem with our own priest and a profit based religion and that we spend money to go into the underworld
No. 1071358 ID: 708905
File 169346864326.png - (530.07KB , 691x530 , FNrKZBfXoAk6VM7.png )

>profit based religion
Greed is good!
No. 1071359 ID: 285e36

Making gold is the one true gold of life!
No. 1071365 ID: 87e33c

No. 1071606 ID: 5c2013

we could always try an old eldritch goddess I know of for our deity her specialty is machinery, golems,merging organic and inorganic stuff together,and change* mostly yourself to best fit your own desire
No. 1071617 ID: f0d5e4

Let's make the cult of smuggling people out of the underworld so they can keep no living and call it exactly that.
No. 1071808 ID: 6c7d54

So it seems we're going to found the cult of capitalism and make boob golems ourselves?
No. 1072200 ID: 435f13
File 169448653913.png - (91.19KB , 800x800 , MSI 2.png )

Sounds like you've settled on a plan!

Your budget for this project is 32,500GP

If you come in under budget, you can spend the extra money on upgrades for the workshop!

If you go over budget...

Well try not to let that happen!

Good luck!
No. 1072201 ID: 435f13
File 169448654558.png - (190.34KB , 800x800 , MSI 46.png )

The kobolds are all hard at work fitting our client for her new boobs. They're also massaging her, shining her scales, polishing her horns, and generally catering to her every desire.

Cost of kobold labor: 25gp

Ramgar doesn't know quite how to feel about this, as she comes from a generic fairytale world without kobolds (kobolds being more common in high fantasy settings), and is unused to being fawned over by an army of kobold servants.
No. 1072202 ID: 435f13
File 169448655110.png - (74.00KB , 800x800 , MSI 47.png )

Our artisans have begun work on the boob design. They can already foresee a snag: clay hardens once it has been baked.

Ramgar's boobs won't have any squish or bounce!

Obviously this is a problem you'll need to overcome if you want to have a satisfied client.
No. 1072203 ID: 435f13
File 169448656187.png - (116.88KB , 800x800 , MSI 48.png )

You need to source your Blessed Clay.

Bloober Stoobins the traveling merchant has a load of Blessed Clay suitable to our needs, but he's charging well over our predicted price: 3,500gp! He claims that a golem war in a distant land has raised the price of Blessed Clay all over the continent.

We could try to find another merchant, or haggle with Bloober to lower his price.

For 200gpWe could send out an expedition to the Omaz Delta where the sacred river Omaz flows to the sea. The entire river is holy and produces some of the most potent Blessed Clay for making golems in the world.

The swamps of the delta are perilous, however, and our expedition has a 1/5 chance it will fail and a 1/20 chance it may not return at all!
No. 1072204 ID: 435f13
File 169448657252.png - (155.84KB , 800x800 , MSI 49.png )

Lastly, you've decided to found a new religion as a source of holy power to animate the golem.

Founding a cult is easy and cheap. Unfortunately, animating a golem requires actual divine intervention, which means just putting on robes and drinking powdered fruit drink won't cut it. We need a real actual god backing this.

Since you don't want to use a preexisting religion, we'll need a god not currently being worshipped as the center of an active cult.

After consulting the literature for deities without active cults, our fiends have discovered two gods who might suit our needs:

Inazerathoth former god of the Shungath civilization before they angered him and he plunged their city into the darkness beneath the sea. Inzaerathoth has a long history with animating golems and several of his guardians still prowl the sunken streets of the former Shungath civilization.

Inazerathoth demands living sacrifices and it will cost one mortal life per golem to be animated, as well as every job going forward must begin with the ritual sacrifice of a living mammal no smaller than a goat.

Or we could choose Blessed Mother Milmar, a lesser fertility goddess looking to break into the big time. She has never made a golem but she loves boobs and is willing to give it a try. Milmar requests that our business adhere to the highest standards of environmental ethics, and that we expend at least 1000gp per job to helping endangered wildlife.
No. 1072206 ID: 435f13
File 169448669055.png - (185.82KB , 800x800 , MSI 50.png )

Mission Update (communicated via messenger bat):

Zelda and Mr. Legs have descended to the banks of the river Styx at the mouth of the underworld.

The Ferryman demands 2gp per passenger to ferry them across the river to the underworld.

Mr. Legs is requesting 4gp to continue the journey.

Zelda feels bad for all the souls stuck on the banks of the river for all eternity because they can't pay the fare. She is requesting 22gp to cross the river as well as pay the fares of all the trapped shades.
No. 1072207 ID: 435f13
File 169448762140.png - (201.04KB , 800x800 , MSI 51.png )


Oh yes I nearly forgot. It cost us 500gp to consult the Infernal Archives.

Gotta watch out for those research fees!
No. 1072208 ID: 285e36

The best way to make booba not harden: a mix of fertility goddess intervention and time magic! Make those hardened holy tits act like boobs via loopholing time!
No. 1072209 ID: 273c18

>boob golem won't bounce
Incorrect. Golems are animated, and can move. Simply instruct the golem to deform like it has breast physics (while adhering to the attachment point). It'll be hardened clay, but will *act* like it isn't. If doing so would cause superficial cracks (idk how golem joints work normally) then cover them in a flesh-colored stretchy fabric or something.

>Bloober Stoobins
3000gp and you won't curse his horse in retaliation for wasting your valuable time. Also you'll use him for all your future clay needs.

>golem god?
We're not planning on specializing on boob golems, so Inazerathoth sounds like the best plan for our homebrew golem religion. Goats are cheap, but the mortal life cost per golem is a problem... we'll have to outsource it. Death row prisoners, maybe? Are there any universally hated mortal species that have no legal rights? We could just go bandit hunting or other bounty hunting type stuff to capture live victims without getting on the wrong side of the law.

>adventurers want more cash
Sure, give them 22g. Do not give any gold they're not immediately spending; isn't there something about leaving material possessions behind?
No. 1072211 ID: e5709d

Get to work on researching various putties. You need a substance with a high tensile strength under intense pressure, yet capable of sustaining standard neurons in mid-range environments.
Remember, in the long run we want to grow or simulate nerve receptors. Bonus points if we can create storage tanks for nontoxic fluids.
Do the expedition. I like those odds. Tell the goblins that clay will be secondary if they can find something that costs more than 3,000 GP.
Cheap, but I don't want this to become an endless money sink. Give them 300 GP and tell them not to bug us unless they find an opportunity that will net them a profit of 300 GP or more.
Inazerathoth may be a golemachinist expert, but his track record shows red flags - namely the fact that he does not show any loyalty to subordinates who happen to anger him. With our laisses-faire approach to employees, it won't be long before he gets fuming violet about something.
Milmar is an enthusiast and her charter includes sustainable business practices. I think it's obvious that the latter is the better choice for the long term.
As for sacrificial costs, ask her which species are endangered and what vermin needs culling. Nature ain't a pacifist, they're an anti-extremist.
No. 1072221 ID: 2a82d3

>who to worship
The elderich may know how to build regular golems, but the fertility goddess WILL know what good boobs feel like. I bet her worship involves wild parties too, so company morale will be less of an issue even if the cleanups will be.

>Zelda feels bad for all the souls stuck on the banks of the river for all eternity because they can't pay the fare.
We can spare the budget. Have her fraternize with them too, in case we find anyone with expertise we'll need in the future. Then we have a favor, even if we need to spare any lawyers or auditors for whatever possible underworld bureaucracy awaits them.

There's also the recent Golem War going on. In fact, as deaths in war are often very unexpected, its' victims are more likely to not have the fare. They're bound to know something about we can use to our advantage, either to haggle or better inform the expedition. Especially if there's secrets. Or treasure. Or treasurible secrets.
No. 1072227 ID: 5c2013

oh both of them seem to have one half of what we need if only we could merge the two of them together then they would be perfect for us wait a moment cat wizard I remember an old ritual to merge to gods together it was mostly used by old gods when they can't solve there bickering but it should work for us to get the best of both worlds and it only cost us 10 gold to do what do you say boss
No. 1072287 ID: fa0a56

I say we go with Milmar as the other guy seems like a risky business partner (what with drowning his previous worshippers). Also I bet we could get Milmar to go along with a whole line of animated golem "marital aids" so long as we sold it to her as a sex positivity thing and that could open up future revenue streams to balance out those wikdlife donations she wants.
No. 1072354 ID: d9ed37

Actually, we should give them 26 gold. They're gonna need to be ferry'd back over when they leave.
No. 1072404 ID: f2320a

Do we even need clay we could have milky godess curse/bless transmute her into a milk dragon probably
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