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File 162268005046.jpg - (160.85KB , 500x500 , 1a.jpg )
1002454 No. 1002454 ID: 4c9664

updates weekly
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No. 1004147 ID: 4c9664
File 162464527086.jpg - (62.10KB , 500x500 , 28.jpg )

“I promise nothing,” you say defiantly, “I do what I want.”
No. 1004148 ID: 4c9664
File 162464527368.jpg - (99.58KB , 500x500 , 29.jpg )

The guard is already asleep standing.
No. 1004149 ID: 4c9664
File 162464527705.jpg - (144.48KB , 500x500 , 30.jpg )

You decide you could use a giant hat, and take it from the sleeping guard. He doesn’t seem to notice.
No. 1004150 ID: 4c9664
File 162464527988.gif - (110.07KB , 500x500 , 31.gif )

Now you have a Giant Guard Hat. It’s big enough for you to fit your entire body in, but it’s also a pretty conspicuous object. In the right environment it could certainly be of some use. Like as a stepstool or somethin’.
No. 1004151 ID: 4c9664
File 162464528301.jpg - (167.01KB , 500x500 , 32.jpg )

You enter the town. With the sun nearly set by now it's pretty dark. A few houses among the pines have lights on. Directly ahead of you is a large weathered statue of -

You’re not actually sure what it’s a statue of. Looks like some kind of giant. The head is shaped like some sort of insect, the pincers pointed skyward. Strange grooves cut across its form like circuitry, and a large round gem is floating in a cutout in the center of the head. Vines have crept over it from years of neglect, and one of its arms appears to have fallen off long ago. The other arm is holding the hilt of a very large sword which appears to be sunken into the stone platform the creature is resting on.

There’s a glowing yellow slime near the statue, looking up at the being. They don’t seem to have noticed you yet.
No. 1004152 ID: 38aa7e

Exercise your eminent domain over that slime’s slime.
No. 1004154 ID: 96c896

Say hi to the slime, ask who the statue is.
No. 1004166 ID: 6c85e8

Be nice. Say hello. Ask what it is looking at and why!
No. 1004173 ID: c09f5e

Prepare a greeting equally as glowing as they are.
No. 1004174 ID: ef6063

Are they the warm type of glowy? Bask in their glow holding your hands towards them!
No. 1004197 ID: ec2dda

Inform them that eating giant stone arms off of statues is, like, the eighth best way to grow arms. Offer your superior arm-growing secrets in exchange for a [month or month-equivalent] of service as your bard.
No. 1004202 ID: 2aa5f0

Greet slime, ask about the statue and where you could find the doctor.
No. 1005028 ID: a6c929
File 162569147632.jpg - (126.85KB , 500x500 , 33.jpg )

“What’s this a statue of?”

The slime jumps in surprise. “OH! oh hi, I didn’t know you were there,” it eyes your hat nervously, “I’m not causing any trouble, I was just, I’m, goodnight,” and it begins to scoot away.
No. 1005029 ID: a6c929
File 162569147911.jpg - (93.76KB , 500x500 , 34.jpg )

“Hey come back here,” you call out, “I just wanted to ask a couple of questions.”

The yellow slime reluctantly scoots closer, eyeing you and the hat. “Sorry to keep you, I only have a few questions and then you can go.”
No. 1005030 ID: a6c929
File 162569148243.jpg - (138.97KB , 500x500 , 35.jpg )

“I’m new to this area. What can you tell me about the statue?”

“Oh," it perks up, "this isn’t a statue. Or, well, it WASN’T a statue. When the earth was whole it was protected by these mighty slime titans. They stood against any who would seek to upset the balance of nature.
No. 1005031 ID: a6c929
File 162569148477.jpg - (83.36KB , 500x500 , 36.jpg )

When the Void showed up, the titans rose up against them and defended Ahrcane from their invasion. But the Void was too great, and then..
No. 1005032 ID: a6c929
File 162569148834.jpg - (308.82KB , 500x500 , 37.jpg )

.. the Void King landed..

His power was too great, and he overwhelmed the titans, destroying them one by one.
No. 1005033 ID: a6c929
File 162569149088.jpg - (148.24KB , 500x500 , 38.jpg )

Those were the lucky ones. The others were consumed by the Void and left behind like this. The core in some still shines out, but gradually they’re starting to fade out. It’s only a matter of time, and then that’s it. No more titans. Void officially inherits the world, or what’s left of it.”

Something stirs in you, maybe anger, maybe guilt.. perhaps once you see the doctor you’ll be able to remember more and process your emotions properly.
No. 1005034 ID: a6c929
File 162569149389.jpg - (79.73KB , 500x500 , 39.jpg )

“So, the Void are pretty bad then, yeah?”

“Oh, n-no, not exactly,” he looks very uncomfortable, “I mean, like, they did break the planet and kill the titans, but uh, I mean, things actually haven’t been so bad. I guess, the worst thing about it is that it’s harder to get around because the world is broken, but like, everyone else seems pretty cool with them.
“It’s a little weird seeing a slime in the Void guard, but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.”
No. 1005036 ID: 96c896

Oh tell them you just took the hat off a sleepy guard. Maybe you shouldn't be wearing it...

Climb up and touch the core.
No. 1005041 ID: 094652

Throw the slime into the titan's core.
No. 1005043 ID: 9a2966

Laugh mischievously and tell your glowy new friend this, then climb the statue and poke the core.

And put that hat on top of the statue. It's the perfect crime.

In what way you're not sure, but it surely is.
No. 1005048 ID: 894419

Assure the poor slime that you're only wearing the hat because its a nice hat, not because you're a guard.
No. 1005053 ID: 2aa5f0

ask what the void guard is. Then when he questions you about the hat tell him that you found it on the ground outside of town and thought it looked neat and decided to wear it. You would have asked the guard outside of town about it be you didn't want to wake him as you felt that would be rude.
No. 1005056 ID: 24ae03

The core seems all glowy and slime-good, while the flesh looks all stoney and icky. The latter can't be doing anything good for the former. Try to rip out the core and maybe give it some slime to act as a starter-body. You can spare a chunk out of your butt, right?
No. 1005065 ID: beea23

Short term: Make friends with as many slimes as we can, make an army of friends and family.

Longer term: Find your slime dragon fragments. Hunt them down. Make them part of us once more.

No. 1005071 ID: c09f5e

Is it just you or is the core looking at you? Tempting you to eat it, maybe? Touch it first. See what happens.

You could remove the mark off your nice hat, but as a disguise it's pretty handy. Either way, nobody's taken it off you yet.

Also, you still don't know why your fellow slime is glowy. Does he know why he's glowy? Either way, let him know you're going to the doc. Invite him to your party.
No. 1005211 ID: 741a2f

Oh, man, the Void King! That's the guy who slew you! We need to be extra cautious people don't learn you were strong enough for the Void King himself to kill you.

Touch the core only when no one is looking.
No. 1005381 ID: 08e322

could you eat the glowy bit?
No. 1005410 ID: a0e9bd

Oh. Hey. It's probably that dude that killed us, or someone pretty close.

Hey yellow dude, can we touch the glowy bit?
(if yes, touch. If no, get them to look away/touch when there isn't anyone looking)
No. 1005564 ID: e221bc
File 162630170749.jpg - (72.27KB , 500x500 , 40.jpg )

“Oh, this isn’t mine,” you say quickly, “I’m just borrowing it.”
No. 1005565 ID: e221bc
File 162630171005.jpg - (111.50KB , 500x500 , 41.jpg )

“Oh, why?”

“Never you mind.”
No. 1005566 ID: e221bc
File 162630171324.jpg - (85.39KB , 500x500 , 42.jpg )

You look up at the glowing red core. A strange longing fills you as you gaze into it. “Can I touch that?”

“Wh- I uh.. sure, I guess. You wouldn’t be the first one.”
No. 1005567 ID: e221bc
File 162630171661.jpg - (118.04KB , 500x500 , 43.jpg )

“Rad,” you say, and begin climbing up the titan.

The core is a vibrant, softly pulsing red. You can almost hear, or rather feel, a low hum coming from it.

You reach out to grab it.
No. 1005568 ID: e221bc
File 162630171951.gif - (329.93KB , 500x500 , 44.gif )

-it’s all over you, it's crawling all over you, try as you might it won’t shake off, it's climbing higher and higher, it's digging inside, it's hurting-
No. 1005569 ID: e221bc
File 162630172462.jpg - (111.03KB , 500x500 , 45.jpg )

You wake up on the dirt, the statue looming over you. Your hat is a short distance away, like it rolled off when you hit the ground.

“What did you see?” the slime hangs over you, looking concerned.

“I saw the Void crawling all over my body, digging into it. That was horrible!”
No. 1005570 ID: e221bc
File 162630172776.jpg - (78.29KB , 500x500 , 46.jpg )

“Yeah, those were the last moments of this titan. I don’t want to think about what any of the others went through…”

You had vaguely considered trying to eat the core, but if touching it threw you on the ground, maybe eating it would also be a poor choice.

Which reminds you..
No. 1005571 ID: e221bc
File 162630173014.jpg - (89.80KB , 500x500 , 47.jpg )

“Oh yeah, I had a couple other questions! I’m hungry, is there any place I can get some food?”
No. 1005572 ID: e221bc
File 162630173313.jpg - (98.35KB , 500x500 , 48.jpg )

“Well, since you’re a slime, you’re always welcome to visit us in the hive! I was gonna head back there as soon as you uh, let me. We’ve got plenty of food there for you.”
No. 1005573 ID: e221bc
File 162630173663.jpg - (54.44KB , 500x500 , 49.jpg )

“Cool, thank you! And one last thing,” you point at the impaled core floating inside you, “I got hurt bad, and the guard said there was a doctor I could see, do you know where they are?”

“They’re near the edge, across from the gondola. If you don’t mind waiting til morning, I can show you? It’s not really a great idea to wander around at night, unless you’re a guard or have a sword, or somethin’.”
No. 1005574 ID: e221bc
File 162630173942.jpg - (96.81KB , 500x500 , 50.jpg )

You nod. “Yeah, I can wait. Hey I never asked, what’s your name?”

((In a past life, this character was named Humphrey. Do you want to keep this name, or vote on a new one?))
No. 1005575 ID: 2aa5f0

old name is fine.

Also can't help but wonder if the Titian is actually dead and it's core is just filled with it's last moments or if it's still alive and trapped in place. Oh well nothing we can really do about it. Go get some food and then you can see the doctor in the morning... Also uh, what do they use for money around here because I'm pretty sure you don't have any.
No. 1005576 ID: 094652

Humphrey Showercurtains!
No. 1005580 ID: a2493c

Hink Skinkler, part-time sprinkler
No. 1005586 ID: c09f5e

/hits accept without looking at name entry

We leave now and there's a chance the guards might not let us back in the morning, if only because of the hat. OTOH, we secure a homebase (or just a rest couch) and potential allies if we go with him.
Just ditch the hat when you leave, where the guard was posted. He'll take the blame for "reporting it stolen after losing it".

What's his hive like? Are they accepting new members?
No. 1005602 ID: e22f01

him a hum
No. 1005670 ID: 24ae03

Rey Humph
No. 1005673 ID: 36784c

Explain that you used to be a Grand Slime and you had your own hive. But then some jerk came and stabbed your core and left you severely weakened. You don’t know how long you were gone, but it must’ve been a really long time, since your hive had disappeared when you finally woke up.

Express how sad you are and how much you miss your hive.
No. 1005856 ID: 15a025

Humphrey is swell name.
No. 1006625 ID: 3a576f

Humphrey’s a fine name. And yeah, let’s roll with him to get sone food.
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