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File 163110347772.png - (139.32KB , 500x500 , Des_000.png )
1009826 No. 1009826 ID: ce39da

Yea, though I pass through the shadow of the Garden of Insanity, I shall not give any f*cks…


‘Cause I’ve been waiting a long time for this…

NSFW WARNING: This quest may (at certain moments) contain copious amounts of blood, mild gore, and other depictions of gratuitous violence, plus some swearing.

ABOUT: This is a collaborative battle-quest between an author and an artist (listed below). Similar to Last Trace, the format of this story will be something akin to a BOSS-RUSH, with segments in between fights where you can work to improve your abilities in various ways. However, combat will work a bit differently here. (You’ll see in a bit.)

Writing & Direction - DetectiveCaillou: Colab quest, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You have no idea how honored I am to work with the EDMANGO on a quest. (I can’t help but feel a little guilty, seeing as I consider the art and game mechanics to be “the actual hard parts” of doing these. Of course, you’ll forgive me for the occasional NMH reference - that was one of my main inspirations in writing this.

Art & Mechanics - EDMANGO: Yo, I spent a while working on a system of mechanics that works for this genre of a thing. A blood sport, combat-heavy thing. There will be a mix of things you recognize from my questing style and some other new things. If this works out, I might use the system for other things in the future. Glad to be here, and I hope you enjoy!
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No. 1009827 ID: ce39da
File 163110351639.png - (156.97KB , 500x500 , Des_001.png )

Desperado. Contact hyper-violence for the viewing pleasure of all, from local live shows held in arenas built into the corp-run prisons that supply its fighters to scenic title matches broadcast across the galaxy. Madland Entertainment’s who I have to thank for this opportunity - they coined the idea and bought up a collection of penal planets with which to run it.

“What opportunity,” you might be wondering?

Why - just the chance to earn one’s FREEDOM. I mean, duh.

See, that’s the crazy part; the corporate overlords of this universe are kinda flippant about everything; that includes upholding the law. Yeah, they can lock you up for whatever reason they care to dredge up from that nightmare spaghetti-coded legalese file they call a “Unified Corporate Charter.” And yet, it works out both ways - regardless of whether you absolutely deserve to be here, there are ways of walking out of it scot-free. Usually involving DOSH in some way. DOSH always talks.

But here, on Exroku, a.k.a. the Madland-run ‘Penal Colony-World X-6?’

Well, shucks; here, I just gotta be entertaining.
No. 1009828 ID: ce39da
File 163110354575.png - (131.72KB , 500x500 , Des_002.png )

But where are my manners? Here you all are, come to enjoy and participate in this quest, and I haven’t even introduced myself yet! Heck, I still won’t; maybe I’ll let you take a swing at those sorts of superfluous deets.

I’ll say this, though: I’m a prisoner here in MONTAGUE, the so-called “City of Extortionists” here on Exroku, though that was the fam’s business more than my own… and I’m hungry to get out.

Pick a species! (Hint: I’m a KIN of some kind - it’s just up to you what animal.)
Pick a gender! (Boy, Girl, whatever - I won’t be mad as long as you don’t get TOO weird with this.)
Pick a name! (Whatever makes sense to you.)
No. 1009830 ID: e51896

Female gray squirrel name Pepper
No. 1009831 ID: cc7c88

Moose, Male, Trent
No. 1009833 ID: e51896

Actually changed my mind a little. instead of a gray squirrel, I'm going with a red panda. Name is the same (pepper).
No. 1009837 ID: 094652

Species: Serval-Sergal (Aren't politically-incorrect dating apps fun?)
Gender: Intersex
Name: Akai
Criminal Record: Existing on a Herald-Dominated World, Resisting Arrest, (Self-Defense) Murder of multiple (5) Depend-UT Officers, Grand Arson ([$D]4,000,000 in damages), Grand Sacrilege.
... You're not sure how the hell that last one stuck in this corporate-dominated world, especially since they accused you of insulting a goddess that clearly the corporations have replaced with money.
No. 1009839 ID: dc67eb

Male moose, Trevor.
No. 1009850 ID: 761270

Intersex, male presenting but has a vagina
Some sorta cross between a red panda and a Cat
Name: D. You lost your name when you became a prisoner.
No. 1009862 ID: bc15b4

Male cocodrile, name Joseph.
No. 1009891 ID: afe1f7

This or a lizard named Halo.
No. 1009893 ID: 33f0ce

Species: Nile Crocodile
Gender and what gender you like to do: Male and whatever you feel like or anything that p*sses you off enough
Name: Dun Dee
Criminal Record: 1st degree case of robbery(The planetary bank of UlaneieCorp) Terrorism against UlaneieCorp property, Resisting Arrest Over 100 documented cases of 1th degree murder, 10 cases of 2nd degree murder, sexual assault against UlaneieCorp machinery, driving without a license.

Look, we have to go 100% no chill in at least one direction. So it either got to be this one, or it's going to be Paul the small weak rat man who got caught evading taxes.
No. 1009972 ID: f8fa51

Voting in support of red panda, female or intersex, named Pepper.

We weren't asked to vote for criminal record, but since it's been brought up I'd like our protagonist to have been involved in recruiting and organising what effectively amount to terrorist cells acting to undermine corporate rule.
No. 1009985 ID: 59f588

Red panda.
You're androgynous in appearance, people tend to mistake you for a male, but you're actually female. You don't care about the confusion.
No. 1009987 ID: ff91ee

I support the crocodile option, Nyx sounds like a good name who is very strong and has a little of a beer belly.
No. 1009989 ID: 36784c

This sounds fun.
No. 1009991 ID: 5fd55c

Tomboy crocodile named Nilus.
No. 1010006 ID: a9af05

This and our criminal record is full of things we did while intoxicated.
No. 1010013 ID: 73380d

>white egret
No. 1010539 ID: ce39da
File 163163090072.png - (79.34KB , 500x500 , Des_003.png )

The results are in…

‘Sup? Name’s JOSEPH NYX - yes, of the once-infamous NYX FAMILY, not that I was too involved in what they did until the end. I was considered kind of the RUNT of the Famiglia before the shit hit the fan. But that was then; this is now. I prefer beer over straight spirits, but I love a good cocktail.

I didn’t ask you to guess what I did to wind up in prison, but I’ll spell it out here; I landed in the “City of Extortionists,” MONTAGUE, for a reason. That’s not to say that I didn’t get up to some drunken shenanigans. But I got nailed to the wall over trying to run my uncle’s dumbass recruiting scheme on a Buzzy Scouts chapter. I didn’t even get to start, though, so maybe that was just part of the plot that TOOK DOWN THE FAMIGLIA. It did seem a bit cartoonishly dickish in hindsight, even by NYX FAMILY standards. A bit on-the-snout, if the intent was to add me to the list of “no buy-out for you” slam-dunks in court that were about to happen.

But screw that noise; I want out, and maybe a little revenge while I’m at it. This whole penal world is registered in Madland’s DESPERADO program as the X-6 League. Plus, the guy that sold the entire family out to the corps just so happens to be MONTAGUE’s local champ these days. That dumb shit couldn’t even cover his own ass when he brought everything crashing down.
No. 1010540 ID: ce39da
File 163163092295.png - (58.49KB , 500x500 , Des_004.png )

I haven’t been lazing about in prison, either. I studied the blade, like, unironically. Got pretty good at it too, or at least DECENT, I like to think.

Let’s see if I remember the run-down on what I was like coming into this hellhole:
HP: [ ][ ][ ][ ] - My HEALTH. When all the boxes are filled, I’m in trouble - not like instantly guaranteed DOWN bad, but still bad, seeing as my opponent could potentially end the fight either then and there or with ONE MORE HIT.
ATK: [>][>] - My ATTACK, aka the amount of health I shave off with every strike I land. When I first started, I could just do TWO, and I have my standard kit, warden-provided beam-katana to thank.
ARM: N/A - My ARMOR. This reduces how much damage I reduce the enemy’s ATK by. Or it would if I could afford any.

I’ve worked my way up the ranks since I got here, though; now I’m going to face HIM and get out of this joint. Getting just one title belt around my waist won’t be enough, obviously. You don’t get a full pardon and a ticket off this planet unless you go pound-for-pound in every colony registered to the planet’s league. But damn if this one ain’t important. Winning here means I get free reign of the city, plus visitor’s passes to the other cities if I want to go for the ultimate prize. No more prison cafeteria food and strict curfews.

Plus, consider; REVENGE. Maybe I can cross my fingers and hope the betting for my match reaches the FATALITIES-ALLOWED milestone. Not that it’ll be the end of the universe if they don’t.

Well, it’s time I got ready. When I turn to the lift down to the rest of this complex, the doors are already open. Seems like HUGH managed to find me today.
No. 1010541 ID: ce39da
File 163163104127.png - (23.81KB , 500x500 , Des_005.png )

HUGH: “Hey hey hey! If it ain’t Jojo!”

JOSEPH: “Mmmmm, I don’t like that one.”

HUGH: “Worth a shot. So, Joseph… are ya nervous?”

JOSEPH: “Can’t afford to be. I put too much… everything into this day to let fucking nerves get to me.”

HUGH hits the button, and we begin our descent to the arena floor. “Man, I hear ya. I remember when I had a shot at the champ. That was years ago, ‘course, and it didn’t pan out, but still! Basically the same thing, right buddy?”

JOSEPH: “Whatever you say, man.”

HUGH is a HUMAN DUDE who kinda just attached himself to me soon after I arrived. I guess I stood out for not associating with the Famiglia members who came here with me. Word around the block is that he’s KIND OF ANNOYING, though it’s been mild from what I’ve seen.

JOSEPH: “I just hope it’s enough, ya’ know?”

HUGH: “Maaaaaaan, don’t be like that! You’ve busted your ass ever since you got here!”

True. The stats outlined above are just how I started. Since then, I’ve had 2 UNITS OF TIME to improve my odds in some (but not all) of the following ways - I:

WORKED OUT to train up my HEALTH: I can’t really fault the training facilities here. With the PRISON CREDITS that I managed to earn, I could afford to sometimes come here and work on my body. Not that getting SWOLE would make me a better all-around fighter, but more meat on my bones means I should be able to TAKE MORE PUNISHMENT before I’m DOWNED. There are fun times to be had in the shower room, too, though I can’t afford to get too distracted from my goal.

Got WORKSHOP parts to upgrade my ATTACK: Let’s face it; the assembly line one can opt into here is a fucking SWEATSHOP. The extra PRISON CREDITS you earn in there basically amount to peanuts. Worse, they don’t even give a payout if a product you put together ain’t up to snuff or a piece of tech slips between the cracks. Of course, since the pay isn’t worth it, the only reason I’d wanna inflict that on myself is precisely to make stuff “disappear.” Why? So I can UPGRADE MY BEAM KATANA’S POWER, duh. (What, you thought they’d put THE GOOD STUFF in my standard kit?)

Built rapport with THE GUARDS to win me some ARMOR: A lot of the prison staff like to be dicks, but they’re still people, ya know? Some are softer than others, and some are also on the take, considering this is the CITY OF EXTORTIONISTS, aka organized crime. It’d take some time to build a working relationship with the work shift group I scouted while also saving up the ante for their WEEKLY GAMES. I was always good at games, though, so if I went this route, it’d only be a matter of time before I got my hands on a suit of GUARD-ISSUED MICROFIBER UNDER-ARMOR.

WATCHED other title bouts for the INTEL: Who was it that said: “knowing is half the battle?” Well, that’s a lesson I like to think I took to heart. The inmate seating above the arena is the only entertainment in this doghouse that’s FREE OF CHARGE; probably so more dudes would get tempted into trying their own hand, duh. But the CHAMP sometimes has matches of his own, and these are when I really ought to be here. If I’d watched my opponent long enough, I could figure out his SPECIAL MOVES, and maybe one or two TELEGRAPHS while I’m at it.
No. 1010548 ID: b435f1

So, how are you able to communicate with us? Got a communicator on you?

Also, are you able to cut promos between matches to challenge other fighters or get the crowd on your side to boost your reputation?
No. 1010563 ID: 894419

You started with a heavy workout routine, then doubled it for extra gains.

No. 1010564 ID: bc15b4

Go upgrade your attack with one unit and try to gain some armor with the other.
No. 1010566 ID: 094652

Upgrade your Beam katana twice. The sooner you take your enemies out the less risk you have. Upgrade Armor later.
No. 1010567 ID: 8233ee

With how split everyone is I'mma say go upgrade your weapon, then warm up at the gym before the fight. Maybe enjoy a steamy shower to make sure you stay warmed up.
No. 1010568 ID: 96c896

Form a good relationship with the guards to get Armor. Guards liking you gives more benefits than just that.
Then get some intel.
No. 1010569 ID: a9af05

>How did I spend my time?
You got some WORKSHOP parts to upgrade your ATTACK. It was laughably easy to get the necessary parts for your beam katana. It's almost like the guards don't care enough to prevent convicts from taking things.

You also built rapport with THE GUARDS to win you some ARMOR. Some of the guards think you're pretty cool and want to help keep you alive. But there are some other guards that placed bets on you winning, so they helped you get the armor to increase their odds of winning their bets.
No. 1010570 ID: f8fa51

If I'm reading this right, armour is worth one HP per attack the enemy makes, making it just better than HP. So not going for HP is obvious.

I say work on getting that armour as your main priority. If you have time left, see about upgrading your weapon or getting some intel, but my vote goes to stealing parts for the weapon.
No. 1010647 ID: 36784c

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