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File 162751299132.png - (387.72KB , 800x600 , ktitle.png )
1006567 No. 1006567 ID: b081a5

(Potential) Content warning: Sexual content, violence, drug references, expected high character mortality rate.
Another experiment using mechanics.
(Except this time someone else's with some significant alterations to make this work as a quest thread!)
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No. 1007058 ID: e7e63e

I dig the XCOM vibe

Seems to me that F4 as well all of 5 will be critical to explore to secure for base usage.
F4 should be a priority for surface visibility, so that our ability to detect as well as shoot at surface hostiles from the bridge is assured. D5 should be a priority to secure the bridge from hostiles below.

It seems we are ultimately limited by our resources/credits, as we have zero ability to get more besides perhaps to explore. We should therefore be cautious with their use.
Research would be useful to maximize what we get out of the resources we have, but firepower is higher priority because if we lose our base the research itself is worthless. The Fab Bay would seem to provide tactical devices that may mitigate losses. Plus if they had the ability to produce trade goods for credits, that'd really up their utility.

>Unit: Protector (0 STR) - 5 Credits - Shielding. Fragile synthetics that can project a defensive shield worth 5 STR around their current square or adjacent squares.
If the shield is overwhelmed, does it have to recharge? If so, how much time does it take to do so? If 2 shields are up at a square, does the STR go up to 10, or are we limited to 1 shield per square? Does our troops' fire go through the shield?

Also, I forgot to ask before, a troop must select to attack OR move, yes? Or does it get to do both? Is there a limit to troop size? Or a limit to troops per room?
Lastly, if we destroy/repurpose a room, do we get some or all of the resources we used to build it? What about repairs?

>Produces 25 Power, but the risk of arcing electricity, or, worse, radiation leaks, means units can't be housed in adjacent rooms.
I take it our bridge is exempted? ;)
No. 1007061 ID: 96c896

Hydroponics, put it above the generator.

Explore F4.
No. 1007124 ID: b081a5
File 162803443081.png - (45.37KB , 800x600 , k13.png )

> Can your minds comprehend three-dimensional movement or will you have to climb over the top of the bridge?
[ Technically speaking there should be a door in the back of the generator room anyway, thanks for the reminder to make this actually visible! ]
> If the shield is overwhelmed, does it have to recharge? If so, how much time does it take to do so? If 2 shields are up at a square, does the STR go up to 10, or are we limited to 1 shield per square? Does our troops' fire go through the shield?
[ Shields replenish to full strength each round and will always reduce incoming damage by their stated amount. Overlapping shields are additive. Our troops can fire through the shields unimpeded, they're designed to work together. ]
> Also, I forgot to ask before, a troop must select to attack OR move, yes? Or does it get to do both? Is there a limit to troop size? Or a limit to troops per room?
[ For ranged units/troops, the choice must be made to shoot OR move. All units/troops will automatically attack if occupying the same space as an enemy unit/troop once per combat round. Troop size is not limited. However, each troop is based on the initial room they deploy from. ]
> Lastly, if we destroy/repurpose a room, do we get some or all of the resources we used to build it? What about repairs?
[ Repurposing a room refunds half of its initial cost and counts as that turn's build action. When a room is damaged, half of its initial cost must be paid to repair it, but any number of repairs can be made in a turn if they can be afforded. It does not serve its function while damaged. ]
> I take it our bridge is exempted? ;)
[ Despite appearances to the contrary, the ship generator is special and does not pose any threat. Somehow. Additional clarifying note: generators can be crossed without issue during combat. It's long-term exposure that's a concern, not short-term. ]

:khashusivni-munopa: Hydroponics built at E3. Accessible via an elevator in the Ship Generator room directly below. Anticipating expansion, doors have been added to allow linking to rooms in future.

We already have an expert on hydroponic cultivation now getting results from the facilities holding a coltato and a ridgecone. Wait, no, I've been informed these are the initial planting stock. I have to admit I do not know plants very well. Not these kind of plants, anyway. We didn't just bring seeds? Oh that's what's in the small crate.

I'm just going to go back to the bridge recharger. Good night, all.
No. 1007125 ID: b081a5
File 162803444863.png - (81.88KB , 800x600 , k14.png )

- DAY 2 -

:khashusivni-pavono: First, an update on our resources:
FOOD: 15 (5 used)

Hm. No, this is confusing. I'm going to start tracking food the same way as power: any available food is surplus not being consumed. If food hits negative, we can worry about starvation then.

FOOD: 10

Much clearer. The underlying point is that we can support ten more organic units. Well, excluding higher dietary requirements if we were to recruit native organisms. The point is out of the issues of a food deficit and housing deficit, we've addressed one of those. We still can't take on additional organic personnel without a barracks or crew quarters.

[ Sentinels and Coaxers also cost 1 Food in addition to listed costs. ]

Exploration consensus seemed clear, so I already briefed the exploration team to investigate F4.

I wonder what food tastes like.
No. 1007126 ID: b081a5
File 162803446199.png - (31.57KB , 800x600 , k15.png )

- Exploration Result -

:khashusivni-pavono: Exploring behind the ship revealed a patch of interesting stretchy vines. They're tough and also somewhat insulative, so we've harvested a respectful amount and left the remainder to regrow.

Gained 5 Resources

We also found some ancient alien artifacts. They've been here out in the open for a long time. We can't figure out what they're made out of, what they're for, and they're covered in absolutely incomprehensible glyphs and markings. Other Lazmihi colonies will love to figure that out, though. Honestly, so would we, but we're already stretched thin and lack the capacity to do so.

Gained 4 Credits
No. 1007127 ID: b081a5
File 162803449783.png - (110.61KB , 800x600 , k16.png )

:khashusivni-pavono: Oh, something else discovered today while exploring. It doesn't warrant immediate action, but bears noting. After the explorers had returned with vine harvests and artifacts, about three minutes later they noticed they and the colony were being observed and got visual data of the observer. The subject fled almost immediately after being spotted.

They may just be another animal of this planet, but something about their reported behaviour and reactions speaks uncannily to me of a sapient mind. This could be first contact with an unknown sapient species. This, of course, could mean far greater danger than just wild beasts attempting to drive off intruders or thinking us easy prey.

:khashusivni-uli: "Hm. I don't recognise this species, but I was told this planet never had native sapients. It's possible they were transported here at some point in the past. I've heard of this sort of thing happening before. Powerful alien entities spiriting away alien populations into strange garden or zoo worlds. It would be one of the least strange things this planet has to offer if true."
:khashusivni-pavono: I could be rushing to conclusions. They could just be smart animals, and my criai biases just lead me to assume anything with two legs and two arms might be a person.
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "You don't even have two arms or two legs yourself! Neither do I! This speculation is baseless and infuriating! Stop conjecturing about potential threats and secure more reinforcements!!"
:khashusivni-pavono: I suppose Shivoshi has a point. Munopa?
No. 1007128 ID: b081a5
File 162803451620.png - (737.79KB , 1400x1400 , k17.png )

:khashusivni-munopa: Well, with exploration concluded and resources harvested, we have time to expand the colony again.
Construction list is as before. >>1007048

I've also determined there's a back door to the generator room. I tried to seal it shut, but I learned that it's part of the emergency escape protocols, and there's active systems checking for the emergency exit being obstructed that will fire if the door becomes inoperable in any way. Starting with shutting the generator down to prevent possible damage. It would be easier to just make a stronger door than try to remove it. Although I know preferences lie in reinforcements, I would just like to call attention to the Fabrication Bay again and its defensive options.

:khashusivni-pavono: "Hello. Resource count again."
FOOD: 10

"We can't afford a Fabrication Bay, Munopa."

:khashusivni-munopa: Well, a machine can dream.
:khashusivni-pavono: "I don't. I turned that off after six charge cycles in a row having the same dream about being surrounded by different cheeses, and being increasingly upset I couldn't eat it."
:khashusivni-munopa: Why cheese-- actually, never mind. It's not relevant.
:khashusivni-pavono: "Correct. Not only can I not eat cheese nor taste or eat at all, we can't even make cheese at the moment. We don't have a source of milk, either. Although, hmm. Criai are mammals, right?"
:khashusivni-munopa: We're resuming this conversation never. Construction orders. Please.

:khashusivni-uli: "Well if you ask permission and the individuals involved consent, and it doesn't interfere with your active duties, I'm willing to allow investigation--"
:khashusivni-munopa: Construction orders, Flock-Chief, I'm begging you.
:khashusivni-uli: "Of course. Yes."
No. 1007130 ID: 0fae41

Build cheese bay in E2.
...I have been informed we lack schematics for a cheese bay. Construct alien containment - that is, a xenobio lab - in B4. Explore the remainder of depth 1 until we achieve reinforcements, starting with C5.
No. 1007131 ID: 736b7e

We should build a xenobiology lab and get some big friends. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of strength to go around rounding up large alien wildlife.

Build a barracks on D3, hire 3 sentinels.

Explore A4.
No. 1007132 ID: 094652

Build the Barracks on F4, to protect the Generator.

Survey G4
No. 1007133 ID: 2aa5f0

do the vines keep giving us resources if we don't build anything on them or will we keep collecting resources even if we use that space? Would building a certain structure on them give that structure a bonus, like if we build a hydroponics bay on it would it give us resources & food or no? Because I want to build the barracks where the vines are but it they can be farmed I'd probably hold off on building anything there until we're not hurting for resources as badly.

Also the local looked like they move under ground so I'd like to explore any of the 5 spots under our base just to be safe. (as in c5, d5, or e5)
No. 1007134 ID: ed78f0

Meme artifacts. I am amused.

Explore is obvious. D5 to secure the area below the bridge.

Build is a bit tougher, because a captured local might give us details about the area (particularly threats) that may help us secure the area. However, that's IF it has the ability to do so. Plus, >>1007131 is correct. We're still too fragile to attempt a live capture. Barracks at D3. D3 because the ability to rapidly get troops to the bridge is of high value.

Also, would a structure at F4 disturb/destroy the flora there? If this truly is a deathworld, there is some slight worry that the flora may compromise the security of a structure there somehow...
No. 1007148 ID: 96c896

Can't build anything on F4, there are farmable materials there. Can we build structures above it without blocking its sunlight? Can we build overhanging rooms like that at all? Can we move rooms? Like, could we push the landing bay further out and build where it is now? Seems likely we'll wind up building rooms around it and it's awkward for things to land when it's penned in, isn't it? Does hydroponics require sunlight?
Build the barracks above the bridge.

Explore D5.
No. 1007168 ID: 36fc59

We can explore E5 next time and start building under the vines if it turns out to be necessary.

Given the way ranged combat works, I agree that doubling our available combat strength is the best current course of action, so build a barracks. I don't care where as long as it's not F4
No. 1007170 ID: 736b7e

Remember that we do not want to place living quarters adjacent to a generator. I assumed diagonal adjacency is fine but maybe I'm wrong about that.
No. 1007692 ID: e13b1d

Seconded. D3 seems like a good place for the Barracks.
No. 1008244 ID: b081a5
File 162932850411.png - (210.66KB , 800x600 , k18.png )

>Remember that we do not want to place living quarters adjacent to a generator. I assumed diagonal adjacency is fine but maybe I'm wrong about that
[ The Ship Generator is, despite appearances, free from this requirement. Diagonal adjacency would be fine anyway. ]

:khashusivni-munopa: All usable plant material in F4 has been harvested and, based on current observations, it'd take a very, very long time for it to grow back. Harvesting was already mostly a side effect of clearing the terrain. The remaining vines can be moved out of the way of the potential construction site. I'm sure if the vines were going to cause more of a problem we'd have encountered it so far. My current hypothesis, as the acting head of research, is that maybe the vines are difficult to eat for most of the local wildlife. I think this analysis might be lacking. I also think that being in charge of construction, engineering and research might have been a responsibility too many.
:khashusivni-pavono: "Well, I'm currently in charge of general oversight, personnel, recruitment, administration, and other miscellaneous tasks, so I'm hesitant to take that one. However, I feel we ought to have a dedicated science lead."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "Just promote an explorer. No one combat ready, we're too thin on the ground there as it is. Why can't the Flock-Chief serve this function? I thought the Lazmihi were all about flat organisational structure?"
:khashusivni-uli: "I know this level of hierarchy is unusual for Lazmihi efforts, but this is not a standard colonisation effort. In the context of this mission, my role here is to make decisions at the highest and broadest scope available."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "That feels like a very Bisushpi-Kin way of operating, Flock-Chief."
:khashusivni-uli: "The Lazmihi are not strangers to formal hierarchy, Shivoshi. In times of crisis and urgency, there becomes a need for well-defined roles and responsibilities. Relatedly, I'm examining candidates for leading research. Pavono has compiled a very good shortlist."

:khashusivni-munopa: Good to hear, but back to my update. Barracks constructed at D3. The showers are being tested already. The sanitation gel pods in the bridge are functional but I think many of the criai here needed some way to cool down rapidly. This world's temperature is survivable short-term for criai, but long-term exposure presents overheating risks. Even our efforts to keep a cooler temperature in the base are being somewhat mitigated by the decreasing efficiency of heat pumps as the outside environment gets hotter. If this planet has a seasonal cycle, I hope this is as hot as it gets, or we might be in trouble.
No. 1008245 ID: b081a5
File 162932851354.png - (87.90KB , 800x600 , k19.png )

- DAY 3 -

:khashusivni-shivoshi: A ship made it to the landing pad from the Jade Claw colony. We've recruited three new sentinels at a cost of 24 Credits worth of discoveries and curiosities sent back.
:khashusivni-pavono: "Ko, Oyi and Iti."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: Hm. Who is who?
:khashusivni-pavono: "Ko has pale blue markings, Oyi has purple markings, and Iti has green. Ko's personality profile indicates that she's fun-loving, secretive, and has a tendency to freeze up in tense situations, a trait she is trying to train out of herself. Oyi is bold and arrogant at times, but likes to bring out the best in others. With more experience, I see him being a great teacher, but perhaps overbearing. Iti is something more of a loner, quiet and reserved, but seems strongly motivated by something."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: That's good to know if I need to speak to them in person, I suppose. All three have an STR of 5. Oddly consistent. The resulting Troop of 15 STR stationed at D3 has not yet been named. Awaiting suggestions before I just default to Second Sentinels.
No. 1008246 ID: b081a5
File 162932853556.png - (30.42KB , 800x600 , k20.png )

- Exploration Result -

:khashusivni-pavono: We excavated beneath the bridge. Composition of the surface substrate is largely silicates and unidentified decayed carbon-based organic matter, in keeping with what we'd expect of the surface of a planet with an active biosphere. Excavation beneath the bridge revealed a surprisingly untouched deposit of ores that don't typically naturally occur in close proximity to each other. This is strange. If it was caused by something artificial, we're not sure why the formations are so organic. The rock abruptly shifts with very little transition, but just enough transition that it doesn't look like someone dropped some different rock here.

Gained 6 Resources

There was, however, one clearly artificial item found during the excavation and mining. A black metal fragment that appears to have been torn out of a large structure, with trailing wires and what appears to be part of a pipe bend. Apparently hefty, but still light enough to be held in one hand. Red symbols appear to have been carved into it. A criai touching it reported that it felt very cold even though a sealed nanoweave suit, which should by all accounts suggest temperatures low enough to cause condensation or other similar phenomenon. One of the mechanical miners tried touching it and reported feeling no temperature difference, but a sense of sluggishness. Another explorer reported they had to stand at least three armspans away from it or they started trembling and feeling like they were being watched, and thought they heard someone unfamiliar say something about a potentate or monarch or something along those lines.

Well. I should say this is all very much past tense, because once the device fragment was freed from the larger structure, it appeared to go totally inert save for a strange red glow. The larger structure went completely inert. No cold or sluggish sensations, no strange feeling of being watched. This is a mystery for someone else to solve, probably. The material composition is probably the most interesting thing about it, according to Munopa. Very strange alloys.

Gained 9 Credits

Also, we heard... vague, indistinct sounds, coming from below. The rumours of the many, many other alien visitors to this world are sounding more and more credible. If we dig deeper, we need to be wary.
No. 1008247 ID: b081a5
File 162932855228.png - (67.52KB , 800x600 , k21.png )

- Meanwhile, at the Bridge... -

:khashusivni-uli: Hm. That's interesting. A call incoming from Jade Claw. Oh, it's the Flock-Chief of the Jade Claw colony, Isiri Jadescar. She's the closest Lazmihi authority figure other than myself, even though the colony is a distance away that I can barely wrap my head around. The unpredictable duration of jump drive travel doesn't help.

:khashusivni-isiri: "Uli."
:khashusivni-uli: Flock-Chief Isiri Jadescar of the Jade Claw, this is Flock-Chief Uli Shilta of the Argent Feather.
:khashusivni-isiri: "Yes. I know. I know who you are, and I know who I am. I'm glad to see you arrived in one piece, some of us thought you were lost to us."
:khashusivni-uli: There were some difficulties. We have persevered in the face of adversity, though.
:khashusivni-isiri: "Yes. Yes, admirable. Yes. Mhm. Uli. I have a question."
:khashusivni-uli: Yes, Flock-Chief?
:khashusivni-isiri: "I can't help but notice that in the span of about three moons you've taken eight of the Jade Claw's finest most promising young warriors, at least a dozen other of our youngest and brightest and several of our best machine brethren for your efforts to colonise... what was it... the Glimmering Deathworld?"
:khashusivni-uli: Tarshun IV, Flock-Chief Isiri.
:khashusivni-isiri: "The legendary world that brings only sorrow and despair to all those who set foot on it, with an ancient and terrible power sleeping at its heart. That Tarshun IV?"
:khashusivni-uli: Yes. I thought I made it very, very clear what the intent was for the mission.
:khashusivni-isiri: "Mhm. Hm hm hm. Yes. Uli, what are your long term plans for this colony?"
:khashusivni-uli: Find the Khashusivni and defend ourselves from the Kiter. Reunite the criai with the promise of being able to drive the Kiter from our homeworld and make it ours once more. Live no longer in fear of the terrors in the night sky. Again, I did not hide any of this information from you, Flock-Chief Isiri. You were there when we were discussing it. You made me Flock-Chief?
:khashusivni-isiri: "Hm. Yes. I did. I'm afraid I may have not considered the ramifications of bleeding the best and brightest of the young and healthy adults of my colony. I'd just like to make it clear that, while we appreciate the things you send us in return, they're ultimately worth significantly less than the value of a criai life. The rate of new warriors you want, compared to the time it takes to, well, make them. There are only so many criai at all, to begin with."
:khashusivni-nopa: "I am unconvinced this entire venture is not against the principles of the Lazmihi altogether."
:khashusivni-uli: Machine-Shaman Nopa, I am honoured to--
:khashusivni-nopa: "Appeals to pride mean nothing to me and I have long found them distasteful. Explain your intentions."
:khashusivni-uli: Very well. I am taking all measures I can to minimise casualties in a hostile, unpredictable universe. But pure pacifism and inaction will not help us. I have learned, over and over, that sometimes action needs to be taken before your enemies arrive. But yes. I will not treat our shared people as just a resource to use. I promise you this.
:khashusivni-isiri: "Mhm. We will see, I suppose. If your promise means anything, you will evacuate your colony back to Jade Claw if things seem beyond hope. Thank you for hearing me out, at least. "
:khashusivni-uli: Of course.
:khashusivni-isiri: "Oh, also. I almost forgot. My daughter is expecting a child soon. Her mate was very, very upset about the idea of their child facing a life of hiding from unimaginable terrors and threats as he has done, and thought joining your effort was the right thing to do. His name is Iti. I spoke to him very frankly what I thought of his noble actions. The noble act of abandoning his pregnant mate to go off and die on an alien death world. If you find him in your colony, could you please make him reconsider?"
:khashusivni-uli: Yes. Of course, Flock-Chief. (Must remember to ask Pavono to look into that.)
:khashusivni-isiri: "Yes. If he refuses to come back home, and gets himself killed, please send back his body. If he dies I want to exile his body. Into a volcano. For putting my daughter through all this. She's already very upset. I also think he's usually a smart, resourceful sort, and I would also prefer his ingenuity not be wasted so tragically."
:khashusivni-uli: I, er, will do what I can.
:khashusivni-isiri: "I understand, of course, that it is absolutely not your fault that he thought your last ditch effort was worth putting his life on the line for, but I suppose, despite my reservations, many more of our kind sympathise with your cause. Personal and family matters aside, Nopa, you had something you wanted to say?"
No. 1008248 ID: b081a5
File 162932857618.png - (55.16KB , 800x600 , k22.png )

:khashusivni-nopa: "Flock-Chief Uli."
:khashusivni-uli: Yes?
:khashusivni-nopa: "In my experience, when the loss of life becomes inevitable, there is historical precedent that machines are the first to be sacrificed. Promise me you will not see the living machines around you as more expendable than the lives of flesh and blood. Flock-Chief Isiri has your trust, and I trust in her wisdom. Do not let us down, please."
:khashusivni-uli: Of course, Machine-Shaman Nopa. I would have appreciated being told all of these reservations before everything the Argent Feather has been through so far, but I understand. This is not some flight of fancy, and I am putting my life on the line as much as anyone else is.
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "Who are you talking to-- Oh! OH! NOPA! IT'S NOPA!! Oh wow, you were there! You must be, what, fifty years or more old? The first of the great warmachines! The Slayer of the Kiter Ess! I've read your battle reports over and over! That one especially, you took down the biggest thing the Kiter could bring to bear!! You inspired all of my greatest tactical decisions! I love your work!!"
:khashusivni-nopa: "...What?"
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "You should come here! We'd be amazing together! Your wisdom and knowledge of combat are unparalleled! I've heard your kill count is in the tens of thousands!!"
:khashusivni-nopa: "..."
:khashusivni-munopa: "Oh! Hello, builder! Sorry about this one. We're still trying to teach them how to not solve everything with violence."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "What?!! No! I'm not Bisushpi-Kin! Death to the Bisushpi-Kin! I'm not like them! I'm not!!"
:khashusivni-munopa: "Okay yeah sure come with me Shivoshi there's schematics to review. Right now. Come along. (Do not harass my builder any further. They are not proud of what they did as a soldier.)"


:khashusivni-isiri: "I wonder what the Bisushpi-Kin do to these poor things for them to keep showing up so eccentric."
:khashusivni-nopa: "Munopa did leave after all, I see. Uli, if you let anything happen to Munopa, I may find myself coming to the Argent Feather after all. In a very, very poor mood. With my old weaponry reunited with my body. To clarify, this is a threat."
:khashusivni-uli: Munopa is their own being who can make their own decisions, and I'm already a little tired of being held accountable for other peoples' bad ideas.
:khashusivni-isiri: "The life of a Flock-Chief is one of being blamed often for others' poor decisions. Good luck, Uli. You may continue to request assistance from the Jade Claw colony as you have been doing for now. Remember to stay true to the principles of the Lazmihi. Our people are our people, not our tools, our currency, or our weapons. War must always be the last resort."
:khashusivni-nopa: "Even then, war must only be fought if there is a chance of victory. In the face of certain defeat, flee. No criai who thought otherwise survived the fall of Dunra. Farewell, Uli."

The transmission ends, and I'm left feeling uncertain. We were far from experienced at space travel when the invaders came. For many criai, retreat wasn't even an option.
And here, on this world, with our colony ship now sedentary for the rest of its days, retreat may very well not be available to us.
No. 1008249 ID: b081a5
File 162932859286.png - (773.23KB , 1400x1400 , k23.png )

:khashusivni-munopa: Well. That was something alright. Glad to see my builder is doing well, though. I should talk to them more.
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "I can't believe the great warmachine Nopa is a washed-up husk of regret and sorrow now."
:khashusivni-munopa: Shivoshi, some advice. Insult my builder one more time and you're going to find some of your parts welded together that shouldn't be.
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "I'll take that advice into immediate consideration goodbye!"

:khashusivni-munopa: Anyway, where were we? Right. Building list: >>1007048

:khashusivni-pavono: "Resource recap."


:khashusivni-munopa: That's it? That's all we have?
:khashusivni-pavono: "Yup."
:khashusivni-munopa: Alright. We need to figure out a way to get resources faster than this, clearly. We can make, hm, an airlock, I guess. Making an airlock might not be a bad idea, actually. Never know if we might accidentally mine into some horrible toxic gas pocket, or something like that. Or we can just build a corridor or elevator directly into a space we haven't explored. If only we had just a few more resources... ugh.
:khashusivni-pavono: "We could explore further along the surface? There might be more stuff out there. Also, from initial readings, it looks like the amount and value of raw materials seems to trend upwards the deeper you go into the planet, but that carries with it increasing risk. I've updated D6 to indicate its potential increased hazard as a result, but we can't shy away from deeper exploration forever. The Khashusivni are not just lying on the surface of the world, else they'd have been found by now."

:khashusivni-uli: "I can't help but wonder if we should re-examine that artifact from earlier for ourselves before we pass it on."
:khashusivni-munopa: I don't think anything good will come of it. At least if we send it away, whatever it was connected to will be a ways away. It creeps me out, honestly.
No. 1008254 ID: 736b7e

We probably should be saving up resources but an airlock does sound like a good idea for our initial dive underground. Put an airlock at D5.

Let's explore more surface: A4

I'm not creative; Second Sentinels sounds fine to me. Names would help more if they had different roles but it seems like both squads have the same equipment.
No. 1008255 ID: 96c896

The artifact's effect seems to relate to draining energy. Both thermal and electrical. I recommend reuniting it with the structure it was connected to, and excavating that structure (seems to be in E5) to see if we can figure out what it does.

Is the underground cooler than aboveground? Perhaps we can use the underground as a heatsink, or put our Criai living quarters there. Our machine units don't care about the high temperature do they? They could live aboveground fine.

An airlock seems prudent, put it in the excavated tile.
No. 1008259 ID: 2aa5f0

alrighty then, I guess have pavono speak to Iti since we said we would, explore A4, and uh... not sure if we should build anything this turn or not since we're kinda low on resources.
No. 1008261 ID: e13b1d

The artifact could potentially be related to the weapon. We should research it further.

First contact with the potentially intelligent native or colony survivor is also a priority task. If peaceful communication can be achieved, we can learn much from them. About gathering resources, and more.
No. 1008271 ID: 525fc0

I'd really like to have a biolab before we explore the surface further, to help deal with whatever we face. Especially if what we face has the ability to talk. Besides, meta-wise the surface is high difficulty compared to all of 5.
However, if we hit some sort of deadly gas that floods the bridge, we're screwed, so should we save up for a biolab? It's tough to say. I swear, we could avoid all this if we had gas detectors + gas masks...
This should settle it though. Do airlocks stop our firepower? Because if we build at D5, we'd either be way tougher or way weaker to subsurface melee troops based off that.
This complicates matters further. Robots should deal with gas easily, but our troops would probably be less overheated if they were housed subsurface. Ultimately, though, we could probably just improve our A/C if it got real bad.

Well, regardless, explore either to the left or right of D5.

Might be some sort of key item, might also be useless. E5 might yield clues? We could really use some sort of archaeologist or geologist. Maybe a metallurgist while we're at it...
Regardless of what we do with it, take pictures. Lots of pictures.

Also, if we require some sort of squad leader or staff officer for this hierarchy-of-sorts, Tiu seemed the most levelheaded.

>We need to figure out a way to get resources faster than this, clearly.
I'm all ears.
Get it? Because Criai have... I'll shut up.
No. 1008304 ID: b081a5

> Do airlocks stop our firepower? Because if we build at D5, we'd either be way tougher or way weaker to subsurface melee troops based off that.
[ House rule because the original rules are incredibly ambiguous on this. Airlocks can be shot through, but it will absorb the attack and immediately break them, rendering them inoperable for blocking hazardous substances. However, a broken airlock also can just be passed through like a normal room, given that if it can't block anything anymore it'll probably not be blocking creatures either.
It costs half the initial cost of a room rounded down for repairs to broken/damaged rooms, which would be 2 Resources for an airlock. As many rooms can be repaired at a time outside combat as can be afforded, and this doesn't interfere with the one new room per turn.
Some more tactically minded enemies may try to deliberately break an airlock as a result of this, but it still means they have to spend the time breaking the airlock to continue. ]

No. 1008305 ID: 736b7e

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask in my suggestion:

Shivoshi, any other notable warheroes? What do you think about military hardware? Can we get more cute snake robots? Who programmed you to blushu?
No. 1008335 ID: 96c896

Oh and we should try to convince Iti to go back home.
No. 1008381 ID: 9d5fd0

>Airlocks can be shot through, but it will absorb the attack and immediately break them, rendering them inoperable for blocking hazardous substances. However, a broken airlock also can just be passed through like a normal room, given that if it can't block anything anymore it'll probably not be blocking creatures either.
Absorb is a bit ambiguous, as that's almost as if to say it reduces damage to the target. However, based off the rest of that, my guess is that we do full damage to the target, but have to fix the doors. If that's the case, to build at D5 should be okay, as it will lower the odds of death-by-gas as we explore for further resources. They should offset the repairs, if we have to fix them. Hopefully, we'll rapidly get what's required for a biolab.
No. 1008399 ID: 0fae41

You're welcome to come visit the Glimmering Deathworld any time, both of you. We'll even pay for the return trip, if there is one.
Until we know exactly what we're destroying by building corridors into unexplored spaces, I'd prefer to hold off pm that strategy. Scanning equipment of some kind would be nice. Explore A4 to complete our surface map. Our sentinel units are ready. Once we explore A4 and G4, does more of the surface open up to exploration?
No. 1008557 ID: 6c886f

Wait a sec...
Where's the elevator from D3 to D4?
Without that, we lose the ability to rapidly gather our troops for heavy firepower.
It messes up the whole security setup!
No. 1031706 ID: 2f158e
File 165213458379.png - (104.94KB , 800x600 , k24.png )

> Absorb?
[ Yes, ambiguous, full damage is dealt to the enemy but the airlock is wrecked in the process and needs to be repaired. ]

> Where's the elevator from D3 to D4?
[ By default rooms will be connected to the room they were built from. If other connections are wanted they can be freely added or removed between battles. I'll add the elevator in but if people want to change how rooms are connected going forward, do ask. ]

:khashusivni-shivoshi: "There's all kinds of war heroes in my databanks from the ranks of the Bisushpi-Kin, blight that they might be now! Once, they were the very best of us! An age of heroes, of great feats, of Azei of the Dark, who made the Kiter fear the night, of the Ess-slayer Lui Suna, of the tactical genius of Poi Redscar--"
:khashusivni-munopa: "Okay we'll be here until we're rust if we let you keep talking. Don't encourage him, his knowledge of pointless military trivia is practically boundless. Especially for someone who claims to hate the Bisushpi-Kin as much as he does."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "The Bisushpi-Kin of the Great Revolution were a different criai-kind to who they are now! Now all they are is the very same thing they sought to destroy! Terrible! Terrible!"
:khashusivni-munopa: "Be careful. That sort of thinking is very much like them, isn't it?"
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "I don't know what you're talking about. Oh, right. Military hardware! So many great and powerful weapons, capable of massive yet controlled devastation to the enemy, like the snowbomb or the curvebeam generator and-- System error, please provide passcode. Oh. Oh, I guess I can't... what if I phrase it like System error, please provide passcode. CURSE YOU, BISUSHPI-KIN! YOU WILL NOT WIN SO EASILY!!"

:khashusivni-munopa: "Please put the welding torch down."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "I WILL HACK MY OWN SYSTEMS TO BYPASS--"
:khashusivni-munopa: "You will hack nothing, you have no idea what you're doing, give me the damn torch!!"

:khashusivni-pavono: "...I guess I'll step in, while you two are preoccupied--"

:khashusivni-munopa: "DROP IT! DROP IT!!"
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "HOW ARE YOU SO STRONG"

:khashusivni-pavono: "...so anyway this is Vomukha."
:khashusivni-vomukha: "Hi."
:khashusivni-pavono: "She's now our new head of research. She's a little shy. Fortunately research seems to be our lowest priority so she'll have some time to appreciate the responsibilities of the role before any kind of emergency, hopefully."

:khashusivni-munopa: "I'm not giving it back to you! It's not even your equipment!! Please let me do my job and get back to yours!!"

:khashusivni-pavono: "Any non-Shivoshi related emergency."
:khashusivni-vomukha: "Is this normal?"
:khashusivni-pavono: "I don't think we've been here long enough to know what normal is, but I'm beginning to worry the answer is yes."
No. 1031707 ID: 2f158e
File 165213464057.png - (22.69KB , 800x600 , k25.png )

:khashusivni-uli: "Pavono, I was asked by Flock-Chief Isiri to look into whether or not a certain new recruit by the name of Iti should be serving here."
:khashusivni-pavono: "Oh. Are they a problem?"
:khashusivni-uli: "I was just asked to make sure he absolutely wants to be here and not back with Jade Claw."

:khashusivni-pavono: Not sure why this is my department, but, well, apparently it is.

:khashusivni-pavono: "Ah, Iti, yes?"
<Iti> "Yes? What's the issue?"
:khashusivni-pavono: "I was asked simply to verify that you do wish to be here. Opportunities to go back home are rare as it stands, and this is an incredibly dangerous mission."
<Iti> "I know. I know it is."
:khashusivni-pavono: "Are you alright?"

He starts tugging at his ears and tears up.
<Iti> "No. No, I am not. I shouldn't be here, but what choice do we have? I wanted Vai to come with me but the Flock-Chief wants her in the inner circle and what say do I have there? The Flock-Chief was right, Vai would only be endangering herself here, but what can I do? This might be the only chance we get among the Lazmihi, no, the criai to spend our lives living instead of hiding forever! But I didn't want that to mean I never see her again... but I'd rather fight and die here than stay helplessly next to her and watch her die to another alien attack!!"
<Iti> "What would you do?!"

:khashusivni-pavono: I feel I was insufficiently briefed for whatever this is.
:khashusivni-pavono: "I am of course biased in favour of the option where we aren't one sentinel short, but the conflict you carry in your heart I fear may lead to hesitation at a crucial moment." That sounds like something Uli would say. "You must make your own decision. All I can do is advise, as is my function."
<Iti> "No. No, I will-- I will focus. For the sake of the mission. For the sake of the criai. We will survive."

:khashusivni-pavono: "Well, Uli, I did the thing you asked."
:khashusivni-uli: "Are we sending Iti back on the next supply ship, or are we not doing that?"
:khashusivni-pavono: "You must make your own decision. All I can do is advise, as is my function."
:khashusivni-uli: "So you have no idea."
:khashusivni-pavono: "Absolutely none, Flock-Chief."
:khashusivni-uli: "He didn't request to go back, then."
:khashusivni-pavono: "Nope."
:khashusivni-uli: "That works for me. ...Keep him out of active deployment where possible, just to be safe."
No. 1031708 ID: 2f158e
File 165213468546.png - (32.99KB , 800x600 , k26.png )

:khashusivni-munopa: Somehow, despite everything, I found time to do my actual damn job. We're less than a full week into this operation and it already feels like things are starting to fall apart internally, I swear.

Airlock constructed in D5. It's a bit of an odd design, involving an inner shell room that can be rotated while air is vented out or in depending on circumstance. Takes up an entire room in size, but nothing's getting past this. Well, liquids and gases aren't. Malicious entities are probably going to be able to figure out how to open the airlock.

Well, whatever. I feel more secure to have any sort of barrier between the bridge and the deep beneath.
No. 1031710 ID: 2f158e
File 165213477830.png - (135.83KB , 800x600 , k27.png )

- DAY 4 -

:khashusivni-pavono: No developments overnight or before exploration. A relatively pleasant morning, all things considered.

- Exploration Result -

:khashusivni-pavono: We excavated next to the airlock, below the old ship generator. Composition of the subterranean material remains consistent with what was found previously, but sadly with no trace of harvestable minerals. What we did find was something far more concerning.

A giant monolith with a strangely familiar symbol and large runes that appeared to be painted or printed onto the surface, in a language we've never encountered before. We don't really have any xenolinguists with us here, which in retrospect would have been a very good idea. It seemed inert like the other artifacts we found where we built the airlock, but as the exploration team got closer, well, the report is more frantic.

Apparently, more and more of the criai near the monolith started going into some sort of dazed trance and started walking towards the monolith, and everything seemed to become filled with a hazy red odourless mist. The report notes that after the incident there was no trace of gas or vapour or particulate in the atmosphere.

A couple of the exploration team sank to their knees and began chanting in a language they had no recollection or knowledge of previously, one of them passing out completely. All of them reported experiencing a phantom image of a contorted red serpentine form appearing above, in front of, and inside the monolith.
I had to double check that. No, that wasn't different interpretations, it was pretty consistently reported as being in at least three places at the same time, at least one a physical impossibility. And then it started whispering. Then, it just "slid away". No one involved can explain what that entailed, but it was just gone, as was the red mist.

I've compiled the overlapping fragments into the message it gave out as best as it can, but it doesn't make a lot of sense...

your endless struggle shall end, your penitence complete, only through great sacrifice
seek the red worm, find me in my hallowed ground, free yourselves in chains
I grant you <fragment missing>, I grant you release, you will find what you are looking for
come find me
only I may grant you absolution

I feel like we're missing some cultural context, because otherwise this seems absolutely like a bad idea we should not follow up on.

:khashusivni-vomukha: The most prominent symbol seen on the monolith is a worryingly close match to symbols seen in Kiter occupied territory. Insufficient evidence for any further conclusion.
:khashusivni-munopa: The monolith itself seems sturdy but we can relocate it if we want to build in the excavated area. Of course, some people might think it's cursed ground and not fit for habitation, but I'm sure the proper purifying rituals to appease any lingering spirits of bone or metal will clear that right up.

:khashusivni-shivoshi: "You people and your rituals. You want purification? Fire works well in my experience."
:khashusivni-munopa: "It's made of stone, Shivoshi."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "Plasma, then."
:khashusivni-munopa: "Dunra save me."
No. 1031711 ID: 2f158e
File 165213484497.png - (116.06KB , 800x600 , k28.png )

:khashusivni-pavono: The monolith wasn't content with horrifying us, I gather, as after it went inert, the floor of the cavern started to rumble, and what seemed to be natural stone parted seamlessly, revealing a deep, deep cavern, massive, unlike what we expected.

The cavern is barely lit by naturally bioluminescent fungi, but only barely. There's a great variety of flora and fauna in there but none of it seemed hostile to the explorers. Most of it fled. The fauna. Probably not the flora. Probably. However there is one notable anomaly, but I'll get back to that.

Speaking of the flora, we found some amazing substitutions for some of our common building materials. I'm sure Munopa will be thrilled.

Gained 10 Resources

:khashusivni-munopa: I'm pretty happy with that. Also, no issues with building in the caverns. No additional overhead required, really. Just need to relocate the wildlife first, and that's so cheap compared to moving all the materials into position to start with that it's effectively free.
No. 1031712 ID: 2f158e
File 165213487278.png - (291.47KB , 800x600 , k29.png )

:khashusivni-pavono: But yes, the cave anomaly. We found a glowing green pod covered in veins that appeared to be slowly throbbing. Also growing a webbing that seemed to be ensnaring and consuming local flora and fauna that didn't have the strength to escape it.

:khashusivni-vomukha: Our archives aren't complete but this is a strong match for Kiter technology. We don't understand it particularly well, given most of our information comes from the Fall of Dunra where intel gathering sharply became less of a focus. However, this matches the description of what appears to be some sort of convalescent transport pod that consumes local biomass to sustain itself and its occupant.

Similar pods were used to keep criai prisoners for transport into Kiter spires and other facilities, who were, of course, never seen again.
However, similar pods were also used to restore elite Kiter individuals back to fighting condition.
It's anyone's guess what's inside that pod.

I highly recommend we do not attempt to retrieve or open this pod without a xenobio laboratory, and possibly also a medbay. It will cost 1 Food either way to bring them in and keep them supplied, assuming we don't just want to starve whatever's inside.

:khashusivni-munopa: The principles of the Lazmihi state that taking prisoners is something that should only be done if they can be properly housed and fed. ...they also say that forced conscription is absolutely not permitted, and, if it is a Kiter organism in that pod, it's going to backfire horribly regardless.

:khashusivni-pavono: "Anything Kiter is an existential threat and an affront to the criai and must be immediately destroyed."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "No. We take anything Kiter captive, get information, and then they must be immediately destroyed. You have to ask questions first."
:khashusivni-vomukha: "I would like to study a Kiter organism, I have some theories I'd like to verify."
:khashusivni-munopa: "It's too risky. Let the pod stay where it is. The Lazmihi are not cold-blooded killers nor are we slavers."
:khashusivni-uli: "This is a pretty controversial manner. Well, sometimes, the principles of the Lazmihi must be... slightly bent for the sake of survival."

:khashusivni-munopa: "I'm pretending very very hard I didn't hear you say that out loud, Flock-Chief."
No. 1031713 ID: 2f158e
File 165213494267.png - (958.98KB , 1600x1800 , k30.png )

:khashusivni-pavono: System update. Here's the map. Resource recap incoming.

:khashusivni-munopa: Building list here: >>1007048
Well, we have more options, I guess. A crew quarters for coaxers, a xenobiology lab, a proper laboratory for our new head of research-- wait, no, we don't have the credits for the specialist materials for that. Darn. Well, that still leaves crew quarters or a xenobiology lab, I guess.

:khashusivni-pavono: "Ugh, coaxers. That reminds me, how's our cybersecurity?""
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "What cybersecurity?"
:khashusivni-pavono: "...that bad, huh."
:khashusivni-shivoshi: "Cybersecurity is for worrying about after not-cyber security. What are even the chances anything would try to hack us? All we've come across is some ancient ruins and alien lifeforms. We're the most advanced things on this rock, for sure!"
:khashusivni-pavono: "That we know of, sure."

:khashusivni-vomukha: Just a quick pointer. We can leave that pod be until we have proper facilities. If we try to open it now, the best place we have to do it is the airlock, which is directly below the bridge. If things go badly, that could be a swift end to the mission, the Argent Feather, and the lives of everyone here. No pressure, though, I'm sure!
No. 1031716 ID: c92a02

Time for a xenobio lab! A4 is still up for exploration, and now it is time to see about converting resources into progress. Research everything! You may have spoken too soon about research being low priority.
No. 1031717 ID: 96c896

I see no reason to open the pod yet. We don't have the required facilities.
When we do, here's how it'll go: if it's Kiter, we interrogate then imprison and study, or execute depending on how nasty it is(some Kiter things can't be contained reliably, nor can they be reasoned with... though it's more likely there will be a firefight in that case, not an execution). If it's non-Kiter then we offer employment or evacuation, and ask polite questions.

As for what to do next... construct a Crew Quarters to the left of the landing bay, for Coaxers. Could be a good idea for one of them to work on Shivoshi, so it doesn't have to hack itself.
No. 1031719 ID: 736b7e

We already wanted a xenobiolab and this pod is just another reason to build one. Build it at B4 and explore C5.
No. 1031721 ID: 2aa5f0

neat it's back.

As for what do. I say we should explore C5 just to fully explore everything around our base so we don't have to worry about anything attacking us from a blind spot. Also feel that the Xeno lab is what we should build next what with the egg and all. Plus we haven't really come across anything that needs to be hacked yet. Just wondering if we should put the lab in the monolith space since that way if we house something dangerous it would have to go through the airlock to get to the base or if we should explore C5 first and put the lab somewhere where we don't have to mess with the weird monolith room. Guess we could put it above ground as well but again, since the lab can double as a prison for dangerous xeno life probably better to put that somewhere where they won't be able to just have a straight shot for the bridge.
No. 1031746 ID: af9fcc

It's back? Huzzah!

I doubt anybody will get the reference but I'll make it anyway.
Difficulty 4 and 5? We'll need to be well equipped for those.
That monolith is annoyingly ominous. My guess is it's related to that tablet we found. Probably best to stay out as much as we have the ability to. Though I am curious what this "purification" would entail and what the expected effect would be.
Keep Iti, but have an eye towards replacing him once we have less of a credit shortage.
>Cybersecurity defense
Not a priority yet. Unless we encounter something mechanical, we've got more urgent issues. Heck, the monolith alone has me more worried about our wetware being hacked than our hardware given the effect it had on the explorers. Save the coaxers for after we have a xenobio lab and a fabrication bay, both of those have greater utility as things stand.
Well, that's a great segway. The xenobio lab was already highest priority to aid in potential first contact with the natives, should they be sapient, and now we have further reason to get it ASAP.
Now that we have the resources to build one, we should do so. E2 would put it furthest from the bridge, but B4 would segregate it from core structures should something go wrong, so B4 edges out E2.
Maximize containment, and rig it with lots of powerful explosives, for the likely scenario that it proves hostile. Even a kiter will fall to sufficient application of high explosives, and if we have to repair the lab, so be it. It'll be way less damage compared to what a powerful Kiter could do.
C5 and D6 are the last two locations before we have full visibility 2 squares from the bridge. Of those, the former is less hazardous.

Beyond that, we should probably save up for a fabrication bay. If it saves lives, it's well worth it because every sentinel we have to replace is 8 credits lost, plus eight additional credits to replace the loss. More importantly, every life saved is, well, a life saved.
No. 1031762 ID: 815672

We need food production up, let's expand on the surface to do that.
No. 1032052 ID: e13b1d

The criai who witnessed the vision at the monolith are fine now, right? If it only affects our forces on first witnessing it, there may be a use for the thing.

If we move the monolith outside, its memetic field might distract and reveal scouts and threats that approach the base. Even lower animals if they are susceptible. We could easily execute them while they are in the thrall of the visions.
No. 1032053 ID: e13b1d

We should then put the xenobio lab where the monolith was, I think. It separates the rest of the base from any contamination that gets loose in the lab by the airlock, and makes for easier transportation of the rescuee/captive without revealing our full headquarters.
No. 1032087 ID: f2320a

interesting lets see if it has some mental contaminant but using it as a defense mechanism is useful even if potentially losing it. hmmmm if we make a xeno containment lab we NEED to put it far away from the generator and stuff putting some distance between it and the generator, a armory must be proably on the ground floor due to it being the most likely way someone would enter the base AND the generator must be protected
No. 1032092 ID: 8dc7ba

I agree with this.
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