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File 162429589434.png - (92.10KB , 600x500 , flowerquestlogo.png )
1003820 No. 1003820 ID: aa0cb9

[nsfw warning! nude stuff ahead, maybe even more!]

the sun shines, letting the flora and fauna flourish. we shall follow a particular rabbits day, something must be afoot. he must be awake by now.
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No. 1003821 ID: aa0cb9
File 162429594677.png - (20.35KB , 600x500 , flowerquest 1.png )

a soft groan comes out.

(ughhhh, its morning yet again. and I was just dreaming something juicy. well best to just get up now.)
No. 1003822 ID: aa0cb9
File 162429597963.png - (26.81KB , 600x500 , flowershop 2.png )

(now, that i am, what should i do today before going to work?)

you currently have 2 blocks to persuade him, dear suggestors. though questions do not cost a dime nor would it annoy him, probably.
No. 1003826 ID: 19da02

Well, you should eat something and probably shower. And water your plants?

Also where do you work and what's your name?
No. 1003832 ID: 96c896


Take a shower, get some breakfast.
Got any friends?
No. 1003834 ID: 9d29cf

You will never be a true human, nor a true rabbit. You will always be stuck in-between.
No. 1003835 ID: aa0cb9
File 162430600511.png - (23.05KB , 600x500 , flowerquest 3.png )

(indeed i should, but first let me just water these bad boys real quick.)

the rabbit quickly grabs a cup of water and returns,pouring it unto the plants. he did it so quick that it looks like it didnt consume 1 block.

(the name is Laurence Belladonna, and my job is being the local florist within the NERVE district of our humble town of Liverspex. it doesnt pay much but at certain occasions, man do i get bank.

not really, the friends i do find myself hanging with is merely a wise sheep named miss. Sharlot, though its more she finds me whenever i run the store)

blocks are your resources in order to persuade him to progress his duties, use them well.
No. 1003846 ID: aa0cb9
File 162431357671.png - (42.45KB , 600x500 , flowershop4.png )

Laurence placed the cup unto its designated area, and had decided to shower first.
running with hot water, the dark grey bunny sighs once more from this relaxing shower.
laurence gains +3 CARNAL [18/50] and STRESS -5 [5/100].

(why should i despair? after all i was born lucky enough to be an "uppie" animal rather than a "lowie", though im not too sure if humans think about such things, maybe if i find one i could ask.)

he then swiftly dries himself with a towel and begins traversing to his kitchen for something warm and good. what shall he eat for his breakfast?

C:some fruits
E:you choose
No. 1003851 ID: 8233ee

Consume the unborn children of your neighbor. Maybe some toast too, it’s like 0 effort. She’s gotta have some spare eggs lying around.
No. 1003853 ID: 96c896

No. 1003854 ID: 96fc3c

Pancakes with blueberry syrup.

I can hope/assume this quest takes place in a world where clothes aren't a thing, right?
No. 1003858 ID: 9d29cf

No. 1003919 ID: aa0cb9
File 162437722542.png - (38.10KB , 600x500 , flowerquest5.png )

Indeed the time is nigh for some pancakes, with some blueberry syrup! thankfully there's still some left.
"my god" upon his messy face, a perfect pancake to salvage and to eat at a reasonable pac-
aaand he's already eaten all of it, though that means Laurence is very happy! a happy bun is a lovely bun.
It lessens his STRESS by gaining -15 [-20/100].

(you guys are the best! how did you know my favourite berry?! i mean gosh- how rich are the pancake and the syrup! as well as gulping it down with some fresh milk too... mmh, i need to pay a visit at Weaver's again when i can!~)

the digestation of an uppies young is considered unforgivable and is punishable by being placed at the breaking wheel, and also throwing rotten fruits at them is free, so that parts cool.

also, nah i just really like being naked when no ones around, after all its my own darn tootin' home. just means the people in the town just a buncha peepin toms if they ever do catch a glimpse of me~.)

one block has been consumed from Laurence's provervial incorporeal time slot, you still have one more.
you can perhaps persuade him to cover up his indecency like any rational uppie before he truely needs to leave (though what clothing should he wear?), read one of the books,browse through your phone, maybe even [DISABLED, CARNAL TOO LOW]. there's still a bit of time before Laurence goes to work after all.
No. 1003935 ID: 6ea422

Put on your working clothes and read your kewl books!
Nudity is lowie animal stuff.
No. 1003938 ID: 422cea

Admire completely unobstructed nudity in a mirror before picking out a wardrobe.
No. 1003977 ID: aa0cb9
File 162446218981.png - (38.63KB , 600x500 , flowerquest6.png )

Laurence placed and washed the dishes and other items back in their respective places, with food in his stomach, he decides to finally stop doing any tomfoolery and decides to grab a hold of his work clothes; short overalls and a white tee, though a certain idea pops up in his mind, plagued a bit with some desires due to a bit of some idle hands working its own way through their owners fur...

(mmh, man it would be so easy to just pose and take a pic right now... just letting myself understand as to how far i've cultivated my own body... just to admire the works, even for a little bit~...

nah maybe when im finished at work haha. thoughts like those are just asking for trouble in the long run. maybe later ill find someone whom i'll be able to do the same thing~. and you are pretty right, only small brained lowies wouldnt think twice about putting on atleast something cute before meeting others!)

Laurence has gained +22 on CARNAL [30/50] which can affect his dialogue and even actions when unloosed.
Laurence then equipped his neat clothing along with his trusty small satchel. it can hold up to 4 items.
No. 1003983 ID: aa0cb9
File 162446796891.png - (45.61KB , 600x500 , flowerquest7.png )

As laurence reaches for a designated "kewl" book,suddenly, a ring hits the air. its one of his acquaintences that typically cabs people to and fro as a side gig. wondering what its all about, he accepts the call.

>Tom: hey Laurence, sorry to bother you before going to work and such, but you remember that favour you owe me?

he blushes in silence. >Laurence: u-hhm... perhaps some poetry first bef-

>T: no, not that kind damn it,was that really was the first thing you thought of? jeezums man. listen, you remember a certain someone recently deceased?

>L: you mean Doctor Reynauld? what about him? (blessed be his name)

>T: this just damn in,his son is coming right up at the town. turns out he just found out about it 3 days prior. You still got a room there right? i know this is just out of the blue, but the hotel's damn full from what i remembered. hell, maybe you can charge him a few bucks just to keep him in, yknow?. after this were even stevens, got it?

>L: fine, he better be a looker. also, the hell's his name by the way?

>T: yeah hold on one sec, sounds of him moving to a certain side yeah! so whats your name again? you werent exactly loud enough for me to hear

What is the name of this illusive man?
No. 1003997 ID: e7c7d3

Sylvester, Syl for short
No. 1004002 ID: 9d29cf

Cecilio Bates.
No. 1004011 ID: efb733

No. 1004072 ID: aa0cb9
File 162455964870.png - (60.43KB , 600x500 , flowerquest8.png )

>???: " Sylvester Bates. though Sly is what i am usually referred by my compatriots."

>T: " alright then Sly, better be worth it going back there man. "

>T: its Sylvester. and uh Lau?

>L: yeah tom?

>T: you better not do what i think you're gonna do. dont let him get near that damned bloodlustin' building for some treasure huntin' or else Doc Penelope's gonna hack off your arms. got it ya pervy punk?

>L: well duh of course im not gonna bring some stranger into it! theres a reason why the literal entrance is called "the toll booth" for a freakin' reason!

>T: good, now get going and make actual money like any resident of Liverspex instead of scalping for some swag like some looter.

their transmission ends, and laurance now has no time but to head fast unto work. locking the door, making sure other items are in the bag, the works. not even a few steps outside of the apartment building, he looks within the direction of a strange building. the name of which is colloquially called "the slaughterhouse". a house of slaughter, inside his head spins, and it wasnt even prior to the incident that could name it such. its namesake was used for its intended purpose, but at some point, it stopped, and now strange things happen in that building. strange yet profitable to the keen and brave to scavenge. he discards the thought afterwards. after all, the feeling will keep creeping back as that of a vine. and when it comes right up at the top of it all, it will inevitably chase them back inside of that meat grinder once more. its always hell every time laurence gets the hell away from his home and just even glances at it.

he gains +15 points of STRESS [-5/100] from the utter crushing anxiety of its presence emanating unto the town.

he walks across the bridge that connects the EYE district and an intersection between BLOOD and NERVE district. and finally comes across to his lovely shop without making a break for it.
No. 1004078 ID: aa0cb9
File 162456476771.png - (58.76KB , 600x500 , flowerquest9.png )

laurence quickly sets up shop and opens up DOLL'S EYES; his prized possession after shedding blood sweat and tears in order to get it established. the building is neat and tidy with flowers galore and useful items for other future gardeners whom are also interested in the creation of budding flora. vibrant as it is beautiful, laurence has a few arrangements to settle, namely four bouquets to do so. one for Ms. Sharlot, Mr. Rottguard, Caroline, and of course, this Mr. Sylvester man who laurence believes should get acquainted. after all, his father was someone whom laurence felt was a great role model to get to where he is at this point. plus he is sure that the man would be delighted to be given such beauts for free.

indeed then, which bouquets should he do first?

Ms. Sharlot wants: [STRENGTH AND HOPE]
Mr. Rottguard wants: [LOVE AND DESIRE]
Charlotte wants: [JOY AND ADORATION]
Sylvester wants: [YOUR CHOICE]

you have the following flowers with all the colours: [ROSES],[CARNATIONS],[LILIES],[POPPIES],[LAVENDER],[PEONIES] and [TULIPS].

please also select up to 3 flowers and what colour they are in order to make the bouquet.
No. 1004100 ID: 96c896

Okay, this is a flower language/symbolism thing.
Let's do Ms. Sharlot's.
Tulips, black and yellow.

[LOVE AND DESIRE] has a lot of options, but I think red carnations, orange roses, and red tulips work best.
[JOY AND ADORATION] has some options for Joy but nothing directly for adoration (that would be sunflowers). Red and Yellow roses together plus lavender perhaps.
No. 1004101 ID: 96c896

oh, this is where I got the symbolism from. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_symbolism
No. 1004163 ID: aa0cb9
File 162465041099.png - (57.59KB , 600x500 , flowerquest10.png )

laurence prepares a cute vase in order to make the bouquet to look great as possible. knowing that usually Ms. Sharlot is on point with her schedules, it is quite good to start off with his very old friend. with the help of a suggestor's handy mind with flowers along with his, indeed he places a few tulips of equal colour of black and yellow, giving it a somewhat bee themed look that Ms. Sharlot would definitely find amusing. he set it aside from the table as he brought in a new vase for another. he's now deciding either Mr. Rottguard whom would be the type to come in quick before his wife knocks him unconscious from forgetting about their anniversary; or shall it be Charlotte, a lass whom laurence doesnt know that well, but is hyperactive in general that could lead its way unto his sanctuary of calmness in a short breeze.

all in all, the decision should be swift now, not a lot of time left before Ms. Sharlot shall come and take what she had been promised.

(hm, while it is quite good, hopefully she does think of it greatly, after all from what i've heard, its for someone else. perhaps it is to a sickly person, i just hope then they are recovering well... )
No. 1004164 ID: a2c06c

Whip out those carnations. It's time for Mister Rottguard!
No. 1004165 ID: a2c06c

Also, cry a lot for having only one eye.
No. 1004223 ID: aa0cb9
File 162468506501.png - (53.81KB , 600x500 , flowerquest11.png )

with no time to waste, he began to firstly whip out the roses and carnations, its time for some love makin'. love is something laurence value the most out of all, it leads to beautiful things happening, beautiful blooms, beautiful couples, and beautiful emotions. he will not let Mr. Rottguard down and hopefully will save their marriage with the POWER OF FLOWERS! he then penetrates the edges and fully stuffs the hole with his massive array of carnations and roses. indeed, this time, Mr. Rottguard shall ram it in her heart and pierce through that icy cold exterior she tends to have. afterwards, they along with laurence, shall be satisfied with such loyalty and passion that blooms when the night ends.

(ah~, its always so nice to play atleast a bit of matchmaking, though in awhile im gonna have to think about what kind of arrangement should i make for my guest. though knowing him, im sure he wouldnt understand a damn thing about what i'll be conveying to him. though what should i convey?

i dont cry for having only one eye anymore. moved on when i finally got this cutie pie of a place i can finally call my second home. its utterly a painful memory, but atleast its comforting to remember the man who saved me from certain death. theres not enough flowers to thank him, much less so than when he was still kicking it. may he rest truly in peace up above us.)
No. 1004226 ID: aa0cb9

author's note: might not be able to update until tommorow, terribly sorry.
No. 1004321 ID: 0a8bd3

Mr Rottguard wanted it to include love and desire, but also toss in plenty of gratitude.
No. 1004332 ID: aa0cb9
File 162476694334.png - (69.28KB , 600x500 , flowerquest12.png )

authors note: WOOO NVM HAD TO HURRY THIS ONE UP SORRY but yes lets continue!

then, the wind chime on the door has tuned on the ears of laurence's full attention. its Ms. Sharlot! she adjusts her glaring glasses unto the soul of the young man and smiles gently. she then begins to speak softly to laurence.

>Ms. Sharlot: good to see you once again dearie, is everything alright still?.

>Laurence: yup! its been uhh, very good!

>m.s: very good to hear, come and talk to me if you still feel not yet finished mourning got it? Reynauld put a lot of trust in me to make sure that some youngsters like yourself will be alright you know.

>L: i...didnt knew that. does that mean he already knew he was going to die?

>m.s: no, it was in general. im sure the old geezer already could feel the earth calling back to him. as any of our age group tends to feel. the hand of death doesnt stop gripping, you just dont notice it when you're young. but then you start feeling the cold grasp on your shoulder, then you realize what it is. a calling. sure enough, you start seeing the crows, it knows all well. when we were having tea together we felt it and saw them land on the nearby trees, staring at us, as if it expects us to just drop suddenly.

laurence is stunned in silence and is becoming anxious. Ms. Sharlot then lets out a hearty laugh to break the feeling of cold and stillness in the air.

>m.s: HAHa, dont you worry about a thing laurence. i may be old but not feeble and foolish, just like him. i already know how and when, *her eyes meet with his, her veins burns red on the sides and immediately adopts her relax posture again* but thats only for me to know. but still, im not getting any younger here bunny boy, you have finished what i asked, correct?

>L: uh-h y-yeah! here it is. i hope its to your liking?

>m.s: but of course it is. its no wonder being a florist is to your liking, your flowers are always in such good health and in large quantities, along with the vases being unique and adorable. indeed it was good you followed your dreams.

>L: ah thank you so much Ms. Sharlot! its such an honour hearing that from you-

>m.s: indeed. make sure you to take care of yourself, if not for your own sake, then for someone. trust me on this, i can tell you're going to be needed.

Ms. Sharlot leaves the premises quickly along with the vase of tulips. Laurence feels a lot more better now that he talked with his good elderly friend. he gains -5 points of STRESS [-10/100].

now then, Charlotte or Sylvester?
No. 1004341 ID: ce39da

"Red and yellow roses plus some lavender" was another suggestor's prescription for Charlotte. Even if you don't have the flower itself, do you have a sunflower vase lying around somewhere?

Meanwhile, start thinking about what you're trying to accomplish with Sylvester's bouquet. Are you just going to put them in his room, or are you providing something for the inevitable funeral/grave visit? The answer to that could drastically change what you put in the arrangement. (I recommend WHITE LILIES and RED SPIDER LILIES (assuming you have sub-species too) if it's the latter - a shame you also don't have the chrysanthemums to add cream accents.)
No. 1004368 ID: aa0cb9
File 162485921489.png - (63.30KB , 600x500 , flowerquest13.png )

a wonderful idea for laurence to use. he grasp a more specific vase for sunflowers, but instead he wields a few lavenders, and roses with red and yellow colours and places them within. along with simply placing the 2 new bouquets in a line for the customers whom have asked for his expertise.

(hmm, i was thinking the same thing to be honest, something to at least alleviate their pain or something to help them in transitioning from this very tragedy. perhaps some [SYMPATHY AND GRIEF]? and yes we do have red spider lilies, though those are mighty hard to grow here, so he better appreciate these beautiful and rare specimens! hmph! could do also some white carnations and roses if theres nothing to use.)

as laurence talks to himself ,Mr. Rottguard comes in a blind rush! he huffs and puffs as he tries to catch his breath. on laurence's booth.

>Mr. Rottguard: *breathless* oh god. hoo, came in *huff* as fast as i could.

>Laurence: heyo Mr. Rottguard! you're in luck! i just finished yours just in time, fresh as always and with careful attention to make sure your honey is appreciated!

>:Mr.R: thank you laurence, seriously. you know how police work keeps creeping up on me, doesnt give me enough time to take care of the wifey, just had to align when our anniversary came in! *sigh* , least the flower part is well and taken care of. now just gotta surprise her with some stuff. and still, i wont forget the fact you even gave me a discount.

>L: oh no its quite alright! i usually give em when people do have anniversary's n stuff, it does feel good to know that im at least helping someone out with just a small thing yknow?

>Mr.R: indeed it does, and hey, maybe when you got the time, ill teach you everything you need to know to get yourself the one you want, put on the moves yknow? letting them understand what you feeling and needing.

Mr.Rottguard does an embarrassing set of movements and mouth noises that would make any lesser dad jokes bow down in shame. he takes his produce and starts to leave whilst continue doing his bit. laurence just smiles and giggles at the display.

>L: w-well im sure i can do fine on my own, though if im ever in need of some advice i will definitely let you know! buhbye!

>Mr.R: yee! see ya laurence! woo! gonna get some tail instead of a bonk! .

and now, all that's left is for sylvester.
No. 1004398 ID: ce39da

Again, you have to consider where these flowers are going to end up. Whether of the red spider or white variety, lilies are generally given to the dead, so they're both great if this bouquet is meant to end up on the good doctor's grave (or coffin, if the funeral has yet to happen). Not so much if they're solely a gift to the still-alive Sylvester's room. (Leaving such flowers where a living person resides, implying that they've died, is actually an extreme bullying tactic in some places.)

White roses, coupled with pink carnations, are a much safer choice for a living person in mourning. Actually, maybe pink carnations wouldn't be a bad addition to the version meant to go on the doctor's grave, being a good way to tie the contrasting red and white lilies together.

Actually, is doing both feasible? (You don't have to put the grave version in a vase.) After all, we don't know what Sylvester's relationship with his dad was; if it wasn't good, he still gets a house-warming gift, and you can give the funerary bouquet to the doctor yourself. If it isn't feasible to give out two freebies, go with the direct gift meant for Sylvester.
No. 1004414 ID: aa0cb9
File 162490560180.png - (44.96KB , 600x500 , flowerquest14.png )

laurence ponders this, while indeed he has already placed good flowers on Doc Reynauld's coffin whilst the funeral was already going on (for Doctor Reynauld was already dead almost a week prior) he still feels obliged to at least consider the possibility of having to place more on his grave. with his expertise in crafting such eloquent flowers, creating 2 more for this man shouldnt take too long. he starts the procedure immediately.

for the gift for sylvester, he places his most elegant looking vase, along inside of it, white roses, pink carnations and white poppies. laurence hopes this will not be in vain.

as for the grave of Doctor Reynauld, red spider and white lilies, along with it, pink carnations are neatly organized and are wrapped graciously and with care.

as soon as he is finished with the proper bouquets, he placed them on the fridges in the store, time passes by as Charlotte comes in, Charlotte however didn't have that much to offer in terms of talk, she just came in, asked if it were done, and paid. straight to the point that laurence tends to like. few locals come in and buy a flower or gardening equipment or two. not a lot of stuff happens in a flower shop. the clock strikes at 5 pm, the sun already starting to set, and he shuts the doors for the day; thankfully the flower shop is closed at sundays so he has a bit of time after introducing himself to him. he'll bring the flowers with him as soon as he heads home. he has also been given a text message from Tom:

>TOM (4:23 pm) : hey, didn't want to call you considering you were already working, but already i dropped him off, though considering you're the only one who has the key, i suggested he should know a bit of the locals first along with meeting up with Doc Penelope. he should be at your doorsteps at around at least 30 minutes after work. thanks again lau.

a few optional stores are still open. with it, 1 slot of time to allocate.
he can go to:
[VEEL-A-MART] (minimart)
[ROCKTHROB] (diner/bar)
[WEAVERS] (pastry shop)
[SOLACE] (bookstore)

or alternatively, he can just go straight ahead towards home.
No. 1004448 ID: e7c7d3

Head to Weavers
No. 1004498 ID: aa0cb9
File 162499169665.png - (44.58KB , 600x500 , flowerquest15.png )

laurence heads out to Weavers, a beloved pastry shop within the town. he opens the door towards to the end his hunger. he is then greeted by a human of strange attributes. firstly, he's green, like toad green. laurence believes that thats just because of a pigmentation issue in the genomes of humans and he just rolled very unluckily. though MOST citizens tend to lean on the fact that he's just "a stranger in an even stranger realm". also noted is his apparent baldness. though laurence dismisses it as unnecessary.

>laurence: hey mikael!

>Mikael: oh hey lau, needing your fix of pancakes again?
mikael gives him a wink and a smile.

>laurence: actually yes! im taking someone in for now till they find a right and proper place so im gonna need some extra stacks, yknow southern hospitality and all~.

>M: ahh, is it that one new guy that's been going right round the area trying to get his bearings?

>L: yep, sylvester if you havent talked to him yet. and hows your roomies doing?

>M: doing alright yeah, no fighting over pizza, buns aint thrown out the window, no feather's getting ruffled, golden. kinda boring honestly. all 6 5 of us just chillin.

>L: aight cool cool, now then, yeah lets get straight to the point ya damn schmuck, i need me my stacks and him... (hm, the hell should i even get him? should i get him something sweet? maybe a scone or two?)

>M: just take your time ya damn mongrel, aint like theres a buncha people wanting some loaves.

what should laurence buy?

he has in his pocket: 50 dollars

his pancakes would cost:10 dollars.

bread (loaves): 15 dollars
buns (any): 6 for 10 dollars
pies (any flavour): 20 dollars
scones/danishes (any flavour): 6 for 10 dollars
cakes (small): 10 dollars
cakes (medium): 20 dollars
pancakes (special): 10 dollars

[CARNAL - 30/50]: you could also persuade him to lower the cost.

you can also ask the green lad questions.
No. 1004523 ID: e7c7d3

So get the pancakes, a loaf of bread and a scone to go
No. 1004539 ID: aa0cb9
File 162503710402.png - (41.24KB , 600x500 , flowerquest16.png )

>Mikael: would that be all? alright. there ya go.
mikael gives laurence's choices. in turn, he pays for it and leaves
> laurence: alright thanks ya filthy animal!

as laurence walks back outside. he grabs the bouquet that is intended for sylvester and heads home, thinking about mostly how good these pancakes are gonna be when tomorrow comes. though, indeed when tomorrow night comes, he can already hear it. those creaking meat hooks. he has to do so, or else he wont afford to what he has already worked so bloody hard for. emphasis on blood. but for now, he has a guest to accommodate all because he just had to have another person on his back just in case. hell, its necessary- trying to steal anything from the slaughterhouse alone is suicide itself. indeed, he's gonna have to ask tom again if he's still around. maybe even "destress" with him afterwards as a bonus for the bullshit they'll have to inevitably both face.

whilst he walked and think, he went in the apartment building and climbed up the stairs, nearing his room.
his room number being "A3". he unlocks it to find it being exactly how he left it all, the dark and ominous glow inside of that damned abattoir gives its hints on the dining room window. indeed it creeps up on him and taunts. he tries to forget it atleast for now, he places the bouquet on the table, and neatly placed the scone and bread at said table. he looks at his phone. 5:25 it read. great. he checks the guest room once more so that it looks atleast half way decent for a hopefully grand guy. and as he leaves the room-

knock knock

looks like sylvester is early. and so laurence opens the door to his humble abode for the stranger that will accompany him for the next few days or so. sylvester wears a brown long coat with a red cross and olive branch on its sleeve. along with it, a scarf of green. his medical bag always grasped by his gloved hands.
his face is caked in what laurence could describe as tired. tired from all the talking, the trip, and tired from what laurence could tell, a burden on his shoulders. sylvester fixes his gaze unto laurence. a gentle one. expecting laurences voice.
No. 1004597 ID: 9d29cf

Show him your eye and tell him you have a boo-boo for him to heal.
No. 1004657 ID: aa0cb9
File 162515894081.png - (62.67KB , 600x500 , flowerquest17.png )

laurence tells him this. and immediately the built-like-a-brick-wall man glares at him. for a moment, it feels like laurence was shot through the heart with a flintlock and shanked with a dagger. but afterwards, sylvester hollers like a drunk man and terrifies laurence up!

>Sly: haha! ah, i like you little rabbit. you're pretty much the only person here in this quaint little town that got me laughing. its nice to laugh wholeheartedly instead of the usual melancholy that comes with a certain... incident.

laurence is terrified and terrific that they're in a good start.

laurence directs him to sit down and take a load off, and just place his bag unto the guest room where he'll be residing for now. then they sit down at the table and began eating. whilst they do so, he notices the flowers that resides, and asks laurence whats that all about.
No. 1004658 ID: b4c8d1

A welcome gift for you!
No. 1004718 ID: aa0cb9
File 162523829929.png - (46.21KB , 600x500 , flowerquest18.png )

>Sly: ah! well i am very grateful for everything that you've done for me so far! really laurence, you're way too kind in treating a stranger into your home like this. they really are pretty, though considering that tom told me you were a florist it wouldn't be surprising given your skills, hah. but yes, when im available, just tell me whatever it is you need. after all it is rather fair considering you've treated me to at least some dinner for the evening. though, might i ask, do you have any passing questions you have for me? i certainly have more time to answer any on your mind, be it my own history or, well....fathers

laurence pauses to think of a few questions to ask of Sly. the glow from the abattoir still shines on them like a beacon of death looming.
No. 1004776 ID: 4f69fd

Fathers? Oh, no! He's from that super macho warrior clan that reproduces without the weakness of womankind!
Run before he realizes you are a puny florist!
No. 1004785 ID: 96c896

I think that was supposed to be "father's". As in, his father's history.

Does he need anything while staying here? Special diet, that sort of thing? How long is he planning to stay?
No. 1004786 ID: aa0cb9
File 162535112728.png - (41.33KB , 600x500 , flowerquest19.png )

laurence suddenly and violently gets up, almost knocking the table and goes to his room as the very idea of being integrated into their machismo and testosterone fueled mitosis has been ingrained in his mind. the dancing of a darkly skinned barbarian wearing nothing but a loincloth of a country's own flag along with a headpiece only befitting for a god amongst men, tantalizing everyone with their thermic beats and rhythmic sways that would swoon any and all species.it gives laurence +40 STRESS [30/100] and made him EXTREMELY AROUSED. sly asks whats the fuss was all about it, and laurence speaks about what he just had thought of.

sly is silent. too silent. and then erupted with a booming laugh as he slapped his own face with his palm

>oh god laurence HAHAHA. man if the old man was here im sure he'd hit me straight on the back of my head for laughing. ah~, but yeah, speaking of him. he and i were pretty close when i was growing up, but then around a few years, maybe i was 8 or 9 n such, and he left us for this town, and never came back. honestly i kind of understand why now though. honestly laurence, i thought when i came by here, it'll just be all about doom and gloom. i just want to thank you for being the one to house me. though continuing on, from what i can understand, he was essentially a very important person, a lot of people seemed to revere his guidance. though that i want to know more about, specifically what kind and such. after all, how much can an old surgeon know? does it have to do with that ominously, dangerously, strange yet attractive building? tried to ask Doctor Penelope about it and even some of the locals, but no one seems to want to talk about it to me. why is that?

laurence contemplates on whenever or not to tell him now or later, though he feels both actions will have some consequences on their own in the long run. as he does so, his breathing is hard as he bits his lip.
No. 1004787 ID: 9d29cf

No, little bunny! Don't be horny! Think about....uh....girls with big boobs!
Unless that makes it worse! Then...uh.... think of flowers and normal bunnies instead.!
Tell Sylvester that the abbatoir is an ugly building with a bad history ad that Tom specifically told you not to get involved with it just yet.
No. 1004805 ID: aa0cb9
File 162538475628.png - (45.81KB , 600x500 , flowerquest20.png )

laurence calms himself down from his deep dark fantasies about scantily clad dark skinned buff men with oiled abs via the idea of women with big breast. it...weirdly works? huh. anyways the needing of passion subsides atleast for now as laurence gets out of the room whilst still flustered with longing in his eyes as he stares deep into sly's. he talks cautiously about the slaughterhouse. about what he himself only knows from rumors to half truths about its history.

>L: before this town, it was a small hamlet. and with it, it produced mostly meat and sent it across neighboring villages and cities. as time goes on the mayor's great great great grandfather claimed this area. it kept continuing its production until not too long ago. around when the mayor himself was born, it apparently closed down to the day. legend has it, that one day everyone either was killed and buried within, or the people who were working mysteriously vanished, as there were no traces of anyone who worked in there was ever found. only snippets of documents, but they were only paperwork and or doodles, days to months prior to the disappearance. and thusly, people started to pilfer for some artifacts.

at this point, laurence is speaking quietly, as if the walls were tapped. he doesnt know if he can keep revealing this much information about it without the GRATITUDE knowing.

>L: and thats pretty much all i can say about it. sorry if it wasn't a lot, but truthfully, the only way to really let you know what it is; is to go in yourself. but no, i promised tom to not let you in there. too much greenhorn blood was spilled there. enough to rival an Olympic swimming pool. maybe i can bend the rules for you if you truly want to, but i'll respect a fellow EX-PILFERER's old wish first and foremost.

he keeps staring at him with dimly lit eyes, soft and tired of moving forward with the abattoir. sylvester just smiles and nods at this.


>S: nah nothing anything special. maybe some more funny jokes if you'll keep supplying me haha! ah- but yeah ill be staying until i get his inheritance and some of his stuff as remembrance, maybe a day or 3 atleast. and if you do need money laurence, just tell me, im not loaded but its the least i could do.

>S: alright, ill respect both of your wishes. tomorrow i'll be heading back again to the hospital for some of father's stuff. ill be going ahead and sleeping now. goodnight mr. belladonna. and im sorry to bring it up.

>L: goodnight, mr. bates. its fine, just needing a bit of rest right now.

laurence cleans up the table and neatly tidy up before heading to bed. he crashes down on his bed as dreamland takes him.

its gotten worse.
No. 1004820 ID: aa0cb9
File 162541790914.png - (35.30KB , 600x500 , flowerquest21.png )

laurence is in the abattoir, specifically, within a small corridor, even more so, at the entrance of a lairage.( a place in where livestock rest). the walls of the corridor is littered with blood dripping and becoming stalagmites unto the short ceiling. laurence goes inside of the lairage and see's it in disarray. the walls for the pen is bent and warped without restraint. no cattle is inside, only hoove prints of lowie pigs. the open windows for it is blocked with boardings and metal. along with it, rows of razor wire is strewn about.

laurence knows this area is relatively safe. and usually has an artifact. though that means going inside of the walls, which is stupid to do so. the air inside of the pen vibrates faintly to a point where laurence could hear it buzz. the anomalous property of it means that a BLANKET is nearby. he has a few bolts tied with cloth to throw just in case he needs something with physical traits to become a sacrificial answer to a deadly conundrum. along with a COPPER (an artifact that negate the effects of BLANKETS).

searching for it will be quite difficult, as the rows and rows of pens actually make it far difficult to navigate and understand where it is, but he has a few options.

keep throwing bolts till he's lucky, keep trying to find some sort of clue left behind, etc.
No. 1004829 ID: fc1991

You clearly have unresolved sexual tension with this building.

Confess your love for the abbatoir, marry and have little rabbit-abbatoir babies.
No. 1004878 ID: aa0cb9
File 162551048485.png - (37.65KB , 600x500 , flowerquest22.png )

laurences sexual tension has been utterly ignored for the past few days. he would like to get his rocks on with some lovely guy, but no matter how much he wills to "marry and have little rabbit-abattoir babies"; his libido is just too low to consummate and elope with the sickeningly metallic smelling, rusted, and ancient slaughterhouse. plus he understands that embracing this place would mean his blood would congeal into the earth, feeding this "living" death trap. though only accepted as rumors from other PILFERERS, faith is something to be noted whilst traversing this hell. where whispers rule and anything concrete is out of the window. only thing that is true is it will kill you if you do not learn from the many bodies and to the very minutiae of blood sprinkled on the floor.

he continues his search for the BLANKET, throwing a bolt or two inside of the pens in order to figure something out. the bolt halts in the air and instantly gets hit by electric currents and the cloth burst into flames. but whilst doing so, a slight conundrum occurs, the hair on his body starts to stand up. its getting nearer, and his COPPER is starting to slightly tingle. theres 2 things that he knows that creates this anomaly, it means either a VOLTCROW is nearby, or its the BLANKET that he's nearing now.

should he keep continuing to try and find the BLANKET or run away before the VOLTCROW passes by?
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