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File 162431225712.png - (28.25KB , 800x600 , title2.png )
1003839 No. 1003839 ID: b081a5


(Content warning: This quest will contain 18+ scenes of violence, nudity, and, depending on circumstance, weird freaky aliens getting it on. Reader discretion advised.)
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No. 1003840 ID: b081a5
File 162431228059.png - (220.18KB , 800x600 , 2-1.png )

"Spirits. Do you see it? I see the mystic portents of the roads ahead."

"Yes. I see betrayal, the athame of the traitor buried in the back of the comrade in arms.
"The reunion of an exile to a family that cannot reconcile. The consequences dire that result.
"Or perhaps we see the rise of old forces long buried, prised out of a wound in the skin of the world.
"Or even the return of those who seek the death-cry of their creators, never stopping, always chasing that solemn signal.

"Ah, but these are but possibilities, flickers of secret futures in an unwritten universe. I indulge myself too much in such fantasies, perhaps. What is important is the task I have been charged with! And the other task. Yes, they shall pay. They shall pay dearly indeed."
No. 1003841 ID: b081a5
File 162431229510.png - (195.68KB , 800x600 , 2-2.png )

"Ah yes. Dull-hand, please, do take me to the right station this time. I would prefer not to be flown into a moon a second time."
gurgle "YES. MISTRESS." sputter
"Thank you. Do this for me well and I'll bring you back properly."
squelch "YES. PLEASE. END. THE PAIN." choke
"Soon, soon. You know, I warned you all not to attack me. Three times. Now, I'm going to go look for your head. I need a new hat, too. Ugh."
bubble "YES. MISTRESS." squish
"Now. To, uh, what was it called again? Oh, right, it was--"
No. 1003842 ID: b081a5
File 162431237787.png - (462.34KB , 800x600 , 2-3.png )

STATION 8, a top of the line GeneQubation research station!

It has been [0] day(s) since an incident.
Our current alert status is [mostly okay chartreuse]!

We pride ourselves in satisfying the conditions to be considered a research station.

All positions are currently filled. There is no staffing shortage. Please do not enquire further.

No. 1003843 ID: b081a5
File 162431243418.png - (75.04KB , 800x600 , 2-4.png )

Crew Quarters D



"Good morning, Mr. Seric. Your request for a crew transfer has been reviewed and accepted."

God my head is killing me. I can barely remember my own name. Soto. Right. Okay, got it.
The Captain sure can drink. Not sure how I got back to my dorm.

"After lengthy review and discussion by the Head of Personnel with departmental heads, we have decided you are to be reassigned to:"


1. "Engineering, despite your lack of experience. You will be shadowing engineer Larity Engineborn, one of the department's finest, for on-the-job training."
2. "Medbay, even with your lack of evidence of medical training whatsoever. You will receive training from Starfruit Propolishive, who is not the best in the department, but the least critical available medical doctor."
3. "Research, given a general recommendation by your designer, geneticist Lin Lianya, who you will be working under."
4. "Hydroponics, under the insistence that you be taught the requisite skills by botanist Cherry Waxhive."
5. "Security, and there has been no recommendation for a colleague to receive advice from, simply a note from the Head of Security to, in his words, 'please use your fucking brain and you'll be doing better than the majority of them."
6. "Custodial Duty. My mistake, it appears this is your current role already. You are still assigned a janitor by the name of Tears-In-Fire to receive training from."
7. "Nothing. We have determined you are completely functionless on this station and you are to be immediately repurposed as silicon assets. Please remain calm, as the doors are locked."
No. 1003844 ID: a97209

7 would be funny, but maybe let's go with 3.
No. 1003845 ID: 17c2ee

7. Or 5 if for some reason you don't want to die yet.
No. 1003847 ID: acb321

No. 1003848 ID: 0fae41

Hydroponics. Become the god of bees!
No. 1003849 ID: 154c78

3, Research. One way of understanding and improving yourself is through understanding your creator/designer. That, and working under someone who inherently understands your limitations sounds like it could be "safe" yet rewarding.
No. 1003850 ID: 8233ee

Security sounds fun but let’s be honest here, 90% of the job is going to be standing around, and the other 10% will be training and paperwork. Doctor and engineer can both lead to massive fuck ups. Research? That’s where you get paid to fuck up, only you call it an unsuccessful experiment instead and get a bonus for it. 7? Better hope they have a mold ready so you can fuck others in death.
No. 1003852 ID: 96c896

Ask yourself if you ever had sex with a weird symbiote-infested member of your species.

Don't you despise Lin? Working under her would be awful wouldn't it?

5. You might even get a stun prod to dissuade Lin with!
No. 1003855 ID: e7848c

For sure 3. Could be fun.
No. 1003856 ID: 36784c

No. 1003857 ID: cdabe3


have throbbing morning wood from a weird wet dream about fucking a genetic clone of yourself
No. 1003859 ID: e13b1d

4. Hydroponics, growing some plants will be fine relaxation.
No. 1003871 ID: c4b388

No. 1003872 ID: 088b5b

it says 7, but it is actually 4
No. 1003873 ID: d6c30c

4. There's probably a bunch of technicians there so be sure to ask for a name tag.
No. 1003909 ID: 5378af

No. 1003913 ID: beea23

7, hard mode let’s go
No. 1003921 ID: 43bfc0

4, though I'm sure you can get away with some plant-related side research. Breed something really weird and forbidden, and possibly tasty.
No. 1003932 ID: 736b7e

Genetics sounds like fun. Maybe you can design yourself to stop looking like candy corn. Or maybe everyone else look like candy corn. The candy corn possibilities are endless!
No. 1003936 ID: a9af05

4. Hydroponics
No. 1003937 ID: 9a2966

Research sounds fun.
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