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File 162454141435.png - (23.24KB , 500x500 , title.png )
1004042 No. 1004042 ID: 6b73b4

You are in space.
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No. 1004044 ID: 50af53

But why? Why are we in space?
No. 1004045 ID: 86aaf2

So, uh. Are you particularly adapted or suited to this environment?
No. 1004046 ID: 094652

Grab asteroid.
No. 1004047 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454209442.png - (46.70KB , 500x500 , thinking.png )

Why? You've always been in space, you've been here for as long as you can remember.

You wiggle your body as you look out toward an asteroid.

A small asteroid is slowly moving in your direction.
No. 1004048 ID: f8fa51

What do you usually eat?
No. 1004049 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454268054.png - (20.06KB , 500x500 , buddy.png )

Eat. Hm. You're not sure. You feel as though your body is taking care of that for you? Probably. Now that you think about it you do feel something eating away at you on the inside.

Hey, when did that asteroid get so close?
No. 1004053 ID: 50af53

Get outta it's way or hitch a ride. Beasts pointlessly floating around.
No. 1004054 ID: 9ed02f

Grab on and let it take you somewhere
No. 1004055 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454517624.png - (19.86KB , 500x500 , grab.png )

You grab the rock. It was only moving fast enough to enter your vicinity, but that's okay.

Gained 1 space rock!
No. 1004056 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454521969.png - (49.77KB , 500x500 , uh.png )

Wait why is it so bright now?
No. 1004057 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454523349.png - (22.27KB , 500x500 , vessel.png )

No. 1004058 ID: 36784c

Give a friendly wave at the ship. Let them know that you’re nice!
No. 1004060 ID: e51896

Push away from the rock and away from the ship. Not gonna get kidnapped by some strangers!
No. 1004061 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454804751.png - (52.47KB , 500x500 , bitlate.png )

Looking at the ship, you hesitate, can you really leave behind this comf- oh oh. It was already too late. Not good.

As the tractor beam pulls you toward the ship you try to push yourself out with the rock. Or perhaps you were trying to save your rock from the same fate? Either way it seems you're both coming along for this ride.
No. 1004063 ID: 6b73b4
File 162454987302.png - (23.53KB , 500x500 , yetcloser.png )

You are being pulled in by a tractor beam toward a large vessel.

You've been in this tractor beam for as long as you can remember.
No. 1004064 ID: 031458

You don't remember much do you?
No. 1004065 ID: 6b73b4
File 162455735913.png - (19.09KB , 400x411 , contact.png )

There really isn’t much you remember, that’s. That’s abnormal. Huh.

You’re dropped into a room, being unaccustomed to gravity your body droops to the floor into a puddle as two figures look over you. One with fins, looking at you curiously, and another with large ears who seems very worried. The two stand in silence for a moment before they turn to each other.

“What is it?”, says the larger of the two in a slightly hushed voice.

The rabbit looking one whispers back, keeping her eyes on you, “-I’m not sure, but… Doctor D would know. Where are they anyway?”

The finned lady shrugs, looking back at the pile of goo on the floor in front of her, “You talk?”
No. 1004066 ID: a9af05

"Yes I can talk. Can someone help me? I can't move because of all of this gravity weighing me down."
No. 1004068 ID: 9a2966

Well, you can understand them. Try to use your body to shape air and meaning like they do.

>You talk?

Hug the rock. For support.
No. 1004069 ID: 031458


I... I can't remember... I can't remember anything...
I was there and then I was here...
Who are you?
Who am I?
No. 1004073 ID: 6b73b4
File 162455981859.png - (50.61KB , 500x500 , attempt.png )

You raise your head off the floor a bit, and open your mouth to try and speak with them.

Instead of words a discourse of garbled sounds emits from you.

"Y̷̘̥̞͍͎͚̿ͅę̶͉͔̀̍̐͗̀̈͂͊̌͜s̴̨̔̍̾ ̵̘̫̙͈̭̱̮̄̐̈͌I̴̭̤̤̾́ ̸̣̇̋͛̽͌͝s̴̟̓̎͂̈́͂ḏ̶̪͎̪̃ͅf̴̡̢̭͎͙̯̩͌̉̔͝l̴̨͓̝͆͆̅͂͊̓ķ̴̖͉̘͆̂̈́̅͊̌̕͝j̶̛͓̖͂͆͒͌̂́̔̕d̷̻̿̑̊̽͘̕ṥ̵̼̙͚͈̖͎̤̦̱̅͆̈́̕͠͠͝l̴̮̩̞̖̞̔̍̉̈́͐͐̽̒̕n̷̝̘͙̜̅͂͝ͅj̷̛͎͖̳͆̌̄̀͝͝ ̴̩̼̯̬̳͕̽̅͌̉̃́̄͘͠ͅh̵͉̩̋̊ͅĕ̶̲̭̥̯̯̺̩̂̄l̵̛̠̥̓̌̏́̒̾͝p̷̨̡͉̩̃͐̽̅͠ ̵̟̟͇͛j̴̛̠̘̞̺͔̏̋̊̆͒͑͜k̵̢̮̩͑͑͆͑̐̽̕͠n̵͎̣̝̩̣̯̟̿͌̊̒̓̕̕͜ͅl̷͕̉͌͊̏̀͜á̶̤̯̫̞̾͗̂̓s̸̡̼̪̙͕͇̬̦̘͋̽̿̆̿͊f̴̘͓̫̜̩͒͋̂́̂̅́̏?̵̺̱̩͊̑͜"

This immediately puts the rabbit in a panic, "WELL I GUESS NOT!"

Meanwhile, the fish lady looks amazed at that sounds you produced. "Woah! That was rad! What was that?"

"Wh-whatever it was please don't do it again-", says the rabbit, still shaking.
No. 1004074 ID: 6b73b4
File 162455991277.png - (12.14KB , 302x185 , hug.png )

In response to your failures to communicate, and trying to wrestle with your current situation you lay down and wrap yourself around your space rock for emotional support.

The rabbit calms down some, looking at you empathetically, "I- I'm sorry... we'll figure out what's going on, I... maybe you didn't mean to do that?"
No. 1004075 ID: 031458

Try responding in short, one word responses. Yes, no, ect.
For now try
No. 1004076 ID: 221c15

Perhaps also try harmonizing a bit? Might help making something understandable
No. 1004077 ID: 094652

Spell things out with your paw. Even if they don't know the language they will realize you have intelligence.
No. 1004079 ID: 6b73b4
File 162456527705.png - (1.33KB , 290x71 , help.png )

You touch your hand to the floor, and put a mark on the floor. Soon you realize you can spell something out... you're not sure how you knew to write it this way.

The two look at each other, then your markings. Unfortunately whatever language you wrote it they're unfamiliar with.

You try and talk again, keeping it simple.


The rabbit shakes a bit at this, but the fish gal pieces it together, "Oh- oh! Help! Yes. Yes, we're here to help you, don't worry."

Looking down at the markings on the floor, and finally recognizing what you were saying, the rabbit would nod to you and turn to the fish lady, "I should go look for the Doctor."
No. 1004081 ID: 96c896

See if you can learn how to move your body around in gravity. Maybe you can slide along the floor?
No. 1004082 ID: a9af05

Show them that you can't move in this gravity.
No. 1004086 ID: f3f534

No. 1004195 ID: 6b73b4
File 162466614486.png - (25.12KB , 449x444 , doctor.png )

You form yourself into a puddle, while you can slide across the floor, you’re incredibly slow. Meanwhile, after the rabbit had turned the fish lady would bend down and try to poke at you.

Speaking of, as soon as she turned to get the doctor she’d walk straight into a large robot.

”Oh!- There you are Doctor!”

Instead of addressing the rabbit, they immediately look over at the fish.

”S.A.M. don’t poke them.”

Sam, quickly noting the arrival of the doctor, stands tall, putting her hands behind her back in a very guilty fashion.

The doctor then puts their attention on you, briefly, then looks back at the rabbit.

”N-57. Get me a bucket.”

”Right away Doctor!”
No. 1004196 ID: 6b73b4
File 162466617545.png - (27.13KB , 500x414 , doctorsoffice.png )

For as long as you can remember, you’ve been in this bucket.

There’s two strangers across the room, a robot and a rabbit who are conversing.

”57, I’m going to need you to leave, I’m venting out all the oxygen from this room.”

”Uhm- oh, alright. ...wait, that's something we can do? Why?”

”Well, not all species need to, nor can breathe oxygen. And as you know, Minerva…”

“-cares for all.” the two say in unison.

”Well, is there anything I can do to help?”

The robot pauses for a moment and then nods, ”Make sure Rellie doesn’t hurt himself again.”

57 nods and exits the room.
No. 1004203 ID: 96c896

You can't remember being in space anymore? Or being pulled into the ship, and turning into a puddle by the rock?
Is there any way you can inspect whatever part of your biology handles memory?

Do you remember anything about your kind? You know what a robot is, why? Are you a living organism, or a type of robot?
No. 1004205 ID: c1fc44

Think about your space rock. You miss it.
No. 1004216 ID: f8fa51

Try to tell the kind person that cares for all that you are having difficulty remembering.
No. 1004218 ID: 6b73b4
File 162468441722.png - (44.32KB , 430x405 , meditation.png )

You decide to look inward. Quite literally, within your body you see an… orb. Your core. Upon its surface are a multitude of implants and modifications, but parts of them have been eaten away at, barely serving their prior functions.

A blue ethereal strand is connected to your core, it’s shattered into many pieces.

For some reason you begin to think about space rocks fondly. Wait a second- space rocks? Wait, you’re a rock! Silicon to be specific. A silicon-based lifeform compressed into a core… which manipulates this tar around you to move. Like an epiphany it hits you. You have telekinesis! How long will you be able to remember that though?
No. 1004219 ID: 6b73b4
File 162468445113.png - (20.63KB , 169x171 , more.png )

Looking deeper you feel out the source of these memories, these feelings that remind you of who you are. There’s foreign matter in your core, yet it’s still you. You can’t quite make out it’s color… what color is it?
No. 1004220 ID: 6b73b4
File 162468448145.png - (57.72KB , 1370x380 , set1.png )

Personality: Energetic thrill seekers, generally upbeat and kind. Often found exploring the edges of the galaxy, ready for anything.
Color: Red
Abilites: Has stronger telekinesis and as powers generally tied around moving around quickly such as making portals or teleporting.

Personality: Rebellious and against the status quo, generally a bit harsh, but mean well. Many will see them as chaotic, but in truth they strive to do the opposite, wishing to unite others together.
Color: Pink
Abilites: You see things differently, things that normal people can’t see with just their eyes. A certain color to someone suggests they may be hiding something, or someone smells like they’re looking for someone. May manifest in strange ways.

Personality: Faithful and highly empathetic, they care for all people, at times to a fault.
Color: ‘Black’ (in reality it’s actually a color most races can’t see!)
Abilites: Charm and charismatic related abilities, an enemy is just a friend you haven’t met yet.

Personality: Devout artists, they strive for other’s approval and wish to make their impact on the galaxy with something that’ll get people’s attention.
Color: Green
Abilites: The power to create something from nothing, and the power to turn one thing into another with highly destructive capabilities.
No. 1004221 ID: 6b73b4
File 162468450384.png - (43.62KB , 1436x418 , set2.png )

Personality: Scholarly and retrospective, reclusive, a bit awkward, yet very wise.
Color: Orange
Abilites: Manipulation over memories, lets you look into people’s pasts and maybe even more?

Personality: Independent and confident, naturally gifted for leadership positions and typically respected by peers.
Color: Blue
Abilites: Dominate the minds of your enemies, telepathy, connect with others on a deeper level.

Personality: Loyal and strong, it’s difficult to change your mind on something, many people will have a lot of trust in you.
Color: Gold
Abilites: Battle sense, you’ll feel danger before it’s even there, detect the intentions of someone before they even act it out.

Personality: Inventive, highly intelligent, a problem solver with Macgyver levels of creativity. Working in a lab would suit you well.
Color: Cyan
Abilites: You have an unnatural connection with machines that allows you to tap in directly and take over.
No. 1004224 ID: e51896

Green. This power is how we got this form around us as a rock after all
No. 1004233 ID: 96c896

No. 1004235 ID: f8fa51

Red or Cyan
No. 1004238 ID: 094652

No. 1004240 ID: f6065e

White - Syniskion

You can be any color, though only one at a time. Changing your powers to fit the situation makes them a bit weaker until the change has time to settle, and the personality flip may unnerve others.

(They’re all intriguing, shame to miss out on them.)

Failing that being a valid option: Cyan
No. 1004249 ID: 708905

Let us become hugs incarnate
No. 1004255 ID: 6b73b4
File 162471180083.png - (145.79KB , 500x500 , secret.png )

You think to yourself, white… something about that seems important. Are you sure this was it’s color?

Secret Unlocked!

No Name
Personality: You are enlightened. You are the one that walks down all paths of life at once.
Color: White
Abilites: You have a wide variety of abilities, but none of them will reach their full potential. Additionally you have the power of ‘anti-chi’ (though it has many other names). You may find yourself able to negate people’s powers to protect yourself and others, as well as guarding off other strange forces.

(Author’s Note: I actually was considering making this an option, but I thought eight was already too many choices- good on you for scrying into my thoughts! Alternatively you can take this option and still pick another color, you’ll be more adept at that chosen color’s powers than your other ones and by choosing white you’ll find that things will get a lot stranger... be warned. Though it may be the answers you’re looking for, just be ready for it to lead to more questions. You will be considered very important and very valuable to many.)
No. 1004256 ID: 6b73b4


Oh and I guess while we're at it if you feel so inclined you can choose more than one color (as well as white). Up to THREE. We're not getting any crazier than that! Keep in mind the kind of personalities you can get with combinations. (Pink + Blue = Rebel Leader) (Gold + Black = Loyal Protector) (Green + Cyan = Art of Destruction?!) -feel free to even just suggest what kind of profession you had before your memory was lost and I'll put together the colors that would fit it the most.
No. 1004257 ID: f6065e

It’s a big universe. Better to be adaptable and good at many things than to master a few.

Make it white.
No. 1004259 ID: 708905

In that case changing my vote to black + cyan
We will fix everything be it flesh or machine
No. 1004260 ID: 36784c

Black and Gold
No. 1004262 ID: 18ca2c

White Black Cyan

People are simple. Each one a puzzle piece, is just a matter of finding thier place here in this Grand existence.
You, among all others excel at this.
However, the power and control at your command is dangerous, and people are fragile.
We must be careful, lest we break them.
No. 1004264 ID: 96c896

I like this one.
No. 1004269 ID: a9af05

This one
No. 1004276 ID: 6b73b4
File 162472535071.png - (46.30KB , 430x405 , powerfullovinginventive.png )

As you focus on the colors begin to come to you clearer and clear...


Green - 1
Red - 2
☆ Cyan - 4
Blue - 1
☆ Black - 5
Gold - 2

☆ White - 4

It's a beautiful thing, a white border and black center with streaks of cyan splashed about.

Putting your appreciation into your core fills you with warmth. Or... wait...
No. 1004277 ID: 6b73b4
File 162472536782.png - (39.13KB , 430x405 , fixerupper.png )

That warmth is coming from somewhere else…

You snap back to reality. You’re free floating with your core exposed as the doctor fixes up your implants. Strands of silicon connect each one of your eyes to your core which look about the office, primarily at the doctor right in front of you.

”There. That should fix that speech modulator.”
No. 1004278 ID: 96c896

Try speaking. Tell them you're having memory issues. Also, thanks.
No. 1004280 ID: e51896

"can I go back outside please?"
No. 1004281 ID: 031458

No. 1004284 ID: 6b73b4
File 162472892378.png - (8.99KB , 500x500 , d0c.png )

Outside? You don't even remember being outside this room- you consider asking to leave, but you still have those memory issues. Oh and you don't have access to your goo. What, are you going to try to roll around? You can't even get out of this field suspending you.

You take a look at the robotic doctor peering over you, anticipating you to test and see if they did their job right.

It's a bit strange to do with no body, but you manage to speak through your newly fixed implant as you express your concerns.

"I... don't remember how I got here."

They look at you in silence for a moment before battering you with a series of questions.

"Do you remember being in space? Do you remember seeing my assistant? Do you remember your name? Do you even know what you are?"

To all these questions you answer no, well, except the last, but your lack of confidence on your understanding of yourself seems to cause them more worry.

"I was afraid that would be the case. Thankfully I premeditated this and downloaded instructions on a procedure to fix that. I would explain your issue to you now, but it would be pointless to do so, you'd likely forget again."
No. 1004290 ID: e51896

"Help me remember things... wait, what were we talking about again?"
No. 1004293 ID: 96c896

Well, they can tell you after you're fixed then.
No. 1004298 ID: 031458

Ask for your goo, and what To do.
No. 1004307 ID: 19ea25

Can return to goo now? Feels odd being without
No. 1004308 ID: f8fa51

What goo? You've been in this capsule for as long as you can remember. Who's this person?
No. 1004310 ID: 6b73b4
File 162474472246.gif - (2.95MB , 430x405 , procedure.gif )


"Help me remember things... wait, what were we talking about again?"

The doctor shakes their head, "Don't worry, it'll all be okay after the procedure."

They produce a device and begin scanning for something within your core... once they find it they walk to their fabricator where they begin to make a few materials. Carefully they apply the new implant onto your core...

Slowly you begin to drift back into a state of meditation, the shattered blue strand begins to bend itself, coiling back on itself as it connects to your new implant. You feel something stirring...
No. 1004313 ID: 6b73b4
File 162474514140.gif - (665.88KB , 700x700 , judgement.gif )

A memory.

You enter a large hall full of blinding light. High above you are larger cores unimaginably massive in scale.

The core on the left speaks first, “You have done well in your trials, not only did you show aspects of all paths of life, but never did you lose hope on your journey.”

The core on the right then adds, ”Throughout all the scenarios you showed ingenuity and creativity. You are now ready to receive our blessing for you. All you must do now is state your name before the one and only, Cosidual.”

Upon the calling of their name, the center core comes to life, murmurs of voices being heard within like a crowd chatting amongst themselves before a performance. They await to hear your name.
No. 1004314 ID: 031458

No. 1004315 ID: c58093

No. 1004317 ID: f8fa51

Maybe just "Coatl"?
No. 1004318 ID: a38353

No. 1004319 ID: 031458

Lol, so just "Snek" instead of Guiding Serpent?
No. 1004320 ID: 36784c

I like this name. Omacacoatl.

Or someone could just call us Coatl as a nickname.
No. 1004322 ID: 6b73b4
File 162475765059.gif - (217.00KB , 500x500 , ritual.gif )

After a moment of contemplation you utter your name, “Coatl.”

The two titans speak in unison, “And now and forever you will no longer be known by this name, as we dub thee Kiocoatl ‘creator serpent’,”

”Take this name with pride,”

“As many others shall envy the one you now have.”

Upon the surface of Cosidual’s core a droplet would begin to form, slowly dripping down before making its descent toward you. As it falls through the air the two cores add their blessings.

“I, Kiranova, give you my blessing.”

”I, Firanirv, give you my blessing.”

Their energies imbue themselves into the droplet before it stops in midair in front of you.
No. 1004323 ID: 36784c

They’re giving it to you, so you might as well take it. Accept the blessings.
No. 1004326 ID: 96c896

No. 1004328 ID: 6b73b4
File 162476540567.png - (26.54KB , 500x500 , nom.png )

You decide the best way to accept this blessing of power is to eat it. Once it enters your body it finds its way to your core, merging with it.

It tastes of static, light and cotton candy.
No. 1004329 ID: 6b73b4
File 162476568961.gif - (254.00KB , 700x700 , open.gif )

Kiranova and Firanirv look before you once you have absorbed their power.

"We have faith that you will use your new expertise to do wonderous things."

”We are confident that our skills were serve you well to surpass the challenges ahead in life.”

The chattering coming from Cosidual would've been continuing on, up until this very moment.


You feel the minds of Kiranova and Firanirv freeze as their colors slowly grey out as Cosidual begins to rumble.

A bright light shining down on you, they speak to you in your own voice and say, "I will be watching you."
No. 1004330 ID: 6b73b4
File 162476574987.png - (8.14KB , 240x226 , return.png )

Reality hits you like a slap on the face and for the first time since you can remember you… remember. It was like you had been trapped in a blank room your whole life and finally realized there was a door.

The doctor sitting in front of you would be examining your core, though clearly they had no way of knowing if the procedure was a success yet, simply muttering to themselves.

”It should sync up soon…”
No. 1004331 ID: e51896

Ok, I remember stuff now. Thanks.
No. 1004333 ID: 031458

I..remember my name!
I, Kiocoatl owe you a debt of gratitude!

Please doctor, speak your name so I might know my savior!
No. 1004334 ID: f8fa51

Thank him for helping you and ask his name. Also ask him how he came to know your troubles, or for what other reason he brought you aboard his ship.

Now that you can remember, do you know how to deal with being in gravity?
No. 1004337 ID: 96c896

Anything interesting to remember relating to being stranded in space?
No. 1004342 ID: 6b73b4
File 162480368561.png - (7.81KB , 240x226 , doctord.png )


"I..remember my name! I, Kiocoatl owe you a debt of gratitude! Please doctor, speak your name so I might know my savior!"

The doctor sits up as you report the news to them, "Excellent. You are very welcome, Kiocoatl. I am Doctor D."


You now have the capacity to remember, all previous events thus far you weren't capable of making memories, or at least, memories you could access. When you try to think back on what happened you draw up blanks, but you can presume you weren't on this ship your whole life and you do remember it being very cold for a long time.

You decide it's best to start getting answers to fill the gaps.

"How did you find me and how did you fix me? ...and- why did you bring me to your ship?"

"We were out here on a mission to examine the mineral composition of the nearby asteroids to see if it was worth sending the mining drones this way. Instead Rellie stumbled upon you while on a space walk." For a moment the doctor considers adding something, but elects to skip some information, "Oh, it's not my ship. This is a scouting vessel owned in part by Minerva Station. After I saw you I knew we should bring you in immediately, me being an expert in xenobiology of over 151 species, you're lucky we found you when we did you were already beginning to eat your own implants. You likely weren't going to survive out there for much longer. Now... for your situation, there's two versions. The long version. And the short version. The short version is that you lost your ability to make long term memories. All I did was add an implant that works around the issue- I'd have to explain the long version for you to really understand how that works."
No. 1004345 ID: 031458

Sounds important.
Long version please.
Also, a status report on all implants functioning and otherwise would be appreciated.
No. 1004346 ID: 96c896

Long version please.
No. 1004348 ID: e51896

I mean, we don't really have much to do, and nothing planned so... long version.
No. 1004349 ID: 6b73b4
File 162483372446.png - (12.85KB , 500x439 , lesson.png )


"Long version please. Also, what other implants did I have?"

"Your implants? That... I'm not sure. A majority of them weren't standard issue and they were so eaten away at that I can't exactly figure out their purpose. If I were to guess you had about four implants. I fixed your sound modulator, and gave you a new implant. Now- to explain the long version."

Doctor D stood up and started dragging over a large screen on wheels, creating an info graphic for you.

"You're what's known as a Viriskon, a race of silicon-based lifeforms. It's primarily split into two groups... though there are more- they're irrelevant here. There are the conierisk, and the conisk. The conierisk is what is referred to as the true self and is the embodiment of all it's created conisk. You're a conisk. You're dependent on your conierisk- since in a sense they are you. They contain your long term memory and the memory of all their other conisk. Meanwhile you contain your own short term memory. I can't say what happened, but conisk don't outlast their conierisk very often. When they passed you lost a majority of your long term memories. The procedure I performed removed your dependency to your conierisk, allowing you to contain your own long term memory."
No. 1004350 ID: f8fa51

Okay, so you're a disconnected organ that outlived its host and is now becoming its own organism. Presumably with a relatively similar personality? That's sad, and made worse by the fact you can't even mourn properly, having no memory of your conierisk.

Since thinking about something you have no memory of is unlikely to be productive, you need something else to set your mind to. These people are looking for minerals. Perhaps you can help? Unfortunately you lack any form of expertise in this field.
No. 1004351 ID: 96c896

Wait, that sounds like... Cosidual, Kiranova and Firanirv. One of them died?! Likely, Cosidual, since that one seemed to be your main patron.

Well, wait, how does Doctor D know that the conierisk died? Is it possible your connection was severed on purpose? Considering that memory of those three granting you power, it's possible... Alternatively, is it possible your connection was severed due to damage to your strand?
No. 1004359 ID: 6b73b4
File 162484659456.png - (13.67KB , 500x439 , doubt.png )


You decide to ask about it, "How do you know my conierisk died? Maybe something else could've happened? Like- if my connection to them was broken?"

The doctor turns to you, "I tried my best not to make assumptions, but that is what I thought was the most likely case. It's... possible something else happened. Your connection to them is a telepathic link. Unfortunately I'm not very knowledgeable on that kind of subject. 'Space magic' isn't something I deal with much."


"Well, there isn't much for me to do if they're gone. Do you need any help with your mission...?"

"I'm sure you'll find something to do. And, well when we found you we were given orders to return to the station. Actually we're already here. You were out for a while after the procedure."
No. 1004361 ID: e51896

"Well, I can't really do anything without my purple monster vessel. I'm... kinda stuck here right now... not to mention the gravity makes it hard to move even if I get my vessel back... you're gravity is too strong for me.
No. 1004364 ID: 031458

I see.
I had issues maintaining cohesion when I came aboard.
Is your gravity particularly heavy or is it standard?
I suppose it could have been due to the starvation issue, but if this is a standard gravity strength, one of my corrupted implants was likely a computer interface. My goo alone does not seem able to support itself in this gravity. It would not surprise me if I at one point maintained a robotic endoskeleton.
No. 1004367 ID: 96c896

Well regardless, we're a special case. I wonder if we can find other Viriskon and investigate what happened...

Well, let's ask if there are any other repairs that can be done before we get back into the fluid interface.
No. 1004383 ID: 6b73b4
File 162488262832.png - (24.17KB , 430x405 , returnofgoo.png )


While you don't quite remember everything, you recall memories of being squished on the floor and also being scooped into a bucket and bring up your concerns of the ship's gravity,

"What can I do without my vessel? Even then I think this ship's gravity is too strong for me."

"Really? That can't be right, this is GSG. It's likely you were just extremely weak on account of being in zero g for so long, not to mention the lack of food and the little amount of heat you had retained. Here, I can return your shell to you and we can test it-"


"Wait, are there any other repairs you can do?"

The doctor takes a look at your core for a hot second and shakes their head, "I'm afraid not, like I said, those implants aren't standard issue. I couldn't fix them even if I knew what they were used for."

Doctor D throws a lever, emptying out the container next to you and returning your body to your core. Moving it around a little, you find that it's a lot easier to maneuver than before.

As you think about reforming you realize you can make your body into almost anything you'd like... under a few limitations.

1. Two Legs - You can't stand on two legs, it feels awkward for you to do and trying to stand up tall is difficult on account of having no bones, being a quadruped suits you best.

2. Six Eyes - You have six eyes, no more, no less, but you put them anywhere on your body, or if you're really inclined you can hide some of them.

3. Size - You're working with a limited amount of goo here, you can't make yourself any bigger than you already are, if you're really willing to leave behind material you could become smaller if you're set on that being a good idea.

4. Color - You can't change your color (yet).

Other than that. Feel free to post images of suggestions, or you could just stay with the form you've already got. (Don't get too complex on me, I'm gonna have to draw this a lot)
No. 1004385 ID: f8fa51

Your default form is fine and comfortable. No need to change just now.
No. 1004387 ID: 00a078

Your old form but a little more bulbous, with a larger head and eyes.
"Chibi" I believe the style was called.
No. 1004399 ID: 30b9f6

>Being a quadruped suits you best
If you have to, but why use legs at all? Go for a snake-shape - eschew limbs (unless you need them for specific tasks). After all, your patrons dubbed you 'Creator Serpent'. Perhaps you should take a cue from that!

And of course, you're not really locked to a shape at all, are you? If something is too tedious to maintain you can just default to a simple (to draw) baseline.
No. 1004413 ID: 094652

Enhance Knockers
Taur form
Place eyes on breasts and sides of lower torso
No. 1004419 ID: 96c896

>Doctor has no idea what the implants are for
Guess we'll have to visit someone who specializes in implants and/or circuitry.

>change body?
Nah. It's tempting to try to get 360-degree vision though... Maybe take two of our six eyes and put them to the sides? Four eyes in front means better resolution than two for whatever we're looking at, right?

Oh, now that we have memory, ask what food you can eat. Or heck, ask for like, a book on Viriskon or something.
No. 1004436 ID: 6b73b4
File 162493338229.png - (11.14KB , 226x249 , bigheadmodeunlocked.png )


Enter Cheat Code: bigheadmode

Big Head Mode Unlocked!

This is extremely unwieldy, you're just too top heavy... maybe someone will like it??? Who that someone would be is beyond you.
No. 1004437 ID: 6b73b4
File 162493346767.png - (25.79KB , 319x245 , snekmode.png )


You try and go with having no limbs, not bad. At the moment though you're not very mobile like this, but if you practiced perhaps you could get some use out of it. At least you can curl in on yourself into a comfortable ball.
No. 1004438 ID: 6b73b4
File 162493356966.png - (8.10KB , 238x282 , anattempt.png )


Well you got the four legs thing down, but trying to do a torso above that is just too much. You're not really sure how you would've handled people asking you questions about the door knockers on your chest anyway. It's for the best that this form didn't work out.
No. 1004439 ID: a38353

put some legs on that snek and be a really long lizard.
No. 1004440 ID: 6b73b4
File 162493454848.png - (20.68KB , 500x439 , important.png )


Not a bad idea! Your eyes don't have pupils so they can't exactly change where they're looking without you moving them around. Having a pair on the sides of your head is pretty handy. You can even look at the infographic the doctor has for you without turning your head-

"So, I ate my own implants? What exactly do I eat? Do you have a book on this stuff?"

"A book? No, not physically at least. All that information is stored up in here, the robot would tap the side of their head. "I'm glad you asked that though because there was some important information I needed to share."

"Your species is what's known as a lithovore. Your species consumes metallic compounds for food, the healthiest being iron and titanium. That's why when you were starving in space your core began to eat the metallic parts of your implants. Additionally you need to keep your core warm to stay alive. The internal body temperature of your shell is incredibly high- after I heated it up. It is capable of absorbing and retaining heat extremely well, but I recommend you rest near a heat source for at least eight hours each day. Don't let yourself heat up too much though, because that can damage your core. The reason you were able to survive in space is after your core was deprived of those two things you went into what's known as 'stasis'. Your body essentially shut down and went into ration mode. I think the heat from the ship woke you up when we got near... but more importantly there is one last thing I must warn you about. The eight element of the periodic table. Oxygen. Many species breathe this gas to stay alive. For you, this is the deadliest element in the universe. Thankfully it's only harmful to you when it is not a compound, so things like CO2 are perfectly safe, but if your core is somehow exposed to oxygen then it will begin to destroy your core. I'm letting you know this because our ship is full of it. Not this room- right now, but don't be too alarmed. I coated your core in a substance known as, well it's just called core gel. Best way to explain it is, like those silica packets organic species put in bags of dried meats. It'll stop and absorb any oxygen that reaches your core- just keep in mind this isn't a perfect fix. As long as you don't get into any danger though it'll be fine. Just make sure to check and replace the gel every six or so months and you should have no problems.
No. 1004441 ID: 96c896

Ok, eat rocks, don't expose core to oxygen, we've got a protective coating so it's not instant death even if that happens somehow through combat and/or loss of goo. Seems simple.

Shall we meet the rest of the crew?
No. 1004461 ID: f8fa51

That makes sense. Oxygen is a well-known oxidiser, after all, and would be deadly to most living things if they weren't metabolising it constantly.
No. 1004474 ID: bb5924

Hmm... An electrical engineer could perhaps repair your implants... But it is unlikely they would know their function before they did so. It could be risky.

A reverse engineer, perhaps a corporate spy or career scavenger could perhaps divine thier function, but you might not want to get tangled up with such folk...

A cybernetics specialist familiar with lithovores could probably do both, but one might be hard to find...

Alternatively, you could just say screw the old implants and get new ones. The scars from the old ones are already on your core, might as well replace them with some that work.

Perhaps a compact heater?
You could eliminate your need to rest in exchange for slightly higher dietary requirements.

That would help you get along in any civilisation, which in turn will help you find out what happened to your ancestor.
No. 1004483 ID: 1b8ca3

If we can find out what metals we consumed from them maybe we can refill(reconstruct) the circuitry of the implants when we eat metals (because shouldn't there be empty space where the metals used to be that we can fill back up with new metal).
No. 1004529 ID: 6b73b4
File 162502462618.png - (10.69KB , 500x314 , debt.png )


"That's all very informative, thank you. I was wondering, was it possible I could met the rest of this ship's crew?"

"Perhaps... if they haven't all left the ship already."


You contemplate different ideas for implants, perhaps with the right materials and the right tools you could make your own.


Unfortunately you can't turn back time. Can't find the identity of a metal that's been consumed, still what parts remain will make getting new ones a bit cheaper.

"There, was actually one last thing I need to do.", the doctor's tone became a bit more troubled. "It won't take too long."

They head over to a terminal and start entering in some things on the keyboard. After a moment they'd produce a tablet and present it to you.

"I know these circumstances were out of your control- but it's protocol. You owe three hundred and eighty eight hours of service to Minerva station."
No. 1004530 ID: 36784c

>You owe three hundred and eighty eight hours of service to Minerva station.
Oh, that’s not too bad. At least it’s only 388 hours.

Which means that “3,088 hours” at the bottom right of the tablet is a glitch and can be ignored, since that’s not what you owe!
No. 1004531 ID: 6b73b4


"Whoops, I meant to say three thousand and eighty eight hours. Perhaps I should run a diagnosis on myself..."
No. 1004533 ID: 96c896

Honestly, I was expecting something like this to happen.
3088 hours... assuming you work 12 hours a day that's 258 days. Not terrible, considering you'd be dead otherwise. Wait, that's work hours, not currency, maybe better jobs give more work hours per hour?
Oh, it's Minerva station you owe a debt to, not the ship? Erm. Well, I was hoping to work directly for the people that saved us, but I guess this is fine.

Tell them you have every intention of repaying your debts. Too bad you didn't have health insurance! Should you go talk to someone on the station regarding employment? If you don't get placed on their ship, then you'll have to say goodbye when they leave.
No. 1004534 ID: 36784c

Ah. Well shit, that’s a lot of hours to pay off. But they did save your life, so it’s only fair that you pay them back.
No. 1004535 ID: 031458

I figured the memory thing was some hardcore tech.
I am suited to space work though.
I don't have any issue helping out personally, you did save me After all.
Somehow I can't help but feel charging for emergency medical treatment is bad form.
That said, I'm in no position to debate politics.
I guess just, direct me to the head of personnel?
No. 1004592 ID: 13da16

129 days? Well, okay.
No. 1004880 ID: 6b73b4
File 162552031458.png - (38.07KB , 887x666 , options.png )

"If I could, I would like to help out on this ship, even if the circumstances are a bit in... bad form."

"I'm aware, perhaps we could talk this over and sort this out. You'd have to talk with the captain if you want to work on our ship, but they're currently in a meeting... why don't I show you around?"

The two of you would exit the office, passing through a small airlock, the doctor contemplated refilling the room with oxygen, though considering you may still need medical help they decide to keep it how it is. After the airlock circulates the doors open. Immediately waiting on the other side was a figure in a helmet.

"Ah- captain, back already?"

"Yes, I need to talk with about something D0C."

The doctor turns to you, "This should take just a moment- but uh,"

"-feel free to take a look around."

While the two converse there's already a few things of note around you, through an open door the doctor's assistant would be speaking with someone lying in a hospital bed. And just across the room was a hologram sweeping the floor.
No. 1004883 ID: ef741d

Lets find our space rock. See if that hologram can talk talk, and ask it where the rock is.
No. 1004884 ID: f8fa51

Introduce yourself to the hologram and ask its name.
No. 1004887 ID: 96c896

I don't think we own that space rock... It's just a rock, anyway. Considering we were starving out there the rocks must not have been metallic so it's not even good for food.
Also we shouldn't be able to remember it!

Saying hi to the hologram seems fine though. Are they part of the ship? Or an independent, hired AI?
No. 1004888 ID: 031458

Eh asteroids were probably nutritious enough, it's just you know. Space is big and we lack rockets.

Talk to hologram, how does light sweep?
No. 1005240 ID: f2320a

well that space asteroid is comforting as its the first thing to be touched
No. 1005444 ID: 6b73b4
File 162612824963.png - (56.46KB , 1000x1000 , hardlight.png )


You try and remember what happened before. You vaguely remember rocks? Or maybe you're just hungry. You're probably hungry, you head over to the hologram and hope it talks,

"Uh, hi. I'm Kiocoatl. ...do you have any rocks?"

"Hello! I'm sweeping. Rala is currently shopping at the station for supplies. I will add 'rocks'. To the list."

"Wait, maybe. Add titanium specifically. Not rocks."

"Oh, okay!"
The hologram's face displays a buffering symbol for a brief moment.



"Hey, hold on, how does a hologram sweep?"

"I'm not a hologram, silly. I'm a hardlight projection! There's a difference you know, the main difference being that I have mass!"
No. 1005446 ID: 96c896

Neat. How does hardlight work? Also, ask who they are.
No. 1005462 ID: a38353

I love them already, ask how Hardlight stuff works, and about them.
No. 1005544 ID: 6b73b4
File 162624302877.png - (75.78KB , 1000x1000 , science.png )


"Interesting... what else can you tell me about hardlight?"

"Unfortunately that's about the extent of my knowledge on hardlight- oh but I know it can make really cool stuff, like me! Uhh, but... let me think. I'm very fragile... mh, I don't like water- too much will make me go away and... well that's about it really!"

"Well, can you tell me more about yourself?"

"I was created by Rala! Rala is currently shopping at the station for supplies. I was made to do the sweeping- and there's a lot of sweeping to do!"
No. 1005546 ID: 96c896

Tell them it was nice meeting them.

I suppose you can go down the corridor a bit. Feels rude to interrupt the medical staff's conversation with the patient.
No. 1005605 ID: e51896

Ask if Rala takes breaks, we should meet up again in the future when we're both not busy.
No. 1011616 ID: b35aa3
File 163267180986.png - (15.51KB , 500x500 , attention.png )

“Does... Rala take any breaks?”

”Of course! Even me and the other holograms play pool in the longue sometimes.”

“Alright, it’d be nice to talk more when you aren’t busy.”

”Yeah! It’d be fun to talk with someone new, but I’ve got more sweeping to do.” With a determined look the hologram began to resume sweeping the floors of dust.

As the hologram walks off you decided to explore the corridor, but before you’re able to walk off the captain puts away his communicator and calls for your attention,

”Hey kid, we’ve got some business to attend to…Minerva wants to see you.”

“Oh- that sounds important, do we need to leave now?”

”Well you’d think that, but she’s not too strict. I’d say it’s best you get yourself reacquainted before then, uh -maybe see if you can try to remember anything, if possible... just keep it in mind.”
No. 1011658 ID: 96c896

Remembering things? Okay, try to remember... hmm... any friends? Or a time you served on a crew? Good meals?

Could stretch your limbs in regards to powers. Use one of the less dangerous ones like telekinesis/portals or charm...
Actually, can you use memory powers (orange) on yourself to look into your own past?
No. 1011660 ID: e51896

Try to remember some of the most delicious iron or titanium you ate.
No. 1017132 ID: deb0d1
File 163927811532.png - (38.90KB , 500x500 , focus.png )

You decide to focus inward and try to gauge what kind of abilities you may have, perhaps they’re the key to get your memories back, if it’s even possible.

No. 1017133 ID: deb0d1
File 163927816344.png - (65.62KB , 500x500 , Progression.png )

Welcome to the skill stars! Each constellation of Fetacivs has many stars locked away from you at the moment, but with each lock opened you gain access to new powers, you can only branch out to skills that are adjacent to the skills you have unlocked. There are also four types of locks.

Bronze - The easiest to open, by using your abilities you will naturally begin to hone your powers into new sects and advance your capabilities. Rediscovering memories will also get you back onto branches currently locked off to you.

Silver - Slightly tougher than the former, you will need to get creative with how you use your abilities to discover how to branch out further.

Gold - Unlike the previous locks a trainer is required to learn how these powerful arts can be performed. Trainers may also be able to advance the power of other abilities.

Diamond - Only after every skill in a constellation has been mastered may you progress to the ultimate power. These will require you to seek out extraordinary people to learn them.

|Current Skills|

Telepathy: That broken link tied to your core had something to do with this… perhaps you can still use it to mentally converse with others who are close enough.

Search Memory: You have a perfect recollection- of the few fragmented memories you have.

Energy Sense: See the flow of energy in the universe, great for finding out why something isn’t working. The types of energy you can sense are non-specific. Get creative!

Emotion Reading: You’re more aware of people’s emotions, some in cases more aware about them than they are.

Telekinesis: Reliable telekinesis, without it you’d just be a puddle.

No. 1017134 ID: deb0d1
File 163927832001.png - (20.61KB , 500x500 , facooisk.png )

You focus in further on the constellation of facooisk, may it's insight guide your way.

Search Memory: Viriskon scholars are often living libraries, capable of perfectly recalling memories stored within their core.

Memory View: View the memories of others, those who are taught this skill are expected to take a full course in ethics beforehand.

Lucid Dream: Enter your own dreams and scour your mind for your deepest thoughts and desires, a look into your own subconscious. Those more in tune with facooisk can dive into the dreams of others.

Vault Memory: Trap a memory so that it can not be accessed. The great Roschooa often uses this ability on others, their library is filled with many bubbles of thoughts.

Erase Memory: Destroy a memory permanently. Few ever had the nerve to do it.

No. 1017135 ID: deb0d1
File 163927838140.png - (43.47KB , 500x500 , delicacy.png )


Search Memory sounds useful, you try to remember your favorite meal… it wasn’t of titanium or iron, it was grander than that, gold. Delicious gold, adorned with gemstones, your hunger grows stronger just thinking of it, but it wasn’t this delicacy that made this memory so fond, it was sharing it- sharing it with… with… you can’t remember. Their formless shapes shift about yet nothing comes together all you feel is the sadness from the empty spaces left behind.

No. 1017137 ID: 96c896

Hmm, so the grey constellation is actually the black one, and white doesn't have a constellation(since it's the moon) but allows us to branch out into ones we didn't pick at all. Also we got the starting perks of orange, red, and blue for free despite not being attuned to them. Likely thanks to white.
Hmm, White's downside says we can't master other branches, does that mean we can only unlock diamond abilities on Black and Cyan?

Tell them you remember your favorite food. Gold and gemstones! Also you had a loved one, but you don't remember anything about them.
Also try using Telepathy to send a test message, which is "Testing testing, can you hear me?"
No. 1017150 ID: 0d76b6

A Jack of all trades is master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. White seemed to be a good choice. Lucid dreaming might help us discover who we were but for now there’s not much we can do. Not like we have the means to chase after them even if we do remember.

I’d say test your telepathy on the hard light hologram and the… we’ll probably best not the captain, we should ask them first. But the robit and the hard light? Seems useful to find out.

Also see if we can pick up the hard light broom with our mind, that’d be pretty sweet. It’s supposed to be really light and fragile right? I’m imagining non Newtonian aerogel.
No. 1020354 ID: 6e6730

This kind of introspection isn't getting anywhere. Focus on composing yourself, Minerva (the station? possibly an AI?) sounds like serious business from what the captain seems to imply.
No. 1020434 ID: cda295
File 164220673680.png - (2.52MB , 3338x1814 , home.png )


You will be able to unlock all the stars you can see, eventually, but your potential will not be as great as those more focused to one path. By the time you’re able to erase memories others on that path will be able to see into the future, something you may never be able to do.

That’s no moon, it’s a star! A white dwarf. It’s very important to your people because it’s the star of your home planet… a planet you can't remember.

No. 1020435 ID: cda295
File 164220683880.png - (37.37KB , 500x500 , establishconnection.png )


You finally open your eyes and try to tell the captain about what you learned, but he’s nowhere to be seen. How long were you spacing out?

It’s probably not best to try telepathy on him anyway, that’s not really a good opener for someone you’ve just met. You’re not even sure it’d work on artificial life anyway, maybe you could test that. Actually you’re not even sure if the captain’s a robot or not, you don’t know what he is.

Maybe the hologram would be worth a shot. Worst thing that could happen is that it fails.

You focus on your core and channel the link inside you. For something you’re just relearning this feels very natural, it’s as simple as connecting strings.

No. 1020436 ID: cda295
File 164220687205.png - (43.28KB , 500x500 , connected.png )

This was a mistake.

You may have just linked yourself into a hologram network.

What was a mistake?

I didn’t say anything.
Who was that?
Wasn’t me.
Well, it wasn’t me.
Oh, is it a friend?

No. 1020438 ID: 96c896

Say hello and pardon for the intrusion, you were testing out your telepathy.

This isn't too bad, there's nothing keeping you from moving your body towards your destination while you're connected! Introduce yourself and maybe chat a bit with them. Do they know any interesting places on the station? Oh, you might want to get directions since the captain is no longer around to guide you.
No. 1020439 ID: 6e6730

seven of them.
I guess while you're in there, see if you can search their memory with your Search Memory power? If it pairs with telepathy this could be very potent.
No. 1021173 ID: 894419

Sorry! Wrong number

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