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File 162683068804.png - (139.40KB , 1000x900 , p0.png )
1006058 No. 1006058 ID: eedbeb

You can’t do anything about anything and you have to keep going.

This quest is a sequel to https://questden.org/wiki/You_Died Many of the characters from You Died will appear in You Lived, which should update at least once a day with a longer post.
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No. 1006059 ID: eedbeb
File 162683071207.png - (133.96KB , 1000x900 , p1.png )

Your name is Vlad Noctus and thanks to the universe’s tremendous sense of humor, you are a werewolf.

You're lying on your unmade bed in your tiny apartment that you share with your much more fortunate roommate Chef. He's currently at the gym doing his Friday personal trainer session while you stew amidst your blankets like a useless pile of garbage. A mostly empty flask rests on your dresser and the fading winter light reflects off the glass into your sensitive eyes.
No. 1006060 ID: eedbeb
File 162683074349.png - (157.52KB , 1000x900 , p2.png )

With a groan, you heave yourself to your feet, and examine the dregs of anti-transformation potion. There's a persistent itch under your fur that a gulp of potion will soothe, but then you won’t have any left. Since your transformation in public a couple months ago, you've been stuck with an ankle bracelet in case you go feral again.
No. 1006062 ID: eedbeb
File 162683084088.png - (133.48KB , 1000x900 , p3.png )

It's a pain in the ass to get more potion. You have a job on weekend nights, but a prescription bottle costs about 500 bones and you also need to buy food and pay rent. There's exactly one black market source of potions and magic healing that hasn't been shut down by the mob or regulators in the pockets of Big Magic and she’s a massive bastard.

You chew your lip. The last time you tried to get a potion from Jadis Inc., the apocalypse happened, so you're understandably hesitant.
No. 1006063 ID: 465a14

What's the apocalypse going to do, happen again? Go to the pharmacy.
No. 1006064 ID: 0fae41

I hear that Jadis's new enforcer is a big softie now. Maybe this time you can make her feel bad about beating you up and get some pity potions.
No. 1006065 ID: 96c896

Go talk to Jadis. Maybe you can work out something long-term so you can escape poverty.
No. 1006066 ID: 10211b

Know any werewolf anonymous groups you can go to, or look up? Might be a good way to get some advice, vent your frustrations, and get comfort from other werewolves

Anyway, you're above asking for help this soon from Jadis. Dont go to her yet. But theres no other way around it, you need a better paying job, one that is a 5 day a week job instead of a weekend job. Let's go job searching. Maybe find something that can benefit your werewolf disability, like becoming a bouncer at a club or bar, or becoming someone's bodyguard, or a security guard... though I assume it is illegal to become a wolf on the job... unless... you join a gang? No, you're not that desperate... yet.

Yeah, take what is left of the potion, and start job hunting
No. 1006094 ID: ce39da

Question; do normal venting methods help with transformative urges, or does channeling that aggression, even productively, only make things worse? Maybe you can hit Chef up, both for rent leniency and maybe to get you an outlet for those bestial macho urges? There's nothing wrong with asking for help when your own efforts aren't enough.

For now, though, it's time to buckle down ask for help from a much shiftier person. You're off to see a witch! Do down that remaining potion, though; the last thing you want is to blow up in front of her people again. I'm sure being in close proximity to the apocalypse has sobered her up to the point where she'll actually listen to your complaints re; getting stiffed if you do so calmly and without bite-related violence.

(Plus, you're pretty sure you just caught her guys at a bad time that time, looking back, and you should have known better than to assume they'd have any cash on hand or say in the matter.)
No. 1006095 ID: 109d6b

We were told Jadis doesnt do potions anymore. We'll need to get our money back from her if she isnt getting us the potion we already paid for.
No. 1006109 ID: eedbeb
File 162691504729.png - (189.22KB , 1000x900 , p4.png )

>Get a better paying job, like being a bouncer
Funny thought, you’re actually already a bouncer at The Deez, a local club/bar. Not the fun beefy enforcer kind though, the kind that sits on a hard stool and checks people’s IDs with a flashlight. You make 20 bones an hour and have to deal with reckless drunk people.

Yeah, maybe you should search for another part time job. You don’t have a college degree but you’re reliable, if grumpy. Warehouse duty or maybe food service would be easily available.

>Werewolves Anonymous
You were bitten as a teenager and never got around to attending the local support groups, content to get out your energy by running around with your gang of punk friends, shoplifting and trespassing into cool abandoned buildings.

There’s a group that meets down the street from your apartment, actually. It’s not the nice side of town so there’ll probably be some shifty characters but maybe someone will have some potion they can lend you or an open ear to listen to your troubles. There’s a meeting this evening, and you can make it before you have to go to work.

Your roommate isn’t made of money, though he’s in a lot better financial shape than you are with his job as a nurse. You’d feel like a dick if you asked him for a loan that you’d probably never be able to pay back.
No. 1006110 ID: eedbeb
File 162691506229.png - (116.68KB , 1000x900 , p5.png )

For now, Jadis is your best bet. Body told you the witch wasn’t doing potions anymore, but according to the fancy new website, they’re available in limited stock. The zombie is helpful, if creepy, and you fish out your phone to give her a call.

You hesitate with your finger on the screen. Hopefully that tall cat lady you bit is okay and not mad at you for her cursed existence.

“Jadis Magical Cures and Surgery, this is Body, may I ask who’s calling?” Body wheezes from over the speaker.

You clear your throat. “It’s Vlad. You still owe me an anti-transformation potion.”

“Ah yes. Right.” There’s a muffled ‘oh god oh shit I forgot vlad when I was calculating the order’ and then a polite cough. “Luckily our dutiful intern has been working hard on his potion making skills and we have a range of heavily discounted products available for pick up.”
No. 1006111 ID: eedbeb
File 162691507755.png - (200.62KB , 1000x900 , p6.png )

“I don’t want some junk, I want prescription quality.” you growl. “Give me a good potion or give me a refund.”

“We can certainly do a refund of the 50 bone payment you made er, before the apocalypse.” Body says. “I can wire you the money if you have the BoneMe app or I can arrange a physical drop-off.”

You chew your lip. You’d really like a potion and despite the sketchiness of ‘heavily discounted’, you’re curious what the zombie means.

“What’s wrong with the cheap potions?” you ask.

“Well we’re not really sure since no one wants to test them.” Body says in a rush. “Jadis gave the batch a 50% success, 40% unknown effect, and 10% fatality estimate. Said the whole pot should be in a museum, really, with how long Cookie spent sweating over the cauldron. If you promise not to sue or tell anyone you got ‘em from us you can have ‘em for free.”
No. 1006112 ID: 0fae41

Well if you just have one out of that batch and throw away the rest your odds have a 50% chance of being good. Where should you pick them up?
No. 1006113 ID: 96c896

10% fatality is absurdly high and absolutely not fit for consumption by anyone, considering it's a treatment for a non-fatal condition. Unless they're suicidal, maybe?
Ask when they're likely to have a batch with a lower chance of death. Like, 1% at most, and even that's pretty high considering how often you have to use it.

Take the faulty potions, then dispose of them. Wait, how do you safely dispose of potions? Do you have to worry about contaminating the soil, or the water supply?
The 50 bones will have to do.

Anyway, go to the WA meeting, see if anyone can lend you enough potion to get by for now. Then continue going to WA meetings afterwards.
No. 1006114 ID: ce39da

"Look, I'm desperate, but not Russian Roulette desperate. 10% odds of fucking dying would be kind of a deal-breaker unless you got a contingency to help undo that, got it? If I'm doing a clinical trial for you, I sure as hell don't want you cutting any corners. We do this legit if you want me to do it at all."

Good to know they'll be back in business eventually, either way.

You got enough potion to last you through tonight, right? If they're willing to monitor you and help dodge that 10%, you should tell them, you'll consider it.

Take the refund in the meantime either way.

How much over-the-counter potion can you afford to budget before it becomes unsustainable? Establish the timeframe we have to work with before making any hard moves.
No. 1006115 ID: e51896

We're no gambling bat. Just take the refund for now and say you'll sleep on that potion testing offer and let her know another time, and go to the WA group later (we'll take the rest of the potion we have before we leave)
No. 1006186 ID: eedbeb
File 162699698325.png - (129.63KB , 1000x900 , p7.png )

"A one in ten chance of dying? Are you crazy?" you gasp. You're no witch but that seems like a terrible success rate for a potion to treat a chronic, non-fatal disease. "You should get rid of that stuff, pour it down the drain."

"We don't want it getting in the water supply." Body says. "Cookie fainted when he finally gave up on the spell, so there's like, a ton of energy in tied up in the solution. We dyed it green and put skull stickers on all the bottles. If you don't want it, that's fine. Sorry we don't have good stuff at the moment, Jadis has been busy with a lot of gynecology stuff, you know, with human babies being a thing."

You heard about the human reintroduction when the President got on national TV and gave a very vague description of the post-apocalypse situation. Not like you were planning on having kids anyway but people like Chef are upset about it cause of the panic it’s caused in the medical industry, scams and magic methods for getting a confirmed animal children popping up all over.

"I want the refund for sure. I can send my BoneMe details." you say. "And I'll take one potion. Not that I'm going to test it or anything, but in case I need it for an emergency."

"Okay. I can drop it off tomorrow morning at your place, or anywhere you'd like. If you do drink it, I can pay you to tell me what it did." the zombie says.

"No pressure." she adds, when you splutter in response.
No. 1006187 ID: eedbeb
File 162699699425.png - (114.05KB , 1000x900 , p8.png )

You hang up, pop the cork on your potion flask, and suck down the last remnants of potion. You instantly feel calmer, less frustrated. The empty bottle goes in your drawer of finished flasks and you stand to get some food before you go to the WA meeting.

While you're chewing through a mouthful of peanut butter, your phone dings to notify that you got a new deposit. You check your account and see that you have 84 bones in your account, with 48 (after the fee) recently added by xAnimeLord65x. That's enough to buy the smallest amount of potion available at the pharmacy, which will only last you three days, and if you do that you'll be eating nothing but beans and rice until your next paycheck comes in.

Plenty to complain about at the meeting. You send Chef a text telling him where you're going, grab a coat and then head onto the street.
No. 1006188 ID: eedbeb
File 162699703007.png - (190.13KB , 1000x900 , p9.png )

The walks haven't been shoveled in front of your apartment and you trudge through the grimy snow with your head down. The meeting is at a local youth center, far enough that you should probably take the bus, but you walk instead and your feet are freezing by the time you arrive.

There's a bird receptionist at the front desk who nods as you push through the glass doors and wipe your feet on the front rug. You enter the room that's been set up with a ring of folding chairs and a table of light refreshments, nose crinkled at the smell of the three other attendees.

Closest to you is an old homeless toad. He’s bundled in layers and a shopping cart full of garbage is parked in the corner.

A golden retriever who looks like she belongs in high school is glancing over the refreshments while a lean ferret stares at you.
No. 1006190 ID: ce39da

"Uh, hi, I'm new."

Just grab some refreshments and take a seat. Maybe offer some extra to the others - the dog wants, the frog needs, methinks. Generally, you're supposed to let the group leader, well, take the lead on the conversation, including introductions.

You just took some potion, so at least you don't have to worry too much about pack dynamic instincts forming here, right?

BTW, how confident are you with voluntary shifting (assuming that's even a thing you can do)? I'm asking in case things take a turn at one of these meetings or you become well-off enough to get a membership at Chet's gym.
No. 1006192 ID: e51896

Play it by ear. Judging by the golden retriever staring at the refreshments and not taking any probably means it isnt time for snacks yet. So leave it alone.

Sit down, and introduce yourself as the new guy.
No. 1006201 ID: ce1268

Vlad: hi, I'm Vlad, and I am a werewolf...
Everyone (deadpan): hi Vlad...

Seriously tho, introduce yourself.
No. 1006233 ID: eedbeb
File 162709230680.png - (139.06KB , 1000x900 , p10.png )

“Uh, hi. I’m new.” you say. “Is there like a group leader or someone I should talk to…?”

The ferret responds, his voice surprisingly deep. “She should be here soon, the snow must be giving her trouble.”

The toad doesn’t acknowledge your presence and you awkwardly sidle up to the dog at the refreshments table. There are chips and baby carrots with ranch and you fill a small plate with everything.

“This young woman is new too.” the ferret says. The dog shoots him a dirty look and sits on the other side of the frog.

The atmosphere isn’t exactly tense, but when the other werewolves notice your ankle bracelet there’s definitely a shift.

“How’d you get that?” the dog asks, pointing at your leg. “Did you bite someone?”

“Um.” you say. “Maybe we should wait for the meeting to talk about that?”
No. 1006234 ID: eedbeb
File 162709232294.png - (130.96KB , 1000x900 , p11.png )

The dog grunts and the group lapses into awkward silence. Your ears prick up when you hear the youth center doors open and a friendly female voice talking to the receptionist. A cat with a posh coat bustles into the room and the ferret raises a hand in greeting.

“Sorry I’m late.” the woman says, shedding her gloves and shaking the fresh snow from her ears. She can’t be much older than the retriever, but her demeanor and height give you the impression of maturity. “Oh wow! Two new members today. I’ll have you introduce yourselves in a moment, I’m Polly and I’m a werewolf.”

The cat hangs her coat neatly behind her chair and takes out a pencil and pad of paper, presumably to take notes.

“Would you like to go first?” she asks you kindly. “Tell us your name and any details you’re comfortable sharing in your introduction.”

You swallow a mouthful of chips and clear your throat with a forced cough. “Hi. I’m Vlad Noctus, 27, got bit when I was 13 so it’s been a while. I have trouble getting anti-transformation potion so any advice on that would be appreciated.”

Polly nods and smiles. You’re caught between feeling patronized and shy.
No. 1006235 ID: eedbeb
File 162709233956.png - (124.27KB , 1000x900 , p12.png )

“How about our other guest?” Polly says.

“I’m Daisy. Your sister killed my dad.” the dog says flatly.

“Ah.” Polly stays composed despite the accusation. “I’m not trying to make light of your loss, but I’m afraid this is a meeting for werewolves only, so if you wait outside the room I’m happy to talk to you once we’re done.”

“Oh I’m a werewolf.” Daisy snarls. Her fur is starting to fluff into a jagged mass, an early shift sign. “I got turned so I could take revenge.”

You’re missing something here—no wait, Polly’s a cat. Not to stereotype but that’s really all the explanation you need.

Tensions are rising. The toad is still sleeping or pretending to and the ferret is gnawing his nails. What do you do to resolve the situation?
No. 1006236 ID: 031458

Killing people won't bring your sister back, dumbass.
No. 1006237 ID: afe7de

I'm already under probation could you not do this here, please, I just want some help and to get on with my life, not to get caught up in this and have another mark on my record

you say as you munch on some carrots, watching as a pretty gross scene probably ensues.
No. 1006239 ID: 094652

"Daisy, as much as I'd love to tear these mob bastards apart alongside you, it's only going to get more people in the obituaries. With us at the top of the list.

Since you rich parasites are only good for magical science, I'd like to address the elephant in the room: how the @#$% is our culture going to change now that we know our Creator is on the moon and she eats and/or reincarnates every-furry's souls upon death? Also, how do we react to the inevitable wave of (literally soulless) human werewolves in two decades?"
No. 1006241 ID: 96c896

"Well why don't you go kill her sister then?"
No. 1006243 ID: ce39da

"Nope." Punch her in the snout to establish dominance - your ankle bracelet won't get mad as long as you don't shift to do it, right? (What's she gonna do? Double infect you? Try to kill you in the same room as at least one other werewolf she's antagonized?) "Not happening. I came here to get help for the life-destroying condition you decided to get voluntarily. I just took the last of my potion today, but you have no idea how royally pissed you're making me anyway with this bullshit!"
No. 1006245 ID: 367433

I'd like to see Vlad as a character who tries not to get involved in bs like this unless he's forced to. Like we're playing as a background character to the main characters. I dont think anything he says or does will cool this situation.

Instead of trying to stop it, Vlad could quickly interrupt to mention how a witch name Jadis has not been giving him his medicine he paid for, and recently was offered a potion with a 10% chance rate to kill him.

(He does not know Jadis is Polly's sister, which might stop Daisy in her tracks to give Vlad an interesting response, maybe giving Polly a chance to escape or something?)
No. 1006277 ID: eedbeb
File 162715424550.png - (140.38KB , 1000x900 , p13.png )

You know what, this isn’t any of your business and it’s not your job to deal with teenagers who make abominably poor decisions. The swig of potion you just had is making you supremely chill because otherwise you’d be telling Daisy she’s a dumbass for picking fights and getting herself turned for petty revenge.

“Could you not do this here?” you say, to the room at large. “I’ don’t need more trouble in my life.”

Everyone ignores you. Typical.

Daisy sheds her jacket and finishes mutating into her wolf form, extra fur bursting from her skin as the soul tied to her body fuels the transformation. You know from experience that it hurts like a bitch and disables whatever passive ability the animal would usually have in exchange for enhanced speed and jaw strength.

The memory of when you leapt off a roof after school sophomore year and broke your foot make you wince. Fall damage is a pain when you’re used to gliding.
No. 1006278 ID: eedbeb
File 162715425866.png - (171.40KB , 1000x900 , p14.png )

Polly assumes a trained fighting stance and meets Daisy with a high kick to the snout. The dog yelps and tries to bite the offending foot, but Polly snaps her leg back and kicks her again in the side of the head.

“Daisy, please try to calm down. I’m very sorry for your loss but you’re not in a position where attacking me is feasible.” the cat says.

The dog howls with rage and lunges at Polly, knocking chairs over with a crash when the cat leaps out of the way. If it were you, you would have backed off by now. Werewolves didn’t survive into the modern era by being aggressive. They were opportunistic biters and the scary transformation was mostly for intimidation.

“Who’s her sister?” you mutter to the ferret as Polly keeps kicking the crap out of Daisy.

“Jadis Lewis.” the ferret visibly shudders. “Polly’s a nice girl but that family is bad news.”

Ew, you can’t believe you thought Polly was okay. What’s she doing at a support group for the lower class? You feel a lot less comfortable complaining about the bad potion business when the guilty party’s sister is here.
No. 1006279 ID: eedbeb
File 162715429041.png - (133.71KB , 1000x900 , p15.png )

Poor Daisy is bleeding from her nose and a torn lip. She pushes herself to her feet and keeps growling at Polly, who is waiting a measured distance away.

“I’d like to use our appointed time for the meeting. Leave, or I’ll be forced to use further violence.” Polly points to the door.

Daisy hesitates, then scampers for the exit, tail between her legs. You hear the receptionist gasp as she leaves the building.

Polly sits and picks her notebook and pen off the ground. “I’m sorry for the interruption, everyone.” she says. “Shall we get back to the meeting?”
No. 1006280 ID: 96c896

One thing first, what's with her and her sister?
No. 1006295 ID: e51896

I kind of wanna go outside to Daisy and try to convince her to wait outside until Polly is ready to talk to her after the meeting.

Otherwise, since Vlad is now nervous to talk about his potion problems, he could instead just not bring up Jadis and her buddies names when he vents his frustrations, and/or ask for advice on getting potions or a decent paying job to afford potions when most employers wont hire a werewolf.
No. 1006300 ID: ce39da

"Well, it looks like I made the right choice chugging the last of my potion today instead of rationing it. Pretty sure I would have blown up just then otherwise, and I don't need that right now. But seriously, where does that bitch get off destroying her life like that on purpose?"


"But anyway, I guess some people still need to introduce themselves?"
No. 1006301 ID: 094652

"Oh. Right. The Lewis Family. I thought she looked familiar. Jadis and Body are assholes. I guess Polly is their Face, so they spoiled her sweet."

Go talk to Daisy. Tell her you think Jadis is a life-ruining sociopath as well, but if she dies then the ensuing potion shortage will cause more death and destruction. Her revenge was poorly thought out; if she really wants to make a difference, she'd have to steal all of Jadis' werewolf curing research while offing her and find a way to mass-distribute it.
No. 1006305 ID: eedbeb
File 162717672599.png - (152.05KB , 1000x900 , p16.png )

“Can you explain what that was about first?” you ask. “She said something about Jadis killing her dad?”

Polly feigns a cough to buy time, and wipes her bloody knuckles sheepishly with a napkin. “Since you’ve heard of my sister you can understand why that wouldn’t be terribly out of character. Judging by Daisy’s age it was probably several years ago, so I’m not sure exactly who her father was. Jadis is doing much better now, for anyone concerned.”

You think back to the newspaper articles and hushed gossip you’ve collected over the years. Jadis’ crimes include dissection, amputation, creating automatons out of corpses, general creepiness, and torture. And that was all before she was 18.

“She’s still bad at running a business.” you mutter. “You defended yourself well, that was pretty poorly thought out on Daisy’s part.”

The cat shrugs. “Not reasonable, but I’d say it was righteous. I hope I can talk to her after this.”
No. 1006306 ID: eedbeb
File 162717675090.png - (133.77KB , 1000x900 , p17.png )

“I’ll take her coat and go find her.” you say. It’s such a good idea that you start edging towards the door. “It’s cold out, hopefully she’s still close, and I can try to help her make better decisions.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Polly says cheerfully.

You tuck the white jacket under your arm and head into the snowstorm. Fresh paw prints and drops of blood lead you a couple blocks away, to the cover of a bus station. Daisy is hunched on the bench, back to normal. You feel a pang of envy. The newly infected have a much easier time with free transformation.

“Hey. Here’s your coat.” You toss it beside her. “Don’t try to kill people like that, you can’t do magic and you don’t have a gun.”

Daisy sniffs and raises her bruised, tearstained face. “Do you know where I can get a gun?”

“What? No, I mean, don’t try to kill people in general, even if they deserve it.”
No. 1006308 ID: eedbeb
File 162717680394.png - (190.80KB , 1000x900 , p18.png )

You flounder around the edge of the small shelter, not wanting to get too close to the teenager.

“I’m sorry life sucks.” you finally say.


Daisy starts crying again and you stare at the falling snowflakes until she’s back to hiccups and wet coughs. It’s pretty dark, but you can see fine with the help of your sensitive eyes and a distant streetlight. You’ll have to get ready for your job soon.

“Can you help me?” she whispers.

“Do what? Kill Jadis? She’s kind of an important person and I need potions from her. I also have a lot of my own problems.” You gesture to your fine jewelry.

“My dad had a group of wolves he was trying to organize, to take on the mob. I have a lot of their names, can you help me find them?”
No. 1006310 ID: afe7de

You feel bad about her situsation, but no, you don’t want to help her fight the mob. What’s in it for you anyway, a slight reprieve, maybe a little money. It’s not a long term solution, and -points to your ankle monitor- is definitely something that could be tracked and traced back to you.

No, you can offer comfort and support during the early phases of transition but you have little to no motivation to fight otherwise you would have when Jadis didn’t pay you the first time.
No. 1006312 ID: 96c896

After the both of you find them, then what? Try to bite them too? You'll help her get closure, but only if it doesn't involve more attempted murder.
No. 1006317 ID: e51896

Tell her the harsh reality: let her know that even if you decide to find wolves, it isn't going to make her life any better, even if she achieves revenge against the mob, because... well...

she made the life changing decision to become a werewolf. And she cannot go back to her old life anymore...

and you're really concerned about that because the fate of becoming a werewolf is not something you would wish on your worst enemies. as an example, let her know of the 14 years of being a werewolf, the discrimination people had against you, the friends and family you hurt, and opportunities you lost, the fact that you can't feel regular emotions like anger like a regular person can without hulking out, the fear others have of you preventing you from having normal relationships.

If she complains that you don't know what you're talking about, let her know that if you didn't know, you would not have sacrificed your time at the WA to learn how to deal with your potion and bone situation to talk to her, you had longer experience as a werewolf than she.

Ask as a request to at the very least, give the WA a try for maybe a month before deciding to kill or form mobs. It won't fix our issues, but it could maybe bring some solace, and Polly said she'd be willing to lend an ear regarding what Jadis had done to her, and in extension yourself.
No. 1006318 ID: 031458

I aint gonna help a kid kill herself.

The mob is ingrained within society.
A crack team of mercenaries might do some damage, but it won't change anything.
Except that you'll all be dead.

...Need help with anything not insane?
No. 1006320 ID: ce39da

“Dunno what you’re expecting to accomplish here. I think we’ve both experienced first hand that werewolf might alone ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that’s not even considering all the scary magic bullshit these mob witches can do with a thought, much less the even spookier folks Jadis in particular’s been hanging with. Shit, I even heard a rumor recently that she’s added a literal god to her entourage.”

“So no, your plan sounds incredibly short-sighted and doomed to failure. And what did Dolly do to you, anyway? I don’t remember her being very involved in the family business?”

“Sorry, it’s just... I’m just mad, okay? Or about as mad as I can be all zonked out on the last of my anti-transformation juice. That you’d do this to yourself; being turned isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy. The werewolf curse has destroyed lives and homes, so to know that there’s someone willing to bring more into the world on purpose is just... Who was it? If I ever meet him, I’ve got an ass-kicking with his name on it.”
No. 1006321 ID: 094652

"Vengeance is sweet, but I don't need to tell you that diabetes is a thing.

Your father took on the mob because they're parasites of the highest caliber. Thing is, he had a plan to keep them from coming back. Do you know what that plan is? Can you succeed?

And then there's the fact that since he's dead, the Moon thingy ate his soul or something. So he's not watching you avenge him."
No. 1006322 ID: 53560f

Look, i’m not gonna pretend I’m an expert on what to do here but you tried to kill someone at a help group meeting. Attempted murder at a meeting where people are trying to deal with their problems in a healthy way.

What i’m trying to say but failing terribly is you should maybe try to find a healthier way to deal with this than murder.
She’s willing to talk to you if you wanna go back which from what I know of her family basically means you struck gold in finding possibly the only member of that family who might not be batshit.
No. 1006342 ID: 87a628

Be sure to let her know that you're not saykng she made a mistake to become a werewolf willingly, but her choosing to become one is going to have a lot of huge consequences down the line that she needs to consider from this point on, especially now as she is reaching adulthood.
No. 1006349 ID: eedbeb
File 162723973864.png - (119.65KB , 1000x900 , p19.png )

You give an enormous sigh and try to sort out your thoughts before you answer. Maybe you’re already too jaded to deal with this kind of thing. You definitely don’t think murder solves any problems, but you sympathize with rebelling against the corrupt forces in power.

The kid’s probably been traumatized by losing her dad and is getting used to being a werewolf without a good or understanding support system. You decide to offer her some honest advice.

“Look, you can do whatever you want with your life, but I don’t want to get involved anything suicidal. I think you’re smart to go after the only mob family member who wouldn’t kill you for threatening them, and you’ll figure out a way to get closure eventually, hopefully through something healthier than revenge.”

Daisy reaches for her coat and half-heartedly shrugs it on. She doesn’t say anything.
No. 1006350 ID: eedbeb
File 162723975155.png - (110.07KB , 1000x900 , p20.png )

“Becoming a werewolf is going to have huge consequences for the rest of your life, so if you need someone to talk about it, I’m here.” you say. “And that WA meeting seemed okay, Polly wants to talk things over with you and I bet you could play up the pity card to get some free potions out of her.”

Daisy snorts. “Yeah, I bet she’d just be thrilled to see me again.”

You kick a tuft of snow. “She’s a bleeding heart rich person with a brain. She knows her sister is fucked up.”

You turn to face Daisy. “Speaking of fucked up, who’s the asshole who turned you?”

The dog bristles and doesn’t meet your eyes. “None of your business.”

“Whoever it is, don’t trust them. Report them to the police if you can.”
No. 1006351 ID: eedbeb
File 162723976280.png - (141.97KB , 1000x900 , p21.png )

Daisy jumps to her feet and growls deep in her throat. You feel yourself start to curl your lip instinctively. “Shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about.” she says.

“You think I don’t? Being a werewolf is serious! Anyone who would do that to a kid is evil, even if you asked them to.”

Whew, you’re getting worked up. You take several deep breaths to calm yourself. “Just—I don’t know. I’ll see you again if you go back to the meetings, otherwise I don’t want to get involved.”

You turn and walk away into the brittle evening. Daisy doesn’t follow and you start heading for The Deez. You can get there early and help set up the bar, see who’s working tonight and commiserate about the customer service experience.

It’s cold enough that you cram your ears into your hood and put your hands in your pockets. You’re halfway to the club when your phone buzzes.

You squint at the bright screen. It’s from your coworker Jordan. The message is in all caps.

No. 1006353 ID: 96c896

Oh shit oh fuck you gotta get everything perfect
No. 1006355 ID: e51896


Respond with "but y tho?"
No. 1006366 ID: eedbeb
File 162725537656.png - (119.82KB , 1000x900 , p22.png )

You slide to a stop and gape at your phone. You thought that God had left like the news said. You’d felt a yawning emptiness when you managed to get into the country for a safe transformation last month, the feeling that your creator was gone, the moon winking at you blankly instead of shining like an old friend.

what??? she’s back??? why would she come to the club?

Jordan messages you back instantly.

no not God god the slutty one that likes humans

And you’re crushed again. You’ve seen the articles about this other god, the same species of space-faring hive mind who for some reason liked to roleplay as a hairless ape instead of being useful.
No. 1006367 ID: e51896

Respond saying "the question still stands"

well, at least we're only a bouncer so we won't have to worry about seeing the other god too much... right?

eh, better up your pace a little bit so we can get there early enough to help set up
No. 1006368 ID: f177db

Text "So many religious questions < booz, sx, and awkward"
No. 1006377 ID: eedbeb
File 162726454301.png - (168.60KB , 1000x900 , p23.png )

You call Jordan. You have too many wordy questions to justify texting.
“How did you find out?” you demand before the frog can say hi.

“The boss got an email half an hour ago, apologizing for the impending paparazzi. This could be the biggest night of my life, I heard he tips really well.” Jordan chirps. “And I’m also totally freaking out so I thought I’d warn you since you’ll be the manning the door.”

“I’m on my way there. But why is he coming to The Deez? We’re just a shitty club with even worse bathrooms. Our drinks aren’t cheap enough to make up for it.”

Jordan exhales into the speaker. “Sometimes you gotta be trashy.”

You have a million questions about religion and the nature of animal life and being a werewolf, but you get the sneaking suspicion that your role as a bouncer does not include interrogating the guests. It’s really a rare opportunity though, and you’d hate to let it pass by.

You finish the call and put your cold fingers in your pocket. How do you prepare for Saul’s arrival?
No. 1006379 ID: e51896

Saul likes getting drunk, right? Better get ready by letting Jordan know to get some stronger high quality alcohol ready for him, at least what is within the Deez budget. Maybe suggest a discount on drinks tonight since we have a VIP tonight? That might be asking too much though but worth a try. Also clean the bathrooms.

Interrogating guests as a bouncer might be a bad idea, but theres nothing said about the chance of having a guest come up to talk to us instead. maybe there is some way we can be interesting enough to have Saul take time to notice us and start a conversation with us instead of the other way around...

With that in mind, Didnt Saul once said once that one would have to be drunker than him to talk him into doing stuff? That might be one way of getting him to talk to us... though getting drunk on the job might be bad as we could pass out... though I think it depends on how well Vlad could hold his alcohol amd what he could afford with his refund (which is why i suggested the discount on drinks). hmm... how much can Vlad drink before the chances of passing out happens? For reference, it took Evelyn 5 drinks before she gets a 50% chance of passing out.
No. 1006381 ID: 96c896

What can you do? You're manning the door. Besides, if Saul wants a trashy experience it's not like you wanna clean up the place or wear a suit.
No. 1006390 ID: c77fe0

Is there a way you can prepare yourself to hold back more crazies than usual other than just mentally bracing yourself?

“Hey, is there any way I could get some backup at the door? I think we’re gonna get way more crazies than usual, and I don’t mean the nice and amicable kind.”
No. 1006415 ID: eedbeb
File 162734535590.png - (190.74KB , 1000x900 , p24.png )

The club is always understaffed, and you think you’ll need moral support for the task ahead. With a slight pang of guilt, you text Chef and ask if he can come keep you company. The goat has a front loaded week so it’s not like he’ll be tired for work the next day, but still, you’re basically wasting his Friday night.

You finally reach the squat, square building. Cigarette butts line the windowless walls as Gastro, the usual DJ, hurriedly shovels the walks. You nod to him and duck inside.

Jordan waves you over to the bar and you help her prep lime slices, simple syrup, paper umbrellas, mint, and clean glasses. She moves with frantic twitches as she wipes down the taps and lugs a fresh keg of cheap beer out of the back.

“Want to do a shot with me?” you ask.

“Okay, just one.” Jordan pours herself tequila and gives you some Foreverclear. It burns your dry throat and you drink a second before chasing the sting with cranberry juice.

It’s 15 minutes to opening when Chef pokes his head through the door. You just gave the bathrooms a half-hearted mopping and refilled all the toilet paper dispensers, and he waves to get your attention.
No. 1006416 ID: eedbeb
File 162734536739.png - (122.39KB , 1000x900 , p25.png )

You join him outside. Snow is still falling, but the pressure changed and it’s warm enough that the flakes don’t stick to the recently uncovered gum stains.

“Thanks for coming.” you grunt.

“Thanks for inviting me.” Chef replies. “I’m not going to miss out a chance to ask god why he’s committing slow genocide.”

Ah that’s right. Chef is a bit more involved with things than you are, and people across the political spectrum have been pissed about the human thing, for different reasons. At least Chef is worried about the humans’ fate, instead of trying to stamp them out in denial.

“Good luck with that. Wait, is that them?”
No. 1006417 ID: eedbeb
File 162734537878.png - (191.80KB , 1000x900 , p26.png )

A shiny new car pulls over a few buildings away, headlights blinding you for a second. You hear doors slam and then the vehicle peels away as the following horde arrives. Two figures start their approach.

Saul is talking to the woman you bit all that time ago. He’s prancing forward with a huge smile, twirling a hot pink feather boa around his shoulders while she strides forward in a long coat and skimpy underthings. A crowd of journalists and fans are trailing them from a distance.

The important thing here is that god is FRIENDS with the cat whose life you ruined. What are the chances of these things happening? At some point the pile of terrible coincidences feels like the world is out to get you.

You clutch your chest with mortification and fall against the grimy black brick painted wall. Chef gives you a concerned look over his crossed arms.

“You good man? Do you feel like you’re going to transform?”

“I’m fine.” you splutter. The pair of doom is advancing on you, the cat pulling an ID out of a fold in space while Sault points excitedly at the scrotum hanging from the neon sign.

“It’s you.” the cat says, voice low and somewhat hoarse. Her flat eyes widen with surprise.

You take her ID and quickly scan the name. Evelyn Shade, recently 32.

“Uh, yeah. I’m sorry about biting you that time, if you have to report me I understand but I really can’t afford it right now.” you say.

“Huh? Oh, I didn’t have a soul when you bit me, so—“

“Evelyn.” Saul tugs on the cat’s sleeve. “Look at this goat guy, Evelyn. He’s hot.”
No. 1006423 ID: 031458

So... What?
The fuck?
Yeah you know what.
Fuck it. Free pass. Take what you can get.

But of course if it's not one fire, it's another.
God's about to make his first impression of the night... With freaken' Chef of all people...
No. 1006424 ID: 667fa6

>Lycanthropy requires souls
You're screwed.

Stare at the ID while you make idle chatter.

"... Body was doing something with the latest batch of experimental potions this morning. You two still a thing?"

"So... is Jadis still an asshole? Like, say she died next month for... reasons. Open-Parenthesis Opening Dialogue Tree Close-Parenthesis."
No. 1006426 ID: c77fe0

“Oh, um... Good for you? Did... Did you get better?” Fuck, that’s a dumb question.

Whisper: “Chef, be cool. The literal god here is prolly looking for a break from all the questions.”

Not that you aren’t curious, too; you don’t think you ever caught what the reason was for ‘humans coming back’ being necessary, or why your capital-G God had to go. Did it have something to do with souls? You do recall that the soul-yeeting apocalypse was Her fault somehow, but your magicless ass never really ‘got’ what her motive was.
No. 1006428 ID: 1620be

If things get tense, let Chef know that Evelyn beat the snot out of you... while in werewolf form and should probably cool off.

Hopefully it wont come to that.
No. 1006431 ID: 96c896

Introduce them to Chef!
No. 1006436 ID: fcf088

Okay, your normal policy is probably not to let guests hit on staff, right? You feel brave enough to say so to god?
No. 1006439 ID: 97a962

This. Introducing chef is polite.
No. 1006481 ID: eedbeb
File 162742786076.png - (183.07KB , 1000x900 , p27.png )

Chef stiffens next to you and curls his lip with disdain. You quickly hand back Evelyn's ID, not totally understanding what the cat said about her soul, but relieved that she isn't infected.

"Uh, everyone this is my roommate Chef, Chef this is Evelyn and god." you say. "Please don't fight or like, hit on each other without permission."

"I don't want to fight or flirt yet, I want to hang out! The groupies back there are no fun, always trying to corner me and get my take on ethical dilemmas." protests Saul.

Evelyn pats Saul on the shoulder. "Let me do the talking."

"Yes yes, the most powerful, generous wingwoman." Saul says. He's practically quivering with excitement as the two tall, buff animals face each other with squared shoulders and a hint of teeth. You think god has a type.

"Sorry about him." Evelyn says, jerking a thumb at Saul then extending the same hand to the goat. "He's still working on his first impressions."

Chef takes her paw and you notice they both grip very tightly. "That's a good band." he grunts, pointing to Evelyn's chest.

"Oh yeah, people don't usually recognize d'nip cause they're old." Evelyn holds out the sides of her coat so you can see 'DEATHNIP' more clearly across her top.

"I listened to them a lot when I was young, after they split up."

"Ha, fun fact they split cause my dad quit playing the bass to stay home and take care of me."

Chef's jaw drops. "What? No way, your dad was the bassist? You're practically a celebrity."
No. 1006482 ID: eedbeb
File 162742789423.png - (176.67KB , 1000x900 , p28.png )

While Evelyn and Chef start gushing about ancient rock bands that you've never heard of nor care about, you give an apologetic look to the crowd waiting in line and get blinded by a camera flash for your trouble. Great, now you're going to be on the cover of a gossip magazine tomorrow and teenagers on social media will be finding reasons that you're problematic. You don't know how Evelyn puts up with the press if she hangs out with Saul all the time.

"I can start letting people in over here." you say, herding Chef and co. away from the door and waving journalists to the other side. Jordan needs customers or she'll get anxious and nothing makes
Gastro more depressed than an empty dance floor.

To your surprise, Saul drifts away from Evelyn to stand next to you while you check ages and greet the confused regulars who haven't seen The Deez this busy ever and are worried their precious garbage will be gentrified.
No. 1006483 ID: eedbeb
File 162742791692.png - (144.02KB , 1000x900 , p29.png )

Once you've taken a solid chunk out of the waiting animals, you turn to Saul. He's wearing a frankly inappropriate shirt and is about your height, if you don't count your ears.

"Before you ask, no, because I'm lazy." he says.


"Weren't you going to ask me to fix poverty and violence? Solve world hunger? Let God come back? No. Because I don't want to. I don't interfere."

That stumps you for a moment. Saul sounds surprisingly bitter.

"Would you be mad if Jadis died?" you blurt out.

Saul turns his head to check if Evelyn is still distracted. "Talented witch despite the eye. Lovely girlfriend. Would be a shame but I wouldn't be terribly upset. Some people are dangerous." he says quietly.
No. 1006486 ID: 96c896

Hm. Can werewolves infect humans? Not sure if Saul is bothered by werewolves being around since they're closer to the other God's power than normal.
I guess if they did bother him, he would've already started curing them. So, no chance of getting one from him then. Unless he's open to negotiation? Like, you could reimburse him for his time?
No. 1006489 ID: e799e4

"Hey, can you snap your fingers and cure my lycanthropy, I'll tel you some gossip about Greatest Of All Time over there. Also, drinks."
No. 1006493 ID: 1f309b

Tell him you can understand him not wanting to interfere, you're also someone who tries not to get into trouble, but *point at the device on your leg* trouble finds you instead.

Saul won't help us with our werewolf problem because as he said, he's too lazy. Probably don't bother him about it, he's just here for fun. If he becomes friends with us though, he might consider it later, so lets just chill with him.

Instead, As far as Jadis goes, mention how you met a highschooler at a werewolf anonymous meeting where Jadis' sister holds, who threw her life away to become a werewolf to get revenge on Jadis for killing her father or something (polly's okay btw). Mention you did your best to get her life back on track and not do something stupid like that since, y'know, Jadis is the only person who can get us potions to keep us from transforming to werefolf, though you're not sure if it worked or not and hope she doesn't hurt anyone and ruin her life further.

We can probably ask for more details on what Evelyn meant by not turning into a werewolf due to not having a soul. Does that mean we need a new soul to replace the one we have to not be a werewolf anymore or something? How can we do something like that?
No. 1006495 ID: 9d5fd0

I don't think it's very worthwhile trying to get something out of their godhood. They don't really seem into it and are probably tired of requests and everything by now. Best just to let them enjoy themselves at least.
"I guess you would get a lot of people like me, if not most. What kind of things would you rather talk about instead?"
No. 1006497 ID: e51896

Pretty much this
No. 1006499 ID: c77fe0

“I’m not gonna be ‘that guy’ and ask you to cure my lycanthropy with a thought - wouldn’t be fair to all the others - but maybe someone who knew my god has some insights on how to... I dunno, cope with it? Maybe even work with it so it isn’t working against me all the time? I’m about to hit a dry-spell with my potions.”
No. 1006568 ID: eedbeb
File 162751316186.png - (151.54KB , 1000x900 , p30.png )

It almost sounds like Saul is afraid of Jadis, which is absurd and completely understandable. The music is beating on the painted brick walls and you stall with a few more IDs to gather your thoughts.

You're sure Saul could cure your lycanthropy, but won't if you ask. It feels a bit slimy but maybe you can hang with him tonight to build some cred. Find out how you can deal with your curse through secret special magic techniques.

In the interest of your plan and fire safety, you shoo away the rest of the crowd, who grumble mutinously but disperse around the edges of the building to snap more pictures. If your boss gets mad at you for turning away customers, you'll threaten to call the fire marshal on him. Chef and Evelyn are exchanging numbers and Saul gives them a wistful look.

"I met a high schooler earlier today who got turned so she could attack Jadis' sister." you say casually. "I told her to get her shit together cause Jadis is trying to help werewolves, mostly, with potions and stuff."

"Eh, yeah, not the best idea. I mean, if you're gonna take her out a bite would make it a lot easier but monsters aren't the best form for the job. Low equilibrium energy."
No. 1006571 ID: eedbeb
File 162751317271.png - (145.21KB , 1000x900 , p31.png )

Evelyn's ear twitches and she turns to frown at Saul. "Are you brainstorming ways to kill Jadis?"

"The people need all the help they can get." he says somberly. "Also when are we actually going in there? I want colorful booze."

"What do you mean low energy?" you interrupt.

"You coming?" Evelyn asks Chef. "Drinks on us, no pressure though."

Chef hesitates and nervously meets your eye.

"I need to help Jordan at the bar." you say, desperate to stay relevant. "I'll serve you guys, special treatment."

"Really? What a pal." Saul says with a light slap on your back.

The disappointed spectators seem eager to sneak towards the door once you open it for Saul and co. and follow them inside.

Jordan bolsters your alibi by practically shoving a tray of glasses into your hands, wide eyes frantic. You wince at the deafening music and pull a pair of earplugs out of your jacket pocket.

"There’re too many orders! I can't keep track of everyone." she shouts above the noise.

"Did they not smuggle in their own booze or pregame or something?" Smuggle is a strong word since the club never checks pocket spaces. Then again most of the usual clientele couldn't afford them.

"No! I don't know what's wrong with these people!"
No. 1006574 ID: eedbeb
File 162751318853.png - (175.13KB , 1000x900 , p32.png )

You keep an eye on Saul, who's commandeered a table near the back and is fending off wild journalists. You find owners for your tray of drinks, then grab several bottles of liquor and fill a pitcher with beer.

"I'm gonna get some stuff started for god." you pant. "Switch with me when you need a break."

You push through the crowd and Evelyn stands to lift a lizard out of the way so you can put the tray down and start pouring drinks.

"Thanks bro, to answer your question monsters have less free energy in their souls cause it's tied up in their abilities or wasted in the confusion." Saul says, with a swig of cheap beer. "Jadis has done some research on it, more after she figured out how we actually work."

He jabs a warning finger at Chef. "This is somewhat dangerous information so don't get any ideas Mr. Handsome Access to dying people.

"I-what? I just do basic healing spells." Chef protests.
No. 1006580 ID: afe7de

so the reason people turn into werewolves when bitten after a while is because it's syphoned enough energy to force a transformation, but it takes more and more energy each time the longer you are one, so you're running out of energy and the potions keep filling up the energy?

It'd be nice to find a way to permanantly fix that energy shortage so the transformations were more uh concious and you could live a normal life. Too bad you don't know magic or anyway to fix the problem on your own. Maybe get hit by lightning to give energy to your soul?

Continue to talk about random things
No. 1006586 ID: 031458

Nah, this bleeding heart wouldn't ever so something like that.
Hell, He was about to accuse you of genocide!
No. 1006587 ID: 094652

So what about the souls that currently exist? Are they just going to keep reincarnating, or do they die out because Moon isn't here to stabilize them, or are they going to dissipate into entropy as curses run them out?

Because the one thing you really want to ask Saul is about matters of artificially constructing an afterlife. Technically that's not interfering with the physical world.
No. 1006589 ID: ac162e

Lets keep the rest of the questions brief and to the point, I'm worried about Jordan and her anxiety with everything going on, so we should focus more on helping the frog and her customers soon.
No. 1006597 ID: e799e4

"Chef here doesn't like harmful magic as you can see from the Saint Peter cross he always wears.
He got really bummed out that animal people didn't get created by Jesus."

I think the souls will just fly back to wherever the godess went off to and rejoin her body or something.
And there will be no more werewolves if people have no souls to infect with lycanthropy.
No. 1006696 ID: eedbeb
File 162759817377.png - (137.33KB , 1000x900 , p33.png )

"Chef would never do something like that." you snap. "He's trying to save people, not use them."

Saul looks taken aback. "Oh. Sorry. I'm too paranoid sometimes. Talking to politicians about national security does that to a guy. Let's stick to gossip."

Evelyn takes a pull out of a flask she extracted from her discarded coat. "You got rum and Choke?"

You soak a glass with a generous splash of rum then crack the tab on a red can and pour the simple ingredients together.

"So are you still friends with Body?" you ask, handing her the drink.

"Yeah, we hang out after work a lot. She's been busy doing all the business stuff for Jadis, she's basically her manager and secretary. I take her out to do fun activities since she doesn't have much life experience. We watch movies and go to concerts and stay up late."

You don't mention the deadly potion Body is bringing you tomorrow. You don't ask how Evelyn got a surrogate soul, despite your curiosity. Instead you pour drinks as fast as Saul can consume them, which means you're out of booze in about ten minutes.
No. 1006697 ID: eedbeb
File 162759818820.png - (138.20KB , 1000x900 , p34.png )

"I'm going to swap with my coworker." you say, packing the tray with used glasses. Chef sips his weak beer and shrugs off his leather jacket. You can practically see Saul's eyes pop like a cartoon character's.

"That cute frog girl? Great." says Saul cheerfully. He's flushed and leans against Evelyn's fuzzy shoulder.

While you push through the crowd, you wonder why Saul would be worried about Chef's work in the hospital. You suppose that since monsters have low energy, the dying people could be used as soul batteries. That's a bit twisted for your taste. You'll stick to potions to keep yourself in check, even if they're expensive.

If animals are eventually replaced by humans, which will take more generations than you have the brainpower to calculate given the 1:1 conception ratio, that means that there won't be any more werewolves. No more magic either. Honestly you're fine with that. Magic causes trouble.

Jordan is surrounded by empty bottles, her hands shaking and tears pricking the corners of her eyes.

"Let me take over." you say and reach for her notepad of orders. You can see the deterioration of Jordan's neat shorthand as the list spans several pages.

"I don't think we even have enough stock for all these." Jordan rubs the back of her head. "People have been waiting a long time, they're going to get mad."

"That's why I'm going to stand here and you're going to go over there." you say firmly. "I'm used to yelling at impatient customers."
No. 1006698 ID: eedbeb
File 162759820979.png - (142.95KB , 1000x900 , p35.png )

You scramble to mix drinks while Jordan blows her nose and disappears into the suspiciously packed crowd. People have probably been coming in because there's no one to stop them at the door, which admittedly is your fault.

"No new orders." you say firmly to a hound who's trying to get your attention.

"You were the guy talking to Saul." the dog observes. "What did he say?"

"Just small talk."

"Sure." The dog leans against the counter. He's older, with some grey hair on his muzzle. You catch him craning his neck to eye your ankle bracelet.
No. 1006700 ID: ce39da

"I'm on an anti-transformation dose right now, don't worry. It's getting really hard to get my hands on the stuff recently, though; ended up snapping at someone who stiffed me on them. Bite didn't take, though, thank god. Any questions, or can I proceed with the drink mixing?"
No. 1006703 ID: 96c896

"Take a picture, it'll last longer."
No. 1006707 ID: eedbeb
File 162760901490.png - (139.68KB , 1000x900 , p36.png )

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” you snark. “And don’t worry, I took my potion today.”

The dog’s focus bores into you in a vaguely unsettling way. “Where do you get your supplies?”

“I’d love to chit chat on a normal night, but as you can tell I’m busy.” you pointedly turn to focus on the fruity cocktail you’re crafting.

You watch the dog out of the corner of your eye. He’s hunched across the counter and covered part of his face. It looks like he’s concentrating or really needs to take a shit, which would be unfortunate given the toilet situation.
No. 1006708 ID: e799e4

Time to serve some drinks...with style!
Whip out your coolest cocktail making moves!
No. 1006712 ID: 96c896

Probably a werewolf who ran out of potion. Better confirm that. It won't do to have a sudden transformation in the middle of the club.
I guess you could tell him you know of a really shitty alternative, if he's willing to risk a 10% chance of death.
No. 1006722 ID: ee370b

Yeah, I'm getting signs that this dude is a werewolf, and he is concentrating not to transform.

We're a bouncer though, we should probably try to get him outside so he doesn't ruin the party. So what if customers get mad for not getting drinks? it's better they are mad than to have them hurt. Get him some water too.

When your both outside we could probably tell him about the WA that Polly is in charge of, or something.
No. 1006733 ID: 53560f

Okay, I know I said no chitchat but are you doing okay over there?
No. 1006739 ID: ce39da

"... Okay, I take it back. Is something wrong? Sorry for misinterpreting your intent there."

He's probably not used to there being this much meat and noise compacted here. If you do end up escorting him outside, try to ask Jordan to get back to the bar if you see her; explain that it's a magical medical emergency.
No. 1006748 ID: eedbeb
File 162765545441.png - (152.71KB , 1000x900 , p37.png )

You feel vague unease in your gut. Animals have good instincts in general but it’s been proven that werewolves have a slight edge in sensing danger. You stop in the middle of your top 10 beginner bartending flair moves that you learned from a video a couple weeks ago. Is the guy about to transform into a werewolf? That would be catastrophic in the packed club, multiple people could be bit and there might be a panic stampede.

You put down the bottles.

“Sir? Are you okay? I’m sorry if I misinterpreted your intent, do you need any help? The sound in here can be overwhelming.”

His fur isn’t spiking, which is a good sign, but he doesn’t respond. You slowly approach and reach to tap him on the shoulder.

The hound seizes your paw with a painfully sturdy grip and you see that the right side of his face is a mess of eyes. He’s not a werewolf, he’s a witch who’s been casting a spell.
No. 1006749 ID: e51896

Well, I'm glad we saved Jordan by sending her the other way

"D-DUDE, what do you want with me? If you want a drink that badly, I'll fix you one... or is this about Daisy? I told her I didn't want to get involved and just want to get my lycanthropy treated! And you're in a public spot, people CAN see what you're doing!"
No. 1006753 ID: e799e4

Punch him in the eyes so he can't cast his spell. I bet he wanted to put a hex on Saul or something.
Ask for help around the bar to restrain him, too.
No. 1006756 ID: 9a2966

Instinctively reel back and throw a drink in their face with your free hand.

All those eyes and strong alcohol will do great things, I'm sure.
No. 1006774 ID: ce39da

Throw that half-finished drink in his face; failing that, your fist will make do.
No. 1006776 ID: eedbeb
File 162767239290.png - (193.76KB , 1000x900 , p38.png )

Searing rage pushes through your fatigue and medicated calm and you reach for the nearest full glass and chuck the contents at the dog’s face.

Casting spells in public isn’t exactly illegal, but the general consensus is that if a witch is making eyes at you for no reason you’re allowed to beat the shit out of them until they stop.

You follow up the alcohol with a fist into the dog’s shut eye. This gets him to finally let go of your left wrist with a grunt with pain. Other people around the bar notice the fight and whip out their cameras, but the hound has already shut off his magic and starts pushing towards the exit.

You’re shaking. The dog had maybe 20 seconds before you interrupted him, which is plenty of time for a simple spell. Your skin crawls and now you’re paranoid that every sensation in your body is some magic side-effect.
No. 1006777 ID: 96c896

Only one way to be sure, go ask for help from... there aren't any other known witches in the bar, are they?
Guess you gotta go ask Saul to tell you what just happened.
No. 1006780 ID: ce39da

> Seering rage.
That's probably what he was doing. He didn't start casting until after he spotted your anklet. A catastrophic transformation panic cascade was exactly what he was aiming for - probably a distraction for something else if he didn't know about your condition before coming in here.

While everyone's attention is still on you: "The guy was casting magic at me, FYI."

Take a moment to calm down, and if it's not working, GTFO before the inevitable happens. Channel that rage towards chasing down and dragging that asshole outside if you have to direct it at something.
No. 1006781 ID: 094652

Immediately shout "Citizen's Arrest! No casting unauthorized magic while a god is present!"
No. 1006794 ID: e799e4

"Someone stop that dawg!" say while pointing your finger at him Naruto style.
No. 1006812 ID: 60d729

Text Chef, tell him what happened. Maybe he'll let Saul and the others know what happened and they can help.
No. 1006819 ID: eedbeb
File 162770277064.png - (114.72KB , 1000x900 , p39.png )

“That guy was doing magic on me!” you yell to the spectators who nod with understanding at your violent behavior and make no move to stop the dog. You growl with frustration and vault yourself over the bar to shove through the useless crowd. You’d like to get yourself checked as soon as possible, by Saul, preferably, but you want to stop the culprit first.

A few people complain as you push past them, you even catch a comment that there’s no one at the bar to make drinks before you feel cold air on your face and catch the door before it swings closed.

The dog runs into the dark, slushy night. You hesitate at The Deez entrance.

Do you:
-Chase after the dog, leaving your duties and friends behind. You’ll get a guaranteed info drop and learn what spell was cast on you
No. 1006822 ID: afe7de

Stay, get yourself checked by Saul, you dont want to beg, but you just got magicked because you were talking to Saul. That or ask him if theres someone who can check you?
No. 1006831 ID: e51896

Stay, text message Jordan and Chef and let them know what happened. Tell them you'll be at the counter serving drinks. They'll probably let Saul know and get you some help.

Then get back to serving drinks and hope they'll come help with your situation. Let them know about Daisy and wonder if she had something to do with this if they show up

(groan if they suggest getting looked at by Jadis, but accept it)
No. 1006832 ID: 96c896

Chase him. Worst case scenario is you got your potion nullified which means you're no longer safe to work.
No. 1006836 ID: 4916f1

No. 1006838 ID: e51896

To add to my suggestion, quickly snap a pic of him on your phone before you head back so we can get more info later from someone who might know him.
No. 1006855 ID: e799e4

Maybe telling Saul that someone was trying to bewitch you for speaking to him would be a good idea.
No. 1006857 ID: ce39da

You don't want this fucker to get away with this - if he cast the spell you think he did, you aren't fit anymore to work in a crowded public space, anyway, and causing a panic in there would have been exactly what he wanted.

However, you did interrupt his spell the moment you caught him casting magic, so it's not like he got to finish what he was doing to you. Do take a moment to calm down, then head back inside, officially tap Jordan back in, and ask Saul to help you out with something that probably concerns him in some way.
No. 1006872 ID: eedbeb
File 162777057202.png - (188.00KB , 1000x900 , p40.png )


You convince yourself that you probably interrupted the spell before the dog could finish and duck back into the club to catch your breath. You pull out your phone and send a quick message to Chef about the incident. There wasn’t time to snap a photo, but animals are easy to identify by species.

The bar is dripping from the spilled drink and you mope up the mess before salvaging your half-finished creations. Bartending keeps you busy for the next hour. You take a break and mix yourself a mojito for some much needed refreshment.

The air in the club is musty from the combined fumes of a hundred strangers, few of whom should be actually drunk though you’ve been pouring shots for the persistent and disgruntled journalists who’ve stayed away from the dance floor.

A tight group of spectators has blocked your view of Saul and company, but judging by the cheers, everything is going well.
No. 1006873 ID: eedbeb
File 162777058152.png - (152.97KB , 1000x900 , p41.png )

Chef finally emerges, flanked by flashing cameras, horns streaked with lip gloss and trailed by a giggling, half naked Saul.

“I finally got him to come check on you.” Chef huffs, nudging Saul towards the counter.

“Whaaaat, did someone try to cast a spelly welly on the bat?” Saul teases. “You should, you should, talk to a witch you trust cause I’m busy with the—“ he gestures vaguely at the alcohol. “—fine selection Jordan brought us.”

“Has this happened before, to like Evelyn or something?” you ask. You’re disappointed but not surprised that Saul isn’t helping.

“Yeah, I mean, they’d be dumb to do it when I’m there but she’s had people come up to her at her work. Jadis cleans her soul out once and a while, it’s usually dumb spy spells, snooping y’know.”

You groan. Trustworthy witches are usually all doctors and you can’t afford a visit. And that means you have even more things you need from Jadis.
No. 1006874 ID: eedbeb
File 162777059938.png - (159.71KB , 1000x900 , p42.png )

Jordan comes back to get new supplies after Chef and Saul retreat and thanks you profusely for your help. It looks like she’s had a few more drinks and is enjoying herself and you smile and keep working, even though you’re getting tired.

People start to leave around 1:00 am and Gastro cuts the music soon after. The crocodile heaves an enormous yawn and helps you herd the remaining guests onto the street so you can wrangle Saul, who is still playacting drunkenness.

“Thanks for the fun time.” Evelyn says, shrugging her jacket back on.

“Yeah, we should come back here sometime!” Saul gives a flirtatious wave to Jordan, who’s pocketing a roll of bones.

Chef looks exhausted, but waits for you to close the building before walking home. You’re grateful for the gesture, the witch run-in made you nervous to be out late alone.

“You okay?” you ask, ears back under you’re hood. You’re worried the goat didn’t have the best time, hyperactive gods aren’t his usual scene.

Chef exhales puff of warm vapor. “It was fine. Evelyn’s cool. We might get dinner sometime.”

The apartment is warm. Benefits of living on the second highest floor. You leave your jacket on a chair in the kitchen and let Chef use the bathroom first. What do you do before bed?
No. 1006875 ID: 094652

Demand a favor from Jadis; this curse happened because you helped her 'friends', and they already have a low opinion of her. If she grifts you, they might cut her out of their lives entirely.

Set up a recording on your phone to note any curse changes that happen overnight.
No. 1006877 ID: ce39da

Call Jadis/Body and say you'll pick up the risky potion tomorrow yourself after all, and you want them to determine what a witch cast on you last night while you're at it.

"There's a chance what that punk tried to do to me has something to do with the fact that Saul was at the bar I work at last night, in case that piques your interest any."
No. 1006880 ID: 96c896

Uh, do you actually trust Jadis enough to believe what she tells you?
No. 1006887 ID: e51896

Lets just look at our budget right now, after our refund, and our payment from the Deez, can we afford a visit to Jadis? Maybe we can persuade a discount.

For now, talk to Chef about what happened. Ask if it was right of us to focus more on the customers and our friends over our health after getting hexed, and what he suggests we should do, like if we should see Jadis with our low budget.
No. 1006888 ID: e51896

Lets just look at our budget right now, after our refund, and our payment from the Deez, can we afford a visit to Jadis? Maybe we can persuade a discount.

For now, talk to Chef about what happened. Ask if it was right of us to focus more on the customers and our friends over our health after getting hexed, and what he suggests we should do, like if we should see Jadis with our low budget.
No. 1006911 ID: 15a025

Wonder if we swig that risky potion if we can get Jadis to check us over. Blame anything that happened on the potion.
No. 1006915 ID: eedbeb
File 162778780399.png - (160.88KB , 1000x900 , p43.png )

>Call Jadis

You consider your funds, which are still at a flat 84 bones. Payday isn’t until next Wednesday and Saul certainly wasn’t tucking any stacks of coins into your pocket. All bar payments are sent to the club’s BoneMe account so you can’t embezzle funds, though you’d like to.

Chef emerges from the bathroom and you scroll through your contacts to find Jadis’ number. You’re definitely blocked, but you give it a try anyway.

“Jadis Magical Cures and Surgery, this is Body. Though all customers are valued this isn’t really the best time—” answers a familiar undead voice.

“I’ll come to pick up the potion tomorrow morning at your place, also how much does it cost for Jadis to examine me for foreign magic?” you ask.

“Ah, Vlad, well—“ there’s a massive crash and a frustrated, unintelligible scream. “—Jadis is actually very interested in the effects of the potion, so you’ll get a free inspection if you drink it on site.”

You’re not sure you want to do that, but you’ll keep it in mind. “Is everything okay over there?”

“Er, it’s a mild interpersonal disagreement. When Kibble gets mad things get messy. Anyway, see you soon.” says Body and abruptly hangs up.

That was weird. What do you dream about?
-Other (suggest)
No. 1006918 ID: e51896

You dream of Duck... for some strange reason (maybe has to do with the hex)

or the werewolf that bit you long ago.
No. 1006919 ID: 52c064

No. 1006921 ID: ce39da

God. If dreams are all you have left of Her, then fuck, you’d better get something akin to answers about why She thought werewolves were a good idea before She dips for good.
No. 1006922 ID: 15a025

No. 1006923 ID: 094652

You dream of Evelyn imploding.
No. 1006934 ID: e799e4

You dream of xAnimeLord65x and your shady source of e-money.
No. 1006935 ID: eedbeb
File 162784000840.png - (110.78KB , 1000x900 , p44.png )

You’re trying to remember how to make an old-fashioned. You can’t find the muddler and the bottles don’t have labels. It’s unfair you have to help at the bar when you’re not even a real bartender, you just learn stuff online and practice on slow nights. Where’s Jordan?

Evelyn is waiting for the drink. She grinds her teeth with frustration.

“I don’t know how long I can do this.” she says. “I’m just a normal person, I want to be left alone.”

Someone is standing behind you, hot breath on your neck. They growl. You never found out who they were, you were on a quick errand for your mom at the corner store and got knocked to the ground before you were bit.

Body is there too, rubbing her head and staring at her phone.

“They’ve never had a fight like this, Jadis needs to chill before she does something stupid. I can’t believe she was making Kibble keep Duck this whole time.”

You have no idea who or what she’s talking about.

“You want to watch Baruto later?” Evelyn asks.

“Naw. It’s starting to get too real.”

And then—
No. 1006936 ID: eedbeb
File 162784001814.png - (51.40KB , 1000x900 , p45.png )

You’re wearing sunglasses and looking into an enormous light. The sunglasses must be some fancy rich person pedigree because your normally delicate eyes are roving over the swirls in the round surface. Your skin facing the light is hot, but your back is freezing cold.

Somehow that’s a good thing? The longer you stay gazing into the star the more you feel refreshed and recharged. You’re tired from being trapped behind the bar for so long and you want to stretch your limbs.

Dust and pebbles settle on your surface to be separated into useful materials. You’d like to slice into the star to get some fresher ingredients but you’re still not at full strength.

Once you’re feeling better…well, who knows? You haven’t thought about what you want to do with your life outside of just surviving for so long.
No. 1006937 ID: eedbeb
File 162784002662.png - (134.94KB , 1000x900 , p46.png )

A headache greats you in the morning, which is unfair, you didn’t even drink that much. You curl tighter into your nest of blankets and fail to go back to sleep. You have to piss so you roll yourself out of bed and slink to the bathroom.

Chef’s door is open and you can see his room is empty. Strewn with band posters and a bit messy, but homey compared to your barren quarters.

It’s almost 10 am and you need to get moving so you can meet Body on the other side of town. Your stomach growls and you’re itching again.

What do you eat for breakfast? How do you travel across the city? You can spend your money, but you’ll feel bad if you use too much. Increased comfort will help quell your transformation urges.
No. 1006938 ID: 3de023

Chef is probably working and cant drive us. Can we call Jordan to drive us? We helped her out in a pickle, and was even happy in the end, maybe she is willing to return the favor? We can talk about fun stuff on the way.

For breakfast, just some cereal
No. 1006943 ID: e799e4

You can use your wings!!! :D
No. 1006961 ID: afe7de

There's a bagel that was left out this morning and some tuna in a can, you kind of mash em together and eat that. As for transport, you get on a bus but dont pay. You avoid eye contact with the driver, they know you do this sometimes when you're down on your luck
No. 1006998 ID: eedbeb
File 162791910911.png - (123.82KB , 1000x900 , p47.png )

You find a bagel on the kitchen counter, a rare treat left by Chef. You feel bad when he gives you food but today you need all the support you can get. The bagel’s a little stale, but mixed with some old tuna in the fridge it’s an above average breakfast, which helps quell the anxiety swirling in your stomach.

Jadis is scary. Her friends and god think she’s scary. She wants you to drink an experimental potion and study you afterwards.

You gulp, pull on your jacket, and leave your apartment. Time to put yourself in harm’s way.

>Use your wings

Sadly, you don’t have wings. You could conceivably get to the roof of the highest building in town and glide to Body using your innate ability, but you don’t think security would let you do that.
>Get a ride

Jordan owes you a massive solid for helping last night. Okay, well technically she shouldn’t even have needed your help because the boss should have gotten more people to come in since he knew there was going to be a massive crowd but still. The frog has an old, used car and hopefully she’s awake.

You turn right back around and wait inside once Jordan confirms she can drive you. Waiting makes the anxiety worse. It doesn’t take heightened danger sense to realize this is a risky situation.
No. 1006999 ID: eedbeb
File 162791911850.png - (147.36KB , 1000x900 , p48.png )

Jordan drops you off at the curb with reassurances that she’ll call the police if you go missing, and you send Body a message saying that you’ve arrived. Despite being on the nicer side of town, this apartment building seems shabby. Isn’t Jadis rich? She should be able to afford a better place.

The front door slams open and you jump a good half meter in the air, fur puffing out of your coat. Jadis is in the doorway and she seems pissed, teeth gritted and fists clenched. Body trails behind, in the middle of a reedy sentence.

“—she’s not gonna take any contracts against you, give her time to cool off and maybe apologize for things.”

One of the witch’s beady eyes is heavily scarred and you try not to stare as she ignores Body and rounds on you.

“I’m a busy lady, buster, so let’s get to the point. Body told me you’re a werewolf and you’re interested in trying Cookie’s potion, and I have some theories on what might happen that I want verified.” Jadis grumbles. She pulls an ominous bottle of green liquid from the thin air by her pants pocket. True to Body’s words, it’s marked with a cartoon sticker skull.

You take it and watch the potion slosh around the glass. It might be your imagination but it seems more viscous than normal.

“What are you waiting for?” Jadis says impatiently. “Drink it.”

Do you:
-Drink the potion (50% normal effect, 40% random, 10% something very interesting happens)
-Refuse (you better back this up)
No. 1007000 ID: ce39da

"You'll step in to help if it looks like that 10% chance of death Body mentioned is gonna happen, right?"

If she at all responds in the affirmative, do it.
No. 1007002 ID: 7924dc

Dont say anything in risk of wasting her time and angering her further

Quickly drink the potion in fear
No. 1007006 ID: 1f9805

This might be the last thing you ever do. If you want to get something off your chest, now is the time.
No. 1007013 ID: 96c896

No guts no glory. Gotta drink it, just ask her to save you if the potion tries to kill you.
No. 1007015 ID: eedbeb
File 162793520860.png - (148.51KB , 1000x900 , p49.png )

>Drink the potion

“Okay, um, you’ll help me if something goes wrong, right? I don’t want to die from this.”

“Yeah, whatever, just take a sip.” Jadis snaps.

You unscrew the cheap plastic lid, shut your eyes tight, and take a quick gulp. The lukewarm liquid tastes like tap water. You swallow.

A familiar sensation of calm and stability travels from your chest to the rest of your body. The potion worked as intended. No, even better than that, it feels more potent than what you’re used to.

Jadis and Body are staring at you, waiting for something to happen.

“It works.” you say.

“God DAMMIT.” Jadis turns around and stomps back into the apartment complex.
No. 1007016 ID: eedbeb
File 162793525124.png - (162.92KB , 1000x900 , p50.png )

“Cookie will be really happy to hear that his potion was good.” Body stammers to break the resounding silence. “Uh, sorry Jadis left before she could check you for spells, you can have that bottle and I’ll send you 50 more bones for testing it.”

The sudden relief you’re feeling is almost euphoric. With this potion you’ll be set for a month and more money is just the cherry on top.

Body seems to be in no hurry to leave. She taps her fingers together and glances at you while you stand in your contented stupor.
No. 1007019 ID: 96c896

Ask her how many bottles there are of this and how long they'll keep. If they all do the same thing and don't individually have a chance to backfire, then that means you can buy some in advance and also tell other werewolves in need about it.
No. 1007020 ID: abb12d

I'd tell her about our dream, but she seems to have anxiety, something you know too well. Maybe we should ask if she wants to take a relaxing walk in the park or something to cool off and not worry about talking about whats happening.

Maybe once she is much more calm after or during the walk, we can tell her about our dream.
No. 1007021 ID: ce39da

"Er... Is something wrong?"

Come to think of it, why's Jadis so displeased if she was teaching Cookie to make exactly this potion? Did she have a "fun" theory about a possible side-effect that Cookie might have produced?

If Body's staring for the obvious reason ("How long are you gonna just stand there?"), you should request that you stay a little longer, just in case there are any delayed effects. Plus, you'd still like that examination.
No. 1007022 ID: 031458

My schedule just cleared up, and I'm in a good mood to boot.

Body, you look like the kind of person that needs help with something.
How may I be of service?
No. 1007027 ID: 58acf3

"For what it's worth, thanks for helping me out of that situation."
No. 1007044 ID: e799e4

Read Body language, hug Body.
No. 1007055 ID: eedbeb
File 162795479868.png - (119.95KB , 1000x900 , p51.png )

You’ve effectively solved your short term money problem. Potions get weaker over time, but since these ones are so strong you can work through Body’s stock over the course of the year.

You can practically smell the reek of drama coming off of Body. The combination of yesterday’s hot action and your dream give you the sense that pressure is building within the ragtag group of cats.

Getting involved means trouble, but you can’t help but feel sorry for the dejected zombie. Though up close you don’t see her stitches anymore and her skin seems clearer.

“Thanks for helping with that. Do you want to go for a walk?” you ask impulsively. “It looks like you could use someone to talk to.”

Body sighs. “Yeah that’d be nice. Sorry again that Jadis didn’t stick around to check you.”

“No problem. Well, small problem but I’m happy to get my wins where I can. Do you want to get a jacket or something?”

Body starts ambling across the street without answering and you slip slightly as you hurry to follow her.
No. 1007056 ID: eedbeb
File 162795480804.png - (158.43KB , 1000x900 , p52.png )

Body leads you to a quaint snow-covered park with a playground and small frozen pond.

“Okay,” she finally says on your second rotation of the pond. “So like, let me fill you in on some stuff…”

It takes several more rotations for you to absorb the sheer lunacy, the extreme unfairness of Jadis and Kibble’s power levels.

“Kibble can’t be physically harmed?!” you shriek.

“Er, Jadis has spent a lot of time brainstorming ways to do that in case she goes rogue but by normal sane people, yeah. And she’s holding onto this angel, which is also indestructible and can mind control any of us, and Jadis was being an ass and taking apart fetuses in their office despite Kibble telling her to stop and Jadis has also been saying really freaky things about mass animal sacrifice so I think Kibble finally snapped and told her off—“

Sure you talked to god yesterday but at least Saul does a good job of appearing unthreatening.

“—Nothing gets Jadis more sensitive than being yelled at and she started threatening Kibble and then they had this huge screaming fight last night.” Body shudders at the memory. “Kibble left the apartment and Jadis is super paranoid that she’ll get hired by someone to do their dirty work instead of ours.”
No. 1007063 ID: 96c896

Sounds like Kibble needs a friend. Someone who won't just try to use her, and will listen to her moral objections. She got anyone like that?
No. 1007071 ID: afe7de

Have any of you tried, I dunno, just being her friend? Not using her to do dirty work? Sounds like she could use someone who isn’t heaven bent on keeping them under their thumb?
No. 1007075 ID: e51896

Tell body maybe she should go find Kibble, like, right now, and talk to her. She doesn't have to take sides and agree with her, but it'd be good if she at least took some time to listen to her and let her vent,

kind of like how we take time to listen to Chef after one of his bad days, he appreciates us listening even if we can't do anything to help him or agree with him
No. 1007076 ID: 4d5afe

Talk about how you Wonder what result Jadis wanted from the potion. She seemed upset that we survived and the potion worked better than expected. Is she jealous Cookie managed to make a better potion than her?
No. 1007091 ID: 094652

Jadis is clearly losing her marbles.

Suggest that Evelyn (and Saul, duh) keep a close eye on Jadis while Body and whoever else in their party consoles Kibble.

And insist that they take a long look at why they keep this toxic friend around.
No. 1007098 ID: 87d0ba

Sounds like you need a neutral third party to help sorry this out.
Hey, I'm one of those!
I'll need both sides of the story. From them, preferably. Jadis seems like she needs a moment. Can you find Kibble?
No. 1007116 ID: eedbeb
File 162803136230.png - (186.41KB , 1000x900 , p53.png )

"Go find Kibble and try to talk to her. She needs a friend she can trust who isn't trying to use her for her power." you advise. "If you want a neutral party I can go with you but I'm probably not going to know what to say or how to help."

Body shrugs helplessly. "I would, but I don't know where she is. I called her parents and they don't know either, honestly they haven't seen Kibble much since her accident ages ago. Besides the people who hire her for hits, I don't think she talks to anyone besides us regularly."

"Get, uh, Evelyn and Saul to help you. Or I can ask around if anyone's seen a terrifying mouth monster."

Body tucks her fingers into her armpits, the cold getting through her short fur. "If you could do that, I'd appreciate it. Saul won't do shit and Evelyn gets bothered enough already. I'm on Kibble's side for this but I'm too close to Jadis for her to totally trust me."

The glowering witch had smelled like blood and bile. Tension had stood out in her thin muscles under her generic t-shirt and she had glared at you with poorly disguised suspicion.
No. 1007117 ID: eedbeb
File 162803137160.png - (162.54KB , 1000x900 , p54.png )

"Why do you stick with Jadis? She seems like the stereotypical mad scientist who's a jerk and toxic too." you say.

"She is. I thought she was getting better but a few weeks ago she said she found some big magic secret to do with the human baby thing and it's been making her crazy. Says everyone's out to get her."

"Yeah, she wasn't even happy when that potion worked." The witch's actions have been troubling you. "What did she want to happen, do you know? Is she jealous that Cookie made a better potion than her?"

"No, she wanted it to do something dramatic because her sister's a werewolf and between everything else she's been trying to find a cure." Body bites her lip with her odd flat teeth and hunches in on herself like a deflated beanbag. "Anyway. Yeah."

Several people pass through the park while you and Body talk, mostly older folk out for a walk despite the weather. You tune them out, which means you don't notice when a familiar dog in a light jacket runs up beside you until Daisy tugs your sleeve with her paw.
No. 1007118 ID: eedbeb
File 162803138168.png - (219.38KB , 1000x900 , p55.png )

"Hey Vlad!"

You stiffen and let out an undignified yelp. "What are you doing here? How did you find me?" you hiss. You jerk your arm free and glance at Body, who seems to be melting further into a defeated heap in the snow.

"Jadis lives close by." she says cryptically. "Are you trying to get her too?"

"I told you yesterday, no!"

"Because I heard her scary guard isn't there and I was thinking that it'd be the best time to bite her." Daisy wags her tail and seems to notice Body, who regains some life at Daisy's words.

"Does everyone already know? Jeez." Body sighs.

"Who's that?" Daisy says, nose wrinkled with distaste.

"A fool. Not to be a traitor but infecting Jadis isn't a terrible idea. M'name's Body." The cat sluggishly extends her hand. Daisy takes it briefly, wincing at the cold touch.

Apparently, you are too popular with women and must juggle Body and Daisy's goals while staying out of trouble. Good thing you don't have a day job.
No. 1007119 ID: 3ed3c3

I wouldn't suggest attacking Jadis right now. She's on edge and alert, and is likely to splash anyone she doesn't recognize with something vile and caustic.
No. 1007120 ID: ce39da

"Y'know, I really don't get what the big deal about biting people is. Yeah, it diffuses your magic, and some people can be dangerous with their magic, but is it really something worth risking your life over? Kibble, nothing. I heard Jadis herself barely needs more than a second of staring to turn a guy into chunky salsa."
No. 1007121 ID: 96c896

If Jadis is trying to find a werewolf cure, isn't biting her like, hugely counterproductive? If anything we should be trying to help her. I mean, she's not doing it out of the goodness of her own heart obviously. She just wants to cure her sister. After that she'll probably charge an arm and a leg for the cure, but it being available at all is a huge victory for werewolfkind. Not sure how you feel about the human babies getting dissected for research, considering you're not exactly a human.

Also she's right, you know. People are out to get her. Like this bitch. And presumably a bunch of mafia rivals.
...if the witch at the bar put spy magic on you, he now knows that Jadis is vulnerable. That could be bad, depending on who he is. Ask Body to call Jadis and tell her she should go somewhere safe.
...wait, what if Daisy sent that witch to the bar to put spy magic on you? That could be how she found you. Confront her.
No. 1007123 ID: 89e85a

Umm... pet Body in her deflated state.

"Ummm... with the way Jadis is acting in her enraged state right now, she's probably going to go full werewolf and go on a rampage which might hurt you and everyone in town, get arrested, and then I wont get my cure or potions... then again, maybe biting her might give her incentive to focus on a cure more than her human fetus magic? Nevermind..."

"Body, maybe you should go find Polly and have her talk to Jadis, maybe Polly can try to get Jadis to get her priorities straight..."

"Daisy, who told you about Jadis' body guard running away? I got hexed by a hound witch, so it wasn't me, was it?

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