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File 168273020002.png - (321.10KB , 1000x600 , 1.png )
1062275 No. 1062275 ID: 08229c

Support the author: https://ko-fi.com/calalen


The first bite refreshes me. I can feel my mind wake and I'm aware of myself once more.

But, the meat is sour. It is from an emergency stash. One that I would only use as a last resort.
And this is definitely a last resort. Parts of me are still splattered all over the place. Another tick and I've have become one of the feral lost ones.

It's gross. A brain from some forgotten place. A building where those who were deemed unfit for society were kept. Still, with half of my own head blown off I don't really have much of a choice, do I?

I ward off the sour taste and focus on healing. My own brain starts to restore, along with my head, my face.

I'll have to get a new eye again.
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No. 1071866 ID: 1effd3

...but Grave has none!
No. 1071894 ID: 708905

It is an extemely tempting target unfortunatly that necromancer means that we'd be fighting on the home turf of someone who only needs line of sight to instantly take us out.
No. 1071901 ID: 5b5b7a

Hang on, so the necromancer is inside the bunker, right? Could you guys find the ventilation shafts and gas the whole thing? If it doesn't have vents and instead has oxygen scrubbers or some shit, that would actually make it work better since there would be nowhere for the gas to go.

I think if you get yourselves some good gas masks (or if nothing else, pee into a rag and tie it over your mouth and nose) and then gas the whole thing, it should be pretty easy to deal with this fuck.
No. 1071934 ID: 1ca80a

Look, I'm sure there's something to this suggestion, but I'm absolutely certain that gas masks could be procured and relatively easily.
No. 1071940 ID: 0bf2fd

I would hope so, but then I was thinking that filters may be a rare commodity (if not extinct), so if that is the case, then back to WW1 French pissing on a rag.

But yes, if they can get gas masks, that is infinitely better. For several reasons.
No. 1071946 ID: 5b2941

can Romeos even pee? We know Jane has removed most of her internal organs, that may include her bladder.
No. 1072051 ID: 1effd3

You guys know zombies dont breathe right?
No. 1072100 ID: 4efd82

No, they do. They just don't need to. I'm guessing it's just something that "feels human" to do. Not that every romeo would necessarily have that habit. Additionally, filtering out toxic fumes from getting inside the body even through standard air flow isn't a bad idea.
No. 1072157 ID: 0bf2fd

Okay, okay, so if they don't breathe and stuff, then we just need to get something more toxic like Sarin Gas.

Sarin is a nerve agent, so this should disrupt the nervous system of the target. No idea if it could outright kill a Romeo, but it will absolutely paralyze them since all of their neural pathways would go kaput. It gets absorbed through all channels, so not only breathing it, but also having your skin and eyes touch it.

Sarin isn't that difficult for a decent chemist to make. You should be able to get someone to make some for you (maybe one of your bodymod/scientist friends?).

You will absolutely need some sort of airtight suit for this stuff. While it generally causes permanent damage, given your constitution you probably would be alright if you had someone drag you out to get fixed. That being said, the guy in the bunker doesn't have someone to drag them out, meaning you could potentially gas the fuck out of the bunker, wait for it to subside, and then go in. Even if the guy can somehow recover from it by themself eventually, it would take a while to knit an entire nervous system together again.
No. 1072173 ID: 748572

Well... we did take her arms... We could help her reattach them? Not for free mind you. but we could really use the help.
No. 1072177 ID: 5b2941

I wouldn't assume things work like that. Remember, the rules of how reality works changed, old-world science need not apply. Also, did we get confirmation of the necro being a Romeo?
No. 1072185 ID: 0bf2fd

Idk man, this stuff works on a chemical level. You unplug a device from an outlet and it stops working (in this case, the outlet is a nerve). At a certain point you have to assume some things like chemistry and physics or the whole world unravels. I mean, nerves are important or the bodymodders wouldn't be in business.

But yeah, it could all not work at all for reasons.
No. 1072646 ID: 08229c
File 169508778623.png - (78.89KB , 1000x600 , 83.png )

>You guys know zombies don't breathe right?

>can Romeos even pee? We know Jane has removed most of her internal organs, that may include her bladder.

>I mean, nerves are important or the bodymodders wouldn't be in business.


First of all, weird question bro.

Second of all-
No. 1072647 ID: 08229c
File 169508810274.png - (108.07KB , 1000x600 , 84.png )

Abandon all reason, ye who enter here.

Jane detaches her hot swap arm and holds it up. It takes a bit of effort but she manages to wiggle her fingers.

Enough effort that she can feel something start to slip, in her soul. She quickly puts the arm back on.

I'll explain this again but like... My arm only works when attached to my nerves cause that's how it -should- work. Likewise I don't... Well, I don't HAVE to breath. The air entering my lungs doesn't do anything to me, mechanically. But it feels nice to do so. And seeing my limbs moving when not attached to me is just... Weird and creepy.

Things that work biologically for a living person also sorta work for me. But I can also make it not work if I concentrate really hard on it. This really only applies to organic stuff, though. I can't make a robot arm that got ripped off of me still function.

As for the gas, if I noticed the room was filling with an obvious gas then yeah it would hurt me. I could completely ignore the gas effects but that would hurt me in a different way. Also caustic chemicals STILL burn my flesh. But like I can ignore the pain if I wanted to.

... Honestly not sure how a nerve gas would work on me but let's not get ourselves in a situation where we have to find out, yeah?
No. 1072651 ID: 08229c
File 169508898721.png - (158.68KB , 1000x600 , 85.png )

Going after the necromancer would certainly be lucrative... But it's not something we can do on a whim. We have to be prepared. We'll need people to go with us.

We'll need... A posse.

Smoking them out is a good idea. Or maybe the entire place has vents to cover that. There has to be someone, somewhere, who knows how that building works...

And if we can get a mage to do some necromancy on us and see if we resist that'd be great. But necromancy is a highly taboo art. It'd have to be either someone really shady or someone who really trusts me and is willing to reveal they know the art.

And also we'll need some more gear... And people... And-


Jane turns to Gungrave. The woman stares back at her. Jane helps the woman back onto her feet.

"Can you walk?" Jane asks.

"Yeah. I can walk."

"Good. Let's walk and talk."

And so they do, walking down the same path Jane used to get to her in the first place.

"Any other details on the necromancer? Gender, name, anything?"

"No," She shakes her head, "Sorry. My memories of the whole thing are muddled. I don't even remember their voice."

"Maybe a safety measure. Any info about the place itself? Is it well guarded?"

"Only the necromancer as far as I could tell."

"Gotcha. Tell me, do you want to get revenge on them?"


"How far would you be willing to go to get revenge on them?"

"I'd do anything. They killed all my friends."

"... Alright. I'm taking you back to my place. We're gonna patch you up and see what happens from there. You mind sticking around for a few days?"

"I don't have anywhere else to go, so, sure. Why not. You okay with a cat?"

"I've never had one."

"Cats are great. Mine is named Nathaniel and he-"

The entire rest of the walk is filled with cat talk.
No. 1072652 ID: 8f9bc4

The effect would probably be like removing all of your limbs and then trying to fight with them detached. Do-able but it would rip your soul right loose from reality, so you kind of need your nerves to keep you grounded in what's possible. Please do be careful with sarin gas.

The necromancer is quite honestly out of your league. Anyone who stands a chance against them wouldn't be undead. You can't negotiate with him because he'd enthrall you. You can't fight him because he'd enthrall you. You could try to gas him, but... seems like his hidey hole might be a little more well defended with arch-tech, so who knows what would stop the gas from reaching him? And if it doesn't, then he enthralls you, game over.

Maybe just... steer clear of him, and warn your friend not to take that route anymore? It's a humiliating setback, but you don't have any way to fight this.

Unless you think your weird schizo brain can resist enthralling. Then you can just go talk with him and make friends!
No. 1072653 ID: 08229c
File 169509018747.png - (236.31KB , 1000x600 , 86.png )

When they arrive back at the trainyard they find Magda and Ace are already there. Ace declined all customers that night and was already heading back by the time they had taken out Gungrave.

Magda gives Grave back her arms and coffin and the cat nestled within. The cat immediately pops out and avoids Graves attempts at touching him. Possibly due to the fact that she clearly abandoned him for the most uncomfortable ride ever. Grave's arms are stitched back on without much issue, though a quick test of her finger dexterity reveals she'll need a proper surgeon to fix the nerves.

Once that's taken care of Jane gives her report.

"Alright. Mission accomplished. There's your shooter."

"Her?" Ace glares at the woman, her eyes going dark.

"Yeah, wait, listen. Before you gnaw her neck off you should know, there's a necromancer involved."

That snaps Ace out of her building rage. She looks at Jane in horror.


"Yeah. It's that bad. I'm.. Honestly not sure if you should keep running tha Corpse Runner along that route. Not while they're still out there."

"But... I don't have another route. I'd have to get one built and that could take years."


The girl looks like she's about to cry.

fuuuuuuucking hell

I don't WANT to fight a necromancer. It would genuinely be easier to just pack up and go. I'm not some hero. This is so above my pay grade.
No. 1072654 ID: 53b46b

It seems to me that the necromancer only really has a big advantage if they're up against undead. What we really need if we're going after them is some non-Romeo allies.

Do you know/trust any living folks? Or I dunno robots or something?
No. 1072656 ID: 5b2941

Ahem. Jane? Didn't we ask you to praise someone?
No. 1072657 ID: 675c41

Could we make a round track for her temporarily?
No. 1072658 ID: a797d7

Ace deals with people a lot right? Since she fairies them around all day? Maybe ask if she knows anyone she thinks would be able to help you take down a necromancer.
No. 1072661 ID: a7a180

Big loot, bigger reward. See if there's anyone else you can recruit for your posse. Maybe someone who isn't dead?
No. 1072662 ID: 1effd3

down side: it WILL become your problem later when it decides to get worse.
upside: you get to lord it over the entire town for saving thier asses.
more discounts!
No. 1072667 ID: 273c18

Do it for your friend. And also money.
No. 1072669 ID: e5709d

We don't have to confront the necromancer directly. We know where they are, and they are lazy. The real question is how much you're willing to risk to get that sweet precursor loot.
Because we could just buy a truckload of concrete, load it onto ace, and then pour straight into the cavern. Necromancer is neutralized but alive and the town will have a new X-factor to unleash on the next apocalypse. But that means all the tech and artifacts will be ruined.

I vote we buy some drones and steal what we can before burying the @#$%er with explosions to the mine.
No. 1072672 ID: 6b7fdd

They killed Gungraves friends when they could have mind controlled them, that reveals to us that they really can't do more THAN mind control one, maybe a few more. Its strange that they only put out one guard, and a badly commanded one considering she started shooting anything that moves...
either the necromancer is bad and dumb and unrealized, or whatever they are looting is a big enough deal, and worth enough cash, to get veeerrrry fast and dirty with that kinda stuff, yeah?
No. 1072674 ID: 6b7fdd

Yeah where are them head pats and praises, calamity Jane!
No. 1072677 ID: d971dc

If we don't deal with this necromancer is going to be a pain in the ass for everyone sooner rather than latter. It doesn't have to be NOW, but we can't leave them alone for too much time.
No. 1072683 ID: 5d8541

Let's not get sidetracked with necromancer talk before this is handled.

Alright. Ace needs to be reminded that if it's a problem, she should hire people to solve it. If the bounty is low, a necromancer could definitely inspire a pot with donations from various folks in town. Plus whatever goodies are down there.

Make sure Magda is on board and then start thinking about who else you could get. And you mentioned someone who could figure out the layout. Any ideas? I guess we could just ask all the smart people we know.
No. 1072684 ID: 273c18

Oh, one thing that should set your mind at ease. If it was a smart necromancer, then after you took out their guard they'd leave on their own as fast as they could.
That means you won't have to fight a smart necromancer! If there's anyone still there when you show up, it's going to be a dumb necromancer.
No. 1072833 ID: cecad0

See if you can increase Ace's proffered reward to include a double feature and some cuddles. Perhaps throw on Emperor of the North for some hobo fisticuff action-adventure?
No. 1072856 ID: 06095b


Packing up and finding a new place means cutting all of your ties, and granted how you function in a stable way relies on keeping those, I think you might want to view this as a practical matter, not a matter of altruism.

If necromancers are really bad news, that can inspire a really good pot for taking one down, granted you let the town know before you go knocking down their door. That nets you a stronger foothold and some much needed clout in this neck of the woods. It might even net you some backup.

As for ways to scout the building, there was a lot of tech back in the day that could work for this sort of thing. A flying drone is probably too noisy, but a repurposed Roomba with a spy camera or an RC car with the same could go ahead reasonably quietly with no chance of mind fuckery. Strap a smoke grenade or flashbang to that, detonate and move in quickly.

I still am thinking having a brain plug as a backup isn't bad, but getting someone with the skill to reliably test your brain's resistance doesn't seem likely to happen.
No. 1072857 ID: 06095b


Actually, thought. Are there undead animals about? You know, like rats? Maybe we could try a little brain surgery on one of those little guys to check peer-to-peer. If we can route our awareness through a common vermin, we can be even more stealthy in infiltrating the compound to feed you details on what to look out for.
No. 1072893 ID: 0bf2fd

Just lay it out for her. This job is over, but you are willing to work on the necromancer too, however; you will need a lot more trustworthy people, money, and resources. Resources like nerve gas and hazmat suits cuz that is probably the best way to flush the necromancer out. Luck dictates that the necromancer will probably be super disciplined and have less of a grip on humanity allowing them to brush off any other sort of gas or smoke with sheer willpower, thus making them ineffective at flushing them out.

Ideally, the play would be to flood the bunker and then just wait for them to come outside.
No. 1072896 ID: b1c89b

Ace isn’t the only one who benefits from you clearing out this necromancer, everyone who rides the train does. (Whether they commute or prefer the other kind of riding, like you.) You should see if anyone in the next town over can help you too, and also you could try shaking them down for money instead of double dipping on her.
No. 1073007 ID: 08229c
File 169552126125.png - (146.24KB , 1000x600 , 87.png )

Jane gives a deep sigh.

Alright. Fine.



"My payment."

"Oh. Right. Uh..."

She pushes a bundle of money in Jane's direction. Jane counts the reward money and nods.

"Perfect. I'm sorry but our date will have to wait a bit. Got a necromancer to deal with, I guess."


"Yeah, yeah. I mean. I guess it's in everyone's benefit if it's dead, right? So... We should do it." Jane says with a shrug. Ace seems amazed. "For pay, of course. Don't think I'm doing this out of the kindness of my cold dead heart. I figure we can put up a community pot or something. Maybe see if we can gather a posse to help us take the bastard down. But if the pay ain't good or I feel we don't have a chance in hell at this I'm not going. Alright?"

"I wouldn't blame you," Ace says, "No one would."

I think you guys would.

"We're gonna need stuff. We're gonna need people. And if you guys know where we could get any of that I'm all ears."

The group things but Jane gets the feeling that no one really has too many friends here. Ace is the one to break the silence

"I can ask around," She says, "Between here and the city there might be someone interested. Maybe even a webhead."

"If you find one that's willing that'd be fantastic. As for gathering the others... Guess I'll put up some fliers. See if anyone bites. Be upfront that it's a dangerous necromancer related job."
No. 1073009 ID: 08229c
File 169552140838.png - (219.90KB , 1000x600 , 88.png )

"Graves," Jane continues, "I know you're in. But what about you, Mags?"

"... I suppose. But I want my pick of the loot."

That bitch.

"Sure. Oh and uh... You did a great job today. You were good backup. I appreciate that."

"... I did not do it to impress you. It was a job. I did it as I would for anyone else."

"Alright. Still, uh... Thanks."

No. 1073011 ID: 08229c
File 169552170722.png - (169.29KB , 1000x600 , 89.png )

... Weird. I thought I caught a flash of something from Mags.

Gotta clear my head. This is gonna be an intense job.

Jane, Magda, and Graves depart. Ace promises that she will be on the lookout. She will report back in a few days if anyone has come.

Jane and the rest go back to her place and begin to work on fliers to try and attract people. The three of them spend a day putting them up around town asking for those with the skillset to join them for a chance at taking down a nearby necromancer and getting some sweet loot.

It also asks that if anyone has any funds they'd like to add to a pool dedicated to taking out the necromancer to also attend the meeting.

On the day of the meeting Jane sets up the her living room with chairs and some snacks.

Absolutely no one new shows up.


This is about what I expected.

No. 1073012 ID: 08229c
File 169552203977.png - (283.22KB , 1000x1101 , 90.png )

Jane is about to call it when there's a knock at the door.

The twins step inside.

"Gabe? Olivia? You guys wanna fight the necromancer with us?"

"Oh, heavens no~ We have so little combat skill~ Buuuut~ We would be more than willing to offer you our services free of charge~"
"At a discount."
"A heavy discount~"
"Small discount."
"Olivia was soooo worried about you when she heard you were going on this job. She kept pestering me all all day saying we should help~"
"You were already going to and you know it."
"Yes but I wanted to see if you would admit it~ And she did~ Oh and C.C. can't make it but she says if you need anything from her to just visit her shop~"

Huh. I... Didn't actually expect this.

I'm kinda


Not even sure what to ask for, though. Maybe a mouth that can ignore poison or new nerves? What do you guys think?
No. 1073015 ID: 5b2941

>I think you guys would.
Nah. We're not sending you on a suicide quest, if you can't do it you can't do it, and if it's not worth it it's not worth it. We're on your side, Jane.

Mags is so cute.

>... Weird. I thought I caught a flash of something from Mags.
Oh shit, you saw that? You weren't supposed to see that.
No. 1073016 ID: 1effd3

I'd say new nerves if it makes us react faster.

Also we get to shove this in everyones face when we pull this off.
You'll probably get more jobs because of it too.
No. 1073017 ID: e5709d

>Nobody wants to go
Damnit, they all know that the necromancer will use their initiative to try and brainwash you three into infighting. And you can't blame them, it's what I'd suggest if we were working for the necromancer.
You need to hire a living specialist, some long-range noncombatant who can set up traps or bury the @#$%er in environmental damage.

>Biotech Discounts
Good to see the community knows how to maintain itself. Alright, let's mod everyone up!
Start by directly transplanting some of your brain matter to the others, followed by consumption of a high-level (but unsellable) brain.
Magda needs improvements to increase her humanity. Shop for some efficient models so she won't go feral.
Gungrave is going to need her nerves re-attached if she's going to be useful in this fight.

As for purchases, get that blood arm.
You're going into a combat zone against multiple organic-based monsters and undead, so have the arm modded to contain flesh-eating bacteria within environmentally-rich milk sacs with a layer of mucus. You can perform hit-and-run attacks on the hordes, forcing the necromancer to spend increasing maintenance costs to keep their undead army's ligaments intact. Same should go for the rest of your party.
Remember, this job isn't time sensitive but it's high-risk high-reward. To minimize risk you should go for multiple surgical strikes to weaken the necromancer and then crush them with an environment-based attack from a distance while their manpower is critical.
No. 1073021 ID: 6321cb

Something to make us stealthier. If the necromancer gets line of sight it's likely to be game over so anything that can help us sneak and ambush would be cherry
No. 1073026 ID: 777518

A dick. You should get a dick. A nice big one.
No. 1073027 ID: a7a180

New nerves sounds good. You're going into a lair, and lairs have traps. You need the reflexes to avoid said traps. Or the eyes to spot them, but I think your roommate has those covered.
No. 1073030 ID: 4e250a

A discount? This is your chance to buy horse legs. Become a centaur. It’s the next best thing to being a cowgirl!
No. 1073031 ID: 06095b


Eyes with heat sensing capability, maybe sonic resistant eardrums. I still think that scouting remotely, smoking or flash banging the room, and then rushing in while everything is obscured visually is your best bet.
No. 1073033 ID: 273c18

Hmmm... how about an anti-necromancer device? Something that will keep you attacking a target no matter what? Hmm no the more I think about it the more invasive it would have to be to do its job without the rest of your body getting in the way. It would have to control your arms and your legs, at the very least.

Some indirect weaponry would be nice. A grenade, or some kind of trap. Also, something to look around corners so you can see the necromancer without them seeing you.
No. 1073043 ID: 1effd3

We have a grenade
No. 1073052 ID: 580aa8

No dicks
No. 1073067 ID: e5709d

Later. If anyone's getting a fashion makeover before a boss battle, it's Magda.
Post-apocalypse Charisma requirements are still weird.
No. 1073072 ID: 5d8541

New nerves sounds good. Something to blind the necromancer too, might make it harder for them to attack your buds.
No. 1073168 ID: 0bf2fd

Lots of nerve gas.
No. 1073204 ID: a5d9c7

>I think you guys would.
That's because we are moralists. Don't mind us, ultimately, it's your decision. We can only influence you that much. We wouln't make you do it for free either.
No. 1073205 ID: a5d9c7

>... Weird. I thought I caught a flash of something from Mags.
She's smitten by you. She really cares about your opinions and what you think of her. You have to be very careful how you behave towards her.
>Not even sure what to ask for, though. Maybe a mouth that can ignore poison or new nerves? What do you guys think?
Well thank her, you dolt!
As for what we might need... I'm not sure right now. Does she have something new in stock?
No. 1073213 ID: 5d8541

Eh. It's her life. I think she's capable of doing good at the risk of her life but there's nothing shameful about running from a suicide mission.
No. 1073356 ID: 56bade

Magda has low Humanity, so I would suggest a upgraded heart. A strong heartbeat should hopefully be soothing, and better blood circulation would make her more energetic and improve her stim-mask.

Ask C.C. if she has a blood powered turbine for Magda. That would pair with the heart, and allow the power of galvanism to overclock her mechanical parts, zap things, and possibly zap herself out of necromantic mind control.

For Gungrave, add more meat to the coffin in the form of cheap spindly limbs. As a sniper she might need to quickly reposition and this can be expediently achieved by riding the coffin like a sort of spider-horse. Also you can nibble on the legs in an emergency to heal.

For yourself, a gunslinger needs to be fast on the draw! Nerve upgrades sound great. Can you get ones that are a little haunted to give yourself a touch of precognition or extrasensory feeling?

I think we'd be resistant to it but for insurance against necromantic mind control, I'd suggest a secondary brain. It can have some simple reflexes and autonomous behaviour in the event you freeze up or your main brain is disabled. You don't want to remove any more internal organs, so put it in your boobs.
No. 1076067 ID: 08229c
File 169880889898.png - (153.07KB , 1000x600 , 91.png )

>A discount? This is your chance to buy horse legs. Become a centaur. It’s the next best thing to being a cowgirl!

I mean... If you think about it... A centaur would be the ultimate cowgirl, no? Like... You're rider and mount... And it'd be so cool to gallop across the land, shooting a bunch of romeos...

But horse parts are so rare and-
No. 1076068 ID: 08229c
File 169880916349.png - (154.02KB , 1000x600 , 92.png )

>A dick. You should get a dick. A nice big one.

No. If I wanted a dick I could have given myself one ages ago.

Where do you even put the dick on a centaur?

That wouldn't make any sense at all.
No. 1076073 ID: 08229c
File 169881168558.png - (181.01KB , 1000x600 , 93.png )

Jane shakes her head to remove the intrusive thoughts.

"Uh... Wow. Thanks guys, really. I think we'll definitely take you up on that, right?" She looks around the room. Everyone but Lotte nods. "Can we get a moment to talk things over and meet you at the shop?"

"Of course, Jane~"
"Don't take too long. We have other work."
"We're free all day~"

She flicks her brothers cheek and the two excuse themselves.

"Well well," Lotte, grins wide and smiles at Jane. "Look at you. You've got a bright big smile on your face. That's cute. You look cute."

"I do..?" Jane touches her face. She was, in fact, smiling. Everyone else nods. "... That's not important. Look, let's discuss tactics. I have a few ideas for some mods. Let's try and limit to like one bio mod per person. I don't want them wasting all their resources on us."

The group agrees. Everyone, except Lotte, thinks about what they want. Jane brings up her (your) ideas to the group. There is some back and forth before everyone settles on what they want. They make their way to the Twins shop. Jane's up first.

She sits down at the twins' operating table.

"It's always nice to have you Jane~"
"Did you decide on what you wanted?"

"I got a few ideas. First I want my nerves upgraded. And I want them to attach to a secondary brain to help me fight against the necromancer. Is that possible?"

"Hmm. Well, it's untested~"
"But possible."
"At the very least we can give your nerves an upgrade~"

"Also, uh... I want you to remove a chunk of my brain. Let's see if we can spread these voices to others. Maybe that might help against necromancy?"

"That sounds dangerous~"
"And also untested."
"We can take out a small bit and run some tests. Is that fine~?"

Jane nods and tells them to do it. She feels a sharp pinch at the base of her neck and then nothing. Instead she can hear the sounds of flesh being cut and pulled away. If she focuses really hard she can feel her nerves being pulled out. The twins work their magic, letting the thin tendrils slip out of her skin and muscle without any resistance.

"Jane, we were thinking~"
"It's so unusual to see you doing work like this~ Dangerous work. And to ask others for help."
"And you have Magda back."
"Is all well~?"


"It's okay, you don't have to talk. Sorry for prying~"
"Ah, brother, I don't think she can move anymore."
"Oh. Right~ Hehe, we do have her half out so..."
No. 1076076 ID: 08229c
File 169881402587.png - (180.32KB , 1000x600 , 94.png )

Jane is put all back together and fed some meat to help her recover to full. She stands up and flexes her limbs. She feels good. Better than good, even.

"Another wonderful project done~ We added what you wanted and made some modifications. You have new nerves, modified to allow you to move faster, react faster, and they're somewhat resistant to cuts."
"There's also the secondary brain you wanted to help facilitate all that."
"We think it might allow you to still move while under a necromancer control~"
"Maybe. Also I know you want to keep your body as close to baseline as possible so I stuck the secondary brain inside your chest. Your titties are haunted."


"She's kidding~ We just put it in your chest cavity~"

"Okay, good... Yeah, this works great."

Enhanced Nerves Obtained: Sometimes reacts to danger before even aware of it. Faster reaction time.
Secondary Brain: A small brain to help the nerves. Might protect against necromancers???

"We'll work on the others now~"
"Good luck with everything, Jane."

"Yeah. Thanks again."

Hmm. Is there anything else we need to bring up with the twins?
Or we could see C.C. for something.
No. 1076079 ID: 5b2941

>Hmm. Is there anything else we need to bring up with the twins?
Yeah, how did the thing with the piece of us go? Cause from our side it threw our time perception out of what, it feels like it's been over a month since we were in your house.
No. 1076080 ID: a7a180

It doesn't hurt to ask if they have horse legs. For later.
No. 1076082 ID: 1effd3

Talk to C.C.: We're probably gonna need more bullets. Possibly an RPG.
No. 1076083 ID: 2b6ba0

For the record I am TOTALLY inside your boob right now. It's nice. You have nice boobs. I'm not leaving.
No. 1076084 ID: 4370c0

Forget the horse thing.

Lets see if we can get ourselves some pipe bombs or something.
No. 1076085 ID: 273c18

>where on a centaur?
Between the rear legs.

Ask if they have horse parts.
No. 1076090 ID: 53560f

So does having more brain give you more room to think or are we still taking up too much processing power?

Also can we choose where we’re stored? Can we, in fact, haunt your boobs?
No. 1076094 ID: fd97c1


> Inquire about our tissue sample.
> Inquire about what others are getting.

Then I think it's time we focus on tech. Also, thank the twins.
No. 1076104 ID: 668a32

Ask the twins if they wanna smash
Waggle eyebrows
No. 1076105 ID: e5709d

>Where do you put the dick on a centaur?
Based on research, any-@#$%ing where.

>What else
We need big guns. Artillery. A contingency plan, in case we need to cut losses and destroy the dungeon before the lich escapes.
No. 1076130 ID: d06299

Gotta find out about the experiment. Regardless they did a good job on everything else. Next up is... Time to double check supplies, get anything that's missing, and get extras with anything we have left.

The centaur will have to remain a dream for now. Maybe someday
No. 1076206 ID: 278ae5

Human one up front and horse between the rear legs.
No. 1076236 ID: dd3fe0


Mortars are easier to make at a low tech level. Also good at flinging things around that might be magically tough; always useful.
No. 1076276 ID: 08229c
File 169897638747.png - (158.39KB , 1000x600 , 95.png )

>Ask the twins if they wanna smash

I'm not horny. Also Olivia might still be mad at me... Maybe. It's hard to tell with that girl sometimes. Also they have work to do. And so do I, for that matter!
Get your thoughts out of the gutter, posse.
Cause then you put MY thoughts there too.

>So does having more brain give you more room to think or are we still taking up too much processing power?

Hmm... I don't FEEL smarter? But I definitely feel like some of the burden of hearing you guys has gone done. I'm not sure what that means.

>Can we haunt your boobs?


>Ask what the others got.

I got the basics of what they want. I know Magda wants a stronger heart and Gungrave wants to upgrade her freaky coffin thing.

>It doesn't hurt to ask if they have horse legs. For later.
>Ask if they have horse parts.

"So, uh... Before I go a few questions. Do you guys uh... Did you run into any horse parts..?"
No. 1076277 ID: eb0a9c

No. 1076278 ID: 08229c
File 169897721806.png - (218.88KB , 1000x600 , 96.png )

The twins have a big smile between the two of them.



"Ah, nothing~ We were just concerned about how your recent brain damage may have changed you~"
"But I guess we were worried for nothing."
"Still as horse obsessed as ever~"
"You asked us about it not too long ago. You know how rare foreign meat is?"
"It's okay, she has a dream~ She's gonna be the prettiest pony~"

"Stallion! Horse! Not pony! And they have strong muscles! It might be useful for the mission! It's nothing weird!"

"Mhmm, of course Jane~"
"It's not weird at all."

"It's not!"
No. 1076281 ID: 08229c
File 169897794140.png - (76.27KB , 1000x600 , 97.png )

"Whatever! Is there anything on the brain experiment?"

"Ah, that~"
"We're still on the initial testing phase."

They reveal a minor chimera. Jane can see where the brain piece was grafted.

"I thought you said you were taking a small bit."

"It's the least we could take while still being effective~"
"The chunk is already regrown."
"We have a minor undead warding artifact, keyed to a specific phrase only we know~"
"To ward off thieves."
"And your brain doesn't seem to give it any innate resistance to mind control effects~"
"Which is half of what necromancy is, really."
No. 1076282 ID: 06095b


Testing. Testing. Brain 1 to Brain 2. Condor to rat-tlesnake. Do you read?
No. 1076283 ID: a7a180

Is there a tiny chunk of us in there too?
I dub thee 'Klaatu'.
No. 1076284 ID: 1effd3

<Imput Command: Move Foreword 1 ft, do a 90 degree turn to our left, move foreword 2 ft, face jane, Attempt a backflip.
No. 1076285 ID: eb0a9c

Jane the 'Stallion' is the horse gender with the cock

Okay let's see if we can rig this
[Assign ID to Chimera: 31a99dc8-79f0-11ee-b962-0242ac120002]
[Assign Name to Chimera: Patarat]
[Patarat: Waddle Menacingly]
No. 1076287 ID: 5b2941

Aw, how cute, she thinks she has a choice. It's nice and comfy here, I ain't leavin'.

Oh? Not a mare? Then we're definitely gonna need that horse cock after all. Stallions are breeding males, after all.
No. 1076312 ID: 5fee00

Not to be weird, but I think your boobs look a bit bigger. I think the twins might have added some fatty tissue to them to make you -think- they put the brain in there. As a joke.
No. 1076325 ID: b98f9f

The twins sure are giving you a lot a shit when someone in town turned themselves into a train.

Also hello little buddy, can you wave please?
No. 1076326 ID: d06299

Cute. I'll try making it do a backflip but it's possible we didn't transfer, sorry for the brain damage then.

Anyway they did everything we wanted so that'll do regardless of initial success. Maybe they'll have more for us if we survive.
No. 1076328 ID: 629fe4

Eat some zombie kibble, little rat. You need to grow up big and strong with a fat snake tail.
No. 1076385 ID: 08229c
File 169906735227.png - (86.97KB , 1000x600 , 98.png )

>Oh? Not a mare? Then we're definitely gonna need that horse cock after all. Stallions are breeding males, after all.

>Jane the 'Stallion' is the horse gender with the cock

Sh-shut up. I knew that... I'll be a... Mare?
Stallion sounds so much cooler though.

>The twins sure are giving you a lot a shit when someone in town turned themselves into a train.

Right!? And look at them! They're a two headed romeo!

>Not to be weird, but I think your boobs look a bit bigger. I think the twins might have added some fatty tissue to them to make you -think- they put the brain in there. As a joke.

I think you guys just have boobs on the brain. My tits are the same size as ever.

>Also hello little buddy, can you wave please?
><Imput Command: Move Foreword 1 ft, do a 90 degree turn to our left, move foreword 2 ft, face jane, Attempt a backflip.

"Hey, little guy. Can you move?"


"Do a wave? A backflip?"


Hmm. Yeah. Sorry guys. It's a bust.

>Testing. Testing. Brain 1 to Brain 2. Condor to rat-tlesnake. Do you read?

Actually, let's try that.

Jane focuses all of her mental energy to try and communicate to the chimera to move. She feels a headache behind her eyes from how hard she's thinking.

It doesn't move.

Nope. Nothing. Ah well.
No. 1076386 ID: 08229c
File 169906743211.png - (92.11KB , 1000x600 , 99.png )

Actually... What if we both gave the same mental command at the same time?

>Waddle Menacingly

Waddle for me little guy.

The same headache.

The creature waddles.

Holy shit.
No. 1076387 ID: 5b2941

Ok. Connection established. Now let's see... <change POV to chimera>
No. 1076388 ID: 1effd3

...Now is it worth strapping a bomb to it and having it just RUN to the necromancer?
No. 1076389 ID: 5d7584

hey I'm in there don't blow me up!
No. 1076395 ID: a7a180

Who else wants to try mind welding with Jane?
No. 1076400 ID: 06095b


If the twins have an amulet of undead repelling, then the best object test is to try to command the little guy to waddle toward the thing while it tries to force him back.

If we want a simpler test for early mapping that is distinct.

> Cover your eyes with your paws until we tell you to stop.
No. 1076407 ID: 2aa5f0

sweet, now pet it as a reward
No. 1076408 ID: 273c18

Ooooh. New tech unlocked! If you put that brain part in a body that's actually durable and dangerous, we could use it as another team member. Better focus on the durable quality though since it's going to be hard to give it detailed combat advice. The rat might still have some use though. Either as a disposable bomb delivery device or a scout, depending on how well it follows detailed instructions, and if it can communicate back in any way.

Anyway, tell the twins you can control it, and demonstrate by making it do a headstand.

Rat: Do a headstand.
No. 1076412 ID: d06299

You'll be a Night-mare! That's pretty cool.

Anyway. Does this make you a psychic? Guess it's got kind of an investment needed. I do think the initial plan won't work if both of us need to order simultaneously, and the others aren't going to like being puppeted. But still, an interesting and useful new trick.
No. 1076413 ID: 3a02c7


Means you/we can give mental commands to ourselves or anyone or thing that has bits of our brain in it. There’s strain to doing so. Maybe it uses magic for this persuasion of the self?

So maybe we can’t protect against the necromancer - we’re still undead - but we might be able to give suggestions you can choose to pick instead of their commands.

If we play that right, you might even trick them into thinking the control magic won’t work on you at all. That should proper terrify them. Or you csn pretend to be under their control and use that to get close.

All that remains is testing it against the repelling charm. Use the test subject - and yourself, for good measure. Move on through, past the effect. If the strain is much, we need to look into ways of lessening it.
No. 1076678 ID: 0bf2fd

You know, if you really really want horse parts, give yourself appropriately sized legs, tail, ears, and unmentionables and call it a day.

Staying bipedal is a must. You can lie down, sit down, easily take stairs, fit in elevators and vehicles, crouch, go prone, etc.
Plus you lose less humanity.
No. 1076679 ID: eb0a9c

Yes to the first no to the second. Remember, sustaining humanity is linked to fetters, such as relationships and obsessions, so by feeding into her horse hobby she loses less humanity than her current bioware.

Well, we know what we're doing for the rest of the week. How much do low-grade brains cost?
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