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File 166287661227.png - (378.19KB , 1200x1389 , T_001.png )
1043457 No. 1043457 ID: 5499f4

Tension: a balance maintained between opposing forces or elements

Written by EDMANGO and illustrated by TIPPLER

DISCUSSION: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134892.html
EDMANGO'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/Edmango
TIPPLER'S PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/tippler

EDMANGO NOTE: This quest will likely contain 18+ like violence, and light sexual content.

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No. 1044912 ID: e5709d

B) You are not dealing with creme de la shenanigans today. You are dealing with sex problems today.
No. 1044938 ID: 0441fc

Both A and B are moving us over towards the ocean. I'm guessing our first Kaiju encounter is going to happen soon after we spend some time at one of those locations.

Let's go check out what your government friends are doing.
No. 1044966 ID: 36784c

No. 1045047 ID: 0838d6
File 166449014054.png - (11.26KB , 500x500 , p26.png )

You: That's a big negatory m'lady
Gladys: Ugh, that's so cringe, please don't
You: What dost thou mean good madam?
Gladys: Okay okay go, I'll pay for your drinks this time
You: Yessssssss

You head out, successfully dodging paying for those drinks after helping her out of a SITUATION. Being a HERO has its perks sometimes, huh? You also shoot Alberta a text saying that you’re gonna pass, hanging out with DONNA and some BIG TITTY FOX LADY. You immediately get a CLIPCLOP video in response of both Alberta and Josephine practically covered in goop waving in this sort of back and forth 3 second motion.

You dip, duck and weave through the city proper, regretting how you never bought SKATES or a SICK MOTORCYCLE, even a MOPED would be fine really. But on the bright side you get awesome toned thighs from all the walking when you don't bus anywhere. You eventually reach the barcade known as VIDEO JAMES. It's run by this fox beast-kin game developer tycoon from WANO called VIDEO JAJIMA. Well, you say run, more like he just has it as a pet project and pays kin to run it and sometimes test out his new, experimental JAMES as he calls them. He works on the floor above the barcade.
No. 1045049 ID: 0838d6
File 166449018477.png - (11.25KB , 500x500 , p27.png )

As you get around half a block away you can hear the thrum, beeping, and noise of the barcade and its patrons. Sure it's a little loud, but it's got AMBIENCE. You head to the door, but are stopped by a bouncer, they're a new face.

Bouncer: ID, m'aam
You: Here ya go, though I haven't been ID'd in years
Bouncer: It's uh... policy to ID all Object-Kin, sorry
You: That's a weird policy, that none of the other bouncers ever mentioned
Bouncer: Uh, there was an INCIDENT, one of BIG BOSS'S uh
Bouncer: Friend's cameras turned into an object-kin when in the barcade
Bouncer: Wants to make sure that no minors get in
You: Wooooaaaaaahh, so cool!!!!
Bouncer: I hear you're a close knit community, maybe visit the OBJECT-ORPHANAGE
Bouncer: He's pretty precocious, and I bet he'd like to meet an ADULT and GOOD INFLUENCE
Bouncer: He’s around 13 if we go by object-years
You: Guess I could go see MAMITA and the OBJECTLINGS, it's been a hot minute

The bouncer passes your ID back to you, and nods at you, you head in. The inside is filled with flashing lights, the sound of change, and excited adults whooshing back and forth to various machines, bars, and tables.
No. 1045050 ID: 0838d6
File 166449019506.png - (10.11KB , 500x500 , p28.png )

You do a quick walk around the main room. The balcony is open, and you think you can hear the sound of flirting. It's probably MOMO and DONNA! That spot always has a lovely view of the upcoming sunset, so it’s a good DATE spot. There's also that STAPLER PLUSH stuck in that blessed claw machine that you wanted to try to beat. Or maybe you could get some drinks and just chill.

A. Watch the sunset with DONNA and MOMO
- There will be light to heavy petting and smooches
- Maybe you can do something to make the mood extra spicy

B. Get the plush
- 75% chance of success
- Maybe you can do something to increase the odds

C. Other
- Do something else
- You’ll probably play some arcade machines as well

You: Oh man I want that plush....
You: But friends and smooches…
You: Oooooohhhh choices…

EDMANGO: Time to introduce a new mechanic, DESIRE. Hailey wants to do things, and will get a [1 VOTE] of her own. [2 Votes] if there are 10 or more suggestions. This is just to help break ties.
No. 1045052 ID: 629f2e

A, smooches and pets!

> Maybe you can do something to make the mood extra spicy?

Donna could get naked? She's small, nobody would notice.
No. 1045054 ID: a7a180

A, but you can probably do B real quick if you or Donna just sneak into the claw game to nab that plushie.
No. 1045079 ID: 9b1ec9

See if Donna can cheer you on (and maybe find out she has telekinesis in the process, and help you win... but for the price of sharing the plush with her. Awww maaaaaaan...
No. 1045081 ID: 36784c


>Maybe you can do something to increase the odds
Telekinesis would help here.
No. 1045083 ID: 15c72a

Um yeah A.
No. 1045095 ID: 3fe471

B. Try your telekinesis to get the plush to stay in the claw's grasp.
No. 1045114 ID: 84a59e

B, don't cheat.
No. 1045121 ID: a9af05

B. Get that plush and show it off to your friends.
No. 1045160 ID: 7ffd6f

B. Use your Nanobots to help the claw grab your prize.
No. 1045178 ID: 5499f4

rolled 94 = 94

SCORE TO BEAT - 25 or higher

12 or less = failure
No. 1045187 ID: 5499f4
File 166466621891.png - (7.97KB , 500x500 , p29.png )

It’s a no brainer, you’re going for that darn plush! But you need the moral support, time to use the power of guilt on your selfish boob-resting friend! You quickly walk out of the balcony and slowly peek your head out of the corner.

You: Doooooooonnnnnnaaaaaaaaaa
Donna and Momo: *Giggling and vague flirting*
You: Doooooooonnnnnaaaaaaaaa you leeeeeeefttt meeeeeee
Donna: eeeEEP!

You poke your whole body and jump out, startling Donna, but not Momo. She lets out a cute little squeak, nice.

You: You couldn’t have waited 5 minutes!
Donna: Well I dunno how long you take in back rooms!
You: I said I’d be right baaaaack

You pout slightly, or whatever it is that approximates as a pout that your giant metal maw can handle. You’re not really mad, but you have to sell it.
No. 1045188 ID: 5499f4
File 166466622791.png - (8.36KB , 500x500 , p30.png )

You: In order to make it up to me now you have to offer moral support as I CLAW
Donna: But smoocheeeeeees
You: I’m calling in a FAVOR then!
Donna: GASP, that’s MY thing!
You: Smooches are forever, but stuffed creatures stuck in machines are fleeting.
Momo: I’ve treasured our time together.
Momo: But I understand when one must attend to their companions.
You: You know you can join us right, this isn’t like exclusionary
You: Like you can get back to smooching after.
Momo: OH.
Momo: Then let us claw some machines ladies!
Donna: I’m not a fan of delayed gratification.
You: I’ve trained in the art of EDGING you see, it builds TENSION.

You let out a cackle the likes of which the world has definitely seen before. There’s a slight quake in the ground as you say that, but no one else seems to notice it. Weird. You head inside and quickly slide up to the machine.
No. 1045189 ID: 5499f4
File 166466623526.png - (10.97KB , 500x500 , p31.png )

It’s got two buttons, one for moving horizontally and one for vertical movement, it’s a classic Wano design. You crack your knuckles and twist your back, cracking it too. And then you begin. You’ve got some cash, so you give it a trial grab, you miss terribly, but now you’re calibrated.

You: You’re mine you hot plush you
Donna: Is it weird that you think staplers are hot and you eat staples?
You: Probably
Momo: Oh, so you push the buttons to move the claw?
You: Yeah, the pressure the claw puts on the plush when it grabs is random though
Momo: That sounds delightfully unfair
You: Yessss it’s part of the charm!

You give it another go, nearly getting it the second time. The ladies coo in excitement as you watch, but you catch Donna smirking out of the corner of your eye. Which, to be fair, is most of your vision since you have to tilt your head just to coordinate where the claw goes. You see the claw wiggle slightly unnaturally, but not to help you! Oh no!

Just as it’s about to clamp down, the claw seems to face resistance before snapping with the strength that only the RNG of hundreds of bux of other kin’s money can produce. Hooray!!! You see Donna crane her back in shock before switching gears and congratulating you with Momo.

Donna: Woah, that machine is crazy strong, it like grasped it!
You: The Number gods allowed me to win this day, thank you RNGeezus.
Momo: May I try?

No. 1045190 ID: 5499f4
File 166466624415.png - (11.50KB , 500x500 , p32.png )

You take your prize and bend over in your best impression of a royal from the 1300s. Momo bends at the knee and curtsies before giggling and heading over to the machine. Donna seems to have finally gotten in the mood for games after watching you, and tries to help Momo out by guiding the claw from the teeny tiny space between the machines. The other prizes don’t really call your attention, inside are plushies of various object supplies, bootleg slimes, and one CAT WITCH that you overlooked.

Momo: I want that cat!
Momo: She reminds me of somebody I used to know.
You: You got this girl!

You cradle your red stapler plush and give it a squeeze as you provide tips and enjoy the atmosphere of the game. This is nice, though that quake you felt earlier is slightly concerning.
No. 1045191 ID: 5499f4
File 166466625127.png - (9.98KB , 500x500 , p33.png )

Your eyes wander to the windows of the place occasionally, almost like you’re hoping for something to happen. Not that you’d want something bad to happen to your favorite barcade, but an earthquake? That only you felt? That sounds like GIANT MONSTERS to you, but what could it be?

How TALL is it?
- Can be no taller than 3 meters
How LONG is it?
- Can be no longer than 5 meters
What does it DO?
- Can have no more than 2 gimmicks

BONUS: How does it expose its presence to you?
WARNING: One trait of said creature WILL carry forward or be iterated upon on other Kaijus

No. 1045194 ID: 99ca7b

3 x 5 Berzerker, and it's skull looks vaguely like a holepunch.
No. 1045199 ID: e5709d

3X3 meters
This disgusting kaiju looks like a centauroid octopus with most of its tentacles centered around its mouth, with a giant portal inside its throat. It also has weird protrusions throughout its skin attempting to feebly suck anything.
Portal Fiend: Once per battle, spews out Travelers from another dimension.
Elan's Musk: Spews forth a continuous stream of evaporating mucus that causes the Berserk status effect when absorbed via skin contact.
Let's get some Horned into this fight!
No. 1045200 ID: 629f2e

3 X 5 Meters, and it introduces itself by singing. It actually has a very nice voice, if it wasn't loud enough to shatter glass it'd be pleasant.
No. 1045201 ID: 8483cf

1 meter tall, 5 meters long. It is SNEK.

It fights by trying to either constrict opponents or poison them with its venom.

It's not just a regular SNEK though, it can burrow underground like a worm.
No. 1045204 ID: 536b91

1 x 5 snake, with a head at each end. Only one of the heads has a brain inside, the other is a bait (but it can bite you just fine). It likes to pretend to be injured when it's not to trick its preys.
It introduces itself with a ringing noise.
No. 1045205 ID: 7ffd6f

3 tall X 2 long

It looks like a giant pufferfish with arms and legs.

>What does it DO?
It acts like a pufferfish and balloons itself out before exhaling hard enough make winds strong enough to tip over cars! (If it can tip over a car, then imagine how bad it is for the people! They'd be sent flying!)

It can also suck up ocean water and spit it out hard enough to punch a hole through the wall of a building!
No. 1045217 ID: e51896


>>1045201 >>1045204

I like the snek idea, especially if it's two headed, one on each side

one thing I'll change is that its venom is NOT actually poisonous, but its actually more like a solvent that can dissolve things like clothing and cause some pain if contacted with the skin. but thankfully, since its a low level monster, it can only spit minor venom, not a whole lot, or its venom is kinda weak causing only minor pain or clothing damage.

It lets itself be known by some pest exterminators having trouble getting rid of it, probably giving up and running away screaming after realizing this is no normal snake.

Also, idea: maybe one of the heads of the snake kaiju looks somewhat like noodle from SHARDS for some reason?

Be sure to text our government buddies about what is going on.
No. 1045236 ID: b5f2af

One-headed snake monster, 3 x 5 meters. She has a long tongue for yanking creatures into arm’s reach and two glowing weak points that can shoot LASERS.
No. 1045251 ID: 01fe07

The first monster is usually silly looking, so I'm supporting this one.
No. 1045268 ID: a9af05

I'm good with either of these.
No. 1045373 ID: 0838d6
File 166482454804.png - (9.12KB , 500x500 , p34.png )

You think about how funny it’d be to fight a giant puffer-fish snake with tentacles that shoots out minions with berserk mucus and shatters glass with its voice. Okay, maybe you’re spending too much time with Josephine. You then hear a chiming, almost like a bell on a collar. It’s distinct from the rest of the barcade, but once again, it appears that only you hear it. And then you catch the glimpse of something, that purple cat. It walks out of a side door. You mutter a late brb to your companions and head outside. The alleyway you find yourself in is moist and the air is humid from being so close to the dock, you twist to and fro before catching another glimpse of the cat, this time it runs behind a van in the distance. You start to head towards it but then read the text on the van.

COCK AND REX-TERMINATORS - “We get rid of FOWL infestations”
Above is a stylized picture of an Insect-kin roach and a Wing-kin rooster.

You dismiss the truck and dash behind it, the purple cat vanishing into thin air.

You: Goddess bless it, where is that-
Distant Sound: That is NOT wh- [inaudible] -ned up for
Distant Sound: Shit’s bur- [inaudible] - go go!
Distant Sound: Hissssssss

No. 1045374 ID: 0838d6
File 166482458692.png - (9.41KB , 500x500 , p35.png )

You move quickly towards the source of the noise and duck around the corner a few meters away. In front of you is a dock and a sandbank, you try to listen again.

Distant Sound: Fuck *pant* sewer jo- *pant*
Distant Sound: *crash*
Distant Sound: My COMM!
Distant Sound: ForgetthedamnCOMM!

The sound of wet footsteps gets closer and you realize that it’s coming from UNDER the dock. You hop down the sandback and get under the wooden planks to see a large, open, metal grate. There are flashes of light from what you could only imagine are a few flashlights.

Distant Sound: The exit!

Two forms rush past you, a slightly obese rooster whom you assume to be cock and an extremely thin female anthropomorphic roach whom you assume to be Rex. Both of them are in various states of slight undress, their clothes looking like they were melted, hanging on by a thread.

Rex?: Thanksgottagobye
Cock?: Fucking *pant* hate *pant* snaaaakes
Rex?: That’sracistasfuckbutIagreerightnowfuckfuckfuck

No. 1045377 ID: 0838d6
File 166482467157.png - (10.17KB , 500x500 , p36.png )

They drop their remaining extermination tools, a big fumigation pack, large flashlight, and a halfway melted toolbox. Various tools spill out and the torch falls, conveniently highlighting the entrance to the sewer. And then you see it. From the distance you can’t tell how long it is, but you can tell that it’s about a meter tall snake, reaching around half your height. It rears its body back at the light before turning and facing you, hissing violently, but refusing to move forward.

You: …
Snake: …
You: …
You: Well, better than the alternative I guess.
Snake: Hissssssss

You pull out your comm and hit the Emergency App you were told to download by the government. It takes a few moments before your screen turns a bright red, to which the snake responds by spitting at you. At this distance you dodge it with ease, but see it melt the sand near your feet very slowly. Hmm.

A. Engage the beast
- It won’t have a chance to get deeper into the sewers
- What’s your opening gambit?

B. Wait for backup
- It will retreat deeper into the sewers
- You will get an opportunity to ask questions to Cock and Rex

C. Other
- Do something else, contact someone else, or ask specific questions
- The more things you do, the harder it will be to find the snake
- STATS PAGE: https://questden.org/wiki/Tension_Stats

You: RNGeezus it’s dark in there, and the sun is setting…
You: Maybe I can bait it out here?
You: But that might be BAD for the CITY if I fuck up…

No. 1045381 ID: e5709d

Fire staples into the beast's hide and retreat. Track them down later.
No. 1045384 ID: 8430b6

Initial thoughts, I think I'll choose A, cant let it cause damage down here and lose it. We gotta keep it here until backup arrives.

Spaghetti here seems to hate the light, which is probably why it isnt coming out, and responded negatively to the red light from our COMM. As an opening gambit, try to blind it with the flashlight aiming for the eyes, or the fumigation pack, and then while it's disoriented, TRANSFORM!
No. 1045389 ID: 1aeac2

A, you should jump in headfirst to your first big adventure. Roll the dice on making a splash!
No. 1045414 ID: 36784c


Use your awesome toned thighs to help you dodge attacks! Look for an opportunity to throw sewer water into its mouth with your telekinesis, then roll your dice and transform!
No. 1045415 ID: 8483cf

A, transform and ride the beast like a true teenage mutant ninja staple remover
No. 1045420 ID: dcead9

If the staples can do that I thinks it's a good idea. It's better to interrogate the exterminators before they have the chance to forget or confuse things.
No. 1045432 ID: e51896

We gave our telekinesis to Donna. Also, we can only use our powers when we transform.
No. 1045435 ID: 36784c

I thought the vote for that said we were only going to share that power with Donna? Sharing would imply letting her have some of it, not giving all of it to her!

>we can only use our powers when we transform.

Size Shifting and Telekinesis can be used whenever we want. The Nanobots can only be used while transformed.
No. 1045438 ID: e51896

Sorry about that, I might have gotten confused. When it said in the chart >>1043836 that "maybe with enough practice, you can emulate these capabilities outside the suit", it gave me the impression that that right now we can only use our powers when transformed and can only use them outside if we practice enough.
No. 1045439 ID: e303a1

Remember that Donna literally used her telekinesis earlier without a tension suit!
No. 1045440 ID: 7c0da2

I thought the nanobots were permanently grafted to the body but the size shifting require the suit?
Can't Donna just activate the suit anyway if it's needed?
No. 1045446 ID: 657851

>Sharing would imply letting her have some of it, not giving all of it to her!
Yeah, I thought sharing meant we'd just start at a Proficiency lower than C and we'd still have it, but it looks like we just completely gave away all of the Telekinesis to Donna.

I'm pretty sure this confusion is unintentional from when the mechanics of the quest were being made and will be clarified by the quest author(s) later.

>I thought the nanobots were permanently grafted to the body but the size shifting require the suit?
The Nanobots were permanently grafted to the suit and requires transforming to use them. The Size Shifting can be used without transforming.
No. 1045448 ID: 0838d6
File 166490426021.png - (7.50KB , 500x500 , a0.png )

EDMANGO NOTE: First off, pic unrelated, have a picture of an alternate Hailey transformation that I had tippler concept, back before I knew how I wanted her helmet to work.

Updated the stat page with relevant info on what you can do in and out of the suit with powers, also let me clarify direct questions.

You can control your nanobots only when in suit, so if you de-transform you will lose control of them, turning them into HARMLESS dust (no iron bits in your lungs). I will also say for the sake of narrative convenience if the staples are reasonably far away from you they will stop functioning/turn into dust.

The chart itself says gift, I used the word share, to clarify, Donna has the Telekenesis now and Hailey does not. She's figuring it out and is fairy sized, as of right now she cannot transform.

You can size shift between 150-200cm when outside of the suit since you have yet to train, and between 30-300cm when inside the suit

Nanobots can only be used when transformed, yes, I decided that after tallying the votes and reading the vibes of what everyone said.

EDMANGO NOTE: I wanted to leave some things unclear for the sake of exploring them through the narrative but will clarify this for now so people do not get confused.

No. 1045456 ID: 7c0da2

Thanks for the explanations.

A. First grab the flash light the exterminators left behind and then transform to get access to the full extent of your powers. And get ready to shift your size down to dodge.
No. 1045457 ID: 657851

>A. Engage the beast
Those teeth aren't just for show. Bite the monster!
No. 1045464 ID: e5709d

A) Fire your nanomachines into the beast's mouth. Get them to puncture the acid glands (or staple them shut) and this fight is as good as won.
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