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File 167789495704.png - (38.81KB , 800x600 , cos-title.png )
1057323 No. 1057323 ID: e139aa

Warning: Possible NSFW, nudity, etc.

Cirr not dead who knew
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No. 1057324 ID: e139aa
File 167789497831.png - (32.37KB , 800x600 , cos-1.png )

No. 1057325 ID: e139aa
File 167789499143.png - (143.80KB , 800x600 , cos-2.png )

No. 1057326 ID: e139aa
File 167789500650.png - (38.01KB , 800x600 , cos-3.png )

No. 1057327 ID: e139aa
File 167789504082.png - (191.32KB , 800x600 , cos-4.png )

"...One more go. I have so little left, but... It has to work this time, it has to work it has to work, I can't take this for much longer I can't I can't"

Profaned arcane energies crackle.
The cave shudders.
Raw mana is forced into fluid solidity, and the roiling slime begins to take shape...
No. 1057328 ID: e139aa
File 167789506663.png - (87.48KB , 800x600 , cos-5.png )

A thin thread of awareness pulled into being from the formless shapeless nothing.
You (that's a novel concept, "you?") start to coalesce as another intent forces you into a shape.
Abstract concepts stream through your nascent mind as it begins to take shape.


- Stepping / Bipedal
- Skittering / Hexapedal
- Slithering / Gastropedal

- Simple / Blob
- Pointy / Snouted
- Crusher / Jawed

- Blood Red
- Shadow Black
- Arcane White

- Sticky & Slimy
- Oddly Furry
- Dolphin Smooth

- No Words (cannot speak, write, amazing expressive dance moves but rarely understood correctly)
- No Healing (slime will not regenerate from ambient mana, must be restored from consuming other slimes)
- No Growth (slime cannot increase in size ever, excess slime will cause increased density)
- No Hands (cannot perform any sort of fine manipulation, hands are useless)
- No Will (cannot resist any commands given by a perceived superior, but interpretation can be twisted)

> Please suggest.


No. 1057329 ID: 39d840

Skittering pointy white furry wordless handsless slime named Floofer!
No. 1057330 ID: a7a180

Skittering, simple, black and slimy!
No words, no healing.
I'm gonna call you Ladder!
No. 1057331 ID: e5709d

Blood Red
Oddly Furry

No Growth
No Will

No. 1057332 ID: 99f29a



Shadow black


No healing
No growth

Name: Name-Call
No. 1057334 ID: 7c0da2

Skittering and pointy, white and oddly furry, no words, and no growth.
Just a small, silent, skittering thing, pale from lack of sunlight.
Its name is Answald.
No. 1057335 ID: 1ff64e

Skittering, Crusher, Arcane White, Oddly Furry, No Words/No Hands

Name: Ladder

Zigzag mouths are critical in a Cirr quest.
No. 1057336 ID: fb2164

Bipedal, Snoot, White, Slimy, No Hands No Words

No. 1057337 ID: e770db

Skittering, crusher, shadow black, oddly furry, no words, no healing

Name: Floofer
No. 1057338 ID: a9af05

Skittering / Hexapedal

Crusher / Jawed

Shadow Black

Dolphin Smooth

>2 defects
No Healing
No Hands

No. 1057339 ID: bf9b7c

Skittering, jawed, red, slimy, no words, no growth.

Name: Ladder
No. 1057340 ID: 8e6882

No. 1057341 ID: a758c7

blood red
dolphin smooth

no growth
no will

name: Fluffy
No. 1057343 ID: 261c6b

Skittering smooth white crusher, no words, no growth. Name: Floop.
No. 1057344 ID: e9ef46

Skittering, Crusher, Red, Oddly Furry, No Healing, No Will.
No. 1057345 ID: 386bf8

Skittering jawed red dolphin smooth
No growth no will

Name: Salazarine

...Kidding, kidding.

Skittering jawed white slimy
No healing no will.

Name: ...Well, Ladder seems popular, so going with the crowd.
No. 1057354 ID: 78ea14

I'm supporting this one. It'd be nice to be one of the rare Cirr quest characters that's capable of speaking.
No. 1057366 ID: 36784c

I'll go with this one.
No. 1057369 ID: 556cba

I will change my vote to this one.
No. 1057370 ID: 90c451

Shadow Black
No Words
No Will

I wanna be a devious little creature and I think finding ways to twist our orders can be fun.
No. 1057372 ID: fec07f

No words
No Hands
Name: Gel
No. 1057385 ID: e139aa
File 167794489534.png - (95.97KB , 800x600 , cos-6.png )

"A feather for binding to my will, a stone to anchor its own, a droplet to seek and consume its like, a spark to shape the world... I'm out of everything else. This will have to do."

In a thunderous flash, a sphere is forged, hard as glass, soft as flesh, gently pulsing.
Around it spools strands of thick black slime, arranging itself into a distinct smooth form, a shiny thick membrane holding tight.
Black as the farthest recesses of the cavern.

Congratulations! You exist. You also feel, deep in your being, that your name is Ladder.

"YOU! LISTEN HERE! Listen well! Listen very very well, okay? You can listen. I made you to listen. LISTEN. EYES ON ME."

You look at the big shouty thing.
"Good! Well done. Gold star, and so on and so forth."
No. 1057386 ID: e139aa
File 167794491494.png - (104.23KB , 800x600 , cos-7.png )

"Alright. You've demonstrated the most rudimentary level of competency so far. Mostly. Okay. So here's the situation. I'm stuck at the bottom of this cave unless I can get my eye back. I can still see through it, slightly, and I know it's still near the cave's mouth. You need to go up to the cave's mouth, get my eye, and bring it back to me. Then I'll give you all the gifts I ran out-- deliberately withheld from you, like speaking, the ability to tap into the mana I made you out of, et cetera, and we go our separate ways."

You blink.

"To MAKE THINGS CLEAR! You have to, listen to me, you have to climb the cave. CLIMB the cave. Do not STOP climbing the cave. Then you reach the cave's mouth. You then leave the cave TO GET MY EYE and you come BACK into the cave right away. You DO NOT LEAVE the cave for ANY REASON OTHER than to get my eye. You then TAKE MY EYE and COME BACK DOWN. You do not come back down WITHOUT my eye, you understand? You come back down with my eye. You do not, at any point, in any situation, abandon this VERY SIMPLE TASK, of GO UP, GET EYE, GO DOWN, at all, ever, until it is finished. I WILL unmake you if you start acting traitorous! Don't force me to!"
No. 1057387 ID: e139aa
File 167794494064.png - (27.07KB , 800x600 , cos-8.png )

"THIS time, as I should have done from the START, I'm going to give you a supervisor! ME!"
"Hello! My name's Three Feathers! Because I'm three feathers!"

"Well okay it's just a fragment of me, which I'll be pulling back into myself later. It'll speak for you, because that's probably going to be important. NOW GO!"

You start skittering off into a direction you think seems right, carefully hopping across the rocks forming a pathway across the water.
No. 1057388 ID: e139aa
File 167794496611.png - (24.24KB , 800x600 , cos-9.png )

It takes about three minutes after you reach the shore for you to realise you have no idea where you are.

"...why did you stop? You were making such good progress probably! You aren't already thinking of mutiny, are you?"

The bird thing following you alights on the cave floor in front of you.

"By the way I can still know what you'd want to tell me. We have a link like that. I can't be your mouthpiece without having some idea of what you want to say after all, haha!"

This is all very very weird and you didn't exist less than an hour ago. You're not sure what to do next.
No. 1057389 ID: 99f29a

Find the closest stores of food to soil with your horrible birdy touch.
No. 1057390 ID: a8f755

Oh no, you do realise you've opened the floodgates now Three Feathers.
1: Where are we?
2: Am I called Ladder because I'm supposed to go up?
3: What's a ladder?
No. 1057391 ID: e770db

Well, we need to climb up and it's much easier to climb up when the ledge or whatever you are trying to climb is a similar size to you, so we should ask both A) which way to go, and B) where is food so we can get bigger.
No. 1057394 ID: dd15aa

Three Feathers is cute. Think he's cute.
What paths are there to up?
No. 1057395 ID: 8e6882

be honest, can he really unmake you at this distance, if you decided to mutiny, because the monologue he had suggests otherwise
No. 1057398 ID: b01382

No. 1057399 ID: a758c7

… daddy?
No. 1057401 ID: 36784c

Tell them you know you’re supposed to go up, but you don’t know which way you’re supposed to go.
No. 1057402 ID: a7a180

Pick up bird in mouth and climb.
No. 1057404 ID: e9ef46

Hug little birb daddy and find higher ground
No. 1057411 ID: 8463d1

Say, isn't three feathers better for this assignment? Flight is better for going up.
No. 1057415 ID: 15c72a

Which direction is up?
No. 1057420 ID: d12415

"How do I go up?"

"What is a cave?"

"What is a mutiny?"

"What is a daddy?"
No. 1057421 ID: d12415

Following up,

"Where am I?"

"What does 'am I' even mean?"

"Am I?"
No. 1057433 ID: 261c6b

That's an interesting point, actually - if he can split off parts of himself, why hasn't he already done that to fetch the orb?
No. 1057482 ID: 2aa5f0

ask if he knows the quickest way to the cave mouth?
No. 1057532 ID: 556cba

I'm guessing splitting off part of your soul is a pretty big deal, especially if it gets killed out there.
No. 1057542 ID: 7c0da2

That does sound like a good way to lose, say, an eye.
No. 1057776 ID: b4ab25

What if I get stuck because the cave went up, but then goes down again and I can't get to where it might go up again because I can't go down because I don't have the eye?
Can you even climb sideways? Have I already failed to follow directions because I walked rather than climbed?
No. 1057791 ID: a7a180

He just can’t get up by himself anymore. It’s quite embarrassing.
No. 1058440 ID: e139aa
File 167872444349.png - (18.56KB , 800x600 , cos-10.png )

"Oh that's a lot of questions a lot of questions okay calm calM CALM!!" screeches Three Feathers, tiny little head overwhelmed.

You look confusedly at the bird thing.

"Okay I'm just gonna answer some of those and then we can move on. Mutiny is when you don't do what you were told, and no you didn't do anything wrong going horizontally the climb goes up in weird directions! And if I could do this mission by myself I'd be doing it but that was the first thing they tried and it didn't work! With I think terrible consequences. I don't know why I wasn't gifted that knowledge! I wasn't, uh, gifted a lot of knowledge. You're a ladder, right?"

Three Feathers looks around the cave. "Also yeah I see your point I have no idea where to go and nowhere looks like it goes up. Let's... go this way!!"

You duly oblige and go the arbitrary direction they point to with their wing.
No. 1058442 ID: e139aa
File 167872448778.png - (24.09KB , 800x600 , cos-11.png )

After a lot of walking, with Three Feathers perching atop your head without sinking into you somehow, you see the cave is at least sloping gently upwards.
This seems like progress!

You keep walking and notice something you haven't seen before.

It's some sort of ... pale fabric? covered thing, tethered from the cave ceiling, and it was extremely still until you got closer.
It's still not moving by itself but it must be either very light or the tether must be extremely easy to move, because just getting closer seems to have made it start swaying.

You look around but you don't see anything else like it.

"I don't think touching weird things in the cave is wise?" says Three Feathers before you can even think to ask them. "I feel like I ought to know what this is. I think maybe I was gifted way way less knowledge than I was supposed to be?? That's not a good thing to realise..."

You are filled with an unexplainable urge to poke the thing.
No. 1058443 ID: 99f29a

Hurl Three Feathers at the thing.
No. 1058445 ID: 2aa5f0

well thing doesn't help you go up so ignore it and keep going up. We have a mission to do after all and as far as we know it's our only purpose in life so let's keep going up.
No. 1058446 ID: 623827

It’s either a spider’s prey wrapped up in a sac, a spider egg, or some kind of silk chrysalis. Two of those things are probably not good things. Panic and flee.
No. 1058448 ID: 565291

Well, something’s afoot here. Pull the cocoon off the web, maybe you can eat the contents. Also, move away from the web.
No. 1058449 ID: 556cba

This feels like a trap. Ignore the trap and move on.
No. 1058453 ID: f69af6

Disregard obvious trap, acquire eye.
No. 1058455 ID: 2eb3cc

Perhaps it's a cave mimic's uvula.
...Do not touch.
No. 1058465 ID: 273c18

Eat it.
No. 1058467 ID: b4ab25

Yes, envelop it whole.
The tether seems to go up, perhaps we can go up the tether?
No. 1058471 ID: 503f78

If it's something wrapped in fabric, unwrap it!

Maybe it's something you can eat.
No. 1058629 ID: 9cf8d5

So, Ladder going back, even if it's to get knowledge that would help get further, would be mutiny, is that correct?

If it is, that restriction does not apply to Three Feathers. LOOPHOLES! Send Three Feathers back to get knowledge while you wait here. It's foolproof!
No. 1058631 ID: 273c18

Oh wait, before you do anything, look up.
No. 1058815 ID: a8f755

Spiders wrap their food up so... I wonder if it's edible.
No. 1059313 ID: 800527

Which limitations did we end up getting?
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