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File 164135903753.png - (14.86KB , 550x500 , dontbelate.png )
1019580 No. 1019580 ID: 676f44


Oh dear! I can’t believe I’m such a static-brain!

Oh dear, oh dear, almost there! You can’t miss this train! Hurry, Emma!

Aha! Here! Here’s my ticket! My luggage is safe, as you can see!

“Cuttin’ it close, ma’am. But, all looks well. Welcome aboard!”

Thank you! Finally…I made it!

The Sea Sharp Express! The finest luxury train to grace the continent! Full of wondrous and splendid activities for the refined robot, 5 gear meals, and a plethora of top-of-the-line resting facilities! Any bot with any taste would want to take a ride!

Which… makes it all the more unfortunate that I’m here more on work than pleasure. After all- I have this briefcase I really need to return to my latest patient. Mr. Earl Sparks.
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No. 1019581 ID: 676f44
File 164135908759.png - (13.60KB , 550x500 , quitethefellow.png )

A rather pleasant fellow- though perhaps a bit rushed in life! I treated him just yesterday evening for a small knee joint issue; he was rather happy to have it fixed, though I did warn him to not put too much stress on it, and to come back on the morrow for a proper check up. He very much needs one, by my records! And it’s rather good fortune that his friend Mister Jay was able to provide me with a ticket after coming to pick him up, though he wasn’t there! Perhaps he’s just as forgetful as I- I’d not have realized that he took my own briefcase by accident the other day if Mister Jay hadn’t pointed it out and given me the proper one! Now it’s simply a matter of finding him. And I must do it before he leaves the train- after all, my briefcase has a great deal of private data he shouldn’t have access to!

Fortunately, there is a very particular lock on it I doubt he can access without help. I should be cautious that he doesn’t obtain such help regardless. It would be embarrassing as a professional! Now then…

This trip is intended to allow one to bask in luxury, so it is taking extra long- a 6 day trip! I’ve only got so much energy in the day to search before I must eat and power down for rest. Rest is important for health, after all! I will have to be very careful how I decide to spend my time each day.

So the first question is…where should I start? The entranceway is rather plain, but there is at least directions! To my right, or rather the back of the train- ah. That would contain the latter half of the passenger cabins, as well as the Game Car, Nightclub Car, and Theater Car. There’s also Cargo for any oversized luggage, of course.

Towards the front of the train is the first half of the passenger cabins- where my own cabin is located!- as well as the Dining Car, the Aquarium, and the General Store. Of course, the Boilers, the Engine, and any other big fancy important cars are up there, too.
No. 1019584 ID: 8483cf

Nightclub car! Let's see some robot burlesque!
No. 1019585 ID: afe7de

Nightclub robo-burlesque bayby!
No. 1019586 ID: c92a02

Go to your cabin to see where it is you'll be inviting all those robots back for shared recharge sessions.
No. 1019587 ID: e51896

To the nightclub! he had his knee joints fixed, so it's logically means he's going to test them out by dancing at the nightclub...

Wait, we'll need to be a member to join a club, right? Lets find out.
No. 1019597 ID: 094652

Have internal dialogue about the local cult plaguing your country with some disgusting 'gospel' about something called 'robot boobies'.
Seriously, what the heck is a robot? And why do they have to make those stupid grasping motions at their chests as if they're having engine explosions?
No. 1019598 ID: 81ba28

Try the theater car, he looks like he enjoys film
No. 1019614 ID: ce39da

It isn't likely the theatre, at least not right now - it'd be poor form to have a show starting so soon after boarding when passengers are still getting situated.

I imagine that, right now, your quarry is getting settled in his cabin and making sure everything is where it should be. However, we can't just knock on random cabin doors.

What we do need to do is secure our end of the briefcase swap in our own cabin and get ourselves generally situated - losing Mr. Sparks's briefcase would be an absolute disastuh!
No. 1019618 ID: 2aa5f0

well this is day 1 of a 6 day trip and the ride did just start. I'd say start at your cabin and see if he also isn't roomed nearby. Doubt the guess will start going to the rest of the cabins until after they've unpacked their luggage.
No. 1019788 ID: 676f44
File 164151683137.png - (10.14KB , 550x500 , niceroom.png )

Welllll…I suppose I really should check in and see what my cabin is like, and make sure I’ve got a decent base of operations. Perhaps querying around the place such a jet-setting gentleman might patron, such as the nightclub, would be apt later on, but I doubt that the nightclub is open yet. It’s not even night yet! Right, now let’s see…

Car D, room 16. Hmm hmm…aha! Here we are!

…oh my! This is really nice! That’s a rather big bed, even a nice table for any work I would need to do or private entertainment like puzzles or other such things! There’s a cleansing station as well, oh- and even complementary oil for lubing and a small travel buffer and wax! Wow, that’s very kind of them! And a small complementary chest for the purposes of exchanging aesthetic shell pieces, along with other small luggage completes the room. Very nice! Hmmm. I COULD safely secure this briefcase as well. It’d be good to make sure this one wasn’t stolen, either. Rather light, though- I suspect little is in it. I wonder what was so important about it. Then again, I don’t quite recall what was in mine, either…but I do know that it’s important private data.

‘Attention passengers- we are about to embark on our journey. Please make sure that you are properly secured as the train proceeds to begin movement.’ Oh! How lovely.

A few moments to get myself settled…ah! There we are. The train is underway! My, that was smooth. Now then…

There’s also a small brochure; it’s mostly general information, it seems. But it DOES mention that the Nightclub Car is open to all in the Evening, that the Dining Car has specific breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, and that viewing in the Theater Car requires buying tickets before the show starts. So I have some time to use.

I estimate that with my current power reserves…I will have enough energy to perform five major acts- anything that isn’t simply talking to people or moving from car to car, such as taking part in one of the train’s many entertainment features. Normally, I would be able to do more, but I spent energy getting to the train on time. A meal and rest should allow me to recharge properly.

But, that’s in the future. For now, it appears that the Shopping Car, Aquarium, and Game Room are open if I wish to begin my search immediately in a place other individuals are likely to be. I could also spend a bit of time doing a self-affirmation diagnostic, as everyone has ailments- including myself. There’s…well, there’s also that briefcase. It’s a horrible breach of privacy, but learning what’s in it may give a clue to where he may prefer to go. Or I could just conserve energy for later. Or even rest now. It’s currently Midday, and will progress to Evening at the minimum for two acts worth of energy.
No. 1019795 ID: 2aa5f0

well before you decide whether or not to search his briefcase maybe you could tell us a bit about the gentlemen so we can try to piece together an idea on where we might be able to find him.
No. 1019799 ID: c92a02

Snoop the case and leave it here.
No. 1019806 ID: 96c896

Snoop in the case!
No. 1019807 ID: 8483cf

No. 1019847 ID: ce39da

Snooping the case while we have privacy is a benefit of coming here first. If it isn't something untoward, we can just resolve not to bring it up to anyone or use the info to our advantage (beyond better locating Mr. Sparks). Take your knowledge of its contents to the scrapheap, swear on your manufacturer! Also, if that alone doesn't count as a major action, run that self-diagnostic.
No. 1019848 ID: 629f2e


And also self-diagnose
No. 1019963 ID: 676f44
File 164168804114.png - (9.19KB , 550x500 , Itsme.png )

Mmmmm…well, I suppose I really should take some time to myself, shouldn’t I? There’s a few things I should be certain of- namely in regards to my own well-being. It’s not something I’m very eager to admit, but…

…I have memory recall problems. Severe ones.

That is, I can remember basic information. My name is Emma. I am a fully qualified nurse, complete with general doctor functions and knowledge. I have been a nurse for several years. I am a citizen of the city of Lokstep, where my practice is located. However…other things? My past beyond those generalities? I am unsure. Whenever I try to recall them, it is as though a great wall in my mind interferes with my recollection. I have yet to find a way past it. However, the important aspects of my life are still with me. As is all of the knowledge needed for my profession. So I’m fine! I can recall my medical functions just fine:

Diagnostic Capability: I can diagnose when a fellow bot has a malfunction within 30 seconds of investigation. This is an unusual function and tends to garner impressed looks and curiosity when done in public. However, it is very useful!
Suture: I am capable of an extremely short range (approximately .5 inch) superheated flame intended to solder together gashes in unfortunate bots. This takes a deal of energy however, and has obvious reactions if used outside a medical purpose. The Suture function emits from my LEFT INDEX FINGER. It also takes approximately a half-bar of ENERGY.
Undent: I am capable of a high-intensity vacuum function intended to fix minor denting in patients. The Undent function is done via my RIGHT PALM.
Screwdriver: I have a built in screwdriver in my RIGHT RING FINGER. For obvious reasons.

These are all the primary and most important functions any good nurse needs! Alongside general repair knowledge, of course!
No. 1019964 ID: 676f44
File 164168809741.png - (9.57KB , 550x500 , fewcontents.png )

…it is…unpleasant to recall such errors, but I must keep this in mind. I will be unlikely to remember things that are important if I do not dedicate myself to doing so. And speaking of things that are important…

This briefcase. Snooping is…unpleasant to think of, but there are VERY important things at stake! Perhaps…if I am exceedingly careful…

…Oh. This is less than I thought. The briefcase currently has little in it aside from a buffer (likely for self-care), some bowties and shirts, a photograph of a very…sensually constructed fembot with a rather excessive head piece customization (it reminds me of a spider’s legs! Why such elaboration?), and a piece of paper with three notes:

-No drinks after 4.
-Remember the score: 32-21, on the 5th match.
-Stay off of the hook.

How odd. I wonder why such things are present? And more importantly, will this actually help me find him?
No. 1019966 ID: 7a655c

well it does tell us that we shouldn't go to places that sell alcohol after 4 since he's not suppose to drink then.
No. 1020000 ID: e51896

Game Car, it said remember the score 32-21, on the 5th match. Sounds like he's in the middle of a game, but is putting it on hold for the next game session. We should investigate that place and look for games that keeps score against two players.
No. 1020128 ID: c92a02

If it's any consolation, you'll probably forget what was in the case in a few weeks.
You won't find him gambling, but if it's before 4 you might catch him drinking. Otherwise look in the game car.
No. 1020184 ID: 676f44
File 164187405718.png - (15.83KB , 550x500 , razzledazzle.png )

Hmmm…according to this, yes. It seems as though he is careful to not drink after 4 PM. That doesn’t preclude him from drinking BEFORE 4 PM, but it’s good to have a confirmation of where he’s unlikely to be for a period of time.

The photo of the lady, I’m uncertain has any real significance, so I’ll leave that be for now. As for the other information…

Aside from that warning, the score is the most interesting. It seems he’s in the middle of a competition? Perhaps he intended to play the game to completion here. The Game Car should be where I head next if I want to investigate this.

How exciting! I kind of feel like a Detective. Snooping for clues, and solving…well, it’s not a crime, really. Just an accident. Oh dear, I think I’ve spoiled the fantasy a bit. Moving on!

The train is quite opulent, I must admit. Even walking throughout the cars evokes a feeling of majesty. Oop! Some younger bots are here too, it seems. I’ll have to watch my step. My my.

It seems like there’s a number of people that have the same idea- there’s already a bit of foot traffic. So many different models and makes and fancy sorts! It makes me a bit…hm. I’m not sure what this feeling is. It’s not as though I want to be like them, but…I wonder how much it cost them. I’m not exactly awash in funds. I could’ve never afforded this by myself!

Ah, here we are! The Game Room is…oh. It’s very stylish. Like a casino, I believe. There are a number of slot machines on the wall to the left, some tables in the back hosting a variety of card games, it seems- oh! Including Rogue’s Gambit. I actually know that one! Then there is a set of games off to the left involving some rather colorful stones. It seems like there’s a bit of a commotion going on, too…although it doesn’t seem to be very negative. The desk-workers at the counter don’t seem very pleased, however. It rather ruins the aesthetic appeal their design implies.

Hmm…where to even start? I suppose if I wanted to actually play any games, I’d need to go to the service counter, but if I didn’t, there seems to be no-one stopping me from wandering around. There's not even a bouncer!
No. 1020187 ID: c92a02

No need to play games, just speak with the clerks and ask if they have seen this old man. Or this lady in the picture!
No. 1020188 ID: 894419

Wander about and do some visual inspection! See if you can spot him, if not, it wouldn't hurt to settle down and keep an eye out while playing a hand or two of your favorite card game,
No. 1020191 ID: 2aa5f0

check out the commotion, maybe you'll luck out and find your target right off the bat.
No. 1020205 ID: e51896

Look for a game that goes on for multiple matches spread out through multiple days, and keeps score for two teams or two players and goes up to at least the double digits. This is based off the letter we just read. Ask if they've seen the person youre looking for and if they have, tell them youre looking for him to give his stuff back and to meet him at your room.
No. 1020350 ID: 676f44
File 164204880303.png - (10.96KB , 550x500 , this nerdette.png )

Hmm…there’s no reason to rush things. Perhaps it might be good to see what’s going on in the more high energy points in this car. Perhaps let’s see what’s going on in those areas…

First is that there seems to be a number of bots enjoying Rogue’s Gambit, as noticed earlier. However, it doesn’t seem as though any of them are Mr. Spark. Or even the lady in the picture. There is one fellow who seems to be rather irate. He’s got a rather nice tophat and a rounder body, but his luck seems particularly poor. He shakes his left hand- oh. It rattled a bit. I wonder if maybe he’s having a loose joint issue? That tends to happen in the older sorts.

“I ain’t no second-rate player!” My, he is indeed man. “Deal me in again- I’ll whoop anyone what comes to me!” If I understand his prior card hand correct- and I am sure I do- I must say that sounds very unlikely.

Now, perhaps it might be best to see what’s happening over with all this commotion…

“Oh! Er, ah, ‘scuse m-me, miss!” Oh dear! I nearly got tackled! Who- oh. That’s an interesting top style. Pockmark head design is uncommon.

“It’s no problem!” I insist. “Are you alright?”

“J-j-jus’ fine, fer sure!” She responds quite happily. My, but those are impressive eyebrows. “Uh, s-sorry about all that, need t-to get the best spot for my-my research. I-If you could please move j-ju-just a bit over to the left?”

Strange… “Like this?” That stuttering…

“Yup-yup! T-this is a great scene for my story.” Story? “Ah, I’m a writer- well, u-up and coming writer. I-it’s for m-my second book!”

“Oh?” Well, I DO read. Couldn’t hurt to be a bit polite. “What was your first?”
“A-a tale of mystery and romance a-a-and intrigue! T-t-the title is ‘Lonely Steel Road’! T-they’re actually-actually selling it on the train!”

“Oh, that’s very nice…” Suddenly, I hear cheers.

“H-he’s still at it…” she says, and I must admit I’m a bit stumped. Really, I’m more concerned about her stuttering. It doesn’t sound like a natural voice box inflection…

“Who is?” Oh dear, please don’t look at me like that. I have no interest in overzealous fandom.

“O-o-oh! You don’t know about Z-Z-Zachariah West? H-h-he’s only one of the most prolific stage actors of t-the day!” Ah. “B-b-but then again, I guess it k-k-kinda makes sense. I t-t-try to keep tabs on most important people. Y-you never know when they’re g-gonna do something story worthy!”

Another cheer, and I can hear someone make a pronouncement: “And that’s twelve! Final score, seven to twelve! Mr. West takes the pot!” Oh! That’s a lot of cheering. Although…I wonder if I might be able to get closer and talk to him. Alternatively, it seems like this author knows a fair bit about who’s who. I could stick closer to her and see what she knows, maybe? But then again, there might be important peoples about otherwise, still. I could see answers elsewhere.
No. 1020351 ID: c92a02

Those studs aren't contagious, are they?
No. 1020353 ID: 2aa5f0

stick closer to her and see what she knows, mostly because she doesn't sound well and you're a doctor. Use your Diagnostic Capability her to make sure she's operating at an acceptable level.
No. 1020376 ID: ce39da

> "That's 7 to 12!"
> 2 scores, capable of reaching double-digits.
That sounds like the game Mr. Sparks is keeping tabs on! We should ask the writer how that game he's playing works if she's been keeping tabs on it. (Maybe get her name while we're at it, also run a diagnostic.)
No. 1020377 ID: 2f68c3

This. If she is keeping tabs, cross reference the scores she has on different games with the one on our note. If a game score is similar, ask when the next match for that game session is.
No. 1020408 ID: 35f98c

Is Diagnostics blatantly noticeable, or considered invasive? If so, you should probably get permission before running a scan.
No. 1020483 ID: 676f44
File 164227822795.png - (14.21KB , 550x500 , neckinjuries.png )

Welllll…really, although this perhaps might be the game that was hinted at in the paper, this individual seems…unwell. It’d go against my duties as a nurse to ignore her!

At least, those studs seem less of an indication of illness or disrepair and more of…unfortunate taste. No, the truly concerning part is her voice box. Stuttering on random words and in an uneven cadance like that is often an indicator of damage done to it. And I have the perfect way to check! My Diagnostic Capability is quite up to such a task. It is usually utterly harmless, though it has been known to cause feelings of discomfort when witnessed due to my eyes obtaining a slight glow. However, that should be largely unidentifiable in this mass…

Ah! She’s focused on the game! Or, rather, the player, at least, as he’s talking to several admirers. Let me just move slightly behind her…here we are. This allows me a clear line of sight to her, and should keep me out of view…she’s rather enamored with him.


….oh! My! According to my diagnostics, this is…intentional damage. It has to be. The dents are too uniform to not be a robot’s grip. Something or someone tried to crush her voice box, I think. They likely were unsuccessful, and she managed to get her outer shell undented…but the actual damage remains. I wonder why? Perhaps she didn’t have enough money to afford it?

“Pardon me, I just realized. I never got your name.”

“Oh! S-s-sorry about that! M’name’s Geargoose Greasly! It’s a bit funny, I-I know. But it’s mi-mine!” Ah. Well, now I know.

Oh! There Mr. West goes, followed by a gaggle of groupies. “It’s okay. I am Emma. A pleasure to meet you!" There we are! It feels much better to have social cues followed. "How IS that game played?”

“O-oh! Well, it has to do with making several ma-matches while taking as m-m-many colored stones from your op-p-p-ponent as possible. There’s different values, and the scores can get pretty hi-high!” She continues to explain the game, and…well, it sounds like perhaps this is the game mentioned in the notes. So then…now what to do. Perhaps I should ask around about any long term games being played. The desk staff might know, and this would likely get me closer to finding him. Although…I don’t see him here, so I may have time. Ms. Greasley’s voice box is damaged, but I am confident I could repair it if she wanted me to; though it would take the better part of the evening and three units of energy. It’s a nurse’s duty, however, and good deeds are rewarding in their own ways. Otherwise, I could take a different approach. Perhaps leave this all be and try another source of information.
No. 1020484 ID: 629f2e

You should offer your aid in repairing her voicebox. It's your duty to care for others, and whether you do it now or later you'll have to use up a fair bit of energy. Help her now, and you can get back to returning this briefcase later.
No. 1020487 ID: 2aa5f0

well you did take the Hippocratic oath, you should at least offer to fix her voice box should she want you to.

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