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File 163201612342.png - (159.47KB , 1000x900 , p0.png )
1010951 No. 1010951 ID: eedbeb

This quest is a sequel to You Died (https://questden.org/wiki/You_Died) and takes place some months after You Lived.

If I update more than once a day smack me on the side of the head and tell me to get back to drawing Sal.
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No. 1013004 ID: dfbac0

Wait, shit, vampire's a better answer, let's go with that yeah.
No. 1013012 ID: eedbeb
File 163442769613.png - (227.73KB , 1000x900 , p106.png )

You confer with Vlad.

“It’s a vampire.” the bat says.

You stroke your chin thoughtfully. “But cocaine also works.”

“It’s obviously a vampire.”

“Alright, you’re no fun.” You feel for the barrier, but it isn’t there anymore. The other monsters give you just enough space so the shadow can avoid the light, but don’t let you go any further.
No. 1013014 ID: eedbeb
File 163442771308.png - (152.07KB , 1000x900 , p107.png )

“We’re pushing the city council to pass tighter corporate regulation and monster protections.” the shadow explains. “I’ll admit we’re causing distress by targeting supply lines, but it’s an effective strategy. The public’s fed up and is putting pressure on the government to agree to our demands.”

“We’re defending ourselves from the police but we’re not attacking people.” the sphinx adds. “Just let us keep working for another couple weeks and we’ll be satisfied, I promise.”

Do you:
-Accept the deal and leave (everyone will be okay with that since there isn’t a vampire here you need to kill)
-Fight (non-lethally)
-Fight (lethally)
No. 1013019 ID: 96c896

I feel like we're fine with that, but Vlad will insist on demonstrating he can make good on his threat by fighting their best combatant. Non-lethal.
No. 1013020 ID: 83549d

I second this, it’s just a verbal agreement but a display of non lethal force would be a good way to make them know if they renege on their promise that you can come back and stop them.
No. 1013024 ID: 3328c7

What if we ask Max or Lori to negociate the terms of the regulations!

And we can obviously have Derek sing a song about mutual understanding to seal the deal.
No. 1013038 ID: 15a025

I feel like Lori would be a good negotiator. Derek singing would certainly seal any deal favorably!
No. 1013047 ID: dfbac0

Let them know we have no intentions to fight them but even if they are doing what they do for a good cause it's still affecting innocent people. Maybe we can help them by talking to government officials and seeing if they'll pass tighter regulations.
Also does this land not let them show their opinions openly? They have quite a lot of people, can they not simply protest for the regulations instead of going about this in such a round-about manner? Ask them if they've tried other avenues or if they were stupid enough to do this right away.
Either way let's talk to some government officials about this, surely the fact that some of us are agents can help in this.
Either way we can't let this go on for weeks as although they might not be directly experiencing the harm they've done and they think it's just people having less food on their plates that's not how this ever works. The people who usually have more food on their plates keep their food while the people who can usually afford to eat now have to starve to death, this is causing pain and suffering so yeah, we can't let this go on for any longer than it needs to.
We'll keep fighting as a last resort but we can't allow any more suffering to be caused by these rebels.
No. 1013066 ID: eedbeb
File 163450676313.png - (221.44KB , 1000x900 , p108.png )

“How about this, let me call in some of the smart people who came with us and they can flesh out the details for a deal. Also, to show that we’re serious, our toughest warrior can fight your strongest combatant in a friendly bout.” you propose.

“Uh, a fight isn’t really necessary.” Vlad says.

“Do I hear a volunteer?”

The bat groans. “Alright, only because I could use some respect.”

“We accept. Call in the government agents who no doubt hired you and this bat can spar Luuk.” the shadow says.

You poke your head out the door to beckon to Max and Lori, who nervously answer the riddle and start talking policy with the sphinx and the groundhog.
No. 1013067 ID: eedbeb
File 163450677166.png - (262.60KB , 1000x900 , p109.png )

A small crowd gathers in anticipation of the fight, eager to see some action after being cooped up in the hotel. There are maybe 100 monsters total, and you can understand why they’ve been making a fuss instead of protesting. Most normal people avoid magic and there aren’t enough monsters to be heard by themselves.

Luuk, the grootslang, unwinds himself from around of the thick pillars and slithers towards. You estimate the beast is about 20 meters long and as twice as thick as you torso, with a towering head of tusks and fangs to match.

“Well good luck out there.” you tell Vlad.
No. 1013069 ID: eedbeb
File 163450683662.png - (259.00KB , 1000x900 , p110.png )

The bat slouches up to Luuk’s tail. “I’m not going to be able to hurt you, so can we do like, a time limit or something?”

“Certainly, little monster.” Luuk rumbles.

You position yourself in the crowd to heckle properly. It’ll be a while so you have time to socialize.

Do you:
-Give Vlad advice on how to kick ass
-Go find Body and co.
-Make friends with the rebels
No. 1013070 ID: 96c896

Say hi to Body! The government probably won't like it if you make friends with the rebels.
No. 1013071 ID: 4eb747

give vlad your best advice on how to get your ass kicked i mean how to kick ass
No. 1013072 ID: e51896

Lets make friends with the rebels. It is best to establish good relationships if we want to end this peacefully. Who knows, Maybe we'll find a cutie that is your type that you can date after this whole thing is over.
No. 1013077 ID: feb3ef

Watch the fight, but then get bored when the battle just consists of Vlad's stick figure form dodging all of Luuk's attacks and nothing really happening as far as violence goes.
No. 1013080 ID: dfbac0

We've been a shut-in for 300 years although not by choice, it's good to get out there and make connections!
No. 1013083 ID: ac112f

Give some helpful advice to Vlad and make sure to tell him that you believe in him.
Then go make friends.
No. 1013089 ID: 58c316

Derek: make friends with the rebels by taking bets. Then try to flirt with Body very poorly.

Vlad: have the brilliant idea of expanding to normal width inside the grootslang's throat when it inevitably swallows you.
No. 1013109 ID: afa214

Whatever we do, let's make sure we have a good vantage point of Vlad riding that thing like a mechanical bull!
No. 1013129 ID: eedbeb
File 163460891312.png - (250.25KB , 1000x900 , p111.png )

The grootslang watches Vlad, waiting for the bat to make the first move. When Vlad doesn’t do anything besides stand there and look bored, the snake beast snaps at him cautiously.

Vlad bends out of the way. Luuk tries again, striking faster and Vlad cracks a right angle to duck a tusk.

Every bite and lash of Luuk’s tail fail to land as Vlad twists away, seemingly with no effort.
No. 1013130 ID: eedbeb
File 163460892860.png - (324.82KB , 1000x900 , p112.png )

>Make friends
There is literally no violence happening and you’re attention is drawn to the rebel standing to your right, a bee lady wearing a shirt that says ‘#1 Luuk Fan’.

“I like men.” you tell the bee.


“But I especially like your shirt. How did you get something like that so fast?”

“I’m a witch, it’s an illusion.” The bee opens a pair of eyes on her antennae. “I can make you one if you want.”

“Yes please, make it say ‘#1 Vlad Fan.”

The bee takes a minute, carapace furrowed, to summon a plain white t-shirt over your fancy jacket. If you squint at it the edges are fuzzy.
No. 1013131 ID: eedbeb
File 163460894217.png - (174.82KB , 1000x900 , p113.png )

“Vlad look at my shirt!” you holler. “I love you Vlad! You’re the best!”

“What?” Vlad yells back.

“I’m you’re #1 fan! Notice me!”

Vlad turns to see what the fuck you’re talking about and Luuk smashes his coils onto him, squishing the bat flat.

The crowd gasps and the grootslang nervously raises his tail to check that Vlad is alive. The bat peels himself off the glossy tile like a sticker.

“Is that all you got? I’m getting bored.” the bat says.
No. 1013133 ID: eedbeb
File 163460895145.png - (264.01KB , 1000x900 , p114.png )

As Vlad’s #1 fan, you experience a surge in popularity with the bat’s comeback. Other rebels cluster a polite distance around you, asking where you came from, what being a vampire is like, and how you became a fan of such a durable lad.

You happily answer their questions. The rebels seem like a nice bunch honestly, and you’re glad you didn’t attack them.

Vlad continues to evade Luuk, even climbing onto the beast’s body only to be flung away immediately. The grootslang is laughing even as he pants with exertion.
No. 1013136 ID: afe7de

Let the popularity go to your head and say something insensitive, thus losing your newfound popularity. Bemoan the situation by saying it was fine to say 300 years ago!

Vlad: continue to be awesome
No. 1013154 ID: 3265e3

Sing a piercing song of victory as Vlad defeats his foe.
After that, gather info on the more evil monster group there are around.
No. 1013157 ID: c92a02

Have a dance-off with the bee to support your fighter(s) of choice.
No. 1013160 ID: e51896

Sing the song of your people to cheer on Vlad. Get the other rebels to sing with you to cheer on Vlad. (Hope that Max's super sensitive doghearing doesn't hear you.)
No. 1013183 ID: d6d1e8

Chant Vlad's name... even though you and everyone else isn't watching the fight anymore.
No. 1013193 ID: eedbeb
File 163468640689.png - (305.31KB , 1000x900 , p115.png )

The attention immediately goes to your head and tribalism takes a meaty hold of your psyche, turning you against your once beloved ally, the bee witch.

"You, my most hated rival!" you point at the bee. "I will prove Vlad is superior, by challenging you to a battle of song and dance."

The bee is about to refuse when her friends and associates cheer her forward into a second, smaller arena made of bodies and lined with peer pressure.

The bee, whose name you learn is Bo, is a much better dancer than you, turning artfully in a series of complicated steps that make you want to buy flowers. You're the better singer though, weaving a tune of victory and strength to go with Vlad's continued evasion of Luuk.

"Okay you can win, I'm getting really tired." Bo pants, before dispelling both shirt illusions.
No. 1013194 ID: eedbeb
File 163468642780.png - (211.04KB , 1000x900 , p116.png )

Your #1 Vlad Fan t-shirt fades into nothing between your fingers. You are no longer the #1 Vlad fan.

No. 1013195 ID: eedbeb
File 163468643701.png - (293.16KB , 1000x900 , p117.png )

"Derek, I swear, if you keep screaming I'm going to have Body tie your mouth shut again." Max snarls.

You blink. You're in a sizable train cabin, sky dark behind clean glass windows as the locomotive chugs past fields of wild grass. It seems like you just had a senior moment, aka, time passed without you being aware.

Max is sitting up in the lower bunk of a three tiered bed stack. You've been arranged in the seats at a small table, where Rancid is sipping a cup of tea and Kibble is reading her book.

"We were successful in Ontario and are moving to our next destination in Texas City 2." the raccoon explains.
No. 1013197 ID: 96c896

Tell them about the lapse in awareness.

>mission 2
We're gonna have to kill people this time, right? Exactly how is that going to work? You'll need a knife at least. Also, who do you need to kill, just the vampire?
No. 1013198 ID: 3ed3c3

"...Ah. I apologize. I was trapped in a cycle of unending, immortal loss. Can anyone relate?"
No. 1013201 ID: 605944

What happened to Vlad? Did he win? Shall I perform a victory dab?
No. 1013205 ID: ce39da

"Uhuh, er, sorry about that - I guess just because I'm on the super mana drip now doesn't mean I shouldn't still be careful about getting lost in a moment. Or that might have been automatic as a result of using my powers twice in the same day. I'm honestly unsure!"
No. 1013206 ID: f3f534

Now that you know of the existence of the mind controlling angel, make sure you avoid him this time.
No. 1013210 ID: 53560f

Well at least there are people around to provide enough stimulus to snap you out of it this time.
“I assume you guys just picked me up and carried me here, thanks for that. Was I screaming the whole time or just when I resumed?”
No. 1013259 ID: 996013

what happened to texas city 1
No. 1013271 ID: eedbeb
File 163477259125.png - (264.15KB , 1000x900 , p118.png )

"I think I blacked out back at the hotel." you stammer.

"We noticed. We were pretty worried until Bo explained that she took away the only thing that gave your life value, no doubt sending you into a spiral of suffering and despair." Body says from the middle bunk.

"And you were likely tired from using your powers." Rancid extends his arm. "You may feed upon me."

You don't really feel hungry and Rancid lowers his arm in supreme disappointment.

"Wha-What happened to Vlad? Was I screaming the whole time?"

"I was fine, they really chose the best possible matchup for me." Vlad says from the top bunk. "I'm bad against soul based attacks or things I can't avoid like deadly fluids."

"You were making extremely high pitched noises that apparently only I could hear for a whole day. We wrapped you in the blanket again so we could carry you around." Max grumbles.
No. 1013272 ID: eedbeb
File 163477259998.png - (176.59KB , 1000x900 , p119.png )

You check your body to make sure everything is still attached, then catch up mentally to the situation.
"What do we need to do in Texas City 2?"

"Me, Kibble and Rancid got some intel. The vampire there is super aggressive and killing her should free things up." Body explains.

Rancid steeples his tiny cute fingers. "Word of our arrival has preceded us. She will likely try to intercept our party on the road between City 1 and 2. You know how to drive, correct?"

"Uh, yeah. Can I get like a knife or something?"

Rancid pulls a selection of knives from his pocket space and you pick the simplest looking one with a folding blade.

It's very early morning. You have maybe an hour of train ride left.
No. 1013273 ID: c613a2

Time to suck (some of) the duck.
No. 1013274 ID: 53560f

“I didn’t know I could make a dog whistle until now, it’d be pretty cool if not for the fact that I probably kept you up and you look like death.”
Who’s up for hanging out and playing monopoly or something? There’s no way it’ll finish in only an hour but considering how monopoly goes that might be for the best.
No. 1013277 ID: ce39da

Don't suck the duck while we're expecting a hijacker.

"If I were the vampire lady, first of all, I'd be heckin' gorgeous. Second, I'd be walking along the tracks in the other direction and use the train itself as my trigger for easy boarding. Barring shenanigans, we should expect her to be within "getting run over by a train" range inside a few miles of our destination. However, we should fully be expecting shenanigans and assume that she can be here at any moment. Ergo, it'd be prudent for all of us to hide. Like, now. Me and one other should hide near the front of the train, in case she makes the obvious move of killing the driver."
No. 1013303 ID: 3ed3c3

>time stop power
No. 1013306 ID: 96c896

Sucking of the duck can come when the last mission's over.

Ask Rancid if he enjoys his job, or if he just does it because it must be done.
No. 1013352 ID: eedbeb
File 163483786086.png - (297.21KB , 1000x900 , p120.png )

>Suck Duck
Naw, you decided that wasn’t a good idea until you’re done with the mission.

>Board game

“Why don’t we play a game?” you ask Kibble and Rancid.

“Did I hear games?” Lori says from what you’d previously assumed was a misshapen sofa. The squirrel quickly produces a series of NUK branded boxes from her pocket space.

Oh! One of the games is an agriculture simulator with a benign pastel cover. Lori sets up the game board that shows multiple places to collect resources, plant crops, and fence in your pastures.
No. 1013354 ID: eedbeb
File 163483835080.png - (156.01KB , 1000x900 , p121.png )

“I do not see the point of this game.” Rancid says, losing miserably with not a single grain token to his name.

“I don’t see the point of you torturing people.” you mutter.

“I do what must be done and I get satisfaction from the difference I make.”

You’re well on your way to getting second place when you start daydreaming between rounds. Who is this mysterious vampire lady? She’s probably very pretty. From the sound of it, she’ll try to engage you in a high stakes car battle on the road, which is a problem because most of your friends are weak to cars.

How do you populate the cars to minimize danger? You can have as many or as few cars as you want.
No. 1013356 ID: 031458

>Realize you think Rancid would be a pretty girl.
No. 1013357 ID: 558e3d

Kibble and genderbent Rancid in car 1. The monster car.

Body and Vlad in car 2. The Laurel and Hardy car.

Max in car 3. The many-eyes car.

Lori and Derek on car 4. The Chad and Chadette car.
No. 1013370 ID: 5cc714

What does the vampire look like? Probably a mosquito. Mosquitos suck blood just like vampires, so it makes sense.

(I'll think up car placement sometime tonight)
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