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File 162180245065.png - (330.17KB , 1024x768 , Title.png )
1001540 No. 1001540 ID: ca2950

Keimi bounds up to a spot on the mountainside and waves excitedly.
"I found it! Look!" she says, gesturing at a small opening in the rock face.
"Found what?" I ask, trudging up the hill. "The last time I went along on an adventure with you, I almost died fighting a giant monster."

Keimi rolls her eyes.
"Firstly, you did not almost die. You were only bashed up a little bit. Secondly, you did not fight a giant monster, according to those documents they forced us to sign," she says, wagging her finger. "Anyway, this leads to a cavity that was shown on the sensor scans of a cavern that, according to the documents that my mom brought home that she definitely wasn't supposed to that I was definitely not supposed to look at; runs adjacent to the area related to those creatures we definitely weren't supposed to know about!"

"This is a lot of layer of not supposing. Am I not supposed to get in deep shit if we get caught?" I ask, stopping to catch my breath.
Keimi ponders for a moment.
"No worries. We definitely won't get in trouble."


"As long as we don't get caught."
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No. 1053839 ID: 8483cf

Communicate with the floating beepy Alexa drone and see if there's anything we can do to gain the upper hand against Punchy Big Boi. Going home brings us back up against the Wendigo, no need to risk that again without trying to find another way out.
No. 1053841 ID: 9a2966

>Suit not made for gravity
So... this is some kinda ancient spaceship that got buried in the mountain? Wow.

>Don't think the suit would be of much use
Hold on, if it's supertechy, what if it has a battery pack or something that still has some juice? Maybe that could be connected to that console the little drone wanted us to activate.

Also, if those things are detecting people by way of body heat or whatnot, maybe the suit could trick them into thinking you're inorganic? Or be a way for you to hide through hopping into it and sealing it up. Though if it's clumsy to move about in, I wouldn't take a chance on the former. These guys do have stuff that can (weirdly) melt clothes while seeping into the skin to KO you.

>Just leaving
If all else fails, we could, but maybe we should just take a shot (hah) at that torso thing? For how important it seems it wasn't as well defended as that other room.
No. 1053843 ID: 15c72a

EVA suits make for decent armor... Alex could wear one to fight the big monster. Or maybe the Wendigo would be afraid of you if you wore it? Or consider you to not be food at least?
No. 1053852 ID: dee951


EVA suits are typically custom-fitted to specific individuals, and also are incredibly unwieldy to move around in. You could spend a lot of time and use one as a base materials to *make armor with*, but they aren't really good for fighting.

Well, not this design at least. You'd need an armored mechanical counter-pressure suit or something, or something with powered mobility assist to counteract the 'you're a person-sized inflated balloon and can thus barely bend' issue, and those two things are even MORE custom made.
No. 1054492 ID: ca2950
File 167447752863.png - (125.55KB , 720x595 , 41.png )

"Alright, Alex. I've thought of a few options that don't introduce more slavering monsters to the situation.
We can try to force that door open like this floaty eyeball seems to be trying to indicate we should, or I could distract that big monster and lure it past you, so you can sneak in behind it and see what it's got back there, maybe take out the small monsters while you're at it," Keimi says nonchalantly.

"That sounds a bit dangerous."
"As opposed to what? Besides, I'll sure to be fine, because my speed is superior!" she retorts.
"Kei, it's a big, powerful monster and you're a nerd with stubby legs."
Keimi huffs indignantly.
"Okay, whatever. I'll use my small to hide as soon as you sneak past it and I can always scream if something goes wrong and you can come save me," she says, wagging her finger. "Or we can just do something else, if you're that worried."
No. 1054493 ID: 15c72a

Let's force the door open. Boost Alex's strength a lot and just manhandle it. ...no crowbars around huh?
No. 1054503 ID: 08de23

Seconding forcing open the door. Be the Tom to her Ruby!
No. 1054524 ID: 9a2966

It's a spaceship, even if it's old the bulkheads should be quite difficult to get up.

Maybe you could be clever about it, though - there might be some sort of manual release to these things built into the wall. That might be more forceable than the door itself.
No. 1058528 ID: 68f7c5

I suggest that we first see if the flying drone could be used to do the scouting of the dangerous room. To see if it's capable of doing that, first instruct the drone to fly between Keimi's feet and do a 3D scan of topology of everything above it. And then to project a hologram of this topology in front of you.
If it's able to understand such complex instructions and carry them out, then scouting should be a piece of cake.
No. 1058549 ID: 08de23

(( Can I just say how happy I am this is back? Thanks, Alex! ))
No. 1059613 ID: ca2950
File 167991623786.png - (256.79KB , 1024x768 , 42.png )

We'll just break through that door the floating ball seems to really want to get through, but that means getting past the meat creature blocking it up.

"We're going to have to do a lot of damage all at once to get this thing out of the way long enough to open the door."

Keimi steps forward and holds up her staff.

"I'm not good enough at this to use it in a fight, but if I just need to get rid of this thing, I can probably manage. Now watch my back while I do some calculations. If they can sense what I'm doing, things might get messy," she says, preparing for whatever she's doing.

"Formation of spears, thunder of chariots, charge forth and shatter, vermilion flower that blooms and withers into desolation, blacken the earth and skies for as far as I seek!
Gran Fal!

I can feel heat and a shock wave, and when I turn around, the door monster is gone, except for a ragged flesh tube dangling from the ceiling.

"Holy shit, Kei. A few months ago you didn't even know basic attack techniques."

She looks a little winded, but also smug.

"Finding out there's monsters living under where I live has motivated me to practice. Pretty good, right?" she says, doing a little pose with her staff.

"Very impressive. Just like my Itanese animes."

She looks flustered, but is interrupted by a distant gurgling howl.

We'd better get moving. I think we've stirred the hive.
No. 1059648 ID: 273c18

Yeah get through that door and try to close it behind you.
No. 1060656 ID: 16b7a6

Lol, even the panels read right to left. Go through the door and block the path with anything on the other side.
No. 1060740 ID: b57fea

No. 1061485 ID: 08de23

Thirding the above, also say a snappy one-liner as you barricade the door.
No. 1062931 ID: ca2950
File 168348688511.png - (77.19KB , 658x527 , 43.png )

After the meat creature is blasted away, the door is free to be opened.
I have no idea how to open it, until a few hints from floating ball lets me shove the thing open, right as a mob of the resident flesh-beasts come flying around the corner, ready to tear us to shreds.
We slip through and I slam it shut, just in time to hear the pounding and clawing at the metal from the other side.
No. 1062932 ID: ca2950
File 168348690778.png - (95.10KB , 662x520 , 44.png )

"What do we do now?" Keimi says, gasping for breath.

"Not going back out there is top of my list," I reply, making sure the door is secured.

"How do we get out of here, then? What if there's no way out this way?"

"Kei, you're new to this, so I'm going to let you in on the cardinal rule of getting into trouble; never think about the consequences of what you're doing. We just need to assume everything will work out."
No. 1062933 ID: e50490

Time to see where that little robot will go next now that we helped it get in here.
Hopefully it wont want to change its mind and go back out like a cat would
No. 1062935 ID: 16b7a6

Use your eyes on your surroundings
No. 1062954 ID: 273c18

I can't see where we are so just follow the orb.
No. 1062978 ID: 2b8e7b

Well, you could just wait till they get bored and leave, but that might take a while so may as well look around.
No. 1063028 ID: f8083d

Look around ; if you see several passages save following the orb for last.
No. 1067020 ID: ca2950
File 168842506385.png - (139.91KB , 902x689 , 45.png )

"How have you lived this long?" Keimi says in a huff, quickly regaining her composure.
"Access to fancy government healthcare and a tattletale that ran off to tell the adults so I didn't freeze to death in a snowbank somewhere."
"Yeah, you're welcome," she replies sarcastically.
Since we have no idea where we're going and the little floaty thing has been eager to get into this area, we'll let it lead us where it wants to go. It must be something pretty important with all the meat monsters strung up over the door. It zips down the hallways and enters a corridor lined pods containing vaguely humanoid figures.
No. 1067021 ID: ca2950
File 168842509218.png - (37.04KB , 327x228 , 46.png )

Before we can do anything, the drone swoops over and fits itself into the hollow on one of the figure's chests and it twitches to life almost immediately.
"What do we do now?" Keimi asks, positioning herself behind me.
"I don't know. We don't have a good track record with the things moving around down here."
No. 1067022 ID: ca2950
File 168842510724.png - (64.14KB , 850x768 , 47.png )

While we're considering our options, the figure emerges from the pod and emits a flash of light that causes intense pain, but I think that's because it's really dark down here.
"Are we dead?" Keimi says, once the light fades.
"You're the doctor. You tell me," I reply, blinking away the spots that make up all I can see at this point.
"I'm thinking we're not, but I can't see anything to confirm it," she says, obviously in the same state of dazzled by the flash as I am.
No. 1067023 ID: a7a180

Choose the form of your destroyer!
No. 1067025 ID: 8f9bc4

OK now the little robot buddy has a bigger robot body. What's it planning on doing with that body?
No. 1067027 ID: 273c18

Say hello. Ask it if three's a way to get rid of the weird monster things.
No. 1067047 ID: b57fea

Say hello to the nice robit
No. 1067404 ID: ca2950
File 168882821832.png - (138.30KB , 740x755 , 48.png )

All I can see now is spots, but I can just make out a figure getting closer. I hold out my arms defensively and call out while my eyes readjust.
"Hello?" I call out, but there's no answer.
No. 1067405 ID: ca2950
File 168882825104.png - (65.24KB , 638x666 , 49.png )

The shadowy figure gets closer and bumps right into my hand, but this can't be the robot. This is something soft and squishy.
"Kei, is that you? I lost track of the robot."
Keimi's voice comes from my right side.
"No, I'm over here. I can barely see anything," she replies.

I immediately jump back. I really don't want to be touching any of the fleshy things that are down here that aren't us.
No. 1067406 ID: ca2950
File 168882837530.png - (274.77KB , 629x768 , 50.png )

After my eyes start to recover, I can't see the robot, just a naked girl with the same markings as the robot.
"Kei, did the robot turn into a naked girl?"
"That's my working theory," she replies.

"Do you think it read our minds and turned into that?" I ask, keeping a close eye on it.
"Were you thinking of naked girls when it flashed us?"
"No. Not at that exact moment."
"Then I don't think that's the case. Stop staring at her." Keimi says, glaring over at me.
I keep myself between Keimi and the robot girl.
"I'm not staring, I'm keeping on guard for a potential threat," I retort. "What do we do now?"
"I don't know. This is a new one for me," she replies.

Keimi peeks out from behind me and there is a moment of silence, until I can feel a dull thump on my leg. I have been struck by a small, soft fist in the thigh.
"Hey! You're definitely staring."
"Am not," I say defensively. "But I am noticing she kind of looks like you a bit."

Keimi looks the robot over.
"I think we both got scanned and the result got averaged out. Maybe some kind of disguise or to be able to interact with other species." she muses.
"Must have got the boobs from me," I observe and immediately get punched again. "Urk! Well, it can't be from you."
Another punch. A few more hundred like that and I'll be in real trouble.

I guess I should figure out what to do instead of standing here being abused.
No. 1067407 ID: 3ed73d

Try giving it a command. How about “State your name”?
No. 1067408 ID: 9fdc4a

Tell keimi that if she got naked too, you'd stare more at her instead of the robot

If she refuses, then just let Keimi try communicating with her instead so you dont get distracted.
No. 1067409 ID: 273c18

Tell Kei if she doesn't want you ogling the robot she can give it her coat.

Greet the robot directly, ask it what its name is, and what it's going to do now. Is it going to follow your orders, or does it want something from you?
In the former case, ask it to explain the purpose of this facility, and maybe also give details about what the weird monsters are, and how you can get rid of them.
No. 1067410 ID: a7a180

Try to provoke a verbal response from the robot. Compliment her markings, how tall she is, and how she's not beating on you with puny fists.
No. 1067411 ID: bb78f2

Do you think the guys that made these robots were a bunch of perverts? If it's a weapons system, there's not much of a need to give it a good hologram that could make really nice pinups.

Wait, robot, how sentient are you? If you're very sentient and NOT programed a chat bot, sorry for treating you with disrespect.
No. 1067427 ID: 7c0da2

Introduce yourself and Keimi to the robot.
No. 1067432 ID: ca2950
File 168886490346.png - (115.90KB , 532x706 , 51.png )

We dress her in Keimi's coat, which doesn't really fit, but it covers some things.
After trying to speak to her, get her to speak or communicate in any way for a bit, something clicks and she dashes back the way we came.

Keimi squeals and stomps her foot.
"She's gonna let all the monsters in if she opens the door!"

This communication barrier is just going to be a problem, isn't it?
No. 1067434 ID: a7a180

Try and intercept the control panel, shaking your head for the universal sign of bad ideas.
No. 1067436 ID: 273c18

Just let it. The robot should know there are monsters out there, so that body must be able to handle them, at least with your help.
Kei might want to throw down some buffs beforehand.
No. 1067437 ID: f2ecb2

Flying tackle time. This robot isn't used to its new body, so Alex should be able to stop it before the monsters are alerted.
No. 1067440 ID: 9a2966

Yeah, trying to warn them by the way of the mime will surely work.

At the very least stand ready to repel and re-close the door.
No. 1067444 ID: b57fea

She's too sexy to die! Get to the panel, stop her!
No. 1073804 ID: ca2950
File 169623289353.png - (41.35KB , 474x410 , finish.png )

And then Keimi woke up and it was all a dream and nothing happened.

No. 1073806 ID: 5b55b9

The frustration at not actually having had a real epic adventure happen is palpable. Maybe next time, Keimi!

(Aw, for real?)
No. 1073812 ID: ca2950

Trying is just wasting time up until the point of failure, so never try.
No. 1073814 ID: f14228

Some tries are cool and good, tho. Not that one is ever obliged to keep at them just cuz of that, but value was had.

So thank you for the fun says I, and all the best onwards.
No. 1073919 ID: 2a4e86

Stop her by assaulting her butt

It was going fine! Keep going!
No. 1073922 ID: 02e7e9

aw cmon gnoll, he grabbed her nipple and everything. was it all for nathing
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