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File 163285160109.png - (419.41KB , 800x600 , HQ1.png )
1011830 No. 1011830 ID: 39d938

Hunt Quest takes place in the same universe as Return to Sender, however the stories are not in any way connected. The events of this thread take place 2 years before the events of RtS. You do not need to read RtS to understand anything.

71 hours, 33 minutes until competition finish.
52 contestants remain.

Ever since the discovery of the New World there has been no shortage of people calling themselves hunters. What was once an honoured and respected title has been dragged through the mud by a bar of entry so low you could practically walk right over it. Ever since this became a problem, the solution was to create ranks and titles for those who were serious about it. Completing this trial will officially make me a Jackalope tier hunter and give me access to all the benefits that come with that title.
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No. 1013648 ID: 2aa5f0

get in close and grab her if you think you can get right up next to her unseen.

If not you got your crossbow out and she has her weapon still on her back, just aim your crossbow at her and tell her to get on the ground slowly and to keep her hands (wings?) at her sides.

Either way ask why she's following you.
No. 1013650 ID: 9a2966

Don't underestimate your foe, for one. Give her no opportunity to reverse the situation like you did with the other fellow. Walk up behind her, pistol raised (it's less cumbersome than the crossbow, and your greater frame makes it easier to keep out of reach from her should she make a grab for it), other arm ready to wrest their weapon from them if they drop their spyglass to reach for it, or to force her to the ground and restrain her if she reacts poorly.

"Bang, you're dead or dying - is my prophecy if you move."

If she panics and runs at the sound of you, run after her. Either tackle her, or swap with your crossbow to tag her or fire a warning shot.

If she freezes, confront her with her actions, as you restrain her firmly and place her on the ground.

"You followed me, not the other fellow. Show me your plat card if you kept it, or I will have a hard time trusting you with my back if we are to team up."
No. 1013663 ID: c92a02

Point out if she climbed one of these rocks, she could get a better sightline and spot her target again.
No. 1013779 ID: a2493c

why are we taking stupid risks? shoot to kill or at least disable.
No. 1013791 ID: 30b9f6

Because they're not the target we need to kill, and we don't know for sure they're the ones who want to kill us, so going straight to murderin' seems excessive. Not necessarily the worst decision - they've given an indication they're after us by following us... but it's definitely not a sure thing. They could be following for a different reason than the hunt itself!

(For one, our dear Ceres Mountebanc has indicated that she - or at least her family name - is kinda famous/infamous. And the other hunter said she seemed familiar - like he almost recognized her without them ever having met before.)

So using our advantage to get the drop on her and figure out her deal isn't a bad move. Time will tell.
No. 1013820 ID: a2493c

The classic tgchan blunder of trying to always take the diplomatic route, even when doing so opens us up to a greater risk than just shooting someone.

We don't know their reflexes, they're clearly young and energetic which means they could also be twitchy and unpredictable. We're probably not an inhuman crackshot, or I'd suggest we shoot their weapon out of their hands, but I still think we should shoot.

We already fucked up this approach once and got a lucky opening since they didn't take range into account.
No. 1013841 ID: 96c896

We are currently interested in finding a hunting partner. Shooting someone is not a good way of convincing them to team up.
No. 1013849 ID: dfbac0

She isn't holding her weapon which appears to be a rifle on her back, she's turned away from us and her rifle is on her back.
We have the size advantage so if we quickly take the rifle and back away then she wouldn't have any immediate methods to harm us unless she has a pistol as well.
We shouldn't be complacent though, she might have a dagger so be wary.
Other than that we're the one with the advantage and killing people only paints a target on our back, a target we decided to forgo by not taking that other dude's card.
No. 1013850 ID: dfbac0

>Not an Inhuman Crackshot
>We don't know their reflexes
>Shoot the weapon out of her hand
We're at close range with a crossbow and we're probably well trained with it, her back is turned, an easy shot is ensured.
If she hasn't noticed us already she has no sixth sense or super hearing.
She's holding a spyglass not a weapon.
We're doing non-lethal not because of morality but because immediately harming people paints a big red target on our back.
We have the advantage, no need to waste it by being stupid.
No. 1013852 ID: 30b9f6

We just have different subjective opinions! To my mind it's an acceptable risk to take, given that she doesn't have a gun in hand, we have the drop on her, we're larger and she's out of her stealth-and-treetop element, which we know she favored - and that we might actually want to try to recruit her (or as you would call it; 'be too diplomatic') if we can figure out why she was aiming for us.

And if she does go for a knife or somethin', that's what the pistol - or even crossbow - would be for.

>The classic tgchan blunder
Anyway - and please do listen to some sage advice on this - even if you disagree and think it's stupid, try not to make a stink over other people's leanings in their suggestions, diplomatic or otherwise. It's up to the quest author to make 'poor' decisions feel unwise, before or in the aftermath, and bring the quest onwards - or to a close - in a still interesting way.

Really, if you're greatly dissatisfied with the general approach of questden suggestors, then maybe you'll have more luck if you head on over to Sufficient Velocity, Something Awful or some other Questing-adjacent site where you can find quests/interactive cooperative games with userbases - and quests that are run - more in line with your preferences, rather than grumble about how dumb people are, which is rude and kinda pointless.

We both know this place, with its hallowed roots, is always gonna have a fair fraction of "hug X" suggestions.

(Speaking of which, hug the tiny bird. In a tight grapple.)
No. 1013863 ID: a2493c

these posts convinced me to ease off, you're right I had a bit of a misread here on the situation. You also showcased some longer-term planning than just hugging every enemy in the hopes they don't shoot you.

This one did not. If you have objections to my post make them without telling me to fuck off to another website for not agreeing with your suggestion.
No. 1013949 ID: 15a025

This feels almost too perfect of a situation here for us. We're being followed and just happen to find an easy draw for our hand?
Call it classic paranoia, but they could be bait to get us to lower our guard?

Let's try to use our stealth abilities to sneak up on the ave and use our strength to disarm and draw a card off them. If they're in cahoots with our follower, we may be able to use them as hostage, if worst comes to worst.
No. 1014017 ID: 30b9f6

Suggesting you head elsewhere was rude. I apologize.

Mind you, calling out other suggestions as stupid and brandishing your peeve against Pacifists That Suggest Wrong was also unnecessary, and cause of the above.
No. 1014902 ID: bffbfd
File 163671204649.png - (360.81KB , 800x600 , HQ20.png )

>why are we taking stupid risks? shoot to kill or at least disable.
Wouldn't seem fair to do seeing as I did neither of those things to somebody who probably would've deserved it more. It doesn't seem like much of a risk either as her weapon is holstered. She also almost looks too young to be hunting out here by herself. Out of her depth if I had to guess.

>family name is kinda famous/infamous
I belong to a family of well-known hunters, not that I know anything about hunting. but I'll need to keep that to myself. I only hope people don't recognize the resemblance to my more well-known family, brothers excluded. I cannot be directly associated with the Mountebanc name when hunting.

>Easy shot
It would be easy to shoot and be done with it, but there is no good to be gained holding onto a card that has zero worth to me. From both a numbers perspective and semantics perspective, the aggressive approach will do me no good here, it also probably does the opposite of benefiting me by making me a bigger target.

>shoot their weapon out of their hands
She isn't holding a weapon, but more importantly I doubt I could make a shot like that.

>hunting partner
It's possible she could be someone I'd like to partner up with. To what extent we should help each other depends on her capabilities. I can choose to team up with as many people that are willing, but the more people I travel with the harder it may be to go by unnoticed.

>hug her in a tight grapple
>get in close and grab her if you think you can get right up next to her unseen.
I decide to take no chances. I also try not to underestimate her either, being weary of any concealed weapon she might have and ready to act accordingly. Clearly, she thinks she has a chance in all of this if she was willing to put her life on the line in the first place.

I slowly creep my way towards her, and I quickly disarm the rifle from her back and grasp her tightly, leaving no room for her arms to move around. She is surprised, but she doesn't struggle.
"You should climb one of these rocks, you could get a better sightline to spot your target again."
>"A-ah! you were uh, actually the one I was looking for! hah... or did you already know that?"
"Did you keep your platinum card?"
>"Nope! I uh, thought we were supposed to discard them? I assumed because platinum is a pretty worthless metal." Suppose she does have a point there.
"You were following me instead of the hunter dressed in red, I want to know why."
>"I saw the whole encounter! You totally had that guy on the ropes! But you let him go with his card and without hurting him! You're a good-hearted person! Not to mention strong, capable, and a good hugger! And... I wanted to see if maybe we could... y'know... collaborate?"
>"Trust me! Give me a chance, and I'll show you what I can do!"

At least her motives aren't as insidious as they could have been, and the compliment to my 'hugging' was unexpected. I don't know if I should trust her or if this is someone I should work with. If I decide to work with her, I'll need to ask what she can do. If I don't like her, I can just let her go and probably not see her again. If I do that, I worry a little that she might get hurt on her own, even if I should only be worrying about myself.
No. 1014903 ID: 2aa5f0

hold on to her for now just so she doesn't try anything and ask what her skill set is. She's good at climbing and sneaking around as you have already seen but it would be nice to know if she can do anything else.

Also try to put your back to one of the rocks and to keep an eye on your surroundings to make sure you're not ambushed while you talk. Even if someone comes across you and they're not looking for either your card or hers they might risk taking both of you out just to get rid of some competition. I mean going out of your way to take out one person probably isn't worth it unless you have good reason, but two for one might be to tempting a target to pass up.
No. 1014904 ID: a2493c

This person is hilariously out of their depth if this is their attitude towards being caught in the middle of what is ostensibly a death game.

Ask what their skills are. We can be merciful, but pragmatism still rules the day.
No. 1014907 ID: 5d9787

The platinum card is very useful in the earlier game to prove to potential allies you won't target them. I don't understand what advantage the two saw in discarding it so soon.
Considering the circumstance you don't need prof that you are not my target, but I will be taking a leap of faith if we were to act as allies. Why should I trust you?
No. 1014938 ID: 96c896

Alright let her show off.
No. 1014944 ID: c92a02

If you want to collaborate, let's start with sharing knowledge. What other cards have you seen?
Take this hug somewhere less exposed.
No. 1014957 ID: 0b032a

Inappropriate to bring this up in the current mood of people giving our new happy yappy blue friend the bennifet of the doubt but you are currently in a prime suplexing position.
No. 1015060 ID: 15a025

You can show off your skills, but now is not the place if another is following us. Let's try and get somewhere more secluded, or at least out of the open.
No. 1015110 ID: bffbfd
File 163689035175.png - (303.54KB , 800x600 , HQ21.png )

>The platinum card is very useful in the earlier game to prove to potential allies you won't target them. I don't understand what advantage the two saw in discarding it so soon.
The card itself has no value, and many might like the option to lie about who they are hunting if they happen upon those they are looking for.

>hold on to her for now
She proves to be extremely light; I can hold her up and flip her around with little effort. This way I can face her when we talk.

>you are currently in a prime suplexing position.
Maybe later if I find someone who really deserves it.

>Take this hug somewhere less exposed.
>put your back to one of the rocks, keep an eye out.
I walk backwards, being mindful of where her rifle dropped. I walk until we are in the shady side of a large rock.

>Out of her depth
This seems to be the truth, as much as I hate to say it. What is someone this young risking their life for?

"Alright, what skills do you have?"
>"I'm pretty good at getting around, going places where I'm not supposed to go. Trees around here are pretty smooth and hard to climb, but I can manage it! On top of that, I'm a pretty good spotter if I do say so myself! I can help you find hunters, and we can take them down together. I'm also a pretty good tracker, I can tell where things went with a pretty accurate record. What else... oh, I'm a bloodshot!"
"Interesting." bloodshots are the most common of the new worlders. something like 1 in 11 born in the new world are bloodshots. To put it simply, a bloodshot can hit a target with 100% accuracy, or so I've heard. The drawbacks are very heavy though, as after overloading your mind to line up a shot, it'll go bloody and unusable until it recovers. Using both eyes will incapacitate a bloodshot completely, and it takes at least a day to recover, and that is for those who train it."
"How good are you at it?"
>"I can fire off one shot for each eye! If I use both, I pass out for over a day. I'll save one for when I find my target though. Without using bloodshots, I'm pretty good with my rifle, not so good at fast moving targets, but I'm learning!"
"Why should I trust you?"
>"Ummmm... here, I'll show you the card I have!"
She uses her beak to pull out the card from her belt, showing it to me, even though I have already seen it.
"The card I am looking for is the four of spades! but uh, if you don't trust me, we can go to where I've kept all my stuff, and I can find where I tossed the platinum card."
>What other cards has she seen
"Have you seen anyone else, besides myself and the red hunter?"
>"Only one, there was an ave wearing a bunch of armor. It was pretty far away so I couldn't see what card they had. So, what do you say? Think we can uh, help each other out? If only for this one time! I know some hunters like to hunt alone, and that's cool and all, but I wanna see what a real hunter's like! It's up to you what level of involvement we have together, if you want, I can just find targets and let you choose who to go for, nothing beyond that, if you liked."
"Perhaps you think too highly of me, I am inexperienced at actual hunting."
>"You don't have to be modest! I saw what you did earlier!"

I need to decide if I let her follow me or if I should turn her away. If I decide to let her follow, should it be close or from afar. I'm a little curious about why she wants to be a hunter to begin with, but I'm getting ahead of myself, I don't even know her name yet.
No. 1015114 ID: 094652

>Innate Power: Deadshot
You should really make friends with this girl. Greenhorn she may be, but that ability can bring certainty to a life-or-death situation.
Ask who she is and why she wants to Hunt. Not just make money, but really dedicate herself to tracking down and killing/enslaving things.
No. 1015115 ID: 2aa5f0

well she is small and nimble so if we get into a fight she should be able to disengage from an enemy and sneak into their blind spots and attack from unusual angles but the problem is I don't really trust her yet. For all we know she's just putting on an act to shoot you in the back the moment you let your guard down.

But still, she's small and quick while you're big and strong, you do kind of cover each other weakness somewhat so a partnership wouldn't be a horrible idea. So I'd say give the partnership a chance for now but keep her close to you until some actual trust can build up between the two of you. Also yes to having her take you back to where she stashed her supplies, she might have something useful and if you can confirm who her target is it would go a long way to being able to trust her not to shoot you in the back. Still be wary of her leading you into a trap.

But before anything, you probably should ask her for her name.
No. 1015117 ID: 5d9787

>many might like the option to lie about who they are hunting if they happen upon those they are looking for.
This is what concern me. No one though of the value of proving to the first few encounters you are not a threat?
Looking for her trow away card isn't a good option either. If she is telling the true it's a waste of time. If she is lying the search itself is a stalling tactic.

But she is right, we are a goody two-shoes, so we won't do anything to her out of paranoia. Let's try to make this work.
Moving together would give us an advantage during confrontation but would waste her superior stealth. How about moving withing sight range of each other with her focusing on scouting from the high ground while you cover the low ground?
No. 1015121 ID: c92a02

Follow from afar. She's useful but she gets noticed. Perhaps you can stalk her stalkers...
No. 1015239 ID: bffbfd
File 163700132839.png - (300.28KB , 800x600 , HQ22.png )

Seeing that she doesn’t display any ill will towards me, I place her down gently, still being cautious in case she tries something.

"What is your name?"
"Kay? Okay."
"I... right. Nice to meet you, Kay."
>"Nice to meet you too, Mrs..."
"Miss. My name is Ceres."
>"Miss Ceres!"
"Just Ceres is fine."
>"What's your last name?"
"Nothing important."
>"Fiiiiine, keep your secrets!"

"Why do you want to be a hunter?"
>"I want to be a dragon tier hunter!"
Never mind, she is delusional.
>"... You don't have to give me that look! I get enough of that from everybody already. I'm serious about it though!"
"I don't mean to discourage you but becoming one of the big twelve is near impossible. It takes a lifetime of experience and achievements to even be considered to become one of them. On top of that, one has to die or retire before another can be put in place."
>"Didn't one die recently?"
"Ackerlade Primm supposedly fell into the trench while fighting a monster and wasn't recovered. They're looking for his replacement as we speak, but don't expect that to be a common occurrence, dragon tier hunters are some of the strongest people in the world."
>"That's why I want to be one!"
"hmph. So that's why you're here?"
>"Not entirely. I do want to find… someone experienced."

The best place to put her skills to the test is stealthily and afar, having her in direct combat is a waste of her advantage. We'll travel together, but it should be from a distance, with me down below and her taking the high ground, that way we can cover the most ground. I still need to develop trust for her, but this partnership could be beneficial.
>"So, how about I scout around for targets? I'm really good at moving around up in the trees, and I can probably spot a few if you give me a while. You can stay here if you want, or you can look for others too and we can meet back up here in an hour to see who we want to go after. how about it?"
She reaches her hand out to me, seemingly signifying a way of sealing our partnership. I don't really have much to lose, and if I don't like working with her, we can always cut ties after the next encounter.
No. 1015240 ID: 5d9787

Try to identify cards and see what their owners look like, but don't linger. You've already being spotted by two of the people you stalked, so it's better to leave earlier with the information than risk being ambushed.

Good luck Kay.
No. 1015243 ID: 9a2966

>Greenhorn hunter
You can't criticize too much here. You're taking the same risks, with about the same level of actual hunting skill. Less, if what she said about being good at tracking is true.

Still, here's a hot tip for her: she saw the danger of being counter-ambushed when you stalked right into that other hunter's trap... and yet she made the same damn mistake, yeah? Even if she did want to team up and had some faith you weren't gonna just cap her, she didn't account for the fact you might've doubled back or hid, ready to take her on, which she definitely should have. If she's really here to watch and learn, then she needs to think about and apply those lessons to herself, however they do apply. She's really lucky you weren't the one who could capitalize on her mistake.

She's even luckier you could in fact USE a sneaky spotter. Being big and bulky has its disadvantages, especially in the jungle.

Actually, two hot tips: don't talk out loud to yourself. Run an inner monologue if you have to.

>Accept offer
Set her down and tell her to scamp on over and get her rifle and to stay alert as you speak (pick up your crossbow and look about yourself, but keep an eye on what she does with that rifle). Tell her you're willing to gamble that she's honest about her plat card and to help her hunt for her target if she does the reverse. If she's really a bloodshot she could, after all, have gotten you the moment she saw your own card.

(Which, internally, you now kind of regret displaying so prominently considering, well, how common the ability to bloodshoot is for a guaranteed hit. Ah well. Means you'll have to operate more sneakily than you're used to. Or admit flaw and move it.)

>What next
So how's this for a first good target:

Instead of taking you to her cache to find her plat card - side note, ask if she has anything particularly useful in the cache or if it's just spare gear - you hunt down the Armored Ave.

That way she can show you her tracking and sneaking skill. You'll try to spot their card at a distance, but if it's still hard you'll engage with them, while she plays sneaky backup. If the AA is not interested in either of you, or you them, they might make a fine third companion for your budding hunting party, filling the role of 'tank' compared to her 'scout' and your 'shitkicker' role. Depends on their level of skill and willingness to cooperate.

You probably won't recruit more than a third person, though. It's already a hassle to commit to hunting down a second target, a third's probably your limit, unless a really good offer comes along.

Granted, the alternative of going to her cache means you could pick up her extra stuff. Being bigstronkbird you could probably easily carry whatever spare pack she had, allowing it to be at hand for the match.
No. 1015244 ID: 9a2966

Bah, a bit late. Still, some of what's there applies.
No. 1015249 ID: 5d9787

Did you spent an hour elaborating your thoughts?
No. 1015256 ID: c92a02

Deal. Go stalk some prey.
No. 1015272 ID: 2aa5f0

might as well take the deal at this point. Though if she's going for dragon it would be safe to assume she's probably also going to try to gain a full hand of cards to try and jump straight to Pegasus rank so she's probably going to want to take down around 5 other hunters as well and if we also try to go for that route, baring anyone with multiple cards on their person the two of you would have to take down at least 1/5 of the competition by yourselves.

though we did somewhat pass up our chances to start on getting a straight by passing up that 6 of diamonds the one legged guy had.
No. 1015284 ID: a2493c

Hm. I see no reason not to, apart from her recklessness. If we can break her of that and spice her skull-soup up with a healthy dash of cynicism, perhaps she could make it.
No. 1015442 ID: bffbfd
File 163718859370.png - (264.48KB , 800x600 , HQ23.png )

>Careful considering how common of an ability bloodshots is
Many are born with the ability, but the ability itself sees far less use. Many only need to use it once to see that the drawbacks are too much for it to be worth it. And for what it's worth, I hear it's more common in females.

>Take the deal
"Alright, we'll work together. At least for now."
I grab her hand and shake it. My hand is much larger than hers, which can't even wrap around mine.
If I'm going to have a hunting party, I'm thinking two others should be my limit at any given time, any more than that is asking for trouble. If I have two and find another I'd really want, I can let someone go their separate ways.

"Try to identify cards and see what their owners look like."
>"You got it!"
"Alright, go get your rifle."
She walks over to it as I watch with my crossbow at the ready, while not trying to make it look obvious. She still needs to earn my trust, and maybe I should earn hers. Only time will tell.
No. 1015444 ID: bffbfd
File 163718861479.png - (398.94KB , 800x600 , HQ24.png )

She picks up her rifle from the ground but doesn't try pulling anything.
>"I'll see you here again in an hour, partner!"
"Let me know if you find that armored ave again."
>"Can do!"

>break her of her recklessness and spice her skull-soup up with a healthy dash of cynicism
I'm not immediately a fan of the idea of spreading my cynicism onto others, but she may be too overzealous for her own good. There is a reason why people like her don't tend to last long the way they are. She'll learn sooner or later, there are some places you just can't reach. I know that firsthand.

The more I think about it, the more crucial the early game seems. having a partner, even one that may be temporary this early on is a fairly big advantage. However, things may become more difficult as things go on, as I think it's highly likely that more and more hunters will team up to fight the stronger opponents, and there are sure to be opponents holding on to multiple cards at once as time goes on. Some hunters may even be setting up traps and securing areas as we speak.
No. 1015446 ID: bffbfd
File 163718871685.png - (304.36KB , 800x600 , HQ25.png )

I walk around for about 45 minutes, only hearing the occasional distant gunshot. The jungles get humid and warm, but it's nothing I can't handle. I see some small game out and about, something to keep in mind for when I'm looking for food.

Just as I feel I should get ready to turn back, I pull a few leaves to the side where a different hunter and I notice each other at the same time. We both stand still for a moment, looking one another up and down. There is a rapier holstered to his right side, and I cannot see what is holstered on his left. His card must be located on his front or left side, as I cannot see it from this angle.
>"Do you wish to spar?"
I could, of course, try to shoot him from here, however I am concerned about what weapon he may be holding onto his left side. He seems to be asking for my permission, to which I could decline and go meet up with Kay and decide whether to go for this guy or go for any of the other hunters she spots. If I choose to fight this guy here and now, I won’t be getting any help.
No. 1015450 ID: 9a2966

Let's go for it, and see what we - and they - are made of in a straight duel.

"Hm. Sure, could do with shaking the rust off. Melee only?"

If he assents and seems unthreatening (and reveals what he's got on his side), lay aside your crossbow and draw your machete two-handedly to enter what you coloquially refer to as the 'fuck you' stance of being a big burly bird with a big chonky blade. You intend to use your reach and general fisticuffs know-how against him, by abandoning your two-handed stance to just reach out with one fist and bonk or grab him.

"First touch? First blood? You'll have the advantage of me in either case, so the prize will only be intel, if so. Card is to first yield, should the other side want it. Agreed?"

If he does want your card - or he has the card you need - you could consider not sticking to melee only. That said, if he sticks by the rules established and - win or lose - doesn't need or have your card, you can consider him team-up member material, though you'll have to verify that he isn't after Kay.

Ah, and don't forget to introduce yourself.
No. 1015465 ID: 2aa5f0

ask what kind of spar he's interested in. Fist, blades, guns?

Speaking of guns I'm assuming your crossbow is out so be prepared to fire a snap shoot if he tries something but if the crossbow isn't out then I hope your a decent quick draw with your pistol.
No. 1015485 ID: 5d9787

What a strange proposal. Do you think he got a good look at your card? Asking for a sparing match isn't the kind of reaction I would expect from seeing your target. If he know chances are you are not his target.

The answer of his question should be: Depend. Depend on the rules. Depend on his card.
No. 1015486 ID: 094652

Not a good idea. He doesn't need your card... but maybe his partner does.
Same would go for you and your partner.
No. 1015494 ID: 73380d

why would i waste my energy?
No. 1015499 ID: c92a02

"Are you a sparrow? That's very clever of you."
Disengage, open the range, get out of there, RUN. You are at his range, not yours, and he has a sword.
No. 1015507 ID: f8fa51

No need to get wrapped up in a fight when you don't have the element of surprise. Go back.
No. 1015636 ID: bffbfd
File 163743237962.png - (237.26KB , 800x600 , HQ26.png )

I have my crossbow out and ready to shoot, but I hold off on that, however I am ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. I half want to withdraw, and half with to enquire further.
>Do you think he got a good look at your card?
I doubt it. Maybe he asks the question to everyone he encounters.
>He doesn't need your card... but maybe his partner does.
He has a partner? If so, I haven't seen any indication of such.

"Depends on the rules, depends on the card."
He takes out a card that was attached to his left elbow and reveals it to me.
>"Queen of hearts. The conditions are up to discussion."

>ask what kind of spar he's interested in. Fist, blades, guns?
"Spar with what, exactly?"
>"Your choice. Preferably melee."
"Melee only?"
>"But of course."
He turns towards me to reveal that he has two rapiers, one holstered on each side.

"Why should I waste my energy? I don't need your card and you probably don't need mine."
>"True, however we may still wager information. Information such as who we are hunting for, other hunters we have encountered, and who those hunters may be looking for. You may even wager your card for mine if you would like. I only wish for a fair fight, and neither of us needs to draw blood."
Seems he thought this through.
>"If you wish to proceed, list off your conditions. You may use your own machete or one of my swords. If you are not interested you may also withdraw, as I am only interested in a serious fight with my assigned opponent."

"For the future, you may call me Ceres."
>"Hail fellow well met. You may call me Pieken Gesullivic the fifth."

Seems his conditions and intentions are pretty clear. If I want any of the information he has on offer I can go arrange a sparring match. Otherwise I can turn back to meet up with Kay, and we can compare information.
No. 1015637 ID: 2aa5f0

Hmm. He doesn't have the card we're looking for nor the one our partner is looking for, his card doesn't really help to give us any special hand... though the queen of hearts does put kay in a good position to get a royal flush with her hand which would guarantee she'd jump right to Pegasus rank which would help with her dream... which would probably go a long way to earning her trust if we could get the card from him. What size is he? while rapiers don't really really too much on strength you still might have a reach advantage on him as well as a strength advantage.

Also side note. Speaking of special hands, do pairs and 3 of a kind do anything towards counting towards a special hand? 4 of a kind as well as the note only said getting 4 of a kind will let you pass even without your starting card and target card but it also sounded like 4 of a kind is more of a plan B then a special hand to let you rank up faster. Cause honestly seeing how your personal card and your target card don't really synergize well, unless you want to try and grab 6 or more cards the only special hands you can really get without gathering more then 5 cards would be a full house with 5s and jacks or a 4 of a kind Plus either your starting card or the target card depending on if you decide to collect 5s or jacks.
No. 1015655 ID: 5d9787

I like your style.
It's probable unwise but I would be willing to engage in a quick low stakes game. How about a fist fight with points? Torso hits are worth 1, head 2 and arms 0. First to mark 3 points win. The winner get the numbers and physical descriptions of the people we identify so far. Fair enough?

>good for Kay
If it was her target it would be worth taking the risk, but as a possible secondary objective we can just inform her and let she decide what to do.
No. 1015871 ID: 3bd6f9

This soon is a little early to have a lot of info. Pass on the duel and head back.
No. 1016311 ID: 15a025

Agreed that it seems a little early yet to have much info worth sharing, however I don't think they'd offer it up if they didn't have something good to begin with.

Take up the offer. Since they seem to be interested in sword combat, but not blood shed. How about a fencing style duel?
No. 1016320 ID: 96c896

Gotta agree that there's not much for either party to gain at this point. A bit later on things might be different. Also a sparring match could attract attention, and you'll be distracted. It's a risk.

Decline, withdraw.
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