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File 166016789938.png - (87.00KB , 500x500 , a_smaller_quest.png )
1040516 No. 1040516 ID: 899c9f


One small step for Sam, one giant leap for Formican-kind.
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No. 1052549 ID: 1ecc81

Make sure you warn all the ladies to not drink that or else they'll become a queen that'll be desperate to have children in order to repopulate! ...unless they want that. Then tell them to at least wait until this adventure is over before they drink it!

>now what?
Might as well follow the arrow and see where it leads.
No. 1052686 ID: a7a180
File 167218503115.png - (112.88KB , 500x500 , rather_an_anticlimax.png )

>Arrow x3
Okay! We’ll solve this mystery, no matter how old it is!
We find this sign out in the hall:

I. M.
Go to room 215

Huh? But that’s the first room we checked. …Wait a minute. OWA… TAFL… IM…
Argh, we’ve been bamboozled by the oldest trick in the school textbook, a looping trail!
With terrible timing, we hear a door slide open and someone with heavy footsteps enters the building. They have our scent now… We’d best get moving.

>Loop around
>Double back
>Duck in here
>(Clicker) Light things up
No. 1052687 ID: 74528c

The clicker is a terrible idea here, save it for if things go really sideways.
Duck in there, if it is a loop you won't know which way they're coming until you see them.
No. 1052992 ID: a7a180
File 167252123688.png - (140.45KB , 500x500 , osha_violation_detected.png )

>Duck inside
Better to wait until they pass to try and slip past them. Right?
We run inside the room and hunker down behind the furniture. The floor tiles creak distressingly loudly beneath our feet. The floor didn’t sound like this in the other labs, what’s different in here? Unfortunately, I get my answer when we hear a sharp crack. The ground beneath our feet suddenly gives way and we tumble into the room below, coughing up a storm! It’s hard to see where we landed through the dust and the darkness.
Oh, my back… I landed on top of something hard before it gave way. I think a table broke my fall, and I broke the table in turn. Something in the pile of debris feels solid, not crumbly. It seems there was a dataslate tucked into a drawer. I pick it up in case it still works, but now’s not a good time to read it.
>Obtained: Scratched Dataslate
No. 1052993 ID: a7a180
File 167252124058.png - (138.75KB , 500x500 , the_express_elevator_down.png )

Well, the good news is we’ve gotten past the sentries. The bad news is they definitely heard that.
Jaina makes sure everyone sticks together and pushes us to get out of here, fast. Looking outside, I can guess the damage to the ceiling must have been caused a fire that broke out on this floor, and that's not all that happened. The hallway is blackened and littered with discarded weapons and padded armor, partially melted and fused to the floor. I spot clubs, plastic shields, remains of improvised firebombs, and even giant nuts and screws. Sometimes, bits of their wielders are still holding on to them. I feel ill… though maybe it’s just the dust I breathed in. Wait, what was that made up of? ...I don’t want to think about that right now. Right now I have to focus on getting to the stairs.
However, another opportunity presents itself - a room with a collapsed floor like the one we fell through could provide a shortcut down. It seems like the damage stretches downward for several floors, so it would be risky, but we could go down several floors very quickly via this hole. But what if someone slips? …What if the Beformicans are already looking in the stairwell?

>Get to the stairs
>Jump down the hole in the floor
>Look for useful gear:
No. 1052996 ID: 11c0d1

The others have no problem with fall damage. You are the only one that needs to be careful descending, so go down that way.
Look for gear quickly.
No. 1053072 ID: 8483cf

No. 1053114 ID: a9af05

>But what if someone slips?
Who said you had to climb down the hole by hand? Jaina has that rope, so you can all climb down safely by using that.
No. 1053374 ID: a7a180
File 167305491655.png - (182.59KB , 500x500 , a_light_shrining_in_darkness.png )

>Scavenge quickly
Looking around didn’t turn up much of value. I tried to pick up an armored vest but ended up tearing away the piece in my grip. It’s firm and compresses well, just don’t pull it apart and it’s still good. I think.
>Obtained: Scrap of armor

>Into the hole
Our climbing gear helps us drop down safely, but the hole is jagged and lots of exposed support beams and metal edges threaten to tear a gouge or worse out of the unaware urban explorer. Pent’s the first to go down the hole, antennae on a swivel for any downstairs denizens. A slow minute goes by before she reaches the bottom, giving us the all clear.
“I’m lowering you down next,” Jaina tells me. “Remember, tug twice when you’re ready to send it back up, three times if you need to be pulled back up fast. Push the rope away from anything sharp and keep a close antenna out yourself.”
“Don’t worry, it’s not my first time rappelling. I know the basics of it.”
“Good, then don’t forget them.” Hah, no pressure!
A minute seems to pass even slower when I’m the one on the rope. The descent is slow and jerky, getting eased down an arm’s length at a time. I try to avoid deep breaths in the meantime, the hole smells sharply of burnt plastic. Floor after floor of dormitories go by. I can barely see anything around me, but I don’t care to turn on my flashlight and look.

The hole continues all the way to the ground floor lobby. Pent watches me descend and motions to stay quiet. The Beformicans have laid out an indoor tent city here for their sleeping quarters, with individual nests partitioned by hanging leaves. Flickering shadows indicate there’s at least a couple people still moving around there The escalators block me from sight of the main floor, but I can see more bad news below: the back doors have been blocked off by some kind of makeshift shrine.
The shrine consists of a scrap metal statue of a Beformican with the distinctive collar of a scientist, presumably the same one in the graffiti upstairs. He’s flanked by a pair of large candles lighting up a mural of yellowed paper. It’s impressive, actually, this is much more artistic than I’d come to expect from these guys. The candlelight casts his shadow over scenes of Formicans etched into the wall. The top left scene shows a crowd of bone-thin, sad Formicans, and the scientist holding a strand of DNA, I think. Below that, a group of half-normal, half-altered Formicans are undergoing the transformation alongside him, kneeling before him in what is clearly worship. The other side shows a group of Beformicans fighting a group of Formicans with helmets. The true believers are fighting and winning. The helmeted soldiers are fleeing before them. The last scene is the Beformicans standing in a ring around the scientist, holding hands.
No. 1053375 ID: a7a180
File 167305492074.png - (158.06KB , 500x500 , the_jaws_of_defeat.png )

Well, there’s still time to think of a solution. The paper looks ancient, we could cut a hole through the middle. Formicans are pretty strong too, maybe the three of them could just push the statue out of the way and we could slip behind the setup.
As I drop down toward the statue, the rope’s swaying is getting stronger. Then all of a sudden, the statue lurches towards me! Aah! Help, it’s got me in its jaws!

No. 1053379 ID: 15c72a

What the heck!? Is it on wheels or something? Try to stay quiet but get your head out of the jaws and slide down the last of the rope.
No. 1053402 ID: 8483cf

Are you sure it didn't just... fsll over?
Don't panic.
No. 1053403 ID: 681cb5

Magnets, how do they work?
No. 1053406 ID: 9db65f

Don't let it fall down, or the noise will alert all hostiles in the area!
No. 1053561 ID: a7a180
File 167330146108.png - (161.04KB , 500x500 , somethings_gotta_give.png )

I’m trying! How did this thing grab me? Oh, wait, it didn’t. I must have swung into it by accident. I wasn’t swinging the rope though, so what was?
>Magnets, how do they work?
My bag is stuck on the statue, but if I pull on the strap I can slide it up. What’s doing that? …I think I found the culprit. That mysterious orb I picked up must be magnetic. Well, that explains how it popped open the lock on that luggage.
>Don’t let it fall down
I manage to extricate myself from the jaws of the scientist and climb on top of his head, using the rope to try and pull myself and the statue upright. Pent looks up at me, clearly concerned. She points between the hole, me, the statue and the escalators and throws up her hands, seeming unsure of what to do. I shrug back with my free hand, not quite sure myself.
This leaves me in a precarious position. I still need to get down from this statue, but I don’t want to alert the Beformicans by knocking it over. And my bag’s still stuck to it because of the magnet. I can probably manage two of these things no problem, but something’s going to cause issues.

>Pick two:
>Keep the statue upright
>Get down safely
>Keep everything in my bag
No. 1053562 ID: 147284

You can't alert the beformicans, the others still need to get down. Dropping the bag is liable to break stuff or alert the beformicans too. So regretably you're going to have to hope you're lucky and you make it down safely. Maybe Pent will be able to catch you as you get down if you slip and fall?

Don't spill your bag and don't let the statue fall over. You have to risk your safety here to keep the group safe this time.
No. 1053566 ID: a2d88b

Stay where you are. Try to get the bag down safely (you have a rope, after all), then you can worry about relocating yourself.
No. 1053677 ID: 9a2966

Man, screw statues.
No. 1053824 ID: befea9
File 167380483021.png - (140.50KB , 500x500 , catch_of_the_day.png )

>Priorities: Statue, bag
I have to keep quiet until Anet and Jaina get down here, and that means I can’t let the statue fall over! I wave Pent over to push the statue upright, eventually getting the message across. As she pushes, I tug on the rope twice and grip the statue with my knees, relying on Jaina hauling me up to lift the statue. I hold onto the rope until it’s no longer pulling me up but forwards and hope Pent can push it the rest of the way. Once it’s back from the tipping point, the statue wobbles on its base surprisingly quietly before settling. I really hope no one heard that.
While waiting for the sisters to climb down, I manage to roll the orb free of my bag and pluck it from the statue. Anet is the next one down and looks confused as she sees me sitting on the statue.
...Are you okay,” she whispers.
<Shh! He landed on the statue somehow. Nearly knocked it over,> Pent explains briefly.
Finally, Jaina jumps down, and she has the same question. “Why are you up there?
Magnets,” I explain briefly.
...Whatever. Just jump down and I’ll catch you.
No problem. Just have to keep telling myself I’m only four inches off the ground. I hop off, and..
>Risky jump: Success
I land snugly in her arms. The landing knocks the breath out of both of us.
Wow, another good catch…” I wheeze.
You’re heavier than you look… Now, where’s the exit?
It should be behind this wall of paper.
Paper’s not going to stop us.” She puts me down and swiftly cuts a hole for our exit.
No. 1053825 ID: befea9
File 167380484536.png - (112.69KB , 500x500 , smooth_criminals.png )

We spread out to search the back quickly for a hatch, and upon finding it pile in posthaste. One of the Beformicans almost spots us, but we slam the hatch shut before they can give chase. We run down the maintenance shaft until there’s some distance behind us and we can finally stop and catch our breath.
Anet is smiling. “We made it!” She gives Jaina two thumbs up.
Jaina wearily returns the gesture, once. “Hopefully there aren’t more of them lurking down here.”
<Dad was right, those things are scary in a group,> says Pent.
<There was so much stuff in there I want to ask you about!> Anet says to her. “I always wanted to see the city. I thought it’d be nicer, though... instead it makes me really appreciate village life.”
“Sam… are cities always this bad?” Jaina asks.
“Well, they aren’t full of roving mutant cannibals, but they are densely packed. Formican cities especially so,” I say.
“Hey, we didn’t see any cannibalism!” Anet says.
<No, he’s right,> adds Pent. <They will eat anything.>
“Well, what did you think of this one?” Anet asks me.
“Me? Well… It was a cool place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.”
What else do I say? (Pick one:)

>I think we found more artifacts today than the dig has in a century.
>You pulled my tail out of the fire a lot, Jaina. The next time a bug tries to take a bite out of me, I’m biting back.
>I haven’t said a word directly to Pent yet. I should try saying thank you in Formican.
>What happened to the Formicans was a tragedy. I wish more of their records had survived.
No. 1053830 ID: cb7695

The second one.
No. 1053842 ID: 9a2966

Thank your local guide for her rather timely and helpful assistance. You wouldn't have gotten so far without her.
No. 1054003 ID: 8483cf

Say thanks, and try it in the local tongue!
No. 1054009 ID: e5e15e

Try saying thank you in Formican.
No. 1054164 ID: a7a180
File 167418866985.png - (92.65KB , 500x500 , smooth_talker.png )

I haven’t said a word directly to Pent yet. She’s gone out of her way to get us this far, it’s time I thanked her for it. My practical Formican experience is really on an uptick, you know!
“Hey, Pent.”
<Yeah? What does he want?> She looks to Anet expecting a translation. Not this time.
I fumble over my tongue at first, the clicks and chitters are hard to get right, but finally I stutter out, <Thank you>.
<Oh? …Not bad for a first try. Yeah, you’re welcome. For saving your butt so many times.>
That felt pretty good! I feel like I can communicate basic concepts in Formican now.
Anet remarks, “Hey, you’re really learning the language! I told Jaina you could do it!”
“Yeah, reading your book really helped.” I reply.
“Want to do it some more?”
“Hm, or what about that data slate I snagged?”
“Oh, really? Let me see!”
No. 1054165 ID: a7a180
File 167418867317.png - (119.02KB , 500x500 , some_light_reading.png )

We really dig into the log once we set up camp deep in the maze of tunnels. It seems to be the record of someone that survived the fighting. The fire must have come later, as the slate is slightly heat-warped.

Madness. I’m writing this for people to know what happened here. This was an unthinkable tragedy just a few generations ago, but now look what’s become of us. It’s difficult just to type this. A few months ago , the genome research team announced a breakthrough and put out a call for volunteers, which our totalitarian queen-overseer tried to suppress. Despite overwhelming pushback, they came closer to a solution every day. She spoke out personally against the project, and her supporters would hold protests around the block. Eventually those protests turned to riots, and today they forced their way inside. The protesters and the science team's supporters were separated by a thin line of security trying to beat us back. The crowd was pressed up against them from both sides. The scientists came out of the lab to try and de-escalate. Something came sailing over our heads and cracked one of the scientists square in the face. From there it became an all-out brawl. And we tore them to bits. The science team is safe for now, we have test subjects guarding all the entry points to the building. If they want a fight, we’ll give them one. Our numbers are too great and powerful to suppress. They were fools to fear the future. Now, they’ll have a reason to.

Anet is quiet for a long time after reading. Finally, she clicks her tongue and says, “Well, I need the joke book after that.”
After some more lighthearted reading, the others go to bed. I stay awake, thinking about the bio labs. We remembered to shut that hatch tightly, right? I think so… oh, we should have arranged a watch or something before falling asleep. Oh well. The others will be up again soon, I’m sure. I had better get some in while I still can.
No. 1054166 ID: a7a180
File 167418867716.png - (22.43KB , 500x500 , alien_ambassadors.png )

Today’s the culture fair at the university. Species from all over the galaxy are coming to our planet to acquaint us with their customs. There’s so many aliens to see! Like right now, there goes one of those quadrupedal aliens whose name is really hard to pronounce in our language. Tall aliens, small aliens, aliens in protective suits, even some hive minds are rumored to be in attendance. The offworlders are coordinated mostly by a staff of duduks, who are also running the amtsvane booth. They said something about how we’re not ready to meet those aliens yet, but they’re very good friends with them and that we kind of remind them of them, but shorter. There’s a member of another recently uplifted species here too, the tobak! Their diplomat is being escorted by some first contact officers. I can't decide who to approach first.
I wonder if the Formicans have a booth too…

No. 1054185 ID: 8483cf


Hug the tobak
No. 1054209 ID: ef4dda

I wanna hear some Arkot jingoism.

We can also talk to the Montys, they know a lot about accounting.
No. 1054405 ID: a7a180
File 167442667274.png - (12.18KB , 500x500 , a_jarring_transition.png )

>Hug tobak
I head toward the aliens, but I don’t get far before I nearly step right off a ledge! I look around and notice I’m on a giant table. “Hey, what gives!?”
Careful, Sam! You almost fell off the edge there. Can’t have our sole Formican expert taking a tumble, can we?” Gail walks over, as huge as the last time I saw her. It suddenly occurs to me I’m supposed to be running the Formican booth today... Before I can protest, Gail picks me up and drops me into a jar! “There, for your safety. Okay, see you for lunch!
No. 1054406 ID: a7a180
File 167442667531.png - (16.26KB , 500x500 , in_my_restless_dreams_i_see_her.png )

“Hey, don’t leave me here! Take me with you…”
Nobody seems to acknowledge me, except for a Formican that stops at my booth. She’s even bigger than Gail, and the look she’s giving me is scary. I have a very bad feeling about this… I try to get away from her by tipping the jar over but it’s no use, the jar won’t budge. I turn, and the Beformican’s face is inches away from the glass, judging me. What does she want? Is she going to eat me?! I want to wake up!
No. 1054407 ID: a7a180
File 167442667959.png - (68.38KB , 500x500 , not_a_dream.png )

I wake up and I realize the Beformican is still staring at me.
No. 1054443 ID: e51896

Take some deep breaths. It's not the Beformican, it's only Anet... but why is she standing over you? Ask what's wrong.
No. 1054451 ID: 49e2b5

Scream, "I don't want to be small for the rest of my life!"
No. 1054452 ID: 36784c

Calm down, that’s Anet!
No. 1054454 ID: dee951


Dammit, Anet! Don't DO that! You'll give me a heart attack! Sit next to me and gently shake me awake rather than creepily looming over me with hands ready as if to strike!!
No. 1054477 ID: 49e2b5

Wait a minute. Is it just me or is the clothing Sam is wearing looking bigger than it should? Don't tell me he got smaller! I really hope that's a sleeping bag he's in (or it's a weird perspective thing due to the art), otherwise we've got a time limit to get Sam bigger before he gets too small!
No. 1054546 ID: a7a180
File 167452459978.png - (148.36KB , 500x500 , thats_not_anet.png )

>Stay calm
I suppress the initial urge to shout and take deep breaths. “Oh, it’s just you Anet,” I speak softly. “Don’t scare me like that, okay? Sit down and just shake me by the shoulder next time.” She doesn’t move. “...What’s wrong?” I briefly wonder if I’ve started to shrink more, because my clothes feel fine, but Anet seems a lot bigger…
The real Anet groggily sits up and faces me. “Yes, Sam? What’s wrong?”

<What’z wrooong…>
No. 1054561 ID: a9af05

…ok, before you panic, remember that the friendly Beformicans will approach you, so this one is probably friendly.
No. 1054574 ID: 15c72a

It's (she's?) mimicking your language. That's a good sign.
Tell Anet not to panic. You have a visitor.
No. 1054578 ID: 281b3c

Let's not raise our voices or make any sudden moves, and do everything we can to make sure our visitor doesn't get agitated. Soothing, relaxed tones of voice are important here.

Hey there fella. You are very impressive. You've come to pay us a friendly visit, haven't you.
No. 1054586 ID: 613ef9

“Oh, uhhh… hello there, can I help you?”
No. 1054589 ID: e51896

well, if they were planning to attack, they would have done so while you were asleep.

I wonder if its hungry. We have food we can give it to show we mean no harm?
No. 1054810 ID: a7a180
File 167486107134.png - (130.38KB , 500x500 , dinner_and_a_show.png )

Oh, hey Anet. Don’t be alarmed, but we have company.
She rubs the sleep out of her eyes before looking my way. “Oh? -Ohhhh.
She must be friendly… I think.
Then keep talking to her.
Right. Uh… my, what big claws you have.” -Agh, why did I focus on that? Wait, I should try using a language she (probably) understands! I clear my throat and try again in Formican. <Greetings,> “uh,” <big ant, friend?>
<Big ant… me. Friend.> Her accent is thick, her voice low and buzzy.
<Yes, m- you. Me, Sam. Uh… food?> I offer her a mushroom cap from my bag.
<Hmm?> She takes it and sniffs it with her antennae before biting it. It’s fascinating and a little intimidating to see her outer mandibles clacking in sync with the inner mandibles chewing up close. She must like it a lot, because it starts disappearing quickly. Or maybe she hasn’t eaten in days.
Meanwhile, Anet rolls over and moves Jaina’s spear out of reach before prodding her and Pent awake. “Psst. No sudden moves. There’s a Beformican staring at Sam.
Wha- Where? Who touched my spear?
<Don’t attack. If it wanted us dead, we would be... Wait, I recognize her. One of the friendly ones, all right. Comes around sometimes to trade junk with us for food. Doesn’t seem to have a name, so we call her Bright Eyes.>
“Wait, so Beformicans don’t have names?” Anet asks.
<Not this one, at least. She’s a creature of few words.>
Jaina sizes up the visitor armed only with her glare. “I recognize her, too. She chased us out of a hab block right before we met you.”
<She chased you? Well I don’t blame you for running. You don’t stop and ask Them if they’re friendly.>
<Am patient hunter.> Bright Eyes was listening while she munched shroom.
<Why did you follow us here?> Pent asks her.
<Him.> She turns to face me. <What... are... you?>
No. 1054814 ID: 52800c

I mean you might as well try to explain. Not sure how bad the language barrier is in the other direction.
No. 1054815 ID: 9a2966

Alright, let's bring out the big guns and the small words. She knows the area, she's friendly, she's big and tough... so maybe she can be of assistance in your quest as well!

>what are you
Am Talzoran - tallman. Was bigger. Came from far to find past of formicans - you, and smaller ones. Why vanish in past.

Became small, by machine, mistake. Found formicans, understand why vanish - why small and secret. Found danger... but also friends. Many discoveries, amazing, scary, funny, sad - have adventure. But want get big again. Want go home.

Somewhere here: make-big machine. Find, fix, use. Then, can go home.

Hm. Wonder if Bright Eyes is smarter than she appears - she's certainly curious enough. Maybe show her some of your stuff? If she's a scavenger, she might have input on some of it. Or give it to her in exchange for help... though she most seems interested in you.

Does she enjoy stories? Maybe you could tell her some basic ones of your people.
No. 1055168 ID: a7a180
File 167546225008.png - (121.20KB , 500x500 , big_lady.png )

>bring out the big guns and small words
I explain that I am a Talzoran, not of this land. Bright Eyes nods. <Traveler… Why?>
<Came from far away to learn past. …How, um,> I look at Anet. “How do I ask if she understands what I’m saying well enough?” Anet repeats the question to Bright Eyes.
She nods back. <Juzt… speak zlow.>
“Okay, then… <Wanted to find Formicans, why gone. Became small, learned sad history.>”
Bright Eyes shrugs. <Hiztory not important. Live long, zee many things. Remember important things now, forget otherz. When no one alive who zee thing, who remember?>
<…That why we learn history, so we remember.>
Something clicks in her mind. <Ah…>
<How long do Beformicans live, anyway?> Anet asks. <Would she even have a way of tracking time?>
<...Sky voice count dayz.>
<Of course, the daily announcements,> says Pent. <The ‘sky voice’ says the date every day. Everyone would hear that.>
<Alwayz wanted to meet sky voice…>
The earliest date she can recall would put her at about 80 years old! I would have guessed her age around Anet’s, not past Elder Stone’s.

<Zzo… Where going?> She asks me.
<Going to place to get big again. Becoming small was accident.>
<Get big?> She raises one eyebrow.
<Yes. Way, way bigger.> I stand and wave up towards the ceiling, trying to get across the sheer scale I’m referring to.
She shakes her head. <Me biggezt.>
<Heh, not quite.> I chuckle at the misunderstanding, but she stands up to compare our sizes and I go quiet real fast. <Anyway… got to get big, to go home.>
<When big, not need home. Can go anywhere.>
>Tell stories
She has professed an ignorance of storytelling up until now, but if I take my time patiently communicating the details and think carefully on how to present it, I could tell her some folklore or modern tales.
(Suggest titles and Sam will share the closest analogues. He can tell one now, or wait until they rest again.)
>Show her your stuff
I rummage through my bag, looking for something interesting to pull out. She leans in, already curious. What do I show her? Maybe offer some trade?
>Suggest item(s): https://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Small_Quest/Inventory
No. 1055171 ID: 9a2966

>80 years
Fascinating. They must've been gene therapied for longevity as well. She's that old, but clearly still spry and strong.

>can go anywhere
Ah, but a home is somewhere you'd want to return to. A place where you can be with the people you like and who like you in turn. Somewhere you could have a family. Ideally, at least.

A simplified and modernized version of Gulliver's Travels might be a good fit. Or something else with a exploration theme or size shenanigans, just to make her understand what's going on with you.

>show item
The fire extinguisher maybe? Given its incredible recoil, she might be the only one here properly able to handle it and it's the sort of tool that can be used to ward off larger predators or even other big Beforemicans. Or actualy fires, you guess.

What else... uh, maybe not give her the serum accidentally! Who knows what an ancient experiment like that would do to, er, another experiment, essentially.

Wait. Where's it gooooohnoooodon'tdrinkthaaaat
No. 1055190 ID: 52800c

I'm not sure she's really conceptualizing how big the world you're from is, but it might be hard to get that concept across.

As far as showing or trading her anything goes, we don't know very much about her just yet, so it might be more fruitful to just see what catches her eye and go from there.

Something akin to the first parts of Gulliver's Travels seems like a good idea if you know something like that, yeah.
No. 1055206 ID: 3b5fba

I don't think she'll understand if you try to explain you used to be way bigger than her. It might be best best that you don't try to explain, since she might get frustrated and slap you from being unable to understand.

>show items
Don't let her or any of the other ladies drink the Serum Experiment X-0.X! It may be a failed prototype to kickstart fertility, but odds are that it'll still have some kind of effect on them and I'm pretty sure none of them would appreciate being forced into becoming fertile!
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