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File 166287661227.png - (378.19KB , 1200x1389 , T_001.png )
1043457 No. 1043457 ID: 5499f4

Tension: a balance maintained between opposing forces or elements

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134892.html
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ like violence, and light sexual content.

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No. 1043458 ID: 5499f4
File 166287665871.png - (445.84KB , 1200x1722 , T_002.png )

EDMANGO: Please read the previous page to get a vibe of the story and what’s coming. The setting and team size have been locked in by me. You will only be creating one character, and will be playing on Faunus!

Who are you?

Weapon of choice:
No. 1043462 ID: e51896

Name: Hailey or Hector

Race: We be an Object-Kin STAPLE REMOVER OM NOM NOM NOM! It's like a gator, but with large fangs! Object-kin needs more love in an EDMANGO quest lore, and we don't see a lot of them. So lets choose this race this time.

Sex: female or male, I'm fine with either

Background: Bouncer! let's stop some bar fights and hear some crazy rumors and stories, and see people get drunk. (alternatively, sex worker. Contrary to our sharp mouth, we're actually really good at oral stuff)

Weapon of choice: Brass Knuckles punch punch!
No. 1043463 ID: 629f2e

Name: Nessie

Race: I will fully support Polt's Object-Kin Staple Remover idea

Sex: Eh, I'll say female since we went male in Crystal Spire

Background: Sex Worker. Because we're gonna want to spend time with our friends all the time anyways, so we might as well make socializing a free action for us.

Weapon of choice: A slingshot. There are not enough characters in the world who use slingshots, which is a shame.
No. 1043464 ID: 908530

Name: Nigel
Race: Staple-Remover
Sex: Presenting Male
Background: Tailor (Seamstress)
Weapon: "Teeth"
No. 1043465 ID: 515982

Name: Karude
Race: Demihuman (Ogre!)
Sex: F
Background: Hug Worker (Who doesn't love an orc massage?)
Weapon of choice: Unarmed! Or a really heavy club, if people wanted to, but free gear is cool.
No. 1043468 ID: 244451

Lol, basically what I was thinking of. (Upvote)

I thought it could be nice If the character either designed his own suit or it didn't and constantly complain about it.
No. 1043482 ID: bbb04b

Gonna go for a dark-horse suggestion.

Name: Pioggi
Race: Axolotl Anthro-Kin
Sex: Male
... Yeah, it's not a mystery which karmaling this guy is. Sue me.

Background: [Bartender] - We'll look dapper as hell both in and out of costume, and it's only polite to offer a toast to the folks we're going to war with. In bocca al lupo, mio nemico.
Weapon: Liquid Revolver - I have no idea how it works, but it sounds cool as hell. (Maybe pressurized bullets that make heatless geyser explosions on impact or... weaponized water cutter (or other fluids cutter). Or something. It Just Works(TM).)
No. 1043485 ID: bfc523

Name: Hailey
Race: Staple Remover
Sex: Female
Background: Sex Worker
Weapon of choice: Unarmed
No. 1043486 ID: 01fe07

I'm voting for this one.
No. 1043489 ID: ae4094

No. 1043490 ID: 205be1

Name:Tammy G. Yeller
Race:Anthro beast kin(Raccoon)
Background:Con artist
Weapon of choice: sharp playing cards.
No. 1043492 ID: 9c15be

+1 for this.
No. 1043494 ID: e5709d

Name: Tempel
Race: Object-Kin (Comet)
Sex: F / Herm
Weapon: Trick Weapon (Kirkhammer) which uses your own head as the mallet.
Occupation: (1.5-bit) Gangster
+ You gain access to criminal connections, up to and including supervillain networks, and gain the opportunity to commit crimes for profit or influence.
- During downtime, there is a 25% chance of encountering opposition to law or security. You must resolve the issue without using your superpowers or lose this perk. Encounters are difficult but earn exp.
No. 1043495 ID: 8483cf

Tossing my card in the ring for this one.
No. 1043501 ID: 894419

This, but female
No. 1043507 ID: 36784c

If we’re allowed to say, "Henshin-A-Go-Go, baby!" when we transform, then I’ll be happy!

I like this!
No. 1043539 ID: 4f60b2


Race:Anthro beast kin "Mink"


Background: an experienced Sex worker.

Weapon of choice: Black whip that can extend in length at will.
No. 1043585 ID: 5499f4
File 166296448079.png - (151.38KB , 500x600 , T_002b.png )

Locking in the character now, the next page of the chart isn't finished yet, I've got 7 more drawings to finish for it, but the text is done.

In the meantime, have a doodle of our protagonist, HAILEY MARY! More info on her and object-kin coming tomorrow/tuesday.
No. 1043589 ID: e5709d

Needs the ability to puncture herself in 'strategic places' without causing lasting damage.
No. 1043679 ID: 5499f4
File 166309814401.png - (8.16KB , 500x500 , T_002c.png )

With a surprising amount of certainty, you assert yourself to the world as HAILEY MARY, SEX WORKER, FEMALE, and most importantly of all, an OBJECT-KIN.

You think back briefly on your history, to your day of rebirth. You were once a mundane, but well and truly beloved [RED STAPLE REMOVER]. You were used frequently and cared for by an office of workers, passing hands frequently, repaired, and being lubricated due to cost cutting measures at the office. You also witnessed several office affairs, an amount that you would later find out is staggeringly high for any workplace.

It was after around 10 years at the company that you gained sapience, a nascent spirit forming inside of you from the care, use and lives you witnessed. A body formed, sharp, alluring, young, and very confused. You came into this world much to the shock of others, but were cared for and educated afterwards. Those scenes you witnessed as a forming soul became your keystones, and as soon as you were 18, you became a sex worker, one with a decent level of proficiency.
No. 1043680 ID: 5499f4
File 166309815111.png - (345.02KB , 1200x1724 , T_003.png )

It was in one of these moments, occasionally accosted by thugs and weirdos, that you picked up a skill with HAND TO HAND COMBAT, and when your fists wouldn’t suffice… Well, you did have a sharp maw.

You’re now a chipper, young late 20-something young woman, still just as sharp, but somehow even more erotic than your younger days.
No. 1043681 ID: 5499f4
File 166309815899.png - (424.13KB , 1200x2025 , T_004.png )

One day, after work, or during your free time, something happens. You find a device. What does it look like?
No. 1043682 ID: e7c7d3

Whistles and collar. Become a chain chomp when transformed
No. 1043683 ID: 629f2e

The Watch or Dice would be my pick. I like stupid RNG, and the wand is a classic.

I like the Whistles and Collar, but it's gonna be tough enough picking allies without losing a point. Not against it, just doesn't have my vote.
No. 1043685 ID: b7598d

Matching jewelry seems an interesting choice
No. 1043686 ID: 36784c

I’m voting for the Watch.
No. 1043687 ID: 7c0da2

The wand or the watch, in that order.
No. 1043689 ID: 94ef2a

I cant choose between these two choices:

Considering we are a sex worker, collar and whistle. We'll use one of the allies from the ally section instead of creating a new one. I feel Hailey is into domming people.

Dice is also a lot of fun too (for potential clothing damage)
No. 1043691 ID: e873e5

Dice, dice, dice!
No. 1043692 ID: 515982

Symbiote! This silicon based lifeform, or Stapleworm, came from space and has been exposed to many cosmic rays.
No. 1043694 ID: e5709d

No. 1043695 ID: ae4094

No. 1043714 ID: 33f0ce

>Cell Phone
Because fellas, we're a call girl!
No. 1043722 ID: 629f2e


I'll drop my Watch support and just go all in on Dice since both received some support, just to help simplify things.
No. 1043726 ID: 8483cf

No. 1043731 ID: 5499f4
File 166313162203.png - (374.99KB , 1200x1364 , T_005.png )

You found it in the bush in your favorite park. It was a sunny day and the thing shined in your eye, and after a moment of digging through the bush you found an eight sided die.

It has an almost crystal-like appearance. Slightly translucent, and is of a deep ruby red, just like you! You gave the air a sniff, smelling ozone, and realized it was coming from the dice. Weird.
No. 1043732 ID: 5499f4
File 166313164071.png - (432.11KB , 1200x1326 , T_006.png )

You rolled the die when you got home and realized that it could transform you. This was it, what you had been waiting for. But, one thing kept turning in your mind, what about your friends, your confidants? Surely there must be someone to trust with this secret.

Who are your Confidants?


EDMANGO: As a refresher, you have 3 Trait Tokens (usable for powers or gear) and 1 Gear Token (usable only on getting gear)

Please format your votes from most desired to least desired, and state if you want to save any tokens. Your vote in first place will get 2 votes, the rest will get one vote.

No. 1043733 ID: e51896

The Psionic Mage is a must. Not just because I'm Biased, but because since we got dice, this dude can like, use his telekinetic powers to help bring the dice roll to our favor if he's around! Granted it only works if he is nearby and not drunk, but still a really good ally to have
plus, it'd be cool to have someone we can fight by our side since he will jump at any opportunity for a fight

The Government for some security and protection and keeps our PR good

Finally, the fairy to give us pocket space and help us translate different languages
No. 1043734 ID: 515982

The Fairy
The Parasite
No. 1043735 ID: 629f2e

Top vote has gotta be for The Government Agency. You get paid, which means less time you'll have to spend working, and you get free PR support. Add on the various connections for below market prices, and the money they give you is worth more than it otherwise would be. Getting an occasional order or having to do paperwork at times is well worth the benefits they offer.

The Historic Parasite was gonna be next for me because they're adorable. Completely and utterly a choice I wanted to make because I like their design. However, if we already have one shadowy force giving us shit then I don't think we need another. Instead, I'm gonna vote up The Psionic Mage for battle support and having another real person to befriend and talk to. Even if he talks too much and is annoying.

The 2 Best Friends are also great, strong temptation there, but I think I'm gonna support The Rival instead for two reasons. The BFFs bring money and connections, two things which the Government already provides. That isn't their only benefit of course, having pals that will stay by your side is their main one, but having two of their major bases covered is a big detriment (though credit where it's due, their specific connections likely differ from what the government will offer in terms of how it'll help). The second reason is just that The Rival is hilarious, and I love him. This dude is fucking your mom (which fits very well with our backstory all things considered), and yet is still trying to compete with you despite clearly having already won the war? Who the fuck is this dweeb, he's terrible! I love him.
No. 1043736 ID: 8483cf

Government Agency
No. 1043737 ID: 894419

Back Alley Surgeon
The Rival
The Bounty Hunter
No. 1043740 ID: e5709d

Special: Pet Crystal
Over time, some 'dust' from the die grows and collects the lint and toxic chemicals in the air, until it's large enough to say 'hi'.
A strange mix between neurological monofibers and dynamic polycrystalline megastructures, this is the closest you can get to a living rock.
Best of all, she gets smarter when you throw her hard enough to cause brain damage! Also, her organs can be used to augment your intelligence. Not the fastest animal ever, though.
(Warning: Crystal implants may cause memory loss, sociopathy, and a potential resonance cascade that will crystallize your insides)
No. 1043741 ID: b7598d

The Rival, admitably solely so we can find out just who would be the Rival to a staple remover, though also with them having the same weakness, it means if we DO have to work together, most likely someone will be useful at least
Parasite and Holographic, I want to know what would make them work together, and how they wouldn't
No. 1043742 ID: 36784c

The Government Agency. One of their agents randomly saw us transforming and they tracked us to our place of employment. They had to send someone in as a customer in order to make contact with us.

I want to save the other 2 tokens to exchange for 2 trait tokens.
No. 1043764 ID: 58af12

The Holographic Entity, your dice is their holographic core;
The Fairy;
save the last point for more Traits Tokens.
No. 1043765 ID: ae4094

extra trait
No. 1043767 ID: 466872

This and the Parasite.

Save the last point for traits.
No. 1043768 ID: bbb04b

The 2 Best Friends, the Rival, and the Robot Butler - hopefully, Friend B will take the edge off of the "people think you're a ponce" aspect if you explain it's a gift from him.
No. 1043773 ID: 244451

2 best friends
Historical parasite
Hedonistic fairy
No. 1043779 ID: 4204cd

Bounty hunter
Government agency
Mad- sorry, Eccentric scientist.
No. 1043815 ID: bbb04b

Customization addendum to my Rival vote: Male Axolotl Anthro-Kin named SLEET. Bring forth Angy Li'l Shit Mk.III (now with the ability to actively maintain a semi-functional relationship, i.e. Your Mom)!
No. 1043836 ID: 5499f4
File 166321438348.png - (296.71KB , 1200x1149 , T_007.png )

You will begin with a C rank relationship with the following characters
- Josephine - The disguise artist
- Alberta - The avian database
- Phyllis - The boss
- The Government - This is an organizational relationship

You will begin with a C rank relationship with her

You will begin with a C rank relationship with them

EDMANGO: Relationships range from [N/A], [C], [B], [A], [S]. The higher the rank, the better friends you are, the better they treat you, and the more willing they would be to skirt their morality to help you, should your paths not align. It’s possible to drop in rank if you are truly a terrible friend, but that shouldn’t be a concern for a true hero!

You can also romance characters, should you be so bold as to juggle a relationship and life as a hero.

No. 1043837 ID: 5499f4
File 166321439132.png - (307.89KB , 1200x1238 , T_008.png )

Before you could run off and talk to your drinking buddies from some weird division of the city government, you took some time to take stock of your capabilities, and to see if there was anything you could share.
No. 1043838 ID: 5499f4
File 166321439909.png - (475.43KB , 1200x2074 , T_009.png )

What are your traits, and do you plan to share your powers?

EDMANGO: As a refresher, you have 3 Trait Tokens (usable for powers or gear) and 1 Gear Token (usable only on getting gear)

Your top vote will count as 2 votes, and please declare if you will share your powers with any of your allies, if you do, the next update will be distribution.

Also, anyone you gift a power to will jump up to a rank B relationship, and some characters may have special events if you do this.

No. 1043840 ID: e5709d

Beast Shifting
Implant (Electric Manipulation)

Linked Sub-Brain
Your chest piece is a close-to-bursting corporate envelope.
No. 1043842 ID: 515982

Size shifting. Purchase twice if possible.
if Size is not enhanced, grant Lust to the hedonistic fairy.
Gear: Improvised weapons.
I like pattern 6 as a chest emblem. As for accessories, a serpentine theme seems keen.
No. 1043847 ID: e51896

telekinesis is my top vote so that when we get enough experience with practice, we might be able to manipulate the dice roll to our favor without our tension suit.

faith: Lust (because we're sex worker) or medium is my second vote. I think I lean more towards lust faith

save the last vote for size manipulation for our fairy pal so she can be our size.

For gear, sub brain if telekinesis is chosen. if it isn't, go for the motor skates or custom gadget
No. 1043849 ID: 629f2e


Hailey Mary is not the shining example of what we'd think of as a follower of purity. She's from a minority race, she's a sex worker (which Queen of Hell definitely confirmed angels aren't fans of), and she seems like a confident bitch just going off looks. Her being a believer in Purity doesn't seem right with all of that in mind, but it will have to be rationalized if we go with it. I see two ways it could be explained, both being incredibly fun.

1: The god of purity in this world is different. Maybe Virge got the spot from the impostor in CS, and he's a much more chill deity than what we had before.

2: The god of purity is in a really rough spot right now, with very few loyal followers, and Hailey is genuinely just one of their better ones. God may not like all of her choices, but perhaps she exemplifies a willingness to fight evil that is just enough to get their blessing. It's a reluctant arrangement, but Purity needs followers and Hailey needs power to defend her city.

However it gets rationalized, I think it'd make for a very fun story.

Alright, second point! Let's go with Elemental Manipulation, with our chosen element being Earth. It seems fitting, given that we're made of metal. Earth Benders don't get enough credit for being able to manipulate most solid forms of matter. Let's rep the best Avatar character Toph and embrace her element.

Finally, let's be generous and gift something. I like Polt's suggestion of giving our fairy friend Size Manipulation, and I absolutely support her getting it if enough people suggest taking it. I'm gonna go in a different direction though, and instead suggest giving the fairy Telekinesis. She may be small, but she'll be able to lift some massive objects with enough concentration.

For Gear, take the Linked Sub-Brain. The training boost is massive and will let us improve at a really nice rate. And just like how being a Sex-Worker means less downtime spent on hanging out, or working for the Government means less time spent worrying about PR, decreasing the time we have to spend on training gives us more options to respond to our needs. If we have some junk we want to buy, then we can spend more time working to earn enough for it. If we really need to get better at something, we can pick up the skills faster. All in all, it's a great early investment that will payoff over time.
No. 1043854 ID: 8483cf

Top vote: Give the Fairy telekinesis, she doesn't like working, so let her Trait do the lifting for her!

Let's go with nanobots! All made of tiny staples!

Hidden weapon: Letter Opener in Hailey's arm. Honestly I think this one should be free.

Gear: Motorcycle for sick wheelies

Suit Pattern 6.
No. 1043861 ID: 36784c

Spend 1 Trait Token on Size Shifting.
Spend 1 Trait Token on Telekinesis.
Spend 1 Trait Token on Leg Armor.
Spend the Gear Token on Motor Skates.

Take the Suit Pattern 6 as a Bonus.

No sharing with allies.
No. 1043865 ID: 898517

Powers :
-Faith : Purity. She is pure of heart and dedicated to fighting evil, and in the end it's what counts, not her job.
-Energy. It's always useful and should combo nicely with the Parasite's Magic.
-Cantrip, gift it to the Fairy. It's classic fairy tricks.
Gear :
-Linked Sub-brain. It will help the Parasite teach us, and mental resistance is always useful and will help manage the stress of saving the world.
No. 1043866 ID: e97e06

Size Shifting twice (two trait tokens)

Telekinesis (one trait token)

Motorcycle (gear token)

Suit pattern 6 (bonus)
No. 1043882 ID: e51896


Actually, Himitsu gave me a good idea, so I'm changing my vote a bit >>1043847

top vote and main reason for changing my vote is: use first trait point to give our fairy friend TELEKINESIS, she can hide in our pocket, and make enemies think we're manipulating things, not her. Plus, she can help give us good rolls with our dice when we transform, using her telekinesis to help the dice roll into a number we want! She just has to transform first before we transform

second trait point for ourself: size shifting

third trait point for ourself: Nanobots

for gear, I really want motorcycle, but that might leave us tied with sub brain as of writing this. if there is still a tie, change my vote to sub brain instead
No. 1043886 ID: f4beea

Size Shifting, Energy, Telekinesis, and Linked Sub-Brain.

Don't share powers with allies.
No. 1043888 ID: f49688

Lust and Hope, Give parasite Tele, Power Gems
lust for obvious reasons, Hope because really, why are you heroing BUT hope, Parasite tele so they can do cool things and the relationship bonus, Power gems to lean into Chaos ever more, while also counterbalancing it
No. 1043895 ID: 0838d6
File 166327528711.png - (8.65KB , 500x500 , p2.png )

Your first transformation was short, but useful, helping you find out a fraction of your capabilities.

Your first power, SIZE SHIFTING, ended up with you accidentally punching a hole into the wall and denting the ceiling.

Your second power, TELEKINESIS, lets you lift all the furniture in your room, but you accidentally broke a few things from concentrating too hard, splattering and puncturing the walls just a little bit more than necessary.

You aren’t getting your deposit back on the place...
No. 1043897 ID: 0838d6
File 166327533787.png - (9.25KB , 500x500 , p3.png )

You feel two more things tickling the back of your mind, but you’re drawing a blank, almost like you vaguely remember them.

What is your third power?
1. Nanobots
- The suit comes with a nanobot swarm you intuitively shape like cute lil’ staples
2. Purity
- A devout FAITH courses through your veins, with this you KNOW you can defeat Evil
3. 2x Size shifting
3a. (remove penalty) Size shifting is instantaneous
3b. (increased proficiency to B rank) Size shifting can selectively target limbs

And What is your free gear?
I. Motorcycle
- Your flaming red ride, it’s your baby
II. Linked Sub-Brain
- Transforming has grafted something to that nebulous space where your brain exists

EDMANGO: The votes are 5 for, 2 against, 3 abstains from sharing, so a final vote towards sharing will be next update and will determine your backstory with THE HEDONISTIC FAIRY
No. 1043900 ID: d98cb8

Absolutely a vote for

Nanobots + Subbrain
No. 1043901 ID: e5709d

Nanobots and Sub-Brain
No. 1043902 ID: a5bc30

Nanobots because we have a staple family now!


No. 1043903 ID: 629f2e

Sticking by [Purity] for all the reasons given before. Admittedly doubling up on Size could be cool, and while Nanobots aren't bad I feel like they're the most achievable trait to unlock at a later time of all the ones on this list. We have government connections, I could see a technology hookup in our future.

And Linked Sub-Brain of course.
No. 1043904 ID: 515982

Nanobots, and while sub-brain could synergize well with coordinating our staple swarm, I absolutely must vote Motorcycle for the cartoonish image of a big Hailey riding on a tiny bike.
No. 1043907 ID: 7c0da2

Purity and Sub-Brain.
No. 1043910 ID: bbb04b

Nanobots and sub-brain.

Voting against telling anyone.
No. 1043913 ID: a9af05

Nanobots and Linked Sub-Brain

Also, I want to-
>a final vote towards sharing will be next update
Never mind, I'll wait until the next update to vote on that.
No. 1043914 ID: 99ca7b

Nanobots and Sub-brain sounds like a good, useful combo. But also like a a fun combo.
No. 1043917 ID: f4beea

2x Size shifting (increased proficiency to B rank) Size shifting can selectively target limbs + Linked Sub-Brain

>no one else picking 2x size shifting
Aw man.
No. 1043918 ID: 36784c

>You aren’t getting your deposit back on the place...
Look on the bright side. At least you didn’t accidentally shred your clothes from testing your powers!

Nanobots and Linked Sub-Brain

>Aw man.
Don’t worry. I’m sure we can still get it through training Size Shifting.
No. 1043920 ID: f49688

Ok the nanobots being staples is irresistible (and would help you fix the mess you made... and will make), and a Sub-brain to help command them, and who doesn't want to be smarter! too bad this only gives a slightly bigger brain
No. 1043924 ID: 1119a1


Staplers are too cute an image and it's something useful to round out the skill set. I am secretly biased against the motorbike because I want cool skates.

I have no strong opinion on fairy sharing.
No. 1043953 ID: 244451

Purity is a awful selection right now. Purity will likely opose agains the hedonistic fairy, the historical parasite and Hailey's work!

In other hand is the most interesting option narratively-wise so... Purity and Bike!
No. 1043954 ID: 0838d6
File 166336018106.png - (8.17KB , 500x500 , p4.png )

In your daze, trying to figure out your final power, you were looking at a box of your favorite snack, STAPLES. Honestly it’s a bit of an expensive snack if you do a cost to weight analysis in comparison to a lot of other snacks available, but who cares they are CUTE and DELICIOUS. Part of your metabolism as an Object-kin means that you digest things a bit slower and more thoroughly, so you only really need to eat once a week.

You feel this third power was one you could only use when in your suit, so you transformed again, ROLLING A 2, your thoughts back then focusing on the little metallic munchies as you looked at a pile of junk in your room. A few staples popped off of your skirt, surprising you and heading towards the pile, eating it. You almost screamed in a panic before they reformed the pile into many small, flexible, and adorable staples.

Your third power, NANOBOTS lets you control incredibly small staple-like robots that have a variety of uses. You found out that you could only store so many of them in your suit’s skirt when transformed, and lose control of them when out of costume.

At least they can be used to clean up your apartment a bit.
No. 1043956 ID: 0838d6
File 166336022968.png - (8.73KB , 500x500 , p5.png )

There’s one last thing that you gained, THE LINKED SUB-BRAIN. But you don’t notice the clarity in your thoughts, how stress just seems to fall off of you and how it’s much easier to commit to choices. No, you’re too excited by having cute staple babies but also being concerned if this means you can’t eat them anymore.

Thinking back to your MOTHER, she always said you were so cute that she could just eat you up. You think that logic applies here, they’re still super tasty after all!

You headed over to the mirror and admire yourself, damn, you bet you could get a premium for some of those kin who are into COSPLAY if you went to work dressed like this!
No. 1043957 ID: 0838d6
File 166336023984.png - (8.71KB , 500x500 , p6.png )

We flash forward to the present, thoughts of visiting your friends at the bar being shifted slightly. You send a text to JOSEPHINE, letting her know that you’ll be a little late. You get a pair of shades and a thumbs down as a response. Instead, you are drawn to the park.

Do you share a power with THE HEDONISTIC FAIRY?
- This choice will influence your backstory with her.

A. Share
- Head to a shrine dedicated to the god of [LUST]
B. Don’t Share
- Head to your favorite spot deep in the PARK

No. 1043958 ID: e5709d

Share the wealth.
No. 1043959 ID: bbb04b

Aha, I'm assuming, then, that if we pick B, then she would know us in-costume, but not out of costume. Debt of gratitude for dealing with assailants, here we come!
No. 1043961 ID: ece376

A, share Telekinesis. Size shifting means you can shift down to her size now, so convenient!
No. 1043962 ID: 63ae51

A, give TELEKINESIS for reasons i said before along with Himitsu and Donut

She can transform first and use her powers to help us get a high roll on our own dice roll to transform. Tho if that dont work, she is still small enough to hide in places or in our suit to perform her powers stealthyfully to help us. The Power needs concentration after all, and with her hiding out of enemy focus, she can concentrate without distractions from enemies attacking her and cause all sorts of trouble for our enemies

We keep size manipulation and nanobots tho.
No. 1043968 ID: 8483cf

Share telekinesis
No. 1043973 ID: 7c0da2

No. 1043975 ID: 244451

No. 1043977 ID: 629f2e

A, share it!
No. 1044003 ID: 5499f4
File 166343759469.png - (9.84KB , 500x500 , p7.png )

You head into the park, smelling the fresh air and well maintained, but not too frequently cut grass. It’s nice, but you feel a metaphysical tug driving you deeper in. Instead of your favorite spot under a secluded oak tree, you head towards a more overgrown area. There’s the occasional thorn bush, but you just bite it away with your metal jaws, foliage never stood a chance.

Eventually you reach a lightly foliage encrusted shrine to the god of [LUST]. This one interprets her as a stone rabbit bent over the ground with her rear pointed directly at the sky. The legs and arms have some kudzu creeping up them, so you bite them off, cleaning the statue and notice a stone offering plate. You kneel in front of the statue.

You: Hmm, you know, my mom tried to raise me towards [PURITY]
You: But I was always kind of more into [LUST] even if I wasn’t all that religious
You: Certainly spiritual, after all, I’m an inanimate object come alive
You: …
You: I think… I’ll leave this here, to show my gratitude
You: I’ve seen what too much of a good thing can do to a kin.

You focus your intent on your dice, on the TELEKINESIS aspect of it, and tug. It takes a moment, but a second die, similar in size, but PURPLE comes out. You set it down on the plate and mutter your thanks to the gods for the gift of your power.

You: I’m probably being stupid aren’t I?

And then you hear something, it’s barely above a whisper. To you, it almost sounds like a chorus of a million kin moaning, with those moans forming words.

[LUST]: Thank you for the offering my LOVER
[LUST]: Please welcome my LOVING DISCIPLE to her new home
[LUST]: May your [LUST] incite PASSION

There’s a thrum deep in your loins as you hear this voice, your mind grows slightly foggy, but you’re able to keep control for the most part. You almost worry that you’re hallucinating before you see a rip in the very fabric of reality tear open next to you. The air around you distorts and pops uncomfortably as you witness this phenomena.
No. 1044004 ID: 5499f4
File 166343760726.png - (11.38KB , 500x500 , p8.png )

You see a triangularly shaped shortie, a sharply dressed feline, and a rather upset looking fairy talking to each other.

Rude Lawyer: With the rights given to me by the statutes and laws of [NEW CRUST CITY]
Rude Lawyer: You are banished to dimension [08-B], forever to remain
Mean Triangle: Can’t she just come back if she finds a legal portal

A beat passes as the portal widens slightly and you see the fairy get launched through the gate. It closes just as abruptly as it opened, and the fairy sits in front of you, completely exposed and without the glow you’ve heard of in stories. You would say that she’s around 10 cm tall. You also notice that the [DICE OF TELEKINESIS] is missing.

Fairy: Well fuck, how was I supposed to know there was a whole district for orgies and nudity!
You: Uh, Hi, I uh, think god told me to welcome you?
Fairy: Uhhhh, who?
Fairy: Ah! Wait you… you heard [HER]?!?
You: I mean it was like an orgy of noise that vaguely sounded like language?
Fairy: Moistening in your loins? Loss of self control?
You: Not the last part, no
Fairy: Weird, you must have some AMAZING MENTAL STRENGTH
You: Well I do beat up excessively aggressive cat-callers
Donna: Nice, well, I’m Prima Donna, go by Donna though.
Donna: I guess if [SHE] picked you as my partner I’m game

The fairy then explains that in order for her to SURVIVE in this new world she has to form a CONTRACT with someone. The lingering effects of [LUST] slightly cloud your judgment, but you figure she’s giving you better terms than normal since you just heard god’s voice. After listening to her brief tale, you impulsively accept the contract.
No. 1044005 ID: 5499f4
File 166343761741.png - (9.89KB , 500x500 , p9.png )

Donna: So what do you do?
You: Sex worker
Donna: Oh thank [LUST] that’s a thing here?
You: Why wouldn’t it be?
Donna: The universe is vast and some places suck
You: What about you?
Donna: I just look pretty and host sensational sensual siestas!
You: With what money?
Donna: Your money, duh!

You give the fairy some side eye, causing her to vanish into your chest, claiming she’s tired from interdimensional travel and slinks in there next to your comm. Looks like she can hide in there to avoid being spotted. Fairies are rare, but not impossible to find in your world, though ones that can store things in an extradimensional space are just unheard of.

- You start with a Rank [B] relationship with her
- She’ll ask for favors infrequently, but the most common one will be to hang out in your boobs
- She has gained latent Telekinetic capabilities but does not yet know it due to your actions
- See the chart for more details.

You head out of the forest and park, continuing on your trip to the bar, riding this massive high and also feeling the sparks of [LUST] flowing through you. Maybe you can drag one or more of your drinking buddies out for some more salacious activities later.
No. 1044007 ID: 5499f4
File 166343767277.png - (10.86KB , 500x500 , p10.png )

After a moment’s contemplation, you decide something, you WILL tell your friends about your powers. This is non negotiable in your mind, full stop. You TRUST them, you KNOW that they trust you, and you want them to be your CONFIDANTS.

You step into the bar known as the SLEAZY STEVE, easily recognized by the < shaped signboard. Steve is a bit of a weirdo at times, but he gives you discounts because of your tits and can take a punch when he gets to be too much, which is a win in your book.

Josephine: LATE AGAIN HUH?!?
Alberta: Hmm, I think that someone owes everyone a round of shots
Phyllis: I’ll just take a beer thanks
Josephine: Paranoid work’ll call?
Phyllis: Nah, she just has that look in her eyes that makes me think this’ll be work.
You: Sorry I’m late gals! I-Just-The-The coolest thing happened!!

But before you spill the beans, you have a choice: do you reveal DONNA to your companions, or do you keep her a secret?

A. Hide Donna
- The government won't know about her
B. Reveal Donna
- She will help you negotiate for a better deal on your government contract

Bonus: You may ask some questions to these characters, I’ll pick 2 to answer.

No. 1044008 ID: 629f2e

B, reveal Donna and get the best damn deal you can get on this contract.

As for questions, maybe just ask what they've been up to today?
No. 1044009 ID: 903b8f

A., hide Donna. When has the government ever been good at keeping secrets?
No. 1044010 ID: 1d37c6

B, I have a feeling Donna ain't exactly subtle
No. 1044011 ID: a3b25e

Howd you make friends with the government is my main question. Reminisce the time with youe friends.

Second is not important since i think we're find out down the road, but who leads the government agency?
No. 1044013 ID: 36784c


Since you’re going to trust them about your powers, you might as well let them know about Donna.
No. 1044014 ID: 629f2e


^ Exactly that. Hiding Donna specifically doesn't really do much for us when we're gonna be spilling everything else. Keeping a secret like that might negatively impact our personal relationships with these three, while also giving the government reason to think we may be hiding more and thus keeping a closer eye on us.

That, and we wouldn't have her arguing for us to get a better deal on whatever contract we're about to make with them.
No. 1044019 ID: 515982

B, if you keep working with them they'll find out eventually anyway.
No. 1044020 ID: 01fe07


Exactly! We might as well tell them about her, since we're trusting them on our powers!
No. 1044024 ID: 99ca7b

Tell them, you're far too sensible a person to do the whole "two separate friend groups you desperately keep hidden from one another" gig.
No. 1044025 ID: 7c0da2

B. They will learn about her sooner or later anyway.

Question : Is this the first time this happen to someone? If no, do they know why this happens?
No. 1044028 ID: ddec8d

All of this
No. 1044029 ID: e51896


BUT, you're not the one who introduced her. She introduces herself to them instead from her booby cushion.
No. 1044039 ID: 244451

A) I have the sensation that Donna is the kind of person that help better when not helping. (At least in negociations)

-"Yo boys! By any chance do you know about some decent job offer?" (Secretly asking for Donna)
No. 1044085 ID: 5499f4

rolled 8 = 8

Roll for clothing damage!
No. 1044132 ID: 5499f4
File 166355795236.png - (7.25KB , 500x500 , p11.png )

Before you can decide if you were going to introduce DONNA or not, she pops out of your breasts, startling everyone but Phyllis.

Donna: Sup! I smelt booze!
Phyllis: Well, a rare fairy isn’t necessarily work, but is kind of cool.
Josephine: I’ve never seen one in person!
Josephine: That they can fly similarly to a bee on such a small scale is practically magic!
Alberta: Pretty sure it’s some offshoot of radiation though, harmless for the most part.
Donna: But I AM magic!
Alberta: Eh, doubtful.
You: Donna, meet Phyllis, Josephine, and Alberta, they’re cool
Donna: Oooh, a posse!
Donna: So how’d you all meet this sharp broad?
Alberta: I met her at the orphanage, and we met these two in grade school
Josephine: Alberta’s parents gave her up cause she has a rather potent skin condition
Alberta: And weak constitution, compromised immune system, blah blah blah
Phyllis: Josephine joined the crew after asking to cheat off of her history exam too many times
Josephine: It was like THREE… maybe FOUR TIMES TOPS and you know it!

It’s at this moment that Steve pops up to take your order, he oggles your breasts, fairy inside.

Steve: And who might this lady be?
Donna: Is he cool?
You: Definitely not.
Josephine: Hard pass.
Phyllis: Eh, I guess
Steve: Ladies, you’re breaking my heart here!
Donna: Alright lame boy, I want drinks!
You: Round of shots, beer and uh, maybe a mixed drink in a shot glass for her
Donna: OI! I can drink a full glass!
You: Not on my wallet you’re not.
Donna: Well I’m calling in a favor then.

You sigh, feeling a slight compulsion to do so, you can fight it if you need to, but see no reason to. Steve leaves and drops off the drink, but you can feel him glancing occasionally in the direction of your small companion. He’ll get over the mystique of her soon enough.
No. 1044133 ID: 5499f4
File 166355796388.png - (8.23KB , 500x500 , p12.png )

Donna: What about you?
Phyllis: Me? Oh, they always hung around my BROTHER
Phyllis: I was always the big try hard nerd and eventually started hanging with Alberta
Alberta: Phyllis knew I was the smart one after all!
Phyllis: I regret that decision every day.
Josephine: Truly you wound my poetic heart
You: Doubly so, I feel a tear stretching through my immortal soul.
Phyllis: See what I put up with?

The five of you let out a hearty laugh before you get to the heart of the matter. Not wanting STEVE to listen in, you motion for everyone to head back to Phyllis’s place. You eventually arrive and put on some documentary in the background about wolves in captivity.

Alberta: I’m not in the mood for hanky panky tonight Haliey
Donna: Gasp! Not in the mood?!?
Donna: I could never not be in the mood.
Alberta: Oh goddess there’s two of them now.
You: So I met the goddess today
Josephine: Uh huh, the goddess of [LUST] right?
You: I’m serious Josephine, and Donna fell out of a portal!
Donna: It’s true, I did!

Both Alberta and Josephine roll their eyes at your statement, but Phyllis locks eyes with you, looking dead serious.

Phyllis: Interesting, I imagine there’s more?
You: Well I can transform into something right out of a Wanomay now too!
Phyllis: … go on?

You pulled out your dice, tossing it onto the coffee table. It’s rolling clacks against the glass for a few moments before you see it roll an 8. You transform almost instantaneously, and what’s more, you feel… stronger, ridiculously so, your skirt is a bit longer, your helmet’s a bit spikier, and you think MORE skin is being revealed. Nice.

Phyllis: Josephine, unholy shit
Alberta: This… were we wrong?

No. 1044134 ID: 5499f4
File 166355798041.png - (8.84KB , 500x500 , p13.png )

What follows is a rather intensive slew of questions, explanations, curiosities, and promises that you are in fact the same HAILEY MARY that they know and love. You know at this moment that this was the right decision, none of them look at you with fear. Part of their expressions are in awe, but the thing you see the most is shock and trust.

You don’t sleep that night as they rush you to a government bunker and you go through another series of explanations, curiosities, curses, and the like. You’re treated very well, all things considered, and attempts to take your things are met with firm refusal by Phyllis who appears to have a large amount of sway.

Both you and Donna are immediately hired by the government as independent contractors, you for your POWERS, her for the TRANSLATION skills she presented. She refuses to translate text, but knowing more than 10 languages and being verbally proficient has sealed her spot on the team.

At the negotiating table Donna also showcases another skill, her ability to haggle and cut at a contract for better pay and benefits not only for you, but for your HANDLERS, otherwise known as your three companions.

Phyllis: Welcome to the [PARANORMAL RESEARCH DIVISION], [PRD] for short
You: So is this what y’all did before?
Alberta: Well we were mostly accounting and grunt work, except for Phyllis
Phyllis: Eh, my old position doesn't really matter, it’s REDACTED information
Josephine: We’re all in REDACTION territory now y'know
Phyllis: Hmm, yeah, but if it’s all the same I don’t wanna talk about it.

You’ve been hired by a special branch of the government!
- See the chart for specifics
- You will passively gain [2 WEALTH] after every mission due to Donna’s help.
- Donna will now provide tips when you’re commanded by the government so she can be lazier

No. 1044135 ID: 5499f4
File 166355799419.png - (407.49KB , 1200x1812 , TensionP10a.png )


After some extensive testing of your powers, mostly focusing on the NANITES, their capabilities, and whatever else they could come up with, you finally are given a break. The other members of the department will need lots of time to go through all the data and paperwork, so you’re basically free to do whatever.

It’s in this moment, this respite, that you go home, enter your bathroom and look at yourself in the mirror. You think you see something, a purple cat? In the reflection, turning around shows you nothing. Strange, are you hallucinating, or are mysterious phenomena going to keep happening to you.

If it were your normal self, you might hyperventilate at the thought that something bad might happen, you feel slightly shaken, anxiety tinging your thoughts, but not obstructing them. Something is coming, will happen, or is already happening. And you’re probably going to be asked to deal with it.
No. 1044136 ID: 5499f4
File 166355800178.png - (262.26KB , 1200x1594 , TensionP10b.png )

You curl your fist in excitement.

You: Bring it on!!

Pick a Crisis.
No. 1044145 ID: e5709d

Reverse Isekai! Let's crush the bloodied idealism of these deluded middle-class high-school gangsters with your mighty jaws and mightier sex appeal!
No. 1044146 ID: 8483cf

Kaiju kaiju kaiju!
No. 1044148 ID: fce62b

I'd say Kaiju or Space Pirates!
No. 1044149 ID: e51896

Go for the KNOCKOFFS. I feel they are a perfect rival to the government, plus since our allies are with the government, they can help protect our reputation when these jokers try to ruin it (one of the benefits said we won't suffer from bad PR)

Also, the fact they will try to make us reach maximum visibility means more chances for CLOTHING DAMAGE.
No. 1044151 ID: 629f2e

Okay, so originally I was all for Cult of Tension, as that sounded like some Mirai Nikki BS that I was all for.

But I see Eugene.

And I see Hook.

And I am a creature of incredible bias.

I'm equally for The Knockoffs and Reverse Isekai at this point. Just put a half-vote towards both for me please.
No. 1044153 ID: d98cb8

I'm absolutely sold on Reverse Isekai, please and thank you. Let's see weird fantasy shit dropped into this world.

Especially since you just had a friend argue against a fairy being magic!
No. 1044154 ID: 515982

Kaiju! Or reverse isekai, maybe.
No. 1044155 ID: 894419

Reverse Isekai!
No. 1044167 ID: 99ca7b

Hard Mode: All 5 at once, competing with one another.
No. 1044170 ID: 36784c

Kaiju or Space Pirates has my vote.
No. 1044183 ID: ef6b2a

We have size shifting, with enough training we will be able to grow to the same size as them and brawl with them directly!
No. 1044190 ID: bbb04b

Yeah, having the guv'ment on our side seems like a hard counter to the Knock-offs' subgoal; visibility might still be an issue, but we can focus more fully on stopping their primary objective.
No. 1044195 ID: acaa96

oh the fun things we have. Kaiju I'd reckon, not much else use for size growth, AND a good use for those nanobots is still probably reconstruction, and also I wanna use mana-magic against kaiju and see what happens
No. 1044196 ID: ae4094

I see Hook, I vote Reverse Isekai
No. 1044197 ID: a2d88b

I vote the Reverse Isekai!
No. 1044199 ID: d9ada6

Voting Reverse Isekai!
No. 1044200 ID: 74fc3b

Let's go beat up some Kaiju!
No. 1044229 ID: a9af05

Kaiju and Space Pirates sound interesting. But if I have to choose only 1 of them, I'll choose the Kaiju.
No. 1044236 ID: 629f2e

Okay, since this became a pretty two-horse race, I'll just put my full support towards Reverse Isekai.
No. 1044262 ID: bbb04b

I'm in agreement on the sentiment, but not on the destination; changing my vote to Attack of the Kaiju.
No. 1044278 ID: 244451

Reverse Isekai
No. 1044279 ID: bc8f56

One does not usually see reverse isekai, especially as the main focus of the story.

Let's go, baby!
No. 1044282 ID: 4c75f0

I want to fight some giant monsters! Voting for Kaiju!
No. 1044295 ID: 0838d6
File 166371435726.png - (7.58KB , 500x500 , p14.png )

You unclench your fist, releasing a deep exhale. Part of you wonders if the way you're thinking about this means that you're ASKING for a crisis to occur.

You decide that you're focusing too hard on the matter and that you should take a nap, just to clear your head.

This dream, you feel, is different. You float through the abyss, soaring through the inky black cosmos. Eventually, you close in on something twinkling purple in the distance. It's that purple cat thing that you've seen a few times. It doesn't seem to notice you.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: The [8TH CYCLE] approaches.
[PURPLE CREATURE]: [LUST] has intervened.
[PURPLE CREATURE]: And I have been [SEEN].
[PURPLE CREATURE]: Allow me a glimpse into [WHAT MAY BE].

No. 1044296 ID: 0838d6
File 166371437037.png - (9.63KB , 500x500 , p15.png )

A tear in space, not dissimilar to the one Donna came out of appears. At first, it looks like incomprehensible static, but slowly, you are able to pick up images, and weirdly enough, RAW EMOTION.

- Pick 2, the first vote gets 2 points.

- The ones that returned from the future were in some brutal prehistoric fantasy realm.
- They lead a pack of MEGAFAUNA, Kaiju-like furred and feathered beasts.
- They value power and the law of the jungle above all else.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: Huh, some of these beasts look like [PLANETARY PROGENITORS]…

- The ones that returned from the future were in a bronze-age fantasy realm.
- They are led by THE QUEEN, a brilliant tactician, and THE NEEDLE, a proficient warrior
- They are looking for an ancient and inactive font of magic.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: The [QUEEN] and the [NEEDLE] survived this iteration, interesting.

- The few that returned from the future were in a futuristic fantasy realm.
- They are somehow creating the Kaiju-like abominations they send out to the city.
- They act in fear of the whispers they hear from beyond the stars.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: They escaped the [ANCIENT'S] trap, the poor fools.

- The monsters come from an island that is magically protected from anyone that encroaches upon it.
- They are led by the KING OF MONSTERS, a serpentine, dragon-like beast.
- They are seeking energy sources which will allow them to GROW to accomplish some unknown goal.

[PURPLE CREATURE]: What [LUSTFUL] beasts, no wonder.

No. 1044298 ID: 515982

No. 1044299 ID: acaa96

D is both mysterious and interesting
C sounds like a strange balance
No. 1044300 ID: 629f2e

A is my top pick personally, as I'm very neutral on the kaijus. Big monster fights are cool, so B and C would be fine with me too. D is the only one I'm actively against, as that seems more like wrangling animals than fighting against a real malicious force.

Top vote: A, Second vote: C. May flip those if D takes a bigger lead.
No. 1044302 ID: e11ba6

Ranked choice voting time!

I like D, very mysterious and old school. A is my second choice, because it's smaller scale and very cool.
No. 1044304 ID: 99ca7b

D, A.
No. 1044305 ID: 7c0da2

D. That island is simply really intriguing.
No. 1044309 ID: bbb04b

A, followed by C. We get the desired plot-bunny of isekai, while being able to leverage our size-shifting in a conflict we can take full advantage of. (Prefer A because it’s most adjacent to both original premises, and C barely won out against the others with the implied cosmic horror mystery.)
No. 1044315 ID: e5709d

Primary Vote: C
Secondary Vote: B
No. 1044316 ID: 36784c

First vote is for C.

Second vote is for D.
No. 1044328 ID: eb15a3

B, D
No. 1044332 ID: c1c650

C, D
No. 1044347 ID: 515982

(secondary choice: C)
No. 1044349 ID: a2d88b

C, B.
No. 1044351 ID: d9ada6

D, B
No. 1044365 ID: 5ec37b

C , D
No. 1044368 ID: 629f2e


Really was not expecting D to be the leading choice. If we're def having kaijus though, C is my top pick followed by A.
No. 1044369 ID: bf7d5b

D or C
No. 1044372 ID: b9efee

Oh yeah, before the dream ends...

HUG THE PURPLE CAT CREATURE! this is important

(I have not learned my lesson from hugging ancestor in plush quest)
No. 1044374 ID: 244451

A) or C) (but all of those looks fantastic!)
No. 1044504 ID: 5499f4
File 166390212329.png - (9.93KB , 500x500 , p16.png )

You reach your hand out, grasping at these potential futures, as if you could grab one. But nothing happens. You feel yourself being pulled away from this space, thinking longingly about how cool it would be to visit an island of giant monsters.

And then you wake up. You shake your head and rub the sleep out of your eyes, noticing that it's 2PM.

You: Weird dream.
You: Ah well, time to mindlessly scroll CHIRPER

You pull out your comm and check out your favorite social media platform, CHIRPER. People tend to post images and short blurbs of text in bite sized formats. You grab the bag of staples you keep near your bed and begin to munch on them as you look for anything interesting.
No. 1044506 ID: 5499f4
File 166390221989.png - (10.22KB , 500x500 , p17.png )

Porn, pictures of cats, some guy yelling about some political issue, nature photos, sexy pictures of anthropomorphic staplers, you like that one immediately and re-chirp it to your account. Something about some famous musician you don't care about. Weird seismic activity reported in the oceans. Guys talking about radio signals from space - Almost always bogus claims. Oh, a chirp from Josephine. She moonlights as a monster movie practical SFX artist, this picture is of some really excited guy dressed as some sort of CORRUPTED HUMAN with ALIEN-LIKE features from that one RTS about crafting in the stars. You re-chirp that one too. But don’t find anything else of note.

Maybe you should just go out and do something instead, it's your day off!

What do you do on your day off?

A. Go to the Ruffled haunch, your workplace
- Describe a character to add to the setting
B. Go somewhere else
- Describe a location to add to the setting
C. Wander around
- Describe an event to add to the setting

No. 1044507 ID: e51896

I cant think of any new characters, so im just going to request putting Hyun and/or Laverne in there, because those were characters who worked at the Ruffled Haunch in Catalyst and we never met them, and I really want to see them finally


Maybe put Momo in there too, she's been showing up everywhere recently... with Crows permission of course
No. 1044508 ID: a7a180

A. I guess it's a fun place to hang out on your day off!
Jager, the demihuman bouncer (of this establishment or a bar perhaps), is thin as a rail but can fold someone over like a piece of paper. Until today, he's always called you 'shortcut' because he had at most an ear over you in height.
No. 1044509 ID: d98cb8

I'm on board for any Momo sighting, so also A please
No. 1044512 ID: d98cb8

Alternatively, Tenshin-verse Nipha please
No. 1044513 ID: e5709d

A) A plush-object-kin hybrid named Symuntha, whose object form was a furry squeaky ferret plushie with a built-in GPS.
What's interesting about her is that she shouldn't be a kin - as an object, her previous owners (dog-kin) constantly used her as a punching bag and stress relief. They had to be put on suicide watch when the guilt of watching their literal chew toy come to life and sob every second of every day nearly crushed them to bits.
Her special power is that she never gets lost as long as her internal GPS is working.
No. 1044515 ID: 8483cf

B. A ridiculously photogenic local coffee shop full of influencers posing with lattes, but no actual customers.
No. 1044517 ID: 629f2e

A, head to work and meet with one of your coworkers, Naail, who is definitely just Nail from CATALYST. He's an effeminate catboy and the most popular of your male coworkers at the haunch.
No. 1044521 ID: f4beea


It just so happens to be Ladies' Night, which means drinks are half price for women. You also benefit from your employee discount, making everything even cheeper for you!

Because it's Ladies' Night, you get to watch your male coworkers show what they've got. One male in particular is your boss Gavin, (a well endowed Anthro Beast Kin Dragon with a dad bod). It's a rare occurrence to see him up on stage, so it must be a special occasion of some kind!
No. 1044536 ID: bbb04b

A: It’s Ladies’ Night, and between that and the employee discount, drinks are dirt cheap. Talking to Pioggi, the male axolotl anthro-kin that mans the bar, is also fun. He’s kinda low-key pissed at the world, doing his own venting as much as he listens, but he’s good about not going too hard on his customers and coworkers. Male co-workers are supposed to show off tonight, so while he wouldn’t be caught dead on the stage, he does have his uniform mostly undone in a sexy-messy way.
No. 1044559 ID: 26bc39

A. It just so happens to be Gladys Knight, who serves you drinks half off at the bar. She has a cousin named Jack that visits her occasionally.
No. 1044599 ID: a9af05

I like both of these.
No. 1044613 ID: dcb9fb

Momo would be good!

Dad bod dragon boss also sounds fun!

An axolotl buddy is another good one!

Why does everyone have to suggest such good ideas?! I don't know which one to pick!
No. 1044744 ID: 5499f4
File 166415515818.png - (10.98KB , 500x500 , p18.png )

You head out of your one bedroom apartment and take a short walk to the DOWNTOWN area, taking in the sights as you do so. You live just on the edge of a series of skyscrapers, which means there’s quite a few SHOPS around here. You pass by your favorite, a coffee shop that sells dirt cheap brews that no one ever drinks, instead, using them to pose for selfies. You snag one out of the hand of an influencer who just took a selfie.

You: Thank you!
Influencer: WOAH, and would you look at THAT
Influencer: My coffee just got JACKED by this BROAD while I’m on my VACATION!
Influencer: What do YOU, my darling demonic fans think I should do about this?!

Looks like he was streaming, you give him a once over, some kind of demi-human that’s incredibly thin, purple, with DEVIL HORNS and a LONG NOSE. You keep walking, he’s scrawny and just acting like that for clout anyway. You sip on the coffee, it tastes like a vanilla latte.
No. 1044745 ID: 5499f4
File 166415516690.png - (11.10KB , 500x500 , p19.png )

You keep walking, not passing by any stores of note, or getting harassed by anyone asking for change. Though that stopped a while ago after you threw like three guys into a trash can in front of a homeless encampment when they tried to grope you without paying, the nerve of some kin!

You pass by a coworker, Naail. He’s an effeminate catboy and the most popular of your male coworkers at the RUFFLED HAUNCH. He gives you a wave and you stop by him.

You: Yo, what’s good?
Naail: Eh, you know, it’s LADIES NIGHT.
Naail: You coming in for the cheap drinks?
You: You know it!
Donna: I heard talk of drinks!

Donna pops out of your chest and gives Naail a flirty eyebrow wiggle. Nail does not seem surprised by her at all. He gives you an eye roll, no doubt assuming something, probably how awesome you are.

Naail: You two have fun, I’ve got a DATE.
No. 1044747 ID: 5499f4
File 166415519084.png - (13.24KB , 500x500 , p20.png )

You keep wandering and chittering about in conversation with Donna. You pass by several stores selling lewd and shadier products. There’s one store that sells tasers that are 200% stronger than is legally allowed. Nice.

Eventually you reach it, your workplace of very respectable repute. THE RUFFLED HAUNCH. You spy a smoking axolotl off to the side and can hear muttered cursing. Pioggi must be on break, though you would have thought he’d PASS on a night like this since there’d be SO MANY KIN around, likely to set him off. Part of you wonders if he secretly gets off on it, you know some clients certainly do.

You head in and take the space in, it’s been a while after all. The room you enter is a mansion-like foyer, framed with paintings made by local artists of the workers here. There’s quite a few lush seats and tables, to the right is an extensive bar and to the back is a massive stage where your BOSS, Gavin the Dragon, is actually performing some sort of strip-pyrotechnics show. The only other thing of note in the room is that there’s a hallway, some rooms, and a staircase to another floor where much of the same exists.

You toss Gavin a wink and he nods back at you, not stopping his performance, spectated by a decent number of people, so you walk over to the bar, sitting next to a rather buxom white and red fox.
No. 1044750 ID: 5499f4
File 166415521220.png - (11.53KB , 500x500 , p21.png )

You: Oh, you’re a new face!
Fox: Or I’m a significantly older face you haven’t been acquainted with.
Fox: Momo, a pleasure.
You: Hailey, pleasure to pleasure you.
Momo: Oh, one as spirited as yourself works here?
You: Ah, slip of the tongue, yeah, I’m off duty, just here to drink and schmooze

Donna plops out on the table and floats over to the bartender, who seems surprised, and follows her back to your space.

Gladys: Ah, if it isn’t my second favorite object-kin
Gladys: Appearing once again on half-off ladies night, like clockwork
You: Wait, I got demoted!?!?!?
Donna: Hah, sucks to suck!
Gladys: Yup, I found a much cooler Lamp-girl who is quite bright
You: Oh, just cause I’m a bit DIM that means I lost in the race?
Donna: Less talky, more drinky, then as much talky as inhumanly possible!
Gladys: So this is?
Donna: Donna, give me a dumpster fire on the rocks
Gladys: That’s like 3 energy drinks and a mixed cocktail y’know
Donna: Yes.
Momo: Ah, spirits drinking spirits, I’ll have the same!
You: Man I don’t want to start off that strong, something lighter please
Gladys: Two dumpster fires and a quick and easy, coming right up

No. 1044751 ID: 5499f4
File 166415522147.png - (11.35KB , 500x500 , p22.png )

Gladys quickly makes the three of you drinks, and hovers around for a moment to chat, before getting to the slowly growing queue of clients.

You: So, what’s new?
Gladys: Long lost cousin came into town.
You: No shit, wait, I thought she died, Jack or something?
Gladys: Yeah, turned out the ID was wrong, even went to her funeral
Gladys: Turned out they buried a different unidentified corpse, super weird
You: Where was she?
Gladys: Dunno, but Beaky’s ecstatic that she’s back
Gladys: Though he’s getting obsessed with KAIJU lately for some reason.
You: …

The conversation dies out after that, you nurse your drink, feeling a bit weird about that statement. You hear a scuffle in the breakroom you know to be behind the bar. Pioggi maybe? Gladys heads back there, but before you can say anything about it, Momo cradles her breasts and bends towards you, speaking up.

Momo: So tell me, what does one as young, sharp, and vivacious as yourself do for fun?

A. Flirt with Momo
- Suggest something to do for fun
- It doesn’t have to be sexual

B. Go check on Pioggi
- Donna will flirt with Momo instead
- Go find out why he’s so pissed

C. Skip the fluff, I want Kaiju
- Time will skip forward slightly
- You will reach the site of a Crisis in progress

No. 1044752 ID: e51896

I wanna hang out with Momo. Really do.

But B. After getting that Tension suit, you're feeling a bit heroic, so you Better take care of our coworker
No. 1044753 ID: 8483cf

Agreed, as fun as Momo is, we've got disturbances to dis-disturb
No. 1044754 ID: d98cb8

B, sadly.

As much as flirting with me would absolutely delight, it seems like you've got hero work to do!

Maybe I'll see if Donna has what it takes! She does seem incredibly thirsty, after all~
No. 1044755 ID: a7a180

A. You and Donna can be the angel and devil on Momo's shoulders. But which witch is which?
No. 1044798 ID: 1cb3cb

No. 1044805 ID: ca633f

B. You're a hero now, get used to disturbances that start at the worst possible time.
No. 1044885 ID: 0838d6
File 166432121626.png - (11.34KB , 500x500 , p23.png )

Disturbances during inconvenient moments truly means that you're becoming a hero, right? You HAVE to go check it out. What if it's some sort of CLUE related to a CRISIS. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, he's just a coworker that is probably breaking something, but it doesn't HURT to help out Gladys in case it is a problem.Plus you’ve got a bit of CONFIDENCE now that you have SUPERPOWERS.

You: I usually go to the park to relax, but uh brb
Donna: Wow, leaving this bountiful babe alone with just lil' old me huh?
Momo: That's okay, I respect a woman who cares for her coworkers

You head back into the break room, the wallpaper is a striped maroon and black. On the walls are various posters about workplace safety, boring legal stuff, and various pinned photos of everyone who works here in hilarious positions with various clients.

Your vision glazes over the tables, chairs, fridge, counter, and disposable cutlery to the corner by some lockers and a door. There's a visible dent in one of them and you see Gladys wiggling a finger at a simmering Pioggi.

Gladys: This is the third time you fuck, you know-
Pioggi: Yeah, yeah I know, at least it wasn't a WALL this time
Pioggi: And it was MY locker
Gladys: Dude I even offered to PAY for ANGER MANAGEMENT classes
Pioggi: I don't need CLASSES for that
Pioggi: I just hate being GASLIT and no one BELIEVING me
Gladys: Hailey, perfect timing, come talk some sense into this guy
You: Yo, sup, I'm in a snoopy mood, what's going on
Pioggi: Ok, sure, whatever, I'll give you the brief version
Gladys: Your brief versions can sometimes be novels

No. 1044886 ID: 0838d6
File 166432123038.png - (9.50KB , 500x500 , p24.png )

Pioggi: Pedant. Fine. The BRIEFEST version.
Pioggi: On a boat with my sister.
Pioggi: Saw a misty island.
Pioggi: Took a shitty picture of it.
Pioggi: Big wave hit.
Pioggi: Saw some sorta megafauna.
Pioggi: Comm fell in the water.
Pioggi: Sister and her beaux refuse to believe me.
Pioggi: No one else does either.
You: So you're... mad no one believes you saw... a rare, possibly extinct progenitor species
You: And a spooky mystery island that you could have pointed out when your sis came to check
You: I mean anything's possible

The two look at you in shock, as if you just birthed a fully grown child from your maw and did a dance on the table.

You: What?
Pioggi: Great, YOU are the one who believes me, YOU.
You: I reiterate. What?
Gladys: C’mon Hailey, floating island, extinct species?
Gladys: I was expecting you to suggest he get into writing fantasy dramas or something
You: So what if I have a flair for the dramatic sometimes
You: Who's to say he didn’t see that, unless you were on drugs.
You: Are you on drugs Pioggi?
Pioggi: No, I-
You: Then go get a backup of the cloud data when you get a new comm
You: And show us that picture, and the problem is solved!
Pioggi: …
Pioggi: Maybe I will…

No. 1044889 ID: 0838d6
File 166432128525.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , p25.png )

Gladys: I… was not expecting that quick of a de-escalation.
Pioggi: So uh, can you cover my shift while I go do that

You give Pioggi a leveled glare, tilting your head so that one eye can get a really good look at the man.

You: Text me the photo later, though, allright?
Pioggi: I’ll just Chirp it at you.

You get the feeling that this may actually have something to do with an incoming CRISIS. But it’s purely conjecture at this point in time. You’ll receive a NOTIFICATION when Pioggi has more info on the situation. You return back to the bar, where Gladys joins you. And Pioggi heads off to the SECOND FLOOR. Probably to pleasure a client he left bound and gagged up there. Momo and Donna are nowhere to be found, but you find a napkin saying that they went to the BARCADE by the DOCKS to try to win PLUSHIES. Dammit, they couldn’t have waited like 5 minutes? There’s this rad STAPLER plush you’ve been eying for MONTHS.

Gladys: So, gonna stick around?
You: Shrug, we’ll see

You pull out your comm, it’s a notification from ALBERTA.

Alberta: At the beach house
Alberta: Josephine got me this new skin cream, goes under the feathers
Alberta: It’s disgusting and goopy and like slime, you’d love it
Alberta: Need moral support she’s gonna EXPERIMENT again
Alberta: Josephine says “Hi, sunglasses emoji, thumbs up emoji”
Alberta: Josephine also says “I don’t mean the literal emojis but the word emoji, to be clear”

A. Spend time with JOSEPHINE and ALBERTA at the BEACH HOUSE
- Head to the beach
B. Go find DONNA and MOMO at the BARCADE
- Head to the docks
C. Other
- Suggest something else to do

No. 1044890 ID: a7a180

To the barcade!
No. 1044893 ID: 629f2e

Barcade. There'll be time to hang with your government pals later.
No. 1044895 ID: 02a9d6

B. Go get that stapler plush!
No. 1044900 ID: 8483cf

To the barricade! I mean, the barcade!
No. 1044902 ID: 49e2b5

No. 1044904 ID: f6770d

A. Alberta needs our help!
No. 1044908 ID: bbb04b

Yeah, we can't just leave Alberta in the lurch.
No. 1044912 ID: e5709d

B) You are not dealing with creme de la shenanigans today. You are dealing with sex problems today.
No. 1044938 ID: 0441fc

Both A and B are moving us over towards the ocean. I'm guessing our first Kaiju encounter is going to happen soon after we spend some time at one of those locations.

Let's go check out what your government friends are doing.
No. 1044966 ID: 36784c

No. 1045047 ID: 0838d6
File 166449014054.png - (11.26KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

You: That's a big negatory m'lady
Gladys: Ugh, that's so cringe, please don't
You: What dost thou mean good madam?
Gladys: Okay okay go, I'll pay for your drinks this time
You: Yessssssss

You head out, successfully dodging paying for those drinks after helping her out of a SITUATION. Being a HERO has its perks sometimes, huh? You also shoot Alberta a text saying that you’re gonna pass, hanging out with DONNA and some BIG TITTY FOX LADY. You immediately get a CLIPCLOP video in response of both Alberta and Josephine practically covered in goop waving in this sort of back and forth 3 second motion.

You dip, duck and weave through the city proper, regretting how you never bought SKATES or a SICK MOTORCYCLE, even a MOPED would be fine really. But on the bright side you get awesome toned thighs from all the walking when you don't bus anywhere. You eventually reach the barcade known as VIDEO JAMES. It's run by this fox beast-kin game developer tycoon from WANO called VIDEO JAJIMA. Well, you say run, more like he just has it as a pet project and pays kin to run it and sometimes test out his new, experimental JAMES as he calls them. He works on the floor above the barcade.
No. 1045049 ID: 0838d6
File 166449018477.png - (11.25KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

As you get around half a block away you can hear the thrum, beeping, and noise of the barcade and its patrons. Sure it's a little loud, but it's got AMBIENCE. You head to the door, but are stopped by a bouncer, they're a new face.

Bouncer: ID, m'aam
You: Here ya go, though I haven't been ID'd in years
Bouncer: It's uh... policy to ID all Object-Kin, sorry
You: That's a weird policy, that none of the other bouncers ever mentioned
Bouncer: Uh, there was an INCIDENT, one of BIG BOSS'S uh
Bouncer: Friend's cameras turned into an object-kin when in the barcade
Bouncer: Wants to make sure that no minors get in
You: Wooooaaaaaahh, so cool!!!!
Bouncer: I hear you're a close knit community, maybe visit the OBJECT-ORPHANAGE
Bouncer: He's pretty precocious, and I bet he'd like to meet an ADULT and GOOD INFLUENCE
Bouncer: He’s around 13 if we go by object-years
You: Guess I could go see MAMITA and the OBJECTLINGS, it's been a hot minute

The bouncer passes your ID back to you, and nods at you, you head in. The inside is filled with flashing lights, the sound of change, and excited adults whooshing back and forth to various machines, bars, and tables.
No. 1045050 ID: 0838d6
File 166449019506.png - (10.11KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

You do a quick walk around the main room. The balcony is open, and you think you can hear the sound of flirting. It's probably MOMO and DONNA! That spot always has a lovely view of the upcoming sunset, so it’s a good DATE spot. There's also that STAPLER PLUSH stuck in that blessed claw machine that you wanted to try to beat. Or maybe you could get some drinks and just chill.

A. Watch the sunset with DONNA and MOMO
- There will be light to heavy petting and smooches
- Maybe you can do something to make the mood extra spicy

B. Get the plush
- 75% chance of success
- Maybe you can do something to increase the odds

C. Other
- Do something else
- You’ll probably play some arcade machines as well

You: Oh man I want that plush....
You: But friends and smooches…
You: Oooooohhhh choices…

EDMANGO: Time to introduce a new mechanic, DESIRE. Hailey wants to do things, and will get a [1 VOTE] of her own. [2 Votes] if there are 10 or more suggestions. This is just to help break ties.
No. 1045052 ID: 629f2e

A, smooches and pets!

> Maybe you can do something to make the mood extra spicy?

Donna could get naked? She's small, nobody would notice.
No. 1045054 ID: a7a180

A, but you can probably do B real quick if you or Donna just sneak into the claw game to nab that plushie.
No. 1045079 ID: 9b1ec9

See if Donna can cheer you on (and maybe find out she has telekinesis in the process, and help you win... but for the price of sharing the plush with her. Awww maaaaaaan...
No. 1045081 ID: 36784c


>Maybe you can do something to increase the odds
Telekinesis would help here.
No. 1045083 ID: 15c72a

Um yeah A.
No. 1045095 ID: 3fe471

B. Try your telekinesis to get the plush to stay in the claw's grasp.
No. 1045114 ID: 84a59e

B, don't cheat.
No. 1045121 ID: a9af05

B. Get that plush and show it off to your friends.
No. 1045160 ID: 7ffd6f

B. Use your Nanobots to help the claw grab your prize.
No. 1045178 ID: 5499f4

rolled 94 = 94

SCORE TO BEAT - 25 or higher

12 or less = failure
No. 1045187 ID: 5499f4
File 166466621891.png - (7.97KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

It’s a no brainer, you’re going for that darn plush! But you need the moral support, time to use the power of guilt on your selfish boob-resting friend! You quickly walk out of the balcony and slowly peek your head out of the corner.

You: Doooooooonnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa
Donna and Momo: *Giggling and vague flirting*
You: Doooooooonnnnnaaaaaaaaa you leeeeeeefttt meeeeeee
Donna: eeeEEP!

You poke your whole body and jump out, startling Donna, but not Momo. She lets out a cute little squeak, nice.

You: You couldn’t have waited 5 minutes!
Donna: Well I dunno how long you take in back rooms!
You: I said I’d be right baaaaack

You pout slightly, or whatever it is that approximates as a pout that your giant metal maw can handle. You’re not really mad, but you have to sell it.
No. 1045188 ID: 5499f4
File 166466622791.png - (8.36KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

You: In order to make it up to me now you have to offer moral support as I CLAW
Donna: But smoocheeeeeees
You: I’m calling in a FAVOR then!
Donna: GASP, that’s MY thing!
You: Smooches are forever, but stuffed creatures stuck in machines are fleeting.
Momo: I’ve treasured our time together.
Momo: But I understand when one must attend to their companions.
You: You know you can join us right, this isn’t like exclusionary
You: Like you can get back to smooching after.
Momo: OH.
Momo: Then let us claw some machines ladies!
Donna: I’m not a fan of delayed gratification.
You: I’ve trained in the art of EDGING you see, it builds TENSION.

You let out a cackle the likes of which the world has definitely seen before. There’s a slight quake in the ground as you say that, but no one else seems to notice it. Weird. You head inside and quickly slide up to the machine.
No. 1045189 ID: 5499f4
File 166466623526.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

It’s got two buttons, one for moving horizontally and one for vertical movement, it’s a classic Wano design. You crack your knuckles and twist your back, cracking it too. And then you begin. You’ve got some cash, so you give it a trial grab, you miss terribly, but now you’re calibrated.

You: You’re mine you hot plush you
Donna: Is it weird that you think staplers are hot and you eat staples?
You: Probably
Momo: Oh, so you push the buttons to move the claw?
You: Yeah, the pressure the claw puts on the plush when it grabs is random though
Momo: That sounds delightfully unfair
You: Yessss it’s part of the charm!

You give it another go, nearly getting it the second time. The ladies coo in excitement as you watch, but you catch Donna smirking out of the corner of your eye. Which, to be fair, is most of your vision since you have to tilt your head just to coordinate where the claw goes. You see the claw wiggle slightly unnaturally, but not to help you! Oh no!

Just as it’s about to clamp down, the claw seems to face resistance before snapping with the strength that only the RNG of hundreds of bux of other kin’s money can produce. Hooray!!! You see Donna crane her back in shock before switching gears and congratulating you with Momo.

Donna: Woah, that machine is crazy strong, it like grasped it!
You: The Number gods allowed me to win this day, thank you RNGeezus.
Momo: May I try?

No. 1045190 ID: 5499f4
File 166466624415.png - (11.50KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

You take your prize and bend over in your best impression of a royal from the 1300s. Momo bends at the knee and curtsies before giggling and heading over to the machine. Donna seems to have finally gotten in the mood for games after watching you, and tries to help Momo out by guiding the claw from the teeny tiny space between the machines. The other prizes don’t really call your attention, inside are plushies of various object supplies, bootleg slimes, and one CAT WITCH that you overlooked.

Momo: I want that cat!
Momo: She reminds me of somebody I used to know.
You: You got this girl!

You cradle your red stapler plush and give it a squeeze as you provide tips and enjoy the atmosphere of the game. This is nice, though that quake you felt earlier is slightly concerning.
No. 1045191 ID: 5499f4
File 166466625127.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

Your eyes wander to the windows of the place occasionally, almost like you’re hoping for something to happen. Not that you’d want something bad to happen to your favorite barcade, but an earthquake? That only you felt? That sounds like GIANT MONSTERS to you, but what could it be?

How TALL is it?
- Can be no taller than 3 meters
How LONG is it?
- Can be no longer than 5 meters
What does it DO?
- Can have no more than 2 gimmicks

BONUS: How does it expose its presence to you?
WARNING: One trait of said creature WILL carry forward or be iterated upon on other Kaijus

No. 1045194 ID: 99ca7b

3 x 5 Berzerker, and it's skull looks vaguely like a holepunch.
No. 1045199 ID: e5709d

3X3 meters
This disgusting kaiju looks like a centauroid octopus with most of its tentacles centered around its mouth, with a giant portal inside its throat. It also has weird protrusions throughout its skin attempting to feebly suck anything.
Portal Fiend: Once per battle, spews out Travelers from another dimension.
Elan's Musk: Spews forth a continuous stream of evaporating mucus that causes the Berserk status effect when absorbed via skin contact.
Let's get some Horned into this fight!
No. 1045200 ID: 629f2e

3 X 5 Meters, and it introduces itself by singing. It actually has a very nice voice, if it wasn't loud enough to shatter glass it'd be pleasant.
No. 1045201 ID: 8483cf

1 meter tall, 5 meters long. It is SNEK.

It fights by trying to either constrict opponents or poison them with its venom.

It's not just a regular SNEK though, it can burrow underground like a worm.
No. 1045204 ID: 536b91

1 x 5 snake, with a head at each end. Only one of the heads has a brain inside, the other is a bait (but it can bite you just fine). It likes to pretend to be injured when it's not to trick its preys.
It introduces itself with a ringing noise.
No. 1045205 ID: 7ffd6f

3 tall X 2 long

It looks like a giant pufferfish with arms and legs.

>What does it DO?
It acts like a pufferfish and balloons itself out before exhaling hard enough make winds strong enough to tip over cars! (If it can tip over a car, then imagine how bad it is for the people! They'd be sent flying!)

It can also suck up ocean water and spit it out hard enough to punch a hole through the wall of a building!
No. 1045217 ID: e51896


>>1045201 >>1045204

I like the snek idea, especially if it's two headed, one on each side

one thing I'll change is that its venom is NOT actually poisonous, but its actually more like a solvent that can dissolve things like clothing and cause some pain if contacted with the skin. but thankfully, since its a low level monster, it can only spit minor venom, not a whole lot, or its venom is kinda weak causing only minor pain or clothing damage.

It lets itself be known by some pest exterminators having trouble getting rid of it, probably giving up and running away screaming after realizing this is no normal snake.

Also, idea: maybe one of the heads of the snake kaiju looks somewhat like noodle from SHARDS for some reason?

Be sure to text our government buddies about what is going on.
No. 1045236 ID: b5f2af

One-headed snake monster, 3 x 5 meters. She has a long tongue for yanking creatures into arm’s reach and two glowing weak points that can shoot LASERS.
No. 1045251 ID: 01fe07

The first monster is usually silly looking, so I'm supporting this one.
No. 1045268 ID: a9af05

I'm good with either of these.
No. 1045373 ID: 0838d6
File 166482454804.png - (9.12KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

You think about how funny it’d be to fight a giant puffer-fish snake with tentacles that shoots out minions with berserk mucus and shatters glass with its voice. Okay, maybe you’re spending too much time with Josephine. You then hear a chiming, almost like a bell on a collar. It’s distinct from the rest of the barcade, but once again, it appears that only you hear it. And then you catch the glimpse of something, that purple cat. It walks out of a side door. You mutter a late brb to your companions and head outside. The alleyway you find yourself in is moist and the air is humid from being so close to the dock, you twist to and fro before catching another glimpse of the cat, this time it runs behind a van in the distance. You start to head towards it but then read the text on the van.

COCK AND REX-TERMINATORS - “We get rid of FOWL infestations”
Above is a stylized picture of an Insect-kin roach and a Wing-kin rooster.

You dismiss the truck and dash behind it, the purple cat vanishing into thin air.

You: Goddess bless it, where is that-
Distant Sound: That is NOT wh- [inaudible] -ned up for
Distant Sound: Shit’s bur- [inaudible] - go go!
Distant Sound: Hissssssss

No. 1045374 ID: 0838d6
File 166482458692.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

You move quickly towards the source of the noise and duck around the corner a few meters away. In front of you is a dock and a sandbank, you try to listen again.

Distant Sound: Fuck *pant* sewer jo- *pant*
Distant Sound: *crash*
Distant Sound: My COMM!
Distant Sound: ForgetthedamnCOMM!

The sound of wet footsteps gets closer and you realize that it’s coming from UNDER the dock. You hop down the sandback and get under the wooden planks to see a large, open, metal grate. There are flashes of light from what you could only imagine are a few flashlights.

Distant Sound: The exit!

Two forms rush past you, a slightly obese rooster whom you assume to be cock and an extremely thin female anthropomorphic roach whom you assume to be Rex. Both of them are in various states of slight undress, their clothes looking like they were melted, hanging on by a thread.

Rex?: Thanksgottagobye
Cock?: Fucking *pant* hate *pant* snaaaakes
Rex?: That’sracistasfuckbutIagreerightnowfuckfuckfuck

No. 1045377 ID: 0838d6
File 166482467157.png - (10.17KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

They drop their remaining extermination tools, a big fumigation pack, large flashlight, and a halfway melted toolbox. Various tools spill out and the torch falls, conveniently highlighting the entrance to the sewer. And then you see it. From the distance you can’t tell how long it is, but you can tell that it’s about a meter tall snake, reaching around half your height. It rears its body back at the light before turning and facing you, hissing violently, but refusing to move forward.

You: …
Snake: …
You: …
You: Well, better than the alternative I guess.
Snake: Hissssssss

You pull out your comm and hit the Emergency App you were told to download by the government. It takes a few moments before your screen turns a bright red, to which the snake responds by spitting at you. At this distance you dodge it with ease, but see it melt the sand near your feet very slowly. Hmm.

A. Engage the beast
- It won’t have a chance to get deeper into the sewers
- What’s your opening gambit?

B. Wait for backup
- It will retreat deeper into the sewers
- You will get an opportunity to ask questions to Cock and Rex

C. Other
- Do something else, contact someone else, or ask specific questions
- The more things you do, the harder it will be to find the snake
- STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

You: RNGeezus it’s dark in there, and the sun is setting…
You: Maybe I can bait it out here?
You: But that might be BAD for the CITY if I fuck up…

No. 1045381 ID: e5709d

Fire staples into the beast's hide and retreat. Track them down later.
No. 1045384 ID: 8430b6

Initial thoughts, I think I'll choose A, cant let it cause damage down here and lose it. We gotta keep it here until backup arrives.

Spaghetti here seems to hate the light, which is probably why it isnt coming out, and responded negatively to the red light from our COMM. As an opening gambit, try to blind it with the flashlight aiming for the eyes, or the fumigation pack, and then while it's disoriented, TRANSFORM!
No. 1045389 ID: 1aeac2

A, you should jump in headfirst to your first big adventure. Roll the dice on making a splash!
No. 1045414 ID: 36784c


Use your awesome toned thighs to help you dodge attacks! Look for an opportunity to throw sewer water into its mouth with your telekinesis, then roll your dice and transform!
No. 1045415 ID: 8483cf

A, transform and ride the beast like a true teenage mutant ninja staple remover
No. 1045420 ID: dcead9

If the staples can do that I thinks it's a good idea. It's better to interrogate the exterminators before they have the chance to forget or confuse things.
No. 1045432 ID: e51896

We gave our telekinesis to Donna. Also, we can only use our powers when we transform.
No. 1045435 ID: 36784c

I thought the vote for that said we were only going to share that power with Donna? Sharing would imply letting her have some of it, not giving all of it to her!

>we can only use our powers when we transform.

Size Shifting and Telekinesis can be used whenever we want. The Nanobots can only be used while transformed.
No. 1045438 ID: e51896

Sorry about that, I might have gotten confused. When it said in the chart >>1043836 that "maybe with enough practice, you can emulate these capabilities outside the suit", it gave me the impression that that right now we can only use our powers when transformed and can only use them outside if we practice enough.
No. 1045439 ID: e303a1

Remember that Donna literally used her telekinesis earlier without a tension suit!
No. 1045440 ID: 7c0da2

I thought the nanobots were permanently grafted to the body but the size shifting require the suit?
Can't Donna just activate the suit anyway if it's needed?
No. 1045446 ID: 657851

>Sharing would imply letting her have some of it, not giving all of it to her!
Yeah, I thought sharing meant we'd just start at a Proficiency lower than C and we'd still have it, but it looks like we just completely gave away all of the Telekinesis to Donna.

I'm pretty sure this confusion is unintentional from when the mechanics of the quest were being made and will be clarified by the quest author(s) later.

>I thought the nanobots were permanently grafted to the body but the size shifting require the suit?
The Nanobots were permanently grafted to the suit and requires transforming to use them. The Size Shifting can be used without transforming.
No. 1045448 ID: 0838d6
File 166490426021.png - (7.50KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

EDMANGO NOTE: First off, pic unrelated, have a picture of an alternate Hailey transformation that I had tippler concept, back before I knew how I wanted her helmet to work.

Updated the stat page with relevant info on what you can do in and out of the suit with powers, also let me clarify direct questions.

You can control your nanobots only when in suit, so if you de-transform you will lose control of them, turning them into HARMLESS dust (no iron bits in your lungs). I will also say for the sake of narrative convenience if the staples are reasonably far away from you they will stop functioning/turn into dust.

The chart itself says gift, I used the word share, to clarify, Donna has the Telekenesis now and Hailey does not. She's figuring it out and is fairy sized, as of right now she cannot transform.

You can size shift between 150-200cm when outside of the suit since you have yet to train, and between 30-300cm when inside the suit

Nanobots can only be used when transformed, yes, I decided that after tallying the votes and reading the vibes of what everyone said.

EDMANGO NOTE: I wanted to leave some things unclear for the sake of exploring them through the narrative but will clarify this for now so people do not get confused.

No. 1045456 ID: 7c0da2

Thanks for the explanations.

A. First grab the flash light the exterminators left behind and then transform to get access to the full extent of your powers. And get ready to shift your size down to dodge.
No. 1045457 ID: 657851

>A. Engage the beast
Those teeth aren't just for show. Bite the monster!
No. 1045464 ID: e5709d

A) Fire your nanomachines into the beast's mouth. Get them to puncture the acid glands (or staple them shut) and this fight is as good as won.

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