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File 162268005046.jpg - (160.85KB , 500x500 , 1a.jpg )
1002454 No. 1002454 ID: 4c9664

updates weekly
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No. 1031932 ID: 4ef090
File 165231596551.jpg - (111.83KB , 500x500 , 229.jpg )

The fungus doesn’t seem to hurt. You can feel its roots reaching deeper and deeper inside you as the cap slowly grows larger. It hasn’t reached your core just yet. You might be able to speak with the mycelium if it does touch.

## I’ll try to handle it if it grows too close to us. Keep doing whatever you’re doing. ##
No. 1031933 ID: 4ef090
File 165231596815.jpg - (85.48KB , 500x500 , 230.jpg )

You feel your grip around the sword tighten. You don’t want to have to use it, but if you need to..
No. 1031934 ID: 4ef090
File 165231597176.jpg - (108.09KB , 500x500 , 231.jpg )

“You say I couldn’t understand, but we’re not as different as you think. A lifetime ago I was attacked by someone and torn apart. I’m just a fragment of my old self.”

You point to the core in your tail. “But I found a piece of myself again, miraculously, and we’re one unit now.”
No. 1031935 ID: 4ef090
File 165231597453.jpg - (232.57KB , 500x500 , 232.jpg )

“We didn’t kill your friend, we were asked to find them and heal them,” you glance back, “I think they’ll be ok now, that medicine should have helped.”
No. 1031936 ID: 4ef090
File 165231597824.jpg - (192.33KB , 500x500 , 233.jpg )

You turn back to the dragon, “They said something about choosing a simpler beat to follow. They phrased it like it was the lesser of two evils. Were they really your friend?” You point to the mushroom on your head, “Do I get a choice, or are you going to force me to be one of your new friends?”

The dragon is silent for a long while. Their gaze flicks between you, your core, and the mushroom growing in you. They then stare into the passage through which you crawled.
No. 1031937 ID: 4ef090
File 165231598162.jpg - (145.12KB , 500x500 , 234.jpg )

All the eyes growing in the cave turn to gaze at the dragon. “We didn’t choose this,” they say softly, “but we needed it. What other choice did we have? To wither in the darkness, weak, until someone finally found and killed us?” they look at you, eyes quivering, “I don’t want to hurt anyone, but if I don’t, then someone will hurt us. That’s what they’ve always told us.”
No. 1031938 ID: 629f2e

"You did what was necessary to survive. But you don't have to keep doing this. You're strong enough now to choose your own path, apart from the spores that preyed on your weakness and drive away any and all who might disprove their assertions that others will only cause you pain."
No. 1031939 ID: 96c896

Self defense is fine. Attacking first is not, that only breeds more violence.
There is another option. Stop the mushrooms, come with us. We will defend you.
No. 1031942 ID: cd48aa

Who's "they"? The mushrooms that literally control people's minds?

Point out that you aren't trying to kill them even though you probably could do so right now. Also, explain that you wouldn't have even had to hurt them if they weren't attacking you and you could probably have just talked things out. And add that the bugs have only had to hurt them because they're hurting the bugs and preventing them from going about their lives. Not only has hurting people not prevented people from hurting them, but people are hurting them BECAUSE they're hurting people. Clearly, whoever "they" is lied.

Humphrey, handle the defenses.
No. 1031956 ID: dbc6b8

This! The mushrooms are so far the instigating party here.

At the very least they're incapable of grappling with the fact they're hurting people and it can't continue.

At this point we might be rescuing the dragon and getting out however we can.

Talking isn't over though, so hold the aggression! The dragon doesn't seem to be unreasonable as of yet.
No. 1031963 ID: ce39da

"Why did you assume that someone was coming to kill you? Were you attacked by someone before meeting 'them?'" If so: "I think we might have even more in common than you may have come to realize. Will you let me in?"
No. 1032113 ID: b01382

"They've" told you only what "they" wanted youto hear, to manipulate you. You and I, nothing but food for these spores. I meet a bug outside who's friend was endangered by these mushrooms, thats not so friendly. We're more just food to them, or a lure to attract other slimes to you. Did you know theres a place up there where slimes like us can eat moss and stuff? We fould be up there where its safe, instead of down here where the mushroom can hurt people. I can help you, but we need to get rid of the spores.
No. 1032172 ID: b01382

Not gonna lie the dragon pic in this post is terribly cut i wanna hug her and sleep on her back!
No. 1032180 ID: 96c896

Let's not speak for the mushroom entity's motives until we talk to them directly.
No. 1032224 ID: b01382

If reach that point of infection, i doubts we'll be able to go back.
No. 1032239 ID: 9a2966

Silly! There's definitely a way to reach that point without having to go through the vehicle of the spore infection.

Gently put down Godkiller (Thanks for the escort, buddy! You'll take it from here.), discard your cloak (since, hey, bad memories) and wander up to give the the big ol' thing a gentle squish-hug as you bump your fine tail-part into their side, by their glowing heart.

Offer to touch your core to theirs. You were once a Grand Slime, and they too, yeah? There's a chance you can connect, and then you can give that other part of them a, well, a more direct talking to than through this (prod mushroom) funny hat here. Because there's a lot to say, and you want both of them to be in on the conversation.

For one, how can they accept just staying down here, trying to control others through fungi spores - which can kill, by the way! - and never, ever make proper friends with someone? If they're lonely and sad that they're stuck, they need to figure out how to make friends again. And... maybe figure out if they've got all that much to be afraid of anymore.

See, sometimes all you gotta do to make a friend is try to be friendly! Friends say hi when they meet! Friends do fun things together, like share food and talk about all sorts of topics that interest them. Friends certainly don't go out of their way to control their friends, or stop them from doing what they really want. Or if they do, they ought to consider whether what they're doing is right and talk about it, or else they aren't being much of a friend at all.

Even if all you're trying to do is help, or you're scared it might lead to something bad.

You get that their other part is worried, maybe super so. It used to be a Titan, didn't it? But the war's over, and things have calmed down, apparently a lot. You met some good people above, they were (mostly) nice, so it can't be all bad. There was a slime colony, too, and they were being left in peace.

Even if the two of them can't bring themselves to leave, if they don't push people away using all these spores, they might get people visiting and bringing them stuff. Like food! Or news! The slime colony has got these really delish mushr-ooo wait, would that be cannibalism? Anyway, if they could at least stop their spore thing - or reduce the radius and let slimes past - to accept visitors then they'd have a lot more space to consider whether the world's still dangerous and they gotta hide and hurt people and all that compost at all.
No. 1032247 ID: 36784c

>put down Godkiller and hug them
Don't do that.

The Godkiller is our only way of protecting ourselves and keeping it with us will ensure that the mushrooms won't try and suddenly attack us.

And the slime dragon doesn't trust us enough to just walk up to them and hug them. They'll think we're going to hurt them and they'll attack us.
No. 1032248 ID: 9a2966

Not if we put down Godkiller!
No. 1032257 ID: 01fe07

Getting rid of our only protection is pretty dumb.

Also, having no weapon doesn't mean the slime dragon will automatically trust us. They'll still attack if we approach them.
No. 1032262 ID: 96c896

Do not drop Godkiller.
No. 1032265 ID: ba605b

I'll have to disagree with putting down Godkiller. It's the only thing preventing the spores from advancing any further. Plus the funny little guy is growing on me.

I hope we'll find it's other half some day and make it whole.

Remember the slime titan statue thing we touched? Is it possible to absorb it to combine our sliminess?
No. 1032266 ID: ba605b

More questions for you OP
>How often do you post updates? You said Weekly? Week ends? Week days? Specific days of the week?
>Why did you do Slime Quest over and not continue from the first try? Is the First Slime Quest Canon?
>Would it be possible to combine Godkiller with our core, or the broken sword still in our core?
>Can we use Godkiller to kill small game to eat and grow bigger?
No. 1032281 ID: 36784c

These questions should be asked in a disthread, not here in the main quest thread.
No. 1032301 ID: 4ef090

I try to update every wednesday, tho I don't always manage to hit that mark, so once a week is the loose goal.

If you have other questions unrelated to current suggestions, please ask in the thread I just set up! thank you!

No. 1032303 ID: b01382

No. 1032307 ID: b01382

Maybe we should use our last burst from Godrender to purify the big slime? Talking to her might not really matter since the mushrooms are so imbedded in her, and they more or less control the bigger slime's thoughts and actions, so.
Really the best thing we can do for them now is use the last charge of the sword to kill the mushrooms and save us all. That makes sense right?
No. 1032356 ID: cd48aa

I agree that dropping Godrender and directly hugging the other slime would be suicide and we shouldn't do it.
I strongly agree that we should try to eat the Slime Titan if possible. As it is it's slowly dying and isn't really able to do anything. But it may contain some power that a Grand Slime could use. Plus maybe eating it would count as killing a god and make Godrender happy.
I think that's definitely a good backup plan, but we can still try talking.
No. 1032387 ID: b15d9c

Yeah exactly. It seems a majority wants to try talking the big slime out of collaboratinf with the giga slime. It could work, maybe it doesnt. Weather it works or not we should resort to using Godrender to purify the heart of the corruption which is the slime's core. There's honestly no other option since talking right now is a formality.

So after talking is over, weather the grand slime consents or not, we will use Godrender to purify them- WHICH will hopefully purify us as well. Then from there we can try combining with the grand slime because more likely than not its one of our bigger pieces that managed to crawl away.

Then after our ordeal here, and maybe conversing with ghe voidkin we "saved(?)" We can head baxk to the titan slime to absorb it. As mighty as it once was, it's probably too weak to resist us, especial after we combine with the two sline cores here. I mean honestly? Absorbing the titan would be doing it a favor.

Oh and yeah you're probably right that Godrender might like us "killing" thw titan, since its more or less a demi-god equivalent for slimes.
No. 1032758 ID: 4ef090
File 165292990609.jpg - (176.21KB , 500x500 , 235.jpg )

All eyes are on the dragon. Even the mycelium has frozen, almost like it’s waiting.

“Who is ’They’? The mushrooms? Nobody would be hurt at all in this situation if it weren’t for them. Nobody would want to hurt you if your mushrooms hadn’t tried to kill everyone who got near you!”
No. 1032759 ID: 4ef090
File 165292991033.jpg - (222.11KB , 500x500 , 236.jpg )

The dragon closes its eyes, teeth grit as tho straining against something. “n-no, you’re wrong! They’re here to keep me safe! They HAVE kept me safe!” They glare angrily at you, “You’re just like the rest of them, you’re only going to hurt me! You’re here to finish me off, but I won’t let you!”
No. 1032760 ID: 4ef090
File 165292991319.jpg - (173.96KB , 500x500 , 237.jpg )

All the eyes return to you, and you feel the mycelium resume its advances. The dragon raises its tail and swings it down on top of you.

You jump towards the dragon, narrowly missing the attack as it crashes behind you.
No. 1032761 ID: 4ef090
File 165292991778.jpg - (227.28KB , 500x500 , 238.jpg )

The faint whispers you’ve tried ignoring are growing in volume, a soft hush of mutterings caressing your mind as the mycelium begins to grasp your core.

“You’re not a fighter”
“You can be safe here”
“You’ve been hurt too”
“We will keep you safe”
“You don’t want to kill”
“It’s ok to be afraid”
“Let us protect you”
“Please be reasonable”
“We don’t want to hurt”
“We want to help you”
No. 1032762 ID: 4ef090
File 165292992048.jpg - (168.56KB , 500x500 , 239.jpg )

Time seems to slow to a crawl as you get on your feet. You can feel Humphrey panicking. You can see the dragon readying another attack. You feel thin strands, links of sorts highlighted in your mind, connecting your core to the {A} dragon, to the {B} sword in your hands, to {C} Humphrey, and to the broken {D} hilt inside you.

You must act, and only have enough time to act on one of those links.
No. 1032765 ID: 1f11d7

While the dragon is focused on offence, now's your chance to surprise attack them!
Drop your sword!
Hug the dragon and bring your cores together!
No. 1032766 ID: b01382

{A} dragon
No. 1032767 ID: b01382

Dude no what is wrong with you? The sword is one of the few things stopping the advance of the mushrooms. You do know that the sword can either purify or destroy?
No. 1032769 ID: 96c896

A. Show them you are connected.
No. 1032789 ID: 36784c

You need to get close enough to use the sword to purify the mushrooms!

>Drop your sword!
No, don’t do that.
No. 1032805 ID: 4f399b

A. You tried to talk it out and the dragon swung first. Use the sword on it and hopefully it'll purify the dragon core.
No. 1032808 ID: 629f2e

A is the way.
No. 1032813 ID: dbc6b8

Humphrey. We have connections with others like the dragon does, it's not an empty boast. Nothing else is either.
No. 1032816 ID: 736b7e

Pretty sure B is the option for using the sword. A seems to be connecting yourself to the dragon, which might be a peaceful way toward solving this problem, but this situation seems to be getting worse. This is a hard decision.

I guess try A? It would be sad to have to kill the dragon.
No. 1032821 ID: 30b9f6

Finishing them off is the last thing you'd do! But they really do need to get that 'they' aren't being very much of a friend right now. You hear them now and boy are they being pushy!

Please be reasonable? Is it reasonable for this poor old gal to sit down here forever, huh? Sheez! Get a grip! She's lonely, you mycelium mooks! Mind-control fake friends won't cure that! But you think you know what might - or who, rather!

Queen Humphrey was never so sad as to not look for a way to make things better!

No. 1032838 ID: cd48aa

{A} Connect to the dragon to hopefully snap them out of it. Just yell for Godrender to burst now instead of communicating psychically. Hopefully either it can hear sound or Humphrey will hear your words and tell it. I don't trust the hilt.
No. 1032840 ID: cd48aa

Just adding some further thoughts:
If the dragon is another part of the Queen, then strengthening that link should make it realize that fact and hopefully stop attacking because it would be attacking its self.
I don't see how linking with Humphrey would help right now anyway. He's supposed to be fighting off the spores' corruption specifically so the Queen can focus on other factors.
The Queen already has links of some form with Humphrey, the Hilt, and Godrender, whereas the link with the dragon is new and thus should be seized upon now. Plus the Queen has already physically become one with Humphrey and the Hilt, and we don't currently have any intent to merge with Godrender, but if the dragon is a part of the Queen then merging with it is important.
And if the Queen acts on link {A} it's possible that the slimes will automatically merge and we won't have to worry about physical combat any more.
No. 1032901 ID: ce39da

[C], assuming that's what the "purify burst" suggestions actually translate into! Even if it doesn't permanently solve the situation, it'll at least buy you some time to come to a better understanding and find a more permanent solution!
No. 1032960 ID: f98a7b

No. 1032991 ID: a70d43

A, probably
No. 1033035 ID: bed7b5

D: the mystery option! In theory, these are a chance to communicate with the dragon in a more forceful way, Kill mushrooms(which may be a god), fortify ourselves but likely reduce the extent to which Humphrey is its own being, and finally to connect with the void in some way. The void seems destructive and domineering, but if we don't form connections with it, how can we understand it enough to be rid of it?

I wonder how honest the mushrooms are. This could be a case of them genuinely wanting to help, but having an extremely poor grasp of/interest in our perspective.

I am plum out of ideas on how to farm silliness points here?
No. 1033175 ID: ce39da

*rereads* Ah snap, Sword is [B], not [C]. Changing my vote to [B], then!
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