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File 167477494606.png - (244.35KB , 768x768 , ModernMammalsQuest.png )
1054741 No. 1054741 ID: 5ff2e7

In the near future of our world(but outside your own lifetime), new breeds of strange humanoid creatures have been manufactured by our leading scientists and are integrated into modern society. Follow someone as they navigate College life as a non-human, or as they are collectively known as by the general public: furries.

Updates bi-weekly; that is to say two times in one week. Potentially NSFW. Depictions of sex and gore are dependent on which character you select, except for Gary's story. Even I do not know what it entails.
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No. 1054742 ID: 5ff2e7
File 167477500297.png - (306.09KB , 1024x768 , MMQ-CharSelect.png )

Choose one of the above listed characters to be our protagonist:
Charlie 21 F The voyeuristic slash fiction author.
Luna 20 F The Astronomy obsessed card shark
Francis 19 M The masochistic feline
Gary 20 M The depressed robotics genius
Lucas 19 M Trapped in a incestuous love triangle harem
Tony 22 M Undergoing two separate identity crisis
No. 1054743 ID: e7c7d3

Luna, but a secondary vote for Lucas if people are feeling saucy
No. 1054744 ID: be2ac4

No. 1054745 ID: 75f1f5

Lucas. 'Trapped'.
No. 1054746 ID: 90c451

Gary or Tony. Maybe both.
Maybe just Gary.
No. 1054747 ID: 90c451

Perhaps just Tony.
Tony's good.
No. 1054748 ID: 87e33c

Primary vote Lucas, vestigial vote Charlie
No. 1054750 ID: 322af8

Charlie 21 F The voyeuristic slash fiction author.
No. 1054752 ID: a7a180

Gary? Gary!
No. 1054753 ID: 629f2e

I'm down for Charlie, I like Charlie.
No. 1054754 ID: ccbbb0

Tony two or three people living on that nogging, eh? Sure, let's go!

If not...eh I guess Charlie? Sounds like a rascal about to get way over her head.
No. 1054755 ID: bbb04b

Gonna go for the darkhorse and say Francis - as masochism goes, that looks like a rather extreme form of it, and while I'm not one myself, I'm somewhat fascinated by them in fiction. Secondary vote Charlie.
No. 1054758 ID: 47615d

Tony 22 M.
Give us a story, and Not porn!
No. 1054766 ID: e51896

No. 1054777 ID: f8083d

No. 1054782 ID: e5709d

No. 1054785 ID: 5d82cd

No. 1054799 ID: 87e33c

Adjusting my vote to be full charlie, her purple hair and shirt have swooned me
No. 1054800 ID: 08de23

No. 1054803 ID: f2320a

No. 1054804 ID: 7c0da2

No. 1055005 ID: 5ff2e7

Dont mind me; I am just testing some things out

This text is green. Back to default. This text is grey(gray). [color=#aa0055]Straight to dark magenta.
No. 1055008 ID: 5ff2e7
File 167509115452.png - (118.00KB , 800x600 , MMQ-P01.png )


It is a brisk Autumn evening of what could be considered the worst possible weather ever. The irrationally irritating kind where the sun beams down on your skin or fur enveloping you in a comforting warmth until a sudden gust of wind nearly knocks you off your feet and kicks out any fuzzy feelings you had inside and leaves you shivering. Thus, in relatively sour moods are likely the two most important people in the multiverse. A male human, most notable for having square glasses and being the brains of the two, and a female furry(specifically a common genet) who wears circular glasses and acts as the heart.

The human and genet, whose names are confidential and will remain undisclosed, are tasked with assigning the role of protagonist to a specific individual within this Universe.
No. 1055009 ID: 5ff2e7
File 167509116885.png - (165.67KB , 800x600 , MMQ-P02.png )

"Do we have confirmation of our target yet," the human asks with a scowl. "We have been monitoring characters 33bf33, fade30, 3c03c0, and ef1d07 diligently for a considerable time now.
"Just about. Mr. Author is sending us the results now," the genet responds.
"You are aware he does not like you referring to him as 'Mr,' correct? I meant… she- um- they." A moment of awkward silence passes. "Ahem, the votes?"

"Right. The votes. It's a close one, but right now, the boss really wants us to target Luna Starbrite."
"Fantastic. We already have visual of her. She is standing by the library entrance seemingly in an argument with 3c03c0." The human ponders her statement for a brief moment. You refer to them by their names, not their IDs. Are you confident you are out of character?"
"Fuck the IDs. I call them by name 'cause it's easier to remember. And fuck you too. I'm wearing the OOC pin, aren't I? In character me is terrified of you ever since our first mission where you stabbed a guy, we fucked in a strangers car, we had a meeting with god, and you took me from my friends and family to do erands for them across the multiverse. Now shes crying about if you having sex with me while I was out of character is considered... Anyways, how the hell are we supposed to get this protagonist tag onto her?"
"Without inadvertently altering the trajectory of the timeline or anyone's character arcs. We do not want to spread my Cerebus syndrome to another Universe again."
The genet scoffs. "You just existing is screwing up the whole place."
No. 1055014 ID: f8083d

Well for starters, they could simply find it. Unless they're supposed to be unaware of its existence.

Hm, could it be included in some junk they just bought?
No. 1055019 ID: 87e33c

Here are my suggestions in no particular order for how to do this:
A. Pretend she's a celebrety, ask for a selfie, slap the sticker/pin on her ass for maximum hilarity
B. Use your [PLOT DEVICE DELIVERY MECHANISM], the tee shirt cannon, shoot it at her with a tee shirt cannon, shout "FREE TEE SHIRTS" and fire a few shirts out into the crowd around them before hitting her
C. The ol' switcheroo ruse, both of you walk up, drop some stuff, mixing up both of your belongings, leaving her with the pin/sticker as an extra belonging (and also losing something else in the process hehehe)
D. All of the above, fire a tee shirt canon, bump into her, ask if she's a celebrety mid conversation, and do something whacky and random just to confuse her, causing her to go "you know what, I'm out" as you already tagged her. She'll just be confused that such a weird scenario happened that she won't question it!
E. Hand it to her and say she's got a delivery from a secret admirer, try to sing a cheesy romantic song claiming it's a gift from them, fail at doing so and feel emberassed and fall into an OTL pose.

Okay uhhh, just pick one of those at random idk, I like [E] the most of the ones I wrote there.
No. 1055239 ID: 5ff2e7
File 167556825792.png - (212.51KB , 800x600 , MMQ-Prologue03.png )

"Ooh! The audience is offering suggestions! They say we could use a tee-shirt cannon. That sounds fun. Plus, we gotta do what they say, otherwise we'd be railroading."
"The audience? What are you- You activated it!? The audience is not meant to be aware we exist, let alone interact with us. The narrative has yet to even begin!"
"It's fine," she waves her paw dismissively. "We can just say 'Prologue' and it'll be fine. The Prologue is never mandatory for the story anyways." The human grumbles, unsatisfied with the response. "Out of our many options, I think I'll just go walk up to her, do a little flirt and slap a sticker on her ass. Maybe do a little-" she points a pair of finger guns at her partner and winks. "She won't suspect a thing."

The human sighs. "As enjoyable as it would be to commit sexual assault, I refuse to follow directions from an audience. They clearly do not grasp the gravity of the situation or understand the delicate nature of our mission." He reaches into the inside pocket of their hoodie, which is his personal infinite bag of holding, and pulls out a whole hunting rifle. "Which is why instead, I will fire a stamp from here onto the target's body. Most likely their head."
"Where the fuck did you get that? That's not a plot device, that's just a freaking gun."
"So too is a tee-shirt cannon. To explain how I acquired this device, as a mechanical engineer and imaginative geek, I can confidently say that I crafted this unusual gun myself in the past. 'When?' one may ask. Technically never, but we can pretend I did."
"You're gonna use your once-per-adventure Deus ex machina to give yourself a weird gun? You don't even like guns. You have an unhealthy obsession with knives and blades and shit."

The human stands at the edge of the building they're located, staring blankly over the edge to the massive University courtyard, posing dramatically in the wind while trying to avoid shivering at the cold. "If you want to directly interact with our target and risk jeopardizing our mission, potentially drastically altering the trajectory of this reality's timeline, you are wholly welcome to attempt to and fail."
"You're overreacting, dude. I'm just gonna walk up to her and give her the damned tag personally."
"You are under the impression you can outrun a bullet. After all, I have the advantage of range and without public intermingling."
"Do you even know how to use a hunting rifle?"
The human shivers, awkwardly holding the gun incorrectly. "Absolutely," He lies.
No. 1055245 ID: 38349b

If the problem is consent you can do the flirt, ask if you can smack that ass, and then do so if consented yknow. Spec since mr hero over there is obveously gonna miss with that gun and tag someone else as the protagonist, thus fucking it up anyway.

Might as well get some fun out of this pseudo terrifying experience!
No. 1055268 ID: 708905

If the concern is direct interactions couldn't you just pay some random kid to slap the thing on her?
No. 1055307 ID: bbb04b

So, basically, we're suggesting before we even meet the protagonist, likely as a result of the vote for our choice of protagonist being really close. If aiming with a dang gun is unreliable, it'd be better to either do a subtle up-close tagging (such as bumping past them like a pickpocket) or leaving the tag somewhere only they would find it, such as a drawer in their dorm. But if you can't intersect anybody's life, then yeah, tagging the wrong guy is an acceptable risk compared to getting noticed. I hope that gun doesn't leave a trace if you miss all the targets, though.
No. 1055317 ID: 30de7b

Does the tag need to remain on their person, or do they need to find it, or is it fine if it simply touches them momentarily; what if somebody else picks it up after, etc. ?
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