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File 163285160109.png - (419.41KB , 800x600 , HQ1.png )
1011830 No. 1011830 ID: 39d938

Hunt Quest takes place in the same universe as Return to Sender, however the stories are not in any way connected. The events of this thread take place 2 years before the events of RtS. You do not need to read RtS to understand anything.

71 hours, 33 minutes until competition finish.
52 contestants remain.

Ever since the discovery of the New World there has been no shortage of people calling themselves hunters. What was once an honoured and respected title has been dragged through the mud by a bar of entry so low you could practically walk right over it. Ever since this became a problem, the solution was to create ranks and titles for those who were serious about it. Completing this trial will officially make me a Jackalope tier hunter and give me access to all the benefits that come with that title.
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No. 1011831 ID: 39d938
File 163285163349.png - (254.89KB , 800x600 , HQ2.png )

For each season this trial is conducted all over the New World on many different pinnacles. Each has 52 contestants and goes for 3 days. The only prerequisite is that each contestant must accept the risk of losing their lives during the trial. We will be hunting the most dangerous game.

I suppose that in times like these, it is a good idea to summarise everything I know.
First off, I am and ave. What do I look like? What is my gender?
This can be any resemblance to any real-world type. For example, eagle, parrot, owl, gull, et cetera. You can also suggest names to be more specific. For example, Hyacinth Macaw, Secretary Bird, Barn Owl, Piratic Flycatcher, Blue Jay, et cetera. You may also simply suggest the colors. Keep in mind that if a real-life species is chosen, it will not be exact and will only hold close resemblance.
No. 1011836 ID: 094652

Turkey Storm-Bird
Gender: ERROR
No. 1011837 ID: e2f5cc

Bald eagle, female.
No. 1011839 ID: 1cb9c8

Blue footed booby, male, named Michael Hunt. You were pre-destined to partake of the most dangerous game.
No. 1011840 ID: 8483cf

Peregrine Falcon, female.
No. 1011843 ID: 19da02

Australian White Ibis, female.
No. 1011845 ID: ce39da

Hummingbird, female.
No. 1011847 ID: 6c227a

Male American Robin
No. 1011848 ID: 5d9787

It would be cool if this was Trasks or Pieken. Trasks is cooler, but the introductory monologue would fit better as coming from Pieken.

If that isn't an option I suggest a Bem-te-vi (roughly translated to see-you-well), a Pitangus sulphuratus.
Judging by the previous quest I assume the gender won't be very relevant. I vote for male just because it seem a less popular option.
No. 1011850 ID: 894419

Cassowary, Male
No. 1011851 ID: 9aa12d

Potoo, male
No. 1011853 ID: 7d8322

owl male
No. 1011863 ID: 365ef6

Male Kiwi (Yes, I love chaos)
No. 1011865 ID: 3328c7

I was gonna say dodo but male kiwi sounds fun!
No. 1011866 ID: f24630

Male Kakapo
No. 1011867 ID: dfbac0

Hummingbird, male.
It seems that most people are suggesting only bird species but I assume we can suggest other things as well.
We have melanism, a very rare condition that means the usual bright colors of our species are darkened to a considerable degree.
On that note I think our name should be Eleele.
No. 1011870 ID: 9a2966

I'm on board with the Peregrine Falcon, female.
No. 1011894 ID: e51896

No. 1011899 ID: b55c59

I'm also for female peregrine falcon
No. 1011919 ID: 39d938
File 163289976751.png - (314.51KB , 800x600 , HQ3.png )

I am a female. As for type, I'm different things, but majority of me is falcon of sorts.

Next question; What is my name? Also, how long do the feathers go down my arm? Do they go just over my shoulders, over my elbow, to my wrists or over my fingers?
No. 1011921 ID: 5d9787

Eliza Everett.
No. 1011924 ID: e2f5cc

No. 1011925 ID: 5bf1bd

Ceres of Mountebanc. They gave you that title because they thought you were a fraud, a con artist. They're wrong. You're the real deal.

Your feathers go all the way down to your wrists.
No. 1011928 ID: a2493c

Shoulders. We pluck at them as a nervous habit, though, and they usually go down to the elbow.
No. 1011934 ID: 2aef11

Shoulders because we pluck them for increased flexibility (and nervous habit, as above)

No. 1011937 ID: 39d938
File 163293729268.png - (288.34KB , 800x600 , HQ4.png )

My name is Ceres Mountebanc. I won't be telling people my last name.

My feathers usually grow out past my elbow but i have the habit of pulling them out when I'm nervous, luckily, I can usually compose myself.

Last few questions about myself; What is my size. Am I small, medium small, average, or medium large? Question after that: what is my preferred ranged primary weapon? Firearm or bow? (Can be any two-handed ranged weapon. Longbow, rifle, blunderbuss, crossbow, et cetera.) Besides my primary weapon I have a flintlock pistol and machete.
No. 1011938 ID: 05b21f

Medium-large. Longbow.
No. 1011939 ID: 2aef11

Medium-large (female peregrine falcons are larger than males).

Two-handed firearm.
No. 1011940 ID: 5d9787

Small. Crossbow.
No. 1011942 ID: ce39da

Medium-large, full-sized crossbow.
No. 1011947 ID: f24630

Girardoni rifle
No. 1011972 ID: dfbac0

No. 1011975 ID: 2aa5f0

No. 1011989 ID: c92a02

Medium large, long rifle.
No. 1012014 ID: f8fa51

Medium-Small with a crossbow.
No. 1012052 ID: 39d938
File 163303051069.png - (417.05KB , 800x600 , HQ5.png )

I am a medium large ave. That doesn't mean too much in terms of combat prowess in the age of gunpowder, if anything it makes me a bigger target, but I really can't complain. I will admit, it is nice to see over most crowds.

My primary weapon is a heavy hunting crossbow, built by my brothers. Them knowing my preference, they hastily prototyped this in one of their factories so I could use it to 'further the brand' while in this event. It certainly has its advantages over black powder weaponry, including more quiet firing, reusable ammunition, faster reload among other things.

Next question, when I was dropped off in my starting location, I was given a envelope. This envelope contained a set of instructions and two playing cards from a standard 52 card deck. One has a gold back and the other platinum, each randomly assigned. The gold card will be displayed on myself. What card is it?
No. 1012053 ID: 2aef11

Ace of spades ace of spades ace of spades!
No. 1012054 ID: 9a2966

Five of clubs.

Must've been a random drawing, you can't find anything it's supposed to reference.

Certainly it couldn't be how many clubs you've trashed over your lifetime.

That'd be eight.
No. 1012055 ID: 7e0798

Queen of diamonds is your card!
No. 1012058 ID: ce39da

10 of Hearts
No. 1012063 ID: e2f5cc

No. 1012082 ID: 2aa5f0

Ace of clubs

As it was the first card I drew out of a deck I shuffled.
No. 1012084 ID: dfbac0

5 of clubs is good, though 10 would be better.
No. 1012088 ID: f8fa51

Eight of clubs because it is a reference to the number of clubs you've smashed.
No. 1012094 ID: c92a02

Three of hearts. Somebody's got to be the non-face cards.
No. 1012101 ID: e51896

You got the joker

Wait, 52 cards? Probably no joker then

5 of clubs
No. 1012134 ID: 39d938
File 163311202395.png - (332.36KB , 800x600 , HQ6.png )

The card assigned to me was the 5 of clubs. A few short of the clubs I've trashed in my life, but they were bad clubs anyway. A fairly unspectacular card, but I'm ok with that. I attach it to my headwear.

>Wait, 52 cards? Probably no joker then
I'll get to the Jokers when I go through the instructions.

Nearly finished with the questions. Next question is: What is the platinum card that I drew. This will represent the one whose card I am hunting for. I do not need to keep this card; I only need to memorise it.
No. 1012136 ID: 41214e

The Queen of Hearts, a real hotshot.
No. 1012137 ID: 80e1f2

Jack of spades
No. 1012138 ID: 2aef11

Queen of hearts!
No. 1012142 ID: 9a2966

Jack of Spades.

Fortunately he's a real heel, so you're not even gonna feel guilty about taking him on.
No. 1012148 ID: dfbac0

Ace of Spades
No. 1012150 ID: cdbcf8

King of Diamonds...That stupid..handsome.....Stupid handsome man.
No. 1012151 ID: b35aa3

I'm a fan of the deadly ace of spades
No. 1012157 ID: f8fa51

Ace of Clubs
No. 1012159 ID: 2aa5f0

jack of spades
No. 1012200 ID: 39d938
File 163319050044.png - (290.61KB , 800x600 , HQ7.png )

The card carried by the hunter I am searching for is the Jack of spades. I know nothing of the hunter carrying this card, only that I need to have this card by the end of 3 days to pass.

Only one question left to ask, but I'll save that for when the time comes.

With all that out the way, I turn to the instructions that came with the envelope.
No. 1012201 ID: 39d938
File 163319054626.png - (353.64KB , 800x600 , HQ8.png )

This message is addressed to: Ceres. You have entered the dry season rookie hunting event to qualify as Jackalope rank New World hunter. By the time you have opened this, you should be close to the place on the island we have dropped you off. On the island with you should be 53 others. Enclosed in the envelope should be two playing cards from a standard deck of 52. One has a gold back while the other platinum. The gold card is yours. wear it some place on yourself facing it outwards, displaying it clearly. The platinum card displays the card you are looking for that is held by a different hunter. To qualify as Jackalope rank you must finish the competition with a minimum of two cards; your own, as well as the one belonging to the hunter you are hunting. There are two alternative ways of qualifying if you are unable to finish without your own card or the card you are hunting: finish holding four identical cards of each suit, or by coming into possession of a Joker card. Besides the 52 competitors are 2 others, each are highly skilled Gryphon rank New World hunters, one rank below the highest. Each have volunteered to participate. How one goes about getting a card from them is for them to decide. You may try to kill them, but do not underestimate them. Finishing the competition with special hands can earn you bonus consideration for a Pegasus rank. (Flush, Straight, Full house, et cetera.) However, finishing without the required cards will still result in a loss. While looking for the card you are hunting, keep one thing in mind: You are being hunted. As you are looking for the card of another, another is looking for yours. Per the beforehand agreement for participation, hunters may do whatever it takes to get the cards, this includes injury and killing of others. The few rules include that you cannot hide your card/s, and that you must keep them displayed on yourself at all times. The referees in the air balloons will be watching. If at any point you choose to concede, give your card/s to another participant and signal one of the spectator balloons, who will bring you aboard and hold you until the remainder of the time. If you have any questions, consult the FAQ on the back.

There is a FAQ on the back as it states. Seems I have free range to do whatever I need to. What should I do?
No. 1012202 ID: e51896

Read the faq.
No. 1012205 ID: 5d9787

You need concealment and a high vantage point. Lower yourself, move trough the grass until you reach a high tree you can hide in its canopy or a dense foliage on top of a hill. Identify as many cards as possible before begin to act.
No. 1012206 ID: dfbac0

Hide the platinum card, best not let anyone know who you're hunting. Then make sure your card is situated in front of you so that enemies have to be in your line of sight to see your card.
After that I recommend checking out the silhouette in the distance, maybe take them and and take their card.
Gaining more cards gives you a higher likelihood of winning overall but if people figure out you've been hoarding cards it's gonna paint a big target on your back, so if we go down that route make sure no other participants are nearby and kill if there are no nearby balloons but incapacitate near them. The main focus would be to get them out of the game if we defeat them as there's no stating that you lose if you lose your own card so people may still hunt you down if you don't completely remove them from the picture.
Either way our best bet is to kill anyone competent and bully anyone else into giving up.
No. 1012239 ID: 3ab17b

So who’s that by the palm trees in the distance?
No. 1012240 ID: 96c896

I spy a hunter back there. Get to cover immediately, then watch them, see if they noticed you.
No. 1012250 ID: 15a025

Take cover and observe the other.
No. 1012259 ID: e51896

better take cover, someone is in the distance.
No. 1012261 ID: f8fa51

A flush is probably the easiest special hand for you to get. While your first priority should be searching for the jack of spades, you should also be on the lookout for other clubs cards and tertiarily for a four-of-a-kind. You need to stay mobile to increase your chances of encountering others, but you also need to be stealthy so that you see others before they can see you. Don't forget that anyone may after your card.
No. 1012342 ID: 77bbf3

Read the FAQ
No. 1012343 ID: 77bbf3

Read the FAQ
No. 1012344 ID: 8483cf

Read the FAQ
No. 1012368 ID: 365ef6

Duck AND read FAQ. That or search for a secure position before.
No. 1012385 ID: 9a2966

Sounds wise.
No. 1012946 ID: 39d938
File 163434152091.png - (270.21KB , 800x600 , HQ9.png )

>Read the FAQ
I'll do that if or when I have questions.
>Identify as many cards as possible before beginning to act.
Could be a good idea to identify as many cards as I can early before I act, what happens early on may affect things sooner down the line.
>make sure your card is situated in front of you so that enemies have to be in your line of sight to see your card.
This is why I've placed it towards the front end of my hat.
>Someone in the distance
So, there is. fortunately for me they haven’t reacted, giving me the advantage in this situation
>You need concealment and a high vantage point
A good idea, I move my way up a rock covered in grass.
>climb a tree
A good idea, but rainforest trees are very smooth and difficult to climb, especially for a larger ave like me. Smaller aves on the other hand might already be doing this.

I've reached the top of this rock and the cover works just fine, but it seems like i won't be needing it.
No. 1012947 ID: 39d938
File 163434154018.png - (311.59KB , 800x600 , HQ10.png )

>Hoarding cards will make you a target.
True. With each card I collect besides the Jack of Spades, I will have at least one other person hunting me. I should be careful.
>our best bet is to kill anyone competent and bully anyone else into giving up.
I can do this, but I need to commit if I am to go down this route. This may also complicate things if I aim to make allies.
>Stay mobile, stay stealthy.
That's the plan. but being bigger does make it more difficult to hide.

I see clearly who the hunter is in the distance now. I don’t recognize him, and I cannot tell from this angle what card he has. He is approaching a dense patch of jungle and I will soon lose sight of him. I have a few options, I can try to shoot him with my bow from here, but my chances of missing are too high for comfort. I can try getting his attention and try to make him move closer either to shoot him or extract information, or I can follow him into the jungle and get a much better shot of hitting him.
No. 1012953 ID: ce39da

Don't risk a shot from here over a 3-in-53 chance of an instant win. You're also too far out in the open to be drawing attention to yourself - this is just the one guy you did manage to spot.

Assuming he's not a Joker, he probably isn't good enough to fake not noticing you that convincingly. I say we follow him into the jungle to get a better shot and increase our chances of spotting his card.
No. 1012954 ID: 2aa5f0

follow, get closer and and observe. The most important thing you're going to need to find out is what is his card. Beyond that though probably will depend on what we find out about the guy.

Also what weapon does he have? Because I'm willing to bet a rifle has greater range then your crossbow and being stuck out in the open seems like a bad place to get into a fight. Plus who knows who would show up after being attracted by the noise.
No. 1012959 ID: 29412c

Follow them into the jungle but let the age go on ahead of you first while you drape yourself in some big ol greenery. They can’t escape your sight with as eye catching a getup as that, It’s their wown fault for having worn a garish red suit to a hunting game. Pride before the fall and all that. Speaking of suit colors Is there anywhere in this arena you could start making towards to better complement the light yellow of your own spiffy safari getup?
No. 1012982 ID: 0b7694

Makes sense to me
No. 1012983 ID: 39d938
File 163438805935.png - (333.91KB , 800x600 , HQ11.png )

I decide to follow him into the dense jungle. My top priority is to find out what his card is and to go from there.

>what weapon does he have?
Seems he was carrying a blunderbuss of sorts. Although not harmless at such a long range, it would be best to avoid getting too close.

>who knows who would show up after being attracted by the noise.
This is why I prefer to hunt with a crossbow. Much quieter. Not that it'll matter if he ends up firing his gun.

>drape yourself in some big ol greenery
I grab some large leaves and stuff them into my hat, under my belts and inside my coat. I look a bit silly, and feel a bit silly, but it'll help me blend in a lot better around the green plants. It is a bit crude at the moment as I was in a rush to keep up.

>Is there anywhere in this arena you could start making towards to better complement the light yellow of your own spiffy safari getup?
There are some sandy areas around the shoreline or large dead grass fields I can blend in better, I’ll decide where to go next after I deal with this guy.

>They can’t escape your sight with as eye catching a getup as that
As it turns out, he just did. It doesn't make sense; at the rate I was following him I should be right behind. He could just be fast, or maybe he dived into the grass somewhere to hide. It's possible he was aware of my presence and was trying to lure me in here to get the range advantage. I can do any number of things here, including finding a hiding place to wait for him to come into view, watch for an incoming attack, hunt him down or leave to look for a different opponent.
No. 1012985 ID: ce39da

Watch for an incoming attack - I wouldn't say I like how quickly he disappeared.

But if nothing comes? Well, you're a hunter, aren't you? Look for the traces he must have left behind!
No. 1012988 ID: 2aa5f0

well you saw where he came into the woods so you should be able to track him right. Even if he was trying to disappear in the woods as soon as he got to him nobody is fast enough to cover their trail in mer moments... well no one besides those freaks with the weird powers but since those are such a wild card all you can really do is just be on the watch out for anything odd and hope you don't get caught unaware.
No. 1012992 ID: aba9fd

Disappearing that fast in an outfit like that is a bad sign. Be cautious, it might be best to turn around and get back in the open where you have an advantage against him.
No. 1013026 ID: 15a025

Can't afford to doubt our opponents skills. Proceed with caution, they may know we were following and lured us here to a dense area.
No. 1013027 ID: f8fa51

If it smells like a track and you've no pressing reason to spring it, best not walk into it. I vote for anything but continuing to follow. Leaving to try somewhere else or lying in wait both work.
No. 1013060 ID: 82035d

I'm guessing the hunters in this world do more than just hunt creatures/monsters if a contest like this is warranted... Then again a contest like this might feel like a waste of good lives/avepower to some too.

I might just be overthinking it though.
No. 1013061 ID: 82035d

I'm guessing the hunters in this world do more than just hunt creatures/monsters if a contest like this is warranted... Then again a contest like this might feel like a waste of good lives/avepower to some too.

I might just be overthinking it though.
No. 1013317 ID: 39d938
File 163478996760.png - (266.88KB , 800x600 , HQ12.png )

>Watch for an incoming attack
I stand still for a moment looking for any sign on motion, but I see nothing.
>a contest like this might feel like a waste of good lives/avepower to some too.
Not many get killed in the competitions, most choose to spare others or concede before they take any serious injury. Those who die accepted the risks in the first place and were fine with that possibility.
>I'm guessing the hunters in this world do more than just hunt creatures/monsters if a contest like this is warranted
It isn't necessarily warranted, but a high bar was set on purpose. This deters unprepared people and lets the talented rise to the top. People are intelligent and threatening, just like the beasts we'll all be looking for that reside in the New World. Above all, this is to prove who can prepare for anything.
>should be able to track him
Ironically, I know next to nothing about hunting, those skills were never handed down to me. I do know how to check for prints though. I look to the ground to find two sets of footprints. One going to the left and the other to the right. Each goes around a patch of tallgrass. For whatever reason, the set of prints to the right is very feint, I almost missed them. The ave I'm tracking seems to produce a different footstep with each foot, because they don't match one another. This ave is peculiar indeed.
>they may know we were following and lured us here to a dense area.
It is starting to look that way.
>Freak with weird powers
Could be something like that or could just be someone with a plan. His eyes seemed normal so I'm ruling out evil eyes. He looks a little old to be a kindler. He uses a blunderbuss, so he probably isn’t a bloodshot. I didn't see an instrument, so probably not a dark bard. And the chances that he is casted are very low. I think he is just an ordinary ave.

I should choose what to do carefully, I can only guess what his plan is. Alternatively, I can always withdraw and go looking for an easier opponent.
No. 1013318 ID: 96c896

The deep prints are probably from them doubling back, trying to lure you into ambush. Follow the faint ones.
No. 1013323 ID: 2aa5f0

well the more obvious trail is either a fresh trail or a trap with the lighter trail being and older trail or the way he actually went. How long ago did this companion start? Long enough for someone to set up a patrol route or did everyone just kind of get her?

I'm just wondering how much time people would have had to set up because if he's been her long enough he could have placed traps and is sticking around the area because of that. If everyone just got here though then the potential for traps is much lower but the easier to spot trail probable does lead to an ambush or at beast just meant to throw you off his trail. So I say follow the lighter tracks.
No. 1013333 ID: 39d938
File 163480658676.png - (285.06KB , 800x600 , HQ13.png )

>How long ago did this companion start?
40 minutes ago, I'd say. There was a 30-minute grace period so people could reposition themselves or set up hiding spots or lay down traps. Not likely enough time to set up a patrol route for the whole of three days.

>Follow the lighter tracks
Seeing the deeper prints as a misleading trail, I go for the lighter tracks. I follow them before the abruptly end a few short distance between the split. Standing at the end of the prints I feel an object get pressed up against my head, followed by a voice.

>"Bang. You're dead. Or you would be if I had a reason to shoot you. So, 'Five of clubs', Tell me which card you are hunting, before you give one of those reasons."
No. 1013335 ID: 2aa5f0

drop low, sweep his legs out from under him, and make sure you push the gun away from your person.

You are bigger right? if you can get the gun away from you, you should hold the advantage right? If you can get the upper hand try and pin him and then ask what card he has since I'm not seeing it on his person.

Or if you feel like you've already failed and their's no point in trying anymore ask if he would happen to be the jack of spades.
No. 1013336 ID: 96c896

...so, a double fakeout? That's kindof silly. If you were a worse hunter you'd have flanked him. Though, perhaps that was the gamble... lure a skilled hunter to an ambush, and just deal with a lesser hunter on even footing?

Where's his card? Did he hide it? That's illegal.

Anyway, tell him your target, and get a good look at him, see if he's actually hiding his card or if it's just obscured by foliage. That'd be legal, right? Placing it low on your body but still in plain sight, so foliage would obscure it most of the time?
No. 1013337 ID: 9a2966

Drop your crossbow. At this range you want your hands free to snatch his gun and steer the barrel if he drops his guard for a moment. And to punch his damn beak in.

"Drat. Well played. Not revealing my hunt card - I mean, I could lie, so why bother?"

Effectively suggesting you threw away your target card when you didn't and have no way to prove it.

"You're the one showing his hand by not blowing my brains, bud. And yeah, I know that's tactical, shoot me and any others nearby will know where someone's at, begin their own hunts. It's too early, too many still in the game. If I'm not your target - or targeting you - it's just not in your best interests to make that racket."

Do some minor marketing for your bros. Nudge it with your foot.

"'s why I got the crossbow. Lightweight, silent, still deadly and decent range. Anyway, not displaying your card is poor form, too - and I sure couldn't see it earlier. How about you correct that mistake first, and then I'll play along. Happy to call it quits if my target got the bead on me that easy. Would be damn embarrassing, but I can admit defeat."

You can't admit defeat. But no way in hell are you telling him that.
No. 1013343 ID: ce39da

The question is meaningless - he has no reason to believe you, aside from being confident that you couldn't see his card, which means he's either using a loophole or breaking the rules outright.

One rude awakening begets another. Slam your hand up into the bottom of the rifle's barrel while ducking your head. Use the other hand to fire a bolt into his gut.
No. 1013345 ID: e8d94d

Just be honest, sure he doesn't have a reason to believe you, but if you can't see his card then you're taking the same gamble either way. Chances are hopefully low enough where you won't die.

Perhaps you can even work with this individual.
No. 1013381 ID: 39d938
File 163486973015.png - (122.52KB , 800x600 , HQ14.png )

>sweep his legs out from under him
The grass between us doesn't seem to allow for that.
>You are bigger right? if you can get the gun away from you, you should hold the advantage, right?

>Drop your crossbow.
I do this to free up my hands and to steer him into a false sense of security.

I decide to wear him down with conversation, so he lets his guard down.

"If I were the one you were looking for you would've fired already."
>"I'm the one asking the questions."
"How do I know you're not just going to shoot after I tell you?"
>"I have no interest in harming those who threaten no harm to me. If you are hunting after my card, I suggest you resign and come back next season, or consider going for a joker or four of a kind instead, I don't intend on losing."
He remains tense so long as I withhold which card I'm looking for, so I decide to tell him knowing the odds and stakes.
"Jack of spades. What's your card?"
>"None of your business. It isn't Jack of spades.
"Who are you looking for then"
>"I'm not telling you that either. If you find the holder of that card, I don't want to risk you telling them who I am."
He eases up after that exchange of information. I can sense he has calmed himself a bit, so I try press for mor conversation.
"Are you hiding your card?"
>"I have it visible on my body. I am breaking no rules."
"How did I lose sight of you so quickly?"
>"I learned to run when I was two."
"What about the split paths?"
>"I walked to the left. stopped, stepped backwards in my tracks, walked right, stopped at the same distance, and jumped into the grass between the two paths. You may have noticed the lighter tracks, but it meant nothing. Both paths were the wrong choice. Your spatial awareness skills are awful. Have you even noticed that someone else has been following you this whole time?"
"How do you know I'm not lying about the card I'm looking for?"
>"You got a way to prove it?"
"I held onto my platinum card."
>"Let's see it."
No. 1013382 ID: 39d938
File 163486974534.png - (319.30KB , 800x600 , HQ15.png )

I move my hand down to my pouch and while he watches it, I use my other hand to pull the gun barrel upwards, and I quickly crouch down as I do so. The blunderbuss trigger pusses down on his fingers and discharges into the sky.
With the blunderbuss he had the absolute range advantage. But there was one thing he forgot, up close, bigger aves have the advantage.
I have one free hand while both of his are still grasping the gun. I can try picking my crossbow back up, but there isn't much point in being quiet anymore since he already fired his shot. I can reach for my pistol if I still deem him a threat. I can bring my machete out if I deem it necessary. I can push him over with very little effort, holding the gun I can tell he has very poor balance. Or I can attempt to deescalate the situation back down to a conversation, one without weapons pointing at each other. I can now probably get a good look at his card.
No. 1013383 ID: 96c896

Push him over, hold machete to his throat. Find his card, take it. Even cards that aren't your target are useful- you can trade them! Also there's the extra points you get from collecting sets of cards. ...I just realized the rules don't specify the cards you collect have to be gold. If you take someone's platinum card, does that count towards extra points...? You could even use it to lie about what your target is!

>Have you even noticed that someone else has been following you this whole time?"
...note to self, look around more. (I don't see anything in the images, I guess our hunter just needs to watch out)

Once you have his stuff, get your crossbow. If you're really being followed, that gunshot will attract attention, they might even try to ambush you while you're occupied.
Do you know how to inflict a crippling injury? You could take this Ave out of the game... or you could consider teaming up. He's got better spatial awareness than you, that's certainly useful. He just didn't quite think his plan through; if he had popped out of the bush when you were further away, he could've held you up at a safe distance.
No. 1013392 ID: 5d9787

"How about you come quietly with me and I won't punch you into unconsciousness and leave you unarmed?"
Grab him with one arm and move somewhere else.
"We shall continue this conversation in a quieter place."
If he resist break his face.
No. 1013401 ID: 2a3eda

Your bigger so take advantage of that. Use your weight to pin him to the ground. Make sure you pin both off his arm so he can’t grab anything.
No. 1013411 ID: 30b9f6

If we lead him away we leave our crossbow.

This, push him over, pin his body, get control of his arms. Make it clear you're not going to kill him or take his card (unless it's a five, but he'd probably have requested yours if so), but that you're happy to break his beak if he resists. Say the quicker this goes the better for you both.

All you're doing right now is verifying his card and then you're both going to get up and go somewhere else quick-like, where you can hide from whomever decides to investigate the shot.

He should also tell you of where the guy following you was and if he noticed what card they had. Check his body for his card while you talk, and if he kept the plat too. Be quick and let him up and grab your crossbow when done, so that no-one else can get the drop on you two.

Tell him trust is a premium in this match, but if you've both verified that neither is after the other, you have an advantage over others if you decide to stick together - if at a disadvantage on stealth. You're happy to let him keep hunting solo, though if he turns that gun on you again, you're not responsible for what might happen next.
No. 1013416 ID: ce39da

"Two mistakes. One, bigger creatures have the advantage in close quarters - you should have fired when you had me at mercy. Beasts are smart, but one thing they don't do," fire a pistol round into his leg, use the shock to push him over, and hold the shaft of his gun to his throat (hopefully with both his hands still trapped), "is negotiate. Second, asking what card I'm after is a waste of breath, seeing as you don't know whether I care what your card is. I don't; I'll be taking every last one I come across regardless, starting with yours."

Once you have it, maneuver out of the way of any attacks that might be coming at your last-spoken position, and be on the lookout for that tail he mentioned.
No. 1013427 ID: 39d938
File 163492123068.png - (306.10KB , 800x600 , HQ16.png )

>that gunshot will attract attention
Being aware of this, I'll try to make this quick.
>Use your weight to pin him to the ground.
I push him over onto the ground and rip the gun from his hands, I throw it far to the side, so he won't be using it again. I firmly grasp both of his arms and pin him to the ground. He is unable to grab anything, and I'm too heavy for him to kick me off.

From here I can see what his card is. Six of Diamonds. Nothing special or of all that much use to me, but if I'm looking to get a flush, this would be a good start.

>"Alright, big lady, you've made your point. What now."
"You mentioned that someone was following me?"
>"A small ave in the trees. I can't see her too well, I'm nearsighted."
"Where's your platinum card?"
>"Discarded it. You don't need to hold onto it, it holds no value whatsoever. And who I'm looking for is nobody's business. I suggest you get rid of yours as well."
"If you're withholding information, I have no qualms with breaking your face."
>"Then do it."
"What happens if I take your card?"
>I'm going to look for you until I get it back. Like hell I'm going to win by hunting down four of a kind or taking down one of those gryphon-tier hunter freaks. If you don't like that, kill me."
"And if I leave it with you?"
>"Then we're even, and we go our separate ways. Don't bother asking for a favour in return."

>Fire a pistol round into his leg
Which one? He has one functioning leg and a wooden prosthetic. I wouldn't want to injure his good leg; I couldn't imagine myself being that cruel. On the other hand, if my goal is to hinder him, I could take his false leg away. Even that sounds cruel but is certainly preferable to injury or killing him.

Seems I have a few clear options. I can take the card and let him live, but then I'll have two people hunting for me. I can take the card and kill him, but being a killer isn't something I can come back from. I can take the card and hinder him by taking his prosthetic leg or weapons, but he'll likely be at the mercy of whoever was attracted by the gunshot. I can leave the card with him, and we go our separate ways.
No. 1013438 ID: 9a2966

Mm... he's got guts. Being rude, well, 's just that kind of a game. Everyone here was willing to risk their life and kill someone else, so we can't expect all that many to fold under threats. Don't think we can expect him to want to work with us, though, from the looks of it. Especially since he ditched the plat card - he didn't think he'd need to use it to prove his claim of who he's hunting. You still can.

But neither of you needs to kill the other. He could've tried to score a Straight with your card, but he didn't just shoot you for it. Fair's fair on that account, I think.

(... hah. Just thought of something. Keeping the card on your hat may make some hunters more nervous about shooting you there with certain weapons like the blunderbuss. They might hit and ruin the card, after all. Maybe he wasn't being so altruistic after all.)

Tell him he really should consider teaming up with someone who could tell him whether a card will be worth a damn to him, and not just assume and be forced into close-quarter matches.

Then get up. You'll let him be. Get your own crossbow and get moving, wasting no more time. Keep an eye on the trees too this time. Speak out loud, briefly. After all, you're already made by a certain someone, aren't you?

"You should know what I'm all about now. If I'm not who you're after or vice verse, wanna consider a team-up, tiny tree-buddy?"
No. 1013442 ID: f8fa51

His card is of no interest to you, and yours is of no interest to him (he could have demanded you surrender earlier). He's not a threat, and you have no reason to hurt him. However, you could collaborate to set up a trap for the ave following you.
No. 1013456 ID: 7efce4

Leave him. And discard the cards you have memorized.
No. 1013459 ID: 96c896

Take his card and his leg. The other hunter will have no reason to attack him; the only thing he can do is tell them what your target is, though there's no way for either of them to know if that's the truth.
No. 1013468 ID: f4b00a

Unless you know for certain that a target is an absolute evil bastard-coated bastard with bastard filling. I'd go with not having to take anyone's lives either. As a general goal.
No. 1013475 ID: f8fa51

There's absolutely no need to hurt him.
No. 1013510 ID: 15a025

Seems like we're burning daylight hassling this guy. Let's just leave'em be and be on our separate ways.
No. 1013563 ID: 39d938
File 163513978939.png - (295.83KB , 800x600 , HQ17.png )

I decide to let him go. His card isn't that valuable to me, and I don't need make enemies or draw blood this early into the event.

"Your card is of no interest to me; my card is of no interest to you.
>"I was prepared to die you know. You could have just killed me and been done with it."
"I've never heard of a great hunter who hunted aves."
>"A great hunter?

I retrieve my crossbow and start to go on my way. He gets up and stands away from me.
>"...In another world, you probably wouldn't even have hesitated. But this isn't that world. I won't make you glad for sparing me, but I won't make you regret it either."
"I suggest you look for someone to team up with. luring me into close quarters wasn't a bad plan, but you should find someone who can overcome your short-sightedness."
>"I suggest the same of you. Find someone who lacks what you have and has what you lack. Perhaps someone smaller. Someone more perceptive. As a matter a fact, you should dedicate the first day to finding a partner."
"Noted. I'll be on my way before that gunshot attracts people."
>"...This is unrelated, but you seem familiar."
"Trust me, I’m a nobody."

There is a quiet in the air as the distance between us increases. He faces away but doesn't move

>"Nine of hearts. That is who I am hunting. Do with that knowledge what you will."
No. 1013564 ID: 39d938
File 163513980360.png - (305.04KB , 800x600 , HQ18.png )

A few minutes pass after the encounter and it has become incredibly obvious to me that I am being followed. I can't see anything, but I can hear it if I listen carefully. Someone is jumping branch to branch when I move far enough from each tree.

>Team up
Not a bad idea if this ave can be a good spotter. I'll need to know what their intentions are first.

Should I announce my knowledge of them? Should I start talking to them? If so, what should I say? Or should I lead them into an opening to force them into a ground confrontation.
No. 1013566 ID: a2493c

Dive into the bushes as suddenly as you can before you say as much to throw off their shot.
No. 1013567 ID: 8483cf

Set the terrain so it's to your advantage. Go where the tree cover is thinner, wear them out, and then try and trap them.
No. 1013568 ID: b5c538

If you feel you have the time, act like you heard something in a different direction. Put him on guard.
No. 1013570 ID: 7b0b15

If you move to an oppening, make sure you have some cover like big rocks or something. If not your pursuer could be tempted to attack from the trees.
No. 1013571 ID: 2aa5f0

well the other guy did say their was a small fella following you. Guess the best thing to do is find somewhere where you can brake line of sight but also make it so they will have to get closer to the ground to follow you. Any grassy planes around that you think could fit the bill?
No. 1013573 ID: 30b9f6

Open ground would invite more trouble, other hunters who may have been drawn nearby. If you're to have a conversation now would be best - and it'd be wise to reduce the need to shout.

Head over to a big treetrunk, one you can circle around the back - which you can try to use as semi-cover. Make sure it's next to another tree that you can run to cover behind if need be, but preferably one that would require a bit of exposure by the branch-jumper to jump between the two if they take the most direct route (allowing you to spot them when they do).

Then initiate conversation.

"Truce, treehopper. Or I'll take to the open, make you abandon pursuit or force a move. If you're following me just hoping to be opportunistic, then we'll have a chat. I'll not be your distraction for free."

Pause and wait for a minute. If no words come, and there is no sound of movement, make an ultimatum.

"This is your first warning. If you carry on silent, I'll presume that you are targeting me and plot the same in return unless you prove to me otherwise. You should know my card and my target already, if you overheard the fight just now. You also saw I don't kill at the drop of a pin. You should have no reason to keep your distance - unless you have."

If there is still no word, make for the other tree as if you're bailing fast, but keep an eye on the opening above. If you spot them, you can choose whether to nail them with the crossbow or not.

Keep in mind the reason they kept following you - and not the other guy - might be because they're more interested in your card, so once they know the jig is up they might take their shot. If that occurs, you will definitely need to shake them or take them out somehow.
No. 1013647 ID: 39d938
File 163526480396.png - (322.70KB , 800x600 , HQ19.png )

I choose not to initiate conversation, not at least until I can understand what his or her motives are. I make no attempt at a move that will give away my knowledge of them.

Moving into an open grassy area much like the one from before could be good to stop my pursuer from following me through the safety of high ground and cover, but it could mean trouble if his or her weapon outranges my own.

>Circle around the tree trunk
I make an attempt at going around the trunk to catch them in the act, but I don't see anything. This stalker is being very cautious for some reason.

>Big rocks for cover.
I see a nearby clearing which fits the bill of an opening with a lot of rocks for cover. As to not make my follower suspicious, I pretend to hear a noise coming from that direction and I move there. I use a large tree to sever any possible line of sight as to which rocks I went between and find a good place to hide near some greenery, hoping to see if I can draw them out.

I wait for 15-20 minutes, and sure enough, a small ave wearing a poncho with a rifle on her back meekly traverses through the rocks. She looks ahead with a telescope, unsatisfied.

She mumbles under her breath
>darn, darn, darn, crud, crud, crud... kay, you total beak-brain! you lost sight of her...

>Keep in mind the reason they kept following you and not the other guy
That is an interesting point. The other guy seemed like a much easier target with the inferior range and the disability. It's possible she's trying to get my card, surely she got a good view of it from up in the trees.

I get a good look at her card. It is the ten of hearts.

She is at a complete disadvantage. Much like the situation from before, but in reverse. But unlike then, I see her having little chance of reversing the situation if it evolves into a fight. What should I do?
No. 1013648 ID: 2aa5f0

get in close and grab her if you think you can get right up next to her unseen.

If not you got your crossbow out and she has her weapon still on her back, just aim your crossbow at her and tell her to get on the ground slowly and to keep her hands (wings?) at her sides.

Either way ask why she's following you.
No. 1013650 ID: 9a2966

Don't underestimate your foe, for one. Give her no opportunity to reverse the situation like you did with the other fellow. Walk up behind her, pistol raised (it's less cumbersome than the crossbow, and your greater frame makes it easier to keep out of reach from her should she make a grab for it), other arm ready to wrest their weapon from them if they drop their spyglass to reach for it, or to force her to the ground and restrain her if she reacts poorly.

"Bang, you're dead or dying - is my prophecy if you move."

If she panics and runs at the sound of you, run after her. Either tackle her, or swap with your crossbow to tag her or fire a warning shot.

If she freezes, confront her with her actions, as you restrain her firmly and place her on the ground.

"You followed me, not the other fellow. Show me your plat card if you kept it, or I will have a hard time trusting you with my back if we are to team up."
No. 1013663 ID: c92a02

Point out if she climbed one of these rocks, she could get a better sightline and spot her target again.
No. 1013779 ID: a2493c

why are we taking stupid risks? shoot to kill or at least disable.
No. 1013791 ID: 30b9f6

Because they're not the target we need to kill, and we don't know for sure they're the ones who want to kill us, so going straight to murderin' seems excessive. Not necessarily the worst decision - they've given an indication they're after us by following us... but it's definitely not a sure thing. They could be following for a different reason than the hunt itself!

(For one, our dear Ceres Mountebanc has indicated that she - or at least her family name - is kinda famous/infamous. And the other hunter said she seemed familiar - like he almost recognized her without them ever having met before.)

So using our advantage to get the drop on her and figure out her deal isn't a bad move. Time will tell.
No. 1013820 ID: a2493c

The classic tgchan blunder of trying to always take the diplomatic route, even when doing so opens us up to a greater risk than just shooting someone.

We don't know their reflexes, they're clearly young and energetic which means they could also be twitchy and unpredictable. We're probably not an inhuman crackshot, or I'd suggest we shoot their weapon out of their hands, but I still think we should shoot.

We already fucked up this approach once and got a lucky opening since they didn't take range into account.
No. 1013841 ID: 96c896

We are currently interested in finding a hunting partner. Shooting someone is not a good way of convincing them to team up.
No. 1013849 ID: dfbac0

She isn't holding her weapon which appears to be a rifle on her back, she's turned away from us and her rifle is on her back.
We have the size advantage so if we quickly take the rifle and back away then she wouldn't have any immediate methods to harm us unless she has a pistol as well.
We shouldn't be complacent though, she might have a dagger so be wary.
Other than that we're the one with the advantage and killing people only paints a target on our back, a target we decided to forgo by not taking that other dude's card.
No. 1013850 ID: dfbac0

>Not an Inhuman Crackshot
>We don't know their reflexes
>Shoot the weapon out of her hand
We're at close range with a crossbow and we're probably well trained with it, her back is turned, an easy shot is ensured.
If she hasn't noticed us already she has no sixth sense or super hearing.
She's holding a spyglass not a weapon.
We're doing non-lethal not because of morality but because immediately harming people paints a big red target on our back.
We have the advantage, no need to waste it by being stupid.
No. 1013852 ID: 30b9f6

We just have different subjective opinions! To my mind it's an acceptable risk to take, given that she doesn't have a gun in hand, we have the drop on her, we're larger and she's out of her stealth-and-treetop element, which we know she favored - and that we might actually want to try to recruit her (or as you would call it; 'be too diplomatic') if we can figure out why she was aiming for us.

And if she does go for a knife or somethin', that's what the pistol - or even crossbow - would be for.

>The classic tgchan blunder
Anyway - and please do listen to some sage advice on this - even if you disagree and think it's stupid, try not to make a stink over other people's leanings in their suggestions, diplomatic or otherwise. It's up to the quest author to make 'poor' decisions feel unwise, before or in the aftermath, and bring the quest onwards - or to a close - in a still interesting way.

Really, if you're greatly dissatisfied with the general approach of questden suggestors, then maybe you'll have more luck if you head on over to Sufficient Velocity, Something Awful or some other Questing-adjacent site where you can find quests/interactive cooperative games with userbases - and quests that are run - more in line with your preferences, rather than grumble about how dumb people are, which is rude and kinda pointless.

We both know this place, with its hallowed roots, is always gonna have a fair fraction of "hug X" suggestions.

(Speaking of which, hug the tiny bird. In a tight grapple.)
No. 1013863 ID: a2493c

these posts convinced me to ease off, you're right I had a bit of a misread here on the situation. You also showcased some longer-term planning than just hugging every enemy in the hopes they don't shoot you.

This one did not. If you have objections to my post make them without telling me to fuck off to another website for not agreeing with your suggestion.
No. 1013949 ID: 15a025

This feels almost too perfect of a situation here for us. We're being followed and just happen to find an easy draw for our hand?
Call it classic paranoia, but they could be bait to get us to lower our guard?

Let's try to use our stealth abilities to sneak up on the ave and use our strength to disarm and draw a card off them. If they're in cahoots with our follower, we may be able to use them as hostage, if worst comes to worst.
No. 1014017 ID: 30b9f6

Suggesting you head elsewhere was rude. I apologize.

Mind you, calling out other suggestions as stupid and brandishing your peeve against Pacifists That Suggest Wrong was also unnecessary, and cause of the above.
No. 1014902 ID: bffbfd
File 163671204649.png - (360.81KB , 800x600 , HQ20.png )

>why are we taking stupid risks? shoot to kill or at least disable.
Wouldn't seem fair to do seeing as I did neither of those things to somebody who probably would've deserved it more. It doesn't seem like much of a risk either as her weapon is holstered. She also almost looks too young to be hunting out here by herself. Out of her depth if I had to guess.

>family name is kinda famous/infamous
I belong to a family of well-known hunters, not that I know anything about hunting. but I'll need to keep that to myself. I only hope people don't recognize the resemblance to my more well-known family, brothers excluded. I cannot be directly associated with the Mountebanc name when hunting.

>Easy shot
It would be easy to shoot and be done with it, but there is no good to be gained holding onto a card that has zero worth to me. From both a numbers perspective and semantics perspective, the aggressive approach will do me no good here, it also probably does the opposite of benefiting me by making me a bigger target.

>shoot their weapon out of their hands
She isn't holding a weapon, but more importantly I doubt I could make a shot like that.

>hunting partner
It's possible she could be someone I'd like to partner up with. To what extent we should help each other depends on her capabilities. I can choose to team up with as many people that are willing, but the more people I travel with the harder it may be to go by unnoticed.

>hug her in a tight grapple
>get in close and grab her if you think you can get right up next to her unseen.
I decide to take no chances. I also try not to underestimate her either, being weary of any concealed weapon she might have and ready to act accordingly. Clearly, she thinks she has a chance in all of this if she was willing to put her life on the line in the first place.

I slowly creep my way towards her, and I quickly disarm the rifle from her back and grasp her tightly, leaving no room for her arms to move around. She is surprised, but she doesn't struggle.
"You should climb one of these rocks, you could get a better sightline to spot your target again."
>"A-ah! you were uh, actually the one I was looking for! hah... or did you already know that?"
"Did you keep your platinum card?"
>"Nope! I uh, thought we were supposed to discard them? I assumed because platinum is a pretty worthless metal." Suppose she does have a point there.
"You were following me instead of the hunter dressed in red, I want to know why."
>"I saw the whole encounter! You totally had that guy on the ropes! But you let him go with his card and without hurting him! You're a good-hearted person! Not to mention strong, capable, and a good hugger! And... I wanted to see if maybe we could... y'know... collaborate?"
>"Trust me! Give me a chance, and I'll show you what I can do!"

At least her motives aren't as insidious as they could have been, and the compliment to my 'hugging' was unexpected. I don't know if I should trust her or if this is someone I should work with. If I decide to work with her, I'll need to ask what she can do. If I don't like her, I can just let her go and probably not see her again. If I do that, I worry a little that she might get hurt on her own, even if I should only be worrying about myself.
No. 1014903 ID: 2aa5f0

hold on to her for now just so she doesn't try anything and ask what her skill set is. She's good at climbing and sneaking around as you have already seen but it would be nice to know if she can do anything else.

Also try to put your back to one of the rocks and to keep an eye on your surroundings to make sure you're not ambushed while you talk. Even if someone comes across you and they're not looking for either your card or hers they might risk taking both of you out just to get rid of some competition. I mean going out of your way to take out one person probably isn't worth it unless you have good reason, but two for one might be to tempting a target to pass up.
No. 1014904 ID: a2493c

This person is hilariously out of their depth if this is their attitude towards being caught in the middle of what is ostensibly a death game.

Ask what their skills are. We can be merciful, but pragmatism still rules the day.
No. 1014907 ID: 5d9787

The platinum card is very useful in the earlier game to prove to potential allies you won't target them. I don't understand what advantage the two saw in discarding it so soon.
Considering the circumstance you don't need prof that you are not my target, but I will be taking a leap of faith if we were to act as allies. Why should I trust you?
No. 1014938 ID: 96c896

Alright let her show off.
No. 1014944 ID: c92a02

If you want to collaborate, let's start with sharing knowledge. What other cards have you seen?
Take this hug somewhere less exposed.
No. 1014957 ID: 0b032a

Inappropriate to bring this up in the current mood of people giving our new happy yappy blue friend the bennifet of the doubt but you are currently in a prime suplexing position.
No. 1015060 ID: 15a025

You can show off your skills, but now is not the place if another is following us. Let's try and get somewhere more secluded, or at least out of the open.
No. 1015110 ID: bffbfd
File 163689035175.png - (303.54KB , 800x600 , HQ21.png )

>The platinum card is very useful in the earlier game to prove to potential allies you won't target them. I don't understand what advantage the two saw in discarding it so soon.
The card itself has no value, and many might like the option to lie about who they are hunting if they happen upon those they are looking for.

>hold on to her for now
She proves to be extremely light; I can hold her up and flip her around with little effort. This way I can face her when we talk.

>you are currently in a prime suplexing position.
Maybe later if I find someone who really deserves it.

>Take this hug somewhere less exposed.
>put your back to one of the rocks, keep an eye out.
I walk backwards, being mindful of where her rifle dropped. I walk until we are in the shady side of a large rock.

>Out of her depth
This seems to be the truth, as much as I hate to say it. What is someone this young risking their life for?

"Alright, what skills do you have?"
>"I'm pretty good at getting around, going places where I'm not supposed to go. Trees around here are pretty smooth and hard to climb, but I can manage it! On top of that, I'm a pretty good spotter if I do say so myself! I can help you find hunters, and we can take them down together. I'm also a pretty good tracker, I can tell where things went with a pretty accurate record. What else... oh, I'm a bloodshot!"
"Interesting." bloodshots are the most common of the new worlders. something like 1 in 11 born in the new world are bloodshots. To put it simply, a bloodshot can hit a target with 100% accuracy, or so I've heard. The drawbacks are very heavy though, as after overloading your mind to line up a shot, it'll go bloody and unusable until it recovers. Using both eyes will incapacitate a bloodshot completely, and it takes at least a day to recover, and that is for those who train it."
"How good are you at it?"
>"I can fire off one shot for each eye! If I use both, I pass out for over a day. I'll save one for when I find my target though. Without using bloodshots, I'm pretty good with my rifle, not so good at fast moving targets, but I'm learning!"
"Why should I trust you?"
>"Ummmm... here, I'll show you the card I have!"
She uses her beak to pull out the card from her belt, showing it to me, even though I have already seen it.
"The card I am looking for is the four of spades! but uh, if you don't trust me, we can go to where I've kept all my stuff, and I can find where I tossed the platinum card."
>What other cards has she seen
"Have you seen anyone else, besides myself and the red hunter?"
>"Only one, there was an ave wearing a bunch of armor. It was pretty far away so I couldn't see what card they had. So, what do you say? Think we can uh, help each other out? If only for this one time! I know some hunters like to hunt alone, and that's cool and all, but I wanna see what a real hunter's like! It's up to you what level of involvement we have together, if you want, I can just find targets and let you choose who to go for, nothing beyond that, if you liked."
"Perhaps you think too highly of me, I am inexperienced at actual hunting."
>"You don't have to be modest! I saw what you did earlier!"

I need to decide if I let her follow me or if I should turn her away. If I decide to let her follow, should it be close or from afar. I'm a little curious about why she wants to be a hunter to begin with, but I'm getting ahead of myself, I don't even know her name yet.
No. 1015114 ID: 094652

>Innate Power: Deadshot
You should really make friends with this girl. Greenhorn she may be, but that ability can bring certainty to a life-or-death situation.
Ask who she is and why she wants to Hunt. Not just make money, but really dedicate herself to tracking down and killing/enslaving things.
No. 1015115 ID: 2aa5f0

well she is small and nimble so if we get into a fight she should be able to disengage from an enemy and sneak into their blind spots and attack from unusual angles but the problem is I don't really trust her yet. For all we know she's just putting on an act to shoot you in the back the moment you let your guard down.

But still, she's small and quick while you're big and strong, you do kind of cover each other weakness somewhat so a partnership wouldn't be a horrible idea. So I'd say give the partnership a chance for now but keep her close to you until some actual trust can build up between the two of you. Also yes to having her take you back to where she stashed her supplies, she might have something useful and if you can confirm who her target is it would go a long way to being able to trust her not to shoot you in the back. Still be wary of her leading you into a trap.

But before anything, you probably should ask her for her name.
No. 1015117 ID: 5d9787

>many might like the option to lie about who they are hunting if they happen upon those they are looking for.
This is what concern me. No one though of the value of proving to the first few encounters you are not a threat?
Looking for her trow away card isn't a good option either. If she is telling the true it's a waste of time. If she is lying the search itself is a stalling tactic.

But she is right, we are a goody two-shoes, so we won't do anything to her out of paranoia. Let's try to make this work.
Moving together would give us an advantage during confrontation but would waste her superior stealth. How about moving withing sight range of each other with her focusing on scouting from the high ground while you cover the low ground?
No. 1015121 ID: c92a02

Follow from afar. She's useful but she gets noticed. Perhaps you can stalk her stalkers...
No. 1015239 ID: bffbfd
File 163700132839.png - (300.28KB , 800x600 , HQ22.png )

Seeing that she doesn’t display any ill will towards me, I place her down gently, still being cautious in case she tries something.

"What is your name?"
"Kay? Okay."
"I... right. Nice to meet you, Kay."
>"Nice to meet you too, Mrs..."
"Miss. My name is Ceres."
>"Miss Ceres!"
"Just Ceres is fine."
>"What's your last name?"
"Nothing important."
>"Fiiiiine, keep your secrets!"

"Why do you want to be a hunter?"
>"I want to be a dragon tier hunter!"
Never mind, she is delusional.
>"... You don't have to give me that look! I get enough of that from everybody already. I'm serious about it though!"
"I don't mean to discourage you but becoming one of the big twelve is near impossible. It takes a lifetime of experience and achievements to even be considered to become one of them. On top of that, one has to die or retire before another can be put in place."
>"Didn't one die recently?"
"Ackerlade Primm supposedly fell into the trench while fighting a monster and wasn't recovered. They're looking for his replacement as we speak, but don't expect that to be a common occurrence, dragon tier hunters are some of the strongest people in the world."
>"That's why I want to be one!"
"hmph. So that's why you're here?"
>"Not entirely. I do want to find… someone experienced."

The best place to put her skills to the test is stealthily and afar, having her in direct combat is a waste of her advantage. We'll travel together, but it should be from a distance, with me down below and her taking the high ground, that way we can cover the most ground. I still need to develop trust for her, but this partnership could be beneficial.
>"So, how about I scout around for targets? I'm really good at moving around up in the trees, and I can probably spot a few if you give me a while. You can stay here if you want, or you can look for others too and we can meet back up here in an hour to see who we want to go after. how about it?"
She reaches her hand out to me, seemingly signifying a way of sealing our partnership. I don't really have much to lose, and if I don't like working with her, we can always cut ties after the next encounter.
No. 1015240 ID: 5d9787

Try to identify cards and see what their owners look like, but don't linger. You've already being spotted by two of the people you stalked, so it's better to leave earlier with the information than risk being ambushed.

Good luck Kay.
No. 1015243 ID: 9a2966

>Greenhorn hunter
You can't criticize too much here. You're taking the same risks, with about the same level of actual hunting skill. Less, if what she said about being good at tracking is true.

Still, here's a hot tip for her: she saw the danger of being counter-ambushed when you stalked right into that other hunter's trap... and yet she made the same damn mistake, yeah? Even if she did want to team up and had some faith you weren't gonna just cap her, she didn't account for the fact you might've doubled back or hid, ready to take her on, which she definitely should have. If she's really here to watch and learn, then she needs to think about and apply those lessons to herself, however they do apply. She's really lucky you weren't the one who could capitalize on her mistake.

She's even luckier you could in fact USE a sneaky spotter. Being big and bulky has its disadvantages, especially in the jungle.

Actually, two hot tips: don't talk out loud to yourself. Run an inner monologue if you have to.

>Accept offer
Set her down and tell her to scamp on over and get her rifle and to stay alert as you speak (pick up your crossbow and look about yourself, but keep an eye on what she does with that rifle). Tell her you're willing to gamble that she's honest about her plat card and to help her hunt for her target if she does the reverse. If she's really a bloodshot she could, after all, have gotten you the moment she saw your own card.

(Which, internally, you now kind of regret displaying so prominently considering, well, how common the ability to bloodshoot is for a guaranteed hit. Ah well. Means you'll have to operate more sneakily than you're used to. Or admit flaw and move it.)

>What next
So how's this for a first good target:

Instead of taking you to her cache to find her plat card - side note, ask if she has anything particularly useful in the cache or if it's just spare gear - you hunt down the Armored Ave.

That way she can show you her tracking and sneaking skill. You'll try to spot their card at a distance, but if it's still hard you'll engage with them, while she plays sneaky backup. If the AA is not interested in either of you, or you them, they might make a fine third companion for your budding hunting party, filling the role of 'tank' compared to her 'scout' and your 'shitkicker' role. Depends on their level of skill and willingness to cooperate.

You probably won't recruit more than a third person, though. It's already a hassle to commit to hunting down a second target, a third's probably your limit, unless a really good offer comes along.

Granted, the alternative of going to her cache means you could pick up her extra stuff. Being bigstronkbird you could probably easily carry whatever spare pack she had, allowing it to be at hand for the match.
No. 1015244 ID: 9a2966

Bah, a bit late. Still, some of what's there applies.
No. 1015249 ID: 5d9787

Did you spent an hour elaborating your thoughts?
No. 1015256 ID: c92a02

Deal. Go stalk some prey.
No. 1015272 ID: 2aa5f0

might as well take the deal at this point. Though if she's going for dragon it would be safe to assume she's probably also going to try to gain a full hand of cards to try and jump straight to Pegasus rank so she's probably going to want to take down around 5 other hunters as well and if we also try to go for that route, baring anyone with multiple cards on their person the two of you would have to take down at least 1/5 of the competition by yourselves.

though we did somewhat pass up our chances to start on getting a straight by passing up that 6 of diamonds the one legged guy had.
No. 1015284 ID: a2493c

Hm. I see no reason not to, apart from her recklessness. If we can break her of that and spice her skull-soup up with a healthy dash of cynicism, perhaps she could make it.
No. 1015442 ID: bffbfd
File 163718859370.png - (264.48KB , 800x600 , HQ23.png )

>Careful considering how common of an ability bloodshots is
Many are born with the ability, but the ability itself sees far less use. Many only need to use it once to see that the drawbacks are too much for it to be worth it. And for what it's worth, I hear it's more common in females.

>Take the deal
"Alright, we'll work together. At least for now."
I grab her hand and shake it. My hand is much larger than hers, which can't even wrap around mine.
If I'm going to have a hunting party, I'm thinking two others should be my limit at any given time, any more than that is asking for trouble. If I have two and find another I'd really want, I can let someone go their separate ways.

"Try to identify cards and see what their owners look like."
>"You got it!"
"Alright, go get your rifle."
She walks over to it as I watch with my crossbow at the ready, while not trying to make it look obvious. She still needs to earn my trust, and maybe I should earn hers. Only time will tell.
No. 1015444 ID: bffbfd
File 163718861479.png - (398.94KB , 800x600 , HQ24.png )

She picks up her rifle from the ground but doesn't try pulling anything.
>"I'll see you here again in an hour, partner!"
"Let me know if you find that armored ave again."
>"Can do!"

>break her of her recklessness and spice her skull-soup up with a healthy dash of cynicism
I'm not immediately a fan of the idea of spreading my cynicism onto others, but she may be too overzealous for her own good. There is a reason why people like her don't tend to last long the way they are. She'll learn sooner or later, there are some places you just can't reach. I know that firsthand.

The more I think about it, the more crucial the early game seems. having a partner, even one that may be temporary this early on is a fairly big advantage. However, things may become more difficult as things go on, as I think it's highly likely that more and more hunters will team up to fight the stronger opponents, and there are sure to be opponents holding on to multiple cards at once as time goes on. Some hunters may even be setting up traps and securing areas as we speak.
No. 1015446 ID: bffbfd
File 163718871685.png - (304.36KB , 800x600 , HQ25.png )

I walk around for about 45 minutes, only hearing the occasional distant gunshot. The jungles get humid and warm, but it's nothing I can't handle. I see some small game out and about, something to keep in mind for when I'm looking for food.

Just as I feel I should get ready to turn back, I pull a few leaves to the side where a different hunter and I notice each other at the same time. We both stand still for a moment, looking one another up and down. There is a rapier holstered to his right side, and I cannot see what is holstered on his left. His card must be located on his front or left side, as I cannot see it from this angle.
>"Do you wish to spar?"
I could, of course, try to shoot him from here, however I am concerned about what weapon he may be holding onto his left side. He seems to be asking for my permission, to which I could decline and go meet up with Kay and decide whether to go for this guy or go for any of the other hunters she spots. If I choose to fight this guy here and now, I won’t be getting any help.
No. 1015450 ID: 9a2966

Let's go for it, and see what we - and they - are made of in a straight duel.

"Hm. Sure, could do with shaking the rust off. Melee only?"

If he assents and seems unthreatening (and reveals what he's got on his side), lay aside your crossbow and draw your machete two-handedly to enter what you coloquially refer to as the 'fuck you' stance of being a big burly bird with a big chonky blade. You intend to use your reach and general fisticuffs know-how against him, by abandoning your two-handed stance to just reach out with one fist and bonk or grab him.

"First touch? First blood? You'll have the advantage of me in either case, so the prize will only be intel, if so. Card is to first yield, should the other side want it. Agreed?"

If he does want your card - or he has the card you need - you could consider not sticking to melee only. That said, if he sticks by the rules established and - win or lose - doesn't need or have your card, you can consider him team-up member material, though you'll have to verify that he isn't after Kay.

Ah, and don't forget to introduce yourself.
No. 1015465 ID: 2aa5f0

ask what kind of spar he's interested in. Fist, blades, guns?

Speaking of guns I'm assuming your crossbow is out so be prepared to fire a snap shoot if he tries something but if the crossbow isn't out then I hope your a decent quick draw with your pistol.
No. 1015485 ID: 5d9787

What a strange proposal. Do you think he got a good look at your card? Asking for a sparing match isn't the kind of reaction I would expect from seeing your target. If he know chances are you are not his target.

The answer of his question should be: Depend. Depend on the rules. Depend on his card.
No. 1015486 ID: 094652

Not a good idea. He doesn't need your card... but maybe his partner does.
Same would go for you and your partner.
No. 1015494 ID: 73380d

why would i waste my energy?
No. 1015499 ID: c92a02

"Are you a sparrow? That's very clever of you."
Disengage, open the range, get out of there, RUN. You are at his range, not yours, and he has a sword.
No. 1015507 ID: f8fa51

No need to get wrapped up in a fight when you don't have the element of surprise. Go back.
No. 1015636 ID: bffbfd
File 163743237962.png - (237.26KB , 800x600 , HQ26.png )

I have my crossbow out and ready to shoot, but I hold off on that, however I am ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. I half want to withdraw, and half with to enquire further.
>Do you think he got a good look at your card?
I doubt it. Maybe he asks the question to everyone he encounters.
>He doesn't need your card... but maybe his partner does.
He has a partner? If so, I haven't seen any indication of such.

"Depends on the rules, depends on the card."
He takes out a card that was attached to his left elbow and reveals it to me.
>"Queen of hearts. The conditions are up to discussion."

>ask what kind of spar he's interested in. Fist, blades, guns?
"Spar with what, exactly?"
>"Your choice. Preferably melee."
"Melee only?"
>"But of course."
He turns towards me to reveal that he has two rapiers, one holstered on each side.

"Why should I waste my energy? I don't need your card and you probably don't need mine."
>"True, however we may still wager information. Information such as who we are hunting for, other hunters we have encountered, and who those hunters may be looking for. You may even wager your card for mine if you would like. I only wish for a fair fight, and neither of us needs to draw blood."
Seems he thought this through.
>"If you wish to proceed, list off your conditions. You may use your own machete or one of my swords. If you are not interested you may also withdraw, as I am only interested in a serious fight with my assigned opponent."

"For the future, you may call me Ceres."
>"Hail fellow well met. You may call me Pieken Gesullivic the fifth."

Seems his conditions and intentions are pretty clear. If I want any of the information he has on offer I can go arrange a sparring match. Otherwise I can turn back to meet up with Kay, and we can compare information.
No. 1015637 ID: 2aa5f0

Hmm. He doesn't have the card we're looking for nor the one our partner is looking for, his card doesn't really help to give us any special hand... though the queen of hearts does put kay in a good position to get a royal flush with her hand which would guarantee she'd jump right to Pegasus rank which would help with her dream... which would probably go a long way to earning her trust if we could get the card from him. What size is he? while rapiers don't really really too much on strength you still might have a reach advantage on him as well as a strength advantage.

Also side note. Speaking of special hands, do pairs and 3 of a kind do anything towards counting towards a special hand? 4 of a kind as well as the note only said getting 4 of a kind will let you pass even without your starting card and target card but it also sounded like 4 of a kind is more of a plan B then a special hand to let you rank up faster. Cause honestly seeing how your personal card and your target card don't really synergize well, unless you want to try and grab 6 or more cards the only special hands you can really get without gathering more then 5 cards would be a full house with 5s and jacks or a 4 of a kind Plus either your starting card or the target card depending on if you decide to collect 5s or jacks.
No. 1015655 ID: 5d9787

I like your style.
It's probable unwise but I would be willing to engage in a quick low stakes game. How about a fist fight with points? Torso hits are worth 1, head 2 and arms 0. First to mark 3 points win. The winner get the numbers and physical descriptions of the people we identify so far. Fair enough?

>good for Kay
If it was her target it would be worth taking the risk, but as a possible secondary objective we can just inform her and let she decide what to do.
No. 1015871 ID: 3bd6f9

This soon is a little early to have a lot of info. Pass on the duel and head back.
No. 1016311 ID: 15a025

Agreed that it seems a little early yet to have much info worth sharing, however I don't think they'd offer it up if they didn't have something good to begin with.

Take up the offer. Since they seem to be interested in sword combat, but not blood shed. How about a fencing style duel?
No. 1016320 ID: 96c896

Gotta agree that there's not much for either party to gain at this point. A bit later on things might be different. Also a sparring match could attract attention, and you'll be distracted. It's a risk.

Decline, withdraw.
No. 1017318 ID: 7e04cb
File 163945453846.png - (332.08KB , 800x600 , HQ27.png )

>What size is he?
He looks to be normal height. Maybe a tiny bit above average.

>do pairs and 3 of a kind do anything towards counting towards a special hand?
Nothing has indicated that so far.

>the queen of hearts does put kay in a good position to get a royal flush
That is something I'll keep in mind.

"It really is too early to have any information worth sparring over, so I think I will decline and withdraw."
>"Fair point. I will leave you be then. May we meet again in the future, and hopefully have more to wager."

I leave to head back to the area where Kay and I agreed to meet.

>"Hey Ceres! Any luck?"
"I did find one ave. We confronted each other but didn't engage one another. His card was the Queen of Hearts."
>"Woah!!! That's good news! For me, at least! Let's see... I did find a couple aves, so that means we have 3 potential targets."
We exchange everything we know about the characteristics of the hunters in question.
No. 1017319 ID: 7e04cb
File 163945455196.png - (233.39KB , 800x600 , HQ28.png )

The Queen of Hearts.
Pieken, the rapier ave. He seems to be after his own card and not actively looking to antagonise people. He is open to sparring if an advantage can be gained. He seems to value honour and respect very highly.
Wandering the jungle.

Five of Diamonds.
The armored ave. Covered head to toe in armor plating and armed to the teeth with ranged and close up weapons. Has many tricks under his or her coat. Personality and motives are unknown
Currently following a river under the shade of the trees.

Seven of Clubs.
The batter. Wandering around armed with a cricket bat and nothing else. Must have a lot of confidence if she is willing to participate in a hunting competition with just a bat. Seems ill-tempered and aggressive - looking for a fight.
Waiting at a rocky waterfall.

Which one of these might we go for.
No. 1017334 ID: d40a27

Hmm, leaning towards the 5 since that actually helps us… though that does make me feel a bit bad since we’d be having our partner help us build up our hand while leaving a great card for her behind… though if we bring up that he’d be willing to trade information for a fight as well might be better to wait and face him later where both of us might be able to gain more… assuming no one else takes him out.
No. 1017335 ID: c92a02

Head towards the 5. They're armored, so they're either slow or really, really strong. Either way, it would behoove you to set up an ambush rather than go for a straight fight. Perhaps you can harry them with hit and run strikes?
No. 1017773 ID: 15a025

Going for five seems kinda risky, but I think it's better for us to go after them now instead of later.
No. 1017908 ID: 9a2966

Yup, go for Mr. Armor guy.
No. 1019142 ID: f8fa51

Don't forget that clubs are desirable for us. But yes, the five is the one card here that actually helps us.
No. 1024056 ID: 0d2343
File 164532071948.png - (288.56KB , 800x600 , HQ29.png )

"We'll go for the five of diamonds. It'll be a good head start in case I need to get four of a kind."
>"Okie dokie! Lead the way!"

We walk towards where she says she saw the armored ave. We follow a river in the open that'll soon lead under the shade of trees. Kay follows behind me and starts to fidget.

"Everything ok back there?"
>"O-oh, yep! I just, uh..."
>"Are we... friends?"
"I can't say I'm doing this to make friends. I mean... you can consider me a friend. If you want."
>"Could you tell me a bit about yourself? I-I'm curious! You seem like you mean business! And I bet there's more to you than meets the eye."
She is acting very coy. I am still unsure what her deal is.
"What would you like to know?"
>"Whatever you're comfortable telling me! Like, what do you want to be a hunter for? What's your family like? Have you met any big hunters before? Who do you think is the best hunter? That kind of thing! We can exchange info if you want! If you prefer, you can ask me something, I'll answer, and you can tell me your answer to the same question."
"You want me to think of questions to ask you? then I answer that question for myself?"
"Um... ok... Let's see here."
No. 1024075 ID: ce39da

Avoid asking about family, duh. Turn her prompt on its head with what I suspect to be an armor-piercing question for her (one way or another).

"Do you have any friends?"

And when it comes time for you to answer: "Some claim to be my friend, I suppose. It never felt like they had their heart in it, though."

"Let's be quiet, now."
No. 1024077 ID: 5d9787

I'm already bad at this card game, now a social exploration game...

Kay is probable genuine about wanting to have a friendship, the problem is than if her ambition is sincere she would likely betray a friend to improve her chances. So we must avoid giving information that could be used against us in the near future.

We could start professional: What kind of prey do you normally hunt? Do you have any unique achievement worth brag about? Favorite type of trophies?
Assuming Ceres past is not fully developed I imagine she prefer larger targets with interesting antlers and her hunting achievement was capture a big one alive.
Yes, she met some competent hunters but that not worth talking about here. The achievement is nice but she is truly motivated by the thrill.
For more personal questions it would surprise no one to say Ceres family was stern. There are people she used to consider her close friends but time and distance make it difficult to say if that is still the case. Normally personal matters are very distinct from professional ambitions and those end up taking priority without she even noticing.
Kay, are you attracted to women? Maybe a certain tall woman who is good with hugs?
No. 1024078 ID: 15a025

>What's your family like?
You have a father and a younger sibling, and had to live paycheck to paycheck. It was a rough life, but you got by and ended up being the family bread winner. You tried hard to make sure your younger sibling didn't have to go without.

>what do you want to be a hunter for?
>Have you met any big hunters before?
You got lucky growing up, and managed to meet a well known hunter in your area, Piiava Kera. You meet after winning an archery tournament in school, and eventually he took you under his wing after graduating. Now, you want to be a hunter to put your skills to the test, and that is exactly why you're here.
No. 1024080 ID: 094652

>Further questions
No. 1024081 ID: 2aa5f0

guess you could make it fair and do a question for a question kind of deal. As for why you want to be a hunter... well didn't you say earlier was to help show off your brother's weapons... or at least that was one of the reasons.

As for what to ask. How dead set is she on getting that Pegasus rank right off the bat? And if she doesn't mind a double question does she have a plan on achieving it or is she just winging it?
No. 1024409 ID: c92a02

Got someone special back home?
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