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File 163283215758.png - (347.64KB , 800x600 , RTS1.png )
1011811 No. 1011811 ID: 39d938

Wiki/Thread List: https://questden.org/wiki/Return_to_Sender

There are two kinds of people in this world, besides aves and chimeras. There are those with luck, and those without it. Today I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, perhaps this is God's way of seeking my forgiveness? Well, it'd be a good start. Now if I can find a way off this pinnacle, we'll be just peachy.
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No. 1011812 ID: 39d938
File 163283218446.png - (519.20KB , 800x600 , RTS2.png )

I'm not out of the woods yet, but in the literal sense I'm at the edge of it. The gate to the town is wide open, even though I’m sure to encounter guards, they shouldn't give me - an inncent postal worker - any trouble.
I get a good view of the storm from here. It might be difficult to find a ship willing to leave this island for a few days or so. I can tell it's going to get dark very soon so i should look out for a place to stay.
No. 1011813 ID: 39d938
File 163283220687.png - (405.76KB , 800x600 , RTS3.png )

Looks like I have many ways to go from here. Ultimately, I need to look for a way out of here and regroup with my old crew. I could check my inventory and see what items I have, this mail bag in particular grabs my attention, seems someone has been a busy bee! it’s almost empty but there is still something in there, perhaps I can treat myself? From here on out I can do anything, I don't need anyone's permission. I am a free pseudogryph now.
No. 1011814 ID: 3328c7

Care to tell u- err, I mean, care to recall what happened since you left Torrus Ridge?
And yeah, check dat inventory.
No. 1011815 ID: ce39da

Aw man, prison break. (Weren't we headed to Mamerti first, though?)

So uh... what have you done with the real Pascoe? He seemed nice enough that death seemed unattractive for him at least, right?

In any case, you gotta have a cover story for the incongruities; keep it simple, as waves tend to get suspicious of long, overly specific verbal meanderings. Details are on a need-to-know basis.

Chief suspicion; why is it that a postman seems to have emerged from the frickin' weeds all covered in dirt? Maybe someone lived out in the wild (for some reason), and you're really dedicated to your job? Or perhaps you were traveling between motes of civilization on the pinnacle - I can think of at least two - and you got lost?

Also, you'll have to be wary of running into any of his actual crew once inside.

Describe what it is without opening it. Maybe you get a foreboding feeling about it.
No. 1011816 ID: 2aa5f0

So who where your old crew and what happened to them? You looking to get the gang back together or you looking for revenge for them ditching you?
No. 1011818 ID: 894419

I suppose you better wander into the city, you're just an "innocent postal worker" but it wouldn't hurt to try to keep the lowest profile possible.

You have money for a place to stay or are we gonna have to bust into a barn?

Also nice vanity pin in the hat.
No. 1011819 ID: a2493c

well hey there, not-pascoe!

Really liking the hat, eyes, and hair. Makes it real easy to tell ya apart!

Anyhow, let's get to work achieving our freedom and setting up problems for our protagonist down the road when it turns out our route there is something morally grey at best, eh?
No. 1011823 ID: 8233ee

Damn you're pretty scuffed, is that from days spent crawling through the jungle eating grubs or did you just survive a cartoon explosion?
No. 1011824 ID: 5d9787

So Pascoe was male...
I was under the impression he was small for a griffin, but it seems his hat and coat were a perfect fit for you. Were your similarities a mere coincidence or did you had means of looking like you current do?

It's better to approach the guard dirty than after dark, but if you have enough daytime it's worth cleaning as much mud as you can before reaching the entrance. Clumsiness and unpredictable circumstances are reasonable excuses but the less you have to explain the less they should pay attention to you.
No. 1011852 ID: 9a2966

>Treat yourself
Oooh, some leftover trail mix. Score!
No. 1011855 ID: 2aef11

Who are you and what did you do with Pascoe? Your eyes are a different color!
No. 1011868 ID: 365ef6

Hey, I know another pseudogryph you have to met. He's also a postalworker! Oh, and don't mind us chatting, everyone knows that every courier's garments comes with the mandatory cursed voices in your head.

Now seriously. Think what your long term goal is, what is the next thing you need for that happening and what you have to achieve that.

Don't only check what you have on you, also think about what you can do and what you can't. Check the state of you uniform, if it's too obvious that is stolen it will be even worse if you keep it. I have heard that now you have to wear a bandage to prove you are a courier. As it has been said it would be a good idea to think in some alibi.

Maybe "You got attacked by some beast and got separated from your companions. Fleeing the beast you got lost and you are missing some part of your uniform."
No. 1011897 ID: 39d938
File 163289077570.png - (468.80KB , 800x600 , RTS4.png )

>care to recall what happened since you left Torrus Ridge?
I haven't been to Torrus Ridge in years. Don't intend on going there either. Nothing for me in the Old World.
>So uh... what have you done with the real Pascoe? He seemed nice enough that death seemed unattractive for him at least, right?
Dead? Certainly not. I needed him alive in order for this to work. It's ok, he is with his own kind now.
>Have a cover story for the incongruities.
Easy, I'll just say I was delivering to a remote house in the jungle and slipped in mud.
>So, who where your old crew and what happened to them?
Some got caught, some died, some I assume are laying low. If it doesn't work out, I can find a more active crew. I would’ve gone with any of the others if they made it out, but I think I’m the only one who got away.
>nice vanity pin in the hat.
Seems to be a badge of sorts. 'MPA'. can't say i recognize it, I've been on the inside too long.
>Really liking the hat, eyes, and hair. Makes it really easy to tell ya apart!
Aves won't notice a thing. Much of us look alike to them.
>you're pretty scuffed
I did get into a scuffle. He was originally against the idea of an early retirement, but I coerced him into thinking otherwise. And at the end of the day, I was willing to do more for my freedom than he did, let’s put it at that.
>Were your similarities a mere coincidence
We are the same type of pseudogryph, a plains pseudogryph. The most common kind as a matter a fact.
>you'll have to be wary of running into any of his actual crew once inside.
If they are all Old Worlders like he was, they are likely a bunch of softies too. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
No. 1011898 ID: 39d938
File 163289079550.png - (456.63KB , 800x600 , RTS5.png )

>Hey, I know another pseudogryph you have to met. He's also a postalworker! Oh, and don't mind us chatting, everyone knows that every courier's garments comes with the mandatory cursed voices in your head.
Not the most common way of developing an inner monologue, but so long as the good ideas continue to flow, I have no grievances whatsoever. I should know this but just to be sure, what is my name?

>Describe what it is without opening it. Maybe you get a foreboding feeling about it.
Rectangular, weighty, I sense a possibly intoxicating liquid in there, could it be? Only one way to find out.

I gotta do something with it, if he did have a crew, they'll wonder why I didn't deliver it. Do I open it and take what's inside, ditch it so nobody finds it, or... deliver it?
No. 1011900 ID: 8483cf

Steal it! Be free! You're a freegryph, no one can tell you what to do!
No. 1011901 ID: 46af69

Deliver it
No. 1011902 ID: 96c896

Deliver it. Through rain, wind, sleet or hail, bitter cold or scorching heat, delivered all shall be the mail.
No. 1011903 ID: b72032

Where is it addressed to?
No. 1011906 ID: dfbac0

Deliver it.
Your name? Irrelevant.
No. 1011907 ID: dfbac0

Also, there's a lot more incongruities that just being banged up there. The personality change seems to drastic to be ignored by the looks of it, also your eyes are slightly off-color.
Although I guess the only one who might have been wary of eyes was Pascoe himself...
No. 1011909 ID: dfbac0

>Old Worlder Softies
I wouldn't be so sure of that, one of the postal crew took down a five star bounty all by themselves!
No. 1011910 ID: 5d9787

That is disappointing, I was ready for some mail delivery. The job barely even begin and it's already over...

You have more pressing matters to attend before start drinking, but also have no possible reason to want to make this deliver. Keep it with you for now.

As for a name, how about Rafaela?
No. 1011912 ID: 3ab17b

Deliver it to make your postal worker disguise more authentic, I mean those guys basically have a free pass to anywhere so if you can convince everyone you’re one of them then you can go wherever you want.
No. 1011923 ID: 39d938
File 163290840986.png - (499.21KB , 800x600 , RTS6.png )

>Deliver it to make your postal worker disguise more authentic, those guys basically have a free pass to anywhere
Hey, now that's not half a bad idea! Seems like a good way to hide in plain sight. I think I'll roll with this for a while.
>That is disappointing, I was ready for some mail delivery. The job barely even begin and it's already over...
Hey now, who says I can't deliver mail? Seems like an easy enough job. I'll deliver this package to prove it! I'll be a better postie than that Pascoe guy ever could!
>Where is it addressed to?
Nobody I'd know. If I had to guess I'd say it's someone living in the wild areas away from everybody else. Can't say I blame them if that's the case, I never got along with everyone, especially my cellmate. I hope she doesn't do anything bad to him.

Digging around in the bag of his he had a map with a bunch of houses circled and all crossed out except one. That seems to be where to go so that's where I'll go.

But seriously, I shouldn't keep using this guy's name like it's my own, I know I have one. Something with two syllables.
No. 1011926 ID: 5d9787

Are you testing my memory?
I don't remember Riquar telling Pascoe his friend's name, only that she was deaf and had a scarf.
Mills were mentioned by the hunters as someone who could be confused with a chimera, but wasn't born like that.
No idea what two syllables name I should be remembering so I will just repeat my previous suggestion: Rafa.

So you are a fugitive not far from the prison you escaped and you have nothing better to do than travel to the middle of nowhere to pretend to be a postal officer? Guess looking for old associates can wait.
No. 1011927 ID: a2493c

Twiggle has a good ring to it. Let's go with that.
No. 1011930 ID: 5bf1bd

Perhaps you can be called "Rainer", in manner of this auspicious day - of your freedom. >>1011923
No. 1011931 ID: 53560f

How does Silli sound?
After all, if life’s gonna have punchlines this good then someone has to embrace the humour in it all.
No. 1011932 ID: ce39da

Rainer sounds good.
No. 1011935 ID: 2aef11

No. 1011936 ID: e2f5cc

supporting Rainer
No. 1011943 ID: b14c9b

French Fries
No. 1012039 ID: 39d938
File 163301869707.png - (512.23KB , 800x600 , RTS7.png )

I can't say my parents were very creative. You get what you get when you're born on a rainy day.

>So you are a fugitive not far from the prison you escaped and you have nothing better to do than travel to the middle of nowhere to pretend to be a postal officer?
If I'm going to play postie I might as well commit. This isn't exactly the middle of nowhere either, just a little out of the way. The sooner my 'crew' and I deliver this mail, the sooner I can hitch a ride with them off this prison island. As for why I'm delivering it over just tossing it, who knows, rolling with the punches has worked for me thus far.

Working my way over to the house marked on the map, I pass the area where Pascoe and I had our little meeting. He isn't around so I assume my plan must have worked out. Looking at the ledger, this package is addressed to a 'Rosser Allock' Looks like there's a space where I need his signature. It doesn't take long until I see a jury-rigged shack of sorts. Does this even count as a house? I guess it does if it has an address.
No. 1012040 ID: 39d938
File 163301872340.png - (498.05KB , 800x600 , RTS8.png )

I knock on the door and an ave with a crutch answers to door. Seems who I assume is Rosser is missing a leg.
>"Oh! I wasn't expecting a delivery. I especially wasn't expecting a delivery from a pseudogryph."
"hmm? That such a hard thing to believe?"
>"Just a surprise is all!"
"I have a package here addressed to one 'Rosser Allock.' Happen to know em'?"
>"Yes! That's me. Where do I sign?"

I get his signature in the ledger and that officially finishes this load of deliveries. Far from all that needs to be done on Mamerti, but it looks like Pascoe was trying to get the hard stuff out of the way first.
No. 1012041 ID: 39d938
File 163301875228.png - (418.04KB , 800x600 , RTS9.png )

Right away he tears into the package and pulls out an envelope and a...

Oh wow... Is that?
>"A message from an old friend! I thought he had died long ago! Looks to be alive and well!"
It doesn't look like any old watered-down grog either...
>"Says here he's doing well! Started up a family after the war, runs a bakery now."
My mouth is getting... kinda dry?
>"Isn't that sweet. Says here I was the nicest captain he ever met."
Damn... I could've taken that and had it all to myself! That'll teach me I guess, that's what I get for trying to be honest for once. I think I'm better off in my pirate ways.
>"Now that I'm retired, I'll have to pay him a visit someday. Good to know someone still remembers me. Oh? Looks like he sent me a bottle too."
No. 1012042 ID: 39d938
File 163301877884.png - (488.04KB , 800x600 , RTS10.png )

"Enjoy it." I say as I start to walk down the stairs of his deck, back into the cold rainy storm. boozeless.
>"Say, are you in any hurry?"
"Huh? No, that was the last package in my satchel."
>"I know my place is out of the way, and since you came all this way, how would you like to share this? And besides, where's the fun in drinking alone? I can spin some yarns too if you'd like, lord knows I'm full of stories, each harder to believe than the last. Of course, if you're busy I'll understand. I must say, it is good to see an honest chimera. It's nice to know that not all are as bad as they say."
No. 1012043 ID: 2aa5f0

are you actually in a hurry? Because if not I say actually take him up on his offer and see what he knows about current events. I mean how long have you been locked away? Things could have changed and having someone tell you what has and what hasn't might help you blend in... or at the very least know what you could be getting into once you ditch this place.
No. 1012045 ID: 5d9787

I miss Pascoe...

The rumblings of a retired naval officer are a good way to start familiarizing yourself with how the world changed in your absence, assuming you have enough patience. Just make sure to not accidentally tell him anything about yourself as you share a drink.

If you find safety in this disguise try not to do anything he wouldn't until you leave the island. This sentimental cripple is sure to present opportunities for a dishonest scoundrel that you would be wise to ignore. Don't steal anything, at least for now.
No. 1012046 ID: ce39da

"Hm... Yeah, sure, you were last on today's route for me anyway. I could use a break."

> I think I'm better off in my pirate ways.
Really? You'd think that after paying (some of) the price the first time, it'd take more than basic-ass material envy to make you go back to that, especially since it sounds like he needs it as much as you do. And look, it seems kindness has seen fit to reward you some anyway.
No. 1012056 ID: 7e0798

Why not Rainer? Not like you're on the clock. Toast to your hosts health and to jobs well done.
No. 1012076 ID: 365ef6

He was captain, might be helpful. Maybe he know someone who can get you out of here.
No. 1012078 ID: dfbac0

I miss Pascoe too...

Well, usually I'd be all for a drink but you do realize your "crew" is gonna smell alcohol on your breath. If your plan is to ride out of here with the postal workers then they might wonder why their once mild mannered friend came back smelling of alcohol. Then again, it might be a good cover story for why you're acting different, people seem totally different while on the sauce.
No. 1012085 ID: 3328c7

I also miss Pascoe, Pascoe deserves better. We must get back to Pascoe now. We can convince him to let us tag along. We can TRULY redeem ourselves!
No. 1012092 ID: f8fa51

The signatures are an important part of your disguise. Making this delivery isn't entirely out of the kindness of your heart. If you're discovered by your new postal "crew", you really have no idea what they'll do with you.
No. 1012095 ID: 53560f

Don’t even try to pretend you don’t want some after how you were just acting.
Accept his offer, I’m sure you can withstand a few stories from some old guy.
No. 1012102 ID: 8483cf

>It is good to see an honest chimera. It's nice to know that not all are as bad as they say.

Wow rude

Drink with him. Drink that ave under the table!
No. 1012105 ID: b32638

also ask if they have a shower, you got all banged up from tripping in the forest and you can use a minute to get presentable
No. 1012118 ID: 39d938
File 163310167014.png - (425.27KB , 800x600 , RTS11.png )

>it seems kindness has seen fit to reward you some anyway.
May be, may be.
>how long have you been locked away?
Hard to say, I haven't kept count. Maybe three years or so.
>Maybe he knows someone who can get you out of here.
Might be a good start. I'll steer the conversation that way if I find a good time to interject.
>I miss Pascoe
>Pascoe deserves better.
>We must get back to Pascoe now.
Shoving all thoughts of Pascoe to the back of my mind. The less I think about what I had to do the better.
>If you're discovered by your new postal "crew", you really have no idea what they'll do with you.
It's simple, I'll just be Pascoe.
>Don't steal anything, at least for now.
>Drink with him. Drink that ave under the table!
"I'll drink you under the table!" I say, maybe a little too enthusiastically.

15 Minutes Later
"Baaaaaaa hahahaha!"

I forgot that I start off as a happy drunk haha
We talk for a bit, apparently, he was a naval captain before his injury lead to his retirement. He lives on his own trying to be independent for the most part. Tells me he moved to Mamerti because it was one of the few pinnacles that didn't have crazy anomalies, plants, or beasts.
No. 1012119 ID: 39d938
File 163310169128.png - (427.61KB , 800x600 , RTS12.png )

>"Perhaps I gave you too much?"
"Naaaaaah my resistance must have worn off over the years, it has been a good while since I've tasted rum."
>"Suppose they don't allow you to drink on the job."
"Somethin' like that ye."

>also ask if they have a shower, you can use a minute to get presentable
"By the way - ways- uh - I got mud -- I tripped."
>"I'll let you borrow a towel to wash off with when you're ready to head off."

>"May as well spin some yarns and tell tall tales while we can make the bottle last. You come from the Old World, right? I bet there's plenty of things you don't know about. Many strange folk out there worth hearing about, curses and what not, legends that people pursue to the dying breath. I can tell you about how I lost my leg, I assure you it isn't a touchy subject like most assume. Honestly, ask me anything you're curious about, unless you have stories of your own you wish to talk about?"
"Ohhhhh I'm pretty boring - hah - I'm just a regular oooold postie!"
May be best to get all good information out of him now before I approach my next phase of drunkenness.
No. 1012120 ID: 2aa5f0

>It's simple, I'll just be Pascoe.
was this Pascoe you replaced a guy or a girl? I mean even if most Aves can't tell one grif from another I think they'd at least be able to tell if a crew mate suddenly switch genders... same with the prison guards as well now that I think about it.

>What to ask
Ask him how things are now compared to when he was sailing. Would be a good way of learning current events while not flat out asking about current events. Just have to suffer through a few "war stories" but could be helpful down the line.
No. 1012121 ID: 8f4498

I just want to say as an aside ooc that your quests are to damn good for this empty forum. The art is too good!

Pascoe’s imposter, your goofy face is cute enough to warrant perusing the task of seeing what your next level of drunkenness looks like.
No. 1012126 ID: 4b18cb

Go under the table and drink HIM.
No. 1012127 ID: 8483cf

Disregard information, go directly to drunk, do not Pascoe, do not collect $200
No. 1012130 ID: 5d9787

What you mean next phase? Will you get aggressive with him or take him to the shower with you?

Didn't the possibility of treasures picked your interest? Ask about those legends.
The leg story is sure to be somewhat interesting and give some context for at least one of the military factions.
No. 1012133 ID: 46af69

Lets hear some stories.
No. 1012141 ID: 98893d

Hmmmmm play a drinking game of exchanging inqureies about backgrounds. Every new answer ends in the taking of a shot.
No. 1012152 ID: 39d938
File 163313410931.png - (415.04KB , 800x600 , RTS13.png )

>was this Pascoe you replaced a guy or a girl?
Pascoe was definitely a male.
>I mean even if most Aves can't tell one grif from another I think they'd at least be able to tell if a crew mate suddenly switch genders... same with the prison guards as well now that I think about it.
Aves are completely gender blind to chimeras, as is vise versa. From my understanding, those of the same subspecies are practically indistinguishable.
>What do you mean next phase?
A specific kind of sad drunk, let’s put it at that.
>Disregard information, go directly to drunk
I am absorbing two things at once, only drink is effective so far.

>Ask him how things are now compared to when he was sailing.
"So, things different nowadays than from when you were sailing out in about?"
>"The more things change the more they stay the same, that's what I always say. Seemingly a calm spot in terms of conflict, but that seems subject to change quite soon. I hear from soldier buddies that things are getting heated once again between the colonial powers. They tell me that the next big war will be different somehow. Something about more alliances than any time ever. New nations are also trying to cut themselves a piece of the New World pie as well. All very exciting, but maybe it's a good thing I'm retired and won't be seeing it all.

>Didn't the possibility of treasures picked your interest? Ask about those legends.
"You say somethin' about *hic*... legends? like uhhhh treasure and stuff?"
>"Ah, right, they say everyone in the New World is looking for something. Whether that be explorers, storm chasers, looters, hunters, you name it. Point being, there are those that believe in something, even if we haven't found it yet. For example, a well with water that can heal all ailments, or a pond with a bottom filled with gold and gemstones, a tree bearing fruit which bestows immortality or an arrowhead which can turn back time to fix all past regrets. None of it is proven but thousands come to the New World each year believing the stories to be true and looking for them til' they keel over. There are also the few that are interested in studying the ruins, seeing where all the ancients disappeared off to, not that there are many that care about that stuff comparatively.

>The leg story is sure to be somewhat interesting and give some context for at least one of the military factions.
"So then - tell me then about the leg thing then?"
>"It's a long story but I'll keep it short. Ever heard of cursed shots before?"
"A *hic* little."
"Back in the day we didn't know what all of em' did, and they were rare enough that it was too wasteful to test em’, so a lot of them were fired on battlefields. I was on land leading a charge against Fets when one of their higher-ranking soldiers used one of those special wheellocks used for firing cursed shots. What ended up happening was the shot came out normally at first, would've made a coin sized hole to anything standing point blank. But by the time it made its way over to me, it increased its size to that of a cannonball. Funny thing is, it didn't blow off my leg so much as it... ate it if you can understand that. whatever it passed through just disappeared. My knee was gone but my foot was still on the ground. That all sounds bad, right? Turns out I was one of the lucky ones, because it kept on increasing size as it went on. All the gunners to my rear had big bites taken out of them, and those at the very back disappeared completely. And the mountain behind us? had a hole put through it so large you could fly a galleon through it.
All of his words are coming out blurry to me, but I keep nodding along like I'm listening.
>"Maybe a little morbid but most war stories are, eh? actually, I have one of those wheellocks around here somewhere if you're interested in seeing."
"That's great - and - also - can I have more rum?"

I can feel it, I'm close to the next phase. Maybe I should maybe definitely leave before he sees it.
No. 1012153 ID: 8483cf

If you're asking for more rum, it's rude to just up and leave. Also you're totally going to faceplant if you just walk out the door.
No. 1012154 ID: e2f5cc

"mmm wait no sorry i get sad after a lot of drunk so sorry for the drink but thanks i gotta go" Then proceed to immediately faceplant
No. 1012155 ID: 96c896

You should stop drinking if you don't want to start sobbing in front of him or whatever. Also you need to get back to your crew. Well, Pascoe's crew.
No. 1012156 ID: 5d9787

This is already starting to look kind of sad... Maybe it's a good idea to stop drinking.

Weren't you planing to take a shower? Ask if he want to accompany you...
No. 1012160 ID: 2aa5f0

ok you're getting drunk, maybe you should tell him you should be getting back to work before your boss get's on your ass. Thank him for the stories and the booze, clean yourself up a little before heading out, and take a glass for the road.
No. 1012161 ID: 29412c


Did something happen to make all these erotic leaning Anons like 10x more blunt in their demand for bird smut? Rainer we all know the voices in your head saying to drink to excess and shower WITH THE MAN are whispers looking to score off your drunkenness. This will soon not a time for happy drunk or sad drunk, he’ll soon venture wth a flirt and you will then complete the trinity of drunk emotions and be the mad-drunk who’ll clonk his cripple’s head over with a chair or the wine bottle or something. Once he’s taking a mat nap feel free to rummage around the house for stuff to fill a backpack with.
No. 1012252 ID: 15a025

Washup and star thinking of a cover story for your next phase of drunk.
No. 1012295 ID: 39d938
File 163326283401.png - (475.19KB , 800x600 , RTS14.png )

"Alright, thankyou sir or madam - for the booze, but I gotta go - go deliver mail or something."
>"I see. Thanks for stopping by." How in the world are they not drunk??
"*hic*, Know a stream or creek or something where I can wash this mud off? Forget the towel, I'll just walk - dry - walk it off."
>"Oh, well there is a well not far from here, just follow the trail to town."
"Thanks, bye."
>"Hold on, one more thing. did you get any weird packages?"
"I don't know. I don't even know what a weird package is."
>"I see. Another thing, if you're going back into town this late, be sure to watch out for the candle maker."
"pffffft I ain't afraid of no candles." I say as my final words to him before I leave. He says something else, but it is too fuzzy and far away for me to understand. I can hold off of faceplanting for sayyyyy a good five more minutes or so.

My emotions right now are a mixture of repressed feelings and whatever emotion it is to avoid puking on my toes.
No. 1012296 ID: 39d938
File 163326285534.png - (442.42KB , 800x600 , RTS15.png )

I find my way to the well and stand firmly before it, grasping my hands around it, standing here, peering at my reflection.

I feel... I don't know... What do I feel?
Am I feeling... guilty?

I should be feeling awesome. I'm the first chimera in history to escape Mamerti Penitentiary without immediately getting recaptured. why don't I feel good?
Is it because I left my friends behind? No, we all agreed that we would leave behind anyone that didn't make it. Who did I wrong?
No. 1012297 ID: 8483cf

Logically, you've wronged no one! Especially not Pascoe. Pascoe simply accepted more risk than he should have by being near you and your friends, and paid the price. You shouldn't feel bad for doing what anyone reasonable would have done in your situation. Pascoe was too naive to see it coming. Not your fault.

There's absolutely NO reason to cry over how awful he must feel right now. Or how he's done nothing to deserve his fate. Or what his family will think when they don't hear or see him ever again.
No. 1012298 ID: b72032

Well, you're a criminal.
You screwed over an innocent, that's what a criminal does. You belong there.
No. 1012299 ID: 365ef6

Dunno, maybe...

The moment they know you escaped guards are going to ask your friends (potentially not in a kind way).

For fist time in years you has been treated as a respetable citizen by someone. You might be seeing your past choices and realizing of how different your life could be now.

Also you played up an inocent quimera of your own kind. How many time has passed since you saw one? Even before of being imprisioned? How much time will pass before you see someone like you? Can you even form a family with other species or are you cursed to die alone and loveless?

Ooooor all of this could be the next phase of drunkness and sadness. Have a nice night ;)
No. 1012302 ID: 53560f

You betrayed yourself. Your escape wasn’t some legendary feat that people will talk about for years to come or some elaborate scheme prepared over years of imprisonment…
You got lucky. Anyone could do what you did if a near lookalike came strolling in with no sense of self preservation like he did.

That leaves two questions: will you seek that glory that you threw away and if you will, then how?
No. 1012314 ID: 2aa5f0

well at the very least you should be able to clean yourself a little now... maybe, how clean is that water? It looks like their's things floating in it from here.
No. 1012318 ID: 96c896

No. 1012333 ID: 235ba5

... You really need us to spell it out for you?
Also, you became the first chimera in a very unimpressive way.
"I escaped by beating up a nerdy postman."
No. 1012694 ID: 15a025

Because you didn't escape. As far as anyone knows, you're still in there. That's how you got out.
No. 1012713 ID: a2493c

Pascoe's the obvious pick. Surprisingly upright dude, if a bit stiff about his job. Coulda jacked the clothes off any of his entourage, but it had to be him, eh?
No. 1012958 ID: 39d938
File 163435321531.png - (370.41KB , 800x600 , RTS16.png )

>how clean is that water
Clean as you could expect from a well, there are a few leaves in there but it's fine. I start washing the mud off my face, which goes well. just so long as I don't think. Think about things like-

No... that guy? I - just... I shouldn't think about...
> it had to be him, eh?
I-It wasn't personal, ok?? he just had bad luck was all...
>You screwed over an innocent, that's what a criminal does. You belong there.
H-hang on now! It isn't like that, ok? I-
>You got lucky. Anyone could do what you did if a near lookalike came strolling in with no sense of self-preservation like he did.
Alright – alright! when it gets put like that is sounds bad - and it is bad i know and-
>You escaped by beating up a nerdy postman. Embarrassing.



I shouldn't have drank knowing I'm a guilty drunk.

>Logically, you've wronged no one! Especially not Pascoe. Pascoe simply accepted more risk than he should have by being near you and your friends, and paid the price. You shouldn't feel bad for doing what anyone reasonable would have done in your situation. Pascoe was too naive to see it coming. Not your fault.
I uh...
There's absolutely NO reason to cry over how awful he must feel right now. Or how he's done nothing to deserve his fate. Or what his family will think when they don't hear or see him ever again.


oh god.


...The hell have I done?


The hell should I do?
No. 1012960 ID: 2aa5f0

OK I know you said birds can't tell one Grif apart form another but they have got to be able to figure out if someone is a guy or a girl right? and I don't think prisons are co-op since no one wants to deal with a baby in prison, so if anything the guy will probably get out in a few days when someone decides to check if he's actually a he or not. That and his voice might give him away since I don't recall him sounding girly.

If anything you just have to get off the island before they released you pulled the old switch-a-roo and he'll probably be sent back to HQ or wherever they go fine if slightly inconvenient.
No. 1012965 ID: 8483cf

Simple solution: send "yourself" a letter! "Pascoe" will deliver it, of course.
No. 1012970 ID: dfbac0

You have friends on the inside right? Organize a prison break, you can do things only people outside of the prison can do to help an escape. This is a win-win situation, you get accomplices to help you for your sense of practicality and you get to free Pascoe for your sense of morality.
No. 1012971 ID: 96c896

Do you need to do anything? Pascoe is male, and you aren't. He can demonstrate that to the prison guards to make them let him go.

Just in case, you can mail the prison a letter explaining how you escaped, making sure that you're long gone by the time they get it.
No. 1012975 ID: f8fa51

You may be feeling guilty, but that doesn't mean you're going to throw away your newfound freedom in exchange for a complete stranger, even if you've wronged him. Another might, but a person that would do that wouldn't have done this in the first place.

However, you could try to repay him another way. He has friends, you have friends, you could stage a breakout. Do you have the skills to pull that off?
No. 1012977 ID: 5d9787

Our motives are an everchanging wild ride. Are we going to rescue Pascoe? Let's hope this desire last long enough to reach our goal.

The escape should coincide with the boat departure. Before that all the mail must be delivered so the postal crew won't have any reason to linger.
Fortunately being outside give us more options. Revise what you know about the prison including anything that could be a weakness in the security.
After some basic plan we can look for tools ans allies if trust is affordable. The crew would be useful but we don't know that and have no way of explaining the situation in our favour, so try to keep the deception.

For the people arguing the sex explanation:
-What make you think the prison would admit they were fooled? I'm sure as reasonable moral people you would consider loosing a prisoner a small mistake that wouldn't justify hiding the facts by condemning an innocent, but there are plenty of examples in real life of prisons and asylums that refused to admit they hold wrongful imprisoned people for the sake of their reputation.
-Would Pascoe think of showing his balls? He avoided the subject whenever anyone asked, maybe this solution wouldn't occur to him.
-Does the records include this information? This place is somewhat irregular and this society don't seem to treat the sex differently so they might not care enough to write it down.
-Would the guards check Pascoe sex or know how to check? Some birds have pseudopenises, but I think the species we saw so far don't. Would they even understand that the thing between his legs is a sexual organ characteristic of male felines?
No. 1013001 ID: 50af53

Keep moving. It's all this life has ever let you do.
No. 1013003 ID: c0641b


Maaaaybe walk us through what happened? Get things into order, while you still have a bit of clarity.
No. 1013032 ID: 15a025

Before we start making any huge plans, you gotta calm down and collect yourself here.

Pascoe's got friends/co-workers. Maybe you can rope them in to helping break you Pascoe out of jail. We'd need a convincing tale to explain why we'd have swapped places with Pascoe though to get their help.
No. 1013065 ID: 704d14

Yeah, let's write a letter meant for the Chief Warden explaining they got the wrong girl.

That'll make Pascoe's tenure there a lot shorter!
No. 1013301 ID: 39d938
File 163478475427.png - (299.11KB , 800x600 , RTS17.png )

>Walk us through what happened
I escaped Mamerti penitentiary for the dozenth time or so. Escaping from the prison isn't the hard part though, it's avoiding recapture and getting off the island. I got lucky when I swapped places with someone who looks just like me. I'm just hoping that can fool the guards for long enough, so my freedom is ensured. I did what I was willing to do for my freedom, though I wonder what he'll do for his.

>Wouldn't the guards be able to tell his gender
All guards overseeing prisoners are aves, and aves cannot tell the difference. They do have a chimera check when are initially admitted, so the only people who can tell Pascoe is a male are the inmates, and as soon as that happens, his chances of leaving become slimmer.

>Send a letter.
I think we're onto something there. I can send a letter to him, my friends, or the prison authorities. Might take a while for the warden to notice, down with a cold apparently. The vice warden and I certainly aren't on good terms, but she'll listen. I need to think about what I write very carefully though, I'm not risking my own freedom for a stranger, even if I am ruining his life at this very moment...

>You have friends on the inside right? Organize a prison break, you can do things only people outside of the prison can do to help an escape. This is a win-win situation, you get accomplices to help you for your sense of practicality and you get to free Pascoe for your sense of morality.
I think I like that plan. I did a bad thing, but I can fix things. We can all come out of this with something. If I can somehow get a message to Askot telling her to help him, she'll do it for sure.

Alright! I'm going to make everything right. I may not be a lawful person, but that doesn't mean I have to be a bad person! Here's the plan, I'll march my way to town, and i'll-
No. 1013302 ID: 39d938
File 163478477570.png - (356.57KB , 800x600 , RTS18.png )


No. 1013304 ID: 17983e

Time to enter the dream world.
Dream about your past, maybe the crime you did that got you imprisoned.
No. 1013305 ID: 96c896

Please don't drown in a puddle of mud, that's an embarrassing way to die.
No. 1013307 ID: 2c9826

Now that's a great way of procrastination.
No. 1013308 ID: 2aa5f0

you just cleaned yourself up as well lady.
No. 1013309 ID: 094652

That's so cute, she's drowning limp in a puddle of mud.
No. 1013312 ID: f8fa51

Uhhh... try not to drown?
No. 1013313 ID: 8483cf

Faceplant successful! Hooray!
No. 1013315 ID: 73380d

No. 1013324 ID: 39d938
File 163479600733.png - (397.11KB , 800x600 , RTS19.png )

>"There you are, Pascoe. Hard first day?"
>"If I had known you were going to have this hard a time, I would've come with you. I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow."
No. 1013325 ID: 39d938
File 163479602430.png - (428.56KB , 800x600 , RTS20.png )

>"Let’s get you cleaned up. A mud puddle is no place to take a map. Just remember that matter how hard things get, we'll be here for you. Through rain, through mud, through snow or heat or gloom of night. We're in this together."
No. 1013326 ID: 39d938
File 163479604749.png - (408.41KB , 800x600 , RTS21.png )

You are now following Pascoe.

I'm uh, not exactly sure what's going on. Everything just went by so fast. I met someone who looked just like me. We swapped outfits for some reason. I'm now being pulled by something through the grass. There are three aves to my back that tied me to whatever this animal is. I'm not exactly sure where they are taking me. What should I do?
No. 1013327 ID: 8483cf

What're you asking us for? Ask the aves what's going on and why this outfit is so tight in the crotch.
No. 1013328 ID: 2aa5f0

turn towards whoever is dragging you and ask if there is a particular reason why you're being dragged by rope through the rain. Might as well figure out how fucked you are before deciding how to properly react.
No. 1013329 ID: 96c896

Your legs are free...
Nibble at the rope. Once you're free of the animal you can run for it.
No. 1013330 ID: a2493c

you have a sharp beak, use it!
No. 1013334 ID: 9a2966

Firstly admit to yourself that meeting the opposite gender and then blindly falling for their 'Can I try out your really cool outfit, handsome, here, wear mine meanwhile' might've been a teensy bit stupid. But, like, that was a fellow chimera lady! You just got caught up in the excitement of the moment and meeting someone so much like you.

... and landed yourself in some deep dodo. It's pretty clear she traded places deliberately. How're you gonna explain your way out of this? Everyone knows Aves can't tell chimera genders apart!

Oh! You could try to get these aves to verify your gender. Think of something sexy! Like that chimera lady! Granted, that would only work if the aves knew the chimera was a woman in the first place. Also, it'd be hella embarrassing to actually... you know, just sit here, tied up, dragged across the ground and -- uh, think of a better plan, quick!

Maybe... try to just tell the truth in an undeniable manner? If you say something that can be verified as news that an inmate or prisoner, whatever that lady was, couldn't have known, you might have a shot at being heard out. Anything recent that happened - since you just arrived here - noteworthy or not. As long as it's verifiable and you can get whoever's in charge of these people to check it out, it should work.

Like, things only you would know, too. Repeating your conversation and the events of what happened during your visit at the Postmaster's office - and getting them to contact and verify with them these events - could be one way.

So there. It might take a bit, but you'll get out of this yet!

"Hey fellas, I'm not who you think I am. I'm with the Post Office, and I got duped into swapping clothes with another chimera, much similar to me. And yes, that sounds stupid, but I can prove it."
No. 1013339 ID: 5d9787

If I remember correctly, wasn't that the first chimera you've met? From you point of view this is the first girl you have ever see!
How was it? Puppy love? Did you lose yourself in the eyes of the person you were meant to be with during an encounter arranged by destiny? Did you get heartbroken when she beat you up and steal your stuff?

See what you can figure out by looking around. Save your questions until after you are convinced you won't get beaten again if you call the attention of the wrong person.
No. 1013346 ID: 39d938
File 163483269480.png - (373.26KB , 800x600 , RTS22.png )

>Wasn't that the first chimera you've met?
I guess... She? I guess she was. Assuming she was real, and I haven't gone crazy. The whole encounter was strange.
>How was it? Puppy love? Did you get heartbroken when she beat you up and steal your stuff?
It was dark and I could barely see a thing. There was a scuffle, but I'm somewhat relived to know it wasn't anything personal...
>Ask the aves what's going on and why this outfit is so tight in the crotch
This shirt isn't tight. I guess the ropes are.
>See what you can figure out by looking around
Lots of jungle. In front of me are two guards, and in front of them is a large mammal that is currently dragging me. in front of that animal is another ave holding a lantern.
>Nibble at the rope.
>you have a sharp beak, use it!
I start to bite the rope in an attempt to free myself. Evidently, my beak isn't as sharp as I thought. That or the rope is very tough. One of the guards in front notices.
>"C-classic R-r-rein-ner! I'd be disappointed if you did-did... didn't try that!"
Seems that the orange ave has a severe speech impediment. Also seems that they won't harm me for talking.

"Is there a particular reason why I'm being dragged by rope through the rain?"
>"You forget? We're br-br-bringing you b-back to prison, s-s-...silly!"

"I'm not who you think I am. I'm a postal worker who swapped clothes with an escaped prisoner that looked like me. It may be hard to believe, but I can prove it"
>What a s-s-story, Reiner! Unfor-for-fortunately for you-you, we've been gi- gi- gi- gi-...
"We've been given orders not to listen to anything you say."
I suppose that rules out telling them the truth.

Seems I can try ask them questions so long as they are willing to answer. Not much I can do until they bring me to where they are taking me. I could try getting a better look at the animal and ave out in front, not that it improves my situation much.
No. 1013347 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, do I really sound like this Reiner person? I mean I found it a bit weird that I ran into another Grif that looked a lot like me but do we really sound alike as well?

Oh and what did this chick do to land her in prison and what prison am I being dragged off to?
No. 1013348 ID: ce39da

They're not walking very fast, are they? Try getting up and walking alongside them.

"I'm a guy, though! And I'm pretty sure she wasn't? Shouldn't there be someone who can check that?"
No. 1013358 ID: 558e3d

Think, Pascoe, think! What makes a boy chimera different from a girl chimera?
And don't instinct! You must put it into words, Pascoe!
You must find The Ultimate Proof That Makes It Obvious(tm) and make your captors understand the error of their ways!
No. 1013375 ID: 53560f

“So, let’s just say for a moment that I’m not Rainier, who are they?”
No. 1013380 ID: ab2e9c

You seem unnaturally calm dispite the situation you are in.
No. 1013405 ID: 39d938
File 163488388384.png - (395.92KB , 800x600 , RTS23.png )

>You seem unnaturally calm despite the situation you are in.
There's always a way out of every situation. At least that's how I see it. This is all just a big misunderstanding, so I have no reason to be concerned... right?

>Try walking alongside them
I get on my feet and move up to where they are walking.
"Do this Reiner person and I really sound alike"
>"All of y-you chi-chi-chimer-mer-mera sound alike to aves l-l-like us."

"So, let’s just say for a moment that I’m not Reiner, who are they?"
>"Are y-y-you trying this who-whole thing again? Faking m-m-m-memory loss isn't gonna ge-get you out of pr-pr...pr-pr-"
"Can I talk to the brown ave instead?"
>"He d-d-doesn't t-talk."
"But he just... ok, Whatever. So, if I'm Reiner, what did I do to get into prison."
>"Did you forg-g-get about-bout being a p-p-p...pi-pi-pir..."
"Listen, I'm a male pseudogryph, and I can prove it."
"Well... I can show you."
>...Cut it out, Reiner, you're making me uncomfortable."
>"B-b-besides, you r-r-really wan-wanna go to the male ch-ch-chimera prison? It isn't ea-eas-easier to es-esc-c-cape, that's for s-sure. If we made a mis-mis-t-t-take, take it up with the vice w-w-w... w-w"
"You can do it, buddy."
>"w-w-war-war-WARDEN! Thanks!"

Seems that I'll need to talk to this vice warden if I actually want to be taken seriously. For now, if I want a more coherent conversation maybe I should try talking to the ave up front.
No. 1013406 ID: 8483cf

Well, do we want to try to escape, or do we want to try and prove our case of mistaken identity?

Doesn't sound like we're going to have much luck with these guys, so... escape it is!
No. 1013407 ID: 2a3eda

Ask that if you actually ask to speak to the vice warden would they actually hear you out or would they just ignore you? Because if they would actually hear your case you’d like to request there presents now so you could speak to them when you get there to save everyone some time.

Also What is the name of the prison are they taking you to anyways?
No. 1013409 ID: e51896

We should probably ask for a lawyer once we meet with the warden.
No. 1013410 ID: 2edc7f

We'll have to ask for a chimera to tell them you are not Reiner.
No. 1013420 ID: ce39da

Yeah, head out in front... while being careful to avoid getting the others caught in your ropes (for now, while talking is still an option).

"Hey, um, can I talk to this vice warden person I heard about when we get back? I believe there's been a case of mistaken identity, and I have two ways to prove it, one of which will also point you to the actual convict."

If asked to explain: "First, you can have my gender examined, and you'll find that I am not, in fact, a girl. You check this sort of thing when prisoners are admitted, right? Second, I can attest that you will probably find a field chimera postie in town named 'Pascoe.' I am Pascoe, and this 'Rainer' person you've been looking for is probably posing as me. Seeing as I have never been to the prison, and I only just started my first shift in the Pinnacles, the only way 'Rainer' (as you call me) could know of 'Pascoe's' presence here today is if the two of us encountered each other out here. Oh, and if you do find 'Pascoe,' here's a third piece of evidence; my crew knew me to be male, and examining 'him' will likely lead to a contradiction there."
No. 1013508 ID: 15a025

Is there even a remote chance we can talk with the vice warden at some point when we arrive?
No. 1013509 ID: e13b1d

Being the only male chimera in a women's prison is going to get you a ton of poon, man.
No. 1013539 ID: 7b0b15

Nicely ask how to contact with the vice warden. Your companions in your ship will be worried and you have a schedule to adhere.

Ask if there is a way to prove them that you are not that "Rainer". You understand that they can't leave you free without their superiors approval but you are worried that no further investigation will be carried out.
No. 1013548 ID: 422cea

Do you need a lecture on why mammalian wing-wongs don't belong in birds or something.

...Actually Pascoe and Rainer exist probably BECAUSE dared to defy that so nevermind.
No. 1013552 ID: 73380d

ya know... this might just be an reword for a previus past life Pasco...
No. 1014825 ID: bffbfd
File 163667013941.png - (294.13KB , 800x600 , RTS24.png )

The rain begins to slow down to a light drizzle. I make me way to the front towards the ave holding the lantern as I try not to entangle the ropes. The two guards converse as I get out of hearing range. I get a good look at the mammal. I have no idea what to call it, or which place it came from, but it is definitely from the new world, seeing as the old world doesn't have any native mammals. It makes me a little nervous at first, but I'm put at ease seeing how calm the aves are around it. It seems to be following the lantern.

>Well, do we want to try to escape, or do we want to try and prove our case of mistaken identity?
It's looking more and more like the former if I fail to convince anyone. But *surely* logic should prevail?
No. 1014826 ID: bffbfd
File 163667016081.png - (330.27KB , 800x600 , RTS25.png )

>"You get sick of Berascus and Pecca? I'll admit that neither are great for conversation, but I still have a job to do, so don't think I'll let you distract me."
"That's fine, I just have a few questions."

>What is the name of the prison
"What's the prison called?"
>"Mamerti penitentiary. Special prison for chimera inmates both natural and unnatural. But you should already know that."
>Vice Warden
"Is there a chance I can go talk with the Vice Warden? There has been some kind of mistake."
>"You're in luck, that's who you'll be seeing once we get to the rendezvous point. The Warden is unfortunately taking a few sick days, so you'll have to deal with Mako instead."
>"How could you of all people not know that everybody dislikes Vice Warden Mako. Even the guards."
He pauses for a moment
>"But you didn't hear that from me."

The mammal sniffs me. Continuously. It doesn't seem to want to stop.

>Will the Vice Warden actually hear you out
"Listen, I was taken by mistake, I'm not the one you're looking for, I'm just a chimera that looks like her, and none of you aves can tell because we're a different species. Do you think the Vice Warden will hear me out?"
>"I think it's possible you're telling the truth."
>"Well, you are acting different, don't know if that's an act out of desperation or not, Though I'm not the one you need to convince. Vice Warden Mako will probably hear you out, but don't expect him to act reasonably."
"What do you mean?"
>"If he believed your story, he still probably wouldn't let you go."
"What? Why not?"
>"Seems you forgot what kind of prison this really is."

I don't like the sounds of that. There was still more I wanted to ask but as we round the corner it seems we're about to reach the point he was talking about.
No. 1014827 ID: bffbfd
File 163667019369.png - (376.20KB , 800x600 , RTS26.png )

We walk towards a large clearing with dozens of chimeras and aves sitting around. There must be over twenty chimeras, and more guards. All of the chimeras are female, it must be some instinct because I can tell just by looking.

>"Darn it! Looks like they caught Reiner too! I thought she got away for sure this time..."
>"Why do you always get your hopes up? Nobody has ever gotten away before. They always catch us, and it's because of those mammals. their noses are too good."
>"I thought Reiner would've been willing to do anything to get away this time! guess not..."
>"Well, maybe tenth time's the charm."
>"Can I stand up? This mud is getting in my fur!"

>ya know... this might just be a reward for a previous past life Pascoe...
I don't really believe in past lives but if it means I'm not the bad luck magnet I usually am for once, I'll take it. But to tell the truth, I'm not feeling lucky.

There are quite a few pseudogryphs here, but I can recognise a few other types I've heard about. Besides the three or four plains pseudogryphs that look like me, I can see pseudodrags, pseudojacks, pseudowahe, pseudowend, a few pseudopega and a few others I can't put a name to. None of them have gotten a good look at me so none can tell I'm a male.
No. 1014828 ID: bffbfd
File 163667020741.png - (282.07KB , 800x600 , RTS27.png )

The warden sees me being brought in from the corner of his eye. from what I can see of his obscured face, he wears a smug grin.

>"Ah, Reiner. How nice of you to join us. Twenty-nine minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Why are you looking so down? you almost broke your record this time! My, I hope the fresh air was worth it, because you'll be coming back to your cell very soon. Why don't you take a seat next to Askot over there?" He signals to a pseudodrag sitting a little farther from everybody else.
>"Unless you wanted to grovel, my, it might make me want to go easier on you. Your choice really."

>We'll have to ask for a chimera to tell them you are not Reiner.
I can go sit next to the chimera to try and get them to verify my claim to the Vice Warden, or I can try talk to the Vice Warden directly.
No. 1014830 ID: aff048

Loudly announce yourself to the Vice Warden now. You might not get a chance later.
No. 1014831 ID: c92a02

Go sit next to someone that isn't Askot and ask if they are Askot.
No. 1014837 ID: 6266d5

This is delicate. I wouldn't trust the chimera in the case is friend of Reiner. Altough the warden doesn't look like will listen to you. The problem of showing your cards too soon is that all the female prisoners will know it and can bring problems, but if you don't act soon your story will lose weight.

I would prefer to first stop to observe in which situation we are and talk to the warden privately later, but there is too much in game. I vote to risk to talk in the most educate way to the Warden.
No. 1014844 ID: a00309

That mammal can clearly tell you have a different scent. You should point it out as you explain yourself.
No. 1014845 ID: 6a7eaf

Yeeeah he doesn’t seem overly friendly.

«O-okay. You sure got me, who is someone, alright. I’d like to speak with the Warden when they get back.»

Go sit next to Askot.

«Hi, I’m Pascoe not Reiner, but none of those aves seem to be able to tell. I’m with the Postal Alliance. Would you mind telling me about Reiner and the prison here? Haven’t seen this many pseudogryphs since I left for the New World, and the guards that jumped me suggested it wasn’t your regular kind of prison.
No. 1014847 ID: ce39da

It'd probably be wise to take the guard's word that Mako really won't let you go even if he knows you're innocent. He seems the type who'd rather maintain his reputation than see actual justice done.

It might be better to go over to the chimeras and ask to be let in on the next escape attempt since the mammals don't actually have our scent - the less the vice-warden knows, the better. Heck, having "Rainer" escape "for real" in a way Mako can't possibly deny would serve them right.

"I'm good, thanks. Yo, Askot."
No. 1014862 ID: 5d9787

How about not risking be reassigned to the male prison? Next time you have the opportunity to speak with a friendly guard ask who would be better to explain the situation.

Unfortunately you will be surrounded by dangerous criminals for the foreseeable future. Fortunately they are attractive lonely woman.
"Nice to meet you Askot."
No. 1014889 ID: 53560f

Maybe we should hold off on telling anyone until the warden recovers from their illness so that we can plead our case to a reasonable person. Patience is a virtue after all.
No. 1014899 ID: 076735

I see a big problem with the prisoners: They seem to hold Reiner in high regard.
High enough to lie on her behalf!

You can't count on them to authenticate you. You have better chances with the mammal.
No. 1014905 ID: a2493c

Don't play cocky.
They said grovel, so grovel. I somehow doubt Rainer would do this, so it might lend some weight to us being an innocent bystander.
No. 1015062 ID: 15a025

Time to suck up and Grovel since it seems like it'd be out of character for your doppelganger.
No. 1015073 ID: bffbfd
File 163686458055.png - (248.50KB , 800x600 , RTS28.png )

>Go sit next to someone that isn't Askot and ask if they are Askot.
He already pointed where she was, a little late for me to feign ignorance

>How about not risking being reassigned to the male prison?
As bad a situation as this is, that could certainly be a worse outcome.

>Wait until we meet the Warden
This seems like a probable solution, but I need to get this cleared up before my crew departs to the next colony. I don't know how long the warden will be absent, but if it’s longer than two or three days, I'll need a plan B.

>ask to be let in on the next escape attempt
That might be my only reliable option, but I'll need to make friends first...

>Loudly announce yourself to the Vice Warden now. You might not get a chance later.
I try to talk a bit with the Vice Warden before I go about doing anything else, trying to make it loud and clear that there is a mistake.
"I'm not Reiner! I'm somebody else entirely, the real Reiner is still out there!"
>"My, unless my memory fails me… haven't you tried this trick before? Why, yes! You have! It didn't work then, and it won't work now." Reiner tried that? Just how desperate was she to escape?
"I can verify my claims! Look, the mammal that brought me here can tell our scents apart, and I have people on the outside who can verify who I really am!"
>"Save your cheap tricks, escape is impossible. You should know, it's the reason no chimera will ever escape. That, and because of me of course, the most committed jailer in the whole penitentiary. Unlike the warden, I've never taken a sick day in my life! That's just how dedicated I am to keeping order around here."
Several of the guards just look away and roll their eyes.
>"My, I don't even know why I waste my breath on you. Drop the act, it'll do you no good. Now take a seat, I'll be addressing all of you shortly."
"Fine I'll grovel."
>"Later! I'm thinking up my speech..."
That goes about as well as I expected. He won't even consider the possibility that an escape occurred. I take a seat next to the pseudodrag named 'Askot'

>"Awwww darn it! Reiner, they got you too?! You were gone so long, I thought maybe you had a chance."
"About that."
>"You sound different, you catch that sickness that's been going around?"
“Not quite.”
No. 1015075 ID: bffbfd
File 163686463370.png - (147.70KB , 800x600 , RTS29.png )

She looks over to me
>"Hold on... You're not Reiner... As a matter a fact, I can't recall you from the prison at all... Wait wait wait... you're not even a female!
"Very observant. My name is Pascoe, I am employed with the Maritime Postal Alliance; New World chapter. There was a mix-up of sorts."
>"A postie? Then why are you wearing a prison outfit tied up in... wait. "
"Like I said, a mix up of sorts."
>"Does that mean-!" She stops herself when she notices how loud she was speaking, she lowers her tone and resumes.
>"Does that mean Reiner got away?!"
"With my identity! "
>"K-keep it down! If the other chimeras find out... let's just say that nothing good with come of it. "
"I have questions then, about the prison"
>"Fine! just... keep talking to me."
No. 1015076 ID: 8483cf

How often does the mail get delivered?
No. 1015085 ID: 5d9787

What do you mean nothing good? They will inevitable notice, so why would later be preferable to now?

What is up with the ropes? Why are you all sitting on the ground in the forest?

What is the prison like? What should I expect?
No. 1015087 ID: 96c896

Are all the chimeras here actually criminals? There was an implication that this isn't a real prison. If not... why?
No. 1015094 ID: b5c538

Not much about the experience to say she beat the piss out of me, said "nothing personal", and then took my stuff and left.
No. 1015107 ID: 2aa5f0

I was told the vice warden is a total tool and that I shouldn't bother speaking to him but what about the actual warden? If I could talk to them would they actually listen to me?
No. 1015111 ID: 53560f

How long do you think it will take for the warden to recover from their illness? I’d like to make my case to them before my ship departs without me.
No. 1015199 ID: bffbfd
File 163695190303.png - (195.77KB , 800x600 , RTS30.png )

"What do you mean nothing good?"
>"Look, a lot of the inmates in the female section of the prison haven't had the company of a male chimera in years. I'll admit you don't look like... the most masculine of male chimeras, but if you want to stay in one piece, maybe keep it to yourself for a while, or risk starting a riot."
"What is up with the ropes?
>"To stop us from going anywhere, pretty self-evident."
"How often do inmates get their mail?"
>"It can depend. If it's coming from somewhere in the new world, maybe a few days. If it's from the old world, every couple of weeks. Not many chimeras in the prison have friends or family in the old world though, in a lot of ways many are stranded. You shouldn't expect any letters though, Rainer is alone in the world. She used to have her crew, but... yeah."

"What is the prison like? What should I expect?"
>"Get used to sticking to a schedule, there'll be a lot of that. Maybe watch your back for a while, Reiner wasn't able to make friends with everyone."
"I got the implication that this isn't a normal prison."
>"It isn't. We're not being kept here to pay for crimes, they just want to trade us off. It has its upsides and downsides. At least they don't torture us, kill us or deprive us. On the other hand, not all the options they give us for release are appealing..."
"Are all the chimeras here actually criminals?"
>"Depends on what you'd call a criminal. Someone who committed a crime? Then yes. The severity of the crime however doesn't always have to be severe. There are people in here for stealing bread."
"Would the actual Warden listen to me? that I'm not Reiner?"
>"Absolutely. One look at you and that'd be enough to tell. On top of that, Reiner had a notorious reputation for having run ins with the Warden, so the two were well acquainted. The Warden is a good person who is fair to chimeras, unlike that tool, Mako."
"How long will it be until the Warden recovers from sickness?"
>"Could take a few days, and nobody is happy about it. Nobody except Mako, who thinks he runs the place now. Fortunately, he doesn't have any of the actual authority that the Warden does, otherwise he'd be thinking up harsh punishments for us right now. Worst he can do is relocate what cell we stay in for a dozen hours, which you may want, seeing as what you -- I mean, seeing as what Reiner did to her cellmate."
>"When Mako comes over, he'll ask which you'll prefer, to go back to your normal cell with your cellmate, A very disgruntled pseudojack, or to be relocated to F block, the place where some of the... above the neck chimeras are kept... When Mako comes over, I hope you'll have made up your mind."
"Wait, hold on-"
Mako is now starting his speech, and will probably come over once he is done, I should make up my mind before he finishes. I don’t understand either of my options but I think I should think of which one to lean towards.
No. 1015205 ID: 8483cf

Full or above-neck chimeras! Let's take our chances with the area with presumably better security. Hopefully. Feathers crossed.
No. 1015206 ID: 401b30

"Above the neck" ones?

Sorry but what? Kinda went over my head.
No. 1015207 ID: 082b42

Above neck guys
No. 1015214 ID: 076735

Do we need to briar-patch Mako?
No. 1015215 ID: f8fa51

Why would the "above-the-neck" chimeras be kept separate from the other chimeras? And why only some of them? I don't understand this situation, but making sudden changes to our location sounds like a bad idea, especially if we're hoping to get rescued.
No. 1015216 ID: 457dad

So what did she do to her last cell mate and what in the world does above the neck mean and how does it compare to going back to her normal cell?
No. 1015221 ID: 9a2966

So the New World's prison system (at least for chimeras, in this particular region) is clearly exploitative (and how, if it's all about selling prisoners, yeesh). But the Warden is a fine enough fellow, seems? While his Vice-Warden has a hard-on for 'justice' or cruel and unusual punishments.

>nothing good = unwanted advances
Oooh. Yeah, you'd probably want to avoid that.

So it sounds like the choice is between dealing with a very disgruntled former cellmate of Reiner's (which might be fine once they realize we're not Reiner) or be moved to the cells of the women with weird chimeric heads (which might make them harder to communicate with?).

Uh, well... you're no good in a fight, as established, so if it takes you a bit to convince the cellmate you could be in trouble, and you can probably make friends with the chimera-headed even if there's conversational difficulties. And it's only for a dozen hours. Plus, you might see some chimera types you haven't before. That's an adventure, right?

Relocate to the F block! Hopefully it should be very obvious whether we need to briar patch Mako or not by how he's acting.
No. 1015223 ID: 5d9787

If a pseudodragon can identify Pascoe sex this pseudojack will likely notice we are not the person who wronged her. I don't know why the above the neck chimeras are undesirable companionship, but I would prefer not finding out.

Tell me more about how much interest there is in the not most masculine of male chimeras.
No. 1015224 ID: 6266d5

By "Abobe the neck" I understand that they are "Mammals up to above the neck". In this world, if I get it right, only aves are sentient and chimeras are more feral the more mamals they are.

I don't think that Pascoe is the kind of person which get along easily with animals, so dealing with more savage people or maybe feral persons might be a nightmare of night (especially for the same problem of being male in a female prison). The good part is that I doubt they will say anything about us or at least they will not be played attention.

That pseudojack might give us an initial beating and then we will risk to don't get along with her (we can play the card that both of us has been played out by Reiner). Even with the problem of her not getting along with us and trying to extort us, we have more chances of diplomacy.

Unless Pascoe is very good with animals and more bestial chimeras, I would chose Reiner's cell.


That could be a good idea, though by how they treat the prisoners I doubt they will let us write letters. We might try to write a letter directed to our next destination's post office building to one of our companions. If we can, we can also write another letter to the post master in the old world as some plan C if things get sour in here.
No. 1015231 ID: a2493c

former room-mate.
1: we're not reiner, and we can patch over problems with a single person better than a group.
2: we will be dealing with one known belligerent, rather than a potential group of them.

I feel like playing the odds here.
No. 1015246 ID: 73380d

dey noy burbs so dey BAD! people!
No. 1015260 ID: 5378af

I say go with the former cell mate
No. 1015336 ID: bffbfd
File 163705646774.png - (246.07KB , 800x600 , RTS31.png )

>"Alright, listen up! Clearly, the events of what we see here today should make one thing perfectly clear; Escape is impossible. After all these years, you'd think that'd be pretty obvious. But understand that neither I, nor the Warden, are mad at any of you. However, I think I speak on the warden's behalf when I say we're all very disappointed in you all! Especially with how hard we try to be fair! You know, if you were aves, you'd have all probably been sent to the gallows by now. But despite you all being dirty criminals and petty thieves, we still give you options for rehabilitation! But until you all learn that, this is just going to keep happening. As you all know, the Warden has limited my capabilities on how I can deal out punishments, but when the warden recovers, we'll think of severe consequences befitting of yet another of these feeble escape attempts. If anybody has a problem with how I run things, then maybe a trip to F block should give you time to reconsider."
There are a few groans and sighs coming from the chimeras. I'm not sure what that's about.
No. 1015337 ID: bffbfd
File 163705648984.png - (188.93KB , 800x600 , RTS32.png )

I turn to Askot
"What did Reiner do to her cellmate?"
>"What didn't she do? they were like mortal enemies. The most recent thing is the worst though, Reiner scratched out one of her eyes by accident and sent her to the infirmary for weeks. Apparently, they eye doesn't look likely to recover. Why do you think Reiner wanted to get out so bad? If you get thrown into that dark cell all tied up, she may begin to take out her frustrations. I'm sure after clearing up the misconception, you can both bond over how you both got screwed over by Reiner. She will be furious knowing that Reiner is free though.
>Why would the above the neck chimeras be kept from the other chimeras.
I have no idea. This is the first time I have even heard of above the neck chimeras existing. If I had to guess, they probably aren't naturally occurring.

>Briar Patch Mako
If being with the 'above the neck' chimeras is the preferable place to be when he thinks it's a punishment, I'd suppose so.
As was predicted, Mako makes his way to where Askot and I are sitting.
>"Now, as for you two, how’s about we make this quick so I can take the rest of the night off, what’ll the punishment be? My, I think I have just the thing! How would you two like new cellmates for the night?"
"I'll cast a vote for you."
>"Your regular cell it is! How about you Reiner? I hear your regular cellmate has been dying to meet you since her recovery. I would certainly hate to separate such good friends, but you must learn from your mistakes. Does F block sound appealing to you? My, they certainly get very lonely over there, not having a cell to share with anyone. I won't be cruel by pairing you up with any of the wild minded ones. Guess that leaves a choice between Plaintooth and Snowball. Or... perhaps I can arrange you go to your regular cell... If you cast a vote for me in the next warden election?"
What kind of prison elects its warden???

Seems my choices are Reiner’s regular cellmate, or a choice between two other chimeras named 'Plaintooth' and 'Snowball'

Should I even bother getting Askot to verify my identity? It seems as though she will try throw me under the wagon to give her friend time to get away.
No. 1015338 ID: 5d9787

Election? The prisoners vote? What?
Can you at least tell me what an above the neck chimeras is? I don't even know why I should be scared of them, but this offer has being so ominous I'm even more convinced into choosing Reiner's disgruntle ex-cellmate.
No. 1015339 ID: 96c896

Go with F block. Think of this as investigative journalism. You're going to get out eventually, and you'll be able to tell the world just how fucked up the place is.
No. 1015340 ID: ae4a08

well at least plaintooth has plain teeth. never know what kind of dangers lurk in the snow. go with plaintooth
No. 1015341 ID: ae4a08

also lol mako is dumb as a bag of hammers, if you were actually Rainer theres nothing stopping you from just lying and saying youll vote for him and then not doing it. he has no power as vice warden if he lost so he couldnt do anything about it. what a chump.
No. 1015342 ID: ae4a08

but yeah go with F block just to spite him. in fact tell him about how dumb he is while doing it. what a loser.
No. 1015343 ID: ab61f6

If we're going down this road, do so by telling him F block is preferable to that smug smile of his (implying you want your real cell but would rather lose it than beg for it).
No. 1015345 ID: 279c23

Does the F in F block stand for feral or fuck? The answer really maters here I feel.
No. 1015348 ID: dfbac0

F block, if they vote for their warden maybe you can find a way to get them to vote in a warden who's more sympathetic to your cause.
No. 1015364 ID: ce39da

Briar patch your way into your regular cell; once you get over the "looks like Rainer" hump, you'll have a staunch ally. Refuge in audacity time!

"Oh, please! Anything but my cellmate! But... I can lie about my vote, can't I? I should do something that can't be taken back, like... what if I ate you out right here? Honestly, heck, that sounds pretty hot. Let's put on a show!" This doubles somewhat as petty revenge, putting these verbal atrocities into Rainer's mouth.
No. 1015365 ID: 5378af

Lets go with the original cell, I feel like above neck chimeras are not very nice
No. 1015366 ID: 9a2966

Oookay, let's not get involved in a vendetta over an eye.

Stick with the plan, which is to try to get a meet with the main Warden, since this one seems, um, not as reasonable-sounding and already dismissed you out of hand. Not sure, indeed, if you can trust Askot to verify for you, but even if she did, all you'd do with this guy is land in the male prison.

Say what you need to go to F block. Snowball seems the most innucous of the two names.
No. 1015383 ID: 235ba5

Snowball is like, definitely just white-feathered, right?
We need to know what makes a tooth "plain" in a world of birds.
No. 1015391 ID: 8483cf

No. 1015406 ID: c92a02

Given your track record with the visually impaired, let's go with Snowball.
No. 1015427 ID: a7d6c9

Well, I hope we can't keep your promise to vote for him. And even if I feel the most secure way out of here is a beating from Rainer's cellmate, I am awfully curious about those chimera.

(I think the best solution would be Reiner's cell but I vote for drama: Snowball sounds fluffy)
No. 1015495 ID: 73380d

snowball sounds like and obvious trap, whom might planetooth be? Ill go with them...
No. 1015543 ID: 6e03b6

Try Plaintooth.
No. 1015612 ID: bffbfd
File 163740655619.png - (308.62KB , 800x600 , RTS33.png )

>F block just to spite him
"While I would love nothing more than to move back to the confines of my cosy cell with my undoubtedly loving and doting cellmate, I would rather go the night with those no-good above the neck chimeras in F block if it meant I didn't have to vote for you!"
>"My! Finally come back to your normal attitude, have you? While it is nice to see you drop the act, I can't help but miss this timid mystery chimera."
"Cry me a river!" I blow a raspberry. I wouldn't do this normally, but I feel like it is important to act like whoever this Reiner person is, because getting put in a male prison seems like the worst-case scenario.
>"So, who will it be? Plaintooth or Snowball?"
>"My, such a quick response! Nobody ever chooses Plaintooth. I can't blame you though, she creeps me out too. Maybe she gets lonely, but then again, who cares? Berascus."
>"Bring him to F-block. He'll be staying in Snowball's cell for tonight."

Askot looks over to me as we begin to part ways.
"See you first thing tomorrow, 'Reiner.' Don't let anybody find out about our little secret, ok?"
"Since when did I agree to keep it a secret?"
"You'll want to, unless you want to complicate things." We walk too far away to hear each other.

"So, uh, what does F block stand for?"
"I-I-It's alphabetic-c-cal o-o-order. You know, a-a-A, b-b-B, c-c-c-C..."
"I get it!"
No. 1015614 ID: bffbfd
File 163740664147.png - (368.24KB , 800x600 , RTS34.png )

We walk for a while to get to the prison, and once we are inside it is pretty dark. They take my ropes off and put me in handcuffs. We go through a bunch of hallways until we are outside again, this time on a stone bridge leading up to a separate building, shaped more like a tower. I'm not sure why this area of the prison is so secluded from the rest, but this must be what they call F block.

We walk down the quiet halls of F block until something huge looms over the corner of my eye.
A large mammal creature, bigger than any person I have ever seen stands a small distance away, poking her head out between the cell bars. She looks over to the gaurd.
"Hey Stutter, my shackles are feeling reeeeaaal loose! You should come in here and tighten' them for me!"
>"K-k-keep that f-f-forked toungue behind your t-t-t-teeth, plaintooth! And st-t-t-top calling me th-that!"
"Oh? Who is this you've brought with you? Could it be? Reiner the cooler queen herself? Coming to be cellmates with me?"
>"This one is g-g-going to S-Snowball."
"But people always choose Snowball over me! Is it because she isn't a full chimera like I am? How cruel~"
>"M-m-must be y-yo-your toothy g-gr-grr... g-grin."
"I can't help having such a pretty smile!"
No. 1015615 ID: bffbfd
File 163740673881.png - (199.88KB , 800x600 , RTS35.png )

She leers in to get a closer look at me.
"Hey Reiner, you're looking a little different... Oh! I know what it is! That scar on your cheek fully healed! that was quick. I'm guessing the escape didn't work this time around either? Maybe you should try something new this time around."
"I'm not Reiner!"
"hmmmmm... I think you tried that one before. A bold strategy, let's see if it pays off!"
"You can't tell that I'm a different person?"
"Do I look like a Natty Chimera to you? Nah. Lots of you look the same."
If this is Plaintooth then I might have dodged a bullet. I don't want to speak too soon though.
No. 1015616 ID: bffbfd
File 163740676490.png - (399.00KB , 800x600 , RTS36.png )

We walk along to the cell next door, the guard opens the cell door and lets me in, closing it after I go inside. In front of me sits she who is apparently referred to as 'Snowball'
>"C-c-call for m-me if you need any th-th-thing. N-n-not that y-you sh-sh-s-sh-should. Snowball is v-v-vvvv... v-very t-t-t-timid."

I stand for a bit, she doesn't react to me walking in, staying silent. She looks at the moon outside the window. Going by appearances she doesn't seem like any ordinary chimera, with ave feathers and legs below her waist, with the top half being some sort of mammal with white fur. Being around aves all my life, this sudden change in the people I'm meeting today is a little jarring.

What should I say?
No. 1015617 ID: 076735

SHOULD you say anything?
No. 1015618 ID: 2de4fd

Sit down, give her some space, let her approach you if she's going to. You can just say hello if you want to at least give her the courtesy, which could be good.
No. 1015622 ID: 5d9787

Notice Mako referred to Pascoe as he and him. Unless the guard who complained about the vice warden told him that was the claim he shouldn't know.

"Hello, nice to meet you."
"Do you like the clear night sky? It looks beautiful tonight"
"Your fur is very pretty."
No. 1015623 ID: 4e2458

Greet her, introduce yourself and let her say what she wills, if anything.

You might want to maneuver around to get a peek on her face... and you might also want to consider the sleeping arrangements here. Are there two cots?
No. 1015629 ID: 2aa5f0

uh say hi and look at the moon with her... not really sure you can do much else right now.
No. 1015634 ID: a2493c

>refers to you as a he several times


oh this motherfucker KNOWS we're not them and just doesn't give a fuck huh
No. 1015635 ID: a2493c

just sit down and appreciate the moon with 'em. They seem a bit focused on that.
No. 1015657 ID: 1f86a7

>If this is Plaintooth then I might have dodged a bullet. I don't want to speak too soon though.

But she looks cool...

Now seriously, without actually knowing how she will react maybe it's better to let her take the first step. Look the moon and relax while you can.
No. 1015672 ID: 235ba5

You really missed out on a fun night, Pascoe.
Look at those TEETH.
Hit her with the classic "Good evening".
Work the ol' Pascoe charm so she doesn't murder you horribly.
No. 1015683 ID: 73380d

stay silent, keep far enughf from the bars so the gards don't kick you... sleep slowly barley closing your eyes.
they know you are there, they chose not to acknowledge you, talking to them will not benefit you. tomorrow will bring challenges and opertunity.
No. 1015685 ID: 094652

No. 1015686 ID: bffbfd
File 163747263382.png - (259.31KB , 800x600 , RTS37.png )

Accidently had Mako refer to Pascoe as a male instead of female. To clarify, this was not intentional on my part.

>You really missed out on a fun night, Pascoe. Look at those TEETH.
Teeth aren't comforting! Not that I have much experience with things with teeth. We have lots of lizards in the old world, but these mammals wear them differently...

>Sleeping arrangements
I don't see any cots. There is a pile of straw with white fur mixed in, I suppose if you can call that a place to sleep

>SHOULD you say something?
I'm not sure, but I can't see it doing any harm. It's either that or be awkwardly silent for the rest of the night.

I take a seat on the ground next to her but not too close as to give some space. I manoeuvre in a way to get a good look at her face. She looks a lot friendlier than Plaintooth, despite having teeth.

"So... the uh... moon... looks nice tonight..."
>"I think so. I do like to look at it. I don't get to see many pretty things."
She speaks very softly.


>"I'm not sure I recognize you. You look a bit like Reiner, but you seem different."
"My name is Pascoe, and I'm here because of a mix up. I won't be here for long once everything gets sorted out. Soooo... yeah."
>"You're new here?"
"I just got here."
>"Does that mean... you know about the outside?"
"I've been outside all my life."


>"Could you tell me about it, Pascoe? Please?"
"You don't know about the outside world?"
>"Not since I became this. Talking to Plaintooth and reading books only tells me so much."

I can talk about the outside world from my perspective, not that I have much to tell having lived in one place most my life. I can ask her questions about the prison and how it operates. I could ask her questions about herself or Plaintooth if I'm curious enough to know about them. Or I can ask any other questions she might know the answer to.
No. 1015687 ID: 8483cf

Let's take turns sharing stories! Ask her about the warden, and tell her about your friends.

Also tell her about a thing called pen pals, maybe she needs a companion.
No. 1015688 ID: 8a51ec

She seems rather sweet for someone you had to choose between Plaintooth as cellmates, that's a little questionable. At least admit you aren't the best source of info on the outside world before telling her anything about it.
No. 1015689 ID: c92a02

You get to talk to Plaintooth a lot, hm?
Start with telling her a bit about life on the outside, how chimeras aren't terribly well liked out there either, but also about beaches and fairs and plays by candlelight.
At some point, you should make an aside to ask what she usually does during the day. Best to be prepared for what her cell is like in the mornings.
No. 1015690 ID: 53560f

Trade stories about each other’s lives and experiences.
Maybe ask her what she’s in for?
No. 1015692 ID: 2aa5f0

you could tell her what life was like back home and then compare it to your time on the frontier. She might like the contrast.
No. 1015693 ID: 5d9787

Hold on questions that goes against what she is asking. You still don't know why she wear shackles so robust and tight, so try to be on her good side until you feel it's safe.

From what she said it's not entirely clear if she doesn't know about what lies beyond this island or the prison walls. Describe the places you've being through in reverse order and see how she react. The floating peaks above the endless fog, the portal to the sea, the quaint lawless town and finally civilization. Elaborate on the details if and as she ask.

Notice she can distinguish you from Reiner when aves and Plaintooth couldn't. Why is that?
Ask how she became this. What even is this? And what she used to look like?
It may not be an adequate consolation, but tell her she looks beautiful.
No. 1015694 ID: 73380d

ask if she is blind, if so, ask for her palm rub her palm with you finger, show her the lay out of your town and features of aves yards if thire kitchen is far from the house if in the event it caches fire not everything is lost.(speak softly as to not anger prisoners trying to sleep)
No. 1015705 ID: 50af53

Can she see it the bars? Maybe offer your shoulders for her to stand on.
No. 1015709 ID: a2493c


don't do this, she clearly isn't blind. where did you even get that?

As for what we talk about, I suppose we should focus on forming a bond here. Tell her of our life, Pascoe. Tell her of the mail.
No. 1015721 ID: ed0bbf

Tell her about your adventures in the New World so far.

Everything, names, events, etc. Consider it practice for when you get to meet the Warden.
No. 1015724 ID: 4211c6

Tell her about how your home was, the townsfolk working for income and cultivating the fields, the artisans crafting their wares, merchants trading goods... and couriers delivering mail. Tell her about families, parents and sons, about hearing grandparents stories and of siting around the fireplace to keep warm. Tell her about the boats floating over the skys, about wells that suck the water from the insides of the earth, about the metalworkers hiting metals from rocks into objects and sewers treading plants into clothes and blankets.

Adventures are fancy for braging, but if she is ignorant of the outside these things might give her a better view of the world.

Ask in exchange for her to tell you about how things work in prison and to keep the secret for a bit of time.
No. 1015889 ID: c0641b


No sense not to, and since Plaintooth seems to be more bark than bite (sorry, I had to), maybe we can chat with them both a time and discuss things. If two separate people can attest that we know a heck of a lot more about The Outside (and the postal system!) than Reiner ever could, that would work in our favor.
No. 1016312 ID: 15a025

Quite the interesting duo down here.

Share some stories about your exploits in the new world so far. You've met quite the interesting group of Aves so far.
No. 1016354 ID: 73380d

she is distracted and staring up, take this opportunity to throw the Hardiest jab your birddy bones can throw, RIGHT AT HER JAW! make it a K.O.

common you have free will don't you?
No. 1016404 ID: 2de4fd

Sure, why not? Absolutely do so.
No. 1016459 ID: d831d2

>Not since I became this.

That implies...
She used to be either Ave or Chimera.
Also that she became this way by mishap... or...
Somebody caused it.
No. 1016509 ID: 42aee0

Mmmh... Snowball seems nice but Plainthoot is THICC. Don't you like THICCness Pascoe? We must embrace THICC, so ask the jailer to go with the THICC lady. They will surely understand.
No. 1016510 ID: 9a2966

It's been mentioned that the New World has some freak magic transformative stuff going on, yeah.
No. 1016532 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163841519567.png - (436.77KB , 800x600 , RTS38.png )

>Jab her
What? No! She's nice.

>Notice she can distinguish you from Reiner when aves and Plaintooth couldn't. Why is that?
"How did you know I wasn't Reiner?"
>"You act different from her. She tends to be a little more... abrasive? I'm not sure how I'd describe her accurately."

"What can you tell me about the warden?"
>"The Warden treats the inmates very well. Much fairer than how ave prisons are run."
"I'm guessing you get to speak a lot to the one in the cell next door?"
>"I do get to talk to her a lot, yes. However we do differ a lot in terms of interests. She isn't much for reading or sharing poetry, and the only books she likes are the ones with pictures in them."
"You seem rather... timid and sweet to be put in a prison like this, what are you in for?"
>"Nothing. Well, nothing that I did. The person who I was before I became this committed some sort of crime."
"Before you became that?"
>"Yes, when I was an ave."
"What... made you become that? A chimera, that is."
>"Body altering anomalies in the New World. For me and many others, it was the result of an anomalous pit of tar. I fell in headfirst and was only in there for half a minute before being pulled out. Above a vertical cut upward from my left hand to my right bicep is my mammal half. Everything below Is the ave I was originally, and I have no memories of the ave that used to be in the place of my mammal half. I don't want to sound like I'm ungrateful though, apparently people like Plaintooth and I are the lucky ones. Most above the neck chimeras lose their minds. Or are at least unresponsive to most forms of direct conversation. For example, there's someone in the cell across who will only listen to you if you talk about hugs or sugar."
"You could use a pen pal, seems you could use a companion."
>"I would need someone to write to. I don't really have any mutuals on the outside. There is one person I know somewhat, but he thinks there might be some of who I used to be left in me. He visits every so often, but I can see that what I am breaks his heart."
"Can you tell me how the prison works?"
>"F block inmates have a different experience from the general population, so I'm afraid I cannot tell you much. From what I hear you get let out of your cell a whole lot. There's a yard and a place to eat and everything. As far as a prison goes, this one allows for a fair amount of freedom, though I hear stuff in the male prison is a lot stricter because of how violent the inmates tend to be."
No. 1016533 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163841522781.png - (343.18KB , 800x600 , RTS39.png )

>Tell her about your time in the New World
That's just the thing, I've only started my time in the New World, and I've already been caught up in some mess. I won't complain because I was told to expect problems. Though I'll admit that I wasn't expecting this.

"I'm not the best source for information on the outside world."
>"That's fine."
>Tell her of our life, Pascoe. Tell her of the mail.
"Well, I guess I'll talk about the old world, where I come from. starting from the beginning - I've been alone."
>"I can relate so far."
"Yeah, never had any family I knew of. Never even knew who my parents were. Story goes that I was mailed to the post office of a town via an unmarked package. The workers didn't really know what to do with me so they let me stick around until someone came to pick me up. Obviously, that never happened. When I became old enough - which isn't that old, I became a worker to earn my living."
"You are a postal worker?"
"Yes. It became less my job and more how my life was. Anyway, if I were to best describe the town I came from, it was your classic backwoods ave town, houses built inside and outside of huge trees as tall as you could see. You don't get trees quite as big as that in the new world, so they build everything on the ground here. But it was nice... I liked going across all of ziplines and crossing all the bridges. Despite what one may think, nobody ever treated me any different from an ave."
>"That city sounds wonderful. You chose to deliver to the new world instead?"
"I wanted... something."
>"Like what?"
"I wanted something to want. Everybody wants something. Except me. I'm surrounded by dreamers, and I deliver mail, and so... I really feel like I'm missing out."
>"Pascoe? Are you ok?"
"What? oh. Yeah, I'm fine... They say that those who go to the new world looking for something will always find it. But what am I looking for? Will I find anything even if I’m not looking?"
>"I sincerely hope you can figure it out. We have all night to talk. or if you are tired you can sleep in my bed. You can have it all to yourself because I sleep during the day. We can talk about anything, like the stuff I've read in books, or any more questions you may have about Plaintooth and I."
No. 1016534 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163841526340.png - (329.02KB , 800x600 , RTS40.png )

A brick from the wall grinds loudly as it abruptly slides from the wall making a loud thud as it falls to the floor, a snout now poking through the newly created hole in the wall.

Ah, it's Plaintooth.
>"I don't think you would be interested in anything we are discussing."
"Nonsense! I can pretend to be totally interested in whatever you were saying just now."
>"I see. Would you like to choose what we talk about?"
"How about we talk about our feelings! and our hopes and dreams!"
>"I dream of seeing the natural beauty of the world. Waterfalls and rivers, flora, and fauna... I would love that and so much more."
"I... want to know what my dream is. Hopefully it involves more than delivering mail."
>"How about you, Plaintooth? what's your dream?"
"Me? pfffft. I don't have any dreams! Nope. Not me."
"Fine! but only if you quit bugging me about it! My dream is to have... a uniform!"
>"That's new."
"Yeah, I saw it in one of those books! Hundreds and hundreds of those funny little ave guys, all standing in groups wearing uniforms! Think I could get something like that made for me?"
>"I think you're a little big for anything that comes in ave sizes."
"You know, I have a uniform."
"Prisoner uniforms don't count! I mean something like the guards wear. Something that lets others know that I'm part of something. Also needs a hat."
>"Why don't you try becoming part of something?"
"Because I'm in jaiiiiiil!"
>"They can let you out you know. The warden gave you a deal."
"You make it sound so simple. I still have to think about it. So, Reiner, what's cool with you? Wanna buy a weapon?"

Looks like Plaintooth is available for conversation now. I can ask any questions directed at Plaintooth or Snowball or do any number of other exciting things one can do in a prison cell. When I'm done with that, I should get some rest, and maybe think through my plans on getting out of this situation. Now that I think about it... I really hope that last package got delivered...
No. 1016535 ID: f8fa51

Our current living conditions don't appear to necessitate a weapon, but it could be prudent to think about acquiring one. However, we don't have anything to trade with.
No. 1016537 ID: 21af3f

Ask plaintooth if she’d like to be a postal worker, they get uniforms, the get to travel and see the world as they deliver packages, and if you stick to the new world you’ll probably get them into a fight every now and again if you like that sort of thing. Hey maybe snowball would like to try for being a postal worker as well. Just watch out for people who look like you trying to escape a prison as they might knock you out, swap clothes with you, and leave you to get arrested in their steed while they make a run for it.
No. 1016540 ID: c92a02

We're in a prison, and not everyone's as cool as Snowball and Plaintooth. Getting armed for emergencies is smart. How much for a weapon?

Boop the snoot.
No. 1016541 ID: 5378af

As a postal worker, we must uphold the code of not using weapons, we don't need to buy one
No. 1016546 ID: dfbac0

Getting a weapon seems like it would probably provoke a fight rather than prevent it while we're in a prison.
Don't correct her about not being Reiner, but we might as well mention postal workers do get uniforms although they aren't as flashy as some military uniforms can be.
Ask about the books snowball reads, maybe she can recommend some for you.
Also, as a point of discussion, Plaintooth has a similar situation to you where she only knows one thing (the prison for her, postal worker for us.) and doesn't really have any dreams beyond that. Maybe ask about what this deal is about.

...Also, I really wanna hug Snowball.
No. 1016549 ID: 8483cf

No weapons! Yes hugs. As to the above suggestion, it's Snowball who only knows prison, not Plaintooh.

What's Plaintooth's story?

And yes, boop Plaintooth's snoot. Say it's an initiation ritual to test worthiness to become a postal worker. If she bites your hand off, she fails the test.
No. 1016551 ID: aa0a8a

If hug, ask beforehand. Not everyone likes hugs.
No. 1016555 ID: 53560f

To Plaintooth, tell her you’re doing well, ask her how she’s doing. refuse her offer for now but ask about the deal the warden gave her.

As for Snowball, offer to be her penpal, or hell, if we end up doing this route regularly then we can make sure to visit anytime we stop at this isle.
No. 1016558 ID: 5d9787

>Wanna buy a weapon?
We should avoid be caught breaking any rules if we hope to be release through official means. It would tragic if they confirm Pascoe identity but arrested him for committing crimes in prison.

Our postal officer uniform was only a hat. The raincoat matched that hat well, but I'm not sure unrelated complementing accessories are enough to satisfy the desire for an uniform. Regardless there is no harm in mentioning the mailman dressing style to see if Plaintooth like it.

Since Snowball don't consider herself to be the same person she used to be ask about how much she (and Plaintooth) knew or remembered. Does she remember what happened immediately after the pit? Did she knew how to speak and write or had to relearn those things? Does she know or remember something from before? Memories that might not come from her previous ave self?

Pascoe have feline legs, so he knows how wonderfully silky cat fur is. Ask her to touch it. Gently cafuné around her ears. Tell the cat how cute she is.
No. 1016559 ID: 42aee0

Ask them what they think about the warden's deal, this is a way to ask about it without giving out you don't actually know what the deal is. (Besides, I am curious)

Other thing I have in mind. How many years in prison do they have left? I would like to know if you could have the posibility to meet them again once you get out of prison, but sadly I think they are going to have an unfail amount of years ahead. This might be a sad topic, so treat with care.

And boop the snoot, be not ungrateful to fate.
No. 1016560 ID: 30b9f6

What kind of deal was Plaintooth offered?

And oh, she likes uniforms? Tell her about marching band uniforms. Not as cool as postal uniforms, of course, but you recognize your own bias there.

Keep chatting with the two apparent night owls, until you realize it's getting close to morning.
No. 1016564 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163846910270.png - (356.95KB , 800x600 , RTS41.png )

>Don't correct her about not being Reiner
I'll keep it a secret for now.

"I'm doing good, all things considered. I'll have to pass on the weapon, For a couple of reasons. First off, I don't have anything to trade, and second I follow a code that doesn't allow me to use weapons."
"All I'd want in exchange is a favour or two, but also, when did you develop principles? didn't you take somebody's eye out recently?"
"So they say. Anyway, what's your story Plaintooth?"
"Story? A few weeks after coming into existence, I was sent here for disorderly conduct. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to get in trouble for doing nothing when you terrify people for existing. And that's my life story. Since the offense was so minor, I can really be let out if I pick an avenue do to so, but I like it in here a whole lot more than I ever liked it out there. I occasionally leave my cell and mess around, so they have no choice but to extend my sentence."
"Do you remember anything about the ave you used to be?”
"Nope. Not a thing"
"Would you wear a marching band uniform?"
"I'd have to learn how to play instruments, and that's too much work for a uniform!"
"Have you ever considered being a postal worker? They have uniforms."
"Huh. I haven't thought about that. How do the uniforms look?"
"Depends on the company you work for. If you like getting into fights, new world delivery routes might be for you. Companies don't let you use weapons though. The only well-known exception is the Iron Post, and those guys are barely legitimate.”
"What do their uniforms looks like?"
"Coats with a full set of armor underneath. They always wear iron masks, making them pretty intense looking. but if you ask me, you should go work for one of the more legitimate companies under the maritime postal alliance. If you ever do though, watch out for violent doppelgangers."
"You know what? I'd actually like to give that a try. I'd need somebody to vouch for me to the warden though, not like the word of a prisoner is worth much around here. Do they hire chimeras?"
"From what I've seen. What was the deal the warden gave you?"
"Something along the lines of 'as long as you don't do anything violent and prove you can act civil; I can let you out of here with a job in a way that doesn't result in either indentured servitude or fighting as a monster for other's entertainment in the Calsia colosseum.'"

>Boop the snoot
For some reason, I act against my better judgement. I stand up, getting ready to do something truly reprehensible.
I put up my hand and push onto the snout poking through the wall, and it quickly reels back, retreating to the other side.
"*snrk* Oh my god. Which one of you just did that... Reiner. I hope you're prepared for what you've just stared, because the next chance I get, I'm doing the same thing to you."
No. 1016565 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163846914939.png - (313.06KB , 800x600 , RTS42.png )

"How many years do you two have in prison?"
>"They're keeping us here until they decide what to do with us. It could depend."
"Hey Snowball, what do you remember after being pulled from the tar pit?"
>"Nothing. I was essentially a wild animal at that point. I didn't know how to communicate or anything. I was a blank slate. From what I remember, I was pulled out by people who were friends of the ave I once was. I have a picture around here of them and what I used to look like if you're interested."
"What kinds of books do you read?"
>"Whatever they bring me from the library. History might be my favourite subject. I also enjoy reading about scientific and historic expeditions to the new world. That and also storm chasers, pirates, explorers, it's all so exciting."

>Hug Snowball
"Snowball, are you familiar with hugs?"
>"I've seen them, but I've never had one."
"You look like you could use one. Would you like to... y'know. do one?"
>"Oh my gosh I thought you would never ask."

She swings her arm around my shoulder and sits up close to me. To tell the truth I've never been a hugger myself, but I can tell that she is really into it. She holds tight onto me for a while.

"You know, if you want a pen pal, we can keep in touch once I'm out of here."
>"You mean it? Could you write about all your experiences? Send a few pictures if that isn't asking too much?"
"I'm not the best artist, but I could try."

Who knew prison was such a good place for making friends, though these inmates simply seem to be misunderstood. The general population might differ though. Once morning comes, I'll be in a cell with someone else. Hopefully then we can start to make progress to working for a way out of here. I can talk a bit more, but I will try to get some sleep shortly. I walked around a lot today so some rest would be great.
No. 1016567 ID: 2aa5f0

so does snowball have a similar deal as Plaintooth? As in she can leave whenever she wants if she can find a job? Maybe ask her if she'd like to give postal work a try and travel a bit.
No. 1016568 ID: 9a2966

Talk about hobbies. Iiif you got any? Or what'd be fun to pick up as one. I get the feeling these two are a bit starved for conversation.

Oh, and mention your dislike of Adventurers. Like, yeah, there's plenty of adventure out there and it's fun to read about in books, but aagh, those guys. Those guys.
No. 1016569 ID: dfbac0

I feel sorry for these above-waist chimeras, sure the warden tries to treat them better but the fact that they see being in prison as better than being free shows how much they must be discriminated against...
Maybe before we go to sleep we can ask snowball to explain a book she read. I know the one thing most people who like to read books wanna do is talk about them to others, and hearing a story sounds nice.
Also yeah... reading about adventures and experiencing them are very different, the stories show the good stuff but the real deal is a lot harder.
No. 1016570 ID: 5d9787

Great success!

Snowball interest in books seem to coincide with the subagentes we considered relevant for this trip. Almost any book we come across can be send as a present to her after we read it.
We should give her "8 Kings on Fire" before leaving this island. Ask her if she know this one.

Snowball may not have a set sentence to serve but don't seem to receive the same leniente offer Plaintooth had, otherwise what reason would she have to want to stay and not leave to explore the world? Whatever her previous self did must have being serious.

Sure I would like to see what you used to look like.
It must be strange having a previous self. How do you feel about the person on the picture? Is she someone you would like to be again? A regrettable past? A stranger? A relative you never knew?

As much as I would love to converse all night I should sleep while I find myself in friendly company. Do you want to keep cuddling in bed?
No. 1016573 ID: ce39da

Okay, so, while social networking is great and all, I already have an idea for how to clear this up, but it hinges on:
I) Whether the prison is an item you remember being on your overall route for Memerti. (It should have been a pretty memorable address if it was present at all.)
II) Whether none of you have delivered there yet.
And III) Whether your company actually deals with outgoing mail, like, at all.

If the answers to all of them are "Yes," then the solution is simple:
> STEP 1
Figure out how prisoners go about composing and sending letters.
> STEP 2
Compose a letter addressed to "Ecoa and/or Pilot (Urgent!)" and from "Pascoe" that exposes what Reiner did.
If Pilot or (preferably) Ecoa show up, regardless if they're alone or not, just hand over the letter and explain that the recipient is on this pinnacle today only and that lives are at stake; they'll take care of the rest.
If Reiner herself insists on hitting up this place alone, abandon the letter idea; take off your shirt, tackle her, and get that uniform off. She's the real Reiner, so whatever procedures they use will end up in our favor. Do point out that you appear to have different genders if they don't know how to prove it either way at first. Even if Reiner manages to somehow weasel her way out of this airtight check, it's still 'mate in one; the prison will simply hold both of you while they try to figure things out, and your crew will come to find out what the fuck happened to Pascoe.

If just the first two clauses are true, then nix the letter; just try to catch them as they come in to deliver and talk to them directly. How you could go about doing this hinges heavily on the results of STEP 1. (Actually, this plan as a whole could totally fall apart at STEP 1, depending on how the mail is distributed.)
No. 1016574 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163847998755.png - (282.55KB , 800x600 , RTS43.png )

>I feel sorry for these above-waist chimeras, sure the warden tries to treat them better but the fact that they see being in prison as better than being free shows how much they must be discriminated against...
To my understanding, most above the neck chimeras are actual dangerous mindless monsters. I'm willing to bet this block would have a different atmosphere during the day when all of them are awake.

"Would you give postal work a try?"
>"I don't know. Being locked into that kind of responsibility might keep me from the freedom I seek."
"It must be strange, having a previous self. How do you feel about her? Is she someone you would like to be again? Or were they just a stranger?"
>"Feels like a stranger, so I don't strong feel about her. I do feel a bit guilty over someone needing to essentially die for me to exist. but I hear bad stuff like that happens in the new world all the time. There is a reason why one in five people living in the new world have some form of permanent disability, at least that's what I've read. She must have known the risks at the time."
"Didn't you get the same kind of deal that Plaintooth got to leave?"
>"Not quite. From my understanding I'm in here for more... political reasons. I don't fully understand why, but I had previously had some association with high-status individuals. Nobles, or royalty, something like that. For whatever reason I can't be seen and recognized by others. I have been given options to get out of prison, but I see none of them as particularly free. Apparently, it is mostly out of the hands of the warden."
"You said you had a picture of your past self?"
>"Oh, yes, I'll look for it. It's in one of my books somewhere. It may take me a while to find, maybe I can get it by morning."
"I can probably send you books while I'm on the outside"
>"That would be wonderful. I would read anything you send me. I'm all for fiction and nonfiction. Even if reality can be as strange as make believe."

>Is the prison an item on your delivery route
Actually, I think it is. It's something we've saved for last though, because of how much there is. I don't think we actually deal with the outgoing mail, that is usually delegated to the local post offices. If any of my crew comes by, I can form a plan at that time.

Me and Snowball talk for a bit, about hobbies and books. Neither of us has the most experience at a lot of things, but we exchange some interesting stories. I tell her I'm going to sleep while I'm still in good company. She understands and goes back to staring longingly through the bars of the window.

I hit the hay. Literally. This bed is made of hay and fur. But even when things have been stressful, I have never had trouble sleeping. We will see what tomorrow holds.

Choose any character to follow.
No. 1016575 ID: 53d617

No. 1016576 ID: 894419

Ecoa, but twice as hard!
No. 1016577 ID: aba9fd

Ecoa best vote
No. 1016578 ID: bfe926

No. 1016579 ID: ce39da

Ecoa seems to be in the best position to fix this, assuming we succeed at helping her catch on that something is wrong.
No. 1016581 ID: 5d9787

I suspect he will be able to notice Pascoe is a bit different. An internal monologue over paranoiac suspicious could be interesting.
No. 1016582 ID: 9a2966

We haven't interacted much with Pilot yet, it's true. Adding a vote for him.

Though I'd certainly be fine with Ecoa as well, or even Rainer.
No. 1016583 ID: 830dfa

No. 1016585 ID: 53560f

I second plaintooth!
No. 1016587 ID: 088b5b

No. 1016593 ID: a2493c

seconding plaintooth, she seems like a funny goblin to play
No. 1016603 ID: dfbac0

Pilot, there's no better way to get to know someone than to get in their head. Also, I feel Pilot would be a very fun character to follow.
No. 1016606 ID: 401b30

No. 1016611 ID: 42aee0

No. 1016612 ID: f8fa51

No. 1016616 ID: 2de4fd

Plaintooth plaintooth
No. 1016623 ID: 9c97c7

No. 1016637 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163855027827.png - (441.77KB , 800x600 , RTS44.png )

Seems that despite our early start, it's very clear that we are not the only Postal Company who decided to deliver to Mamerti this early into overlapping routes. Can't say I blame them, this place earns its reputation for being fairly lavish.
The tropical beauty and low number of dangerous factors makes it a prime vacation spot for the wealthy. While it still has its commoners, most people getting their mail here are the ones that can comfortably afford to live here. The population of this island is larger than most of our destinations, so that means more mail. It'll take a few days to make sure it's all delivered. Two days if we're quick, three if we take our time.

I can see couriers from a few different companies; Corrio-Public Postal Service, Seinish Imperial Post, The Dutsa Courier Service and Fetzen Eurus-Winds Mail.

If this proves to be too much work for the three of us to handle we may consider picking up a fourth, which we can pick up from any allied post office that'd be willing to part with someone for a couple weeks, or if we're desperate we can initiate a procedure to authorise someone unqualified to come along.

I can either check up with Pilot and see what our land route options are looking like, Or I can check up with Pascoe and see how he's doing. He didn't seem to be in the greatest shape when I found him yesterday, but with any luck he should be fine to deliver today.
No. 1016640 ID: 5d9787

>Two days if we're quick, three if we take our time.
>... willing to part with someone for a couple weeks

So not for this island land routs but for the entire "sea" rout. This must be more to let us know we can take one adicional person to the crew before leaving the island.

A bit odd you found Pascoe passed out drunk on the mud since last island he refused to drink at the bar because of company rules. Maybe he isn't as disciplined as he first seemed.
Regardless he completed yesterday job. Let him sleep a bit before waking him up.

Let's see what Pilot have to say.
No. 1016641 ID: c141b5

Say hi to Pilot! Let Pascoe sleep in after their dirt nap.
No. 1016645 ID: 2aa5f0

talk to pilot and let the newbie sleep in a little bit before you go and bother them. If their ass isn't up by the time you're done talking to pilot though go wake their ass up. We're on a schedule here and we might already considered undermanned so no reason to drag our feet unnecessarily.
No. 1016655 ID: 53560f

Check on Pascoe, if he’s sick or just not doing well then it’d be better to know early on so we can get a temporary replacement as soon as possible.
No. 1016657 ID: c92a02

Check on Pascoe. He's a new guy, so he might have first day jitters. You should keep a close eye on him all day so he'll be reassured by the constant presence of a more experienced mailbird.
No. 1016661 ID: 9a2966

Pascoe should be fine, the li'l lightweight. Although if he isn't, maybe you SHOULD take to one the allied companies about a fourth hire.

Go speak with Pilot about things and matters.
No. 1016663 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163858431381.png - (291.90KB , 800x600 , RTS45.png )

I go below deck where I see both Pascoe and Pilot, who are both awake and moving about. Pascoe seems to be rummaging through a trunk, while Pilot is making breakfast.

>"Gotta be one around here somewhere..."
"Pilot, we should discuss the route, and check inventory."
>"Right! though, can we do it during breakfast? I've been up all night and haven't slept yet. I'm making pang cakes!"
Did he mean to say pancakes?
>"What about you Pascoe, you want pang cakes?"
>"huh? just... gimmie a minute... I've never heard of pang cakes before... smells good though..."
Pascoe seems to be just fine after how I saw him yesterday. Seems I should bring it up when the time is right. Should keep a close eye on him when we go out today, he’s still very inexperienced after all, he may need some guidance before I decide to let him go off alone again.
No. 1016664 ID: 1a2ce6
File 163858433344.png - (201.67KB , 800x600 , RTS46b.png )

>"Ok, Ecoa, super-duper important question; What's your favourite pang cake topping?"
"Is it important?"
>"There probably isn't much time until I fall asleep, so we can talk at the table! So, what do you want? you name it, we probably got it."
Pilot's sleeping patterns are very bizarre given his condition which causes himself to never get the feeling of being tired. Obviously, this means he stays up to the point of collapsing. It can be inconvenient but isn’t unmanageable.
I suppose it might be better to have a group conversation at the table. What is my favourite topping?
No. 1016665 ID: 52ea6a

No. 1016666 ID: e7c7d3

Another pang cake
No. 1016667 ID: c92a02

Strawberries. They make a good snack, rain or shine.
No. 1016668 ID: 5d9787

What are you looking for Pascoe?

... jelly.

Are we low on something?
You seem to be having a lot of navigation concerns that didn't come up while we were at Torrus' Ridge. Did something unexpected happened?
No. 1016671 ID: ec8c81

Pascoe appears distracted. Lets see if he is paying attention.
"Pascoe cream, fresh from the tap."
No. 1016672 ID: dfbac0

Berry Jam
No. 1016675 ID: 96c896

No. 1016676 ID: ce39da

"No preference - I'm more concerned with whether 'pang' cakes are the same thing as pancakes."

Wait for Pilot to snap Pascoe out of his search with the pang cake question, then hit him with a "Do you need help looking for something?"
No. 1016692 ID: 9c97c7

No. 1016704 ID: 9a2966

Sugar and cinnamon.
No. 1016717 ID: 184a43

Apple Butter
No. 1016721 ID: 73380d

seconding this, it's most likely what Ecoa would say. interesting to see a quest aruther instead of worrying what to do, hands over the decision making over to the audience.
No. 1016723 ID: 42aee0

Alone but with a cup of coffe (Secretly desire cream and strawberry jam)
No. 1016748 ID: 7e04cb
File 163869585530.png - (169.68KB , 800x600 , RTS47.png )

>Are we low on something? You seem to be having a lot of navigation concerns that didn't come up while we were at Torrus' Ridge. Did something unexpected happen?
I simply want to see what the optimal route is for this island. The best way to go about these things is to divide our workload into manageable pieces and go from there. The key to a successful run is to plan things out ahead of time.

"No preference - I'm more concerned with whether 'pang' cakes are the same thing as pancakes"
>"Pancakes? that sounds silly. And how can you have no preference? I have every topping you could possibly want!"
"Slow down, you couldn't possibly have every topping I could possibly want."
>"Try me!"
I was being truthful when I said I had no preference, but now I'm curious on whether he can pull off a full set of instructions.
"Alright, if you really want to make me the perfect breakfast, I must warn you, my tastes are very particular."
>"Works for me!"
His hubris shall be his downfall.
"Blowout patches, stack 'em up with heavy axle grease and nervous pudding, sprinkle it with a light sand and cinnamon. strawberries, starfruit and marionberries in the weeds, and a pair of drawers high and dry, one to go."
>"Is that all?"
Is that all. I don't even understand half of what I said, and he apparently got all of that. We'll see. He goes off towards the kitchen to fulfill this ridiculous errand.
No. 1016749 ID: 7e04cb
File 163869589204.png - (234.29KB , 800x600 , RTS48.png )

>Pascoe appears distracted
hopefully something that doesn't become too common. I do wonder what he could be looking for, so I approach him to ask.

"What are you looking for Pascoe?"
>"A weapon."
"Is there a good reason you're looking for a weapon?"
>"You know... In case there’s... Wild beasts or thieves which I may need to... defend myself against."
"We're not allowed to use weapons, I thought that was clear." This appears to get his attention and he pulls himself out of the box.
>"What?! Are you insane? You do know where you're... we're going, right?! Do you know anything about the new world?!"
"Of course. What's gotten into you? Have you been listening to tall tales from sailors and dock workers?"
>"Yeah, something like that! What happens if we cross a pirate ship, huh? A ship like this is easy pickings, one pin cushion or chain shot is all it'd take to bring up down, then what happens if that pirate crew has pole cats or hoop throwers? They could torch this ship just for fun. Do you want to be sent floating down into the abyss of the trench? I sure don't!"
"Slow down, we don't need to worry about pirates for a while, besides the fact that they are hardly present in the safe quarter of the pinnacle region."
>"Just because it's called the safe quarter doesn't make it safe. Just because whatever's beyond is worse doesn't make this quarter any less dangerous!"
"Calm down, it'll be fine. What happened to that rifle you brought with you?"
>"I can't find a rifle. There's a crossbow without any bolts, a breastplate, some fireworks, but no rifle."
"Must've misplaced it. I'm sure it will turn up eventually. Come, we'll have breakfast and then we'll discuss the plan for today."
Something does seem a little off about Pascoe. Not his forgetfulness, that's still there. It's something about his appearance. Did he change something?
No. 1016750 ID: 7e04cb
File 163869591966.png - (299.34KB , 800x600 , RTS49.png )

Sitting at the table, Pilot comes over after a while with... probably the most incredible looking plate of pancakes currently existing at any place, anywhere in the world at this current moment.

It's... all there...

>"You'll get yours in a minute, hang in there Pascoe! The coffee will be right over, Ecoa. Are the pang cakes to your liking?"
"...It'll work for me."

Where did he even keep all of these ingredients? Am I even going to be able to eat all of this? It is times like these where I wish I could allow myself to feel emotion without combusting. Oh well. I can still eat it even if I can't enjoy it. I see Pascoe eyeballing it.

>"Right! So, let's discuss routing. We got the place divided into three blocks, we have the high-class district with some of the more expensive and weighty items on our list. These guys tend to tip when they sign off on stuff, so keep that in mind! Then we have the markets and commoner housing block where stuff goes to sellers, private collectors, and middle-class commoners. I suggest going there if you like seeing some of the weirder folk, or like buying weird stuff. Then farther away from all that, there's the prison where you need to bring a bunch of letters. I suggest doing that last, they built the place uphill, and the road is long. So, what would you like to know about? Which one do you like to cover today?"
No. 1016751 ID: c92a02

Let's do the closest one first, as a tiebreaker, markets and commoners.
No. 1016752 ID: 96c896

His eyes changed color?
Ask if he wants some.
No. 1016756 ID: 5d9787

Will Ecoa accompany Rainer today? Or are we perhaps planing the division of responsibilities?

Rainer drunken plan involved coordinate with Askot and Pascoe. If she have already wrote those letters the prison should be one of the first deliveries.
She also know how the prison receive the mail. If she is sure there is no chance for the postal officer to get in contact with the prisoners she would prefer to have Ecoa make this delivery. If there is a chance to talk with them she will want Ecoa far away from Pascoe and should like to exchange a few words as she give them their letters.

As for temptations the high-class district with some of the more expensive items and guys who tend to tip should have picked her interest. If she will do a decent job or misplace a few packages will show how much dedication she have to the plan of leaving the island in this ship.
If one more location is possible she will want the best place to buy supplies. That will depend on what she is looking to buy.

Ecoa won't care as long as the deliveries are made in an eficiente way. The prison priority shouldn't really matter, but she will be able to notice any greedy interest in the high-class district.

>Something does seem a little off about Pascoe. Not his forgetfulness, that's still there. It's something about his appearance. Did he change something?
The odd behavior is completely unnoticed...
His eyes look like a slightly different color. That can't be right. How and why would he change their color? You must be misremembering.
No. 1016757 ID: 2aa5f0

>Something does seem a little off about Pascoe. Not his forgetfulness, that's still there. It's something about his appearance. Did he change something?
Is it just me or does their voice sound a little off? They might be coming down with something. I mean you did find them passed out in the rain, wouldn't be too far fetched that they might be developing a cold or something.

As for the mail route, are you going with Pascoe today or are you giving him one route while you take the other? Either way might be best to send him towards the markets. Seems easy enough (especially if you're going to have to baby sit him) and will help him get use to some of the stranger things he can expect to see while on the job and in a safe(ish) environment as well.
No. 1016760 ID: 9a2966

This is both fantastic and terrifying. Eat with all the grace and dignity of someone who literally cannot allow themselves to be a sore loser. Although you can share with Pascoe and ask them what they think of your 'favorite' pangcakes.

Check in on Pilot after breakfast and tuck him in a hammock or something if he's out. Might as well leave him in a comfortable state. For once.

>What to do first
Give Pascoe the choice:

1 - Deliver to the the wealthy first and maybe get tips so they have extra to trade with when they deliver to the merchants or commoners.


2 - Take the comparatively easier commoner deliveries first. How easy depends on what weirdos they meet and have to deliver to, so no guarantees they won't get challenged to a duel or shot at or whatnot. Again.

You'll do the prison delivery last simply because it's the most inconvenient.

>Something weird about Pascoe
Since you found them KO'd yesterday: did anything happen, now that they're up and about?

Like, something is a little off, but you can't quite put your finger on what... it's not like they've turned into an even weirder chimera or something, just that they're not being their usual can-do, optimistic self.
No. 1016764 ID: ce39da

> The Plan
"It's obvious that we should visit the heavy tippers before we hit the shopping district. The only question is whether we put the prison at the start, middle, or end of all that. Got any opinions on that, Pascoe?"

(I imagine Rainer will want to put it in the middle; she hasn't had time to compose the letter she needs to start helping Pascoe - assuming sober!Rainer doesn't change her mind - but she'll also need time afterward before they leave to help put whatever plan she has into action.)

> 'Pang' Cakes, What Do
Okay, so apparently, Pilot's just pulling a "bone apple teeth" on himself with that term. No need to worry... I think. Also, pray that he wasn't taking your more absurd nonsense literally. Mentally prepare for both the best and worst; it'd be dumb to lose a couple of days of lifespan over pancakes. Offer half to Pascoe if it's any good.
No. 1016767 ID: 42aee0

I see Pascoe a bit green, make a brief test to see he at least remember the basics.

If you trust Pascoe, recomed to go first to the rich district so he has the money from the tips when he goes to the middle class district.

If you don't see him prepared make him go first to the middle class district first to train a bit so he has more practice with the rich district (I assume they will have higer standards).
No. 1016769 ID: 184a43

Going to the rich area first is a must, the less time we lug around expensive things people might want to steal or intercept the better. Plus I would imagine we could get a more substantial tip the sooner we get it to the recipient. Then we go to the markets and save the prison for last.
No. 1016811 ID: 7e04cb
File 163883166028.png - (228.84KB , 800x600 , RTS50.png )

I take a pancake from the stack and offer it to Pascoe.
He holds it with both hands, not bothering to use his cutlery.

>Did Pascoe's eyes change color?
No? They look the same to me.
>His voice?
Not sure. He never had a deep voice to begin with.
It's something else. About his uniform.

It seems to be a good idea to get the high priority clients in the wealthier district out of the way.
"Alright Pilot, we'll get the rich guys their mail first."
>"Sounds like a plan! keep in mind, they do tend to like the heavier stuff to get delivered, and try not to drop anything! hold on, Pascoe, are you ok?"
>"y-yeah. This is... the tastiest thing I've ever had. So, this is what pang cakes are like..."
I’m getting full but I won’t let myself be defeated by pang cakes. Wait, what did my brain just say?

>Will you be going with Pascoe today
I'm not sure now that I think about it. It looks like he could use some time to come to his senses. We do need at least one person on the ship at all times, and that almost always means Pilot. However, any one of us can stay while the other two go. That could mean either Pilot and Pascoe, Pascoe and I or Pilot and I. Pilot likely won't be awake enough to deliver and Pascoe may be temporarily out of commission.

Fortunately, there is another option.

While in Bacain territory we are allowed to temporarily employ the use of a helper from a post office of our type, so long as we are staying on the island. If I can't go with Pascoe, I can go to the local post office and pick a worker to come with me. I can only pick one at a time, however.
No. 1016812 ID: 96c896

Huh, there's a round bit on his hat that wasn't there before. What is that, a button?

Pilot is about to pass the fuck out, I don't think bringing him is a good idea, but also leaving him on the ship alone isn't a good idea because then it'll effectively be unattended. You're gonna have to get a helper I think.
No. 1016813 ID: 9a2966

Myeah, Pascoe seems a little out of it and if Pilot's gonna be out sleeping, it'd probably be better if he stays here to keep an eye of things.

Give him the rest of your pang cakes if he enjoys them so much, then go fetch some added help.
No. 1016814 ID: c92a02

That's a great idea. Let's leave Pascoe to finish these pancakes and find a local helper to help carry pineapples or whatever it is rich people have shipped.
No. 1016816 ID: ce39da

... His cap is missing those tuft things. Why would he wait until his previous route to remove them if he wanted them gone? Also... was his raincoat always this short on him?

You'll definitely need to keep an eye on him.

Given the possible choices of perspective at the beginning... I get the feeling Pilot knows EXACTLY what happened to make Pascoe's rifle unaccounted for OOC.
No. 1016820 ID: 5d9787

Caring heavier packages was the advantage of having a chimera coworker. Are we really leaving Pascoe out of what is likely the most physically demanding land rout?
Accompanying Pascoe would be preferable, but if one of you two have to stay until Pilot wake up that can't be helped. At least remind Pascoe he will be missing today's tips.

Complement Pilot's cooking skills.
No. 1016824 ID: 2aa5f0

If Pascoe is having an off day and pilot is about to pass out it would probably be smart to leave both of them on the ship while you grab a local for some help. That way Pilot can get some sleep while Pascoe can actually keep an eye on the ship and get their thoughts together.
No. 1016843 ID: 184a43

I think we should take Pascoe with us, he might snap out of his funk once he gets a nice tip. If we get some local help to help us deliver, even if it is at no cost, we'll probably have to fork over a portion of our tips to them or risk upsetting the local post officers. Pilot probably has things on lock in regards to guarding the ship so its up to him if he wants to get someone else to help him.
No. 1016898 ID: 73380d

>get mule-set up...
>apply to pasco.
No. 1017136 ID: 15a025

Pascoe is obviously having an off day because he's feeling so starving after his outing the last night. Give that poor hungry boy your extra pangcakes Eccoa.
No. 1017286 ID: 7e04cb
File 163944072324.png - (196.96KB , 800x600 , RTS51.png )

>There's a round bit on his hat that wasn't there before. What is that, a button?
That is a pin given to him by the postmaster on the ridge, something we're all supposed to wear.

>His cap is missing those tuft things
"That's right. Pascoe, I've noticed that you tucked the wool back into your hat."
>"What? Ohhh, right, well, I figured I'd finally get around to doing that. Trying to look professional, you know how it is. These taste great, can I have another?"
>"Knock yourself out."
No. 1017287 ID: 7e04cb
File 163944075159.png - (176.81KB , 800x600 , RTS52.png )

"Alright, I figure that neither of you are in any real condition to work today, so I'm going to the local post office to get a helper to bring back here, and we'll sort things out for today."
"Sounds like a plan, Ecoa!"
>"I get the day off? Well, I wasn't feeling very well, so, what a coincidence!"

"I must give my compliments to the chef. I appreciate the effort."
"No need to thank me, just doing my job!"

>Carrying heavier packages was the advantage of having a chimera co-worker. Are we really leaving Pascoe out of what is likely the most physically demanding land rout?
That's true. I might just deliver primarily envelopes for today.

"Oh hold on, there was something I forgot to mention!"
"When we were back on the ridge and you two left the post office to pick up supplies, someone from the post office came up to me and--"
No. 1017288 ID: 7e04cb
File 163944077720.png - (173.50KB , 800x600 , RTS53.png )



Sometimes I think he does that on purpose.
>"Oh. Is he going to be alright?"
"He'll be fine. Help me get him into bed. He should wake back up again in a couple hours or so."
>"Darn, I was going to get him to teach me how to make more of those pang cakes! Can't we just wake him up?"
"Good luck, he sleeps like an anchor. Watch the place while I'm gone, ok?"
>"Don't you worry! I'll watch this place like uh... a thing that watches places intensely I guess."
"Alright. you can have the rest of my pang... breakfast. See you soon."

I say my goodbyes and head outside on my way to the Mamerti Post Office.
No. 1017289 ID: 7e04cb
File 163944080815.png - (291.75KB , 800x600 , RTS54.png )

Oh. It's her.
>"H-hey! What's gotten into you? She hasn't done anything."
>"Stay out of this, Ocen, she RUINED MY LIFE, so this is between ME and HER."

She hasn't changed a bit since the first time we fought. I know her well enough to know that she operates on the dueller’s code, so she can't fight me if I say no, not that I would lose if I accepted. As far as kindlers go, she is the most reckless I've ever met, making fights end pretty quick. I can accept or walk away; I have no qualms with either option. I could also try talking to her, but I doubt I can get through to her.
No. 1017291 ID: 96c896

Tell her no, and also to stop showing off like that, she's going to die young.
No. 1017295 ID: 73380d

>"pang cakes"
starthing to get triggered...
No. 1017296 ID: ce39da

"Put that out; I'm not fighting you. Nothing's ruined if you can stand there in your semi-respectable uniform and yell at me, but your life will be over by the end of the decade if you keep throwing your inner flame around like that."

Don't bother trying to get through to her if that doesn't work. Just walk away.
No. 1017297 ID: 2aa5f0

tell her to cut off her fire. It's literally killing her and it shows her hand (talon?) to her opponent what she can do eliminating most elements of surprise she might have had by reveling to them her powers. Also probably going to half to pass on the fight seeing how half your crew is sick or out right now and you still have a job to do.
No. 1017299 ID: 5d9787

That's the guy Pascoe got infatuated with. Ocen!
Ask if he can help you make today's delivers.

Also you could deny the accusation or apologize for what you did.
No. 1017300 ID: 50af53

If you do fight. No embers for either of you. Literally burning your life away for a tussle is stupid.
No. 1017301 ID: 5d9787

>"Don't you worry! I'll watch this place like uh... a thing that watches places intensely I guess."
Like a meerkat?
No. 1017303 ID: 9a2966

Have you tried putting an artificial bar in their way? They seem like the type to take on challenges.

"I will continue to beat you until you actually spend time mastering yourself. So no. I won't duel when there is no point. Show me you can at least master your emotions by being calm and staying calm and I'll consider it."

(How'd you end up "ruining her life", anyway?)
No. 1017305 ID: 96c896

How did you ruin her life, anyway?
No. 1017306 ID: c0641b


She'll figure it out. Unfortunately, that'll probably be the day she keels over from using up the last of her flames in pointless spectacles.

Let's just walk away.
No. 1017339 ID: c92a02

Not while you're carrying the mail. Mail is flammable. You'd be the one in trouble. Leave.
No. 1017348 ID: 53560f

“No.” walk away.
No. 1017356 ID: 8483cf

Just say no to being set on fire.
No. 1017366 ID: 7e04cb
File 163947219596.png - (212.81KB , 800x600 , RTS55.png )

>How did you ruin her life, anyway?
She is being dramatic. Unless her 'life' was her career as a duellist. what happened was that she was going around the new world looking to pick fights with the strong. I was delivering to a fighting arena of sorts when she was picking fights with everyone she could find. She would win all of the fights of course as most people don't practice kindling and don't understand how to properly combat it in an unarmed fight. Trouble is, she made the promise that she would follow the lifestyle of whoever could beat her. She challenged me and I laid her out flat.
That is where the story would end if I didn't get encountered by her every time our routes overlap. Working for a mail company obviously doesn't help her get better at fighting, but it's not like I'm the one forcing her to keep doing it. While she has principles, they seem to exist to sabotage her more often than not.

"Put that out. I don't want you setting letters or clothes on fire. Besides, you're only killing yourself faster."
>"Hey, SCREW YOU."
"I'm not interested in a fight. I have a job to do, and so do you."
>"Look at you. Trying to tell me what to God damn do. Fight me so I can rip that STUPID STOIC LOOK right off your STUPID STOIC FACE."
"Nothing's ruined if you can stand there in your semi-respectable uniform and yell at me, but your life will be over by the end of the decade if you keep throwing your inner flame around like that"
>"Shut the HELL UP. I would rather be the strongest ave in the world for ten minutes than be a WEAKLING FOR A NATURAL LIFETIME."
"I will continue to beat you until you actually spend time mastering yourself. So no. I won't duel you when there's no point. Show me you can at least master your emotions by being calm and staying calm and I'll consider it."
>"You done trying to lecture me? Good. NOW FIGHT ME."

With that, I begin to walk away. She has rules to follow, she cannot enable a duel if I do not agree.

>"I have ways of making you agree, dumbass."
"Are you trying to threaten me?"
>"No. But you have rules to follow too, don't you?"

The other postal worker is looking a little uneasy, I feel bad for the guy. I'm thinking I should move to a more crowded area and hope that deters her.
No. 1017368 ID: b5c538

You need a plus one don't you? Ask them maybe. You're all on duty so maybe she should act like it. What is this code you work by?
No. 1017384 ID: 5d9787

>Trouble is, she made the promise that she would follow the lifestyle of whoever could beat her.
Was that meant to be a self imposed punishment or did she though it would be training? She could have seek out your past career.

How about proposing conditions for accepting her challenge? She help you and you will fight her in an appropriate location. Somewhere near water that is not surrounded by too many flammable objects.
No. 1017385 ID: 8f6305

This is never going to let up if you don’t start to sort her shit out. Worse yet, she’ll bring the profession down. Maybe she is why duelists are going around packing fights with postmen.

«I have ways of making you agree, too.»

Look to the other postman.

«Can you handle her route, Ocen? I’m doing deliveries alone today and I need a helper. If she can be freed I’ll take her off your hands.»

This makes you her immediate superior, doesn’t it? Which means you can shut down her attempts at dueling for the duration, and maybe get a point or two about who’s really ruining whose life. It’ll complicate your day, but this is clearly something that’ll just continue unless resolved in some manner. Getting them to work together with you for the day gives you the opportunity to figure out what - besides reckless abandon and glory-seeking - makes them tick.
No. 1017386 ID: 662525

Fine, if she wants to fight you so bad take her as your partner for the day and have her help you finish your route, then when the two of you are done and don’t have to worry about burning your mail then you can have your duel.
No. 1017387 ID: b691d9

Can't you propose something like this? "Your lack of concern for the courier work is a disgrace to our profession. Duel me and if I win you will leave this work that makes you so unhappy"

What ties her is her own word, so this way you can free her of it.

It's obvious that she needs to settle down and learn to calm her mind, so maybe the courier work could help her. But it's also true that it's not your war and she is responsible of her decisions.

So should Eccoa help to free her of her own word and let her burn herself to death in pointless battles? Or should she try to help a fellow kindler?
No. 1017396 ID: c0641b


Hopefully these means don't include coercion, bodily harm, endangerment of bystanders, tampering with, interdiction of, or damage to the post, or any of a myriad other things which would look EXCEEDINGLY BAD for the Postal Alliance, and worse, undermine our credibility and freedom of movement within the New World.
No. 1017434 ID: c92a02

This. Offer her to possibly have a duel after she helps you deliver your mail.
No. 1017537 ID: 7e04cb
File 163963698570.png - (241.24KB , 800x600 , RTS56.png )

>You need a plus one, don't you?
I suppose so. It doesn't really matter who it is, so long as they can do the work. I guess that means either of them.
>Is hey following your lifestyle a self-imposed punishment or training? She could seek out your past career.
I assume it was intended as training. She probably doesn't know about my past career, otherwise it would have made more sense for her to go do that instead.

"Hey you, Ocen, was it? My crew is short-handed at the moment, and I could use a temporary helper. How about it?"
"O-oh, you want help? From me? Is that even allowed? I guess our companies are allies..."
>"HEY! Talons off my crewmate! He's mine to boss around, not yours!"
"I'm simply offering. I will treat him well if he accepts."
>"Are you implying I don't treat him well? SCREW YOU, he's mine."
"I've never had girls fight over me before, I'm flattered!"
>"Shhhhhhut up."

>Offer her to possibly have a duel after she helps you deliver your mail.
"How about this; you help me do my work quota for today, and we can work out a dual arrangement."
>"You really wanna make me work for it, huh? I got my own stupid letters and packages to deliver. What about your crew, they ditch you?"
"Neither are in good condition."
>"Even... Pilot? How's he doing by the way? Is he ok? "
"He's asleep."
>"Ah, ok. So, uh, sure. I have a crew of four, so one of us going to help you for the day wouldn't be a big deal. Even I'll do it. But either if you choose one of us or decide to get someone from the local post office, I want a duel before we leave this island, you understand?"
No. 1017538 ID: 7e04cb
File 163963701175.png - (243.95KB , 800x600 , RTS57.png )

>"In case you were wondering how I was gonna make you fight me, here's how."
She produces an object from under her coat. It is a red string threaded through a...

A duellist's coin.

One of only 49 in existence. This would certainly take away my option of declining the duel. How did she even get that?

>"I can invoke a duel with you at any time I want. Just so you understand, as much as you try to squirm your way out of it, I WILL get what I want. We'll do it at a time more convenient for you if you're so damn worried about getting these papers delivered."
"You know Riker, your level of unprofessionalism really makes the rest of us postal workers look bad."
>"Like I give a damn. And how could we look any worse? You and I aren't exceptions, haven't you noticed how many crazy strong fighters work for the postal alliance? If this job has a single saving grace, it's that."
Now that she points it out, I have seen many eccentric people working as new world postal workers. That could just be a coincidence, or any number of other factors.

Do I choose one of them to assist me, or should I continue to go to the local post office as planned and pick someone there.
No. 1017539 ID: c92a02

Definitely bring her. Then you can make her so sick of hanging around you she won't even want a duel after it's done. Plus you can ask her about the coin!
No. 1017540 ID: 8483cf

Take her with, proceed to wow her with how utterly milquetoast you are in person
No. 1017542 ID: 662525

Ask if either of those two would be willing to help you with today’s delivery route and if they do so you’ll agree to duel her once you no longer have to worry about the mail being damaged. As for who wants to come with you it can be your personal stalker if she wants to be able to duel you as soon as you’re done or her partner if she does want to be around you all day.

Also what’s the story with the 49 duelist coins?
No. 1017544 ID: 96c896

Take her, ask her why she's not worried about dying young. Controlling her flame won't make her weaker. You're living proof of that.
No. 1017546 ID: 9a2966

Aw, she likes Pilot.

Invite Riker along, as much as Ocen might be more pleasant company (but hey, you don't care). Reflect on the fact that if you'd explained how you got strong enough to beat her in the first place, you might not have been dealing with her right now... maybe if you do so now, she'll be more interested in moving to a different profession despite her code thing?

Honestly, if mild recriminations and beating her ass down every time you meet is not enough of a deterrent, clearly a different tactic must be attempted. Like... actually getting to know her?

Or maybe training her so she can get good enough to beat you - once - so you can be left alone. But you're not willing to spend life force doing so. Maybe get someone else to train her, then.

Clearly the answer isn't to just let her beat you. That'd be, uh... too easy? Wait, why haven't you just let her beat you once?

(And yeah what is the story with those coins and why do you hafta heed them?)
No. 1017554 ID: 5d9787

Considering the therms it would make more sense taking Riker, but I would prefer to hang out with Ocen.

Have Pascoe told you about Ocen? I expect he would, the suggestions at the time try to hammer into his head the paranoia that if something happen to Ocen it could happen with Pascoe as well.

So... Riker and Pilot? Did he serve her pang cakes to her bed in the morning?
No. 1017558 ID: ce39da

You'd think that a ranked headband coin would prevent its holder from being able to refuse duel requests from outside challengers, not the other way around. Do you possess a higher-ranking coin or something? Or is this more of a consumable magical effect situation?

But yeah, take Riker along, if only to talk a little more about what it means to be a kindler. Maybe be a little candid at some point about why you became one.

Of course, you should take her back to base first, see if Pascoe's feeling less out of whack than he was before - ideally, Riker's just here to cover for Pilot on guard duty, and it sounds like she actually cares about the guy. (Is there a story behind that, perhaps related to his strange sleep patterns?) If Pascoe still feels off, though, then you'll just have to rent a mammal, as annoying as that sounds.
No. 1017779 ID: 15a025

Take Ocen, Riker's got their own job to get done is sounds like. You could even rub it in a little and call it mail courier duel. If she thinks so highly of herself, clearly she could finish her mail delivery today before you, without any help.
No. 1024027 ID: 0d2343
File 164531334055.png - (274.77KB , 800x600 , RTS58.png )

"Come with me Riker. I could use a hand."
>"Whatever. Just don't walk so close to me. I don't want people thinking we're friends. Ocen, you go back to the others and deliver stuff without me"
"You got it! See you soon, Riker."

Riker and I head back to my ship to pick up some deliveries. Pilot as still sleeping. I couldn't find Pascoe. Once we have some letters, we head back towards the colony.

>what’s the story with the 49 duellist coins?
I'm unsure on the specifics, but the dueller’s society holds them in high regard. The rules are fairly simple, anyone can challenge any coin holder to a duel for their coin, or a coin holder can challenge someone who has taken the duellers association pledge. In either scenario, the challenged cannot turn down a duel. If they attempt to do so, the consequences are severe.

There were originally 52 coins, but a few were lost or destroyed. The remaining hold quite a bit of value as each gives the holder island ownership rights to a private island designated to a coin. Each coin pretty much has the same base value, but some are more sought after than others, mainly for who holds them.

>why haven't you just let her beat you once?
She would be able to tell if I were to let her win. That would make someone as honourable as her fairly unhappy.

>Riker and Pilot
I'm not sure what their association with one another is. I know they've met and talked, but I know no more than that. Admittedly she does act strange around him.

>ask her why she's not worried about dying young
"Is there a reason you hold your life in such low regard, using kindling so recklessly?"
>"Rich coming from you. Like I said, I would rather be strong for a short amount of time than be weak forever."
"Controlling your flames won't make you weaker. I'm proof of that."
>"And be lame-ass like you? I'll take my chances."
"Just don't go full phoenix."
>"Tch. That isn't a decision for you to make."
No. 1024028 ID: 0d2343
File 164531337520.png - (266.20KB , 800x600 , RTS59.png )

We walk into town and approach an underpass. I see someone peak over the cobblestone wall lining the pathway.

"Well, well, well! Ecoa, it's been a while."

I was hoping I wouldn't bump into him until later down the line. Bett Trilock. Employed by the Dutsa Courier Service. Employed for 4 years. Has done 58 new world delivery runs. I can see he has a different pair of eyes from last time.

"Not long enough."
"Sayyyy. You know what I would really like from you?"
"Allow me to guess. A duel?"
"Oh! Oh yes! That'd be wonderful! When can we start?"
>"Hey, back off! I asked first, so she's mine!"
"I think Ecoa here deserves a worthy fight. Her reputation proceeds her after all." He knows of my previous chapter in life. I wish that part of me was less known.
>"WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? You think I can't put up a fight? YOU WANNA GO?"
"Depends. Do I get to fight Ecoa afterwards?" She is about to explode. Riker better be quiet about her coin. Bett will 100% challenge her for it. I don't think he'd lose, as from what I know about him, he is experienced in one-on-one combat, even without the use of those eyes, whatever they do.
No. 1024029 ID: 96c896

Strange... if you have to suppress your emotions to turn off the flames, why aren't hers on all the time?

Tell him you'll only duel him in exchange for compensation. You don't use your flames casually, considering the cost.
No. 1024033 ID: 8483cf

That's a good question. Why isn't she on fire?

Try and get them to fight each other. See if you can figure out what the eyes do.
No. 1024042 ID: 93ba79

>Try and get them to fight each other. See if you can figure out what the eyes do.
That's a good idea, but for AFTER the job is done. After all, we took her along because we need her, in perfect working condition. Business before duels.
No. 1024061 ID: ce39da

> The EYES...
Holy shit! And he can just casually walk around with those? Does he usually have Eyes of Evil of some sort on him at any given time, or are these his first?

> Duels as far as the eye can see!
"Riker and I are on the clock right now, but we can have a sort of fight-club get-together later. I'm actually quite pleased to get my more bothersome rivals out of the way at the same time and so early in the route to boot."
No. 1024067 ID: 5d9787

He seems to be very experienced. You didn't specify if he is better than you in combat. The universe seem to have decided no one is, but worth asking just in case.

Riker, I would say it's not in your best interest to confront someone like Trilock, but I would be personally delighted if you menage to challenge him. That would mean you would have another postal officer you can't win beside just me.

Trilock, I'm not interested in any duel. If you want to accept Riker's challenge have fun, but at least point me to another free postal officer to replace my current replacement.
No. 1024079 ID: 15a025

Gee, I'd really love to get into more fights, but we're on the clock right now. If you two wanna fight after deliveries, go for it. Till then, this mail cart is running on a tight schedule.
No. 1024085 ID: 2aa5f0

so how often do you get challenged to duels and what's your story with this one? Seems a bit more jovial then Riker but you seem to like him just as much, as in you'd rather not be around him.

As for what to do, tell him you are currently on the job and would like to finish that before having to think about any dueling as you do take your job seriously and rather not risk burning the mail to a crisp. If he really wants a duel from you ask him to find you again later and maybe ask if he doesn't have his own packages to deliver? If he ask why riker got you to agree to a duel just tell him she agreed to help you with your work in exchange for a duel and before he ask no you only need one person for this run but you are flattered so many people seem to want to help you with your job. Makes you almost forget that people can't seem to see you as something other than just some object to fight over for one reason or another.
No. 1024109 ID: c0641b


Her beak keeps moving but all I hear is "HONK! HONK! HONK!"


Just how common are these magical eye-things that we've quite possibly encountered TWO pairs of them already, in our (admittedly brief and) latest sojourn through the New World?

Is there a significant risk, considering his known abilities? Not that we should accept, mind, since we have duties to attend to.
No. 1024122 ID: cf65ad

Tell Bett to temporarily give you his Eyes while he duels Riker, and then you will duel him.

Soon as Riker loses to a SECOND person, she will be less dead-set on chasing you forever.
No. 1024993 ID: 0d2343
File 164604923668.png - (244.82KB , 800x600 , RTS60.png )

>if you have to suppress your emotions to turn off the flames, why aren't hers on all the time?
I control my emotions better for a cleaner burning flame. She has little control of her emotions, so she is running at a lower efficiency, and burning more of her life away for a much less effective fire. Not all Kindlers are stoics, but those who are do have a much bigger advantage.

>He can just casually walk around with those eyes?
It isn't illegal or entirely unwise to possess eyes of evil. They are highly sought after, but those who possess them in public are usually good at holding onto them.

>Just how common are these magical eye-things that we've quite possibly encountered TWO pairs of them already
Not as common as kindlers. But common enough that I sometimes see them on those I commonly bump into.

>so how often do you get challenged to duels and what's your story with this one?
I get challenged to duels almost all the time. It's frustrating but I try to make them quick if I cannot avoid them completely. Me and Bett don’t have much history, we’ve met up and fought a few times before.

>Try and get them to fight each other. See if you can figure out what the eyes do.
"Why don’t you two fight each other. Whoever wins will fight me. Or whatever." If I really want to see what the eyes do, I can watch the fight between the two. But I’m probably going to leave the first chance I get.
>"Whatever. Let's get it over with."
"Ooh! Interesting!"

"B-Bett, you shouldn't be fighting right now... w-we really should be getting this mail out...
"hm? Did you want to go first? Because you should know, I can see myself laying you out in 4 seconds flat."
"N-no! I-I'll just..."
"You'll stay out of it. I'll spend my time how I please. Now run along, the adults are talking."

>You didn't specify if he is better than you in combat
I doubt it. It has been a long, long time before I have met somebody who I felt posed a threat to me.
No. 1024994 ID: 0d2343
File 164604926651.png - (288.57KB , 800x600 , RTS61.png )

Bett jumps over the wall and slides down to meet face to face with Riker. He walks up to her with a grin, eyes looking right at her.

>"The hell's that look for? You look pretty pleased for someone who's about to get his clock cleaned."
"How can you be sure? You can't see the future."
>"Nah, but I got a pretty damn good picture in my head of what your face would look like with grill marks."
"Then you throw the first punch. And don't keep me waiting, I look forward to the main course."

While those two are distracted, I try my best to slip away. I'll go to the post office to get some help. Riker can find me again before we leave the island for that duel or whatever.
No. 1024995 ID: 0d2343
File 164604929488.png - (386.34KB , 800x600 , RTS62.png )

I move a short distance away, still in eye shot but nearing the corner so I can withdraw from this whole encounter.

I'm tired of fighting. I don't want that part of my life to continue if I can help it. I don't mind coming down on those who endanger others but fighting for sport or fun has never felt fulfilling for me like it has for everyone else.

As I get close to the corner, a big, icy claw hooks around the bricks, and attached to it is yet another person I'm not happy to see.

>"And where are you going? The fun was just about to get started!"

Hacket And. Employed by Corrio-Public Postal. Employed for 2 and a half years. 29 new world delivery runs.

"I'm going to tell you what I told Riker and Bett. I'm not interested in a dual."
>"Neither am I, miss. I'm looking for something far more exciting."
"Good luck with that. I'll be leaving"
>"Not so hasty. I'll need you to stick around until a fifth comes by."
"Don't tell me you're trying to do what I think you're trying to do."
>"Fight clusters are fun! Taking down multiple opponents has really become my style. Don't tell me that you, the great and powerful Ecoa has never participated in a fight cluster before."
"I was in one yesterday. I don't think them to be that fun."
>"Awwwww, you think I'm not a challenge enough for you?"

He may be Casted, but I think he is too overconfident. His Casted ability is different from the vine control one I saw on the ridge, it seems he can turn parts of himself into large chunks of ice. I haven't fought with him before so I'm not sure what the limits of his capabilities are. Casted aves are fairly rare, rarer than holders of evil eyes seeing as being struck by lightning is harder to have happen than being handed a pair of glowing pupils. That being said, I have encountered my fair share of Casted fighters.
No. 1024996 ID: f9f867

All of that implies getting struck by lighting in the New World happens fairly frequently.

Why did you take the duelist oath in the first place?

Let's get this guy invested in watching the fight and slip up while he is distracted.
No. 1024998 ID: f5cb49

Why are there so many people obsessed with fighting working for postal service?
You just met three in a row.
No. 1025000 ID: 2aa5f0

ask out loud to no one in general why you seem to only be challenge to duels while you're on the job? No ever seems to came for you when you are actually off the clock but whenever you have something to actually deliver they come out of the woodworks to challenge you. While they're on the clock as well it seems. Why do so many people seem to only want to duel while both you and them working?
No. 1025003 ID: ce39da

Quietly, so that Riker doesn't overhear: "I'm going to put this bluntly, Hacket; my odds have almost zero bearing on how I've grown to resent both this hobby and my past self for taking it up in the first place. I gain less than nothing, whether I win or lose; either way, I'm wasting my very life-force on 'fun.' Unless you have a coin to throw away, no means no."
No. 1025004 ID: a2493c

"my ability literally kills me. no, I have things I want to do with my life outside of fighting."
No. 1025015 ID: 93ba79

>>1025004 this, plus:
"Like my job. Which involves keeping my cargo away from fights. Why can't any of you people wait until we're done with the delivery?"
No. 1025035 ID: 96c896

Well, fighting all five at once will at least save time. Also, say if you win then none of them can challenge you to a fight of any kind for a whole year.
No. 1025065 ID: 2cfe46

Wonder if that ave that didn't want to fight would be up for joining you and doing your respective mail routes together instead of with one of these fools.
. We'd have to sneak away to meet with them first
No. 1025141 ID: 2de4fd

Hey, idea. Turn this guy into your personal therapist.

Tell him how unfulfilling fighting is for you. Tell him about how you just want to get on with your life and not deal with people constantly treating your existence as just another conquest. Try to make him uncomfortable to be around you as possible. Two can play at this pestering game.
No. 1025147 ID: 8483cf

I support therapy bird.
No. 1025301 ID: 0d2343
File 164644138581.png - (316.21KB , 800x600 , RTS63.png )

>Why are there so many people obsessed with fighting working for the postal service?
It's one of the world's many mysteries. It could be that the difficult work weeds out the weak while keeping the strong, or the fact that postal companies are some of the only employers that hire ex-convicts and ex-pirates for new world delivery. I don't think either of those explanations are the case. It doesn't explain why 2 of the top 10 strongest people in the world are postal workers, 4th and 9th strongest to be specific. To put that into perspective, only 3 of the top ten are dragon tier hunters.

>Why did you take the duellist oath in the first place?
I was younger and reckless. Truthfully, I didn't think I would be around for this long.

>Why do they approach you only while on the job?
They are impatient if I had to guess.

"Kindling literally kills me. no, I have things I want to do with my life outside of fighting."
>"Is that why you left the army? And here I thought they were treating you well. You got your crescents, bedding and meals provided, what did you expect? to live forever?"
"Hey, uh, sorry to interrupt! -But, uh, are you trying to fight this random postal worker while we're on the clock? Can we save this for later? I really want to get all these deliveries done, because we saved that weird return to sender package for last, and I really wanna see who it goes to!" Seems that just like Bett's delivery partner, this one is also against anyone fighting. She mentioned a peculiar package, I wonder if it's like the one we have.
>"I don't caaaaare. I only get five or six good fights per route, so let me have this!"
"Why do you always fight people? I'll never get it. Isn't it against our code or something?"
>"I'm not using a weapon, am I? Nope. Soooooo this is all up to code, believe it or not."

"I just want to be left alone to enjoy what I have left without people treating my existence as just another conquest."
>"Well said. I also don't care."
"If I fight all of you and win, will you all leave me alone, forever?"
>"I'd be up for that. You'd have to ask the other participants if they can also agree."
No. 1025302 ID: 0d2343
File 164644142036.png - (385.78KB , 800x600 , RTS64.png )

We look over at Riker and Bett who are soon to engage in a fight. I look closely to try to figure out what Bett's eyes do for him.

As is typical, Riker moves first, kindling her arms and trying to hit Bett, but every swing misses as Bett dodges effortlessly. Impressive considering how fast kindled attacks move, but there might be more to it.

Rikers endless barrage of attacks continues for several minutes, missing punches, kicks, and everything in between. She isn’t able to touch him, not even once. I'm convinced that he is either trying to taunt Riker or wear her down.

If his goal is to wear her down, it's working, as her flames die down as she becomes short of breath. She winds up for another attack, running towards him and jumping to throw a hit down at him, but this is when Bett decides to do his attack. He turns around, plants his arms on the ground in front of him, and launches his legs directly into Rikers torso, planting a devastating hit hard enough to knock the wind out of Riker's lungs completely.

Her flames dissipate and she falls to the ground, rolls to her side while holding onto her stomach, groaning in pain.
While she won't admit defeat, this victory obviously goes to Bett.

There is something interesting to note, something I don't think Riker nor Hacket noticed. Bett's reaction time wasn't just great, it was perfect. Too perfect. Before Riker winded up her final attack, Bett was already preparing for the devastating counterattack. In other words, Bett reacted to what Riker would do before she even did it. Maybe before she even thought to do it. He couldn't have predicted it either as they have never fought, and she only used this attack once.

>"Bett is such a weird fighter. His fighting style is... weird and gross, not sure what other way to say it."
Hacket perks up and looks over at me
>"I feel it! I can feel our fifth coming this way. And oooh is this guy strong! Can you feel it Ecoa? Oh yes, this is gonna be the best fight We've all had in years!"
He says that, but I haven't felt genuinely threatened by a fighter in years. I either avoid fights or try to win as quick as possible. I doubt this would be any different.
No. 1025310 ID: 2de4fd

Just leave right now, these dillholes aren't worth it. They should have plenty to deal with having a 4 way fight without you.
No. 1025316 ID: 96c896

He's got future-sight. The eyes let him predict what his opponent will do. That's a very difficult ability to counter. I think you might have to let him attack first and try to counter-attack. That, or force him into a situation he can't do anything about. Maybe he'll be so focused on dodging your attacks he won't notice that he's walked into a wall, or something?

Approach the two who just finished and get them to agree to your wager.
No. 1025318 ID: 5d9787

The priority should be getting away, but in case we can't let's think of ways we can win this.

How do you fight someone who always know what you gonna do?
Bett mentioned he could see his victory before the fight start, but that could be an exaggeration. We can either overwhelm him with sequences of attacks that last longer than what he is capable of predicting or move faster than he can react. Regardless only throw a punch in his direction if you are planing to follow it with many more.

Hacket want to fight multiple opponents at once, so I guess he is planning to make opportunistic attacks on any participant. This is a bad combination with Bett's eyes, because he will be able to see Hacket interrupting your combos before you and coordinate a well timed counterattack against you. So only attack Bett when Hacket is too busy to attack you.

Riker want to duel you, so she might consider defeating you in a four way fight as worthless to her oath as you letting her win. If she get up try to coordinate with her.
No. 1025319 ID: ce39da

> World's Strongest
Okay, Imma ask bluntly: Are you #9 or #4?

> Special Eyes
Yeah, Bett can see the future. He hasn't possessed the eyes for all that long, and it shows. If you go on the offensive against him, you (probably) lose, period. Of course, there's a pretty obvious counter to it; wait for him to come to you and react to what he does. Depending on how far into the future he can observe, he may have to start an attack to see how you react, giving him little time to correct himself. Your win-state is to get him in a grapple or otherwise put him in a position where even all the foresight in the world can't save him.

> The 5th Approaches
"By the way, it was a rhetorical question, Hacket. As a duelist, I have the right to refuse any challenger, so unless you have a coin to throw at me, I'm leaving as soon as I take down Bett." Enter the ring right now. In a free-for-all, you could win easily, but everyone might gang up on you first. That won't necessarily end in your defeat, but it'll be too big of a headache in the meantime.
No. 1025331 ID: 2aa5f0

you know, seeing how popular fighting is amongst the postal services out here you'd think that at some point someone would abuse the fact that you're all postal workers and send out a massive invitation to all the postal branches about a tournament for all the postal fighters to get together and fight each other. Hell seeing how fight hungry some of them are they could probably make it an annual thing as well. All they'd need is a location to fight at and seeing how your guys job is to travel I'm sure someone would know of an uninhabited island or something where all this could go down.

As for purple eyes I'd say his eyes let him see the future or something close to that so he knows what you're going to do before you do it letting him put up the perfect counter. Best way to counter that I think would to be not to attack him first, to counter him forcing him to commit to his attacks so even if he can see the future he just wouldn't have the ability to shift out of a commented attack before you counter attack him. Basically just be a defensive/reactive fighter instead of an aggressive one and you'll probably take away a good amount of wind from his sails.

Also have you ever met those 2 postal workers that are on the top 10 list? If so what are they like and are they just as glory hungry as most of you competitors(?) (I mean they're all from different postal companies so I'm guessing they're competition) or more like you and just couldn't care less?
No. 1025416 ID: 15a025

Probably worth it if you can get them to promise to leave you alone afterwards.

What are the chances you could sock'et to them without even using your kindling powers?
No. 1026304 ID: 0d2343
File 164734045370.png - (413.51KB , 800x600 , RTS65.png )

>Are you #9 or #4?
Neither. Not even close. Truthfully, I don't know where I stand. I suspect that in my teenage years I was closer to the mid-30s.
>have you ever met those 2 postal workers that are on the top 10 list?
I've met number nine back when he was number 10, before Ackerlade "died" and consequently bumped everyone up a place. Having briefly met Primm, there is an ocean of skill difference between him and the Iron Post's strongest delivery ave. Even so, such strong individuals cause me to lose my cool, even with years of practise suppressing my emotions.

>Bett has future-sight
That seems to be one of the few logical conclusions I can come to. It's troublesome but not impossible to combat. I can wait for him to attack me, but judging from his fighting style, he will always bait others into attacking him first.

>seeing how popular fighting is amongst the postal workers, you'd think they would organize a tournament.
It has never been an organized thing. Just a coincidence, I think. At least for myself, my ability to fight was never a motivator to work for postal delivery.

I try to move past Hacket, making it my upmost priority to avoid this encounter altogether. I'm tired of this. I've never enjoyed fighting others, and I doubt I ever will.

Hacket, on the other hand, acts to block my way by turning his entire body into ice, enlarging himself in the process. Having no downsides makes casted aves some of the most annoying and difficult opponents to combat.
"Trying to go somewhere? We were just getting started. I'm gonna need you to stick around, just a little longer, ok?"
"Is that supposed to intimidate me?"
"Nothing intimidates you, that's what makes you so fun!"
"This is tiring."
"Well don't go to sleep just yet! The show's just about to start!"

>What are the chances you could sock'et to them without even using your kindling powers?
Virtually zero at this point.
No. 1026305 ID: 0d2343
File 164734051098.png - (362.82KB , 800x600 , RTS66.png )

I go to address all that have gathered so far.
"Listen up. I don't want to fight, but I will if I have to. if this ends with all of your defeats, I want you all to leave me alone.
"As agreed earlier, you have my word."
"I can agree to those terms."
>"g-go to hell... I'll keep trying to fight until I win..."

2/3 is good enough for me. Now to see who number 5 is.

"Here he comes, the fifth fighter of the hour! I can feel a lot of energy coming from this guy, so this'll be fun."
"A fighting cluster? Not what I was expecting to get into today, but it sounds fun! Who's the big guy approaching? I call dibs!"
>"What's going on? Another clown coming over? eh... Hey I kinda recognize him. Isn’t he from the Iron Post?"

I look over to the figure they are talking about. I get a good look in and I can recognize...

O-oh... Oh god. Oh my god.

It's him.

>"He's called... What's his name... oh, that's right. The Kiln."

This complicates things a bit.
No. 1026306 ID: 0d2343
File 164734054097.png - (177.41KB , 800x600 , RTS67.png )

You are now following Rainer.

That was stupid.

Drinking was a big mistake, and I won't touch another drop until I'm off this island and I have my freedom for real.

I rummaged through the chests in the mail delivery ship, but I couldn't find a weapon to hijack it, or any other ship for that matter. All I found was junk. The only worthwhile items I could find were a book about this island and a bit of cash. I also took a coat which covers my lower side better, just in case that Pascoe guy tattled on me, and I need to conceal my chimera side better.

Ah, damn it, he has probably told vice warden Mako everything. I wouldn't be surprised if search parties are forming at this very moment. The town guards have probably already been told and are looking for someone of my description. I still have a chance though. I need to come up with a plan to get off this island and start a new life.

I am in the alleyway between a couple buildings, somewhere in the middle of the colony. I have no idea about the locations of this colony, I've only every seen it from my cell window. Being outside is a bit surreal, but I need to adapt quickly. I need an objective.
No. 1026308 ID: 2aa5f0

read the book and get an idea.

Short of that you're only other choice is to try and hope a a ship that's leaving but since you're in postal gear you'll have to limit it to the same postal service as you're pretending to be or bullshit some non postal ship that you have an urgent delivery to make. Just ask where they're going first and whatever answer they gave look relieved and claim you need to head out that way for an urgent delivery but your ship is undergoing dry dock repairs and while be down for too long.
No. 1026311 ID: 3328c7

Give yourself up to the authorities. We talked about this.


Alright, fine. Try to buy a weapon somewhere. There's probably a store for those nearby.
No. 1026315 ID: 2aef11

We need to find a way to hide the fact that we're a chimera, just in case.

Solution: pants.
No. 1026316 ID: 5d9787

You changed your plans again? What was even the point of completing that last deliver yesterday if you no longer plan to act like a postal officer?

To take over a ship with the treat of violence you need accomplices, otherwise you will have trouble managing the hostages, specially when you need to sleep. Would you be capable of telling if the course has being changed when you were not looking?
Deception and cooperation are better tools for this first trip.

If you want to leave with the pang cake crew you need to endure their schedule. In case the uncertainty is too much for you to endure get in contact with Askot. You will need her help to keep Pascoe quiet, even if it's by selling him false hope.

Alternatively you could join a different crew with plans to leave sooner. Use your fake identity, ask for help from other postal officers as colleague, pay for passage or promise to work with them. It doesn't really matter what arrangement you reach as long as you manage to departure soon.
No. 1026323 ID: 7bd4d2

Objective: enjoy freedom while you still have it. Have you ever tried this new world thing called cocoa?
No. 1026498 ID: ba2bc3

Would writting a note telling what happen and stealing the ship an option?

Also, if someone ask why you are covering why are you hidding the fact of being a chimera you can tell that you have a complex about it.
No. 1026706 ID: 15a025

You'd blend in and hide a lot better acting the role as a mail courier. Get some mail and wander around a bit. You could always talk to the locals on the way and ask about the area. Play it off as being new to the new world.
No. 1034967 ID: 2edd05
File 165523624875.png - (322.42KB , 800x600 , RTS68.png )

>Give yourself up to the authorities.
No way, no how! I am not going back to prison! What happened to that Pascoe guy is unfortunate, but bad luck is a part of life.

>Buy a weapon
I can do one better, I can steal a weapon, I just need to find one.

>We need to find a way to hide the fact that we're a chimera, just in case. Solution: pants.
Do I look like royalty? This long coat will do just fine.

>You changed your plans again? What was even the point of completing that last deliver yesterday if you no longer plan to act like a postal officer?

>you could join a different crew with plans to leave sooner.
That could certainly work. Just need to find another crew, and I can try to talk my way in.

>Objective: enjoy freedom while you still have it. Have you ever tried this new world thing called cocoa?
Hell yeah I have! When I was a kid, my parents gave me some and I remember it fondly. I could never get any in prison or in my life of piracy.

>In case the uncertainty is too much for you to endure get in contact with Askot. You will need her help to keep Pascoe quiet, even if it's by selling him false hope.
Yeah that is true... If I want this possible freedom thing to stick, I should consider finding a way to shut that guy up before he finds a way to prove he isn't who they think he is.

>read the book
Right, right. let’s have a look...


Yes, I can recognize a few of these words. Some of these pages even have pictures! Oh, there's a word everyone can recognize, tavern! No- no drinking! Freedom first! Let's see... houses... wealthy district... cathedral... Post office... hmmm. I really wish I had spent more time learning how to read.

While walking the alley, I see what looks to be a pair of legs attached to a chunk of ice. That's weird, I thought there weren't any anomalies on this island. Across from that is a soldier, who is smoking a pipe and isn't doing a whole lot about the legs. I'm curious to ask him about it, but I'm thinking he came here to be left alone.

Hold on, are those legs moving?
No. 1034972 ID: 9de4b1

That's disturbing.

Poke it.
No. 1034975 ID: 273c18

Tickle the feet.
No. 1034977 ID: 5d9787

I would pity Hacket but he was asking for trouble.

>are those legs moving?
Birds do that for a few moments after death. This bisection must have happened just a moment ago. There may be someone dangerous nearby.

Poking dead birds and watching fights might be fun but won't help you (as far as you know). Focus on what you can do to accomplish your current goal.

Since you can't read contact with Askot will require proximity. A bit more risky than I imagined.

To join another crew you will need to socialize. Meet other postal workers, make some friendly small talk, ask about their itinerary. With some luck someone who is about to departure will take a liking to you.
No. 1034983 ID: a53150

Asking that soldier what those leg things are while looking at them could be considered an acceptable question.

We are definitely going to have to drink this memory off.
No. 1034984 ID: 9a2966

All of this sounds good.

Though maybe ask the soldier where that half-a-body came from. If something new and weird is going on... well, one would want to know, if only to know what to avoid, yes?
No. 1034999 ID: 2aa5f0

...why did you take the book if you can't read?

Anyways, look at the solder and ask what's up with the legs and why they're moving.
No. 1035013 ID: 899c9f

Well, if there are no anomalies on this island and the soldier's not doing anything about it, it must not be anomalous. Avoid the soldier, look for this wealthy district. That will have the most stuff to steal.
No. 1035025 ID: 8cfd70

When's the next Tobak quest? I dont know which questden thread to ask this in.
No. 1035068 ID: a53150

No set date yet, but soon. It will take a little, but at least it gives time to re-read the story for all foreshadowing bits it has got.

We do need a discussion thread for Roaway's quests, don't we?
No. 1035376 ID: 15a025

Ask the guard what might have happened?
No. 1035401 ID: ca5be9

No. 1038984 ID: 864e49

Tell his guy he's got a nice pair of legs.
No. 1039059 ID: ba0f62
File 165862963183.png - (284.19KB , 800x600 , RTS69.png )

>why did you take the book if you can't read?
I can read a map just fine, it's just the words I have a little trouble with.

I look over to the soldier.
"Why are those legs moving like that?"
>"I don't know. I don't really care either. Ignore it and it'll probably go away."
"Where did it come from?"
>"The sky. I suppose you could call it an awfully large hail stone. Not an anomaly that needs a report or paperwork. No sir."
"Shouldn't you be doing something?"
>"Like what? I came here to be left alone. I could do something, but I promised myself that I'd stay away from strange things like this. It'll help me live a longer life."
"Wise words, as disheartened as I am knowing that this is where my taxes go." I say, not trying too hard oversell it and arouse suspicion to the fact that I have never paid a tax in my life.
>"You do something. I'd be more than happy to supervise."
"I'm a postal worker, I already have a job."
>"Then do it and stop bothering me about mine."

I'll be sure to do that.

>Tickle the legs.
I'll do it for science. I pluck out a feather and brush it along the leg scales. The legs start thrashing around, and I hear a laugh from a short distance away.
No. 1039060 ID: ba0f62
File 165862964309.png - (216.15KB , 800x600 , RTS70.png )

>"Ahahahahah! Hey! Cut that out! I'm ticklish! "

There's some guy laying on his back on a nearby roof. How did he get up there? I turn my attention to him.

"Nice legs."
>"Right back at you, pseudo-thing."
"The hell happened to you?"
>"The Kiln. The Kiln happened to me."
"Who is 'The Kiln?'"
>"Only the ninth strongest guy in the world! He works for the Iron post. Our encounter was so brief, yet I learned so much... I finally tasted crushing defeat. It tastes like... metal. The whole experience was... Incredible."
"You got your ass handed to you. Or whatever the opposite of that is."
>"It was amaaaaaazing. You should've been there and seen Ecoa's face when her dad showed up like that. She dropped the stoic act really quick, started getting all anxious. There may still be time to go and watch what happens next! It's just around the corner there, Just- H- HEY! Quit poking me."
>"What was I saying? Something about something I bet."
"Right. you're weird. I should... go."
>"Oh. Sure. But first, could you do me a favor and bring my legs to me? I can reattach them before the ice melts. I'd get my co-worker to do it, but I can't seem to see her anywhere."
No. 1039062 ID: 899c9f

They're still fighting around the corner? Cool, check it out.
No. 1039064 ID: 8483cf

Ecoa's dad! Go say hi! Tell him all kinds of stories about what Ecoa's been up to. They don't all have to be true.

Tell him you'll put his request on ice.
No. 1039065 ID: 15a025

Be the upstanding gentlemen Pascoe would be and give the poor lad his legs back.
No. 1039066 ID: 5d9787

Pascoal would be really interested in meeting Ecoa's father, I'm not sure if Rainer care.
At least this information should dissuade her from attempting to force the crew to do somethi8ng by force.

On the self interest side of things, this guy is wearing a postal officer uniform. Ask when his ship is departing and try to be as friendly as you can manage. Of course this include helping him reattach his legs.
No. 1039069 ID: 15c72a

"What's in it for me?"
No. 1039072 ID: 9a2966

>I can reattach my legs
Well, you've seen weirder things in jail. Like those full on chimeras.

"Are you sure you're not dead or thereabouts and in denial?"

Shrug and bring him his legs... actually, might be easier to just climb up and bring him down? Less hauling up.
No. 1039079 ID: 10a721

Fine, give him back his legs before checking out the fight, it's only polite.
But I really want to know how in the world he is still alive and I am not leaving without the most thorough answer, full thesis and all!
No. 1039080 ID: 2aa5f0

how heavy are the legs? would it be easier instead just to grab the guy's top half and pull it to the ground? If so do that. I would say try and be careful but... the dude is freaking cut in half, if that didn't kill him I really doubt falling a few feet will finish him off.
No. 1039097 ID: 422cea

"You seem surprisingly calm for what's going to turn into a fatal injury in a few hours. Have you been shattered before?"
No. 1039160 ID: b01382

God damn magic weirdos.
No. 1039196 ID: c28082


Be concerned that there might be another half-a-bird somewhere in the vicinity, but bring the poor fool his legs all the same.
No. 1039225 ID: 6360dd

Help the bird, you need good karma
No. 1042592 ID: 84c07e
File 166212728438.png - (285.56KB , 800x600 , RTS71.png )

>Be the upstanding gentlemen Pascoe would be and give the poor lad his legs back.
Me and this Pascoe guy are nothing alike. If we were, maybe he would've put up a bit more resistance when we swapped places. He's soft, and softies shouldn't be in the new world to begin with. I did him a favor, he'll be safer in there.

>how heavy are the legs?
Too heavy for me to seriously consider bringing over to him.

>you've seen weirder things in jail.
Isn't that the truth. like those aves that got turned into chimeras, or those aves that become chimeras every full moon.

>How is he still alive
"Mind telling me how you're still alive and not bleeding all over the place?"
>"Why do you need to know? Are you another scientist sent to pester me about this? I'm casted, what's so hard to explain? I was struck by tinted lightening and given strange icy powers - I have the lichtenberg scars on my back to prove it. You think I question it? It's magic! I don't gotta explain a darn thing!"

"You seem surprisingly calm for what's going to turn into a fatal injury in a few hours. Have you been shattered before?"
>"All the time! What can I say? - fighting and violence is what brings healing to my soul."

>God damn magic weirdos.

"What's in it for me if I help you?"
>"The nice, fuzzy warm feeling you get from helping a stranger?"
"I'll put your request on ice."
>"Heh. I get it. Funny. Anyway, can you bring me my legs?"
"Do I look like your personal courier? I have better stuff to do."
>"Yeesh! So hard to find a good Samaritan these days!"

"By the way, when is your ship departing?"
>"We just got here! Sooo I'm guessing a couple of days. Maybe three. A lot of people live here!"

>Help the bird, you need good karma
I'll get what's coming to me when I'm dead. For now, I'm not gonna bother helping someone if it doesn't benefit me. This guy can help himself.

>They're still fighting around the corner? Cool, check it out.
I walk around the corner to see this Ecoa ave sitting up against a wall all shook up. Was this ave a he or a she? He probably. I bet it's a he. It's usually a he. What is Ecoa so worried about?
No. 1042593 ID: 84c07e
File 166212730853.png - (361.55KB , 800x600 , RTS72.png )

"Incredible! You're incredible - you know that!? These eyes let me see what would happen - I just couldn't react quick enough - You truly live up to your reputation! -grk- "
No. 1042594 ID: 84c07e
File 166212733468.png - (399.60KB , 800x600 , RTS73.png )

"I can see it! I can see what you're going to do next! HAHAHAHAHAHA! OH - WOW! THIS IS GONNA HURT!"



Ok maybe I was wrong, things were less weird in prison.
No. 1042595 ID: 84c07e
File 166212735938.png - (303.74KB , 800x600 , RTS74.png )

>Ecoa's dad! Go say hi! Tell him all kinds of stories about what Ecoa's been up to. They don't all have to be true.
I walk up to him and look at him. Iron Post huh? He is dressed up in armor from head to toe. These guys earn quite the reputation for themselves. I've heard that they have a 100% delivery rate. They can use weapons, but I can't see one on this guy. He doesn't really scare me.

He looks down at me.

"Is there something I can do for you?"
No. 1042615 ID: 53560f

“Not really, just came along to see what was happening. Thanks for asking though, most psychopaths aren’t so polite.”
No. 1042619 ID: 8483cf

Just checking to see if you're three aves in a trenchcoat.
No. 1042624 ID: 2aa5f0

just seeing what's got my boss so shook up. (gesture towards Ecoa) normally they're more composed then this so it got me curious. Though now I am wondering a bit what happened here? Didn't think all the different postal companies were this competitive over delivery routes.

Well as long as everyone get's their mail on time I guess it doesn't matter to much.
No. 1042630 ID: 5d9787

I heard Ecoa's father was here and got curious. You got style! Nice to meet you.

What's the plan here? Even if Kiln's crew is about to depart soon and willing to take us, can we really make such proposal in front of Ecoa?
Maybe we should get a better idea of what he is about and his relation with her before shoving our paw in our beak.
No. 1042690 ID: 15c72a

Ask for his autograph.
No. 1042691 ID: 9a2966

>he doesn't really scare me
Any reason why not? Ecoa's acting scared and he did just chuck another (weirdo) postal officer at least a hundred meters off and up. Maybe he's taking out the competition.

>less weird in prison
Or maybe weird fights like this between super-powered people are just normal now and you're the weird one for thinking it weird. Better act cool. So... like you have been, really.

>"Is there something I can do for you?"
"Not unless you've got sightseeing recommendations. Had a bit of a rough delivery last night, still a bit zonked out so I'm taking it easy today. Though, that's my coworker over there - they're running deliveries. Or should be."

Hook a thumb in Ecoa's direction, seem bemused.
No. 1042708 ID: 67b2e0

Introduce yourself as Ecoa's coworker and ask for directions.
Also, tell him about the ripped in half guy he left in the alley. It doesn't hurt to have a small amount of sympathy. Tends to earn connections.
No. 1042739 ID: 244451

Not right now, but when you leave, help the icy guy in exchange of a place in his boat as stowaway without questions.
No. 1042804 ID: 15a025

Just checking in on our co-worker.
No. 1048967 ID: 481e64
File 166810226074.png - (414.88KB , 800x600 , RTS75.png )

>Why doesn't he scare you?
I have no fear. Well, one fear. But I don't see any of it around.

"Not really, just came along to see what was happening. Thanks for asking though, most psychopaths aren’t so polite."
>"Psychopath? I'd ask that you reserve judgement until you know me a little better. However, I do appreciate my manners being acknowledged"
"I guess I got the wrong idea from you throwing that dude just then. Silly me. I'm actually a little curious as to why my boss is all shook up."
>"Your boss?"
"Ecoa. You know her, right? You're supposed to be her dad." I point over at her, she shrinks back.
>"Ah. Yes, you would be correct. Though we've never been properly introduced. She seems to get nervous when I am around. I sense she fears making a bad impression. Here, take a seat."
He sits down on a pile of rocks and invites me to sit next to him. Why not.
"Mind if I make sure real quick you're not just three aves in a trench coat?"
>"I give you my word that I am but a single ave."
"What was with the brawl? Is mail delivery usually this competitive?"
>"I would say it is something beyond that. New World postal work attracts the eccentric, warriors being no exception. And what of you, little pseudogryph? It seems the prospect has also attracted you."
"Ah you know. Why turn up a good opportunity when it waddles up to you all vulnerable when it’s dark and wet and isolated. Got any good sightseeing recommendations?"
>"The New World has many. Most are too difficult and dangerous for someone like you to get to."
"You're probably right about that. Why are you called the kiln? You a kindler?"
"Can you... please never use it near me?"
>"Hm. I can tell why you wouldn't want that. I can do that for you."
"Thanks. There's an icy guy torn in half and thrown on a roof over there. Know what that's about?"
>"I recognize who you are talking about. I never got his name. I predict he is fine?"
"For the most part - as fine as a torn in half guy can be. I would've helped him if he had a better attitude."
>"I see."
"You got style. Just wanted to say that."
>"Thank you. I take pride in the appearance of my uniform."
"Is your crew ready to depart soon? Wondering if you're taking passengers."
>"I do not travel with a crew. I am here on my own and will be for a while."
"Alone? The Iron Post seems wild. Aren't you guys allowed to have weapons? Where's yours?"
>"The Iron Post has its place. Simply put, some things require delivering. No matter the cost. I do not have a weapon with me as I do not need one."
"Watcha delivering? Got a lot to do?"
>"I am not at liberty to give out that information. Our client's details are confidential." Professional and polite. I can respect that.
"Neat. Do you do autographs?"
>"I don't see why not. What would you like me to sign?"

I look over at Ecoa who is still looking very freaked out.
No. 1048971 ID: 5d9787

>What would you like me to sign?
I think we have a lose piece of paper shoved inside the book with a phoenix illustration on the cover. It's already wrote over but it's either that or the admittedly appropriately themed fire bird book itself.

Things seem to be going well between you two. Convincing him to take you as a travelling companion seem feasible but there is no much point if he won't depart before your current crew.
He should be able to protect you against local law enforcement, but it doesn't seem likely that he would go this far for a stranger. Still if things go south it would be better to seek his help than Ecoa, who will not be well dispose with us when she find out we replaced her colleague.

Let's hear whatever stories he is allowed and willing to tell.
What was Ecoa like she was a chick? Were you always this intense? Do you have a tale you enjoy boasting? Any advice you think I may need?
No. 1048972 ID: 9bd94e

Ask him to sign the back of your coat of course, and give Ecoa a cheeky wave while he's doing it. While we're at it, acquire embarrassing stories about Ecoa.
No. 1048973 ID: 90c451

Ask him to sign your beak, or better yet, Ecoa's beak. Or just your hat, if we don't want to be an ass about it.
Ask how he got so strong, I mean sure he's a kindler but that didn't look like fire-fist strong, that looked like regular strong.

Also yes, definitely give Ecoa a cheeky wave.
No. 1048976 ID: 53560f

Have him sign a simple piece of paper, makes it easier if we might want to “borrow” his signature later.
No. 1048977 ID: 5d9787

Rainer is illiterate.
No. 1048980 ID: 9a2966

>Ecoa was a she
Damn, you did get it wrong.

Scrap of paper would do, if you have it, but coat also seems like it'd work. Or, ooh, the hat! Probably easier to do that one, coat could get awkward.

Then thank him for his time and the autograph, wish him all the best with whatever errand he's on about. You'd better continue your... sightseeing, before Ecoa recovers and realizes you're feeling far better than you were letting on. Unless you'd care to actually join them on their run, after all?

>I can tell why you wouldn't want that
So, you're afraid of fire? Any particular reason?
No. 1048984 ID: 2aa5f0

well you do have that book you can't read. Could have him sign that.
No. 1048999 ID: 8483cf

Sign Ecoa's beak for sure.
No. 1049027 ID: fab065

Encourage Mister Ironbird to have a talk with Ecoa about duels and where they stand in each other's eye and to sign the inside of Ecoa's hat, so she always remembers that her dad loves her.
No. 1049134 ID: 15a025

Signing the back of your coat or even somewhere on your hat would be cool.
No. 1052760 ID: 481e64
File 167226121203.png - (313.86KB , 800x600 , RTS76.png )

"What was Ecoa like when she was young?"
"I cannot say. I wasn't around when she was young."
"Were you always this intense?"
"There was a time when I was more easy going. long before I started delivering to the new world."
"Do you have a tale you enjoy boasting?"
"I prefer not to boast. It is unbecoming of me. I have experienced a lot, and that I am proud of."
"Any advice you think I may need?"
"Trust and honesty - especially with your colleagues. Proper communication is more important than you may think. The vast majority of conflict in this world can be resolved with words."
Trust and honesty my ass. If the others find out who I really am, they'll call for the guards to throw me back in that mossy cell.
"What about Ecoa? Think she wants to have a talk?"
"Perhaps at another time. There is too much to say and too little time. I must return to work soon."

>Write autograph on the coat/hat
What if it comes off in the wash? Then how am I supposed to sell it?

>Rainer is illiterate.
I'll have you know that I am in the top ten percent of semi-literate chimeras. I can recognize - like - twenty words.

>So, you're afraid of fire? Any particular reason?
I don't want to think about it...

>>Ecoa was a she
>Damn, you did get it wrong.
Eh. A broken clock is right once a day so even without the educated guess I had a chance of getting it right.

>I think we have a loose piece of paper shoved inside the book with a phoenix illustration on the cover.
I open the books and flip through for loose papers and sure enough, there's a note with weird circles all over it. The other side is mostly blank so I can use that.

I hand him the sheet of paper and he inspects it.
>"You would like me to write on this?"
"Yep. Just be sure to get your name on there somewhere. Nice and big preferably. You're pretty famous, right?"
>"You could say. May I ask where you got this sheet music from?"
"I dunno. Don't care."
>"It is fascinating. A song which can bring back the dead is far more valuable than my signature, perhaps you are hoping to add further value? A clever idea."
"Really? What kinda value we talking here?"
>"If you find a collector in the wealthy district, possibly moons."

I take the paper after he finishes writing on it and put it into my satchel. I quickly wave my goodbye and start making my way over to Ecoa so we can make our way to the wealthy district!
No. 1052761 ID: 481e64
File 167226123590.png - (267.09KB , 800x600 , RTS77.png )

"Hey Ecoa we ready to go?"

She walks up over to me and puts her hands on my shoulders

>"D-Did he say anything about me? What does he think about me?"
"Hey! Watch it! no need to get up all in my face. What's wrong with your arm..."

"Is it-"




No. 1052764 ID: 481e64
File 167226127617.png - (318.65KB , 800x600 , RTS78.png )

"Uh... Thanks for the light?"
>"You are not Rainer."
"That's what I've been telling people! but nobody wants to believe me!"
>"You resemble Rainer quite a bit so you may have fooled the aves. But you're not fooling me or any of the other chimeras. What did Rainer have to do for you to take her place?"
"Excuse me? You think I want to be in here? I'm not working for her, I don't even know who she is!"
>"So it's just a coincidence huh? They went looking for her and bagged the wrong person?"
"She put her clothes on me and took mine! I don't know how but she overpowered me. She’s probably out there, delivering my mail as we speak..."
>"Right place at the right time... Why does a rotten person like her get all the luck?"
"Her luck is gonna run out as soon as I can find someone that listens to me. Can you tell someone? A guard maybe?"
>"They won't listen to me."
"How about one of the other inmates then can they bring word to the warden?"
>"Do I have to tell you why that's a very, very bad idea?"
>"Many of the girls here haven't had the attention of a male chimera in years. They see you and their first thought won't be to swap you back for Rainer. There will be riots if you get found out.
"That's... flattering? Are female chimeras really like that? Excluding Rainer, you're the only chimera I've ever met so I don't know anything about... chimeras."
"Inexperienced uh? Well, you're about to learn."
No. 1052766 ID: 3184a6

right... so, how do I go about getting the warden's ear since I was told if I can get to him he'd be able to tell I'm not Rainer. Also any advice on... here? Not going to lie, never been to prison before so I really don't know what to expect or do... or how to blend in pretending to be someone else to avoid the attention of the entire female population. Wow, when you say it out loud it sounds like the plot to one of those dime store romance novels. What is my life?
No. 1052770 ID: 90c451

"Heheh. This is kind of like one of those shitty novels where it seems like this would be a dream but when you really think about it you realize how terrifying it actually is."
Do we know for certain when the other warden is coming back? We want to be able to tell the main warden but we can't wait until our ship leaves assuming Rainer successfully duped our crew.
Maybe we can lie and say we're neutered or otherwise medically incapable? I know lying's a bad idea but if it can save our hide...
No. 1052772 ID: a7a180

What put her eye out? Was it her penchant for starting fights with a candle?
No. 1052779 ID: 9a2966

You won't be here for long if there's riots over you, regardless - that'd for sure be a way for the guards to discover the truth. Though you'd prefer it not come to violence - and such - which is why you kept mum after Askot suggested it.

Apparently your best bet is with meeting the real actual Warden? Vice-Warden Mako's supposedly not... very observant, and may not even care about your situation even if he does find out. Since you've done nothing wrong you'd love to not fall through the cracks of an uncaring prison system.

>You're about to learn
Uh. Don't like the sound of that. Let's distract one-eye - what's her name now again? - with CONVERSATION so she doesn't take out her frustrations on us out of whatever misplaced grumpiness and reveals your little temporary secret.

>Rotten gal
What'd this Rainer do to end up in here and earn her enmity, anyway? Besides the, er, glaringly obvious.

You're asking because you might need to know if you're to chase her down and get your job back and return her to this cell. The sooner you get out of here the better, after all, given that your job involves travel and Rainer will be on a ship outta here in a few days if she can keep up the ruse.

Sadly your mail carrier companions are aves and not super likely to notice what's up either.
No. 1052780 ID: 9871f1

Let's learn more about Rainer.
No. 1052785 ID: 5d9787

Who are talking with? What happened since waking up?

We know very little about the prison. If we have no choice but keep quiet we need to know how much freedom of movimente we have, what procedures are obligatory and how to fulfill any prisoner duties without being found out. Food, for example, is usually served in a common area so we will need someone to bring us portion. This lead to the difficult but crucial component needed to archive such goal: co-conspirators. We need a few chimeras willing to help us hide and survive in this environment. Considering their fame this arrangement will likely involve Pascoe being passed around. If we believe the claims that the guards won't help he have no other choice.

Focusing back on the immediate present:
"What do you mean I'm about to learn?"
Serious dude, you need allies even if you have to become a gigolo to trade for help, try to make this work for her. Don't struggle against what she is about to do but negotiate her cooperation in exchange.
No. 1052790 ID: bbb04b

"Maybe a riot's exactly what I and a few others need right now? If normal escapees get caught, maybe the correct strategy is to simply gang up and route the guards?"

Of course, let him explain why a riot is unequivocally not what is needed right now; it's probably a different kind of riot from what we were thinking of.
No. 1052791 ID: 5d9787

If this is a male inmate why would he be alone with what was presumed to be a female prisoner? If this was allowed to happen there would be no reason for riots.
No. 1052826 ID: 5d9787

I just realize this is Rainer's cellmate who she blinded. The candle was because she was aware of the fire trauma and intended to make her freak out.
Took me a while to connect the dots...
No. 1052856 ID: 481e64
File 167235175503.png - (215.06KB , 800x600 , RTS79.png )

>What happened since waking up?
All that happened since waking up was me being brought to this cell.

"What do you mean I'm about to learn?"
>"I mean you’re gonna learn. Plenty if necessary. You look like the curious type, so ask away."

"You know, this is kind of like one of those novels where it seems like this would be a dream but when you really think about it you realize how terrifying it actually is."
>"One time a breeze carried over a scarf belonging to one of the males from the male prison. They are still rebuilding that cell block."

"How do I go about getting the warden's ear since I was told if I can get to him, he'd be able to tell I'm not Rainer"
>"Warden's a She. And she would listen, but the issue for you is getting to her. Recently she has fallen ill and has passed the reigns to that little bonehead, Mako. He is running the show now, so you'll need to talk to him."
"Do you know when she is coming back?"
>"Who knows. it could be days."
"Any advice on... here? Not going to lie, never been to prison before so I really don't know what to expect or do"
>"Easy. Keep your head down but don't be a wimp. Though admittedly, you are a special case. Whatever you do, don't bring attention to yourself."

"I'd like to know more about Rainer."
>"She's cocky, selfish, crafty and she gauged my eye out. hopefully that tells you everything. One thing that stands out is her pyrophobia, which is the extreme fear of fire. Even so much as candles can set her off and talking about it puts her on edge. She anticipates the threat of fire in any place or situation even if there isn't any real danger. I don't know how she developed it but from what I can tell, she's always had it."
"Is that what that candle is for?"
>"Yeah. If she were here, she'd be cowering on the floor right now. Instead, I got you blankly staring at me."
"Sorry about that. What did Rainer to do end up in here?"
>"Be a pirate. I don't know if she was the violent kind - not that it matters. Her choices were either 'rehabilitation' or the gallows. Many of the other inmates had a similar ultimatum."
"What did you do to get in here?"
>"You really shouldn't ask that type of question to people in here."

"Can I know your name? So, we can be friends, and all that."
>"It's not too important, but whatever. My name is Teller. Who are you?"
"Pascoe - of the Maritime Postal Alliance."
>"A postie. How quaint. Listen. You want to get back at Rainer as much as I do, right? Then we should cooperate. I believe in an eye for an eye, and that's exactly what she has coming. You take your life back, I get my revenge. sound good?"
"I don't feel like I have a choice in the matter."
>"That's the spirit. Now stay still while I put on some makeup."
"Wait- What?!"
>"You need to look more like Rainer before the guards call us out for the headcount. No way you're letting the secret out before we can set a plan in motion."
>"What's makeup gonna do? I'm pretty sure it's obvious I'm not a lady!"
"I don't mean to be mean but... you're not that masculine. At all. Your height matches Rainer's and your bodies are even similar in shape. Just stay away from other pseudogryphs and nobody will notice the difference. The voice is a different story... just keep quiet for now."
"Other pseudogryps? Why stay away from them?"
>"They'll notice your scent."
"I have a scent?!"
>"You do. Now. Do you want to blend in and not get caught long enough to plot an escape with me? Or do you want to cause a riot?"
No. 1052857 ID: a7a180

Oh, that's an option? A riot sounds like a great way to escape in the chaos!
No. 1052858 ID: 90c451

Not if the riot is about tearing us limb from limb.

Anyways yeah, does she have makeup that can simulate a neck scar? Maybe we can pretend our throat is healing so we can't speak.
No. 1052860 ID: d13c27

No riots, please, thank you.

Let's get some fake eyelashes.
No. 1052869 ID: bbb04b

"Is there a betting pool on whether the warden's illness was an attempted poisoning by the vice-warden? If there isn't, you should start one. That guy seemed to benefit the most, plus if it was a disease, you'd think it'd be making the rounds with the other occupants here. I think it's plausible enough to warrant investigation, at least, after you're done helping me set my problem straight."

If this chimera thinks we don't want a riot, I wouldn't question it; let them do you up, but do ask the following: "Do we have to pretend we're enemies? How do we avoid blowing that part of my cover without putting me in danger from uh... you?"
No. 1052876 ID: 3184a6

well a riot can always make a good plan B... maybe should move that down to pan C... possible Z.

Alright fine, I'll were the makeup. But how do you get makeup in a prison?
No. 1052888 ID: 5d9787

The claims about the females are only getting more extravagant, calling attention to how she isn't acting according to her own descriptions. She is probable exaggerating to scare us into dependence, but it could be that she is controlling herself for the sake of the greater goal of revenge. With the risk of the second option being true it's better to not question her about it in case she want to explore the subject further, unless you actually want to do it.
If at any point in the future she or another prisoner seek intimacy from you my advice remain the same: negotiate. That will still be true if you somehow find yourself in the male section and your feminine physique cause a similar situation. Don't let the situation escalate to the point you are forced against your will with nothing to gain in exchange, it would be worst.

I know the eyelashes are the standard gender indicator for cartoon animals, but that can't be literal because if it was the gender blindness between aves and gryphs wouldn't make sense. What can she do to make you look even more like Rainer?

A pertinent question for any plans moving forward is the mailing service we have available. How do we send letters? If possible we should send many as soon as possible to maximize the chances of reaching someone in time without interceptions.
No. 1052895 ID: 9a2966

>a scarf
Wait, quick aside: it was a scarf from a male chimera? Could be a coincidence, but you got told about a scarf-wearing, chipper deaf chimera not too long ago from a sense-blinded postie ave called Riquar. Though that was supposed to be a her. Teller hasn't seen anyone like that around, has she?

... would honestly be pretty funny if there's a female chimera in the other block, doing the same thing your are now only opposite. Though, if this is the same person, it could also be Riquar was just genderblind.

Would you be able to convince Mako you're not Rainer by exposing yourself to fire in his presence? It seems a pretty obvious tell.

>Riot or not?
No riot. You'll do what she asks and try to stay mum - but would Rainer really do that? - but if you can figure out an objectively better plan than whatever this is - like the one mentioned with fire and Mako - you might go for it. Plotting an escape from a place that's never been escaped from before - well, before now - seems like a lot.

Actually that scarf thing gives you an idea! You could pretend Teller messed up your voicebox so hard you have trouble speaking. Cover up your neck with rags and speak only in a hoarse whisper. A voice for an eye also seems pretty legit, yeah?

>Proposals for chimeras
One more thing - all the chimera here get proposals in order to be let out again you hear. What do these proposals involve? Plaintooth was talking about mulling over a proposal and she mentioned she wanted to have her own uniform... so it sorta sounded like she was getting recruited into an army?
No. 1052945 ID: 96a9a8

Causing a riot in a different part of the prison could encourage a lockdown, which would buy time since it'd mean we could stay isolated. If a piece of clothing can cause that, then why not do that on purpose?
...wait all your clothes got stolen, and you probably haven't been wearing your prison clothes long enough... maybe later?
No. 1053031 ID: 15a025

Well, a little makeup wouldn't hurt. We can always fall back on causing a riot later if worst comes to worst.
No. 1054220 ID: 481e64
File 167424713321.png - (353.92KB , 800x600 , RTS80.png )

>well a riot can always make a good plan B... maybe should move that down to pan C... possible Z.
A last resort sounds good to me. I will have to exhaust all other options first.

"Alright you can put on makeup… just a little though, right?"
>"Hold still and let me do my stuff."
She brings out a box that was hidden behind a loose brick in the wall, inside is where she keeps a supply of makeup and tools.

"Is that allowed? How did you even get those in here?"
>"I'm not letting out that kind of information - even if we are cooperating. This stuff is gold in here so I better not see you rub it off."
"o-ok. just... be quick, right?"
>"don't rush me. turn around."

She proceeds to apply fake eyelashes to my eyelids as well as makeup here and there. After that she starts messing around with my feathers, trimming them and brushing them. She tries to gossip with me all the way through, but I don't really have much to comment on in terms of prison drama.

"And done!"
I take a handheld mirror and look at my reflection.
"Was the blush really necessary?"
>"Oh hush. You look pretty."
"Think this'll be convincing? I don't think I'm sure about this."
>"You look just like her. The only thing you need to hide now is that boyish voice of yours."
"Boyish? hey!"

>You could pretend Teller messed up your voicebox so hard you have trouble speaking. Cover up your neck with rags and speak only in a hoarse whisper.
"Here's an idea, what if you gave me a scarf and I could act like I've got something wrong with my throat? like you messed it up or I got a cold or something."
>"Not a bad idea... It'll also get some lady scent on you, so your boy stink doesn't give you away."
She wraps a scarf around my neck. It looks nice. feels nice too. I ask her to paint a scar on my neck for me to show to people if they ask why I'm putting on a raspy voice. Teller agrees that it is a good idea. After all that is done, she sits down on her bed.

>"We have time to burn, let's have some chit-chat."
No. 1054221 ID: 481e64
File 167424715833.png - (347.41KB , 800x600 , RTS81.png )

"Is there a betting pool on whether the warden's illness was an attempted poisoning by the vice-warden?"
>"The chances are low but never zero. As spineless as Mako is, I don't think he has the guts to kill anyone. He's a pencil pusher at the end of the day and all other methods he's employed to try get the warden out of the picture have all been non-violent schemes."

"Do we have to pretend we're enemies? How do we avoid blowing that part of my cover without putting me in danger from uh... you?"
I wouldn't worry about that. Rainer and I never fought openly and I'm not keen on actually putting any real scratches on you. I certainly won't mind if you want to go out and spread rumours of me roughing you up though."

>you got told about a scarf-wearing, chipper deaf chimera not too long ago from a sense-blinded postie ave called Riquar. Though that was supposed to be a her. Teller hasn't seen anyone like that around, has she?
It's worth asking.
"Hey teller, I have a mild curiosity. I'm on the lookout for a chimera. I'm told she's deaf, wears a scarf and has a chipper personality. Know anybody like that?"
>"Deaf... actually, you know what? I think there is someone like that in here. Is she still here? I'm not sure. your description lines up with someone pretty well. She has big crosses over her ears. That ring a bell?"
"It might. How did she get those?"
>"I don't know. I never asked. Communicating with her is a real hassle with having to wait for her to write on that little chalk board of hers. She's nice otherwise."
"Know where I can find her?"
>"Not really. I'm sure you can find her hanging around the courtyard after breakfast. Why? You trying to score a date? cute."
"It's not like that! More like fulfilling a request."
No. 1054222 ID: 481e64
File 167424718821.png - (418.43KB , 800x600 , RTS82.png )

"Hey R-r-r-reiner! I-I mean I-I-In... Inmate."
It's the ave guard with the speech impediment again.
"The vice w-w-w-warden wa-wants to see you. W-w-when-when you want that is. H-he says it's no rush, but he wants a m-m-m-meeting-ing with you. One on o-one. Today p-preferably."

If what I picked from that is right, it sounds like the vice warden wants to meet with me and only me. Seems I can choose to go now or leave it to later. What does he want? Does he believe me now?

>Would you be able to convince Mako you're not Rainer by exposing yourself to fire in his presence? It seems a pretty obvious tell.
Oh yeah! If mako knows about Rainer's pyrophobia, I can prove I'm not her by getting nice and close to fire.
No. 1054230 ID: a7a180

Hm, not sure if that will really help convince the inmates, wearing makeup seems very un-Rainerly.
The vice warden's in no rush? Good, neither are we, we've got lots to do in here after all! There's floor tiles to count and tallies to scratch, and we're hoping to get a free lunch out of this identify theft at least.
No. 1054268 ID: c28082


You Prettyscoe, now.


Did the vice warden say why, by any chance?
No. 1054273 ID: 2aa5f0

Oh god, he looks like flapjack asking knuckles if he can be an adventurer just like him when he grows up

well your cellmate knows more about the vice warden than you do, ask her if this seems like a good thing or a bad thing.
No. 1054274 ID: bbb04b

> Plant a Tantalizing Suggestion
If you can still talk to Teller once Mr. Stutter is gone: "Hey, the odds of a poisoning are low, but do you think they're plausible enough that we can try a 'non-violent scheme' of our own? After all, if a gutless pencil-pusher wanted to bump someone off, it'd probably be with poison, right? Like, maybe we - total adversaries in every way - both saw one of the cooks get summoned by Mako on different occasions; maybe I noticed it just before the Warden started to fall ill, and you saw it again after she left on medical leave? We could give similar descriptions that could be one of several people on the kitchen staff, and be vague on who the messenger was. Obviously, we 'don't know' what they discussed, but it's enough to plant the seed of an idea in most anybody with a bit of imagination in them, yeah?"

A seed most would find themselves wanting to water and spread, at that; we already know that basically nobody here is sympathetic to him. Heck, some might continue to perpetuate the narrative even after they realize it's a lie. Plus, since the "facts" fueling the rumor don't involve accusing him of anything outright, him denying it may come off as suspicious rather than reasonable. That is, unless he calls it out for what we're trying to suggest, which just draws more attention to the treacherous possibility. Let the imagination (and when that fails, mischief) of inmates and guards alike run wild.

Of course, if she likes this idea, Teller should tell you any information you'll need for your part; that vague description, a plausible position from which you could have spotted the first summons, when exactly the Warden fell ill, etc.

> Where To?
Let's head to breakfast, see if we can watch the kitchen conspicuously while we decide who to socialize with. If someone asks, say that we were looking to see if we could spot the cook we saw; and when they ask about that, explain what it is you "saw."

> Plan B?
We should also ask around for how to reach out to postie groups to try and sign yourself up for public service (in Reiner's name, ehuehuehue) - hopefully, you can reach out to your crew specifically.
No. 1054276 ID: 1e4948

Hm. You’ll try for later today, maybe? You wanna find that other chimera and pass on the message, for one. Also, you don’t know for sure if the vice-warden will even let you go even if he does realize you’re not Reiner - this place collects chimera after all and the purpose of that hasn’t quite been sussed out yet. If he’s a real dingus, he’ll bury you just so he can pretend Reiner didn’t actually successfully escape on -his- watch!

Might wanna present a purely theoretical scenario to ‘im asking about what he’d do.
No. 1054277 ID: cd4366

Pascoe: have confusing and slightly-troubling thoughts about seeing yourself in makeup
No. 1054279 ID: 5d9787

Are her fingers literally feathers?
While crimson on golden can be very stylish I suspect that's not a design feature of the scissors.
Can you brush feathers? I honestly have no idea.

"Hey Berascus, how do I look?" I'm very curious about how this translate for an ave.
Are the guardas assigned to specific prisoners? He seem to be your watcher no matter where you go.

Let's meet Mako. From Pascoe's point of view talking his way out of this should still sound possible. The only downside of succeeding would be the possible lost of access to the deaf chimera, but that's a low priority compared to securing our freedom.
Since there is a possibility that Mako wouldn't release us even if he believe we are a different person let's avoid the topic of gender. Assuming the riots threats are true, if he became aware of this imminent disaster he might transfer us.
So, important to inform him: name is Pascoe, postal officer, and our crew is scheduled to leave in two days. That is how long he have if he want to capture Rainer. And we strongly advise contacting the crew beforehand to avoid a conflict due to a misunderstanding, preferable with us tagging along.
No. 1054314 ID: 8483cf

Agree with everything here
No. 1054352 ID: 15a025

Try for later today, you're recovering from a little fight right now and can't speak well. You could even really sell it by whispering to Teller and having her relay the message.
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