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File 163283215758.png - (347.64KB , 800x600 , RTS1.png )
1011811 No. 1011811 ID: 39d938

Wiki/Thread List: https://questden.org/wiki/Return_to_Sender

There are two kinds of people in this world, besides aves and chimeras. There are those with luck, and those without it. Today I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, perhaps this is God's way of seeking my forgiveness? Well, it'd be a good start. Now if I can find a way off this pinnacle, we'll be just peachy.
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No. 1012333 ID: 235ba5

... You really need us to spell it out for you?
Also, you became the first chimera in a very unimpressive way.
"I escaped by beating up a nerdy postman."
No. 1012694 ID: 15a025

Because you didn't escape. As far as anyone knows, you're still in there. That's how you got out.
No. 1012713 ID: a2493c

Pascoe's the obvious pick. Surprisingly upright dude, if a bit stiff about his job. Coulda jacked the clothes off any of his entourage, but it had to be him, eh?
No. 1012958 ID: 39d938
File 163435321531.png - (370.41KB , 800x600 , RTS16.png )

>how clean is that water
Clean as you could expect from a well, there are a few leaves in there but it's fine. I start washing the mud off my face, which goes well. just so long as I don't think. Think about things like-

No... that guy? I - just... I shouldn't think about...
> it had to be him, eh?
I-It wasn't personal, ok?? he just had bad luck was all...
>You screwed over an innocent, that's what a criminal does. You belong there.
H-hang on now! It isn't like that, ok? I-
>You got lucky. Anyone could do what you did if a near lookalike came strolling in with no sense of self-preservation like he did.
Alright – alright! when it gets put like that is sounds bad - and it is bad i know and-
>You escaped by beating up a nerdy postman. Embarrassing.



I shouldn't have drank knowing I'm a guilty drunk.

>Logically, you've wronged no one! Especially not Pascoe. Pascoe simply accepted more risk than he should have by being near you and your friends, and paid the price. You shouldn't feel bad for doing what anyone reasonable would have done in your situation. Pascoe was too naive to see it coming. Not your fault.
I uh...
There's absolutely NO reason to cry over how awful he must feel right now. Or how he's done nothing to deserve his fate. Or what his family will think when they don't hear or see him ever again.


oh god.


...The hell have I done?


The hell should I do?
No. 1012960 ID: 2aa5f0

OK I know you said birds can't tell one Grif apart form another but they have got to be able to figure out if someone is a guy or a girl right? and I don't think prisons are co-op since no one wants to deal with a baby in prison, so if anything the guy will probably get out in a few days when someone decides to check if he's actually a he or not. That and his voice might give him away since I don't recall him sounding girly.

If anything you just have to get off the island before they released you pulled the old switch-a-roo and he'll probably be sent back to HQ or wherever they go fine if slightly inconvenient.
No. 1012965 ID: 8483cf

Simple solution: send "yourself" a letter! "Pascoe" will deliver it, of course.
No. 1012970 ID: dfbac0

You have friends on the inside right? Organize a prison break, you can do things only people outside of the prison can do to help an escape. This is a win-win situation, you get accomplices to help you for your sense of practicality and you get to free Pascoe for your sense of morality.
No. 1012971 ID: 96c896

Do you need to do anything? Pascoe is male, and you aren't. He can demonstrate that to the prison guards to make them let him go.

Just in case, you can mail the prison a letter explaining how you escaped, making sure that you're long gone by the time they get it.
No. 1012975 ID: f8fa51

You may be feeling guilty, but that doesn't mean you're going to throw away your newfound freedom in exchange for a complete stranger, even if you've wronged him. Another might, but a person that would do that wouldn't have done this in the first place.

However, you could try to repay him another way. He has friends, you have friends, you could stage a breakout. Do you have the skills to pull that off?
No. 1012977 ID: 5d9787

Our motives are an everchanging wild ride. Are we going to rescue Pascoe? Let's hope this desire last long enough to reach our goal.

The escape should coincide with the boat departure. Before that all the mail must be delivered so the postal crew won't have any reason to linger.
Fortunately being outside give us more options. Revise what you know about the prison including anything that could be a weakness in the security.
After some basic plan we can look for tools ans allies if trust is affordable. The crew would be useful but we don't know that and have no way of explaining the situation in our favour, so try to keep the deception.

For the people arguing the sex explanation:
-What make you think the prison would admit they were fooled? I'm sure as reasonable moral people you would consider loosing a prisoner a small mistake that wouldn't justify hiding the facts by condemning an innocent, but there are plenty of examples in real life of prisons and asylums that refused to admit they hold wrongful imprisoned people for the sake of their reputation.
-Would Pascoe think of showing his balls? He avoided the subject whenever anyone asked, maybe this solution wouldn't occur to him.
-Does the records include this information? This place is somewhat irregular and this society don't seem to treat the sex differently so they might not care enough to write it down.
-Would the guards check Pascoe sex or know how to check? Some birds have pseudopenises, but I think the species we saw so far don't. Would they even understand that the thing between his legs is a sexual organ characteristic of male felines?
No. 1013001 ID: 50af53

Keep moving. It's all this life has ever let you do.
No. 1013003 ID: c0641b


Maaaaybe walk us through what happened? Get things into order, while you still have a bit of clarity.
No. 1013032 ID: 15a025

Before we start making any huge plans, you gotta calm down and collect yourself here.

Pascoe's got friends/co-workers. Maybe you can rope them in to helping break you Pascoe out of jail. We'd need a convincing tale to explain why we'd have swapped places with Pascoe though to get their help.
No. 1013065 ID: 704d14

Yeah, let's write a letter meant for the Chief Warden explaining they got the wrong girl.

That'll make Pascoe's tenure there a lot shorter!
No. 1013301 ID: 39d938
File 163478475427.png - (299.11KB , 800x600 , RTS17.png )

>Walk us through what happened
I escaped Mamerti penitentiary for the dozenth time or so. Escaping from the prison isn't the hard part though, it's avoiding recapture and getting off the island. I got lucky when I swapped places with someone who looks just like me. I'm just hoping that can fool the guards for long enough, so my freedom is ensured. I did what I was willing to do for my freedom, though I wonder what he'll do for his.

>Wouldn't the guards be able to tell his gender
All guards overseeing prisoners are aves, and aves cannot tell the difference. They do have a chimera check when are initially admitted, so the only people who can tell Pascoe is a male are the inmates, and as soon as that happens, his chances of leaving become slimmer.

>Send a letter.
I think we're onto something there. I can send a letter to him, my friends, or the prison authorities. Might take a while for the warden to notice, down with a cold apparently. The vice warden and I certainly aren't on good terms, but she'll listen. I need to think about what I write very carefully though, I'm not risking my own freedom for a stranger, even if I am ruining his life at this very moment...

>You have friends on the inside right? Organize a prison break, you can do things only people outside of the prison can do to help an escape. This is a win-win situation, you get accomplices to help you for your sense of practicality and you get to free Pascoe for your sense of morality.
I think I like that plan. I did a bad thing, but I can fix things. We can all come out of this with something. If I can somehow get a message to Askot telling her to help him, she'll do it for sure.

Alright! I'm going to make everything right. I may not be a lawful person, but that doesn't mean I have to be a bad person! Here's the plan, I'll march my way to town, and i'll-
No. 1013302 ID: 39d938
File 163478477570.png - (356.57KB , 800x600 , RTS18.png )


No. 1013304 ID: 17983e

Time to enter the dream world.
Dream about your past, maybe the crime you did that got you imprisoned.
No. 1013305 ID: 96c896

Please don't drown in a puddle of mud, that's an embarrassing way to die.
No. 1013307 ID: 2c9826

Now that's a great way of procrastination.
No. 1013308 ID: 2aa5f0

you just cleaned yourself up as well lady.
No. 1013309 ID: 094652

That's so cute, she's drowning limp in a puddle of mud.
No. 1013312 ID: f8fa51

Uhhh... try not to drown?
No. 1013313 ID: 8483cf

Faceplant successful! Hooray!
No. 1013315 ID: 73380d

No. 1013324 ID: 39d938
File 163479600733.png - (397.11KB , 800x600 , RTS19.png )

>"There you are, Pascoe. Hard first day?"
>"If I had known you were going to have this hard a time, I would've come with you. I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow."
No. 1013325 ID: 39d938
File 163479602430.png - (428.56KB , 800x600 , RTS20.png )

>"Let’s get you cleaned up. A mud puddle is no place to take a map. Just remember that matter how hard things get, we'll be here for you. Through rain, through mud, through snow or heat or gloom of night. We're in this together."
No. 1013326 ID: 39d938
File 163479604749.png - (408.41KB , 800x600 , RTS21.png )

You are now following Pascoe.

I'm uh, not exactly sure what's going on. Everything just went by so fast. I met someone who looked just like me. We swapped outfits for some reason. I'm now being pulled by something through the grass. There are three aves to my back that tied me to whatever this animal is. I'm not exactly sure where they are taking me. What should I do?
No. 1013327 ID: 8483cf

What're you asking us for? Ask the aves what's going on and why this outfit is so tight in the crotch.
No. 1013328 ID: 2aa5f0

turn towards whoever is dragging you and ask if there is a particular reason why you're being dragged by rope through the rain. Might as well figure out how fucked you are before deciding how to properly react.
No. 1013329 ID: 96c896

Your legs are free...
Nibble at the rope. Once you're free of the animal you can run for it.
No. 1013330 ID: a2493c

you have a sharp beak, use it!
No. 1013334 ID: 9a2966

Firstly admit to yourself that meeting the opposite gender and then blindly falling for their 'Can I try out your really cool outfit, handsome, here, wear mine meanwhile' might've been a teensy bit stupid. But, like, that was a fellow chimera lady! You just got caught up in the excitement of the moment and meeting someone so much like you.

... and landed yourself in some deep dodo. It's pretty clear she traded places deliberately. How're you gonna explain your way out of this? Everyone knows Aves can't tell chimera genders apart!

Oh! You could try to get these aves to verify your gender. Think of something sexy! Like that chimera lady! Granted, that would only work if the aves knew the chimera was a woman in the first place. Also, it'd be hella embarrassing to actually... you know, just sit here, tied up, dragged across the ground and -- uh, think of a better plan, quick!

Maybe... try to just tell the truth in an undeniable manner? If you say something that can be verified as news that an inmate or prisoner, whatever that lady was, couldn't have known, you might have a shot at being heard out. Anything recent that happened - since you just arrived here - noteworthy or not. As long as it's verifiable and you can get whoever's in charge of these people to check it out, it should work.

Like, things only you would know, too. Repeating your conversation and the events of what happened during your visit at the Postmaster's office - and getting them to contact and verify with them these events - could be one way.

So there. It might take a bit, but you'll get out of this yet!

"Hey fellas, I'm not who you think I am. I'm with the Post Office, and I got duped into swapping clothes with another chimera, much similar to me. And yes, that sounds stupid, but I can prove it."
No. 1013339 ID: 5d9787

If I remember correctly, wasn't that the first chimera you've met? From you point of view this is the first girl you have ever see!
How was it? Puppy love? Did you lose yourself in the eyes of the person you were meant to be with during an encounter arranged by destiny? Did you get heartbroken when she beat you up and steal your stuff?

See what you can figure out by looking around. Save your questions until after you are convinced you won't get beaten again if you call the attention of the wrong person.
No. 1013346 ID: 39d938
File 163483269480.png - (373.26KB , 800x600 , RTS22.png )

>Wasn't that the first chimera you've met?
I guess... She? I guess she was. Assuming she was real, and I haven't gone crazy. The whole encounter was strange.
>How was it? Puppy love? Did you get heartbroken when she beat you up and steal your stuff?
It was dark and I could barely see a thing. There was a scuffle, but I'm somewhat relived to know it wasn't anything personal...
>Ask the aves what's going on and why this outfit is so tight in the crotch
This shirt isn't tight. I guess the ropes are.
>See what you can figure out by looking around
Lots of jungle. In front of me are two guards, and in front of them is a large mammal that is currently dragging me. in front of that animal is another ave holding a lantern.
>Nibble at the rope.
>you have a sharp beak, use it!
I start to bite the rope in an attempt to free myself. Evidently, my beak isn't as sharp as I thought. That or the rope is very tough. One of the guards in front notices.
>"C-classic R-r-rein-ner! I'd be disappointed if you did-did... didn't try that!"
Seems that the orange ave has a severe speech impediment. Also seems that they won't harm me for talking.

"Is there a particular reason why I'm being dragged by rope through the rain?"
>"You forget? We're br-br-bringing you b-back to prison, s-s-...silly!"

"I'm not who you think I am. I'm a postal worker who swapped clothes with an escaped prisoner that looked like me. It may be hard to believe, but I can prove it"
>What a s-s-story, Reiner! Unfor-for-fortunately for you-you, we've been gi- gi- gi- gi-...
"We've been given orders not to listen to anything you say."
I suppose that rules out telling them the truth.

Seems I can try ask them questions so long as they are willing to answer. Not much I can do until they bring me to where they are taking me. I could try getting a better look at the animal and ave out in front, not that it improves my situation much.
No. 1013347 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, do I really sound like this Reiner person? I mean I found it a bit weird that I ran into another Grif that looked a lot like me but do we really sound alike as well?

Oh and what did this chick do to land her in prison and what prison am I being dragged off to?
No. 1013348 ID: ce39da

They're not walking very fast, are they? Try getting up and walking alongside them.

"I'm a guy, though! And I'm pretty sure she wasn't? Shouldn't there be someone who can check that?"
No. 1013358 ID: 558e3d

Think, Pascoe, think! What makes a boy chimera different from a girl chimera?
And don't instinct! You must put it into words, Pascoe!
You must find The Ultimate Proof That Makes It Obvious(tm) and make your captors understand the error of their ways!
No. 1013375 ID: 53560f

“So, let’s just say for a moment that I’m not Rainier, who are they?”
No. 1013380 ID: ab2e9c

You seem unnaturally calm dispite the situation you are in.
No. 1013405 ID: 39d938
File 163488388384.png - (395.92KB , 800x600 , RTS23.png )

>You seem unnaturally calm despite the situation you are in.
There's always a way out of every situation. At least that's how I see it. This is all just a big misunderstanding, so I have no reason to be concerned... right?

>Try walking alongside them
I get on my feet and move up to where they are walking.
"Do this Reiner person and I really sound alike"
>"All of y-you chi-chi-chimer-mer-mera sound alike to aves l-l-like us."

"So, let’s just say for a moment that I’m not Reiner, who are they?"
>"Are y-y-you trying this who-whole thing again? Faking m-m-m-memory loss isn't gonna ge-get you out of pr-pr...pr-pr-"
"Can I talk to the brown ave instead?"
>"He d-d-doesn't t-talk."
"But he just... ok, Whatever. So, if I'm Reiner, what did I do to get into prison."
>"Did you forg-g-get about-bout being a p-p-p...pi-pi-pir..."
"Listen, I'm a male pseudogryph, and I can prove it."
"Well... I can show you."
>...Cut it out, Reiner, you're making me uncomfortable."
>"B-b-besides, you r-r-really wan-wanna go to the male ch-ch-chimera prison? It isn't ea-eas-easier to es-esc-c-cape, that's for s-sure. If we made a mis-mis-t-t-take, take it up with the vice w-w-w... w-w"
"You can do it, buddy."
>"w-w-war-war-WARDEN! Thanks!"

Seems that I'll need to talk to this vice warden if I actually want to be taken seriously. For now, if I want a more coherent conversation maybe I should try talking to the ave up front.
No. 1013406 ID: 8483cf

Well, do we want to try to escape, or do we want to try and prove our case of mistaken identity?

Doesn't sound like we're going to have much luck with these guys, so... escape it is!
No. 1013407 ID: 2a3eda

Ask that if you actually ask to speak to the vice warden would they actually hear you out or would they just ignore you? Because if they would actually hear your case you’d like to request there presents now so you could speak to them when you get there to save everyone some time.

Also What is the name of the prison are they taking you to anyways?
No. 1013409 ID: e51896

We should probably ask for a lawyer once we meet with the warden.
No. 1013410 ID: 2edc7f

We'll have to ask for a chimera to tell them you are not Reiner.
No. 1013420 ID: ce39da

Yeah, head out in front... while being careful to avoid getting the others caught in your ropes (for now, while talking is still an option).

"Hey, um, can I talk to this vice warden person I heard about when we get back? I believe there's been a case of mistaken identity, and I have two ways to prove it, one of which will also point you to the actual convict."

If asked to explain: "First, you can have my gender examined, and you'll find that I am not, in fact, a girl. You check this sort of thing when prisoners are admitted, right? Second, I can attest that you will probably find a field chimera postie in town named 'Pascoe.' I am Pascoe, and this 'Rainer' person you've been looking for is probably posing as me. Seeing as I have never been to the prison, and I only just started my first shift in the Pinnacles, the only way 'Rainer' (as you call me) could know of 'Pascoe's' presence here today is if the two of us encountered each other out here. Oh, and if you do find 'Pascoe,' here's a third piece of evidence; my crew knew me to be male, and examining 'him' will likely lead to a contradiction there."
No. 1013508 ID: 15a025

Is there even a remote chance we can talk with the vice warden at some point when we arrive?
No. 1013509 ID: e13b1d

Being the only male chimera in a women's prison is going to get you a ton of poon, man.
No. 1013539 ID: 7b0b15

Nicely ask how to contact with the vice warden. Your companions in your ship will be worried and you have a schedule to adhere.

Ask if there is a way to prove them that you are not that "Rainer". You understand that they can't leave you free without their superiors approval but you are worried that no further investigation will be carried out.
No. 1013548 ID: 422cea

Do you need a lecture on why mammalian wing-wongs don't belong in birds or something.

...Actually Pascoe and Rainer exist probably BECAUSE dared to defy that so nevermind.
No. 1013552 ID: 73380d

ya know... this might just be an reword for a previus past life Pasco...
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