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File 168390331329.png - (16.61KB , 500x500 , luncha_questo_3.png )
1063589 No. 1063589 ID: 8d318c

I fight for honor, justice, and revenge!
And remember: mask up! A Luchadora never removes her mask.

Written by Donut
Art by Poltergeist Ethanoic Acid: https://questden.org/wiki/Poltergeist_Ethanoic_Acid
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No. 1074653 ID: 06a1f4

Heh no need for a microphone. Just do a thing the whole audience can see. Just yawn perhaps tap your foot too. Like she's all bluster no bite.
No. 1074663 ID: f2cf5a

Take the mic. Wait a second.

Then bean her with it and go for a leg of your own.

Talk is cheap. You said earlier, quote: "I’m going to snap this bitch like a bamboo shoot."

Get to it.
No. 1074840 ID: 3ea497

Oh, that does it.

Snatch the microphone from her hand and say something along the lines of: "Honor? Ha! I only agreed to this match because you attacked me from behind and you were too much of a skank to fight me in a way that wasn't about ripping clothes! You want people to look at us fight naked to make me feel bad and you suck!"

Slut shame her face,
Slut shame her coach,
Slut shame her friends,
And call each one a roach.

Slut shame the crowd,
And the oddly-stained ground,
You'll there is no one,
You can't slut shame around.
No. 1074844 ID: b34e19

"Fuck me in the ass."
Get her confused. You need to take the initiative or your lowered mobility will lose you this match.
No. 1080536 ID: fb32ab
File 170464117909.png - (94.19KB , 1280x720 , 025.png )

“Oh, whoa! What’s this?” The Japanese announcer calls out. “Tsuki’s offering Nacha a microphone! How gracious!”

“Goodness gracious, how hellacious!” Dusty Toad rumbles. “That’satrapNacha! Beonyatoes, girl!”

Don’t worry, Dusty. I’m always on my toes, even when they’re in a cast. I swipe the microphone from her grip. “I’m not afraid of you,” I snap at her, shuffling back with one arm on my crutch, the other on the mic.

This is it! The moment I’ve been training for. All my English practice with Felipe and Chestnut have been for this moment: my first TELEVISED PROMO! Did they pay to watch me live? I sure hope so. They’re the the best of friends, and friends have each others’ backs when they’re on stage. I can almost feel their hearts beating in sync with mine.

“You think you are hot stuff, Tsuki?” I bellow into the mic. “No! You think you will bring glory to the land of the rising sun, but do you know why they call it that? Because it is so far away! I am right here, Tsuki, and my fire burns brighter than that far-off flashlight flag!

“You think the WAN is so much better than OWO? You’re wrong! You’re a coward, hiding in the shadows. You broke my leg with dirty tricks. Genbu hurt Marv with a dishonorable weapon. You’ve come here to make enemies? I’ll beat you because I’ve learned how to make friends! Friends who back me up with burning passion and freezing ice cream. I’ll make you feel the fires of humiliation and the chill of defeat when I rip that dress off you and wipe that smug grin off your face!”
No. 1080538 ID: fb32ab
File 170464127991.png - (1.11MB , 1200x1096 , 026.png )

“Such a spicy promo,” Tsuki says. “You can handle Mexican spice, but how about Japanese?”

Before I can react, Tsuki takes her arm out from behind her back and blows a mystical powder into my face.

Ahh! The mist overtakes me!

It’s making me feel…

1. PAIN! ¡Ay! ¡Mis ojos!
2. Confused. How many Tsukis are there?! Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis…
3. Sleepy. Maybe if I lie down for a second, this feeling will go away.
4. Excited. Tsuki’s cherry blossom perfume smells so intoxicating!
No. 1080539 ID: e51896

1. it'll only fuel that anger
No. 1080541 ID: a7a180

No. 1080542 ID: aa99fa

No. 1080547 ID: dc4bad

confusion seems pretty appropriate
No. 1080548 ID: b3eab7

1. Time to use these ears.
No. 1080555 ID: b6ec4d

No. 1080608 ID: ed3442

2 Confused.

Tricksy misdirection is pretty on brand for Tsuki.
No. 1080695 ID: 1371b2

Mostly because as I see it, pulling the angry little chador into their pace would be a major statement of power in it’s own right, asking the question was she really mad or was it all a show?
Seems like a fun narrative beat to play.
No. 1081988 ID: 75b262
File 170641487054.png - (225.14KB , 1200x1096 , 027.png )

¡Ay! ¡Tengo un dolor de oido! ¡Tsuki, tu conejo malvado, te voy a aplastar!

No, Nacha. You studied English, and overcame your fears of a horrible monster, you can fight the pain and focus on Tsuki’s dirty tricks! Reject pain, return to bunny!

My watery eyes clear, and I see that Tsuki’s taking advantage of my momentary weakness by grabbing her umbrella from her manager. The weapon that she hit me with- the weapon that put me in this cast. I see red as she clutches the proof of her cowardice!

I blink my eyes and focus on the target of my anger, and…
No. 1081989 ID: 75b262
File 170641489971.png - (229.32KB , 1200x1096 , 028.png )

No, wait. Tsuki already has a weapon, and she’s about to use it on the referee!

¡Ten cuidado, Macky! If Tsuki takes out the ref, there’ll be no one to stop her dirty tricks. Her manager might even climb into the ring and help her win, and there’d be no one to stop him. I have to save Macky, or else this match could end up even worse than Marv vs. Genbu.

I blink my eyes again and move my crutch a step forward, but then…
No. 1081990 ID: 75b262
File 170641492816.png - (240.00KB , 1200x1096 , 029.png )

¡Vaya! Tsuki is kneeling next to me, sneakily trying to undo the reinforcements in my dress’s leg slit. That sneaky rabbit, taking advantage of my distraction, she’s asking to be whacked. I gotta hit her down there while she’s in striking distance! She’s right there, easily whackable, so cocky and confident in her sneakiness- she’s vulnerable now!

I focus on that Tsuki, and then…
No. 1081991 ID: 75b262
File 170641495012.png - (325.60KB , 1200x1096 , 030.png )

A blur of motion in my vision shows her RIGHT BEHIND ME! ¡AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!


I stagger to one side, but…
No. 1081992 ID: 75b262
File 170641498522.png - (216.87KB , 1200x1096 , 031.png )

Tsuki’s on the ropes in front of me, getting ready to obliterate me from above. Hey! That’s my move! Has she been using all this time to set up a devastating attack?! I’d be defenseless to such a high-risk maneuver!

Not only is Tsuki trying to obliterate me, she’s trying to steal my spot as the highest-flying rabbit. I can’t allow that to happen. I have to punish her for her arrogance!
No. 1081993 ID: 75b262
File 170641503894.png - (229.52KB , 1200x1096 , 032.png )

Tsuki’s laughter echoes in the ring. I see her big, fat… face as she laughs, enjoying my confusion and utter helplessness.

Well, I’m NOT helpless. I’ll show you, Tsuki! I’ll figure out who the real evil bunny is, and I’ll pummel her! I can tell which one is real, even with this dust in my eyes.

The real Tsuki is…

1. The diabolical Tsuki grabbing the umbrella that broke my leg
2. The underhanded Tsuki about to knock out the referee
3. The sneaky Tsuki undoing my dress slit stitching
4. The brutish Tsuki going straight for my neck strap
5. The high-risk Tsuki about to crash down on me from the ropes
6. The haughty Tsuki convinced I’ll choose the wrong one and leave myself open
No. 1081994 ID: eb0a9c

Insult the sextuplets and make a crass joke about their mother.
No. 1081996 ID: 462d8c

6.) She's the only one not wearing anything underneath her clothing
No. 1081997 ID: f2cf5a

One of these things is not like the others...one of these things just doesn't belong!

(Hint, their wardrobe is ALMOST identical. But what's different? Or rather, what's *missing*?)

That said, why IS that one missing her strap when the others aren't and the first we saw wasn't, either?
No. 1081998 ID: 273c18

Wrong color sandal, and her dress doesn't split down the middle. Maybe the sandal is a mistake, actually.
Missing belt
Nothing wrong?
Missing eyeliner
No details on flowers
Missing bra

3! It's the one undoing your dress!
No. 1081999 ID: 4a4bd1

Let's find the real one through process of elimination. Each of the fake Tsuki's has something visually off about their appearance, which we can use to rule them out.

6, the Haughty Tsuki, is the easiest to get out. She's missing her bra.

5, the High-Risk Tsuki, has a much simpler flower design on her dress. None of her flowers have stems coming out.

4, the Sneaky Tsuki, is missing her eyeliner and eyelashes.

2, the Underhanded Tsuki, is missing her kimono sash.

This brings it down to 1 and 3, both of whom are a bit harder to identify issues with. Still, that doesn't mean that none exist.

I believe our final fake is 1, the Diabolical Tsuki. I believe the issue with this one is the color of her sandals, which are purple here. Now, admittedly I don't believe we ever get a good look at her sandals before, but they're present in 3 and 5, and in both of those they're shown to be black. This evidence wouldn't be enough on its own, since it assumes a maximum level of incorrectness from our incorrect Tsukis. We need something else to go on.

It's easy to miss, but I believe there is one more: Tsuki's buckteeth. There's suppose to be a line between them, as there are in every other pic here, but the Diabolical Tsuki lacks it. We can't rule this out as being excluded to simplify her appearance at a distance either, since all of the others feature it, including those which place her further away from the POV.

With all of this combined, the correct Tsuki is most likely #3, The Sneaky Tsuki. Frankly, it makes the most sense. She's wasting no time trying to tear away your dress while you're dazed and "helpless". Having her this close will make it easy to counter-attack, so go for it now!
No. 1082000 ID: 4a4bd1


lol, I didn't even notice the dress not splitting. Man, I feel like #1 manages to both have the most wrong, while also being the hardest to nail down as a fake.
No. 1082001 ID: a7a180

The robes are see through, so if that were true then she'd be na you're absolutely correct it is number 6.
No. 1082003 ID: f2cf5a

Geez, it's not just one, it's ALL of them. I was wrong, clever.
No. 1082004 ID: e51896

(polt here, there was indeed an art error on my part with the sandal color. it's fixed now.
No. 1082005 ID: 2f7f6e

3 is the real one.

1 has the wrong dress
2 is missing the bow
4 has no makeup
5 is missing a strap on her left leg (our right)
6 has no bra
No. 1082009 ID: b3eab7

Another point in favor of 3 being the real one: Tsuki is underhanded, but efficient. She'd likely be either 3 or 4, striking from the flanks/behidn.
No. 1082012 ID: 5ebd37

Since 4 lacks make up it must be 3
Plus the reverse reverse psychology of being in the most vulnerable spot seeming too obvious, so of course she's there.
No. 1082094 ID: ab3b17

I was going to say it was 6, since that's the only one making the sound, but the clothing mismatch makes sense.

Let's strike at #3.
No. 1082131 ID: 4e3cb0

If you remove a piece of her gown, be sure to hold it up and show the audience. They might go wild over it!
No. 1083169 ID: 75b262
File 170770614124.png - (153.52KB , 500x500 , 033.png )

There’s so many Tsukis, how do I know which is real? This mist is messing with my head. They’re all so evil, so hateable, so cocky, so underhanded. They all deserve a back leg front kick to the face.

And yet there’s something off about them. Something subtle. A clue that my mind is filling in the blanks, and that I’m actually seeing a real Tsuki in front of me. The false Tsukis conjured by the mist are all missing something: her obi belt, her eyeliner, her underwear… wait, why am I imagining Tsuki naked? Ah! It burns! No, wait, that’s the mist in my eyes.

The real Tsuki is right beside me, going after the weak point in my dress. The third Tsuki is the real deal!

I swing my crutch upward and catch her in the side of the head with a metallic crack even louder than the audience’s jeers. Tsuki clutches her head in pain. I’ve found the real deal!

I drop my crutch and quickly go in for a devasting bunny headlock I’ve practiced as long as I’ve had annoying little siblings. My doctor says I can do any wrestling moves I like, just as long as no aerials. Tsuki is doomed!

“Te tengo!” I declare in triumph. “No more tricks! Only lucha!”


“Buena chica.”
No. 1083170 ID: 75b262
File 170770617068.png - (132.00KB , 1200x1096 , 034.png )

With my free arm, I grab the knot in Tsuki’s obijime and her obi belt in a firm hold, then release the chokehold with my other arm and push her away. She spins and twirls like a top, her belt coming unwrapped like the giant roll of toilet paper she is.

“See!” I say, holding the belt to the audience and waving it around. “The WAN hurt Marv with a flagpole last match, but this is your flag now! A flag of shame!”

“My belt!” Tsuki flushes. “How?! How did you overcome the Asian Mist?!”

“My burning desire for revenge burned away all your poison, Tsuki!” I yell. “Prepare for payback!”

“Yieee!” Tsuki squeals, trying to scramble under the ropes to escape, but I’m having none of that. I seize her by the back of her kimono and yank her back into the ring, giving her a smack upside the ears for good measure. She squeals in pain.

You know what?

I like that sound.

I seize her by the ears and force her to the ground in front of me, getting another rewarding shriek from Tsuki. It’s an illegal move, but I don’t care. This whole Evening Gown Match should be illegal!
No. 1083171 ID: 75b262
File 170770619295.png - (130.92KB , 1500x1500 , 035.png )

I shove Tsuki to the ground in front of me, where she belongs. I give her a kick for good measure, relishing in her struggle to get up.

“Please!” Tsuki begs. “Please don’t hurt me any more! I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything. You win. I give up!”

“Match isn’t over,” I remind her, and give her a kick to the stomach with my cast, winding her and making her double over in pain. “I’m not done with you!”

Tsuki squeals and tries to get up and run again, coward that she is. I’m not letting her escape. She’s already given up her dignity as a wrestler: it’s time for me to strip away what little she has left.

But not before I enjoy it.

How do I finish her?

1. With a devastating series of strikes! She deserves a brutal beatdown after what the WAN’s done to me and Marv.
2. With a painful submission hold! I want to feel her squirm and make her scream so loud she can never laugh that haughty laugh again.
No. 1083173 ID: a7a180

2. No hitting!
No. 1083174 ID: 273c18

No. 1083175 ID: e51896

1. we woke up and chose violence after all
No. 1083176 ID: 5ebd37

2) not even a semblance of honorable combat for her, only humiliation
No. 1083177 ID: b6e1eb

1, She has this coming. Let's review, Tsuki has:

- Interrupted a match she wasn't involved with that you probably would have won
- Broke your leg in the process
- Forced you into this damn Evening Gown Match as the only method of challenging her back
- Cheated to help take down one of your teammates, Marv
- Cheated against you in an attempt to strip you in front of the crowd and rob you of any dignity you had left after agreeing to this stupid fight.
- Immediately tried to get away when her cheating wasn't enough.

Tsuki has been doing everything she wanted since before this match began. Nacha has only ever been able to react to Tsuki up until this point. For the first time since her first damn interruption, Nacha is in a position where she can do what she wants to do, full stop. Nacha is in control.

Maybe it's petty to want to beat the stuffing out of Tsuki, but counterpoint: Your fucking leg is broken, whereas her face is bruised. These are not comparable injuries. I don't think it's too much to suggest evening the score a little bit.
No. 1083178 ID: ab46e9

Grab her face. Gently. Carefully. Softly. With utmost concern.

And then take her in a headlock.

And DDT her.

No. 1083179 ID: e51896

to add to that list, don't forget what they did to Marvelous Marv. That injury looked pretty devastating over the back of the head that he took.
No. 1083180 ID: 0d1c28

1: Beat the rabbit
No. 1083183 ID: ab46e9

Actually, scratch that one. I vote 2. Specifically, a Double Fujiwara Armbar, and CRANK that sucker. Let her last call for help do absolutely nothing.
No. 1083185 ID: ab6c3e

Remember, it's an evening gown match! If you're holding her in a submission hold you won't be able to win so you gotta just cut loose and cut her loose!
No. 1083190 ID: c3b54f

1 - Full out humiliate. With every strike say what she's done to get this beating. Once her ability to fight back is gone, peel her clothes by ripping pieces off. Leave her with tatters of both her clothes and her pride. She called the thunder so she'll reap the whirlwind.
No. 1083198 ID: eb0a9c

3) Badmouth her entire abusive family and get her to reveal the evils that she delusionally believes are acts of love.
No. 1083342 ID: e51896

Another argument for option 1: if we do a submission hold, that will leave us a bit more vulnerable to an attack from her manager as we'd be too focused and distracted on getting her into a painful hold to be ready for a sneak attack from her ally, and even if we are ready, we'd have to let go of the submission hold to counter.

A beatdown will make us a bit more aware of our surroundings, be ready for any oncoming sneak attacks, and will make us look too intimidating for anyone to come up and try to stop us.
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