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File 163937533452.png - (205.37KB , 800x600 , TQ1.png )
1017229 No. 1017229 ID: 7e04cb

The long-abandoned sector's landmarks rear into my field of view as I approach. It was abandoned not long after being set up but not too long enough for looters to have had the chance to pick everything clean. Salvage is profitable but that may not be what I'm here for. As long as I can score something valuable enough, whether that be a piece of forgotten equipment, valuable scrap, still working parts, electronics, or even mineral and ores light enough to carry back, it doesn't really matter.
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No. 1020144 ID: 575fcc

Oh, it seems there MAY be somebody within the vehicle, so we absolutely have to keep it (mostly) intact.

I'd say shoot his radio, but his buddies already know something's wrong... plus we could always make a witty one-liner to them, if we're feeling bold today.

Now that the jammer's off, does Clay have any input?
No. 1020145 ID: 96c896

Helmet is annoying... think you can pickaxe around it? Or through his eyewear? Or just hook him with it and toss him off the vehicle so you can get into the driver's seat. Could also try shooting him in the back, since he's leaning forward a bit.
Blinding him is a bad idea now, he might crash and endanger both you and the hostage.
No. 1020146 ID: 1a1d89

Well fuck. Jammer back on first thing then. Can't have him sending full messages out or getting responses.


Honestly while he is fiddling with the radio, make sure the vehicle has a clear path for a good distance and just lean over and pop several shots in his chest. After that, lift him out and drop him over the side. Then drop yourself in and stop the vic.

Actually, it may be better to take your pick and just stab them through the chest. Having them impaled with the pick may also help give leverage when pulling them out of the seat.

kind of torn between these two courses of action.
No. 1020147 ID: 1a1d89

The jammer was only off for a moment. Not really long enough for him to send a meaningful message. They probably know he is in trouble and have a rough idea of his heading, but probably not enough info to send reinforcements.
As long as we turn it back on, it would prevent further communication. Shooting the radio wouldn't really be helpful.

Plus, once this is over, I still want the vehicle and a working radio is useful.
No. 1020156 ID: 5d9787

I was thinking of trowing glowing stuff like lit cigarettes on the driver not to completely blind him but to reduce the distance he can discern in the dark. If you don't like this idea jump on top of him and try to take control of the vehicle before it crash.
No. 1020165 ID: 71be42

The person inside the vehicle is a lot safer than you in a crash. Shoot the dash to try and disable the radio!
No. 1020167 ID: 9a2966

>Calling his buds
Oops, jammer back on. At least you know there's a hostage here now?

>Saving a hostage
Wow, you're getting quite a lot of hero-ing done today!

This, pretty much.
No. 1020169 ID: b01382

Shoot this raider with whatever nails we have left in our gun, then hope down into the driver seat to toss the corpse put and slow the vehicle down.
Collect everything off their corpses, meet up with our fire support buddy, and fuck off back to camp before more raiders come by.
No. 1020173 ID: a2493c

I notice his horns are exposed within grabbing distance

what would happen if we were to grab onto his horns and just kinda

yank 'em circleways
No. 1020174 ID: 1a1d89

My good sir or madam, I believe that would snap his neck.

Lets proceed with this course of action post haste.

Seriously though, this probably is better than stabbing or shooting and requires the least amount of exposure or finesse.
No. 1020175 ID: 3491a8

Can you shoot the steerong wheel ot the brake pedal with your nail gun? Maybe you can force him to stop that way.
No. 1020192 ID: 7e04cb
File 164188206927.png - (263.99KB , 800x600 , TQ59.png )

>Well fuck. Jammer back on first thing then. Can't have him sending full messages out or getting responses.
Back on the jammer goes.

>Shoot the dash to try and disable the radio!
For good measure I fire a few nails towards the built-in vehicle radio. A few nails bounce off, but a few go in. I don't know if that destroyed the radio or not, but it certainly sends a message. He recoils and drops the speaking piece onto the floor. He knows he isn’t getting any help from base.

>Saving a hostage
>Wow, you're getting quite a lot of hero-ing done today!
My favourite kind of hero work is the kind that gets me paid, and what can I say? people put a high price on being saved.

>I notice his horns are exposed within grabbing distance
They are a little far off from up here, and I wouldn't want to risk being impaled getting close to them approaching from above.

>Shoot steering wheel and brake
Doesn't seem feasible from this angle, nor practical.

>Shoot this raider with whatever nails we have left in our gun
He isn't very exposed from this angle, and I can't get any shots in on his head or front, but his back and arms are fair game. I unload whatever is left in my magazine onto him. Some nails miss or bounce off his helmet, but most find their way onto his arm or back. None of them seem lethal however, but this did convey an important bit of information; the gunner is down, and he is now on his own.

My magazine now empty, I decide I'll save the extra magazine for when I really need it. I'll try to take advantage of my other tools. I hold onto my pickaxe and prepare to take him down with it once I can lean close enough to him. I pull out the lighter and prepare my goggles to use as a plan B. I lean over the railing to prepare my attack.
No. 1020193 ID: 7e04cb
File 164188208682.png - (232.99KB , 800x600 , TQ60.png )

He watches me carefully and just as I'm about to go down, he slams his foot on the breaks.

I didn't think he'd take advantage of the fact that I wasn't wearing a seat belt, and it looks like my attack of taking him out from behind is a bust.

Good thing I thought of plan B. A good thing about Tobak males being short is that our reaction times are excellent. I put my goggles down and bring the lighter out just as I clear the windshield, And I spark it up.

The only thing I see is the burst of light that briefly forms between me and him.

Got him. Eyes wide open.

>witty one-liner

"Bet you didn't s-"
No. 1020194 ID: 7e04cb
File 164188211780.png - (296.51KB , 800x600 , TQ61.png )

I was launched way too fast for me to get that all out, and he probably didn't even hear much of what I did manage to get out before I fall against the ground ahead. Luckily for me I land in a pile of soft dirt. I landed on the jammer but it still seems to be working just fine, just a few bumps and scrapes which hopefully don't affect its value.

The vehicle swerves to its side as it slows from its breaks and slides around in the muddy terrain, A big dusty cloud surrounding it. The driver made the smart move when I see him decide to not resume driving. He might be a raider, but not all raiders are dumb enough to drive blind, especially off-road.

That was a risky, and maybe dumb move to make. But I'd say it certainly paid off.

I myself am unharmed, besides a few bumps and bruises that I'll probably start to feel a few hours from now, I'm fine. Him on the other hand? He got a good eyeful of the sun. His eyes have petrified for sure. It takes just a few seconds for the calcification process to complete, but he is effectively blind now, and for the next few weeks until the time it takes to regenerate a new set of eyes.

He opens the door and is trying to clamber out. A blind tobak might not seem like a threat, but we use more than just sight to sense our surroundings. We also have keen hearing as well as our magnetic senses. I have the feeling he isn't going to give up and surrender.
No. 1020195 ID: 575fcc

Considering he's more or less down and out, time to take advantage of our still-seeing, and finish him. Possibly with your pickaxe.

After that, check out what's inside the vehicle still (and make sure they arent hostile, and if not, if they're ok as well.)
No. 1020196 ID: ba605b

What ever. Slightly less dangerous or not, not much is going to protect him from a pickaxe to the chest. Hit him before he recovers, we need to end him now, free the captive, and regroup with our sniper buddy.
We should also do something about that one raider that was left on refueling duty. Did the sniper take them out already?
No. 1020197 ID: 5d9787

>I have the feeling he isn't going to give up and surrender.
That make things easier. If he were to cooperate you would need to watch him until you could pass him to the authorities.
Pickaxe time!
No. 1020200 ID: 076735

Tiptoe behind him. Hold your breath. Throw a in the other direction. Wait for him to start grabbing his gun (or start going for the door) and pickaxe him.
No. 1020202 ID: 96c896

He's probably going to go for the hostage.
Turn the jammer back on but rush in and pickaxe him before he can grab whoever it is.
No. 1020204 ID: 9a2966

>Jammer unharmed.

>You unharmed.
Considering you just took a dive from a moving vehicle? Better.

>regenerate a new set of eyes
Growing new eyes sounds like an interesting adaptation for a species to have. Considering they're pretty complex organs, 'n all.

>Unwilling to surrender
I take it you don't jail raiders around here. Could you just scare him off into the wilds if you didn't want to take the risk of getting up close and personal?

>What to do
Reload and focus fire some nails - on a headshot or disabling legs and arms so he can't grab a gun and blindfire back (or use a grenade or whatever other fancy surprise he might have on himself).

Then turn off your jammer again and go check out the car (once he's verified down). Send off a quick message to your crossbow friend that the car's been stopped - did he take care of the final raider? You could try driving back and pretend to be the raiders returning for him, to lure him out for an x-bow snipe by, say, wearing the driver's helmet and hunkering down.

That should rid the local area of the final raider threat.

Or you could pop that tin can and see who that hostage was.
No. 1020208 ID: a2493c

honestly kinda want to keep him around as a pet to welch on other raiders, but pragmatism comes before vanity. Dome him good, lad, we've got one more to take out back at the gas station.
No. 1020209 ID: c92a02

Go on, axe him a question.
No. 1020210 ID: 094652

Use the pickaxe on his arms, then hogtie him and knock him out.
No. 1020211 ID: 36784c

Once you take him out, you can check on whoever is in the vehicle to see if they’re friendly or not.

After that you can get in the driver’s seat and drive back to the refinery. Unless you don’t know how to drive that thing. Then you’ll have to walk back.
No. 1020212 ID: 7e04cb
File 164191433180.png - (234.48KB , 800x600 , TQ62.png )

>We should also do something about that one raider that was left on refuelling duty. Did the sniper take them out already?
Not likely. I'm not sure what the sniper is doing, but I'm hoping he is close by.

>Growing new eyes sounds like an interesting adaptation for a species to have. Considering they're pretty complex organs, 'n all.
Why do you think our bodies have to rebuild them from scratch when they get damaged? Eyes are great but the occasional wildlife has adopted the ability to create light to hunt tobaks. Another interesting thing to note while on the subject of regeneration is that the only other thing our bodies naturally regenerate besides our eyes are our fingers and toes.

>I take it you don't jail raiders around here.
I admit that I'm not exactly law enforcement. They take raiders as prisoners, but they usually only bother if they can get something worthwhile out of them.

>honestly kinda want to keep him around as a pet to welch on other raiders
That sounds mean! He might deserve it, but wouldn't doing something like that make me no better than a raider? I'm no good with hypotheticals, so I'll put it in the ethical 'maybe' pile for review at a later date.

>Finish him off with the pickaxe.
I draw my pick and try my best to sneak over to him.
As I make my way over to him, I see him reach into the side door and pull out a nailgun. He manages to get onto his feet, but his arm and back injuries are beginning to show. He fires a few shots to confirm to himself and me that it is indeed loaded, none hit me, but a few might have come close.

Good news is that he doesn't seem to be going for the hostage at least.

>"Haah... haah... Bet you think you're slick, huh? Why can't I feel you? You're wearing a jammer, aren't you? You some kinda secret agent or something? haah... haah."
I stay quiet, I know what he is trying to do. He is trying to get me to give my location away by getting a response out of me.
>"Who sent you? You one of those corporate hitmen? A member of ghost-tunnel Raiders? Was it that goddamn Yich-Eater?... Are you... Lak? No... He isn't sloppy like this, I'd already be dead if you were Lak..."
He is still trying to get a word out of me, but I'm going to remain silent - Even if everything he says completely confuses me.
>"What do you want?... What did you possibly have to gain? The vehicle? The tech? That AI? That guy we're keeping in there? C'mon... speak, maybe we can work something out - make a deal, and we can both walk away from this with something, what do you say?"



>"Haah... haaah... Make a noise already so I can kill you..."

He slows his breathing. he straightens his composure and starts to listen closely for sounds, gripping his nailgun tightly.
No. 1020215 ID: ce39da

Toss an object off to his side. Close in with the pickaxe we he turns and fires.

> Corp assassins, ghost-tunnel raiders.
Nothing of note; these are likely the usual suspects in the eyes of this group.

> "That damn yich-eater!"
Just a guess, but I suppose that could be the scientist who's being escorted through here?

> Lak
Possibly that "phantom" Spooky told you about, possibly the mass-killer at the refinery, possibly Spooky himself, possibly all of the above - why was Spooky watching the refinery for so long, come to think of it?

> Vehicle, tech, the AI, "that guy."
All here, most likely. The hostage is likely an associate of the guard who'll pay you.

If you manage to take this guy out, drop the jammer to message Spooky (Can you set nicknames to IDs?) "Took them out, bringing the car back now. Take out the third guy if you see him. They had a prisoner, apparently." and message the guard lady "Reinforcements will not be arriving for the raiders, it seems. I'll be coming over once me and my buddy are done divvying the spoils."
No. 1020216 ID: ff54f2

Throw a rock to distract him, then go for the disarm. No terms to talk, but those are some interesting leads.
No. 1020218 ID: 094652

Throw a rock at a far wall, or he might realize you threw a rock and calculate the trajectory.
No. 1020220 ID: 1a1d89

Okay, so we learned several neat things about your biology that I would like to discuss later.

Throw a handfull of rocks or dirt so he turns around, then quietly reload your weapon. Throw some more dirt or rocks, preferably ones that make a different noise, and then turn him into a pincushion.

If we want to talk, we should go this route. Detaching the drum magazine would probably do it.
No. 1020221 ID: 1a1d89

Although, remember that there is still one in the chamber (assuming it has a mechanism similar to combustion weapons).
No. 1020225 ID: b01382

Toss our goggles off to the size. The moment he starts firing in that direction, rush up and stab him on one of the arms. His grip should be weak enough for us to pull his gun away from his, or at least push it away so we can bludgeon his face into unconsciousness. The only thing more valuable than a dead raider is a living raider with a ton of knowledge, and it sounds like this guy knowa a lot. We could get a bonus for revealing who and where rhe rest of his buddies are.
No. 1020226 ID: 36784c

Remember that beret you picked up? Toss it to the side to distract him, then pickaxe him.

>Toss our goggles
Don't toss our valuable goggles! He might hit them with a nail and break them!
No. 1020227 ID: b01382

Okay, the berretta tossing is a good idea, and i support that since it can easily be sown up, but we came across a shit ton of other dead Tobaks. I dont remember if we lootee anything from that room, but we got goggles for days, plus theyre relatively cheap to replace arent they?

Im also glad to know that even though we landed on the jammer, its still functional.

Tl;dr yeet the had, and penetrated him with the pick.
No. 1020228 ID: b01382

Wait, actually, it should be rocks if any are near our feet, then the baret if theres no rocks to throw.
No. 1020229 ID: 9a2966

>pulls out a nailgun
And this is why we don't try to save ammunition by going melee. Now you've got to wait out him bleeding out, bumrush his ass or get him to empty his magazine somehow. You can't call for backup because the jammer that is keeping you alive is preventing that.

Throwing something to distract him might work - the first time - but it'd be better with a slow, crunching, stepping forwards motion, not just something casually tossed. If you want to toss something that isn't already in your hand or actually useful like your goggles, though... there's your impromptu ear piercing (as long as you can extract it without whimpering).

>Tossing off to the side noise
Toss your ear piercing off to your left - close to where he thinks you could've been - and step closer if he starts spray and praying. If he just fires once or a few times, just continue keeping still - because this guy has his wits about him and knows running out of ammo is his death sentence.

>Slow and careful nearby noise
Hunker down to be as small as possible without making much movement noise, and extend your pickaxe down with the top flat end - off to your side, at maximum reach - then press it softly down and forward. Just a small metallic crnh, like a shuffling boot scuffed a stone.

You could keep doing this as well, but he'll probably end up panicking and spray and praying if it gets too close to him, or figure you're somewhere nearby and spray and pray the general direction.

If at any point he gets a bead on you, pull off to a side and try to shield your body with the jammer. Better it than you.
No. 1020231 ID: c0641b


So. Raiders got in there ahead of us and nabbed all the good loot (namely the contents of the cuffed attache case, but somehow missed the rock that General Cuddly had on them.

Bet whoever's in there might somehow be involved, and as for an AI ...?

That's probably something else or was part of a trade before shit hit the proverbial fan.
No. 1020234 ID: 9a2966

Raiders would've looted the weapons and not had a row of perfect headshots. This was something else.
No. 1020250 ID: 5d9787

Why did Clay used an eye-patch? He even had a custom monocle. Could it be some sort of strategy? Something like keep one eye cover until the other get blinded.

The jammer is still short range? Trow the colorful stone behind him. He might dismiss the pebble noise, but the magnetic signal is too similar to a male tobak to be ignored.
No. 1020251 ID: 36784c

>Trow the colorful stone behind him. He might dismiss the pebble noise, but the magnetic signal is too similar to a male tobak to be ignored.
That would only work if we turned off the jammer so he can sense the rock (and us) or if we leave the jammer on and walked far enough away for both him and the rock to be outside of the jammer’s 2 meter range.
No. 1020252 ID: 5d9787

If Dowser is closer than 2m from him he could just dash.
No. 1020257 ID: 1a1d89

This has some risks, but what if we just wait him out? He doesn't know we didn't get killed or KO'd (assuming tobak's can be knocked out) from getting flung off the vehicle.

Since he can't see, eventually he will have to just assume you died or something and start trying to help himself somehow (probably starting with feeling around for the jammer since he knows that is still up).
No. 1020281 ID: 7e04cb
File 164198411616.png - (219.11KB , 800x600 , TQ63.png )

>Throw a rock to mislead him.
There aren't any good-sized rocks in the soft dirt

>Throw the beret
I get the beret and toss it a distance away from him, it makes a subtle but noticeable sound. He stands firmly in place, unphased.

>"You think I was born yesterday? That's the first thing I would have done in your situation."
Damn. This guy is a lot smarter than the gunner. He has a plan for everything it seems, always doing stuff that I'm not able to predict.
>"That your only trick? I don't need tricks. I can wait here until you mess up. I'll take you to hell with me."

I'm quite close, and I'm definitely in his range. I'll think of something else.

That's... actually a good idea. He is the only one of the both of us with serious injuries after all. Not much he can do if we both stand here in silence while he bleeds out.

It becomes a battle of patience, a war of attrition as we both stand in complete silence a few metres from each other. Whoever walks away from this is the one that avoids making a fatal mistake. But I can tell he wants to play this smart, I get the feeling he is smarter and generally more experienced than I am. He knows I am out of nails, maybe because he was counting the shots, maybe because he noticed I stopped firing before he was dead. Either way, he isn't reckless like the other guy.

We stand for a minute. Then five. Approaching ten. A while passes and he refuses to fold.

A whistle is heard from the rocks.

His head perks up but it's too late for him to react in time to avoid the arrow that pierces his neck.

He slumps over and unceremoniously falls flat onto the ground. With any luck, he won't be getting back up.

I turn off the jammer just to confirm, and he isn't giving off any signal, meaning he is no longer conscious, likely dead.
No. 1020282 ID: 7e04cb
File 164198415835.png - (131.68KB , 800x600 , TQ64.png )

>Why did Clay used an eye-patch? He even had a custom monocle. Could it be some sort of strategy? Something like keep one eye covered until the other get blinded.
That's actually a good point. I could ask him, or at least his imaginary lookalike. Either his eye was damaged beyond regeneration, or he had some kind of strategy like hiding something behind it, or maybe a cybernetic? Hard to tell.

I send out messages while the jammer is down.

>Can you set nicknames to IDs?
Sure can. I should set nicknames for everyone besides Spooky, I don't want favouritism after all.

'Dowser'(you): i'm guessing that was your handywork, spooky?
>'Spooky': Spooky?
'Dowser'(you): just a nickname. don't worry about it.
>'Spooky': Gosh.-I-hope-my-appearence-isn't-unsettling-to-you.-yes,-I-fired-that-arrow.-I-think-I-aimed-a-little-too-high.-I-am-sorry.
'Dowser'(you): no no, thank you. I might have been in trouble had you not come. hard to tell if your appearance unsettles me, I don't know what you look like. I'm guessing that is you all the way over there behind those rocks?
>'Spooky': I-think-so.-Are-you-hurt?-Did-you-take-care-of-all-those-raiders?-is-it-safe-to-come-down-there?
'Dowser'(you): it should be safe now. come on over.

I should decide how I should divvy up all the spoils with him. I might not have been able to do this without him after all.

>Message the guard lady

'Dowser'(you): hey.
>ts-626342-gfh: Dowser.
'Dowser'(you): huh?
>ts-626342-gfh: What did you do?
>ts-626342-gfh: Because whatever it is, all the raiders that were holding us under siege got a call and got cold feet all of a sudden. They all packed up and hauled ass back north.
'Dowser'(you): yeah I did that thing you asked me to do.
>ts-626342-gfh: Wait.
>ts-626342-gfh: You did what?
'Dowser'(you): I took out the raiders that were driving the vehicle.
>ts-626342-gfh: You.
>ts-626342-gfh: How?
>ts-626342-gfh: Dowser I.
It takes a noticeable pause until the next message comes through.
>ts-626342-gfh: Thank you. I'll give you that reward, as promised. I'll meet up with you when you get back to the elevator checkpoint.
>ts-626342-gfh: Seriously dude, thank you.
I've never seen her be this thankful before, I don't think it suits her regular Napoleon-complex self at all.
No. 1020283 ID: 93ba79

I say Spooky gets first pick of so-far-unclaimed loot, given they specifically said they were in it for the hardware.

However, first thing to do will be releasing the raiders' hostage. As you open the door, warn in advance that you're friendly.

Also, stay on the lookout for the third guy, just in case.
No. 1020284 ID: 5d9787

There is another armed raider nearby so don't let your guard down.
There might be a hostage in the vehicle but he could also be someone hostile so approach carefully. Ask who he is and if he is hurt.
Check if the engine is still working. If it is get out of here before any more raiders come. If needed use one of your fuel canister, you can come back to refil it later.
No. 1020285 ID: ce39da

To Napoleon: “To be fair, I got help, though I’m fine with splitting the reward if you don’t want to pay double.”

To Spooky: “There’s a guy in the cargo compartment here, radio chatter the driver tried to send implies he’s a hostage of some kind. Please don’t shoot him when I open it up.” Followed by: “Did you get the guy they left behind, BTW?”

If Spooky agrees to transport you to the camp and possibly the depot, message Napoleon again: “We’re coming over, using the raiders’ vehicle, please don’t shoot.”

Then it’s jammer back on; remember not to inflict hallucinations on your fellow Tobaks!

As far as nickname policy goes, you should assign real names/call signs wherever possible; assign nicknames where real ones aren’t known.
No. 1020287 ID: 5d9787

> you should assign real names
What if he lose his PDA? Wouldn't those names help whoever find it to impersonate Dowser or threaten his friends? For safety he should give each of his contacts a related but vague nickname and never call them by it.
No. 1020288 ID: 3491a8

Ask him if he got the third raider. If it's all settled pick the car and all you can grab and get the hell out of there. Raiders might be going for you now instead of retreating. Be careful where you go, you might leave trails so chose a route over solid terrain.

Ask the nice guard lady about the hostage and check with him when you all are safe. Maybe you could lend some shooting "Don't worry, we have dispached those raiders, you are safe now but wait until we are out of there before we can free you"

A good way is that eacho one of you chose a spoil by turns. Let him go first, he really saved your ass and you get an extra reward latter. Also is good to show that you are grateful and is worth work with you.

About what to choose ask for at least one magazine of nails.
No. 1020289 ID: 1a1d89

Well, you did the thing.


Second thing: reload your gun with the spare mag

After that, call the dude over and lets start divvying up this chunk. You two can go together and get the last guy. I doubt he will be hard to deal with at this point.

For the loot, while Spooky shot two guys, I think you still earned the bulk of it, since you finished off the first, and basically made the second a sitting duck. Not to mention, you were the one that got shot in the ear with a heavy nailgun and flung from a vehicle. It was also your jammer that kept them from effectively calling in reinforcements. Plus this guy seems fairly well kitted already, since he has a crossbow with such a degree of accuracy and, from the looks of it, panoramic goggles (also magnificent antlers).
No. 1020291 ID: c4051a

Do Tobak antlers get that big? Anyway, good to meet up with them since the third raider is about, and you don’t know who’s in the bike. Be sure to get out of here before reinforcements arrive.
No. 1020292 ID: 9a2966

Confer with Spooky whether he got the final raider - if not, you'll need to warn the independent guy you sent to gather loot that there's a rogue raider left in the area who could be hiding and hunkering down all paranoid-like at this point. Confer whether that guy wants help flushing the raider out or if this makes the idea too hot to try.

Give them a warm thanks for their aid and timely warnings. Ask: are they the 'Lak' the raiders seemed so scared off?

Spooky also gets a cut of the loot here, as is proper since you wouldn't have dared this without him. Splitting the 500 zeny reward seems a bit much... you can consider giving him first pickings to make up for it?

>Remaining raider
If final raider is still alive, you COULD also do the whole 'driving back, pretending to be the raiders' thing in order to gettem. Clearing the refinery does make it safely lootable again.

>Grateful Napoleon
Guess you really did her a solid. Well, she did say her reputation was on the line on this escort mission. Good thing losing their vehicle support freaked the other raiders. Maybe warn her if you and Spooky left a straggler in the refinery, as she might be passing that place soon?

Pick through dead men's pockets, and investigate the car. There was a live one inside - a hostage? Guess you'll have to free 'em and see what their deal is.

Could be something that could be used for extracting that Neumono? Or something you could sell to someone else, like the mechanic, or someone back at the trading post. So once looting is done, you should probably actually refuel it.

Wait... can you even drive?

>Jerry Cans
Don't forget that you have to pick these up, too.

>Arms & Ammo
If refinery's safe, replace your used clip and maybe pick up a gun with more gas left in it than the current one. Or maybe pick up the gun the driver had if Spooky doesn't claim it.
No. 1020295 ID: ce39da

Ah, good point. Also, assigning cool spy codenames to your contacts is fun.
Set Damyin to 'Skeptic,' his more TV-absorbed buddy to 'Movie Night' (or just 'Cinema' if Movie Night violates a character limit or you can't use spaces), Raph is 'High Torque' (with 'Gas-Guzzler' and just 'Gasoline' as plans B and C) and our devoted fangirl shall be 'Glomper.' (And what the hey, let's assign 'Damsel' to the distress signal's ID.) That should be everyone we've ID'd, right? Save the setting fiddling for while you're in transit, of course, though I realize now that we should head back to the refinery even if the third guy got taken out because A) we need to pick up gas for two vehicles and B) we could just meet Napoleon there if she's headed that way.
No. 1020302 ID: 93ba79

Make sure those who "hauled ass back north" are not coming here.
No. 1020319 ID: 96c896

Take that nail out of your ear.
Ask Spooky if he managed to kill the third raider. If not, someone needs to stand watch.
Then reload your nailgun, and check inside the vehicle. Knock first, tell them you're friendly and not to freak out. Then open the door.
No. 1020325 ID: b01382

Now that we have the vehicle, lets return to the fueling place to get it refueled. Its why the raiders were there in the first place. Ask Spooky if he or she shot the last guy leaving to go get fuel. Does spooky want to tag along with us for a while? We can probably cram all the loot fro thay group of dead tabaks (after spliting with the other tabaks we talked with) and splitting loot between the remaining raiders and their vehicle. Hmmm. Could we take the vehicle while spooky takes some of the better goods? That fair?

Also check on the prisoner. To free them?
No. 1020338 ID: 35f98c

>Tobak eyes regenerate
Oh, that makes the flare guns a lot less scary, then. I thought it was an "everybody's blind now forever" kind of weapon. Still inconvenient, but not life-altering.

Agreed - you're west of the camp, right? Not north? Not that they couldn't circle around, but that seems unnecessary.

Also, hooray! We actually finished one of the side-quests! :P
No. 1020352 ID: 1c0351

High Torque should be GasGasGas, rest are good
No. 1020358 ID: 7e04cb
File 164208319691.png - (185.29KB , 800x600 , TQ65.png )

>Reload gun, refill air pressure.
I load in my other magazine, 30 shots in total remain. The magazines on the raider nailguns use a different calibre and have different magazine shapes. their nailguns are mechanically inferior and have fewer total nails so I decide to keep what I have.
>Check if the engine is still working.
Works just fine. Driver left the keys in the ignition. handy.

I put my PDA away and I get a good look at Spooky. He certainly is not an ordinary tobak. The antlers should've given it away, but our friend 'Spooky' is a subspecies of tobak- a glade tobak. It's strange seeing one of those guys down here, but I'm sure he has his reasons for being far from his bright and cosy home. I Turn the jammer back on, as to not give my new friend a hallucination to match my own.

>"Hi. My name is Axyl. Nice to meet you. One thing I want to get out of the way, is that uh, you got guts, dude! And I think we made a pretty good team."
"The feeling is mutual. Thanks for your help."
>"Sorry if my messages came off as unusual, my space key is broken so I use hyphens instead."
That wasn't the only reason his messages were unusual, but I accept the apology.

>Ask him if he got the third raider
"Know what happened to the third guy?"
>"I didn't see him walk out, he probably didn't notice his buddies driving off. I stuck around a little while, but I didn't see him leave. Maybe he got a message and left through the back?"

>Let spooky get first pick
Sounds like a good place to start. "What did you have in mind for what you wanted out of this?"
>"Well... I kind of really wanted the vehicle. I know that's a lot to ask! but... It'd certainly make my life a whole lot easier. If for some reason neither of us can keep it, I know a guy who would buy it and not ask questions, and we can split that. That’s really all I want, you can have the rest."
If he gets the vehicle I may as well keep the 500z reward a secret for now.

>Head back to refinery for refuel, pick up rest of loot.
I don't want to push our luck. We got a good score and I get the feeling that we could make the same mistake the raiders did in not seeing an ambush coming. We should secure this score ASAP.
>Jerry cans
I haven't forgot, I hid those at the place where I drew up the plan.
I'll take care of those as I send out messages to those in need of nicknames.
>Take that nail out of your ear.
Out it comes. I'm really not a fan of ear piercings.

>"So, uh, is someone alive still in the vehicle?"
"You felt that from over here?"
>"These antlers aren't just for show! My range goes pretty far, around thirty metres, forty if I concentrate. It's the reason I prefer long range weapons."
"I guess we should check that guy out before we divvy things up?"
>"Lead the way."
No. 1020359 ID: 7e04cb
File 164208322530.png - (251.68KB , 800x600 , TQ66.png )

"So... does the name 'Lak' mean anything to you?"
>"I'm afraid not. You looking for someone?"
"More like looking out for someone."
>"Sounds like a male tobak name, if that helps."

"You wanna tag along with me for a while Axyl?"
>"Sure, so long as I'm in the area. Which might not be too long, I want to get this out into a safe area before any more raiders come to take it back."

>Guy behind the door could also be someone hostile so approach carefully. Ask who he is and if he is hurt.
Right. Me and Axyl walk up the door and give it a knock.
"Hey, someone in here? You alright?"
No response. It could be a raider setting a trap, but it wouldn't explain why the door is locked from the outside. Or it might be someone too scared to respond. Seeing no other choice, I use my pickaxe to bust open the lock. I pull the door up and Axyl and I peer inside.


>"uhhhh... I'm not touching that."
It's just a naked guy, but I understand where he is coming from.
No. 1020360 ID: 7e04cb
File 164208327344.png - (245.66KB , 800x600 , TQ67.png )

"mmph! mmmmph!"

There's a guy sitting there, all tied up and without clothes, fortunately save for a pair of boxers. He has a rubber band around his muzzle preventing him from speaking. This little room also has a bunch of computers and storage containers.

I take the rubber band off. just for funsies I guess.
"PLEASE! I can't do what you want from me! It's impossible! It can't be done!"
"Woah, hey-"
"I'm a senior coder who works with AI, a slightly gifted but overall mediocre one at that! I work in making artificial intelligence, b-but-"
>"H-hey, you should really slow down and-"
"I don't know who told you I could do it - but I can't make a CAI for you! B-BUT WAIT! I-I... I know where you could get one... so... let’s talk?"
>"Listen, we're not-" I place my hand in front of Axyl to signal that I mean to interject.

A Compilation AI? I heard those are... pretty pricy. I mean, obviously super illegal too, but if the companies don't follow the intergalactic laws, then I don't see why we should either. He is under the assumption that we are involved with the raiders who took him, or maybe he even thinks we are counter raiders. I guess we... look the part. He might even think we are from any number of companies or crime families, and that us being interlopers that stumbled upon him by complete chance is the most unlikely possibility.

Obviously neither Axyl nor I want to hurt this poor guy, but if he thinks we're gonna hurt him, it might just be that much easier to have him spill some information, information meant for those of a much higher paygrade depending on how important this guy is.

The less economical choice is that we tell him we took care of the raiders and that he can go, I'm sure he'd thank us for being his saviours, but he would probably be less thankful if we did that after extracting info from him. Either way, it'd be good to know what his situation is and where he sits in all of this.
No. 1020361 ID: 484c28

Knowledge is power and this sounds like very powerful knowledge. Which usually also means money. Firmly tell him to keep talking. Be imposing. Maybe vaguely threaten him by grabbing your pickaxe. Obviously were not actually going to hurt him.

Oh also didn't that lady friend of yours say she was protecting some nerds? Maybe this is one of them.
No. 1020362 ID: 5d9787

Spooky actually look fine. After that comment I was half expecting him to be deformed.

"Who own this CAI?" "Where is it?" "Why would they think you can make one?"
No. 1020363 ID: 93ba79

No lies, only omissions.

Gesture to him to keep talking, pull out a knife. Once he's spit out some more info, use the knife on his bonds and show your red tailband.
No. 1020366 ID: 9a2966

>Alyx's quad goggles
They're cool. Do they give him extra sideview or something?

>Dead tobaks
Did you flip the bodies, check 'em for loot and zeny? One had the alien cigs. Guess that's pretty rare, might sell for a few zeny or be a nice gift to someone.

>Reward split - vehicle for Alyx
Give it to him! In exchange for a favor or somesuch. Such as: he can help with the neumono rescue (get-there driver and/or getaway driver) you have half-planned.

Say you can split the value of the car contents or the reward from the (current) rescue 50/50. That should null any guilt for not mentioning the 500 zeny additional reward you secured. If he wants a cut of the neumono rescue that can be discussed, but you'd prefer to keep most of the credit to that one.

>Scared AI programmer
Don't be a doochbaggle, hunting down a CAI sounds like a pipe dream besides. Point to your red indep-bandanas and tell him he's safe and start freeing him... but cheerfully state that if he wants to keep talking, you wouldn't mind a great tip-off to something valuable BEING part of your rescue reward! No malicious undertone, just ride that wave of gratitude whenever he realizes you're serious.

Also ask what his whole deal is - is all this computer stuff his as well? Will there be a reward for returning him AND it? How does an AI programmer with SERIOUS KNOWLEDGE of a CAI end up in the sticks captured by raiders like that? Sounds like those guys had some kind of wacky plan for him that would've ended up poorly!

Like, seriously, you're glad you risked life and limb to save him! Those raider guys mean business. Mean mean business!

>Grim looting
Ask whether he wants to stay naked or have the blood-stained clothes or the bloodier-stained clothes (indicating the two dead Tobaks here). He should probably pick up some goggles as well, there's been an awful lot of fire being used around these parts of late, so better safe than sorry.

>What next
Go back to the refinery to refuel, hunt down final raider and use the car to score the bundle of guns and stuff (Alyx can get a cut by driving it home)...

...or you could just refuel at the refinery, drive to the vehicle yard and dump this programmer guy with the mechanic while you work on the Neumono rescue together with Alyx (if he takes the favor) and the guard lady whose favor you're owed.

>The Refinery
If you deal with the Refinery loot - or deal with the lost raider there by, say, returning and pretending to be the raiders who left him behind by dressing up a bit - then you really need to send off a message to the TV-watching buddy you tipped off. Either that you secured it due to Circumstances, or that there might be a clueless leftover hostile from the recent raider incursion around.
No. 1020368 ID: 55e0d4

Don’t keep up the charade, but before anything else: where is this CAI?
No. 1020371 ID: ce39da

> Eyes, Antlers
Aha. Under the assumption that Tobak jammers only block one's ability to receive magnetic signals (and not the signals themselves), this explains the figure Axyl was seeing from all the way outside the refinery. At the same time, assuming that Glade Tobaks aren't so good at seeing far in total darkness, a "shadowy figure" being an actual person suddenly becomes quite possible.

> What Do
Yeah, don't be a jack-ass, he'll tell you anyway if he's grateful enough. However, there is one question you'd like to ask while you're heading in to untie him: "That wouldn't happen to have anything to do with a deal that was supposed to go down between the Pomi and Heef corps, would it?"
No. 1020372 ID: 36784c

If he wants the vehicle, he can have it. As long as he gives you a ride so you can go pick up your Jerry cans and drop you off at the mechanic that wanted the fuel.

You’ve still gotta meet up with the guard lady that owes you a favor at that location, so that you can bring her with you when you go to rescue that Neumono that sent out the distress signal.

>extract info?
With the loot you’re bringing in, do you really need to know about where a CAI is? Since it’s illegal, if you somehow managed to get it, you probably wouldn’t be able to sell it without setting off a lot of red flags and having someone come hunt you down for knowing too much.

Getting a lot of money would be nice, but I don’t think the price of “always needing to look out for a government hired assassin” is worth it.
No. 1020378 ID: c0641b


What, did those raiders like, pack up his whole place and toss him in the back, or something?

They sure seemed like the sort to think he'd be able to work in that position.
No. 1020379 ID: 1c0351

Okay, if he wants the vehicle, fine. He can have it(vehicle is including the gun). However, if that is what he wants, we get the rest. The vehicle would be a huge boon for anyone and thus is worth quite a bit. He also needs to help us transport it (plus the jerry cans) since we can't exactly carry it all on foot.
Make sure to load the driver's corpse into the vic so we can loot them later. At the very very least, the helmet seems very useful for obvious reasons.

When we go back for the cans, we should grab some more guns and ammo since we can load it in the vic (not all of it though, that would be selfish).
Also check under the eyepatch Clay's corpse had oh. I am kind of curious. It is probably just some sort of accident or something, but it could be a cybernetic which would be pretty valuable.

Do we have a home or a base of some sort to drop stuff off at? If not, we should ask if we can squat over with the mechanic for the time being since he probably isn't going anywhere soon.

For the time being, put the gag back on this guy and then grab the stuff. We should probably save questioning/helping him for when we are in a more secure spot. Ideally somewhere with clothes that aren't straight off the corpse.
No. 1020380 ID: 583eb4

Valuable info is nice, and it's tempting to just let the cute nerd spill his guts, but if he does that under duress, you may have to kill him so he doesn't tell someone that he told you some very illegal info (which you could be hunted/arrested for), and at that point, you lose some of Axyl's trust, and have killed an innocent who is worth a lot to someone (monetarily if not emotionally). Even if you get the nerd to not immediately report you when he goes free, the info would become less usable, as it would paint a target on your (and Axyl's) back if you use it, potentially getting the nerd killed anyway.
So, don't keep up the charade, and figure out who he is, if he knows what the stuff in the back of the car is, and where would be best to take him. Probably should move somewhere safer before you chat though.

And no problems with Axyl getting the vehicle.

Also, not something that can be checked right now, but I'm wondering how 'Clay' is holding up under the effects of the jammer, or if it's having any effect outside the obvious suppression. They may not be physical, but they seem aware enough... and having a separate consciousness attached to your mind go crazy is obviously bad.

So, Axyl may have been exposed to the stone as well? That and his range may be worth keeping in mind when handling the stone/turning off the jammer in future.
No. 1020381 ID: b01382

We tried stopping him from yammering, so we might as well let him continue. Ask avout where we can find some CAI. Not like we can do much with the information. After that we can tell him we're not really raiders and we're freeing him. He can steal clothes off the two dead dudes of course.

Wheres he from? Those his computers? I wonder how hes going to carry all of those back.
No. 1020385 ID: 96c896

Let him talk. Only after you get some good info should you let him know you're not raiders.
No. 1020404 ID: ba605b

No. 1020405 ID: e3eaff

Maybe we could use the vehicle to help out the dude whose stuck behind the worms, and then give it to our new friend.

As for the guy whose yammering... we probably could get more of a benefit if we stop him now and let him know we're independents, since it seems he's spilling info about what he can't do for the raiders, and it'll make his gratitude more genuine.
Not sure how we could prove it, show him our ID's or untie him?
No. 1020406 ID: a9af05

>Maybe we could use the vehicle to help out the dude whose stuck behind the worms, and then give it to our new friend.
That depends on how powerful the gun on the vehicle is. Is it strong enough to penetrate the razor worms' armor and kill them? Is there enough ammo in it to take out an entire swarm? Can it out run the worms if they decide to chase us?

We've gotta know these things so that we can decide if the vehicle will help us or just get in the way.
No. 1020411 ID: 34dfce

Wtf no
No. 1020414 ID: 692918

knowledge is power but it can alsp be dangerous.

-CAI tech is illegal
-he knows our faces
-he is an established blabbermouth
-he WILL mention that he told us he knows about CAI shit when he's back with whoever he works with
-They will PROBABLY NOT want such a loose end out there

in short, let's not play it smart, let's interrupt this idiot before he gets us killed by letting him know we aren't raiders
No. 1020415 ID: 12eb7b

Knowledge is power but contacts also are. You will get 500 just because you know a merc in the area.

Lying to him will make him angry and you will show your new companion a very bad side of yourself. Also in the future, it might be worth to have a computer sciencist friend, he can advise you about computer stuff you find and even be a contact to one company which can end in some jobs.

Also, don't be a jerk, this guy is really scared.
No. 1020419 ID: 7e04cb
File 164216492631.png - (182.00KB , 800x600 , TQ68.png )

>didn't that lady friend of yours say she was protecting some nerds? Maybe this is one of them.
She said she was being a bodyguard for an alien nerd. Since this is a tobak I'm guessing he is unrelated.

I decide I don't want to be a jerk to this guy, partly because he is scared and partly because I don't want to show my new friend the side of me that lies, or at least employs the use of omissions.

"Calm down, we’re not raiders, and we're not working for anyone. We're freelancers. See?" We show him our red cloths.
"O-oh... I didn't... So, you guys aren't gonna..."
>"Hurt you? No way, dude! We're just a little confused, and curious, I guess."
"What about the raiders? I heard stuff going on outside, but I couldn't tell what because my magnetism was blocked."
"We took care of them. Well, most of them. One of them stepped off earlier."
"Does that mean I'm free to go? That's great! Is-... What's with that look you guys are giving me? O-oh, the whole CAI thing? My mouth can get a little loose at times, hahah, you can ignore all that stuff!"
Axyl and I turn to look at each other and at the same time, turn back to burn him with an intense look of disapproval.
"Alright alright! You guys were being honest with me, and you did help prevent me from becoming a code slave, So... I'll let a few more details slip. I'm... grateful that you guys aren't going to murder me."

>"You talked about a CAI, what exactly is that?"
"What's the best way I can put this... It's like a computer with lots and lots of independent AI inside. Like, a ridiculous amount of independent AI. But that's not what's so special about a CAI, what's special is that each of those independent voices is sentient. Making sentient AI is extremely hard to do, and the process of doing so is very poorly understood. But owning a CAI is very beneficial to anyone who can get their hands on one, as they can essentially generate the best possible decisions for any given scenario."
"You mentioned that you knew where we could get one?"
"Did I mention that CAI are extremely rare? That being said, there are three on the entirety of Saxum Eight. Exactly zero of which are known to anyone off-world. I wasn't lying when I said I knew where you could get one, but I don't know how you could get it. Two CAI are being closely guarded in top security company bunkers, and the third? Well... Nobody actually knows where that one is. There are clues, but nobody knows where it went since it parted with its previous owner. But I assure you, if you could obtain a CAI, you would be very, very well off."
"You're a bit of a blabbermouth, you're not going to tell us that we know any of this information to whoever you work for, right? Seems like it could be dangerous for us to know."
"Don't worry! I won't tell who I work for what I told you guys for the same reason I won't tell you guys who I work for, because like you guys, I could get in a lot of trouble!"
>"Are all these computers and machines yours?"
"God no! My kidnappers were bringing it with us so they could force me to use all of it somehow. It's a good thing it never came to that, because this junk is too ancient for me to use properly."

"Since we're moving on and taking the vehicle, do you want something? Uh, clothes, maybe?"
"All my clothes are in that box across from me. I wouldn't want to put anything on from those dead guys, seeing as what's left is a little... bloody... Say, did any of those guys have a black backpack on them? If not, don't worry about it."
Axyl rummages through the box to retrieve his belongings while I untie him. While I do, I ask him something that has been on my mind.
"Neither you or a CAI had anything to do with that deal that was supposed to happen between the pomi and heef corps, right?"
"Huh? No, I wouldn't know anything about that. I don't work for any of the mining companies, not anymore."

Axyl pulls out a lab coat, goggles, and a floral shirt from the box.
>"Sorry, I couldn't find your pants in here."
"Oh- don't worry about it, I don't wear pants."


"What? I'm a programmer, I sit at a computer all day in a hot server room, is it a crime to do what's most comfortable?"

We'll tally up all of the loot from the bodies and decide who'll get what by the end of the day. This is a pretty good haul, maybe I don't need to spend days down here after all. All that's left is to rescue the alien holding out at the radio tower and we can probably call it a day. We do need to decide what to do with this guy, though. The loot is for sure going to be something I can't carry on me, so I'll need to stop somewhere to drop it all off. I'm probably going to avoid the refinery for now, not much there I feel I can gain.
No. 1020420 ID: 5d9787

We have a promise to fulfill and a few promised favors to receive. Let's go deliver the fuel canister to the mechanic then pick up our girl friend for the hero play.
Our smoking friend may be willing to check our vehicle for defects we aren't aware of, and might be interested in the cigarettes.
Unfortunately we could be short on fuel for the noise machine. Fortunately mounted heavy nailgun.
No. 1020421 ID: 36784c

>Say, did any of those guys have a black backpack on them? If not, don't worry about it.
Yeah, one of them had a black backpack on. He got out at the refinery to get fuel, but was left behind when we spooked the driver into stepping on the gas.

>We do need to decide what to do with this guy, though.
After you get dropped off at the mechanic’s location, Axyl can take him to the cavern’s exit.

You could also ask if the programmer guy is able to call someone to come pick him up wherever he gets dropped off. Or ask for his name, then send a message out to your guard friends to see if they know if someone is looking for a missing/kidnapped programmer with this guy’s name.

>The loot is for sure going to be something I can't carry on me, so I'll need to stop somewhere to drop it all off.
Maybe the mechanic can keep an eye on your stuff while you’re off being a hero?

>I'm probably going to avoid the refinery for now, not much there I feel I can gain.
Except for the jerry cans full of fuel that you left near there. Better hope someone didn’t randomly find them and take them while you were gone!
No. 1020422 ID: 9a2966

What's the coder's name? Introductions are in order. Who knows? Maybe you could use a code chum one day... especially if you do end up finding that CAI!

>CAI Corps
Who're the cool corps with CAIs? You're not gonna mess with them, just curious who's sitting on that sort of an advantage.

>3rd CAI clues
I suppose he knows some of those clues, then? Wouldn't have mentioned them otherwise, right?

>Loot dropoff
Stash it with the mechanic in the vehicle yard - or just trust Axyl to bring it all the way and to someone else you can trust there - it'd be better to trust ONE of them with the transport outta here, anyway! Saves you some hauling and the intent is to be splitting the stuff in the car anyway, right? Sure, either could screw you... but lugging stuff around and taking round trips is a pain!

Granted, if you get Axyl's buy-in on the whole "save the Neumono" plan definitely stash stuff by the vehicle yard, just so it won't get trashed in case something bad happens to the car.

>Programmer dropoff
He fine with being driven to the vehicle yard, from where he can get a ride with the mechanic and/or Axyl to the depot?

(Actually, IS Axyl headed back towards the depot?)

>Refinery avoidance
Fair enough, but you should still warn the guy you tipped off about the possibility of a solitary raider presence there now!
No. 1020426 ID: b01382

Yeah m8 shits fucked. The living bandit got youe backpack. Was that yours? Hope it wasnt important. I guess we can go looking for it, but i got no clue how far he xpuld have gone.
No. 1020440 ID: 34dfce

How canon is this quest? CAIs are a really really big deal in the Asteroidverse, and the fact that there are three of them here unknown to anyone offworld seems to mean that if the secret gets out, the whole world would be turned upside down. Depending on what happens later on, could this end up having repercussions in the mainline AsteroidQuest (Particularly Penn Quest, assuming Lago didn't abandon it)?
No. 1020454 ID: 7e04cb
File 164222944945.png - (241.39KB , 800x600 , TQ69.png )

>How canon is this quest?
Canon compliant currently.

He puts his clothes and goggles on
"Back on my feet once more! Boy, it’s been so long since I’ve looked at a screen, my eyes have regenerated enough that I don’t need these glasses anymore."

"So, these CAI, are they... real?"
"Heck if I know. Here's the thing, I've never actually seen one, I've only ever heard of them. See, they are like, the holy grail of artificial intelligence. And when you get something so rare and sought after, you get a lot of... fakes. Are the three on our world genuine? Statistically speaking, odds are that most if not all are really convincing imitations. The reason we are so uncertain is because each and every one of them was obtained illegally, as you might expect."
"If they are fakes then I guess that means they're worthless."
"Nnnnnnot necessarily. A good fake is still fairly useful. But the real deal is infinitely better. Chasing down a real one is a pipe dream anyway, if you want ways to make some serious cash, I can help you out with that."

"Actually, one of those guys did have a black backpack. I saw him walk into the refinery."
"Oh thank god. Don't go after it, whatever you do."

"Is there a radio around that I could use?"
"There is... was one."
"Don't worry, I can find one on the way out of here. You guys don't mind dropping me off close to the elevator, do you?"
>"That's where I was planning to go. You fine with that Dowser?"
"So long as you can drop me off. I promised I'd deliver some fuel to someone at the vehicle yard, so just bring me there. You can drive right?"
>"Sure can"
"Good, I have no clue how to drive something like that."
"You guys seem alright, want to keep in touch? My name is Kellie. Kell is fine. Both of you seem capable, and my boss is always looking for capable guys going out and about. So long as you don't mind bending a few rules."
"Sure, why not."
>"Sounds good."
He sends both of us friend requests over our PDAs. I also get a request from Axyl.
No. 1020455 ID: 7e04cb
File 164222948801.png - (172.82KB , 800x600 , TQ70.png )

>Alyx's quad goggles
I think they do give him some kind of better side view. I can tell they are pretty advanced, possibly due in part to how different glade tobak eyes are.

>Check the bodies
Neither of those guys had too much on them. Loose change, candy wrappers, the works. I take the gunners cigarettes, but I might just resell those instead of smoking them.

>Warn the guy you told about refinery loot.
I send him a message about the situation, and he understandably hesitates, but ultimately hangs back.

We pick up the jerry cans I had stashed by the road, luckily nobody found them. We start moving towards the refinery. I sit in the machine gun seat where the others can't hear me well over the engine.

"Quite the adventurous type, aren't we?"
Oh. It's just Clay. I was wondering when he'd show up.
"I know what you're probably wondering. How am I able to come out when you have the jammer on? The case seems to be that I'm completely in your head, and I have nothing to do with your horn's magnetic connection to the ore. In truth, I could have come out at any time. But you've been busy, and I don't mean to distract you. Seems you've met some new friends. I'm surprised you are so quick to trust people you've barely just met."
"Hey, wait a minute, why aren't you a hot chick like I imagined you as?"
"I can control my appearance too. I feel you'll take me more seriously when I'm this way as opposed to you just drooling on the floor."
"Is that all you came to say?"
"Not quite. I've been wondering what I am to you. What are my limits? Do you control me? Or... can I control you? "
I don't like where he is going with this. I don't even need to be looking at him to know he is around anymore. The more I'm around this stone the more real and independent he seems to become.
"Not that I disagree with the way you act mind you. Like you, I care about self-preservation. If you die, I die too. So that's why I decided that keeping us alive is the number one priority. I don't know if I can control you, but if I can? It would be for our own good, yes?"
Maybe keeping this rock might be more trouble than it's worth.
No. 1020456 ID: 96c896

Tell him if he's really just part of your brain, then controlling you won't accomplish anything. So that is an admission that he is more than that, and that implies the ore can think. Also, he didn't know anything before he started talking to you. How could someone with so little knowledge of how the world works possibly be better than you in the driver's seat?
...maybe it's not ore. Could a CAI be hidden in there? A sufficiently advanced AI with access to a broadcasting medium of the appropriate wavelength might be able to hack a Tobak brain via their antlers. Or maybe the "ore" is an egg of sorts, and whatever's inside it is using you to protect itself and learn about the world, while pretending to be a figment of your imagination. In either case I think the jammer isn't jamming everything the ore is putting out. You need to use the briefcase to truly block it.

Tell him if he tries to control you, then you will do your best to ditch the ore and erase him. Maybe you'll even grind it into dust, how'd he like that? It's obviously too valuable to try to sell, because the last people that tried that got slaughtered.
See if threatening to destroy the ore makes whatever it is reveal what it really is.
No. 1020457 ID: 5d9787

You are part of me, so you shouldn't be able to do anything better than me. If anything my perception of you as a character with qualities I do not posses would mean you have a tendency to be less efficient by attempting to do things in an in character manner I imagine would look cooler (like naruto run to go faster but less lame).
It could be possible that your out of body sense of self would allow for more resistance to pain and other circumstantially useful reflex suppressions I'm not capable of. Even if it work like that the last think I would want would be to break my bones for pointless strength accomplishes.
The most useful things you could possible do better than me would be personality dependent: genuine confidence and better delivery of lies. That is if we assume you can project a cool atitude to others in the first place, and do so looking like me and not some dead badass.
In truth this proposal sound very sinister, but in reality this would mean I would be lying to myself and pretending to be someone I'm not.
No. 1020458 ID: c92a02

Don't go abusing your tulpa privileges Clay, or I'll send Jackie Chan in there after you.
So what's priority number two? There may be some thing you know that I don't after all.
No. 1020459 ID: b01382

>doesnt have anything worth taking
Nonsense. Their guns bro. You can take their guns and sell them. Doesnt matter if its pocket change. Thays change you can use for groceries bro.

If you can control me that is and isnt a good thing? You, who we both can hypothesis is a creation of my imagination through this weirs ore, do not entirely gain or lose anything from attempting to control my own body, because at the moment you have no motivations, and any motivations you did have stems from my own mind the moment i saw the corpse and picked up the rock. So, yes and no, but i would like there to be no attempts.
No. 1020461 ID: ee520c

Keeps stone and eventually becomes a fleshy tobak version of a SAI.
No. 1020462 ID: 3a2387

>Can I control you?
Sounds like the worst possible way to find out would be to initiate a mental tug of war during a crisis situation!

...so does he want to try now, while it’s comparatively safe? Like, you’re not keen on giving up your body or anything, but it might be doable for some things? But what’d he even be able to contribute with IN a crisis? Like he admitted, he has no memories beyond your own, just a slightly different perspective, right? Or was that a lie?

Granted if he tries to control and succeeds and then tries to keep your bod for reals, the rock gets yeet’d the moment control is returned. Self-preservation and all, no offense.

Granted, it kinda seems like the rock is a moot point now, if he just somehow IS in your head, jammer or not? Is it a Rock of Give Tobaks Split Personalities?

>Trusting others.
Many hands make for short work, and you felt like you had enough clues to go by as to Alyx’s sincerity. You wouldn’t have taken out the raider vehicle without him, and Alyx could’ve domed you with an x-bow earlier or not given you any warnings.

As for this programmer guy, you’ll be careful, but he seems genuine enough
No. 1020475 ID: 286be8

>I feel you'll take me more seriously when I'm this way as opposed to you just drooling on the floor.
A little sad but completely fair. Still think he was cute/hot and still very badass like that, but better to talk on even terms, and staring at an unseen looming figure would draw the others attention.

There are things he should recognize though. Disagreements and power struggles at inconvenient moments are very likely to get the both of your killed, and if he makes you feel threatened in your own body, respectfully, you may very well panic and get rid of the ore, even if it doesn't wind up helping things. Wanting more agency is natural, all this is just very new and a bit ominous though.

Perhaps there is some utility to having him in control, as an extension of the ore, but that would be impossible to know without trying. Similarly, with practice, perhaps he could help you maintain situational awareness in a fight, warning you of incoming threats. Who knows, maybe he could become your Dowser-Sense.

Since the rock is still having some effect through the jammer, it raises the question of whether it's also effecting Axyl and Kell, and whether they'd see something else, or if they'd see Clay. Clay is quite probably a part of your mind, but it's impossible to deny that his presence is linked to the ore, so whose to say it wouldn't make some sort of link like that, a shared hallucination of sorts. He can't 'sense' them can he? Or at least the impressions of others like him.

While he's here though, imagine giving him a hug. It's about the only way you can directly interact with him, and he's gotta be at least a little lonely, so it's a decent way to test that. Self preservation is important, but you gotta value living for it to really matter.
No. 1020477 ID: ce39da

"On the one hand, I'm not entirely sure if you could do anything I couldn't, even if you could take over. On the other, you might turn out to be better at remembering and processing new information than I am, though I doubt you need to take control of me outright for us to make use of that. We could try experimenting with highlighting stuff in my vision, maybe?"
No. 1020486 ID: dfbac0

Okay buddy, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I understand the existential implications of living in someone's mind but taking over my body seems... messy. Why don't we see about other ways you could keep me alive? You're technically in my mind but maybe the stone has some weird magic stuff that allows you to peek around corners for me and see things I can't? That would be a lot more useful to our survival than just hijacking my body.
No. 1020490 ID: 36784c

Ask if they want their own identity? After all, they’re not the real “Clay”, so there isn’t really any reason for them to keep using that form. Maybe we could give them a new name and a different “default form” instead of them always being Clay? Unless they like looking like that?

>allows you to peek around corners for me and see things I can't?
That was already answered here: >>1018936 , when our sexy imaginary friend said, "I know what you're going to ask, and no. I cannot look around corners and tell you what's behind. I only know and see what you know and see."
No. 1020491 ID: 9a2966

Also, you're trying to stay upbeat and not to panic or freak out about all this - it'd be best if this was just one more everyday hurdle. It would be weird if you had a mental breakdown, right? So getting into a bad headspace could be a threat to you both.

With that in mind, he shouldn't aggressively push any 'I can take over your body thing' angles, aight? It's... fine to discuss it, maybe test the waters a bit, as you understand it's a difficult prospect to not ever be large and in charge and you have a hard time even imagining how it's possible to live as a body-less entity - Is it awful? Are they alright? Like, how do you even approach something so far out of context to a lived experience?

What you CAN do is acknowledge they're a person - as far as you can tell - and that you now kind of play a critical role in their survival, as, uh, the hosting headspace, so to speak. And that, in this context, selling or giving away the rock could make Clay consider doing something drastic in order to preserve himself, since neither of you have any idea what's gonna happen. You didn't expect your chance prize to come to a head this way - in your head!

But there's not much you can do about it at this point, yeah? Other than keeping the rock on you forever - and that seems to strengthen the connection bond or whatever - so... if you're REALLY gonna do that:

A) there should be some advantage to it - a recalcitrent 'wanna take over your body' headbud doesn't sound great, a headbud who can, you dunno, pay attention to subtle things you miss, aid your aim, or whatever, DOES sound good.

B) you at the very least need some other way to earn big zeny survival money, making taking risks, like this rescue op, a good thing in the long run, even for Clay, right? Even if it risks you both. And understand: you're pretty cavalier about risks because that's life, and you've gotta make a living. Sometimes people die. You'd like it not to be you, but it's also possible to die of starvation or becoming so desperate that you do stupid shit like join a raider group and then get killed by sneaky clever indeps.

C) You can offer some give and take. Would he like a vote - a way to offer input to plans, modify them, when he feels it's needed? Then he could just input it like... thoughtful advice. You're always entertaining several lines of thoughts anyway, he'd just be adding one more to the mix, really!

D) You have to verify there's no spillover effect on other people. At least, nothing bad or serious. And no long-term brain tumor effects or whatever. So some research will have to be done on the rock, information hunted for. At some point this means it MAY get taken away from you, just to see what would happen - but you'd give them a veto for that.

Anyway, to explain the logic of what's going on right now, with your current plan, since it sounded like they were trying to critique a bit: saved people = rewards and connections. Connections = jobs = money = continued survival. Getting a good rep doesn't hurt either. People are a bit more willing to put their faith in folks who don't screw others over all the time, which is pretty basic uplift 'here is how the social contract work' stuff. You're not out to be a hero just for the sake of being hero (though it does feel nice...).
No. 1020505 ID: 15a025

I don't think I trust Clay here that much. If he thinks of a good plan, he can share with us. No body controlling though.
No. 1020536 ID: a2493c

you realize how SPECTACULARLY evil you sound right now, yes?
No. 1020579 ID: 96c896

...actually, if he IS part of your brain, there is some benefit to him controlling part of your body. Like, aiming two guns at once. Or anything that requires split concentration.
True multitasking!
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